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Savage Moon 03 - Brethren - 4. Chapter 4

You cannot imagine the experience...having never been touched like this by another human being in this way before, to be so sexually confused, trying to hide everything you feel for so long, to have your body set into a frenzy with maddening teenage hormones...and then to finally get that first taste of what you've been longing for. To get that taste in such a miraculous abundance that not even your dreams could have created a better scenario. Not just 'sex'....no. Sex with boys. Beautiful, young, incredibly sexed up boys. They were touching me, rubbing me, tasting me, from both sides. And Sebastian, the intensely beautiful body I most longed to lick from one inch to another...was close enough to watch it all. Only minutes away from getting his turn. I had to open my eyes for fear that I might explode too soon. I tried to hold back as best as I could. But the twins were VERY good at what they were doing. Their synchronized pleasuring of my neck from both sides, their breaths blowing softly into my ear, the sensation just enough to fall between arousing me and tickling me. My eyes landed on John Boy and Kriegar, who had both taken to kissing each other as well, while Dex sat on the floor, softly chewing at the front of John Boy's pants as his hand wormed his way in through Kriegar's zipper. The sight of it was so lewd, so forbidden, it actually turned me on even more. The entire truck was alive with a passion that only Hell itself could hold. And it seduced me deeper and deeper into its grip, constantly asking me to just close my eyes....fold my hands across my chest....lean back.....and fall. Fall. Fall.

I couldn't believe this was happening right now. Here, out in the open like this. I suppose your first time never happens the way you expect it to...but there is no WAY I could have factored all of this into my deas of what it would be like. I whimpered again as Razor pressed down on my hardness through my jeans, rubbing it firmly, his palm stimulating the ridge of my circumsized head again and again through the material. His long fingers traveling down between my balls, and sometimes further back. Their gentle licks became kisses to my lips, cheeks, neck, and chin. They took turns turning me from one twin to the other to accept their kiss. All the while, the other one would be sucking at my flesh, his hands driving me wild with their lustful pinches and squeezes. I felt Dexter reach out a foot to rub up against my leg. He could hardly reach me while he was pleasing his two friends and they were pleasing each other. But he attempted to connect to me anyway, and feeling his gentle rubbing of my leg made my hardness spasm and twitch even more. I felt like I could hardly breathe. My chest felt constricted, heavy, like it was full of concrete. And while I felt completely helpless against the rush of sensations going on all over my body, it didn't frighten me at all. There was no guilt in it. No fear, no doubt, no suppression...it overwhelmed me from every angle...and all I had to do was just....breathe. Just let it all in. Accept the feelings of sex as my emotions wrapped themselves around the boys causing me to feel this good. When Cyrus had finally pulled into the driveway of the old house, I was ACHING for more! Literally ACHING! The front of my boxers practically stuck to my legs from my dripping excitement, and I didn't have to hide it. I didn't have to hide anything in front of them. If there was one thing that Cyrus was 'completely' truthful about, it was his total lack of judgement concerning who I was. His only complaint was that I wasn't letting it shine through enough. Other than that, he seemed to accept me more the more I accepted myself. And I felt as though he had really adopted me for good when he saw the bulge in my pants and stopped me to kiss me on the lips. It took me by surprise at first, but once that split second of doubt was over, I gave in, and I kissed him back. We stood at the bottom of the porch, our lips locked together, and I allowed my arms to slide slowly up his back to hold him to me. His kiss was forceful. Not 'physically' forceful, but emotionally so. It held me still. It calmed me to let his lips guide me exactly where he wanted them to. And his strong hands held onto my hips, our bodies as close as possible, as he seemed to take the breath right out of my lungs. When he broke the kiss, I swooned a bit, and he held me up with his arms.

"Welcome home, Wes." He smiled. And he released me from his embrace, walking up the front steps. I was ready to explode! Everyone else entered the house in front of me except for the twins, who stood as bookends to the doorway while inviting me inside.

