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  1. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 46

    In Chapter 46 Rodney gets to sleep over again Friday night with his big brothers and on Saturday the WHOLE FAMILY will celebrate Rodney’s birthday with a surprise party. We can see this family gradually coming together as DJ’s biological family is brought into the fold. * * * * * DJ Chapter 46 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer It’s Friday evening, June 15th. DJ asked Randy to let him leave early, about 8:45 PM so he would have time to pick up the Birthday cake before the market closes at 9:00 PM. DJ picked up the cake and headed to the Seldon home with it, before heading out to Mama’s house to pick up Rodney. Karen instinctively stashed the cake out of sight, and DJ drove to his Mama’s to pick up Rodney, returning with his brother about 9:30 PM. Since Jamie wouldn’t be coming home until about 11:30, DJ, Rodney, Damion and Brandon all got into a game of Monopoly at the kitchen table. About 11:30 Jamie arrived, with an extra-large pizza, and the boys all enjoyed a nice snack before heading to bed. As usual, when Rodney was sleeping over with DJ and Jamie, the older boys kept their boxer-briefs on when they cuddled up with Rodney sandwiched between them in Jamie’s bed. Rodney couldn’t feel happier, or more secure, than when he gets to sleep with his big brothers. The three fell asleep shortly after retiring, as did Damion and Brandon, in their own separate beds. Karen went to bed alone, as Carl was not yet home from work, and wouldn’t be until about 1:00 AM. Saturday morning, despite having not gone to bed until after 1:00 AM, Carl arose at 8:00 AM along with Karen. Karen and Carl plan to host a house full of company today to celebrate Rodney’s Birthday about noon. The party had been moved up to noon to accommodate those of us scheduled to work early. Joe had asked Mike to pick him up at the Seldon home at 3:00 PM for his shift, and I was also scheduled in at 3:00 PM. DJ had swapped shifts with Gwen, and both he and Jamie were scheduled in at 4:00 PM to close. While Karen, still in her robe and Carl in his skivvies enjoyed their first cups of coffee, other faces started to appear. Damion and Brandon both appeared, wearing just their boxers, and soon after, DJ, Jamie and Rodney appeared, all of the boys just wearing their underwear. Damion and Brandon had finally gotten used to this habit of sitting around the table nearly naked. They all enjoyed coffee together, except for Jamie and Rodney, who were sipping on glasses of apple juice. Karen, not wanting to fill the boys up too full, placed a plate full of cinnamon rolls on the table, and then a second plate. That was breakfast for today! After downing a couple of cinnamon rolls, Carl brought out three racks of ribs from the fridge and proceeded to cut them apart, placing them in a large bowl. He then doused them with BBQ sauce and let them sit, soaking up the flavor. “That seems like an awful lot of ribs,” Damion mentioned. “Oh,” Carl replied, “we’ve invited some other guests to join us for the cookout today, I’m sure they’ll all get eaten.” Carl excused himself, went outside and fired up the charcoal grill, preparing it to grill all of the ribs. Karen busied herself finishing up a huge bowl of potato salad, enough to feed an army, and then made a tomato, onion and cucumber marinated salad, placing both salads in the refrigerator to chill. The only boys aware of the guest list, were DJ and Jamie, and they wanted this party to be as much of a surprise for Rodney as was possible. About 10:00 AM Carl loaded the grill with the ribs and Karen pulled out the deep fryer, and placed a three pound bag of frozen shrimp in cold water to thaw. Even DJ and Jamie didn’t know that fried shrimp were on the menu. As soon as the shrimp were thawed, Karen beat up some eggs and mixed up some breading, and proceeded to prepare the shrimp for deep-frying. Finally, about 11:45 Joe and I arrived at the Seldon home, Joe in total Police Uniform and I was dressed more casually, in my Southside Drug polo. All five boys were seated together at the picnic bench and Damion and Brandon quickly approached Joe and myself, giving us warm hugs. DJ and Jamie soon followed, leaving Rodney alone at the bench. “Rodney!” I exclaimed, “Come here boy!” Rodney, with some apprehension, approached Joe and me. Giving Rodney a warm hug, “How does it feel to be fourteen?” I asked. “Not much different than thirteen,” Rodney replied, “I only grew one more year yesterday.” Of course Joe and I both knew that Rodney’s actual birthday had been on Friday, and Joe also gave Rodney a warm hug. About five minutes later Ramous and Darrah pulled in with Camille and Lucas in the back seat. Rodney, approaching them, “Mama, Ramous, what are you doing here?” Ramous, a bit surprised, “Rodney, we were invited here—for a cookout today.” DJ ran to the house and got Karen and Carl, taking them to the yard. “Mama, Ramous,” DJ stated, “these are Jamie’s parents, Karen and Carl Seldon. Mom, Dad, this is my Mama, Darrah Jackson, and her fiancé, Ramous Andrews, and my sister, Camille, and her boyfriend, Lucas Johnson.” The group all shook hands, warmly. “Welcome to our home,” Carl stated, “Karen and I have wanted to meet the rest of DJ’s biological family for a long time. Darrah, you’ve brought up a wonderful young man, and Karen and I have just as much love for DJ as we do our own son. I have to admit that Rodney has also captured our hearts, and we consider him also a part of our extended family.” Rodney smiled, loving the feeling of acceptance. Karen returned to the kitchen to start frying the shrimp, and Darrah followed her, asking if she could help. The two ladies seemed to have an immediate connection. “Karen,” Darrah asked, “Doesn’t it bother you and Carl, knowing that your only son is gay?” “Not at all, Darrah,” Karen replied, “Jamie came out to us when he was about Rodney’s age, and told us that he liked boys. We were well prepared that Jamie would have a boyfriend, rather than a girlfriend. Carl and I questioned him as to why he decided to date a black boy, rather than another Caucasian boy, and he just said that love is colorblind. We’ve accepted that fact, and grown to love DJ like he was our second son. We don’t even think of DJ as being black anymore, he’s just our son’s loving boyfriend, and a part of our family.” “I’m a little concerned about Rodney sleeping with DJ and Jamie,” Darrah said, “do you think they might try to influence Rodney’s sexuality?” “I highly doubt that,” Karen replied, “Rodney is well aware of their relationship, and I’m pretty certain the boys both just love him as their younger brother. If Rodney ends up gay, he’s gonna have to do it on his own.” Darrah seemed to be somewhat relieved, after Karen’s response. While Karen finished frying the last of the shrimp, Darrah carried plates, silverware and condiments, and the bowls of salads out to the picnic table. Karen followed with the quite large bowl of freshly fried shrimp, announcing that the appetizer was ready. Everyone grabbed a small plate, piled some shrimp on them, and added spoonfuls of cocktail sauce and/or tarter sauce. While all were enjoying the shrimp, Carl started to pile the ribs onto a large platter, using the tongs, and placed it on the table. Dinner was served! Jamie and DJ brought a small, two-seater bench over, placing it on one end of the table, and the birthday boy was seated in a chair at the opposite end. Ramous and Darrah sat on one side of the table, along with Camille and Lucas, while Joe and Doug shared the flip side with Karen and Carl. Brandon squeezed in between Camille and Darrah, and Damion between Joe and Doug. Doug stood, to address the group. “You know, family, fate has a mysterious way of bringing folks together,” I stated. “I refer to you all as ‘family’ because we have all become ‘Extended Family’ and I love every one of you.” “Little did I ever imagine how things would all progress,” I continued, “that fateful spring day that a young man from the projects wanted to cut my grass to earn a few dollars. As you all are aware, I had a desire to help this young man, and that fall, a few days before DJ’s 20th birthday, I legally adopted DJ as my son, and he became a Kendall.” “Meanwhile, DJ and Jamie became boyfriends, and their closeness with each other, brought Jamie’s parents, Karen and Carl, to become close friends with Joe and myself.” I continued, “DJ had pretty much ignored his former biological family, but his younger brother, Rodney, set out on a mission to find his older brother.” “As fate prevailed,” I went on, “Rodney’s efforts were successful, and one Sunday Rodney showed up at DJ’s work. DJ asked me if it would be OK if Rodney slept over that night, and of course, I had no objections. Rodney proceeded to steal not only Jamie’s heart, but also Joe’s and mine.” “Today, we are celebrating two events. The delightful young man seated at the end of the table was highly instrumental in reuniting DJ with his biological family, but also in bringing the Jackson clan into our Extended Family.” “The other event,” I continued, “we are all together today to help Rodney celebrate his Fourteenth Birthday, even though his actual birthday was yesterday. With everyone’s work schedules, there was no way to get everyone together on Friday, so we planned it for today. A special thank you goes out to Karen and Carl, for hosting this happy event.” Everyone gathered around Rodney, with hugs and best wishes for a Happy Birthday, and Rodney had the biggest smile on his face that we’d ever seen. After everyone dug into the ribs and salads, Karen announced that dessert would be served in the dining room. Carl quietly went into their bedroom and lit the fourteen candles on the cake, and carried it out to the dining room, while everyone sang Happy Birthday to Rodney, who had tears streaming from his eyes. Rodney made his wish, and managed to blow out all the candles in one breath. After demolishing the cake, out came the cards and gifts. The first gift he unwrapped was the small package from DJ and Jamie. As Rodney pulled out the phone and held it up, the smile on his face could have lit the world. He thanked DJ and Jamie graciously. He then opened the largest package, from Darrah and Ramous that contained a new, sporty, lightweight summer jacket. The card read that they had added his new phone on their family plan, so he wouldn’t need to worry about a phone bill. The next gift he opened was a funny looking package from Lucas, and the card read that it should keep his pants from sagging. It contained a new belt with a Western Buckle. Camille’s gift was a new, matching wallet. He then opened the package from Joe and me, containing a new pair of $100 white Reebok sneakers. Joe informed him that they could be exchanged at Footlocker if the size was wrong. Rodney spontaneously gave both Joe and me a kiss on our cheeks. Karen and Carl’s gift was a money envelope, with two Twenties inside. Damion and Brandon each gave him a new Rapper decorated tee shirt. Rodney, a bit overwhelmed, and with tears running down his cheek, “Guys! Thank you all so much, this has been the best Birthday of my life!” We all told him he was more than welcome. Shortly after 2:30 Mike drove in with the patrol car to pick up Joe, and Joe introduced him to DJ’s biological family, and Mike enjoyed a hunk of Rodney’s Birthday Cake. I had to leave, as I was due at work at 3:00 PM. DJ and Jamie were both scheduled in at 4:00 PM to start their shifts, and left together shortly after 3:30. Lucas and Camille disappeared from the rest, attempting to find a place to spend some romantic time alone. There was a bench on the shady side of the garage, and they settled on it, starting to make out, kissing and hugging. Of course only two or three minutes of kissing the lovely Camille caused Lucas to become aroused, very aroused. Lucas felt his now erect pecker totally filling his crotch. “Excuse me for a few minutes, baby,” Lucas stated, “I need to take care of something.” Feeling a serious need to drop a load, Lucas thought he could slip behind the garage and rub off a quick one. Behind the garage, out of everyone’s sight, Lucas pulled out his rather substantial boner and started to stroke it. Mere seconds later Camille was standing in front of him. “What are you doing, baby?” Camille asked, curiously. Lucas’s face immediately turned crimson, having been caught. “It’s called masturbation,” Lucas replied. “When a boy kisses a hot girl, like you, we get very aroused, and turned on. We have a need to get a load off, and relieve the sexual tension, and we do it by using our hand to simulate having sex.” “You’ve got a really nice—pecker,” Camille stated, “Can I—touch it?” “I suppose so, if you want to,” Lucas replied, “I’m wondering how many other boys peckers you’ve touched?” “None!” Camille exclaimed, “The only pecker I’ve ever even seen is Rodney’s, and I’ve never touched it. Yours is a lot bigger than his, and I’ve only seen his hard a couple of times, in the morning, when he first gets up.” Lucas, grinning, “Most boys wake up in the morning with a hardon that we call morning wood. It’s a nuisance, because it’s hard to bend it down to pee. Sometimes I masturbate before I get up, and then it’s not hard anymore, and makes it easier to tinkle. I think most everybody needs to use the toilet as soon as we wake up in the morning.” “I think you’re right,” Camille replied, “the bathroom is the first place I go to when I wake up.” Camille now has her hand wrapped around Lucas’s boyhood. “I like the feeling of your pecker in my hand,” she said, starting to stroke it. “It feels mighty good to me too,” Lucas responded, “I’ve never had a girl stroke it before, but I need to give you a warning. I’m close to cumming, and you probably shouldn’t stand in front of me! When I shoot, my cum will get all over you, better to stand beside me.” Camille stepped to Lucas’s side, but continued to stroke his nice pecker. “This is fun,” Camille said, “I never realized how nice it would feel, just to play with a boy’s pecker!” “Watch out, Camy!” Lucas remarked, “I’m about to shoot.” Seconds later, Lucas’s dick started to spurt several ropes of pure, milky white semen, most of it going onto the ground, and a couple of globs on Camy’s fingers. Before Lucas could stop her, Camy licked her fingers clean, and swallowed it. “So that white stuff can make a girl pregnant?” Camy asked. “Yeah,” Lucas replied, “if it’s the right time of month for the girl, and the sperm goes into the girl’s vagina. That’s why smart kids use condoms, when they have sex. Thanks, baby, that was the best hand job I’ve ever had!” “I enjoyed doing it, baby,” Camille replied, smiling, “I’ve heard some of the girls talk about giving their boyfriends blowjobs, and swallowing their cum. Maybe next time, I can give you one. I can’t get pregnant from swallowing your sperm, can I?” “Nope,” Lucas answered, “the sperm would have to swim up your vagina, to make you pregnant. So you tasted my sperm, what did you think?” “It didn’t taste bad at all,” Camille replied, “I think I could handle the whole load!” “Baby,” Lucas replied, “I care deeply for you, and I’ll be here for you, any time you want. I suppose we better join the others, before they get suspicious.” Lucas and Camille walked back to the yard, holding hands, and, fortunately, no one asked any questions. Darrah and Ramous hung around until nearly 6:00, getting to know Carl and Karen, then gathered up their crew and headed home. I’m sure that Rodney’s Birthday was enjoyed by all, and that Rodney’s fourteenth birthday was a happy one. * * * * * I returned from my deliveries about 8:15 PM, and Randy told me I could leave early, as there was no reason to keep me on the clock. I informed DJ that I was going to cook up something at home for Joe and me for a late supper, and there should be leftovers that he and Jamie could heat up for a late night snack, when they come home that night. I’m sure the munchies were hitting all of us, as we had not eaten anything since the food earlier at the cookout. DJ clocked out at exactly 9:00 PM and walked over to the pizzeria to hook up with Jamie and help him clean up. It was quite obvious that they had been busy, as several tables had not yet been bussed. Fernando was on the cash register, taking in money and handing out to-go orders. DJ instinctively gave Fernie a hug. “Hi DJ,” Fernie said, “We’ve been really busy tonight! Are you gonna give us a hand?” “Sure, Fernie, I think you guys can use a little help,” DJ responded. “Son,” Antonio stated, “clock DJ in as kitchen help, so he’ll get paid for his assistance.” Jamie smiled, as soon as he spotted DJ. DJ intuitively entered the kitchen area, said ‘HI’ to Maria and grabbed an empty bus bin and headed out to start bussing tables. It took over half an hour and three bus bins just to bus the tables that were no longer occupied, and he started to load the dishwasher. Jamie brought in another full bus bin, and took about 30 seconds to share a loving kiss with his boyfriend, Maria was watching and grinning. She is well aware of these boys love for each other, and appreciates that they don’t practice PDA in front of the patrons. They’d been extremely busy since about 6:30 PM and Jamie and Danny had been busting their asses all night long. Antonio and Maria had been kept busy slapping and topping pizzas, and Maria was boxing and cutting most of them. Fernie had been glued to the register most of the evening, and had had little time to help Jamie and Danny with their work as servers. DJ carried out the first batch of silverware to be wrapped, and set the white cylinders at an empty booth, but neither Jamie nor Danny were ready to start wrapping, as they both had tables that still required their attention. Finally, it was 11:00 PM, and Antonio turned off the ‘OPEN’ sign, and flipped the open sign on the door to read ‘CLOSED’. He didn’t lock the door, as there were still about four customers due in to pick up and pay for their carryout orders, and about three more tables of patrons still eating. By about 11:15 the orders were picked up and the last diners had left. DJ bussed the last tables, and the other three boys settled at the booth to wrap the silverware, soon joined by DJ. With DJ and Jamie on one side, and Fernando and Danny working as a team on the flip side, they had the job done shortly after 11:30. It was pre-arranged that Danny would be spending Saturday night with Fernando at the Chevas’s home. Fernie and Danny had gotten into a routine, sleeping together on Friday and Saturday nights, usually one of them at the Whites, and the other at the Chevas’s. Antonio, walking over to the boys, money in his hands, “I just clocked you guys all out, and here are your tips for the night. Danny, you and Jamie both topped $100 in tips tonight, but I know you both gave your all, and I appreciate you both stepping up to the plate tonight. We don’t have many nights as busy as we were tonight. Good job, boys!” “Thanks, Antonio,” Jamie replied, “and we appreciate the complement—and the money!” “Danny,” Antonio asked, “your parents know you’re sleeping over with Fernando tonight, don’t they?” “Yeah, they know,” Danny replied, smiling, “I think Fernie and I both look forward to the weekend nights, when we can sleep together.” Just a few minutes later, the whole crew walked out, and Antonio locked the door behind them. DJ and Jamie headed to the Tracker and headed to the Dad’s house, while Danny and Fernando climbed into the back seat of the Chevy, and they headed to the Chevas’s home, stopping by the bank to drop off the deposit. * * * * * Later that night, after the nightly ritual of Mexican Hot Chocolate, the Chevas household headed to bed, Danny and Fernie both crawling into Fernie’s bed, naked, as usual. The boys got into an interesting conversation. “Danny,” Fernando stated, “I think I’m going to ask Dad to take me to a doctor, and get this damned foreskin cut off.” “Fernie!” Danny exclaimed, “Why would you want to do that?” “Because I hate my pecker, the way it is,” Fernando replied, “there are only a couple of other boys in the whole high school that still have foreskin on their peckers, and it makes me feel weird, and different. I’d feel better if my pecker looked more like most of the other boy’s peckers.” “I was well aware, even back in Juvie Hall, that you were uncut,” Danny explained. “I so much wanted to fondle your prick, but of course, I couldn’t, we would have both been pegged as queer, and that would have caused trouble for both of us. I really like to feel you, complete with the foreskin. It’s actually more fun to stroke your pecker, because of the foreskin. I would miss it, if you had it cut off, it’s just a part of what makes you unique.” “You wouldn’t like me more, if I didn’t have that foreskin?” Fernie asked. “Fernie,” Danny explained, “when you first arrived at Juvie Hall I had an immediate liking for you, and I wanted to become your friend. After you told me why you were there, I felt that I needed to share my little secret with you, that I also, was gay. We were probably the only two boys at Juvie Hall that were gay, and it gave us something in common, to build a close friendship on. You were the only boy at Juvie Hall that I had shared my sexuality with, and I preferred to keep it secret from those other thugs there.” “The first time we showered together, I took notice that you were uncut,” Danny continued, “but it was irrelevant, and still is. I liked you for the wonderful boy that you are, not basing my feelings on just your sweet pecker. Cut or uncut, I consider you to be my closest friend, and my feelings toward you just continue to get stronger, by the day.” “Just wondering, Danny,” Fernie asked, “Do your parents know that you like boys?” “Of course they do,” Danny replied, “I came out to them when I was fourteen, and they both accepted my sexuality, and still love me. I’m truly sorry that your parents couldn’t accept that their son was gay, and you ended up under the care of CPS. I guess maybe I should be thankful, otherwise I would never have met you. I’m really happy that your Dad gave me a job at the pizzeria, too, that gives us even more time to be together." The boys shared a loving hug and kiss, cuddled together and fell asleep, without even any thoughts of doing anything sexual. * * * * * In another home, Doug arrived home from work about 8:30 PM to await his husband’s return at 11:00 and settled down to watch some TV to kill the time. His wonderful son had told him that he and Jamie were going to pick up subs for all of them on their way home, about midnight, so he needn’t worry about cooking something up. About 11:00 PM he started a pot of coffee brewing so that he and Joe could enjoy it, and Mike dropped Joe off shortly after 11:00. Joe and Doug shared coffee together at the table and discussed the day's events. “So Joe,” Doug asked, “what did you think about the party today?” “I think it went really well,” Joe replied, “Doug, we are extremely fortunate to have Karen and Carl in our family. I can’t imagine us trying to host that crowd in our little home. I think that Darrah and Ramous blended well with the rest of our family, and they seemed quite comfortable with the rest of us.” “I think DJ’s Mama has finally found a man worthy of a future.” Doug responded, “It takes a man with a strong heart to become a step-dad to two teens, like Rodney and Camille, and it’s pretty obvious that Ramous really does care for them. They both seem to like him a lot too. I think Ramous is a good roll model for both Camille and Rodney.” “Rodney is,” Joe said, “not too surprisingly, a lot like DJ. You know how DJ had been able to steal the hearts of everyone that has ever gotten to know him, and Rodney seems to have that same ability. We both lost our hearts to that young man, the first night that Rodney spent the night at our home, sleeping over with Jamie and DJ.” “I would hope,” Doug added, “that today was just the first family function of many, where our whole extended family are together. I think we have successfully brought DJ’s biological family into our extended family. I can’t help but like both Darrah and Ramous, and of course, Camille. What did you think of Camille’s boyfriend, Lucas?” “Lucas seems like a very nice, upstanding young man,” Joe replied, “He’s definitely not a typical teen-aged hood rat. I just hope that he has the decency and respect for Camille to keep his pecker in his pants, and not make Camille a young lady in trouble.” DJ and Jamie arrived, and dropped two giant subs on the table. Joe and I split one, and DJ and Jamie split the other. “Today was really special,” DJ stated, “I’m glad that Rodney didn’t have to wait till he was twenty to have his first birthday party. He did say that this was his best birthday ever. It was awesome to have our families together to celebrate his birthday.” “Son,” I stated, “I have to agree, One Hundred Percent! I think I can safely say that your family is now part of our growing family, and I couldn’t be more pleased! I’m looking forward to more family get-togethers that includes both our family and yours.” After eating the subs, everyone all headed to our bedrooms. DJ has to be at work at noon on Sunday, to help handle the after church crowd that always seems to descend on the store after the churches all let out. DJ and Jamie stripped, as usual, and climbed into bed naked. “I need my dessert, Baby,” Jamie stated, “we got deprived last night, having Rodney in bed with us.” Jamie threw back the covers and knelt between DJ’s legs, descending on DJ’s BBC. (Remember, BBC stands for Beautiful Black Cock) “Don’t you ever get tired of sucking my pecker, Baby?” DJ asked. “Nope,” Jamie answered, “and I don’t think I ever will, I’m addicted to the taste of your delicious cream!” “Let’s do a sixty-nine,” DJ suggested, “and we can eat our desserts together.” The boys got into a sixty-nine position, and seconds later both of them were moaning. A few minutes later, both boys were on the verge of reaching their orgasms. They’d gotten pretty good about cumming together. Jamie felt DJ’s body stiffen, and knew his treat was imminent, which usually causes him to come to orgasm within seconds afterward. DJ’s BBC started to spurt, filling Jamie’s mouth with his sweet cream. Seconds later, Jamie returned the favor by filling DJ’s mouth with his own cream. Both boys swallowed each other’s gift, shared a romantic kiss, and cuddled together for sleep. * * * * * Ramous and Darrah returned home from the party with Rodney, Camille and Lucas, and they all entered the house. Tomorrow is Sunday, and Lucas and Camille are planning to take another romantic walk in the park. “Mama,” Camille said, “Lucas and I are planning to take another walk in the park tomorrow morning, wouldn’t it be okay if Lucas spends the night here with us? He can share my bed, with me.” “Absolutely not!” Darrah exclaimed. “There is no way I would allow my daughter to sleep with any boy in her bed! Lucas is welcome to spend the night here, but he will need to sleep in the guestroom.” Rodney spoke up, grinning, “If Lucas doesn’t mind, I’ll share my bed with him, and we can save the guestroom for another time.” “It’s kinda gay,” Lucas stated, “but I could handle sleeping with another boy for just one night.” Rodney smiled, secretly wanting to sleep with Lucas, it would be a lot like sleeping with DJ, but likely without any cuddling. “I need to call my Mom,” Lucas stated, “and let her know I’m staying over here tonight.” Lucas placed the call. “Mom,” Lucas said, “we just got back from Rodney’s Birthday Party. Camy and I are planning to take a walk in the park in the morning, and I’m staying over at her house tonight.” His mother, on the phone, “Lucas, I hope you’re not sleeping with Camille, sleeping together could get you both in trouble!” “No Mom,” Lucas replied, “I’m not sleeping with Camy, I’m just sleeping over at her house.” “Okay Son,” his Mom said, “while you two are out for a walk, why don’t you bring her by the house, your father and I would both like to meet your girlfriend.” “OK Mom, will do,” Lucas answered, “I think you’ll like Camy, see you tomorrow, goodnight.” Lucas hung up. It was still early, and Camille, Rodney and Lucas played some cards at the kitchen table, while Darrah and Ramous enjoyed watching some TV. After the 11:00 PM news, everyone was ready to hit the sack. Lucas and Camy shared a goodnight hug and kiss, Camy went to her bedroom, Darrah and Ramous to theirs, and Lucas and Rodney to Rodney’s bedroom. The boys removed their outside clothes, and entered Rodney’s bed, both wearing just their boxers. Lying there, next to Rodney, Lucas was thinking about what he and Camy had done earlier that day, and Lucas grew a very stiff erection that was seriously tenting his boxers. “FUCK!” Lucas remarked. “What’s the matter, Lucas?” Rodney asked. “I was just thinking about making out with Camy,” Lucas replied, “and you wouldn’t believe the hardon I’ve got. I kinda feel like I want to—never mind, I just need to try and get to sleep.” “Feel like you want to do what?” Rodney asked. “Rodney, this is just boy talk, just between you and me, OK?” “Sure,” Rodney replied, “Let’s talk.” “Rodney,” Lucas asked, “Have you learned about jacking off?” “Do you mean, about rubbing your pecker the right way, and making that white stuff come out?” Rodney asked. “Exactly,” Lucas replied, “I wasn’t sure you were old enough to do that yet.” “I just did it for the first time a few weeks ago,” Rodney replied, “and it was totally by accident. It felt really good, and I’ve done it a few more times since then.” “Care to tell me about that first time?” Lucas asked. “Sure,” Rodney said, “I was taking a shower, and I soaped up my pecker, and started to play with it, pulling on it, hand over hand. It felt good, and I couldn’t stop. Suddenly, my knees got weak, and I started to shake, then my pecker started to shoot that white stuff. Gosh, that felt good, and now I do it almost every time I take a shower. Just thinking about it, now I’ve got a boner too!” “How about a little show and tell?” Lucas suggested, “I’ll show you mine, if you’ll show me yours.” Rodney reached over and turned on the bedside table lamp, and both boys shoved their boxers down, exposing their erections. Lucas displayed about eight inches, hard, while Rodney sported more like five and a half. “I wonder if mine will ever get as big as yours,” Rodney stated. “You just turned fourteen Rodney,” Lucas said, “give it time to grow, but I have to admit, compared to some of the other guys at school, I may have a little larger cock than some of them. I’ve never seen most of them hard, but when soft, I’m a little bigger.” “Since we’re both hard,” Lucas stated, “suppose we go ahead and jack off together. Do you have any paper towels to clean us up?” “No,” Rodney answered, “but there’s a box of tissues on the nightstand. Wouldn’t doing it together be considered kinda gay?” “There’s nothing gay about jacking off,” Lucas stated, “all boys jack off, even though some are afraid to admit it. One time a couple of years ago, three of my sophomore classmates and I took a hike in the woods. One of the guys, Stephen, suggested we have a circle jerk, and we all agreed. “We all pulled out our dicks, and started to stroke, all facing each other in a square. One of the guys placed a rock in the center between us, and the game was to try and aim our loads on the rock. We all shot our loads, most of our cum landing on the rock and turning it white! We had some fun, and none of us considered a circle jerk to be gay, and none of those boys, or myself are gay.” The two boys started to stroke themselves, swapping hands for a time and stroking each other. Before long, they both reached their climax, and spewed their cum on their abdomens and stomachs. They both grabbed tissues, and cleaned up, dropping the cum soaked tissues in the wastebasket, then pulling their boxers back up. Rodney reached over and turned the lamp back off. “That was fun,” Rodney said, “I wouldn’t mind doing that again.” “Me either,” Lucas said, “jacking off is about the only way we boys have of getting our sexual release, unless we have a girlfriend that is giving us sex. I think highly of Camy, and I don’t think either of us is ready to have sex yet. Maybe someday.” The two boys both relaxed, both now sexually relieved, and fell asleep. Sleeping with Lucas was different than sleeping with DJ and Jamie. His brothers tended to cuddle closely with Rodney, usually wrapping arms around his torso and cuddling close, whereas Lucas kept a distance between his body and Rodney’s. Rodney was pleased that he and Lucas could enjoy jacking off together, without feeling they were doing something gay. Sunday morning, the family all got vertical early, about 7:30 AM. Darrah fixed a nice breakfast for all, and right after eating, Lucas and Camy headed out for their walk in the park. Lucas informed Darrah that when they finished their walk, he was taking Camy to his house, to introduce Camy to his Mom and Dad, and to change into his work outfit, as he was scheduled at the Ice Cream Parlor at 3:00 PM. Before leaving, Lucas thanked Darrah and Ramous for breakfast and their hospitality, and allowing him to spend the night there. He would be bringing Camille home on his way to work, about 2:30 PM, and that Camy was invited to have lunch with Lucas and his parents. * * * * * Typical for a Sunday night, DJ and Jamie spent the night at the Seldon home, although they didn’t have classes on Monday, as they were on summer break. Lying in bed, Jamie suggested that they could take Brandon out to the campus tomorrow and show him around, since the boys are both free on Mondays. “Maybe we can get him hooked up with a counselor,” DJ suggested, “and he can get his records transferred and get ready to start classes in the fall semester.” Jamie agreed, the two cuddled together, and fell asleep. Damion was the only one in the household that needed to leave early on Monday morning, and left for work shortly after 7:30 AM. Soon after his arrival, Phillip called Damion into his office, and closed the door. ‘Oh shit,’ Damion thought, ‘what have I done wrong?’ Phillip, noticing Damion’s nervousness, “Relax, Son, and have a seat.” Damion sat in one of the chairs in front of Phillip’s desk. “I’m quite pleased with how you’ve adapted to our work here. I closed the door, because I wanted to discuss something with you, with no ears listening in." “As you’re aware, Damion,” Phillip stated, “you were hired to replace Mrs. Rice, who is taking her retirement a week from this Friday, after over twenty years of splendid service. As with any long-term employee that departs from our company, I would like to do something special in her honor. Are you up for a challenge?” “Life is full of challenges,” Damion replied, “is there something in particular that you would like me to do?” “As a matter of fact, there is,” Phillip responded. “When I first knew that Mrs. Rice was taking her retirement, we put out notices that we were in search of a bookkeeper. I was looking for a rhinestone, but I think I uncovered a diamond!” “Damion,” Phillip continued, “you’re well educated, young, bright, and over qualified to be just a bookkeeper. Your knowledge and ability to use advanced software will be an asset to our company. Your first assignment, as our future Office Manager, will be to make the arrangements for a farewell luncheon, to honor Mrs. Rice’s tenure of service to Smalltown Contractors.” “The luncheon will be taking place a week from this Friday,” Phillip continued, “which is also Mrs. Rice’s last day here, and will be for all the employees to attend. We only have about twenty employees, including salaried and hourly people. This luncheon will also give me an opportunity to announce your promotion, and introduce you to the others as our new Office Manager, a position that we have not previously had.” “I can’t believe it!” Damion remarked, overwhelmed, “I’ve only been here for a few weeks, and you’re giving me a promotion!” “Don’t let it go to your head,” Phillip said, smiling. “If I didn’t think you were the right person to be my Office Manager, I would not have made this decision. It also places you third in command, under myself, and the site supervisor, Ramous Andrews. Of course you’ll still need to keep the books, as Mrs. Rice did.” Damion smiled. This ‘bookkeeping job’ is turning into a lot more, and also putting a lot more responsibility on his shoulders. “Are we having this luncheon catered?” Damion asked. “We are,” Phillip answered, “check around, and see who we can get to cater it, and make the best deal you can. I totally trust your judgement, and I would prefer we make this as much of a surprise as possible for Mrs. Rice. Just tell her it’s a company luncheon.” “Ramous should be bringing in the time sheets for last week shortly,” Damion stated, “maybe, when I take the payroll to the accountants office, I can take a little extra time to contact some local eateries, and see who might be able to cater the luncheon.” “Good idea, Damion,” Phillip said, “and speaking of payroll, have you found us some good software yet, so we can do our own payroll, and print the checks?” “I’ve requested information from three promising companies,” Damion replied, “but we haven’t received it yet. I’ll get with you after it arrives, and we can make a decision on which one will work best for us.” “Good man,” Phillip said, “I think Ramous just dropped off the time sheets, so you can get to work on the payroll.” Damion left Phillip’s office, and started to transfer the worker’s hours into the system, preparing to print it off to take to the accountants. * * * * * That same Monday morning, DJ and Jamie awoke about 8:00 AM without an alarm. They pulled on their boxer-briefs, shared a pee together, and headed to the kitchen for coffee. “I guess Damion and Brandon are still sleeping,” DJ commented. “Damion left for work about 7:30,” Karen stated, “and I haven’t yet seen Brandon this morning, so I guess he’s still sleeping.” “Baby,” Jamie said, “if we’re gonna take Brandon out to campus this morning, we probably need to wake him up.” DJ and Jamie both headed into Brandon’s bedroom and sat on his bed, and DJ rocked Brandon’s shoulders, bringing him to an awareness of their presence on his bed. “You guys are up already?” Brandon stated. “Yeah,” DJ replied, “Since Jamie and I are both off on Mondays, Jamie suggested that today might be a good day to take you out to campus, show you around, and maybe get you hooked up with a counselor.” “Sounds cool,” Brandon said, swinging his legs off the bed and standing, an obvious tent pole pushing against the fabric of his boxers. “I hate this,” Brandon stated, “waking up in the morning with a woody, and needing to piss! Give me a few minutes to let this boner die, and I’ll join you in the kitchen.” DJ and Jamie left the room, grinning at each other, and returned to their coffee and juice. A few minutes later Brandon joined them, without the boner, and just wearing his boxers. Karen fixed them all some breakfast, and after eating, the boys all returned to the bedrooms to dress. They piled into the Tracker and left the Seldon home about 8:30 AM, Brandon sitting in the back. Arriving on campus, DJ parked in the lot across from the main building. Brandon was in for a surprise. “WOW!” Brandon exclaimed, “This is sure a lot different than the CC I attended in Frisco. These buildings are spread out, and most of them just one story high. The CC in Frisco is just one building, with four floors—and no elevator! I can’t believe the size of the parking lots here. Most of the students back home rode busses, or the subway to get to campus, and few drove there.” “We don’t have any public transportation here,” Jamie stated, “so most of the students here either drive themselves, or maybe carpool with other students.” Just before the boys entered the main building, they heard someone holler “DJ, Jamie, hold up!” The boys paused, and Phil came trotting up to them. DJ and Jamie shared hugs with Phil. “Phil,” DJ said, “you remember my cousin, Brandon Whitlock, you met him and his brother, Damion, during Granny’s funeral.” Phil, bumping fists with Brandon, “Of course I remember Brandon and Damion, the California boys. It’s good to see you Brandon, how long are you visiting for?” “They’re not visiting, Phil,” Jamie stated, smiling, “they’ve moved here, and both Damion and Brandon are living with my parents. Damion landed an office job with Smalltown Contractors, and Brandon is going to be attending college here, with us. Are you going to pick up classes again this fall?” “I’m already back in school,” Phil said, “taking a couple of my needed classes this summer. I need to run, or I’ll be late for my 9:00 AM class, and I have another at 10:30. Let’s hook up about noon for lunch at the student lounge.” “Deal,” DJ said, “we’ll see you at noon.” Heading to admissions, Brandon secured an appointment with a counselor at 11:00 AM, nearly two hours away. DJ and Jamie used the time and took Brandon on a tour of the campus, including the gym and the boy’s locker room and showers, which was a surprise to Brandon. “We didn’t have a gym at SFCC (San Francisco Community College) and Physical Education was not part of our curriculum. I’m not too crazy about those open showers,” Brandon stated, “I’ve never been keen to display my naked body to other boys, especially in a school where half the male students are gay!” They returned to admissions a few minutes before 11:00. While Brandon talked with the counselor, Jamie called Karen, and told her that they had run into Phil, and were sharing lunch with him at the student lounge about noon. Karen was happy to learn that Phil was back in school, and that his father was helping him with school expenses. Mr. Caldwell, the counselor, scrutinized Brandon’s transcripts and informed Brandon that all but two of the classes he’d taken at SFCC could be transferred to this college. They worked out a tentative schedule for Brandon’s fall semester, to continue his pursuit for a degree in Graphic Arts. The three boys then went to the student lounge to hook up with Phil for lunch. DJ and Jamie advised Brandon to eat lightly, as Karen would be serving a full dinner about 2:00 PM, before Carl needed to leave for work. “So Brandon,” Phil asked, “what is your curriculum?” “Graphic Arts,” Brandon answered. “Cool!” Phil exclaimed, “That’s the same as Bryan and I are studying. Since we’re all in our second year, Bryan and I will likely have some of the same classes with you. Because I dropped out early in the spring semester, I have about three additional classes from the first year that I will need to take over in the spring semester. I may not be able to graduate next June with you and Bryan, because of dropping out last spring.” The boys finished lunch, and Phil returned home to get ready for work. DJ, Jamie and Brandon returned back to the Seldon home to enjoy lunch (dinner) with Karen and Carl. After dinner, DJ and Jamie decided to pay Matt a visit, if he was up to having company. They have not seen Matt since his surgery. DJ made a call to Matt, to see if he was ready for some company. “I’m still not all healed,” Matt said, “but I’m definitely ready to see you guys. I’ve missed you both terribly. Come on over.” DJ and Jamie hopped into the Tracker and headed to Matt’s house. Just as Jamie was ready to press the doorbell button, the door swung open, and a smiling Matt stood just inside, with open arms. Matt, as DJ was preparing to give Matt a hug, “Easy guys, I’m still pretty tender up here,” Matt said, pointing to his chest. DJ, still giving Matt a loose hug, but not putting any pressure on his chest, “You’re looking great, Dude! And even more like a man.” Matt grinned, always pleased when another boy calls him ‘Dude.’ Jamie followed suit with another loose hug, and Matt kissed both boys on their cheeks. Matt invited the boys into the living room and Annie served them all some fruit punch, and cookies. Matt instinctively sat on the sofa, sandwiched between his two closest friends. Jamie and DJ are the only ones, besides Marie and his Mom, that have any concept as to what this gender change involves. “I hate to think,” Matt stated, “if my upper surgery caused this much pain, my lower surgery will probably cause even more.” “Mattie, have you had any second thoughts about going through this transition?” Jamie asked. “Nope,” Matt replied, “I may suffer more pain than I ever expected but the gain is worth the pain. It’s the only way I can become the man that I’ve always known I should be! While I was in Atlanta, Dr. Effram made a huge discovery. She discovered that I actually have testicles. They could never drop into my scrotum, because I didn’t have a scrotum, but they’ve been pumping testosterone into my blood stream all these years, and may have contributed to my feelings of being a boy.” “Dr. Effram said that it’s possible, when I have my lower surgery, that the doctors can surgically lower my own testicles into the scrotum they will build for me. Do you realize what this means?” “Not for sure, Matt,” DJ replied, “can you explain?” “It’s unknown yet,” Matt explained, “if I will be able to father a child through normal sex. But even if we needed to use insemination, my wife could be made pregnant, using my own sperm, and the baby would truly be MY baby, all mine!” “Dr. Effram told me that there has been a lot of advancement in sex change over recent years. There have been about four known cases where a penis, from an organ donor, has been transplanted onto a transgender man, to give him a real penis. Maybe I could become one of those lucky men.” “I hope you know Matt,” DJ stated, “that Jamie and I care deeply for you, and we wish only the best for you, as you go through these changes. I think we both got quite an education today.” “We’re gonna run on, Matt,” Jamie said, “Mondays are the only day we are both off from work, and we can do fun things together, other than just having sex. As DJ said, we both care a lot for you, please keep us posted.” DJ and Jamie both stood, ready to leave. “Hold up, guys,” Matt said, unbuttoning his shirt, and holding it open, “a few bandages yet, but look, NO BOOBS! And no more need for binders. I breathe and sleep better now, not having the weight of those damned boobs pushing down on my chest.” “Way to go Dude,” Jamie said, bringing that grin to Matt’s face. DJ and Jamie both gave Matt a loose hug, and took off. On Monday evening, DJ and Jamie will be coming to our house for the night, as DJ has his long day at the store on Tuesday. * * * * * On Friday afternoon of his third week, Damion received his second paycheck. He cashed it, reserving $100, planning to give it to Karen to help pay for the food that he and Brandon ate, and used the balance of his check to open his new account at the bank. When Damion returned home from work (and the bank) Karen heated up leftovers from dinner, and fed Damion, sitting at the table with him. Damion casually handed Karen the $100. “What’s this for?” Karen asked. “To help pay for the extra food that you have to buy, to feed Brandon and me,” Damion answered. “Do you think that $50 a week will cover the extra groceries you have to buy to feed us?” “We haven’t asked you for any money,” Karen replied. “Aunt Karen,” Damion stated, “Brandon and I are both very appreciative that you and Uncle Carl have opened your home, and are giving us a roof over our heads, and a place to call home. If we were to get our own apartment, the cost of living would be a lot more than $50 a week. I’m working now, and I had planned to help support my brother so that he could finish his education. We don’t want, or expect you and Uncle Carl to completely support us. At least I can give you some money to help toward the groceries, and it would help us feel that we were not just freeloading.” “Okay Damion,” Karen said, “We’ll be happy to accept $50 a week for yours and Brandon’s board, but I doubt that you guys eat $50 a week in extra groceries. I think that Carl and I both enjoy having you guys living here. It’s like having a couple of extra kids, and we both have come to love you both. Carl and I have adopted you and Brandon as a part of our family.” “One thing is for certain,” Damion stated, “Brandon and I have received more love and affection from our East Coast Family than we ever got from our own parents. Mom and Dad we’re cold and seemed pretty uncaring. You and Uncle Carl have quickly become wonderful foster parents and Brandon and I both can feel that you actually love us, and care about us. We get the same feelings from Uncle Joe and Uncle Doug. I don’t believe that Brandon and I will ever regret making the move to live here in North Carolina.” The following Wednesday, Joe and I were both off, as usual, and we decided to fix a nice dinner at home. DJ and Jamie were both working, and we invited Damion and Brandon to have dinner with us at our home. “Uncle Joe,” Brandon asked, “will Grandma’s educational trust fund pay for my school expenses this fall?” “Of course it will, Brandon,” Joe replied. “As executor of Mom’s estate, I have the authority to write checks against that account. Let me know exactly how much the tuition is, and I can write a check for the exact amount to the college. I will write another check to the bookstore, without an amount filled in, so you can write in the amount when you buy your books. When is the registration for the fall semester?” “Registration is the first week of August,” Brandon replied, “I had a consultation with Mr. Caldwell Monday, to set up my schedule. He told me that all but two of the classes I had taken at SFCC would transfer to this college, so I guess they were wasted classes. This campus is a lot bigger, than SFCC, which was all in one big four story building, with lots of stairs to climb. This campus even has a gymnasium. Mr. Caldwell told me I would be required to take at least one Phys Ed Class to graduate.” “DJ and Jamie signed up for a Volleyball class for their Phys Ed requirement and had a lot of fun with it.” I stated. Brandon smiled. “Damion, how is the new job going?” I asked. “Very well, Uncle Doug,” Damion replied, smiling, “much better than I expected. Would you believe that Mr. West is giving me a promotion already, from just a bookkeeper to Office Manager!” “That’s wonderful, Damion,” I said, “I hope that comes with a little more salary.” “Mr. West, because of my education, and the fact that I’m an accountant,” Damion explained, “started me with more than he pays his current bookkeeper, who is retiring a week from this Friday. Phillip has asked me to make all the arrangements for a farewell luncheon to celebrate Mrs. Rice’s retirement.” “Congratulations, Damion,” Joe said, “I’m really happy that you were able to get a decent job locally, and not have to commute, or move to the city.” “I have to thank DJ’s Mama’s boyfriend, Ramous,” Damion stated, “He’s the site supervisor at Smalltown Contractor’s, and tipped me off about the job opening there.” Joe and I both smiled. “Brandon and I are both very happy living with Aunt Karen and Uncle Carl. They’re like having loving foster parents, and they’re house is so full of love! Bran and I have never experienced the love that we get from all of our East Coast family! I think we’re both satisfied that we made the right decision, in moving here.” “I’m glad,” Joe said, “that you boys didn’t acquire the homophobia that your parents have. I’ve always had a lot of love for my only nephews, even if you lived so far away, and I rarely got to see you. I’m so very happy to have you living close to me.” “Uncle Joe,” Brandon stated, “when we returned to Frisco, after Grandma’s funeral, you wouldn’t believe how much we missed our newly found cousins. I know that Jamie is not really our cousin, but we regard him as one.” “As Brandon stated, a while back,” Damion said, “cousins are the best friends. Bran and I have nothing but love for DJ and Jamie. We think they’re both pretty cool, even if they are gay!” Doug and Joe both grinned at the connotation. “We missed them terribly,” Damion continued, “when we were back in California, and we missed you and Uncle Doug too. By the way, this was an awesome dinner tonight. You guys are much better cooks than our Mom is! And so is Aunt Karen. If Bran and I keep eating like this, we’ll probably turn into blimps!” It’s hard to imagine these slender boys ‘blimping out.’ After dinner, Joe and the boys settled into chairs on the back porch while I tackled the dishes. Damion popped an unexpected question to Joe. “Uncle Joe,” Damion asked, “how much money will you and Mom be getting from Grandma’s estate?” “Not a lot,” Joe answered, “Mom figured that Julia and I have been on our own long enough, that we didn’t really need much. Most of her money was placed in accounts that would benefit her three grandchildren. There is an education trust, big enough to put both Brandon and DJ through four year college.” “In addition to that,” Joe explained, “She set up individual, interest bearing trust funds for all three of you. There is a catch though, none of you can get money from them, until you reach the age of Twenty-five.” “Mom told me that when the estate got settled, and she gets her half of the estate, she would be getting enough to pay off the mortgage on their house.” Damion said. “Please don’t tell her that I told you this,” Joe stated, “but I’m afraid your Mom is going to be highly disappointed. I’ve seen Mom’s will, and there are some smaller accounts that will be split between Julia and me. We may inherit a couple of thousand each, but the majority of her estate is earmarked for her grandchildren. You three boys will reap the biggest benefits from her estate, once the estate is settled.” “Mom said that DJ shouldn’t get anything,” Damion said, “because he’s not a real grandson.” “Look, Damion,” Joe explained, “When Doug adopted DJ as his legal son, and then when Doug and I married, that made DJ my legal stepson. That’s how you and Brandon became DJ’s first cousins. My Mom and DJ became very close, and she was DJ’s only living grandparent. When Mom passed, DJ was devastated!” “I understand a lot better now,” Damion stated, “Grandma was just as much DJ’s grandmother, as she was Brandon’s and mine. Bran and I still have our paternal grandparents, but we aren’t close to them. They didn’t like Mom, and rarely visited our family. Bran and I hardly knew our Whitlock grandparents, and I don’t even know where they live. Bran and I never spent time with our Whitlock grandparents, like we did with Grandma Reynolds.” “I hate to say it,” Joe stated, “I love your Mom, but only because she is my sister. That doesn’t mean I have to like her, and I don’t. In my honest opinion, I think Julia is an ass!” “TELL ME!” Damion exclaimed, grinning, “I had to live with her for almost twenty-two years. Once I graduated, and got a job, I couldn’t wait to get an apartment and move out of that house.” “I’m pretty happy to get away from her too,” Brandon added. “Mom hated San Francisco, because of so many gay people that live there. I’m glad that Dami and I grew up there. I think that growing up surrounded by so many gay people, we just learned to accept that some folks are gay, and it’s just a fact of life. Neither of us has the hatred for gay people that our parents have.” Then, snickering, “So here we are, in North Carolina, where our closest and dearest friends, are our gay cousins, and our loving Uncles are married to each other!” “We need to get on home,” Damion stated, “tomorrow is another work day for me. Uncle Doug, Uncle Joe, Thank you for inviting us here for a delicious dinner tonight. Uncle Joe, thank you for explaining how Grandma set up her will. I could care less if Mom didn’t get a penny from Grandma’s estate!” “Boys,” I stated, “I hope you both realize that you don’t need an invitation to come and visit us. Our door is always open for you, and Joe and I both have nothing but a ton of love for both of you.” As the boys were ready to leave, Joe and Doug both gave each of them a warm and loving hug, which both boys happily returned. Damion and Brandon left, returning to the Seldon home. On the way, they discussed the evening, and were both very happy boys, very content with the love they were receiving from their East Coast Family. DJ and Jamie, mostly from habit, also spent that Wednesday night at the Seldon home, and Damion and Brandon were excited to tell them about their happy evening with the Uncles. DJ and Jamie were happy for their cousins. DJ, after slipping into bed with Jamie that night, “Baby, how would you feel about maybe, some Saturday night, taking Damion and Brandon to the Waterhole?” “That’d be cool,” Jamie replied, “We always have a good time there, and maybe they might meet some decent chic’s there. I know they are both longing for some female companionship. We’d need to make arrangements to get a Saturday night off together.” “Maybe,” DJ responded, “if we are all up early enough to have breakfast together, we can suggest it to them, and see if they’re interested. It would be different, taking a pair of straight boys there. If they’re as horny as I think, I’m betting they’d find some straight girls to hook up with and have some fun. Goodnight Baby.” After sharing a passionate kiss and hug, they cuddled together and fell asleep, without having any sex. * * * * * Thursday morning DJ awakened early, about 6:30 AM with his bladder about to bust. He pulled on his boxer-briefs and headed to the bathroom, finding it locked. He quickly checked Damion’s room, noting that the bed was empty, and figured it was Damion in the bathroom. DJ knocked on the door while doing the pee dance. “Occupied!” Damion’s voice was heard. “Hurry up, Damion,” DJ said, “I’m about to spring a leak!” Damion unlocked the door, his face covered with shaving cream, and allowing DJ to enter. DJ immediately took his stand in front of the toilet and peed. “I can’t believe that you locked the door just to shave!” “Well,” Damion replied, “I was doing another job before, and needed the privacy. I didn’t want someone walking in on me.” DJ, grinning, “Rubbing one off, I’ll bet?” Damion, his face turning pink, “DJ, I’m just twenty-three, and I don’t have a girlfriend yet. A boy my age still has a need for some sexual relief!” “I wasn’t questioning you,” DJ stated, “it was more of a comment. If I didn’t have Jamie to keep my balls drained, I’d be jacking off quite frequently too. It’s only natural for boys in our age group to find one way or another to release those sexual hormones.” The boys both exited the bathroom, as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee drew them to the kitchen. Karen poured them both a mug and another for herself, joining them at the table. Just minutes later Jamie joined them, with a glass of grape juice. “Baby,” DJ stated, “why don’t you go and wake up Brandon, and we can offer our proposition to our cousins, together.” Jamie left the table to get Brandon up. “So what’s this proposition that you guys have in mind?” Damion asked, curiously. “Patience, Dude,” DJ said, “and we’ll explain it to you. I think you and Brandon will like it.” Jamie returned, and about four minutes later Brandon showed up. Karen excused herself, and started to cook up some breakfast, knowing that Damion needed to leave for work shortly after 7:30. “OKAY!” Damion stated, “We’re all here now, what’s this proposition you and Jamie want to offer us?” “When Jamie and I can get a Saturday night off together,” DJ explained, “we’d like to introduce you guys to the Waterhole.” “Do you guys skinny dip there?” Brandon asked, curiously. “Brandon,” Jamie stated, “The Waterhole isn’t a swimming hole, it’s a bar, actually more of a club. They offer great food, a big dance floor, and sometimes on Saturday nights have a live band. It’s about the only place around where DJ and I can go for a good time, and be our gay selves. We can dance together there, without feeling out of place!” “So you want to take Brandon and me out to a gay bar?” Damion asked, “Bran and I would feel out of place in a gay bar!” “It’s not a gay club, per se,” DJ stated, “but they welcome all fun loving people, including us gay folks. The clientele is pretty mixed, about fifty-fifty straight and gay. We think you guys would like the place, and you might even hook up with some straight girls to have some fun with. Not all of the girls that go there are lesbians, some of them are just looking for nice boys to meet, that aren’t gay.” “What do you think Bran,” Damion stated, “I think we should accept their offer. It might be a chance to meet some sexy chicks.” “I think I’m ready to go there,” Brandon stated, “just let us know the date, and we’ll be hot to trot!” “Cool,” Jamie replied, “our schedules are already set for this weekend, but we can try to get next Saturday night off, and we’ll go to the Waterhole. I need to warn you guys, it’s about an hour and a half drive from here, so we’d need to leave about 6:00 PM. We can get a nice dinner there, before things pick up, about 9:00.” Damion and Brandon grinned at each other, now both excited about the visit to the Waterhole. “Thanks, guys,” Damion stated, smiling, “I think that’s an offer that we’d be foolish to turn down. How do we know if the girls are straight or gay?” “Just ask them,” Jamie replied, “most lezzies will quickly admit their sexuality, and tell you if they’re interested in boys or girls.” It was already 7:30 and Damion quickly ran to his room and dressed for work, then left soon after. DJ, Jamie, Brandon and Karen were all still sitting around the table, and Brandon opened up a brand new topic. “I’m sick and tired of being broke all the time,” Brandon stated, “I need to find a job, even if only part time. Granted, my school costs will be covered from the Trust Fund that Grandma set up for us, and my brother is trying to pay for our food. I hate to ask Damion for spending money, it makes me feel like a beggar. I need to have an income, so I can at least have my own spending money.” “What kind of work are you looking for?” Jamie asked. “I don’t care,” Brandon replied, “anything that will pay me a few bucks a week, so that I can feel somewhat independent, and have a little spending cash. I can’t even buy a soda at 7-Eleven, when I’m broke all the time!” “Would you consider being a busboy and dishwasher?” Jamie asked. “Sure, as long as I get paid for it.” Brandon answered. “I can’t promise anything,” Jamie stated, “but we’ve been getting pretty busy at the pizzeria, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. I don’t think I would have to twist Antonio’s arm very hard to get him to hire a busboy-dishwasher for Friday and Saturday nights. You’d get an hourly pay, plus the servers would be sharing some of their tips with you.” “That doesn’t sound too bad,” Brandon replied, “I’ve never had a job before, but I’m sure I could learn pretty fast.” “Let me talk with Antonio tonight,” Jamie said, “and I’ll let you know what he says. I’m scheduled from 4:00 through rush tonight, about 8:00 PM, and I’ll go in a little early, and try to bend Antonio’s ear.” Brandon grinned, with some hope in his heart. To be continued................ * * * * * So ends another chapter in the lives and loves of my two favorite boys, DJ and Jamie. This has been a fun chapter to write, and I may have detailed a little more sex than I usually describe. We celebrated Rodney’s birthday and brought DJ’s biological family into our extended family. Damion’s new job seems to be going well. Damion and Brandon are happy that they made the choice to move to the East Coast, it wasn’t a mistake! In Chapter 47, Jamie will be trying to convince Antonio that they need a busboy, at least on Friday and Saturday nights. In a couple of weeks, Jamie and DJ will take their cousins to The Waterhole and the cousins will have a blast. A surprise may result from this. The first week of August is registration and DJ, Jamie, Brandon, Phil and Bryan will all get registered for the fall semester. Bryan and Phil’s lesbian neighbors will contact Pastor Evelyn White, to plan their marriage. Hang on folks, this ride is far from over.
  2. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 5

    Sorry guys, for the delay. I had this chapter almost done and somehow lost it, and had to write the whole chapter over again. Anyway, here is Chapter 5, and I'm currently back in Smalltown, NC, catching up with DJ and company, and Rodney's Fourteenth Birthday Party, and then I'll be catching up with Jeff and Julian on their honeymoon in Watergame. If you guys follow me, you'll see when I post new chapters in all three stories.
