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Jessie-101: Online Celebrity - 17. Chapter 17 - Something Better, Something Real


Online Celebrity

Chapter Seventeen:
"Something Better, Something Real"


And there it lingered...

Right there in the warm core of my heart...

For days on end, in fact!

The idea of Jesse actually asking me to be his official boyfriend was almost painful to try to contain. How in the hell did that even HAPPEN??? What did I do to make something like that possible? Well, I mean...I don't think I had to do anything much at all. He just...ASKED me! Asked me to be his boyfriend! Just like that.

That was the most life altering bus ride of my entire life!

Ooh, and like...hehehe, he was really shy about it too! Jesse is so damn CUTE when he's being shy! I can still see the gentle blush in his cheeks. I can still see the bashful smile on his cozy pink lips. I can still hear the subtle tremble in his questioning tone of voice. Every last detail of those few words spoken between us on that bus was like...burned into my memory. I'll never forget it. Not ever.

Oh God...every time the thought of someone like Jesse loving me crosses my mind, I get this giant shower of full body chills that start behind my ears and cascade all the way down to my heels...causing my toes to wiggle around playfully in my socks!

I lay back on my bed, but I couldn't find any position that I could describe as being even remotely 'comfortable'. There was just this...this...weird energy inside of me that caused my muscles to tighten, stretch, relax, contract, and expand...all at the same time. Or maybe in some random order that kept any of my muscular functions from syncing up correctly with one another. Hell, I don't know! I just...I feel GOOD! Super GOOD! And no matter how hard I try to shake this giddy sensation out of my arms and chest...it just clings to me like a cluster of cobwebs on all sides!

Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Geez, this feels so good that I'm really surprised that they haven't made love illegal yet!

I tossed and turned and groaned all night long. The adrenaline just wouldn't slow down. I might have been able to calm my overactive senses for a couple of minutes so I could get drowsy...if only I could stop thinking about Jesse. The problem is...I CAN'T stop thinking about Jesse! I never once had a boy drive me SO crazy!

I doubt that I had gotten much sleep at ALL that night, and yet, that same infatuated sugar rush kept me alert and riding high as I climbed out of bed and got ready for school anyway. This is too much. WAY too much. I'm starting to wonder if I'm ever going to come down again.

My mom just whipped up a small breakfast of bacon and eggs, and she threw in a couple of those hashbrown patties that she had in the freezer. She sat down at the table with me, sipping some coffee and basically keeping to herself as she made sure that I had my morning nourishment for the day, I guess.

We didn't share anything much more important than some small talk, but I wanted to get this out of the way ahead of time. Just so I could make it look 'casual', you know? So I said, "I was thinking about going out this weekend. Just for a little bit. So, I wanted to let you know."

I didn't expect much of a reaction, but she asked, "Going out where?"

I made a point of shrugging my shoulders in a nonchalant manner. "Nowhere special. I was just...this Saturday, I thought about taking the bus out to Hillside. That's all."

There was a brief silence, and I focused on my breakfast, fighting the urge to peek up at my mom to see if her wheels were turning. Then, after an eternity, I heard her say, "So Lori and Michelle aren't going to join you?"

"I didn't say that..."

"You said you were taking the bus. Doesn't Michelle have a car?"

"I'm just going to hang out with somebody...some....some people. I'm just hanging out. That's all."

"Ok! Alright." She said. I guess I was sort of on 'defense' there for a second. I just kind of figured that I could tell her I was going out and have that be the end of it. Geez! "So you're going to visit your friend, 'Jesse', again?" Arrrghhhh!!!

"It's nothing big, Mom, ok? Just...in the middle of the day, goofing around. I just wanted you to know." I said.

She just put her coffee down, a tiny little smirk on her lips. I HATE that smirk! I do! I want my SECRETS, dammit! Why the hell does she have to know everything all the time???

There was another frustrating pause, and then my mom says, "You know, Tristan...if you ever want to invite Jesse over here to the house and save yourself the bus fare...I'd be ok with that."

See? Like...why would she say that? Who says that? "It's ok, Mom. We already have plans. So..."

"I know. But any other weekend, if he wanted to come over, he'd be more than welcome. I can make you guys a nice lunch...he can even stay for dinner some night if his parents don't worry about him being out too late. I could drop him off..."