Did it ever cross my mind that this was all moving so fast? Did I stop to think that I needed to know this group of weirdos better? Or that I needed 'protection'....just in case? Did I hesitate to think about the possible consequences of falling this deeply into their bottomless pit of temptation? Of COURSE I did! My legs were weak, my body trembling as I took that first step up towards that porch and the front door. The entire time my mind was racing with every risk and danger that could exist for me the second I stepped foot inside that house and the door closed behind me. But there was that 'pull' again. That pull that kept dragging me closer and closer to them all. That magnetic yank that tugged so fiercely on every unknown aspect of my life, every libido that I ever possessed, every curious instinct in my body. Seeing Cyrus sit in his easy chair through the opening of the front door, smiling at me, beckoning me with the gentle glow of his demading eyes...the pull became too strong. My desire, my need for what was happening, blocked ut every doubt in my mind. And I went inside.

If you ask me...my innocence never again emerged from that house. I lost more than my virginity that night...I lost my humanity. And my ability to ever truly resist their control again.

I stopped just inside the door, and watched as the others all sorta...'fell into place' with each other. I trembled a bit, wondering if this was all too quick, too sudden. Should I stay? Should I leave? Can I stay and just....not participate in all this? Ohhh....but I WANT to.....soooo bad! I watched Kristin lift up Scout's shirt, and begin to suck almost desperately at his young boyish nips. And Kriegar stripped off his shirt to cuddle behind her, kissing the back of her neck. He was still young, but Kriegar had wisps of hair on his chest, on his legs, on his arms...and the sensation of feeling that texture against her skin, caused Kristin to moan outloud. Dexter had worked off John Boy's pants one leg at a time, and shoved his face up one of the wide legs of his boxers. John Boy's hands entangled in Dex's blond curls and I watched as he pulled his meat through the leg hole and began sucking hungrily at it. The whole room began to smell of sex pretty quickly, and as Cyrus watched my hesitation from his easy chair, I felt myself being pressured to join in. The thought terrified me. I had never even KISSED a boy until the other day...and now they want me to get naked and join into some weird teenage ORGY? Are they CRAZY?

But as always, Cyrus didn't give me much time to think. Not much time to fight back with a will of my own. With a nod of his head, he motioned for the twins to 'collect' me. They stepped up behind me on either side, and I tensed up as they both took an earlobe into their mouths and gave me one long wet suck. The sex inside of me was building to uncontrollable levels, and I had been teased, prodded, and prepared for this moment ever since we got into that truck to ride home. Maybe even since the first night they saw me at Rainbow's End. The twins then each took a hold of my arms, and gently guided me over to the couch between the two 'couples'. Dexter was wildly wrapping his wet lips and tongue around John Boy's shaft while stroking himself through his zipper on one side of me. On the other side, Kristin had slowly undressed Scout to nothing but his socks. He was pretty impressive for a boy his age, and he was standing at full attention. So hard that his heartbeat was causing it to spasm with every rush of blood. Kristing cupped his young nuggets in her hand as Kriegar took a handful of her right breast, squeezing and twisting it lovingly as their tongues engaged one another. I was in the MIDDLE of all of this, and the very air around me seemed to seduce me further and further into their trap. The heat rising up from the floor was enough to cause a slight sheen to appear on my forehead. I should have stopped there, but I couldn't. They wouldn't let me. I wouldn't let me! I was so hard that I thought I would pass out from it! My GOD! My heart was beating so fast, so incredibly fast. It was the same roller coaster effect Cyrus was talking about. That exhilirating fear rushing through me while I just tried my best to hold on! I couldn't even feel my soul....slipping away.

