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  1. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 21

    Sunday morning, January 21st, Joe and Doug woke up in their hotel room about 8:00 AM. Joe, looking at the flight tickets, "Our flight is scheduled to leave at 11:40 this morning, so we need to be at the airport by 10:40, I guess we’d better get dressed and check out of here." "What time do we arrive in Charlotte, and who is picking us up?" "Arrival time is 4:25 PM, and we probably need to check with folks back home to see who is picking us up, "Joe replied. "Let me call DJ," I said, "Maybe he knows." I placed the call, but got no answer. I then tried calling Karen and she answered. "Doug, please don’t tell me your at the airport already!" Laughing I said, "It sounds like you aren’t anxious to see us return? Actually, we didn’t know if any of you knew when we were returning? I tried to call DJ a minute ago and got no answer." "I can understand that," Karen replied, "he babysat for Steve and Val last night. They had a function in the city and returned late. We all went to bed before the boys returned, and I have no idea what time the boys got to bed, but I know it was very late. I’m sure they’re sleeping in this morning." "Karen, our flight is scheduled to arrive at 4:25 PM this afternoon, is anyone able to pick us up, or do we need to get a taxi?" "Doug, the boys are both working this afternoon, but Carl is off, and is planning to pick you up. He just needed to know the time, and you just gave it to me, 4:25, right, and how was the cruise?" "4:25 PM is the scheduled time," I confirmed, "and our honeymoon was wonderful. We’ll tell you all about it when we have more time, we need to get breakfast and get to the airport here by 10:40 to check in. Tell Carl we really appreciate his service." "I will relay that," Karen replied, "you all should be back here around 6:30 PM, I’ll tell Carl to bring you back here, and I’ll plan supper for the five of us, we can heat the leftovers for the boys, when they get home from work." "I think it will work out better, Karen, if Carl drops us off at the house. We can unload our luggage, and then drive out to your place for supper, and we’ll have our own transportation back home." "Sure, that’ll work," Karen replied, "I’ll plan supper for about 7:00 PM, see you then." They both hung up. * * * * * * * * * * * * The boys slept really late Sunday morning. Jamie had awakened about 8:00 AM, gone to the bathroom, and quickly crawled back into bed, cuddled up to DJ in a spooning position with his cock next to DJ’s crack, and his hand wrapped around DJ’s BBC, and fell back to sleep. About 10:30 AM DJ woke up with an erection, not certain if it was just morning wood, because he did need to pee, or was a result of Jamie’s hand holding his cock, even though Jamie was still asleep. DJ tried to remove Jamie’s hand, which caused Jamie to awaken, and he moaned a little. "Jamie," DJ spoke softly, "I gotta go pee." "Baby," Jamie replied, "let me take care of that hardon first, and then it will be easier to pee, and I can get an early morning snack." DJ let Jamie do his will, knowing that as bad as he needed to pee, Jamie would get him off quickly, and of course, he loves the feeling of his cock inside Jamie’s warm mouth. DJ was right, only about 3 or 4 minutes of Jamie’s mouth nursing his cock, he was feeling his orgasm rising from his balls. He wasn’t going to warn Jamie, he was just enjoying the sensation. Jamie felt DJ’s body stiffening, and from hearing DJ’s moaning, he knew he was about to hit pay dirt. DJ started to pulse, sending his spunk shooting into Jamie’s mouth and throat, and Jamie received it willingly, swallowing every drop, and moaning in ecstasy. Now Jamie had a boner, and DJ was deflating. DJ then slipped off the bed and headed to the bathroom. Jamie was leaking precum, and used it as lube, slowly stroking his hard cock, knowing that he wanted, and needed to drop a load. DJ returned, and noticed that Jamie was stroking it. DJ, jumping back on the bed, "Let me take care of that!" Immediately, DJ pushed Jamie’s hand away, and took the beautiful hard member into his mouth, tasting the precum and enjoying the feeling of his boyfriends cock in his mouth. Both of these young men seem to enjoy giving each other blowjobs, so much quicker and easier that having anal sex. Jamie had already been to the bathroom earlier, so had no pressure on his bladder and it took DJ quite a bit longer to have Jamie on the verge of climax, but never the less, he did succeed. Jamie was feeling his orgasm approaching, and DJ pulled off. "Baby, I was right on the edge, and you stopped!" Jamie whined. "I know," DJ replied, grinning, "I could feel you were very close." DJ went back down and worked Jamie’s cock for a couple more minutes, and heard Jamie breathing raggedly, and pulled off again, teasing his boyfriend. "DJ, you’re torturing me, I need to cum! I was right on the edge." "Ok, my love, I’ll finish you off," DJ appeased his lover. Finally, for the third time, Jamie’s orgasm approached, and DJ let him cum, taking every delicious spurt in his mouth and down his throat, and Jamie shot the most spunk he’d ever cum at one time. "That was a nice mouthful," DJ commented, as the two boys hugged and shared a passionate kiss, tasting each other’s mouths. "Jamie, for some reason, it seems like every load you shoot tastes better than the time before." "Maybe it’s getting flavored from yours," Jamie replied, "I’ve always loved the sweet taste of your cream, I could easily take your load several times a day!" DJ, snickering, "I kind of think there’s a limit to my production, I doubt that I could cum more than two, maybe three times in a day, and I couldn’t even do that every day." The boys pulled on their boxer-briefs and made their way to the kitchen, joining Granny and Carl at the table. Karen fixed the boys some breakfast. Carl mentioned that he needed to leave before 3:00 to pick us up at the airport. Right after breakfast, Jamie wiped the table off, and the boys sat at the table and attacked their homework that is due tomorrow morning. Karen fixed a couple of sandwiches for DJ to take to work, and DJ left for work about 2:30, and Jamie left at 3:30. Right after DJ left for work, Carl headed out toward the airport. * * * * * * * * * * * * The flight came in right on time, Joe and I got our baggage, and we were soon on the way home in Carl’s Vue, which he drove as the back seat is more comfortable than the CRX. "Joe," I stated, "I have an appointment with Steve Jones on Wednesday, and I want you to go with me." "What’s that for?" Joe asked. "Just precaution," I said, "at my age, I could go at any time, and I want to be certain that you and DJ are properly taken care of. Steve wants to write up a will, so we can be certain, and make sure my papers and beneficiaries are legalized, just in case." "Doug," Joe responded, "DJ is my son too, there is no way I would ever leave him out in the cold, or without a roof over his head, heaven forbid that anything should happen to you. Wednesday is a bad day for me though, as Mom’s flight back is scheduled for Wednesday, and I need to take her to the airport." Carl is grinning to himself, tempted to spill the beans, boy, do these newlyweds have a surprise, or shock, coming! They don’t know about Aggie’s change of plans yet, and he is not going to undermine her bombshell. She will most likely drop the bomb at dinnertime tonight. Carl is waiting to see Joe’s and my reaction, when she tells us. We arrived at our house about 6:00 PM. Carl helped bring our baggage into the house and he and Joe carried it to our bedroom. I turned the thermostat up to 72, as I had turned it down to 50 before we left because nobody would be staying here while Joe and I was gone. Joe started the Taurus, to make sure it started and to let it warm up. Carl headed home, and a few minutes later Joe and I headed to the Seldon’s home. The aroma in Karen’s kitchen was overwhelming. A few minutes later we were all sitting, Aggie, Karen and Carl, Joe and myself. Karen had prepared baked ham, mashed sweet potatoes, corn muffins, and succotash, with chocolate cake for dessert. "Mom," Joe stated, "I need to see your return ticket so I will know what time to pick you up Wednesday and take you to the airport." "Joe," Aggie said, "can you get a refund on that return ticket? We’re not going to need it." "Why not?" Joe queried, "you have to go back home." "No I don’t! I’m not going back to California, I’m staying here." "But you have family there, and your apartment, you can’t just stay here with Karen and Carl, indefinitely," Joe argued. "Only until February 1st," Aggie replied, "when I can move into my new place. I’ve already paid the security deposit and the first month’s rent, at the ‘Golden Age Senior Community’ right here in town." "Mom," Joe inquired, "what prompted this decision?" "Several things, Joe, I feel much closer to my North Carolina family than I do my California family, I want to get to know my son-in-law a lot better, and I have fallen hopelessly in love with my two grandsons, I guess that’s most of it." "Two grandsons, Mom?" "Yes, two, I know Jamie is not really my grandson, but I’ve taken ownership of him, as well as DJ, they’re both such fantastic young men, and I adore them both! DJ was ecstatic, when I told him I was staying here, and not going back." "Well Mom," Joe said, "that was quite a shock, I wasn’t prepared for that, but, Welcome to North Carolina! As for the refund on the ticket, I’ll ask, but it’s doubtful." Joe and I both smiled. I was actually quite happy that Aggie had decided to stay here. My own parents were long ago passed on, and Aggie was the only ‘parent’ I had, even though it was through my marriage to Joe. I also realized that Aggie and DJ had formed a pretty strong bond, and her deciding to stay would likely be good for both of them. "Joe," Aggie asked, "could you call your sister, and ask her to pack my stuff and ship it out here?" "Mom, I can do that now, it should not be too late as it is only about 5:30 PM there. What things do you want her to pack and send here?" "Only the important stuff, the top right draw of the desk has all my important papers, banking information, my insurance policy, my retirement and social security information, it’s all in that draw." Aggie continued, "Of course I want my clothing, and there are some photo albums, and my jewelry box, and maybe my cosmetics and tell her to check the walls, as I have some photographs that I have hung on the walls and I don’t want to lose them. That’s about it." "I think it might be best to have your stuff sent here, to Carl’s address. It may arrive before you move into your new room, and if it comes afterwards, any of us can bring it to you." Joe remarked. Joe made the call, explained to his sister about his mom’s change of plans, and asked her to pack the stuff and ship it to Carl and Karen’s address, and thanked her. She wanted to know where Mom would be living, and Joe explained about the ‘Golden Age Senior Community’. His sister said that she thought it seemed like a good place, and Mom would likely be well cared for there. Also it would be one less burden on her and she was pleased to be relieved of the obligation, but she would also miss her. She offered a belated ‘congratulations’ on Joe’s marriage, but Joe knew that she and her husband had never condoned Joe’s lifestyle. About 9:20 PM DJ bounced through the back door into the kitchen and threw his arms around both me and Joe, hugging us fiercely and kissing my lips and Joe’s cheek. "God, I missed you so much, I’m glad you’re home!" DJ blurted. "We had a great time," Joe said, "but we missed you guys too, I wish you could have been with us, you and Jamie would have had a blast." About 10 minutes later Jamie arrived, and was almost as emotional as DJ, giving us a very warm welcome. God we love these boys. Joe spoke, "Karen, Carl, we sure appreciate all you do and have done for us, but I’m ready to take my ‘HUSBAND’ home and get us to bed. I don’t know about Doug, but I’m scheduled back to work tomorrow. Goodnight, everyone." "Goodnight, Dad’s!" DJ exclaimed, "Oh, Dad, Randy has you scheduled for 3:00 PM tomorrow, and Jamie and I have our Monday off, after we get out of class!" DJ and Jamie smiled. Joe and I said our good-byes and headed home, and Aggie headed off to bed, after kissing the boys goodnight. DJ and Jamie ate the baked ham and trimmings that Karen had re-heated for them, finished with the Chocolate Cake and milk, and headed to bed, as 7:00 AM will be approaching way too soon. With arms wrapped around each other, the two boys drifted off to sleep quickly. On Monday morning, January 22nd the alarm woke Jamie and DJ at 7:00 AM. The boys jumped into the shower and washed each other, dried each other and pulled on clean boxer-briefs. They then headed to the kitchen, kissed Granny and Karen good morning, ate breakfast, dressed and left for school about 8:30 AM. "Jamie, we haven’t hooked up with Matt for lunch since the spring semester began," DJ lamented. "Well, for one thing, we haven’t been eating lunch at school, except on Thursdays, and Matt doesn’t have any classes on Thursdays. Maybe we should make a date with him, and eat together one of the other days, but we need to let Mom know." Jamie continued, "I’m wondering if Bryan got everything, or if he needs our help again today, I guess we’ll find out at noon." When their computer class let out, the boys headed to the Tracker, and saw Bryan’s car parked just one car away, with another bunch of hefty bags filling the back seat. Bryan was standing next to the Tracker, waiting on them, and smiling. "Got another load ready for transfer?" Jamie asked. "Nope!" Bryan exclaimed, smiling, and with tears escaping his eyes, " I’m delivering this one in person, I’m all moved out guys, and I’m forever indebted to you, I could never have done this without your help. I need to show you something, though." Bryan opened his phone app, and showed the boys where almost 200 unanswered calls had been received, some from his father, and mostly from his mother, just since 9:00 AM this morning. As he showed us, his phone was ringing, and he ignored it. "I would guess that my parents have been blowing up my phone ever since Mom found my note on the bed. I need a new phone, or at least a new phone number. I’m turning this off, until I can get to the phone store and get a new number, right now I’m heading to the Shady Inn, to see my love!" He powered it down. On the way to the Shady Inn, Bryan’s boy hole was starting to twitch in anticipation. He wondered if Phil had found the lube he’d packed, or maybe bought some. He decided not to take a chance, and stopped at a drug store and picked up a bottle of personal lubricant, then headed on to the motel, and parked in front of room 120. Bryan walked to the door and was about to knock when the door swung open, Phil grabbed Bryan and pulled him inside. Without even closing the door, Phil threw Bryan on the bed, and the two young men frantically kissed and lapped at each other’s lips, their arms wrapped around each other. Their tongues wrestled, and both of their cocks got hard, quickly. It’s been so long! "Baby," Bryan asked, "have you got any lube?" "No, maybe we can find a substitute, Bryan I want you so bad!" "I thought you might not have any, I have some in the car, give me a minute," Bryan stated. Adjusting the bulge in his pants, he headed to the car and grabbed the bag from the drug store, coming back into the room he closed and locked the door. The two young men went berserk, and started unbuttoning and unzipping each other’s clothing, and tossing their clothes on the floor. In about 60 seconds they were both naked, and hugging each other tightly. Bryan dropped to his knees and took what he could of Phil’s rather large cock into his mouth, enjoying the thrill. "Baby," Bryan cried, "my hole needs this, I need you inside me!" Phil grabbed a bath towel and laid it on the bed, and had Bryan on it, on all fours, his beautiful buns in the air. Phil grabbed the lube, and started to lube Bryan’s crack, and hole, pushing two, then three fingers inside Bryan’s chute, stretching his hole, then lubed his own cock. Bryan’s whole body was trembling in anticipation, as Phil teased Bryan’s orifice with the tip of his cock, just pushing in a little. "For god’s sake, Phil, gimme that fuckin’ cock, I need you in me!" Phil pushed the head of his prick through the sphincter, and Bryan yelped. Phil just stopped, letting his cock rest, right where it was. "Are you OK, sweetheart? I don’t want to hurt you." Phil said. "I’ll be OK," Bryan replied, "I think my boy hole might have shrunk a little from lack of usage, just let me get used to you again, and give me a little more of that joystick!" Phil started to fuck Bryan, nice and slow, pushing in just a little further with each pump. "I kind of forgot," Phil commented, "just how awesome your ass feels, wrapped around my cock, Bryan you’re the best!" "I’m getting used to you now, give me a little more, Phil, I missed this so much, and it feels so good right now. I didn’t mean that the way it came out, I did miss this, but I actually missed everything about you, your kisses, your caress, just the feel of your body next to mine, knowing how it feels to go to sleep with you holding me, just—everything." "Bryan, are you—close?" "Somewhat, what are you thinking?" "I want to swallow your juice, can I pull out a minute, and suck you off?" "Yeah, I guess, but I can’t last long, you better hurry, if you’re going to do that, cause I’m almost ready to blow my wad, and neither one of us has even touched my cock!’ Phil pulled out, turned Bryan onto his side and pulled Bryan’s manhood into his mouth, and only slid up and down with his mouth for about 1 minute and Bryan inhaled, holding his breath, and exhaled, shooting spurt after spurt of sperm into Phil’s hungry mouth. Feeling and tasting Bryan’s climax made his own climax feel even closer. "Please Phil, get back inside of me! I want to feel you fill my bottom, hurry, I need you so much," Bryan begged. Phil, egging, "Are you going to cum for me again, baby?" "I might, if you hit my sweet spot, oh yeah, right there, I think I’m going to…………" Phil put his hands around Bryan’s hips, holding him tightly around his cock, and feeling his orgasm start to explode into Bryan’s gut, which triggered Bryan to cum again, a smaller amount this time, that just squirted onto the towel. Phil started to pull out… "NO!" Bryan blurted, "not yet, you feel so good inside of me, stay a while." Phil left his big cock resting in Bryan’s ass, and relaxed his body on top of Bryan, laid his face against Bryan’s back and started sobbing. "Phil? What’s wrong?" Bryan asked. "Nothing, now," Phil replied, "I was just thinking how close I came to losing you, forever. I can’t even imagine trying to find someone new, after all the years we’ve loved each other, I love you Bryan." "Phil, I hope you know that I love you too, and I hope we never have to be apart again. I want to spend the rest of the day here with you." "That would be great," Phil said, "unfortunately we’re now adults, and have bills that must be paid so I need to go to work at 3:00, when are you working again?" "Wednesday evening," Bryan replied, "and then Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, but I’m working day shifts on Saturday and Sunday, and don’t forget that I have classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings." "Cool," Phil countered, "I’m Three to Eleven every day, and off on Wednesday and Thursday this week, so maybe Thursday we can stay in bed all day and play! I need to get ready for work soon, shall we shower?" Phil pulled out of Bryan’s ass, and Phil’s load of cum seeped out onto the towel and they both laughed. The two boys showered together for the first time ever, as this had not been an option when they had lived at Bryan’s parent’s house, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. They hugged each other and kissed while the water streamed over their bodies. After they had dried off and dressed, Bryan told Phil that he was going to the phone store to maybe get a new phone, or at least get a new number, and he would let Phil know the new number ASAP. Phil left for Denny’s, Bryan unloaded the rest of his stuff from his car, then headed to the phone store. Once he got his new phone, he stopped at BK and ate some lunch, then returned to the Motel. On the way, Bryan is wondering what length his parents might go to try and get to him, so decided to stop by Applebee’s and give his GM, Gerald, a heads up. Bryan told Gerald that he had moved out from his parent’s home, and was staying with a ‘friend’ at the Shady Inn, and that they planned to find an apartment to share. He also told Gerald that his parents may try to bother him at work, and he did not wish to see them under any circumstance, and asked him to not reveal his new address or phone number, should they try to get it from the store. "Bryan," Gerald responded, "this company has guidelines to follow, and we never give out that kind of information to anyone, outside of police. Your privacy is secure." "Thanks, Gerald," Bryan replied, "I’ll see you Wednesday." Bryan went on to the Shady Inn, and entered their room. He busied himself, unpacking some of his clothes and putting them into the three draws in the chest that Phil had left empty. He then settled down to some homework, and when that was finished, it was still only 9:00 PM, 2 hours before Phil gets off. Bored, he turned on the TV and flicked through the channels and found something tolerable to occupy his mind while he waited for Phil. Bryan was also getting hungry again. He hadn’t talked to Phil since he had the new phone, and placed a call to him. "Hello?" Phil answered, not recognizing the number. "It’s Bryan, this is my new phone, I was wondering if you could bring us a snack when you get off work?" "Sure, baby, do you like Zesty Nachos?" "That sounds good, Phil, I’m starved." "I’ll order the full size, and if I tell the cook it’s for me and my roommate, he’ll make it extra big! If you’re thirsty, there are some Mountain Dews and Pepsi’s in that little refrigerator, help yourself, and I should be home about 11:15, I love you baby." "Love you too, I’ll see you soon." They hung up. * * * * * * * * * * * * After DJ and Jamie left Bryan, and the campus, and were on the way to DJ’s house for the first time in over a week, they were discussing the ‘Bryan and Phil’ situation. "DJ, I’m so glad my parents weren’t like Bryan’s, if they hadn’t been so loving and accepting, I wonder where we would be today." "I don’t know," DJ replied, "but I have a feeling, as quickly as we became boyfriends, we’d probably all be living with my Dad’s, If there is such a thing as love at first sight, I think we proved it true." As they drove toward our home, I called DJ and told them not to pick up anything for lunch, because I was fixing us burritos and tacos. He told me they’d be home in about 10 minutes and looking forward to lunch with Joe and me. About 12 minutes later the boys entered the back door and showed no surprise at all at the fact that Joe was sitting at the table nursing coffee and I was cooking, both of us naked except for the apron I was wearing. The boys gave us hugs, and went to their room. "Jamie," DJ spoke softly and grinning, "let’s surprise them, let’s get naked and go back to the kitchen." "Are you sure?" Jamie said, with reservation, "Ah, fuck it, it’s not like they’ve never seen us naked before." Both boys stripped, and headed back to the kitchen, displaying their naked glory. Joe snickered, and got my attention, and I couldn’t help grinning. These boys have such beautiful bodies, especially when they’re naked. "They say," Joe remarked, smiling, "if you’ve got it, flaunt it, and you two definitely have got it, so you might as well flaunt it!" DJ and Jamie looked at each other and grinned, shared a soft kiss lightly on the lips, and sat down to wait for lunch to be served. DJ got back up and retrieved the sour cream and salsa from the fridge, then got two Pepsi’s out for Jamie and himself. Joe and I were still in coffee drinking mode. The pan with the taco meat was kept warm on a burner, and a griddle was hot, to heat soft taco or burrito sized tortillas. All the fixings were on the counter, shredded lettuce, shredded Monterey Jack, diced tomatoes, and now the salsa and sour cream, so everyone could fix their burritos or tacos the way they wanted. While the boys were fixing their plates, Joe couldn’t resist squeezing both of their perfectly formed bubble butts affectionately, causing both boys to turn their heads, grinning. "Guys, I need to give you a heads up," I said, "we met a really nice young couple on the cruise from Cleveland. They’re doing a couple days at Disney, then a day or two on the West Coast, then driving back to Cleveland." "We offered to put them up for a couple nights, and show them some southern hospitality. They haven’t confirmed yet, but if they accept our invitation, they should be arriving here Thursday evening, and spending the night Thursday and Friday. Joe and I want to take them to the Waterhole Thursday night. We might need to borrow your bedroom for a couple of nights." "We kind of owe these guys," Joe commented, "Doug and I got pretty drunk Friday night, and Todd and Ryan—well—they helped us to our cabin, and put us to bed. We didn’t know what they had done for us until Saturday morning at breakfast. They’re cool guys, and I think you’ll like them." "Dad," DJ stated, "We’ll be at Jamie’s house on Tues, Wed, and Thurs nights anyway, because they’re school nights. We can put clean sheets on the bed after we get up tomorrow, and if they’re here on Friday night, we can stay at Jamie’s, but we’d like to meet them, anyway." I replied, chuckling, "Todd and Ryan want to meet you also, what are your plans for tonight?" "We might try to hook up with Matt for a while, or maybe take in a movie, or both, Jamie, call Matt and see if he wants to do a movie with us tonight—wait, I’ve still got that gift card for Red Lobster. Matt gave it to me, and said when we use it, he wanted to go with us, maybe we could do that tonight, baby, ask him." Jamie made the call to Matt, and made all the arrangements. "DJ," Jamie announced, smiling, "we’re picking up Matt at 5:00 PM and going to Red Lobster for din-din then going to the cinema and take in a movie." DJ displayed that patented smile. What’s better than sharing your night off with your closest friends! I left for work at 2:30 PM and Mike picked Joe up at just before 3:00 PM. When we left for work, the boys were sitting on the sofa, playing some games on the play station, still naked. About 3:45 they shut the machine and TV down, and showered together, then got dressed. About 4:30 they left to pick up Matt. While they were at Red Lobster, Matt asked if they could have another sleepover and Jamie and DJ said they could, maybe in a couple of weeks. The three then took in a movie, Matt sitting between the other two. They had just left Red Lobster, and elected to bypass the popcorn and drinks. DJ and Jamie were holding hands, their hands right over Matt’s crotch, If Matt had a penis, their hands right there likely would have caused him to grow a boner. Matt still enjoyed the closeness of the other two boys, and he had his arms around both of their shoulders. It was about 10:00 PM by the time Jamie dropped Matt off and he and DJ got back home. I asked if they had a good time, and they said they had an excellent evening, all the way around. DJ has to double tomorrow, and the boys wasted no time getting to bed, and I was waiting up for Joe to get home. * * * * * * * * * * * * It was just about 11:15 PM when Phil walked into the motel room, with a Denny’s bag. He reached in and pulled out the largest size of carryout container Denny’s has. Bryan was lying on the bed, wearing just his boxers. Phil set the container down right in the center of the bed. He then walked around the bed to the side where Bryan was, and smothered Bryan’s lips with his own, kissing his boyfriend passionately. Phil, at the refrigerator, "Pepsi or Dew?" "Uhhh—Dew," Bryan replied. Phil retrieved two bottle of Mountain Dew, removed the caps, handed one to Bryan, and took a swig from the other one and placed it on the bedside table on the opposite side from Bryan. He then proceeded to strip, completely, and climbed onto the other side of the bed, leaving the Nacho’s between them. The ravenous Bryan had already started to attack the Zesty Nachos, washing them down with Mountain Dew. "I guess I’d better help you with these, or I won’t get any!" Phil exclaimed. Bryan snickered, then placed his hand on Phil’s cock. "Careful, baby, unless you want some more of that tonight, you know what your touch does to it." Bryan pulled his hand back. They finished off the container of Nachos, Both boys got off the bed, Phil put the empty container back into the bag, Bryan dropped his boxers, Phil cut off the ceiling light and the two boys crawled into the bed and cuddled up, their arms around each other. "Phil," Bryan spoke softly, "I haven’t had a good night sleep since—I don’t want to even think about that night, I’m gonna sleep really well tonight. It feels so wonderful to be able to sleep with you again, baby, please hold me!" Bryan turned over and Phil wrapped his arms around Bryan, pulling him close, with Bryan’s back against Phil’s hairy chest, and Phil’s breath on Bryan’s neck. Bryan could feel Phil’s flaccid cock against his ass cheek, but it wasn’t making him horny, it just felt good. Within a few minutes, Phil could tell, from Bryan’s deep breathing that he was asleep, and not long after that, Phil drifted off also. * * * * * * * * * * * * Tuesday morning, January 23rd was pretty typical for a Tuesday. DJ awakened to his alarm at 8:00 AM and he went through the morning rituals, making coffee, getting dressed for work, cooking breakfast for himself, kissing his lover’s sweet lips and heading off to work about 9:30. Joe and I got up about 10:30, sat at the table and had our first cups of coffee and Jamie got up and joined us about 15 minutes later. About 11:00 AM my phone rang, and it was Brenda, Steve’s secretary, reminding me that I have an appointment with Steve tomorrow at 2:00 PM, and I relayed that info to Joe. Jamie, wondering how things were going for Bryan and Phil, called Phil about 11:30 AM, waking him. The three boys made arrangements to meet at Bojangle’s for a late breakfast at 12:30 PM, so Jamie excused himself, and got dressed and ready to leave. When Jamie pulled into a parking space at Bojangle’s, Phil and Bryan ran to his car to greet him, both boys giving Jamie a warm and loving hug. They walked in together, ordered their preferences, and sat at a booth, Jamie across from the other two. Bryan proudly showed his new phone to Jamie, and the two boys exchanged phone numbers. Both Phil and Bryan were excited to tell Jamie how wonderful it was to sleep together again, and to have their first sex together in almost two months! The three boys all agreed that a motel room wasn’t ideal, but was OK for now, and at least they were together and had a roof over their heads. "The money will soon be a little better," Phil stated, "as of this week I am now full time, 40 hours, so my pay will be $320 a week before taxes, so I should be bringing home about $240 or $250 a week after this next payday." "Bryan," Jamie asked, "I’m not being nosy, but, how much money do you make? I’m just trying to calculate something." "I’m only getting about 28 to 30 hours a week, most of them on the weekends. My checks are usually only about $70 to $80, but I get my tips, and that’s usually about $150 to $200 a week. What are you trying to figure, Jamie?" "Between the two of you, you’re bringing home at least $450 a week, or about $1800 a month. If you guys can save up some money for a security deposit, and the first month’s rent, you can afford a low-end, furnished apartment. It sure would be better than a motel room, and probably only cost maybe an extra hundred or two a month more than the motel room." Bryan and Phil looked at each other, smiling. Bryan, still smiling, "Jamie, you’re a genius! I think that could work, Phil, do you think we can save up the coins to do this?" "It’s gonna be rough," Phil responded, "it’ll probably take a few weeks, and we might not eat very well, but I think we can do it." "I have an idea," Jamie commented, "let me talk to my parents, they’ve been very supportive as to DJ and me helping you guys out. Maybe, after the first of February, when DJ’s Granny moves into her new place, Mom and Dad might be willing to let you guys stay at their home for a couple of weeks, to help you save up the money you need to get an apartment." "Do they know," Phil asked, "about us?" "Pretty much," Jamie replied, "Dad despises Bryan’s parents, he called them homophobes and haters, the only thing they don’t know is what you guys were doing the night Bryan’s father kicked you out of the house. They’ve become quite gay friendly, but Phil, you can’t run naked in their house!" "Shucks!" Phil exclaimed, grinning, Jamie, you must be the son of Angels, I haven’t met them, but I think I love them." "Hey," Jamie stated, "this isn’t a go yet, I need to talk to them, but Mom is like—Miss Hospitality! I’m sure that if Mom wants to have you there, Dad will agree, I’ve got some awesome parents!" "And Jamie," Bryan remarked, "I know that Phil and I have some most awesome friends, we appreciate everything you and DJ have done for us, I don’t know how we can ever repay you." "Who knows?" Jamie responded, "maybe DJ and I might get into a bind sometime, and need your help, I do know that I have to be to work at 3:00 PM, and it 2:00 now, I need to get home and change. I’ll try to talk to the parents tomorrow, after our classes, and I’ll let you know how they react." "Jamie, we need to leave also, as I have to be at work at 3:00 too." Bryan and Phil gave Jamie a loving hug, and they all departed. After their shifts were finished, DJ and Jamie went to the Seldon’s home for the night. * * * * * * * * * * * * Wednesday morning, January 24th, Joe and I got up about 9:00 AM, and had the house to ourselves as the boys were in class by now, having stayed at Jamie’s last night. I was looking, and found, my life insurance policy to take to Steve’s when we had our appointment at 2:00 PM. My phone rang and it was Todd. I answered, smiling, "Good morning from North Carolina!" Todd, chuckling, "Sending some Florida sunshine up to you, did you guys get over the cruise yet?" "We sure did," I answered, "and the hangovers are long gone too, how is everything?" "Great, we visited Ringling Brothers winter quarters yesterday, and we’re going to visit Parrot Jungle today, and leaving tomorrow, is that invitation to spend a couple nights with you guys still valid?" "It sure is, Joe and I are looking forward to seeing you, and treating you to a little southern hospitality, when are you leaving?" "We’re going to try to get on the road around 7:00 AM tomorrow morning, make a breakfast stop, and lunch stop, and we should get to your place around 5:00 or 5:30 PM." "That’s cool," I said, "I’ll have a light snack ready, and we can have dinner after we get to the Waterhole, the food is a tad pricey there, but also very good, you’re going to love the place. It’ll be a nice memory of your vacation. You have our address don’t you?" "Yep, got it saved in the GPS, Ryan and I are so ready to see you guys again, on your turf this time. Did the boys mind giving up their bedroom?" "Not at all, in fact, they put clean sheets on the bed yesterday as they would be staying at Jamie’s house Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights anyway—and now Friday also." "Ok," Todd said, "I’ll let you go, and we’ll see you tomorrow night, have a good day." He hung up. Joe, smiling, "So I guess we are really going to get to show our Cleveland friends some southern hospitality." "Yeah," I replied, "but I had to pull some strings. I got Randy to let me work tonight so I could get tomorrow night off, I told him about this appointment today and that I might be a little late. DJ is going in late tomorrow, as his volleyball class doesn’t end until 4:00 and he’ll need to shower, so he probably won’t be to work until about 5:15." "Randy said he would try to limit Friday’s deliveries to get me out by 6:00 or 6:30 PM, as we have out of town guests. DJ and Jamie are planning to come home right after their 11:00 AM class, about 12:30, and they can entertain our guests Friday afternoon, and Anthony is letting Jamie come in late, but he still has to close at 11:00 PM Friday night. Friday afternoon is about the only time Todd and Ryan can get to know DJ and Jamie. Randy was kind enough to give DJ Friday off, but I have to work." "WOW!" Joe exclaimed, "that’s a mighty tight and busy schedule, if your appointment is at 2:00 PM, we probably should leave around 1:30." It was still only about 11:00 AM, Joe and I enjoyed a leisurely shower together. After drying each other off, we laid on the bed, naked, and just relaxed, enjoying a rare period of intimacy, kissing and fondling, hugging and just cherishing the moment, well, the hour. It seemed we rarely had this opportunity, and we grabbed it, before it disappeared. About 1:00 PM we rose from the bed and got dressed, preparing to leave for the appointment with Steve Jones. We arrived at his office, climbing the one hundred steps (well it seemed like a hundred, but was probably only 25) to the second floor. * * * * * * * * * * * * Brenda greeted us, and told us to have a seat and Steve would be with us shortly. Steve came from his office a few minutes later. Steve, extending his hand, "Doug, Joe, come on in, and have a seat." He pointed to a pair of chairs in front of his desk. "First thing we need to take care of, is insurance, did you bring your life insurance policy?" I handed it to Steve, and he studied it. "The beneficiary listed is ‘Isabelle Kendall’, who is that?" "She was my Mother, and she passed away over ten years ago." "We need to get that updated, you didn’t list a secondary, so who now will be your primary beneficiary?" "Joseph V. Reynolds, my husband." "No, Doug!" Joe interrupted, it should be DJ!" "Easy guys," Steve remarked, "Convention is for the spouse to be the primary, and children to be secondary beneficiary." Joe nodded, but not necessarily in agreement. "I just feel," Joe stated, "that if anything happens to Doug, DJ will need that money a lot more than I will." Steve, smiling, "Joe, if something happens, there is nothing to keep you from giving it to DJ if you wish." Joe relaxed. "Doug, can I assume that you want to list Douglas Joseph Kendall as the secondary beneficiary?" I nodded in approval. "OK, I will fed-X this update to the insurance company, and in a few days you should receive an updated policy, listing your beneficiaries with Joe as primary and DJ as secondary. Do you have any more life insurance policies?" I shook my head no. "OK, that’s out of the way, Doug, have you ever made a will?" "No," I replied, "until recently I never had anyone I wanted to leave anything to, but now I have a husband and a son, and they both mean the world to me!" "We need to determine your assets, Doug, any real estate?" "Just my house, and it’s been paid off, five years ago." "What about financial holdings, stocks, bonds, anything else of financial value?" "I have a small savings account, around $1100, and of course the checking account, and that value varies from day to day." "Automobiles, boats, airplanes?" "I have my 2008 Toyota, which is paid off, and I put DJ’s Tracker in my name, for insurance purposes, and I owe quite a bit on that." "Doug, I’m going to suggest that you will everything, jointly, to your spouse and your son, unless there are certain items you specify to go to one or the other of them, or to anyone else." "How would that work, Steve?" "It offers maximum protection for both of your loved ones. For instance, if Joe decided to sell the house, he could not do it, unless DJ signed off, and both of them would receive half of the proceeds. In such a situation, Joe could not decide to start charging DJ rent, nor could he evict DJ, as DJ would own half of the house, and vice verse." "I might be a little skeptical," I commented, "if I thought there was any animosity between Joe and DJ, but I’ve never heard an angry word between those two. I think I like that kind of will." "Doug," Joe lamented, "DJ may only be my step-son, but I think you know that I love DJ every bit as much as you do. Steve, I just want what is best for DJ, and this seems like the most logical approach for Doug’s will." "Doug, is this a go?" Steve asked. "Let’s get it done, thanks, Steve." "I’ll have the papers done and printed by Friday morning, Doug, if you’ll come in anytime Friday, and sign all three copies, and they need to be notarized. It just so happens that we have a notary public right in the front office, Brenda will be happy to notarize them for you. One copy gets filed with the county clerks office, the other two are for Joe and DJ." "Thank you so much, Steve, I think I feel better now." "Two more things, Joe, how up to date are your insurance policies?" Joe, looking down, "OK Steve, I’ll make an appointment, but I can tell you right now, it’s going to be a replica of today." "Guys, did you know DJ baby sat for us a few days ago? I gotta show you this picture I took when Val and I walked in the door!" Steve reached for his phone and brought up the photo of DJ, Jamie and little David all asleep on the sofa, and showed it to Joe and me. Joe and I had no choice but to grin. "Oh my god," I exclaimed, "that is so sweet, and so precious." "I had to capture it," Steve said, "I’m going to get some prints made, and I’ll make sure you get one. Joe, don’t forget to make that appointment, it’s important." Joe and I walked out of Steve’s office and I prepared to pay the fee, and Brenda told us there was no charge, as we are family. Joe, on the way back to my car, "I didn’t think any lawyer ever did anything for free!" "I guess maybe they do," I replied, "if it’s for family, and I am proud to have Steve Jones as part of my extended family." * * * * * * * * * * * * Meanwhile, at noon on Wednesday, DJ and Jamie are leaving campus and heading for dinner at the Seldon’s. Jamie had explained to DJ about the conversation he’d had with Bryan and Phil. "Jamie, are you going to approach your parents today, about Bryan and Phil?" "I did tell them I would ask today, and see what their reaction is," Jamie replied, "I really don’t know what they will say, if it’s a flat out ‘no’ I can tell the boys that it’s not an option." When Jamie and DJ walked into the kitchen, the aroma of Karen’s culinary skills was enough to make anyone hungry! Granny and Carl were sitting at the table, DJ and Jamie did their duty to kiss and hug the old lady, as well as Karen, and gave Carl a hug also. "Mom, Dad," Jamie spoke, "Can we talk?" "Honey," Karen stated, "There’s never been a time we couldn’t talk, just speak it." "I’m not sure how to—I don’t know—how to say what I need to say, I’m needing a favor—a really big favor!" Jamie couldn’t seem to find his tongue. "DJ," Karen queried, "do you know what this is about?" "Yeah, Mom, it’s about Phil and Bryan—they need help!" "Are Bryan’s parents causing trouble?" Carl asked. "No, at least not yet, Phil got a room at the Shady Inn, and they’re both staying there," DJ explained, "the room is $125 a week, and they’re living on carry outs and junk food." "They want to get a cheap apartment," Jamie finally found his tongue, "but it’s costing them so much to eat, and the room rent, they can’t save money for a deposit, and the first months rent on an apartment." "After Bryan’s father kicked Phil out," DJ added, "he was in a shelter for two weeks, then he got this job as a dishwasher at Denny’s, and rented that room at the motel. Neither one of them make very much money, but they both work, and Phil had to drop out of college." "I told them yesterday," Jamie said, "that I would ask you, if maybe, after Granny moves into her new place, you could let them stay here for a few weeks, so they can save up some money to get their own apartment." "They’re really nice boys," DJ said, "they don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, and they’re friends of ours." "Karen," Carl motioned to her to come with him. Karen turned off the stove burners and followed Carl to the bedroom. He closed the door. "Sweetheart," Carl said, "you know if we take them in, most of the extra work is going to fall on you. I think I’m getting soft in my middle age, but my heart is hurting for those two boys, especially after what Bryan’s parents have done." "Aggie will be moving into her new place in a few days, and we do have the other spare bedroom that Phil and Bryan could use, so we don’t need to wait until Aggie is gone. Honey, if you’re up for the challenge, I have no problem with it." "Carl, it can’t be too much worse having four young men here to cook for, instead of two, and I kind of enjoy the company." "So your up for it?" Carl asked. Karen nodded a yes and Karen and Carl went back to the kitchen. Carl, trying to keep a stern facial expression, "Boys, your mother and I have discussed this, and the ramifications, and decided that—the Seldon Hotel can handle two more guests! The other spare bedroom can be occupied now!" He then grinned. "Jamie, when does their current weeks rent run out at the motel?" Carl asked "Let me call Phil and find out," Jamie answered. Jamie called Phil, and he answered, "Phil, Dad wants to know when your rent period ends, when do you have to move out, or pay another week." "By 2:00 PM on Saturday," Phil answered. "Well, guess what," Jamie said, grinning, "It’s Wednesday, you guys better start packing, you’re all done there by Saturday noon." "Are you serious, Jamie!" Phil exclaimed, "Bryan and I can stay at your parents home?" "Don’t get too excited, Phil, it’s only until you and Bryan can get your own apartment." "Jamie, Bryan just left for work about 15 minutes ago, now I gotta wait until he gets home to tell him. Are you sure this is for real?" "It’s for real, Phil, my parents don’t lie, catch you later." "Mom, Dad," Jamie remarked, "you just made four young men very happy," then, looking at the clock, "Crap, I’m gonna be late, I was supposed to be at work at 3:00 and it’s 2:45 now, I gotta run." "DJ," Karen asked, "you’re not working today?" "Nope, I usually do deliveries on Wednesdays for Dad’s day off, but he wanted to work today and take tomorrow off. My Dads’ met a couple on the cruise from Cleveland, and they’re driving back, and Dads’ invited them to spend a couple days in NC. Dads’ are taking them to the Waterhole tomorrow night so I’m working my Dad’s delivery shift tomorrow." "If I understood right," Aggie commented, "you and Carl are taking two other young men, friends of DJ’s and Jamie’s, into your home?" "That’s how it is Mom," Karen explained, "Phil and Bryan were living at Bryan’s home, and Bryan’s Dad went crazy and kicked Phil out several weeks ago. He accused Phil of being a pervert, and trying to make Bryan gay, then they put all these restrictions on Bryan, and told him he couldn’t even have any male friends, and made his life a hell on earth, DJ you can probably tell this better than I can." "Bryan caught up with us at school, and asked for Jamie’s and my help. Phil had dropped out of school and was working, and has a room at the Shady Inn Motel. Jamie and I helped Bryan move out from his parent’s house and in with Phil at the motel. Phil and Bryan want to get an apartment, but it is costing so much for them to live in the motel, that they can’t save enough money to rent an apartment. Mom and Dad are going to let them stay here for a while, until they can get on their feet, and get their apartment." Granny, tears trickling down her cheeks, "So are these boys gay?" "We’ve never been told that," Karen said, "but two boys that are over 20 years old that have been sleeping together for over three years, what would you think?" DJ is nodding in affirmation. "Parents like Bryan’s don’t deserve to have kids!" Granny exclaimed, "Are these boys as nice as my grandsons?" "I don’t know," Karen snickered, "We haven’t met them yet, but they probably are nice, Jamie and DJ don’t have time for jerks!" "Granny," DJ stated, "they are nice, and I think you’ll like them." Carl had disappeared into the bedroom, and came out dressed in his work clothes. It was nearly 3:30 PM, he kissed Karen sweetly, and told the rest of them goodbye, and headed to work. Granny said it was time for her nap, and headed to her room and lay down. Karen put away the leftovers, and relaxed on the sofa, starting her nap. DJ didn’t have anything to do, so he decided to just relax on the bed for a while, and soon fell asleep also. (to be continued)
  2. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 4

