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Sub-genres: Drama, General Fantasy

Following a tragedy, Jon and his father are leaving the US for a fresh start in the UK. Can Jon overcome his depression and self-hate and learn to live again? And what is it about the woods near his new home that gives him the creeps?

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons alive or dead are purely coincidental.
Copyright © 2013 Caffled; All Rights Reserved.

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I just found your story today, and think you're doing a fine job. Jon's reaction to his mother's death is so real and thorough that it doesn't seem like fiction. I love the window tapping and strange movements seen heading to the woods. It could be the bratty kid next door, or a spirit, -or anything for that matter. I look forward to the next chapter.

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Chapter 11:


"A motley bunch of heathens..." That was very funny. Glad to see the old crotchety Mr. Willams has a sense of humor after his meds kick in. =)


I really like Paul and Kevin. Of course i can guess what "Does he know?" means, but I can't wait to find out what Ellis did to Peter. It's also good seeing Jon trying to make friends with Kevin b/c kids can be cruel and it's nice that he's not worried about other boys being nasty to him b/c of who his friends are. Did that make sense? lol


I wonder what Ellis has in store for Jon now? I'm sure Ellis was staring right back at Jon before and I know he's probably going to pick a fight with him. It's good that Peter isn't too far away. Too bad Paul's not on their bus...


I had to laugh when I read, 'he was sat at' and 'was sat there with it' because I know that's British English, but coincidentally, I just read an email from "Daily Writing Tips" that talked about just that. It mentioned that the British were trying to veer away from that type of speech, since it is considered an old-fashioned way of speaking. After having read a few stories from British authors, I must admit, I do like the way it sounds. :)


Great chapter, Caffled! :2thumbs: Hopefully you're back for good and the next chapter will be out sooner! :unsure:

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