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  2. https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/safehaven/ "Shelter's" fourth prequel, "Safe Haven" begins again tonight as a part of the 'Shelter-Verse'! (With the ebook soon to follow, of course) If you're a fan of the "Shelter" series, you can read it as is without the prequels, BUT...if you want to know all of the goodies and backstories and hidden gems concerning your favorite characters, and want to see the breakdown of society...these are for you! So, enjoy! Have fun! And let me know what you think! Seezya soon!
  3. This young man inspired Colin Ford's character in "We Bought a Zoo".
  4. Awww! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Someone donated to the paypal account so I could grab a ticket to see the new "Ant Man" movie! You guys are the BEST! And I can't wait! I will be there! ::Nods:: SWEET!!!! Hehehe! "Have I killed you before?" Knowing Kang...yeah, he prolly did! Many times over! This movie's gonna be awesome!
  5. I know that things have been a bit of a 'feast or famine' situation since the holidays...but the famine part is over. ::nods::
  6. We finally get to see part 2 of this building!
  7. I love this kid’s talent, but I love the support of his school just as much! Way to go Caleb!
  8. Start practicing and we can all harmonize together!!
  9. "Teen Wolf" gets a reboot....starring Armani Jackson!
  10. I got most of the ones in I & II but III was more challenging. I guess I watched more movies in the 80s and 90s than later. We can thank PC gaming for that.
  11. https://imagine-magazine.org/releases/ A brand new issue of Imagine Magazine has just gone live if you guys want to stop by and enjoy what we've got waiting for you in there! Make sure to leave some positive 'Up Votes' for your favorite authors and articles, and look for more to come as we coast ahead towards our big 100th milestone issue this year! Woo hoo! Who knew we'd ever come this far, huh? Take care, and I'll see you all soon!
  12. So I might as well get my energy and my vibe back by going out to the hottest club in town, right? Hehehe! Everybody's gonna be there! Come join us! For all of my cinephiles out there...what's your score? How many points can you get? I'm pretty sure that I only missed a small handful of them.
  13. Yeah, I've been really sick for the past two weeks. Like...not sniffles and sore throat sick, but "I wonder if I can hold out or if I need to pay to see the doctor again" kinda sick. Luckily, it didn't get that bad this time. I'm focused again. I was sorta circling the drain there for a while though... Thanks, you guys. Mwah!
  14. The next batch of Brandons are ready… Entry 19: https://gayauthors.org/story/mrm/brandon-smiling-from-the-billy-chase-chronicles-2/19 Entry 20: https://gayauthors.org/story/mrm/brandon-smiling-from-the-billy-chase-chronicles-2/20 Entry 21: https://gayauthors.org/story/mrm/brandon-smiling-from-the-billy-chase-chronicles-2/21
  15. I'm glad that you're starting to feel better, Comsie! Here's Bodhi Sabongui to help you get back on your feet! https://www.instagram.com/p/CkRWbQJOQ3K/
  16. …Ok, I’ll bite: what are you working your way back from? Whatever it is, I’m glad you’re feeling better from it.
  17. But I look ok, right? Like...functional? ::Fixes Hair:: How about now? Thumbs up? Ah well. At least I can focus a bit. So that helps. I'm feeling much better today, though. Some food and some tea and I'll be good.
  18. One of my greatest influencers on writing was Chris Claremont. He turned the X-Men into a full-on saga! I just finished reading his entire run of X-Books and he was the undisputed master of comic world-building! He connected more threads than a lace weaver! MCU needs to seriously consider him to write any future screenplays for a rebooted X-Men!
  19. Hehehe...well, it's not like they weren't warned again and AGAIN of the consequences! But...avengers gotta avenge, I guess... They're learning now, though. Just...it's been a long time coming. And they haven't introduced the X-Men yet...which is where things get really DARK! But I love it! >:) I can only pray that I could possibly have HALF the talent it took to build this world with GFD that they had when I was growing up! Following the breadcrumbs is fun!
  20. I really enjoyed some parts, others not as much.

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