    That happens, I get involved writing and lose track of the stories I'm reading, You're not far behind, I'm still writing Chapter 10 of Watergame.
  3. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 9

    Tuesday morning Vi made coffee and the three men soon were at the table to share that first cup together while Vi packed their lunches. "Guys," Art asked, "did you inform Alvin that this is your last week?" "Yeah," Jeff replied, "we’re working through Friday. Simon and Gordy’s last day is tomorrow, they’re leaving for Georgia Thursday morning, spending Friday night and Saturday with their families, and then moving into their dorms at Tech on Sunday. God, we’re gonna miss those guys!" "That’s always been a problem with summer friends—summer ends, and so does the friendship," Art said. "I don’t think our friendship is going to end that easy," Julian said, "they want to get together with us once or twice during the school year, but we haven’t worked out the details." "They’re really nice young men," Vi mentioned, "and we really enjoyed having them share the Fourth of July weekend with us. Maybe we could have a farewell cookout for them tomorrow evening." "Oh, Mom!" Julian exclaimed, "that would be awesome! If they got everything packed tonight, they could even spend their last night here, with us, and leave for Georgia from here on Thursday." "Hun," Art asked, "are you up for that?" "Sure, Babe," Vi replied, "if we do ribs, I can parboil them during the afternoon, and it won’t take them long on the grill. I can go shopping today. Julian, why don’t you call them now, and invite them." Julian ran to get his phone. Julian, five minutes later and smiling, "It’s a go! They’re going to pack Simon’s car tonight and leave for work in the morning. Then after work they’ll be coming here with us, spending their last night here and heading for Georgia on Thursday," Vi and Art both smiled. "What about Gordy’s car?" Art asked. "Oh," Jeff replied, "They left it in Georgia, Gordy and Simon only live about a hour from each other, Gordy drove to Simon’s house and parked it there, and they just drove Simon’s car here. That’s why they always drive Simon’s car to work." "Smart kids," Art commented, "and that way they can swap off driving on the long trips between here and Georgia." * * * * * * Wednesday afternoon while everyone was clocking out, Alvin was standing by and pulled Gordy and Simon to the side. "Guys," Alvin stated, "I understand this was your last day with us, aren’t you even going to say goodbye?" "We’re sorry, Alvin, we just weren’t thinking," Gordy said, "we’re going to miss the whole crew. We’ve still got two more years before we graduate, I hope we’ll be invited back to work again next summer, if you can put up with us!" "You’re good lads and dependable workers," Alvin said, "and unless the economy crumbles completely, I’ll have openings for you next summer. We’ll be mailing your last two checks to your home addresses, if that’s satisfactory." "That’ll be fine, Alvin," Simon said, "and thanks for the summer jobs. Art White’s family has invited us for a farewell cookout tonight, and we’ll be leaving from their house in the morning, heading back to Tech." "I think you made pretty close friends with Art’s son and his boyfriend, and the four of you made a good work team. I’m going to miss all four of you. Have a good school year." Alvin gave both boys a warm hug, and all three men had tears in their eyes. It was an emotional departure. Alvin loves his college boys, and they all love Alvin. Alvin is very much aware of all four boy’s sexuality but it isn’t, and never has been an issue. Art, along with J&J pulled into the drive, Simon and Gordy close behind. Within ten minutes Art had the charcoal going, and Vi brought out the parboiled ribs, Art placing them on the grill to finish. It would be about 45 minutes to an hour before the ribs would be ready, and Gordy and Simon took the opportunity to shower and change into the clothes they would wear tomorrow as they started their trip. An hour later the family of six were seated at the picnic table, enjoying Vi’s labor of the day, Ribs, Home made Potato salad and baked beans. After eating, Julian asked his Mom where the photograph of his future siblings was, and proudly showed it to Simon and Gordy, with more excitement in his voice than either Simon or Gordy had ever heard. "After all these years," Julian stated, ecstatically, "I’m going to finally have siblings! This is Samantha and Dominic, and in a few months, they’ll be my little sister and brother." "They’re precious!" Gordy exclaimed, "Art, you and Vi are going to adopt these rug rats?" "Yep," Art said, smiling, "We decided our family was too small, and we didn’t want to go through pregnancy—so we’re taking a shortcut!" "We’re excited about it," Vi remarked, "but I think Julian is even more excited than we are!" Julian is grinning, ear to ear. "We’re so happy for your family," Simon stated, "Especially for Samantha and Dominic, they couldn’t be getting better parents." "Thank you Simon," Jeff spoke up, "Vi and Art are wonderful parents, and since Julian and I have been together, they’ve been the parents that I have loved and looked up to, much more than my own parents." "Well, Son," Art added, "I think, as of Sunday, you’re making some headway with yours, too, or at least with your Dad." Jeff smiled. "If you folks will excuse us," Simon stated, "we’re going to hit the sack and get a good nights sleep, we’ve got a lot of miles ahead of us." "Good night guys," Julian said, "we’ll see you in the morning." "Work’s not going to be the same," Jeff said, "without those two." "Another two days and we’ll be history too, baby," Julian added. * * * * * * Julian’s alarm sounded at 6:30 AM on Thursday morning. Ever since Mom & Dad had been on vacation, J&J had gotten used to getting themselves up, and not depending on Art to wake them. They got on their feet and pulled on their boxer-briefs, went into the bathroom and stood next to each other while they relieved their bladders, then slipped into the guestroom to wake their friends. Both boys grinning, they yanked the covers off of Gordy and Simon, exposing their bodies, both males sporting morning wood. Jeff on one side and Julian on the other, they cuffed both sleeping boys’ peckers, bringing both boys to a sense of being awake. "HEY!" Gordy responded. "FUCKERS!" Simon remarked. "Coffee’s ready," Julian stated, grinning. "We’ll be right out," Simon replied, grinning back at Julian. Simon and Gordy pulled on their boxers, headed to the bathroom and then the kitchen, where Vi, Art and J&J were already seated. As all the men started second cups, Vi started to prepare breakfast. She had already prepared lunches for Art and J&J to take to work. "Would you boys like me to fix you some sandwiches to take on the road?" Vi asked. "No thanks, Vi," Gordy replied, "stopping to eat gives us a chance to stretch and loosen up a bit, but thank you anyway." After breakfast Art and J&J grabbed their lunch coolers and headed out towards the pickup. Simon got their overnight bag, and returned to the kitchen, where Gordy was hugging Vi. "Vi," Gordy said, "thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality, and I hope we’re back this way to see you and meet the little ones." "That goes for me too," Simon stated, giving Vi a warm hug. Vi, with tears in her eyes, "I hope you have a safe trip, I’ll miss you." As Simon and Gordy approached Simon’s car, J&J approached them with open arms. Jeff wrapped his arms around Simon and Julian wrapped his arms around Gordy, the four boys shared hugs and kisses with each other on their lips, then swapped. All four boys had tears running down their faces. Art was watching as he was waiting for J&J. He realized that, not only had these four young men become close friends, they truly loved each other. The emotions these boys shared with each other even brought tears to his eyes. J&J watched as Simon and Gordy left, and they walked slowly to the pickup and got in, Art started to drive them toward work. The silence in the pickup cab was deafening. Just before arriving at work, Julian’s phone sounded, it was Gordy. "Hi, Gordy," Julian said, "did you forget something?" "Yeah," Gordy said, snickering, "we forgot to pack you and Jeff with us! Please tell your Dad thank you for helping to make this summer the most memorable and best summer Simon and I have ever had, and we hope to return next summer. We need to stay in touch, OK?" "I will tell him, Gordy, and that staying in touch is a two-way street, but we’ll try. Have a safe trip, OK? Thanks for being our friends." "Back atcha, catch you later, bye." Gordy hung up, and so did Julian. "What did they forget?" Art asked. Julian, grinning, "He said they forgot to pack Jeff and me, and gave me a message for you—to tell you thank you for helping to make this the most memorable and best summer that he and Simon have ever had." "I’m glad they enjoyed it," Art replied, "and I enjoyed having them around too. They’re really nice boys. I hate to admit it, but I’m going to miss them too." They arrived at work and clocked in as usual, and Grady gave J&J instructions as to what he expected of them today. Thursday went by as normal, except that J&J missed their comrades badly. It just wasn’t the same without Gordy and Simon around! The boys were really quiet on the ride back home, and Art noticed. "Are you boys ok?" Art asked, "you’re awfully quiet today." "I think we’re just suffering a case of separation anxiety," Jeff replied, "I can’t believe how much different it is, not having Gordy and Simon working with us. I’m kinda glad tomorrow is our last day to work." "I’m concerned about them," Julian commented, "It’s a long way back to Georgia, and they won’t be home until tomorrow afternoon or evening. They’re supposed to call us when they get home, to let us know they arrived safely." "I’m a little surprised," Art said, "at how close you four boys got this summer, you’re more like four brothers, than just close friends." "I guess," Jeff said, "we just clicked, and we all grew on each other." Friday started as a typical workday morning. Vi prepared breakfast for her crew as usual, but didn’t need to pack lunches, as Friday is pizza day at Corbin Homebuilders. About 4:00 PM Jeff received a phone call and answered quickly, noting that it was from Simon. "Hey, dude," Jeff answered, "are you guys home yet?" "Yeah," Simon replied, "we just arrived at my house about fifteen minutes ago, and had a good drive back with no complications. We spent last night at Motel 6, and" laughing, "we feel sorry for the housekeepers, we made a mess out of the sheets, it’s been a while since we’ve had a good fuck!" "You guys deserved it," Jeff said, snickering, "when is Gordy going home?" "We’re spending the night here at my house, and he’s driving on home tomorrow. Then Sunday we’ll both be heading to Tech and getting our dorm room situated. Our classes start on Monday." "So do ours," Jeff said, "we’ll be leaving Dunbar Sunday morning, and doing the same thing, getting our dorm room straight. We’re used to sleeping together, but it’s gonna be interesting, sleeping together in a twin sized bed. They should put full size beds in some of these dorm rooms. Don’t they know that some dorm mates would like to share a bed together?" "Nope!" Simon replied, "they think that all students are straight, and want to sleep separately. There is an advantage though, in having twin beds. If we mess up the sheets in one of them, we have a spare bed with clean sheets to use the next night!" "Heh, heh," Jeff replied, "I never looked at it that way. I’ll tell Julian what you guys are doing, and thanks for letting us know you got there safely. We both miss you guys, a lot, and we love you." "We love and miss you guys too," Simon replied, "sending you hugs, via satellite. Bye for now." Simon hung up, and Jeff shared the information with Julian. Its Friday, and payday, as all the guys are lined up to clock out and get their checks from Alvin. "Guys," Alvin said to J&J, "I need to talk with you a minute, can you hang around a few, while I distribute these checks?" "Sure, Alvin," Jeff said, as he and Julian stood off to the side. Alvin, now free, "If I’m not mistaken, this was your last day with us?" "Yeah," Jeff said, "we need to head back to campus this weekend, and our classes will be starting Monday. We’ve enjoyed working here this summer and we really appreciate you giving us jobs for the summer." "You will have one more paycheck," Alvin said, "should I mail them to your home address?" "Not mine," Jeff stated, "I don’t want my check going to my Dad’s house, can you give them to Julian’s Dad, and he’ll be able to send them on to our college address, which we’ll know by then?" "Sure, boys, come here," Alvin said, and J&J stepped closer to Alvin. Alvin, wrapping his arms around both boys together, "I’m going to miss you guys a lot. I hope you know, that if you’re available next summer, I’ll try to have openings for both of you." "Alvin," Jeff said, "this is my last year of college, and I hope to have a full time accounting job after graduation, but I’d sure like to have you as a backup—just in case I don’t land a job in my field." "Guys, I wish nothing but the best for both of you. You’re both incredible young men, and I’m going to miss you both, a lot. Jeff, when you apply for employment, please feel free to use me for a reference." "Thank you sir," Jeff replied, "I’ll do that. Thank you for everything." Art, on the way home, "I’m going to stop by the credit union and deposit my check, Son, did you want to cash yours also?" "Yeah," Julian said, "I’m going to put most of it in my account, so I’ll have it after I get to campus." Julian proceeded to open the envelope holding his paycheck, wondering why the envelope was thicker than normal. In addition to the paycheck, it contained a short letter. The letter read: Julian, Your expertise and knowledge saved us probably around a Thousand dollars, when the system crashed. I just wanted to give you a little appreciation, and have added a $200 bonus to your check. Thank you for volunteering your service. (signed) Alvin Corbin "DAD!" Julian exclaimed, grinning, "Remember the day the system went down, and I was able to get it up and running, and then put the new hard drive in Alvin’s computer?" "Yes, I remember," Art answered. "Alvin gave me a bonus for that—a $200 bonus, he said I saved the company maybe as much as $1000. I sure wasn’t expecting this!" Art, grinning, "Alvin does like to show his appreciation, and it’s usually in some form of dollars. Congratulations, Son." Julian was beaming, "Awesome, baby!" Jeff said, "Dad, would it be too much to ask you to drive by Wells Fargo, so I can deposit my check to my account?" "Not a problem, Son," Art replied, "Wells Fargo is only a couple of blocks from our credit union, and while you’re in there, I’m going to go across the street and fill the gas tank." Art regards Jeff as his second son, and loves it when Jeff call him ‘Dad’ and when he calls Jeff ‘Son’ it makes Jeff’s heart melt. There is nothing but a lot of love and respect between Art and Jeff, and Jeff wishes he and his own Dad were as close. Soon, Art and the boys were home, enjoying Vi’s culinary expertise of breaded fried shrimp and fresh cut French fries with the skin on, and coleslaw, topped off with chocolate cheesecake for dessert. The boys were all done with their summer jobs, and Art wasn't scheduled to work this Saturday. Jeff mentioned that he really needed to get a new pair of tires before fall semester and Art offered to take him to a local shop he used on Saturday, and get him a good deal. After dinner, the boys stripped to their boxer-briefs and sat on Julian’s bed and played some video games, then about 11:00 PM they put the game away, dropped their boxer-briefs to the floor and crawled into bed loving and caressing each other until sleep overtook them. Saturday morning Art woke the boys early, about 7:00 AM, early for a non-work day. Art was going with Jeff to get new tires, and wanted to get to the shop early, before other customers would be coming in. Art and Jeff shared a cup of coffee together, then Art left with Jeff, in Jeff’s car and they headed to the shop, stopping by Burger King and grabbing some breakfast croissants on the way. They were at the shop when Ward, the owner, arrived to unlock the doors. "Good morning, Art," Ward said, "I haven’t seen you for a while, your son looks a little different than I remember him." "Oh," Art replied, "this isn’t Julian, this is Jeff, Julian’s boyfriend, and he needs a new pair of tires before they head back to college tomorrow to start their fall semester." "Boyfriend?" Ward questioned, raising his eyebrows, and Jeff felt color flooding his face. "Ward." Art explained, "some boys aren’t into girls, and some girls aren’t into boys." "Art, no need to explain," Ward said, smiling, "My niece and her girlfriend have been living together for two years, and they are even talking marriage. Mandy and Jill are just as much in love with each other as any couple in love, it’s just a little—different." Jeff selected the tires that Ward recommended, and had them balanced, and also had Ward do a front-end alignment, and an overdue oil change. When Jeff paid Ward for the work with his debit card, Ward handed him the warrantee for the tires, and told him that any dealer that sell this brand should honor the warrantee, should he have a problem. He did note that he was aware that Jeff’s home address was in Summerton. "Jeff," Ward stated, "Thank you for your business, and your ride should be in good shape for the school year. Take good care of your boyfriend, and don’t let anybody put you down, just because you march to a different drum!" Ward’s comment made Jeff feel good about loving Julian, and in his heart, he no longer has any shame. He is gradually becoming prouder to be gay, and he knows that he is totally in love with Julian. "Thank you, sir," Jeff replied, "and I will most definitely take good care of my pride and joy! Julian has become the most important person in my life, and we’ve been able to make arrangements to share a dorm room together this year. We’ll be moving in tomorrow, and start classes on Monday." "I sincerely hope that you guys have a happy and successful year," Ward stated, as he watched Jeff and Art get into Jeff’s car and drive away. After lunch, J&J spent most of Saturday afternoon getting their stuff together, and packing it in Jeff’s car, preparing to head to the University on Sunday. Saturday evening, after dinner, they were just chilling on Julian’s bed, playing games on the console. Jeff’s phone rang, and it was Jim. "Hi Uncle Jim," Jeff answered, smiling, as he is always happy to talk with Uncle Jim. "Hey, Jeffie," Jim replied, "Cal and I were wondering when you guys are going to be back in school?" "We’ve been packing today," Jeff said, "and we’re leaving Dunbar tomorrow morning. Guess what! Julian and I were able to get a dorm room together, and we’re moving in tomorrow afternoon. We both have classes starting on Monday." "I’m willing to bet you didn’t get a room with a double bed," Jim said. "You’re right about that," Jeff replied, "but as close as we sleep, I’ll bet we’ll sleep together just fine in a twin bed!" "Next weekend is Labor Day weekend," Jim stated, "have you guys made plans?" "Not really," Jeff said, "We’ll probably spend the weekend with Julian’s Mom & Dad on the yacht, but nothing has been said about it yet." "Cal and I are dying to spend some time with you and Julian," Jim said, "Why don’t you come to Summerton and spend the weekend with us. We’ll probably have a cookout on Sunday, maybe Monday too, and we do have a spare bedroom. Actually it’s Calvin’s bedroom, but we always sleep in my bed anyway, so it’s really a spare bedroom." "Uncle Jim," Jeff said, "it sounds really cool to me, let me discuss it with Julian, and I’ll call you back with our answer in a few minutes." "Great, Jeffie," Jim said, "we’ll be looking for your call. Later’s." The two men hung up. "Baby," Jeff explained, "Uncle Jim and Calvin want us to spend Labor Day weekend with them, in Summerton, what do you think about it." "I don’t know," Julian stated, "I’d really like to get to know them better, but I expect Dad is expecting us to spend that weekend with them on the yacht. I’m getting a little bored with being on the lake, and it think, given a choice, I’d like to spend that weekend with Cal and Jim." "If we commit to spending the weekend with Uncle Jim," Jeff said, "and then Dad says anything about going to the lake, we could tell him we already have plans." "And it would be the truth," Julian said, grinning, "baby, better call Uncle Jim back and tell him we’re game, before Dad has a chance to make other plans for us." Jeff quickly made the call, and Jim answered. "That didn’t take long to decide, Jeffie," Jim said, "What’s the verdict?" "We’re in, Uncle Jim!" Jeff exclaimed, "When do you and Uncle Cal want us to show up?" "Uncle Cal?" Jim questioned, I’m not sure Calvin is ready to be an Uncle." "Maybe it’s a bit pre-mature," Jeff replied, "but you are my uncle, so when you and Calvin marry, that would make Calvin my uncle too, by marriage." "I follow you Jeffie," Jim said, chuckling. "Cal and I think of both you and Julian as nephews, and it makes us one happy family, two uncles and two nephews! When can we plan on you two arriving?" "Our last class ends just before noon on Friday. We’ll grab lunch at the dining hall, and be ready to leave campus about 1:00 PM, and that should get us into Summerton a little after 5:00 PM. We’ll need to return to campus by Monday evening because we have classes again on Tuesday." "Jeffie," Jim asked, "Do you have my home address?" "I do," Jeff replied, "we’ll put it into the GPS when we leave campus on Friday. Thank you for inviting us for the weekend, my baby and I are so looking forward to spending the long weekend with you and Uncle Cal!" "Jeffie, you can’t be any more anxious than Cal and I are to have you guys visit us. We’re not cooking Friday, as both Cal and I are working, but the office is closing at 4:00. Cal and I are taking you guys out for dinner on Friday night, so don’t eat anything on the way here. Goodbye for now, and we’ll see you guys Friday, let us know if anything changes." Jeff and Jim hung up, and Julian was grinning. "Baby," Julian stated, grinning, "I have a feeling we’re going to have an awesome weekend for Labor Day, I can hardly wait for Friday." "I always liked Uncle Jim a lot, but my Mom fucked us up, to really get to know each other very well. I think now we’re starting to make up for lost time. I’m really happy that we reached out to him, and he is a very warm and loving person, completely opposite of my Mom." "Are you going to tell your parents where we’re spending Labor Day weekend?" Julian asked. "I might tell my Dad," Jeff said, "the day we met with him, he said he had nothing against Uncle Jim, and actually likes him—the hatred is all on my Mom’s part, just because Uncle Jim is gay." About 10:00 PM J&J finished the game they were playing before Uncle Jim called. Planning to get a fairly early start back to campus on Sunday, they slipped their boxer-briefs off, and snuggled together in bed, soon drifting off to sleep. * * * * * * Sunday morning came too soon, and Julian’s alarm reared it’s ugly head, waking both boys. Julian shut the undesirable noise off, and J&J shared a few minutes of closeness, just kissing and caressing each other while they attempted to greet the day. Vi had set the coffeemaker the night before, and Julian quickly pulled on his boxer-briefs and ran out to the kitchen and flipped the switch. Returning to their bedroom, Jeff also had pulled on his boxer-briefs and the two young men entered the bathroom and stood together in front of the toilet relieving their bladders, and then went to the kitchen and poured themselves mugs of coffee. A few minutes later Art and Vi joined them. "I know you boys have classes this week," Art said, "but you are coming back for Labor Day Weekend, aren’t you?" "Actually, Dad," Julian said, "we have other plans. Jeff’s Uncle Jim and his fiancé, Calvin, have invited us to spend Labor Day Weekend with them in Summerton, and we accepted." "Dad," Jeff added, "they are both really cool guys, and it will give us all time to get to know each other better. Mom cheated both Uncle Jim and me from really spending any time together, when I was younger, and I think we both want to make up for those lost years." "I think I totally understand," Art said, "do they have room to put you guys up, or will you need to get a room?" Jeff, snickering, "They’re letting us use Calvin’s room, that he doesn’t even use, cause he always sleeps with Uncle Jim, in his bed!" "So I guess Calvin’s room is just for show," Art said, grinning. "Since they’ve come out, and even announced their engagement," Jeff said, "there is really no secret to hide anymore. They really consider that room to be a guest room now." "We’re going to miss you boys being with us at the lake," Art said, "but Vi and I will be happy, knowing that you guys are also having a good weekend." J&J both smiled. "When do you think Samantha and Dominic will be arriving?" Julian asked, "I know Jeff and I will want to come and spend our weekend with them as soon as they’re living here, and we’re prepared to share our bed with Dominic." "Dominic still sleeps in a crib," Vi stated, "and we’re putting that in our room for now. He’s not quite two yet, and sometimes still has nocturnal accidents, so you guys will still have Julian’s room to yourselves." "Nocturnal accidents?" Julian questioned. "In other words, Son," Art explained, "Dominic still sometimes wets the bed, and the crib has a plastic sheet under the cloth one, and sides, so he won’t roll off and get hurt." Julian nodded, understanding. "Julian," Vi said, "I hope you don’t mind if we get your old crib, potty chair and highchair out of the attic and use them for Dominic." Julian, surprised, "I didn’t even know they were still around, once I outgrew them, of course I don’t mind, and I’ll be happy to let Dom use them, and anything else I might have outgrown." "I guess we’ll need to get him all new clothes," Vi said, "because we donated all your baby and little boy clothes to the Goodwill store. I guess you’ve already given Dominic a nickname?" "Both of them," Julian said, grinning, "Sam, or Sammy, and Dom, just like a lot of people call me ‘Jul’." Art & Vi glanced at each other and smiled, knowing it would only be a matter of time, anyway. J&J had packed most of their stuff in Jeff’s car Saturday, and picked up the few remaining things, preparing to leave. "Dad," Jeff said, "we asked Alvin to give our last checks to you, and we’ll give you our mailing address at campus so you can forward them to us. I want to thank you and Mom for making my summer break very enjoyable, and thank you for adopting me, like a son. I’m going to miss you two a lot." "Son," Art said, "Vi and I think of you as our Son, and I hope you know we care about you and love you, unconditionally. We sincerely hope that you can patch up the bad feelings you have for your family, but you know, you have family in Dunbar that cares. We’re going to miss you a lot too. Have a safe trip, and a pleasant senior year. I hope your family makes it to campus to see you graduate, and I know your Dunbar family will make the trip!" Jeff, throwing his arms around Art, "Dad, that means a lot to me." Art and Jeff shared a loving hug, like any close father and son might do. Julian had already kissed and hugged his Mom goodbye, and while Jeff turned his attention to Vi, Julian shared a loving hug with his Dad. Jeff hugged Vi and gave her a loving kiss on her lips. Art and Vi walked with the boys to Jeff’s car, wished them a safe trip, and watched, as the boys entered the car and drove off, waving goodbye. * * * * * * J&J arrived on campus about 2:00 PM, and Jeff pulled close to the Junior Dorm, and parked as close as possible to the entrance. He and Julian went to the Dorm office to register, and get keys to their room. Jeff could hardly believe it—they were assigned the same room that Jeff had shared with Matt the previous year. Matt, of course, now would have a room in the Senior Dorm, where he and Cliff had made arrangements to share the room. J&J started to carry their stuff to their room, 101, when Levi pulled into the parking lot, exiting his SUV with a bag of drinks and snacks, and another young man got out of the passenger side. "JULIAN!" Levi exclaimed, running over to Jeff’s car, setting down the bag and throwing his arms around Julian in a loving hug, which was, of course, returned by the smaller man. "Where is your room?" Levi asked. "101," Julian replied, smiling, "it’s the same room Jeff and Matt shared last year, and now Jeff and I are sharing it.!" Levi, smiling, "I knew you and Jeff would be wanting to get a room together. Guys, this is Caleb, my new roommate, and Caleb, Julian was my roommate last year, but is rooming with Jeff this year." Caleb, Jeff and Julian all bumped fists. "We’re right next door, in room 102, could you guys use some help?" "Sure, Levi, thanks," Jeff replied. Levi and Caleb both helped J&J carry their stuff into their room, and then went to their room. "Levi," Caleb asked, "is there a reason you didn’t want to room with Julian again this year?" "It wasn’t my choice," Levi explained, "Julian was a good dorm mate, but he and Jeff are now a couple, and they wanted to room together, understandably." "Are you saying they’re Fags?" Caleb asked. "Caleb!" Levi exclaimed, "they’re my friends, and I find that kind of terminology offensive. OK, so they’re gay and in love—so what?" "Are you gay too?" Caleb inquired. "No!" Levi stated, "but they’re both really nice boys, and I respect their feelings and their lifestyle, and their way of life, it’s just a bit different." "I’m sorry, Levi," Caleb apologized, "I didn’t mean to offend you." "Caleb, I think we’ll be fine, "Levi stated, "just please try to avoid using derogatory remarks, OK?" Caleb nodding in understanding, "I guess that’s like white guys calling us niggers." "I hate that word, Caleb," Levi stated, "I find it offensive when a black guy uses the ‘N’ word, even toward another black guy. I would hope that we’ve progressed beyond that! That’s one of the reasons I never listen to Rap music, why can’t they record songs without using so much derogatory language?" "OK, Levi," Caleb remarked, grinning, "Sociology class is over, let’s get the rest of our shit unpacked and put away." Levi and Caleb shared a hug and returned to the work at hand, getting unpacked and settled. Meanwhile, over in room 101 J&J are also busy getting settled. Julian made a call to Art, letting his parents know that they had arrived safely and without incident, setting their minds at ease. About 5:00 PM Jeff answered a knock at their door, and it was Levi and Caleb. Levi stated that the dining hall was open, and invited J&J to join Caleb and himself and go get dinner, which they did. They all started to chat while eating, of course J&J and Levi knew each other well, and they were all starting to know Caleb. First impressions were that Caleb was going to become a friend with the other three. Monday morning, J&J showered together as usual and then hooked up with Levi and Caleb for breakfast at the dining hall, and then all separated and headed to their first day of classes. Monday afternoon J&J went to the bookstore and bought the needed books for their classes and other needed material, such as was needed for their labs. The school week progressed at a snails pace, of course, since J&J were anxiously waiting for Friday and their