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  1. @Wombat Bill Speaking NOT from personal experience as I actually don't like Tim Tams (I know, how very weird, but then I also loathe Vegemite, mangoes and watermelon), think of them as a smaller carrot, zucchini or cucumber. I am sure we have all read of boys/men experimenting with these three vegetables, "just to see what it feels like". Need I say more.
  2. I thought I heard a chuckle @Wombat Bill as I was reading this chapter, particularly the reference to the hot pink overalls and the Tim Tams. I wondered at first if the Tim Tams were going to make an appearance as a sex toy of some sort.
  3. Summerabbacat

    Chapter 22

    I am very sorry to hear of your loss Andre. It does however, explain the sincerity with which you write the character of Rascal. The death of a beloved pet is as devastating as the loss of anyone you love. I can well understand your grief and ongoing sense of loss. When my first feline companion died in 2007 at the age of 14 I was grief stricken. I still think of him to this day. It was not until I adopted two rescue cats 6 months later that I felt life was complete again. In the past 9 months I have come close in varying degrees, to the loss of my three eldest feline companions, all
  4. Summerabbacat

    Chapter 22

    There is much to like about this story, beautifully drawn characters, interesting storylines and well crafted narrative; but the thing that sets it apart from the majority of other gay-themed stories I have read and is a delight to witness, is the inclusion of Rascal. He is as an integral character to the story, a much loved member of the family who is included in most of its adventures, and not merely as an afterthought. Too often I have seen a pet adopted and initially adored, only to be relegated to an afterthought when human children are brought into the family unit. Andrew and Ryan are to
  5. Summerabbacat

    Chapter 23

    The delight found in the simple pleasures of life - love, companionship, family and the joy of nature, are this story's greatest attractions. I am country born myself, but have lived nearly all my adult life in Australia's largest city. I occasionally yearn for a simpler life, particularly in these challenging times in which we find ourselves, and a story like this challenges one to reassess what is important for happiness and contentment. For me, the companionship of my beautiful feline family is the source of the greatest joy in my life, the simplicity of their needs a reminder that much of
  6. Well my fellow readers, the Captain of our ship has revealed all as predicted by @ReaderPaul. In doing so, he has given us, his readers, food for thought. @CincyKris appears to have already had a softening of his opposition to an ongoing relationship between Jared and Thomas, which dare I say, in retrospect and with additional facts, is not unexpected. I think @Wombat Bill has cleverly and perhaps intentionally, ignited a passion in us, his readers, for healthy debate. This for me, only increases the joy of his story telling. I am taking a different approach in my comments on this chapter
  7. OMG @Wombat Bill Perish the thought of her watching Mr Price and a conquest. This opens a whole new can of worms, Mrs Price the voyeur watching Mr Price "in flagrante delicto".
  8. The practical one in me speaks "imagine the state of the bed linen". With five sets of drained balls, the crust on the sheets would likely enable them to walk to the laundry without human intervention. The room would likely need a good airing too I should think. I wonder if Mrs Price has a fetish for watching two or more guys "get it on together"? There could be a ready made market.
  9. An interesting twist on the old cliche that every straight guy's favourite fantasy is to "get it on with two lesbians". You made me laugh yet again @Wombat Bill with Roger's angle. He certainly does not lack initiative and appears to be industrious. He may be just what Mrs Price needs, a "virgin" to a different type of "catering with benefits". I think we have encountered Dean before at another bar as I seem to recall a barman named Dean admiring Justin's then new nipple jewellery. I cannot remember where though. Looking forward to more, more, more.
  10. I suspect you are correct ReaderPaul that @Wombat Bill will reveal all to we his readers, particularly if Jared and Thomas do repair their relationship. Another point which I did not raise in my ramblings above, is that I was surprised by Jared's swift and vitriolic reaction to Thomas' actions, and I wonder what motivated this. Was he angry with Thomas because of his infidelity, or because Thomas attempted to deceive him, or because he did not have the opportunity to participate in the "afternoon delight" himself, or something else entirely? I was also surprised (and guilty once aga
  11. Summerabbacat

    TWB Ch 3

    The black armbands were a lovely touch. The inclusion of spoken words in Maori is a great addition to the story. I don't understand a word of Maori, but it is such a pretty and joyful sounding language The measured pacing of this story is spot on, it matches the family's apparent stoic acceptance of the death of their husband and father, and the pace of the travel being undertaken by the family after such a shattering event.
  12. Summerabbacat

    TWB Ch 1

    I have not read any of your stories before Quokka, but may have to revisit your "back catalogue". I must confess the title of the story is what grabbed my initial attention as I immediately thought of The Seekers song, which I learnt to play on the guitar when in primary school back in the mid 1970's. The Seekers of course were considered very daggy when I was growing up (your parents listened to them), but I have come to appreciate their music in later years, not least of which the exquisite vocals of Judith Durham. Love the reference to 'Morningtown Ride', the first line of which is 'T
  13. Wombat Bill, you have certainly challenged your readers with this chapter and provoked a strong reaction (dare I say another sign of a good writer). Given the comments of other readers it appears there is no sympathy for Thomas for the predicament he now finds himself in because of his actions. In my comments below, I am certainly not in any way denouncing or ridiculing the comments of the other readers; I am merely playing "devil's advocate", not because I necessarily agree with Thomas’ actions, but because I am not sure of all the facts. I think there is no doubt Thomas fully intended
  14. I had the same thoughts Chris. I wonder if the "afternoon delight" might be the cause of the difficult times the relationship faces as alluded to in the synopsis of this story. I was a little surprised myself, particularly that Craig so readily agreed to the threesome. The title of this chapter immediately had the 1976 pop, country-tinged hit by the Starland Vocal Band doing loops in my head. I had no idea as a naive 12 year old (at the time of its release) what the song was about, and did not much like it (I was averse to anything which had a country flavour, except for Linda Ronstadt).
  15. Summerabbacat

    Out Sourcing

    Wombat Bill has been very kind in his original assessment of the Liberal Party. In addition, the Liberal Party at both the state and federal level are in a coalition with the National Party, which traditionally is strongly supported in rural Australia. It was created to represent the voice of "the bush" e.g. farmers. It generally attracts very conservative politicians who invariably blame "greenies, gays and chardonnay socialists (city dwellers who vote Labor)" for all the woes that beset the country. They (the National Party that is) are also largely to blame for Australia's appalling live tr
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