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  1. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 30

    HEADS UP! Chapter 30 contains NO SEX, if you’re only looking for stories written to make you hard and horny, skip this chapter. Chapter 30 mostly deals with Fernando’s transition into a loving (gay friendly) foster home, and his adjustment to a new school and making some new friends, and maybe a bit of humor. If you’ve been following this story, I think you’ll love this chapter. Just a side note, to try and eliminate confusion. Anthony and Antonio are the same person. His real name is Antonio Chevas, and he and Maria are Mexican, but he named the business Anthony’s Pizzeria to give it a more Italian sounding name. Most people just assume that he is Anthony.   * * * * * * On Thursday morning, February 15th, Maria rose early, about 6:15 AM, made coffee, and started preparing Huevo con Chorizo (Eggs and Chorizo Sausage) for breakfast burritos. Antonio came into the kitchen about 6:30, kissed his wife good morning and poured a mug of coffee. After that first cup, he went in to wake Fernando at 6:55. Antonio, turning on the ceiling light and causing Fernando to cover his eyes with his arm, "Wake up son, breakfast is almost ready, and Mary will be here to pick you up at 8:00. Did you sleep well?" "Like a rock!" Fernando replied, "Good morning, Dad, I’ll be out as soon as I can get dressed." Anthony left the room and returned to the kitchen, grinning. Maria, seeing the smile, "What did you find amusing, Honey?" Anthony, snickering, "I couldn’t help but notice that Fernando’s underwear was on the floor, evidently he sleeps naked. He’s 15, I guess he has the right to sleep how he wants." About 10 minutes later Fernando walked into the kitchen dressed in clean slim fitting jeans, a plaid, long sleeved sport shirt and sneakers. "My, you look handsome this morning!" Maria exclaimed. "Thanks, Mom," Fernando replied, "I figured I should try to dress decently for my first day in a new school." Maria nodded approvingly. "I hope you like Huevo con Chorizo Burritos," Maria commented. "I like almost all food, I’m not very fussy," Fernando replied. The three finished eating breakfast and Mary arrived at 7:55 to pick up Fernando and take him to his new school. About a half a block from Fernando’s home they came upon a group of about 12 teenagers that looked to be high school age. Mary pulled along side of them and asked what school they attended. Several answered "Carter High" and this is where they catch the school bus. They told her the bus is scheduled to arrive at 8:10. Mary knew that Carter High is the school Fernando will be attending. Tomorrow morning, Fernando will be joining this bunch to ride the bus to his new school. Carter High School is the only high school in this part of the county and has less than 300 students split between 10th, 11th and 12th grades. Students are assigned to a homeroom, with about 30 to 35 students in each homeroom, for a total of nine homerooms, three for each class. Mary led Fernando to the main office to submit his school records and get him registered. Mrs. Quick, the school clerk, welcomed them. Mrs. Quick asked Sabrina, her assistant, to watch where the busses unload and grab Chad Stewart, and bring him to the office. Chad, when he and Sabrina walked in, "Good morning Aunt Mary, have you brought us a new student?" "Yes I have, Chad." Mary responded, "Fernando, this is Chad Stewart, President of the Sophomore Class, and also my nephew. Chad, this is Fernando Gomez, he is in foster care, and transferring from Sherman High." Chad, shaking hands with Fernando, "Welcome to Carter High." "Chad," Mrs. Quick stated, "I know you are in Mrs. Wentworth’s homeroom and Fernando will also be assigned to her homeroom. Would you escort Fernando quickly around the school, and introduce him to Mrs. Wentworth and his other homeroom classmates? Fernando, when Chad is done, please return here so I can give you your class schedule." "I’d be happy to," Chad replied, "Fernando, let’s go." Fernando followed Chad out of the main office. Chad led Fernando around the school and pointed out what was where. Fernando asked where the boy’s rest room was and Chad said it was at the other end of the hall, but the boy’s shower room also had bathroom facilities, and was right close by. When Chad and Fernando entered the boy’s shower, Fernando noticed the open showers and had an unpleasant Déjà vu of what almost happened at Juvie Hall. Hopefully, the boys here in this school won’t be