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Savage Moon 06 - The New Breed - 30. Chapter 30


"Savage Moon: The New Breed 30'"



That's how I felt.

I felt soooo weary.

My eyes began to lose their focus as I watched the brightening sky above me. The sun wasn't up breaking over the horizon yet, but it was definitely on its way. Dyeing the sky a myriad of sensational colors...an elaborately golden hue blending and merging itself with countless others to paint our natural canopy with a delicate splendor of its own. It was a sight that seemed to bring me a level of comfort...laying down in the back of that truck. But my body had been so worn out. So fatigued. The harder I fought to stay awake...the harder the demands of a momentary loss of consciousness pulled on my senses. The whole time, lulling me into a state of irresistible exhaustion. Maybe it was the transformation that did it. I had forgotten just how much energy the change takes out of me once I gave into it. It didn't seem to wear my brethren down as much as it did me...but maybe they were just more accustomed to the brutality of it all. Being ripped apart...and made anew.

I can't believe that, even at this distance from their influence, I still sound like them in my head.

I could feel the intense burn of the wounds on my back where Kriegar's claws slashed my soft flesh to ribbons with the slightest touch. Drops of perspiration stung like salt and vinegar as it worked its way into the textured grooves of my deep cuts, causing me to wince in pain. But despite my high fever and jittery nerves...looking up at the night sky and the seeing the sight of tree branches scrolling past the movement of the speeding truck...a cooling breeze blowing over me as if to whisper secret healing phrases in my ear...I felt at peace. Totally at peace.

Was I far enough away for the calling to have lost its manipulative hold on me? Am I far enough away to breathe normally and flip off that emotional switch within me to let me know that it's ok to lower my defenses and stop being on high alert? It was hard to say. But I kept my ears perked up no matter how much effort the early morning atmosphere tried to calm me with the sounds of bird chirps and bright skies. I knew better. Father won't let this rest. He won't just let me walk away from my loyalties the way I did.

Ugh! CYRUS! Not 'Father'! His name...is Cyrus!

Difficult habit to break.

I had to force myself to think clearly. My senses were so muddy and incohesive. Hard to concentrate on anything beyond what Fath...er...Cyrus, told me to concentrate on. His control could be so complete. So pure. You wanted to believe in him. You wanted to trust him. It was like I had no self control at all when he was near...but he made me take pride and comfort in that. There was so much security in his leadership. I didn't have to be burdened with the mundane effort to think at all. As long as Cyrus loved me...and I showed him my eternal appreciation for that love...then I never had any reason to doubt his decisions. No reason to turn down his sexual advances. No reason to shy away from his strength, his power, his majesty. Cyrus was all I needed to live carefree and happy. Like he told me many times before...all I had to do was let go.

Father cared for me. He showed me the light. He gave me strength...and beauty...mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual, confidence. He supported me. Believed in me. Fought for me. And I betrayed him. I left my family behind for a second time. And I did it all to return to the flimsy illusion of freedom. Just so I could go back to so-called 'friends' and an environment that tires itself out every day trying to make the real me feel like an outcast. Hoping they'll be able to shame and bully me into hiding. Condemning me for not be the mindless 'worker bee' that their imaginary hive wants me to be.

Laying in the back of that truck, staring up at the sky...I had to keep asking myself if I was making the right choice. When it came to the power and protection of my pack...I knew that I shouldn't want it. I shouldn't submit to the craving, the intense THIRST, of it all. But if I ignored my desire to hold on to it for a little bit longer...I'd be a liar, and a hypocrite. Two things that Cyrus wouldn't tolerate, and never asked me to be.

Shit! The burn of my body repairing itself was beginning to make me nauseous. The whole world seemed to be spinning at triple its usual speed. So I closed my eyes and attempted to keep things still by blocking out the rotating vision of the world surrounding me. I just...I needed to rest. The wolf in me needs so much energy. So...soooo much energy...

I'm not exactly sure when I drifted off, but it couldn't have taken more than a few minutes. My physical form felt so heavy. So cumbersome. I'm surprised that I was able to stay conscious for as long as I did.

