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  1. That's DKStories "Do Over' series. Dan started reposting his stories, so I think he'll eventually repost it here.
  2. Sorry to hear that they're moving that far away for you. You're being a trooper being strong and happy for them... Just like a great mom should
  3. I used about 1 oz of this red food coloring. The food coloring with the powdered cocoa makes that dark red hue. "Red Velvet" is usually made in cake form, so this was my first attempt at making it as a cheesecake. They don't taste "red", but have a light cocoa taste. I was pretty happy with the deep red color and it contrasts well with the chocolate wafer crust and the white whipped cream topping. I'm still waiting from my taste testers on the verdict for how it tastes. These are probably more for show, then for taste.
  4. I just like to bake for fun in my spare time :-) This was a new recipe that I wanted to test drive for Valentine's day. Thanks for the compliment. I'm really trying to improve on presentation and on a consistent look among the individual desserts.
  5. Sorry to hear about your old friend Podga. Your topic brought up a lot of things to consider regarding Facebook and death. Like is there a "dead" status on FB or should there be? It's kinda neat that if profiles of the deceased remain, that old friends can visit it to reminisce. Today's obituaries are such a small synopsis of the person's life. A full FB timeline could give so much more. In regard to my own eventual passing, one advantage for me is that I have some GA friends as FB friends. These GA/FB friends will be able to let people know here when I pass (versus wondering if
  6. This is exciting to hear. Hope it works out well!
  7. :vic2: Happy 21st Birthday Matt!!!! :vic2: No matter what happens at your am meeting, do try to have a great day today
  8. NaperVic

    Meet Riley!

    AWWWWW!!! What a cutie!
  9. :vic2: Happy 27th Birthday Krista!!! :vic2: Hope you have fun today!
  10. :vic2: This interview filled in a lot of blanks about what I knew about Matt, thanks! It's been great to "watch" you grow up here on GA via your posts. While some things haven't change (not afraid to share how you feel about a topic), I don't think Newbie TetRefine would have worn a salmon colored shirt
  11. Happy Birthday Kyle!! :vic2: hope you have a great day!
  12. Gay card earned today! Picked lemons off tree, juiced lemons and froze into cubes, candied the peel, and bottled lemon simple syrup. The only thing I didn't make was lemonade!

    1. Cia


      You can soak some of that candied peel in some vodka, serve on the rocks... way better than lemonade!

    2. Tranquility


      After all of that, I'm surprised you also didn't find the use for the stones :gikkle:

  13. One of the best parts of Christmas since I've moved to California are all the tamales people share. This year I also got some very tasty chile verde ones
  14. Yes, Merry Christmas Dom! Hope you're happy & healthy. And I hope you're writing like a madman and will be releasing a ton of new material :vic2:
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