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Savage Moon 03 - Brethren - 2. Chapter 2

I heard the springs of my mattress squeek gently, and I looked over my shoulder to see Prince jumping up there to sniff at my pants. "What are you up to, Mr. Frisky?" I grinned. But he was too busy 'searching' to answer me. That's when he bit into my back pocket and started eating the brownie out of it. He pulled it out and was chomping down on it so fast that there was simply no time to save it. Besides, the second I stepped closer, he froze, got down on his front legs, and was just waiting to start the chase. There'd be NO way for me to catch him. No way at all. "Ah, just eat it." I sighed. "Damn dog."

My mom gave me a sandwich to take with me before leaving the house. Never once did I mention that I had gone to the old gas station instead of eating in the mess hall, and yet, she could tell I hadn't eaten. Her motherly instincts had kicked in, just from the few minutes I had spent there. Since my other snack has just been devoured by our new 'tenant'...I guess I should be thankful. So I took it, gave my mom a kiss on the cheek, and I made the ten minute walk back to camp.

If anyone had mentioned the disturbance this morning to my father...he didn't say anything to me. Which struck me as odd, because I was almost one hundred percent SURE that Brother Chris would have tossed out some kind of mild tantrum at the events caused by Cyrus and his group. But instead, my dad just quietly rustled through a few papers, and handed me a map. "Wes, I want you to look closely at this red line here, ok?" He said. "You and Mr. Rigby are going to take Father Swanson's kids on a nature hike from 'here'...all the way to 'here', and then you will circle around to cross the creek. That should bring you back pretty much right where you started." He handed me a compass. "Now Mr. Rigby has taken this hike many times before, but just in case anything happens, I wanna know that you can find your way home. Ok?"

I nodded, and he led me over to Mr. Rigby and about ten youngsters around the age of eight. We were just waiting for another boy or two, and then we'd be off. I was certain that I'd be aggrivated with Mr. Rigby's faked enthusiasm within the first fifteen minutes, but thankful that it would be focused more on the kids instead of myself. So I could easily tune him out and just enjoy the exercise for a while. I had a lot of things on my mind these days. Much more than usual. And with the hidden doors to my own psyche that Cyrus had suddenly 'opened up' for me, I felt as though I had an entirely new terrain of self to discover. It kept me in a daydreamed daze off and on through the entire morning. I had yet to figure out if I liked that or not. But at least it wasn't boring.

As another boy or two came over to join us, I saw Kyla sorta shuffle her way towards our group. She looked like SHIT! Pale, almost transparent, with her eyes half closed, her hair matted down and messy, and her face was so devoid of a smile that she didn't even resemble the happy girl I had seen at the party last night. As she approached, a taunting grin crossed my lips. "Kyla...well YOU certainly look well!"

"Thanks." She said with a snotty tilt of her head. She didn't move too quickly, and her eyes were bloodshot, like she was fighting off a headache sent from Hades himself.

"Have a hard time waking up this morning?" I grinned. And Mr. rigby ran a hand over the top of her head. Like THAT was gonna comfort her.

"Actually...I had some bad food or something yesterday. So I'm kinda sick." She said, stressing the point with her eyes as if to tell me to keep my mouth shut.

"Really now? Awww, that's a shame. You should be more careful with that stuff. Lucky for you....God was watching last night." I teased.

"Yeah...lucky me." She pretended to scratch the edge of her eyebrow...using her middle finger to flip me off in secret.

"Alright everybody, I count 14, I believe that's all we have going with us." Mr. Rigby said, his vice already reaching that annoying 'kiddie-friendly' pitch. "Let's go and see some God's creation, shall we." I think he meant for that to be some kind of a witty joke. Sighhhh...whatever. "Care to join us, Kyla? I'm sure the fresh air will help you feel better."

"Not this time, Mr. Rigby. Thanks though." Then she turned to me with a smile of her own. "Have fun, Wes."

I mouthed the word 'bitch' in her direction, but she was much too satisfied with my punishment to care. She waved goodbye happily as the group of kids practically dragged me off into the wilderness with them. And as if that weren't enough suffering...there was more singing involved. Songs to walk by...how pleasant. I swear, if THIS isn't hell...I don't EVER want to find out what place could be worse!

The entire hike was scheduled to be an hour and a half long altogether, with an additional half hour added for us to find an open spot and have lunch. Mr. Rigby walked in front to lead the way, and I brought up the rear, making sure we didn't have any stragglers or kids that might wander off the path. Again...I was lucky enough to simply act as an assisstant and not have to worry about interacting too heavily with what was going on. Of course, a REAL blessing would be to not have to be here at all, and going back to spend more time with Casey at the gas station mini store. But I guess you have to take your good fortunes where you can get them. We had been walking for about 40 minutes when this awful smell kinda blew down on us from out of the woods. All of the children turned their faces up, but we kept going. Hoping to get past it and leave whatever it was behind. But as Mr. Rigby checked the map and took a turn down a different path, we became aware of a huge lump laying right in the middle of the road ahead of us.

We walked closer. We didn't have much of an alternative. It was the only road that had been mapped out for the hike. The forrest was so thick that we might have gotten lost going any other way. The smell got worse as we got closer to it, and the sound of flies and gnats were filling our ears. Whatever it was....it was quite dead. And despite Mr. Rigby's attempts to keep the kids from looking at it too closely, the 'gross factor' alone held their interest steady like a powerful magnet. All heads turned as we got close enough to walk past it. Almost having to step over it in the road. The smell was so strong that the kids pulled the collars of their shirts up over their noses and wrinkled up their foreheads in disgust. Shit..it really just REEKED!

