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    Doug Spencer
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Adam - 1. Adam

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. This is the story of an older gay man who picks up a cute, young, straight hitchhiker. If you find the aspect of male to male sexual activity or the description of male anatomy objectionable then please back out now.

My name is Hank, I'm a Driver at Large, at least that's what I call

myself. I make my money by transporting people, mostly long distance, 100 and up to 2000 miles, sometimes. On some of those long runs, that may take 3 or 4 days, my passengers normally pay for accommodations, for both them and myself, and meals are Dutch treat.

Quite often, arrangements for these trips are made a few days in

advance, of course the profits are better if I have a ride waiting on the other end going somewhere. I was contracted to pick up someone in Sarasota, Florida next Monday that was going to Chicago, a good money trip.

It was mid-November and we were experiencing a few days of cold rainy weather here in the Mid-Atlantic region. I had just delivered a passenger to Baltimore today, Tuesday, and was on the way to my home in Southern Virginia. About 6:00 PM I pulled into the rest area just south of DC on Interstate 95 to relieve my bladder and there he was!

He was about 5'1" maybe 5'2", slight of build, and had the face of a 14 year old boy. I might have guessed him to weigh about 100 pounds, soaking wet, which he was. His pleading eyes met mine and my heart melted. I went into the men's room and took care of the reason I had stopped.

Walking back out I stopped and looked down at him. He was somewhat sheltered from the rain, sitting on his backpack in the entrance way, a puddle of water surrounded him that evidently had dripped out of his soaked clothing. I extended my hand, he took it and I pulled him to his feet, water still dripping from his clothes.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Adam," he said.

"I'm Hank, how did you get so soaked?"

"I'm trying to get to Florida, and I was on the ramp, trying to hitch a ride. The state police told me I couldn't hitchhike there, and I walked down the side of the highway, about two miles, to this rest area. Trucks and cars passing me were spraying water on me."

I wanted nothing more than to wrap my arms around him and hug him, but he was soaking wet and I was nearly dry, and preferred to stay dry. I'm trying to figure out a way to help him without the water in his clothing soaking into my passenger or back seat. I can get this young man to Florida, I think!

"Adam" I asked, "how old are you?"

"I know I don't look it, but I'm 21, and I have ID." That's a relief!

"Adam," I said, "I'm going to help you, just stay where you are for a couple minutes." He nodded, and smiled weakly.

I found the maintenance guy, an older black man. I asked him if he could spare me a couple of those large trash bags.

"I can," he said, "you gonna hep that boy?"

"That's my intention," I answered, "How long has he been here?"

"Not sure," he said, "Ise been ere fo bout four ars, an he was ere wen I come. No one want hep da lil bro! Mista, God'l bless ya."

I took the bags, opened one and pulled it over the back of the passenger seat, spread one on the seat, and placed one on the floor in the back. I went back and got Adam, told him to put his backpack on the floor in back and sit up front, on the plastic bags. I pulled out onto 95 southbound.

"Hank, where are we going?" Adam asked.

"Right now we're heading to my home, in Southern Virginia, in a couple of days, Florida. When is the last time you ate?"

"Somebody gave me an Egg McMuffin this morning," he said, "I'm so hungry I'd eat dog food, if I had some."

Grinning, I said, "You're SOL, I'm fresh out of dog food, would you accept some fried chicken in place of it?"

Adam, snickering, "That'd be awesome!"

Pulling into a Bojangle's, we drove to the drive-in, and I ordered two 3-piece dinners. "Adam, what sides?"

"Macaroni and fries," Adam said.

"What sides do you want?" the voice said.

:Mac and Cheese and fries on one, coleslaw and dirty rice on the other, and two medium Cokes."

"Your total is $13.71, please drive around."

We got the food and pulled into a parking spot to eat. (I detest trying to eat and drive at the same time)

"Adam," I said, "Take off that wet denim jacket, you'll be dripping that nasty water in your food!" Grinning, he wiggled out of the jacket and dropped it on the floor, and I handed him his dinner.

We pretty much ate in silence, I was hungry too, but probably not nearly as hungry as he was. We finished our meals, and I threw the trash into one of the trashcans. At this point I only know his first name is Adam, he's 21 and wants to get to Florida. I'm certain I will learn much more over the next few days.

I so much want to hold him in my arms and love him. I almost wish he wasn't so damned cute and attractive. Sleeping arrangements haven't been discussed, but I fully intend for him to sleep with me tonight. I don't have a spare bed anyway. He seems quite willing to follow my requests. I'll see how he responds when I do his laundry tonight. I doubt he has anything clean, even in his backpack, which is soaked, like everything else.

I was surprised that Adam didn't fall asleep in the car after dinner, but he stayed awake for the remaining two hours of travel. We arrived at my home in Prince George about 10:00 PM. I told Adam to get his stuff, which was only his jacket and the backpack, and come on into the kitchen. The laundry area, washer and dryer were right between the kitchen and the bathroom. I started the washer and told Adam to give me all his outside clothes, the denim jacket, jeans, shirts and I put them in the washer. He hesitated a little when I asked for the jeans he was wearing, but then slid them off and handed them to me. I checked the pockets and pulled out his wallet, the only thing in his pockets.

