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  1. Filzmoos

    Chapter 47

    I woke up the following morning feeling angry and depressed. After Nathan’s text the previous evening my whole world had crumbled around me and it felt as if the close friendship we'd built up together was hanging by a thread. My first thought was to call or text him back again, but I had a sinking feeling it would do no good. Nevertheless, I had to try. My phone was still on the floor where it had skidded away from me the previous night and I struggled out of bed to retrieve it. A quick g
  2. Filzmoos

    Chapter 46

    I answered my mobile phone eagerly, thankful just to hear his voice again. "Nathan!!! How are you?" His sad, melancholy voice shook slightly as he quietly replied "Look, I need to talk to you Jason. Tonight if possible, face to face" My heart sank like a stone and I desperately tried to ignore the inevitable meaning behind his words. From the tone of his voice, it was glaringly obvious what was about to happen and my blood ran cold, as a shiver of fear coursed through my body. "Ca
  3. Filzmoos

    Chapter 45

    My stomach was doing somersaults as I gazed uncertainly at Aiden, far too shocked at first to respond. I gulped nervously and my heart began beating wildly as I realised exactly why he was here. He gave an involuntary shiver and quickly returning to my senses, I ushered him inside "Come in Aiden, its freezing out there" We stood facing each other awkwardly in the hallway, momentarily unsure what to do or say. He half smiled reluctantly and I realised he was bursting with nervous tensi
  4. Filzmoos

    Chapter 44

    Despite my misgivings of the previous night, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with my alarm clock at all and its loud ringing made my sleep encrusted eyes slowly begin to open. My hand patted the bedside cabinet in a vain attempt to turn it off before my fuddled brain remembered it was lying on the floor. Its continuous ringing reverberated inside my head and even the pillow hastily pulled down over my ears failed to completely eradicate the irritating noise. Suddenly it stopped ringing al
  5. Filzmoos

    Chapter 43

    Despite my new found air of confidence, I took as long as possible to walk up the garden path, mentally psyching myself up for the barrage of difficult questions I knew would follow. Only the slight shaking of my hand as I unlocked the front door gave away my real feelings, but there was no fooling Nathan and the slight squeeze he gave my shoulder proved he understood how nervous I felt. We stood for a moment in the dimly lit hallway, before moving quietly into the kitchen. The only sound that c
  6. Filzmoos

    Chapter 42

    When Nathan had contacted the local hospital and explained what had happened, he’d been advised to take me straight to the accident and emergency department. After spending two hours watching people pass by sporting every conceivable injury you could think of, I still hadn’t seen anyone and the temperature of the room and my need for some fresh air were becoming unbearable. If it hadn’t been for Nathan I would have given up long ago, but his steadfast determination to make sure I was looked aft
  7. Filzmoos

    Chapter 41

    Just as I opened my mouth to finally tell him the whole story the telephone rang, and he frowned with annoyance. Shaking his head, he picked up the receiver and his whole body language instantly changed. “Dad!” he whispered to me, with his hand over the receiver. I suddenly felt in the way and decided to leave the room “I’ll go into the bedroom” I whispered back, pointing towards the door. He nodded his agreement and turned back to answer. With a huge effort I struggled to my fee
  8. Filzmoos

    Chapter 40

    There was definitely something different about the bedclothes. They had a luxurious softness about them and I loved the way that the warm silky material moulded itself to my skin. The lightly perfumed smell was completely unlike my own sheets and in the murky grey light of the room my fuddled brain refused to help me understand the reason why. Thankfully, the haze of sleep quickly descended once again and the vague unsettled feeling that something wasn’t right became lost in drunken slumber.
  9. Filzmoos

    Chapter 39

    It felt strange entering Nathan's flat when he wasn't there, and I sat nervously waiting for him on the sofa. The sight of some magazines on the coffee table sent my mind racing off at a tangent. Had he kept a copy of the one he'd modelled for, or was he too ashamed? Did he even know which magazine they were in? It obviously wouldn't be on display for anyone to see, but it might well be tucked away in a draw somewhere. With a physique like his he certainly had nothing to be ashamed of, but what
  10. Filzmoos

    Chapter 38

    “You shouldn’t have bought me that” I sighed reproachfully, casting a suspicious glance at the rectangular shaped present in front of me “Its looks far too expensive” “Nonsense love, it’s your 21st. You deserve something special” answered mum, smiling. Dad nodded his head in agreement and the mug of tea he was holding shook slightly as he lifted it carefully towards his lips. It was the following morning and I was sitting in the lounge eating breakfast, before getting ready for work. M
  11. Filzmoos

    Chapter 37

    The day seemed to pass by in a blur and the next thing I knew it was time to go home. Tom and Sarah finished at the same time and I flushed with panic, suddenly remembering that Nathan was coming to collect me. As we all left the building by the side door he was standing against his car, smoking a cigarette. He waved and walked towards us, the usual cheerful smile spreading quickly across his handsome face. His cheeks were flushed from the cold night air and his eyes shone as they reflected the
  12. Filzmoos

    Chapter 36

    As I approached the store, a strange sense of fear and excitement washed over me. All the feelings of confusion and insecurity resulting from my confrontation with Aiden returned with a vengeance, and my heart was pumping as I punched in the security code and entered the side door. Uppermost in my mind was the kiss he'd initially forced upon me and the confusion it had caused following my willing reciprocation. The prospect of seeing him again coupled with his blanket denial of what had occurred
  13. Filzmoos

    Chapter 35

    We left the swimming baths about 10:30 for the short drive back to Cranfield. The phone call had clearly upset him and he was quiet and withdrawn all the way back. I tried to make light hearted conversation to lift his gloomy mood but it fell on deaf ears and eventually I remained silent, feeling it best to leave him to his own thoughts. He’d left the central heating switched on in the flat and warm air immediately surrounded us as we stepped inside. I sat down at the breakfast bar and wat
  14. Filzmoos

    Chapter 34

    I woke up about 8am on Thursday morning, clutching yet another full-on erection. My stomach was tingling with excitement at the prospect of our trip to the swimming pool and I could hardly wait for Nathan to arrive. Such was my anticipation of what lay ahead that I couldn't help extracting every last drop from my throbbing cock, in yet more frenzied seconds of pleasure. This time my aim with the tissue was spot on and I jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed, mindful to dispose of it as quick
  15. Filzmoos

    Chapter 33

    It was 9am on Wednesday morning when the beeping sound of my mobile phone woke me up with a start. A message notification from Nathan was slowly moving across the screen and I smiled sleepily as I tapped the button to open it. ‘Morning Jase. Just wanted to wish you luck for your interview with Mr.Buchan’ My brief euphoria at seeing Nathan’s name quickly evaporated like steam escaping from a kettle, as the spectre of work and my interview with Mr. Buchan clouded my thoughts. As if that
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