trip to Summerton, and their Labor Day weekend with their Uncles Jim and Calvin. Even though Jim is not Julian’s real uncle, he considers him so. Thursday night J&J packed their overnight bags with anything they thought they might need, ready to grab them on Friday when they were ready for the trip to Summerton. Campus would become a ghost town Friday afternoon, as many, if not most of the students would be leaving for the Labor Day Weekend. Some were going home, some going to the shore and J&J going to Summerton to spend the weekend with Jim and Calvin. Most of the professors were kind enough to not load the students with homework over the holiday weekend. J&J had already put what they needed to take in the car. They shared breakfast together, headed to their Friday morning classes, and met at the dining hall for lunch after their last class ended. They returned to their dorm room long enough to drop their backpacks, grab their phone chargers and headed to Jeff’s car, ready to travel. * * * * * * Jeff put Uncle Jim’s address into the GPS, and they left campus, ready for the approximately three hours drive to Summerton. About 4:30 PM they pulled into Uncle Jim’s driveway, noting that both Jim’s and Cal’s cars were parked there, and Jeff pulled off to the side, not blocking either of their cars. The two boys were hardly out of the seats, when Jim grabbed Julian and Calvin Grabbed Jeff, both men warmly hugging the two boys, and then they swapped, Jim hugging Jeff and Cal giving Julian a bear hug. Both boys had a wonderful feeling of being loved, wanted and welcome. "Get your bags, guys, and we’ll show you around." Jim said. The boys got their overnight bags and followed Jim and Calvin in the front door. Calvin pointed to a bedroom and told J&J that it was their room for the weekend, and they could put their bags in there. The house was small, and so was the tour, the living room was small, but cosy, the bathroom was kind of normal, except for the shower was super-big, obviously designed for two. Jim pointed to his bedroom, referring to it as ‘our bedroom’ and then they were in the kitchen, which was compact, but had a table big enough for four to sit at comfortably. The big surprise was the back yard. Jim opened the kitchen door, revealing a quite large back yard, surrounded on all sides by an eight-foot high privacy fence. There were two lounge chairs, opened up like cots. "Cal and I love our back yard," Jim said. "With that high fence around it, we can be comfortable in our yard dressed the way Mother Nature planned people to dress." Jeff and Julian glanced at each other, grinning. "You guys actually come out in your yard, naked?" Jeff asked. "Yep!" Jim answered, "and if we can afford it next year, we want to put in a below ground pool, and then we can skinny-dip!" "Oh, man!" Jeff exclaimed, "That sounds like so much fun!" "Jeff," Cal asked, "do you guys like nudity?" Jeff, giggling, "Julian and I love to be naked! As long as there are no ladies around." "Babe," Calvin remarked, "this could turn into an interesting weekend!" "I think," Jim stated, grinning, "we should go to dinner, while we’re all still dressed! We’ll have plenty of time to run around naked, later." Calvin invited the boys to get into his back seat, while Jim took the front passenger seat and Cal drove off. Jim and Cal took the boys to a nice, quiet Italian restaurant. They informed J&J to ignore the prices and just look at the entree’s and select what looked good to them. When they all finished eating, Calvin suggested Cannoli for something sweet and not too filling for dessert. Neither Jeff nor Julian had ever had Cannoli before but they were quickly hooked, liking it a lot. Calvin picked up the Tab for their dinners, including a generous tip for the server, and they headed back toward Calvin’s car. On the way back to Jim’s house, Calvin pulled into a shopping center, stating he needed to pick up something at the sporting goods store. While Calvin made his purchase, Jim and the boys wandered around, just looking at all the merchandise on display, and buying nothing, Calvin paid for his purchase, and the returned to the car, and Calvin placed the long, flat box in the trunk. He then drove them all back to Jim’s house, grabbing the box on the way to the front door, Jim, as they were hardly inside the front door, "I don’t know about you guys, but I need to get more comfortable!" Calvin picked up the box while Jim and Cal both headed to Jim’s bedroom, and five minutes later they emerged, both dressed handsomely in their birthday suits. "Guys," Jim asked, "do we make you feel uncomfortable, undressed like this?" Jeff, grinning, "Not at all, but I think we’ll feel more comfortable if we change into the same type of apparel, will you please excuse us for a couple?" J&J quickly went to the guestroom and stripped completely, then came back to the living room and rejoined Cal and Jim. The living room had a couple of smaller chairs and a huge sofa. All four men sat on the well-cushioned sofa, Julian and Jeff in the center, holding hands, and Jim and Cal on the two ends. Jim placed his arm around Jeff’s shoulders and Cal placed his around Julian’s. Both boys felt very comfortable being naked in the company of an also naked Jim and Calvin. Julian told Jim and Calvin about their college friends from Georgia, Gordy and Simon, and how they had all discovered the pleasure and comfort of hanging around each other naked. J&J almost felt like they were with Gordy and Simon now. "Did you guys have any sex with Gordy and Simon?" Calvin asked. "Nope!" Jeff remarked, "Julian and I are monogamous, and so are Gordy and Simon. The most we did was an occasional pecker grab, and that was all in fun. Gordy and Simon slept together, and Julian and I slept together, and we parted as just the closest of friends. We do all plan to try and get together for a weekend, sometime during the school year." While sitting on the sofa together, Julian and Jeff, naturally, checked out Calvin’s and Jim’s junk, and they were certain that Calvin and Jim checked them out as well. The four men just chatted, and learned more about each other. About 11:30 PM Jim suggested they go to bed, offering their guests the use of the shower if they felt the need. As J&J had showered that morning, the declined the offer. Jim, just as they were all ready to go to their bedrooms, "Jeff, Julian, I hope you know this is a gay friendly home. We don’t have a drier, but we have a washer, and clotheslines, in case there is a need to wash your sheets. Please feel free to make love, if you so desire, and I promise no one will think you’re doing anything wrong, not in THIS house!" Jim gave both Julian and Jeff a warm, goodnight hug, accidentally, or maybe purposely, touching their cocks with his own, then turning away and joining Cal in their bedroom. It was almost a given, that all four of these guys slept naked. Julian, as he lay in bed with Jeff, "I kind of thought, since these guys are older than us, that their cocks would be bigger, but it looks like they are about the same as us, I know my Dad’s is a lot bigger than mine." "Baby," Jeff replied, "I don’t think age has that much to do with size. Once we’ve gone through puberty, I think we have what we’re gonna have, and I can tell you, I’m totally satisfied with what you have. I wouldn’t want you to have something the size of Simon’s—he’s got a monster!" J&J soon fell asleep, wrapped in each others arms. Saturday morning, Cal and Jim both woke up sporting morning wood, which was the case, more often than not. While Jim went to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee, Cal slipped into the boys’ room and gently shook their shoulders, arousing them from their slumber. J&J had kinda wondered how big Calvin might be, now they know, as Calvin's eight inch morning wood was only a few inches from Jeff’s face. "Coffee’s about ready," Calvin spoke softly, "no need to dress yet." Jeff, grinning at Julian, "I think Calvin is about the same size as us, when he’s soft. But he’s a grower—and he’s got a couple of inches on us when he’s erect!" When J&J finally got out of bed, both also sporting morning wood, and walked into the kitchen, the back door was wide open and Calvin stood on the back porch, making a golden arch onto the grass. "I don’t believe you’re pissing off the back porch!" Jeff exclaimed. "It’s the best place to go," Calvin said, "when you’ve got that pesky morning wood, be my guest, guys, I’m done." Seconds later J&J were on the back porch, holding each other’s peckers and directing two more golden arches onto the grass, grinning at each other as usual. Cal and Jim observed the boys and smiled, remembering how they used to hold each other while they peed, and wondering why they got out of the habit. It really was kind of fun. Jim poured four mugs of coffee, and placed a package of pastries on the table. The four men sat naked at the table, eating the tasty pastries, and sipping on the coffee. J&J had a pleasant memory of doing the same with Gordy and Simon, only a few days earlier, but without the pastries. Jeff couldn’t help but notice that both Cal and Jim had considerable sun tan on their bodies, but neither of them showed any tan lines. Even Julian, with his darker skin, showed tan lines where his swimming trunks had covered his abdomen and buns, and Jeff had the same kind of tan lines. Curiosity got the best of Jeff, and he had to ask. "Do you guys have a tanning lamp?" Jeff asked. "No," Jim replied, "we don’t need one, we get plenty of sun here in the summertime, and just take advantage of it." "But you don’t have any tan lines," Julian said, "like we do." "Oh," Jim stated, smiling, "the luxury of having our privatized yard, we can lay in the sun naked when we feel like it, and the neighbors can’t see us, we’ve even practiced sex a few times in our yard." "That is so fucking cool," Jeff said, "isn’t it, baby?" Julian, grinning, "It sure is, we’ve never done anything sexual, except in bed." "You haven’t really enjoyed making love," Calvin said, "until you’ve made love under the blue sky, with a gentle breeze on your skin and the birds chirping in the trees! It’s awesome, and just feels so—natural." "To be completely honest," Jeff stated, "the only sex we’ve had has been oral. Both of our boy pussy’s are virgin, and we’ve been thinking about experimenting with anal, but we’ve never tried it, yet." "Are you saying that you guys have never fucked?" Calvin asked. "That’s exactly what we’re saying," Julian replied. "Guys," Jim explained, "Anal intercourse is the ultimate form of sex that men can practice, that shows the love between them. It’s the true form of making love, just like when straight men fuck their wives or girlfriends." "Uncle Jim," Jeff said, "I always thought I was straight, until I met, and fell in love with this one," placing his arm around Julian’s shoulder. I couldn’t even imagine taking a man’s cock up my ass before I met him, but I would allow Julian to penetrate me, and take my cherry, whenever he might desire to do that!" Julian smiled. "I promised Julian a long time ago that I would never push him into doing anything he was not comfortable with," Jeff stated, "I love him too much to try to take advantage of him. I’ve been ready for a while, but I don’t want to do anything with him, until he feels ready." "Baby," Julian said, smiling, "I think I’m ready now, let’s go somewhere we’ve never been before!" Julian affectionately wrapped his hand around Jeff’s manhood, causing Jim and Calvin both to grin, and causing Jeff to start getting erect. "Babe," Calvin said, "I know we’ve never had sex with an audience before, but maybe we could show these boys how we do it?" Jim, grinning, "Why not, I could enjoy a little morning delight, and maybe we could start a fire in them. I’ll get a blanket, you get the lube and a towel, and we’ll show them how it’s done!" Cal headed into the bathroom, already getting hard from anticipation, grabbed a towel and then entered their bedroom and grabbed a bottle of lube. Jim, carrying a quilt, "Come on boys, Sex Ed 101 class is about to start." Jim spread the quilt on the grass in the back yard, and lay on it, his erection reaching for the sky. Cal came out with the towel and lube, Jim raised his butt and Cal slipped the towel under it. The two boys were kneeling on the edge of the quilt, ready for the show, and both sporting hard and leaking erections, as were Jim and Calvin. Jim raised his legs, placing them on Calvin’s shoulders, as Calvin started to prepare Jim’s man cunt, spreading the lube in Jim’s ass crack and inside Jim’s anxious hole. Calvin is explaining to the boys what he is doing, and then coated his erection with lube. "You’re not using a condom?" Jeff questioned. "The main reason for men to use a condom is for disease prevention," Cal explained. "Jim and I both got tested about a year and a half ago, and we were both clean. We have only had sex with each other since, so any chance of disease is slim to none, and we prefer bareback, meaning without a condom." Calvin placed the head of his erection against Jim’s waiting orifice, and pushed in against Jim’s sphincter ring, popping through, and causing Jim to gasp. "Uncle Jim," Jeff asked, "did that hurt?" "It often does," Jim said, "just a tad, but then the pleasure outweighs the pain. The feeling of Calvin’s cock inside me is indescribable, it feels so good, I’d like to just keep it there forever." "So is this how you guys always have anal sex?" Jeff asked. "Nope," Cal replied, "we’re versatile, and sometimes switch roles. Sometimes I fuck Jim, and sometime he fucks me. We both enjoy it, either way, and once in a while we just suck each other off." "So," Jeff said, "you guys are both tops and both bottoms, depending on your mood of the day." "You got it, Jeffie," Jim said, "it doesn’t really matter who is the top and who is the bottom, as long as you both enjoy it." "As a top," Cal said, "I try to stimulate Jim’s prostate with my cock, and if I get it right, it will cause him to have an orgasm. The perfect fuck is when both men can cum together." "Babe," Jim said, "I’m getting close, are you?" "Very close," Cal replied, "just a couple minutes away." "I’m about to—oh, fuck, babe, I can feel it rising, I’m cumming!" J&J watched intently as Jim’s cock spewed a huge load of cum onto his pubes, stomach and chest, with a glob even landing on his forehead. J&J grinned, as Cal wiped the glob from Jim’s forehead with his finger and licked it off. "I just came too," Cal said, collapsing on top of Jim’s body, squishing Jim’s load between them, as they shared a passionate kiss. "I know," Jim stated, smiling, "I felt you fill me up! Guys, you just witnessed a perfect fuck! We both shot our loads." "I’m surprised," Jeff said, "Uncle Jim, you shot all over, and neither one of you even touched your cock!" "That happens," Jim said, "when you’ve got a good top that knows how to stimulate, or pound on your prostate. Are you guys ready to try it?" J&J looked at each other, grinning. Jim crawled off the quilt and squatted, letting Calvin’s load drain out of his ass. Cal grabbed the towel and cleaned the most of Jim’s cum from his stomach, then wiped his cock off. Handing the towel back to Jim, Jim wiped the cum off his stomach and then wiped his crack and hole. Calvin squatted down and used his mouth to clean the dribbles of Jim’s cum from his cock. Calvin ran into the house, returning about three minutes later with a clean towel. "You guys ready for Sex Ed 101 Lab?" Cal asked. J&J just looked at each other, not sure how to respond. "Julian," Jeff said, "I love you, and I’m ready to give myself to you." "Are you sure you want to do this baby?" Julian asked. "I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life, baby, take me, bust my cherry," Jeff begged, "take my boy pussy, make me yours!" "There are more ways to fuck," Cal said, "than how we did it, maybe another position might work better for you guys, like maybe, going in from the back side, instead of the front like we did." "Jeffie, get down on all fours," Jim said, "and stick your ass in the air!" Jeff complied. "Are you guys more comfortable using a condom?" "I don’t think we need to," Jeff responded, "Julian is a virgin, and this is my first time with a boy since way back in high school." "What about girls, Jeffie," Jim said, "you can catch things from them too." "It’s been a few months," Jeff said, "maybe we should use a condom, and when we get a chance, we probably should both get tested." Jim, opening a condom package, "That would be wise, Julian, do you know how to wear this?" "Yeah, they taught us back in high school," Julian said, as he rolled the condom down over his erection. "Okay, now lube Jeff’s pussy," Jim instructed, "and then lube your condom, make sure you get some lube inside Jeff’s hole. The slipperier it is, the easier it will be to slide in, and the less it will hurt Jeff. Now push the head of your cock against Jeff’s hole, and take it slow, don’t ram it in." As the head of Julian’s pecker popped through Jeff’s sphincter, Jeff let out a squeal. "I’m sorry baby, I don’t want to hurt you!" Julian exclaimed. "It’s okay, Julian," Jim said, "just hold still a minute, and let Jeff get used to your cock in his ass, and very slowly go in a little more. As Jeff gets used to the intrusion, you can slide in a little more. Jeff, how are you feeling?" Jeff, snickering, "Kinda full, almost like I gotta shit, but it feels kinda good too. It’s not hurting now." "Julian," Jim said, "start to slide in and out, real slow, and gradually push in a little deeper, let your lover get used to it." "Gosh, this feels good," Julian stated, "it feels better than jacking off, but I do think it’s gonna make me cum!" "Julian, I think you might be a little too low to hit Jeff’s sweet spot," Jim stated, "try to hitch down a bit." Julian moved his hips, lowering his cock’s angle a bit. "OH MY GOD!" Jeff hollered, "He’s—He’s driving me crazy! I feel like I’m gonna piss!" "I think," Jim said, "if Julian is hitting where I think he is, he’s about to bring you to a climax!" "Uncle Jim," Julian said, "I feel like I’m gonna fill this condom—with cum!" "I’m peeing!" Jeff exclaimed, "and I can’t stop it!" Jim, laughing, "Jeffie, pee is almost clear, what’s coming out of your cock is white, just pure semen! You just came to a fantastic orgasm!" "Ooooohgh," Julian moaned, "I just filled this condom!" Julian pulled out of Jeff’s boy pussy, and removed the condom, holding it up to show a right decent quantity of ejaculate in the condom. Jeff, looking at the sizable puddle of semen on the towel, "Damn, that’s sure a lot of cum, it’s probably going to take me a week to build up that much again." Calvin, grinning, "I’ll bet you can replenish your balls again by tomorrow. When I was your age, I sometimes wanked it off two or three times in a day, and I always shot off a good size load! I can almost guarantee you’ll be recharged by tomorrow. Maybe you two can reverse positions tomorrow, and Julian can lose his virginity." "Jeff is the only boy I would be willing to have take my virginity from me," Julian stated, smiling, "and I’ll give in to him without a fight!" The two boys hugged, and shared a passionate kiss together. "All this fucking around, pun intended, has taken our breakfast time away, so how about some brunch?" Jim suggested. "I can’t say we didn’t enjoy the sex ed lesson," Jeff said, "but it didn’t do much to satisfy the hunger for real food, my stomach thinks my throat has been cut! Brunch sounds awesome." The four men headed back into the house, Jim donned an apron and started frying bacon. J&J shared an opinion, that Jim has some pretty cute buns, sticking out of the back of the apron. Prior to last night, J&J had no idea that their Uncles would feel so comfortable dressed in their birthday suits, and it made J&J feel even more at ease with Jim and Cal. "How do you guys prefer your eggs fried?" Jim asked. "Over easy I think," Julian replied, "we like to dunk the toast in the egg yolks, if we’re having toast." "Cool," Jim replied, "that’s the same thing we like to do." While Jim was frying the eggs, Calvin busied himself making toast, and buttering it. Calvin was sitting next to Jeff, and Jeff couldn’t resist the temptation to reach over and give Calvin’s cock a friendly cuff. "Careful," Calvin said, grinning, "wake him up again and we’ll never get brunch finished!" Jim placed a platter of bacon on the table, and then served up two fried eggs on each plate, times four, and the four men enjoyed having brunch together. "Jeff, Julian," Calvin said, "Do you guys want to give me a hand with something while Jim catches the dishes?" "Sure, Cal," J&J answered, in unison. Calvin went and got the long, flat box that he’d bought last night from the bedroom. They all headed out to the back yard, and Cal opened the box. It was a large badminton set, containing two three-sectioned poles, the net, six birdies and four rackets, plus four stakes and light ropes to support the poles. "Wow!" Jeff exclaimed, "I haven’t played badminton in years." "Neither have we," Calvin said, "but we thought it would give us all something fun to do this weekend. Let’s get it up." "I’ve never played, baby," Julian said, "is it hard?" "Not really," Jeff replied, "you’ll learn it quickly, and we’ll all have fun." Cal and the two boys had the game up by the time Jim had finished the dishes, and he strolled out to the yard. "Should we get dressed before we play?" Julian asked. "Why," Jim replied, "I think we’ll be just fine, playing naked. How we gonna select the teams?" "We could play Uncles against the Nephews," Cal said, "but it might be more fair if we play with Jim and Jeff, against Julian and me." And that how they played. Jim and Jeff won the first game, then they swapped uncles, and it was Jeff and Cal against Julian and Jim, and Julian and Jim won the second game. They all agreed that it was a lot of fun, playing naked, and watching the other guys’ cocks bobbing around as they played. There was nothing sexual about it, just four guys having fun, playing naked together. No doubt about it, these four guys all love to hang around, naked. About 4:00 PM they put the rackets and birdies in the shed, and Calvin fired up the gas grill. Jim brought out four large potatoes, wrapped in foil and placed them on the top rack to bake. J&J took advantage of the two lounges, and stretched out on them, letting the sun bathe them where the sun normally doesn’t shine. A half an hour later, Calvin, now wearing an apron, brought out a bowl containing four split broilers that had been in the fridge marinating overnight. Using a pair of tongs, he carefully placed the chicken on the grill to cook, closing the lid to keep heat on the spuds. The aroma of the broiling chicken permeated the air, causing three men’s stomachs to start complaining. Jim was in the kitchen preparing tossed salads, so he escaped the tantalizing aroma of the cooking chicken. Calvin periodically turned the chicken and used a basting tool to dribble more marinade on the chicken. The boys, stretched out on the lounges, we’re unaware of the power of the sun, but Calvin noticed that Jeff’s cock was turning red, as well as his lower torso that would normally be covered with shorts. Even Julian’s lower torso was starting to color more bronze than his normal light skinned black. Calvin, approaching them, "Guys, I think you need to get out of the sun, or you’re going to have cooked wieners!" J&J both got off the lounges and checked each others pride and joy, realizing they both had sunburn, particularly on those tender private parts. J&J both ran into the kitchen. "Uncle Jim," Jeff asked, "do you have any sunburn ointment?" "Not specifically," Jim replied, "where are you burning?" "Mostly down there," Jeff stated, drawing Jim’s attention to their peckers." "Oh, shit!" Jim exclaimed, "they aren’t supposed to be red. I understand that organic raw apple cider vinegar will help relieve the soreness, hold on a minute." Jim went to the bathroom and grabbed two clean washcloths, then put some Bragg’s organic vinegar on each one. "Here guys," Jim said, "wrap the damaged goods in these, and we’ll soon know if the remedy works, and stay out of the sun the rest of the day." J&J wrapped the vinegar soaked washcloths around their sunburned peckers, each using a hand to hold them in place. After only about five minutes, they started to feel some soothing relief. They then went back outside and settled at the picnic bench, which was in the shade of the house. Jim started to carry stuff out of the kitchen to the picnic table. He brought out a tray with butter and sour cream, salt and pepper, and four bottles of salad dressings. Next trip was plates, flatware and napkins. When Calvin announced that dinner was ready, Jim brought the tray back out with four bowls of tossed salad, setting the tray at the end of the table. Using the tongs, Calvin placed a half chicken and a baked potato on each of the four plates, setting the first two in front of J&J and the other two on the opposite side of the table for Jim and himself, then turning off the grill. Julian, finicky Julian, picked the onion rings from his salad and placed them on Jeff’s salad. He put butter, salt and pepper on his potato, leaving the sour cream for the other three to enjoy. When the boys tasted the chicken, a chorus of happy sounds emanated from their throats which was a pleasant sound to Calvin. "Cal," Julian stated, "this has got to be the best tasting chicken I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating!" "Why, thank you, Julian," Cal replied, "I’m happy that you like it." "I have to agree with Julian," Jeff said, "this chicken is awesome!" "Just for your information," Cal said, "the marinade we used on the chicken is nothing but Italian Dressing, with a little bit of extra garlic and vinegar," "Well," Julian said, "I’m not big on garlic, but this was perfect!" "Guys," Cal asked, "how are those sun roasted wieners doing?" Jeff, laughing, "A lot better, mine still hurts, but not nearly as much as it did." "I think that vinegar is really helping a lot," Julian said, "I’m not hurting as much either." Calvin and Jim both smiled. "When I was a kid," Cal said, "and I had a boo-boo my Mom would kiss it, and make it feel better. I never had a sunburned peter though, and I don’t know if my Mom would have kissed that." Calvin grinned. "Baby," Julian said, grinning, "maybe if I kiss your peter it will feel better?" "Hee hee," Jeff responded, "It always feels good when you kiss it!" All four guys laughed. "It’s likely that only a gay guy would ever kiss another guys peter, or even kiss another guy—period," Jeff remarked. The four men sat together at the picnic bench for a long time after they finished eating, just chatting, and getting to know each other even better. One at a time, the guys needed to relieve their bladders, Jim was the first, and set an example, standing a few feet from the bench and watering the grass. Over the next hour, all of them watered the grass. Darkness was approaching, and Jim suggested they head into the house. He stacked up the soiled plates and flatware, and all four men grabbed stuff from the picnic table and carried things into the kitchen. Calvin put the dirty dishes in the sink and started to run dishwater in the sinks, to wash up the dishes. Julian went to their bedroom and retrieved both his and Jeff’s phones. Julian, returning to the kitchen, "Baby, you’ve got a shit load of missed calls, and a voicemail." Jeff, looking at his phone, "They’re all from my Dad, I guess I’d better check the voicemail and see what he needs." He called voicemail and put it on speakerphone. "Jeff, I’ve been trying to call you all day, and I even tried to call Julian, and got no answer from him either. I’m worried about you guys, is everything OK? Son, I wanted to find out what you guys are doing this Labor Day Weekend. Please call me!" "Baby," Julian said, "he sounds worried, I think you better call him." Jeff made the call, putting the phone on speaker. Bill answered quickly. "Hi Dad," Jeff said, "Julian and I are spending the holiday weekend with Uncle Jim and Calvin. We left our phones in the bedroom, so neither of us ever heard them." "So," Bill replied, "you and Julian are right here, in Summerton?" "Yep," Jeff replied, "we just finished off an awesome dinner of barbecued chicken. We’ve really enjoyed spending our time with Uncle Jim and Calvin this weekend." "Is Jim close by," Bill said, "I’d like to talk with him." "I’ve got the phone on speakerphone, and we can all hear you," Jeff stated, "do you want to speak to him privately?" "No Son," Bill said, "you can leave it on speaker, Jim, can you hear me okay?" "I can hear you just fine, Bill," Jim said, "What’s on your mind?" "Jim, I’ve never had any issue with you, actually I like you, but you know how Elaine is," Bill stated, "I think Elaine has had a wakeup call. Jim, would we, Elaine and myself, be welcome to come and visit you and Calvin and Jeff and Julian for a couple of hours tomorrow?" "Bill," Jim said, "Cal and I are planning a cookout tomorrow, for us and the boys. It’s nothing fancy, just burgers and hot dogs, and some salads and watermelon. We have plenty of food, why don’t you and Elaine join us, and we make it a family affair?" "Jim," Bill stated, "I like that idea, a lot, let me discuss it with the boss, and I’ll call Jeff back with an answer in a few minutes." Jeff and Bill both hung up. Jim, hugging Jeff and with tears running down his cheeks, "Jeffie, we might just make a loving sister and mother out of your Mom yet!" Jeff, also with tears leaking from his eyes, "Uncle Jim, there is nothing I’d want any more than to see you and my Mom loving each other, and to see Mom be more accepting of guys like us." A few minutes later Jeff’s phone rang, and Jeff answered immediately. "Dad," Jeff asked, excitedly, "what did Mom say?" "Son, can you give the phone to Jim?" Bill requested. "He want’s to talk to you, Uncle Jim," Jeff said, handing Jim the phone. "Jim, here," Jim said, "What’s the verdict?" "Jim, Elaine is okay with the plan, but she wants to know what we can bring?" "Just you and her, if she would like, maybe something sweet for dessert. We’ll plan for supper around 5:00 PM, but you’re welcome to come a lot earlier, and we can chat." "We’ll be getting out of church around 12:30, and we’ll need to go home and change. We could be out to your house around 1:30 if that’s OK?" "That’ll be fine, Bill, we’ll see you tomorrow." They hung up. "What’d he say," Jeff asked, excitedly, "what’d he say?" "It’s a go! Bill and Elaine should be arriving here around 1:30 PM, and spending the afternoon with us." J&J shared a spontaneous loving hug with each other, both grinning ear to ear. There is nothing these boys want any more than for Jeff (and Julian) to be on good terms with Jeff’s family. It seems like Jeff’s Mom is coming around—maybe. Saturday night the four men sat on the sofa together again, all naked, and watched another movie. J&J were still holding the vinegar soaked washcloths on their sunburned peckers, which were starting to feel less sore than they were earlier. Julian took a pee break, and when he returned, he lifted the washcloth from Jeff’s cock, and placed a tender kiss on the head of Jeff’s penis, causing Jeff, as well as Jim and Calvin to grin. About 11:30 the movie ended, and they all headed to bed, after giving each other warm and loving goodnight hugs. To be continued…………
  4. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 9

    Sorry folks, this Chapter took more space and time than I anticipated. J&J probably won't get to meet Julian's siblings until Chapter 11.
  5. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 20

