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  2. Status update from Comsie: Physical therapy has been exhausting, to say the least, but I've learned to walk just fine and my coordination is great. I want to start writing again soon. I'd love to pick up where I left off. Wish me luck! Sorry that it's taken so long to write back to so many of you. My hands didn't really work right (Been catching up on a lot of old movies. Their so weird. Hehehe!) It sounds like he’s making good progress! Keep the prayers and good vibes going! They’re working!
  3. Further communication from Comsie on VOY Shack Out Back: I truly TRULY cannot thank a few of you enough for all of of the amazing help you've given me to help me start my way towards putting back online and getting things back online here. It took some hours of dedicated help, and thanks to you, I'm starting to get back in working order, and they are both making it possible thanks to their expertise. Also, my health is picking up. I still have to go through a bit of physical therapy, but I'm able to walk again, and I can think straight again and I'm I'm thankful for as well. So I will be in contact again soon, and I'm happy to say that my email is up and working again as well! Cool? I'm catching up as quickly as possible. I'll be in touch soon, and I love you lots! Looks like he’s on the mend. I’m very glad he’s getting some help!
  4. Thank you for sharing so we all know that he needs support!!
  5. Ok, so I just checked Comsie’s VOY Shack Out Back forum and found this quote from the man himself: “Ok...soooo...ummm I died. Just about as good an explanation as any. I will try to give more details as I can, but I was recently released from the hospital yesterday, and I'm rebuilding my life as best as I can, and I'm also working from an entirely different laptop that I don't understand at all. I can't reach my old files, I can't even seem to find a way to login to my email right now. I'm going to try my best this weekend, though to at least find a way to make contact again. I spent the last month trying to survive some really tough times, and now I have to retrain myself all over again. Hang in there with me so I can find and rebuild everything that I lost. K? I love you all. And I'm sorry for being so lost here. Everything looks so alien to me right now. :(”’ Here’s the link to the forum itself: https://www.voy.com/15900/ Looks like he’s going to need all our support to get through whatever has happened. We can start with prayers and/or positive vibes sent Comsie’s way. Hopefully, he’ll find his way back to us, but it might take a while. ~~ When you find this Comsie, know that we’ve all been thinking about you and have been worried about you. I appreciate your managing to reach out on VOY and letting us know how you are doing. I hope you can reach out so that we can do what we can to support you.
  6. I certainly hope that’s all that’s going on.
  7. Come to think of it, he did mention on January 11 that he's been having some kind of internet troubles, so maybe that's what's going on...
  8. I noticed this the other day, glad to know I wasn't the only one. I sent a message about a week ago, and haven't heard anything back which is unusual.
  9. Same was getting a little worried
  10. I was thinking the same thing last night
  11. I've been wondering the same thing, I hope he's alright.
  12. I wondered if anyone’s heard from @Comicality lately? I haven’t seen any activity since January 11.
  13. Tweek X Craig Did Matt and Trey raid one of Driver9's old stories? They're like Tales From The Quarry-esque.
  14. get that poor kid who couldn’t handle the spicy chicken nugget a frosty! 😂
  15. @JamesSavik, I also subscribe to a YouTuber called ‘Rate My Takeout’ who is a Northie in England who goes around his country eating from various takeouts. A lot of the things he gets look absolutely delicious, so I know there’s good food in England. I’d love to take some of these kids to their local takeouts and get them some real food! 😝
  16. @Page Scrawler @MrM British cuisine isn't exactly known as yummy. Imagine a fast food place called Tommies[1] that specializes in Bangers & mash and Blood Pudding. Probably not going too far, but I'm sure plenty of people would discover Bangers & mash is pretty good. Fish & chips and big English breakfasts, now that would most likely fly (and kill IHOP graveyard dead). Of course, Beef Wellington and fast food don't even belong in the same sentence. It is fun to watch the Jolly guys discover America in our cuisine. Their trip to New Orleans was fun, and the boys approve heartily of Popeyes. They're right. We've got a plethora of excellent chicken sandwiches. 'Merika, hell yeah! ________________________ 1 - Tommies are what my Dad used to call British soldiers... he liked. Little did I know Kipling called them that a century before.
  17. Hehehe. I’m subscribed to Jolly so I just saw this before checking in here! They’re so excited by Wendy’s? I’ve got to wonder what they feed these poor guys at that school? 😮
  18. @Comicality @MrM Hahaha! The British Boys are one of my favorite things on YouTube! But why does Theo look so disgusted in the thumbnail?
  19. One must grow up, but you'll never grow old as long as you can stay silly.
  20. Feeling much better today, but I've still got some things to fix up on my end. It's a headache, believe me. BUT...I can still find my giggles, regardless! Like...seeing what "Home Alone" might look like if it crossed over with "Gone From Daylight"! How awesome would that be?
  21. I am having some internet problems at the moment that I've been trying my best to solve, but I am totally out of ideas and was hoping somebody here could give me some help. Does anybody here work for Yahoo.com, or have a connection to someone who does? What I need to do is seriously a ten second fix. Ten seconds, and everything is back in order. But I can't get to the place I need to be in order to put the ten second fix to any use. If that makes sense. Please...if you think you can help me somehow, just send me an email at Comicality@shackoutback.net as soon as you get a chance so I can get everything back on schedule. It's been a few weeks now. Ugh! Frustration!

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