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  1. Great job! I really disliked Torry by chapter 4, but I couldn't figure out his hook. You did a really good job of keeping the source of Torry's power hidden from the reader while dropping hints along the way. Looking back, they are easy to see, just well crafted into the storyline. I like that Kevin, Sarah and James Mitt become friends in the end. ~e
  2. What an awesome story! I wasn't sure about the western-theme, but the high recommendation of the other readers got me to give it a change. You should be quite proud of the story you created. ~e
  3. Maybe the goat is planning it as Christmas present for the community. He just isn't saying which year! 🤔
  4. Any of his stories in which my name is NOT used for one of the characters 😱
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. If CJ can come back, I guess I can too!
  7. Thanks for the posts. It was a weird day that ended with a great dinner and early to bed - if you know what I mean!
  8. It's that time of year again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY guy. Again, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a SUPER year :)

  9. What does it say about CJ that his antagonists get awards?!?
  10. Thanks gang! I was offline yesterday, so I missed these kind wishes when they were posted. Thank you one and all for these posts and PMs. It is always nice to be remembered. HUGZ! ~e PS: AMEN wildone
  11. Interesting idea, Michael! Imagine if self-serving Bridget teams up with Eric or Rev Emoe or BOTH! *gasp*
  12. Alright Low Flyer, be fair to the readers who haven't. Some people say that the chapter Wheels within Wheels contains no cliffie and others say they don't find one cliffie - I'll have to go with that group's opinion on this one.
  13. To better explain the 'team' perspective, CJ is assigned to create the cliffies and deny they exist and the rest of the team is assigned to carefully point out their existence without giving CJ one smidgen of leeway to use against us. Looks like Low Flyer failed this time. In CJ's efforts to enlist me in denying the existence of a cliffie, he threatened to kill off a much beloved character if I didn't do it. I strenuously resisted the pressure and so far, the character remains alive. Time will tell.
  14. I know you had to work extra hard to get the chapter out the door, but you didn't have to break the site to get an extra week - just post that you need the time, for cliffhanger's sake!
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