"May I see your ID, I asked." He pulled it out of his wallet and handed it to me. It was a Florida issued ID, and clearly stated that his 21st birthday had been about 2 months ago, and his name was Adam Cortez.

His last name surprised me, as I hadn't thought he looked at all

Hispanic. Adam explained to me that his mother had married his

stepfather, who was Cuban, about three months before he was born, so they gave him his stepfather's last name. Now I understand!

While we were waiting for the first load to finish washing I asked for his wet sneakers, and placed them on top of an oil filled electric heater. I told him they would be dry by morning, and they will be.

The first load of Adam's clothes finished, and I put them in the drier, and started to fill the washer again for the rest of his clothes. He emptied out the backpack and I put everything in the washer, underwear, t-shirts and socks.

Pointing to the boxers that he was wearing I said, "Them too."

Adam kind of looked around, as if looking for a hiding spot, and finally slid them down and off, exposing his genitals, and handed them over, I dropped them into the washer and then sat on one of the barstools in the kitchen.

Adam was definitely not well hung. In the flaccid state he was about four inches, and probably about an inch and a quarter in diameter, with a tapered head that was a bit smaller than the shaft. I have never been a size queen, and in my opinion, anything more than a mouthful is a waste. I had an urge and desire to fill my mouth with Adam!

"Come over here, Adam." I said, and he approached me. I wrapped my arms around his torso, caressed his back and slowly ran my hands down his back to his buns, then, using one hand on each cheek, gave his cute buns a loving squeeze.

Adam responded by hugging me, and resting his head on my shoulder.

"Are you OK, Adam?" I asked.

"I'm fine, Hank," he said.

The drier buzzed, and I went to unload it and fold Adam's clothes, then I put the clothes from the washer into the drier and started them to dry.

"Adam, we can take care of the underwear in the morning, are you ready to go to bed?" I asked.

"I feel I need a shower first, if I may?" Adam asked.

"Of course," I said, "Want some company with that?"

"Maybe," Adam said, "am I sleeping with you?"

"I was hoping you would want to," I said.

"Then," Adam said, "we can share the bed, after we share a shower."

Adam surprised me. I adjusted the temperature of the water, stepped into the shower stall, and Adam came in right behind me. We both shampooed and rinsed, and washed our faces. Adam soaped up a washcloth and started to wash my back, ribs, underarms buns, and then the backs of my legs. He then turned me so I could rinse, and started washing the front, my chest stomach, abdomen and genitals, causing me to become partially erect.

I then took the washcloth and returned the favor. The one thing I did differently, was to give the head of his beautiful little prick a kiss and he grinned. After we got dried I turned the bedside lamp on, and came out and turned the kitchen and laundry lights off. He followed me into the bedroom. Adam was already in the bed and I slid in beside him. I reached over and turned off the bedside lamp, leaving the only illumination in the room, the dim light in the hallway by the bathroom.

Both Adam and I were lying on our left sides, and my right arm wrapped around his torso, feeling his nearly hairless chest, and running my fingers over his nipples. He shifted a little, snuggling his back against my stomach and pushing his butt against my hardening cock. Not a word was spoken. Adam took my hand and guided it down onto his abdomen then even further, into his bush.

I was trying to move slow, not wanting to scare Adam, or turn him off. My fingers investigated every nook and cranny of that sweet piece of meat and lightly massaged his sack and balls. My finger ran over the pee slit, sliding in the precum. I wanted nothing more right now than to taste Adam.

"Hank," Adam very softly asked, "are you planning to do something to me?"

"I'd like to see how this" squeezing his cock, "would feel in my mouth."

"You'll never know," Adam said, "if you don't try it."

Adam rolled onto his back, almost like an invitation, and slid his body toward the head of the bed, and then spread his legs apart, anticipating that I might need a little more room. I got onto my knees, placed my right knee between his calves, and lowered my mouth onto his sweet cock. Now erect, he probably had about five inches or a little more.

The salty sweet taste of his precum was enticing, and only caused me to hunger for more of him.

Adam's smaller than average cock felt wonderful in my mouth, he was just small enough that I could very comfortably take all he had to give without stretching my mouth and without gagging. I gently worked his cock with my mouth, and he periodically leaked a little more of his tasty precum.

Pulling off for a minute, I asked him, "How are you feeling?"

Grinning, he replied, "I'll give you all night to stop doing that!"

I went back to nursing on that sweet little cock, and Adam started to caress my upper back and shoulders, and stroked my neck tenderly. I continued my slow and steady assault on his cock for about five or six more minutes. My own cock was rock hard and begging for a little touch, which was all it would have taken for me to cum.

"Hank, if you don't want something in your mouth, you might-oh

shit-I'm about to blow!"

Adam tried to push my head up, but I wasn't giving. He gasped, held his breath and I felt his cock start to pulse, the first spurt hit my throat, then about four more filled my mouth. I pulled off, holding Adam's ejaculate in my mouth and savoring the flavor. Adam sat up and reached down to my throbbing cock and started to stroke it. I couldn't say anything, as I still had a mouthful of Adam's juice, and even though Adam was slowly stroking I knew I couldn't keep from releasing my own load. I couldn't recall the last time I was quite this hot! A few seconds later I released and the first spurt landed right on Adam's face, the rest was mostly on the sheet or on Adam's hand. I finally swallowed Adam's cum.