Everyone was getting involved except for Cyrus, who sat in his plush throne, staring at me with a grin more evil than all the ones he had given me before. I looked back at him through half open eyes, spotting a rather large tent straining in front of him, and realized that he was saving his turn for later. Possibly...for me. The loud smacks of kisses and slurping noises continued around me in stereo, and my attention was taken away by Shank and Razor as they stood in front of me and removed their shirts in unison. Their smooth chests came into view, small brown tufts of hair under their arms, their dark green eyes melting me with their gaze. At fifteen years old, they still looked as pure as the day they were born. But the wicked thoughts they entertained could be seen in there eyes. That might be why they easily distracted me by reaching for the buckle of their pants and began to lower them to the floor. I could feel myself turn red with a virgin blush, almost wanting to turn away from staring at them, even though my body wanted to reach out touch them so badly. More clothes were removed, and soon they were standing there completely naked in front of me. Their legs on either side of my knee. And there they waited. Knowing that I wanted to feel them, knowing that I wouldn't be able to resist for much longer. Their bodies were perfect, flat, delicious. Their hips were even skinnier than I had thought, erotically slim, curved out just enough to accent their tight little asses magnificently. Their twin rods were pointing directly at me, gently bouncing in anticipation of service. I felt as though I was going to cry I was so nervous. I couldn't even remember how I GOT to this point! But here I was, getting ready to jump over the edge, and descend with the rest of them. With no more than a slight pause, I felt my hands leave my sides, and I reached out to touch their tender flat tummies. I let my index fingers slowly circle their navels as my mouth went dry. I was too scared to move any further just yet. I just let my hands feel their soft young skin, and the teen muscles of their belly flex as they breathed in an out calmly. Then, without warning, they both lowered their hands to my wrists...and pushed them don until I was holding their hardness in my hand. It was automatic. I felt my fingers wrap themselves around both boy's erections at once, and I felt them shiver in pleasure as I did it. It was my first time ever holding one other than my own. It was amazing. Sooooo warm. HOT even. And they were so very hard, but still soft and spongy at the same time. Almost like grabbing the bar of a towel rack with the towel still on it. They used their muscles to flex their hardness beneath my fingers, and my heart began to race even faster than before. I just held them there, feeling the skin, the length, the warmth...the boys were definitely 'healthy' in that department, but I didn't dare move my hands. Not until the began to push themselves back and forth into my hands. I nearly had an orgasm from just the feeling of it. I tightened my grip, and heard them gasp slightly. The grinded in small circles, using my hands for pleasure, and had to hold on to one another's shoulders for support. It was then, in a lustful haze, that I began to stroke them at last. Licking my lips the entire time.

The rest of the sex going on in that room faded away into the background for me. Just becoming grunts and moans in the back of my mind. It was then that the twins squeezed in on the couch on either side of me. The sprawled themselves out, their legs covering mine, their hard pulsing members sticking straight out like planks. And they ran their hands under my shirt, eventually lifting it over my head. They must have sensed my tension from losing an article of clothing, because they giggled sensually at my hesitation. They could see the slight fear and confusion in my eyes, but took it slow with me. They just ran their hands all over my chest and stomach, sometimes up to my shoulders and back down again. Then, they looked at each other with passion in their eyes..leaned forward in front of me...and began to french kiss slowly while running their fingers through my hair. My eyes nearly rolled out of my head, and I was immediately punch drunk with the desire to please the both of them. They were so into each other, so passionately intertwined with one another. And yet they still ran their hands over the top of my head, messing up my hair until it looked like a wild brush fire. Every nerve in my head was tingling, and when I could no longer stand it, I reached out my hands again, and took a firm hold of them in my fingers. They moaned outloud into each other's mouth as I began to stroke them slowly. I could feel the gyrations of their hips on my lap as the kissed harder and pushed up into my hand. I was DOING it! I was participating! I was....actually having SEX! With not just ONE cute boy, but TWO! As I felt myself seduced further into the act itself, more of those inner doors came crashing down, and another level was reached. I gave up my body, mind, and soul...all for this one experience. I sat up some more, and with a timid blink or two, I closed my eyes and lightly kissed Razor's naked shoulder. Once, then twice....then three times. Then I leaned the other way to kiss Shank's shoulder as well. It didn't take long before the bashful act gave way to something much more powerful, and I began to tenderly lick and suck at the flesh before me. Their skin was like licking warm sheets of ice. Their taste danced on my tongue, and my licking got to be more and more desperate as my erection grew harder beneath them. My hands stroked them with more aggressive motions, and they could tell that I was giving in. That I only had a short way to go before I was theirs entirely. I felt their hands reach for the back of my head while they continued making out, and they pulled me closer. Closer and closer to their kissing lips, until their vision was blurred before me. And soon...they had turned their heads slightly to accept me into their tongue game. The three of us, sucking at each other's lips and tongues as our hot breaths got tangeld in the middle of our lust driven triangle. Not even in my dreams, could I had imagined sex being like this. And I was merely standing on the edge of the actual act. How much better could it get?

