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  1. Nephylim

    Chapter 3

    Thank you, I will (I hope :D)
  2. Nephylim

    Chapter 26

    In any situation like this, well, in any relationship really, early communication and honesty is vital. The boys have to keep it real.
  3. Nephylim

    Chapter 26

    Apart from Drew and the twins, Jay is very definitely my favourite character. They are so colourful and crazy, but in many ways has their feet more firmly planted than any of the others. They are going to be much more prominent in the last part of the story.
  4. Nephylim

    Chapter 26

    Thank you! So glad you're enjoying.
  5. Nephylim

    Chapter 26

    I'm so glad you're enjoying. You know me, I can't get rid of the angst and drama completely, but the next few chapters are less traumatic than the last few. We move on quite a lot, I think.
  6. Nephylim

    Chapter 26

    I really hope you survive until next Wednesday 😁 I think this lot will be going around in the dark for a while before sense sets in 😁🤣
  7. Nephylim

    Chapter 26

    Thank you so much. I'm glad you're enjoying it. It's been a joy to write and I adore my characters. I hope that comes through. There is a lot more planned Hehe, there's nothing like a Mam to say thinks like they are. Drew needed some straight talking and I think she ploughed the fields while Jay provided the seeds, and now we just watch and see what grows. I had so much fun writing the next part. I really hope you enjoy
  8. Nephylim

    Chapter 26

    I'm sure Mam has, although I expect she's also mothering the heck out of Jay. She doesn't know quite what to make of them, but Jay sure can talk and Mam just loves anyone who tucks into her biscuits so enthusiastically
  9. Nephylim

    Chapter 26

    He probably does, but he also has powerful friends helping him. I think you might want to be a little bit worried
  10. Nephylim

    Chapter 26

    That is all so very true. Drew needs to call Jeff as soon as Amara is settled. It was very irresponsible of Jeff to simply allow them to walk away. Technically they had the right to, as they are both legally adults. for Amara it isn't a problem because he'd been discharged anyway so he could have left at any time. However, the fact that Aria disappeared could have caused a problem, depending on who is down as his next of kin. Because he isn't able to make decisions for himself it's down to his next of kin to make them for him, so if Mamma is next of kin and she says Aria should be admitted, then unless Aria is able to say no Amara has no legal standing and might find himself in trouble as would anyone else aiding and abetting him. Hopefully, it won't come to that.
  11. Nephylim

    Chapter 26

    He he. Very eloquently put
  12. Nephylim

    Chapter 26

    You're absolutely right. I love Jay. They are totally my favourite character who isn't Drew or the twins Sadly, no. The danger isn't over yet.
  13. Nephylim

    Chapter 26

    Thank you! Don't worry, we haven't seen the last of Ben and I have something very special planned for him
  14. Nephylim

    Chapter 26

    Well, what else were they going to do. Amara was never going to just sit back and let Drew walk away. At the very least he'd want to yell at him.
  15. Nephylim

    Chapter 26

    Thank you! They'll get there

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