Adam, grinning, and looking at his hand, "What does cum taste like?"

"I can't think of anything to compare it with," I said, "it just taste's like cum, but some guys cum taste's different than others. Your cum is right tasty, and I know two things about you, from the taste of your cum, you've never tasted cum? Not even your own?" Adam shook his head.

Adam's curious now. He gingerly stuck his tongue out, and licked a bit of my own cum from off of his hand. He kept it on his tongue for a minute, deciphering the flavor.

"It feels funny," Adam said, "but it doesn't taste bad. So what did you learn about me, from my cum?"

"I know you haven't drunk beer lately, and you don't do pot." I replied, as I pulled a tissue out of the box and wiped that glob of cum from Adam's face.

Adam, grinning, "I've never tried pot, and I don't like beer. If you'll excuse me, I need to go wash my hands, I'll be back in a minute."

When Adam returned from the bathroom, he also brought a warm, wet washcloth and wiped that cum from my body, and then carried it back.

The second time he returned he slid into the bed, pulled the sheet and blanket up around us, and cuddled up to me. I turned out the bedside lamp, wrapped an arm around him and we fell asleep about 2:00 AM.

* * * * * *

Neither of us woke up until about 10:30 AM Wednesday morning. It was another cold and rainy day, and Adam was the first to awaken. I was vaguely aware that he was awake, feeling him exit from the bed and head to the bathroom. I was right behind him, also needing to relieve my bladder. We both washed our hands, and Adam sat on one of the barstools while I started some coffee brewing. I poured us each a cup, and sat next to Adam on the other stool.

"Hank," Adam lamented, "I need to set something straight, I'm not gay. You gave me some greatly appreciated assistance, but I can't be your gayboy, and I feel like you led me on, you told me you could get me to Florida."

"Adam," I said, "I am gay, and I was not leading you on, I fully intend to get you to Florida. What city are you going to?"

"Tampa," Adam said, "I have family there."

"This could work out very well," I said, "let me explain what I do." I took a few minutes and explained how I support myself, and that I had a contracted party to pick up in Sarasota on Monday. I continued, "Sarasota is right across the bay from Tampa," I told him, "I'll drop you off in Tampa Sunday night, and pick up my client in Sarasota Monday morning, and it won't cost you a dime!" Adam smiled.

"Hank, could you promise me something?" Adam asked, frowning, "Please don't penetrate me?"

"Adam," I explained, smiling, "I'm 45 years old, and I've been gay

since I was old enough to know that I was gay, but I've never been

attracted to anal sex. I've been fucked, three, maybe four times, but I've never fucked anyone. I'm a bona fide Cocksucker! In the last 25 or 30 years I've probably sucked over 200 cocks, and yours is one of the nicest I ever had. I can promise you I will never penetrate your ass!"

Adam got up and stood behind Hank, surrounded his neck with his arms, and his semi-hard cock tickled Hank's buns. He leaned in and kissed Hank's neck, and cheek.

"Hank," Adam said, smiling, "last night was only about the third or

fourth time I've ever had a blowjob. It felt really, really good and

exciting. You can play with my cock anytime you want."

"Thanks, Adam," Hank said, "I'm gonna hold you to that, and I'll do my best to keep your balls drained!" Adam giggled, and just the thought of Hank's mouth on his cock again caused him to bone up.

"It's a bit late for breakfast," Hank said, "how about some brunch?"

"Sounds great," Adam replied, smiling.

Hank opened a can of corned beef hash, and put it on the stove to heat, then fried some eggs and made toast. The two men sat naked on the stools and enjoyed brunch together, then Hank refilled their mugs.

"So," Adam inquired, "when are we actually leaving for Florida?"

"We'll leave early Saturday morning," Hank stated, "it's a good two day trip, and we should be in Tampa by Sunday evening around five or six PM. So we've got today, Thursday and Friday to just fuck around." Adam smiled at the connotation.

"We need to get dressed and go do some grocery shopping," Hank said, "we definitely don't have 3 days worth of food in this house."

Adam got the socks and underwear from the drier, and sat on the bed trying to find a pair of socks that didn't have more than one hole. Hank noticed, but said nothing. Both men dressed in casual clothing, aka jeans and t-shirts, Adam pulled on his nearly threadbare sneakers that were now dry, and put on his denim jacket.

It was raining lightly, Hank put on a water-resistant jacket and pulled the plastic trash bags out of the car and tossed them in the trash. They headed to the shopping center and Hank parked the car in front of a Target store, and they walked inside. Hank went to the shoe department and Adam followed him.

"Adam," Hank commanded, "find a pair of sneakers you like that fit you well."

"Hank," Adam said, "I don't have money for sneakers."

"Adam, please don't argue with me, just do it!" Hank said.

Adam grudgingly tried on 3 or 4 different pair, finding the right size.

Hank put them in the cart, and led Adam to the sock department, and they selected a six-pack of crew socks, and added them to the cart.

Hank then pushed the cart to the grocery department. He picked up a couple of T-bone steaks, some produce, some chicken, cold cuts and bread, then they went to the checkout. The total was a little over $200 and Hank paid with his debit card.

