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  1. The way they use the ø isn't to change the sound. It mimics the appearance of the cover art used some of the time. Don't believe it's my browser, I tried to embed it...let me try it this way
  2. twenty øne piløts - Chlorine https://youtu.be/eJnQBXmZ7Ek I haven't mastered the art of embedding videos
  3. JeffsFort

    Kill The Dog

    I have this image of a bunch of author's pets hiding under the bed right now 🤣 Great article Comsie!
  4. Great ending Coms. Why the hell didn't anything like this ever happen to me when I was that age? Oh yeah... closet and stuff. LOL! Thanks for sharing this with us!
  5. JeffsFort

    Shared Blankets

    It's funny, I think so many of us have that "...and then moved on..." experiences in our past. Remembering them is bitter sweet no matter how many years come between today and then. This story really captures that "Well, that just happened." moment that we all have in awe of what we either didn't expect to happen or had hoped for but thought that hope was for the impossible. Thanks for sharing it with us
  6. How many times do we need to mention how old all this is before it stops sounding unreal?
  7. Hehehe, yeah. From way back it was something that I was convinced everyone did. You know, compare and brag. The earliest example I can come up with was with a couple of cousins. We had some bet going who was the biggest and to record the results, we put our measurements of them on an etch-a-sketch "Measured line to represent graphically". How's that for record keeping? The weird thing was that we almost got measuring ourselves right without an internet to "Google" how to. Had to be hard, duh, but we measured along side instead of from the abdomen along its upper side. It was in fun and gave us
  8. Tough question because it can mean different things for different people. Sure a crush can open the door, and it may take opening X number of doors before you find one that you just feel you "HAVE" to walk through. Your question is, how do you know which one? For me it involves having a sort of "Ah-ha!" moment. When I realized I had gone from the "Man, I hope he likes me" and "OMG, he's so cute" to "I don't want exist without him." Which sounds a little dramatic but, you really begin to realize that there is a truth to it. And I'm not talking the "I'll just die without him..." tragic kind of s
  9. I love how this story just gives you a smile and a sigh, no matter what... "K, see ya then." And with only a brief pause, I said, "I love you, Jesse." He melted. "Oh wow...I love you too, Tristan. I love you so much." "Awesome..." I whispered. "See you tomorrow, k?" ...this chapter is no exception *HUGZ*
  10. I have always used the saying “I’ve worn the mask for so long that I don’t know who I am without it anymore.” which sucks sometimes. I did learn to open up and vent the side I hid from the ‘real’ world in online communities that I had started to find and eventually created as time went on but even that isn’t entirely who I am. Put the two together and I think you just might find out who I am as a person overall. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m about a 4 in real life. I don’t express to anyone who I think is cute or hot, even to the hand full that know I am gay. I have known from a seriously yo
  11. Oh wow, I just watched that tonight on my way home. It was really well done! They are looking for support To start doing larger projects so hopefully we’ll see more
  12. “That felt like a man slap, didn’t it?!?” OMG...
  13. That was a great podcast and I think the topic was very tastefully done. Hyper92 picked out the highlight that echos through my mind after it all and it isn’t something that was unknown, just unsaid. It’s the double edged sword that we have always battled. “How can people accept us if we can’t accept ourselves?” Not as easily accomplished as it would seem. Being gay in and of itself back in the 80’s and 90’s was reason enough for most of us to stay in hiding but add to that your new found sexual attraction in school being toward same sex peers and then not having that attraction age with you.
  14. Only when I was young enough to not care, was I ever happy with my looks. I was a skinny little kid with shaggy brown, un-interesting hair. I remember in the forth grade beginning to wish I was "as cute" as him or, wishing my hair looked as nice, as shiny, as soft, as neat... as anyone else's. Basically, I learned to simply wish I was anyone but me. I lived in a rough situation at home that already had me hating my life so, not liking how I looked was the icing on the cake for me. I think the biggest thing I hated about myself was the fact that I had to wear glasses. I was about 6 when I got m
  15. Heh, I’ve had this in my “watch” list for a couple of months now and haven’t had the time to watch it. Looks like I have to now *HUGZ*
  16. Hey Comet! If you get a chance, watch some Naruto. There is a really great life lesson to be learned from it as the main character has everything against him but is aiming to become the most powerful in the highest position to be had. "Someday I will be Hokage! Believe it!" I bet like me it won't take you any time at all to get into it and then you both will really have something to talk about.
  17. It's actually sad to see that address go. I mean sure, there are a ton of younger Shackers who have no idea what WebTV was or that it was even a thing one upon a fetus internet I know they aren't going to jump to restore service but the least they can do is allow you to get what was stored on it. 🙄 *HUGZ* The new one is all you now, take that WebTV or Outlook... or whoever actually owned the domain last!
  18. I think we all have that “If only” thought when we remember feeling as though we were all alone, broken, and worst of all unloveable because of who we were. The feeling of those around us that we love suddenly turning on us once they know is overwhelming and not unfounded unfortunately. I always wished someone would have approached me and said they knew and that it was okay. Every imagined conversation back then went exactly that way. Then you remember that there is no guarantee that others, regardless of how much you care about them, will react with love and support. We have too many examples
  19. Yeah, it was moved to a more up to date service with lots of toys and stuff. https://discord.gg/5rVAUj9 << That link will get you there
  20. OMG... Daddy’s Home! Wasn’t there music behind that? I gotta go find it now XD
  21. I believe there were one to many "Shablams" in there XD
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