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  1. Because Kyle will do renovations there, and after he will sell it to Noah (and Bo 😝)
  2. if you like thrillers, you will like this story : there are emotional roller coasters, mysteries about one of the main characters' background and a race against time to save some of them ! @kboisgive us one of her best writing for this gay story and i'm sure you won't stop reading before reaching the last chapter !
  3. LOL i'm picturing @kboisdoing this dance and i keep giggling 😂
  4. shifters story, a spin off with Bruce Rosie and Tater and another with Boah 😂 you are going to be very busy 🤣
  5. Both stories 😆 Besides, Bruce, Rosie and Tater could be shifters 🤣
  6. Welcome to Dr Corday in the ER ! ... oups in the last chapter of WOK 😂 No WOK 2 for sure ? well Bruce, Rosie and Tater could make a spin off 😝
  7. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 29

    No cliffhanger, but i think most of us almost got a heart attack 🤣
  8. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 29

    What ?! i can't believe as well ( i just checked after that post ! and it is indeed marked "complete" 🙈) !
  9. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 29

    Wow another chapter 2 days after the previous one ! thx ❤️ So Rushi got what she deserved !👍 Humm is Bast trying to put Kavey and Neith together ? 😆 Ha and Niven ? what a big surprise !😁 Nisa should be branded so she would know what it is like 😡 the brand should even be on her face so that everyone know her punishment ! Hopefully Kastan arrived on time to save Jihan and Rashan ❤️ awesome chapter ! 👍
  10. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 28

    Wow that was an awesome exciting chapter with lot of emotional rollercoasters !❤️ Loved all those small parts from different points of view 👍 The tension before Lord Niven stands was absolutly high ! and the reports ending with Rushi's fate was just wonderfully written ! Now waiting for the Imperial Tower and Nisa's fate ! will be very interesting 🙂 i only hope it is not taking too long 😉 btw i noticed 2 little typo : "quetstions "curaetd"
  11. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 20

    Not that i wanted to give bad ideas to @kbois but Mr Greene might have cloned himself and his twin so 2 more evil twins might be on the way to harm Kim, Nikki, Kyle & Jett & Bruce 🙈 😂
  12. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 20

    Hey ! don't make me say what i didn't ! 😆 i said that the evil twins deserved a more painful death 😝 well may be i wanted more torture for some cliffhangers adept 😂🤣
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