  3. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 5

    In Chapter 5 Chance and JC start their workout regimen at a fitness center, and Diego will take steps to buy a car. JC will spend a night at Benny’s home and the boys will discuss experimenting with Anal Sex. Will they try it? * * * * * JC 5 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer Tuesday morning, May 29th and the day after the cookout, Chance and Diego were seated at the table, naked as usual, sipping on their morning beverages. Suddenly the door swung open, and in barged JC and Benny, after having slept together overnight. JC, instinctively starting to strip, “Come on Benny, let’s get comfortable!” JC lay his clothing on the dryer. “I don’t know about this,” Benny stated, apprehensively, “I’ve never been naked in front of other guys.” “It’s cool Benny,” Chance stated, grinning, “you’ll get used to it if you hang around us very much. Hanging around naked is like a way of life for us.” “Fuck it!” Benny exclaimed, “I think I just walked into Rome,” as he removed his clothes, laying them next to JC’s on the dryer. JC gave Benny a hug, making sure that his pecker touched Benny‘s, and both boys snickered. “I guess I’d better get us some breakfast cooking,” Chance said, “Diego has to leave for work soon.” “None for us,” JC stated, “Mama already fed us breakfast, so we’ll just have coffee with you guys.” Diego packed his lunch while Chance cooked up their breakfast. “Dee,” Chance stated, “I’ll need to take you to work today, as I’ll need the Pilot to take JC to the fitness center and get us some memberships.” “Wait,” Benny spoke, “that shouldn’t take too long. I can take JC and Chance to the center, as long as I’m back by around 3:00 PM to dress for work. I’m not due until 4:00 PM.” Diego excused himself, went to the bedroom and dressed in his work clothes. “Baby,” Diego stated, “I’ll be late coming home tonight, I’m gonna check out a couple of car lots, and see what they’ve got of interest, that I can afford to buy. Don’t worry about dinner, I’ll stop at a chicken place and pick us up some supper.” Chance and Diego shared a loving hug and kiss goodbye, Diego picked up his lunch cooler, and gave Benny’s exposed pecker a friendly cuff on the way out, making Benny grin. Benny is thinking over this group nudity thing, a practice that is totally foreign to him. It’s not like an orgy, and nobody has made a sexual pass toward him. He is thinking he could maybe get used to it, and it might actually be kinda fun. Chance, after clearing the table, went to his bedroom to dress, and JC and Benny pulled their clothes back on. They were all preparing to head shortly to the fitness center. * * * * * About 10:00 AM they all piled into Benny’s car, Chance electing to ride in the back seat, allowing JC to ride up front with Benny. About 10:15 they arrived at the center, and all three walked in. Chance and JC got applications for membership, and proceeded to fill them out. Under ‘Emergency Contact’ JC put Anna’s name and phone number, and listed her relationship as ‘Mother’. Chance wrote in Diego’s name and phone number checked the box as ‘Other’ and wrote in ‘Domestic Partner” as relationship. Chance proceeded to obtain annual memberships for JC and himself, paying for them with his debit card. The man at the counter explained that their permanent cards would be received in the mail in a few days, and gave them temporary cards to use until their plastic cards were received. Once they receive their plastic cards, they’ll be able to scan themselves in and out of the gym, but they’ll have to be checked in and out at the desk while using the temporary cards. Their next stop was at a sporting goods store. JC has adequate shorts for working out, but Chance has none. After Chance picked out two pairs of athletic shorts, he thought about the way JC wears his shorts, commando. He has watched JC working out in the back yard, and sometimes JC’s pecker has protruded out of his shorts cuffs, exposed! Not that Chance has a problem with that, he does like to see JC’s cute pecker. Chance suggested they also get some Jockey Straps, to wear under the shorts when working out at the gym. Chance picked out two pairs for each of them, adding them to the cart. Jockey Straps, or athletic supporters are important for two reasons. They keep a boy’s genitals from being exposed, and they also give support to the testicles, possibly preventing a painful testicle hernia from occurring. After leaving the sporting goods store, Chance directed Benny to the Chipotle Mexican Grill, and treated them all to those giant burritos, along with a large order of Chips and Guacamole to share. “I’ve never been here before,” Benny stated, “I always thought that Chipotle was about like Taco Bell, but it’s so much better! I think Taco Bell has lost a customer.” Chance and JC both grinned. After finishing lunch, they returned to Chances house. About 3:00 PM JC and Benny returned to Anna’s side of the duplex, so that Benny could get changed for work. They explained to Anna their plans to spend Friday night at Benny’s apartment, and she approved. She has developed not only a liking for Benny, but she also trusts him. Benny changed into his server outfit, and left for work about 3:30, after sharing kisses and hugs with JC. It’s going to be a long three days for Benny and JC, until Friday night. * * * * * Dee shared his lunchtime with Cam as usual and told Cam of his plans to go car shopping after work today. Cam recommended a couple of dealerships that had good reputations, for not selling junk cars that were ready for retirement. When Diego clocked out at 4:30 PM, he put Car-Max into Maps and drove there. He was a bit surprised to see the size of their car lot, there must have been nearly a hundred used cars for sale. Shortly after parking, a man came out to greet him. “Good evening, I’m Jeremy,” he stated, “are you looking to sell us this Pilot?” “Oh, no, Sir,” Diego responded, “This belongs to my boyf—my roommate, and it’s not for sale. I’m looking to buy my own set of wheels.” “I’m sure I can help you out,” Jeremy stated, “is there any car in particular that you’re looking for?” “Not really,” Diego replied, “may I look around, and see if I can find one that I like, that I can afford to buy?” “Certainly,” Jeremy said, smiling, “there’s no charge to look. If you find one that you like, come back to the office and maybe we can make a deal.” Diego looked over the array of cars, checking the specs that were posted on the rear side windows. Most of them were later models that had sticker prices between $3000 and $5000, which Diego felt was out of his price range. Towards the back, he spotted an older, bright red, Honda Civic that caught his eye. It was seven years old, but only had 52,000 miles on the odometer. It was equipped with AC, and a stock audio system with a CD player. The ticket price was $2499, still a little more than he was planning to spend, but he did like the car. He wondered if he would be able to get financing, as he only had $500 to make a down payment. He returned to the office and found Jeremy, and asked if he could test drive it. “Certainly,” Jeremy replied, “but I do need to make a copy of your driver’s license first. It’s a new policy,” Jeremy explained, “we’ve had the unfortunate incidents of a couple of test drivers that got into accidents, and found out they didn’t even have a driver’s license, so now we have to make of copy of them, before we allow anyone to test drive a car.” Diego handed Jeremy his license, and Jeremy took it to the copy machine to make a copy. Jeremy returned about five minutes later with Diego’s license, a set of dealer’s tags and the keys for the Civic. They went to the Honda, and Jeremy attached the tags, and handed Diego the keys. Diego placed the key in the ignition switch and turned it, starting the engine. The engine started instantly and purred like a kitten. Diego walked behind the car, checking the exhaust, which was clean, and no smoke, indicating that the car was not an oil burner. Diego left the lot, making it to the freeway, where he could get it up to over 60 MPH. The car handled beautifully and performed well. Diego wants this car! Back in the office, Jeremy filled out the paperwork on the terminal, beginning with a credit application. He explained to Diego that both of the finance companies likely to approve his loan closed at 5:00 PM. He would fax the apps up tonight, but would not have an answer until tomorrow, and would call Diego with the results. Diego left the dealership, stopped at a chicken place and picked up a meal for himself and Chance, and returned home. He explained to Chance what he was attempting to buy, depending of course, on his credit approval. * * * * * Wednesday morning was normal, except that JC and Chance were planning to start their workouts at the gym, and JC was excited. Once again, Chance suggested taking Diego to work, so they would have the Pilot to drive to the gym. “Chance,” JC stated, “it’s not that far to the gym, we can walk, and get a start on our cardio, instead of using the treadmills at the gym.” Chance reluctantly agreed to hoof it with JC. Diego kissed his boy goodbye, picked up his lunch cooler and left for work, with the Pilot. JC and Chance grabbed another cup of coffee. “Do you got a backpack?” JC asked. “I do,” Chance answered, “but I have no freaking idea where I stashed it, when I moved in here. It’ll probably take me half a day just to find it.” “No sweat,” JC replied, “both of our workout outfits will fit in mine.” After finishing their coffee, JC went to his side and got his backpack, already containing his workout clothes. Chance retrieved his workout clothes, and added them to JC’s backpack. About 9:00 AM JC slid the backpack over his shoulders, and the boys headed toward the fitness center on foot. As Chance had suspected, JC outwalked him, and was suddenly about fifty feet in front of him. JC, pausing, “Come on, slowpoke!” Chance, catching up with JC, “You’re younger, and in better shape than me, please walk a little slower, so I can keep up with you.” “I think I’m in more of a hurry,” JC replied, “that coffee is doing a number on me! I hope we can make it to the gym before I wet my pants!” Chance was also experiencing serious pressure on his bladder, and neither of them thought to use the bathroom before they left. “Hold on JC,” Chance said, “we’ll be there in about ten or fifteen minutes.” “I haven’t got ten minutes!” JC exclaimed, “I need to pee, NOW!” “Quick, JC,” Chance said, “Behind those bushes, nobody will see us, and I’ll go with you.” The two boys both hid behind the bushes unzipped and relieved their bladder pressures, totally unobserved. “WHEW!” JC exclaimed, “I was seconds away from springing a leak, and I sure didn’t want to show up at the gym with wet pants.” “I wasn’t far behind you,” Chance remarked, “we should make it now, high and dry! I guess next time we’ll have the smarts to take a pee before we leave.” Arriving at the fitness center, they checked in at the front counter, using their temporary cards. Rhonda used the terminal to clock them in. “First timers, huh,” Rhonda said, “I’m Rhonda, and I usually work the morning shift here. I’d like to recommend that you guys take it easy the first few times here, and don’t overdo it. You’ll likely get some sore muscles, and we don’t want you to get discouraged. It takes time to develop muscular strength, it doesn’t happen in one visit. If I can do anything to help you, that’s what I’m here for. Enjoy your workout, and let me know when you leave, so I can clock you out.” “Thanks, Rhonda,” Chance said, as he and JC headed to the men’s locker room to change into their workout clothes. JC dropped the backpack on a bench, they both dug out their athletic gear, and changed together, folding and placing their outside clothes in a locker. Placing the backpack on top of their clothes, Chance closed the locker, pulled out the key and placed it in the small pocket under the waistband of his athletic shorts. JC commented that it felt funny, wearing a Jockey Strap underneath his shorts, as he was used to going commando. Over the next hour, the boys experimented with most of the machines. JC suggested they do some sit-ups and led Chance to a pair of pads on the floor. They both lay on their backs and JC quickly did ten sit-ups, but Chance had a problem keeping his legs down. JC instinctively stepped over and held Chance’s legs down. After struggling with eight reps, Chance was ready to call it quits. “Come on, Chance,” JC encouraged, “two more, you can do it!” With JC’s encouragement, Chance managed two more sit-ups. The boys called it a day and agreed to do it again on Friday. After changing back to their street clothes and checking out of the gym, Chance decided to treat them to something sweet at the Soda Shop. JC, while the boys were walking back home, “Did you notice that big guy, with the teeny weenie? He was taller than you, but I think he had all of three inches!” “Of course I noticed,” Chance replied, snickering, “I think most all guys tend to observe other men’s pricks. It’s not a gay thing, it’s a guy thing. I guess Mother Nature really short changed him.” “I’d be embarrassed to let another boy see me,” JC replied, “if that was all the cock I had. At least Benny like’s mine, and I like his.” “I hope your relationship with Benny is more than just liking each other’s pricks,” Chance stated, “There’s a lot more to a lasting relationship than just having some good sex together.” JC nodded. Returning to Chance’s house, the two quickly became comfortably naked, and went to work, Chance on one of his articles and JC on his GED studies. About 4:00 PM Chance took a break from his work to start dinner for his boy, and himself. He also dropped his and JC’s sweaty workout clothes, and Jockey Straps in the washer, waiting for Diego’s sweaty work clothes to start the cycle. * * * * * About 2:00 PM Diego received the expected phone call from Jeremy, with bad news. “Diego, this is Jeremy, at Car-Max,” Jeremy stated. “I hate to tell you this, but your credit app was declined, by both of the finance companies.” “Shoot!” Diego exclaimed, “I’ve always tried to pay everything on time, I didn’t think my credit was that bad.” “The problem isn’t that you have bad credit,” Jeremy explained, “the problem is a lack of credit history. You’ve never financed anything, and don’t even have a Credit Card. All hope is not lost, however. One of them said it could be approved, with either a much larger down payment, like $1500 down, or with a cosigner.” “Shucks, it looks like I’m gonna have to save up more money for a larger down payment. By the time I save up $1500, I doubt that Civic will still be there, and I’ll have to find a different car. I highly doubt that my father would cosign, we aren’t on the best of terms, and I don’t really even want to ask him. I am not close to any of the rest of my family, and I don’t know if any of them would be willing to cosign for me.” “What about your roommate?” Jeremy asked, “If his credit is decent, they might approve the loan with him as a cosigner.” “I hate to ask Chance,” Diego replied, “he has done so much for me already, but I’ll discuss it with him tonight, and see where that goes. Maybe, just maybe, he would cosign for me. I’ll let you know what he says.” Diego and Jeremy hung up. Chance, at dinnertime, “Did you hear back from your car salesman as to the status of your credit applications?” “Yeah, Jeremy called me today,” Diego stated, “I was turned down. The finance company wants a much larger down payment, or a cosigner. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I can save up $1500 for a down payment.” “Dee!” Chance remarked, “I’m a little hurt, you didn’t even ask me if I would cosign for you. My credit is A-1, and they should accept me as your cosigner.” “You would cosign for me to buy a car?” Diego asked. “Of course I would, Baby,” Chance replied, “I love you, and I hope we’re both in this thing for the long haul. As a loving couple, we need to cover each other’s butts, and I would expect the same respect from you. Let’s get you showered, and we’ll go down to Car-Max so I can sign as your cosigner.” Diego showered, and both men dressed casually and headed to Car-Max, and found Jeremy. Diego introduced Chance to Jeremy as his roommate. Jeremy put Chance’s information into the terminal and printed off a new copy of the Credit Application. “Okay, Diego,” Jeremy stated, “sign here, the same as yesterday, and have your boyfriend sign below as your cosigner.” “BOYFRIEND!” Chance exclaimed, “Were just roommates!” “Yeah, yeah,” Jeremy commented, “I wasn’t born yesterday, and having been gay since I was a teen, I’ve got a pretty accurate Gay-Dar. I can tell that you guys are much closer than just roommates. My Charlie and I have been together for over twenty years, and we’re still going strong. I only hope that you two can last as long, or even longer than we have. How long have you two been together?” “Only a few weeks,” Chance replied, smiling, “but if I get my way, Diego is my forever boy!” Diego grinned. “Well, once again,” Jeremy said, “the offices close at 5:00 PM, so we won’t get an approval until tomorrow. We’ve taken care of the cosigner, and I see no reason why they should not accept this loan. I’ll call you tomorrow, Diego, to confirm their acceptance, and you should be able to drive your new ride out of here tomorrow night.” Both boys shook hands with Jeremy, and they headed home. Late Thursday morning, Diego got another call from Jeremy, telling him that everything was a go, and that he would go to DMV and get his car registered. The registration fee and the sales tax would be added to the contract. After Diego pays the $500 down today, his monthly payments will be $124.00 a month. Diego can live with that for the next year and a half! Diego immediately called Chance to tell him, and quickly shared the news with Cameron. Cameron was happy for his best friend. Chance didn’t cook dinner that day, having decided that he and Dee needed to eat out to celebrate the new addition to the family. As soon as Diego returned home from work, showered and changed, they went to Car-Max and picked up Diego’s ride. After going to a gas station to fill their gas tanks, Diego followed Chance to a Steak House, and they enjoyed a casual dinner together, Chance’s Treat. * * * * * Friday morning was a little different. Oh, Chance and Diego shared coffee together, naked as usual, and Chance prepared their breakfast while Diego packed his lunch. When Diego left for work he drove his Civic to work, and Chance drove JC and himself to the gym for their workout, instead of them walking, as they had done on Wednesday. Chance and JC had decided to do workouts three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. JC is excited, not only are he and Chance going for their workout today, but Benny is supposed to pick up JC after he gets off work and take JC to his apartment for the night. Returning from the fitness center, Chance and JC shared a shower together, and Chance made them both some sandwiches for lunch. After lunch, both of them settled at their computers, getting into a productive mode. About 4:00 PM Chance started to prepare dinner for his boy and he asked JC to put their sweaty workout clothes into the washer. About 4:50 Diego arrived, stripped naked, dropped his sweat-soaked work clothes into the washer and started the cycle. While Chance finished cooking dinner, Diego grabbed a shower. Just as Diego and Chance were prepared to eat, Anna called JC and told him that their supper was ready, and JC headed home. JC thought that Friday afternoon and evening was going to drag on forever! He was anxiously awaiting Benny’s arrival, which wouldn’t be until close to 9:00 PM. Finally, about 8:50 PM, Benny arrived at JC house and knocked at the door. JC quickly opened the door and invited Benny to come inside. Anna gave Benny a warm welcome, and a hug. “Benny,” Anna asked, “what are you boys gonna do tonight?” “Probably watch a movie or two, then hit the sack, “Benny replied, “I am scheduled to work again tomorrow at 4:00 PM. If Angelo is around, I’ll be able to introduce JC to Angelo, and maybe Maria, his girlfriend. I’ll be bringing JC home tomorrow, probably between 3:00 and 3:30, on my way to work.” “I hope you boys sleep well tonight,” Anna remarked. “Oh, we will,” Benny replied, smiling, “we both sleep well, when we sleep together. I really like sleeping with JC, it’s a nice change from sleeping all alone.” JC grabbed his overnight bag, gave his Mama a kiss goodbye and the boys left for Benny’s apartment. Benny, while they were walking to Benny’s car, “What’s with that red Honda Civic?” “That’s Diego’s new ride,” JC stated, “he just bought it yesterday.” Arriving at the apartment, it was dark. Benny unlocked the door, invited JC in, and quickly turned on a living room lamp. “It looks like Angelo and Maria are out somewhere,” Benny said, “and we’ve got the place to ourselves. Let’s get comfortable, and watch a movie.” “You mean comfortable, like at Chance’s and Diego’s?” JC asked. “Exactly!” Benny exclaimed, leading JC to his bedroom, and both boys stripped naked. Benny was starting to like this nudity thing. Returning to the living room, Benny fired up the TV, and turned it to Netflix. The boys cuddled together on one end of the sofa and started to get into the movie that had just started. Suddenly, about five minutes later, the door swung open and Maria and Angelo walked in, catching the two boys naked on the sofa. “OH!” Benny exclaimed, “We weren’t expecting you home so early! Let us go pull on some boxers.” “Don’t sweat it guys,” Maria stated, grinning, “I’m not totally unfamiliar with a boy’s anatomy, especially this boy’s,” taking Angelo’s hand. “Baby, this is a good movie, let’s get comfortable and join them.” Angelo and Maria disappeared into Angelo’s bedroom, returning about five minutes later, both in their naked glory. Angelo sat on the left end of the sofa, and Maria sat next to Angelo, between Angelo and JC. JC was feeling really awkward, never having been this close to a girl before, and here he was, butt naked, and sitting next to a butt naked girl! Benny felt that introductions were in order. “JC,” Benny stated, “This is my roommate, Angelo, and his girlfriend, Maria. Angelo, Maria, this is my friend, Jonathan Cortez, and he goes by JC.” Maria, quickly offering her hand to JC and giving JC a peck on his cheek, “It’s nice to meet you, JC.” Angelo rose, walked over in front of JC and shook hands with him, seemingly oblivious to both of their nakedness. JC couldn’t help but notice Angelo’s nice pecker, just inches in front of JC’s face. Angelo returned to his seat, and the four of them watched the rest of the movie. Neither Benny nor JC could abstain from touching each other occasionally, and grinning, and Maria had her hand wrapped around Angelo Jr. throughout most of the movie. Angelo, as the movie ended, “Are you guys about ready for bed?” “I think we’re more than ready,” Benny replied, as he and JC headed to Benny’s bedroom, both boys led by stiff erections. Angelo killed the TV and turned out the living room lamp. He and Maria headed to his bedroom. JC, shortly after he and Benny crawled into bed, “I wonder what it might feel like, to have a boy’s pecker in your ass.” “I don’t know,” Benny replied, “I’ve had a couple of boys that wanted to fuck me, but I wasn’t ready to give up my virginity. Baby, I’ve been totally satisfied with oral sex, so far, and I love to taste your boy cream. I think we should wait, to try anal sex, until we’re both ready for it.” “You’re probably right, Benny,” JC answered, “having you give me a blowjob is wonderful, and I’m likely a bit too anxious to try something different. Will you please suck me off now?” “Your request is my command!” Benny exclaimed, pushing down the sheets, and kneeling between JC’s legs. Just as he took JC’s beautiful boyhood into his mouth, Angelo walked in without knocking, naked and erect. JC observed Angelo’s substantial erection, noting that Angelo was rather well endowed. “Oh! Sorry to interrupt you guys,” Angelo stated, “I neglected to buy more condoms, Benny, could you spare a couple?” Benny, pulling off of JC’s pecker, “Sure, Ange, in that bedside table drawer, help yourself.” Angelo opened the drawer and relieved it of two condoms. “I took two, just in case,” Angelo stated, smiling, “I hope you two are having as much fun as Maria and I hope to have. Thanks buddy, I’ll buy some more tomorrow. You can go back to town now, and I won’t bother you again tonight!” “Shit!” JC said, “We got caught!” “Don’t sweat it,” Benny replied, “he knows I’m gay, and he was probably more embarrassed than we were!” Benny returned to the job (or cock) at hand (or mouth). After about ten more minutes of Benny’s skillful oral assault, JC was feeling his orgasm about to happen, and soon started to spurt into Benny’s waiting mouth. Benny loves the thrill of feeling JC cumming into his mouth, and savoring the flavor, and of course, Benny swallowed, and sucked JC dry. After Benny finished off JC, the boys traded places, and JC anxiously returned the favor. Once again, Benny told JC he didn’t have to reciprocate, but JC has become addicted to Benny’s cock, as well as the taste of Benny’s sperm. Benny was still highly aroused, and it took JC only about six or seven minutes to bring Benny to orgasm, and milked Benny’s cock of those last drops. Benny then turned out the bedside lamp, the boys shared a romantic kiss, and cuddled together. Unfortunately, the springs in Angelo’s bed squeak. The boys giggled, knowing from the sounds that were emanating from Angelo’s bedroom, that Maria was getting fucked! “Benny,” JC commented, “your roommate’s got quite a hunk of meat down there, have you ever, you know, done him?” “Nope,” Benny answered, “I just learned recently that Angelo knew that I was gay, and knew it before we rented this apartment together. He’s my coworker, and a good friend, but we both know and respect each other’s sexuality. Our relationship is, and always has been, strictly platonic. Of course we frequently see each other naked, and we sometimes cuff at each other’s peckers, but that’s it.” The boys soon drifted off to sleep. Saturday morning about 9:30 AM Angelo and Maria both arose, neither of them bothering to dress. Angelo took his morning pee and entered the kitchen to brew coffee, while Maria used the bathroom, closing the door. A few minutes later, Benny and JC also became vertical, both needing to pee, ASAP! Heading to the bathroom, both still naked, they found the door locked. A couple of minutes later, while they waited outside of the bathroom, a naked Maria opened the door and walked out. “Good morning guys,” Maria said, smiling, “Next?” After passing each other in the doorway, the boys closed the door and stood together, relieving their bladders. Maria headed to the kitchen, joining Angelo, the boys finished their pee, and followed her. They all sat together at the table, Angelo and Maria on one side, and Benny and JC on the flip side, all still naked, and enjoyed coffee together. JC was feeling a bit strange. He was totally used to hanging around naked with Chance and Diego, but hanging around naked with a girl in the mix was different. He’d never been naked in front of a girl before and never before even seen a naked girl. Angelo, being a chef at work, pulled on an apron, mostly for self- protection, and prepared breakfast for all of them. Even Benny was losing his modesty, and starting to feel comfortable in his nudity. Angelo dished up four plates of breakfast, and removed the apron, exposing his manhood, and sat down to eat with the rest. Maria seemed totally comfortable, being naked, and surrounded by three handsome and naked young men, although she didn’t pay too much attention to Benny’s and JC’s anatomy. Her interest was only in Angelo! After breakfast JC hung in the kitchen with Benny, and while Benny rinsed the dishes and placed them in the dishwasher, Maria and Angelo returned to his bedroom and got dressed. They’re planning to hang out at the Mall for a while before Angelo has to take Maria home, and get ready for work, due in at OG at 3:00 PM. Maria, just before she and Angelo walked out, approached the still naked Benny and JC, and gave them a group hug, kissing both of the boy’s cheeks. “Guys,” Maria stated, “I hope that you have learned that I’m not a prude, and I have no problem with some group nudity. I hope that last night and this morning was as enjoyable for you two, as it was for Angelo and myself. I look forward to doing it again soon. JC, it was good to meet you, and you guys take care of each other.” “Thanks, Maria,” Benny replied, “and I’ll most definitely take care of this boy, in any way that I can! Have a good day.” JC grinned, and Angelo and Maria left. Angelo and Maria were hardly out of the door before Benny pulled JC back into his bedroom, the boys fell onto the bed and started to make out. In no time, both boys grew stiff and leaking erections, and a desire to have sex. Benny was wishing to try something different, reached into the nightstand’s drawer, and pulled out a bottle of lube. “Oh Shit!” JC exclaimed, “It looks like somebody is going to lose their virginity!” “Nope!” Benny explained. “Remember the night we rubbed our peckers against each other, and we both creamed in our pants?” “Of course I remember!” JC exclaimed, grinning, “That was pretty hot, and exciting, but also kinda messy! That was the first time I’d ever had a hands-free nut.” “We can do the same thing on the bed,” Benny suggested, grinning, “without messing up our clothes! Using some lube on our peckers will make us nice and slippery.” Benny proceeded to lube both of their stiff and leaking cocks, mixing the lube with their precum. Benny then lay on top of JC, aligning their cocks, and supporting most of his weight on his elbows, and slowly started to rub his cock against JC’s, almost as in fucking. “OH, FUCK!” JC yelled, “That feels incredible!” “It’s feeling pretty awesome to me, too!” Benny exclaimed. “I think we’ll both be able to get off, but I’m not to certain how long I can hold my orgasm off. It’d be cool if we could get off together.” JC also started to buck his hips, falling into a rhythm with Benny’s bucking, and both boys started to feel their orgasms approaching. There was no more holding off, as both of the boy’s cocks started to pump out ropes of creamy sperm between their abdomens. They could both feel each other coming to orgasm! It was over. After taking a couple minutes to catch their breaths, Benny raised up on his haunches, and the boys viewed each other’s bodies, and giggled. There was a huge puddle of their combined ejaculate on JC’s abdomen and an almost equal amount clinging to Benny’s. “Well,” Benny stated, “we didn’t mess up our boxers, but we sure did a number on us! How was it for you, JC?” “That was beautiful, Benny,” JC replied, grinning, “and I think we did cum together. I would be game to do that again.” “”We’re a mess, JC,” Benny stated, “I think we’re both in serious need of a shower! Let’s shower together.” JC smiled, all in favor. Benny led JC to the bathroom and turned on the shower, adjusting the temperature, and both boys stepped in. After shampooing their hair, and washing their faces, both boys turned their attention to washing each other's bodies—and genitals. The two agreed that it felt really nice to be washed by another boy, especially when that other boy washes your genitals! After rinsing, Benny turned off the water, and they stepped out onto the bathmat, and proceeded to dry each other’s bodies. Right after drying Benny’s genitals, JC bent over and gave Benny Jr. a tender kiss on the head, making Benny grin. Benny soon returned the favor. Returning to the bedroom, Benny looked at the bed, noticing several cum stains on the sheet. “I think we overshot!” Benny remarked, grinning, “I really need to launder these sheets.” Benny pulled the sheets off the bed and carried them to the washer, and started the cycle. Glancing at the clock, “Gosh, it’s 2:30 all ready! Time sure flies when we’re having fun. We need to dress and get out of here.” The boys returned to the bedroom, JC redressed and Benny dressed in a clean server’s uniform. About 2:45 they left Benny’s apartment and headed to JC’s house, arriving at just 3:00 PM. “Welcome home, boys,” Anna stated, as the boys walked in. “Did you enjoy your night together, and did you sleep well?” “We always enjoy our precious time together, Anna,” Benny replied, not ready to give out any unnecessary details. “We always sleep well, Mama,” JC added, “when we sleep together.” “Have you boys had any lunch?” Anna asked. “No, we kinda lost track of time,” Benny replied. “I just made a batch of tuna salad,” Anna stated, “how about a tuna salad sandwich before you go to work?” “That sounds great,” Benny answered, “Thanks, Anna.” Anna quickly made the boys two sandwiches each and another for herself, and poured the boys glasses of milk to wash them down. Benny ate quickly, thanked Anna graciously for lunch, and excused himself, needing to head to work. Benny shared a quick kiss and hug with JC, and left for work. He told JC that he would call him that night, when he gets off from work. After Benny left, JC went next door, got naked and got into his GED Studies on his computer. He was alone. Being a Saturday, Diego was not working, and he and Chance had left in the Pilot, maybe gone to the supermarket? Who knew where they might have gone. As hard as JC tried to concentrate on his studies, Benny, and the thoughts of what he and Benny had done earlier, kept coming back into his mind, and JC Jr. had become stiff. He was unable to keep his hand from fondling JC Jr. and the fondling turned into stroking. Giving in to his emotions, JC went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of paper towels. He hoped he could rub one off before Diego and Chance returned and caught him jacking off. Just as JC was dumping his load into the paper towels, Chance and Diego walked in, carrying bags of groceries, and set them down. “JC,” Chance asked, “have you been watching porn again?” “No!” JC exclaimed, “I was working on my GED, but Benny kept coming into my head, and I got hard and horny, and I needed to get a load off!” “Been there, done that,” Chance replied, grinning, “you’re really into Benny, aren’t you?” “We’re just good friends,” JC responded, “and we like sleeping together.” “I’ll bet you two have done more than just sleeping together,” Chance stated, “I’ll bet you two have tasted each other’s wine.” The look on JC’s reddening face answered the question. “JC, I know what young gay boys do, and it’s probably quite normal to do some experimenting with each other. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, or ashamed of, it’s just part of growing up.” JC felt somewhat relieved, at least Chance understands. Having just gotten off for the second time today, JC’s pecker quickly returned to its flaccid state, and both Diego and Chance gave JC a loving hug. Diego put away the groceries, while Chance started their dinner for two. Anna called JC shortly afterwards, calling him to supper and JC dressed and returned to his side of the house. After dinner, JC migrated to the other side to spend some time (hopefully naked) with the boys next door. Entering Chance and Diego’s side, JC also quickly became comfortably naked. While Chance tackled the dishes Diego took care of the laundry, placing his work clothes, as well as JC’s and Chance’s workout clothes in the dryer, and starting the cycle. The three boys then settled on the sofa, naked together, to watch some TV. JC was comfortably sandwiched between the older boys. JC was fighting the temptation to reach over and touch both of the older boys manhood’s but he resisted, and neither Chance nor Diego offered to touch him down there. About 8:15 PM JC’s phone rang, and JC answered it immediately, knowing that it was Benny. “Hi JC,” Benny said, “I just got off work, and I really would like to see you. Do you think I could maybe sleep over with you?” “I’m sure that will be fine, Benny,” JC replied, “I want to see you too. Look, I’m over with Chance and Diego, so when you get here just come over and join us, and maybe we can watch a movie.” “I’m on my way,” Benny stated, “I’ll see you all in about fifteen minutes.” The boys hung up, both anxious to see each other. About fifteen minutes later, Benny was knocking on the door and JC answered it, pulling Benny inside. After a romantic kiss, JC’s hands started to unbuckle Benny’s belt and shirt. Benny took the hint, and continued to get naked, all by himself. He was starting to get used to this nudity thing, and was becoming less modest. Diego started a movie on Netflix while Chance got them all Pepsi’s from the fridge. The four boys all settled on the sofa to watch the movie, Diego and Chance on one end, and JC and Benny cuddled together on the other end of the sofa. They were a happy and comfortable foursome. When the movie ended, all four boys rose from the sofa, and the older boys both gave both of the younger boy’s warm and loving hugs. Chance and Diego thanked JC and Benny for sharing the evening with them. JC and Benny dressed to head to JC’s side of the duplex, and JC’s bed! Anna was prepared for the boys, having placed a tub of homemade cookies on the table, along with glasses for milk. She sat with the boys, also partaking of some cookies and milk. “So what have you boys got going on,” Anna asked, “are you now boyfriends, or what?” “I think it’s a little early to pin a label on us,” Benny replied, “we’re just a couple of young dudes that enjoy each other’s company, and like being together. We’ve got a lot to learn about each other, before we could commit to being boyfriends.” “I’m not accusing you,” Anna stated, “but I would hope that you boys would practice safe sex, if you decide to have sex with each other.” “Mama!” JC exclaimed, “we haven’t gone THAT FAR, yet.” “I guess maybe,” Anna responded, “the plus side of having a gay son, is that I don’t have to worry about unwanted pregnancies!” “Not unless boys discover a way to create a baby, without the help from a woman!” Benny added, with a grin on his face. Anna and JC both smiled. After eating the bedtime snack, all three retired to the bedrooms for the night. Benny and JC both instinctively cuddled in bed naked. Their desire for sleep overpowered their desire for more sex, and they both fell asleep in each other’s arms. * * * * * Over the next several weeks, a regular routine developed. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Chance and JC spent a couple of hours at the gym working out. Now that Diego has his own car, he is no longer dependent of Chance to get to work. Benny and JC have become nearly inseparable, and Benny has become a fixture in both the Cortez home, as well as in Chance and Diego’s side of the duplex. Benny spends so many nights in JC’s bed, that Anna is feeling like she has two boys. Typically, JC spends most Friday and Saturday nights with Benny at his apartment, hanging around naked with Angelo and Maria. What modesty Benny once had, has flown out the window, and he now enjoys group nudity, whether in his apartment, or with Chance and Diego in their home. The Fourth of July is approaching in about three weeks, and Chance and Diego are considering a camping trip. The idea of camping out in the wilderness is appealing to Diego, as it’s something he’s never done. Chance hasn’t camped out since his high school days, but he knows the basics. If they decide to take the camping trip, Diego would need to take about two extra days off from work. They agreed on one aspect of the trip, that they would want to invite JC and Benny to join them. They’re both certain the boys would enjoy some time in a natural environment. Benny would also need to take a few extra days off. They will discuss it with JC and Benny later today or tomorrow. On Thursday evening, June 14th, Chance and Diego brought up the idea of a July Fourth weekend camping trip to Benny and JC. Both of the younger boy’s excitement rose to a ten, on a scale of one to ten. July Fourth weekend was still two weeks away, but would give Benny and Diego time to give their employers a heads up. Diego is normally off on Saturday and Sunday, and would be off on Wednesday, July the Fourth, an unpaid holiday, so needed to take off on just Monday and Tuesday. Benny is normally off only on Mondays, so would need to take off on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Both Diego and Benny believed taking those days off would not be a problem, giving their bosses a two weeks notice. They planned to leave on Saturday morning, June 30th, and spend Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights in the wilderness. Initially, they planned to rent two tents, but decided on just one larger tent that they would all share. Both Diego and Benny decided to spring for the large, two person sleeping bags, knowing that they would want to cuddle and sleep with their boys. Plans were made for the camping trip! When Chance and Diego do their grocery shopping on this Saturday, they will go to the sporting goods store and reserve the large tent to rent for that weekend. All four boys are anticipating a fun weekend for over the Fourth! When JC and Benny went to JC’s side of the house that evening, they explained to Anna the plans for the July Fourth camping trip. Anna was happy for the boys, all four of them, and was certain they would have an enjoyable weekend, camping out together. To be continued............ * * * * *
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    Chapter 4

    Big BooBoo! I had Chapter 5 over half written--and I lost it! Dunno what happened, but it's GONE! I'm gonna have to start Chapter 5 all over again! Sorry for the delay.
