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  1. Thanks Mark! and a belated one to you too! Oh and have a Happy Year!!

  2. Long time no speak :)

    Happy New Year !!!!

  3. Hey Mark Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  4. Great story Vivian Your doing a marvelous job with the writing. Keep up the good work! Rob
  5. Happy Birthday Kitty Unlike Vic I understand that a lady doesn't need to be reminded of her age so I'll pass on that. Bad Vic (Rob cracks the whip here.) I think that I can safely promise that this next year will be better than the last. (Of course that is all based on that volcano staying quiet.) Anyway wishing you smooth sailing from here on out. Rob
  6. Hi Eric Your a fine young man and I'm sure that everyone in you life is proud of you. You've grown into a great human being. Your loving, sensitive, and have a good head on you shoulders. And let's not forget a very interesting sense of humor. I think that now is the perfect time to show your parents what a great guy you really are and what a beautiful person you've turned out to be. Maybe, I wouldn't count on it , but just maybe they will realize what a mistake they have made and how much they have lost not being there for you when it really counted. Send them the card. Outline all that you have overcome and accomplished since you set out on a new path. Don't gloat, just give it to them straight (Please excuse the expression.) and let the ball sit in their court. Who knows, sometimes people really do change. You and Josh have a nice Christmas. Rob
  7. robbie1042

    Chris's Guilt

    Hey David Anyone ever tell you that your not just another pretty face? Well it
  8. Your a good man Charlie Brown Rob
  9. As with everyone, I will keep you mom in my thoughts. Hoping the best for you and her. Rob
  10. robbie1042


    Hi Dave I happy to hear that you Dad is doing better. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery. I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts. Hang in there! Rob
  11. Real sorry to hear that Dave I'm hoping for the best. You'll be in my thoughts. Rob
  12. robbie1042

    he peed on me!

    Vivian I think that this is the first time I've heard "Water Sports" mentioned on this site. What a hoot!!! I hope sonny boy has recovered from his illness. And remember you can always wash the sheets. Rob
  13. Green It always saddens me to here about the break up of a relationship and this one is no different. One never really knows what to say. But from reading your blog for a while now I can tell that your a strong individual. Some one that would just walk away without any explanation does show a certain flaw in character. Be with your friends, grieve the loss, and as I know you can, move on. Every adversity has within it the seed for a thousand opportunities. Rob
  14. robbie1042


    Because there isn't enough paper in the world to write out all those violation tickets that the religious right wingers would rack up. Rob
  15. robbie1042


    Hahahaha! Mark thats cheating! I'm going to be "Son of Death" because I'm not old enough to be Death yet! Hahaha! Rob
  16. Hey Mark Aah Canada. I love Canada, it's a land of many fascinating things, if you exclude Connor. Connor, don't get your dander up. I was only kidding. Rob
  17. Hear it goes, I hope you like it. These two whales are swimming out at sea. The first whale comes up and see's a ship coming toward them and realizes it a whaler. The first whale says to the second whale, "There a whaler coming, but I know how we can get rid of them for good!" The second whale say, "How?" The first whale says, "When the boat gets here, you get on one side and I'll get on the other. We'll fill up with water and blow it into the boat, fill up with water and blow it into the boat. The boat will get full and sink. The word will get back to the out whalers that we sunk the boat and they will never come after us again." The second whale says, "Good plan!" So the whales do just that. They fill up with water and blow it into the boat, they fill up with water and blow it into the boat, the boat starts to swamp, guy's are jumping overboard clinging to what ever they can. Then the first whale says to the second whale, "Now we have to eat the guy's. We eat the guy's the word will get back that we sunk the boat and ate the guy's, it will be so horrible that they will never come after us again." The second whale looks at the first whale and says, "I don't mind blowing the boat, but I'm not swallowing the seamen." That's it! Good Luck Rob
  18. They have it in patch form now I've always used the inhaler, puff puff Rob
  19. Green, You do seem to be a magnet for this stuff. Oh, and spank that BF of your's Rob
  20. Right you are Mark. But I would add,"oblivious assholes." I think that most of the time they don't even realize that their doing it. That's the sad part. Nick, I hope that he get's the point. Rob
  21. Ok let me do this again! TZ Your right on the mark. Another GREAT!! chapter. It doesn't surprise me at all that you were accepted into the hall of fame. Rob
  22. Hey Green From what you have said, it's clear that you have witnessed first hand the real gay tragedy. Because we can't be who we really are, we miss out on so many opportunities. The up side is we persevere. Rob
  23. robbie1042


    Shades of 1984, damn you George Orwell
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