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  1. That's exactly how I think about Silver. Faith is an idiot. The master a whole different kettle of fish. If he had thought Silver would be anything but docile he would never have sent faith
  2. Faith is about as far from professional as you can get. He's quite pathetic really not that I feel sorry for him in any way but they're all nothing more than goins and with faith in charge they haven't got a chance. Mind you they think silver is helpless so they're not going to send elite
  3. Ha ha. I think the twins would love Silver. And wait until you meet Ariel in book 2
  4. Nephylim

    Epilogue - The End

    I'm sorry I confused you. Not ebooks here. I write under Nephy Hart and you can find them on Amazon
  5. Nephylim


    Thank you. I'm honoured. I hope you enjoy the rest too
  6. Aw but don't you think he'd be better with Asher?
  7. Stewing in their own juices while Silver learns some important lessons about himself and makes a breathtakingly awesome new friend
  8. You know my too well πŸ˜πŸ˜‡
  9. This raises, I think, some interesting questions that I have sought to answer in future books
  10. Silver is one of the strongest characters I have ever written
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