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    Chapter 37

    Chapter 37 picks up with Kevin and Bryan in Houston, spending some time with Bryan’s family. Kevin made love to his boy in a motel room for the first time on the way to Houston, and Bryan has promised to leave Kevin’s virginity behind in Houston, before they return to Dunbar. J&J’s wedding plans are complete, and on August 4th, Pastor Eddie Hamilton (The Preacher’s Kid) will tie their knot, performing his very first wedding. * * * * * * Watergame Chapter 37, A Story of Gay Love by Doug Spencer On Tuesday night, July the 12 th, Bryan and Kevin had arrived at Bryan’s home in Houston, and made introductions between Kevin and Andrew and Mary Mahoney, and shared a nice dinner with Bryan’s parents. After two days of driving, both boys were exhausted, and sleeping was the top thing on their minds. About 8:00 PM, the boys had told Mary and Andrew goodnight, descended to Bryan’s basement bedroom, stripped naked and were asleep before 8:30. In a strange turn of events, having sex was NOT their top priority! On Wednesday morning, July 13th, the boys woke up early, about 6:30 AM, both of them well rested and needing to pee. They turned to each other and shared a kiss, their morning woods touching. "Baby, I’d love to just lay here with you," Bryan said, "but if I don’t get up and pee, I’m gonna spring a leak!" "I’m right with you Baby," Kevin stated, "but it’s so hard to hit the toilet with this morning wood!" The boys both headed to Bryan’s private bathroom. Unlike the bathroom in their dorm room, or Kevin’s bathroom, Bryan’s had a stand-alone shower stall, rather than a tub/shower. Bryan, sliding the shower curtain to one side, "No sweat, Baby, we can still pee in here." The two boys, both with morning boners, stood together and relieved themselves. Bryan then turned on the water and rinsed their pee down the drain. Returning to the bedroom, and planning to go biking, both boys pulled on short-legged athletic shorts, foregoing boxers, as the cuffs on the boxers would hang below the cuffs on the shorts. Bryan sat on the bed to tie his sneakers, and about two inches of his boyhood slipped out of the cuff of his shorts, and Kevin noticed, grinning. "Baby," Kevin commented, "I don’t mind seeing your beautiful pecker, but when you sit, you’re exposed! I don’t want all of Houston to see my boy’s beauty!" Bryan, glancing down, "I think maybe we should wear jockey straps, did you bring yours?" "No," Kevin replied, "I didn’t think I’d need them." "Never fear, Bryan is here," Bryan said, reaching into a drawer and pulling out two straps, tossing one to Kevin. They removed their shorts, pulled on the jockey straps and pulled their shorts back on. After donning tank tops, they headed upstairs to the kitchen. "Good morning, guys," Dad stated, "you’re just in time for breakfast. Do you have plans for today?" "Yeah," Bryan replied, "we’re going biking, and I’m going to introduce Kevin to Houston." Mary dished up breakfast and they all sat to eat. "Well, boys, enjoy your day," Dad said, "I have to leave for work, as I’m due in at 8:00." Andrew kissed Mary goodbye, and left. Not soon after, Bryan grabbed his backpack, and placed two bottles of water from the refrigerator in it, and the boys prepared to leave. "Will you be home for lunch?" Mary asked. "Nope," Bryan replied, "I’m gonna introduce Kevin to What-a-Burger for lunch, and give him a taste of Texas. We’ll be home in plenty of time for dinner." Kevin grinned. * * * * * * Author’s Note * * * * * * Living in Western Texas, I tend to frequent El Paso. What-a-Burger is a locally owned, family owned Burger Chain. There must be about a dozen of them, just in El Paso alone. IMHO they are the premium burger joint and have quickly become my choice when the craving for a good burger hits. * * * * * * The boys mounted their bikes and headed out of Bryan’s neighborhood, and once on a main road, quickly took to the bike lane. Bryan explained that Houston is probably one of the most bike-friendly big cities in the country, evidenced by the number of busy streets that had bike lanes. Most of the bike lanes were wide enough that the boys could ride side by side, except when meeting other bikers, which seemed to be plentiful. After riding for about an hour, Kevin noticed a huge, domed building, and asked Bryan what it was. "That, my friend, was the famous ‘Houston Astrodome’. When built, in the 1960’s, it was named the Eighth Wonder of the World. It was one of the first Sports Stadiums to replace the grass with artificial turf, known as Astroturf. For several years, it was home to the Houston Astro’s Baseball Team and the Houston Oiler’s Football Team, which has moved out of Texas to another state." "During it’s heyday, in addition to sports, it was also a venue for many concerts, both Country and Rock Concerts, and also hosted Rodeo’s and livestock auctions. Unfortunately, it has become old and dilapidated, and is no longer used. It is now considered a historical building." "Houston, the city, was named after the famous statesman, and Army Commander, Sam Houston, who was actually Virginian by birth, then lived in Tennessee, before coming to Texas. Texas was originally part of Mexico, and Sam Houston was instrumental in helping to break away from Mexico and become the Republic of Texas, and later, part of the USA." "Wow, Baby, you sure know your history!" Kevin said, smiling. "All Texas student’s are taught that, in our public schools." Bryan replied, "Let’s head to a What-a-Burger and get some lunch." Bryan led the way, and they arrived at a What-a-Burger, chained their bikes to a pole and entered. They both ordered Bacon Cheddar Burger meals, with fries and drinks. "You’re right Baby," Kevin stated, after two bites, "this is the best burger I’ve ever tasted!" Bryan grinned, and Kevin was hooked! By the time they returned to Bryan’s home, about 4:00 PM, all four of their legs were tired from peddling. It would be about two hours before dinner, and they just lay together on Bryan’s bed, resting, and enjoying their closeness. They all had dinner together after Bryan’s father got home from work. About 8:00 PM, Bryan excused himself and Kevin, stating that they were both tired, after their extensive ride, and headed to Bryan’s bedroom, and Bryan closed the door. Bryan had other plans, other than sleeping. It was payback time! Both boys got naked, as if going to sleep. Bryan, reaching into his bedside stand’s drawer, pulled out a bottle of lube, and holding it up, grinning, "Guess what, Baby, It’s payback time! I’m gonna steal your Cherry!" "Oh, fuck!" Kevin exclaimed, smiling. "I’ve been saving it for nineteen years—just for you, Baby. You don’t need to steal it, I’ll give it to you—willingly! I’m so ready for this, Baby, but please, take it easy on me, this is my first time. Will it hurt?" "Probably a little, Kevin," Bryan replied, "but I think the pleasure will override the pain. I’ve so wanted to make love to you, and I want this first time to be enjoyable—for both of us! Let me get a towel, to put under your beautiful butt." Bryan got a towel from the bathroom and returned, placing it under Kevin’s ass, Kevin lay on his back, his excited, and hard cock standing at attention, and streaming precum. "Draw your legs up, Baby," Bryan instructed, "and give me access to that boy pussy!" Bryan started to prepare his boy for his penetration, lubing up Kevin’s hole, and using his fingers to expand Kevin’s anus, then lubing his own stiff member well. "Baby," Bryan stated, "put your legs on my shoulders, and raise your ass up, so I can get lined up with your hole." Kevin did as Bryan asked, and felt the head of Bryan’s cock pushing against his hole, and instinctively tightened his sphincter muscle. "Just relax, Baby, and let me push in." As the head of Bryan’s cock slipped through Kevin’s ring, Kevin gasped. "You OK, Baby?" Bryan asked. "I—think—so," Kevin said, "It feels funny, like pooping—in reverse!" "Sounds about right," Bryan said, snickering, "just wait till I find your prostate, and my dick starts to stimulate it! I’m only a couple of inches inside of you, I’m gonna gradually go in further, so you can get used to me in there." Bryan started pumping in and out, each time going in a little bit deeper. Bryan finally found Kevin’s prostate, and started to hit it with the head of his dick on every stroke. "Oh my god, Baby!" Kevin exclaimed, "I feel like I’m gonna cum." "I sure hope so," Bryan said, "that’s part of the game! If I can’t make both of us come to orgasm, I would consider this a failure. Hold tight, Baby, Daddy’s coming home!" A few more strokes, and Bryan was all the way in, and now trying to hold off his orgasm, not wanting to cum before Kevin, hopefully, reached his own orgasm. Bryan is pounding Kevin’s prostate on every stroke, and hoping for two hands-free nuts! "Baby!" Kevin exclaimed, "I’m cumming!" Kevin’s stiff cock started to spurt streams of white sperm all over his stomach and chest, a couple of them landing on Bryan’s stomach. Bryan now allowed his own orgasm to come to climax, shooting ropes of semen to fill Kevin’s wonderful insides. Bryan leaned forward and his lips met Kevin’s and they shared a loving kiss. Kevin’s legs slid off of Bryan’s shoulders, but Bryan didn’t collapse on top of Kevin. Instead, he pulled out of Kevin and shucked down a little, and started to lick up Kevin’s orgasm from Kevin’s chest and stomach, can’t let that tasty sperm go to waste! As Bryan had done in the motel room, Kevin let his pussy drain onto the towel, and Bryan cleaned his boy’s pussy. The boys instinctively headed into Bryan’s shower stall, and cleaned each other’s bodies, then returned to bed, and cuddled. "Baby," Bryan asked, "that was awesome for me, how was it for you?" "Much more enjoyable than I expected," Kevin replied, "I never knew how wonderful it would feel to have the boy I love inside of me! I was a little scared, at first, but I’ll never be afraid again. Not with you, Baby! I was a little surprised, that you could make me come to orgasm, just by fucking me. I guess I’m not a virgin anymore, but I lost it to the most wonderful boy I’ve ever known!" "I’m so proud and happy to be that boy," Bryan replied, "Baby, I just love you so much, I don’t want to ever have to find another boyfriend!" "I think the feeling is mutual, Baby," Kevin said, "I’m totally in love with you, and I hope we can spend the rest of our lives together. Maybe someday, we can even have a couple of rug rats to raise, together." "Gosh, Baby," Bryan stated, "knowing that I was gay, I’d given up hope of ever having any children. You’d like to have kids, too?" "I sure would," Kevin replied, "One or two children would make us a family, instead of just a couple." "Kevin," Bryan inquired, "how does a gay couple have children?" "There are two possible ways," Kevin explained, "Some find a woman to be a Surrogate, and get her pregnant to carry and give birth to a baby. Probably the easier route is to adopt children. Some states allow married gay couples, of either sex, to adopt kids. So the children are either raised with two Mommies, or two Daddies. It’s a win-win situation, the children gain loving parents, and the parents gain children to raise, and love." "Thanks, Baby." Bryan said, "you’ve just given me New Hope! I could never imagine being married to a woman, but I so want to be a Daddy, and to have children." The boys fell asleep in each other’s arms. Over the next few weeks, most of the days were like replicas of the day before. The boys went biking almost every day, except for a couple of rainy days. One day, instead of biking, Bryan took Kevin in the car and they visited Galveston. Sunday’s were a little different, as Bryan’s family were staunch Catholics and attended Mass every Sunday, and Kevin attended with them. Andrew and Mary began to feel as if they had two Sons, and both of them developed warm feelings toward Kevin. They became like a second set of parents to Kevin, and Kevin was feeling very comfortable in Bryan’s home and with Mary and Andrew. He also was starting to like Houston, a lot. It might not be a bad place to live, if he could live there with his boy. The weeks passed quickly, and it wouldn’t be long before August arrived, and they would be heading back to Dunbar, and then back to Kenworth for their fall semester. * * * * * * Up in Dunbar, the week of July 23rd and less than two weeks before the wedding, Vi is starting to receive RSVP phone calls. One of the first calls was, surprisingly, from Jeff’s grandfather, in Florida. Vi answered with an apprehensive ‘Hello’. "Vi, this is Gerald Ashley, Jeff’s grandfather." Gerald stated. "Angie and I are going to kill two birds with one stone. There is no way that we would miss our Grandson’s Wedding, and we also have a second Grandson that we’re dying to meet. You are aware that Jim and Calvin have adopted a son, aren’t you?" "Oh yes," Vi replied, "Jeff and Julian could hardly wait to meet their new cousin, and spent the July Fourth weekend in Summerton and took Dayton and his best friend, Ozzie out to the festivities. Art and I haven’t met Dayton yet, but I’m sure we will meet him during the wedding. Jim is going to be Jeff’s best man. Would you like me to reserve a room for you at the Inn?" "No need," Gerald replied, "we’re arriving a couple of days before the wedding and staying with Bill and Elaine for a few days. We’ll be coming to the wedding with Bill and Elaine, and we’ll get to meet, and get to know our second grandson. Angie and I are so looking forward to this trip. We knew that Jeff and Julian were destined to become a married couple someday, they have so much love for each other. We can’t wait to see them tie the knot at the altar. They just look so—right with each other, and you can actually feel the love they share." "Tell me!" Vi exclaimed, "Art and I have watched their love grow for over a year, and we’ll be happy to have Jeff for a son-in-law. Art and I have long considered them both to be our Sons. I’m so happy that you’re coming, thanks for the RSVP, and we’ll see you on their Wedding Day." Gerald and Vi hung up. Vi had also received a call from Sasha, and Sasha told her that she and Jen would attend, and are bringing Leroy and Christine. Of course Jim and Cal are attending, along with Dayton, and Jim is Jeff’s best man. She also received calls from both Matt and Cliff, Jeff’s best friends from Brighton, and they were bringing their girlfriends. The list was growing. Sadly missing from the list was Julian’s Grandparents, although they had been sent invitations, but none of them responded. Vi made arrangements for Samantha to spend both the Friday night before and the wedding night with Peter and Penny, so that Levi could use her bedroom. Samantha would return home Saturday morning to dress up for the wedding. Elaine insisted that they get a motel room for Jeff, so that he and Julian would not be sleeping together on the eve of their wedding. Just following tradition. About 4:00 PM on Friday afternoon, thanks to GPS, Levi arrived at the White’s home. Julian quickly went out to greet him, and the two shared an affectionate hug. The children were all playing in the yard, and Julian introduced Levi to his siblings, Eric, and Peter and Penny. Levi couldn’t resist picking Dominic up, giving him a hug and a kiss on his cheek, which Dom absorbed like a sponge. Julian then led Levi into the kitchen and introduced him to Vi. Vi gave him a warm welcome, then Julian and Levi went back to Levi’s SUV and got Levi’s dress clothes, still on hangers, and his overnight bag, taking them to Samantha’s room, Levi’s room for the next two nights. About 5:30 Art and Jeff returned from work, Jeff and Levi bumped fists and shared a hug, and Julian introduced Levi and his Dad. At dinnertime, Dom sat between J&J as usual, and Sam was happy to share her side of the table with Levi. Vi had already taken Sam’s overnight bag to the Calhoun’s, and after dinner, Sam left to go to Peter and Penny’s house, anxious to spend the night with her friends. J&J and Levi went outside and sat together at the picnic bench, and chatted. About 9:30 PM, Jeff gathered up his dress clothes and overnight bag, shared a romantic kiss with Julian while Levi looked on, smiling, and then headed to his motel room to sleep alone without his baby! Damn these traditions! About 10:30 the White’s, and Levi all went to bed. Tomorrow is the big day they’ve all been looking forward to! * * * * * * Early Friday morning, Eddie Hamilton called Pastor Cady and informed him that he needed to return to Charlotte for the weekend and attend to a ‘family function’ and wouldn’t be back until late Sunday night, or maybe Monday. Cady was aware that Eddie had obligated himself to perform a same sex wedding, but Eddie had never confided his own sexuality, even to Pastor Cady. By 9:00 AM Eddie was on the road to Charlotte, anxious to see his boy, who was home for the summer from ASU. He arrived home a little after 2:00 PM and Matty ran out to the driveway to give his boy a hug and romantic kiss. Gosh, how these boys missed each other! Maggie and Clay had planned a cookout for Friday night to celebrate the reunion of the two boys. They had also invited Donald Harper and Connor to join them, as well as Nate’s boyfriend, Gleason. During supper, Eddie explained that he needed to return to Dunbar early Saturday morning, as he was performing his first Wedding Ceremony on Saturday afternoon, for two young men. Matty was elated when Eddie invited Matty to come with him and watch. Neither of the boys had ever seen a gay wedding. It would give them some insight at to what their eventual wedding might be like. "I’m surprised that the boys were able to find a church in Dunbar that would permit a same sex marriage," Clay commented. "Oh," Eddie replied, "the churches there all still in the Twentieth Century. Jeff’s boss, where he works, rented the VFW Hall as his Wedding Gift to Jeff and Julian. Both the Ceremony and the Reception will be at the VFW Hall." "Did they write their own vows," Clay asked, "or are you going to ad lib them?" "Oh, shit!" Eddie exclaimed, "we didn’t discuss them." Clay excused himself for a few, returning inside the house. Clay, returning with a booklet, titled ‘Wedding Vows’, "Eddie, this book contains a variety of Wedding Vows that have been used over the years. I think, that if you look them over, you will find two or three that would be quite appropriate, for a same-sex couple, with some minor changes. Things like substituting Husband for Wife, and declaring them Married Husband’s, rather than declaring them now Man and Wife." "Thanks, Dad," Eddie said, smiling, "I’ll look these over, and select one that would be suitable for Jeff and Julian." "You may wish to pencil in the changes, so that the ceremony will flow smoothly. You may keep that booklet, I have another copy." Eddie, Mattie, Donald and Connor returned to Matty’s house for the night. Eddie was dying to feel Matty’s wonderful cock in his boy pussy. Gleason was spending the night with Nate, in Nate’s bed. The two younger boys have not yet practiced sex, outside of jacking off together, and kissing. Matty’s house was like Sex Hotel that night, as Eddie and Matty shared each other’s bodies in one bedroom, and Donald and Connor got into a sixty-nine in Donald’s bedroom. Eddie and Matty rose up early Saturday morning, planning to leave for Dunbar about 8:00 AM, a four hours drive away. The actual wedding was scheduled to take place at 2:00 PM, but Eddie wanted to be there in plenty of time. Eddie felt there were some details that needed to be discussed with the grooms, prior to the actual ceremony. * * * * * * Finally it was Saturday morning, August the Fourth, and the day of J&J’s long awaited wedding. For many, it was anything but a normal Saturday! Cliff and his girlfriend left early from his hometown to hook up with Matt and his girl, for the long ride to Dunbar. The boys are planning to get two motel rooms on the return trip, after the reception. One room for the girls and one for themselves, Right!!! The Summerton contingency all met at Jim and Calvin’s, planning to travel as a caravan to Dunbar. Calvin and Jim led the way with Dayton in the back seat, Bill and Elaine with the senior Ashley’s in their back seat and Sasha and Jen with Leroy and Christine in their back seat followed. Over the years, both the Hanson’s and the Calhoun’s had become not only neighbors, but also rather close friends with the White’s. Vi had sent both families Wedding Invitations, and both had told Vi that they were attending. They were all aware of the close relationship between Julian and Jeff, and this would be their first time to witness a gay marriage. Dottie and John had awakened the children, and permitted the three of them to shower together. Penny and Peter frequently had bathed together anyway and were accustomed to washing each other’s privates, so adding Samantha to the mix was no big deal. Peter enjoyed washing the girl’s vagina’s and Sam was thrilled to wash Peter’s peter squeaky clean, causing it to stiffen. None of the ten-year-olds knew why it got stiff. The girl’s liked to see it get stiff, and Peter loved the feeling of the girl’s hands on his peter. It was total childhood innocence. About 9:00 AM, Vi and Art shared cups of coffee, so far the only ones in the house that were vertical. Art entered the boy’s room and awakened Julian, leaving Dom to sleep a little longer. Julian, in turn, walked naked into Sam’s bedroom and awakened Levi. While Vi was cooking a large, substantial breakfast for all, Julian and Levi took over the bathroom. Levi showered while Julian shaved, and then the boys switched, not showering together, but both comfortable in their mutual nudity. After returning to their bedrooms, Julian pulled on clean boxers, and Levi pulled on his shorts. As you may recall, Levi tends to go commando, and this weekend was no exception. Julian and Levi then entered the kitchen for coffee and breakfast. Vi was preparing a heavy breakfast, as it was likely that none of them would eat again, until the Reception, after the Ceremony. Right after breakfast, Vi called Dottie, and asked her to send Sam home by 11:00, so that she could get her bathed and dressed for the Wedding. Dottie informed her that the children had already been showered, not informing Vi that they had all showered together! Dottie has a feeling that Vi wouldn’t approve of Sam sharing a shower with Peter. The twins have shared baths and showers together since they were toddlers and are very familiar with each other’s anatomies. Not to mention that Peter tends to strut around the house naked, the same as if he was dressed. He hates to be clothed! Unfortunately for Peter, Dottie and John will insist that he be nicely dressed for the wedding! Shucks! Friday evening, before Jeff went to the motel, he and Julian had both packed their suitcases for their honeymoon, and put them in the trunk of the BMW. Once the reception was over, J&J would be Ready to Run! Saturday morning Jeff woke up about 9:00 AM and went to Burger King to have breakfast. Returning to the Inn, Jeff reserved a two-bed room for Eddie and Matty, and got the key cards for Room 21 to give to Eddie at the ceremony, as he and Julian had promised. He asked the desk clerk if he could keep his room until 1:00 PM, as he needed some extra time to dress for his wedding. The clerk agreed to give him the extra two hours, smiled and gave him a congratulations, and wishes for a long and happy marriage. Jeff thanked him but saw no reason to tell him that he was marrying another boy. Jeff returned to the room and showered, then dressed in the same black suit he’d worn the night of the proposal. After tying the tie five times, it finally looked right. Jeff wanted to look his finest, on this, his Wedding Day! * * * * * Earlier in the week: Alvin called Art into his office on Tuesday morning, wanting to discuss the upcoming wedding. Art told Alvin how much the family appreciated him renting the VFW Hall for the event. Art explained that he didn’t expect a large number of attendees, mostly family and a few of both boys’ closest friends. The reception was to be catered by John and Renaldo of the Flaming Hearth. "Who is doing the music?" Alvin asked. "I don’t think there has been any plans for music," Art replied. "Art!" Alvin exclaimed, "It’s a wedding, and no wedding would be complete without music, both for the ceremony, and for people to dance to during the reception. You gotta have music." "Maybe we can bring a Boom Box," Art said, "and play CD’s." "I think I have a better solution," Alvin responded. "There’s a married couple that call themselves ‘A Band of Two’ that have played for a couple of events at the Hall, and they’re pretty good. He plays a keyboard, she plays a Drum Box, and sometimes a guitar, and they both do vocals. If they’re not already booked for Saturday, I think we can get them for about a Hundred. Would you be willing to split that cost with me?" Art, smiling, "Of course I would! That’s a wonderful idea, Alvin, but do me a favor, don’t tell Jeff, and we’ll surprise the hell out of the boys on Saturday!" Alvin grinned. "I’ll try to contact them tonight," Alvin said, "and see if we can get them. That would make their wedding even more special! I’ll let you know for sure tomorrow." Wednesday morning when Art clocked in, Alvin beckoned him to the office, smiling. "It’s a done deal, Art. I gave them a heads-up that it’s a gay wedding, and they’re cool with that." Art smiled. * * * * * * Now back to Saturday morning. About 10:00 AM Dom woke up on his own, with his usual need to tinkle. He unzipped his sleepers and crawled out of them, tossing them on his bed, then slid his dry huggies down dropping them on the floor. Dom, now four and a half, hasn’t had a nocturnal accident in several weeks, but Vi still makes him wear huggies at night, just in case. He walked naked to the bathroom and pushing the stool in front of the toilet, stood on it and tinkled, taking care of his primary need. After sliding the stool over, he stood in front of the sink and washed and dried his hands. He then wandered into the kitchen, still in his naked glory. Levi stood up and picked up the naked Dominic, giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, ignoring the fact that Dom was naked. Of course Dom displayed that grin from Levi’s affection. Samantha walked in through the back door about the same time, and gave her little brother a loving kiss, quite accustomed to seeing her little brother naked. Vi, scowling, "Young man, you go and at least put on some underwear, and I’ll fix you and Sam some breakfast." Dom returned to the boy’s room, returning to the kitchen about three minutes later wearing one of his newest pairs of tidy whites. Dom really likes these briefs. Unlike the training pants, the briefs have an actual fly, and he doesn’t need to shove them down to tinkle. He had quickly learned how to pull his penis out through the fly, and could tinkle like the big boys! (Except that he still was so short, he needed the stool to stand on) After finishing breakfast, Levi and Julian headed back to the bedrooms to dress. Julian gathered his black suit, shirt and tie, and joined Levi in Sam’s bedroom to dress. The advantage being that Sam’s dresser has a mirror, and there’s no mirror in the boy’s room. Levi dropped his shorts, and started to pull on his dark blue, somewhat slim fitting suit pants. "Levi," Julian asked, "no underwear?" "Julian," Levi replied, "when have you ever seen me wear underwear? I’ve gone commando for so many years, I don’t even own a pair of underwear." The boys pulled on and buttoned up their dress shirts, tucking them into their trousers, zipping up and securing their belts. Levi’s substantial eight inches of flaccid manhood was quite obvious, hanging down by his thigh in those slim-fitting suit pants. Julian, grinning, and giving Levi’s obvious pecker a squeeze, "You don’t leave a whole lot to imagination!" "I guess I like to advertise a little," Levi replied, grinning, "Girls like to see what they might get a chance to play with, later on." Julian is thinking, ‘I’m sure that some gay guys would like to play with it too, although he was never tempted—his relationship with Levi has always been strictly platonic. Levi is as hopelessly straight as he is hopelessly gay. After three years of being dormmates, neither of these boys had ever even considered doing anything sexual with each other, even jacking off together. Still, they are the best of friends, and have hearts full of platonic love for each other, as well as complete trust in each other. While Vi busied herself, brushing Samantha’s hair and getting her dressed up in her prettiest dress, Art gave Dominic a bath, and dressed him in his cute red suit, which Dom was starting to outgrow, already! Dom was growing like a weed. Julian and Levi returned downstairs, both looking like a Saturday night. Vi asked the boys to watch over the kids, and not let them get messed up, while she and Art got dressed. Shortly after noon they all piled into the SUV, Art behind the wheel, and Vi in the passenger’s seat. Levi secured Dominic in the child seat and shared the back seat with Dominic, while Julian shared the back, back seat with Samantha. They needed to stop by the florist shop on the way to the VFW and pick up the bouquet for the altar and the corsages. They arrived at the VFW about 12:45, still over an hour before the ceremony. Only two other cars were in the parking lot when they arrived, one with two young men in the front, the other car parked near the far side of the lot, probably belonging to a club member, who was responsible for opening the Hall. As soon as they parked, the two boys in the parked car exited, and headed toward the White’s SUV. Eddie quickly recognized Julian, and hollered "Julian!" Julian headed toward the boys. Eddie, giving Julian a hug, "Julian, this is MY BOY, Matty Jacobs, Matty, this is one of the grooms, Julian White." "I’m so happy to meet you, Julian," Matty stated, also giving Julian a warm hug. "Thanks for allowing me to witness not only my Baby’s first wedding ceremony, but my first gay wedding." "Guys, come over and meet my family," Julian stated, and led Eddie and Matty to the SUV. "Guys, this is my Mom and Dad, Vi and Art White, my little sister, Samantha, my little brother, Dominic, who is also the ring bearer, and my best friend and dormmate from college, Levi, who is also my Best Man! This is Pastor Eddie Hamilton, who has agreed to perform the ceremony, and his—well—his boyfriend, Matty." The group all shared handshakes. "I don’t believe it, Son," Art spoke, smiling, "you actually found a gay minister to marry you and Jeff, I think that’s pretty awesome!" Eddie smiled, then walked to the VFW and tried the door, which was unlocked. Eddie signaled Art, that the building was unlocked, and he and Matty viewed the inside, which was already set up for a wedding, with even an altar in the front of the main room. There were about sixty chairs set up in rows on both sides, with an aisle between them. About five minutes later an SUV pulled up in front of the main doors. A man and woman got out, seeing the open front door, and started to haul a keyboard, speakers, and other equipment inside. Only Art knew who they were, and the others pretty much ignored them. Once they had everything unloaded, the man moved the SUV to the parking lot and returned inside the Hall. He and his wife proceeded to set up their equipment on the platform on the right side of the large meeting room, as they’d done a few times before. Jeff pulled in and parked next to the White’s Pilot, and joined the rest of the group. Eddie, after giving Jeff a warm hug, introduced Jeff to Matty, and Matty also gave Jeff a hug. Art picked up the bouquet for the altar, Vi grabbed the box containing the corsages and they all entered the hall, as a group. Art took the large bouquet and placed it by the altar. Looking around, Art was pleased with the venue that Vi and Elaine had selected for this happy event. He checked his suit pocket, making sure he had the golden rings that J&J had entrusted him with. Vi returned to the Pilot and grabbed the small pillow that she’d ‘borrowed’ from their sofa. Eddie, spotting a small room off the foyer, that contained a table and several chairs, "Jeff, Julian, we need to discuss some details of the ceremony, let’s go in here." Eddie, along with Matty, led J&J into the small conference room, and they all sat down at the table. "Have you guys written your vows?" Eddie asked. J&J looked at each other, a look of shock on their faces. "We were going to," Jeff replied, "but we didn’t get around to it, we’re hoping that you can ad lib them." "My Dad is also a minister," Eddie stated, "and he gave me this book of Wedding Vows." Turning to a certain page, "I kinda liked this one, and I penciled in some alterations. Read it, and see if you think they’ll work for you." J&J read the page, and smiled. "Those are perfect!" Julian exclaimed, with Jeff nodding. "Great!" Eddie exclaimed, "We’ll use them today, I’m glad you like them. In all honesty, this is my very first wedding, and it might be a little rough around the edges. I’m delighted that my first wedding could be to unite two beautiful young men into a single unit of married bliss. I sincerely hope that your love for each other is strong enough to weather the test of time." Just as the boys were ending their ‘conference’ the ‘Band of Two’ entered. "I hope we’re not interrupting anything," Sylvia stated. "You’re not," Eddie answered, "we were done." "Good," Sylvia stated, "I’m Sylvia Harmon, and this is my husband of over twenty years, Dan Harmon. Together, we are the ‘Band of Two’ and we’ve been hired to provide the music for both the Ceremony and the Reception. We wanted to discuss the music selections for the Ceremony with the Grooms. Which two of you handsome young men are the ones tying the knot today?" All four of the boys smiled. "That would be me," Jeff stated, placing his hand on Julian’s shoulder, "and my wonderful husband to be, Julian!" "We’ve played other weddings," Dan stated, "but this one is a little different from most traditional weddings. We usually start the Ceremony with the traditional Wedding March, you know, ‘Here comes the Bride’ but Syl and I didn’t feel that was appropriate." "With your approval," Sylvia stated, "we’d like to substitute our rendition of Debbie Boone’s ‘You Light Up My Life’. It also has the right tempo for the Wedding Party to stroll down the aisle toward the altar." "I think that’s a great choice," Jeff replied, smiling, "I know this beautiful boy has sure lit up my life for the last year and a half! I never realized that I was even gay, but I started to fall in love with Julian on the day we met, and I’ve never looked back! After today he’ll be mine—for life!" Julian smiled. By this time it was now 1:30 PM and guests were starting to arrive. The earliest to arrive was the Summerton Contingency. Calvin and Jim got Dayton out of the back seat, and into his wheelchair. There was no ramp at the VFW, so they wheeled Dayton to the steps, and carried his wheelchair, with its occupant, up the six steps to enter the building. Almost immediately, Dayton stated that he needed to tinkle. Cal inquired as to where the restrooms were, and wheeled Dayton to the Men’s Room, and assisted Dayton to pee. Leroy and Christine quickly found Samantha, and the three children shared hugs and kisses with each other, renewing their friendship. Elaine and Bill gave the senior Ashley’s support to climb the steps to the Hall. Elaine and Jim both joined up with the rest of the Wedding Party, and Vi took it upon herself to pin the corsages to the Wedding Party’s lapels. Bill Parks was the self-proclaimed official photographer and selected a seat in the front row, next to the aisle. He was only about eight feet from the altar, and could also step out to get photos of the Wedding Party, as they came strolling down the aisle. Elaine did not sit with him, as she was part of the Wedding Party. The Band of Two was tuned up and prepared to play. It was still only about 1:45 and guests were still arriving, and deciding where to sit, most of them electing to sit somewhere in the middle until those seats were filled. Breaking the silence, the Band of Two started playing, Dan singing their rendition of ‘Breads’ song, ‘Yours for Life’ "In this day and age where changes happen twice as fast Sometimes I get wonderin' if anything will last People changin' partners like they change their underwear Maybe I'm old-fashioned but darlin' I still care." Sylvia joined in the Chorus "And I'm yours for life Come and be my lifetime Come and take the love I have for only one Yes I'm yours for life Come and share my lifetime Share the world until our day is done." J&J were listening to the song, soaking in the words. "Baby," Jeff said, "I’ve never heard that song before, but the words are just so awesome." "Me either," Julian replied, "but the words, they’re just so—so us." Some of the older guests and family recognized the song from the 1970’s, back when they made ‘real music!’ Art was sitting on the aisle side of the back row, with Dominic, who was holding the small pillow, like his life depended on it. "Daddy," Dom asked, "when do I take the rings up there?" "Not until the preacher asks for them, I’ll be here to help you," Art said. "You’ll have to remember to walk slowly, and keep the pillow level, so the rings won’t slide off. You’ll do fine, Son." Dom grinned, happy to be a part of this special occasion. About 1:50 PM, John, from the Flaming Hearth, along with his sidekick, Frankie Styles, pulled the van up to the back door of the VFW and parked. They were early for the reception, but John knew that Frankie had been invited to the wedding and didn’t want Frankie to miss it. (John also wanted to see J&J get married) The insulated cabinets in the catering van would keep the hot food hot and the cold food cold for at least two hours. They walked in together and found seats. The Band of Two followed up with a couple more romantic love songs, and while they were playing, Eddie, along with Matty walked to the front. Matty sat next to Bill, and Eddie placed his ‘Cheat Sheet’ on the podium behind the altar, along with his ‘Wedding Vows’ booklet. It was 2:00 PM! Eddie, standing at the podium, held up his hand and the room became quiet as a morgue. "Let me introduce myself, "Eddie stated, "I’m Pastor Eddie Hamilton, and I go by just ‘Eddie’, Most of you don’t know me, as I live in Charlotte. I’m very excited and honored to have been asked to unite these two wonderful souls, Jeff and Julian, in the bonds of Holy Matrimony. Shall we begin?" Eddie pointed to the Band of Two. To the surprise of Eddie, and shock of J&J, The Band of Two playfully started to play the first two bars of the Traditional Wedding March, then quickly transitioned to ‘You Light Up My Life’. Vi took Julian’s left hand in her right, and they started the procession toward the altar, stepping to the music. Six feet behind, Elaine, holding Jeff’s right hand in her left followed Vi and Julian. Another six feet behind, the best men, Jim and Levi strolled down the aisle, stepping together, but not holding hands. Lined up at the altar, J&J were in the center, the Mother’s next to them and the best men at the ends of the row. Again, Eddie held up his hand to quiet the crowd. Eddie spoke into the microphone. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, let us bow our heads in prayer." "Heavenly Father, please lay your blessings on Jeff and Julian, as we unite them together in this Ceremony of Holy Matrimony. May you guide them, and protect them, as they travel together down life’s uncharted highway. May their unconditional love for each other only grow stronger, as the days, weeks and years unfold. We ask this, Dear Lord, in the name of your Precious Son, Jesus Christ, who taught us to pray"--- The entire room joined Eddie in ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ followed by a room full of "Amen’s." Eddie then went to his ‘Cheat Sheet’. The Band of Two, playing at a low volume, played ‘Amazing Grace’. "Do you," Eddie asked, "Viola White, give your Son, Julian White, to marry Jeffrey Parks?" Vi, tears starting to flow, "I do!" "Do you, Elaine Parks, give your Son, Jeffrey Parks, to marry Julian White?" "Oh, yes," Elaine stated, tissue blotting her tears, "I mean—I do!" Eddie, confronting the boys, and reading the vows, "Do you, Jeffrey Parks, take this man, Julian White, to be your lawfully wedded Husband. To honor and obey, to love and protect him, through sickness and health, good times and bad, and to have no other love before him, until death tears you apart?" "I do!" Jeff exclaimed, smiling. Eddie turned to Julian. "Do you, Julian White, take this man, Jeffrey Parks, to be your lawfully wedded Husband. To honor and obey, to love and protect him, through sickness and health, good times and bad, and to have no other love before him, until death tears you apart?" "I do!" Julian exclaimed, with a look of pure joy on his face. "Do we have rings?" Eddie asked. Dom was already standing in the aisle, pillow on his arms, and Art placed the gold rings on it. The Band of Two started to play an old Don Cherry song, ‘Band of Gold’ "I've never wanted wealth untold My life has one design A simple little band of gold To prove that you are mine Don't want the world to have and hold For fame is not my line Just want a little band of gold To prove that you are mine" Dominic, smiling, strutted down toward the altar, carrying the pillow with the rings, and stepping to the music. When he reached the altar, the band turned down the volume, but continued to play. "These golden rings," Eddie stated, "are a symbol of these two men’s eternal love for each other. If you two will place the rings on each other’s fingers?" It was easy to determine which ring was larger, and Julian slipped the larger ring on Jeff’s left ring finger. Jeff, in turn, slipped the smaller ring on Julian’s finger, next to his Diamond. "Under the powers invested in me by God," Eddie announced, "and thanks to the ruling of our nations Supreme Court, I hereby pronounce Julian White and Jeffrey Parks to be married Husbands. You may kiss each other, for the first time, as Husbands!" J&J wasted no time in sharing their first married and romantic kiss. The entire room was on their feet, cheering and applauding. Eddie took the Preacher’s Liberty of sharing a hug, and kissed both boys, on their lips! Matty looked on, with a slight twinge of jealousy. Eddie, retaking the mike, "Listen up everybody, the caterers need a few minutes to get the food ready. If some of you gents will fold up some of these chairs, we can turn this room into a Dance Floor." As if by magic, the Dance Floor appeared, and the Band of Two started playing danceable music. Most of the female guests lined up to kiss the grooms, with some exceptions. Matty and Frankie both got a chance to kiss the grooms, as did Leroy. Dayton also wanted to kiss the grooms and J&J both leaned over to accommodate Dayton. Let the fun begin! The Band of Two’s next song was Glen Miller’s ‘Moonlight Serenade’ and Jeff quickly pulled his husband onto the floor. J&J both love to dance to the slower songs and they got lost in the music, and each other. Along with several other couples, Matty and Eddie joined them. It was the first time since their high school prom, when they were named Prom Kings, that Eddie and Matty had felt comfortable dancing together. Even Jeff’s grandparents were on the floor, swaying to the sound of this Glen Miller classic. On the next song, Matt and Cliff’s girlfriends broke up the grooms, and each of them got to dance with one of the grooms. Matt and Cliff left their girlfriends to dance with the grooms and slipped outside. Matt retrieved a bottle of liquid chalk from his car and he and Cliff proceeded to print out ‘JUST MARRIED’ on the back window of Jeff’s BMW in six inch letters. It was doubtful that J&J would discover it, until they left to start their Honeymoon. Frankie approached Dan, and asked him to announce that the caterers were ready to start serving the food. Dan, on the mike, "Hey folks, we’ve just been informed that the caterers are ready to feed us. Sylvia and I are taking a break for some nourishment, but we’ll be back a little later to play some more music for you to dance to." The food line quickly formed, and J&J were literally pushed to the front of the line, and were the first to be served. John and Frankie were both busy, filling people’s plates with Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Roast Beef, Meat Loaf, Real Mashed Potatoes with gravy, and Lasagna. Beyond the serving line a table contained bowls of Potato and Macaroni Salads, and a marinated Veggie Salad, which were self serve. It wasn’t just a snack, it was a feast! At the end of that table were dispensers of Sweet and Unsweet Iced Tea, and one of Fruit Punch (non-alcoholic). Elaine and Vi, while making the final plans, had decided against any alcohol, even spiked punch, because of the number of children that would be attending. When Eddie and Matty got their plates filled, they joined the newlyweds at their table. Jeff, pulling the motel keycards from his pocket, "Here are your keycards for Room 21 at the Inn, already paid for." Then, grinning, "It’s a two-bed room, but I somehow I suspect you’ll only need one bed!" "Ain’t that the truth," Eddie replied, grinning, and already looking forward to some hot sex with his boy that night. Matty, grinning, "It’ll be cool to have a backup bed to sleep in, after we mess up the first bed!" J&J both grinned. Eddie and Matty are both hot to trot and looking forward to tonight. "I’ll just bet," Eddie said, grinning, "that we won’t be the only ones to mess up a motel bed tonight!" "Julian and I made a commitment, about two weeks ago, not to have any more sex until our Wedding Day night," Jeff stated, "But tonight we have a marriage to consummate!" Matty and Eddie both grinned. Everyone enjoyed the food, and several of the guests paid their complements to John and Frankie, which were appreciated. After everyone had stuffed themselves, John and Frankie started to clean up the dining area and John offered Vi the few leftovers, putting them in carryout containers. There wasn’t really anything that John and Renaldo could do with them, except toss them out. John and Frankie pulled one of the banquet tables to the main room, and while Frankie carried the drink dispensers to it, John carefully carried the Wedding Cake from the van and placed it on the table. Bill, camera in hand, took a photo of the cake, before it was cut. He zoomed in to get a close up photo of the black and white groom figurines on the top. J&J casually stepped up onto the bandstand and borrowed Dan and Sylvia’s microphones. "MAY WE HAVE EVERYONE’S ATTENTION PLEASE!" Jeff announced. All eyes and ears turned to the grooms. "On behalf of my Husband and myself," Jeff continued, "we would like to pay a tribute to some of the most important people in our lives. As we announce you, please stand so that everyone can see who you are." "Right off the top, our parents, Julian’s Mom and Dad, Vi and Art White, and my parents, Elaine and Bill Parks." The four parents stood. "Without the love, acceptance, and support of both of our family’s this event would probably have never come to reality." "I’d especially like to thank our Mom’s," Julian added, "who worked together to ensure that everything was perfect for our Wedding Day, and who unselfishly gave their Son’s away today. And thank you also to our Best Men, Jeff’s Uncle Jim Ashley-Wilson, and my long-time best friend and dormmate, Levi Stearns. Folks, Levi was instrumental, a long time ago, in getting Jeff and I to meet, and fall in love. Thanks, buddy!" Levi smiled. "I’d also like to thank my wonderful employer," Jeff stated, "Mr. Alvin Corbin, who so generously supplied this venue for this special day, the happiest day of our lives! And thank you also, to our relatives and friends, some of you traveled many miles to witness our Union of Souls. Thank you all, from the bottoms of our hearts." "We’ve been informed," Julian said, "that everyone is waiting for us to cut the cake, so I guess we’d better get to work." J&J headed to the table—and the cake. John handed them a knife, instructing them not to cut into the top tier, and he would explain to them later why. Following tradition, the boys cut two slices of the cake, and proceeded to feed each other forkfuls of cake, while everyone watched, and Bill took photos. They then cut more slices, placing them on the small plastic plates and the guests all grabbed plastic forks and plates of cake. John returned to the table with a plastic cylindrical container about the size and shape of a large coffee can, and a wide spatula. He carefully removed the top tier from the cake, and placed it on the flat bottom of the container, covering it with the cylindrical part, and snapping it down over the tier, leaving the figurines in tact. "Boys," John explained, "the top tier is not like the rest of the cake, which is a standard white cake. The top tier is fruitcake, which will keep well over a year at room temperature. Traditionally, a newly married couple will keep the top tier, and share it with each other on the first anniversary of their marriage." J&J smiled, now understanding why John told them not to cut the top tier. They would ask Vi to keep it secure—for the next year. At 5:00 PM the Band of Two ceased to play, and started to pack up their equipment, and guests started to prepare to leave. It was over! John and Frankie loaded the dirty pans into the van, preparing to return to the Flaming Hearth to wash them up. Matt and Cliff approached J&J, and Matt spoke. "Jeff, way back, when you first started dating Julian, we never dreamed that it would come to this! We thought it was a flash in the pan. Thank you for inviting us to share in this historic occasion. Even though we’ve all graduated, Cliff and I still consider you to be one of our closest friends, and we wish nothing but happiness for you and Julian, as you travel through life together, as husbands. Please stay in touch with us. We care, we really do care!" Cliff and Matt both shared loving hugs with both Jeff and Julian, gathered up their girlfriends and left, looking forward to a night in a motel room on the way back home. Angie and Gerald approached the grooms, and Angie wrapped her arms around Julian. "Sweetheart," Angie stated, "I don’t think we grandparents can ever have too many grandchildren. Gerald and I are happy to welcome you as our newest Grandson. You and Jeff never did make it to Florida, but our spare bedroom is still open for you and your husband, if and when you make that trip." Gerald gave both grooms a loving group hug. Elaine invited Jim and Cal (and Dayton) for Sunday dinner, mostly to give the grandparents more time to get to know their second newest grandson. Angie and Gerald had already fallen in love with Dayton, as soon as they met him on Friday, shortly after their plane arrived. J&J bid farewells to everyone, Julian grabbed his overnight bag from the Pilot, and J&J entered the BMW, and headed North, toward Niagara Falls, NY. They were hoping to make it to Bristol, TN/VA to spend their first night together as Husbands, and to consummate their marriage! Eddie and Matty left right behind them, heading to the Inn, quickly finding Room 21, and entering, with their overnight bags. The two boys were hardly inside the room before they stripped each other’s clothes off. Both boys were already highly aroused, and hard! Right now there was nothing in the world that Eddie Hamilton desired any more than to feel his boy’s wonderful cock sliding into his waiting boy pussy, and Matty wasn’t about to disappoint him. Matty grabbed the lube, and lubed them both well preparing his boy for the penetration. Eddie used his leg muscles to raise his butt up, giving Matty better access, and Matty dove in, head first. (Meaning the head of his beautiful pecker) A few strokes, and Matty was all the way in, and stimulating Eddie’s prostate, causing Eddie to feel his orgasm approaching. "Matty," Eddie gasped, "I’m gonna nut!" And nut he did, spraying his nut all over the bed, and his body, some landing on Matty’s body and even his face. Seconds later, Matty filled his boy’s pussy with his load. Matty, his boyhood still in Eddie’s hole, leaned down and the boys shared a kiss, squishing Eddie’s nut between them, and Eddie clinching his rectum, trying to hold Matty’s nut inside, as Matty pulled out. Eddie quickly exited the bed, doing the best he could to keep Matty’s nut inside until he reached the toilet. A little of Matty’s nut ran down Eddie’s leg before he reached the toilet. The boys decided that a shower was in order, and showered together, washing the nut off of their bodies, and cleaning their genitals. After drying each other, they decided to use the other bed to sleep, as they’d messed up the first bed. Lying together in bed, they discussed the day’s event. They agreed that J&J’s wedding could not have been more perfect, and hoped that their own wedding will be as smooth. One advantage they have is that they are both certain that Pastor Clay will be willing to officiate, and they will likely be getting married in Eddie’s father’s church, without objections of Church Doctrine. Pastor Clay had organized his church to be a church for all of God’s Children, regardless of gender or sexual identity. So many mainline churches don’t welcome those who have made mistakes, or that their love is not for the opposite sex. Eddie and Matty fell asleep. Eddie and Matty will not be attending Church tomorrow, as Eddie needs to take Matty back to Charlotte, and will be returning to Dunbar on Monday to resume his duty at the Dunbar UMC, until he returns to Seminary, later in August. To be continued....................... * * * * * Well, folks, We Made It! Thanks to Pastor Eddie Hamilton, (borrowed from Geoff Chassen, aka Flyonthewall) we got Jeff and Julian married in a beautiful Wedding. After the wedding, while J&J started their Honeymoon, Eddie and Matty enjoyed Saturday night together at the local Inn, courtesy of J&J, and caught up on some badly missed and needed hot sex. They’ll be returning to Charlotte on Sunday. To learn more about Eddie and Matty, read Flyonthewall’s story, ‘The Preacher’s Kid’.                      
  14. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 45

    In chapter 45, DJ’s sister, Camille may have a boyfriend, and Damion starts his new job. On June 10th, Annie Gill, Matt and Marie leave for Atlanta, and on June 16th the extended family makes Rodney’s fourteenth birthday really special. * * * * * DJ Chapter 45 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer It’s 8:30 AM on Saturday morning, the Ninth of June, and a week before the tentative celebration of Rodney’s Fourteenth Birthday. DJ and Jamie arose, shared a common pee in the bathroom, and DJ brewed a pot of coffee. DJ is scheduled to work from noon to 8:00 PM today and Jamie from 4:00 to close at 11:00 PM. The boys planned to go to the Seldon’s this morning and proposition Jamie’s parents about hosting the Birthday Party for Rodney next Saturday. About 9:00 AM, While Jamie and DJ was sipping juice and coffee, Joe and I joined them, all four of us enjoying our nudity, together. Jamie told us that he and DJ wanted to leave about 10:00 to go see Karen and Carl about the party so I went ahead and prepared us all some breakfast. Joe and I are both due at work at 3:00 PM. While we were eating breakfast, DJ received a phone call from Mattie, and answered it ‘Hey, Dude, what’s up?’ Matt always smiles when another boy calls him ‘Dude’. "DJ," Matt said, "I just wanted to give you and Jamie a heads up. I won’t be around for a few days, Mom and I are leaving for Atlanta tomorrow, and on Monday the doctor will be relieving me of these unwanted boobs!" "Oh, that’s great Matt, so you won’t be needing those binders anymore! I’ll tell you right now, our family wishes you successful surgery and a speedy recovery! Jamie and I will be anxious to see a flat chested Matt!" "And guess what, DJ," Matt added, "Marie is going with us, it’ll be so wonderful, having my baby by my side, while I recover!" "That’s awesome, Dude," DJ stated, "I’ll relay this to Jamie and the Dad’s. Let us know when you’re ready for some company and Jamie and I will hook up with you. Thanks for letting us know." DJ and Matt hung up, and DJ relayed the news to Jamie, Joe and me. We all are aware of how much Matt hates those breasts! After breakfast the boys dressed, DJ in his work outfit, and they took off for the Seldon’s, arriving at about 10:20. The Seldon family was all still having breakfast, including Damion and Brandon. While Jamie and DJ made their rounds of the table, giving everyone hugs, Karen offered them breakfast, but they’d already eaten. DJ accepted another cup of coffee, and he and Jamie took seats. "Mom, Dad," Jamie stated, "we’d like to ask a big favor of you. This Friday is Rodney’s fourteenth birthday, and we want to have a really big family party to celebrate it. We have the most space, of all the homes. Would you consider hosting it, here at our home?" "Who all did you plan to invite?" Carl asked. "Well, it would be DJ and me, of course, and our Dad’s, and DJ’s Mama and her fiancé, Ramous, and DJ’s sister, Camille, and you and Mom. It would be a chance to bring the family—the whole family together, and make Rodney’s birthday really special." "His birthday is actually on Friday, the fifteenth," DJ stated, "but with so many working on Friday, we wanted to celebrate in on Saturday. The biggest glitch is that Joe may not be able to get Saturday night off. I’m pretty sure that Jamie and I can get off that night, and Dad can maybe do his deliveries early. I know that Ramous doesn’t work on Saturdays." "Rodney is such a precious young man," Karen stated, "we’d love to help him celebrate his birthday, and we would also like to meet the rest of DJ’s family." DJ smiled that patented smile. "It should be nice weather," Carl stated, "suppose we do it as a BBQ. If it should rain, we can bring the grill up on the covered porch, and we’d need to eat inside." "If we move it up to, say 12:30 or 1:00 PM, instead of evening," Karen suggested, "then Joe should be able to attend, also." DJ and Jamie shared a smile, this is sounding better and better. "So are we free," Jamie asked, "to share these plans with the rest of our family?" "You are," Karen replied, "and we’ll take care of all the food, except for the Birthday Cake." Jamie, looking at DJ, "I think DJ and I can spring for the cake!" DJ nodded at Jamie in agreement, displaying that smile. Suddenly, DJ had tears sliding down his face, and Karen was the first one to notice them. "Sweetheart, what’s wrong?" Karen asked, using a napkin to blot DJ’s tears. "Nothing’s wrong," DJ replied, "I’m just so incredibly happy! I just can’t believe how my life has changed in the last two years! I have two wonderful Dad’s that have unconditional love for me, I have the most wonderful boyfriend that means everything to me, and I’m now reunited with my Mama and my siblings. My life couldn’t be more perfect!" Jamie pulled DJ close, and kissed him tenderly. Damion and Brandon glanced at each other, smirking. "Correction, DJ," Carl spoke, "you have three Dad’s that have unconditional love for you, I also consider you MY Son!" "Mom, Dad," DJ said, "I can’t thank you enough, for what you’re doing for Rodney—and me! I anticipate that this will be his best birthday ever! We need to leave, I need to drop Jamie back to our house, and head to work." DJ and Jamie gave Karen and Carl loving hugs, bumped fists with Damion and Brandon and left. * * * * * About 1:00 PM that Saturday Darrah Jackson served lunch for Ramous and the kids. Just about the time they finished eating, Camille’s phone rang, it was Lucas! Camille ran to her room to answer, for more privacy, and answered cheerfully with ‘Hi Lucas’. "Hi Camille," Lucas replied, "Hey look, I’m off today, and I wondered if I could pick you up, say about 3:30 and take you to a movie with me?" "Do you mean like—a date—a real date?" Camille asked. "Yes, Camille," Lucas replied, "I’m asking you for a date. We don’t have to go to a movie, if there is something you’d rather do. I just want to be with you, and get to know you better." "A movie would be great, Lucas," Camille said, "I need to take a shower, and get dressed in something more appropriate. I’ll tell Mama you’re coming to pick me up at 3:30, and I’ll be ready." "Great!" Lucas exclaimed, "I’ll see you at 3:30, Sweet Camille." They hung up, and Camille excitedly ran back to the kitchen. "MAMA! I’ve got a date!" Camille announced, "Lucas is coming at 3:30 and taking me to a movie." "And just who is Lucas?" Darrah asked. "Mama, Lucas is one of the most handsome seniors at our school, and I’ve been wanting to date him—like—forever! I can’t believe he has asked me for a date! He works at the Ice Cream Parlor, and he walked me home last night." "Young Lady," Darrah stated, "you’re not stepping out of this house with any boy until we meet him!" "Okay Mama," Camille replied, "I’ll bring him in to meet you when he gets here. I need to shower and get dressed, for Lucas." About 3:25 Lucas borrowed his Dad’s car, drove around the block and pulled into Camille’s drive and parked. He walked to the front door and rang the bell. Darrah, answering the door, her eyes falling on this extremely handsome young black man, "Lucas?" Lucas, offering his hand, "Lucas Johnson, ma’am, you must be Camille’s mother?" "I am," Darrah replied, "and I’m pleased to meet you, won’t you please come in? I think your date is almost ready." Darrah invited Lucas to take a seat in the living room, and he sat down on the sofa, and Darrah sat next to him. "I have to tell you," Lucas stated, "Mrs. Jackson, you have a very lovely daughter, I’ve been admiring her for a few months, at school." Just then, Camille walked in. "Hi Lucas," Camille said, smiling, "I guess you’ve met Mama?" "Camille," Darrah asked, grinning, "is this what was happening at the Ice Cream Parlor last night?" Camille looking down, her face turning pink, "Yeah, Mama." "I always thought that boys chased after girls," Darrah said, "not the other way around." "It’s hard to chase the girl," Lucas said, smiling, "when you don’t know where she lives. When Camille came to the Parlor last night, I grabbed the opportunity to walk her home, and I found out where she hides." Rodney had meanwhile entered the living room, sitting in a chair and was listening to the exchange. "Lucas," Darrah stated, "I hope your intentions are honorable, and that you have the integrity to keep things clean between you two. Lucas, this is Camille’s very first date." "Oh, Mrs. Jackson," Lucas replied, "I totally respect your daughter and I have no intentions of—doing anything improper with her. I’m elated to be her first date." Lucas turned his attention to Rodney. "Dude!" Lucas exclaimed, "You got rid of the dreads, and got a respectable haircut. Looking good, man. Camille, I didn’t realize, until now, that Rodney was your brother." "Thanks, Lucas," Rodney said, smiling, and starting to feel proud. "My big brother, DJ, dragged me to his barber, and did this." "Good for him!" Lucas remarked. "Are you ready to leave, Camille?" "Bye, Mama," Camille said, "I’ll see you later." Lucas opened the front door and Camille and Lucas started through it. "Bye kids, have fun," Darrah said. She watched as Lucas led Camille to the car, opening the car door for Camille, in a gentlemanly fashion. Darrah’s first impression of Lucas is very positive, and she is liking him. He appears to be a very respectable young man, and most definitely, very handsome. Camille, at the cinema, "What movie are we watching?" "You choose, Camille," Lucas stated, "I’ll be happy to watch any movie with you, that you’d like to see." Camille chose, and Lucas bought the tickets, escorting Camille to the very back row. During the movie, Camille took the liberty of resting her head on Lucas’s shoulder, and Lucas wrapped his arm around her shoulder, drawing her close. His free hand found Camille’s and the two held hands. Both teens were enjoying their closeness, and they took an occasional break to share a kiss. (Why they’re in the back row!) After the movie ended, they strolled to an eatery in the Mall, and enjoyed Coke’s together, and then returned to the car, but Lucas didn’t start the car, they just sat there for a few minutes, just holding hands. Finally Lucas spoke, "Camille, I really like you, a lot, and I’m hoping that this was just our first date, with more to follow." "I like you a lot too, Lucas," Camille replied, "and I just can’t seem to get enough of your sweet, tasty lips!" Lucas smiled. "Camille, your lips are like honey, would you—consider—being my—steady?" Lucas asked. "Do you mean like—your girlfriend?" Camille asked. "Exactly," Lucas responded, "Camy, I’d be so proud to have you for my girl!" Has Lucas given Camille a new nickname?" "Lucas," Camille replied, "I’m not strong enough to turn you down! I’ve dreamed of dating the most wonderful boy I know for a long time, and it’s finally happened. I’d totally love to be your girlfriend!" "Thanks, Baby!" Lucas exclaimed, "You’ve just made me the happiest boy in Smalltown, probably in the whole darn state!" Lucas just called Camy ‘Baby’ and Camille will be happy to be Lucas’s baby. The two shared another loving and romantic kiss, and Lucas felt his damned penis filling his crotch with hardness. Down, boy! "Baby" Lucas said, starting the car, "I need to take you home, before your Mama starts to worry." (And I cream my jeans, gosh this girl turns me on!) They arrived back at Camile’s home, and Lucas walked Camy to the door. Camille opened it, and pulled Lucas inside. Darrah, approaching them, "Welcome back, did you guys have a good time?" "Mrs. Jackson," Lucas replied, "I’ve dated a few other girls, but this was the best date I’ve ever had! I really enjoyed my time with Camy. Baby, can I pick you up tomorrow morning, and we can take a walk in the park before I have to go to work at 3:00 PM?" "Sure Baby, I’d like that," Camille replied, "what time?" "Let’s go early, about 8:00 or 8:30, and we’ll still see the dew sparkling on the leaves and grass. Maybe we’ll even see some rabbits and squirrels." "I’ll be ready," Camille replied, "That’ll be fun, walking in the park in the early morning with my boyfriend!" Darrah scowled a bit at Camille’s reference to Lucas as her ‘boyfriend’. "Sweetheart," Darrah stated, "I don’t think having one date with a boy qualifies him as your boyfriend!" "Mrs. Jackson," Lucas stated, smiling, "I asked Camy to be my steady girlfriend, and she accepted, wouldn’t that make me her boyfriend?" "I suppose so," Darrah replied, "kids just grow up so fast these days. It’s hard to believe that my little girl already has a boyfriend. When would you expect to bring Camille back home?" "We should be back before noon," Lucas replied, "I gotta run, Dad is taking me and Mom out for dinner tonight, and I’ve got his car. Baby, I’ll see you between 8:00 and 8:30 in the morning." "Wait," Darrah remarked, "Lucas, we’ll be having Sunday Dinner about 1:00 PM tomorrow, why don’t you plan on having dinner with our family?" Camille grinned. "I’d like that, Mrs. Jackson," Lucas replied, smiling, "I would need to leave for work about 2:30. If I bring my work outfit with me, can I change into my uniform here?" "I hardly think that would be a problem," Darrah replied, "I’m sure you can use Rodney’s room to