like those thugs in Juvie Hall. Chad, while the two boys were in the locker room, "Fernando, signups are in progress for both the Softball and Baseball teams. You might consider signing up for one of them." "Maybe softball," Fernando responded, "I’m really more of a soccer guy." "That’s a fall sport," Chad replied, "this is a small school and we don’t have a football team, but we do compete in soccer, and basketball in the winter." "I’m only 4’11", kinda short for basketball. I would consider trying out for Softball, though, thanks." Chad ended the tour in room 203, Mrs. Wentworth’s homeroom, and introduced Fernando to Mrs. Wentworth (who is also one of the English teachers) and the students that were already there. Fernando told Chad that he could find his way back to the office. Mrs. Quick told Mary that Fernando would need a note from his parents or guardians in order to have the bus drop him off at the shopping center instead of the pickup stop near Fernando’s home. She accepted a note from Mary for today, but Fernando would need the note for tomorrow, and the future. It will be the same bus that he rides in the morning, Bus number 34. Fernando is actually starting his classes today. Mrs. Wentworth marked Fernando as ‘present’ in her register, and told him she would expect him in her English class a little later. Mrs. Quick gave Fernando his class schedule, and issued him a locker with a combination lock, so he would have a place to put his books today. Fernando needs to do some shopping this evening. Southside Drug should have most of the school supplies he needs, including a backpack. By tomorrow he should be all set for school. After what he has gone through the last few weeks it will feel good to be back in school, but he has no friends there yet. He’s quite likable, and will likely make some friends easily, but probably not the kind of friends he really wants. He misses his friend Danny White and intends to write him this weekend. By the time Danny gets his letter, he should be down to only a couple more weeks of detention. * * * * * * Thursday morning was quite typical for DJ and Jamie. They attended their computer lab from 9:00 to 12:00, ate lunch in the cafeteria, then killed some time just chatting with some other students until time for their volleyball class at 2:00. They left the student lounge and headed to the Men’s locker room about 1:45 to change into their gym outfits. Rusty entered the locker room about the same time. "Hey Rusty," DJ greeted, "how are you and Jamal getting along?" Rusty, with both thumbs up, "Doing great! We did Jamal’s parent’s yard Tuesday together, spent the night at his house, and then yesterday afternoon after classes we uncovered the pool at my Grandparents and got it ready for summer. His Dad bought a new grill, and we picked that up at Lowe’s and took it to Jamal’ house. He’s at my grandparents house now, waiting for me to get home from this class, and we’ll be coming to school tomorrow from my place." "Speaking of the pool," Rusty continued, "some weekend, after the weather warms up and when my grandparents are gone away, Jamal and I plan to host an all male, all gay, clothing optional pool party. I’m telling you now that you two are on the guest list." Jamie, grinning, "That sounds awesome, we’ll be looking forward to that! I can picture a bunch of naked gay guys skinny dipping!" "Not only that," Rusty remarked, "Jamal’s parents have accepted me as Jamal’s boyfriend, and Jamal is welcome at my home too. It’s really cool, having families that accept and understand us." "I’m glad for you and Jamal," DJ added, "Jamie and I are both fortunate enough to have families that understand and love us, unconditionally. See you on the court." When DJ plays volleyball he wears a constant smile, seems like he is really getting into the game, and is having a lot of fun.   * * * * * * Fernando managed to get through his first day without incident. He observed that maybe about 5% of the students were of Hispanic heritage and the rest about 50/50 black and white. In his first class, which was World Geography, he was aware that he had no pencils, pens, or notebook. Lori, a rather nice, friendly girl gave him a notebook that she said was an extra, and he could keep it, and the teacher, Mrs. Lawrence, gave him a pencil she said he could keep. He would be taking that textbook home today, as there was a reading assignment that needed to be done before Friday. At 1:30 to 2:50 the boys were scheduled for Physical Education on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the