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  1. yes i think so as well. that will be a good add to the Currie Family 😍
  2. excellent chapter !! ❤️❤️❤️ longtime we didn’t have Josh telling the story. 👍 i had to use again tissues when they mentioned again Cody and Brent !😭 but it is really a great idea to have a glimpse about Sammy/Andrew/Graham’s life 👍 i hope that we will have more infos about Graham’s student case. lol just can’t wait to see if you are going to make Ricky tell the story 😆 will be lot of fun ! 😂
  3. Danilo Syrtis

    A Council of War

    i start liking Helen a lot 😛 she is a little bit like clifton’s mother in Naked Calendar 😬 hope that your muse will be visiting you soon 😆
  4. Danilo Syrtis

    Fort Dix

    waouh !!!! another surprise !! now try to guess who is betraying who ! 😆 is Carlos really gay ? did Amanda install hidden cameras in Trout’s appartment ? and there are lot of other questions 😳
  5. Danilo Syrtis

    Mexican Weave

    hey brian give to your muse one of those hairs and your inspiration will come back for sure ! 😜😂🤣 i went from surprise to surprise during the whole chapter ! well done ! 👍
  6. hon hon ! lot of troubles coming !! 😂🤣
  7. Danilo Syrtis

    Family Matters

    i don’t know why but when i was reading this chapter, i had suddenly the image of that movie « tootsie ». 😂 i was thinking that would be really funny that Armando turns to be an « Armando »,... 😜 besides with all these family ties (Amanda/Clara, Trout/June/Garrison,..), the misunderstandings (clara’s boss, « marry in june /marissa-june,..), it is like a great scenario 👍
  8. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 14

    excellent chapter ! just hope that lady nisa won’t become too annoying and that they will find her a husband fast 😬
  9. Danilo Syrtis


    lol wasn’t the father’s joke but the 😈 author who opened the heaven’s gates to throw Lenny & Adrian together ! 😂 excellent chapter ! loved the talk between them : very instructive and funny 😆 next chapter (lunch at Red Lion) should be promising 😛
  10. Danilo Syrtis


    lol i was hesitating between n (« son ») and b (😜) but didn’t know there was a third option 😂
  11. Danilo Syrtis


    i have the same reaction 😆 hmmm what a great coincidence that Mr Drummond let Leonard down 😂 : so Leonard will have to hire Adrian,... 😜 great chapter 👍 btw « The poor sod probably had enough of her,.. » typo ?
  12. oh i didn’t know you had vision problems 😳😩 ophtalmology made lot of improvements these last years : hope it is ok for you now.
  13. lol ryan and noah are still after holly 😂 could holly be hiding a « girlfriend » ? 😆 thx again for continuing the « Castaway Hotel » 😍
  14. so happy to have this new book !!!!! 😍😍😍 i’m really impatient to read it !!! 👍
  15. Danilo Syrtis


    Adrian’s background seems to be uneasy. going to be very interesting 👍
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