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  1. Hi DragonFire. Over 9 yrs here and still going strong. You have been rather quiet the last few years, I hope you still have time for us here at GA. Perhaps even a thought of a chapter or two? You still have followers, and if not(chapters I mean), rest assured, you still have friends.


    I want to wish you a Happy 38th Birthday and a great day of celebration. Positive waves going your way.


    Take care


  2. Outstanding as always Com. Reckon this could get complicated if Colby were to give him a 'love' bite!
  3. Excellent story I have to say, really enjoying it so far. Keep up the good work.
  4. DragonFire

    Chapter 3

    After all Noel did in the first book, something is terribly wrong. For all D's power, after he fawned over Noel, the sudden turnaround is bizarre. I don't buy the whole falling out of love thing, the man was and is besotted. I feel he's trying to protect Noel somehow, but doing it in a clumsy and offhand manner. Whatever is on D's mind, pushing his mate and in turn everyone around him away will lead to disaster. Was the first chapter a premonition, was that D scattering Noel's ashes? Is he now, in his own way trying to protect him? You have me hook and line. MORE NOW.
  5. Deep down I believe Tobyn knows Kellar is his earth mate, but subconsciously is having a hard time pushing aside years of belief and conviction to actually admit it. The almost blind panic when Kellar just wanted to go get his truck cements that view IMO. Gotta feel sorry for Kellar though, he now knows exactly what's going on, but how long will it take for Tobyn to play catch up I wonder!
  6. DragonFire

    Chapter 30

    Damn, you'd think after saving his ass he'd be grateful! Though a clothesline in true undertaker style from the unwitting tree is a true comeuppance. AWESOME as always com... but can you please not leave it a year for the next chapter! lol
  7. Damn, Adam certainly has more morals and ethics than I have. Reckon a harem of fit, baby oil covered men would be top of my list! Well done on an interesting story though. It's good that Adam's every thought doesn't get everyone around him doing exactly what he wants, that would make for a very uncomfortable life. Even for those of us who are morally corrupted, that would get old very quickly. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  8. This story just gets more intriguing. One curious thing I picked up on in the dialog with Sybil, she said bonded mates become more powerful. Could it be that Tobyn actually needs to form the bond with Keller to cure the Malaise for the shifters, that maybe by himself he just wont be powerful enough! It took the pair of them to cure the Leukemia, surely it stands to reason that a disease that threatens the very existence of shifters will take some very powerful magic to cure! Looking forward to seeing how my own seering abilities pan out, or if I should keep playing with my balls. Crystal ones that is!! Thanks for a wonderful story so far.
  9. DragonFire

    Old Scars

    Great start, keep up the good work man. Oh, and Gage needs a severe ass whooping.
  10. DragonFire

    Tears don't fall

    Sasha & Nick sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Seriously tho about time, sexual chemistry between them is off the charts. Well done you on the build up, now for the main event. lol (kidding) May I just say, this is a compelling story so far. Well constructed & written and so very different to stories I've read in the same genre.
  11. figured we should actually BE friends if you're gonna say such nice things about me.

    1. DragonFire


      LOL. how can I not with writing as good as yours. :)

  12. DragonFire

    Chapter 33

    Outstanding as always Com. if this was ever made into a movie, damn, it'd go on longer than Star Trek. Can think of a few cute guys to play Justin tho.. lol
  13. You my friend are truly gifted. It takes a great imagination to write in the supernatural genre & you do it with ease it seems. Your stories come off the page and whilst reading you visualise the characters with ease, no mean feat. I look forward to your next venture into the the dark side,
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