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  1. Canuk

    Chapter Twenty-Six

    One day Noah will realise that coming out to parents, friends and colleagues is a whole lot less stress than living like this....but until then, his life will remain very messy and very stressful. Poor bugger
  2. Canuk

    Chapter Twenty-Five

    Well that certainly brought heaven back to earth! Perhaps a time for brutal honesty with dearest mother. Of course it won't be, he'll prevaricate, procrastinate and generally piss everyone off! The weekend in the country sounded ideal!
  3. Canuk


    The hesitancy is very cute. Utterly irrational, as they both will realise once they do actually get together, but cute nevertheless!
  4. Canuk


    Danny has had the most major cultural shift. Things now are 180 degrees better than they have ever been, so the first test, when things go wrong, as they will at some point in some way, will be a true test of his new self and his coping abilities. Sure to be an interesting read! Thanks
  5. Canuk

    Chapter Twenty-Two

    Holy shit, bugger, be damned....the small hole he was covering has just been exposed.... the fun really starts now!
  6. Canuk

    Chapter 24

    Yes, it was their 18th! Got my majority's confused!
  7. Canuk

    Chapter 24

    Henley's timing re deciding to be a father could not have been more inopportune. And frankly he's made the first mistake; deciding unilaterally what is good for 21 year olds.... no sign of smooth sailing any time soon....
  8. Canuk

    Chapter 31 Don and Marco

    Interesting chapter. The "money solves all issues" is a little worrisome, but I'd hazard a guess with three children to raise they'll get find that even money has its limits! Good writing. Thanks
  9. Canuk

    Scout’s Honor

    So, problem solved? Or just multiplied in a completely different direction?
  10. Canuk

    Holiday Rush (Part One)

    Yeah..right! Fun story...id suggest is going in one direction, and one only!
  11. Canuk

    Useless Things

    Great to read you again! As having just celebrated a "significant" birthday, and looking after aged parents, this rings all too true. Love your writing. Please continue! Thanks.
  12. Canuk

    Chapter 9: A devious twist

    Nice filling out the picture and people stranded. With this sense of impending something just hovering in the background. Great read. Thanks
  13. Canuk

    I Remember

    Jeremy-as-saviour... and he is about as straight as I am; which is to say not at all! Thanks for the chapter. Looking forward to see if Alex -X- can stay away from his addiction.
  14. Canuk

    Chapter 6: Home Again

    Chris is so deliciously English. Well written characters with great story. Thanks; v enjoyable!
  15. Canuk

    Intermission: Stephen

    Stephen has just lit a fuse...no idea what will be the outcome... Roll on next chapter(s)! 😁

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