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  1. Guan Shuilian stepped gracefully inside the room, and after a moment Hong Shen followed, face dark. Now that he thought about it, the man didn’t really look like his murderer, but there were certain similarities in the shape of his face and the expression in his eyes. Definitely not the style of clothing, either. The man in question closed the door silently behind them, but the action went unnoticed as soon as Hong Shen saw the interior of the dining area. Oriental drapes hung from practica
  2. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 1

    Honest to god, I was laughing the entire time while reading this! I love reading about supernatural entities so I think I will be as much of a fan of this story as Magecrafter, especially with this Hunter's feisty personality! Looking forward to reading more! (ᗒᗨᗕ)
  3. Hong Shen couldn’t move. His own memory of the shadowed face of a man entered his mind, grinning sadistically. He held a knife in his hands, caressing it as he walked closer. Hong Shen could smell the musty odor on his suit and felt the man glide the knife across his cheek. “Wo de gou, how should I punish you today?” Hong Shen jerked out of the memory, releasing a little puff of breath. No, he was not going to remember that man right now, not ever. Just because they both called him their
  4. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 15

    The barbarian's way of fighting is intense, curiouser and curiouser. And Kotik's confession at the end was adorable!
  5. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 14

    Well damn, dad sure gave Lord Baldric one hell of the dad talk! This was an interesting plot twist, can't wait for Kotik to find out one day!
  6. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 9

    Wow, this was really eye opening. The fight between Kotik and Raudh was a lot more complicated than I originally thought, and that conversation at the end was super intense and embarrassing, I feel for the boy!
  7. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 3

    Dàjiā hǎo, I just wanted to let everyone who is waiting for the next chapter know what's going on. The 4 and 5 chapter are currently finished, but I am unable to add chapters to the story for some reason, which is why they haven't been posted for a month now. The problem is still being investigated, and I apologize for the long wait, please be patient a little longer! Thanks everyone! ヾ(⌒∇⌒*)
  8. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 8

    I really admire all the information you managed to squeeze into one chapter, it definitely leaves me in awe of the scope of Baldric's power and how the divine side of the world works! Kotik and Baldric are so cute together, they really warm the heart! The abridged section at the end was hilarious as well, please do more of those!
  9. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 7

    I wish I had Deadpan Professor Baldric as my teacher in school, it definitely would have been more entertaining! What an intimidating meeting between Babica and Baldric, but I have to say, I'm really looking forward to seeing the Silbel Strangler and Lord Baldric take over with their powers and plans! Also, your song at the end was very interesting!
  10. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 6

    Kotik's embarrassment is so justified, I can't even fathom how mortifying that would be! I love that Baldric learned from the circus, it's really original! Now I can't wait to see Kotik and Baldric conquer the Kingdom with their unique powers!
  11. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 5

    Great chapter, Lord Baldric's father seems to be in over his head! Kotik's rant was very interesting to see, and the ending was fantastic! ♡
  12. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 4

    OMG this was even better than I had hoped for, such a passionate first meeting! Really looking forward to seeing how both their relationship and the other side progresses!
  13. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 3

    I was cackling the whole time I was reading this chapter, it was so adorable! You have officially hooked me, now I need more!!
  14. Kong Wen Hui

    Chapter 2

    I really admire the way you wrote the fight scenes, they were captivating and written clearly! The maids also seem to be quite the interesting bunch, and the Duke and his son are super cool as well! I can't wait to see their interaction with Kotik \(〃´▽`〃)/
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