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  1. Goodie


    Haha the letter reminded me so much of "the talk" I received from my dad. I think more from embarrassment he used a lot of formal phrases and technical jargon mixed in with some scripture lol, alas his talk was geared toward male/female so a complete waste of time from my pov, however, I enjoyed making him sweat. It was very uncomfortable for both of us. I thought it funny when they gave the dildoes the taste test, what were they expecting? Have to agree though, no substitute for the real thing. It's going to be interesting practice times for them. At least uncle Mikkel was thorough and wanting to make sure that noone was hurt and that it would be an enjoyable experience for them.
  2. Goodie

    Safe Haven

    Neat chapter. Comes as no surprise that Benny and Calvin would have been accepted and welcomed into the Beckel home and become the latest additions to the ever extending family. I especially loved how Cals concern for his gran meant she was immediately adopted as well. I think granny Lisbet will be a big help for Rosalie and will be another adult support for all the boys. Can't wait for Jay and Mikey to open the care package.
  3. Goodie

    Easter Sunday

    Sweet chapter. The whole thing with the joke letters is quite a neat tradition. Was especially funny the way the joke backfired on our little jester. I love the way the family have embraced this relationship and fully accepted Mikey, helping him get one back on Jay. The fun these two have with each other helps keep things light and warm. In contrast, Mikeys concerns about his parents, real or not, makes their relationship still seem precarious. They shouldn't worry with so many wonderful friends and family around, they have the best chance of making it. The closing scene of Dirck putting Jay to bed was touching and again highlighted the difference in their father/son relationship compared to Mikey. Jays "Ten Commandments" dream was almost a parallel of Mikeys 'Rocky' dream.
  4. Goodie

    Home Places

    I love that Greg is so patient and willing to give Denny all the time he needs. His patience and consideration are starting to pay off as Denny is starting to make progress, initiating new things and even touching Greg for the first time. I hope one day Denny will have the confidence and courage to confront his former tormentors one day and well and truly bury those old demons. Jay and Mikey are always fun together, I love how jay manages to ease mikey out of his comfort zone. Jays sense of mischief are helping break down Mikeys reserves and Mikey is finding it hard to deny Jay, especially when he pulls the 'look', so cute. Had to laugh when D&T caught the boys in a compromising position......again. Probably a good thing it was them and not someone else. It's always nice to get a glimpse of what's going on with the others, but the main event will always be our favorite couple.
  5. Goodie

    Time Is Fleeting

    There is so much to love about this story it would take too long to list everything. Obviously the fine cast of characters and how they handle different situations is what really stands out for me. I was surprised Mikey didn't really get RHPS, but then, thinking back, I didn't get it my first time either. Mind you, most of that was due to the company I was in, subsequent and repeated viewings later made it one of my favorites. Guess it's an aquired taste. Clothes shopping, ugh, personally I hate it. I know my sizes so if i need something i walk in grab it and leave, don.t even bother to try it on. Like Cal, I tend to buy looser fits so can hardly go wrong. The boys did make their outing a fun time though and I would have enjoyed just hanging out. It just occurred to me that Cal has been flying under the radar most of this time and is thought of as the guy in army clothes, wonder what kind of attention and speculation his new look will attract? Hehe and what is Benny being so devious about, last time Cal surprised us with the wrestling singlets, so what's Benny's surprise? Denny inviting Greg over shows he is definitely becoming more comfortable and trusting of his boyfriend. I wonder if they will be the next couple to make the final commitment at their sleepover? Still plenty of story to go and so much still to look forward to. Sorry for being so long-winded. But the very best thing about this story, it feels real because it comes from you. It's part of who you are, with both real and imagined events mixed in. Through Mikey, we are getting a piece of you....thanks for sharing part of yourself with us
  6. Haha I had that very thought when people were staring at Mikey and whispering. I first saw Rocky Horror with my older sister but was a little embarrassed as I wasn't out at the time and she was making cracks about Frankenfurter.I later managed to get a copy and would watch and enjoy it on my own. Mikey needn't worry about getting a hard time from his boyfriend, he could always tell him to ' can it...Jaynet". I loved the interaction with old Mr. Walker at the hardware store. That kind of attention to customer service is rare but valued. You can usually tell when someone genuinely cares and is interested or is just paying lip service. I like to screw with the checkout people at my local supermarket sometimes. When I get bored with the usual,,,"hi, how's your day going?" If I'm feeling in an evil mood I might reply " my cat died" whilst handing them the cat food to ring up. This is going to be a fun night for the boys and i'm looking forward to DT meeting the Beckels for dinner. I think they will be as impressed by Dirck and Rosalie and Linda as we all are. I suspect also Denny and Greg are quite keen to meet Dave and Trebor as well. I can't wait to meet Jerry, graduation is a long way off.
  7. Interesting chapter this one. Sorry to jump on the Timmy Zane bandwagon, but I'm kind of intrigued to know now what it is exactly that Bobby knows. Bobby doesn't strike me as a complete idiot, he knows Timmy can be a real ass at times and has intervened on occasion to keep him in check. Something fishy going on so I'll hold judgement for now till the whole truth comes out, meantime I feel a little sorry for him caught in the middle. Good on Linda though for sticking to her guns. I kind of feel bad for her that shes a loose wheel among all these couples. Finally i too enjoyed the pizza scene and in particular making friends with Billy. I can imagine his reaction guessing he'd come across a couple of "family", only to discover all six were in the club. i remember getting a random phone number once but i chickened out and never called. Hopefully Billy will make the most of this opportunity to at least get some advice, support and confidence in himself. Good luck Mikey in working out the prank letters, I'm completely stumped but then I've never been good at riddles.
  8. Goodie

