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  1. JimmyZ

    Chapter 39

    Prison or religion? I doubt George can just pay lip service so this is a conundrum. I would lie my a$$ off.
  2. JimmyZ

    Chapter 1

    YAY! It feels like old friends have returned..Thanks Mark. I can’t wait for Wills adventures.
  3. JimmyZ

    Chapter 22

    holy cr@p. (nice to see you back Mark)
  4. JimmyZ


  5. JimmyZ

    Black Widow

    We miss you Mark!
  6. JimmyZ

    Chapter 37

    Uh Oh - Wonder what Will is up to now. Can't wait to find out! Excellent chapter - Thanks Mark!
  7. JimmyZ

    Chapter 35

    Wow - excellent chapter! I wonder if Jake is Brad's new love? I can't wait to find out who did the bomb. Welcome Back!!!
  8. JimmyZ

    Chapter 34

    We miss you Mark!
  9. JimmyZ

    Chapter 13

  10. Hi - any idea when the final chapter is coming? Thx!
  11. I am starting to think this delay is a conspiracy. The Goat did say that he wanted more interaction - even threatened to hold the end of the story - and lo and behold. I could be wrong but he is now the post leader so...
  12. Mr James - has gone silent. I hope all is ok.
  13. Taking cliff hanger to whole new level (or depth depending on your point of view). I will be so $%#$%@#$ mad if one (or more knowing Mr James) of them dies.
  14. Really? That *person* has been trying to kill Trev in every way shape form and idea up to and including his head on a platter and NOW it's personal? I truly am looking forward to seeing her get what she deserves. However knowing Mr. James penchant for reviving previously thought dead characters I am banking on nothing.
  15. JimmyZ


    Great chapter. I am on pins and needles for the next!!!!
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