change." Rodney nodded, smiling. "Thanks, Mrs. Jackson," Lucas said, "I guess I’ll see you all tomorrow." He approached Camille, and the two shared a sweet but quick kiss, and Lucas left. * * * * * It’s 7:00 AM on Sunday morning, the tenth of June, and Annie and Matt Gill are preparing to leave for Atlanta. Matt loaded their luggage in the trunk of Annie’s car. Rather than dirtying up dishes they planned to stop and have breakfast on the road, after picking up Marie at 8:00 AM. Matt took the wheel, knowing well the way to the Walsh’s home, and pulled into Marie’s driveway. Walking to Marie’s door, Matt was met by Marie and Ken. After giving Marie a loving kiss, and picking up Marie’s suitcase, Ken followed them to the car. "Matt," Ken asked, "please enlighten me, what, exactly is this surgery that you’re having in Atlanta?" (Uh-oh) "Mr. Walsh," Matt explained, not wishing to admit that he was a Trans boy, "I was born with mammary glands, that a boy isn’t supposed to have, and they make me heavy breasted, almost like a woman. (Matt cupped his breasts in his hands) Since I was fourteen, I’ve never felt comfortable going bare topped, because of them. Dr. Effram, in Atlanta is experienced and skilled at removing these unwanted mammary glands, so that I will have a chest like any other man, and not look like a woman up here." Ken, glancing at Matt’s crotch and seeing an obvious bulge (Matt’s rolled up washcloth), "I see, I guess that would be embarrassing, especially around other boys! I want you to know that Marie’s Mom and I wish you a fast recovery, and you are in our prayers. Please drive carefully, and have a safe trip." "Thanks, Mr. Walsh," Matt replied, "we’ll see you in a few days." Whew, Matt believes that Ken bought the story. Annie elected to sit in the back seat, allowing Marie to sit up front with Matt, Matt taking the driver’s seat for the first leg of the journey. About an hour down the road Matt pulled off on an exit that had a Waffle House, and they had breakfast. "I think that Dad bought the story," Marie stated. "Actually," Matt said, "it’s mostly true, we boys aren’t supposed to have mammary glands." Matt does think of himself as a boy. "I dread the day I have to tell him that you are Trans," Marie stated. "Mom cornered me a few days ago, and pushed me into telling her. Maybe Mom can explain to Dad, and take that weight from my shoulders." Annie and Matt took turns driving, and they arrived in Atlanta about 6:00 PM Sunday night. Annie got their hotel rooms, and they went out for dinner. Matt ate a light meal, as he’d been instructed to eat only a light dinner, and no food after 8:00 PM, and no breakfast, or even anything to drink Monday morning, until after the surgery. Needing to be up at 6:00 AM, they returned to their rooms and hit the hay. They needed to get Matt registered at the hospital at 7:00 AM. * * * * * Shortly after 8:00 AM Lucas walked up to Camille’s door, dressed in athletic shorts and a tee shirt, and rang the bell. Camy answered it, still in her pajamas. They shared an affectionate good morning kiss and hug. "Come on girl," Lucas stated, "we can’t go to the park in your pajama’s, get dressed, time’s a wasting!" Camy returned to her bedroom to dress. Rodney, still in his boxers, bumped fists with Lucas, and took the bag with Lucas’s work clothes into his room and set them on the bed. Camy returned about five minutes later, dressed in short shorts and a tee shirt, and Lucas smiled. After telling Darrah goodbye, Lucas and Camy walked out the door and down the sidewalk, holding hands, heading toward the park. Neither Lucas nor Camy had eaten any breakfast, and they decided to stop at Burger King and eat. Sitting down with their breakfast biscuits, Lucas felt a need to adjust himself. He’d decided to go commando today, as his boxers had longer pantlegs than his shorts, and would look funny. He didn’t want his pecker to peep out of his shorts and be visible to others, while he was sitting. They both downed two breakfast biscuits, and Lucas drank two cups of coffee while Camy drank an orange juice. After eating, he and Camille continued toward the park, and headed up one of the foot trails. A rabbit jumped across their path, and Camy shrieked. "It’s only a rabbit, Baby," Lucas stated, grinning, "they don’t bite." Walking on up the trail, those two cups of coffee were starting to create pressure on Lucas’s bladder, and he needed to pee. With no rest rooms around, he decided to try and hold it. After another ten minutes of walking, Lucas was running out of time. "Baby," Lucas said, "I need to find a place to tinkle, or I’m gonna wet my pants! Just wait here, and I’ll go behind that bush. Lucas stepped off the path, and slipped behind the bush. The shorts had no fly, so he pushed them down, exposing his ass crack. Keeping his back toward Camy, he watered the ground. Oh, what a relief! Returning to Camy, they walked on farther, and found a bench to sit on, and started making out. After a few minutes of kissing, Lucas’s pecker stiffened, and noticeably tented his shorts. "Camy," Lucas asked, "do you have any idea what you do to me when we kiss like this?" "Not really," Camille replied, "but I hope you like kissing me as much as I like kissing you." "Oh, I do!" Lucas exclaimed, "but it does something else." Lucas took Camy’s hand and placed it on his ‘tent pole’ and Camy grinned, feeling that Lucas’s penis was hard, inside of his shorts. "Why does kissing make you get an erection?" Camy asked. Camy has had sex education classes and is well aware that boys do get erections. "When boys kiss girls, our penis’s start to prepare for having sex, and they become erect." Lucas explained. "It’s nothing that we have any control over—it just happens!" "I wonder," Camille mused, "if boys get hard, when they kiss each other?" "I have no freaking idea," Lucas replied, snickering, "and I’m not about to kiss another boy to find out! I think that only queer boys might kiss each other." "My big brother, DJ, is gay," Camille said, "and I know that he and his boyfriend kiss a lot, but I’ve never noticed if they get hard. Maybe I’ll ask him some time, just to satisfy my curiosity. So, does that mean that you want us to have sex?" Camy asked. "Yes and no," Lucas answered, "my hormones want us to have sex, but my mind says that it’s too soon. Camy, have you ever had sex with a boy?" "No," Camille answered, "you’re only the first boy I’ve really been this close to, I’m still a virgin." "So am I Baby," Lucas said, "I’ve never had sex with a girl either. We’ve only committed to being a couple, just yesterday. I’m not in love with you, yet, but I love being with you, and I care a lot for you. We need to just date, and really get to know each other well. Maybe we will really fall in love, and if we do, maybe we could experiment with having some sex, sometime in the future, but not yet. I don’t think either of us is ready for that yet." "You’re probably right, Baby," Camy replied, "I don’t think I want to lose my virginity—not yet." "And I don’t want to lose mine either, or take yours," Lucas stated, "at least not yet! We probably need to head back to your house, I think dinner will soon be ready." Lucas took Camille’s hand, and they strolled back to Camille’s home. Darrah had the Sunday dinner of roast chicken with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberries and coleslaw nearly ready when Camille and Lucas returned. Darrah set the table for five, the usual place settings for Ramous and herself at the ends, Camille and Rodney on the side, and the fifth setting on the flip side of the table, for Lucas. Announcing that dinner was served everyone came to the table, Rodney sitting next to Camille. "Bro," Camille asked, "would you sit on the other side, so that Lucas can sit beside me?" Rodney accommodated, grinning, and moved to the other side of the table, and of course, Camille and Lucas sat together. During the course of dinner, Darrah brought up the fact that they were all invited to Jamie’s parent’s home to have a cookout to celebrate Rodney’s birthday next Saturday. "Mama, do you think Lucas could go with us?" Camille asked. Rodney, smiling, "I’ll call DJ and ask him, can I borrow your phone?" "I’ll call him," Darrah said, and immediately placed the call. Darrah chatted with DJ for just a couple of minutes. "DJ said that Karen always prepares a ton of food, and an extra mouth would be no problem," Darrah replied. Camille and Lucas both smiled. Lucas will help celebrate Rodney’s birthday! Ramous, as soon as dinner was finished, "Lucas, can we chat a few minutes, privately?" Lucas agreed, and followed Ramous outside. "Lucas," Ramous stated, "I’ve been placed into the position of being a stepfather to Rodney and Camille, and I love both of them as if they were my own children. You’re dating Camille, and you seem to be a fine, upstanding young man, and Darrah and I both like you a lot." "Thank you, sir," Lucas replied, "and I like you both a lot too." Ramous, handing Lucas a six-pack of condoms, "Now, I’m not giving my permission for you to have sex with Camille, but I think you should always carry a couple of these with you, just in case. We don’t need any surprises!" "Sir," Lucas replied, "we haven’t practiced any sex, and we don’t plan to, at least not in the foreseeable future." "Son," Ramous stated, "I was once a teenager, and I’m well aware of how teenage hormones can rear their ugly heads. I’m sure your intentions are pure, but one of these days, those hormones will drive you beyond your intentions, and you’ll give in. When that day occurs, you might not have the opportunity to get some protection, so always be prepared for the unexpected! It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Okay?" "Okay, Ramous," Lucas said, grinning, "I’ll keep one of these in my wallet, just in case, but I really don’t have plans to need it." Returning inside, Lucas looked at the kitchen clock, it was 2:10. "Rodney," Lucas said, "please show me to your room, I need to dress for work and get out of here!" Rodney led Lucas to his room, followed him inside and closed the door. Lucas pulled his work clothes and a pair of boxers out of the bag and laid them on the bed. He removed his sneakers, and tee shirt, and pushed his shorts down and off, exposing his nearly six inch flaccid pecker. Remember that he had gone commando this morning. Rodney, looking at Lucas’s pecker, "Wow, your dick is a lot bigger than mine!" "How old are you, Rodney?" Lucas asked. "I’ll be fourteen in a week," Rodney answered. "Never fear, kid," Lucas stated, grinning, "mine has grown a lot bigger since I was fourteen, and yours will too. I promise." Lucas pulled on his boxers and then his slim fitting jeans, adjusting his substantial boyhood in the crotch area. He then pulled on his work polo, and laced his sneakers, putting his shorts and tee shirt in the bag. They walked back out to the living room. "I don’t want to carry these to work," Lucas stated, "Camy, can you keep them here, and I’ll stop by on my way home from work tonight and get them. I want to come by and tell my girl goodnight anyway! We close at 8:00 PM on Sundays, so I should be here by about 8:30. Thanks for the delicious dinner, Mrs. Jackson." Lucas and Camille shared a quick kiss and hug, and Lucas took off for the Soda Shop on foot. It’s only about a fifteen-minute walk. * * * * * At 6:00 AM Monday morning the Eleventh of June, Annie woke Marie, then phoned Matt to awaken him. Since Matt was not allowed anything to eat or drink until after his surgery, Marie and Annie decided to forgo breakfast, planning to get some in the hospital cafeteria, YUK, while Matt was in surgery. Annie asked Matt to bring his suitcase into their room, as she was checking Matt’s room out this morning. Matt did bring his overnight bag, with his toiletries, a couple pairs of boxers, a pair of flannel lounging pants and his slippers. They headed to the hospital to get Matt checked in. They registered Matt under his legal name of Mathew Gill, Age 20, male, and were escorted to his room. While Annie and Marie got Matt settled in, nurses came in and took Matt’s vitals, and gave him a shot in his arm. A male orderly came in and shaved what little bit of hair had started to grow on Matt’s chest, then scrubbed his chest well, and sponged on some alcohol as a disinfectant. Oh, that alcohol was cold! The female Dr. Effram entered, shaking hands with Annie, and Annie introduced Marie to Dr. Effram as Matt’s girlfriend. Dr. Effram, turning to Matt, "Well Son, are you ready to lose a few pounds of femininity?" "I’ve been ready Dr.," Matt replied, smiling, "for a few years!" Whatever that shot was, Matt was getting groggy. Two OR (Operating Room) attendants wheeled in a gurney, and slid Matt onto it. They removed his gown, and covered him with a sheet, and wheeled him away. He was allowed to keep on his boxers. "Mrs. Gill, Marie," Dr. Effram stated, "Matt’s surgery will take at least an hour and a half. There is a waiting room by the recovery room, and you will be able to see him while he recovers, but he will likely still be under the anesthesia for a while." "Dr. Effram," Annie stated, "while Mattie is in surgery, Marie and I are going down to the cafeteria and get some breakfast." "Fine, if there are any complications, we’ll find you," Dr. Effram said, "We can talk after it’s done." Annie and Marie headed to the cafeteria. After eating the not so bad hospital breakfast, they headed back to the OR area, and nervously watched for Matt to be taken into the Recovery Room. Finally, at almost noon, the OR attendants wheeled Matt out of the OR and into the Recovery room. Annie and Marie immediately went to the recovery room, and were advised to wait until Matt was at least partially recovered before visiting him. Minutes later, Dr. Effram emerged from the operating room, still dressed in her surgical gown. "Mrs. Gill," Dr. Effram stated, "we need to talk." Annie was automatically in worry mode. "Come into the office please, Marie, can you please wait in the waiting room, I need to talk just with Matt’s mother." She invited Annie to take a seat. "How bad is it, Dr.?" Annie asked, turning into a bundle of nerves. "It may not be that bad," Dr. Effram stated, "Were you aware that Matt has testicles?" "How can that be?" Annie asked, in shock. "I know he’s transgender, but as a baby girl, he had what appeared as a normal vagina, like any baby girl." "Mrs. Gill," Dr. stated, "we took an x-ray of Matt’s lower anatomy and discovered a totally unexpected anomaly. Let me show you the x-ray." Dr. Effram put the x-ray on the panel, with the light behind it. "Okay, as you can see, here is his perfectly normal uterus, and his ovaries, and down here, right below his bladder, his testicles! In a normal boy, usually sometime between birth and about three years of age, the testicles drop down into the scrotum, but Matt had no scrotum, so his testicles just sat there." "Wow, Dr." Annie said, "what do you think should be done?" "At this point, nothing," Dr. Effram said, "but it likely will have a major impact on his lower surgery. There has been a lot of progress in gender changing, and it’s possible that when they build Matt a scrotum, they may be able to surgically lower his own testicles into it. I’m not an expert on lower surgery, so I’m not sure, but those are my thoughts." "Mrs. Gill," Dr. Effram continued, "Since Matt was born with testicles, and even young testicles excrete testosterone, I think it’s possible that the steady pumping of testosterone into his blood stream caused Matt to feel more masculine, and feel like a boy." "If those testicles were to be removed," Annie asked, "would Matt maybe revert to being a girl?" "I think it’s too late for that," Dr. Effram replied, "it should have been done while he was still a toddler. At twenty, Matt has spent too many years thinking and acting like a boy, and being a boy. It would likely turn him into a psychological mess. At this point, I think it’s probably best to go forward with his gender change." "Thank you, Dr. Effram, for your explanation, and advice," Annie replied, "I think I would even have difficulty now, trying to think of Matt as my daughter, rather than my son." By the time our conversation ended, Matt was starting to recover, and was somewhat coherent, and Marie was by his side, holding his hand. Annie, entering Matt’s recovery room, "Hi Mattie, how are you feeling?" Annie leaned over, and kissed Matt’s cheek. "Sore, damned sore!" Matt replied, "And hungry! I think they’re trying to starve me." Annie went out to the nurse’s desk and asked if Matt could have something to eat. A few minutes later, the nurse brought Matt a cup of bouillon and a container of Jell-O, explaining that he was on a liquid diet until the anesthesia’s effect was completely gone. He would get some solid food for supper. As Matt was not yet ambulatory they had inserted a catheter that kept his bladder drained into a jug. Marie held the bouillon, and Matt sipped it, through a straw, and then hand fed him the Jell-O by the spoonful. Annie pulled the sheet down to Matt’s waist, and she and Marie saw that Matt was wrapped in bandages around his upper torso, about like one might be wrapped that had broken ribs. Matt felt like he was wearing binders again, except for the soreness. Finally, after another hour, the anesthesia had worn off, and the attendants slid Matt onto a gurney, returning him to his room, Annie and Marie following. They slid Matt onto his bed, still with the catheter draining his bladder. It was now 2:00 PM, and Annie and Marie were both suffering hunger pains. Leaving Marie with Matt, Annie went back to the cafeteria and got sandwiches for her and Marie, and returned. All afternoon Matt had hands holding his, either Annie’s or Marie’s—or both. Marie periodically leaned over and kissed Matt’s lips. Matt was feeling so loved, with his two favorite people by his side. About 4:00 PM two nurses aids came in. "Mr. Gill," one of them asked, "Do you feel that you can stand and walk on your own?" "I think so," Matt replied, anxious to get on his feet. The aids helped Matt to a sitting position, and he swung his legs over the side of the bed. Annie quickly retrieved his slippers from the overnight bag, and slid his feet into them. One of the aids placed a stool under his feet, and both aids helped him stand up on the stool. He cautiously stepped down onto the floor, with both aids holding his arms, just in case he might falter. Matt, now standing on his own, "I need to poop!" "Do you want to try to use the toilet?" one of the aids asked. "Please," Matt replied, "I don’t fancy using a bedpan!" Matt walked to the bathroom, both aids by his side, one of them carrying the jug that was attached to the catheter. Matt reached under his gown and pushed his boxers down, and the aids lowered him onto the toilet, then left the bathroom, closing the door to give Matt some privacy. "OUCH!" the sound came from the bathroom. The aids quickly returned to the bathroom. "It hurts my chest, to try and wipe myself," Matt explained. "Just lean forward," the aid said, "and I’ll clean your bottom." Matt felt strange, nobody had ever cleaned his bottom since he was a toddler. The aids helped Matt to his feet, and one of them pulled his boxers back up, noticing that Matt had a vagina, rather than a penis. "Are you transitioning?" she asked. "Yes, ma’am," Matt replied, "I just had my upper surgery this morning." "Your upper arm muscles are closely tied to your chest," the aid explained, "until your chest gets more healed, you’ll suffer some chest pain when you use your arms for anything strenuous." Matt picked up the jug and walked back to his bed, and the aids assisted him in getting back on it. "When can I get rid of this damned tube, and jug?" Matt asked. "That’s up to your doctor, and the nurses," the aid replied, "I’ll address your concerns." The aids left. About 4:30 Dr. Effram, walking in, "How’s my boy doing?" It made Matt feel good that the doctor referred to him as his boy. "I’m sore as hell, up here," Matt replied, "and it really hurts to use my arms. I needed help to wipe my butt, cause it hurt so much." "That’s to be expected after your surgery," Dr. Effram replied, "once you start to heal, it won’t hurt so much." "Will it always hurt?" Matt asked. "No, after probably about ten days, it shouldn’t hurt at all," she said. "About the catheter, as soon as you’re able to get out of the bed to urinate on your own, we can pull that out." "I have trouble sitting up from laying," Matt explained, "but once I’m sitting, I can get on my feet, and walk." "Show me," Dr. Effram stated, and helped Matt sit up in the bed. Matt swung his legs around and off the bed, and proceeded to get his feet on the stool, and stood up. "The proof’s in the pudding," Dr. Effram said, smiling, "I’ll order that catheter to be removed in the morning." She raised his gown, and examined the bandaging on his chest. "Looking good, Son, no evidence of any bleeding. I’ll see you tomorrow, to check up on you." Directing her attention to Annie and Marie, "You ladies take good care of my boy! After today, he’ll be on a normal diet, and you can sneak him in some non-hospital treats." Once again, she referred to Matt as a boy, making him feel good. The doctor left. About 5:00 PM the kitchen cart was heard rattling in the corridor. They delivered Matt’s soft diet tray, and delivered courtesy trays to Marie and Annie, and the three were able to eat supper together. "This sure ain’t my Mom’s home cooking!" Matt remarked. "Beggars can’t be choosy," Annie replied, "I do think it was nice of them to give us some supper too, even if it is institutional food." Annie and Marie hung with Matt until 8:30 when the nurses chased them out because it was already a half-hour past visiting hours. Annie and Marie returned to their hotel room for the night. * * * * * Back in Smalltown on that same Monday morning, Karen and Damion were up early, about 6:45 AM. Karen started coffee as usual and while the coffee was brewing, Damion grabbed a shower and shaved, then, pulling on clean boxers, joined Karen at the table. While the two sipped those mugs of coffee, Karen fixed Damion some breakfast, knowing that Damion wanted to leave by 7:30 to start his new job at Smalltown Contractor’s, due to be there at 8:00 AM. Damion didn’t want to be late on his very first day. "Damion dear," Karen asked, "do you know how to cook breakfast?" "Of course," Damion replied, "if Brandon and I wanted anything more than cold cereal for breakfast, we had to learn how to cook it. Mom sure wasn’t going to get her butt out of bed to cook it for us. After I got my apartment, I cooked my own breakfast most every day, and a few other meals too." Wow, Karen thought, Julia really was lazy! Damion ate quickly and returned to his room to dress for work, dress slacks, shirt and tie. As Damion was heading to the back door to leave, Karen gave him a hug, a kiss on his cheek and a good luck wish. Damion is still not quite used to the affection he receives from his East Coast family, but he totally enjoys it. It makes him feel welcome, wanted, and accepted as a part of this wonderful family. Arriving at the office of Smalltown Contractors about 7:50 AM Damion tried the door and found it unlocked, and walked in. Mrs. Rice was sitting at the desk, with a mug of coffee. "Good morning, Daniel," Mrs. Rice said, "are you a coffee drinker?" "It’s Damion, ma’am," Damion corrected, "and I do drink coffee." "Sorry, Damion," Mrs. Rice said, tapping her head, "the old brain isn’t as good as it used to be. You’ll find some Styrofoam cups by the coffeepot, help yourself, and make yourself at home. You’ll probably want to bring in your own mug, so you won’t have to use those nasty Styrofoam cups." "Thank you," Damion replied, pouring himself some coffee, and settling in the other chair by the desk. "Let’s get you in the system," Mrs. Rice said, "the computer is up, click on ‘MENU’, and then, ‘Employees’ and ‘Add New’." Damion followed her instructions. "Now you can put in your vitals," she stated, "You’ll need to do this every time we have a new hire." Damion knew how to put in most of the info. "What is ‘Type’?" Damion asked. "Most of the new hires are ‘Hourly’", Mrs. Rice stated, "but office personnel and the Site Supervisor are ‘Salaried’ so you are ‘Salaried’. Phillip will need to put in your rate of pay, and he should be arriving any minute now." "So, how do I clock in?" Damion asked. "You don’t," Mrs. Rice stated, "We salaried people don’t clock in and out, and Ramous records the hourly workers time manually. Every Friday, Ramous drops off the time sheets for the workers, and the next week, part of our work is to calculate their hours so they will get paid. I’ll be here for two more weeks, to guide you." Phillip walked in, wearing a sport shirt, shorts and loafers, and immediately poured himself a mug of coffee. "Good Morning, Damion," Phillip greeted, "you’re looking all bright eyed and bushy tailed, Welcome aboard!" "Thank you, Mr. West," Damion replied, as he and Phillip shared a handshake. "Damion," Phillip stated, "you’ll find Smalltown Contractors to be like a family, we’re pretty laid back, and casual around here, and we’re all on first name basis. You may call me ‘Phillip’. You are a bit overdressed to be working here. We’re in the Mid-Atlantic and the weather here is getting warm. You might want to get rid of that tie, open up your collar and roll up your sleeves. In this warm weather, I consider shorts and a polo or sport shirt adequate attire for my bookkeeper." Damion, removing his tie, and smiling, "Thank you sir—uh—Phillip, I’ll take you up on that offer, I really like wearing shorts, and these dress pants are a little warm." Phillip smiled, and went into his office. Damion is feeling very comfortable in his new job. A couple of minutes later, Ramous Andrews walked in, clipboard in hand. "Here is this weeks time sheets," Mrs. Rice stated, handing Ramous two printouts. "Ramous, I’d like you to meet our new bookkeeper, Damion Whitlock, and Damion, this is our Site Supervisor, Ramous Andrews." "We’ve met," Ramous said, "welcome aboard, Damion," and gave Damion a hug. "Ramous is the one that told me about this opening," Damion said, smiling. Damion knew that Ramous worked here, but didn’t know that Ramous was the Site Supervisor, until now. Mrs. Rice spent the rest of the morning, showing Damion how to calculate the employee’s hours, putting them into the computer, and then doing the printout, to take to the accountant. After lunch, Phillip picked up the printout. "Damion," Phillip stated, "I’m going to ask you to take this down to ‘Adams & Adams Accountants’ and they will do the payroll and print out the Paychecks." "Mr. West—uh Phillip," Damion said, "I AM an accountant, and I know how to do payroll!" "The problem is," Phillip replied, "we don’t have a payroll program, and we’d need to do it all by hand, and hand write all the paychecks. I would prefer to have printed paychecks. Maybe you could recommend some software, and we could purchase it?" "Let me do some research," Damion replied, "I know there are programs out there that would be suitable for a small business like ours, that would be affordable. I’ll let you know what I find." "For now, we’ll stick with Adams & Adams, until we can do our own payroll. Go ahead and take these down, and we’ll pick up the paychecks on Wednesday, so I can sign them before payday on Friday." "Okie Dokie" Damion replied, taking the sheets and heading down to Adams & Adams office. Phillip West is happy to have this young ‘accountant’ on board as his bookkeeper. Eliminating having to pay the accounting firm will save him money. At 5:00 PM, Phillip, Mrs. Rice and Damion all left the office, Damion having completed his first day on his new job. Damion headed back home, arriving at the Seldon house about 5:20. First things first, Brandon and Karen wanted to know how his first day went. As usual, Karen had cooked dinner before Carl left for work, and while Damion explained, Karen reheated some leftovers to make Damion some dinner. Damion was particularly excited about the laid back atmosphere, and that he could wear shorts to work, and that even Phillip wore shorts and loafers. * * * * * Being a Monday, DJ and Jamie were both off from work, as well as school, for the summer. They’d spent the night at our house, and were enjoying a naked breakfast with Joe and me. "DJ." Jamie asked, "What do you think we should get Rodney for his birthday?" "I’ve been contemplating that," DJ replied, "he’s turning fourteen, and could likely make use of his own phone. Do you think we could swing that?" "It’s not just the cost of the phone," I stated, "it’s also the monthly service charge, does Rodney have any income to pay for that?" "Maybe Mama and Ramous can add him to their family plan, like they did Camille," DJ said, "I’ll ask Mama." DJ quickly placed a call to Darrah, and she answered with a cheerful ‘Hi DJ.’ "Morning, Mama," DJ replied, "is Rodney close by?" "He’s in his room," Darrah said, "I can get him." "NO!" DJ exclaimed, "I wanted to talk to you, out of Rodney’s listening range." "Did he do something wrong?" Darrah asked. "Oh no, Mama." DJ explained, "Jamie and I want to give Rodney a phone for his birthday, and we wondered if you could add Rodney to your family plan?" "I see no problem with that," Darrah replied. "Our plan is with T-Mobile, so you would need to get his phone from them. I can call them and get Rodney added. You’ll need our account number, so they can add his phone to the plan. I need to look it up, hold on a couple." While waiting, DJ grabbed a pen and piece of notepaper, and gave Jamie a thumb up. Jamie smiled. Darrah, returning to the phone, "When did you plan to get the phone?" "Sometime this afternoon," DJ replied, "as Jamie and I are both off on Mondays." "Fine," Darrah replied, giving DJ the account number. "I’ll call T-Mobile right away, and get Rodney added to our account. Why don’t you and Jamie come out for dinner tonight?" "Hold on, Mama," DJ replied, "let me clear it with Jamie. Baby, Mama wants us to come for dinner tonight." Jamie, smiling, gave DJ two thumbs up. "Yeah, Mama, we’re good for that, about 6:00 PM?" "That’s our dinnertime," Darrah replied, "and maybe you can meet Camille’s boyfriend. We’ll see you and Jamie tonight, bye for now." DJ and Mama hung up. "Baby," DJ remarked, "guess what? My little sister has a boyfriend, already! And she is only sixteen." Jamie smiled. DJ and Jamie got dressed and headed to T-Mobile to purchase the phone for Rodney, splitting the cost between their debit cards. After programming Rodney’s number into their own phones, they programmed their numbers into his, and had the new phone gift- wrapped. * * * * * Meanwhile, at DJ’s Mama’s house: "Camille," Mama stated, "DJ and Jamie are coming for dinner tonight. Why don’t you call Lucas, and ask him to join us, and DJ and Jamie can meet Lucas." "Great idea, Mama," Camille replied, smiling, "I hope Lucas doesn’t have to work today." Camille went to her room and called Lucas. Luck was on their side, Lucas was off today, and accepted the invitation. Even though dinner wouldn’t be ready until about 6:00, Lucas showed up about 5:00 PM and he and Camy snuggled on the sofa together, enjoying each other’s company. DJ and Jamie showed up about 5:15 and Camille was excited to introduce Lucas to DJ and Jamie and the boys all bumped fists. Still nearly an hour before dinner, all of them, including Rodney, went out back and settled at the picnic table, getting to know each other. "Camy," Lucas stated, grinning, "DJ and Jamie are both right here, why don’t you ask them that question?" "What question, Baby?" Camille asked. "You know, Baby," Lucas replied, "about boys kissing?" Secretly, Lucas wondered too, not that he would want to try kissing another boy to find out, but he was curious. Camille, her face turning red, "I can’t ask that, not in front of you all." "Come on, sis," DJ said, "we’re all friends here, what’s your question?" Camille was reluctant to ask, and Lucas took control. "Camy wants to know if," Lucas asked, "when two boys kiss each other, do they get hard?" Rodney, grinning, knows the answer, and Jamie and DJ glanced at each other. "I won’t lie, Camille," DJ responded, "When Jamie and I share romantic kisses, it does cause us to become aroused—very aroused. Does that answer your curiosity?" "Pretty much," Camille replied, grinning, "Thanks, Bro. I just wondered." Camille returned to the house, leaving the four boys alone. "Lucas," DJ asked, concerned, "have you been dicking my sister?" "No, DJ," Lucas replied, "not that I wouldn’t like to, but we’ve only been a couple for two days, and I don’t think we’re ready yet, to have sex." "I would hope not," DJ said, "and when you do, I would hope you use protection. I don’t want to see my sister get knocked up!" "Me either," Lucas replied, "I’m too young to become a Daddy!" "Please Lucas," DJ said, "keep your pecker in your pants, and use your hand for sexual relief." "Oh, I do that already," Lucas admitted, snickering, "my hand and my pecker are the best of friends! Camille has come really close to making me cream my jeans a couple of times though." "We’ve been there, and done that," Jamie added, "better to cream your jeans than to create an unwanted baby!" "I totally agree," Lucas replied, "so even gay boys can cream their jeans?" "It’s happened," DJ replied, "we’ve messed our underwear up a couple of times." Lucas and Rodney both grinned. Ramous arrived from work, greeted the boys and entered the house. Camille appearing at the back door, "Hey guys, dinner’s ready." The four boys entered the house. There were only six chairs at the table and Rodney got the computer chair and placed it between two of the chairs at one side, squeezing between DJ and Jamie. Lucas and Camille sat on the flip side, Ramous and Darrah sat at the ends. The family enjoyed a tasty dinner together, and Darrah and Ramous felt like their family was getting larger. DJ was happy that Mama had been learning to cook real food. DJ, as the meal wound down, and without mentioning the party, suggested that Rodney might spend Friday night with him and Jamie at the Seldon’s house. Of course, Rodney was excited to do that. Jamie would be closing at 11:00 PM, and since DJ got off at 9:00, DJ would pick Rodney up about 9:30 and take him to the Seldon’s, and he would be there for his surprise Birthday Party on Saturday. Shortly after dinner, DJ and Jamie headed to our house for the night, as DJ has his long day at work on Tuesday. Lucas and Camille shared a romantic kiss, and Lucas headed home as well. On the way home, DJ and Jamie discussed Lucas. Both boys had developed a liking for Lucas, and DJ felt quite comfortable with the relationship between Camille and Lucas. Both boys felt that Lucas’s interest in Camille was more than just a desire to get into Camille’s pants. "Lucas is so fucking handsome," Jamie commented, "I’ll bet there are at least a couple of boys in high school that would love to get into Lucas’s pants!" DJ, snickering, "I don’t think they’d stand a chance, I sense that Lucas is hopelessly straight. I’ll admit though, even I would like to see Lucas naked. Don’t get me wrong, Baby, I’m totally happy with my boy, and I don’t have romantic feelings for Lucas. It’s just the gayness in me that likes to see cock!" "I wouldn’t mind seeing him either," Jamie replied, grinning, "I’ll bet he’s hung like a horse! But I’m totally in love with your anatomy, baby! You satisfy me in every way." DJ grinned. * * * * * It’s 8:00 AM Tuesday morning in Atlanta and a nurse entered Matt’s room to remove the catheter. "So you want to be rid of this tube and jug?" she said. "Oh, god yes!" Matt exclaimed, "It’ll feel great to be able to tinkle on my own again. OUCH!" Matt exclaimed, as the nurse pulled the tape from his inner thigh that held the tube in place. "That was just the tape," she said, "It will feel funny, when I pull the catheter out, but it shouldn’t hurt. It didn’t feel a lot different than removing a tampon, although Matt had preferred using feminine pads, rather than tampons, back when he still had menstruations. Due to the hormone’s he’d been given, he hadn’t had a period in over a year. Shortly after the nurse left, the kitchen crew delivered him a ‘normal’ breakfast, still hospital food, but far better than the ‘soft food’ they fed him yesterday. Over in the hotel, Annie and Marie dressed and went to a nearby restaurant for breakfast, preferring not to patronize the hospital’s cafeteria. They wouldn’t be able to see Matt anyway, until 10:00 AM, when visiting hours would allow them to. At precisely 10:00 Annie and Marie entered Matt’s room and Marie quickly rushed over to give her boy a most welcomed kiss. Annie waited until M&M shared a lover’s kiss, and then leaned over to give Matt a Mother’s kiss on his cheek. Asking Matt how he felt, he responded that he was feeling great, except for the soreness of his chest, which was still present. The staff had been encouraging Matt to drink plenty of liquid so that he wouldn’t become dehydrated, and it actually felt good to start feeling a need to tinkle, the catheter now removed. Marie helped Matt to sit up, and he slid off the bed without help, and walked to the bathroom, closed the door and sat on the toilet to relieve the pressure on his bladder. It caused only a little pain to wipe his vagina, and pull his boxers back up. Matt, emerging from the bathroom, "I never realized how great it feels, just to be able to take a normal pee, until now." Annie and Marie both grinned. "I hope lunch isn’t too far away, I’m starved!" "Honey," Annie said, "Marie and I are going out to get some lunch and do a little shopping. We’ll be back around 2:00 or so." Marie and Matt shared another kiss, and Annie gave Matt another kiss on his cheek, and they left. Just three or four blocks from the hospital they pulled into a strip mall with a donut shop that had a sign stating they served lunches. Annie and Marie had a lunch of homemade soup and sandwiches and finished it off with donuts, getting two extra Boston Cream Donuts to take back to their boy. As they were leaving the donut shop, Marie noticed a florist, just a couple of doors from the donut shop, and suggested getting Matt some flowers to cheer him. They bought a pretty Chrysanthemum plant with orange colored flowers to take to Matt. Returning to Matt’s room, Marie placed the plant on Matt’s bedside table. "Awe thanks," Matt stated, seeing the pretty flowers, "that’ll be a constant reminder of the two wonderful ladies that are so important in my life! They’re very pretty. And Boston Cream Donuts, my favorite kind! I’ll enjoy them when I get the munchies later this afternoon, or this evening. Marie and Annie never left Matt’s side the rest of Tuesday, until they had to leave when visiting hours ended. They went out for a late dinner, after leaving the hospital. Wednesday was a lot like Tuesday, except that when Matt had to poop, he was able to wipe his own bottom, with some tolerable pain. He also was able to sit up without help, and get out of bed, without assistance. He was now ambulatory! Wednesday afternoon Dr. Effram came in about 2:00 PM, with a nurse pushing a cart loaded with supplies. "Matt," Dr. Effram stated, "we’re going to change your bandages today, and I need to see how you’re healing. If you ladies will excuse us, and please wait outside." Annie and Marie took the hint and left the room. Dr. Effram was pleased with Matt’s healing, and he and the nurse replaced the original bandaging with much less of it, only covering his chest with the new bandages. The new bandages didn’t feel like binders now. When done, Dr. Effram called Annie and Marie back in the room. "Mrs. Gill," Dr. Effram stated, "I’m very pleased with Matt’s recovery. There is no bleeding, and no infections, and I’m prepared to release Matt to go home tomorrow." Matt grinned. "His nipples have adapted well to their new locations and are taking hold. In about two weeks, these bandages will need to be removed, and the sutures pulled from the incisions." "So we’ll have to come back in two weeks," Annie said. "No," Dr. Effram replied. "I’ve made arrangements with a Dr. Crowe, in your home town of Smalltown, to remove the sutures and these bandages." Then, handing Annie a card, "This is his address and phone number, you’ll need to make an appointment with him, in about two weeks." "Matt," she continued, "no showers until after the bandages are removed. You’ll still need to be careful for a while, and don’t scrub your chest too hard. You’ll still be pretty tender up there for a few weeks, and you may find it more comfortable to go bare topped most of the time, until the soreness goes away. When you do need to wear a top, make it loose fitting." Matt smiled, he can now go bare topped! Marie can’t wait to see her boy’s masculine chest! "Mrs. Gill, Marie, Matt," Dr. Effram said, "it’s been a pleasure. Unless some unexpected problem arises, my job is done, and I won’t see you anymore. I’m signing Matt’s release to go home, as of tomorrow morning." She shook hands, first with Matt, and then Annie and Marie, and walked off. Annie, getting Marie off to one side, "Sweetheart, I’m leaving you and Matt alone for a while, and when I return I’ll bring a pizza so we can all have pizza for dinner. I know that Matt will prefer that to the hospital meal. I’ll try to get back before they bring his supper." Marie smiled, returning to Matt, and Annie left to get the pizza. Annie returned with the pizza and three bottles of soda, just as dietary was arriving down the corridor. Matt was happy to see the pizza, and declined his hospital meal. Early Thursday morning, Annie and Marie gathered their luggage, and Matt’s suitcase, taking them to the car, and Annie checked them out of the hotel. Arriving at the hospital, Matt was dressed, and oh so ready to get bailed out! Marie picked up Matt’s overnight bag, Annie grabbed the Chrysanthemum and they headed to the nurses station to sign Matt out. Walking to the elevator, and the car, Marie’s hands were full, with Matt’s overnight bag in one hand, and Matt’s loving hand in the other. The trip back to Smalltown was different than the trip down. Annie drove them out of Atlanta and onto I-85, headed north. Matt sat in the front passenger seat and co-piloted while Marie sat in the back. Since none of them had eaten any breakfast, Annie pulled off the first exit that had a Waffle House and they all enjoyed some breakfast and coffee, Matt drinking almost three cups. Before leaving, the ladies both visited the Ladies Room and Matt used the Men’s Room, locking the door, as he still needs to sit to urinate. He’ll be so happy to someday have a penis, and be able to stand to pee, like other guys! Matt took the wheel, and Annie took the back seat, letting Marie sit up front with Matt. It only lasted about an hour, and Matt pulled off on a ramp. "Baby, will you please drive," Matt asked, "just steering the car puts pressure on my chest, and it hurts." Matt and Marie traded seats, and Marie took the wheel. A few more miles and Matt was looking for a Rest Area, all that coffee was causing pressure on his bladder. A sign said the next Rest Area was fifteen miles ahead. He felt that he was OK for fifteen more miles. "Marie," Matt stated, "there’s a Rest Area in fifteen miles, pull in there please, I really need to—tinkle!" Annie grinned at Matt’s use of the childish term. Marie pulled into the Rest Area and Matt hustled to the Men’s Room, as usual. He hadn’t used a Ladies Room in several years now. While there, Annie and Marie took the opportunity to drain their bladders, in the Ladies Room. Annie and Marie shared the driving the rest of the way, not wishing to cause Matt unnecessary discomfort and pain. They finally arrived in Smalltown about 7:00 PM, going straight to the Walsh’s home. Marie pulled her suitcase out of the trunk, and after sharing a lover’s kiss with Matt, avoiding putting pressure on his chest, Marie walked in with her suitcase. Annie and Matt drove on home, and Annie lugged their luggage into the house. Matt was exhausted after the long ride and still weak from the surgery, and quickly removed his outer clothing and went to bed. Lying on his back, Matt swore that breathing was easier without the weight of those boobs pressing on his chest! Annie entered Matt'’ room, and gave him a goodnight kiss on his cheek, then retired to her own bed. To be continued...........
  15. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 4

    In Chapter 4 we’ll be picking up with Chance and Diego falling deeper into the Rabbit Hole of Love, and doing their first grocery shopping trip as a couple. And then will be the Memorial Day Cookout, and perhaps Benny will spend the night with JC? * * * * * JC 4 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer It’s Friday morning of Memorial Day weekend. Chance and Diego are naked in the kitchen, Diego was packing his lunch while Chance was cooking their breakfast. Diego was still getting used to this ‘nudity’ thing, but he really enjoyed being naked with his boyfriend in the privacy of their home. Diego stepped behind Chance, who was busy at the stove, and wrapped his arms around Chance, giving Chance a loving hug, his pecker tickling Chance’s buns. Diego lowered his arm and gave Chance’s flaccid boyhood a playful cuff. Chance quickly spun around, returning the favor, and both boys snickered. Chance dished up their plates, and the two sat down to eat. "Chance," Diego stated, "why don’t you take me to work today, so you’ll have the car to get some groceries, and pick up the stuff for the cookout? I get paid today, and I can pay you back for my half tonight." "Nope!" Chance exclaimed, "We’re sharing this together, Baby. You’re off on Saturdays, and we can do our shopping together on Saturdays, and just split the cost at the checkout." "Fair enough, Baby," Diego replied, smiling, "It’ll be fun, shopping together, like a normal couple." "We are a normal couple," Chance stated, smiling, "we just happen to be a gay couple. I’m so happy that we are now living together, it's like a dream come true!" "It’s pretty awesome," Diego replied, "going to bed every night, and waking up every morning with the boy I’m so totally in love with. If this is a dream, I don’t want to ever wake up!" "Baby," Chance stated, "if we’re always there for each other, come hell or high water, no one can ever tear us apart. We can build an empire together, an Empire of Love. I never thought I would ever love anyone, as much as I love you, Baby!" "Sweetheart," Diego stated, "if I don’t get to work, our financial empire might crumble. I need to leave, I’ll see you about 5:00. I’ll be a little later, I need to go by the bank and cash my check." The two boy’s shared a passionate kiss and hug, and Dee picked up his lunch cooler and left. Chance went to the freezer compartment and pulled out a two-pack of chicken leg quarters to thaw, planning on Baked Potatoes and Baked Chicken for dinner tonight. Diego is a bit uncomfortable, using the Pilot like his own to get to work, and leaving Chance with no transportation. Now, with the new living arrangement, he will have more expendable income, and believes the time has arrived to obtain a car of his own. On most weeks Diego’s net pay is about $270, without rain days, and he plans to give Chance $100 a week toward the rent and utilities. That would leave $170 a week to pay for half the groceries, and make a car payment. This will work! He’ll discuss it with Chance over the weekend. Diego is determined to carry his share of the load. The next two weeks checks will be short, as Wednesday was a rain day, and the following week had Memorial Day, and he doesn’t receive paid holidays. That Friday when Diego clocked out, he headed first to the bank, withholding $120 and depositing the balance of his check into his account. Now on home to greet his boy! Yes, Chance is his boy. As usual, Chance ran out of the house to welcome his boy as soon as Diego parked the Pilot. After a loving and passionate kiss and embrace, the boys entered the kitchen, holding hands. "Wow!" Diego remarked, "it sure smells good in here, I’ll bet you’ve been slaving all afternoon for dinner." "I doubt nearly as hard as you’ve been slaving, baby," Chance stated, pulling Diego’s sweat soaked clothes off and dropping them on the floor. "You’re a sweaty mess! Go ahead and grab a shower, while I finish up our dinner." Diego sat on a chair and removed his boots and socks, and then headed to the bathroom. Chance didn’t offer to share the shower today, and Diego missed the joy of his baby bathing him. Diego returned to the kitchen, naked, looking and smelling much better, just as Chance was placing their plates, each with a baked leg quarter and a baked potato on the table, along with a side dish of green beans. Chance loves to see his boyfriend in all his naked glory, and grinned. "Maybe I should get dressed?" Dee asked. "No need to," Chance replied, grinning, "No clothes makes my boy all the more hot, and attractive!" Diego smiled, and both boys dug in. Diego loves coming home, not only to his love, but also to a nice, home cooked meal. This is so much better than returning to his lonely apartment, usually with something from a fast food joint for supper. Diego could very easily get used to this routine! Right after Diego finished eating, he arose from the table and fished in his soiled pant’s pocket, pulling $100 from his wallet. He returned to the table and lay the money in front of Chance. "What’s this for?" Chance asked. "Will $100 a week pay my half of the rent and utilities?" Diego asked. "I haven’t asked you for any money," Chance stated. "I know that!" Diego replied, "Baby, if we’re sharing everything, I’ll feel like a scumbag if I don’t carry my share of the load. How much do the rent and utilities cost a month?" "Well, let’s see," Chance replied, bringing up the calculator on his phone and putting in some numbers. "There’s rent, Electric, Water, and Cable, and they come to—just about $800 a month." "That only about $100 more than I was paying for them in my little apartment," Diego said. "Divide that by two, and it’s $400 a month, or $100 a week each. Not to mention the benefit of having my own wonderful boy to sleep with—every night!" Chance smiled, enjoying that same ‘benefit’ to the fullest extent. "Baby," Chance stated, "if you’re comfortable with $100 a week to share the rent and utilities, and willing to split the cost of food, I have to consider that we are sharing equally. This will truly become our loving home to share. It won’t be my home anymore, it’ll be OUR home, a home full of love!" Diego smiled. "Baby," Diego stated, "it’s Friday night, let’s go to the bar tonight and have some fun together, to celebrate our relationship. They sometimes have a live band on Friday night, and I can’t wait to get you back on that dance floor, even if it’s only a DJ." "If we’re going out," Chance said, "I need to grab a shower, and shave." "It’s only seven o’clock Baby," Diego stated, "and things don’t really pick up until about Nine. Go ahead and get that shower and I’ll catch these dishes. We’re gonna have a hot time tonight!" Just as Diego finished the dishes, Chance walked out of the bathroom, naked, and approached Diego. The two boys shared a kiss and embrace. Diego Jr. and Chance Jr. also seemed to kiss, and the boys both snickered. They entered the bedroom and dressed together, both pulling on clean boxers, and slim-fit jeans, sport shirts, and their best sneaks. Diego Jr. is a little larger than Chance Jr. and Chance admired the way Diego Jr. hung down into Diego’s pant leg, not leaving much to imagination. Chance couldn’t resist giving Diego Jr. a loving squeeze through the jeans and Diego grinned. Chance ordered them an UBER, feeling it would be safer, especially if they had a couple too many drinks at the bar. UBER was better than driving home, taking a chance on an accident, or maybe getting a DUI. They waited on the front porch for their UBER to arrive. The car pulled up, Chance and Diego quickly piled into the back seat. "I’m Josh," Josh stated, "the app says you boys are going to the Cactus Club?" "Yes, sir," Diego replied. "I hope you boys realize that the Cactus Club is a—gay club," Josh stated, "your chances of picking up any girls there is slim to none." "We’re not looking to pick up Chic’s, sir," Chance stated, "we have each other." Diego’s face turned pink, and Chance took Diego’s hand in his. "It’s OK, Baby." "I see," Josh replied, "Will you be returning, or are you getting a room downtown?" "We’ll be returning, probably when the club closes," Diego said. "Here is my card," Josh said, "with my cell phone. I’ll be driving until at least an hour after the bars close. If you give me a heads up, fifteen or twenty minutes before you put in your ride request, I can be parked at the club, and I’ll be the closest UBER driver, and I’ll get the request. I’ll be more than happy to deliver you boys home, safe and sound." "Thanks, Josh," Chance replied, "we’ll call you." Chance and Diego exited the car, showed their ID’s to the doorman, and entered the club, Chance picked up the two $5.00 cover charges. The boys headed directly to the dance floor, and grabbed a table. While the boys were watching the band, ‘The Pink Panther’s’ setting up on stage, Brad, their server, approached them for their drink orders, and Diego ordered them drinks. It was still only about 8:55 when Brad returned with their drinks, and the place was filling fast, with only a couple of empty tables left. The boys sipped on their drinks, holding hands across the table. At precisely Nine, the band started playing an up tempo tune and Diego led Chance to the dance floor, the first couple on the floor. They were soon joined by a few more gay couple’s, and two or three female couple’s. Everyone was grooving to the music, and getting down. Chance and Diego were having fun. After the first two fast songs, the band slowed the pace with a nice slow song. Chance and Diego held each other tightly, swaying to the music, and sharing an occasional kiss. By the end of that slow dance, both Diego and Chance needed to adjust themselves, as both had bulges in their crotch areas. What is it about slow dancing with your sweetheart that causes erections to occur? They were probably not alone. Chance excused himself and headed to the John. Another handsome man, approaching Diego, "Hi there, Handsome, I’m Drew, how about a dance?" Diego accepted, and went on the dance floor with Drew for the fast dance. Chance returned, saw Diego dancing with this other dude, and a twinge of jealously swept over him, as he sat down at their table. Drew, as he and Diego left the dance floor, "I like you, Diego, could we maybe hook up for some action later tonight?" Drew followed Diego back to the table where Chance was sitting. "Thanks for the offer Drew," Diego stated, "but no thanks. If I get into any action, it will be with my beautiful boyfriend, Chance. Baby, this is Drew, and Drew, my boyfriend, Chance. Drew and Chance shook hands, and Drew walked off. "So who is Drew?" Chance asked. "I don’t know Baby," Diego replied, "just some dude that asked me to dance while you were in the restroom. Are you jealous?" "Maybe just a little," Chance replied, with a sheepish grin. "Well, he did invite me for some action later, but you heard me turn him down." Diego replied. "Baby, I’m done with one night stands, and I value our relationship way to much to ever cheat on you. Don’t you see that I love you, and that’s forever. I don’t want to ever see us part." "I’m sorry, Baby," Chance replied, "I guess I just over reacted a little. I’m just so afraid of losing the most wonderful boy I’ve ever known, and fallen hopelessly in love with!" "Baby, I’m super glued to you," Diego stated, "The only way you’ll lose me is if you kick me out of your life! And that would shatter my heart! Without you, my life would be worthless!" The band played another slow song. "Come on Baby," Chance said, "Sway with me!" Chance led Diego back onto the floor, and they slow danced, tightly in each other’s arms, to the tune of ‘Sleepwalk’. During the rest of the night, the boys sipped drinks during most of the fast tunes, but didn’t miss a single slow dance. They both enjoyed swaying in each other’s arms. The club would be closing at 1:00 AM, and Chance called Josh about 12:30, and Josh drove to the Cactus Club to await their ride request, which came in about 12:45. The boys emerged from the club, at just 1:00 AM, spotted Josh’s car and stumbled in, both a little inebriated. "One destination or two?" Josh asked, seeing the boys cuddled closely together in the back seat in the rear view mirror, and kissing. "Just one," Chance answered, "we share the same house." Josh, fishing, "Two bedrooms, I presume." "We only need one bedroom, and one bed," Diego replied. "I kinda figured that," Josh said, grinning, "so how long have you two been together?" "Just a few weeks," Chance replied, "but we hope it’s permanent." "I wish you luck," Josh stated, "I know some older gay couples that have been together for twenty, even thirty years, so I know that some gay relationships can last. You’ve got my card, and I’ll be happy to ride you boys again, if you need my service." "Josh," Chance offered, "would you like to come in and have a cup of coffee with us?" "I’d like to, but I can’t," Josh replied, "It’s a busy time of night, with all the bars closing. I gotta get back downtown and make those bucks! It’s been my pleasure, and thank you for using UBER. I hope to see you again." Entering the house, Chance quickly made a pot of coffee, so they could sober up a bit before going to bed. After just one cup, they stripped and went to bed, sleep was more important than another cup of coffee. "Baby, I had a wonderful time tonight, thank you," Chance said. "It was a little different for me tonight," Diego stated, "I used to go to the club to try and pick up a trick for the night, and maybe meet Mr. Right. Tonight, I walked in with Mr. Right, and came back home with him! I love you so much, Baby!" The boys shared a passionate good night kiss and hug, cuddled together and fell asleep, neither one of them even considered having sex. They were probably too tired and intoxicated for it anyway. * * * * * Saturday morning Chance and Diego slept in until about 10:00 AM, waking up with a serious need to pee, and both sporting morning wood. As usual, they stepped out on the back porch and created golden arches, watering the grass. Chance quickly brewed a pot of coffee, and they sat at the table, naked, and enjoyed two cups each. "Baby," Chance stated, "I had a really great time last night. I think we should make going to the club a regular routine, like maybe once a month." "I’d buy into that," Diego stated, "I just wish they’d play more slow songs. It just feels so—romantic, when we slow dance together," then grinning, "even if we do get hard!" Chance grinned. Chance, looking in the refrigerator, "Dee, we’re out of everything breakfasty, no sausage, no bacon, no eggs. This fridge looks like Mother Hubbard’s cupboard! Let’s go raid the Saturday breakfast buffet at Golden Coral, and then we can go to the market, and stock up." "We need to get the food for the cookout too," Diego stated, with a smile on his face." He is looking forward to grocery shopping with Chance. "Oh shit!" Chance remarked, "I forgot to ask Anna if she would make her awesome potato salad for the cookout. Let me give her a call." Chance placed the call, and Anna answered with a ‘Good morning, Chance.’ "Good morning to you, Anna," Chance replied, "I’d like to ask a huge favor of you?" "You know I’ll help you," Anna replied, "if I can, what do you need?" "I’d like to bribe you to make a big bowl of your wonderful potato salad for the cookout on Monday," Chance replied. Anna, chuckling, "Dear boy, you don’t have to bribe me, but I don’t have enough potatos or mayonnaise to make it. Are you going to be near the market today?" "As a matter of fact," Chance replied, "Dee and I are going out for breakfast, and then doing our grocery shopping, and picking up the stuff for the cookout." "Great!" Anna exclaimed, "If you’ll just pick up a five pound bag of redskin potatoes and a jar of mayonnaise I’ll be more than happy to make the salad. Oh, and a cucumber." "No problem, Anna," Chance answered, "and thank you so much! We were going to buy the salad at the deli, but yours is so much better than anything we can buy. I hope you know that you and JC are invited to join us for the cookout." "JC told me that you told him he could invite his friend, Benny to come too. Benny seems like a really nice young man, and JC really likes him a lot." "Yes, Benny is invited, and Dee also invited his best friend from work, Cameron, and his girlfriend, Ginny to join us. I think we’re gonna fill up that picnic table with seven of us! I’m so looking forward to Memorial Day, with our best friends!" Chance and Anna hung up. "I suppose, Baby," Dee stated, "if we’re going to leave the house, we need to get dressed." "Shucks," Chance replied, "I suppose so, but I could stand to see Diego Jr. 24/7! I hate to see you cover him up!" Diego grinned and Chance affectionately wrapped his fingers around Diego Jr. The two boys went to the bedroom and dressed in the same clothes they’d worn to the bar last night. Locking the back door, they left, on their way to Golden Coral. After stuffing themselves with two plates of breakfast goodies each, they headed to the market to shop together, like a ‘normal’ couple, for the first time. Chance picked up the items he would normally buy, placing them in the cart. In the pasta isle, Diego added a bag of rice and a bag of Pinto Beans. "What are those for?" Chance asked. "Baby," Dee replied, "beans and rice are staples in Mexican cookery. If I’m going to teach you how to cook Mexican dishes I need to have the ingredients." Chance nodded, understanding. He is anxious to learn how to cook Mexican food, which he happens to be quite fond of, and it’s what his boy is used to eating. "Let’s make a deal," Chance stated, "during the week, while you’re at work, I’ll cook what I know best. On the weekends the kitchen is yours, and you can teach me to cook Mexican." "Deal!" Diego exclaimed, smiling. In the dairy department, Diego added a package of Jalapino Jack cheese for his sandwiches, a bag of shredded Mexican Blend cheese and a jar of Salvadorian sour crema. "Salvadorian sour cream, Baby?" Chance queried, while grabbing a large package of sliced American Cheese for the cheeseburgers, a pound of butter, a half-gallon of milk, and two dozen eggs. "It’s a lot tastier than American sour cream," Dee replied, "I think you’ll like it, Baby." In the international isle, Dee picked up a can of pickled Jalapino’s, "For my sandwiches," Dee explained. In the condiment’s isle, Chance picked up the jar of mayonnaise for Anna and a jar of Dill Pickles along with squeeze bottles of catsup and mustard, and a jar of pickle relish. Arriving in the produce section, Chance added two bags of redskin potatoes, one for Anna and one for the house. He added a bag of red onions, a head of Romaine lettuce, and a few slicing tomatoes, and the cucumber for Anna. He then added a large head of broccoli, and a bunch of asparagus to have for a couple of their dinners this week. Dee quietly added some garlic, a bunch of Cilantro, and four fresh Jalapino peppers to the cart. "What are the Jalapino’s for?" Chance asked. "You’ll see, Baby," Dee said, "they’re necessario." Entering the meat department, they added a 16-pack of frozen hamburger patties for the cookout and a package of hot dogs. Chance added a two-pack of chicken leg quarters, and some pork chops, and Diego added a small pork roast. "That’s a pretty small roast," Chance commented. "Big enough to make us a pot of Posoli," Dee replied. "What’s Posoli?" Chance asked. "It’s a Mexican pork and hominy stew," Dee replied, "we need to pick up a can of hominy too." Back to the international isle, Dee added a can of hominy to the cart. In the paper isle, they added a package of paper towels, and some paper plates and plastic flatware for the cookout. Finally reaching the bakery isle, Chance added a loaf of bread, and packages of hot dog and hamburger rolls. Dee added two packages of Tortillas to the cart. Looking over the cakes, they decided to get a layered Carrot Cake to serve for dessert at the cookout. Hopefully everyone would like Carrot Cake, and Chance knew it would make JC very happy, as JC is especially fond of Carrot Cake. They took their full cart to the checkout and the cashier rung it up. Wow!, almost $100! Diego paid half with his debit card, and Chance paid his half with cash, using the money that Dee had given him toward the household expenses. After loading their groceries into the Pilot, they headed home, stopping at the dollar store to buy a bag of charcoal. Arriving home, they carried the groceries into the house, and busied themselves putting everything away. Chance took the bag of potatoes, jar of Mayo and the cucumber next door and gave them to Anna. Anna offered to reimburse him, and Chance told her not to worry about it, and that it was a small price to pay, to have her make the potato salad for the cookout. By 5:00 PM the boy’s big breakfast had worn off, and they were starting to discuss what was for dinner. "How about some Arros con Chorizo?" Diego suggested. "Some who?" Chance asked. "Arros con Chorizo," Dee answered, "a Mexican dish of rice with Chorizo sausage. I’ll teach you how to make it." "Let the lesson begin!" Chance replied, grinning. "Baby, chop up one of those red onions we bought, and I’ll get the Chorizo started." While Chance chopped the onion, Dee got out the large skillet and broke up a package of Chorizo into a small amount of olive oil. "Now add the onion, and sauté the onion and Chorizo over low heat. I’ll chop up a couple cloves of garlic, and a Jalapino. Keep it stirred, so it won’t burn." Dee seeded the Jalapino, dicing the green part and added the garlic and Jalapino to the skillet. "Do we have some chicken broth, Baby?" Diego asked. "It should down in that (pointing) cupboard," Chance answered. Dee, finding it, "We need two cups of this, and a can of diced tomatoes." Dee measured out two cups of the broth, adding it to the skillet, and opened a can of tomatoes, adding it to the mixture. "Bring that to a simmer, and after it simmers for a few minutes we can add the cup of rice. When the rice is cooked, we can add a can of corn, and dinner will be served!" "I don’t think we have a can of corn, Baby," Chance stated. Dee, looking in the freezer, "Never fear, this package of frozen corn that came from the apartment will work just fine." Dee measured a cup of rice and rinsed it in the strainer, dumping it into the skillet, and Chance stirred it in. "Now just cover the pan, and let it simmer until the rice is done. Then we can add the corn, and let that bitch simmer a bit longer, to cook the corn." Chance had to grin at Dee’s reference to the meal as that ‘bitch’. While the rice was cooking, Dee chopped up some of the Cilantro, and added it to the mixture, along with a few shakes from the spice jar of cumin, which also came from the apartment. Cumin is a spice that Chance had not used before, and is essential in many Latin dishes, helping to give them a unique flavor. About 6:30 the meal was done, and Dee pulled two plates from the cupboard to dish up dinner. "Don’t give me very much," Chance said, "this might be a little too hot for me to handle." Dee placed a smaller portion on Chance’s plate and a full portion on his own. They sat down to eat. Chance, gingerly