My mind, sliding through a magical door and into a pool of 'half thoughts' and incomplete dreams...I thought about Cyrus' kiss on my fevered lips. About Kriegar's aggressive approach to ravaging my body whenever he was horny. About Dexter's marshmallow soft bare ass cheeks as I squeezed and kneaded them with both hands. About Scout's smallish tongue as he engulfed me, or the Twins...subliminally coordinating their efforts as they pleased me from either side. One explosive orgasm after another. What am I going to do in a day or two when my body yearns for their touch again? It might not even take that long. In fact, as I moved my hand over to absentmindedly grip and lightly tug at my half hearted erection, I felt as though I was starting to miss them already. Almost as if I could feel John Boy's salivated tongue coiling around my hardness...his young lips pressing in on me from all sides as he bobbed his head up and down in order to carry me towards the release I was so anxious to give him. I thought about the way that Sebastian's silky skin slid up against mine as we spooned up against one another in bed...or how tight Dexter's cute little orifice would be if it were stretched around the ridge of my engorged phallus to the point where his boyish hole blushed from the strain of trying to accommodate me.

Dizzy. Half asleep, half awake...the thoughts ran back and forth through my mind uninhibited. I even thought about my time with Ian...replaying his helpless whimpers in my mind as I thrust madly into his virgin hole and used him for everything that he was worth. My god...the softness of him! The tightness! How many time did we have sex in that bed tonight? I lost count. All I knew was that I wanted more. Much much more!

Once we slow down...I might just....


Slow down?

Without even opening my eyes, I looked back up at the sky and wondered...are we slowing down?

Perhaps it was the bumps in the road, or the way the branches decreased in their rate of passing...but as my eyes suddenly sprung open with a touch of surprise, I knew that something was going on. And that it was a BAD thing!

"Isaac? Isaac, what are you doing?" I called out. Still sore and fatigued, I rolled over to the side and got on my hands and knees...crawling to the back window of the truck. When I looked inside, Isaac's eyes met mine through the reflection of the rearview mirror. Tears were streaming down his cheeks, his face smothered with an expression of fear and hopelessness. "Isaac? Dude, are you ok...?"

He was silent at first. Then I saw him grip the wheel with both hands and he took a couple of really deep breaths...almost as if he were preparing himself for something.

"Isaac...we can't slow down, ok? It isn't safe. Do you understand. W have to keep..."

But before I could finish my sentence, Isaac jerked the wheel of the truck to the side and we started heading towards a ditch on the side of the road! Isaac opened the driver's side door, and before I could reach in and grab a hold of him...he JUMPED!

I was shocked, Isaac landing on the pavement and tumbling for a bit before coming to a complete stop. I, on the other hand, was still rolling forward in a moving car that I had NO control over! Due to his turn of the wheel, I didn't have a chance to climb in through the truck window and steer myself to safety. I didn't even have enough time for his irrational behavior to register in my mind so I could jump over the side withhim. Instead, I looked ahead just in time to see my racing towards a rather 'sturdy' looking tree!


I felt my body being flung off of the back of the pick up truck and over onto the hood, sliding until my back and shoulders were slammed against the tree bark with an amount of force that left me breathless. Had Isaac not decelerated enough for him to jump safely out of his seat, he could have KILLED me!

"Ughhh...what the...what the hell?" I rubbed the back of my neck as the fever inside tried to assess and quickly heal the damage. When I began to stir and look behind me, I saw Isaac dashing off into the thick of the woods, running as fast as his feet could carry him, a limitless surge of terror fueling every step. I was so groggy that it took me a minute to get my eyes to stop losing focus. What the fuck was that about???

"Help!!! Somebody help! Please help me, God! PLEASE!!!" Isaac screamed. How in the hell was he able to scream so loud and still have enough breath to run that fast? Shit, this isn't going to end well.

Struggling to get to my feet, cracking my neck and stretching my arm to relocate my shoulder as it had almost been knocked right out of the socket...I zeroed in on Isaac's scent and wafted in a trail of panic and horror as he weaved in and out of the forest to the best of his ability. Instantly I took off after him, hoping to shut him the fuck up before he brought even MORE people into our deadly predicament! I know Cyrus, and he won't hesitate to mercilessly slaughter every man, woman, and child, within earshot if he thinks our kind have been exposed.

"ISAAC!!! STOP RUNNING!!!" I shouted, small branches hitting me in the face as I made a valiant attempt to keep up. "What are you DOING? Isaac! Come back here!"

"You stay AWAY from me! What ARE you???"

"It's not what you think! Let's just talk about this!"

