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  1. Lisa

    frozen yoghurt.jpg

    Omg, Addy, that looks wonderful!
  2. Lisa

    Chapter 1

    Andrew Todd! What a blast from the past! How have you been??? I haven’t read the chapter yet, but I look forward to reading more from you!
  3. Lisa

    Phantom Menace

    I must have read the ending wrong; I thought Danny was the instigator. I really thought Jake just wanted Danny next to him because he feels safe with him. I thought Danny started it with kissing Jake’s neck. I'll have to reread that last part.
  4. Lisa

    Phantom Menace

    What an awesome story, Jeff! I’m so glad to see Brett and Co. grown up and managing on their own. lol Although, Brett really seemed to lose it in this chapter! Me thinks Jake is going to regret what just went down with Danny (or “up” with Danny! ) in the a.m. Jake’s going to want to come clean with Ryan, and Ryan isn’t going to take it well. Ryan’s been “in love” with Jake forever, and I know he will be devastated. Just piggybacking on one of the other reviewers, IMO, Jake and Danny have excellent chemistry together. It’s too bad Danny is now going to run and grab a girlfriend to get the “Jake” out of his system. Now that Jake has real feelings for Ryan, I believe that’s going to really upset Danny. I just love this story, Jeff!
  5. Lisa

    Chapter 14

    I’m a couple of weeks late, but I finally logged on to react. Ninety-two reactions? I loved this story, Beagle! You create such wonderful, lovable characters, and I can’t wait for your next story!
  6. Lisa

    Chapter 10

    What an awesome, Geron! I absolutely loved it! I’m glad David and Mark are working out. Mark has such a tragic background; I’m glad he found a good guy like David.
  7. Lisa

    Chapter 14

    Thanks! I forgot to react! I still don’t have any font or color options, though.
  8. Lisa

    Chapter 14

    I’m writing this at 3:15 in the morning, & I can’t figure out how to delete this spoiler box. Lol I was trying to find the font & the color options, which apparently I only have on my computer & not my phone. Anyway, I wanted to cross out 78 & write 79 👏 Another wonderful story, Beagle!! I loved the ‘unbreakable bond that isn’t whispered in corners’ line. Just beautiful I can’t wait for your next story! ❤️
  9. Good to see you again!  :2thumbs:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lisa


      Yeah, I’ve been banned from work because I have my normal allergy cough, but they don’t want to take any chances. So I get to sleep late and log onto GA. lol 

    3. CassieQ


      Yeah, it's a very awkward time for those of us with allergies!

    4. Lisa


      They better be paying me to stay home and sleep! lol

  10. I also read this ages ago, but I loved every story in this book. Great review, Tim! ❤️
  11. SUI!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I’m so excited for you; this is such a well-deserved promotion!!
  12. Lisa

    Chapter 6

    That is too cool that you lived across from Obama! This is true about the six degrees of separation; I find this a lot on Facebook! lol
  13. Lisa

    Chapter 6

    I’m in Fairfield County also. I work in Redding.
  14. Lisa

    Cory Arrives

    Dayne, you cannot imagine how excited I am to see you continuing with this awesome story! I have laughed so hard when reading it a few years ago. Your sense of humor is wonderful, and I always looked forward to another chapter. I can’t wait to start reading this again!!
  15. Lisa

    Chapter 6

    They are actually cute! Our animal hospital treats rats. My ex-husband’s stepson has two pet rats who are rather cute. What county do you live in? Or am I not allowed to ask that?
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