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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Stephen


    You woke the sleeping dragon, -artfully. Now it looks like there's going to be Hell to pay... I love it.
  3. Stephen

    Discovery 11

    I can't begin to say what's going on here yet, but I'm enjoying this story more because of it. The quirky characters are so real and colorful. Who hasn't known that person who can totally repulse you with their table manners? -Or have that half-crazed family member cause a drunken scene at something serious as a memorial service? These are the real things of life we remember whether we want to or not.
  4. Stephen

    Discovery 9

    I sense some kind of serial killer here. My suspicious little mind is intrigued, seeing patterns where there are only coincidences. It's just that I don't really believe in most coincidences, even though they do occur. Twyla and Rush aren't buying the easy stories either.
  5. Magic. Magical trenchcoats. I think of the most notable ones I can remember in films and who wore them. My favorites are all heroes for justice and truth, -but their trenchcoats don't have magic like Agent Crawley's does. Columbo and Vera ain't got nothing like his. He pulls magical evil-killing orbs out of his pockets. Let's see the others do that! Even the pistol Sam Spade carried in his pocket is lame by comparison. I like your version. Those pockets are full of surprises, aren't they?
  6. Stephen


    I was thinking that it was time for another chapter, and there it was. I love Agent Crawley with his jacket with many pockets. His conversation with Sebby, and the air dragon's comment about Crawley's cynical attitude being understated makes me laugh. Your characters are as original as they are diverse. As usual, your writing is a delight.
  7. Stephen


    That Stonegarden planet sounds like a geode turned inside-out. I want to hear what these civilian survivors and that cruiser/spy ship have to say about these 'toaster' things. Why were those enemy ships running dead? -What caused them to die intact? ... And, a goldmine? -Seriously? I hope there actually is a goldmine.
  8. Stephen

    Blood Ties

    Water is a powerful thing, and then my mind wanders to those images of Hawaii and I'm not so sure... One thing is certain: it doesn't burn. I hope Torsten's Mom is OK.
  9. Stephen

    Forward Base

    Looks like it's showtime. I'm nervous... That Bishop reminds me of some of the Washington crowd.
  10. Stephen


    This chapter was a true surprise. I've been waiting for this and so have others it seems. Unlike them, I only reread the previous chapter, -hoping that the details will come back to me as he story is posted. One thing I can say now though is that the tension of a coiled spring is right back where you left it, and the battle hasn't even begun yet.
  11. Stephen

    First Impressions

    This chapter brings us closer to the big confrontation, and The Order is trying to consolidate it's resources. What is Minato, some sort of retired ninja? Interesting how Agent Crawley observes how technology is becoming equivalent to magic nowadays, as he shows off his new glove of doom. And Torsten will be the new seer? I didn't expect that, but it doesn't keep me from wondering what's missing from Grandpa's box of rocks. Darren had his paws on those things, didn't he?
  12. I like murder mysteries but that doesn't mean that I'm at all good at solving them. So far this one's got me stumped. You didn't write this one to be too easy, did you? As to Winnie, she was an OK mother, -didn't beat the kids and did the minimum, and even showed occasional affection. It's just that she seems to be a textbook narcissist, and those people can't really give too much of themselves; they don't have that ability.
  13. Stephen

    Chapter 13

    You surprised me! Yes, I took the bait, of course thinking the worst, you rascal. I feel silly for being so gullible, and it serves me right to have been so wrong. This was a truly happy ending and I'm glad I stuck with the story, you are an amazingly talented author. Thank you.
  14. What a fun little story, but what about those shoes?
  15. Stephen

    Flame And Frost

    I can't help but feel sad about Theo's demise. I did think it would inevitably happen, but his end came quickly. Now I wonder what the Conclave will say about it, -Darren may be upset or maybe not... his brother had a most human-like soul. We got to see inside the Conclave too and I wish I could say that it was a pleasant experience.
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