It was a deer. A pretty big one at that. But it had evidently been attacked by some kind of large animal while walking across this particular path. I looked closely at it....laying there stiff. It must have only been dead for a couple of hours or so, because it still looked wet with blood. The flies had descended upon the souless carcass in a giant swarm, and the constant hum of their wings was almost deafening. I used my hands to sort of shuffle the young ones past the body, but couldn't help but look myself at the carnage before me. It looked as if the deer had been ripped open. The stomach split in two, the legs splayed obscenely apart. I saw scratch marks all over its back and sides. Teeth marks everywhere. "Eeewwwww...." The kids moaned in unison, fascinated by the gore, but repelled by the sight of it. There were huge gashes where some beast's claws had struck it across its face...and one of the eyes were missing. The side of the deer had been eaten, the flesh and muscle torn from the body in shreds, as if in desperation of hunger. And there seemed to be savage teeth marks embedded in the bone itself, especially around the deer's exposed ribs. Some of the marks were done with such force, that the bones had 'cracked' open, giving whatever creature that did this a second meal from the tastey marrow inside. The smell was so repugnant that you could practically taste it on the roof of your own mouth, and it nearly made you gag. There was a large black patch surrounding the animal where its blood had saturated the ground, and the mouth was slightly open. Almost as if in a silent scream for help. It was a disturbing thing to see. So disturbing in fact...that it took a few seconds to pull my eyes away from it. And when I finally found the courage to look elsewhere, I saw a trail of broken branches and dented trees. Stopping right where the deer's body was lying. Something had CHASED this animal before chowing down on its parts. Something........


"Let's keep moving, children. Come on now. Give this creature its peace." Mr. Rigby said. "Wes?" I didn't answer, still staring into the single glistening eye of the deer...as thought it were staring back at me. Warning me. "Wes?"

I snapped out of it. "Yeah?"

"We should keep moving." He lightly patted me on the shoulder, and I walked off with him. I didn't look back, hoping to wipe the ghastly image clean from my mind. But I heard a rustling in the trees off in the distance. And as I tried to peer through the foliage and walk at the same time, I could have sworn that I saw several large black shapes disappear right in front of me. It was like they were watching us at first, and then vanished the second my eyes had taken notice of them. A chill ran through me, and I sped up my walk as well as the rest of the children. If there was a wild animal out there capable of doing that amount of damage to a single deer...I certainly didn't want to have to face it myself.

I couldn't get back to camp fast enough that afternoon. I spent the rest of the hike looking over my shoulder, the paranoia practically eating me alive. I suspected every noise, every broken branch, every sudden silence, or rustled leaf through a summer wind, to be the end of us all. I had even picked up a stick along the way. Making it look like I was using it as a walking stick. But in reality, I was prepared to use it as a weapon if I had to. The chill that I got seeing those mishapen forms in the trees that day stayed with me for the next unsettling hour. I could hardly eat the lunch I brought with me.

Coming back to the lodge, I met up with Kyla, who was looking a hell of a lot better than she did that morning. She had even gotten her smile back. "Enjoy your hike?"

"As much as could be expected, considering I stumbled across one of the most disgusting sights of my life."

"Ooh...this sounds interesting." She said.

"Not so much 'interesting' as it is 'morbid'. There was this big dead deer in the middle of the path. It looked like it had been ripped apart. It was SO nasty! I certainly hope that's not part of the 'tour' for the next group of kids they take past there."

"Ah, I see. It happens sometimes around here." She said, unphased by the whole thing evidently. "Every now and then they find a deer or something that got hit by a car or hunted by some wacko out of season..."

"No...this wasn't a car that hit it. It certainly wasn't a bullet. It was like...teeth, and claws...and just..."

"Well deer aren't necessarily the top of the food chain around here. Sometimes they find bodies like that laying around, half eaten. Like I said...it happens."

"So what do they do about it?" I asked.

"They don't do anything. It's the natural order of things, I suppose. Usually, whenever somebody goes back to move the body off of the road, it's already gone." She shrugged her shoulders casually. "If you were to walk along that same path the same time tomorrow, I guarantee you that whatever animals did that will have dragged it off someplace else by then." She saw the look on my face and playfully slugged me in the shoulder. "C'mon, don't get so spooked. You act like there was a conspiracy or something to kill it. Let it go. It's an animal...nature will make more." She said it with such ease. As though there was this total disregard for its existence. But I suppose she was a bit more use to that level of carnage than I was. Maybe I'll grow desensitized to it myself one day.

"They're getting ready to serve supper soon, Wesley...you coming?" I heard Freddy's voice over my shoulder, and turned to see him with that same shy smile that he always wore when it came to talking to me. "Hi." He said, looking briefly in Kyla's direction. I might have thought for a moment that Freddy would be slightly jealous of me standing here talking to a girl. But he wasn't. Not in the least. And it made me wonder if maybe he had me pegged as one of the players on his team from the very beginning.

"Yeah...sure...I'll be by in a minute." I answered, and he said goodbye to both of us as he walked away.

Kyla looked over at me and smiled. "Well isn't THAT special?"

"What?" I snapped back quickly, and she just giggled to herself. "WHAT?"

"Nothing. Hehehe!"

"We're JUST friends!"