"Ok, done with breakfast! I've gotta get going..." I said, jumping up from the table before she went any further with that. I don't know...it made me nervous to think she was in on the whole 'gay' thing. It just wasn't a conversation that I was fully prepared to have with her just yet. When will that happen? I don't know. Sex and Moms don't really mix well. All I know is that it's not going to happen right now at this breakfast table.

I have to admit that I felt a little awkward about it. She left it alone, but...deep down, I think she was being really cool about it. I'm going to have to come clean eventually...me having an official 'boyfriend' now. Maybe the impact of it is going to end up being a LOT easier than I'm picturing it in my head. I'm sure it'll be fine. I just...I'm comfortable with things at the moment. Why rattle the cage.

I gave my mom a hug from behind as she was still sitting at the table. I don't know why I did it, but it seemed really necessary at that particular moment. "Thanks, Mom. K?" I said, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

That seemed to make her smile. And just as I was making an escape from the kitchen, she said, "I love you, Tristan. Ok?"

"Love you too..." Did that sound gay? Can you tell your mom you love her and NOT have it sound gay? I swear, I worry too much. About everything. Ugh!

When I got to school and saw Lori in the hallway, the very FIRST thing I did was lean back on the locker next to hers and sigh out loud.

"I think my mom knows..." I groaned. "I'm actually pretty sure that she knows."

"Well, DUH!" Lori said. "No offense, sweetie, but you're not the 'James Bond' of hiding your gayness from the rest of the world. In fact, you've gotten increasingly BAD at it since your celebrity cutie pie has come along."

I had to close my eyes and try to hold back a full blown swoon at the mere mention of him. "Am I really that bad?"

"Worse." She said. "Ever since you and Jessie have been dating, the love in your heart just pours out of you like a lethal dose of radiation. Even now, you're like...glowing. It's quite a sight to behold, to be honest."

"I don't know what to do, Lori. I can't sleep, I can't eat...I try to force myself to stop thinking about him long enough to actual function in my everyday life...but I can't. He's in every breath of oxygen that I take. It actually HURTS to let him slip my mind. Even for a second. I just...I feel so distant from him right now. It's KILLING me to be this distant!"

"Just make plans, already. You two need to get together and drool over each other for a little while so you can get all of this melancholy mayhem out of your system already." She said, rummaging through her stuff.

"We did. I'm going over to his house this weekend. I just...I feel like I'm not going to make it that long without...kissing him or something. God, Lori....I'm HAPPY...but at the same time, I'm oh so miserable."

She looked me in the eye with a smile, "Who ARE you, and what have you done with my friend, Tristan?" She gave me a poke to wake me out of my dreamy trance, and said, "Listen, you won the prize. You like Jesse, he likes you, you guys are totally compatible, and your mom is apparently on board for the whole ride. Everything is coming up roses. You would have to actually work hard and deliberately screw up something SO perfect in its design! So quit agonizing over it already. You've already got the top score on the board, dude! Relax and enjoy it. Stop 'trying' to make yourself unhappy and find ways to ruin what may just be the luckiest break that any closeted gay high school boy has ever had throughout the entire course of human history! He's GOREGEOUS! He LOVES everything about you, you can do no wrong in his eyes! He's sweet and he's funny and he's YouTube famous! What ELSE do you want, you greedy asshole???" She giggled.

"Leave it to you to make me the bastard in all this."

"Oh GOD, Tristan...I swear, if you weren't my best friend in the world, you would be SO annoying!" She grunted, closing her locker door and slinging her backpack over her shoulder. Then she looked further down the hall and said, "SPEAKING of things that annoy the living SHIT out of me...here comes 'Mr. Fantastic'."

The moment she said it, I happened to look behind me and see Jason Fixx coming our way....with some GIRL by his side.

You know, there's always a certain souring of the stomach that happens whenever I see Jason in the vicinity, but this time it was for an entirely different reason. This time, it wasn't from regret or any level of insecurity. I just got sick of existing on the same plane of consciousness as someone who was SO fucking heartless as a human being. I hated to see him anywhere. I could scrub my life clean of his very existence if he would just crawl under a rock somewhere and fucking DIE! But, unfortunately, I'm never that lucky.

Lori saw the distress on my face, and she said, "I swear to God, Tristan...if you so much as give that asshole the time of day, I'm going to reach into his chest and pull out every last one of his RIBS! And then I'm gonna stab YOU with them for being such an idiot!"

