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  1. What a way to end the chapter! I enjoyed everything and the story hit the heartstrings, JJ's surgery, the war (between Will and Brad as well as the one the US was entering), the baby, the tribute to Robbie. Can't wait until the next segment begins. Thank you for sharing your talents with us, your humble readers!
  2. Six.Gauge

    Chapter 49

    I loved the dinner scene when Brad asked about the mattress in his room -- even though he has for all practical purposes moved to San Francisco! It was classic Will. JJ and Alex have to work out a few things before Alex's baby is born, but I think that the two of them will be able to prevail -- at least that is what I hope to read in future installments! Great work and again, thank you for sharing your awesome talent with us as we read your stories.
  3. Six.Gauge

    Chapter 43

    Well worth the wait! Thank you!
  4. Six.Gauge

    Chapter 41

    I can't wait to see JJ take on Mary Ellen, it should be a good show! Thanks for the update!
  5. Six.Gauge

    Chapter 28

    Great chapter Mark. I'm glad to see the connection between Marc and Brad. Its about time that Brad has some quality time in his life! I liked how you wrote the interplay between Will, Brad and Stef. A GREAT chapter and I loved the fact that Matt was Matt when he met Marc! Six
  6. Six.Gauge

    Chapter 27

    I'm glad to read that Will and Brad are getting to a better place. Brad seems to be taking the boys advice and is enjoying the hunt again -- there are still (and probably will be more) memories of Robbie, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It was nice to read that Marc and Brad had a good time in bed and hopefully that will continue to Down Under! It sounds as if Marc has attributes that both JJ and Will can appreciate. Time will tell as you post more chapters! Thanks for sharing your multiple talents with us!
  7. Six.Gauge

    Chapter 25

    Mark Another great chapter! Claire's birthday dinner was interesting but she didn't seem to mind since she was able to find out what was bothering her father. JP and Will seem to be on the same page, even if getting there was painful. Stef and Brad have some lessons to learn and I hope that they are able to survive the fallout (not that you have indicated that there will be any, but...). Wade's mother came through and in my mind I don't think that Hammer will be making the trip down under. Thanks again for sharing your talents with us! Six
  8. Six.Gauge

    Chapter 2

    Great start to what appears to be a an excellent read. The main characters are interesting and I think that I am going to like Lori and Kat! Thanks for sharing your talents with us! Six
  9. Six.Gauge

    Chapter 23

    In the words Ricardo to Lucy "Alex you got some xplainin' to do!" and hopefully JJ will listen to why Alex didn't have the opportunity to call back (and Alex doesn't have to explain Mary Ellen!". Great chapter and hopefully JJ has enough time to overcome the effects of a double dose of sleeping pills. There is probably enough time for Alex to meet JJ at the competition, it would be close, but maybe that is what it is going to take for JJ to get over the issues at hand!
  10. This was an excellent end to the story. Matt has grown up and it looks like him and Wade have come to terms. I was glad to see the maturity that Matt has shown and I know that he will be a much better "Dad" in the future. It fits with the saying that anyone can father a child, but it takes a special man to be a DAD; and I think that Matt is up to the challenge at this point in his life. Brad and Will are on an even keel (for a change -- how long that will last is know only to you Mark!). JP and Stef are truly the patriarchs and understanding of the dianamics that are taking place in the fa
  11. Six.Gauge

    Chapter 44

    Boston! or should I write Boston????? I like it better the first way, something went down between Wade and Alex and it was probably with Wade showing Alex he wasn't going to stay on the pedestal where Alex had placed him! At least that is what I want to think! Matt isdefinitely the knight in shining armor running to Wade to see what is going on. What I really liked was Matt's realization that shildren are important and that him and Wade were Riley's dads and that Tiffany's pregnancy was the result of the three of them and that the baby would be theirs, all of theirs. It looks like Matt is
  12. Six.Gauge

    Chapter 41

    Talk about a great chapter: Tiffany pregnant, Wade sick, Alex having a whole new persona with Matt. I hope that the baby is actually Matt's (and a boy) so that will give him a reason to always be in Wade's life to a degree should something go south -- not that it should and I am NOT making a suggestion, just playing odds! If Wade is not better soon I hope he will be a man and at least talk to Jack so that if it is anything more than a virus, it is dealt with ASAP! Looking foward to the next update...this story rocks!
  13. Six.Gauge

    Chapter 39

    Great chapter! I had forgotten about Matt's previous scare with HIV, so hopefully Jack will be able to let him know what he has to do to get the right test and that it will come back negative! Thanks for the chapter and as usual, I don't want to wait for the next one!
  14. Six.Gauge

    Chapter 37

    Great chapter Mark. Will is being Will and Brad is being Brad and at times they are like oil and vinegar, good together but don't really mix that well! I'm bummed about Matt, and will have to wait to see how things play out. Zach kind of blew Will off, but in reality I kind of expected that. When he is with his folks, he really doesn't really seem to have much of a backbone and is easily manipulated. It was nice of Will to want to stay and be there Matt (at least for a day or two), but he should have a good time in Hawaii with his dad. Thanks again Mark. Looking forward to the next
  15. Six.Gauge

    Chapter 36

    A great update for the 4th of July! Will and Matt seem good for each other now that they have gotten over their past. Hopefully that they will continue to respect each other. Its interesting to see how Brad is still seeing Will as a little kid and not as a young adult (and I do mean YOUNG!). Thanks again!
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