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  1. Cris L

    Chapter 8

    I like this story, but I'm totally bewildered by Hunter
  2. This is one of the most amazing things, I love been around younger people who have do much energy. Even when it's tiring and hard to keep up as an old dude, it's energising and often inspiring.
  3. Yes, I must admit I too enjoyed this opening chapter, as unusual as it was.
  4. Cris L

    Burnt Down

    Fun. I really do admire your way with words, Carlos
  5. Cris L

    Slave Labour

    I love re reading the really good stories, and this is one of them.
  6. Cris L

    Slave Labour

    Wow. A blast from the past. I remember reading this ages ago. Can't recall where though! It was good then, and good now!
  7. Cris L


    Carlos! Carlos! Carlos! What can I say apart from "Thanks for another great story" besides I'm extremely upset it was about 1000 chapters shorter than I wanted!
  8. If Mark is as big a prick with his colleagues, most of them are unlikely to have met Kayden, or other members of Mark's family. So why would you think that they would be able to recognise Kayden? How many of you would recognise a work colleague's child if you saw the child out of context.
  9. 3rd complete reading after a long gap, and yes it is as good as I remembered. Honestly I'm surprised that nobody has optioned this for a movie.
  10. Damn. I have 3 requirements. Which are in order. 1. A hot ASS that I can fill frequently. Like CJ, Owen & Richie 98. Cute face. CJ, Owen, and Richie 99. Big mouth that I can fill frequently! Every American male under the age of 25, plus many above 25. For the record excluding all members of the Trump family.
  11. Okay, who do I have to blow, so I can get more Chapters?
  12. Yes, it was not 6k plus words.... Oops, I meant 60k words!
  13. Damn. This was so short. Way too short. Good. Damn good, but way to short. Still the best part of my Friday though!
  14. Cris L

    Chapter 32

    I'm not exactly sure why, but I've loved Jackson since C1, and I am so happy to read new chapters. Teen love is so hard, and I hope for a truly happy ending for both boys. Thanks @Kristafor a great story
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