"I'm ok, Lori. Promise."

"I MEAN it, Tristan! The way he treated you...."

"I know, Lori..."

"He doesn't deserve to breathe the same fucking AIR as someone like you..."

"I KNOW, Lori! Ok? I'm fine." I assured her. "There is nothing about him that I regret losing. Nothing. He took advantage of me, broke my heart, and never looked back. Trust me...my days of even thinking about having him be a part of my life again are over."

"Good!" She said.

At that very moment, Jason's eyes met mine. It was just for a split second, but it happened...and I saw him reach for the girl's hand, holding it tight as he got closer. Then, he actually had the audacity to give her a gentle tug, kissing her on the lips right there in the middle of the hallway. I mean...come on! He might as well have been looking ME in the eye when he did it.

Lori was SO disgusted! "Are you fucking kidding me?" She said. "I mean, what...? Is that supposed to make you jealous or something? Is he serious?" I grinned to myself as she rolled her eyes. "Every time I think your 'Ex' couldn't possibly be more of a total fucking douchebag...he breaks his own record."

"Hehehe, it's ok, Lori. Really." I chuckled.

Jason let the girl go on to her next class, and Lori and I both watched Jason try to make a 'subtle' approach to where we were standing to say something. And when he got close enough to talk, he says, "Oh man...sorry, Tristan. I didn't even notice that you were standing over here." Hahaha! Omigod! How did I go so long without knowing how utterly LAME this guy was??? Honestly...Jason isn't even worth jacking off over. Not compared to what I've got NOW!

I just said, "That's alright. We were just going to class anyway." I even smiled when I said it. Was he disappointed? I'm glad. I truly am.

Jason randomly offered, "Yeah...that was Stephanie. She's on the cheerleading squad. She's a bit clingy, but...I guess I gave her plenty of reasons to be. You know?"

"Good to know." I said. "Lori, you ready?"

"Yep!" She said.

But Jason piped in with, "We're sort of an item now. Something lovely. Something 'normal'. You know...when you were out there playing hard to get, she was living just around the corner from me, getting all the attention that you could have gotten if only you had done things my way. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I'm just saying...it's your spot she's taking now. That could have been you."

"Hehehe! No, Jason. Believe me...that could NEVER be me." I giggled. "I mean...what is this? What are you expecting me to say right now? I mean, not only are you suggesting that you CHEATED on me while we were supposedly 'together'...but now you expect me to believe that you like GIRLS too? Hehehe, are you, like...TRYING to be the most unlovable son of a bitch on the planet or what?"

Lori said, "He actually IS pretty bad at this, isn't he?"

Jason stumbled for words for a moment, then said, "You're so fucking high maintenance. Fine. Screw you. I've got plenty of other options lined up to fill in where you fall short anyway."

Did it hurt? Wow...nope. Not at all. Not this time.

I said, "Good. I'm happy for you. And I hope you just keep using them up, one after another, like a lunch pack of disposable juice boxes. I'm sure they'll keep you entertained on your road to inevitable loneliness in the very near future. Because this game your playing? It only has one outcome. And I think you actually know what that outcome is. I'm sure it haunts you between orgasms. Well, those orgasms are going to get further and further apart...and eventually you're going to be forced to deal with all of the awful things you've done to other people. So live it up, k? Just know that everybody you've ever used to feel good about yourself is going to abandon you for something REAL. TRUE love. The same way you abandoned me. When they do...take a few quiet moments and remember what you did to deserve it. Maybe it'll bring you some peace in the silent years to come."

"Oh yeah? Well...YOU'RE the one who's gonna...be...lonely..." He said, and that really cracked me up as I turned my back and walked away from him. All this self pity and anguish since he dumped me for no reason...and that was the best he could come up with?

Man, did I ever dodge a bullet with THAT jerk!

I heard Lori's voice behind me as she looked Jason up and down with a taunting and satisfied grin. "Damn, pretty boy! I believe you've been ditched for an UPGRADE!" And she laughed to herself as she came to catch up with me and hug my arm close. She gave me a kiss on the cheek for a job well done.

"Are you proud of me?" I asked.

"SO proud!" She said. "So proud, in fact, I'm going to let you drone on about Jesse for another five minutes before I'm forced to tell you to shut up again."