"MONSTER!" He shouted. "HELP!!! Anybody! Help me!!!"

Dammit! The more I chased him through the woods, the angrier I got. I know that this had to be...a bit of a shock to him. Ok, maybe it's the most awful fucking thing that has ever happened to him in his entire LIFE! I get that. But if he doesn't shut his mouth, a LOT of innocent people are going to die out here!

I heard a rather intimidating snarl rumble in the center of my chest, and I began to run even faster. My eyesight seemed to zoom directly through the woods to pinpoint his location, his hysterical fragrance leading the way. My adrenaline was so off the charts at that moment that it was hard to keep from suffering through another transformation. I could feel my muscles trembling with increased power, my senses flaring up...becoming more acute. I was rapidly gaining ground and I knew I'd have no problem catching my prey at this speed...but the 'change' was happening. I could feel it taking me over. And the last thing I wanted to do was tackle Isaac to the ground with my face and body half way through the werewolf process, eyes glowing with wicked intent. That would surely push him over the edge...him being locked in 'freak out' mode and all.

Besides...if I change now...will Cyrus feel it? Will the rest of my brethren? I really didn't want to take that chance.

"Isaac...you REALLY need to listen to me right now! You're gonna want to talk to me!" He was tiring out. Too breathless to answer me. Frustrated, I got even faster. My voice was turning into a deep, savage, growl now. "I'm trying to HELP you, Isaac!" My monstrous snarl scared him even more, and I felt my eyes begin to burn with a liquid golden glow. It looks like he's not going to listen to reason here. Alrighty then. Time for Plan B. "You can't outrun me, boy! You'll regret making me chase you down!"

My anger began to filter into my mindset, and now I was making giant leaps forward, the scent of fear intoxicating me as I tried to remind myself NOT to hurt him!

Isaac attempted to change direction, weaving in and out of the trees as though it was really going to do him any good at all. Then...just I was about to let my emotional state slither out of my control, I dug my heels into the dirt below and I dashed forward at top speed, catching the back of Isaac's shirt with my rapidly glowing claws! I tore his shirt as he tried to pull away from me, but the stringy fabric held him still. His smooth flesh came into view, the shirt almost torn clear from his torso now as he continued to struggle in an attempt to get away. But it was too late. I was already within reach.

The chase was over. Even if he didn't know it yet.

With a loud growl, I took Isaac down to the ground and positioned myself on top of him, pinning his arms to the mud and leaves below.

I was amazed at how difficult it was to calm myself down. It was an actual feat of will power and restraint to keep from wanting to rip him APART for making me run after him like this! I actually ran my tongue over my teeth to see if I felt a razor sharp edge or a lethal 'point' on the end. My adrenaline was burning hot in my veins, but I did NOT want to hurt him! Settle down, Wesley. Deep breaths. Don't give in.

"STOP...running!!!" I snarled at him! "It's pointless to try to escape this! Do you understand?"

"Please don't take my soul! PLEASE! Let me go! I'll do anything!" He ranted.

"Take your WHAT? What the hell am I going to do with your soul?" Isaac began to squirm and wiggle in a desperate attempt to break free from my hold on him and scamper off again, but I held him still. "Calm down! Dude, what the hell are you talking about?"

"They told me this would happen! They told me!" He said, his eyes shut until small tears were squeezed out of both sides. "My Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name..." He muttered to himself, his head rolling back and forth on the ground. "Please forgive! Father, forgive!"

I was so confused.

"What are you doing? Who told you? What...?"

"I gave in to temptation! You seduced me into sin. Monster! The devil has sent you here to torture me for straying from the path of the good and the righteous! You want me to burn in Hell! Be away from my family!" He cried. "Father, forgive! Blessed be! FATHER, FORGIVE!!!" He was getting louder and I had to reach out and cup my hand over his mouth to shut him up!

"Listen to me!" I said sternly, pressing my hand down so hard that he whimpered in pain. "Running from me isn't going to do you any good! NONE of this...is going to fucking help you! Do you understand me? The only thing keeping you alive right now is ME! JUSTme!" I don't know why I was so angry. It kept trying to boil over. Kept telling me to make him suffer. But that's not me. It's not who I am. "If you get up and try to run, no matter how fast you travel, no matter how far you go...Cyrus and the others will track you down and not only slash you to ribbons, but they'll kill everyone you love. Everyone you even TALKED to about this! This whole escape thing is just a temporary solution that will hopefully give me some time to think. That's it. Nothing more. Do you get me?" His eyes, wide with horror, Isaac nodded his head frantically. "I'm going to take my hand off of your mouth now. Alright. I need you to be very quiet. Because anybody that hears you scream is going to end up just as dead as we are. Shhhhhh..."