"Yeah? Well you better tell him that before he tries to see just how 'friendly' you can get, cutie pie." She teased, and we started walking towards the mess hall together. "So...are you coming out to Rainbow's End with me tonight?"

"AGAIN? I would have thought you had gotten enough of that place for a while after what happened last night."

"Not hardly. When you fall off the wagon, you've gotta get right back on and...um...keep drinking...or whatever." She laughed. "So...? Are you coming or not?"

"I don't know."

"Come on. you've already developed a bit of a routine with the folks. You've come home sober and at a decent time of night, and you always get up the next morning for camp like a good little soldier. I doubt they'll even ask where you're going tonight. You're safe." She said, cuddling a bit up to my arm.

I thought about what happened last night, and what happened with Cyrus and his gang this morning. I had been pushed around, embarrassed, almost beaten up. More importantly, a lot of people might have seen me leave with Sebastian last night and go walking off into the woods. I don't know...I just...I didn't want to face them all again so soon. "I don't think so. Not tonight. You go ahead and have fun."

"Oh, I plan to. Believe me. I have a few new 'itches' to scratch with those friends of yours. Hehehe!" She laughed with a slight sensual groan, and let go of my arm as she strolled off to enter the mess hall. It brought back flashes of her with the twins, and it truly aroused every inch of me, thinking that tonight she'd get to do it again. I was almost tempted to go back to Rainbow's End just to get a chance to watch.

My father sat next to me at dinner that evening, which was a hidden blessing because it kept Freddy at bay. I don't know why I wanted to avoid him so badly when I should be embracing every advance he made towards me. He was certainly cute enough. Looking at him across the room, now that the thought was firmly placed in my mind, he was REALLY cute. I'm just...not in love. How stupid is that? He's gay, he's cute, he likes me, we're both available...and I just can't seem to get my heart to feel the same way with him as it does with Casey. A boy who may be just as untouchable as the moon itself. Then there's Sebastian...who's sexual pull forces me to want him with every fiber of my being without wanting or needing to know anything about him at all. It's this lustful desire to simply intertwine my body with his and release all of the sexual frustration he causes just by being in the same area as me. The need to love Casey, the need screw Sebastian...Freddy wasn't far enough on either side to really spark any feelings in me. And I guess, inside, I kinda felt bad about that.

When dinner was done and everyone was filing out of the eating area, my father said goodnight to his friends and walked back to the truck with me to drive me home. It had gotten dark rather quickly, and he was intent on getting me home safely. Despite our conflicts at the beginning of this trip, he seemed to be easing up the reigns a little bit. Letting me breathe a little easier. It was beginning to feel less like a punishment and more like a family outing. Then again...Cyrus, Kyla, Casey, Sebastian, and Freddy, had all provided different experiences for me that made this vacation a lot more interesting. Much more interesting than any I could have gotten at home. So maybe it was my perspective that was making things more bearable these days. We drove up in the drive way, and went inside for the night. My Mom and Nick were working to clean the kitchen. It looked like it was going to be another quiet evening around the house for all of us.

We didn't say much to one another that night. I guess he was too stubborn to let me know he was proud of my efforts, and I was too stubborn to admit that I was beginning to like this place. Somehow...our silence seemed to convey the message clearly enough, and we stayed out of each other's hair. A few hours had passed, and I had settled back into my room with the door half closed. Just closed enough to keep people out, just open enough to keep them from thinking I'm 'up to something'. And I sat on the floor listening to music while lost in my thoughts. The more I tried NOT to think about it, the harder it pushed its way into my mind. Rainbow's End seemed to be 'calling' me. And what started as a gentle pull, a nudge in the back of my thoughts, was swiftly turning into an intense 'yank' with me having to hold onto the ground to keep from being pulled off my feet. It was all I could think about. The air, the fire, the partying teenagers, the passion of it all. The freedom. They were out there having fun...right NOW! Kyla was probably already twisted up with two nude twin hotties in a cave, being entered and pleasured beyond anything she could have ever imagined. I wanted to be there. I wanted to see it, even if I didn't participate. There were many times when I stared at the window of my room...wonderng if I could sneak out and go. JUST for a little while. It was an addiction, and I found myself a fiend for the wreckless behavior that that little cut-away from society held in its grasp. But I stayed. I fought every inner urge that tempted me, and I stayed in my room.

It was about 11:30 when I heard my Dad get up and go to bed. I walked out into the kitchen to grab a quick drink of water, and saw Nick asleep on the couch in front of the tv. My mom was lovingly stroking his hair, and smiled at me as she saw my face emerge from the bedroom. The puppy, now that his number one playmate was asleep, trotted happily over to see what I was up to. Sniffing at my sock feet and running little circles around my legs. Everything was so normal while I took down the glass of water in a few gulps. But when I put the glass back down on the counter...I noticed the puppy's attention was no longer centered on me. Nor was it centered on anyone else in the living room. I looked down, and Prince was staring intently towards the back door. Unmoving, but focused. "What's up with you tonight?" I said, but Prince didn't move. Then I heard a young growl rumble in his stomach, a few gruff barks escaping his lips. "What's wrong?" Prince backed up a few steps from the door, and growled again. His bark a bit louder this time.

My mom turned her head to see what was going on, and I looked forward at the door to see if I could figure out what had the dog so creeped out. I couldn't see anything through the window of the back door, so I started to walk towards it. Prince barked out loud this time, showing his little front teeth. Almost as if ready to fight, but still backing away from the door. "Shhhhh!" I told him, and opened the back door to look outside. I still couldn't see anything.