Adam helped Hank load the purchases into the car, and they headed toward home.

"Hank," Adam asked, on the way home, "Why are you so hell-bent on doing all this shit for me?"

"I'm just fulfilling a commitment." Hank answered.

"What commitment is that?" Adam asked.

"Adam, when I picked your soggy little ass up at the rest area last night, I made a silent commitment to help you, in any way that I could. I'm just fulfilling that obligation."

"Now I feel obligated to you," Adam remarked, "How can I ever repay you?"

"Pretty simple," Hank said, "just commit to being my friend and

companion, until I can deliver you to your family on Sunday night."

"I can commit to that," Adam remarked, " and that's a commitment I can keep! Adam smiled at Hank.

They returned to Hank's house and took the merchandise in. Hank put away the groceries, and started to prepare dinner for Adam and himself. It was still raining, so Hank decided to do the chicken tonight, and save the steaks for tomorrow, hoping that the weather might be better and they could cook them on the gas grill.

He placed the chicken leg quarters in a baking dish, sprinkled some seasoning on it, and put it in the toaster oven to bake.

"Adam," I said, "I think its time for us to get a little more comfortable, we need to shed these rags." We went into the bedroom and got naked, except for socks and shoes, and returned to the kitchen area. Adam sat on one of the stools, as I prepared to boil some potatoes.

Adam, grinning, "Hank, I think you just like to see me naked."

"No, Adam," I responded, smiling, "I don't LIKE to see you naked,

you've got a beautiful little body, and I LOVE to see all of it,

uncovered!" Adam smirked.

I walked around behind him, and placed my hands on his shoulders, gradually running them over his chest, then down his ribs, over his hips and down to his knees, then wrapped them around him, giving him an affectionate hug, and a kiss on the back of his neck. I can't help it, I absolutely adore this little man! I then returned to the chore at hand, preparing our dinner.

"Hank," Adam said, "I would normally feel very uncomfortable and scared, being naked, alone in a room with a gay man, but with you I somehow feel quite comfortable, and even somewhat secure. I've developed a feeling that I can trust you, and I have no fear of you."

"Adam," I replied, "I care too much for you, and I almost feel like a father to you, I would never intentionally harm a hair on your sweet little ass!" Adam smiled.

I mashed the potatoes and drained the veggies, then placed a leg quarter on each of two plates, along with the potatoes and vegetables and set a plate in front of Adam, and the other in front of the other stool. I asked Adam if he would like a glass of milk and he said `yes' so I poured two glasses of milk and set them at our places. We quietly ate dinner together, with almost no conversation.

"There is nothing like a home cooked meal to satisfy the tummy," Adam said, "thank you so much, Hank, that was delicious and very satisfying!"

I cleaned up, quickly washed the dishes, and wiped the counter down where we ate as Adam watched me. He offered to help, and I told him I had it.

After dinner I turned on the TV and we sat on the sofa with Adam on my right. I placed my right arm around his shoulders and he snuggled close to me. My left hand found his left thigh and I started to caress his inner thigh, just below his crotch. I know that is a very sensitive area on most guys. Adam sprung a boner quickly, and my own cock got hard as well, in anticipation of what I was preparing for.

"Hank," Adam said, "do you know what you're doing to me?"

"I hope so," I said, grinning, "sit tight, I'll be right back." I went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel, just in case it was needed.

Returning, I knelt in front of the sofa and lowered my mouth onto that beautiful little erection. Adam readjusted a little, leaning into the back corner of the sofa, half-sitting and half-laying. I could taste the precum he was leaking into my mouth, and I had Adam just where I wanted him.

"You're gonna make me cum," Adam stated, "do you want a warning?"

Pulling off for a few seconds, and placing the towel on the rug

underneath my knees, "Not needed," I said, "I can tell when you're

going to shoot, and I'm more than prepared for it!"

I started to bob up and down on that cock, and after a few more minutes I could hear Adam moaning and starting to breathe heavily. Just another minute, I thought. Adam squealed, and discharged his orgasm into my mouth. It wasn't quite as forceful as the night before, but still a substantial quantity of tasty semen. I reached down to my rock hard cock, gave it about three strokes and dropped my load onto the towel.

I sucked the last few dribbles out of that sweet little cock, and then stood up and squeezed the last of my cum out and into the towel, dropping it on the floor. We readjusted on the sofa, both of our heads resting on the pillow, and I pulled Adam close, wrapping my arms around him. At least he accepts my affection toward him, and even seems to like it.

Adam, remorsefully, "Hank, I feel badly that I can't reciprocate, but there is just no way I could take a cock in my mouth, let alone what flows out of it."

"I understand, Adam," I said, "that would be equivalent to me trying to eat a pussy, and that is something I could never do. I have never wanted to even fuck one, let alone eat it!"

"I have done both," Adam stated, smiling, " If she's clean, there's

nothing better than sliding your tongue into a nice, wet, juicy pussy!"

"I think that's why you're straight, and I'm gay, and it's highly doubtful that either of us will ever change, are you tired enough to go to bed?"

"Yeah, I think so," Adam replied. We both rose from the sofa.

"Could you handle a dish of Ice Cream before we go to bed?" I asked.