As tears rolled from his eyes, I slowly removed my hand from his lips and he gave me the most pathetic look imaginable. With a sniffle, he asked, "Wh-What are you...?"

"I don't really know." I said. "But whatever it is, I need to make it go away."

"A demon..."

"I'm NOT a demon!" I grumbled.

"I was tempted by the flesh. The church said homosexuality is a sin, and now you're going to torture me for my loss of virtue."

"I didn't have to do a whole lot to get you excited, ya know?" I said, slightly offended. I moved over until I was no longer straddling his mid section and let him sit upright, with me leaning by a nearby tree. "This doesn't have anything to do with demons and torture and eternal damnation. I promise."

"You...you're just like them." He shivered. "I saw you. I saw you turn..."

"It's something that's automatic. I haven't really learned to control it yet. I haven't been this way for very long. They're much better at this than I am."

"You sold your soul to them? To monsters?" He was trembling so badly that his teeth were beginning to chatter.

"What? NO! Ugh, Isaac...you're not getting it..."

"Werewolves..." He whispered. "Beasts in the woods. Werewolves."

I almost felt sick admitting it, but when our eyes connected...I slowly nodded in agreement. He asked me 'why', and I replied, "In case you haven't noticed, Cyrus can be very persuasive." I was about to stand up on my feet, "Look, I can't really drive yet because I don't really know how. But we need to see if your truck is still working well enough to maybe get us into town and find out where we are so we can..." Suddenly, a large handful of dirt, mud, sticks, and woodland debris was thrown in my face! Right in my eyes! Some even got in my mouth! And all my sensitive hearing could pick up was the sound of Isaac struggling to get on his feet and start running again! FUCK! What am I going to DO with this kid???

I took a second to rub the dirt out of my eyes and was able to focus just as I saw Isaac looking back over his shoulder to see if I was in hot pursuit of him, nipping angrily at his heels.

Big mistake.

"Isaac! If I were you, I'd make sure to look where you're..." WHAM!!! Isaac ran himself right into a low hanging branch, nearly clotheslining him, ass over elbows, as he went horizontal and fell to the ground with a sickening thud. "...Going." I sighed.


Not only am I sore, tired, frustrated, and dirty...but now it looks like I've got an almost lifeless load to carry away from this spot before the others find a way to catch up and pinpoint our location.

This is not the kind of day that I was looking forward to.

Copyright © 2010 Comicality; All Rights Reserved.
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Damn, you'd think after saving his ass he'd be grateful! :P Though a clothesline in true undertaker style from the unwitting tree is a true comeuppance.
AWESOME as always com... but can you please not leave it a year for the next chapter! lol

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I just finished this series and I'm heartbroken to see it hasn't been finished. It's been over a year since it's been updated and I'm worried it's been abandoned. I've enjoyed this story so much and read through it in just under a week. I hope you decide to pick this back up and continue Wesley's story.

I'd also like to mention how amazing you are at storytelling. This is the first of your stories I've read and I was completely hooked. I spent hours at a time reading and sneaking in a chapter throughout my day when possible. The characters in Savage Moon are great and I was constantly on edge trying to figure out what was better for Wesley. At times I was rooting for him to escape from Cyrus' gang and other times would believe he was better off staying. I've never had a book make me question my own morality as much as this after reading Cyrus' perspective on humanity. I would constantly think about it through the day and have an internal debate about right and wrong. Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us.

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THANKS, Lamps! And don't worry! I didn't abandon "Savage Moon", promise! Hehehe! I've been turning the chapters into ebooks and practically rewriting them from scratch to make a better version out of the chapters I have written so far! So I'm just waiting for the rewrites to catch up to the current new material so everything matches up in a decent way! I'm also doing the same with "Gone From Daylight" (Which, if you haven't checked it out yet, it might get you through your "Savage Moon" withdrawal for a while. Hehehe) Anyway, thanks again! The compliments make me giggle and dance and work even FASTER! So look for something new soon. K?

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