"A whole five minutes? Gee, do you think you'll be able to take it?"

"I will now." She said. "Because I'm so happy to see you finally stick it to that guiltless asshole that I'm probably going to drown out your yammering anyway."

I gave her a poke for making fun of my helpless infatuation with the most perfect boyfriend on Earth, but I knew she meant well. If it weren't for her pushing me to go for it, I probably never would have worked up the courage to make this possible. I would have avoided talking to Jesse completely. I would have run away from the fear and hid from the nervous jitters and made myself miserable with thoughts of how 'hard' it would be to ever really get a boy like Jesse Kyler to spit in my direction. And then I would have gone right back to taking the easy way out. Right back to riding around in Jason Fixx's passenger seat...looking for some secret dark and dirty alley for me to suck him off by a dumpster full of rotting food and garbage...pretending it was love. Or 'like'. Or even some basic level of mutual affection. No. No more. I know better. I want more. And now I have it. I have it...and I'm seeing him on Saturday.

I'm not going back to that sick, self-hating, predicament ever again. That, I know for sure.

Getting myself ready to see Jesse that weekend was like a dream to me. I woke up, showered and got dressed and all...and it still didn't feel real. Even when I brushed my teeth, I looked at the mouthwash bottle beside me, noticing the bluish green color. I held it up to my face and looked at myself in the mirror. Are my eyes really that color? I mean, are they like...no...no wait...ok, now I'm just being weird. Put the mouthwash down, Tristan, and get ready to go out! You're getting a little 'psycho' now.

As I was getting ready to leave, double and triple checking myself to make sure that every hair was in place, my mom asked, "Are you sure that you just don't want me to drive you over to Hillside? It'll probably save you a lot of time..."

"No, thank you. I'll be ok."

"Alright, well...say hi for me." She said, which is weird considering she doesn't know who Jesse is, or vice versa. But whatever. She's trying, right?

"I'll do that, Mom. Thanks." I made sure that I stepped outside and closed the door before she could get out another 'I love you'. It's not that I ignore that kind of sentiment, I just don't want to let HER know that.

Even though I don't say it...it actually feels pretty good. Hehehe, am I going mad, or what?

I called Jesse up to tell him that I was on my way, and I couldn't BELIEVE how excited he was about it! It was almost like he was panting over the phone. I could hear the smile in his voice. I could hear him pacing eagerly back and forth as we talked. It was the most flattering ego stroke that I ever could have imagined. Hehehe, he kept asking me if I remembered where he house was. Like, "You remember how to get here, right? You remember the bus stop? You remember to turn at the thing and walk down to the other thing, and the house number is..."

"I remember, Jesse! Hehehe! I know exactly where you live."

"Are you SURE, though? Tell me if you're not sure. Make sure your phone is fully charged so you can call me if you get lost..."

"I WON'T get lost!" I grinned.

"Just in case though. You know? It was night time the last time you walked through the neighborhood. It might look different in the daytime."

I told him, "Your front porch is the legendary location of my first kiss, Jesse. Like...ever! I highly doubt that I'm gonna forget what it looks like, no matter WHAT time of day it is. Trust me."

I swear, the sound of Jesse's giggle and the slight pause that followed, had a blush all its own. "M'kay then." He said softly. "Just...I'll be waiting, k?"

"K...." I sighed, and we struggled with the urge to say more before saying goodbye, but I don't think either one of us knew how to approach that just yet. It was...I don't know...a bit intimidating, I guess.

I think I remember telling Jason Fixx that I loved him on a few occasions. But I can't really remember feeling any sort of anxiety about it. It felt like real emotion, but it wasn't really. Neither was Jason's reaction to it. The whole thing was about as emotionally involving as getting affection from a hungry stray cat that you let in through your kitchen window. It knows it can get free food from me, and as long as I keep it coming, the cat comes by and feeds at my trough. I, in turn, take that to mean that it likes me for me. Right. And when happens when the free meals stop? You know? I used to be too scared to find out.

I can't believe how much time I wasted. Soooooo much time.

I got off the bus and took the walk to Jesse's house with no problem at all. I remembered every tree, every bush, every crack in the sidewalk. It took me right back to the end of our very first date, and it warmed me up inside until I was quivering all over again.

And then...there it was. The front porch.

"Can I kiss you?" He said. The echoes of it will last me a lifetime.