"Sure, what kind?" he asked.

"We've got Butter Pecan and Chocolate," I replied.

"Chocolate is my favorite," Adam replied, smiling.

I dished up two bowls of chocolate ice cream and we sat at the counter and ate them together, silently. I have thoughts going through my head. Even if Adam was gay, he is less than half my age, and would likely want a mate closer to his age. Any chance of a meaningful relationship with him is slim to none. We still have Thursday, Friday, and the two day trip to Florida to spend together.

When I drop him off to his family in Tampa on Sunday night, I know in my heart that I will never see Adam again. Meanwhile I'm going to milk every drop of his man's juice that I can out of his sweet little cock!

After finishing the ice cream, we went to bed. The way Adam cuddled up with me in bed felt fantastic, and I really enjoyed our sleep time together. I care too deeply for this young man.

Thursday morning I woke up first, and just lay in bed with Adam by my side. I was able to see that the sheet and blanket were tented over Adam's lower body, and I could not resist reaching over and feeling his rock hard cock, but he was still asleep, probably morning wood.

I slowly lifted the sheet and blanket off, and lowered my face, taking that beautiful cock into my mouth. I love the feel of that sweet small cock in my mouth, and the taste of his precum and his cum.

Adam, slowly opening his eyes and grinning, "Again?"

Pulling off, I said, "I can stop if you want me to."

"What makes you think I want you to stop?" Adam said, still grinning, "You only give me the best blow jobs I've ever had! I just thought you'd be getting tired of me by now."

"Adam," I said, "I told you yesterday I was going to do my best to keep your balls empty, and I wonder if I could ever tire of you. You may be small, but I absolutely love the feeling of you in my mouth, and the taste of you when you cum." Adam smiled sheepishly.

"I need to pee pretty bad," Adam said, "I don't want to pee in your


"You won't," I said, "I promise." I went back down on him.

"I can't hold it back, Hank!" Adam said, urgently, "My pee is gonna come out!" A rope of cum shot out, hitting the back of my throat, and then two more. Using my mouth, I sucked him dry, and then pulled off.

Adam sprung out of bed and headed to the bathroom, releasing his

bladder full of urine. He then returned to the bed.

"I'm so sorry, Hank," Adam apologized, "I didn't mean to pee in your mouth, but I couldn't hold it back!"

"You didn't pee in my mouth, Adam." I explained, "there is a tight

connection between your urethra, your testicles, and your prostate. You were holding back, like you might be trying to keep from peeing, and your prostate used that as a signal to tell your balls to release their contents, and you reached your orgasm. All I got was a nice load of your tasty cum!" Adam grinned.

"Adam, try jacking off with a full bladder sometime, and see how

quickly you get it off."

We finally got out of bed, had coffee and breakfast. We had all day Thursday and Friday to fuck around, and fuck around we did. Neither of us ever got dressed that day. I'm feeling that Adam has gotten used to our nudity, and maybe is even feeling comfortable naked. He seems cool about my nudity and I love to watch his naked body move around. I occasionally touched his genitals, and he just grinned.

I love the way my house sits. I have neighbors on both sides, but my back porch, where the gas grill sits, is recessed, and is out of my neighbor's sight. It is November, and cool. Had it been warmer we could have sat on the back porch naked. As it was, we still cooked dinner on the grill while naked, but didn't stay out too long at a time. Before starting the steaks, I scrubbed potatoes and baked them on the top rack of the grill, and made up some fresh tossed salads.

We ate dinner fairly early, about 5:00 PM. After cleaning up, I surprised Adam, opening up the den, which he hadn't seen previously. There was the pool table he didn't know that I had. We spent about 3 hours shooting pool in our birthday suits. I was really trying hard to show him a good time, and I cherished every minute that we spent together. I even got him to sit on the pool table, laid him down and gave him another blowjob right there, on the pool table.

After tiring from shooting pool, we sat on the sofa, Adam cuddling close to me. I need to know more about Adam, no time like the present.

"Adam, you live in Tampa, how in hell did you end up where I picked you up?" I asked.

"A bunch of us young guys got scammed," Adam explained. "There was this ad in the help wanted section of the paper. It said `Canvassers Wanted, Earn up to $500 a week, no experience necessary, prefer young men ages 18 to 25, and single, transportation, room and board provided, must be able to work out of state, and a phone number.' Well, that $500 a week sounded like gold to us, and we called the number, they gave us

an address to go to, and be ready to travel, and pack lightly but try to have two or three changes of clothing. We were to be there at 8:00 AM on Monday morning."

"They explained that the company was introducing a great new cleaning product called `Pink Power' and that our job was to go house to house to introduce, and demonstrate the new product to people, and we would earn up to $500 a week. We had to sign a contract, but none of us read the fine print. They hired 16 of us, loaded us into two vans and took us to upstate New York. It took 4 days to get there, but they did put us up in motels, 4 guys to a room, and sharing two beds. Some of us disliked the idea of sleeping with another guy, but that's the way it was."

"We actually started working on Friday. They trained us how to greet the customers, and we all had spray bottles of the diluted product, and rolls of paper towels, so we could show people how well it worked. The product actually worked quite well, but the concentrate sold for $99.00 a gallon plus tax and shipping. We had order forms that the customers filled out, and people paid with credit or debit cards, and would receive the product in 5 to 7 days. We would earn $25.00 for each order we sold."

