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  1. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 12

    A surprise! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ It's quite the predicament~ but our hero can't be defeated just yet! I'm glad you enjoyed the mythology!
  2. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 12

    Thank you so much! I love the idea that the Great Divine Saints and the Hell Lords are the same people, but I won't spoil anything! You'll just have to read on and find out ♡ It's not normal at all, of course! That's what makes it entertaining!
  3. Er-ge was rather shocked at the question, though he quickly resumed his placid expression. “The dragons? Wei shen me?” “Does it matter? I doubt you came here to sit around and talk about life, so why not talk about something useful,” Hong Shen drawled, sarcasm dripping from his voice. Even if Er-ge didn’t understand what sarcasm was, no doubt he could pick up on the tone. After observing him for a few seconds, Er-ge lowered the hand holding his fan into his lap, still waving it slight
  4. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 2

    o(≧∇≦o) Yes! I'm so happy you can see that! Yan Rui will always be my precious little bean, and I hope you all will come to love him as I do!
  5. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 2

    Something that will surprise you, I hope! (´∀`)ノ
  6. With a gulp, Yan Rui turned his head away, closing his eyes for a moment to gather himself. He was no stranger to missing limbs and grotesque wounds, but to have such a gash on one’s eyes… He shivered just trying to imagine it. Steeling his nerves, he turned his attention back to the person, who seemed to have a masculine look to him, even with his unkempt black hair and high cheekbones. His clothes were ripped and torn, showing numerous scratches on the skin, and they were soaked through,
  7. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 1

    Thank you! I appreciate your support ♡ Thank you as well! This story will definitely be faster paced than TSPBT, so it won't be as long either!
  8. In the halls of the West Palace, where dozens of officials and generals roamed and discussed in an environment of sound, the silence was deafening. It wasn’t the grim silence of death, or the tense silence of fear, but that of absence. The festival of the new Dragon Guard had drawn away all the people in a time of celebration and wonder, and there was no reason for any to remain behind. And yet, there was one who had. Mu Sile stood alone in a small room, the existence of which
  9. “The wound caused by a sword can eventually be healed; the hurt resulted from vicious remarks can never be undone.” Under the rule of the Second Emperor of the Guan Dynasty, the Empire has begun to fall into civil ruin, with conspiracies running rampant and political unrest echoing throughout the land. Yan Rui, a peasant of the lowest caste, has always been ugly since he could remember. Harassed and ridiculed because of his looks, the most he can do to stay alive is lick the feet of the wealthy and pray for scraps. But when a blind man stumbles into his life, even the ugliest person can have a heart of gold.
  10. The feeling of weightlessness surrounded him, a cool breeze flowing through his body. Through his body? Hong Shen glanced down, his translucent form floating a little ways above Guan Hongye’s body. It was a little unusual, looking down upon the gathered monks, siblings and spectators, all frozen in time. No doubt this was how gods felt, if there were any. Struck with a sudden curiosity, he studied this new form he had taken for the trial. Guan Hongye was of average height, his wh
  11. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 10

    I can't tell if that was sarcasm or not (^▽^) but it's a good question!
  12. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 10

    Oh yes, Hong Shen has quite the full plate now! Thank you so much, that means a lot to me!
  13. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 9

    I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the support!
  14. All around him, Hong Shen could see the monks kowtow, followed by the siblings and the civilians, but the Emperor remained standing, silent before the great beast. He himself was only standing due to his knees locking together, and his subconscious effort to keep his back straight. The power and wisdom this creature exuded was not unlike the fearful pressure the Hell Lords had possessed, and it made him nervous, though he would never admit it. Behind Suan Ni’s head, brilliant red scales sho
  15. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 9

    Ha Ha! Supposedly, but we shall see!
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