girls had P.E. at the same time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other days he had study hall at that time. School days end at 3:15 and the busses leave to take the students’ home at 3:30. Chad had informed Fernando that he needed to bring his gym shorts, probably a tank top or tee shirt, sneakers and a towel on the day of his first PE class (Monday). The coach, (PE teacher) will assign him a locker in the boys shower room, and Chad advised him he may want to get a combination padlock for his locker to protect his personal stuff while in gym class, and his exercise clothing and towel at other times. Chad told him that most of the boys had a separate pair of sneakers just for PE that they kept in their lockers. With the exception of Physical Education, the students had the same classes every day, Monday through Friday. Chad also suggested that, since we’re nearing the end of the basketball season, Fernando might wish to attend the game Friday night and root for the Carter Cardinals. Tip off should be about 7:30 PM. That invitation helped to make Fernando feel even a little more welcome and comfortable in his new school. At lunchtime all the kids headed to the cafeteria except Fernando, and he just kinda hung in the hallway, not having thought about bringing any money with him. "Hey, dude," a tall black boy spoke to Fernando, "Aren’t you going to eat?" "I didn’t think to bring any money with me," Fernando replied. This boy, putting his hand on Fernando’s shoulder, "C’mon bud, it’s only 75 cents, I gotcha covered. I wouldn’t want to see anyone be hungry. I’m Devon, Devon King, and I believe you’re name is Fernando Gomez?" "Right, I just transferred here from Sherman High, and this is my first day," Fernando answered. The two boys bumped fists. Devon and Fernando went through the cafeteria line and Devon paid for both of their meals. "Let’s sit over here," Devon stated, and led Fernando to a table where two other boys were sitting. Devon spoke, "Mike Calhoun and Drake Edwards, this is Fernando Gomez, and this is his first day here at Carter." Both young men stood and shook hands with Fernando. Mike is white and Drake is black, not that it really makes any difference. "Fernando, you’re coming to the game tomorrow night aren’t you?" Drake asked. "I’m thinking about it, maybe." "Fernando," Devon stated, "If you’re gonna be part of this school, you damned better be around to support the Carter Cardinals! The three of us are all part of the basketball team." Fernando, smiling, "OK guys, I’ll try to be there!" Fernando is actually starting to feel welcome and wanted. "Whatdya mean you’ll try?" Devon asked. "Well, my foster parents run Anthony’s Pizzeria, and, if it’s busy, there may be no one available to bring me to the school, or pick me up after the game." "I got you covered, bud," Devon responded, smiling, "my parents never miss a game, I’ll ask them to pick you up at Anthony’s and bring you to the school. After the game, just come into the boys’ locker room and hitch a ride with one of us back to the pizzeria. I know some of us will be headed there after the game. Are you OK with that?" Fernando, smiling, "Sounds like a plan to me. You don’t think your parents would mind?" "Not at all, I know my parents," Devon replied, "they will likely be there to pick you up about 7:00 PM, so be ready." Fernando, as the four boys got up to leave, "Devon, thank you so much for buying my lunch. I’ll pay you back tomorrow." "No need to," Devon replied, "one day someone else, maybe even me, might not have lunch money, and you can pay it forward. I’ll see you in class tomorrow." Fernando was in study hall when the bell rang out at 3:15, signaling the end of the school day and that it was time to board the busses. He went to his locker and grabbed the notebook, and his English and Geography textbooks, and made his way down the hall with about 150 other students. He found bus number 34 and stepped onto it, handing the note from Mary Stewart to the bus driver, instructing her to drop him off at the shopping center. She nodded in response. "Ma’am," Fernando asked the driver, "is there any particular seat you want me to use?" "I haven’t assigned seats, so just sit anywhere you wish," she said. Fernando walked about halfway toward the back and selected an empty seat, sitting next to the window. A couple minutes later a young lady approached him. "Excuse me, but you’re sitting in my seat," she stated. Fernando, instantly rising, "Sorry miss, I didn’t know." He is looking around