placing a half forkful in his mouth, deciphering the flavor, "It’s not as hot as I thought it would be, but it’s good." "You’re right," Dee stated, smiling, "it needs more heat!" Dee grabbed the bottle of Tapatio hot sauce and shook a substantial amount on his plate, and gave it a taste. "That’s better, try some?" "No thanks," Chance replied, "it’s fine, just the way it is." Chance started to take full forks full and soon cleaned his plate. He rose from the table, picked up his plate, and returned to the stove, and dished himself a second helping. Diego grinned. He knew that first small portion would not fill his boy’s tummy. Yes, his boy, Diego is taking ownership of this wonderful young man. Actually Chance is nearly twenty-nine, and Diego is only twenty-four, but that’s only five years difference, and Diego is totally into Chance and loves him, regardless of the small age difference. Chance, placing the remainder of the dinner into a storage container, "There’s enough left over to feed us another meal, if we have a salad to go with it." "Or maybe," Dee added, "it would make a good lunch for you and JC to share one day, while I’m at work. I’ll just bet that JC would love to have some of that." "You wouldn’t mind if I share it with JC?" Chance asked. "Not at all, Baby," Dee replied, "I’ve really grown to care a lot for that incredible young man, and I’d share anything I own with him. Except, of course, for my boy’s body. That’s the one thing I want to keep for MY pleasure, and mine alone!" Chance grinned. "Speaking of pleasure," Chance stated, smiling, "after that nice meal, I sure could enjoy some dessert!" "Are you thinking of cutting into that Carrot Cake?" Dee asked. "Nope," Chance replied, grinning, and glancing down to Diego’s crotch, "the dessert I’m starving for only comes from Diego Jr." Chance took Diego’s hand and led him into the bedroom. Both boys started to unbuckle each other’s belts, and remove each other’s clothing. They both removed their own socks and shoes. "I’m a little surprised," Diego stated, "that we got through dinner, still dressed!" Chance, snickering, "I know, right?" Three minutes later the two boy’s faced each other, and shared a loving kiss and embrace, their quickly erecting cocks rubbing against each other’s. Chance pushed his boyfriend onto the bed, knelt between Diego’s legs and started to attack Diego Jr. with his mouth. While licking the steady stream of precum from Diego’s pee slit, he used his tongue to slide under the foreskin and around the head of Diego Jr. He then took most of the length of Diego Jr. into his warm and anxious mouth. Chance had been a little apprehensive about doing Diego, when he first found out that Diego was uncut, but now he really loves this beautiful uncut cock and wouldn’t want it any other way. He used his fingers to slide the foreskin down, uncovering the head, and allowing his tongue to really work the most sensitive head of Diego’s cock. Diego was totally relaxed, enjoying the treatment he was receiving from his wonderful boy. After about six or seven minutes, Diego felt his orgasm rising, and started to pant. Chance heard Dee panting and knew that his dessert was soon to arrive. With no warning, Diego Jr. started to pulse, and ropes of tasty sperm rolled into Chance’s waiting receptacle. God how Chance loves the flavor of his boyfriend’s orgasm, so sweet and just a bit tangy! Diego had not experienced receiving very many blowjobs. Most of the tricks he’d turned had accepted his BJ’s but usually were shy about returning the favor, realizing that he was uncut. He’d probably dropped his load in more asses, than mouths, or his partner had just gotten him off by hand. Chance sucked out those last few precious drops, and used his tongue to completely lick Diego Jr. clean, especially under the foreskin. "Now I get MY dessert!" Diego announced, swapping positions with Chance. Dee started by licking up the precum that had streamed from Chance Jr. and run down on Chance’s thigh, while Chance was pleasuring Dee, and then took Chance Jr. inside. While Dee was starting to skillfully work on Chance’s cock, Chance was happy that Dee was somewhat experienced. Dee is the best cocksucker that Chance has ever been in bed with—and Dee belongs to him! Chance was still highly aroused, and didn’t think he would last very long. After only about five minutes of Dee’s nursing, Dee felt that Chance’s orgasm was close. He sensed Chance Jr. starting to pulse and was totally prepared for Chance Jr. to feed him, and Chance Jr. wasn’t about to disappoint Diego. The first spurt hit the back of Dee’s throat like a bullet, then came the rest of Chance’s orgasm, flowing so smoothly into Dee’s mouth. Dee rolled it around in his mouth, like one might enjoy the taste of a milkshake, and then gulped. Returning to Chance’s manhood, Dee sucked out those last drops, then the two boys shared a kiss, tasting their own orgasms in each other’s mouths. They cuddled together for a few minutes, basking in the afterglow, and then arose. Walking naked into the kitchen, they shared the chore of washing the dishes. They then settled on the sofa and watched TV for about an hour, then retired into their bed, this time, to sleep. Sunday morning the boys slept in until about 8:30 AM, awakening to natures call. Being Sunday, there was no rush for anything, except to relieve the pressure on their bladders. Both men were blessed with morning wood, so they slipped onto the back porch and took care of business, as usual. Chance brewed a pot of coffee and they sat together, naked, at the table. Just as the coffee finished, the back door swung open, and in walked JC, without bothering to knock. "You’re just in time for coffee, JC," Chance stated, "Grab yourself a mug." "Thanks, Chance," JC replied, noticing that both men were still naked, as usual for early morning. "Let me get more comfortable first." JC quickly dropped his shorts and boxers, laying them on the washer. On JC’s way to the cupboard, Diego couldn’t resist giving JC’s flaccid pecker a friendly cuff, and JC grinned. Pouring himself a cup, JC sat at the table with the other two. "Boy," JC said, "I sure like hanging around naked with you guys!" "I think," Chance stated, grinning, "you’re just a typical gay boy, and most all gay boys like to see cock. Even us older gay boys enjoy seeing cock, its just part of being gay." Diego nodded. "After the cookout tomorrow," JC said, "I’m asking Benny to sleep over with me. Maybe I can get to see Benny’s pecker, and maybe even play with it! I’d love to have Benny play with my pecker!" Diego and Chance exchanged glances, and grinned. They’re both wondering if JC and Benny might just become boyfriends. Sunday was a laid back day, as neither Chance nor Diego had anything pressing to do. Diego decided it might be a good day for Chance to learn how to make Pozole. Chance was eager to learn. The three boys were all still hanging around, happily naked. Diego pulled that small pork roast from the fridge and cut it into bite sized chunks, and put them into a pot, browning them. He instructed Chance to dice up three cloves of garlic and a large onion, adding them to the pot with the pork, and turning the heat low, allowing the onion and garlic to sauté with the meat. Diego added a generous portion of cumin, oregano, basil and cayenne pepper, announcing each. "Now Baby," Diego instructed, "add four cups of water, and bring it to a boil, and then add these two cubes of tomato bouillon, and then we can let it simmer, covered, for a couple of hours." "Wow, Dee," JC stated, "it smells good already! Can I have some?" "Sure, JC," Dee replied, "but not until suppertime, this will be our supper tonight, along with some tortillas. You’re invited for supper." JC smiled. While the Pozole was simmering, all three boys pulled on some shorts, Chance grabbed three cans of Pepsi from the fridge, and they headed out to the picnic bench and sat down. Diego opened a new topic. "You know, Baby," Dee stated, "I get lots of exercise on my job, but the only exercise you get is your fingers on the keyboard. Did you ever consider getting a membership at one of the fitness clubs, and working out two or three times a week?" "Not really," Chance replied, "I’d feel like a fish out of water, going there all alone." JC is getting an idea. "Baby, I want my boy to be healthy, and strong. I’m afraid you’re on the road to become old and weak, just skin and bones. I’ll get a membership with you, and we can go together, and work out, at least some of the time. Maybe you might even meet a dude that could become a workout buddy." "Chance," JC said, "If I could afford a membership, I’d be happy to be your workout buddy. I’ve seen ads on TV, and those clubs have all kinds of neat machines to work out with. Much better than lifting weights in the back yard." "Baby," Dee stated, his eyes wet, "Even if you’re not inclined to want to better your health and physique for your own benefit, please—do it for me?" Chance sat in silence, contemplating. Seeing the tears in Diego’s eyes, he knows that Dee really wants him to take this step. "Okay," Chance finally spoke, "I’m convinced! JC and I can check out the fitness clubs on Tuesday, and maybe get memberships." JC, excited, "Let me go and ask Mama if she can afford me a membership." "JC," Chance said, "don’t worry about it. If you’ll be my workout buddy, I’ve got our memberships covered." "AWESOME!" JC exclaimed, grinning ear to ear. "I can hardly wait for us to get started!" Then, "I don’t suppose we can work out naked." "I think that’s a given, JC," Chance replied, grinning, "there are some girls that work out too, so we’ll have to be properly covered." Diego couldn’t help grin from JC’s comment. "We’d better check on the Pozole," Diego said. The three boys all headed back inside. "Chance," Dee instructed, "grab what’s left of that Chicken Broth from yesterday and pour it in, and then take about half of the remaining Cilantro and chop it finely." Dee opened the can of hominy and drained it. After Chance added the Cilantro, Dee dumped the Hominy in, and stirred it all up. Then, sticking a spoon in, gave it a taste test. "Needs a little salt," Dee stated, sprinkling some salt, then stirring again. Now satisfied with the taste, he stuck the same spoon back in again, holding it in front of Chance’s lips. Chance opened up, and Dee shoved the spoon into Chances mouth. Chance held the spoonful in his mouth, tasting it, and swallowed, smiling. "Pretty tasty, Baby," Chance said. "Now you know how to make Pozole," Dee stated, "Next time you can do it all by yourself!" Chance smiled. "We’ll give it another hour to simmer, and let the Hominy absorb the flavor, and supper will be ready." Chance called Anna to let her know that JC was having supper with Diego and himself, and that she was also welcome to come try the Pozole. Anna said she wasn’t fond of spicy food, and declined. She also told Chance that the potato salad was made, and in the refrigerator, ready for tomorrow. About 6:00 PM the Pozole was done, and the three boys prepared to devour it. Dee wasn't certain that JC would like it, and served him a smaller bowl than he ladled for himself and Chance. "Is that all there is?" JC asked, noting his smaller portion. "There’s more," Dee replied, "it’s spicy, and I wanted to make sure you liked it." JC blowing on the first spoonful to cool it, and then taking the first spoonful in his mouth, "UMMMMM! This is really good. It’s just spicy enough to really taste great!" "Tortilla, JC?" Dee offered. JC, pulling a tortilla from the package, "What do we do with this?" "Most people fold it in two, or four," Dee replied, "and eat it like bread, with the stew." JC followed Diego’s suggestion. JC, two tortillas and an empty bowl later, "Can I have more?" "Sure, JC," Chance said, picking up JC’s bowl and ladling a second helping of Pozole, a little bigger than the first. After ten more minutes, JC was rubbing his stomach. "Whew!" JC exclaimed, for soup, it’s really filling. I’m stuffed!" "I guess you won’t go to bed hungry tonight," Dee said, grinning. "Speaking of bed," JC asked, "can I sleep over with you guys?" Chance and Diego glanced at each other. They’d enjoyed some good sex the night before, and likely would not be doing anything tonight, needing to rest up for the cookout tomorrow. "It’s cool with me, Baby," Dee said, "if it’s okay with you." "OK JC," Chance said, "and then you need to take a break for a couple of weeks. I’ll call Anna, and let her know you’re sleeping over with us tonight." JC beamed, and Chance made the call. Of course Anna gave her approval. Even knowing that Chance and Diego are gay, she has unlimited trust in both of them. She is also well aware now, that JC is also gay, likely the reason that JC is so closely attracted to the two older boys. The three boys sat together on the sofa, all naked, and watched a movie on Netflix, JC happily snuggled between Diego and Chance. During the movie, JC’s hand slipped across Diego’s thigh and his fingers wrapped around Diego’s flaccid pecker. Diego, grinning, "JC, if you want to feel a pecker, feel your own!" Chance, suddenly realizing what just occurred, "JC, I’ve warned you, about touching my cock!" "I wasn’t touching yours," JC stated, "and Diego’s is so much fun to play with!" "But it’s MY FUN!" Chance remarked. "JC, Diego’s cock belongs to me, just like my cock belongs to Diego. You need to learn to keep your hands at home, at least around us! If you don’t, we won’t let you sleep over with us anymore." "Okaaaaay, I’m sorry," JC apologized. "JC," Dee added, "when you have a boyfriend of your own, you’ll get upset too, if another boy tries to touch him, in a sexual way. We care about you, and we don’t mind you sleeping with us once in a while, but please, keep your hands at home! Fondling, or playing with our cocks is off limits!" The movie ended, and Chance turned off the TV, announcing it was time for bed. Diego turned out the light in the living room, and kitchen and they all headed to the bedroom. Nobody had to undress for bed, as they were all already naked. JC, apprehensively, "Am I still OK to sleep with you guys?" "You’re fine, JC," Chance stated, "just keep your fingers away from our genitals!" The three boys went to bed, much like the last time that JC slept with them, JC the filling between two Oreo cookies. Both Chance and Diego wrapped an arm around JC’s torso, snuggling close. Both boys care deeply for JC, but neither of them desires to have any kind of sexual activity with him. They prefer to think of JC like a kid brother. In less than half an hour, they were all asleep. It’s 10:00 AM on Monday morning, Memorial Day, and the day of the cookout. All three boys arose from bed, all three with a need to pee, and all three sporting morning wood. They all walked together out onto the back porch and created golden arches, watering the grass. JC, viewing Chance and Diego’s nice erections, so wanted to hold both of their peckers in his hands, but after last night’s discussion, he resisted the strong temptation. Chance’s threat of not letting him sleep with them anymore had some sharp teeth! JC so much loves to sleep with his ‘Big Brothers’. For a change of pace, Chance didn’t brew any coffee. Instead, Diego whipped up a blender full of Mexican Hot Chocolate, and the three boys enjoyed that, along with some pastries. Instead of cooking up a normal breakfast they finished breakfast with just bowls of cold cereal. After breakfast the boys just lounged around naked until almost 11:30. The cookout was scheduled to start at 2:00 PM, but Diego mentioned that Cam had said that he and Ginny would probably come earlier to socialize, and get to know everybody. JC had also told Benny that he could come early, so that he and JC could have some time together before the cookout, and you never knew when Anna might just pop in, unannounced. They mutually agreed that they should all be properly dressed by noon, just so that they wouldn’t be caught naked. JC headed back to his side of the house, wanting to shower and change into some clean duds—just in case. He wanted to be clean, and smell good, hoping to get close, very close, to Benny today. The boys’ decision to get dressed early paid off. About 12:30 Cam and Ginny pulled into the back and parked next to the Pilot, and Dee and Chance went out to greet them. "Ginny," Cam stated, "you’ve met Diego’s boyfriend, Chance Watson, and you know Diego." Chance shook hands with Ginny and bumped fists with Cam, and Cam and Diego shared a warm and tight hug. Ginny, grinning, "Why don’t you two just kiss each other?" "Ginny!" Cam exclaimed, "I’m not into kissing boys!" "But I am," Dee replied, sharing a quick lip kiss with Chance, and Ginny and Cam both grinned. "I’m glad you two were able to join us today, for our cookout." Just a couple of minutes later, Anna and JC appeared. "Ginny, Cam," Diego stated, "these are our next door neighbors, Anna Cortez, and her son, Jonathan, he goes by JC." The four shared handshakes, "Anna, JC, Cam is my best friend from work, and Ginny is his girlfriend." Anna and Ginny seemed to have an immediate liking for each other, being the only women present with these (mostly gay) guys. Anna and Ginny sat together on the picnic bench, and got into a conversation. About five minutes later, Benny pulled in and parked, and JC ran to his car to greet him. Benny and JC shared a romantic hug and kiss, and Anna was a bit surprised, witnessing JC kissing another boy for the first time. JC and Benny were holding hands as they walked back and joined the rest of the group. "Hey everybody," Chance stated, "this is JC’s best friend, Benny Smith. Benny, this is Diego’s coworker, Cam, and his girlfriend, Ginny, and you know the rest of us. Welcome to our Memorial Day cookout." Benny, while shaking hands with Cam and Ginny, "Thanks, Chance, for letting JC invite me." "You’re very welcome, Benny," Chance replied, giving Benny a warm, sideways hug that made Benny really feel really welcome. "If you all will excuse me," Diego stated, "I think everyone is here, and I’m gonna get the grill fired up." Dee went into the house, returning with the bag of charcoal, and charcoal lighter fluid. While Diego got the fire going, JC and Benny went inside, and sat closely together on the sofa, holding hands and chatting. "Benny, when do you have to be at work?" JC asked. "4:00 PM tomorrow, why?" Benny asked. "I was thinking," JC answered, "if it’s OK with Mama, maybe you could sleep over with me tonight?" "Oh, JC, I would love to," Benny replied, grinning, "I was so hoping you would invite me, I even brought my uniform for work, just in case, so I could go to work from here." "I need to clear it with Mama," JC said, "but I think she’ll say it’s OK. I so want to cuddle up with you to sleep!" Benny grinned, and he and JC returned outside. By this time, Diego had the burgers on the grill, and the aroma was making everyone hungry. Chance brought out the paper plates, plastic flatware, plastic cups and condiments, including a plate of sliced onions and tomatoes, and Romaine lettuce leaves. "Baby," Dee said, "can you man the grill for a few, I need to make my special hot dog and burger topping." "Go for it," Chance said, "I’ve got this." Diego returned to the kitchen, chopped two onions, two tomatoes, some Cilantro and a Jalapino, mixing them all together. Anna asked JC to get the potato salad from the refrigerator and bring it to the picnic table. Benny followed JC, and held the door for him. Diego returned with his ‘special topping’, placing it on the table, and retook the grill. Chance returned inside and got the gallon jug of Iced Tea and brought it out. "Does everyone want cheese on their hamburgers?" Dee asked. "None on mine please," Ginny stated, "I’m lactose intolerant." Dee placed cheese on all of the burgers, except two. "OK everybody!" Diego announced, "Grab a plate and your buns, come to the grill and I’ll put the meat on them." The short line quickly formed, buns open ready to receive the filling. "This isn’t Burger King," Chance announced, "all the trimmings are on the table, and you can fix them up—your way!" That got a snicker from several people. The condiments were all at the end of the table, and everyone trimmed their burgers and dogs, then found a place to sit. The potato salad was in the center, where everyone could reach it. Cam is particular about potato salad, and took just a tiny portion of it, about two bites, on his plate. "Where did you get the potato salad from?" Cam asked, reaching over and taking a large spoonful of it. "Anna was kind enough to make it for us," Chance answered. "That’s the best damned potato salad I’ve ever tasted!" Cam said, "Thanks, Anna." "I’m glad that you like it, Cam," Anna modestly replied. "Cam," Chance stated, "you can’t buy potato salad in a deli that can hold a candle to Anna’s, that’s why I asked her to make it." "Anna," Cam said, "you should consider marketing it, ‘Anna’s Potato Salad’, America’s Favorite Potato Salad!" "That’s quite a complement, Cam," Anna said. "I’d love to have some to pack with my lunches," Cam stated. "Well," Anna replied, "if there’s any left over, maybe I can put some in a plastic container for your lunch tomorrow." "That’d be great, Anna," Cam replied. Chance, as everyone was cleaning his or her plates, "We have dessert!" Chance went to the house and returned with some smaller paper plates, a large knife and the Carrot Cake, with, of course, cream cheese icing." JC was ecstatic when he saw the Carrot Cake, as he has a real affinity for Carrot Cake. Chance cut wedges of the cake, and passed plates of it around. "I don’t think the little bit of cream cheese in the icing will upset me," Ginny stated, sliding some of the icing off her slice." "Mama," JC said, "can I talk with you a minute, privately?" Anna rose and she and JC walked over to their back porch, away from the rest of the group. Benny’s eyes were glued on Anna and JC. "Mama," JC asked, "can Benny sleep over with me tonight? Please?" "Doesn’t Benny have to work?" Anna asked. "Not until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon," JC stated, "Please?" "Sure, Sweetheart," Anna replied, smiling, "I like Benny, and he seems like a really nice boy. If he want’s to sleep over with you, I think it will be fine. I know how you like to sleep with other boys." "Thanks, Mama," JC answered, giving Anna a kiss, "I’ll tell him it’s OK." JC, looking at Benny, gave Benny two thumbs up, and Benny grinned. Anna entered the house, returning with a small plastic container, and scooped the remainder of the potato salad into it, and handed it to Cam. Cam smiled, and thanked her graciously. Cam, as he and Ginny arose to leave, "Guys, this has been a great afternoon, Ginny and I had a really good time. We’re taking off to share some private time together, thanks for inviting us. Dee, I’ll see you tomorrow at work. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do." Diego, grinning, and giving Cam a hug, "I’m sure we might do something that you wouldn’t ever do!" Cam grinned, totally getting Diego’s meaning, and he and Ginny took off. Diego is very happy to have Cam as his best friend. Cam totally accepts Diego’s sexuality and his relationship with Chance, and is happy that Chance and Diego have found each other. A gay boy couldn’t ask for a better straight friend than Cameron. Diego got a trash bag from the house, and dumped all the used paper plates, and other trash into it, and carried it to the Dumpster. Chance carried the leftover food and condiments to the kitchen and put them away. JC and Benny settled in the office, lost in some game on JC’s computer. Chance and Diego felt that the cookout was very successful and that everyone had enjoyed a good time. It was too early to go to bed, only a little past 6:00 PM, so Chance and Diego decided to watch a movie while the boys were playing on the computer. The movie ended about 8:00 PM, and Chance and Diego decided to see how the boys game was going, and walked into the office. HOLY SHIT! They weren’t playing a game. They had a porn site up, and were viewing photographs of naked boys and men. JC, just as the next photo appeared on the screen, "Holy fuck, Benny, look at the dick on that dude!" "It’s not real, JC," Benny said, "they take a photo from right close to the dick, and it makes the dick look bigger than what it really is. I’ll bet he doesn’t have more than seven or eight inches. Notice how big his thighs look, and his head and arms look like a little kids." Chance and Diego stood behind the seated boys and viewed a few more pictures with them. "JC," Chance stated, "I didn’t get you that computer to view porn. You boys are still teens, and neither of you should be getting into something like that!" JC quietly closed out the site, and turned off the computer. "What do you think, Benny," JC asked, "are you about ready for bed?" "Anytime that you are," Benny replied. The boys arose from their chairs, both of them with tented shorts. Dee and Chance both noticed and glanced at each other and grinned. Most of the boys in the photos were shown with erections, and likely caused arousal for both boys—and for Chance and Dee as well. "Is it okay if we each have another slice of that Carrot Cake for a bedtime snack?" JC asked. "Sure, JC," Chance replied, "you know where the plates are, help yourselves." JC got two small plates from the cupboard, and grabbed two forks from the draw. He got the cake and a jug of milk from the fridge, placing them on the table, and two glasses from the cupboard. While JC cut two slices of cake, Benny instinctively poured milk into the glasses and returned the jug to the refrigerator. The boys went to work on their snack. Finished, JC rinsed the plates and glasses, adding them to the other dishes to be washed, and they headed to JC’s side of the house to go to bed. Anna was occupied, watching TV. "Are you boys going to bed already?" Anna asked. "Yep," JC replied, "Benny has to work tomorrow, and needs his beauty rest. Goodnight, Mama," JC kissed Anna goodnight. "Goodnight, Mrs. Cortez," Benny said. "You probably will want to close your door," Anna suggested, "so the sound from the TV won’t keep you awake. Goodnight Boys." Once inside JC’s bedroom, JC closed the door, and locked it, to Benny’s satisfaction. The boys undressed, to their boxers. For a minute they just stood in front of each other, viewing each other’s nearly naked bodies and both still wearing their boxers. Benny, feeling JC’s pecs, and giving his upper arm a squeeze, "You’ve got some serious muscles, JC." "I work out a lot," JC replied, "and Chance is getting him and me memberships at one of the gyms, so we can work out together." "That’s pretty cool," Benny said, "I admire your body. "Benny," JC asked, "can we play a little show and tell?" JC is dying to see Benny’s pecker. "Why not," Benny replied. Both boys grabbed the waistbands of each other’s boxers, and slid them down to the floor, and both of them glued their eyes onto each other’s cut peckers. "You’ve got a sweet looking cock, JC," Benny stated. "Yours looks pretty nice too," JC replied, reaching towards Benny’s cock, "May I feel?" "If I can feel yours too, Benny said, his hand reaching out. The two boys investigated each other with their fingers, and shared a grin. "Benny," JC asked, "do you ever sleep naked?" "All the time," Benny replied. "I sleep best, without clothes." "Then I guess we’re both dressed for bed," JC stated, "Lets crawl in." JC turned off the ceiling light, leaving the table lamp on, and they slid into bed. They both continued to explore each other’s bodies for a few minutes, and both became highly aroused, Benny could feel the precum leaking from JC’s pee slit and wiped it off with his finger and tasted it. It was sweet. "JC, have you ever had a blowjob?" Benny asked. "Just one time," JC replied, "Chance promised me one for my eighteenth birthday, and kept his promise. It was a wonderful feeling, but he wouldn’t do it again. And then soon after, Chance and Diego became boyfriends, so I guess Diego gets them now. What about you?" "I’ll be honest, JC, I have received a couple of blowjobs, and I’ve sucked off five or six guys. I’ve never wanted suck off any boy as much as I want to suck you off. I so want to taste your boy cream! Would you like for me to suck your sweet pecker?" "Oh yeah!" JC exclaimed, "I’d love to feel my cock inside your nice warm mouth!" Benny slid the top sheet and blanket down to the foot of the bed to give them some room. Unlike how Chance did it, Benny didn’t kneel between JC’s legs, and instead turned 180 degrees and told JC to lay on his side, facing him, and shuck down on the bed. Benny also lay on his side, facing JC, the boys were nearly in a sixty-nine position, both laying on their sides. Benny, holding JC’s ball sack in his hand and feeling JC’s balls, "You’ve got big balls, JC, I’ll bet you can shoot a big load!" Still holding JC’s scrotum, Benny slid JC’s nice cock into his mouth and started to nurse on it, tasting the stream of precum that was coming from JC’s pee slit. JC was relaxed, enjoying the feeling of Benny’s mouth on his pecker. Benny was excited, his own cock streaming precum. JC couldn’t resist fondling Benny’s stiff cock, just inches in front of his neck. Benny, pulling off for a minute, "JC, please don’t touch me right now, I’m too hot, and you’re gonna make me shoot all over us!" JC removed his hand and Benny continued his assault on JC, who was starting to feel his climax approaching. Benny had JC softly moaning. "Benny!" JC exclaimed, "I’m gonna cum, do you want me to cum in your mouth?" Benny, his mouth full of JC, didn’t answer, he just sucked harder, waiting for his reward. Seconds later, JC gasped, and he came to orgasm inside Benny’s mouth, filling it with his creamy load. Even after JC came, Benny continued to suck, draining out every last drop of tasty ejaculate that he could get from JC, and swallowing it. Benny, still hard and hot, knew that three or four strokes would cause him to cum. He didn’t dare to touch his own cock, for fear of making a big mess. JC, catching his breath, spontaneously prepared to take Benny’s boyhood into his mouth. "JC, have you ever done this?" Benny asked. "No," JC said, "but I want to give it a try! I want to make you feel as good, as you did me. Benny, help me learn to be a good cocksucker! I’m not afraid, not with you." "Have you ever tasted cum?" Benny asked. "Yep, Chance made me taste my own that night," JC replied, "I think I can do this, Benny, let me try." "OK, go ahead, JC," Benny stated, "just watch the teeth, and try not to scrape my pecker with them. I’m pretty hot, it probably won’t take very long for me to cum." JC took Benny’s cock in his mouth, the first time he’d ever experienced having a boy’s cock in his mouth. He was happy that is was Benny’s beautiful cock. He made the mistake of trying to take too much of it, and the head of Benny’s cock touched his throat, making him gag. "Easy dude," Benny stated, "don’t try to swallow the whole thing! Just try the first two or three inches. You need to learn to walk before you can run. You’ll get more comfortable, with practice." "Do you think I can make you cum," JC asked, "if I only suck part of it?" "You’ve got me so hot, JC," Benny replied, "you’ll probably get me off, just sucking the head of it. The head of a boy’s dick is the most sensitive area." JC returned to Benny’s cock, only working the first three or so inches. After just three or four minutes of JC’s mouth on his cock, Benny’s orgasm was fast approaching. "Get ready, JC," Benny warned, "I’m about to nut!" JC was ready to accept his first mouthful of Benny’s orgasm. Seconds later, JC felt Benny’s cock pulsing, and a stream of creamy boy’s milk streamed into JC’s mouth. At first, JC thought he wanted to spit it out, but he rolled it around, deciphering the taste, and swallowed. If Benny could swallow his cum, he could swallow Benny’s. Benny asked JC for a tissue, and squeezed those last drops out, into the tissue. "We didn’t do that with mine," JC commented. "Because I sucked out those last drops from yours," Benny said. "Maybe the next time, I can suck them out of you," JC said. "If we have a next time," Benny stated, "I like you, a lot, JC, and I’d hope that we might have lots of ‘next times’." "I like you a lot too, Benny," JC stated, "Could we maybe become boyfriends?" "JC, we don’t really know each that well yet," Benny replied, "let’s get to know each other really well, and maybe our ‘likes’ for each other will turn into love for each other. If that happens, maybe we could become boyfriends." "Benny, is sucking each other off the only way that boys have sex together?" "No," Benny answered, "some boys like to fuck." "You mean like—in the—ass?" JC asked. "It’s called anal intercourse," Benny explained, "we gay boys sometimes use our asses as pussy’s for another boy to fuck." "Have you ever been—fucked, like that?" JC asked. "No," Benny replied, "my ass is virgin, just like yours. I’m saving my boy pussy for someone special, the boy that I fall in love with, that also is in love with me. Right now, you and I are just friends, good gay friends. If we continue to see each other, and date, we might develop into a loving relationship, but that doesn’t happen overnight. We need time, lots of time, to really get to know each other. We need to find other activities to share, things that we both can enjoy doing together. We can’t build a relationship on just a sexual attraction." "Right now," Benny stated, "I just want to hold you in my arms, and go to sleep with you. Tomorrow is another day, Goodnight JC." "Goodnight, Benny," JC said, "I’m so happy that you’re here with me tonight." The two boys cuddled closely, shared a romantic kiss, and with arms around each other, fell asleep. To be continued.................  
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