Our three way kiss stopped, and the twins leaned back from my view to opposite sides of me again while I held tightly onto their stiffened members. And like an opening curtain, the twins fell to the side to let me see Sebastian standing before me. Not a lick of clothes on him, his beautifully androgynous form now displaying its every secret to me in all it's glory. He had at least 7 inches, and it was pointing directly at me as he brushed some of his long almond hair out of his eyes and moved towards me. My God....my God....if only words could string together into the right combination to describe how utterly gorgeous he was. His skin was like silk, his shape and curve was erotically delicate, yet masculine with just the right touch of femininity. As his hypnotic eyes locked onto mine, I felt myself throb in my jeans, ready to burst at any second. The twins turned into two opposite directions to join in with a couple at either side of the couch, but kept my hands fixated firmly around them. I trembled as Sebastian got close enough for me to touch, and he knelt down in front of me. That action alone caused me to moan and close my eyes as my head fell back against the couch. I could feel his slim fingers working on the buckle of my pants, then the zipper. I felt him remove my sneakers....and soon my socks...and then...he tugged at the legs of my pants to get them off of me. I raised my hips softly, unable to do anything more than surrender to his silent wishes and try to keep from breathing so heavily. I was naked except for my underwear, and I opened my eyes as I felt his hesitation to remove them. Then, the moment he saw me watching, he bent forward and crushed his face against the material of my boxers, his lips moving all around me, his nose and chin, pushing it from side to side, his hands creeping further and further up my legs. His long hair draped itself over my lap, and I let go of one of the twins to feel it between my fingers. His face pressed against me harder, his hot moistened breath passing through the material as he sucked at me through the cotton confines. The sudden jolt caused me to whimper outloud, and for a quick moment, I was embarrassed at making the noise. But Cyrus was still watching me, and laughed as he enjoyed the fall of my will power to my first sexual experience.

It was then that Sebastian lifted his head, and removed my underwear entirely by slipping them off of me one leg at a time. It felt myself exposed, my nakedness now in full view of everyone in that room. Was it a pinch of shame that I felt? Was it doubt that I would be any good at this? Especially when trying to please people who have obviously DONE this before a bunch of times. Who knows? But my mind went blank as I saw him lean forward again, his precious lips openeing slightly as he got closer to my treasure, his hair gliding forward to hide his eyes from me as his head lowered itself. Oh wow...this is it....this is TOTALLY it! I gasped with excitement, and then....for the first time...felt my inches lovingly slide into the warm wet surroundings of another boy's mouth. I inhaled deeply, my hips raising up off the couch as I felt this weightless sensation rush into my stomach. My mouth opened in a gasp, my leg muscles tightened, and I felt as though my whole BODY was on fire! That hot, soaking wet, slippery feel of Sebastian's tongue on me was bringing me to the edge FAST! I couldn't help it! I had to hold my breath to keep from screaming! I think Sebastian knew that, I think he 'wanted' me to scream. He began to slowly suck me in and out of his warm mouth, those cute lips of his cushioning me from his teeth. His tongue squirmed beneath me, and the texture of his taste buds were driving me wild. I had to hold on to something. ANYTHING! I let my hands reach up to the twins' shoulders on either side of me, gripping them tight as Sebastian continued his work on me. Razor, the more 'active' of the two, turned towards me to kiss me passionately on the lips. After almost being driven over the edge by ONE sensation...I now had a second one to deal with. And soon, a third, as Shank took my hand and sucked my middle finger into his mouth. One gorgeous boy sucking me down below, one sucking my middle finger like his life depended on it, and another delivering a breathless tongue kiss to my lips. My body was overloaded with sensations. It was the weirdest confusion, not knowing which particular 'event' to enjoy first, believing that you can't enjoy them all at once. For fear that your body would blow a fuse and shut down entirely. Then...I felt more hands on my chest. I broke the kiss just long enough to see John Boy reaching over to touch me. His eyes completely closed, his thirteen year old pursed lips looking a ruby red as he licked them at me. Sebastian moved slightly to the side...where I felt Dexter's blond curls brush up against the inside of my right thigh. I hardly had time to gasp before I felt both tongues licking and sucking at either side of my hardness! Occassionally switching to go back to my balls and give them equal attention as well. I slumped downwards on the couch, and that only allowed more hands to get access to my nude body. They came from every direction, and touched me non stop. Sebastian and Dex nursed at me with such passion that I was almost TOO turned on to climax. There was SO much sex, such an overindulgence of good feelings. It was all around me. I couldn't hold back anymore, and started to whimper out loud again. It was strained a bit through clenched teeth, my mind reminding me to try to not make a fool out of myself. But that only made everyone in the room work harder to free my moans of pleasure. They sucked harder, licked harder, groped harder...soon all the attention was on me, and I felt myself sliding down to the floor.