for another empty seat, but didn’t see one. "Hey, don’t leave," she said, "I usually sit in that seat, next to the window, but nobody usually sits on the side next to the isle, are you new here?" "Yeah, this was my first day here at Carter, I was transferred here from Sherman. My name is Fernando Gomez." "I’m Elizabeth Martin, but most everyone just calls me ‘Liz.,’ do you have a nickname?" "I think I do now," Fernando said, "my foster parents run Anthony’s Pizzeria, and Jamie, one of the servers, started calling me ‘Fernie.’" "I think that’s a cute nickname, for a cute boy," Liz said, smiling, "what grade are you in?" Fernando, blushing a little, "I’m in Tenth." "So you’re a sophomore, and I’m a junior, are you Mexican?" "No, my biological parents are Argentine, but I was born here, so I guess I’m just American. There were problems at home and CPS took me and placed me in a foster home. I’ve only been with them since yesterday, and so far, I’m very happy there. I call them Mom & Dad, and they treat me more like their son than my real parents ever did." "I’m happy for you that you, apparently, got placed in a good foster home," Liz commented, "Some kids aren’t that lucky." It was only about an 8 or10 minute ride from the school to the shopping center. Fernando, as the bus pulled into the shopping center, "Here is where I get off, see you later." He picked up his books and walked toward the front door of the bus. Liz, smiling, "Bye, Fernie, see you tomorrow." It was about 3:45 when Fernando entered the pizzeria. There were no customers, Maria and Anthony were sitting at a table, and both rose when they saw Fernando enter and held their arms open to give him a hug. It seems that Anthony and Maria have quickly lost their hearts to this young man. "Well Son," Anthony asked, "how was your first day at Carter High?" "Not bad," Fernando answered, "actually it was pretty decent. Do you and Mom think you could get by tomorrow night, if I was not here to help you?" "Probably," Anthony replied, "what do you have on your mind?" Fernando explained about how the day went, and how Devon King bought his lunch, and he ate with Devon, Mike and Drake, and they all encouraged him to attend the Basketball Game tomorrow night. That Devon’s parents would pick him up here and take him to the school before the game. He also mentioned that he needed to pick up some school supplies, and that he had some reading assignments to do tonight. "Son," Anthony said, "there is no way I would want to deprive you from attending your school’s games. I’m actually pleased that you want to get involved with your schools activities. I think it will help you meld into the school, and not feel like an outsider." Anthony, reaching for his wallet, "Will $20 get what school supplies you need? You should be able to get what you need over there at Southside Drug." "I don’t know, a backpack will probably take most of that," Fernando replied, smiling. "Wait," Anthony said, "you’re probably right, here’s another $10, if you have anything left over, you can use it for lunch money." "Thanks, Dad," Fernando replied, smiling, as he stuffed the $30 in his pocket and headed to Southside Drug. Fernando found a backpack that he liked, and one of only two that were still left in stock, and gathered up the other school supplies he needed and headed to the checkout where Gwen was working. "I haven’t seen you before," Gwen said, "what school do you go to?" "Carter High," Fernando answered, "today was my first day there, I was transferred from Sherman." "Did your family move to a different neighborhood?" "No, I’m a foster child, and my foster parents live in a different area from where my real parents live, I really like my foster parents, though, and I think I’m much better off with them." "Did you see the Carter Cardinal Tee shirts we just got in?" Gwen asked. "They’re on that rack over there, check ‘em out." After Fernando paid for the merchandise, he walked over and checked out the Tee’s. Some were red and some were white, all had a Cardinal bird image on the front with lettering stating ‘Carter Cardinals’ and lettering on the back stating ‘GO CARDS!’ He wants one to wear to the game tomorrow night, but they’re $15 that he doesn’t have right now. He still has that $20 that Jamie and Ruth gave him last night, but it’s at home. He plans to come back tomorrow and get one to wear to the game tomorrow night. When he returned to the pizzeria, Anthony suggested he hit his homework, and told him the best place to study is in the party room, or, if he preferred, he could study in the office. "Thanks, Dad," Fernando replied, "I’ll be in the party room, come and get me if you need any help." He took his new school supplies and gathered his textbooks and headed to the party room to study. About 4:45 PM Anthony entered the party room and told Fernando that dinner was ready. Fernando followed Anthony out to a table where there were three tossed salads, and three plates of Fettuccini Alfredo with chicken. The three enjoyed their first dinner together as a family. Anthony had to break away a couple times to make pizza’s that were ordered. Lindsey had one table to serve, and Ruth came in to work at 5:00 PM. Anthony, at about 5:15, "Fernie, how much more time do you need for your homework?" "I don’t know," Fernando replied, "maybe 15 or 20 minutes." "When you finish, I’d like to show you how to run the cash register so you can cash out customers, if it’s OK with you." Fernando, smiling, "Sure Dad, I’ll do anything I can to help you and Mom out, I hope you know that." Anthony smiled, loving the cooperation he is getting from this young man. He is very happy that he and Maria have this foster son to care for. As usual for a weekday night, they closed at 9:00 PM and headed home. Fernando took a shower and was in bed shortly after 10:30 PM, after kissing his parent’s goodnight. He loves living here with Maria and Anthony. Anthony, just after he and Maria went to bed, "Baby, I feel like I was meant to be a father, and I love that young man so much. I couldn’t ask for a better son." "I know what you mean, Honey," Maria responded, "if Fernando were to be removed from our care, I’d be heartbroken. I think we needed him as much, or maybe even more, than he needs us! We just didn’t know it. I think we’ve all been blessed." * * * * * * Friday started out about like Thursday except that Maria fixed a more conventional breakfast of Bacon and Eggs, Toast and orange juice. Mary would not be coming today, but Fernando still had to leave the house about 8:00 AM to catch the school bus at 8:10. Anthony wrote a note for the bus driver stating that she was to drop Fernando off at the shopping center every day except Mondays, and signed it ‘Antonio Chevas, Fernando Gomez’s foster Dad’ and gave it to Fernando to give to the bus driver. After breakfast, Fernando went back to his room, stuffed the two $10 bills (his cut of the tips) into his pocket, donned a light jacket, threw the backpack over his shoulders, came back and kissed Anthony and Maria goodbye, and headed out to catch the bus. Liz, as Fernando approached the group of teens at the bus stop, "Fernie! I didn’t realize you live in this neighborhood, which house do you live in?" Fernando, pointing, "The third one down on the left, kind of a gray-blue one." "That’s so cool," Liz replied, smiling, "I live in that white corner house, so we’re only two doors apart!" Then, raising her voice, "Hey gang! This is Fernie Gomez, and this is just his second day at Carter, you guys wanna give him a welcome?" All the other teens in the group either shook hands or bumped fists with Fernando and three or four even gave him a welcoming hug. When the bus arrived, Liz invited Fernie to share her seat and he accepted. Fernando is hoping, in the back of his mind, that Liz is not developing romantic thoughts about him. He’s not ready to tell her that he likes boys, although he is enjoying her friendship. * * * * * * Friday afternoon when school let out Fernando made his way to bus 34 and he and Liz shared the same seat on the way home. "Are you coming to the game tonight?" Liz asked. "As a matter of fact, I am," Fernie replied, smiling. "Devon King’s parents are picking me up at the pizzeria and bringing me to school for the game. He said I could likely catch a ride back with one of the players, as some of them will be going to the pizzeria after the game." "Fernie, you’ll see me at the game," Liz stated, "I’m one of the cheerleaders." Fernando smiled and nodded. When the bus dropped Fernando off at the shopping center, he dropped his backpack into the rear seat of his parents Malibu, and headed into the pizzeria. "Where is your backpack?" Anthony asked. "I dropped it into the car," Fernando responded, "I’ve got all weekend to study, and I’m going to the game tonight. I do need to go back to the drug store before the game though." "What did you forget?" Anthony inquired. "I want to get one of those ‘Carter Cardinal’ tee shirts to wear to the game tonight, I didn’t have the money yesterday to get it." Anthony, reaching for his