    Love Bites

    Wow, thought we were gonna skip the wrestling but benny came back to it in a flashback. It kind of worked out better that way because when Benny was talking with Finn he seemed very content, a little sore and we learnt later why. The wrestling was fun but when they got to the act it seemed more lustful rather than intimate. I guess they were just caught up in the moment and neither was complaining and they were affectionate with each other later in the bath. I just feel a bit dissappointed for Benny's sake. Can't really blame them, it's not like they can learn from anyone. At least jay will get some pointers when he sees his uncle Mikkel and Sam. End on a positive, love granny Beth. Think that was a mean trick Cal played but looks like the boys have a safe place of their own.
  9. Ok I'm giving this one favorite chapter status, for now. So many neat moments going on from the milking, to Jay and Mikey holding each others pendants and redeclaring their commitment, the scene with Benny and Finn, who guessed wrong btw about whether Benny got some or not.Benny helping in the kitchen and getting to know gran better was sweet and will earn him extra brownie points. I'm thinking they may not need a safe haven at the Beckels. My fav part though was when Callie slipped the wrestling singlet on Benny, I love those things and love watching wrestling, not the fake WWF kind.Mmmmm wrestling singlets and bike shorts......
  10. Goodie


    Therapy....damn, how could I forget. Thought Greg was tentative because of nerves, of course he was concerned about Dennys haunted past and how he would handle intimacy. His slow and methodical approach helped Denny overcome his inhibitions and unravel some of the damage from Maine. It's a good start and hopefully future sessions will be even more therapeutic for both. Once past their intial awkwardness, Benny and Cal seemed to have no trouble expressing their newfound love. They seem very comfortable with each other and look to be another successful pair. The evolution of the three relationships and comparing their progress makes for exciting reading. Things are working out well for all and can only get better from here......right?
  11. Goodie


    It was very thoughtful of Jay to come up with a private place for them all, especially thinking Denny and Greg might not have such opportunities. It was cute to see how shy and nervous they were having not done very much together previously. It came across that Greg might be assertive over the phone, but in person in a real situation was completely different. Looking forward to their pov to see how they got on. Meantime our other budding couple managed to make their own private times in the darkroom at school. I too loved the symbolism that was brought out by the photos and the debate over the third picture was a precursor of how Callie wanted Benny to be more decisive. They managed to fumble their way through a very sweet and innocent first time and probably seconds. It was a good time for all to cement their relationships, especially the newer couples.
  12. Huh so that explains why Jay and Mikey were late to school hehe, glad Jay guessed the correct colour because that was a really good way to make up for getting to Mikey's late. I loved....“Tys, elskede—you said your lips were sealed—but that didn’t include mine—so shut up and enjoy.” It was interesting to note on the drive in how Jay felt that despite the progress they'd made the past week, things with Mikey were still fragile. I enjoyed their shocked surprise over Benny and Cal. Glad Benny and in particular Cal are working through their misunderstanding. These are yet another two guys who have needed each other without realising. They fit so well, both being tentative loners though not by choice. Not only have they found each other, but will also likely find their way into the J&M club. With them in the group Linda will have less concerns about someone watching out for Jay and Mikey. In fact if anything, the straights are probably on the endangered species list.
  13. Goodie


    Damn Benny sounds so much like someone I know and this whole situation between him and Cal sounds all too familiar. I'm glad their friends were there to step in and talk some sense to both boys. It's almost tragic that the things keeping them apart all this time were based on false misconceptions and could have been resolved a lot sooner with simple communication. Of coursr it's easy to say from the sidelines with the added advantage of hindsight, but being in the moment, it's a lot harder to see things clearly despite having reliable friends like Greg and Linda trying to steer you in the right direction. To make matters worse poor Cal needlessly suffered alone throughout most that time. Well, thank goodness for interventions and the world has been made right once again. Was quite an intense moment which was lightened right at the end by Benny locking Cals' keys in the car. Oh before I forget. Looks like we have another clued up sibling, why are all the younger ones seemingly so much brighter and on to it lol. Between Finn and all the other sibs, they'd make really good friends if they all got together.
  14. Goodie

    Family Affair

    OMG I'm getting overdosed on cuteness today, don't stop I'm loving it. I agree with everyone else, all the special little touches you add to your characters to flesh them out and make them real is why we've come to love this story. Denny and Greg together is right. I can see the Newtons becoming for Denny, what the Berkels are to Mikey. They are another close knit family, sharing, caring and supportive. Denny has gained more than just a boyfriend, he has gained enough extra love and compassion to help him heal from his traumatic experiences. Now to complete a perfect picture, we just need for the parents to be accepting, I have a feeling they will be, I'm thinking if young Lee can be so perceptive, then greg's parents may well have picked up on things too. Here's hoping.
  15. Goodie


    That was a really sweet chapter, I loved it. I loved Jays little outburst in class when the penny finally dropped re D&G. I enjoy getting into Jays head and seeing how his thoughts work, he is quite sensitive and has real empathy, little wonder he is popular and gets on well with most anyone. Getting Jays perspective on how he and Mikey eventually came together set things up nicely for his little surprise later. The anniversary date and remembering the promise of a pizza dinner was just perfect. So much has gone on in these guys lives its hard to believe it's only been a week. I hope so much for things to go well, the love and caring that these two young mean share is a joy to behold. Happy anniversary with many more to come.
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