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Jessie-101: Online Celebrity

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Genres: Romance
Sub-genres: Contemporary Romance

Young Tristan was looking for someone that he could truly respect and fall in love with. He wasn't expecting to find him in a series of YouTube online vlogs though! When the beautiful (And wildly popular) 'Jesse-101' ends up living in a nearby neighborhood, will Tristan find the dream boy he was looking for?

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Amazing series, so well written and really grips you from the start. Cant wait for the next chapters and to find out what happens with Tristan and Jesse!! :)

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This series is soo exciting and I love the fact that it is so entertaining. I had plenty of giggles and nervous rocking moments when Tristan met Jessie. I hopping up and down in my room with excitement when he finally got the guts to talk to him. I think your writing style is absolutely stunning and i truly look forward to the next chapter! ;)

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Hey Comicality! I just started reading this story last night and couldn't stop! Well, I had to stop but as soon as I had time I went right back to it. The dogs need to go out, the kids need to eat, but wtf, I NEED TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!! lol


I'm on chaper six and I gotta tell you: I'm a female Tristan! I can obsess just like he's obsessing over Jesse. This story is so endearing; I'm totally in love with all three boys, no, make that four; Scotty is just too cute with his puppy love. lol And Lori and Michelle are a hoot!


I woulda died if my online crush mentioned my name numerous times AND TOLD ME TO EMAIL HIM!!!! Why isn't Tristan EMAILING HIM???????? Omg, I bet if Tristan never got the nerve to go back upstairs to the food court when Lori and Michelle prodded him, Jessie would have made his next video asking about the cute guy on the escalator! I just know it! :)


Ok, I gotta get back to the story; I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful, well-written, funny, endearing (I could go on and on) story this is! :) Totally awesome!

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I've read all the chapters for this story, and you need to upload more. Because this is the best story on this site!

This is so easy to identify with! And it's funny. I swear i had a huge grin on my face all the time I was reading this, my jaw started to ache!

I'm so much like Tristan that it's scary except I would never have the guts to go up to (my) Jesse.

Please please write more!

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Thank you so much for the new chapter I loved it, The way they were both nervous at the start and how they get a little more comfortable with each other as the date goes on was prefect, exactly the way a real first date would be. The kiss scene was awesome, I loved how Tristan even got off the bus to walk Jessie home it was sooo romantic. your an awesome writer dude, this series is so good. can't wait to see the next chapter, gonna be checking every day for a new one, it's going to be awesome. thanks dude, keep up the awesome work :D

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When are you going to carry on with this story you have got to keep it going really great story line please

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On 10/9/2020 at 1:58 AM, chips said:

When are you going to carry on with this story you have got to keep it going really great story line please

Keep your eye on my Comicality Cafe forum! All the new updates will be posted there soon! K?

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