Prince began barking again between whimpers, and Nick woke up rubbing his eyes to see what was up. I walked further out on the back porch, looking out into the darkness surrounding the cabin. I was dead still, trying to 'reach out' my hearing to see if something could catch my attention. I strained my eyes, seeing if I could find some kind of movement. But as the cool night air blew around me, I didn't see or hear anything more than rustling leaves. "Hello?" I said, wondering if maybe someone was just walking past the house. "Is somebody out there?" No answer.

It was strange, but evidently Prince could see something that I couldn't see, because he was still staring out into the darkness. The wind around me got colder, and I felt a shiver go through my body as goosebumps raised up on my skin. Prince barked again, his high pitched puppy yelling causing me to turn around and hush him before he woke up my dad. Then, when I turned back to look out into the trees behind our house, I could have sworn I had seen....'sparkles'. Little...glowing...orbs. Like...'eyes'. Watching me. Glowing in the dark. I had only noticed them for a brief FLASH, but by the time my eyes had focused on them they were gone. "Hello???" I said again. No answer. But I got the feeling that something was out there. That kind of sixth sense that taps you on the shoulder and lets you know when something is wrong. That level of paranoia that I had experienced in the woods earlier that afternoon all came rushing back at me at once, and I felt a surge of sudden fear rush through me. I backed up swiftly and went into the house, shutting the door with the kind of involuntary knee jerk reaction that someone would get to having a giant spider land in their lap.

"What is it???" Nick said, obviously scared by my actions. "Did you see something?"

"No." I asnwered quickly. "No...it was nothing. Just....space."

"Are you sure honey?" My mom asked.

"Yeah. I'm sure. It must have just been a raccoon or something, that's all." I just didn't want it on my mind anymore. I was worried that it would frighten me more than I could handle if I did. So I did what I always did...I pushed the thought aside, and went to bed.

The adrenaline in my heart died down after a half hour of listenng for noises outside. Still wondering if I had really seen something, or if my head was playing tricks on me. It was the last thing on my mind when I finally fell asleep that night. The faint glimpse of those glowing orbs staring back at me out of the darkness. Surrounded by a team of 'hard to make out' silhouettes that knew I could see them...and dared me to admit it.

What I could remember before waking up the next morning came back to me in vivid color. Pieced together memories of the most intense dream that I have ever had. Ever. Upon opening my eyes, I could fel my whole body tingling on the very razor sharp EDGE of orgasm! If I had done so much as moved my finger....I would have gushed over with every wet liquid that my young body could spare. Even my eyelids tingled with a ticklish energy that threatened to push me towards a sticky climax with so much as a dirty thought. I could feel my body calming down little by little, but the pending explosion was standing ready at the gates. As my breathing returned to normal, I began to relax a little bit. My erection ceased to spasm and throb with as much urgency, and I allowed my mind to wander back to the dream I had just experienced. So real, so unbelievably crisp and clear...that my body had no chance of being able to tell the difference.

The dream was about Casey, and there was nothing 'innocent' about it. It felt as though my every secret libido expressed itself at once. With no restrictions. For the first time, those little doors that locked in my most personal and private passions were wide open. I remember staring into his soft hazel eyes, trying to focus on him in the darkness of my room. Even without any light to go by, I felt as though I could make out every detail, every smooth curve of his face, every soft angle of his thin red lips...even the honey blond color of his hair. I was so breathless in front of him. We were sitting on my bed, facing each other, not saying a word for the longest time. And when I finally leaned forward, he came to meet me half way. I felt my soul blaze with his virgin kiss, and my heart inflated to maximum capacity as my emotions came rushing to the surface. How could that have been a dream? I could TASTE him! I can still taste him!

I laid him down and snuggled up beside him, letting my fingers nervously run under his shirt to feel his soft flat belly underneath. My index finger played delicate in his cute little navel, and his stomach tightened with a boyish giggle as he leaned forward to kiss my neck. My hand got more courage as I felt his tongue on my skin, his hands joined mine in their exploration. I pulled his shirt off and over his head, his chest still displaying that perfect midwestern solidity that made it so delectible. It made my mouth water, and I leaned in to suckle gently at his nipples, feeling them become stiff and erect in my mouth. Feeling the goosebumps raise up on his once smooth skin as the coolness of the wind blowing in through my window gave him a chill. My hand worked its way into his pants, and held his heated, stiffened rod in my grip. It was soooo warm. And it pulsed tenderly as he gave a low moan that caused the vibrations to run through my lips, still connected to his chest. As the dream went on, more clothes seemed to vanish, kisses continued, and I became more and more aroused. But...where my 'normal' dreams would have stopped with their concept of sexual passion...this one kept taking it up to another level. Things I never really entertained before. There were no more limits this time. I don't think I had ever been so...'open' to these thoughts before.