"Unnnnghhhh, unnnnghhhh..." My cries got louder, and they all coaxed it out of me. More and more. Even Scout, who had shown me such hostility before, was working hard to make sure that I was beyond the point of holding back anymore. Parts of me were trying soooo hard to keep some kind of sane outlook on what was going on here, but the feelings were sooooo fucking incredible. I began to lose my sense of discretion, and was practically wailing out in desperate whimpers from the multiple pleasures enveloping my young body. Not even when Scout tradled my chest, his hardness inches from my face, could I resist my own taboos. He was only a little BOY...this is wrong. So MUCH of this is wrong. But as the moment got hotter and hotter, and the bodies on the floor turned into one mangled twist of flesh and lips...another barricade was destroyed inside of me. And without so much as a whisper from my conscience, I opened my mouth, and took Scout's 5 inches inside. I was actually sucking another boy off...and GOD did I love it! The taste was like regular skin, but sweeter, and warmer. He slid over my tongue and I could feel every pulse of his heartbeat through my lips as I applied as much suction as possible. Scout pushed in and out of my mouth for a few pumps, his tender belly resting on my forehead, his smooth body still not sprouting anything more than a few wisps of peach fuzz tickling my nose, before getting off of my chest and pulling out of my sucking lips. I believe it was more a test of what I would do than an actual attempt for Scout to be satisfied. I felt myself being further tested as I felt my fingers dip into something wet and warm from the side. I saw Kriegar using my hand to slowly finger Kristin as she sat wide legged against the couch, and when he let go, I continued to penetrate her, again and again. There WAS no gay or straight here...I was simply lost in the flesh.

It was at that moment that Cyrus stood up, and finally, began to undress. I saw him with my own eyes, and the others suckled at me from every angle of my body. He had a little more muscle definitition than the rest of us, and it was packed tightly onto his average sized frame. I stared as Dexter slid up beside me to suck hard at my neck. Hard enough to almost make me wince. Then, Sebastian took me completely into his mouth again, all the way down until his nose rested against my quivering body. With one more peek, I saw Cyrus remove his pants, and what he had in there was MASSIVE! A lot larger than what I was expecting for a boy his size. Not inhuman...but it looked to be slightly bigger than Sebastian's if you ask me. It was at that moment that Sebastian swiveled himself around while still keeping his lips firmly wrapped around me, and presented his hardness for my pleasure. It was all I had been waiting for since I had first laid eyes on him...and I swallowed as much of him as I possibly could. My mind left this world entirely, and we sucked at each other with a passion that caused the very last gateway to insanity to crumble into dust. I felt all inhibitions disappear, and with a loud moan, I reached up both hands to grab his ass cheeks hard and pull him as deep into my face as I could manage. That was it...that was the catalyst.

I felt Sebastian slowly roll to the side, carrying me with him until I was on top of him in a 69 position, my head planted firmly between his smooth athletic thighs and sucking for all I was worth. The twins licked at my sides, John Boy and Kristin licked all ovr my shoulders while Scout kissed the back of my neck. Dexter and Kriegar took my supple cheeks into their hands, and rubbed me up and down in the cleft, passing over my hole as it was exposed for all to see. Then I felt a wet sensation as they took turns licking at the pink and wrinkled rosebud. Oh WOW!!! I don't think I had a single ounce of resistance left in me at that moment. I was ready to blow. I couldn't hold it back any longer. My mind was racing, my pulse was racing, my breathing was panicked and ragged...the moment of truth was approaching. Then I felt the actions behind me stop. The others moved away, and Cyrus himself crept up behind me on all fours. He kissed my crack, and let those kisses travel slowly up my spine, until he reached my shoulder blades. I felt his hardness positioned between my pert cheeks, and nearly moved away to prevent him from splitting me with that thing. But Sebastian, sensing my defiance, sucked harder at me, and closed his thighs around my face and neck to hold me still. The others kissed and licked at my arms and legs...but mostly stayed off to the side while Sebastian and Cyrus did their best to work me over. And then...I felt a scratch.