I don't know why I became so breathless as I walked up and reached for the doorbell. I almost wished that I had given him a call from the bus stop so he'd have a better time frame to gauge my actual arrival at his front door. But...you know...I'm here now. So, let's do this...

I rang the bell, and I think Jesse's mom was coming to see who it was before I heard his hurried voice shout out, "I'll get it!!!" And the pounding sounds of socked feet on the carpet came racing towards the door! He snatched it open, and I swear that his whole body relaxed with a single sigh as he looked me in the face for the first time since we parted ways days ago. "Hey...."

"S'up?" I said, blushing at the sight of this beauty looking at me with such a thrill in his eyes.

We stood there, awkwardly, for a moment...and then he ushered me inside once his brain was functioning again. "Tristan? This is my mom. Mom, Tristan."

Oh wow...she had his eyes. She even had his smile. Well, Imean...it was more like the other way around, but the similarities were unmistakable! "Hi, Mrs. Kyler..." I mumbled softly. She seemed friendly enough, but I was too nervous to look her in the eye for more than a second or two regardless.

She said hello and asked me if I wanted a snack or anything, but I politely declined, and Jesse was quick to say, "C'mon! Me and Artie are working out details and stuff for the next video in my room!" He actually took a hold of my hand. He smiled and touched me, flesh to flesh, and pulled me towards the place where he sleeps at night! Oh GOD, I was finding it so hard to breathe right now!

As soon as we entered Jesse's bedroom...I found myself having a serious fanboy moment!

My mouth dropped open, and I got to see the shelves above Jesse's desk, the posters and fan drawings on the wall, and all of the background stuff that I had only caught glimpses of during the MANY YouTube videos that I had seen posted online! Including the most appealing prop of them all...Artie himself!

Hahaha, oh it was so CUTE! The moment we stepped in through the doorway, I saw little Artie duck down behind Jesse's bed at the speed of light, his little fingers soon crawling over the side...his spikey dark hair rising from behind the mattress until those sparkling blue eyes finally peeked over the side to see me. I couldn't help but to giggle out loud to myself.

Jesse walked over to his desk and said, "We were just planning things for a shoot tomorrow. We might get some stuff done today, but it depends on the weather. I don't know if it's going to rain today or tomorrow..." Jesse was looking through a few pages on his notebook, but Artie stood up and smiled and smoothed out his hair and clothes as he gave me a little smirk. "...Say, Artie? I was thinking that may we could move the tree climbing thing and just use it for the next video instead..."

"Yeah. Uh huh. Shut up. Nobody cares." Artie interrupted, and hurried over to stand right in front of me with a big dreamy smile on his face. "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Tristan..."

"Hehehe, hey, Artie..." I grinned. Artie just stared at me for a few seconds, batting those long eyelashes and gazing at me with a boyish infatuation.

"I'm glad you came....by, that is..." Artie said.

Jesse said, "ARTIE! Hey! Focus!"

Artie never took his eyes off of me. "I'm focused. You wanna take the...thing...and move the thing to the thing. Gotchya. I'm listening." Then he asked me, "Do you mind if I just...like...touch you on the face?"

"ARTIE!!!" Jesse giggled. He got up and took me by the hand. "MINE!"

But Artie grabbed my other hand and pulled back, his little boy's voice cracking from the small amount of muscle he was using to hold onto me. "I know! Don't be greedy! Me and my friend, Tristan, are just talking! Gosh! Go do your...thingy with the notes!"

"Well, behave then!"

"I am! Hehehe!" He said, sticking his tongue out at Jesse before turning to stare me in the eyes again. "You smell good."

"Hahaha! Well, thank you, I think." I said. "I try."

"No...you succeed. Trust me." Then Artie said, "Do you want to sit on the bed. Come on, right here next to me." He didn't give me much choice, and I sat at the foot of the mattress next to him while Jesse giggled to himself and started fidgeting with a small HD camera that was sitting on a tripod not far from his computer. Artie sighed again, and he said, "Nice and comfy, isn't it?"

"Yeah. It is pretty comfy." I told him.

"Do you wanna lay down? You can lay down if you want."

"Thanks, but I think I'm ok right here." I told him.

"Are you sure? Because I'd really love to see what you look like...laying down..."

Both Jesse and Artie had to laugh at his advances, playful as they were. Jesse told him, "Do you think you can stop being a creeper for a few minutes and make us a short storyboard for this?"