Completely nude and writhing around with Casey beneath me, our legs locked together as we began to grind into each other harder and harder, the dream took me to new heights. His hips were lifting me off of the bed he was pressing so hard into me. And I fought to anchor him back down, my kisses becoming animalistic. Almost desperate. Our breathing was practically making us dizzy, and huffs and short gasps were all that could be heard throughout the room. I felt myself let go completely, and moaned out loud. Whimpering unashamed as he followed me into vocal expressions of pleasure. The grunts and cries got louder, and we started humping each other with more aggression. His hands moved down my naked back to tightly grip my soft cheeks and pull me further into him. His tongue filled my mouth, and we kissed even harder than before, my arms wrapping around his neck to hold on. God...it was INTENSE! Fireworks went off inside of me, and my mind was spinning out of control. I felt Casey's fingers move close to the center of my cheeks, as though searching for something. And as they got closer and closer to their target, I felt my heartbeat racing to keep up. He entered me...slowly at first, and then began to stretch me open with a second finger. I was so overcome with lust at that point, that I sat up on his chest and reached back to grab a hold of his stiffened member. I wanted it. I needed it. As Kyla would say, I had an 'itch' to scratch, and there was only one part of Casey capable of reaching it.

I remember the feel of him sliding slowly into me. I remember the gasp he took once the head popped inside past the constricted ring. I remember the way his stomach muscles tightened up into a taut teenage sixpack as my warm hole engulfed his inches until I was sitting flat on his lap. I couldn't wait another moment. I raised up, and swallowed him again. Raised up, and swallowed him again. Picking up speed as he gasped, squirmed, and wiggled beneath me. I had to reach down and hold onto his chest, my fingers rubbing back and forth over his nipples as he pushed up into me lustfully. He grabed onto my ass cheeks and slammed me down harder on his root, causing louder moans to escape from my lips. He had reached a spot in me that set my whole world on fire, and the more his length passed over it, the more I wanted it to fill me up inside. I wanted it bigger, longer, harder, faster...I was possessed. I was close, he was close, and when I leaned down to french kiss him on the lips, still bouncing on him from behind...that kiss....that kiss....

That was the last I remembered of the dream. It was at that point that I woke up ready to explode. I was stiff again just thinking about it. I couldn't get it to go down, or the feeling to leave my body. But what really confused me is that I never had such...raunchy dreams about another boy before. Kissing and sucking and a few acts that could be considered a bit more 'tame'. But nothing like the dreams I've been having since I've been here. Maybe Casey just brought those deep seeded passions out of me. Maybe Sebastian's arousal did it. Or...and this confused me the most...maybe those little 'doors' inside of me were opened just from hearing Cyrus speak. Just from seeing the way he stared at me, as though he didn't have a fear, a doubt, or a secret in the world. Without shame or insecurities of any kind. Since meeting him, I actually 'felt' a little different. And I don't think anyone else had ever affected me that way before.

"Wes...get up. Let's go. You've gotta walk today, remember? Move it." My Dad said as he peeked in. I certainly hope he ddn't see this giant TENT in the middle of my sheets.

"I'm gonna go to camp too today." Said Nick in a boyish whisper from under his sheets. I looked over, and he was wrapped up in his blanket like a little baby doll. As much as I complained about it...I have to admit, everything that boy does just looks adorable. It made me smile.

"So they're making you go too, huh?"

"Nope. I'm going cause I'm bored." Nick looked over his shoulder for a second, then whispered, "All Mom does is clean all day. I think it's kinda neurotic if you ask me."

"Hehehe! Yeah...I agree." I said, and got out of bed. Hiding my still hard member with a bundle of clothes that I wore yesterday. I reached under his blanket and ruffled Nick's hair playfully as I went into the bathroom to get dressed. No time to 'take care' of my little problem this morning. Especially with Nick being awake and all. But that just means I'll have more to take care of later. I just hope I can keep it from getting out of control. As rowdied up as I am now, I'll be naked and humping a tree by lunch.

My mom knew that I wasn't going to get to the mess hall in time to grab a quick breakfast, so she made me a few bacon and egg sandwiches before leaving the house. My dad was already gone, and Nick wasn't going until later that morning, so I was on my own. I grabbed my portable cd player and a few choices pieces of music, and started my hike. I figured I should be able to make it there in a decent amount of time. I'll eat on the way.

I was walking on a downward decline most of the way, my music completely erasing the concept of time for me, and wasn't too far from turning down the road that would take me directly to camp. My headphones were playing pretty loud, but they weren't THAT loud. Not loud enough to keep me from hearing the sound of an engine speeding up behind me. I moved instinctively to the side of the road, but it sounded like they were coming straight FOR me! I turned around quickly and dropped my cd player on the ground as I saw a dirty old green pickup truck barreling at me top speed! I didn't even have time to scream really. My main concern was to put my hands out and jump back before getting mowed down by the fucking thing! The truck slammed on the breaks, and I was consumed by a giant cloud of dust as it spun to the side and stopped just INCHES from in front of me!!! I couldn't see through all of the settling dirt from the rod, but having somebody scare me like that out of the blue turned my confusion to instant anger.

"WHAT THE FUCK, MAN?!?!?!" I shouted, kicking the side of the truck as hard as I could, coughing from all of the dust. "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!!! YOU COULD'VE KILLED ME!!!" The dust began to settle some more, the cloud fading away, and when I looked up again I saw Cyrus sitting in the driver's seat of the truck. Grinning at me like he thought it was the funniest thing in the world to see me jump like that. Scout was sitting on Kristin's lap in the long front seat, and Sebastian was sitting closest to the window. John Boy and the twins were in the back of the truck. They had yet another good laugh at my expense. "It's NOT funny!!!"

"You're right...hehehe...ok, that's enough guys." Cyrus smirked. "No hard feelings, kid. We were only trying to scare you."