I wasn't sure what it was from, but it was pretty sharp because I think it broke the skin. It was on my shoulder, and it felt....almost like a 'fingernail' or something. The pain vanished pretty fast, but I felt a trickle of warm liquid run down my arm. I took my mouth off of Sebastian for a moment to look and see what it was. IT looked like...like blood. But by the time I had seen the red color of the liquid, Cyrus had forced my head forward again, and grinded into me from behind. He was laying his hardness lengthwise down the middle, and I knew what he wanted. It was the only time that my mind began to struggle again for some kind of reasonable hold on what was going on. I felt another scratch, this time on my back, and made a grunt as I felt the pinch of pain behind me. I could feel Cyrus positioning himself behind me, now pointing his engorged organ at my back door, and I reached back to try to push him away. But he smacked my hand. I reached back again, and he smacked it harder. Then I felt another scratch on my arm! I pulled off of Sebastian's hardness for a moment to speak, but Scout pushed my head back down. And I felt another scratch on the back of my neck! Then two more at both of my sides! What the hell was happening here?

I attempted to look up, and I saw Scout's eyes glowing red, a long trail of saliva dripping from his mouth onto his shirt. But my head was forced back down again so fast that I wasn't sure if what I saw was even REAL. I felt confusion turn into fear, and another set of scratches clawed at one of my legs. Sebastian sucked harder still beneath me, and I felt Cyrus lean his weight down on my back from above.

"Shhhhh....it's time to drop the sheep's clothing...little wolf." He whispered in my ear, and I felt him push forward as his hardness tried to enter me. I opened my mouth in a silent scream, my eyes shut tightly, a few tears appearing at the sides. I clenched myself closed, hoping to discourage him from trying to get inside me, but it only began to frustrate him. Sebastian's hands ran up and down my sides, and I felt everyone else's tongue lick the small trails of blood off of my skin. The moment was all so surreal. The pain was there, the fear was there....but the ecstacy of the sexual passions released inside of me seemed to outweigh them all. So many hands, so many tongues, so many lips.....warm....suction...stimulation...I couldn't leave. I couldn't get up out of their grasp. And I paid for my sins dearly.

Cyrus tried again, harder this time, but I pushed my tight cheeks closed to keep him out. I heard him growl. A deep, low, sinister growl. And his weight on my back seemed to increase for some reason. Like he had become heavier, fuller, stronger. His breath was burning hot, and landed on my back in short grunts as he lewdly licked a long wet trail up my back side. There were so many hands and tongues on me tht it was difficult to tell who was who. But I knew Cyrus. I culd feel his sense of total control in everything he did, and this was no different. For a moment, his weight increased again....and he was so heavy on me that it pushed the air out of my lungs. It was strange..because Cyrus wasn't really all that big. But the heft on my back caused me to cough a bit as I fought to get my breath back. Then....as if by magic, the extra weight disappeared, and he laid himself fully across my back. Sebastian's administrations were so damn good that the tip of my length was almost sore from being worked over by his firm wet tongue, and he reached up with both hands to pry my ass cheeks apart. Giving Cyrus the opportunity to try again. I was wiggling a bit, hoping to clench myself shut again and maybe change positions where I wouldn't be so exposed to his determined persuit. This time, however, when Cyrus leaned forward, a few warm wet drips of saliva landing on my back, after only a second's hesitation....he BIT me! I felt his teeth sink into the back of my shoulder, and I shouted outloud! "Ahhhhh!!! What the hell?!?!? OWWWW!!!" My whole body cringed from the pain. It felt like his teeth had become tiny little daggers, piercing my flesh and sinking deeper into me with a flex of his jaw muscles. He bit down harder, and this time, when I screamed, my hole opened up for him, and he slowly slid right in to the hilt. All of him, every inch, pushed right into my tight hole and pushed the air right out of me again. My eyes opened wide, and I felt 'full' inside. So full that I couldn't move. But Sebastian worked me well enough to keep my mind off of the burning pain behind me. His hands ran all over my back from beneath me, keeping me stable, distracting my attention from what was happening. And Cyrus finally let his teeth dislodge from my sore skin. It was painful....SO damn painful! But I didn't know whether to concentrate on the bite, or the penetration, or Sebastian, or the many licks and scratches that were covering my back, arms, and legs at that moment. Even without being able to turn around, I could feel Cyrus smiling down on me, and he groaned lustfully as he began to slowly pump himself in and out of me. I grunted involuntarily everytime he pushed inside of my constricted ring, and was able to let out a long breath as he pulled out until just the head was left inside. It was too late for me to turn back now. I actually remember telling myself that. I had been exposed to a sexual encounter in every way that I could think of...and I'd never be able to consider myself a virgin ever again.

