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  1. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 16

    Wow 4 pages of comments !! "stories in the story" 😁 @kbois be proud of your readers and stop shouting "Corner" !🀣
  2. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 16

    We NEED a 7th emoji : πŸ˜‹ ! πŸ˜† Beef and onion, garlic mushrooms (especially with portobellos) : 2 of my favorite recipes πŸ˜‹
  3. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 16

    You too are in the corner since you don't pay attention to you reader's name 😜
  4. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 16

    LMAO πŸ˜‚ bossy @kbois not only mixed up characters , but readers as well to the corner ! 🀣 she should stop stealing @chris191070's bottles
  5. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 16

    Yes for @kbois😜 especially if you can give her some bottles : she need that because she has some troubles with sending a floofy Beta to the corner πŸ˜‚
  6. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 16

    "Her castle, her vents" (just saying ) anyway, sounds can be heard through small openings (chimneys,..) and Wolves shifter ears are probably better than humans so i didn't "challenge" our bossy @kboisπŸ˜†
  7. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 16

    LOL my fault really ? "your story, your responsibility", if you mix up 😜 🀣 There are so many characters that Eagle Eyes is
  8. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 16

    and your "Council members" just saying πŸ˜‚
  9. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 16

    @chris191070hurry up ! chap 16 is already on ! 😁 Hmm for someone who has got the top of security cam, i'm surprised Sebastian doesn't have usb or wireless stuffs πŸ˜† besides most of smartphones (and tablets !) can scan now 😜 and almost as powerful as computers Are Alberts and Belland the heads of the snake ? not sure with our Mrs Cliffies tortuous mind but we know for sure they are involved in the pup-nappings ! Hurry up Sentinels ! Time is running ! excellent chapter πŸ‘
  10. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 15

    btw I just heard in the news that 3 days ago, it was the "Wolf's Moon" (1st winter full moon, this year in the night between 17 and 18 january 2022) 😁 I'm surprised you didn't mention this : the Moon fell in love with the Spirit Wolf and stole his shadow to remember that night. Since then wolves howl every full moon begging to have it back ! (US indian legends ?) πŸ’–
  11. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 15

    Yes, Black Forest is just next to Strasbourg on the North-East border, you are almost there by crossing the Rhine river. πŸ™‚ you know that old people like me don't sleep a lot πŸ˜† or i could almost say that i sleep with 2 eyes open πŸ˜‚
  12. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 15

    remember the movies Anaconda and Anaconda2 πŸ˜‰ : scary how Jon Voight and the other guys were swallowed ! 🀒 However : anaconda vs puma πŸ‘‡ https://www.maxisciences.com/jaguar/un-jaguar-et-un-anaconda-immortalises-dans-une-lutte-acharnee_art34576.html if they are in the water, the anaconda is faster and more powerful. On earth, and especially in the Black Forest, not sure Nat would win πŸ€”
  13. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 15

    Now you reveal your true nature ! you are a Muppet shifter ! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
  14. Danilo Syrtis

    Chapter 15

    Talking about scents, i was surprised that Faulkner could say "there is no doubting the scent of..." : falcons can't smell scents, so can he be so positive about the pairing scents ? πŸ€” he is a liar or a shapeshifter ? πŸ˜†
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