"Yeah? Well it worked, thanks." I grumbled. "Now that you had your big laugh for the day, I've got places to be." I began to walk around the truck and get to the turn in the road, but Cyrus beckoned me back.

"That's kinda what I wanted to talk to you about, Wesley." He said, and I turned around. "Come here." I didn't move at first, not an inch. "Come HERE, already! What am I gonna do, BITE you?" He giggled. I slowly walked back to the truck, and looked in through the window, Sebastian's untouched beauty nearly blinding me from this close up.

"What is it?"

"We didn't see you at Rainbow's End last night. I was kinda looking forward to talking to you some more."

"Talking? Is that what you called it?" I asked sarcastically.

Cyrus grinned, but never let me leave his gaze. "I have a bit of a short temper, but you need not worry about that. I can be a really lovable person once you get to know me."

"I'm afraid I don't have that kind of time." I said, tapping the side of the truck and starting to walk away again.

"So make time." He said, his 'pull' on me increasing in such a subtle way that his suggestions were almost becoming law.

"What do you mean?"

"We've gotta truck here....a full tank of gas....a bright and sunny day..." He smiled sensually at me, "...Come on, get in."

"Get in? What are you talking about? I've gotta go to camp."

"You don't 'gotta' do ANYTHING. Ditch 'em. Go with us instead. It'll be fun."

"Are you crazy? I CAN'T!"

"Why not?"

"Because....because my dad will KILL me if I skip out on my duties!" I said. Why was I even explaining myself to him. I should just walk away, right? Just walk away Wes...just....just walk away.

"You're dad's NOT gonna kill you, Wesley. He'll be MAD for a little while, sure. And you may have to listen to a few dumb lectures and possibly a few insults of character...but honestly...what's the worst thing that could happen? Huh? You're already on punishment." He waited for my answer, and as confident as I was that camp was the place I should be...I didn't have an immediate answer for him. I can't explain why, I just wasn't so sure that I wanted to turn him down. "C'mon, Wes. Do you really wanna go back to camp and deal with those corny little brats? Or would you rather hang out with us and have some 'real' fun instead?" He said. Cyrus had a way of making the whole world seem to tilt in his favor, and it was hard to resist. "If you want...we'll let you ride on Sebastian's lap." He giggled. And a strong blush came to my kiss as Sebastian looked over at me and blew me a kiss. Dammit...I HATED him for being so....addictive. "Or maybe he can sit on YOUR lap. Whichever one you prefer. He's quite flexible on the whole idea, I assure you." Cyrus' demonic smirk could slice a hole right through you if you looked at it long enough.

"No thanks. I...I should get going. I'm gonna be....late." I said nervously, and I picked up my cd player and tried to leave. I really TRIED. But Cyrus' pull was much too strong. Especially when the others began to help him convince me.

I heard Cyrus begin singing first, and the rest joined in loudly with a smile. "Kum Bi Yah, Wesley! Kum Bi Yah! We're all waiting for you! Kum Bi Yah! Come on get in the damn truck! Kum Bi Yah! Please, please, Wes! Kum Bi Yah!"

"I'm NOT ditching camp! Ok? It's not gonna happen!" But they only started singing louder, the boys in the back of the truck now standing up on their feet.

"Kum Bi Yah, Wesley! Kum Bi Yah! We know you wanna go with us! Kum Bi Yah!"

"Knock it off! Hehehe!" I said, laughing a bit at them playing around so much. "Quit it!"

"Kum Bi Yah, ya big pussy! Kum Bi Yah! We'll have fun....Kum Bi Yah!"

"I'm leaving now!" I said, but they only got LOUDER! "Hehehe! I mean it...I'm going now!"


They were all smiling and goofing around while they were singing, with the twins doing a little dance, twisting their sim hips around to the tune. I laughed outloud at their motions and their loud, awful, singing. That's when Cyrus pointed at me and said, "Ah! You see? He's smiling already! LOUDER, gang!"

"KUM BI YAH, WESLEY!!! KUM BI YAH!!!" They started at the top of their lungs and I put both of my hands out to stop them!

"NO NO NO!!! STOP! Alright? Geez! Hehehe, it's bad enough you're scaring all the animals away!" I giggled.

"So will you come with us?" The twins asked in unison.

And then, from the front seat, Sebastian gave me the sweetest look. One that I should have had enough sense to ignore, but my heart was already enchanted by him. And he said softly, "Please?"

It was stupid of me. I shouldn't have done it. I shouldn't have even THOUGHT it! But as my will to be loyal to my father gave way to typical teenage rebellion and the search for sex and candy...I gave in. With a hesitated step, and a loud frustrated sigh...I actually gave in. "Maybe....sighh.....maybe just for a little while..."

A thunderous CHEER erupted from all parties of the vehicle! Startling me at first, and then making me laugh. "Welcome aboard, my friend." John Boy said as the twins helped me onto the back of the truck. There was more shouting and cheering, and they all patted me on the head and the shoulders, trying to get me to feel good about ditching my responsibilities. I smiled along with them, but that wasn't good enough. Not for this bunch. They absolutely refused to let me just sit there and grin. They kept poking me, nudging me, screaming at me until I was literally laughing outloud and screaming with them. It felt so damn stupid, so silly...at first. But then something gave way inside of me. And the screams weren't just for 'show' anymore. It was like something deep down was finally given a voice, and shouting it out became an actual physical release for some of the angst and frustration that I had been building up ever since that day in church when darryl set me up. I think Cyrus could tell too. Maybe he heard the change in my voice, maybe he could feel the release of my soul. But whatever it was, he was waiting for that slight transformation to occur in me...and only THEN did he start the car up again.

