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  1. No, I should be thanking you. Without readers, writing is empty. I was so scared to share my stories but you, and the rest of my readers, have made a home for them and for me and I am more grateful than you know. I'm glad you enoyed the journey of my special little family and I hope you enjoy the other stories, although I don't think there are any others that are quite like this one
  2. Thank you SO much. I truly appreciate your comments. Seeing your journey makes me remember why I write.
  3. Semjaza, leader of the fallen revealed to Ishtar a human priestess with whom he had fallen in love, a secret. It was a secret that could ascend humans into angels. It had already been done once with a guy called Enoch, who became the angel Metatron. The Sanhedrin Malakim (Counsel of Angels) sanctioned Enoch;s ascention, but they were pissed with Semjaza and Ishtar because they had encouraged other angels to have relations with humans, some of whom had children - the nephalim. The last straw came when Semjaza tried to ascend Ishtar. Both they, and the 200 angels under Semjaza's command were cur
  4. Nephylim

    Chapter 21 - Fey

    Oh me too! Bridge just lights up the world. He hangs the moon and the stars. He doesn't do magic, he is magic
  5. Yeah, I worried quie a lot about whether it's too detailed and convoluted. It's tricky when you know the story but you're not entirely sure how to tell it in a way that readers will actually figure out what you're on about. It's a balance between giving too much information and totally confusing people, or not giing enough information and leaving them wandering in the big. "wtf"
  6. WE can only judge from a human perspective because we are human. There are very few humans in this story.
  7. They are a strange little family, but it works.
  8. I'm so glad you fell. It's all about the fallen after all
  9. By this point, I think he has other things on his mind and even he realizes he can't take out all the monsters. It would be very difficult to find the precise people to punish in this scenario
  10. Aha, I knew you'd crack in the end There is a lot going on in this story and I just hope I tell it well enough to keep it straight to the end.
  11. Apart from Star and Bridge. I think the twins are my favourite. They are so strong and yet vulnerable.
  12. I found it both satisfying and not. Another string to the hypocracy bow, but I think Radu is beginning to realize that he is the same as the monster he destroyed.
  13. Spot on. more than you know
  14. I think this is a real turning point. IT's been a long time since he's truly cared for anyone other than Astaria and it's changing him in all kinds of ways without him even realizing it. I think his hunting at this point is an attempt to hold on to things he feels are slipping out of his control
  15. Nephylim

    Chapter 10 - Star

    Monsters come in all shapes and sizes and often hide behind beautiful facades. I think perhaps this chapter gives the first glimpse into what Radu has faced in his own past. You've also nailed the reason I chose Bridge's name. The others think it's because he was found under a bridge but that's not it at all. He's a bridge in all kinds of ways.
  16. Nephylim

    Chapter 9 - Taz

    You're probably right. Dinner certainly doesn't go as Radu planned.
  17. Nephylim

    Chapter 8 - Orgy

    Thank you! I'll absolutely leave it to you to decide if Radu changes or gets what he deserves. I agree that just because he suffered so horribly in his own past doesn't in any way justify what he has done to others.
  18. Oh I absolutely agree that Radu is a hypocrite of the highest order. It's a case of no one else touches what is mine. I think you will find that Aqua is not the only one with spirit and also not the only one who can give Radu a run for his money when the time is right. Also, I think everyone tend to underestimate Bridge. Just because he is soft and gentle doesn't mean he isn't powerful in his own way.
  19. There is a thin line between love and hate and a huge chasm between conditioning and love. Those with stockholm syndrome believe they love their captors. How can you ever tell what is true and what isn't? I suppose the test of love is endurance and mutual respect. Without either of those it's hollow and false.
  20. Nephylim

    Chapter 5 - Ara

    Absolutely. As long as his boys fear him, Radu is nothing but a monster trying to act like a man
  21. I love that quote. For better or worse, whether it's true or not Radu certainly believes he lost his soul a long time ago. He has no time for any gods and those he believes in he hates. He has acted out of bitterness and rage. No excuse I know. Possible unforgiveable, but he has his reasons which I hope will become clearer at the end.
  22. Nephylim

    Chapter 3 - Sacha

    I keep forgetting to thank and like commentors. I get so involved in my story and the comments themselves. Rest assured I absolutely appreciate every single reaction and comment. Without readers a writer's life is empty. I agree that you can't trust the feelings of many of Radu's boys and I totally accept that Radu is a monster. He could and has ended the life of any of his boys and not thought twice about it...well, there are exceptions, but they are...different.
  23. I agree, but there is history. So much history and so much time. The days were very differnt back then and I think Radu is still living in the very far distant past. He's going to have his eyes opened big time. I leave it to you to decide if he's worthy of what he gets.
  24. Nephylim

    Chapter 1 - Aqua

    I doubt it is what you think it is. Kudos if it is Chancey is pretty secure but yes, he is complacent. Aqua is a delight, but wait until you meet Bridge.
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