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  1. There are many watershed moments in a person's life; this was one of mine. - - - - - - 15 years after Vincent first told me he loved me - - - - - - I awoke slowly, easing my eyes open to the pearly gray light of dawn drifting across my bedroom ceiling. After a second or two, I remembered last night and rolled my head carefully to the left. Tony was still asleep, on his side facing me, one hand tucked under his chin and the other spread flat on the sheet between us. His face was peaceful, his breathing even until I placed my hand over his and squeezed lightly. His breath hitche
  2. Del settled right in to William's house. He and TJ rearranged things at their end of the place so that they slept in the smaller bedroom and used the larger master suite as an office and family room, outfitted with a comfy couch and a huge TV. Having left all his colt-starting customers behind in Loooziana, Del tagged along with TJ to work each day, and began to help with the Foundation horses. We were up to fourteen at the moment, more than Gabriel could keep up with, so Del worked on the roughest ones, getting them to the point where Gabriel could put the finishing touches on them. He w
  3. Early on the first day of the trial the three of us climbed into the car I'd hired. The federal courthouse was an hour away, and I didn't want us to have to cope with our emotions and traffic by driving ourselves. I’d thought about taking hotel rooms for a few days, but the comforting familiarity of our own home seemed like a better idea. Despite knowing that Ray would be in the courtroom with us, it was still a shock for Matt and Vincent when he was led in. Matt glanced at him and quickly looked back at me for reassurance, his eyes wide and frightened. I put him between Vincent and me, h
  4. January had a few other high points. Matt was doing excellently with his schoolwork, and the tutor said she wouldn't be surprised if he was ready to take the exams by April. He was eager to have it behind him, so I cut him loose from his Stonegate job to stay home and study those two days each week. Maria loved his company and they became very close, which pleased me. Even Although Matt seemed at home with Vincent and me, I knew it was good for him to have women in his life to give him that bit of maternal nurturing that living exclusively with men – even men who loved him – simply didn't
  5. We left the next morning for the final GP, the grand finale of the year. It was in Florida, which made a pleasant change from the December chill of East Texas. I brought Tommy along, figuring that he had been with me at the beginning so he might as well get to see the end, however it turned out. Matt had never been out of Houston till he came home with Vincent and Jesse, so he was thrilled with the circus atmosphere of the show grounds. He and Vincent went off to explore as I checked my gear, studied the course layout, and bit my nails, nervous as a whore in church now that I was actually here
  6. Against the backdrop of a horse stable in Texas, Sean deals with the lives and loves of his friends and neighbors as he pursues the biggest prize in show jumping and works to keep his own relationship strong and steady
  7. Come good days and bad days The sun's gonna rise So why look beyond What's in front of your eyes - Life Gets Away, Clint Black His hand hesitated for a fraction of a second, and he took a deeper breath before he spoke. “‘The’ someone?” “I don’t know. Maybe. I barely know him.” I picked up his free hand in mine and studied it, running my fingertip along the lines in his palm, tracing the veins on the back of his hand. He kept his nails short and manicured since his hands were always on display at the restaurants. “Do you love me?” Against my back I felt his heart
  8. You're my kind of crazy Full moon saying you know what I like How about it baby Let's you and I go out and get crazy tonight - My Kind of Crazy - Brooks & Dunn I couldn’t speak at all. He was spectacular. If someone had asked me to draw my dream man, I wouldn’t have drawn TJ because I wouldn’t have been able to imagine all of the little things that made him so attractive to me. His eyes were the clear blue of a September afternoon, crinkled at the corners; set in that strong, tan face, they were heart stopping. He had a three day stubble thing going, the golden hair fr
  9. I've worked the farms, I've been to town Guess you could say I've been around But I ain't never seen no one like you - I Ain't Never Seen No One Like You, George Straight The rest of the day passed uneventfully, and I was unsaddling Zena in my own barn at 6:15. It was warm, so I stopped at the pool and stripped, diving in the deep end, and swimming a few laps to wash off the grunge of the day. I eventually surfaced at the shallow end right into a big droopy dick and balls dangling over the edge of the pool. Dylan was laughing down at me as I put my hands on his knees, and
  10. And I know just where I touch you And I know just what to prove I know when to pull you closer And I know when to let you loose - Air Supply The day passed, as most do, with a variety of miscellaneous bullshit. The worst thing that happened – Alejandro finding moldy hay in the latest delivery, requiring all 103 remaining bales to be unstacked and inspected before being piled back up again – made evening feeding late. That meant I had to spend an extra 45 minutes scooping grain, measuring out vitamin and joint supplements, and weighing hay flakes before hopping on Zena bare
  11. When I look in my future, You're all I can see, So, honey, don't go lovin' on nobody but me - Blake Shelton “I promise…” He stopped and licked his lips, then swallowed, and spoke very deliberately. “I promise that you will never regret loving me.” I don’t know what I thought he was going to say, but his words shattered me. I felt my face begin to crumble, and ground my teeth together. He deserved better than tears. I stayed by the dresser, watching him until I could speak. Even then my voice was not quite steady. “And I promise that I will love you as fully as you deser
  12. I'll be somewhere down in Texas if you're lookin' for me, Drinkin' in that great wide-open, soakin' up the summer breeze. Kickin' back an' settled in with my family. I'll be somewhere down in Texas if you're lookin' for me. - Somewhere Down In Texas, George Straight “Sean, that new mare’s got thrush, the skinny grey one that came in yesterday.” “What?” I scowled at Tommy as he passed me in the barn aisle with a huge wheel barrow full of dirty bedding. We have 2-wheel carts that are a hell of a lot easier to keep upright when piled high with horse shit, but Tommy lik
  13. Our bedroom is pitch black, a total absence of light. It is a cloudy night to begin with, and Alex pulled the blackout shade when we came into the room. I turn on the bedside light and look at him questioningly. “I want it dark,” he says, one corner of his mouth curving provocatively. I glance around the room, and realize that he has unplugged the clock, the TV, the DVD player – even the tiniest sources of light have been obliterated. I turn back to him and smile, letting him know that I’m ready to play this new game. He comes to me, catching my face in his hands, fingers splayed acr
  14. Shadows cast from the candles on the bedside table darkened the hollows of his neck and shoulder as he arched his head back slightly. He knelt between my legs, knees spread wide, thrusting slowly into me, slowly enough that I could feel each pulse of the engorged veins of his erection rippling against my insides, the ridge around the broad head of his penis as it tugged at the muscles of my ass. His face was split - one side shadowed, the other candlelit - and the flames glimmered in his eye as he watched me. His expression was somber, almost sad, although I knew that he was just focused
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