    Friday morning, January 19th, Jamie’s alarm woke the boys up at 7:00 AM and they pulled themselves out of the bed after sharing a loving good morning kiss and hug. With classes on four mornings a week at 9:00 AM, these 7:00 AM awakenings are starting to become familiar, but not necessarily well liked. They saw no reason to shower, as they hadn’t messed themselves up with sexual residue and had showered at school after their Phys Ed class yesterday. They pulled their boxer-briefs on, went to the bathroom and peed together, and headed to the kitchen, greeting, kissing and hugging Granny and Karen. "Mom," Jamie announced, "we’re supposed to be hooking up with Bryan at noon, to transfer some of his stuff into my car, and take to Phil at the hotel, so it’ll probably be around 1:30 when we get home from school today." "What time are you guys working today?" Karen asked. "DJ is 3-9 and I’m 4-11," Jamie responded, "Should I bring pizza home tonight?" DJ is nodding. "That would be nice," Karen agreed, "I’ll have dinner ready when you guys get back from school today." "Thanks, Mom, "DJ stated, "It’s nice to have real food before I go to work, and I really appreciate what you do for us." Karen smiled. For just a moment, Karen was reminiscing back to almost a year ago, when she was so afraid that Carl’s attitude toward black people was maybe going to cause them the loss of Jamie. Thank goodness he came around quickly and accepted DJ, and quite obviously has so much love for him today. It was Carl that said they could afford to give DJ the Playstation for his Birthday, and it was Carl’s brainchild to send the boys to Disney World for a Christmas Gift. Yeah, Carl has accepted DJ as his second son. While Jamie was driving DJ and himself to school, DJ’s phone rang, and he answered it, not recognizing the calling number. "DJ? Steve Jones here." "Hi Uncle Steve," DJ replied, smiling, "what’s up?" "DJ, do you have plans for tomorrow evening?" "Not really, I’m working 10:00 AM until 5:00 or 6:00 PM" "Val and I have a function in the city tomorrow night, could we maybe solicit your baby sitting service?" DJ, grinning, "Do you mean my ‘kid-sitting’ service?" Steve, chuckling, "You’ve been around Abby too much, we’d like to leave as close to 6:30 as possible, and we won’t be home until around 1:00 AM, maybe 1:30, can you help us?" "I want to say yes, but I really need to check with Randy. Can I call you back, a little after noon and confirm?" "I may have clients in the office, but if you call this number, it’s my cell and I will answer it, I’ll be looking for your call, thanks." "DJ," Jamie asked, what did Uncle Steve want?" DJ, grinning, "They need a kid sitter tomorrow night, while they go to the city for a function." "You really like Abby and David, don’t you?" DJ, smiling, "Well, I can’t help it, they kind of grew on me." "Baby, I think you’d make a wonderful Daddy, if—someday, we get married." "You’re serious about marriage, aren’t you, Jamie?" "Well, not right now, but I fucking love you, and I want to spend my life with you, married or not!" Jamie has tears sliding down his face, as he parked the car at the campus. DJ drew Jamie close, wiped the tears away, and the two young men shared a passionate hug and kiss. "Jamie, I think our feelings are the same, I can’t believe I would ever love any boy, as much as I love you, I think I would die if we were ever to break up!" The two boys got their backpacks, and headed to their 9:00 AM Algebra class. At 11:50 their computer class let out and they headed to the parking lot. Bryan’s red Pontiac was parked next to Jamie’s Civic. DJ and Jamie looked into the back seat, and it was filled with black Hefty bags. Bryan pranced toward them, smiling. Bryan, giving both DJ and Jamie hugs, "Guys, this is going quicker than I thought it would! This is everything out of my closet, and all my summer clothes, and most everything else. I’ve only left a minimum of stuff back there, just what I’ll need over the weekend, and need for school Monday. When I leave on Monday morning, my old room will be empty, except for the furniture, which belongs to them anyway." Bryan was beaming. The three boys spent the next ten minutes, transferring Bryan’s stuff from Bryan’s car to Jamie’s, Jamie opened his trunk and they filled it from Bryan’s trunk. Bryan left for home, and DJ and Jamie headed to the Shady Inn to unload the cargo. DJ made a call to Randy, asking if he could be off by 6:00 PM on this Saturday evening, and Randy said he should be, if he starts the deliveries early enough. DJ then made the call to Steve, and Steve answered, noting that the call was from DJ. "Uncle Steve, Randy says I should be off by 6:00 PM, but I’m not sure where you live, and I’ll need to pick up something to eat." "If you can handle wieners and Mac and Cheese, you can eat with the kids, you know they’d love your company, you’ll have to cut the wieners up for David." DJ smiled. Steve gave DJ the address, and DJ put it in the GPS and saved it, then told Steve he should be there before 6:30. They hung up. Jamie backed the car up in front of room 120, and DJ knocked at the door, hearing a ‘who is it?’ from inside. "It’s DJ, and Jamie," DJ answered. Phil opened the door, a bath towel wrapped around him, and let them in. "Close the door, and have a seat on the bed," Phil said, "I hope you’ll excuse me, I just finished my daily masturbation, and I needed to shower and wash the spunk off my stomach and—wherever else it flew." Phil took the towel from around his waist and dried his hair with it, his flaccid cock bouncing in front of DJ and Jamie, who were both glancing at each other and grinning. Phil was reasonably well endowed, probably over 7" in its flaccid state. DJ and Jamie had never seen Phil naked before and Phil seemed to care less. He then put the towel back into the bathroom and walked back into the room naked, walked over to the dresser and pulled out a clean pair of boxers, and put them on. "You do have some of Bryan’s stuff, don’t you?" Phil asked. "Yeah," Jamie replied, "my car is full of his shit, but he said this is most of it. He’s planning on getting what is left Monday morning, and never going back." Phil smiling, "Give me about 3 minutes to get properly dressed, and I’ll help you bring it in here." DJ, while Phil was dressing, "Baby, I think Phil would be mighty comfortable at our Dad’s house, especially in the early morning." "Why would that be?" Phil queried. Jamie, grinning, "Cause nobody puts on any clothes there, until we need to go outside, and we all sleep naked." Phil replied, grinning, "You’re gonna make me jealous, I guess you might realize that I do like nudity. You guys are two of my closest friends, and I’m not at all uncomfortable being naked around you." They all went out to Jamie’s car and started to carry bag after bag into the hotel room, and then the boxes and stuff from the trunk. Once the stuff was unloaded, Phil opened the box with the games and CD’s in it. Right on top was Bryan’s 8" X 10" framed senior picture. Phil held it up, looked at it, kissed it and held it tightly to his breast. Phil, with tears in his eyes, "Do you guys have any idea how it feels to be dating, and in love, with the most handsome and sweetest guy in the whole fuckin’ school?" He turned the photo around for DJ and Jamie to look at it. "He is right handsome," DJ commented. "I vaguely remember him, and you too, Phil," Jamie recalled, "you guys were seniors when I was a junior, we went to the same school. Baby, we need to hit the road, Mom’s expecting us for dinner." "Wait up a sec," Phil stated, fishing in his pocket, and brought out a key, "you’ll likely see Bryan before I do, give this to him." DJ accepted the key, with 120 written on it. "I talked to the owner yesterday," Phil explained, "and told him I needed a key as I had a roommate moving in with me. First he said he needed to have the roommates name on record, I told him the name was Bryan Stith, then he offered to give us a room with two beds for $25 more a week, and I told him that Bryan and I didn’t mind sharing the bed. He just smiled and said ‘It’s Cool’" Jamie, while driving them to Jamie’s house, "I think we learned something about Bryan today, he’s a size queen." "What do you mean, what’s a size queen?" "A size queen is a gay guy that likes guys with big dicks." "Oh," DJ replied, "I really didn’t notice." "Bullshit!" Jamie exclaimed, "Phil was swinging that big piece of meat right in front of us, there is no way you didn’t notice it!" "Okay," DJ said, grinning, "But Phil is still not as big as Rusty, actually I was kind of feeling sorry for Bryan’s little ass, when they get back together." Jamie, snickering, "I don’t, Bryan’s used to it, and he’s probably dying to have that big piece of meat shoved up his ass again! Speaking of meat up the ass, I could handle one up mine again, but I would want something more reasonable, like a DJ sized piece of meat, we haven’t done any anal since we got back from our trip." "I’d feel more comfortable doing that at my house, Jamie, after our Dad’s get back from their honeymoon. Then you can make love to me again, you know I love the feeling of you inside of me." "No more than I love the feeling of you inside me, baby, you know, DJ, we’re so fucking much alike, it’s almost scary!" "Jamie," DJ snickered, "You’ll never get a tan as dark as mine!" It was just about 1:30 PM when the boys arrived. Karen placed dinner on the table, and everyone sat down. Granny and DJ on one side, Jamie on the end next to Granny, Carl and Karen on the other side across from Granny and DJ. "I assume you boys helped move some of Bryan’s stuff today?" Carl asked. "Actually," Jamie stated, "Most of it, Bryan says he can get the rest of it in his car Monday morning, and won’t be going back to his parents house, ever." "Maybe Bryan’s parents will eventually come around," Carl commented, "it’s unfortunate that some people can’t let love and acceptance rule their lives, instead of hatred and bigotry! I’m glad that Bryan and Phil have friends like you two, to help them out, I’m so proud of both of you." The boys eyed each other, smiling. "Oh, Mom, Dad," DJ remarked, "Uncle Steve called me this morning and wants me to baby-sit tomorrow night, as he and Val have a function in the city. I told him I would, but they won’t be back until late, like 1:00 or 1:30 AM. Jamie can come over and keep me company after he gets off at 11:00." Karen, chuckling, "You know that Abby and David like DJ a lot, I think they’ve adopted DJ like a big brother." DJ grinned. "I think the feeling is mutual," Carl said, "these two ‘kids’ were having a lot of fun entertaining the little ones on Christmas Day in the snow, and I enjoyed watching them all have fun together." DJ, displaying that infectious smile, "I had a blast that day, and it made me feel like part of the family." "DJ," Carl remarked, "have no doubts, you are a very much loved part of this family, and always will be." DJ, suddenly realizing its 2:20 PM, "Mom, thanks for another great meal, if you’ll please excuse me, I have to leave for work in about 10 minutes." Both boys went to the bedroom and changed into their work clothes. They shared a romantic kiss and hug, and went back to the kitchen. DJ gave Granny a goodbye kiss and left. Jamie has another hour, as he and Carl both need to leave about 3:30 PM. * * * * * * * * * * * * The cruise ship had set anchor on Thursday at the port of Nassau and most of the passengers swamped the tourist shops, and toured the city of Nassau. Some of them wore their swimwear, and bathed in the multitude of swimming locations, and sunbathed on the beaches, and returned to the ship after dark on Thursday evening. Friday evening Doug and Joe were in the lounge, sipping mixed drinks, where the disk jockey was spinning a variety of music, trying to satisfy the majority of the passengers. When he sometimes played oldies, Joe and Doug danced together, neither of them into today’s sounds. The deejay made an announcement, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are honored to have in our presence a very special couple, Joe and Doug, this song is for you!" He then played an old Frank Sinatra song that went like this: Love is lovelier the second time around Just as wonderful with both feet on the ground ***(at this point, Joe and Doug are on the dance floor, holding each other tightly and drifting to the music)*** It's that second time you hear your love song sung Makes you think perhaps that love, like youth, is wasted on the young Love's more comfortable the second time you fall Like a friendly home the second time you call Who can say what brought us to this miracle we've found? There are those who'll bet love comes but once, and yet I'm oh, so glad we met the second time around [instrumental-strings] Who can say what brought us to this miracle we've found? There are those who'll bet love comes but once, and yet I'm oh, so glad we met the second time around The deejay spoke again, "I think that song may have a special meaning for these guys, who dated many years ago, then drifted apart. Nearly a year ago, an event happened in their lives, that brought them back together and they tied the knot last Sunday and are on their honeymoon. Congratulations, Doug Kendall and Joe Reynolds, we wish you a lifetime of happiness together." The crowd erupted with cheers and applause, Joe and Doug both had tears running down their faces. If they were to consume all the drinks that appeared at their table, someone would need to carry them back to their cabin! Tomorrow the ship would be heading back to Miami, the last day of the cruise approaching. They are both so happy that they had met, the second time around! "Joe", Doug asked, "Did you request that song?" "No I didn’t baby, but I’m certain someone gave the deejay a heads up" The only ones who really know our story are Todd and Ryan, and the Captain." A few minutes later Todd and Ryan appeared at their table, tonight they were dressed casually in cargo shorts and polo shirts, and asked if they could sit with us, and of course we welcomed them. "Guys," Joe spoke, "there’s no way we can put away all of these, (pointing at the drinks) can you help us out a little?" Each of them picked up one and started to sip. "Joe, Doug," Ryan commented, "Do you guys realize that you’re about the most popular couple on this ship? Everyone knows who you are!" Todd commented, "We can only hope that we’re still together, when we get to be your age, and don’t have to wait until the second time around." "If your love is true, love can keep you together," Joe remarked, "just curious, did you guys tip the deejay off, about us?" Ryan, raising his hand, "Guilty as charged, did you like the song?" "We’d forgotten about the song," I replied, "but when we heard it, well, it was so ‘us’ and the second time around, led to marriage." "With the help of DJ and his boyfriend playing cupid," Joe added, "I’ve loved this man for 25 years, I’m so happy he is now mine!" Neither Joe nor I are heavy drinkers, and a couple of hours later we were both way too inebriated. Todd and Ryan stayed with us and walked us to our cabin, helping us to stay on our feet. They even steadied us as we drained our bladders, helped us undress down to our underwear, and into bed. Like loving parents, they tucked us in, and gave both of us goodnight kisses. They left, locking the door behind them. As I mentioned earlier, they are nice kids. * * * * * * * * * * * * Friday night when DJ got off work about 9:00 he went over to the pizzeria to hang out and wait for Jamie to get off at 11:00. Anthony came over to DJ and asked how the vacation went, DJ told him it was terrific, but it was also good to be back home. He then asked DJ when the newlyweds were due back, and DJ told him they were expected back on the 22nd of January. About 9:30 a couple of the female students from the Rainbow Alliance came in and ordered a to-go, and came over and sat with DJ while waiting for their food to be ready. They mostly talked about how great the club’s Christmas Party had been. Jamie brought over some silverware from the dishwasher, and DJ and one of the other servers wrapped it, helping Jamie to get off a few minutes earlier. At 11:00 PM sharp, Anthony let Jamie go, keeping the other server to do the final cleanup duties. DJ and Jamie left, with a large pizza, and followed each other home. Granny had already gone to bed so Jamie, DJ and Karen attacked the pizza. DJ has a long day tomorrow, as he is working 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, then will be heading to Steve and Valerie’s to watch the young ones. Jamie is going in at 3:00 and will be closing at 11:00 PM. The boys headed to bed right after they finished the pizza. Jamie, setting his alarm for 8:00 AM, "Baby, I hope you don’t mind, I’m getting up with you, and while you’re working I promised Matt I would go out and spend a few hours with him before I go to work." DJ, chuckling, "Why should I mind, I’m glad, Matt doesn’t have many friends, and I’m sure he’ll enjoy the company. Tell him ‘Hi’ for me." The two boys kissed, and soon fell asleep. * * * * * * * * * * * * Saturday morning, Joe and I woke up about 8:30, hung over, and both of us with serious headaches. Neither one of us even remembered leaving the lounge or going to bed last night, but we did wake up together in bed this morning, and in our cabin. Joe, standing in front of the toilet draining his bladder, "My head hurts, and I’m in serious need of some coffee, are you going to join me?" "You bet!" I said, "as soon as I release this full bladder and get dressed, I don’t think I ever want another drink!" We got dressed and headed to the dinning room, where they were serving a breakfast buffet. Joe got us cups of coffee, and soon our young friends, Todd and Ryan joined us, both with full plates of food. They didn’t even bother to ask us, they just plopped down at our table. "How are you gents feeling this morning?" Todd asked. "We’ve both got some powerful headaches!" I answered, "We don’t drink very often, and we didn’t handle them very well." "We noticed," Ryan said, smiling, "You two really tied one on last night!" Joe commented, "We don’t even remember leaving the lounge or going to bed, but we did wake up in our bed this morning, what was strange though, we usually sleep naked, and we woke up wearing our underwear." "I can explain that," Todd said, grinning, "Ryan and I put you to bed last night, and we felt a little awkward to strip you completely, so we left your underwear on." "We appreciate your services," I said, "I don’t know where we would have ended up if you guys hadn’t come to our rescue." "You know," Ryan commented, "you two are kind of like roll models to us, being older and still in love, can we stay in touch after we all get home?" "I think we’d like that," Joe responded, "we didn’t come on this cruise, expecting to make any long term friends, but I think Doug and I would both like to keep up with you guys, and you really have become friends." "Look," I said, "we’re about thirty some miles from Charlotte, if you ever travel that way, we could maybe hook up for lunch or dinner, heck, we could even put you up for a night or two." "We’re staying at a hotel tonight," Joe said, "our flight back to Charlotte is at 11:00 something Sunday morning, when is your flight back to Cleveland?" "It isn’t," Todd replied, "we drove down, and we still have a few days of vacation. We’re heading to Orlando tomorrow and visiting Disney World for a couple of days, then spending two or three days on the west coast, around Sarasota, and then heading back. We’ll likely leave Sarasota next Friday morning, planning to get back to Cleveland Saturday night, we’re both due back to work on Monday." "I have an idea," Joe spoke, "Doug, what do you think, If they leave Sarasota on Thursday morning, early, and drive to our house. I’m off on Thursday and we can take them to the Waterhole Thursday night, then they can hang around Friday and Friday night, then head back to Cleveland Saturday." "Joe, that plan kicks ass!" I exclaimed, "the only problem I see is that once they’ve been to the Waterhole, and gotten a taste of our southern hospitality, they might not want to go back to Cleveland!" "Let me get this straight, no pun intended," Todd inquired, "you’re actually inviting us to spend a night or two at your home?" "We are," I replied, "I’m certain you’ll find us a lot friendlier than the Shady Inn, the only hotel in town, and free too." Ryan, glancing at Todd, "I kind of like the idea, and I guess you have a spare bedroom?" "Not exactly," I said, "but I know DJ and Jamie would give theirs up for a couple nights, and they would just stay with Jamie’s parents. We would really enjoy hosting you guys for a day or two, and I know you will love our boys, once you meet them." "I thought you just had one son," Todd remarked. "DJ is our son," I explained, smiling, "and Jamie is his boyfriend. The two boys are inseparable, so it’s like having two sons. They always sleep together, either at our house, or at Jamie’s parent’s house, and they’re equally welcome at either place." They asked about the Waterhole, and Joe explained that it is not a Gay Club, per se, but the Club is gay friendly, and that likely over half of the clientele are gay and lesbian, and it’s a fun place to go. After breakfast, we determined that the ship had changed direction, by seeing the position of the sun, and was headed back toward Miami. At lunchtime, we were treated to a drag show. Joe and I traded phone numbers with Todd and Ryan, and I told them to please give me a heads up if they decide to accept our offer. They said there was a pretty good chance that they would, and that they really want to meet DJ and Jamie. * * * * * * * * * * * * Saturday morning, January 20th, Jamie’s alarm woke both boys up at 8:00 AM, and they both headed into the bathroom to relieve themselves and showered together. After drying each other they pulled on clean boxer-briefs and headed to the kitchen. As usual, Karen and Granny were both up, and sitting at the table having coffee. DJ explained that they would be really late coming home tonight, that Jamie was coming out to Steve and Val’s to keep him company, and that Steve and Val didn’t expect to be home until 1:00 or 1:30 AM. Carl got up about 9:00 AM and joined them at the table. "Does anyone know what time Doug and Joe are landing tomorrow?" Carl asked. "Shit, I’m not sure," DJ responded, "but someone will need to pick them up, I’m scheduled to work 3-9 tomorrow, and Jamie is 4-9." "It looks like," Carl commented, "I’m the only one not working on Sunday, so I guess I need to plan a trip to the airport, but I need to know what time their flight is due." "The cruise ends today," Karen remarked, "I’ll try to call Doug this evening, and get the details." Carl nodded in approval. Jamie and DJ both put on their work uniform shirts, kissed Granny and Karen goodbye, and left about 9:30 AM, DJ headed to the store and Jamie headed to Matt’s house. * * * * * * * * * * * * When DJ clocked in that morning, there was a notice posted next to the schedule, DJ read it and smiled. **IT’S PARTY TIME** Housewarming & Valentines Party Saturday night, February 10th 10:00 PM until ? At our new home: 421 Pinetree Circle Hosted by Randy Shultz & Daryl Cartwright All are welcome and bring your Spouse, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, or Date Food and Alcohol provided, but Please, drink responsibly. **Be there or be square** "NEAT!" DJ exclaimed, speaking to Randy. "We made two of those, and Daryl plans to post one at his CVS, I think Daryl has finally decided to live more openly, and not worry so much about what others may think. We also plan to invite some of our close gay friends from the city, so it should be a diverse group." "DJ," Randy asked, "Maybe you could help me out a little, do you know where we might be able to borrow some extra chairs from?" "I think so, we could likely borrow some from Anthony, at the pizzeria," DJ replied, "I’ll have Jamie ask him." "Thanks, that’d be great," Randy said, "I’m trying to hold the deliveries down today, so we can get you out of here by Six, do you know when your Dad will be available to work again?" "They’re flying back in tomorrow, so I would guess he’ll be available Monday afternoon." Randy nodded. Gloria, about 5:00 PM, "DJ, take these last 3 deliveries, and when you get back I’ll get you out of here, OK?" "You bet, Gloria," DJ answered, heading out a couple minutes later. At 5:45 DJ returned, and Gloria let him clock out, and he headed out to Steve’s house, to assume his ‘kid sitting’ obligation. * * * * * * * * * * * * DJ pulled into the driveway at Steve’s house and noticed the Buick LeSabre and the Cherokee parked under the carport. He assumed they would probably be driving the Buick, and parked behind the Cherokee, then walked to the front door, and rang the doorbell. "DJ," Steve greeted, smiling, "Come on in, where did you park?" "Behind the Cherokee," DJ replied, "I can move it if you need me to." "That’s fine, we’ll be taking the Buick." Abby and David were right there, Abby threw her arms around DJ’s hips and David wrapped his arms around DJ’s thigh, making DJ feel very welcome and loved. DJ couldn’t help smiling. "DJ," Valerie said, "the mac and cheese is in a baking dish in the oven, and the wieners are in a pan on the burner, and they are ready to serve. The kids are excited to have you to eat with them tonight. They’ll both eat two wieners, but you’ll need to cut David’s into small bites. There are some c o o k i e s on top of the fridge for your desserts, after they finish their supper, and they both drink milk with their meals." "What time do they go to bed, and do they get themselves ready?" "We usually let them watch the cartoon channel after supper, and we like them in bed by about 9:00 PM," Steve said. "They both can get themselves into their pajamas, but make sure David puts his huggies on, underneath his sleepers, as he still occasionally has an accident while he sleeps. Make sure they both go potty and brush their teeth before bed." "I hope it’s ok," DJ remarked, "if Jamie comes to keep me company after he gets off from work." "That’s fine," Steve said, "and I can’t think of anything else you need to know, you have my phone number if there is a problem." Valerie instructed the young ones to obey DJ, and be good for him, or they might not let DJ sit them again, and they promised they would be good. Steve and Val kissed the kids goodbye, and told them they would see them in the morning, and left. "Are you guys ready for supper?" DJ asked. "You’re going to eat with us, aren’t you?" Abby asked. "You betcha," DJ answered, "and I’m starved, let’s eat." They went into the kitchen, DJ saw the potholders and pulled the macaroni out of the oven, sitting it on the top of the stove. Plates, forks and glasses were already on the table. David climbed up on the tall chair, and Abby took a chair, while DJ started to dish up the food. DJ did as instructed, cutting David’s wieners, into bite size pieces, then spooned the macaroni onto the plates, spooning a larger portion onto his own plate. DJ pulled a jug of milk from the fridge and poured some into the three glasses. DJ sat down with the kids, Abby to his left, and David on his right, at the end of the table. Supper went without a hitch, Abby asked for a little more Mac and DJ obliged, also spooning himself a second portion. The children both cleaned their plates, so DJ got the cookies down, and gave them all, (including himself) 2 cookies. He then rinsed the plates and glasses, and put them in the sink, and slid the leftover Macaroni into the fridge. When DJ walked back into the living room, Abby had already turned on the TV and had it tuned to the cartoon network. She instructed DJ to sit on the center cushion of the sofa, to which he complied, and seconds later had Abby on his left and David on his right, both snuggled tightly against him. DJ wrapped his arms around their shoulders, pulling both children close to him. DJ couldn’t help but marvel as to how much he loved these kids, and how much they cared about him. As the cartoons played, he laughed and giggled, right along with Abby and David. It’s been years since DJ had watched cartoons, and he was having fun, sharing the experience with these two children. David spoke, "DJ, I gotta potty." "You can go by yourself, can’t you?" DJ answered. "Yeah, but, when I’m done, I need you to wipe my bottom." "OK, go ahead and go, and leave the bathroom door open, and holler when you’re done, and I’ll come and wipe your bottom." A few minutes later, David hollered that he was done, this was a job that DJ wasn’t quite prepared for. He’d never before needed to wipe anyone else’s butt, just his own. Another first in DJ’s life. He leaned David forward and cleaned his little crack and hole, and when he was satisfied that it was clean, he pulled David’s underwear and trousers back up, then flushed David’s ‘business’ down the toilet. "Thanks, DJ," David said. DJ, snickering, "You’re welcome, David." About 8:45 DJ decided it was time to get these hooligans to bed. He told them to get their pajamas on and get ready for bed. Abby got hers on, went to the bathroom to potty and brushed her teeth, and stood by her bedroom door, looking at DJ. "Go to bed, Abby," DJ said. "Aren’t you going to kiss us goodnight, and tuck us in?" "Sure, honey," DJ responded. Abby climbed into bed, DJ leaned over and gave her a loving kiss on the cheek, and pulled the sheet and blanket around her, tucking her in. He then went through the same procedure with David, checking to ensure that David had put his huggies on. He then went back to the sofa and flipped through the channels trying to find something interesting to watch, finally settling on a boring movie, and then dozed off. Jamie arrived at about 11:20 PM and knocked at the door, arousing DJ awake to answer it, of course DJ was expecting him. The two boys kissed and hugged in the doorway, then settled back onto the sofa. DJ reclined, his head on the padded right arm of the sofa, with a pillow under his head. He kicked off his sneakers, bringing his legs up, and straightening out his body. Jamie also reclined, his body behind DJ’s and his head resting against DJ’s ribs. DJ’s right arm swung over Jamie’s shoulder, and rested on Jamie’s chest, and the two boys rested comfortably for just a few minutes, basking in their closeness. It was one of those treasured moments of intimacy that both boys loved. Suddenly the mood was interrupted. Little David was standing in front of the couch, he was rather disturbed and was shaking DJ’s shoulder to arouse him. "What’s the matter David?" DJ asked. "There’s something under my bed!" David exclaimed, "I can hear it moving around, and I’m scared, can I lay here with you?" Without an answer from DJ, David climbed onto the sofa and snuggled next to DJ’s chest, his head just under DJ’s chin. DJ removed his arm from around Jamie, and wrapped it around David to secure him from falling off the sofa. Jamie then wrapped his right arm around DJ’s thighs and the calves of David’s legs. In a few minutes, all three boys were asleep in that position. It was about 1:15 AM when Steve and Val got home and noted that Jamie’s car was parked behind DJ’s Tracker, and they pulled under the carport. Rather than knocking or ringing the doorbell, Steve quietly unlocked the front door and he and Valerie quietly stepped inside. Their eyes fell upon the three sleeping boys, and they grinned at each other. "Steve," Valerie whispered, "that’s so sweet, get a snapshot." Steve got out his phone, hit the camera icon, and got as close as possible, and captured a good shot. The flash brought both DJ and Jamie back to reality, but didn’t phase David. Steve placed his finger on his lips to hush the two older boys. He then very gently and carefully lifted David from the sofa and carried him to his bed and tucked him in, still fast asleep. "DJ," Val asked, "did you have problems with either of them?" "Not exactly," DJ replied, "David had to poop, and he informed me that I needed to wipe his bottom. It was the first time I ever wiped a bottom, other than my own, but I think I did ok." Steve was grinning. Val, almost choking with laughter, "David does pretty good with most of his hygiene, but he hasn’t quite mastered the art of cleaning his bottom yet." Steve, snickering, "If you guys decide to marry, and adopt small children, you’ll both get plenty of practice wiping little bottoms!" DJ and Jamie looked at each other, grinning, and nodding. "So," Steve inquired, "How did David end up on the sofa with you guys?" "He said something was moving under his bed, and he was scared, and wanted to lay with us," DJ answered. "Oh," Steve remarked, smiling, "the monster under the bed, huh?" "Well," DJ stated, "It’s been fun, but we’ve both had a long day, and I think we’re both ready for a good nights sleep, baby, are you ready to head home?" Jamie nodded. "Wait up," Steve stated, reaching into his pocket and trying to hand DJ $30. "Uncle Steve, I didn’t do this for the money," DJ remarked, "please keep it, I did it because I love Abby and David!" "DJ!" Val exclaimed, "Please take the money, we would have had to pay anyone else, and we feel a lot more comfortable with you watching them, because we know you care about them. We know that you would never harm, or abuse them, but we don’t expect you, or anyone else, to do it for free." "Oooookkaaaaayyyy" DJ said, as he reluctantly accepted the money, "Thank you Uncle Steve, Aunt Val, and I hope you need me again." "We don’t often need a sitter," Steve commented, "but when we do, DJ, you’re number one on our sitter list, guys, have a good weekend, at least what’s left of it, and DJ, thank you." DJ and Jamie both hugged Val and Steve, said goodbye, and headed out to their cars and then headed back to Jamie’s house. It was after 2:00 AM when they finally got home, and they wasted no time in getting to bed. At least they can sleep in tomorrow, as DJ is due to work at 3:00 PM and Jamie at 4:00 PM. They cuddled together and fell asleep quickly. (to be continued)
  6. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 8

    I'm sorry some of these chapters take so long. Unlike my story 'DJ' which is written and I only need to do some minor editing before uploading them, this story I'm uploading as I complete writing the chapters. I am about two thirds done with Chapter 9 of Watergame. Patience please, I'm writing as fast as I can!
  7. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 19

