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  1. Canuk

    Chapter 12

    A beautiful story wonderfully told. May we all live such fullfilled lives. Thank you.
  2. Canuk

    Planting Seeds

    Colts grudge against his best friend, Sam, who didnt respond well to his coming out suggests a bigger problem. His "its all about me and what you done to me" doesnt reek stable maturity. That conversation could have gone a lot better, even if it had the same outcome. I dare say small town 'merica like small town everywhere has its was of working, its different, but is not wrong, and in my experience it does adapt to new and different if its allowed to adapt. Hitting it with a stick and expecting them to all wake up twinkly eyed to your way of thinking is juvenile and say more about the "outsider" than it does about the locals. Well, that was an extraordinary rant for this hour of the morning! I suppose it hit a nerve (sign of good writing) whjch in my case had a much better outcome. Thanks for the story.
  3. Canuk

    Chapter 36

    But a quality that just isnt human...which is why our characters embody it! 😂
  4. Canuk

    Chapter 36

    This court is a larger nest of more dangerous vipers than even the Court of StJames! Grainger's feelings at the sudden departure of von Beckendorf and how he felt he had compartmentalised them to deal with later, yet not realising until Davenport pointed it out, that they hadnt been put to bed as it were, at all, was really well done. I am not sure our hero realises quite to the extent he has bonded with the german. Hopefully he will realise it so it doesnt trip him up. It does say something about Russia in that era that while a huge number of people seem to want Grainger's Vozok, it doesnt seem to occur to anyone to get another one built....
  5. Canuk

    Quiet Acceptance

    Both. 🤗
  6. Canuk

    Northern Exposure

    Read this if you like good prose, with excellent characters who live life to the full and beyond in a historical setting, where history is not completely upended. Enjoyable, exciting, informative, with sexy-as-hell moments thrown in!
  7. Canuk

    Chapter 35

    A great reunion! Seeing this other side of Davenport, the needy self absorbed side when he feels all is lost is quite funny. That banter with Grainger whose arrival had just restored Davenports plans was quite funny. Bickersdorf's jealousy betray just how much he thinks of Grainger. I suspect the feelings on Graingers side are more utilitarian! Great to have our man back. I see intrigue in the next few chapters....
  8. Canuk


    I never thought the words, "little black fiesta" would be chilling!
  9. All right, if you insist...the authors stays ! Apologies!
  10. Interesting that they all decide "the intern" goes. All hed need to do is suggest Gabriel stays and he leaves. The powers that be would quickly find a solution....
  11. Canuk


    And for every chapter a new question.... If the answer is forty bloody two, I will scream.... Great writing! Thanks.
  12. The development of multiple strands is fascinating! People having sex in the office: somehow its never the young/pretty/handsome ones....😶
  13. Canuk


    Sunday or Tuesday, how on earth you worked out my commentary with that many typos...
  14. Canuk


    Wonderful! As soon as they started talking security I had this feeling that with nothing to steal it was going to be fire or flood. And so we wait 'till Tuesday....😣😣😣😣
  15. Canuk

    Chapter 34

    He sort of has to be, given the number of positions Mr Arbour manages to get him into! I'd rather like helping dear George in and out of his positions..... 😍😉
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