"If we sold four orders a day, that's $100, and in 5 days, $500, so far so good. Selling four orders a day seemed reasonable, and some of us made that goal, but here is where the worst of it came around. As I said, we were young and dumb, and didn't read the fine print."

"The ad said room and board provided, but it didn't say they were going to charge us for it. They charged us $25 a night for rooms, and $30 a day for food, seven days a week. That comes to $385 a week. Even if we could sell the four orders a day to make $500 a week, take out $385 for room and board, you made $115.00. We were all pretty much slave labor."

"I only lasted for two weeks, and they told me my production wasn't up to par, and my expenses exceeded my earnings, and fired me. I asked how I was supposed to get home and they said that was my problem!"

"Adam," I said, with tears in my eyes, "how can a slave be fired? How can companies like that even be allowed to operate?"

"So there I was," Adam said, "in Rochester, NY, no money, no place to stay, and no way to contact my family, my only option was to try and hitchhike home, and that's how you found me."

"Oh my god, Adam!" I exclaimed, holding him closer and tighter than ever before, "I can't even comprehend the trauma and suffering that you've been through!"

Soon after that we went to bed, Adam cuddled close to me with his head on my shoulder, and my arms around his torso. I had just gotten him off a couple of hours before on the pool table and I had doubts that he'd had time to recharge so we had no sex, I spooned Adam and we fell asleep.

Friday morning we woke up about 9:00 AM and almost repeated the activities of yesterday, except that Adam managed to slip into the bathroom and empty his bladder before I emptied his balls. I am quite certain that Adam has no concept of the amount of love I have acquired for this beautiful young man. I love everything about him except for his straightness. I'm feeling a bit sad this morning, knowing this is our last day together here, as we'll be on the road tomorrow, heading south.

After we had coffee, I cooked us up some sausage, egg and cheese

burritos for breakfast. While I was doing up the dishes, Adam came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, leaning his head against my back and his little cock tickled the hairs on my ass. It was the first time he had shown me this kind of spontaneous affection.

"Hank," Adam said, "I have some feelings that I think I want, and need, to share with you."

"Adam," I replied, "I'm your friend, you can discuss anything with me."

"When I was younger," Adam explained, "people told me not to get too close to homosexuals, because they would try to turn me gay, so I've always been careful about who I hung around with. In the last few days, I have grown to love you, not like a boyfriend, but more like a father."

"Adam," I responded, "there is no way a gay man can turn a straight man gay. Our sexuality is something we're born with, and I was born gay. There is no way I could ever become straight. If one is born straight, they will be straight until the day they die."

"I'm going to be very happy to get home, and re-unite with my family," Adam said, "but at the same time, I feel like I'm going to lose the best friend I've ever had. I'll never forget the days we've spent together." Then, grinning, "And Hank, I won't forget those awesome blowjobs either, I kinda think that, when a boy has a need to get a load off, any hole will do! Or even a hand, in desperation."

Hank, chuckling, "Adam, there is a saying, `a hard cock has no

conscience', and likely, a blowjob is welcome, whether it comes from a man or a woman." Adam nodded, smiling.

"Adam, lets get dressed," Hank said, "we need to do something fun

today, besides me sucking your sweet little cock!" Adam grinned.

They got dressed, put on jackets, and Hank drove them to the mall.

Once inside, Adam followed Hank into an arcade, and Hank bought two rolls of quarters, handing one of them to Adam. After about an hour, they both ran out of quarters and Hank bought two more rolls. Adam went through quarters somewhat faster that Hank did, but they both had some fun together, and played some games together.

When Hank was down to twelve quarters, he quit playing, until Adam ran out of quarters again. Hank led Adam into a photo booth, placed his arm over Adam's shoulders and spent the last twelve quarters to capture two photo's of them together, and then bought two of those cardboard photo mounts.

By this time they were both getting hungry, and Hank took Adam to the Steak & Fries place in the mall and they enjoyed lunch together. They then returned to Hank's house. Hank had not thought to get anything for dinner tonight.

Hank, after they arrived back at home, "Adam, we need to get packed today, I'm hoping we can get on the road about 6:00 AM tomorrow morning."

"I don't know about you," Adam said, "but I can be packed in about five minutes." Both men started to pack together in the bedroom, Adam packing his backpack, and Hank packing a sizeable duffel bag.

"That's seems like a lot of clothing for a two day trip," Adam stated.

"Adam," Hank replied, "with the kind of work I do, I have no idea when I might get home again. I'll be dropping you off Sunday night, and picking up my client Monday, and she is going to Chicago. From there I don't know where I'll be traveling to." Hank retrieved the two photographs and placed one of them on a shelf in the living room.

Hank, handing the other photo to Adam, "Adam, here's a little souvenir you can take home with you." Adam took it, looked at it, and held it to his breast.