The pain in my shoulder from the bite seemed to disappear, numbing itself as I got used to being filled up inside. And Cyrus continued to grind into me, his hips making wide sensual circles with every expert thrust into my vulnerable opening. He began building speed little by little until he forgot about me entirely and began to use his piston to only please himself. I was being pounded from behind, and as he reached new spots inside of me, that pain from being entered transformed into an 'itch'. The same 'itch' that Kyla had told me about before at Rainbow's End. I needed it scratched! I wanted him to fill me up, to pump harder, to take me for everything I was worth. I felt myself pushing back against him, letting go even more as my blood boiled inside. I couldn't explain it...but I was suddenly possessed with a fever. Like my body had been invaded by some strange virus. But like everything else....they made sure that the sex overshadowed my every concern. Until finally, my body contracted, my face tensed up, and with a huge jerk and a push of my body, I shot off the first blast of my climax into Sebastian's mouth! The orgasm had come to totally break me down from the inside, making it impossible to move on my own. My body twisted and convulsedwith a mind of its own, and I was left shaking. Holding onto the bars of that roller coaster, feeling the trembling andrenaline rush as I tried to ride it ut until the end. I shot again and again...over and over. My very SOUL was trembling from the sensation. I held my breath so I wouldn't scream, but Cyrus began to lick and kiss and suck on the back of my neck, just under my ear. And the orgasm seemed to get even MORE euphoric! I couldn't take anymore, and when Cyrus brushed roughly over my prostate with a hard punch inside of me, Iheard a loud moan escape my lips. And another, and another. Vocally diving into the madness of my explosion. The loud cries seemed to be chained together, and once I began to whimper out loud, there was no stopping it. My cries f passion filled the room shamelessly, and I lost all control. I felt like I would NEVER stop shooting, but Sebastian swallowed every drop, and Cyrus pushed even deeper into me to force the spurts out harder and more forcefully than they already were. My entire BEING was taken over by the feeling, and my muscles threatened to cramp up if I didn't calm down soon!

Cyrus was close, and my orgasm caused me to clench and swirl up tight around his thick shaft as he pushed his last few gyrations into me. As Sebastian sucked at my now super sensitive head, I wanted to pull out of his young mouth and keep him from continuing the almost painfully ticklish sensations he was giving me. But Cyrus kept me still, and while having my sensitive tip trapped in Sebastian's suction, Cyrus wrapped his arms around my chest and exploded inside of me. He sucked at my shoulders and placed kisses on my neck as I felt his seed gush out of him and drip from my opening. The storm had reached its peak, and it was a full five minutes, before we could relax again. My breathing calmed, my pulse returned to normal, and I believe I might have passed out here and there, only for a few seconds at a time. I felt the pile of warm bodies beginning to 'settle' silently around me, a sheen of sweat covering us all. Finally, Cyrus lifted his weight from my back, and Sebastian gently rolled me off of him to lay on my back. My skin felt hot, and my whole body was tingling. Every inch of me. I let a smile cross my lips. A smile so real, so pure, that it forced me to close my eyes and simply enjoy it. I don't think I had ever a experienced a grin that was this connected to my inner spirit. My body went limp, and I was so satisfied that it felt as if my body was going to float away. As though I was going to levitate right off of the floor and float through the ceiling. I was truly in a personal paradise.

I was in the middle of everyone else in the room, and although the sex was finished, I could still hear kissing and cuddling all around me. Hands that would rub small circles on my naked flesh, or a few gentle licks that would leave cool trails of saliva on me in one place or another. I just.....I let go. And I knew I'd never be the same again.

What had I done? The question played over and over in my mind. But it was too little, too late. It was too easy for me to ignore it now. Was this right? Was that what sex is like? Is this what I wanted? Was I taken advantage of? Was I raped? Did I want it? Are we going to do it again? Should I go home now? Should I EVER go home? All concepts and questions that flashed in front of my eyes briefly and then dissipated into thin air. There was no way that doubting questions could touch me, not while I was smiling like this. No consequence or punishment could ever make me regret coming out here and doing this today. I think that was Cyrus' plan from the start. He knew that the only way he could free me from myself was to not give me any other choice. To put me in a position where he could manipulate me into breaking free from what I knew. Of life, of truth, of sex, of myself really. And as I lay there, staring dreamily at the ceiling...I let out a sigh of relief...not even concerning myself with going home again at that moment. Not now. I was free. I was truly free.

