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  1. I enjoyed your first story, l loved this one. Some of Jay's past were painful and I struggled through some of those parts. But in the end, with the help and support of Alex, Noah and Jeremy everything was made better. I especially liked the dust to diamond approach, that was brilliant. I hope we get to read the third installment of this trilogy. Thanks for sharing this story, you did a great job with it, well done,
  2. Just want to add my thanks as well for bringing your story to GA. It was an enjoyable read with a sweet ending. Great job !
  3. Goodie


    I'm guessing it was more chance that Mira found Shay after a couple of centuries. Can't remember exactly, but didn't Mira sense Shay and orchestrate their reunion by distracting the other sharpening away? Anyway, you ask some really good questions and have got me thinking too.
  4. Goodie


    Oh my, as if one Mira wasn't enough to handle, now there are going to be two of them. Mira has always been my wee favorite, his strength,innocence and unbreakable devotion to Shay, what's not to love? Oh, and he can kick ass like nobody, Mira rocks!!!! The writing is on the wall. With more pieces coming together our heroes are going from strength to strength and with the destruction of their Herald the Sharpies are gonna have to learn a new song. Another excellent chapter, great work, thanks.
  5. Goodie

    The Mars Gambit

    Masterful stroke by Kerensky with the Mars gambit, exciting way to open the final chapter of this great saga. Thanks for continuing this awesome story.
  6. Goodie

    Chapter 20

    Elsa Torne/Earl Stone, very clever. " I’m impressed that your first questions weren’t about my genitals..." , that made me chuckle because it was admittedly in the back of my mind. If anything, I think Marion taking action against the Orders leadership has painted a target on herself. Their influence seems to be far reaching and their are likely many who would not have been present at her little coup. Also, I'm not sure either her or Jared would be willing to waste Ironian lives helping Alex in his war. Remembering of course they still plan to try him for his "crimes" against her family. Thanks again for the new chapter.
  7. Goodie

    Chapter 19

    If I rememeber correctly I think he felt with Yago being Ysabels brother and her being married to Darion, he wouldn't get their support if he tried to take revenge on Yago, or something like that. Just made me think, it would actually be justice if it was Devan who finally killed Yago in the end to avenge his butchered family.
  8. Goodie

    Chapter 19

    Another great chapter VVesley. It allows for a short breather as we await further developments. I'm glad to see Adrian and Kade now safe aboard ship and preparing to leave for the comparative safety of the Illjard away from all the dramas. I'm looking forward to seeing how Kade adapts to his new role and tries to fit in with his new people. Yago seems "happy" which is a disturbing thought. He claims his plans are coming along and unfortunately I believe him. I expect we are in for a nasty surprise. Meanwhile poor Talia continues to fight a losing struggle against the effects of the inculcation. As horrible as it seems, part of me wants her to gain that power if only to use it against Yago. My better side hopes not to sacrifice Talias' soul and prays fro some kind of intervention before she succumbs to that terrible fate. Finally where the hell is that rat Damien. With Devans' entire force at Alex manse, does this mean his territory is unguarded? As always thanks for the new chapter, not as action packed but still deeply enthralling, great stuff.
  9. Goodie

    God's Plan

    Great chapter again. Fingers crossed for mason moving in and completing the family. Like everyone else thrilled to see the mention of Ryder and Messiah. Nice to see Sadie too, just hoping she has come for good reasons and that she isn't the bearer of bad tidings, otherwise welcome indeed to SF. Thanks for the new update
  10. Goodie

    Chapter 18

    Awesome chapter. Alex change in tactics by going for the enemy leadership has paid off and likely turned the tide at the capital especially with the death of Davora. Let's just hope that Alex own wounds are not too serious and he will recover to enjoy the victory. Meanwhile in Monceit, the Order continues to cause havoc and consternation and it's looking like Marion has had enough. I wonder if she'll take a more active part in the war once she realises Yago is pulling the strings controlling the Order. Finally and best of all, victory for our friends at the Di Coteau manse. Was looking very grim and I was beginning to lose hope. Luca pulled off another genius move by appealing to an unexpected source, probably inspired by the presence of Kade. Just as the last defenses fall, Devan arrives at the last minute to save the day, hurrah !!!. My fave moment though was when thinking the end has come, Luca gives himself to Eamon and they take what may have been their last chance to fully share their love. What a great chapter and thanks for the update, still one of my fave stories.
  11. Thanks for another great chapter. “But you’re the first person to tell me they love my son.”.....awww so sweet. Can't wait for Dizzies' reaction when Artie finally gets to tell him.
  12. Goodie


    Mmmm this chapter makes me hungry for donuts, on my to-do list tomorrow. Knowing the shop is his pride and joy, Adam is probably really thrilled to have the boys take an interest and share in this with him. And it's looking like they are going to do really well, especially Dizzy, with his little mission to improve the whole inventory system. It came as a bit of surprise to me that they hadn't shared the L word yet after all these months of dating, but at least now Artie seems to have a plan in mind to make it a special moment....you go boy!! Thanks Mr. Ace for another great chapter, absolutely loving it.
  13. Goodie

    Partner in Crime

    Yessss....great to see another chapter of the Golden City ! I love that Artie is really beginning to see in Adam a proper father figure. Makes him giving Ezra the short shift all the sweeter. However, I don't see Ezra as the type to just accept that and we probably haven't seen the last of him. I too wish he would just f/o back to Dallas and stay out of Arties life. Hope to see more of the crew soon, thanks for the update,
  14. Goodie

    Chapter Nine

    That was decidedly different than what I'd usually tackle but no less remarkable for it's gripping plot and powerful character development. Of course I'm glad Corey survived this ordeal though I'm sure he will continue to suffer the effects for quite some time. As for Sebastian, he's exactly where he needs to be. I still think he's a tragic character, that a better life could have moulded a happier and more productive individual. The sappy side of me would like to continue to believe that there's noone beyond help or redemption, of course I've never had to deal with the Sebastians of the world. Thanks for the interesting story.
  15. Goodie

    Chapter Eight

    I too am of the opinion that this is too small a town to have any kind of proficient police force, certainly none that would have had to deal with an actual homocide. And yes, Corey may well suspect Sebastian, but will he go into denial or worse confront him? I don't think Sebastian would kill Corey unless he was somehow trapped with no out and decided he and Corey would be together in death. It's scary and horrible to think about.
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