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  1. Canuk

    Chapter 55

    oh! Mr Arbour what have I done / said to get my first ever "angry" response? I promise I will change my path from that which displeases you, if only you provide me with the guidance back to the way of correctness and truth..... I am happy to accept any punishment if only to find my way back to your good graces..... in all humility🥰 C
  2. Canuk

    Who's In Charge

    very interesting and instructive. I write its for my own amusement, but reviewing my writing with your suggestions is very helpful. thanks. nb as far as "free will" I am often amazed at how my characters can surprise me.... Not too sure what this says about me.....
  3. Canuk

    Chapter 55

    "Wonder how history would have changed" yes! Dramatically different and undoubtedly better! "Davenport being the love of Graingers life" intellectual love yes, but Grainger will always have his physical lists (as you suggest, he is a slut) "Chartley's concerns ..... weak tea." I have to disagree. It's not Chartley's physical relationship with Batu that is the concern (if it was, Grainger and half the Brit aristocracy he's slept with would be banished from London) but that he has this strange-for-the-times desire to almost publicly live in a domestic marriage-like relationship with Batu. That is what would be what would get him completely excluded from society. Men being a slut with other men was fine (just don't frighten the horses), living in domestic monogamous bliss with another man.....definitely no no.
  4. Canuk

    Chapter 22

    Brilliant plan. He's thought this through and hopefully everyone will come out on top (so to speak). Patrick's reaction could be interesting..... Another great chapter with characters developing as the story progresses.
  5. Canuk

    Buttered Balls

    hmm, yes, the sandwiches, that's what we'll go for...... 😇
  6. wholeheartedly agree. Just started this story and for a first chapter with so many characters/locations/friends/families/back story after 6k words I realised I wasn't reading I was skimming. And while its not all about me (well, not all the time) it annoys me when a story I want to follow makes it difficult! Hopefully I'll calm down and enjoy the rest!
  7. Canuk

    Buttered Balls

    Families and their attitudes to nudity.... I recall as an 11 year old staying with a friends family at their beach house. all the men were naked and the women wore small micro bikini bottoms. My family weren't prudes, but for an 11 year old me it was an eye opener! As for our hero; good sex, great job, boyfriends family accepting, being able to talk techno-babble as if it means something! what a life! I know he has rationalised the workplace relationships situation, the problem there is if someone decides to cause trouble the spin they can put on such things makes it very bloody difficult for those concerned..... he needs to be careful. thanks for the chapter!
  8. Canuk

    Settling Dust

    Amazing journey, well written, with amazing understanding of characters going through significant trauma and change. And the end, yes there will always be calls for successful series to go on and on and in US authored series it often happens, but sadly this leads some (but by no means all) series simply dying of ennui. This series ended on a great note, not everything tidied up, but a level of resolution. Very enjoyable. Thanks.
  9. Canuk

    Chapter 14

    "Not bad looking, nice body nice arse"; that's not being forward is it!!!!
  10. Canuk

    Chapter 21

    What a train wreck. An incident from which every perspective is right, even when they are contradictory. This is why prescriptive, black/white laws fail. Hopefully Will (with Mr Arbour's able assistance) can steer a way through this minefield laced with icebergs...
  11. Canuk

    Pool Party

    I am not sure I have ever come across anyone who has completely opposite musical tastes to me..... Sting and the Police are about the only point even close to overlap!!! looks like JJ has fallen on his feet.... look forward to what comes next (apart from JJ and Shaun, of course!)
  12. Canuk

    Chapter 8

    Sounds like an amazing find! Attaching in to modern "necessities" like water, sewer and electricity will need to be done carefully if he wants not to destroy some of the charm. A great project!
  13. Canuk

    Driver’s Ed

    JJ's analysis of the electric cars was so teenager-meets-mr-practical! I am confused by his "Ionic's 100 mile range" - I understood the range is just under 400km - so not world breaking, but if my conversion is right that something like 230-ish miles, and if it is going to be a commuter vehicle then that ample.... I am always amazed at people who want 700/800/1000 km range in their electric car because "once two years ago we visited Aunty Marge who lives west of whoop whoop..." even in car centric cities people don't drive that far on a daily basis.... Great read - looking forward to how far our wunder-kid goes!
  14. Canuk

    Chapter 7

    There's buying a house "sight unseen" and then there's Marco's way of doing it. Bloody stupid way; he literally has no idea.
  15. Canuk

    Chapter 55

    "Trouble"? Our hero never gets into trouble! Just occasionally he finds himself in interesting situations, usually involving some one else's hard cock.... other than that he's a magnet for other men's issue(s)🤩
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