Fourteen years old...and THAT is what I have to remember as my 'virgin' experience. I still remember exactly how it felt...letting the restraints fall away. Feeling like I was flying the entire time. Sometimes, when I think back five years to that exact moment...I swear that I can still feel that liberating smile on my face. I was just a boy back then, but it's not like I didn't know any better. I gave myself to him and his friends. I explored some of my deepest darkest fantasies in that house. Without any kind of shame or regret. I wanted to know..and Cyrus....he showed me. He led me through that magical door towards a blinding light that I had been oh so afraid of before that day. I realize now that I could have stopped at anytime...but I didn't. I willingly laid down with every last one of them and sold them my soul. They used my body over and over again that night. Just when I was going limp, someone else would come by and kiss my inches back to life for another play. It was soooo indulgent. So unbelievably wrong that my heart took a sadistic 'joy' in it all. I let my body become their new canvas, and they decorated it well with their seductive licks and touches. Why? Why did I give in? Why did I let them corrupt me in such an invasive way? Because I LET them. That's why. Because they were providing me with a much more interesting 'product' than the rest of the world was pushing at that time. Because, despite the swift and sudden insanity of it all, Cyrus was right. I was TIRED of hiding. I was TIRED of running. I was TIRED of pretending that who I was and what I wanted was 'bad' and should be locked away in some closet or swept under some dirty rug. I wanted to break free from all of the polite little prisons that we force ourselves to live in everyday. I wanted to be more like them. I wanted a glimpse into their world, and have them invite me in as one of their own. Well, they did...and Cyrus rolled out the red carpet for me.

A red carpet stained in blood.

Even now I wonder if some of that 'poison' is still coursing through my veins. Tainting me further with every beat of my heart. I felt it that night in the old house, but never once realized what it was. I never thought about why my blood seemed to boil and churn with such a sense of hysteria. Or why the bites and scratches on my naked back, sides, and legs, had healed so quickly. My mind was running in circles so fast that all of reality was a blur, and only the fantastic sensations of being released from my life remained. Only the sex stayed in my mind. And they knew it would...didn't they? They knew that sex was the one key they could use to unlock every door that I could possibly put up against them. They broke in to who I was, into every moral and value I had ever developed over time, and entered in their own malicious programming. Sometimes I still feel those impulses inside of me. Fighting to get out. During each phase of the moon, I wonder what's guiding my attitudes, my emotions, my choices. Yes...even now I sometimes wonder if that beast is still inside, waiting to get out. Waiting for the one moment when I'd be weak enough to let its power seduce me again. It wouldn't take much. Not at all.

I was a part of a 'pack' now. There was no going back. I was Cyrus' personal property....mind, body, and soul. And the only way to escape that situation...

...Would be if he...or I...or BOTH of us...died to make it so.

I wasn't ready for what came next. No...I was never ready. Who would be? I was standing on the edge of my own sanity...and that same night..I took my first step off of the ledge. Things only got worse from there.

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Great chapter and story, it seems like Wes was brain washed by Cyrus as he talked to him getting him to drop his shields and open his mind to what’s being said. After picking him up and then taking him back to his house he spoke to Wes again about letting his inhibitions go and then after letting Dex free from his bindings Cyrus decided they were going on a road trip. On the road trip is where Wes started to lose his inhibitions then they went back to the house where everyone went to different places around the living room and proceeded to start getting themselves ready for a sexual bonding at which time Wes would become one of them. The twins started working on Wes in the back of the truck on the way back from the road trip, then once they got back to the house they started working on Wes again. Once they felt Wes was getting close they started removing their clothes and afterwards they were completely naked, they got Wes naked from the waist up and then Sebastian was standing in front of them naked as the day he was born. During the time that Sebastian and Wes were in a 69 position Trenton was getting really turned on and it almost became too much for him to have Sebastian sucking and licking his dick after he finished stripping him. While in the 69 position Cyrus came up behind him and after a few failed attempts to penetrate Wes he was finally able to get his dick into Wes’s tight hole Cyrus was able to get himself into Wes after he was bit on his shoulder. On to the next book in the series. 

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