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  1. Albert1434

    Chapter 1 All the Colors Under the Sun

    That would be amazing if he did and I would be in love
  2. Albert1434

    Chapter 1 All the Colors Under the Sun

    On my 3rd read and I find I would say the same things again like WOW
  3. Albert1434

    Chapter 27 Ringside

    Man love this poem perfect nature ❤️
  4. Hello Albert1434, I started on time, but now its a belated wish. Congratulations to GAs' newest  Septuagenarian. You are one heck of a member, so don't let a number slow you down.

    I want to wish you a very Happy 70th Birthday. I hope you had an awesome day.



    70th Birthday Card




    Take care




  6. Happy Birthday, Albert! I hope you have an awesome day!! 


    Image result for happy seventieth birthday

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Tillykke med fødselsdagen fra Danmark :hug:

      I hope you find some tasty soup to share with your SO. ;) 

  7. Happy Birthday Albert!  Welcome to the septugenarian club!

  8. Albert1434

    Chapter 12 Hashtag

    I love this poem sad but honest
  9. Albert1434

    Chapter 3

    I enjoyed this chapter its well written. I cant wait to see the next chapter.
  10. Albert1434

    Oil and Water

    Great short story filled with Gary Magic loved it
  11. Albert1434

    Chapter 1 Flight or Fight

    I just loved this powerful short piece. Once again I get a taste of Gary Magic and find my self wanting more Great dialogue
  12. Albert1434

    Chapter 2

    Good chapter and well edited Read well
  13. Albert1434

    Chapter 1

    I am enjoying this story it is well written
  14. Albert1434

    Chapter 11 Visitation

    Wow one bad dream I am betting
  15. Albert1434

    Chapter 5

    Great chapter very much enjoy it. Fun watching the charter development like how Jarrod and want to have Tony along for pool night nice. Thanks

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