"Hank, can I borrow a pen?" Hank picked up a pen from the dresser and handed it to Adam. Adam pulled the photo out of the frame and turned it, face down, then wrote, on the back of the photo, `Me and my best friend Hank' and today's date. He then placed the photo back into the frame, and meticulously placed it into his backpack, so that it wouldn't get bent or wrinkled. The two men then took the bags out to the kitchen, setting them by the back door, ready to grab in the morning. Adam gathered his old, holy socks and the threadbare sneakers and dropped them into the trash.

Hank doesn't like to leave food in the fridge to spoil when he leaves, not knowing when he might return, and he hadn't really planned anything for dinner. It was after 8:00 PM, and the food they ate at the mall had run out. Hank was certain that Adam was probably also hungry. Both men were dressed in their birthday suits again.

"Adam," Hank said, "how does pizza sound for dinner?"

"Awesome!" Adam exclaimed, "where are we going?"

"I was gonna call Papa Johns, and have it delivered," Hank said, "What toppings do you want?"

"Beggars can't be choosy," Adam replied, "I'll eat whatever you get, I guess that means we gotta get dressed again."

"Not necessarily," Hank said, "if Jeffrey delivers, he's cool, and we

know each other quite well."

Hank called Papa Johns and ordered a large Extravaganza, minus the green peppers, and requested the driver call before making the delivery. Hank paid with his debit card.

About 45 minutes later Hank's phone rang and he answered it.

"Hi Hank, Jeffrey here, I'll be there with your order in about five


"Thanks Jeffrey," Hank replied, "see you soon." Then turning to Adam, "it's Jeffrey, we don't need to dress!"

About five minutes later, the doorbell rang and Hank answered it,

opened the door and Jeffrey entered, balancing the pizza bag on his arm.

He instinctively walked to the lunch counter and slid the pizza out of the bag and on to the countertop, and was viewing the naked Adam from head to toe, especially his mid section. Jeffrey is probably about 35 years old, medium build, and quite attractive.

"Hank, I see you have company," Jeffrey commented, "you sure do have a knack for finding the cute ones!" Jeffrey is boning up, inside his pants.

"Jeffrey," Hank said, "this is Adam, he's heading to Tampa, and I have a client to pick up in Sarasota Monday, so I'm helping him out."

"Hank," Jeffrey said, smiling, "if you don't want to do him, call me and I will! You guys have a safe and fun trip." Hank and Jeffrey shared a quick hug, and Jeffrey left.

"I think he's gay too," Adam commented.

"Ya think?" Hank replied, "yeah, we've spent a few nights together in the sack, he's pretty cool, but he's got a steady boyfriend now."

Adam and Hank attacked, and destroyed that pizza, then shared a shower and hit the sack. Hank set the alarm for 5:00 AM.

Saturday morning the alarm sounded, waking both men and they arose.

While Adam used the bathroom, Hank started a pot of coffee, then also used the bathroom. While the coffee finished brewing, they got dressed, in real clothing, then drank a cup together. Hank went through the house, checking all the lights, and cut the thermostat back to 50, to conserve fuel while he was gone. About 5:45 Hank went out and started the car to warm up, and about ten minutes later Hank turned out the kitchen lights, they grabbed their bags, got into the car and drove out.

About an hour down the road, almost into North Carolina, Hank pulled off 95 and drove into Denny's and they shared breakfast together. After traveling 200 miles across North Carolina, they stopped for lunch at South of the Border, just over the South Carolina State Line, and blew an hour wandering around the attraction. Another 200 miles and they entered Georgia, finding a motel to stay at overnight. Hank registered them into a single-bed room.

This was the very last night they would sleep together, and Hank

couldn't resist the need to have Adam's beautiful little cock in his mouth one last time, and to drain Adam's balls, one last time. After getting Adam's tasty release, he didn't even worry about getting off. They just cuddled up and slept, preparing for that last leg of their journey.

Sunday morning they arose about 8:00 AM, dressed and hit the highway about 8:30. They stopped and ate breakfast at an IHOP, then continued toward Jacksonville, Florida, stopping near Savannah for lunch.

Adam was experiencing some very mixed emotions. He was excited to be getting so close to home, but sad to be losing his new found friend.

Near St Augustine they branched off onto I-4 leading them toward

Orlando and Tampa. About 5:00 PM Hank turned off at the first Exit for Tampa, and found a place to park. Bringing up MAPS on his phone, Adam gave him the address of his parent's home, and he hit GO. According to the app it was about 45 minutes from where they were, and he used the GPS to drive them there. The neighborhood was somewhat run down, definitely not Park Place, lots of kids on the streets, mostly Hispanic. Hank turned

on to the last street of the directions, and drove down it, looking for the numeric address, many of these small houses seemed not to have a number posted that could be seen.

"THAT'S IT!" Adam yelled, pointing, "That's my house, right there!"

Hank pulled to the curb in front of the house that Adam was pointing to.

His mother heard our car stop in front and looked out the door, and saw Adam opening the car door.

Mary Cortez, turning back to the inside of the house, "TONY, ADAM'S HOME!" then, running towards our car with arms open wide, "ADAM!" as she threw her arms around Adam, hugging him tightly, and Adam hugged her just as tightly, kissing her lips. Seconds later, Tony appeared, a smile on his face and tears running from his eyes.