"I'm not being a creeper! I just want Tristan to be comfortable. Nothing creepy about that." Then Artie looked at me said, "Can I have some of your hair?"

"ALRIGHT! We're trading places now!" Jesse hollered, and yanked Artie up from the bed to sit next to me while he moved over to Jesse's Desk.

"If you need ANYTHING, Tristan...I'm just gonna be right over here....trying not to think about you. Ok?" He said, and Jesse lightly kicked his chair to get him to work on...whatever it was they were doing.

That's when he smiled at me, and without any further hesitation...his lips gently mashed themselves against my own. Only a shot of adrenaline directly to the heart could have created such an instant and bewildering reaction. The dizziness was almost enough to knock me over the side of the bed. We held the kiss for a few moments, and I became aware of the sound of our smacking lips as Jesse put his hand on my thigh.

My eyes opened, and I peeked over to see Artie watching us over his shoulder with a wink. I broke the kiss, a little embarrassed. "Hehehe, sorry..." I said softly.

Jesse looked back at Artie and kissed my cheek as Artie said, "Don't be sorry. It's not YOUR fault, Jesse never learned how to share!" He gave us a little pouty face, but I don't think he really minded all that much. To be honest, I'm baffled that someone hadn't taken Artie off the market a long time ago. A boy more utterly adorable simply doesn't come to mind!

Jesse gave me a few more brief kisses on the lips, but we didn't really have much privacy with Artie right there and his mom in the other room. So we were sure to keep things PG-13 while enjoying our time together. Not that it wasn't just as satisfying. That boy knows how to stimulate ALL of my senses at once! Just from the power of his smile. It doesn't have to be sexual to be sexual....if that makes sense. I mean...you know? The way he stirs me up and throws me into a state of total emotional chaos without a single touch...I don't think actual SEX with him could create the same thrill. By the time actual intercourse became a part of the equation, I'd be so lost in love that it would be hard for my heart to handle much else.

But, I guess they were in the middle of planning things out for their next video. Jesse scooted as close to me on the bed as he possibly could, and then he gave me another brief kiss on the cheek before opening his notebook on his lap. "See? This is what we were working on. I've got some ideas and notes planned out here, and a few ideas on how to shoot it. Artie's the visual boy, though..."

"I'm the visual boy!" He said, cheerfully.

"So he does some really quick drawings to storyboard the shoot, and put everything else together after we've got all of our footage together. Then we sorta improvise from there..."

I was looking at his room, and it felt like...being in this really FAMOUS place, you now? There was such a familiarity to my surroundings. I couldn't help but to be giddy to the point of wiggling in my own skin. Some people visit the Statue of Liberty, some visit the great Pyramids of Egypt, or Stonehenge, or the Grand Canyon...

...For me? I got to see 'Jesse-101's' bedroom! His camera. His notebook. His whole set up! And I got just as much of an exotic rush as any tourist would at any of those other places. Probably even MORE. Because I get to 'touch'!

Jesse was so proud of his work, there was no doubt about it. And I loved hearing him actually talk about his passion for making videos. He was like a completely different person when he really got into it, and I could just zone out and listen to talk all day if he wanted me to.

"Back here, me and Artie try to keep about five to ten ideas for videos ready in advance. We try to stay ahead of things so we can keep posting new material on a regular basis and keep the momentum going. Sometimes it's easy...sometimes everything gets in the way. And some days we just don't have any inspiration at ALL, but we have to try to come up with a new video anyway."

Looking at his notes and all the extensive details the two of them put together before they even start to film anything...I was seriously impressed! "This looks like so MUCH work! I just thought you guys sort of sat down in front of a camera and just...'did stuff'." I said.

"Hehehe, oh GOD no! Hours and hours of work go into a vid that might only be a few minutes long. Ideas, and filming, and bloopers and mistakes...and then we've got to use a program to edit it, and then we've got to watch it a bunch of times and shave off a few seconds here and there to make sure it all looks cool and runs smoothly...it takes forever sometimes. And even then...some people just don't care. Hehehe! But if you don't put your heart into it, you can't expect to get ny real heart out of it. You know?"