wallet, "How much are they?" "$15, but I brought the money that Jamie and Ruth gave me for helping them out Wednesday night, so I can pay for it myself," Fernando stated, "I’ll see you in a few minutes." He left. DJ, as he met Fernando in the store, "Hi Fernie, how is everything going? And how is the new school?" "I’m very happy, DJ, my foster parents treat me better than my real parents ever did, and I love them both very much. Most of the students that I’ve met seem to be pretty cool, and they really encouraged me to attend the basketball game tonight. I want to get one of those ‘Carter Cardinal’ tee shirts to wear to the game." "We did have just red and white ones," DJ stated, "but we got another shipment of them today, and now we also have yellow and light green ones." Then, leading Fernie to the tee shirts, "What color would you like?" "Wow!" Fernie exclaimed, "What color do you think would look best on me?" "I’m partial to red," DJ stated, "but the red bird looks better on the white, yellow and green ones, I think the green one would look great on you. You’re pretty small, I think you need a size S. If you get a Small and it’s too tight, bring it back and we can swap it for a Medium." Fernie, holding the light green shirt against his chest, "I think I like the green one." DJ nodded in approval. "Randy," DJ asked, "can you please check us out?" Randy came out from the pharmacy to DJ’s terminal, and DJ retrieved his debit card from his wallet. Randy rang up the purchase, giving DJ the 10% employee discount. "I have the money to pay for it," Fernando said. "Fernie," DJ retorted, "I want to buy this for you, as a gift, Randy, this is Fernando Gomez, he is Anthony and Maria’s new foster son, and Fernie, this is my Manager, Randy Shultz." Randy, after completing the transaction, and coming out from the terminal, "Welcome to our family, Fernando," and gave Fernando a warm hug. He then returned to the pharmacy. "What did he mean when he said ‘Welcome to our family’" Fernando asked DJ. Before answering, DJ looked around to see if anyone was within earshot. "Fernie, generally speaking, LGBT people consider other LGBT people to be ‘family’. I think you know that Jamie and I have been boyfriends for almost a year now, and Randy and his boyfriend have announced their wedding plans. My Dad and his former boyfriend tied the knot in January and are now husbands, so I have a Dad, and a Step-dad, that I care deeply for." "Wow," Fernie responded, "I just learned a lot in the last few minutes. That would mean that my friend Danny, that I met in Juvie Hall, and I are ‘family’ just because we’re both gay?" "You learn quickly, my young friend," DJ answered, smiling, "but because society isn’t widely accepting of our lifestyle, we need to keep our sexuality under wraps. I need to get back to work, I hope you enjoy the game tonight, just remember, you need to be careful who you share some personal information with. No one needs to know why you were removed from your real parent’s home and placed in a foster home. I’ll probably see you before you go home tonight." "Thanks, DJ, and thank you for the shirt. See you later." Fernando had a sprint in his step and a smile on his face as he headed back to the pizzeria. When Fernando entered the pizzeria, it was after 4:30 PM and there were only a couple of customers. Jamie had clocked in at 4:00 PM and Maria was just finishing dinner for her family. For dinner tonight she was preparing cabbage and kielbasa. Jamie delivered a pizza to the second table and refilled their drinks, then turned his attention to Fernie. Jamie, giving Fernando a warm hug, "So, little brother, how did school go today?" "Decent," Fernie replied, "and I have something to show you." Fernando, pulling the new tee shirt out of the bag, and holding it up proudly, "DJ bought this and gave it to me today! I’m going to wear it to the basketball game tonight." "Cool," Jamie reacted, "how are you getting to the school?" "Devon King, one of the players, has asked his parent’s to pick me up here and take me to the game, and he said some of the players would be coming here after the game, and I could catch a ride with one of them to get back." "Sounds like you’re starting to make some new friends," Jamie responded, "I’m happy for you, I hope you enjoy the game." Maria had already set the table for three, then brought out a large dish and placed it in the center of the table. She looked at Jamie. "Jamie," Maria asked, "do you like cabbage and kielbasa?" "I sure do," Jamie replied, "DJ’s Dad has made it