    About 3:00 PM Tuesday afternoon, DJ was ready to leave with some deliveries. With me on honeymoon, DJ needed to make the deliveries I normally would make, all week long. "DJ, I think we need to chat, can you come here a minute?" Gloria said, DJ went into the pharmacy and faced Gloria. "Sweetie," Gloria asked, "What’s wrong?" "Nothing," DJ replied, looking down, "what makes you think something’s wrong?" "Sweetie, I can read people, and you haven’t been yourself today, did you and Jamie have a quarrel or something?" "Not a quarrel," DJ replied, "more like a discussion." "You guys haven’t broken up, have you?" "No, Gloria, we just had a little glitch, I think we’ll be ok" "You still love Jamie, don’t you?" "With all my heart and soul," DJ replied, tears in his eyes. "Sweetie, even those of us that are deeply in love, occasionally have a misunderstanding, or hurt each other, but if love is there, love can conquer all. I’ve missed your smile all day, do you want to tell me what happened?" "Not really, Gloria, Jamie hurt me, but I think he really loves me, and I think we’re going to be okay." "I sure hope so, sweetie," Gloria said, wiping DJ’s tears away, "Give me that smile." Just that little chat with Gloria did help DJ to feel a little better, and he displayed that patented smile, and got one back. Gloria gave DJ a warm and welcome hug, making DJ feel even a little more better. DJ is looking through the deliveries, and saw one for the ‘Golden Age Senior Community’. "Gloria, I do have some good news, you met Joe’s Mom, my Granny at the wedding. Well, Granny has decided she isn’t going back to California. She’s rented a room here, (DJ is pointing to the delivery for the ‘Golden Age Senior Community’). Until Dad and Joe got married, I’ve never had a grandparent, and I love my Granny a lot, I didn’t want her to leave, and she is staying. I’m really happy about that!" Now DJ displays his real smile, and he left with the deliveries. DJ and Jamie both got off from work at 9:00 PM and followed each other back to Jamie’s house. Karen had a snack prepared for them, but Granny had already gone to bed. The boys ate quickly, mentioned they had to leave early for school, kissed Karen goodnight and headed to bed. The boys stripped, and cuddled, and shared a passionate kiss, causing both of them to get hard. Jamie was fondling DJ’s hard cock, wanting it in his mouth, but he was a bit leery, remembering what DJ had said that morning when Jamie touched it. Jamie, speaking softly and romantically, "DJ, I’m still hungry for something special, may I eat?" DJ is thinking how good it feels to have his cock in Jamie’s warm mouth, and having about a 3 or 4 day accumulation in his genitals, told his lover to go ahead. Jamie was on it in about 30 seconds. Jamie, also, was horny and hard as a rock, and leaking precum. DJ, speaking softly, "Baby, I don’t think I could ever leave you, who else would ever be able to pleasure me the way you do, I’m already feeling your snack on it’s way, and I can’t hold off for very long." Music to Jamie’s ears. DJ, moaning softly, "I’m close—I hope you’re ready—Jamieeeeeeeee!" DJ wrapped his hands behind Jamie’s head, holding Jamie’s mouth on his cock, and feeling his orgasm happening. Several spurts of DJ’s sweet cream flooded Jamie’s mouth, and Jamie held it there for a few seconds, relishing the feeling, then started to swallow. Jamie was on the verge of cumming, and he thought he was going to cum on the sheets, but didn’t. "I almost came on the sheets, and I’m still quite close, do you want to finish me or should I use my hand, I need to cum." Without a word, DJ spun around and took Jamie’s throbbing, precum covered penis in his mouth and started to suck, and about two minutes later felt Jamie start to pulse. "Baby, that feels—so—good," Jamie gasped. He’d gotten off the day before when he and Bryan jacked off, but this was just so much better, and with the boy he really loves. The two boys readjusted their positions, cuddling close, and preparing to sleep. They shared a passionate kiss, tasting each other's cum in each other’s mouths. It was good. "Thanks, baby," Jamie remarked, "I really needed that, and your cream always tastes so sweet." "Jamie, I think you taste pretty awesome too, thanks." It seems the boys have ‘consummated’ their relationship again, at least we hope so. * * * * * * * * Jamie’s phone alarm went off at 7:00 AM Wednesday morning, causing both boys to open their eyes to greet the day. They slipped out of bed and pulled on their boxer-briefs, went to pee and then wandered to the kitchen where Karen already had coffee made. "Mom," Jamie asked, "how do you do the schedule you keep? You’re the last person we see when we go to bed, and the first we see when we get up, and then you cook dinner for Dad before he goes to work, it just seems you never get much time to sleep?" "I guess," Karen explained, "it’s probably a combination of things. As we get older, most of us don’t require as much sleep. I usually go to bed right after you do and so I get a couple hours before Carl gets home. Sometimes, while all of you are working, I take a 2 or 3 hours nap. Even with Aggie here, we both nap in the afternoon." Granny entered the kitchen, hugged and kissed her grandsons, and sat between them, listening to the conversation. Karen poured her a cup of coffee, and set it in front of her. "I guess we tend to underestimate you," Jamie commented, "being a stay at home mom and housewife isn’t as easy as it would seem." "But Honey," Karen replied, smiling, "it’s worth it, when a mother has a family as wonderful as I have been blessed with. I wouldn’t trade my life for a lot of other women’s lives. I’m happy, doing what I do, and I love my family so very much!" "There’s an old saying," Granny spoke, "a man may work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done." "Ain’t that the truth, Mom!" Karen stated, as she removed a pie pan from the oven. Karen cut the ‘pie’ into slices, placing a slice on each of two plates, and added a serving of hashed brown potatoes to each and set them in front of the boys. DJ, looking at the plate, "Pie for breakfast?" Karen, smiling, "It’s not pie, DJ, it’s quiche, have you never had quiche?" "I don’t think so," DJ replied, "I guess it’s another ‘first’ for me." "Karen, I don’t usually eat this early, but, seeing that quiche, I’m suddenly hungry for breakfast, if it’s ok?" "Sure, Mom," Karen replied, fixing two more plates for Granny and herself, "I’ll save the last for Carl, when he gets up." DJ, after tasting the first bite, "Mom, I can tell its got eggs and cheese, but what’s the green stuff?" "Spinach," Karen replied, "do you like it?" "It’s different," DJ responded, "Actually, it’s pretty darn good!" By the time they finished breakfast it was 8:15 and the boys hustled to the bedroom to get dressed for school and grabbed their backpacks. On the way out they kissed Granny and Karen goodbye, got into the Tracker and headed for school. DJ will be working 3 to 9 today, doing deliveries, and Jamie 4 to 9. After Computer class, and as Jamie and DJ were almost ready to leave campus, they caught up with Bryan. As they approached Bryan, he smiled. "Bryan," DJ stated, "we’ve got a plan to get you moved out of your parents home and in with Phil, if you really want to do it." "I want to, but like I told Jamie the other night, my parents aren’t going to just stand by and watch me take my stuff out of the house." "Do your parents work, and what hours?" DJ asked. "Dad works a regular job, Monday through Friday, he leaves about 7:30 AM and gets home around 5:00, Mom doesn’t work and is home most of the time. So what is your plan?" "We need a little more information," Jamie said, "is your mom up when you leave for school? What we need to know, is, if there is a time when you could sneak some stuff out of the house without them knowing." "Maybe, Mom watches TV late, and usually doesn’t get up until 10:00 or even 11:00 in the morning. Dad and I have to get our own breakfast." DJ and Jamie are grinning. "So," Jamie said, grinning, "if some of your stuff grew legs and walked out with you when you leave for school, your mom would likely not see it happen, right?" Bryan nodded, smirking. "But how would I get the stuff to the hotel, I wouldn’t have time to take it there, without being late back home. They know my schedule, and I have to tell Mom when I’m leaving for school, so I can’t leave early." "Bryan, that’s where we come in," Jamie explained, "you sneak your stuff out, and into your car, then we hook up here, put your stuff in our car, which might be DJ’s Tracker or my old Honda, and we deliver it to Phil’s hotel room. This will take a few days, depending on how much stuff you have to move." "Do you have anything big," DJ asked, "that you need to keep?" "The biggest thing is probably my X-Box, and games and a few CD’s, but it’s mostly clothing." "Oh," DJ added, "and get your important stuff, like your high school diploma and birth certificate, cause once your out of there, you don’t want to have to go back. I went through this about 9 or 10 months ago." "I have my diploma, but Dad put my birth certificate in a lock box somewhere, and I have no idea where it is." "If you need to, you can get a duplicate birth certificate from the state," Jamie said, then, smiling, "the last day, leave a note on the bed telling them you have moved out and won’t be coming back." "Do you guys have an 11:00 AM class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday that lets out at this time?" Bryan asked. "We sure do," DJ replied, "so can we expect to transfer your first load on Friday at this time." "You sure can, "Bryan smiled, "this is a crazy plan, but I think it will work just fine. I love you guys, and please know I really appreciate what you’re doing for me, really for Phil and me, I can’t wait to get back with my baby!" DJ and Jamie headed toward home, and were discussing the events of the last half an hour. Bryan might be a little late getting home today. "Jamie, you have Phil’s number, don’t you? Maybe you should call him and let him know our plans." Jamie placed the call. "Hi Jamie, got some news for me?" Phil answered, excitedly. "We just left the campus and we just wanted to share our plan with you. We heard you’re looking for a roommate?" "Well, you heard right, but I’m kind of particular, his name would need to be Bryan." Jamie spent the next five minutes explaining the plan to Phil. Phil responded, "That sure sounds like a plan that’ll work, my hand is tired, between washing dishes and stroking it every night, maybe I can give my poor pud a break! I’ll be forever grateful to you guys. Look, when you come to the hotel, it’s room 120, and on workdays I usually leave about 2:00 PM so I can eat something before I clock in at 3:00. I’m tired of Denny’s food, but with my discount, it’s the cheapest thing I can eat. So you should be bringing the first load of Bryan’s stuff on Friday afternoon?" "That’s the plan, Phil, and then a load on Monday, and one Wednesday, until he gets all his stuff out. I guess he can deliver the last load himself. DJ and I are happy for you guys to be getting back together." "You can’t be nearly as happy as I am, being away from Bryan for so long has nearly killed me, I’ll look forward to seeing you on Friday, after lunch time. Bye, and thanks for the update." They hung up. "How did Phil sound, Jamie?" DJ inquired. "Excited and anxious, baby, I’m so glad we could help them." "I have an idea," DJ remarked, "After Bryan gets moved, and they get settled, maybe we could all try to get a Saturday night off and we could take them to the Waterhole, kind of like a double date." "That’d be neat," Jamie grinned, "we’re about due for a night together anyway, and they would be fun to be with, I’ll bet they’ve never been there, and I’d like to go back there again with you." * * * * * * * * It was about 1:15 when the boys got back to Jamie’s, and Karen had lunch (well, dinner) on the table, Granny, Carl and Karen were already half done eating. "You’re late," Carl said, "Is everything OK with you guys?" "Yes," Jamie replied, "we spent a little time with one of our friends at school, I hope you didn’t worry." "We were just a little concerned," Carl said, "you boys are usually home from school by around 12:30." The boys sat down and filled their plates, and then their tummy’s. "Mom." DJ remarked, "I think you missed your calling, you should have been a chef, you seem to enjoy cooking, and you’re so good at it! Everything you make comes out so perfect and tasty!" "Why, thank you DJ," Karen responded, "I probably wouldn’t want to be a chef, as an occupation, but I do love cooking for my wonderful family!" About 2:00 PM the boys excused themselves from the table and headed to their room to change into their work clothes. When they had removed their clothes, down to their boxer-briefs, Jamie pulled DJ down onto the bed and wrapped his arm around DJ, caressing his torso, and lay his head on DJ’s shoulder. DJ’s arm found it’s way around Jamie’s torso and the two just enjoyed being close. "Baby," Jamie softly spoke, "I wish we could stay here like this all afternoon, it just feels so—right, and—comfortable." "It’d be great," DJ snickered, "but we’d likely both soon be unemployed, and I think we may need the money. I can maybe spend another 5 minutes before I need to get ready to leave." "DJ, I think I love these intimate times like this, just as much, maybe even more, than when we have sex, but that’s good too, I like both—a lot." The two boys shared a few minutes more of their precious intimacy, and DJ slid off the bed, put on his skinny jeans, work shirt and sneakers. He then kissed his lover goodbye, then went to the living room and kissed and hugged Granny and his Mom, and hugged Carl, then left the house and headed to the store. After DJ left, Jamie went through much of the same ritual, but then joined his parents and Granny in the living room, as he had nearly an hour to kill before he had to leave. Since he had the time, he explained the short story to Karen and Carl, about the situation with Bryan and Phil, and what Bryan’s parents had done and were doing. "Jamie," Carl asked, "how old are these boys?" "Dad, you’ve met Bryan, he was our server at Applebee’s the night of my Birthday Party, and he’s almost 21, and Phil’s about the same age." "Bryan’s folks had to have known," Carl stated, "I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out, if two 18 or 20 year old boys are comfortable sleeping with each other every night, there’s no way those boys are straight! Bryan’s parents must have hearts that are overflowing with hate! What happened to parental love?" "That’s the kind of story we hear about," Karen lamented, her eyes wet with tears, "and it happened right here in our own little town. How could any parents be so cruel to their child, it’s heart wrenching!" "Son," Carl said, "I know your Mom is with me on this, I’m proud of you and DJ for taking the humanitarian approach to help these young men. From what you’ve told us, they need all the help they can find. Bryan’s parents are nothing but Assholes and Bigots." "Dad, Mom," Jamie replied, tears in his eyes, "I really appreciate your support, I thought you might tell me that we are sticking our noses where they didn’t belong, as it’s not our problem." "Jamie," Karen explained, "if those friends mean anything to you, their problem becomes your problem, it’s an ethical thing, and I think you and DJ are doing the right thing." "Thanks, Mom, thanks Dad, I need to get to work." Jamie and his Dad both needed to leave about 3:30 for their respective jobs. Jamie kissed his Mom and Granny goodbye, Carl kissed Karen goodbye and both men headed to their cars and left. Meanwhile, at Southside Drug and Pharmacy, DJ needed to talk to Randy. "Randy," DJ said, "I have a problem with tomorrows schedule. You have me scheduled for 3 to 9, and I have a Phys Ed class from 2-4, and I’ll need time to shower and grab a bite to eat. There’s no way I can be here to work before about 5:15 or 5:30." "My bad, DJ." Randy replied, "I just wrote you in to cover your Dad’s delivery shift, just come in as soon as you can, and I won’t consider you late, I’ll keep the deliveries at a minimum, and you can likely get them all delivered before 9:00 PM. Since you have a long day at school on Thursdays, I will try to schedule you off, after tomorrow." "Thanks, Randy," DJ replied, smiling, "Let me go and take care of these deliveries, and I’ll see you in a little while." * * * * * * * * Wednesday night, like the night before, the boys followed each other home from their work. Like the night before, Karen had food prepared for them, homemade bean soup, and cornbread. They went to their room shortly after eating. "DJ," Jamie stated, "our computer instructor told me to bring my laptop to the lab tomorrow, and I can install the student versions of the software on it. Then we can both do some of our computer homework on the laptop, I can connect our printer so we can print off the results to turn in." "I guess that’s cool," DJ replied, "but I don’t even know how to start it up, I’m pretty dumb when it comes to computers." "I’ll help you baby," Jamie assured, "and you will learn a lot in the class too, it’s one of the advantages in taking that class. By the end of the semester you’ll be a computer whiz!" DJ smiled, doubtfully. "Jamie, do we need anything special for the volleyball class" "Yeah," Jamie replied, "gym wear, and towels, we better get that stuff packed tonight, I have a zipper bag, big enough for both of us to use." Then, retrieving it from the closet, "Here it is." "DJ, go into the bathroom, in the cabinet, and there should be a plastic soap dish, and grab our deodorant, and a couple of clean bath towels and washcloths." DJ went to the bathroom and found the requested items and returned to the bedroom, where Jamie had some stuff laid out on the bed. "OK DJ," Jamie announced, "Two pairs of gym shorts, sorry they’re both blue, two tank tops, two pairs of clean boxer-briefs, 2 pairs of socks, and 2 clean white t-shirts. DJ, go to the kitchen and get a plastic grocery bag." DJ, returning from the kitchen, "What’s the bag for?" "To put the wet washcloths in, after we shower," Jamie replied, "I’m off tomorrow, but you’re working, get a clean store shirt and fold it carefully. When we leave campus tomorrow, you can just drop me off at the house, and you can head on to work." It took the boys all of five minutes to arrange everything in the bag and Jamie pulled the zipper to close it. They broke from their normal routine, and started to undress each other, even pushing each other’s boxer-briefs down to the floor. Their arms encircled each other and they shared a deep, romantic kiss, their erecting cocks also seemed to kiss, causing both boys to giggle a little. They were soon cuddled together in bed, knowing they needed to be in class at 9:00 AM, and set the alarm for 7:00 AM, DJ, just before sleep took over, "Jamie, do you have any idea how much I love you, and need you?" "I think I have a pretty good handle on it," Jamie softly replied, "I don’t want to even think about how lonely my life would be, without you in it. I think we need each other equally, I love you, baby!" The two boys held each other tightly, and fell asleep shortly, their naked bodies lovingly touching. These boys may only be twenty years old, but they seem to have grasped how much more there is to love, than just having some good sex. * * * * * * * * Thursday morning, January 18th, the alarm blasted at 7:00 AM, disturbing the boys, and Jamie shut the damn thing off. DJ and Jamie shared a good morning kiss, dragged their carcasses out of bed, and found their boxer-briefs, and pulled them on. After a trip to the bathroom, they ambled to the kitchen, where Granny and Karen were already seated at the table, and DJ poured a cup of coffee. After the morning ‘Granny kisses’ the boys sat on both sides of Granny, and Karen started preparing some food. "Granny," DJ asked, "at your age you could sleep as late as you want, why do you get up so early?" "I guess old habits die hard," Granny answered, "I was used to getting up for many years to fix your grandfather Vic’s breakfast, and just can’t get used to changing." Then, smiling, "The old saying is ‘Early to bed and early to rise, Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ but somehow the wealthy always escaped us!" Granny continued, looking sad, "DJ, It seems impossible that your Grandpa Vic passed away over 10 years ago. You never had a chance to know him." "Granny," DJ asked, solemnly, "do you have a picture of Grandpa?" "Not with me, sweetheart, but I have some back in California, when my stuff gets here, I’ll be happy to show them to you." DJ leaned over and gave Granny a kiss on the cheek. "Mom," Jamie stated, "our schedule is a little different today, we have computer lab from 9 to 12, then we can grab lunch in the cafeteria, and we have volleyball from 2 until 4, and DJ has to work today. He’s got a clean work shirt in our bag. After we shower DJ is dropping me off here and going on to work, so you’ll probably see me about 5:00 PM, and DJ about 9:30 tonight." "OK, honey," Karen said, "Thanks for the heads-up." The boys finished breakfast, went to their room to dress, then picked up the gym bag, Jamie’s laptop, and their backpacks and left, after giving Granny and Karen kisses and hugs. When they got to campus and parked, Jamie suggested they leave the gym bag in the Tracker and lock it, and get it before they went to the phys ed class at 2:00. Miss Carson welcomed all of them to the computer lab and introduced the class to Wendy, one of the two computer lab assistants that they may be working with. Jamie and DJ selected computer desks that were next to each other, of course. She asked if anyone brought notebooks or laptops in that they wanted to install the software on and four students, including Jamie, raised their hands in response. Miss Carson told them they would install the software toward the end of the lab, about 11:30, and that the others could leave then. Miss Carson and Wendy assisted the four students to install the software on their laptops, finishing about 12:10. The boys took the laptop and their backpacks to the Tracker and locked it back up, and then headed to the cafeteria to get some lunch. Jamie called Matt to see if he wanted to hook up for lunch, and Matt said he would love to, but he didn’t have any classes today and was at home. Oh shucks. About 1:30 Jamie and DJ decided to get their gym bag, locate the boys locker room and change into their gym shorts. They didn’t know just where the locker room was so they walked around to find it. They never did find a boys’ locker room, but right across the hall from the gym they found a Ladies Locker Room and a Men’s’ Locker Room, then headed to the Tracker to get the gym bag. "I don’t trust all of these guys," Jamie stated, "I think we should put our wallets in the glove box, and lock it up. If someone searches our jeans, they won’t find any money." They went ahead and secured them in the glove box, and locked the car back up, taking only their gym bag back into the building. They walked toward the gym and entered the Men’s locker room. There was a double row of lockers, back to back, down the center and lockers down both the left and right side of the room, with benches in the isles on both sides. Walking down the isle there was a wide open doorway that led to the showers. The room was about 20’ long and 10’ across, with more benches, and hooks on the wall backing the locker room and the outside wall of the shower room. At one end was a single stall with a toilet, and next to that, two urinals. On the opposite end was a 3 bay sink with a mirror above it. Another open doorway led to the actual showering area, another room about 20’ long with three showerheads on each end wall and eight showerheads on the long wall, so would accommodate 14 guys to shower at the same time. DJ had seen these type of showers at the military academy, but Jamie thought open showers ended in middle school, and was somewhat surprised. His high school had individual shower stalls. When DJ and Jamie returned to the locker room part, several young men were there in varying degrees of dress. They noticed four or five of the guys had removed their underwear and were pulling on jock straps, while others just removed their pants and were pulling on gym shorts. Jamie and DJ selected two lockers, hung their outer clothes in one of them and pulled their gym shorts and tank tops out of the zipper bag and put them on, leaving their boxer-briefs on underneath. They tried to stash the zipper bag into the other locker but it wasn’t quite big enough. One young man, approaching them, "Hi, I’m Don, and you are?" "Jamie, and (pointing) DJ." "Good to meet you," Don said, extending his hand, and we shared handshakes. "I think this is going to be a fun class, For Your Information, there’s two shelves over there (pointing) where you can put your bag, nobody will bother it here, see you on the court." Don left and headed toward the Gym. "He seems nice, friendly too," DJ commented. Jamie agreed. The boys left the locker room and walked across the hall and into the gym, which was just large enough to hold a basketball court. There were foldout bleachers on one side, which were all folded up. A man that looked in his late 30’s was standing there with a clipboard in his hand, likely the phys ed instructor. About a dozen young men were standing in front of him, and Jamie and DJ joined them. "Hi guys," the man with the clipboard spoke, "I’m Zachary Estibutione, one of the two physical education instructors here at Community College," then, smiling, "I don’t really expect you all to be able to pronounce, or even remember that mouthful, so you can call me Zach. There is supposed to be 18 of you, but only 12 here." Don, raising his hand, "I think there are some still changing." "They need to get their little butts in here," Zach said, "they’re holding up progress! I’ll give them two minutes." Zach picked up a volleyball and playfully batted it toward the group and one of the guys tapped it back toward him, and this was repeated three or four more times. Finally the stragglers arrived. Zach counted noses, now 18. "Men, and I use the term loosely," Zach stated, "This is only a two hour class every week, when some of you are late coming in, it cheats the whole class out of two or three or 5 minutes, so try to be here at 2:00 from now on, OK?" "How many of you are brand new to this game, first timers?" About 8 or 9 raised their hands. "About half of you," Zach said, "Normally, according to the rules, a volleyball team is six players, three in the front row and three in the back. We have 18 in this class, and I’m going to let you guys make a decision here. We can, since this is a learning class, divide you into two teams of 9 each or three teams of six, there are pros and cons to each. With teams of 9, you’ll all get close to two hours of practice each week, with teams of six, we would have three teams, and teams can challenge each other, but on average, each man will only get about an hour and a quarter of play time each week. The choice is yours. How many want teams of nine?" 15 hands went up. "I think that’s a wise choice, but we won’t have the same guys on the same teams every week. Next week I’ll have a bucket of ping pong balls, nine of them will be labeled with a 1 and the other nine a 2, and you’ll draw for your team." "Since you’ve voted to have teams of nine, for today, I’m doing a roll call, when I call your name, answer with a ‘here’ or a ‘yep’." Zach picked up his clipboard, and called every other name on the list. After the first nine names were called, he told them that if their name was called, stand over there, (pointing). Then he called the remaining nine names, and they responded. Zach then stated that the first group is team One and the second group is team two for today. DJ wanted to be on the same team with Jamie, but they ended up on opposing teams. Zach continued, "Since we’re doing teams of nine, you’ll be like a tic tac toe game, 3 rows of 3 players." Zach spent the next twenty minutes explaining the rules of the game, how rotation works, in the course of a game, everyone has their turn to serve, the players on the front line have the best chance to spike the ball onto the other teams floor. It was about 2:45 by the time they actually got to play. There were quite a few fouls, DJ managed to spike the ball three times, but one time his hand was over the net, foul, but he was displaying that patented smile almost constantly, he was having fun! At 4:00 PM Zach announced that it was 4:00, but if nobody needed to leave right at four, he would extend the class for another 15 minutes, and they all continued to play. Zach, at 4:15, "OK Guys, class is over, go shower up and I’ll see you all next week!" On the way back into the locker room, a tall, 6’2 or 6’3 red headed guy clapped his hand on DJ’s shoulder, DJ had heard someone call him ‘Rusty’. "Hey," Rusty said, "I’m Irwin, but everyone calls me ‘Rusty’, are you sure you’ve never played before? You pulled off a couple of pretty nice spikes there." "Thanks," DJ replied, smiling, "I go by DJ, and I have never played before, but I enjoyed playing today." He and Rusty bumped fists. Jamie got their gym bag, set it on the floor by their lockers, and pulled out the soap, washcloths and towels. The two boys sat on the bench and removed their sneakers and socks, then their gym shorts and tanks, then….. "DJ, I’m not too sure about getting naked in front of all these guys," "Me either, but, all these other guys seem to be OK with it, fuck it—there’s really nothing to fear." DJ dropped his boxer-briefs on the floor and stepped out of them. "Jamie, let’s get showered." Jamie finally dropped his underwear and followed DJ to the shower area where they were surrounded by at least 10 naked young guys, all getting the sweat washed off their bodies. The water and all the steam not only felt good, but even smelled good, with the mixture of soaps and body washes some of the guys used. If one were to watch some of the guys eyes, a number of them were ‘checking out’ some of the other guys junk, but no one grew an erection, and no one mentioned it, or anything about it. DJ couldn’t help but notice that Rusty was not only long in stature, at about 6’3" but also was long, down there, probably about 8" or more flaccid. As Rusty turned, or changed position, it just kind of swung about. DJ had to turn his back toward Rusty because the sight of that monster was starting to affect his own cock, and a boner was not something he needed right now. DJ glanced around, spotting two of the brothers showering, and quickly realized that they both were bigger than himself, but then, he’s known for a long time that he was probably smaller than average, for a black man. It doesn’t really matter that much, Jamie likes, or downright loves his cock, and if Jamie likes it, nothing else is really important. Neither of those two men had cocks nearly as big as Rusty. Rusty had to have the biggest cock he’d ever seen. Jamie, breaking the thought line, "DJ we need to get dressed and get you to work." "Oh, thanks, the shower was feeling so good I didn’t want to get out." The two boys stepped out to the drying area, and grabbed their towels. DJ suddenly realized they’d left the soap dish and their washcloths in the shower. He caught another student just ready to go into the shower and asked him if he could retrieve them, and the guy was kind enough to get them, and handed them to DJ. DJ handed the soap dish to Jamie, and wrung out the washcloths. Jamie was dry, and took the soap dish and washcloths to the locker area, while DJ finished drying. When DJ returned to the lockers, Jamie already had his clean boxer-briefs on and was sitting on the bench. Jamie pulled out the clean t-shirts, giving one to DJ, and putting one on. They put on the clean socks, pulled on their jeans from the locker and pulled their sneakers on. DJ put on the clean store polo, they stuffed the rest of everything into the zipper bag and left from the locker room to the Tracker. Jamie, as DJ pulled out of the parking lot, "DJ, when we get to my house, I’ll grab our backpacks, and my laptop, if you can bring in the gym bag when you get home tonight." "Sure, Jamie, I need to grab something to eat on the way to the store, I’m famished!" "Maybe Mom can have something ready for you, as a Grab ‘n’ Go. Let me call her." Jamie called Karen, and explained. "Mom’s fixing you a sandwich you can eat on the way to the store, and some cookies." "Oh, Jamie, your Mom’s cookies are the most, I could fill up, just on them! I think I like playing volleyball, I actually had fun today." "I told you, when we signed up for it, that I thought you would like it, I think I had as much fun, watching you have fun, as I did actually playing. I wish we could have been on the same side." "Maybe next time we will, if we both draw the same number. Showering was kind of interesting, did you notice Rusty’s cock?" (like, how could anyone not notice that monster) "DJ, I’m not into watching other guys showing off their junk!" Jamie is looking out the window so DJ wouldn’t see his smirk. Of course he noticed it, only a blind man could have missed it. "Jamie, it was so big, even those two black dudes were small, compared to Rusty, I just couldn’t help notice." "So, my boyfriend is in to cock watching. I guess you’ll keep me informed if you see an interesting cock, or a big bulge." Jamie is trying hard not to bust out laughing. "Jamie," DJ said, irritated, "it’s not like I go around analyzing other guys cocks, it was just an observation. You’re taking it the wrong way! The only cock I want is yours." "Baby," Jamie said, snickering, "I’m just busting your balls, of course I noticed the size of Rusty’s cock, and I’m sure most of the other guys did too." "Well, most of them might not have, I expect most of them are straight." "DJ," Jamie explained, "all guys tend to check out other guys’ junk, it’s not a gay thing, it’s a guy thing. It’s something nearly all guys do, it’s completely natural, gay or straight, and I caught some guys checking us out too, and I’m certain they weren’t wanting to suck our dicks." When the boys got to Jamie’s house, Jamie grabbed his laptop and both of their backpacks. DJ decided that, since he was grabbing a sandwich, he would carry the gym bag in now, and set it on the kitchen floor. DJ kissed Jamie goodbye, thanked Karen for the snack and headed to work. Jamie put the soiled clothes from the zipper bag into the appropriate hampers, next to the washer. Granny waited up Thursday evening until DJ got home about 9:30 so she could kiss the boys goodnight, and went to bed. DJ and Jamie spent the next hour and a half, sitting at the kitchen table, doing homework and munching on cookies and milk. They finally made it to bed about 11:30, cuddled up and fell asleep shortly. (to be continued…)
  8. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 8

