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The Castaway Hotel - 2 2. The Castaway Hotel

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The Currie family continues to grow and Josh decides to have his new sons vacation with his biological children, so they can get acquainted. Shortly after they return home, Josh learns that the local paper and two national magazines have written articles about them. Does this make their lives better or worse?

This book, like book 1, has been totally rewritten.  In fact, the first three chapters of this book are new chapters and I included them to try to show Josh’s older children and their reactions to the boys.  When I first wrote this story, I felt it already had enough characters and therefore planned to leave Josh’s older children and grandchildren out of it completely, except for a few brief mentions about them along the way.  However, I later changed my mind and added them to some of the other books, although never referring to the older children by name, just as older son, younger daughter, etc.
Copyright © 2010 Bill W; All Rights Reserved.

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Danilo Syrtis


2nd book of this wonderful hotel : new additions in the family and time to know better Josh’s biological family.

Among the additions : Frank who will be the 1st « failure », but… (I wouldn’t want to spoil the next books 😉)


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