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  2. Born in 2008, Pierce was bitten by the acting bug very early in life. Anything in his hands would become a "microphone", and any room he happened to be standing in would be his "stage". At the age of 3, he was placed on the cover of a local magazine for the children's science and technology center in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. Talent agencies started scouting him immediately, and by the age of four, he was toddling down the runway as a clothing model! From there, Pierce started doing print ads and photo shoots for local businesses; however, at the age of 6, he was featured in several episodes of Supernatural, and things have only gotten busier since then. Pierce has featured in commercials for NASCAR, Pennzoil/Shell, Volkswagen, and Power Rangers. Aside from Supernatural, he’s worked on the films Chasing Grace and As Good as You (both 2015), Almost a Jingle (2018), and The Holy Heist (2019). These are just a few examples of his long list of accolades! When Pierce isn't performing onstage/onscreen, he enjoys dancing and playing basketball. He also participates in a kids' Improv group at the local theater, and he loves writing, music, and history. In his personal life, Pierce can usually be found causing havoc with his three brothers. Whew! Sounds exhausting, hahaha! Who knew a kid could do all of those things? I'm interested to see what he'll bring next! (Pictured below is his brother Paxton, who has also made a few appearances onscreen.)
  3. The first official trailer for the "Chucky" series was released today! I LOVE my favorite killer doll! Always have! Hehehe! But what's super cool about this series is 'Jake', the main character (Played by Zackary Arthur), is apparently going to be a GAY teen this time around. And I'm really interested in how they're going to work that into the story! Plus...CUTE!!! So, can't wait! Coming this October!
  4. The newest chapter of the "Gone From Daylight" vampire spinoff, taking place in the wild wild West, has now been posted! So check it out, and let me know what you think! Cool? And if this is your first time reading this series, feel free to start from the beginning! https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/gfd-children-of-sunset/ This story and many MORE "GFD" spinoffs throughout history can be found in the "GFD: Worlds" section on the site! So don't miss out on the party! There's a LOT to absorb, believe me! Hehehe! Have fun!
  5. GAAAHHHH!!! OMG, I am SO in love with you, Stefan!!!! Hahaha! And I'm digging the floppy blond hair too, by the way! Sighhhh, dreamy! But...you leave Noah alone! Don't make me choose! Also, RIP to Biz Markie, who passed away last week...
  6. A brand new chapter is up for you guys to enjoy! Hehehe, this one is for you Saile! ::Giggles:: I know you've been waiting for it! ((Hugz)) Seezya soon! More to come! And if you want to check out the story from the very beginning...check it out on the 'story page' on the website! Cool? If you haven't been reading...you've been missing out! Dive in already! And have fun! And grab the ebook versions too, with extra material and re-edited for an even better experience! https://comicality.gayauthors.org/stories.html
  7. This movie, which just hit theaters today, is based on a true story. Reid Miller plays Jadin Bell, a young man who publicly comes out, and subsequently commits suicide after being relentlessly bullied at school. His family (Maxwell Jenkins, Connie Britton) is devastated, but Jadin's father (Mark Wahlberg), sets out on a journey across the country to speak out against bullying and raise awareness for LGBT+ youth. Despite the obvious tragedy involved, I'm looking forward to seeing this movie. It's "gritty" and it's definitely gonna hurt, but it's the kind of movie we need, you know?
  8. Just wanted to keep it fresh. Update it now and then, y'know?
  9. Hehehe, D'aawww! He even looks cute with a little beard!
  10. LOL! I've read the books before. This one girl spends summer vacation with the "boy next-door" and his family. I'm guessing that Gavin will play one of the two boys that she likes.
  11. Youtube decided to start censoring all gay teen short films, and wiping out all favorite lists that include anything that MIGHT make the gay youth feel okay and normal about who they are. Just out of nowhere, for no reason. Saying that it violated their 'child safety' rules and regulations. But that's bullshit! So I'll be posting ALL of the stuff that I had suddenly 'removed' from my youtube account without warning. You guys please feel free to stop me when you find a short film that you think is 'dangerous' (Their words, not mine) for gay teens. K? What's so offensive about liking and sharing the stuff that I find on Youtube? Why am *I* getting a strike on my account??? Wednesday is now "Gay Like Me" short film day. Since 'shame' is the agenda for those who don't have to live with it these days. Every week! Every Wednesday! I'll be right here with another one! FUCK those people! Seriously! These are all gay short films that I had on my account that, for some reason, they found so dangerous and offensive. Like I said...you tell me what YOU think about them, and why they needed to be erased from my account. Is *THIS* what they were so afraid of??? Maybe I'm missing something here. Enjoy! This week's Short Gay Film - "A Silent Truth"
  12. Hehehe well that's misleading. Gavin's been 'pretty' all his life.
  13. @Comicality Oh. My. GAWD! Amazon is adapting Jenny Han's The Summer I Turned Pretty into a TV series....starring Gavin Casalegno!
  14. https://imagine-magazine.org/releases/ It took a bit of extra time this month because of some outside circumstances, so it was a bit of a troubled release this month, and a few articles had to be left out. BUT...we've still got a fun July issue of Imagine Magazine up and ready for you today! So please feel free to dive in and have some fun. Huge thanks to all of our authors and content creators for their input and suggestions! If you like something you see in this issue, please click that green 'Vote Up' button at the bottom of every page to show them some love!
  15. My uncle is...ummm, dealing with things. But we'll get through it. I'm sure. Thanks.
  16. Hey Comsie. Sending you all my by Best for getting back to feeling good asap. Hope your Uncle is doing better as well. I will keep your family in my prayers. 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎 I am sending you a weeks worth of apples!! Must have one every DAY!
  17. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Don't forget to check out the "Too Cute" thread, and that one about the "Visual Novel" game, when you have a moment, okay? Got some new details added!
  18. Thanks! I'll be fine. Just....'issues', you know? Ugh!
  19. I have been sick over the past week, and haven't been around much. If you sent me an email recently, I will get back to you, but I'm still sort of in a recovery stage, so please bear with me. I'm working hard to keep things in order, promise. I did have to go to the hospital for a short time for treatment, and ended up having to spend the night for safety's sake...but I'm fine. Everything is fine. For those of you who wrote in to find out where I've been, thanks. But I'm ok. Just need to recover a bit, and we're back on track. So...no more emails. Hehehe! THANKS, you're awesome! But...I'm fine. Things are cool. Go out and have some fun. It's Summertime, dammit! Just wanted to leave that here for now. And my apologies for the delay of Imagine Magazine's July release. That was totally my fault. But it will be up in the next day or two. Love you all. Seezya soon!
  20. I haven't caught up all the way on "Bad Batch" just yet, because movies and TV series keep slamming me over the head, constantly. But I've seen enough to want to see more. So.... that's a good thing, I suppose. Also...Marvel's got Deadpool back again. Cant wait to see how THAT turns out, now that he's in the MCU....
  21. You think you have it bad! I'm bouncing between Marvel and Star Wars and both franchises have been pumping out good stuff lately!

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