    6:30 AM on Tuesday morning arrived and the alarm sounded, waking J&J from their slumber. The first thing on their agenda, after silencing the alarm, was to share a loving and deeply romantic good morning kiss and to feel each other’s morning wood. "Let’s go pee off the deck," Jeff said, "while we have the privilege," and the two boys immediately jumped out of bed and headed to the deck, holding each other’s stiff peckers and releasing their overnight pressure into two golden arches onto the grass. Returning to the kitchen, Julian started a pot of coffee, while Jeff sat at the table taking in the view of his boyfriends smooth and handsome naked body. Jeff is still amazed at how much he is captivated by this young man, and how much he loves and absolutely adores everything about Julian. While waiting for the coffee to brew, Julian sat on Jeff’s lap, and Jeff wrapped his arms around Julian’s torso, pulling him close, and kissing the back of Julian’s neck tenderly. Jeff can never get enough of his Julian, and it seems the feeling is completely mutual. One would have to search really hard to find another couple, gay or straight, that are any closer than these two young men are to each other. Levi was probably right, when he stated that these two are destined to be together. While breakfast was cooking, they packed the cooler with their lunches and added some cans of soda. After eating J&J dressed in their work clothes, carried the cooler to Jeff’s car and headed to work about 7:30. They arrived at the office at the same time as Gordy and Simon. Jeff, as the four boys walked together to clock in, "Are you two still on for tonight?" "You’d best believe it," Gordy replied, smiling, "and looking forward to the watergame too!" Diane, as they were all clocking in, "Julian, you’re working on Alvin’s computer this morning, aren’t you?" "As far as I know," Julian replied, "unless there is a change of plans." "Alvin told me to open his office for you this morning," Diane said. "Jeff," Julian asked, "can you bring my lunch in here, and I’ll put it in the office fridge." "Sure, Baby," Jeff responded. Diane smiled at the reference Jeff made to Julian, calling him ‘baby.’ About three minutes later Jeff brought his boyfriend’s lunch in, and Julian placed it into the office fridge, then Diane unlocked Alvin’s office door and Julian entered to do his work. About 10:00 AM Diane walked into Alvin’s office with coffee and a big piece of tasty looking pastry. "Are you trying to sweeten me up?" Julian asked. "Nope," Diane replied, smiling, "just keeping you sweet, along with my baby that I’m married to. My husband is very fond of these pastries, and I try to make them for him a couple of times a month. You’re just lucky I made some last night." Julian is beginning to like Diane a lot, of course Julian likes anyone that feeds his sweet tooth. About 9:30 Julian had the new drive installed and was transferring the data from the old drive onto the new one. You gotta love Western Digitals drive software, it makes it quite easy to install a new drive and be able to transfer most of the data from the old one. Julian only needed a couple of the software CD’s to install Windows, as that was the thing the old drive failed on. By lunchtime Julian had the new drive installed, and took his lunch break, eating with Diane. After lunch Julian put the case back on Alvin’s computer and placed it beneath the desk and reconnected all of the cables, including the ethernet network cable. He spent about half an hour making certain everything worked properly, just as Alvin returned from his appointment. "How’s it going?" Alvin asked. "Just like I planned," Julian stated, with confidence in his voice, "Try it out." "What’s all this dust on my desktop?" Alvin remarked, "the other techs always clean it up before they leave." "Sorry, sir," Julian apologized, "I’ll take care of it." Julian found a cleaning towel and came back and wiped Alvin’s desk down, removing any traces of his work. Alvin was already checking out some of his applications and seemed pleased that everything was working. "Julian, son," Alvin stated, "you just saved us probably close to a thousand dollars, I’m really glad I hired you!" Alvin gave Julian a warm hug, which of course was soaked up quickly. Julian loves affection. "It’s kind of late to ask you to go out to the work site today," Alvin said, "but I think I have another tech job for you. In the CAD room is a brand new pen plotter, that needs to be unpacked and connected to that computer, and I think you’re the ideal one to do it. You have a better understanding of this techy stuff than anyone else here. If you’ll go ahead and get that installed, you can just kind of hang loose until it’s clock-out time." "Sure thing, Alvin," Julian replied, "I haven’t worked with those before, and I’ll likely need to read the instructions." Julian walked out of Alvin’s office and went into the room with the CAD machine. By 4:00 PM he had it connected and ran the sample drawing to test it. He carried it into Alvin’s office and showed the test drawing to Alvin, and Alvin smiled. "Thanks, Julian," Alvin said, "you just saved us another couple hundred dollars." "Sir, I hate to bug you about this," Julian said, "but Jeff and I need to have next Monday off, because we need to get registered for fall semester, and the following week will need to be our last here, as classes will be starting." "Julian," Alvin said, grinning, "you’re too valuable here, I’m not going to let you guys go back to college, you’re gonna just have to stay here! I’ve enjoyed having you guys here this summer, and I’m really going to miss both of you. I suppose I’m going to lose Gordy and Simon too. The problem with hiring college students for the summer, is that summer ends, and we lose them! I hope you know that you have a job here next summer, you and Jeff both." "I doubt that Jeff will be returning," Julian said, "He’ll be graduating, and will hopefully have a full-time job as an accountant, but I have another year of college, and I’ll likely be back." Julian walked out of Alvin’s office, and the pain of reality hit, he may be here next summer, but where will Jeff be? All the workers were lined up, ready to clock out and go home. Simon, Gordy and Jeff were bringing up the tail of the line, until Julian became the last one in line. The four boys clocked out and headed toward the parking lot together. "Julian, Jeff," Gordy said, "We’re ordering the pizza now, and we also need to pick up the water so we should be at your house in about an hour, is that cool?" "Sounds good to me," Jeff said, "it’s about half an hour’s drive home so we will be home to welcome you when you arrive. Do you know how to get there?" "Yep!" Simon exclaimed, "We’ve been there enough to have the roads memorized, will see you guys is about an hour or less." Simon and Gordy took off in Simon’s car and Julian and Jeff in Jeff’s car. When J&J walked into the kitchen, Julian instinctively went to the fridge and grabbed two Pepsi’s. "Baby," Jeff said, "if we drink anything now, we’ll be setting ourselves up to lose the game. We can wait until we all start drinking the water." Julian put the Pepsi’s back into the fridge, and they went out on to the deck to await their guests. Simon and Gordy pulled in at just about 6:20 PM. Simon carried a bag of ice and the 12-pack of water and Gordy carried the Extra Large Pizza. They were met on the deck by J&J. Julian grabbed a cooler, and they placed the water in the cooler, and then dumped the ice over it. "Damn!" Gordy exclaimed, "We should have got some Pepsi to have with the pizza, it would have been better than water." "We have Pepsi in the fridge," Julian stated, "I guess we can all have one with the pizza." "We wanted to have us all equal to play the game," Jeff said, "but I guess if we all have just one Pepsi with the pizza, our liquid intake will still be equal." Julian went in and brought out four bottles of Pepsi and some napkins. The four boys started in on the pizza, which was cut into 12 slices, just right for each of them to have three slices each, washing it down with the Pepsi’s. They then just relaxed and chatted for about half an hour, letting their stomachs settle. "You guys ready to start the game?" Jeff asked. "You bet!" Gordy exclaimed, "I have a feeling this is gonna be fun." "OK," Jeff said, "We all need to empty our bladders first, so we can start on an even keel," as he stepped to the edge of the deck, pulling his cock out and draining his bladder onto the grass. The other three boys followed suit. Jeff suggested they all empty their pants pockets of things like keys and wallets, just in case, and they all emptied their pockets onto the kitchen table. "Just to get a little jump start," Jeff explained, "we now all need to drink the first bottle of water in five minutes, then we take half an hour on the following bottles. I’m setting the timer on my phone for five minutes, so when the alarm sounds, we need to all have empty bottles. GO!" All four boys grabbed a bottle of water from the cooler and started guzzling. "Jeff," Simon asked, "what happens if we can’t hold our pee?" "Then," Jeff replied, grinning, "you start to piss in your pants. The winner of the game is the last one to still be dry, or the one to stay dry the longest. Most likely we’ll all wet our pants by the end of the game." The alarm sounded, and all four boys held up their empty water bottles. They all pulled a full bottle from the cooler, and Jeff re-set the timer for 30 minutes, stating that they all needed to empty the second bottle by the time the alarm sounded. Julian and Gordy gathered up the empty pizza box, the empty Pepsi bottles and the first four empty water bottles and carried them to the trash dumpster. The four boys were sipping the second bottles much slower than the first, and starting to feel some pressure on their bladders, Julian and Gordy are starting to squirm in their chairs. "Simon," Jeff said, "you’ll probably win this game, with that big cock of yours, you can probably hold more pee than the rest of us." Simon, chuckling, "Just because I’ve got a big prick, doesn’t mean my capacity is equally as large. I’m getting mighty close to springing a leak right now!" "Fuck!" Gordy exclaimed, "I just lost a squirt in my pants, I don’t think I can hold it much longer—I need to pee really bad." "How you guys doing on the second bottle," Jeff asked, "we only got five minutes to go, and the second bottles need to be empty." Jeff, as the alarm sounded, "OK guys, bottoms up!" as he and the other three all drained their bottles. While swigging those last swallows, Gordy lost two or three more squirts and had a noticeable wet area at his crotch. "Time for bottle number three," Jeff announced, "are we all still dry?" Jeff, Julian and Simon seemed to all still be dry. "I’m not even going to try another," Gordy said, "I’m already squirting too much, I give!" as he spread his legs and saturated his shorts, with a healthy dribble of pee escaping his shorts and landing on the deck. One down and three to go. J&J and Simon all grabbed the third bottle of water, and just as Julian took the first sip from the bottle, he felt a squirt escaping his cock and wetting his boxer-briefs, followed by about three more squirts. Simon also soon felt his cock starting to leak into his pants, and knew his time was running out. Jeff was still dry, but not for long. Gordy, Julian and Simon were all showing signs of wetting their pants, and Jeff proclaimed himself the winner. Gordy and Simon both felt Jeff’s crotch, verifying that he was still dry. About 30 seconds later, Jeff let go and pissed his shorts, and the others watched, then they all relieved their pressure, soaking their shorts and letting the pee run onto the deck and through the cracks between the boards. All four of the boys were grinning at each other, just having fun. They all sat around in the deck chairs in their wet shorts, just chatting, until the sun went down. As darkness took over outside, they all went into the house. Julian started to fill the washer, and all four boys removed their soaked shorts and underwear, dropping them into the washer, along with their tee shirts. While the washer did it’s job, they decided to play a game of monopoly. Julian picked up his and Jeff’s personal stuff from the table and took it back to their room and Gordy and Simon did likewise, taking theirs to the guestroom. Julian returned with the Monopoly game, and they set it up on the kitchen table. J&J selected chairs on opposite sides of the table, and Gordy and Simon sat at the other two sides, all four boys naked. While playing the game they periodically played a little cock grab, reaching over to a neighbor and tugging on each others cocks, all in fun, and all four having fun. After the monopoly game was finished, and after the Watergame, all four of the boys felt a need for a shower before bed. While Gordy and Simon shared a shower, Jeff and Julian made sandwiches for their lunch tomorrow. Simon and Gordy dried and returned to the kitchen and J&J then shared a shower together. Gordy pulled the wet clothing from the washer and put it in the drier, and he and Simon then headed to bed. Gordy, just as the couple was cuddling for sleep, "Baby, what did you think of the Watergame?" "It was different," Simon replied, "but it was a lot of fun too. I wonder if we could find some guys back at tech that would want to play it?" "I don’t know," Gordy answered, "Julian and Jeff are so much fun to be around, I wish we could take them back to tech with us." "That would be nice, but I doubt that would be possible, Simon replied, "I’m hoping we can find a way to spend some time with them, sometime during the school year. I feel a road trip coming up in the not too distant future." The two soon fell asleep. Wednesday morning Julian started a full pot of coffee, and about the time it was ready a naked Gordy and Simon appeared in the kitchen. The four boys shared coffee and breakfast together in all of their naked glory. While J&J packed up the lunch for all of them, Gordy and Simon sorted out the clean clothing from the drier, and got dressed for work. They all left for Corbin Homebuilders at just about 7:30 AM, having enjoyed a very pleasant Tuesday evening and night together. The rest of the week was quite normal. All four of the college boys did what was expected of them. Grady was happy and Alvin was happy, and the four boys were happy to be working together. Friday morning Jeff reminded Alvin that he and Julian wouldn’t be there Monday, as they needed to get registered for fall semester. Friday evening right after he and Julian got home, Jeff made a quick call to Uncle Jim. Jim, noting the calling name on his phone, answered quickly. "Hi Jeffie, what’s up?" Jim asked. "Uncle Jim, are you planning to use the cabin this weekend?" Jeff asked. "No, Jeffie, do you need to use it?" Jim asked. "Julian and I need to register Monday for fall semester, and we wanted to come out Sunday and spend the night there, then we’ll be close to campus and can easily get there to register." "Jeffie, you know you can use the cabin anytime you like, but thanks for asking," Jim said, "It could eliminate surprises." "Have you and Calvin set a date yet, and are you planning to invite Julian and me to the wedding?" "No," Jim replied, "we haven’t set the date, and you and Julian are on the top of the invitation list! We’d both be hurt if you guys declined." "No way would I miss seeing my favorite Uncle marry his fiancé," Jeff replied, "we’re just waiting for the invitation. I love you, Uncle Jim." "I love you too, Jeffie," Jim replied, "and Cal and I want to hook up with you guys soon, hopefully we’ll get a chance after school resumes." Jim and Jeff hung up. Just as J&J were finishing their dinner of hot dogs and Mac & Cheese Jeff received a phone call from his Dad. Jeff, seeing the number, answered typically. "Hi Dad," Jeff said, "is everything ok?" "I think so," Bill replied, "what are your plans for this weekend?" "We have to come to campus and register for the fall semester Monday." "When you say we, should I assume that to mean you and Julian?" "Yeah, Dad," Jeff explained, we’re coming in Sunday, spending the night at Uncle Jim’s cabin, then after we get registered on Monday, we’ll be heading back to Dunbar." Jeff, Son," Bill said, "I would like very much to have dinner with you Sunday, with you and Julian, just the three of us. Is there a good restaurant near campus where we can meet? "How about Texas Roadhouse?" Jeff suggested. "That sounds good," Bill said, "what time is good for you guys?" "If we leave Dunbar by 1:00 PM, we can be there by about 4:00," Jeff said, "Are you sure you want to see us, together?" "Yes, Son, I’m sure," Bill stated, "your Mom may not be ready for this yet, but I am, and I seriously want to meet the young man you’re so much in love with. Son, I love you, and I can accept what makes you happy. So I will see you two Sunday, about 4:00 at the Texas Roadhouse, and I’m looking forward to it. See you Sunday. Son, I love you!" "I love you too, Dad, see you Sunday, bye." "Baby!" Jeff exclaimed, smiling, "We have a dinner date Sunday with my Dad, at the Texas Roadhouse, where we had our first date!" "I’m apprehensive," Julian said, "what if he tries to break us up?" "I know my Dad pretty well," Jeff said, "he’s a lot more open minded than my Mom, and she’s not going to be there. It’ll be just you and me and Dad, and he really does want to meet you. I’m so excited, I can hardly wait for Sunday!" Saturday morning the boys got up and fixed themselves some coffee and breakfast. They were aware that Mom & Dad would be returning from vacation today or tomorrow, and they gave the house a once over. They decided to wash the sheets from the guest room, as well as their own, and all of the towels and washcloths. After lunch they decided to cut the grass again, and use the weedeater to trim the yard. They wanted to show Art and Vi that they could be responsible for taking care of the house. By 3:00 PM everything was ship shape, with no evidence of even having had any company while the parents were on vacation. The boys had not really made any plans for dinner, not knowing if the parents would be coming home tonight or tomorrow. About 5:00 PM Jeff made a trip to the Sub Shop and picked up subs for him and his boyfriend. Shortly after 6:30 PM, just after the boys had eaten the subs Art and Vi pulled in. The boys rushed out to greet them, smothering them with hugs and kisses, and making them both feel glad to be home. J&J apologized for not having some dinner prepared, but felt better after Vi told them they had eaten dinner at Cracker Barrel so were satisfied for the night. The boys wasted no time in bringing the parent’s luggage into the house and carried it into Vi and Art’s bedroom. Art asked the boys how everything went at work this week. Julian was excited to tell Art about his work at Corbin’s and how he had been able to save the company considerable money by being able to bring the computer system up, and then fixing Alvin’s office machine, and replacing the hard drive. Jeff couldn’t wait to tell Mom & Dad that he and Julian were going to campus tomorrow to register for fall semester on Monday, and that his Dad had invited both boys to have dinner with him on Sunday at the Texas Roadhouse, and wanted to meet Julian. "Well Son," Art said, "I read the letter that you sent to your Dad, and you most definitely put the ball in their court. It looks like your Dad, at least, wants to play ball. I hope your dinner date with him goes well." "I guess Alvin is going to be really shorthanded Monday," Art said, "you guys are going to be registering for fall semester, and I’m taking Monday off as well. Your Mom and I have some business to take care of on Monday, and I informed Alvin before I went on vacation that I would not be working this coming Monday. * * * * * * Sunday morning things in the White household were pretty much back to normal. J&J woke up about 8:00 AM, typically sporting morning wood, but now that Vi was back home they couldn’t slip out the back door and sprinkle the grass. so they had to control their desires until they were flaccid enough to use the toilet. They still stood next to each other while they let their pee flow into the toilet. After leaving the bathroom, they settled at the kitchen table and enjoyed that first cup of coffee with Art and Vi. Vi soon started to prepare some breakfast for her brood. Vi has always been a stay at home wife and mother, and truly enjoys cooking for her family. "What time do you boys plan to leave today?" Art asked. "I told Dad we’d meet him at the Texas Roadhouse about 4:00 PM, so we really need to leave here by about noon," Jeff answered. "I thought it was only a three hour trip," Art said. "It is," Jeff replied, "but we want to check out the cabin while it’s still daylight. Mom, could we scrounge a set of sheets from you?" "Sure, honey," Vi answered, "I’ll dig some out after breakfast, would you like me to pack some lunch for you?" "Nah," Jeff replied, "we want to be hungry for dinner at four, if we get too hungry we might make a quick stop at Burger King and grab a burger." After breakfast J&J got their paperwork that they would need for registration together, and packed a change of clothes each. They were both dressed for dinner and planned to wear the same clothes to campus Monday morning. Vi placed the set of sheets in a plastic bag for them. About 11:00 AM the boys put everything in Jeff’s car, kissed Vi and hugged Art goodbye and left, heading for the cabin. About 1:00 PM, still an hour away, they stopped at a BK, grabbed a burger and used the restroom. They arrived at the cabin about 2:15 PM. Checking the lantern, the realized it needed new batteries and planned to go to Target and get new ones, as Target was close to the Texas Roadhouse. The boys put the clean sheets on the bed, relaxed and made out for a few minutes, then headed out toward the mall and Texas Roadhouse. Julian was very nervous about meeting Jeff’s father. "Jeff, I’m afraid your Dad is going to hate me," Julian lamented, "Does he know I’m gay?" "Baby, relax," Jeff assured, "Dad is not that naïve, he knows that if we love each other, we both must be gay. I’m sure everything will be fine." When the boys arrived at the Texas Roadhouse, Jeff escorted Julian inside. Bill Parks was waiting inside and stood up when he saw Jeff and Julian enter. Bill, giving Jeff a warm hug, "Good to see you, Son! And I presume this is Julian?" "Julian White," Jeff said, "this is my father, William Parks." Julian offered his hand to shake, and Bill surprised Jeff and shocked Julian when, instead of shaking Julian’s hand, he wrapped his arms around Julian, giving him just as warm a hug as he’d just given Jeff. "Shall we get seated?" Bill said, leading them to the receptionist. "Table for three?" the receptionist asked. "Please," Jeff responded, "And is Cory available today?" "Yes, sir," the receptionist replied, "I’ll be happy to seat you, and I’ll let Cory know that you requested him." Within three minutes of sitting down, Cory appeared at their table. "Cory," Jeff asked, "do you remember us?" Cory, smiling, "I don’t remember your names, but I sure do remember serving you two on your very first date!" Cory placed menus in front of all three men, Jeff, pointing, "Julian, and I’m Jeff, and today I’m introducing my Dad to my boyfriend, this is my father, William Parks." "Good to meet you, sir," Cory stated, offering his hand to Bill, and they shook hands. "I’m Cory, and may I take your drink orders?" The three men gave Cory their drink requests, and Cory said he’d be back shortly. Cory, when returning with their beverages, "Would you like to order an appetizer?" "How about a Texas Rose?" Julian suggested. "That’s an onion, baby!" Jeff stated. "I know," Julian replied, grinning, "but it’s a good onion!" All three agreed on the Texas Rose. While waiting on the Texas Rose, they all studied the menu. Cory, when delivering the appetizer, "Are you gents ready to order?" They were. "Separate checks?" Cory asked. "Just one check," Bill replied. The three men gave Cory their orders. "It seems like you know Cory?" Bill asked. "Dad," Jeff replied, "Our very first date was here, and it was Julian’s first date, ever. Cory was our server that night, and we kinda got to know him. He’s one of us, and his boyfriend is one of the chefs here." Bill, grinning, "Why is that not a surprise, he seems like an excellent server. So, Julian, what are you majoring in?" "Information Technology, sir," Julian replied, "I still have two years to go." "His training paid off last week," Jeff said, "the system crashed at work, and Julian was able to get it up and running, and saved Alvin a lot of money." Bill smiled. "Well, Jeff, it seems you picked a boyfriend with a promising career, IT is one of the best fields to get into," Bill said. "Are you boys staying in a motel tonight?" "Nope," Jeff replied, "we’re staying in Uncle Jim’s cabin, it’s only about fifteen minutes from campus. It’s a bit rough, no electricity, no running water, but the price is great—free." Cory delivered their dinners, and, as usual, checked up on them often. The three men kept the conversation light, Bill avoided asking questions that were too personal, but was also trying to learn as much as possible about Julian. Shortly after they finished eating, Julian excused himself and headed to the restroom. Bill used Julian’s absence to talk to Jeff. "Son," Bill said, "you probably know that Jim and Calvin are planning to marry. I hope they send us an invitation to their wedding. I don’t know if Elaine can bring herself to attend, but I would go, with or without her. I have no animosity toward Jim, I actually like him, and I feel badly that your Mom is so much against him, and his lifestyle, and I suppose that is now your lifestyle too." "I fear that Elaine’s homophobia and hatred is tearing our family apart, and it’s tearing me up too. Julian seems to be a delightful young man, and I can’t condemn the love that you two seem to have for each other. Just being with you today, I can feel the love that you two share. I’m impressed, and I can’t help but like Julian. I like him a lot. Son, I just want you to know, regardless of your mother’s attitude, I’m on your side. I love you and I respect your feelings and your love for Julian." "Thanks, Dad," Jeff said, with tears in his eyes, "you have no idea how much that means to me, and to Julian too. He thought you were going to hate him, and I’m very happy that you like him." Julian returned. Cory came back and offered some sweet endings, which were declined as all three men were very comfortably full. A few minutes later he returned again with the check. Bill paid for the dinners, and added a $25.00 tip, and they all got ready to leave. Bill followed the boys to Jeff’s car. Bill, wrapping his arms around Julian, "Julian, I would like very much to welcome you as part of our family, but Jeff’s Mom is a stubborn and homophobic bitch. I love her, but she needs some work done on her attitude. I personally welcome you as my second son, and if you ever need to talk, please know that we can talk, and I do care about both of you. I’m very happy that we were able to share some time together today, and I finally got to meet my son’s boyfriend!" "I’m also happy to have met you, Mr. Parks," Julian said, smiling, "and I need to tell you DAD, I’m not afraid of you—not anymore! Oh, and thanks for dinner." Bill smiled. "Sons," Bill stated, "have a good semester, take care of and protect each other, like all couples in love should do. I hope to see you both again before too long." Bill entered his car and took off for the long drive back to Summerton, and the boys took off for the cabin. "Baby, I’m impressed," Julian said, "your old man is pretty cool, and I like him, I like him a lot. "While you were in the restroom, Dad and I talked a little. Julian, my Dad likes you—he likes you a lot, too. I know he’s going to work on my Mom, and try to do some attitude adjustment on her. I sure hope it works, but at least I know how Dad feels, and I’m a lot more comfortable knowing that he accepts us, as boyfriends." The boys went to Target and picked up some batteries for the camp light that was in the cabin, and then headed to the cabin to sleep. Monday morning they awoke and got dressed and stopped at a café just off campus and got some breakfast. After breakfast, they went on campus and got registered, then went to the Dorm office. As Jeff suspected, Julian was not permitted to get a bed in the senior dorm, but they were able to get a shared room in the junior dorm, and got that taken care of. Now that registration was taken care of, the boys were free to return to Dunbar for the rest of the week, but needed to return to campus the following week to start classes, one week before Labor Day. They left campus about 2:00 PM on Monday afternoon. Julian received a phone call about 4:00 PM from Vi, wanting to know if the boys would be home for dinner, and he told her they were about an hour away. That’s all she needed to know, and was planning to start dinner shortly, and they could plan on having dinner about 6:00 PM. The boys got home about 5:00 PM and informed Mom and Dad that they were all set for the fall semester, and needed to be on campus by Sunday afternoon to get settled and their first classes would be on Monday, the week before Labor Day. When they sat down for dinner of Baked Chicken, Baked Potatoes and fresh Corn on the Cob, Art told the boys to not leave, as they had something important to discuss after dinner. It didn't really concern Jeff, but they thought he would be interested also. Neither of the boys had any idea what was up, but both were anxious to find out. After Vi cleared the table, she sat back down and the discussion began. "Julian," Art said, "do you remember me asking you, a few weeks ago, how you would feel about your Mom and I adopting some younger children?" Julian, suddenly excited, "Are you going to—are you gonna give me siblings?" "Son, that’s the business we had to take care of today," Art explained. "We’ve applied to adopt a young pair of half siblings. The adoption procedure will take two, maybe three months, but we may be able to foster them in just a couple of weeks, while the adoption takes place." "What are they like, have you seen them?" Julian asked, excitedly. "No, we haven’t seen them yet," Vi stated, "but we have a picture of them." "What are half siblings?" Julian asked. "They have the same mother, but different daddy’s," Vi explained, "Do you want to see the picture?" "Oh, YES, PLEASE!" Julian exclaimed. Vi picked up a folder from the counter and pulled a photograph from it, handing it to Julian. Art is smiling at Julian’s enthusiasm. "Oh my God, they’re beautiful!" Julian exclaimed, "I want to grab them, and hug them! How old are they?" "Samantha is five and Dominic is almost two." Their mother is Caucasian, and both of their daddy’s are black, so we were told." Julian handed the photo to Jeff. "Weird," Jeff commented, "Samantha is as white as you, Mom, and Dominic is just as dark as Julian." "Jeff," Vi stated, "when two races intermingle, sexually, we never know what the offspring will look like. For nine months we had no idea what color Julian might be, until that beautiful day he arrived, and we painted him love!" "I don’t care about the color of their skin," Julian blurted, "I’ll take them both, and love them the same!" "Oh!" Jeff exclaimed, "If only more people in the world had a heart like Julian, we could end all the hate!" "Thanks, baby," Julian said, "I think love is colorblind anyway." "I have to agree with Julian," Jeff said, "Love has to be colorblind, look at Julian and me, and I damn sure have nothing but a heart full of love for him!" Julian quickly planted a kiss on Jeff’s lips, and Jeff returned it just as quickly. Art and Vi just smiled, totally in agreement. "So when do I get my siblings?" Julian asked. "They could be living here in as little as two weeks, as foster children," Art said, "but legally, as siblings, might be two or three months. Samantha, being a girl, will need her own room so she would take over the guest room, and you will likely have to share your room with Dominic." "Hell yeah," Julian said, grinning, "I’d even be willing to share my bed with him! And I could cuddle him to sleep." "You might just have to share your bed with him," Art replied, "You’re really into this, aren’t you." "I would like to have had siblings when I was younger," Julian said, "but I’ll take them now, I still want siblings!" "Baby, are you going to tell Mom and Dad about meeting my Dad?" "Oh my gosh," Julian stated, "Mr. Parks was nothing like I pictured, He’s really nice. I thought he would hate me, but I was totally wrong, he acted like he really likes me, and I like him too." "My Dad really surprised me today," Jeff said, his eyes getting wet, "we had a chance to chat while Julian went to the restroom, and he told me that he really likes Julian a lot. I know my Dad, and I can take that to the bank! I’m convinced that he accepts our relationship. Just as we were all getting ready to leave Texas Roadhouse, in the parking lot, he told us to take care of each other and protect each other, like two people in love should always do. He also said he was going to work on Mom, and try to give her an attitude adjustment." "So it seems," Art said, "That your dinner engagement with your Dad went a lot better than either of you two expected. I’m glad it went well." "I’m glad too," Jeff said, "Dad has come around, now if he can get Mom to come around, I’ll feel like I have a family again." "Jeff," Art said, "you know you do have a family, just maybe not in Summerton. At least now, you and your Dad are in a better position, and you can communicate without fear." J&J went to bed about 10:00 PM Monday night, knowing they needed to rise early and start their last week of work before starting fall semester. "You know baby," Julian spoke softly, "this has been a most wonderful weekend. It seems like everything is going our way!" "Julian," Jeff said, "when we get married someday, I want to adopt some children, and I can tell you’re going to be one awesome daddy! I’m pretty anxious to meet your future siblings, and I know you’re going to be on cloud nine—without drugs to help! I just love you so much, goodnight, baby." Julian, snickering, "We might have to sleep three in this bed, and we’ll probably be fighting over who gets to cuddle Dominic!" "He sure looks like a sweet little boy," Jeff said, "worth fighting over." J&J held each other closely and drifted off to sleep. To be continued……..
  9. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 18

    Jamie came close to losing his most treasured asset. I don't think he will ever take that risk again!
  10. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 18