I heard Cyrus briefly shout back to us, "Hold on, junior!" And he turned the music up FULL BLAST and peeled away from the side of the road! The loud rock guitars flooded the entire area around us, and the whole truck was vibrating from the sound! The sudden eruption of sound nearly scared me out of my skin, it was so loud! And when the car jerked forward, I was thrown to the floor in the back of the truck. I fell to my knees, and luckily John Boy was able to reach out and catch me before I landed flat on my face. I wuld have said thank you, but he wouldn't have heard me anyway. And it was at that very moment, as I sat back up to see the road I was supposed to have gone down...disappearing in the distance...that I sold Cyrus another piece of my soul. He turned in the opposite direction, and hit the gas, racing me away from my salvation, and leading me into God knows what. I'd love to be able to say that the guilt and my common sense stayed with me the entire way. I'd love to say that I was more of a hostage than a willing participant in all of this. But to be honest...all that doubt melted away the second that road to camp was out of my sight. And I joined the other partying teenagers in making a bunch of noise for no reason. It felt GOOD! And they embraced me completely. After everything they had done to me, I needed to embrace them back. I HAD to. It was all I thought about when they were around, and to get just a taste of that love from them was like a drug. An adrenaline rush that shot through like lightning. My whole body felt alive.....truly alive.

The music seemed to get even louder as we rode down lonely roads, passing a few residences on the way, and probably rattling their windows too. Cyrus' driving left something to be desired. There were plenty of times when he'd hit a bump in the road, or take an especially sharp turn, that would nearly toss us ALL off the back of that truck. Almost as if it was his intention to do so. I think he was seriously getting a kick out of it. John Boy and the twins certainly were, cheering with their hands in the air to feel the low hanging branches and leaves above us. And despite the small jolts of fear that I had of being hurt...I found myself laughing almost uncontrollably. The louder the music, the faster the truck went, the more the curves of the road caused me to lean and sway and almost fall...the harder I laughed. And the harder they laughed WITH me. I didn't even know where we were going, but after the first ten minutes of driving...I just didn't care anymore.

It wasn't much longer after that, that I felt the car start to slow down a bit, and Cyrus' turns got a little bit more careful. Suddenly, the hard rocking music from up front stopped, and he put in another tape. The volume was still way up though. I sat up a little higher on the side of the truck to see where we were, and it looked like we were going right through the center of town. It was pretty busy too for this early in the day. Suddenly, the music blasted on again. Some kind of slow ballad type of song....

"My baby left meeeee....left me sad and bluuuue....I didn't know what to do.....without my baby baby baby baby baby!"

I saw everybody else in the truck start laughing and cheering again as Cyrus headed for the town square. I didn't quite get it, but the playfulness of everybody else sucked me into their game. They were singing proudly along with the song at full volume,

"...And then I met his best friend....and he took me to his hooouuuuuuuse.....and I said, I said, I said...."

And suddenly...the tune changed, some heavy bass kicked in, and they all shouted along with the song...


Oh...my...God! My eyes shot open as wide as they could possibly go, and my mouth dropped open! They were all singing it as loud as they possibly could, dancing around and making as much noise as they possibly could. They knew every word, and shouted it out until their voices cracked! I looked forward, and we were entering town, with people EVERYWHERE! Not just any people, mind you! But little kids, senior citizens, COPS...holy rolling, bible loving, God fearing people! I immediately sunk down to the floor, hiding from anybody who might be watching. But the twins alone were making enough noise to attract the attention of everybody in town. The song kept going....and the lyrics got WORSE! I think it was, like, the dirtiest song I had ever heard.

"Treating your teeth like dentists! As I'm rubbing them, with an erection like injections! FUCK IT! I'll be druggin' them! Numbing up their tonsils...like Ambesol anisthetic! Cummin' down ya throat like Chloraseptic! No time for apologin'...girlfriend if you're (GULP!) Swallowing! (GURGLE!) Gargling! I'm giving bitches permanent BIZ! Put your lips HERE! And catch these DAMN facial hairs in your mouth!!! Put it in my mouth! (Put it in your mouth!) In my motherfucking mouth! (I said your MOTHERFUCKING mouth!) Or you can just eat me out!"

I was blushing so hard that my face felt hot, literally terrified. I was sure that we would be run out of town with torches and pitchforks any minute! Cyrus slowed down even more! What the hell was he DOING! "Cyrus???" I shouted!

"What's the matter, Wes?" He shouted back, giggling to himself.

"Turn it DOWN, man! They're gonna lynch us around here!"

"Would you be surprised if I said 'no', Wes?" He laughed, and I swear...the music got louder!

"Omigod...." I sunk all the way to my back on the floor. The LOOKS we must be getting from people!

"WESLEY! Come on! What are you doing? Get up!" Razor shouted down to me, as Shank took a hold of my hands. He was trying to physically 'pull' me up to my feet, but I fought back. Rolling over on my stomach, covering my face in shame.

"Get him up boys!" Cyrus laughed. Why was he doing this??? Why is he so damn insistent on embarassing me?

I felt the twins wrap their arms around my waist, and with a quick jerk, the pulled me up to my feet. They must have been a hell of a lot stronger than they looked, because it didn't take them any effort at all.