"Adam!" Tony exclaimed, "your Mama and I have been worried sick, we didn't hear from you, and we had no idea where you might be, or if you were even alive!" Tony wrapped his arms around Adam, squeezing him like only a man can do. Then, looking at Hank, "Who are you?"

"Papa, Mama," Adam spoke, "this is Hank, and I think he might be my guardian angel."

"Just Hank?" Tony asked, "no last name?"

"Wilcox, sir," Hank stated, "Adam never asked me, and I guess I just never told him."

"I was so happy to get out of that rest area where Hank picked me up, I think if he'd had horns and told me he was Lucifer I would have gone with him!" Adam said, smiling. "But he was more like an angel!"

It took Adam and Hank about an hour to tell Mary and Tony what Adam had been through, and one could see that they shared his pain.

"Hank," Mary said, "we're so thankful that you found Adam and was able to return him to us, God Bless you!"

"Mary, Tony," Hank stated, "Tuesday night, when I found Adam in that rest area, I promised him that I would get him back home, and I try very hard not to break promises. I have delivered on that promise. You two have raised a very beautiful and awesome young man, and I'm very thankful our paths crossed, or I would have never met him. I think maybe fate was on our side, I needed a rest room, and I almost decided to wait until the next exit, but I wasn't sure I could even make it, so I stopped at that rest area, and found a pot of gold!"

"I have a client to pick up tomorrow morning in Sarasota, and take to Chicago, so I really need to leave, get my motel room, and a good nights sleep. Adam, watch out for easy money, and read the contract before you sign."

Hank shared handshakes with Mary and Tony, and walked out toward his car, ready to leave. Before he even opened the door he felt arms around his torso. He turned around and Adam hugged him and Hank had no choice but to return that hug. Both men had tears streaming from their eyes, and their heads were buried into one another's shoulders.

"Hank," Adam said, "you and I both know that I'm not gay, but I still love you. Why do you have to leave me behind?"

"Adam," Hank explained, "life is like a book, with lots of chapters, and each chapter is a part of our lives. The last few days that we've spent together, is just one chapter of the book, that chapter is over, now we have to turn to the next chapter, the next part of our lives. We both have some memories that will linger, but we need to go forward, and live the next chapter, what ever it may bring. I need to leave, and I wish only the best for you. Goodbye, Adam." Hank drove away, leaving Adam at the curb. He'd never before experienced such a heartbreaking departure, and reached for the tissues.

Adam walked slowly into the house, heavy hearted, and trying to hold his emotions at bay. He went to his room and lay on the bed.

A few minutes later, Mary heard Adam sobbing in his room. It hurt her to hear Adam crying, and she went into his room and sat beside him on the bed, running her hand along his back, trying to console him.

"Adam," Mary spoke softly, and lovingly, "why are you so upset?"

"Mama, I've just lost my best friend, and I'll never see him again!"

"I guess you're referring to Hank?" Mary said, "What's so special about him, except that he brought you home?"

"Mama, Hank is the kindest, most generous, caring and loving person I've ever met. Over the few days we spent together, he treated me like a prince, and I loved every minute I spent with him. Now he's dumped me like a hot coal, as if our time together meant nothing! We'll never see each other again."

Adam continued, "He said life is like a book, of many chapters, and our chapter has ended, and we just need to move on to the next chapter of our lives. He just said `Goodbye Adam' and drove off, leaving me standing."

"Sweetheart," Mary said, "We need to be thankful for Hank, he picked you up in your darkest hour, took you into his home for several days, fed you, washed your soggy clothes, and brought you home to us. People with a heart like his are pretty rare. I think you just maybe got a little too attached to him. I think you'll be fine in a couple of days, you've got parents that are very happy to have you safely home again, and love you very much."

"I missed you and Papa a lot and I love you both very much," Adam said, "maybe I'll feel better after a good nights sleep."

Hank drove into Sarasota and got his hotel room. The memory of

Adam, standing at the curb when he pulled away is haunting him. How could he allow himself to become so attached to that young straight boy.

He's not regretting what he did to `hep' the `lil bro' but is mostly

wishing he hadn't gotten so close to Adam, emotionally.

Hank is wishing he'd at least given Adam his phone number, so that Adam could make contact with him. It's probably just as well, as he had said to Adam earlier, this chapter is over, it's best to let it end.

Hank set the alarm on his phone for 6:00 AM Monday, so he would have time for some coffee and breakfast before picking up his rider at 8:00 and taking her to Chicago. After going to bed, he found himself groping under the covers, his arm was reaching out, wanting to wrap itself around Adam, but just came up empty. He finally cried himself to sleep.

The End

* * * * * *

Authors Note:

Sorry folks, some stories just don't have a happy ending.

Just a reminder, comments are always appreciated, even if they're Negative.



Copyright © 2019 Doug Spencer; All Rights Reserved.

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Maybe we'd have liked to see them together, but life is not always like that!!!  Really Great Story!

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Just great happy and sad at the same time. Never thoght it would be only one chapter.

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Very cute story, and as far as a happy ending, I think it was pretty happy!

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Lovely littie story. And you're right, they don't all have to have happy endings, but somehow this one was perfect for this situation. Both Hank and Adam will go on to open up new chapters in their lives, but they will always have this chapter to look back on with fondness. Nice job Doug Spencer.

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