    Carl’s alarm went off at 6:00 AM Monday morning and he slipped out of bed. He hustled to the kitchen, still naked, and flipped the switch on the coffee maker. Karen had been thoughtful enough to prepare it the night before. He then headed quickly to the bathroom, and back to his bedroom to at least put on his briefs, especially not knowing when Aggie might decide to come out. Carl leaned over the bed and gently kissed his wife’s lips and Karen stirred. "Is it 6:00 already?" Karen mumbled. "Yes, sweetheart, I’ve started the coffee brewing." Karen put on her robe, and Carl got fully dressed and they walked to the kitchen, poured cups of coffee and sat down. They were discussing the wedding, and how beautiful it was. "Karen, did DJ or Doug ever mention to you that Randy was gay?" "No, they never told me, but I guess, after yesterday, everybody knows, That was such a touching moment, when Daryl proposed to Randy." "I thought it was kind of funny," Carl remarked, "especially when Randy’s eyes turned into Niagara Falls, he shed a pile of tears. I always thought that gay guys just liked to have spontaneous sex with each other, but I guess, at least some times, when they get romantically involved, it turns into real love, just like regular couples. I’ve learned a lot over the last few months." About 7:00 AM Jamie’s alarm sounded. He silenced it, turned to DJ and kissed DJ’s lips, waking his boyfriend. "Baby, wake up!" Jamie exclaimed, "we have to leave for school in about an hour and a half." The boys pulled on their boxer-briefs and headed to the kitchen to join Carl and Karen. About 5 minutes later, Granny came in and told DJ to slide over, so she could sit between the two boys, after she shared a loving kiss with each of them. About 7:30 Carl, getting up from the table, "I have to leave, I’m picking up the newlyweds at 8:00 to take them to the airport, I’ll see you all later." "Karen," Aggie asked, "Did you tell the boys?" "About what, Mom?" "That I might stay around here, and not go back to California." "I didn’t think," Karen commented, "that you were really serious." "Well I am, I want to live around here, where I can be close to my Sons, and my wonderful grandsons." DJ is smiling, ear to ear. Jamie spoke, "Mom, maybe Granny could stay here, permanently." "No Jamie," Granny stated, "I would want my own place, like I have out there, but here in this town. There has to be some senior residences around here." DJ, tears forming again, "Granny, I don’t want you to go back to California either!" "Mom," Jamie suggested, "DJ and I have to leave for school in a few minutes, could you maybe check around, and maybe take Granny out to see if you can find a nice place for her to live?" "I guess I can do that," Karen answered. DJ smiled again. The boys grabbed their backpacks, kissed Karen and Granny goodbye and headed out to school in the Tracker. "Jamie, it would be terrific if Granny could stay around here." Jamie, snickering, "Joe and Doug might be in for quite a surprise when they return, I know Granny isn’t really my grandmother, but I’ve grown to love her, as if she was." "She calls both of us ‘her grandsons’, kind of like our parents call us both their sons," DJ said, "it’s really kind of cool, it makes me feel loved." The boys arrived at college, and found the room for Algebra 1, and selected seats next to each other. They were a little surprised to find that Matt was in the same class, and he sat next to DJ. Matt told the boys that Algebra is required for engineering students. The professor stated, at the beginning of the class, "Elementary algebra is generally considered to be essential for any study of mathematics, science, or engineering, as well as such applications as medicine and economics." At 10 they found their English 101 class and then the computer software class at 11, getting ready to leave campus at noon, to head for the city and return the tuxedos. Just as they were ready to enter the Tracker, they heard their names being called. "DJ, JAMIE, WAIT UP!" Bryan hollered from a couple of rows of cars over, and trotted over. "I couldn’t call you guys cause my Mom found those cards with your phone numbers and destroyed them. I still want to hook up and talk with you, are either or both of you available today?" "Bryan, my Dad’s wedding was yesterday, and we have to go to the city and return (pointing) these tuxedos to the rental place. Would you like to ride up with us, and we can chat?" DJ suggested, "I’m scheduled to be at work at 3:00 PM today." "I can’t, Mom knows my schedule and is expecting me home from school shortly." "I’m not working today," Jamie mentioned, "maybe you and I could get together later, probably sometime after about 3:30. Is there someplace we could meet?" Bryan, pointing, "That’s my bright red Pontiac, could you maybe pick me up at Applebee’s parking lot, and we could go someplace to talk? If one of my parent’s drive by there, they’ll think I’m working and won’t bother me." "I can do that. DJ, when we get back, would you have time to drop me back home so I can get my car? Then I can pick Bryan up." "Sure, baby, I need to put on my work shirt anyway." "What does your car look like, Jamie?" Bryan asked. "It’s an old brown 98 Honda Civic, with a loud muffler, so I’ll pick you up about 3:30 or a little after at Applebee’s, OK?" "Great," Bryan smiled, "I’ll be waiting in my car." "DJ, on their way to the city, "Bryan seems really anxious to talk, I wonder what is going on with him?" "I don’t know, baby, but I think I’ll soon find out, that poor kid is an emotional wreck!" DJ agreed. * * * * * * * * The boys drove to the city, returned the tuxedos, and drove back to Jamie’s house. Jamie started his car and headed to Applebee’s, and DJ hustled to the house to change for work. He grabbed a dish of leftover potato salad, and explained to Karen and Granny that Jamie was spending some time with Bryan, to try to help him with some personal problems. He kissed Karen and Granny goodbye and headed to the store. Jamie drove to Applebee’s, spotted the red Pontiac and pulled along side of it. Bryan jumped out and right into Jamie’s passenger seat, wearing an Applebee’s shirt. "Bryan, are you working sometime today?" "No, I’m off, I put on my work shirt so Mom would think I had to work, Jamie, you have no idea all the shit I’m going through!" "I have a feeling I’m going to soon find out, where would you like to go?" Jamie asked. "Someplace where we can talk, alone." "How about DJ’s house, his Dad’s are on honeymoon, and it would just be you and me there. Are you hungry?" "Yeah, I haven’t had any lunch, what are you thinking?" "WAWA subs always go down good, and there is one on the way." The boys stopped at WAWA and picked up subs, and Jamie told Bryan that he knew there was drinks in the fridge. They got to the house and Bryan followed Jamie in the back door, they dropped the subs on the table and removed their jackets, Jamie got them some Pepsi’s from the fridge, and they sat at the table. "OK Bryan, start from the beginning, what the fuck is going on between you and Phil?" "It’s not really Phil, it’s my parents, you know Phil and I have been living at my house, and sleeping together, since we started college last fall, and I thought everything was cool." "Well," Bryan continued, "about 5 weeks ago, Phil was fucking me, and my father burst into the room, and turned into a madman. He accused Phil of being a pervert, and trying to turn me gay. He told Phil to get his shit together and get the hell out! So he did." "Wow!" Jamie blurted, "That’s fucked up!" "I tried to explain to my parents, that Phil and I loved each other, and that we were born that way, and they wanted to accept none of that. They even threatened to send me to conversion therapy." "So I guess your parent’s are, like, super religious?" "Not at all," Bryan replied, "I’ve never known them to go to Church, they’re more like super homophobic! Dad forbid me to have any close male friends, and told me there was no way I was gay. I feel like I’m under house arrest, I have no life of my own." Jamie suggested they move to the sofa in the den, so they picked up their drinks and headed there, Jamie sat in the center and Bryan sat on Jamie’s right. Jamie couldn’t help notice that Bryan had a boner, and his pants were tented. Seeing Bryan’s boner was causing his own penis to swell a little. "Bryan, do you wear boxers?" "Yeah, why?" "It’s hard to hide a boner when you wear boxers," Jamie said, pointing to Bryan’s tent, and grinning. "Jamie, I haven’t been able to release a load since Phil left," then, slapping at his tent, "I grow about 20 or more of these every day and I have no way to relieve them, I’m always horny!" "You could masturbate," Jamie suggested. "I can’t even do that," Bryan explained, "my parents won’t let me close the door to my room, and my father says that it will make me gay, and he forbid me to do it, I’m afraid he might catch me, I do really need to get a load off." "Bryan, if you wish, you can jack off here, and I’ll get you some paper towels." "Is jacking off considered the same as having sex?" Bryan asked. "I don’t think so," Jamie replied, "all boys jack off, once they reach puberty, I think having sex would be considered an interaction between two people, like a blowjob, or fucking." "Jamie, can I ask a big favor?" "You can ask, and maybe I can comply, what is it?" "This is kind of awkward—but—never mind." "What is it, Bryan, ask." "Jamie, would you—would you—fuck, would you jack off with me?" "Sure Bryan," Jamie answered, smiling," I’m a little horny too. Let’s go to the bedroom, where we can lay down and do it." Jamie stopped into the bathroom and grabbed a towel, and they went into DJ’s (and Jamie’s) room. Jamie kicked off his shoes, then removed his shirts, and Bryan followed suit. Finally, both boys slid their jeans and underwear off and viewed each other’s naked bodies and erections, grinning. "You’ve got a right nice pecker Bryan, Jamie commented." "Phil likes it, and yours isn’t to shabby either." "DJ likes it, and I like his a lot, too, DJ has the sweetest cum!" Both boys gave each other a quick feel, and Jamie held his hand out, inviting Bryan to get on the bed, Jamie followed him. The two boys started to stoke themselves slowly. Bryan knew he wouldn’t last very long, he had about a ton of gathered up juice in his balls. They were both watching each other, occasionally glancing into each other’s faces and grinning. Jamie was feeling a little more aroused than he expected he would. Bryan had leaked out a large amount of pre, and was using it like lube, sliding his hand up and down his shaft. "OOOhhhhhh! OOOHHhhh! AAAAhhhhhgggg!" Bryan expressed, as he started spurting rope after rope of cream, the first rope splattering on the headboard of the bed, a glob on his face, and the rest landing on his chest, and stomach, and hand. Watching Bryan ejaculate triggered Jamie into releasing his own two or three ropes onto his stomach and pubic area. Jamie couldn’t hold a candle to the amount of cum that Bryan had just released. A huge puddle of cum was lying on Bryan’s tummy. "I didn’t think," Jamie commented, "that a guys balls could hold that much cum!" "Me either," Bryan responded, "I thought I was never gonna stop cumming, and it felt soooooo good! I’ve never cummed like that before." Jamie handed Bryan the towel and pulled another one out of the headboard and the boys cleaned themselves up. Jamie wiped the glob of cum off Bryan’s face. "Jamie, I gotta pee." "Me too, DJ and I often pee together, you wanna?" With no reply from Bryan, the two stood in front of the toilet and drained the pressure from their bladders, watching each other. "How about a shower?" Jamie offered. "Sure," Bryan answered. Jamie turned on the water and the two boys stepped in. They showered together, but didn’t clean each other’s bodies, nor did they dry each other off. They returned to the bedroom and Jamie put on a clean pair of boxer-briefs and offered Bryan a pair. "I can’t," Bryan said, "Mom would question where they came from." He pulled his boxers back on. "Bryan, that was fun, really, it’s the first time I’ve jacked off with another boy since way back in school. I had a friend, back when we were about 14 or 15, and we used to get together sometimes and jack off, but that was all we ever did." "You and DJ never jack off?" Bryan asked, in surprise. "Not really, we mostly have oral sex, and we have finally tried out a little anal sex. We both like to sixty-nine." "Phil and I sometimes jack off together—well we did—until my Dad kicked him out." "Bryan, let’s lay down, I don’t think we’re done talking yet." The boys climbed back onto the bed, both wearing just their underwear. Bryan seemed so distraught, and Jamie couldn’t help placing his arm around Bryan’s torso, and caressing him a little, Bryan responded by snuggling closer to Jamie, their bodies touching, and Bryan was soaking up Jamie’s touch like a sponge. "Bryan," Jamie asked, "how do you feel toward Phil, now?" "I still love him, but under the circumstances, we can’t see or even talk to each other." "You’ll see each other at school, that might not be ideal but…." "We can’t now, Phil sent me word by a friend. He said he can’t afford to go to school and pay for a place to live too, so he’s dropped out of school, at least for this semester." "You guys have more problems than Carter has liver pills. I’m not sure I have a solution," Jamie remarked. Jamie is in deep thought, continuing to caress Bryan. He’s having some disturbing thoughts he never expected to have. It’s even crossed his mind to wonder what it might be like to have sex with Bryan, something he’s never considered about any other guy. Why is he thinking like this? He’s suddenly feeling like he is in a gay Payton Place, he’s finding himself attracted to Bryan, way too much attracted. Bryan is an attractive young man, and possesses a charming personality, has a bundle of problems with his family, and, supposedly a boyfriend of three years. And what about DJ? He loves DJ, and if anything happened between them it would probably kill DJ. He has to bury these feelings, NOW! As the two boys lay there, Jamie’s arm around Bryan, Jamie closed his eyes for a couple of minutes, enjoying the feeling of Bryan’s warm body next to his own. Bryan slowly raised his head and planted his lips onto Jamie’s, pushing his tongue into Jamie’s mouth. For just a few seconds, their tongues investigated each other’s mouths, Bryan was running his fingers through Jamie’s hair, and both guys developed erections again. Jamie, leaping to his feet, "Bryan, this can’t be happening! I won’t allow it to happen! DJ has my heart, and he has trusted me with his, I won’t cheat on him, his love means everything to me! I don’t want to violate his trust." "I’m sorry, Jamie," Bryan is starting to cry, "I never thought we’d end up like that, I’m just so love starved, and I went over the line. Please forgive me, I want and need your support, both yours and DJ’s. I don’t want to fuck it up, I need you guys more than ever!" Jamie stepped over to the dresser and pulled a couple of tissues out of the box, and wiped the tears from Bryan’s face. "I learned something today, Bryan, if I wasn’t head over heels in love with DJ, I think I could quite easily fall in love with you." "Thanks Jamie, the last thing I would ever want to do, would be to come between you two, I think you guys really have it together." "Bryan, we haven’t really finished our talk, but I have an idea, where is Phil working?" "I don’t know, and I can’t call him cause my parents monitor my calls." "Well, they don’t monitor mine, you know his number, don’t you?" Bryan nodded, "Call him from my phone, and if he answers let me talk to him." Jamie handed Bryan his phone, and Bryan put in the number and placed the call. Phil answered, and Bryan handed the phone to Jamie. "Phil, this is Jamie, from school and the club, you got a couple?" "Just about, I’m at work, what’s up?" "Where are you working?" "I’m a busboy and dishwasher at Denny’s." "Do you think you could get a break for about 15 minutes to see Bryan and me?" "Is Bryan with you now?" "Yes he is, for a little while." "God, I miss him so much, I’m dying to see him, when can you bring him by?" "About 7:00." "Cool, my manager is pretty decent and I think he’ll let me take my break when you get here, I’ll be watching for you." "Well Bryan, seems the spark is still there, Phil can’t wait to see you! Who owns your car?" "I do, I saved the money to buy it, and I pay my own insurance." "That’s a plus. Bryan, I’m not sure how we can do this, but we need to get you out of your parents’ house! You can’t live like that, you need to have your own place, or at least be out of there." "Jamie, it’s 6:30, should we maybe get dressed and go to Denny’s?" "Yeah, I don’t guess we’d be welcome there in our underwear." The boys got dressed and headed to Denny’s. Jamie parked and they walked in and selected a booth as far as possible from other diners. Phil spotted them, and held up a finger, letting them know he’d be with them in a minute. A server came to wait on them, and they told her they weren’t eating, just here to see someone. "John," Phil said, "My friends are here, so I’m taking my break now." John nodded and Phil joined Bryan and Jamie, the three bumped fists. "Bryan," Phil said, "Come to the Men’s room with me." Bryan followed Phil. Inside the Men’s room, Phil pulled Bryan around the divider, wrapped his arms around him and smothered Bryan’s lips with his own, kissing him passionately. The passion was returned. "I brought you in here so I could kiss you, without other employees or patrons seeing us, that wouldn’t go over well with the management, Bryan, do you still love me?" "Of course I do!" Bryan exclaimed, "I’m so sorry for what my Dad did, and it’s nearly killed me not to be able to see you, and kiss you, or even talk on the phone, we probably need to go back out and join Jamie." "Phil," Jamie asked, "are you living with your parents?" "No, they moved to someplace in New England, just before we started college last fall, I thought living with Bryan would work out for us, until his Dad kicked me out." "Where did you go to, when that happened?" Jamie inquired. "I spent two weeks at a homeless shelter, and then I got this job. When I got my first paycheck, I rented a room at the Shady Inn, and I’m still living there. I only make about $170 a week, after taxes, and the room is costing me $125 a week, so money is really tight. I still have gas, my phone, and need to eat. A couple of the servers here share some of their tips with me, and that helps some." "You make about the same as I do at the pizzeria, but I’m still living with my parents, and/or DJ Dad’s, so I don’t have rent. Phil, I’m aware of the situation with Bryan’s parents, they’ve got him on almost total lockdown. The only time we see Bryan is at school, but you have my phone number, if you need to get a message to Bryan, call me, and I’ll act as a go-between." "Thanks, Jamie," Phil replied, "I appreciate that, a lot." "Phil," Jamie asked, "what hours do you usually work?" "Three to eleven, most of the time, and my days off vary." "I need to ask you both a question," Jamie said, "do you guys want to try and get back together?" Phil was nodding, emphatically. "Yes," Bryan answered, "but my parents wouldn’t allow it!" "But," Jamie stated, "they couldn’t stop you, if you’re not living with them, I told you earlier that we need to get you out of there." "Bryan," Phil said, "I need to get back to work, but you know you can stay with me, room 120, at the Shady Inn, until we can work out something better, Jamie, I’m liking the way you think! We’ll be in touch, soon." Phil left us, smiling. Bryan and Jamie got into Jamie’s car, and headed to Applebee’s, Jamie pulled up close to Bryan’s Pontiac, and parked. "Jamie," Bryan lamented, "I like the idea, but I don’t think my parents will just let me move out, like that." "You’re almost 21, you’re considered an adult at 18, except for alcohol and tobacco. Trust me, they can’t stop you, DJ’s former Mama found that out when DJ moved out, and in with Doug. Let me work out a few details, and we’ll finish these plans. DJ and I will see you at school Wednesday, OK?" "Jamie, thank you so much for everything. When Phil took me in the restroom, he kissed me, and I started to get hard, but that’s the only one I’ve had since we—you know—got off. Thanks for doing that with me too, you’re a real friend! Goodnight."   * * * * * * * * Doug and Joe arrived in Miami during mid afternoon and got a hotel room for the night. They shared a nice dinner at a seafood restaurant and strolled back to the hotel. They need to be at the Port by 9:00 AM Tuesday morning to board their cruise ship. They went to bed, consummated their marriage (again), and slept together for their second night as a married couple. * * * * * * * * It was about 8:30 when Jamie arrived at his house, Karen was baking meatloaf and scalloped potatoes for the boys, planning on both of them to be there about 9:30. Granny was sitting at the kitchen table, and opened her arms for a hug when Jamie walked in. Jamie walked over and he and Granny shared a kiss and hug. Jamie has gotten used to kissing Granny, and it’s only done one way, on the lips. Jamie then kissed his Mom, grabbed a drink from the fridge and sat at the table with Granny. "How was your day, Granny?" Jamie asked. "It was really good, where’s DJ?" "He’s working until 9:00, he should be here about 9:30. Did you go looking for a place to live?" "We did, and found a place!" Granny smiled. "Mom," Karen said, "instead of telling Jamie about it now, why don’t we wait until DJ gets here, and tell them together." "Okay honey, that would make sense, I wonder if Joe can get a refund on my return ticket? Boy, are Doug and Joe in for a surprise!" "Mom, wouldn’t you need to go back to pack your stuff?" Karen asked. "I don’t have all that much, my clothing and some personal items, like photographs, and medical records, and probably some letters and a few nick knacks. I think I can get Sheila, my daughter, to pack those and ship them here, and turn in the key for the apartment. I won’t need cookware or dishes and what furniture I have can stay in the apartment." DJ walked in about 9:25 PM, and Jamie hustled over to greet him, and kiss him. DJ removed his jacket and hung it up, then gave Karen a quick kiss. Granny, as DJ hugged and kissed her, "How was your day, sweetheart?" "Pretty normal, Granny, except that I am also covering the deliveries that Dad normally does, as he is on his honeymoon, I’m a little surprised that you’re still up, how was your day?" "Sweetheart, I couldn’t go to bed without sharing the events of my day with you, I have some good news," Granny said. DJ, smiling, "Granny, please tell me you found a place to stay!" Jamie is also waiting to hear, and the two boys are sitting on each side of Granny. "Thanks to Karen’s help, we not only found a nice place, but I have already paid for February’s rent, and I can move in on the first, I’m not going back to California!" "SUPER!" DJ exclaimed, hugging Granny again, where is it?" "Boys," Granny remarked, "I’m really tired, and I want to go to bed and dream of living here, close to you. I’m going to ask Karen to explain to you guys, all about the place. It’s been a long day for me, I hope you don’t mind. I’ll see you all tomorrow." "Mom," Karen asked, "would you like some meatloaf and scalloped potatoes before you go to bed?" "No thanks, honey," Granny replied, "if I eat this close to bedtime, it often causes me to get heartburn, and it’s not good for me." Granny headed to her room, and retired for the night. Karen dished up plates of meat loaf and scalloped potatoes for the boys and a small plate for herself. "OK Mom," DJ asked, "tell us about where Granny’s going to be living." "Do you guys know where the ‘Golden Age Senior Community’ is?" "I do," DJ replied, "we sometimes deliver prescriptions there, but I’ve only been as far as the receptionist desk. It’s only about three blocks from the store." Karen explained, "The residents all have their own private rooms, and each room has a twin bed, and a small sofa and easy chair and a TV. Next to the bathroom is a small, like, kitchenette, with a small table with 2 chairs, a mini refrigerator and a microwave oven. They are welcome to have visitors before 10:00 PM, but visitors have to register when they arrive. "So the only way they can cook is with a microwave?" DJ asked. "They don’t need to cook," Karen replied, "They eat in a large dining room, some of the tables seat 8, and some seat 4, and they serve 3 meals a day, freshly prepared in the kitchen. The kitchen staff is made aware if certain residents are on a special diet. Most of the meals are served home style, platters and bowls of the food are served to the table, and the residents can help themselves." "They have an RN on duty, 24 hours a day, in case someone gets sick or injured, and all the residents have a waterproof emergency bracelet they can press the button on to get help. Most of the residents are ambulatory, I saw only a couple that had walkers or canes, and a couple in wheelchairs. The RN also distributes the drugs, and gives the diabetics their insulin shots." "There is a big courtyard where the residents are free to go when the weather is nice, and it even has a shuffleboard alley. A couple nights a week, they turn the dining room into a bingo hall. If residents need or want to go shopping, or have doctor’s appointments, they have two minivans to transport them." "I guess it’s kind of like a nursing home, how many people live there?" Jamie inquired. Karen answered, "There are 60 rooms, but the atmosphere is nothing like a nursing home, where you see all these old folks waiting to die. Some of the residents even still drive, and have their own cars there. They really try to keep these folks active, I think Granny will like it there, and she will be safe, and they all have the privacy of their own rooms." "So I could go there and pick Granny up, and take her to lunch or dinner sometimes, or even out for a ride?" DJ inquired. "Yep!" Karen responded, "you would have to register, and let them know you were taking her." DJ grinned approvingly. "Thanks for the chow, Mom," Jamie said, "baby, are you ready to head for bed?" DJ nodded, and the boys went to their bedroom. DJ and Jamie stripped and slipped into bed, cuddling and kissing. "Jamie, what did you learn about Bryan and Phil?" "I learned that the problem wasn’t between them, the problem lies with Bryan’s parents, Bryan’s father kicked Phil out of the house," Jamie told DJ the whole story, how Bryan’s parents have him on lockdown and that Phil is working at Denny’s and has a room at the Shady Inn. He told DJ that they needed to get Bryan out of his parent’s house, kind of like Joe rescued DJ, months ago. They agreed that they would to talk to Bryan, Wednesday at school about doing that. They were preparing to sleep, DJ was spooning Jamie, and suddenly realized that Jamie was sobbing. "Jamie," DJ spoke softly, "for heaven’s sake, what’s wrong?" Jamie, turning over to face DJ, "DJ, we’ve always been completely honest with each other—something happened today—and I can’t keep it to myself—I have to share it with you." "Something with Bryan? Did you two have sex or something?" "Not exactly, but….." Jamie explained the whole scenario to DJ, about he and Bryan jacking off together, showering, laying on the bed and Bryan kissing him, and he returned the kiss. Then about how he jumped off the bed, and told Bryan that ‘this can’t be happening’ and then they went to Denny’s to see Phil. "Jamie, maybe our relationship needs to end, do you want Bryan, as a boyfriend?" DJ inquired, tears running down his face. "God no, baby, I feel terrible, I never wanted to cheat on you, it’s just something that happened. Please don’t leave me, can you possibly forgive me? I know I fucked up, big time, but I don’t want to lose you, I love you too much!" "Jamie, you didn’t have to tell me—about this." "Yes I did, I couldn’t carry it around with me, I feel so bad, please forgive me?" Jamie begged. "There is no way I could forgive you," DJ stated, "if I wasn’t so fucking much in love with you. Please promise me it won’t happen again?" "DJ, Bryan said he still wants and needs our support, but I don’t want to be alone with him again! You’ve got my promise, I don’t ever want to take another chance of losing you, DJ, I love you so much. I guess I was thinking with the wrong head!" The two boys shared a loooooong passionate kiss and hug, and drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. Jamie dodged the bullet.   * * * * * * * * Joe and I arose at 7:00 AM Tuesday morning, dressed and found a delightful little café to have coffee and breakfast, taking our luggage with us. At 8:30 we flagged a taxi to take us to the port. We had no difficulty finding our liner, just below the American Flag, on the same flagpole, was the largest Rainbow Flag we’d ever seen. Passengers were already boarding. Captain Wonder met us at the top of the boarding ramp. "Good morning gents" he spoke, as he checked our tickets, "I’m Captain Wonder, welcome to the Sea Queen IV, is this your first cruise?" "It is," Joe replied, "and something we’ve both envisioned doing for many years." "In case you’re interested, we sometimes do weddings on these cruises," Capt. Wonder stated. "We beat you to it," Joe said, holding up our left hands to display our wedding bands, "we just married Sunday, and are on our honeymoon." "You guys are special," Capt. said, "in a couple of ways, you’ll probably notice, you won’t have much company in your age group, and you’re newlyweds." Then handing us reserved dinner tickets, "I would be honored to have you two join me at the Captains Table for dinner tonight at 6:00 PM." "Thank you sir," I said, "we accept your invitation." "Meanwhile, there’s a lot of younger passengers on these cruises, mostly male, enjoy the eye candy!" Joe and I grinned. It seemed the majority of the passengers during the day were wearing skimpy swimwear, and Joe and I wondered if they really planned to swim or were they just showing off their young and handsome beauty. Many of their bathing suits were so form fitting, they left almost nothing to the imagination. Yep, lots of eye candy, for old farts like Joe and me to view. About three hours out, long away from the sight of land, an announcement that lunch was being served in the dining room came over the sound system. Joe and I made our way to the dining room and selected a table for four as there were no tables for two. A couple minutes later two young men, both of them wearing skimpy swimwear, walked up and asked if they could join us, and we welcomed them, and they sat down. One of them spoke, "I’m Todd, and this is Ryan, and you are?" I replied, pointing, "Joe and I’m Doug, we just got married Sunday, and we’re on our honeymoon." We shook hands. "That’s really cool," Ryan said, "we’ve been dating, well, actually living together, for about 3 years, but we think we’re still too young to get married, we’re only 24 and 25." We all ordered lunches, chatted and they said they were from Cleveland, and we told them where we were from. When the cute, quite obviously gay, waiter brought our tickets, Todd grabbed ours, and insisted on paying for our lunch, saying to consider it a wedding gift. I had to tell Ryan that my middle name was also Ryan. They were really nice kids. I asked the waiter if he always worked on this ship, and he said he did, but the gay cruises are only about every 5 weeks, and on the other cruises they needed to 'butch it up’ and he loved working the gay cruises the most. I told Joe, on our way to our cabin, "I wish we could have let it all hang out when we were that age, these younger gay guys have it made." Joe and I changed into shorts and flip flops, and went out for a stroll, holding hands, and ending up at the pool. Neither Joe or I swim, but we sure enjoyed laying on some lounges next to the pool, taking in the sun and watching the activity. There were four young men playing around the pool that were wearing those swim trunks that become see-through when they’re wet, and we enjoyed the sight, a lot. It was easy to see that one of them was uncut. It was an awesome feeling to be able to go anywhere on the ship, holding hands, stopping to hug and kiss periodically, and not have to worry if someone was watching. We weren’t the only ones doing that, and we were most definitely having a good time. At 6:00 that evening we returned to the dining room, showed the host the tickets that Capt. Wonder had given us, and he sat us at the Captains table. The Capt. joined us a few minutes later. "Ladies and Gentlemen," Capt. Wonder announced, "I’d like to introduce a couple of very special guests to you. I’m going to start with their names, (pointing) Joe Reynolds, and Doug Kendall. These two gentlemen were kind enough to share a very special love story with me, and, I think I have it straight, correct me if I’m wrong." "Just a little less than a year ago, a young man from the projects, 19 years old, his name is DJ, had the fortune of crossing paths with Doug. As Doug grew to know DJ, he fell in love with DJ, not as partner type of love, but as a wannabe father. Doug solicited help from his cop friend of many years, Joe, to rescue DJ from the projects, and Doug took DJ under his wing, gave him love, hope and a sense of being wanted, even to the point of legally adopting DJ as his own son." "Their act of rescuing DJ, brought Doug and Joe into close contact again, after 20 or 25 years of being apart, and they rekindled an old love affair. It just happened that this young man, DJ, was also gay, and soon became involved with his own boyfriend, and the two young men played cupid with Joe and Doug, finally getting Joe to make a proposal, and Doug said ‘yes’." "Well, folks, these two, not quite so young men, tied the knot Sunday, and at ages 66 and 50 are now happily married husbands, enjoying their honeymoon together, and Doug’s Son DJ now has both a loving father and a loving step-dad. I’ll make a point, as I often have said, you’re never too old to get married. If you folks run across these newlyweds, give them a congratulations." The dining room erupted in applause. Wherever Joe and Doug went, throughout the remainder of the cruise, folks greeted them, offered congratulations, and gave them hugs. They may not have been the hottest or most attractive couple on the cruise, but they quickly became one of the most popular couples. * * * * * * * * Tuesday morning Daryl and Randy slept in, as neither of them were scheduled to work that day. They got up about 10:30 AM, shared a pot of coffee and made some breakfast. "Randy," Daryl asked, "how did your employees act yesterday, after many of them witnessed my proposal Sunday, now knowing that we’re not only gay, but now engaged?" "Most either had no reaction, or offered me congratulations, and wanted to know when the big day was, of course I couldn’t tell them, as we have yet to set the date." Daryl commented, "I’ve been thinking about what we discussed when we were moving in, about hosting a house warming party, maybe it’s not such a bad idea. We broke the ice Sunday at Doug’s wedding, and I know everyone at your store seems to be okay with our lifestyle. Maybe the people in this region are less homophobic than some I’ve encountered in the past." "I think that, and also people in general are becoming more accepting of those of us that are a little different. I suspect that, if we hosted a party and invited all the employees from both of our stores, there are a number of our combined employees that know each other. It’s a small town, and I think half of the residents here know each other. I’ve noticed that people in small towns seem to be more open and friendly than the city dwellers." "Randy, since we’re both off today, it might be a good day to shop for furniture for our dining room, and maybe a bed for the spare bedroom." Randy, chuckling, "I think we’ve passed the point of trying to convince anyone that we’re just housemates, but if we invite some of our friends from the city, they might not be in shape to drive back, and the spare bed just might be needed." "So when do you think we should host the party?" Daryl asked, "We still need a few more days to get the house organized." "If we do it on Saturday night, February 10, we could call it a ‘Valentines and Housewarming Party’, I know it’s four days before Valentines, but a Wednesday night party would suck, and we could decorate the house in Red and White. If we plan it for 10:00 PM, everyone should be able to make it, if not at ten, at least shortly after." "Sounds like a plan," Daryl said, smiling, "If I post an invitation for the employees at my store, it will say that ‘WE’, as in Daryl Cartwright & Randy Shultz, are inviting, and let the employees think what they want. Baby, I think I’ve grown some testicles, I’m not afraid anymore, and I love you so very much." "Daryl, I love you too, I hope you know how deep my love for you goes. Just a thought, if we can set a date by then, maybe we could announce the date for our wedding at the party." "It’s something to consider, shall we go do some furniture shopping?" Daryl suggested. The two men shared a kiss and hug, and left the house to see what the furniture stores had to offer. * * * * * * * * DJ woke early Tuesday morning, still trying to recover from what Jamie had told him the night before. He started to slide out of bed, and Jamie awoke, and put his hand out to stop him. Jamie looked DJ dead in the eyes. "DJ, are you okay?" Jamie asked, softly. "I don’t know," DJ replied, "what you told me last night really hurt, like a knife stabbed me in the heart. I just never thought you would ever hurt me like that! I have to get ready for work, I’m doubling with Gloria today." "DJ, it’s only 7:00 and you don’t have to leave for work until about 9:30, please stay with me for a little while." Jamie wrapped his arms around DJ, caressing him, and his hand ended up wrapped around DJ’s flaccid penis. "You want a cock to suck?" DJ remarked, "Go suck Bryan!" "That hurt!" Jamie blurted, "for god’s sake, DJ, I know I fucked up really bad, what do I have to do, to get your love back? What is this, fight hurt with hurt? DJ, if I’ve lost your love, I have no reason to live, you’re the only boy I want and the only one I love." "Jamie, I have to admit, it probably took a lot of guts to tell me, last night, what happened, and I respect you for that, but it still doesn’t erase the hurt." "DJ, I can’t breathe easy, until you can tell me you still love me." "Jamie, I never stopped loving you, but I know it’s going to take some time for the wound to heal." Jamie pulled DJ close and kissed him passionately, and DJ had no choice but to retaliate. Both boys got hard, their cocks touching. DJ, snickering, "I guess some things never change." "I think the spark is still there," Jamie replied, grinning, "maybe we should get dressed, and make a showing?" "I know you’re working all day," Jamie said, "and I’m scheduled from 4 until 9, so I guess we’ll see each other when we get home tonight. Are we OK, baby?" DJ, smiling, "We’re getting there!" The boys went out to the kitchen and Karen offered to fix them both some breakfast. Jamie said he would wait, and eat with Granny and Carl, after they got up. DJ ate, and left for work about 9:30 AM. (to be continued)  
  11. A little bad news, and some better news.

    My tower unit running Windows XP and using Office 97 has passed on so I am now relegated to using my Laptop and Windows 10.  Windows XP, IMHO was much more user friendly than Windows 10, and I preferred using Word from Office 97, rather than the one from Office 265.  At least I was able to connect a standard keyboard and mouse to the Laptop, rather than using the awkward keypad and little touch panel that Laptop makers substitute for a mouse.

    I have found that Office 97 WILL function with Windows 10, and still had my installation CD for Office 97 and now have it installed on the laptop, and thanks to having a W/D passport USB drive, I was able to salvage my office files and my Thousands of mp3 music files and transfer them to the laptop. .YEA!  So I'm now functional, and will be able to edit my DJ story, and continue to write Watergame and get them uploaded, as soon as I can allocate the time to do so.

    1. Daddydavek


      Sometimes what's familiar is best and I also have an Office 97 CD.  Although to be truthful, I have started to use Apache Open Office which I find simple and easy to use....and it's free.  

  12. A little bad news, and some better news.

    My tower unit running Windows XP and using Office 97 has passed on so I am now relegated to using my Laptop and Windows 10.  Windows XP, IMHO was much more user friendly than Windows 10, and I preferred using Word from Office 97, rather than the one from Office 265.  At least I was able to connect a standard keyboard and mouse to the Laptop, rather than using the awkward keypad and little touch panel that Laptop makers substitute for a mouse.

    I have found that Office 97 WILL function with Windows 10, and still had my installation CD for Office 97 and now have it installed on the laptop, and thanks to having a W/D passport USB drive, I was able to salvage my office files and my Thousands of mp3 music files and transfer them to the laptop. .YEA!  So I'm now functional, and will be able to edit my DJ story, and continue to write Watergame and get them uploaded, as soon as I can allocate the time to do so.