"Yeah...." I sighed. And as soon as Jesse looked up from his notebook, and his sweet blue eyes met mine...another few seconds of kissing was pretty much inevitable. The magnetic pull of him was so strong. Ugh, I'm sorry, Artie! Hehehe, but I can't keep my hands and my lips off of him! I just...I CAN'T! I want more! I CRAVE more!

The only thing that really stopped things from getting too hot and heavy between us was a light knock on Jesse's bedroom door.

We instantly disconnected, and his mom peeked her head in. "Say, boys? I'm going to run out really quick and put a few of my work clothes in the cleaners down on Main Street, ok? I'll be back in about ten minutes."

I think I felt an electric shock go through me when she said that. I think Jesse felt it too, because even though she couldn't see it...he gripped my hand and gave it an enthusiastic squeeze.

"Umm...ok..." Jesse said, trying to hold back a SUPER wide grin!


This should be interesting....

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Nobody and I mean nobody describes the feelings of young love better than Comsie. It was really great to see more of Tristan Jessie, and Artie. Can't forget Artie. :)

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OMG I love you Comsie thank you for the new chapter! Can I be annoying and join the side of the whiners for a moment coz I wanna say "I want more!!!". Okei now back to normal self, Jason is really lame he is such a douchebag but I'm so happy for Tris for finally getting over him. The chapter is really amazing I wish my highschool love life is as good as that hehe. Anyways TY again for the new chapter. Hugs <3 ---Kai

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found this yesterday and I really am enjoying it. A really cute story and I'm sure for young people dealing with being gay and coming out, it would be a real help in a lot of ways. I laughed out loud at a bunch of things. 'I'm not being a creeper~~can I have some of your hair?' LMAO. that was funny So when will he think of Scotty for Artie...I'm hoping next weekend at his house, little Scotty happens upon them. Artie has to be there of course :) They they can take off to hang out and the boys can be alone.

anyway...I am hoping the boy can talk about some deeper stuff. Jesse is so open, but I wanna see Tristan open up and talk more about himself so Jesse can get to know him.

I absolutely loved him telling off Jason so well.

I'm looking forward to more.

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I'm with Cannd, the Artie and Scotty get together is a must and hopefully soon. This was a great chapter, some good development for Tristan telling Jason off. All I can say is that with the way the chapter ended I just want more and hopefully soon. Tristan and Jesse together is such a joy to read.

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This is my second-best story you've done, Comsie. This is brilliant! I hate to be one of those blood-thirsty vultures who crave for more chapter updates, but the truth is I do. A LOT! I guess you can expect that from an eager fan-base. So maybe more frequent updates on this please? And maybe for 'My only escape' while you're at it (this is my favourite of yours).


Update soon!


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I'm with drpaladin. Comsie, you describe young love (or infatuation, whatever the case may be), to a t. I remember being so young and feeling like I was going to explode if the phone didn't ring, or missing whatever boy I was crushing on so much if I didn't see him for a certain amount of time. Now that I read these stories of yours, they bring back so many memories of feeling exactly like your characters. :)


Along with the rest of your readers, I, too, am thrilled that Tristan told that tool Jason off. What an ass.


I think Artie stole the show in this chapter. He was hysterically adorable. lol That doesn't even make sense, but you know what I mean. :rofl: His flirting with Tristan and Jesse's defending Tristan ("He's MINE!") was hysterical. That whole scene really had me cracking up. :lmao:


I don't know if Scotty could even handle Artie! lol But maybe with someone he actually has a chance with, Artie would be shy. Maybe he's so bold with Tristan is b/c he knows he's Jesse's, but with someone who he had a shot at, he might be really shy. I can't wait to find out. :)


Great chapter, Comise!! :) And I hope you had a great birthday!! :)

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Oh my actual god. I honestly laughed so hard during this chapter. I just found it so funny! What with Jason's 'girlfriend' and Artie's advances... Comsie, god damn you're good at this

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Gosh i love this one! - im glued to this story though i dont wanna turn into one of those fans that bugs and pines on but i do wish there was more already!

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Artie and Scotty sitting in a tree....😘. They’re both artistic and both crushing on Tristan so they’re the perfect match. We need some match making done ASAP. 😉 

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Uh Oh! When mom is away then the teenagers will play! hehehehe What? I was a teenager once! I remember what I did at times!

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It seriously took 16 chapters before Artie even got to be in the story!  But what a debut! He definitely needs to meet Scotty Lynch ... just sayin'

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