a couple times." "I think we have plenty," Maria said, "grab another bowl and silver and you can have dinner with us." Jamie, wasting no time getting another bowl and returning to the table, sitting next to Fernie. "Thank you, Maria, it’ll be a pleasant change from pizza." Jamie is keeping his eyes on the guests, making sure they are well taken care of. Jamie will be working until close tonight at 11:00 PM (or after). The first table of four people got up, and the adult couple (the other two were likely their kids) headed to the register to pay their bill and Fernie went to the register to take care of them. The father, speaking to Fernie, "We haven’t seen you before, are you a new employee?" "No," Fernando replied, "I’m Fernando, and Anthony and Maria, that own this restaurant, are my foster parents. Was everything satisfactory?" "Everything was perfect, the food and the service was awesome," he answered, "can you break a twenty into two tens?" "Sure," Fernie answered, giving the man back two $10 bills. The man then handed one of the tens to the young boy, who, in turn, placed the ten on the table, smiling. Kids love to tip. $10 is a pretty decent tip for a $24 tab! Dinner finished, Fernando gathered up the dirty dishes and took them to the dishwasher (meaning the machine). Ruth clocked in at 5:00 PM, and business started to pick up. Friday nights are one of the busiest in the pizza business. Fernando is watching the clock, as he is expecting the Senior King’s to pick him up about 7:00 PM. As it got busier, both Ruth and Jamie had more tables to serve, and Fernie resumed his activities that he had done Wednesday, bussing tables, and helping to keep patrons supplied with drinks, and occasionally cashing out a customer or taking care of carryout orders. He is gradually learning the business. About 6:50 PM a tall black man walked in. Jamie, greeting him with the usual, "Eating in or getting carryout?" The man, grinning, "I guess it’s carryout, I’ve been requested to pick up a young man by the name of Fernando and take him to school for the basketball game. I’m Devon King’s Dad." "Hold on a minute," Jamie replied, "and I’ll get him." Then, taking a buss tray from Fernie, "I’ll take that, Fernie, I think your ride is waiting, over by the door." Fernando, walking up to the man, "Mr. King?" He nodded. "I’m Fernando Gomez, can you wait just a couple of minutes for me, so I can change my shirt?" "Sure, no problem," Mr. King answered. Fernie slipped back to the office, changed shirts, and came back out about 3 minutes later, proudly wearing his new, green ‘Carter Cardinals’ tee shirt. Addressing Anthony, where he was making pizzas, "Dad, my ride is here, I’ll see you after the game." "See you then, have fun and I hope your team wins!" Anthony replied, smiling. Mr. King led Fernando to his car, where his wife was sitting in the front passenger seat, and two younger boys sat in the back. "Okay boys," Mr. King commanded, "slide over and make room for Fernando. Fernando, this is Mrs. King, Devon’s Mom, and his two younger brothers, Steven and Andrew." Steven looked to be about 12 and Andrew about 9 or 10. "It’s nice to meet you, Fernando," Mrs. King said, "so how did you and Devon meet?" "Well, yesterday was my first day at Carter, and I didn’t think to bring any money for lunch, and Devon bought my lunch. We ate at the same table, and just kinda started to get acquainted from there. He introduced me to Drake and Mike and all three of them encouraged me to come watch them play, and so here I am, on my way to watch the Carter Cardinals win this game." "You’ve got a nice, positive attitude, Fernando," Mr. King stated. "Are you from Mexico?" Steven asked. "No," Fernando responded, "I’m Hispanic, but I was born here. My parents were from Argentina, so I guess I’m Argentine American." "Oh," Steven replied, "kinda like we’re African American?" "I guess," Fernando answered. They arrived at the school and paid their admission for the game. Because Fernando is a student, with proper ID, his admission was $1.00. Mr. King had to pay $2.00 each for him and his wife, and $1.00 for each of the boys. Fernando elected to sit on the lowest bleacher seat alone, not wishing to infringe on anyone else’s territory, if someone wanted to sit next to him, fine. During two or three of the cheerleaders’ routines, Liz was right in front of Fernando. She waved and winked at him. The game itself was anything but a blowout. The Devils and the Cardinals seemed to be taking turns leading. At one time, the Cards were up by 2, then