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  1. Jonathan has chosen well for his campaign manager. Thomas is smart, astute and pragmatic, just what Jonathan needs to perform this role well. Thomas' idea to donate the proceeds of fund raising events may not have been his initial intent, but he readily made the suggestion when Jonathan indicated he would finance his own campaign. One could be cynical and state Thomas only did it because it will be good publicity for Jonathan, which Thomas does acknowledge, however, I believe Thomas is magnanimous by nature. I particularly like Thomas' idea of forming a committee to court the gay communit
  2. Both your major "predictions" have been correct. You either have a "sixth sense" of some sort or are very astute. I "predict" it is the latter, Paul Sherlock Holmes Poirot.
  3. Oh dear, I see "storm clouds a-brewin'". Jared is mercenary, manipulative and dangerous, not a good combination for someone as naive and eager to please as Justin. I would like to believe Jared disclosed his involvement in Brendan's death solely to impress Justin, but I don't think that is the case. I believe the bigger motivation may have been self-protection, a form of insurance if Brendan's "suicide" is ever investigated. Jared has shown himself to be very adept at lying and I believe he would have no difficulty implicating Justin as an accomplice in the death of their father. Whatever his
  4. Well @Wombat Bill what can one say about this chapter. The emoticon ‘Wow’ is the perfect descriptor on this occasion. To some extent I found this chapter even more disturbing than its predecessor. As Jared reveals more about himself, I find him decreasingly appealing. Of one thing I am certain, the only thing bigger than his muscles is his ego. It certainly appears you may be correct @ReaderPaul in the observations you noted in review of the previous chapter. Unless our beloved author is deliberately misleading us with “red herrings” (which I would not dare to suggest is the case), it app
  5. Speaking for myself only @Wombat Bill, you should NOT have mixed feelings for having brought discomfort to your readers; and, I do not for one moment believe you have written this storyline for shock value only. Brendan's death by whose ever hands occasioned it is both believable and dare I say, perhaps inevitable. The discomfort I felt was of my own making as I grappled with the horror of Brendan's crimes weighed against the violence, torment and loneliness of his life and death. @ReaderPaul I certainly did not mean to imply the torment and abuse Brendan suffered as a child/teenager exc
  6. You present a reasoned and very compelling argument to support your theory @ReaderPaul, one which I cannot fault, however, I sincerely hope on this occasion your speculation is incorrect. Brendan's treatment of Justin was appalling, his rape of his sister reprehensible and his murder of Sam unforgivable. Under normal circumstances I too would have been happy for Brendan to rot in prison, for him to be locked-up and the key thrown away. I cannot however, forget he too was a victim. I have no doubt he would have been subjected to homophobic hysteria and lies at the hands of those who imple
  7. The emoticon 'Wow' is perfect for your observation @ReaderPaul. What a startling possibility, but one which when examined is plausible, and resolves more than one mystery and coincidence. The "arrangement" of Brendan's death by "The Fixer" certainly fits well with his moniker. It also offers a credible explanation that it was he to whom Jared was speaking when overheard by Thomas; and, the reason for his missed call was to confirm the "arrangement" had been put in place. I hope for Jared's sake though, there is another explanation for the sudden appearance of "The Fixer" in his life, for
  8. Whilst I can understand Justin’s relief and perhaps appreciate his "celebration" that Brendan is dead, his behaviour is disturbingly similar to Brendan’s in many ways. Justin's sense of glee at learning of Brendan's death is I think strikingly similar to Brendan's elation when he shouted in the courtroom that he "would do it again" when speaking of his murder of Sam. Brendan sought no professional help (or is my memory "on the blink again") to deal with his anger and bitterness, which ultimately manifested itself in violence and hatred, particularly towards those whom could have provided
  9. I have now read this part of the chapter several times after viewing the comments of @chris191070 and your response @Wombat Bill, and am willing to admit I may have completely missed something. I did not link the telephone discussion between Jared and the unknown party to his missed call from "Fixer". I assumed Jared's telephone call, which Thomas overheard the completion of, was with someone other than "Fixer". In retrospect, I have to ask myself however, what would be the purpose of even mentioning a missed call from "Fixer", if he was not the unknown party on the other end of the telephone
  10. You are too effusive in your praise @ReaderPaul, but I am just eating it up. Thank you. I have now learned something from you. I have never come across the word emoticons before. As you may have noted (and if so were far too polite to point out), I have erroneously referred to them as emojis in comments on prior chapters. That's two new words this week I have been exposed to as a result of being a CWB groupie - vignerons and emoticons. Now @Wombat Bill surely you cannot seriously suggest I deny myself the combined pleasure of food and laughter. You know my level of patience can
  11. Summerabbacat

    Job Swap

    @Wombat Bill on this occasion I think she came very close to admitting this. On prior occasions I felt it was an almost off-the-cuff remark made without any real conviction. On this occasion I heard the remark said in a wistful tone of voice, and it was witnessed not just by Thomas, but by Jared and Jonathan too. I did not truly believe her on prior occasions, but this time I did, particularly when you added "she replied and laughed nervously".
  12. @Wombat Bill you need to put a health warning at the beginning of any chapter that is particularly funny. EATING WHILST READING THIS CHAPTER COULD CAUSE A BOUT OF HICCOUGHS OR CHOKING. I almost choked on a slice of roasted zucchini and frightened the bejesus out of Bassey when I read "I mean, what’s a gay wedding without a drag queen MC? No wait...how about a drag queen celebrant. How wild would that be?” “Wild maybe, but would it be respectful to the sanctity of the marriage ceremony?” “In Las Vegas you can be married by Elvis.” I did not think you could top the hilarity of the previous chapt
  13. Summerabbacat

    Job Swap

    @ReaderPaul it has just "hit me like a bolt out of the blue". I think Edward is the most likely candidate to be the "another writer". He has already demonstrated his capability as an interviewer for the radio programme he hosted. If I recall correctly he penned the questions himself, although he may have had some input from Romel. Edward also has more life experience than the rest of our main cast (if you discount Craig's beloved Gran), and no doubt would have some fascinating, and dare I say ribald, tales to tell from his time as a professional drag queen. We don't really know a great de
  14. Summerabbacat

    Job Swap

    @Wombat Bill we your readers demand an emoji for intrigued. It could so often be applied to your work and Wow just does not "cut it". Perhaps you could have Edward or better still Ed Wiener, "raise" this request with the administrators of the site.
  15. Summerabbacat

    Job Swap

    I agree @ReaderPaul, the teaser for the next chapter opens up many fascinating possibilities I think, at least with respect to the appearance of another diva. One possible scenario. We have already seen Brett display a number of "diva like" characteristics on occasion. Will he assume a "bigger" role within this motley group of friends with a diva-esque display of epic proportions, challenging Edward's role as the premiere diva, motivating Edward to become an even bigger diva perhaps. Another possible scenario. Juanito you may recall showed a more than passing interest in Ed Wiener's
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