  13. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 7

    Monday night, after Jeff completed writing the letter to his father, he left it lying on the desk. He planned to let Art read it so that he could get Art’s opinion before he mails it tomorrow. Jeff has nothing but a lot of love and respect for Julian’s Dad. Jeff then crawled into bed with his boyfriend, and the two cuddled together for a good night’s sleep. Tuesday morning while Vi was starting the coffee brewing, Art slipped into the boy’s room and woke them. When the boys arrived at the table for coffee, Jeff had the letter in his hand. “Dad,” Jeff stated, “it’s killing me not knowing how my family will react, but I feel that I need to be open with them. I would like you to read this letter I’ve written to my Dad and get your opinion before I mail it.” He handed the letter to Art, and Art read it. “Well, Son,” Art responded, “it looks like all the T’s are crossed, and the I’s are dotted. If I had received this letter from Julian, it would not have been a shocker, because Vi and I had suspected that Julian was gay for some time. It’s hard to tell how your Dad might receive this information, but I think it covers all the bases and is well written.” “I don’t know your parents,” Art continued, “but it sure does place the ball in their court. I would hope that they accept your feelings and sexuality, and still love you. Son, I hope you know that if things go south, you have family here that will have your back!” “Thanks, Dad,” Jeff replied, “I really appreciate that, and I’m pretty sure I also have Uncle Jim on my side. Is there a post office between here and work as I want to mail this out today.” “Seal it up, Son,” Art replied, “and I’ll make certain it gets mailed out today. We can drop it into the outgoing mail box at the office.” When they all clocked in that morning, Jeff glanced at the outgoing mailbox, and right on top was the envelope addressed to William Parks. At lunchtime all Gordy and Simon could talk about was how much they really enjoyed the weekend with J&J and Julian’s Mom & Dad. If nothing else, it made these four young men even closer friends. They will miss each other when school resumes, as their two colleges are hundreds of miles apart. * * * * * * Friday afternoon the mailman delivered an envelope to the Park’s residence that was addressed to William Parks. Elaine noted that it was addressed solely to William, rather than Mr. & Mrs. William Parks, but also noted the return address as Jeffrey Parks with a Dunbar address. As a rule, Elaine didn't open mail addressed to Bill, but this was from their son, so she made an exception. As Elaine read the letter, tears began to flow. Jeff was not brought up this way, how could he possibly have become gay. She had done everything in her power to keep a barrier between her stupid gay brother and Jeff, so that he wouldn’t be influenced, and now Jeff is saying that he is gay? How could this be? Just like her brother Jim, Jeff is living a life of sin! When Jeff’s father arrived home, he discovered his wife in turmoil, still crying. “Sweetheart!” Bill asked, “What is wrong?” Elaine just held out the letter, and her husband read it, then wrapped his arms around Elaine, hugging her. “Bill,” Elaine stated, “Jim was plagued with this problem, and I’ve avoided any contact with him—and now our son is diseased too!” “Babe,” Bill replied, “I really think we need to have a chat with our minister, let me call him, and see when we can meet with him.” Bill got hold of Pastor Scott, and he told Bill he could meet with them in an hour at the Church office. An hour later, they met, and Bill and Elaine explained their dilemma to Pastor Scott and let him read the letter that Jeff had written. “Elaine, Bill,” Pastor Scott said, “I’ve run across this situation before, and I’ve researched it, and come to some conclusions. I’m convinced that homosexual people are not made but are born that way. Just like skin color, there is no way to change a person’s sexuality. Why God allows some people to be born gay, I can’t explain, but as Christians, we need to accept them, and love them.” “I just can’t,” Elaine said, “maybe if we cut off his educational expenses, we can force him to come to his senses, and break off his sinful relationship with that boy.” “I’m afraid that may cause an adverse reaction,” Scott stated, “you may just drive him out of your life—forever. Is that what you want?” “No,” Elaine responded, “but what should we do, or what can we do?” “Well, you’ve driven your brother Jim out of your life, because you couldn’t accept that he was gay,” Pastor Scott said, “do you want to drive Jeff out, also?” “Honey,” Bill said, “I think we’d better learn to accept Jeff as our gay son, or our family will disintegrate. Pastor Scott, thank you for your time, and your knowledge, I know what we have to do.” “By the way folks,” Pastor Scott stated, “Elaine’s brother, Jim, and his fiancé, Calvin Wilson paid me a visit a couple weeks ago, and asked if I would marry them. It’s against the doctrine of the Church to perform same sex marriages in the Church, but as a licensed minister, I can perform the ceremony outside of the Church. I told them I would do it, and it will be my first same sex wedding to officiate at.” “Pastor Scott!” Elaine exclaimed, “You would actually marry two men to each other?” “Elaine, Jim and Calvin have been dating for three years. I’m quite certain that they are deeply in love with each other, and I see no reason why they shouldn’t become loving husbands, especially now that the state has legalized same sex marriage.” “Thank you again, Pastor,” Bill said, “Honey, we gotta figure out how to make Jeff feel welcome and let him know that we love and accept him, regardless of his sexuality.” Pastor Scott smiled. Bill, on the drive back home, “Elaine, Labor Day Weekend is coming up just a few days after college resumes. Maybe we could talk Jeff into coming home that weekend.” “That would be nice,” Elaine replied, “but what if he wants to bring his b—b—boyfriend with him?” “That might not be so bad,” Bill said, “not that I’m so crazy about him having a boyfriend, but I kinda would like to meet the young man that stole my son’s heart. We might actually like Julian. Jeff has always been quite particular. Even with the girls he dated, he was quite fussy, and never dated the same girl twice. I don’t think that Jeff would date just any boy, there must be something special about Julian.” “Maybe,” Elaine replied, “I’m just having trouble wrapping my head around the idea that Jeff would even consider dating and loving a boy, let alone maybe even having sex with another boy!” “Babe,” Bill said, “young people today don’t know the meaning of abstinence, and I’m willing to bet that they have already had some sexual experiences with each other. I would prefer not to know if they have or what they may have done!” “Are you still going to pay Jeff’s college costs?” Elaine asked. “Of course,” Bill replied, “we committed to that when Jeff was accepted at the University. He only has one year left, and I’ve no intention of cutting him off this close to his graduation. I need to get hold of Jeff and find out how much we’ll need for this year, so I can get the funds into his college account. I’m calling him tonight.” * * * * * Just as the Whites were finishing dinner, Jeff’s phone rang. He recognized the calling number and answered appropriately. “Hey, Matt,” Jeff answered, “What’s up dude?” “I just wanted to touch base with you, bud,” Matt said, “I’ve been at my parents house for the summer, just chilling, are you aware that registration is coming up in two weeks? I also wanted to know if you plan on being my dorm mate for our senior year?” “We’re aware of registration, Julian and I might come out on Sunday, spend the night at the cabin then come on campus Monday morning and take care of registration,” Jeff said. “As for rooming, Julian and I want to be dorm mates. Since he’s still a junior and I’m a senior I don’t think they’ll let us share a room in the senior dorm, but we’re hoping we can share one in the junior dorm.” “So I guess,” Matt said, “I need to look for a new dorm mate, I thought that maybe this thing between you and Julian might have blown over by this time.” “Don’t hold your breath, Matt,” Jeff replied, “I think our relationship is growing stronger by the day. I can’t believe how much in love I am with this boy! I have accepted now that I am gay, I couldn’t love him as I do, and still be straight, and I don’t even think about girls anymore. We’re both working for Corbin Home Builders, and making some decent dough, and staying with Julian's parents. Our summer has been fantastic, so far.” “I’m really happy for you two,” Matt said, “I didn’t mean for that to sound like I wanted your relationship to fail. I hope you know that our relationship is the same as always—we’re still the best of friends. See you in a few weeks.” Both Matt and Jeff hung up. Thirty seconds later, Matt called back. “Yeah?” Jeff answered. “Jeff, I just wanted to tell you,” Matt said, “if things don’t work out, where you can share a room with Julian, I really wouldn’t have a problem having a gay roommate, as long as it’s you. I think you and I know where we stand with each other, and our limits.” “Well,” Jeff replied, chuckling, “we shared a room for three years and didn’t kill each other! I guess I could handle one more year with you, even if you are straight. I would consider it, if Jul and I can’t make arrangements to share a room together. I’d much rather share a room with you, than with some guy that doesn’t even know me. Thanks, dude.” They hung up again. Jeff smiled, knowing that Matt is still a good friend. After supper, J&J headed to their room, planning to play some video games. Jeff was wondering if his Dad had received his letter today. He was getting just a bit apprehensive, and was hoping his Dad wasn’t just going to just ignore it. Maybe it hasn’t been delivered yet, USPS is rather unpredictable. Jeff can’t stand the suspense, he’s going to call his Dad. Sitting with Julian on the bed, he pushed the numbers on his phone, and heard his Dad’s phone ringing. Bill answered on the second ring. “Hi Jeff,” Bill said, “I was just getting ready to call you, but you beat me to the punch. We need to discuss your finances for your senior year.” “I wrote you a letter, you may not have received it yet,” Jeff said. “Oh, we received it today,” Bill stated, “nothing like a bombshell to start the weekend. I had no idea that you might be interested in boys, I always just assumed you were like most of the boys, chasing after the girls and trying to get a little pussy. That letter really upset your Mom. It upset me a little too, but I think I may be a little more open minded and understanding than Elaine.” “She wanted me to pull the financial support for your senior year,” Bill explained, “to try to force you to break up with your boyfriend, but I can’t do that. I committed to supporting you to graduate from the University, and I won’t use financial force to sway you. Admittedly, I was not excited about the situation, but I would hope that I’m man enough to accept what I cannot change.” “Jeff, I think you have a friend at our church,” Bill explained, “After we got your letter, Elaine and I made arrangements to have a chat with Pastor Scott, and we showed him the letter. Pastor Scott said the best we could do would be to show you love and acceptance. Son, I accept you, and love you, regardless of your sexuality, but we might need to work on your Mom for a while. Pastor Scott pretty much laid it on the line, if Elaine can’t accept her gay son, she will lose you—just like she lost her brother.” “Dad,” Jeff said, sobbing a little, “I’m glad I still have your love, and I love you and Mom a lot, I just have a problem with Mom’s homophobia. She hates Uncle Jim, and she’ll probably hate me too, just because we’re gay. Dad, I hope you understand that being gay is not a choice—it’s just how we are born.” “Jeff, if I transfer the same amount as last year, will that get you by for the year?” Bill asked. “It should, Dad,” Jeff replied, “if I run a little short, I can likely cover it with the money I’m earning this summer. I need to get a couple of new tires soon, my back ones are getting quite thin, but I can cover that.” “Son,” Bill stated, “even if the circumstances aren’t ideal, it’s always a pleasure to talk with you, and please don’t worry about your school expenses, I’ve got them covered. When do I get to meet this young man that stole your heart?” “Dad, I don’t know, but I could text you some pictures. I don’t want to send you into cardiac arrest, so I’ll give you a heads up, Julian is half-black. His Dad is black, and his Mom is as white as us, and Julian is just plain beautiful!” “Jeff, I can hear the love in your voice,” Bill said, “Let me work on your Mom—maybe—just maybe, we can destroy her homophobia, I hope you know that I’m not homophobic. Stay in touch, Son.” “I will Dad,” Jeff said, “Thanks, for everything. I love you, bye.” “Baby,” Julian stated, “you’re smiling! Maybe things aren’t as bad as you thought?” “They’re better than I even imagined,” Jeff replied, wrapping his arm around Julian, “Dad has accepted my sexuality, and he is going to continue my college costs. And guess what? He wants to meet you! I never expected that. I promised him that I would send some pictures, I’d better do that, before I forget.” Over the next ten minutes, Jeff texted some photo’s to his Dad, including the photo’s of Julian’s Dream, Art and Vi, and some of Julian and a couple of Julian and Jeff together. A few minutes later, Jeff received a text back from his Dad. ‘Jeff, you are absolutely right, Julian is an outstandingly handsome young man! Please give me his cell number, I just want to chat with him for a couple of minutes, and start to get to know him a little. It would probably be wise that we have each other’s numbers anyway, in case of an emergency.' Jeff shared his boyfriends cell number with his Dad. Almost immediately, Julian’s phone rang and he answered it, not being familiar with the number. Jeff told him that it was his Dad’s phone number. “Hello, Mr. Parks,” Julian answered, “this is Julian, you wanted to speak with me?” “Julian,” Bill stated, “you have something in your possession that is very near and dear to me. Jeff is my only son, and my pride and joy. I’m willing to share him with you, but please take good care of him, and please, don’t ever hurt him.” “Mr. Parks,” Julian replied, “I think I love him just as much as you do, but maybe it’s a different kind of love. I would rather die than to ever hurt Jeff, I love him way too much to ever hurt him. He is in good hands when he is in my loving arms. I feel that Jeff and I are both very protective of each other. Rest assured, I will take good care of your son!” “Thanks, Julian, that’s all I want, and I hope to meet you soon. You now have my phone number, if Jeff is ever ill, or gets hurt, please call me—I’m only a phone call away.” Thanks, Mr. Parks,” Julian replied, “and thank you for setting Jeff’s mind at ease. He was pretty concerned about how you would feel—about us, and whether you would still cover his college costs for his last year. By the way, I’m quite anxious to meet you also, but I’m not too certain about meeting his Mom.” “Elaine is something else,” Bill said, “it may take some time, but I think she will eventually come around, at least I hope so. We’ll be in touch, you two have a nice weekend, goodbye.” They both hung up. “WOW!” Julian exclaimed, “I haven’t even met your Dad in person, but I like him, already.” “I hate to say it, but my Dad is a much nicer person than my Mom, she might be ok if she wasn’t such a homophobe!” It was Friday night and neither of the boys had been asked to work Saturday, so they decided to spend some serious time with the video games, playing games back to back until 11:00 PM, when Vi announced she had snacks on the table. While the family enjoyed homemade brownies, topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge syrup, Jeff explained the phone calls with his Dad, and everyone was happy that things seemed to be working out well. Julian was particularly excited that Jeff’s Dad wanted to meet him, and Julian was also anxious to meet Mr. Parks. After eating their snack, the boys returned to the video game and played until about 1:00 AM, finally stripping and crawling into bed, very soon to meet the sandman. The weekend passed quickly, as weekends usually do, then Monday arrived and everything was back to normal. The next two weeks passed by without incident. * * * * * It’s the end of the first week of August and all the workers are clocking out at 5:30 PM on Friday afternoon. Alvin is handing out the paychecks, as he usually does on Friday afternoons, wishing his employees a good weekend. Corbin Homebuilders is a small company with about 20 Employees, not really large enough to have direct deposit, and Alvin knows all of his people on first name basis, and vice verse. He likes it this way, and so do all the employees, it’s kind of like a big family. “Art,” Alvin said, handing the envelope to Art, “both your regular check and your vacation check is in here, enjoy your well deserved week off, and I’ll see you a week from Monday.” “Thanks, Alvin,” Art replied, “the wife and I are looking forward to getting away from it all for a few,” then, grinning, “and hoping we have a house left when we return!” Alvin, as well as J&J all smiled, knowing that Art was just picking on the boys. Alvin is well aware that J&J are both living with Art and Vi. “Dad,” Jeff inquired, on the way home, “where are you and Mom going for your vacation?” “My father-in-law recently retired, and they have a retirement home in Vermont on Lake Champlain, so we’re going to spend a couple of days with them, and then do some traveling around the rest of New England, especially in Maine.” “Sounds like fun,” Jeff said, “I wish we could go with you.” “It’s not that we don’t enjoy having you guys around,” Art responded, “but it will be nice to get away from you hooligans for a few days too!” J&J glanced at each other and grinned, looking forward to having the house to them selves for a few days. Saturday morning Art slipped into the boy’s bedroom and woke them in time for breakfast. “Baby,” Julian asked, “the grass needs cutting again, would you like to help me with the yard work this morning?” “Sure, baby,” Jeff replied, “lets put on the work clothes we wore yesterday, and get that out of the way first, then we’ll have the rest of the weekend to play.” A few minutes later both boys showed up at the kitchen table, dressed in work clothes. “You guys aren’t working today, are you?” Art asked. “Not at the job,” Julian replied, “but after you and Mom leave, we’re going to cut the grass, then we’ll be able to chill the rest of the weekend.” Art was impressed at these awesome young men, and how they assumed responsibility, planning to cut the grass without even a mention of it from him. “Jeff,” Art said, “I’m leaving the keys for the pickup with you, in case you need a second vehicle while we’re gone.” He handed the keys to Jeff, the latter sticking them in his pocket. After breakfast Vi started to gather up the dishes on the table. “Mom,” Julian stated, “don’t worry about those—we’ll take care of them, you and Dad have a vacation to get started on!” J&J carried the several bags of luggage out to the SUV, placing them in the back, while Art and Vi started to leave out of the house. “Guys,” Vi apologized, “I didn’t do a lot of grocery shopping, so you’ll likely need to do some groceries, and you can buy what you feel like cooking and eating. There is probably enough cold cuts in the fridge to make a couple of lunches.” “Mom,” Jeff assured, “its not like we’re little kids, we can take care of ourselves, and we’ll be fine. You and Dad need to concentrate on having fun and enjoying your vacation!” Both boys kissed Vi on her lips, and gave her a loving hug, and then Art gave the boys a warm hug, both together in his strong and loving arms. Vi and Art treat these boys more like brothers than boyfriends. The boys watched as Vi and Art entered the SUV, and stood together, arms around each other’s waists and waving with their free arms as the parents drove off. “Let’s get it done,” Jeff said, “do you want to run the mower or the weed eater?” “It doesn’t matter to me,” Julian said, “Take your pick, and I’ll do the other.” “OK, I’ll cut the grass,” Jeff said. An hour later, they returned the equipment to the shed, and then returned to the house, both boys feeling dirty and sweaty. They walked into the kitchen and grabbed cold drinks from the fridge and emptied their pockets onto the kitchen table. They then walked to the laundry area and stripped naked, dropping their dirty, sweaty clothes into the hamper. Then they sat at the kitchen table, still naked, and finished their drinks before heading to the bathroom to share a shower together. Once out of the shower and dried, they headed to their bedroom. “Baby,” Julian said, “we don’t have to dress right away, there’s no one here except you and me.” “Are you suggesting we walk around here naked?” Jeff asked. “Why not?” Julian replied, grinning, “I don’t get to see you naked very often, except when we get out of the shower, and I love to see you naked!” Julian playfully cuffed Jeff’s cock, making him grin and Jeff quickly returned the favor. “It’s Saturday, and we probably should catch up on the domestic duties,” Jeff stated, “why don’t you catch the dishes, and I’ll start the laundry—and we don’t need to be dressed for those!” Jeff started the first of three loads of laundry and while the first load was washing came up behind Julian, while he was washing dishes. He placed his arms around Julian’s waist, pressing his flaccid cock into Julian’s ass crack and wrapping his hand around Julian’s boyhood. “Baby, you’ve got me at a disadvantage,” Julian complained, “my hands are busy with these dishes!” “It’s OK baby,” Jeff replied, “I just like to have something nice to hold on to, and boy, is it nice!” Julian, giggling, “For a straight boy, you sure don’t act very straight!” “Baby,” Jeff replied, “I think the only thing I have left that’s straight, is the love I have for you, straight from my heart! It’s Saturday night, wanna see if Gordy and Simon would like to come over and spend the evening, or maybe all night with us. Maybe we could have a cookout.” “That’s a great idea, baby,” Julian stated, “It’s still only about 11:00 AM, let me call them now.” Julian called Gordy and they made plans to have a cookout. Gordy and Simon were to come over about 3:00 PM, and they would have the cookout about 5:00 PM. It was determined that the pair could sleep over if desired, and they are welcome to do so. Julian gave Jeff $30 to help toward the food and agreed to finish off the laundry while Jeff headed to the grocery store. J&J had already made the decision to do charbroiled steaks. Jeff returned from the market about 12:30 PM with four nice steaks, a bag of charcoal, and containers of potato and macaroni salads, and two subs, lunch for Julian and himself. Jeff suggested that Julian put on some clothing, as Julian was still naked. Jeff is realizing that, evidently, Julian is equally as comfortable in the nude as he is. The boys finished up the laundry, taking Art and Vi’s clean clothes into their bedroom, and sorting their own clothes out, Julian putting his own away and Jeff putting his into the chest in the spare bedroom, as there is no space in Julian’s dresser for Jeff’s clothing. The boys then settled at the kitchen table, and ate their subs, then relaxed on Julian’s bed for a while, just chilling. It would be another hour before Gordy and Simon was expected to arrive. J&J unintentionally fell asleep. Shortly after 3:00 PM a pounding at the kitchen door woke J&J up, they sprang off the bed and ran to the door to greet their guests, giving both Gordy and Simon welcome hugs. Gordy told Julian they needed to use one of the coolers, which Julian quickly produced. Simon carried the cooler out to the deck and proceeded to fill it with two 12-packs of beer and poured a bag of ice over it. “I didn’t realize either of you guys were of age to buy alcohol,” Jeff said. “We’re not,” Gordy said, chuckling, “but sometimes you can buy a friend for $5.00.” Gordy passed a freshly opened beer to the other three boys, and opened one for himself. They all sat around on the deck chairs, and started to sip. Gordy, Simon and Jeff were all somewhat used to drinking a few beers, but the experience was brand new to Julian, and this was his first time to drink beer. Half way through his second bottle, Julian was feeling the effect of the alcohol, and started to get silly. He was also starting to feel pressure on his bladder. “I gotta pee!” Julian exclaimed, attempting to get vertical, but then slumping to the deck. Jeff was at his side in seconds. “Are you ok, baby?” Jeff asked. “I can’t stand—and I gotta pee!” Julian exclaimed. “I’ll help you, baby,” Jeff said, “just hold on to me.” Jeff helped Julian onto his feet and supported him at the edge of the deck. “Do you want me to pull it out?” “Please, baby!” Julian exclaimed. Julian was holding on to Jeff with both hands, and Jeff reached down and unzipped Julian’s shorts, and pulled his cock out. “OK baby,” Jeff said, “I’ve got you, let it go.” Julian relaxed and Jeff pointed his penis out toward the grass, holding it until Julian’s bladder was empty, milking out the last few drops. Jeff then tucked his penis back into his shorts and zipped his zipper back up. Gordy and Simon were grinning. Jeff, lowering Julian into a chair, “Julian is cut off! He’s not used to drinking, and he’s also a lightweight. If his Dad find’s out about this, our asses are grass!” Jeff picked up Julian’s bottle and drank the last quarter that Julian hadn’t swallowed. “Can we all pee on the grass,” Simon asked, “or do we need to go inside to the bathroom?” “This yard is pretty secluded,” Jeff stated, “none of the neighbors can see, and I doubt the grass will complain.” Jeff stepped to the edge of the deck and created his own golden shower on the grass. Gordy and Simon followed suit. The boys (excepting Julian) all shared another round of beer. Jeff, standing up, “I think I’d better get the grill going, while I’m still sober enough to do it.” He went into the kitchen and brought out the charcoal and started the fire. While the fire was getting under way, the three boys all had another beer. Julian’s bladder had refilled, but he was somewhat more sober, and was able to take a pee without help or support. “Baby,” Jeff asked, “I need garlic powder and steak seasoning, and I don’t know where it’s kept.” “I’ll get it,” Julian said, and he got out of the chair and headed into the kitchen without even staggering. He returned a couple of minutes later with those, and a pair of tongs. While Jeff got into ‘chef’ mode, grilling the steaks, Julian got into ‘host’ mode, bringing out plates and utensils and condiments, placing those on the picnic table. When the steaks were nearly ready, Julian brought out the macaroni and potato salads, and placed them on the table. He also brought out four glasses of ice and a pitcher of iced tea. Jeff grilled all of the steaks medium rare, which was perfect for Julian and him, and Gordy, but he had to cook Simon’s a little more, as he wanted more like medium well, which Jeff called medium ruined, but Simon said it was perfect. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the meal, and all agreed that the companionship was unbeatable. One would think, to see these four boys together, that they had been friends since kindergarten, but Jeff and Julian had really only known Gordy and Simon for a few weeks. The four blended together as smoothly as cream in coffee. It may have helped that they were all boys that like boys? After eating they sat around the deck and enjoyed another couple of beers. Even Julian handled a couple somewhat better than earlier, probably since he now had eaten a meal, and wasn’t drinking on an empty stomach. “Hey,” Gordy stated, “lets play some Risk!” “Fine!” Julian exclaimed, “Does somebody want to make a trip to the lake and get the game from the yacht?” “Bummer!” Gordy exclaimed, “So what games have we got here?” “Maybe a card game,” Julian replied, “and we do have Monopoly.” “I could get into a game of Monopoly,” Simon said. “Baby, let’s clean up these dishes,” Jeff said, “and then play some Monopoly.” Julian started to draw water into the sink and Simon and Gordy gathered up the dishes. J&J made quick work of the dishes, Jeff wiped the kitchen table down, and Julian retrieved the Monopoly game from his bedroom. Half an hour later, the four boys settled at the kitchen table to play, and the beer and pee continued to flow, one boy after another making trips to the bathroom. By midnight, they had put two games behind them, Simon won the first, and Julian the second game. The beer was gone, and all four boys were well intoxicated. J&J cut the lights, and they called it a night, Gordy and Simon sleeping in the guestroom and J&J in their own room. None of the boys were sober enough to seriously even consider having sex before they were all passed out. Without Art and Vi around, naked boys periodically left their respective rooms throughout the night to release pressure from their bladders in the bathroom. About 10:00 AM Julian woke up with a serious headache, and after draining his bladder again, was searching in the medicine cabinet for some headache remedies. He decided to give Excedrin a try, dumping three tablets into his hand, and going to the kitchen to get some water and swallowed them. He then proceeded to start a pot of coffee brewing. Just as he was turning on the switch he felt arms wrapping around his shoulders and a cock tickling his ass. He turned, expecting to see Jeff, but it was Gordy. “Gordy!” Julian exclaimed, “Are you making a pass at me?” “No way, man,” Gordy replied, “just showing you a little affection, Simon and I think the world of you and Jeff. Sexually, we are totally into each other, but friends like you and Jeff mean a lot to us, and we really enjoy spending time with you.” Julian hugged Gordy back, kissing him on his cheek and their cocks touched, causing both boys to snicker. “Julian,” Gordy asked, “you got anything for a headache?” “You got one too? I found some Excedrin in the medicine cabinet and I just swallowed three, help yourself.” Julian answered. Gordy found the Excedrin and brought the whole bottle out, setting it on the table. A minute later, both Jeff and Simon were heading out of the bedrooms toward the bathroom, Simon a few seconds ahead of Jeff. “Move over, dude, and share!” Jeff exclaimed, standing next to Simon and starting to pee. Both boys shooting their streams into the toilet glanced at each other and grinned. After finishing, and both boys milking out those last few drops, they walked into the kitchen, joining Gordy and Julian. Julian grabbed four mugs from the cupboard and poured coffee into all four. “Is this national nudist day or something?” Simon asked, grinning. “Julian and I like to be naked,” Jeff said, “but if you guys are uncomfortable, you can go put something on.” “Who said we were uncomfortable?” Simon responded. “I kinda like the feeling,” Gordy said, “and it makes for easy access to certain—things,” as he wrapped his hand around Simon’s substantially large cock, grinning. All four boys laughed. “Back on campus, when Matt and I shared our dorm room,” Jeff commented, “quite a few unannounced visitors got treated to unashamed male nudity, we often got dressed about five minutes before we left the room, and we both slept naked.” “In all honesty,” Simon said, “I actually feel very comfortable, like we all are right now, naked together. I have no problem with male nudity, or even female nudity, but I do think I’d be uncomfortable naked in front of girls.” “Just curious, Jeff,” Gordy asked, “did you and Matt have sex?” “Nah,” Jeff replied, innocently, “we were both straight, the most we ever did was to beat off together a few times.” “Wait just a damn minute!” Gordy exclaimed, “I thought you and Julian were a gay couple?” “Well,” Jeff is squirming, “Julian made me gay!” Julian exclaimed, “YOU were the one to ask ME for a date, first!” “But if Levi hadn’t brought you to that Watergame,” Jeff is trying to wiggle an excuse, “I wouldn’t have met you, and fallen in love with you.” “This is getting very interesting!” Simon remarked, “tell us how Julian MADE you turn gay.” Jeff told Gordy and Simon about how he’d always been straight, and dated, and fucked dozens of girls between high school and his first three years of college. Then the day of the first Watergame, Julian captured his heart, and now he is totally in love with Julian, and now has accepted the reality that he, also, is gay. “So Jeff,” Gordy asked, “what is a Watergame, and how is it played?” J&J spent the next five minutes explaining to Gordy and Simon what the Watergame is, and how it’s played. Both Gordy and Simon listened intently, and were grinning. “It sounds like fun, what do you think, Baby?” Gordy asked Simon. “I’d be game,” Simon replied, “could just the four of us play?” “Yeah,” Julian said, “but we would need to plan it before my parents return, if we play it here. They’ll be coming home next weekend.” “If we use bottled water,” Jeff stated, “nobody will get inebriated, and we could do it like maybe Tuesday or Wednesday after work.” “How much water would we need?” Gordy asked. “Experience tells me that there are very few guys that can hold more than three 20 ounce’s, and still be dry, so a 12-pack of 20’s should be adequate for the four of us,” Jeff said. “OKAY!” Gordy exclaimed, “Simon and I will pick up a 12-pack of 20’s and an extra large pizza on the way here from work on Tuesday. If we’re welcome to spend the night, we can wash and dry our pants after the game, and just sit around like this until bedtime.” J&J grinned at each other, feeling that both Gordy and Simon are equally as comfortable being naked around them as they are being naked around the other couple. “I hope you guys know you’re welcome here anytime,” Julian stated, smiling, “and I’ll make certain we have materials to make sandwiches for lunch on Wednesday, for all of us. Are you guys as hungry for some breakfast as I am?” Julian asked, standing up. “That sounds tasty,” Gordy said, reaching over and tugging on Julian’s pecker, “and I’ll bet this is tasty too!” “Hey—that’s mine!” Jeff exclaimed, grinning, “and it is very tasty indeed, my favorite cream filled lollypop!” All four guys laughed, just enjoying playing around with each other, all in fun. Julian dug into the freezer and pulled out an 8-pack of frozen toaster waffles, and setting them on the counter, next to the toaster. He put two of them into the slots and pushed the lever down, then went to the fridge, retrieving a bottle of real Maple Syrup and placed it on the table. He then pulled four plates from the cupboard and four pairs of knives and forks from the drawer, putting the flatware on the table, and the plates next to the toaster. “It’s pretty simple,” Julian stated, “I think we can all cook our own breakfast!” When the toaster popped, Julian put the two waffles on a plate, put two more in the toaster and headed for his chair. Gordy stood up to walk over to the toaster to wait for the next pair to pop up. Julian, when Gordy stood up, grabbed Gordy’s pecker, “This looks like some nice meat to go with the waffles.” “That’s special meat,” Simon exclaimed, “specially for me!” The four guys all snickered, enjoying the picking on each other’s peckers, but knowing all of this is just in fun. These four boys have nothing but love and respect for each other, and they will all miss each other when college resumes, in just a few short weeks. After breakfast it seemed none of the boys wanted to be first to get dressed, and they ended up all sitting together naked on the couch and shared a movie. They’d all had at least two cups of coffee before breakfast and refilled a couple of times afterwards. They needed to pause the Movie a few times so one of them could go to relieve their bladder. When the movie ended at about 4:00 PM they found it amusing that all four of them had a hand wrapped around their boyfriend’s boyhood, and mutually made the decision to put on some clothes. J&J had only planned to have Gordy and Simon over for Saturday evening, and had made no plans for Sunday dinner. They decided to keep things simple, so Gordy and Jeff made a run to Bojangle’s and picked up a family pack (12 pieces) of fried chicken along with three large sides, and a free half-gallon of Iced tea, splitting the cost. They returned with dinner about 5:00 PM and the boys enjoyed another meal together, enjoying the food and companionship. Finally, about 7:00 PM, Gordy and Simon decided it was time to head home, well, to Gordy’s Grandma’s house. They are all scheduled to work tomorrow and would be seeing each other but they also didn’t really want to part company. These four boys, spending the last twenty-eight hours together, only cemented their friendship even tighter. J&J cleaned up the kitchen and threw out the trash left from Bojangle’s and did up the few dishes from breakfast. They then lay on the bed together, just chilling. “Baby,” Julian said, “I know this is stupid, but I miss those guys.” “They do tend to grow on us,” Jeff replied, “I love them a lot more than I ever expected to ever love another gay couple, I miss them too. But we’ll see them at work, and we’re supposed to have a Watergame with them Tuesday evening, unless they chicken out.” “Dream with me, baby?” Julian asked. “I’ll try, sweetheart,” Jeff replied, “How does the dream start?” “Picture a cottage in the woods, secluded, no close neighbors.” “Kinda like Uncle Jim’s cabin?” Jeff suggested. “Kinda like that,” Julian said, “but with modern conveniences, like electricity and running water.” “Okay baby, I’ve got that much, what’s next?” Jeff queried. “We’d need at least three, maybe four bedrooms,” Julian said. “Why so many bedrooms?” “I picture two happy gay couples, that really care a lot about each other, sharing the cottage, and living as one happy family.” “Okay, that would require two bedrooms,” Jeff said, “not three or four.” “What about when J&J get married, and decide to raise a family? Or maybe it would be Simon and Gordy that decide to have kids.” “Gay couples can’t have kids, baby, “Jeff said, “that requires a man and a woman.” “You’ve never heard of adoption?” Julian said, “I want to be a daddy so bad, baby, wouldn’t you want a family of our own?” “Of course I would, baby,” Jeff said, with tears escaping his eyes, “I know it’s only a dream, but if we love each other as much as I think we do, it’s a dream that could come true, I love you so much!” “I know the part about sharing a home with Gordy and Simon is quite unrealistic, Julian said. Georgia Tech is a long way from our school, and even Summerton and Dunbar are quite far apart. Like me, they’ve got two more years of college, and you’ve only got one. It’s really hard to tell where any of us might end up after graduation.” “I’ll promise you one thing, baby,” Jeff said, “I won’t accept a job that is too far from college. If I have to take a job flipping burgers at a fast food joint, I can hole up at Uncle Jim’s cabin and I won’t be very far from you!” “It’s comforting to know that,” Julian stated, “but I don’t want you to jeopardize your career or advancement, just to try and be close.” “We’ve got a year before we need to worry about that,” Jeff said. “We do need to get to campus next week for registration though, we need to tell Alvin tomorrow that we need next Monday off. We can drive to campus Sunday, spend the night at the cabin, then register on Monday, and drive back Monday afternoon. Baby, the following week is the last we can work, because classes start the week before Labor Day, I can’t believe how quickly the summer has passed.” “I’m going to make our sandwiches for tomorrow right now,” Julian stated, “Mom usually makes them while we have breakfast, but we don’t have Mom to do it this week. We need to pick up some groceries on the way home tomorrow night.” Before the boys went to bed Sunday night, Julian prepared the coffee maker so all they needed to do in the morning was flip the switch, and he did remember to set the alarm for 6:30 AM. “Guess what, baby,” Julian stated, grinning, “we can have our coffee in the nude tomorrow!” Jeff, chuckling, “Every morning this week! We can even run around naked in the evening if we want, we really only need to be dressed when we leave the house.” Julian grinned. The two young men soon got naked and slipped into bed together. “Baby,” Jeff softly spoke, “your body is just so beautiful, every time I see you, especially naked, I fall in love with you all over again, and when our bodies touch—it’s just such a wonderful feeling that I can’t even begin to describe!” “I can relate, baby,” Julian responded, “when we’re close like this, and your loving arms are around me, I get a warm, fuzzy feeling. You just make me feel so safe, secure and loved! Goodnight, baby.” The squeeze Jeff gave Julian was the icing on the cake. * * * * * Monday morning at 6:30 the alarm sounded, reality invading J&J’s dream world. Both boys jumped out of bed, viewing each other’s morning wood, and grinning. “Baby, let’s pee off the deck, like we did at the cabin,” Jeff said. While making their way through the kitchen, Julian flipped the switch on the coffee maker, and the two stood at the edge of the deck, holding each other’s stiff peckers, grinning, and directing golden arches of pee onto the grass. At 6:30 AM it was unlikely that anyone would see them, and they probably didn’t really care. Returning to the kitchen, Julian grabbed the creamer and a pack of bacon from the fridge, Jeff pulled two coffee mugs from the cupboard, and two minutes later the coffee was ready. Jeff poured them coffee and they relaxed, enjoying their first cup of coffee while sitting together naked at the table. “Baby,” Julian suggested, “go and get dressed while I start breakfast, then we can swap, and I’ll get dressed.” “Not so fast!—I gotta have a taste of your sweet lips first,” Jeff replied, wrapping his arms around Julian and mashing his lips into Julian’s and the two shared a romantic and passionate kiss and hug, causing both of them to grow erections again, that were poking into each other’s pubes, then Jeff went and got dressed. Jeff returned to the kitchen and picked up cooking breakfast while Julian got dressed. As soon as they finished eating, Jeff grabbed one of the small coolers, getting a couple of those reusable ice blocks from the freezer. He then packed the sandwiches Julian had made the night before, along with some canned sodas, while Julian gathered the soiled dishes and placed them into the sink. At 7:30 they were on their way to work. * * * * * When J&J arrived at the office to clock in, something wasn’t right, there were too many workers gathered there. Just as J&J reached the group, Alvin appeared, and everyone became quiet. “OK everybody,” Alvin stated, “we have a system malfunction this morning, and no one can clock in. I know who you all are, and you are all here on time. I will override and clock you all in as of 8:00 AM once we have the system back up and running, but I’m not certain how long that may take. The IT Company tells me they cannot get out here until sometime after lunch. Go ahead and work on what ever you’re supposed to be doing today.” “Sir,” Julian stated, waving his hand, “I can’t promise anything, but I’ve had two years of college and my major is Information Technology. I may be able to get our system up and running.” “Julian, thank you,” Alvin said, “I’m sure you know more about this system than I do, and you’re welcome to give it a shot. GRADY! You’re missing a painter today, I’m keeping Julian in the office!” Grady nodded, understanding, and everyone else headed out to his respective work area. Julian followed Alvin back inside the office. “How much is there to the system, Alvin?” Julian asked. “Just four computers, networked by a LAN,” Alvin explained, “The main unit is the one you all clock in on, Diane has one, there is one in that office, that also has a CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) on it, and the one in my office.” “Sir, I know it’s sensitive information, but I’m going to need to know the passwords for all of these machines,” Julian stated. “Of course,” Alvin said, smiling, “All the IT Tech’s need those, I’ll write them down for you, give me a couple minutes.” Alvin returned to his office, motioning Julian to follow, Julian sitting in the chair in front of Alvin’s desk. Alvin took a small notepaper and wrote down the passwords. “Julian, I have a lot of trust in you,” Alvin stated, “and right now I also have a lot of faith in you. Please don’t share any of these with anyone, and as of right now, you have access to every part of this office, including my computer. You don’t need to knock, and the only thing I ask is for you to not interrupt my phone calls.” “That’s simple enough,” Julian agreed, smiling, “and right now I’m going to do my best to get us back up and running, ASAP.” Julian went to work, trying to determine where the problem was, and by 10:00 AM determined that the problem was likely with Alvin’s office computer. Diane had asked Julian if he would like some coffee, and how did he want it. Julian thanked her, and told her just some sugar and cream. A few minutes later she returned with his coffee and a couple of glazed doughnuts. “Here you are, sweetheart,” Diane said, setting them down. Julian, staring at Diane, “Sweetheart? Thank you, Diane.” “Oh, come on Julian,” Diane said, “we know you belong to Jeff, but you are a very lovable young man.” Julian, shocked, “You know, about us?” Diane, grinning, “Julian, this is a very small company, more like a big family, and secrets are never kept secret for very long. Sure, we know about you and Jeff, and we knew about Gordy and Simon last year. Nobody cares, it’s not an issue around here. How are you doing with the prognosis?” “I think Alvin’s computer is messing up the works.” Julian said, “I’m going to detach it from the LAN, and I think the rest of the system will operate. I’ll know in a few.” Julian entered Alvin’s office, crawled under Alvin’s desk and pulled the LAN cable out of the machine. “What did you do?” Alvin asked. “I think your computer is malfunctioning, and messing up the system,” Julian said, “I’ll know for sure in a few minutes, I just disconnected you from the LAN.” Ten minutes later the system was totally functional, except for Alvin’s machine. Julian returned to Alvin’s office, booted Alvin out of his chair and tried to boot up his computer while it was disconnected from the LAN, without success. “Well, boss,” Julian stated, “I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that the system is up and operating, the bad news is that your computers’ hard drive has gone south and needs to be replaced.” “Is that something you can do?” Alvin asked. “Yes, sir,” Julian stated, “but I’ll need a new hard drive.” “Where can we get one?” Alvin asked. “Is there a Best Buy or a Staples around?” “Both, in the city,” Alvin said, “May I see your driver’s license?” Julian quickly produced his DL and handed it to Alvin. Alvin looked at it, pulled a Credit Card from his wallet and handed the CC and Julian’s license back, then got a set of keys from Diane, handing them to Julian. “If you know what you need, take the company van and get them. You may need to get gas, and if so, just go ahead and fill it, using the company Credit Card, and use that for your lunch and the hard drive. You should be back before quitting time.” “Yes, sir” Julian said, “I’ll see you later.” Before taking off, Julian sent Jeff a text, telling him that he was on his way to the city to get a part for Alvin’s computer, and should be back by quitting time, and not to go home without him. He also told Jeff he was getting lunch along the way, courtesy of Alvin. Now that the system was up and running, Alvin asked Diane to clock all the workers in as of 8:00 AM except Art White, as he was on vacation. Alvin, sitting at his desk was thinking about Julian. He’d hired Julian mostly as a favor to his father, never dreaming that hiring a laborer for the summer would get him an IT guy! He was right now very happy that he’d hired Julian. It was almost 5:00 PM when Julian returned, walking into the office. He returned the van keys to Diane and the credit card to Alvin, placing the new hard drive on Alvin’s desk, along with the receipts. “How long will it take to put in the new drive and get my baby up and online?” Alvin inquired. About a half an hour for the physical installation, and probably three to four hours for the installation of software to get you going, where do you keep the backup software?” Julian asked. Alvin, opening a tall, nicely finished wood cabinet, showed Julian a box full of CD’s, “This is all of our software, it’s nearly quitting time today, so I’ll ask you to do the work as soon as you get here tomorrow. I have an appointment first thing tomorrow morning, but Diane has a key for my office, and she can let you in. This is the only key for the cabinet, and I’m putting it under this vase, you and I are the only ones that know where it is. Next to the box of software, is a small box of tools that you may need. I should be back by mid-afternoon tomorrow.” “Thank you for your trust,” Julian said, “and I hope to have you back to 100% operation by the time you get back.” “Julian,” Alvin said, “you’re a chip off the old block, and I’m confidant I can put my trust in you, as I would your father. Now, go clock out, enjoy your evening with your boyfriend, and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Alvin gave Julian a hug, and they both walked out of Alvin’s office, Julian clocked out and met with Jeff to go home. They stopped at the supermarket and shopped together. Julian placed six boxes of Mac and Cheese dinners in the cart. “Baby, six?” Jeff questioned. “It’s something I know I can cook that always comes out right.” They bought butter, milk, cereal, eggs, bacon, cold cuts, cheese, bread, hot dogs, frozen burgers, some potato salad and a rotisserie chicken that was still hot. (dinner for tonight with some Mac & Cheese) Cycling back to the produce department, they picked up some local sweet corn and fresh ripe tomatoes, and finally a couple six-packs of Pepsi. Cashing out, they split the total with their debit cards. Arriving home, they carried in the groceries and while Jeff put the cold items in the fridge, Julian started water to boil for Mac & Cheese. While Julian poured the macaroni into the boiling water, Jeff unbuckled his belt and slid Julian’s shorts and boxers down to the floor, and Julian stepped out of them. Jeff then pulled Julian’s tee shirt up, Julian raised his arms, allowing the shirt to slide over his head and off, leaving him naked except for socks and shoes. Jeff carried Julian’s clothes to their bedroom, and stripped his own clothes off, then returned to the kitchen dressed the same as his lover. Jeff wrapped his arms around Julian, his flaccid cock tickling Julian’s ass, and pulled Julian into him, kissing the back of Julian’s neck and then nibbling on his ear. Julian felt like he could just melt into Jeff’s body, and Jeff wanted simultaneously to be part of Julian’s body. The two boys felt like a single entity. If there was a way to merge two loving bodies into one, they would. The macaroni was done, and Julian drained it into a strainer, then dumped it back into the pan, adding the milk, butter and cheese powder, while Jeff got plates and silverware out, and a fork and slicing knife for the chicken. They decided to save the breast for sandwiches, and decimated the wings, legs and thighs, along with the whole pan of Mac & Cheese. Sitting beside each other on one side of the table, they probably fed each other more from each other’s plates than either of them ate from their own. Still, both of their plates became empty, except for the chicken bones. After finishing dinner, they collectively tackled the dishes, which were only their dishes from dinner and from that morning’s breakfast. While Jeff finished the dishes, Julian sneaked out to Jeff’s car, still naked, and retrieved the cooler so they would have it in the morning for tomorrow’s lunch. “You went out there naked?” Jeff said, “What if someone saw you?” “Julian, grinning, “I don’t think anyone saw me, and if they did, Oh Well! Hey baby, did you eat all the sandwiches?” “No, one of the other guys forgot to bring lunch, so I fed him.” “I’ve got to try and get Alvin’s computer back on line tomorrow morning, with the new hard drive. I’m not sure where I will be at lunchtime, probably still in the office. Maybe I’ll grab my lunch and put it in the office fridge when we clock in tomorrow. We need to tell Alvin about needing Monday off, I’ll be in the office tomorrow, so I can tell him. We should have picked up something sweet to finish our dinner off.” Jeff, a devilish grin on his face, “I’d be perfectly happy with your cream filled lollypop for dessert!” Julian grinned. The two boys decided to make their sandwiches for tomorrows lunch, and somehow Jeff lost a gob of mayonnaise off the knife and it landed on the head of his penis, and Julian saw it land. “I’ll get it, baby,” Julian said, quickly on his knees and licking the gob of mayonnaise from his boyfriend’s cock, causing it to start getting erect. The temptation was too much, and Julian took most of Jeff into his mouth and started to suck. Now both boys were erect, and precum was starting to stream from Julian’s cock. “Let’s take a break, baby!” Jeff exclaimed, grabbing Julian’s hand and leading him to their bedroom. Jeff sat Julian on the foot end of the bed, his legs out and feet on the floor, pushed Julian down on his back, then straddled Julian’s upper torso, with his cock pointed toward Julian’s mouth. He lowered his own mouth onto Julian’s leaking cock, taking nearly all of it into his hungry mouth and starting to suck on it, and Julian instinctively pulled Jeff’s ass down, sliding Jeff’s cock into his mouth inviting Jeff to fuck his mouth. Jeff was doing all the work, sliding his mouth up and down Julian’s erection, and at the same time, in perfect rhythm, sliding his cock in and out of Julian’s hot, hungry mouth. After a few short minutes, Jeff sensed Julian’s body stiffen, and Julian’s cock started to shoot that delicious cream into his mouth, triggering him to release his own load into Julian’s mouth. Both boys milked each other’s cocks well, then Jeff spun around, and the two shared a passionate kiss and hug, each tasting their own spunk in each other’s mouths. After caressing each other, and catching their breaths, they both rose off the bed and headed back to the kitchen, washed their hands and finished making their sandwiches for tomorrow. They agreed that sometimes spontaneous sex is the best, and this was only the second time they had sixty-nined, and both climaxed together, again! After putting the sandwiches into the fridge, they went to their bedroom and fired up the game machine. Sitting naked next to each other with their backs against the headboard, they played a game, both boys periodically touching each other lovingly. About 10:30 PM they turned the TV and game machine off, and cuddled each other to sleep, as 6:30 AM will arrive too soon. To be continued………
  14. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 6

    I've had some disruption on the home front that has caused delays in uploading new segments of both DJ and Watergame. My old desktop unit operating on Windows XP and Office 97 decided to leave me stranded. I have been able to salvage most of my stories and transfer them to my newer Laptop which uses the awkward Windows 10. I have been able to add a mouse and keyboard to my laptop which makes it a little better, If only I could have my XP back! IMHO Windows XP was much more user friendly than Windows 10 is. I have Watergame Chapter 7 nearly complete and hope to upload it later today. After it clears the Moderation que, I will upload Chapter 18 of DJ.
  15. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 17

    I've had some disruption on the home front that has caused delays in uploading new segments of both DJ and Watergame. My old desktop unit operating on Windows XP and Office 97 decided to leave me stranded. I have been able to salvage most of my stories and transfer them to my newer Laptop which uses the awkward Windows 10. I have been able to add a mouse and keyboard to my laptop which makes it a little better, If only I could have my XP back! IMHO Windows XP was much more user friendly than Windows 10 is. I have Watergame Chapter 7 nearly complete and hope to upload it later today. After it clears the Moderation que, I will upload Chapter 18 of DJ.
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