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  1. Canuk

    Two Nightmares

    The way the story balances/contrasts the teens exploration of their sexuality with the ruthless exploitation by adults of teens is well done. As someone who finds the adult sexual attraction to young teens as truly bizarre and uncomprehendable, I will always be attracted to a well crafted story. Thanks.
  2. People really would prefer jammers over speedos? I suppose it proves that naught as queer as folk! 😁
  3. Canuk

    Chapter 13

    Posting this gave me a choice: late for work or read the instalment.... "Gap year" has transformed Will in my estimatation and that final scene with Connie confirms it. While the Grainger series will always be my favourite, I am enjoying this series far more now. Perhaps as the brats of the last few stories mature, I am able to like them more. Sounds like I am just an old fag, really.... Great writing, thanks.
  4. I recently rediscovered this story. While I said rediscovered, I actually have no recall of reading it before, however the occasional likes suggest I did read it. In my reread I haven't commented chapter by chapter as I know that would send every other reads notes about a story they had read between 4 and 6 years ago. I do like the way the story shows the twins growing up. While Russell seemed at the start naive, it wasn't until he met up agin with his twin that I realised how much their immaturity was a product of their fathers overbearing control. The story really is about them mat
  5. Canuk

    Copenhagen Blues

    Many years on and I am reading this for possibly the second time. Its amazing the changes that have happened in the world around ss couples in that time. One thing that hasn't changed is my frustration and annoyance at this concept of "virginity". Originally applied to a woman who had not had a child, now it applies universally to the insertion of a penis into one of two orifices...and moved to the level of a sacrament...weird. Rant over.... Gread read, thanks
  6. Canuk

    Chapter 47

    Being fucked by the heir to the Russian throne while in a coffin-bed during a coup: Grainger has experiences that most of us merely dream about! Great chapter! Thanks.
  7. Canuk


    A wonderful story of the power of love and family, of working with others for a better place for yourself and those you love, and a story of how finding true love doesn't mean you lose who you are as an individual.
  8. Canuk

    Chapter 19

    I sincerely hate that "virgin" thing. He was perfectly right it was the first time they gave them selves to each other. In a meaningful relationship that's all that matters.... Interesting story, great read, thanks.
  9. Canuk

    Seamus and Friends

    The relationship has gone from basic miscommunication to overload of chaos. The "Board" sound good to have around, and they obviously care about Seamus. The next steps be they Aidan's or the relationships will be interesting indeed! Great read, thanks.
  10. Canuk

    Chapter 46

    Great chapter. Thee balance between addressing the charges, amusing those who understood him, as well as placating the Tsar was quite masterful. Our Grainger has a most excellent puppet master; I am in awe of his amazing abilities to depict our hero on land, at sea, in the courtroom and in bed! Thank you.
  11. Just re reading this. "I need a plan...and I need it now!" Great line! Full of the contradictions of getting what you have dreamed about but no idea what to do with it when it actually pans out....
  12. Canuk

    Chapter 45

    The intercepted letter...from whom? And about what? That it was seperate from his other correspondence suggests that its either planted or fake. Either way i looks like it will damage him further with the Tsar. Sounds like Granger's enemies are determined to cause issues.... We waits quietly and breathlessly for the tension to break..... Thanks!
  13. Canuk

    Chapter 10

    Great chapter, but what an ending. Taipans in condos would attract press; not eactly common even in Australia! Will is strating to show signs he just may turn into a human being. Great development. Uluru and Sails is good. I cant recall when Latitude opened. "Glamping" to a whole new level!
  14. Canuk

    Chapter 44

    The contortions of the Russian courts need a level of duplicitous diplomacy that are severly testing our hero. He must go to bed every night exhausted! Great read. Thanks.
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