I peeked around me, and the folks walking on the sidewalk looked absolutely HORRIFIED! Some of them grabbed their children and ran into the first store they saw with their door open. People were rolling up their car windows, and some of the older ones were crossing themselves or shaking their fists at us. They were SO angry! SO offended! I wanted to DIE being a part of this! But the twins kept me standing, and began to dance with me in the back of the truck. "Let me GO!" I shouted, my face almost 'purple' at this point! But they didn't. They wouldn't. They each took an arm, and danced around with me in the middle. I felt Shank move up behind me, and snake his arms around my chest as he pushed his pelvis into my ass. And with a dip in his knees, he swung my hips back and forth for me. While Razor flailed my arms around for me. Basically making me their puppet while I just tried to close my eyes and block out the dirty looks we were getting from the people in the area.

Then John Boy got up, faking a limp wrist and pouting out his lips with a smile. "Come on, Wes...sing with us!"

"These people are going to hunt us down and murder us, you know that right?"

"No they won't." He said confidently. "That's fantasy. Give in to it." John Boy gave me a comforting look, as though he couldn't see anyone around us freaking out. "Don't be scared, Wes. Give in....go ahead. It's ok. I promise."

Cyrus looked back at us, and shouted, "You gotta let go, Wesley! It's SO much better if you just let go!"

"Cyrus...this is INSANE!"

"You're damn RIGHT it's insane! Doesn't it feel great???" He laughed, and started honking the horn to get the attention of everyone who wasn't already running from the music. "Let go, babe! I KNOW you want to!"

"C'mon....sing..." John Boy whispered.

"SING!" The twins said simultaneously.

"You....you guys..." I just wanted to sink to the floor again. It's kinda hard to block out all of society and just...just....'have fun'.


The second I thought it...it suddenly became clear what Cyrus was trying to do. It was this sudden moment of discovery, where I was beginning to finally understand. Much like Cyrus had done when he came across the singing campers in the woods, he just didn't give a shit about anybody else. He was having fun. REAL fun! And as humiliating as this whole thing was...I was still standing. I mean...it wasn't all that bad. In fact, looking at those angry faces in the street, I kinda got a little rush from it. I felt my blush fading, and as the twins continued to dance with me, my smile began to spread slowly on my lips again. "THERE IT IS!!! THERE'S that smile I was looking for!" Cyrus shouted! "Wooooo! Give 'em a show, tiger!"

My smile turned into a giggle, and my giggle turned into a laugh as they encouraged even more freedom out of me. The others applauded me, even Sebastian, who was usually the quiet one.

"Thatta boy! Come on! Sing!" John Boy grinned, and started swishing around like a sissy in front of me, singing the girl's part. "Well you can lick, you can flip it, you can taste it! I'm talking every drip drop! Don't you waste it! Baby, slurp it up! It's enough to fill your cup! It's finger licking good, and I'm wishing it would....go down kinda slow, or even fast! I was sprung once I felt your tongue in the crack of my ass...."

"Jesus...." I said, blushing again.

"NO!!! Don't blush! SING!!! Let go already!" John Boy told me, and shook me by the shoulders. Then he turned me towards the street, and held me from behind while the twins and the folks inside the truck clapped and whistled for me. I covered my face with a giggle, but they took a hold of my wrists and brought my hands back down to my sides. "Look them in the eye!" He said.


"FUCK 'EM!!!" The twins yelled, and they all crowded around me to chant in my ear. "Sing!"

"Hehehe! I don't even KNOW this song!" I laughed.

"Just repeat what you hear! Don't WORRY about it being vulgar or whatever, just SAY it! Let GO!!!" John Boy and the rest were determined to adopt me into their weird little philosophy, and while I felt dirty doing it, I wanted to join in. I felt the twins loosen their grip on me, and I felt my body dancing to the beat all on its own. "That's it!" John Boy said. And began to sing with the song again, repeating the same phrase over and over. He said it right in front of my face, trying to get me to repeat after him. The twins joined him in stereo behind me, urging me on further. And I listened to the lyrics as they continued to repeat themselves. John Boy and the twins looked me directly in the eye, screaming the repetition inmy face, urging me to join them. Enthusiastically rooting for me as they said it loud enough for me to catch on.

"People throughout the world, yeah, it's your PICK! What do you wanna lick??? Pussy or Dick??? People throughout the world, yeah, it's your PICK! What do you wanna lick??? Pussy or Dick???"

I couldn't believe that I was doing this! But as they kept chanting the same lyrics around me, I absorbed the words. And soon began to quietly chant the lyrics along with them. "LOUDER!!!" Cyrus shouted, so I said them a little bit louder. "LOUDER!!!" So I began to shout them out almost as loud as they did! My mouth as polluted and vulgar as it has ever been. But it all came out, and the louder I got, the more they roared for me to release myself completely. By the time we had hit the end of the town square, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, and having the time of my LIFE!!! It was probably the worst thing I had ever done, and I was sure that the townspeople would be filing complaints and looking for the culprits soon. But my concern for their feelings faded quickly. I was dacing on the back of a truck! ME! It was so surreal! And I never wanted to stop!

And when the tape stopped....they started it over again. And this time I sung with them every bit of the way. Cyrus was proud of me, I could tell, and everyone in the back either shook my hand or gave me a high five. That was it. I was 'in'. They LOVED me, and something about that made me love myself. As the truck sped out of town, I thanked the stars for making the decision to go with them today. They were right...I would have regretted it if I hadn't.

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