a few minutes later, the Devils gained the lead by one or two points. It’s down to crunch time folks. The cheerleaders had done their last exhibition, with only about 5 minutes to go in the game, and Liz came and sat next to Fernando. Thirty seconds on the clock, the Devils up by two, 62 to 60, with the Cards in control of the ball. The Cards desperately need two points to tie the game, and take it into OT. The clock is ticking down, 11, 10, 9, 8, Conner throws the ball to King, who takes two quick steps backward, and fires from behind the three-point line. Whoosh! Nothing but net, just as the buzzer sounds. The Cardinal fans go crazy, Cards win by one at the buzzer! Fernando and Liz were hugging each other and jumping up and down with excitement. Fernando, one of the first supporters to run onto the floor and wrap his arms around Devon, "Great shot, Devon!" "Thanks, Fernando, I’m really glad you came, and I love your shirt, I hadn’t seen one quite like that before. Where did you get it?" Devon asked. "Southside Drug just got them in today, they have them in yellow also." Fernando replied. "Thanks for coming tonight," Devon said, "You still need that ride back to Anthony’s?" "Yeah," Fernando answered. "Well just follow us into the boys shower, and we’ll get you one." Fernando followed the players to the locker room. What a sight, about 9 or 10 players from each school crowded into a locker room and shower meant for about 8 guys. He’d never seen so many good-looking athletic bodies, naked, in one place before. Gradually, the bodies dried themselves and started to put on clothing. Devon, still naked, spoke up, "Hey! are any of you guys heading to Anthony’s Pizzeria?" There were about 5 or 6 ‘YES’ answers, and then ‘Why’s’. "One of our teams newest supporters needs to catch a ride there, if somebody can help (pointing) Fernando out," Devon stated. Mark, approaching Fernando, "I’m Mark, thanks for supporting the Cards, there are four of us going there, it might be a tad cozy, but I know we can fit a little guy like you in with us. Just be ready to leave as soon as we’re all dressed." "Thanks, Mark, I really appreciate it," Fernando replied. When Mark and the rest of his carload pulled into Anthony’s there were quite a few cars in the parking lot. He parked, and the five guys walked into Anthony’s. The pizzeria was BUSY! Almost all of the tables were occupied. Jamie had already "drafted" DJ to come and help as soon as he got off work at the store. Within minutes, Fernando was also working. Anthony’s was getting hammered. Ruth was to have finished her shift at 9:00 but Anthony asked her to stay through this unexpected rush. "Son," Anthony stated, "I think you can be of the most help if you’ll handle the carryout orders, and the register, and maybe do some bussing." "Sure, Dad," Fernando replied. The big talk was about the Card’s big win, and that 3 pointer that Devon King threw up, clinching the game for the Card’s. Devon was like a celebrity, and wasn’t even there to accept the praise. Although Anthony’s officially closes at 11:00 on Friday evenings, it was 11:45 when the last of the guests paid and left, and 12:15 AM when the crew finally got to leave. It will be a short night for DJ, as he is scheduled to be in at 10:00 AM Saturday morning. Anthony and Maria will need to be at the restaurant about 9:30 to start their prep. They are thankful there are no parties scheduled for any time early tomorrow. It was very busy all evening, and Ruth and Jamie both did well on tips. Jamie told DJ when they went to bed that he’d made over $100 in tips tonight. They were both exhausted and snuggled together, falling asleep soon, with not even a thought about having sex. Fernando, just before he and his parents went to bed, "Dad, do I really need to go to the pizzeria with you in the morning?" "Probably not," Anthony replied, "what did you want to do?" "Well, I don’t have school," Fernie responded, "I’d like to sleep in, maybe watch a little TV, play some of my music, and, most of all, I want to write a letter to my friend, Danny White. He’s still in Juvie Hall, but he should be getting out in another 2 or 3 weeks." "What about your breakfast, honey?" Maria questioned. "Mom!" Fernie exclaimed, "I’m 15 years old, and I’m not helpless, I am perfectly capable of getting my own breakfast and lunch. Also, if I’m home, I can do my homework that will be due Monday." "You’ll need to come to the restaurant later," Maria added, "how will you get there?" "It’s not that far," Fernie responded, "I can walk there in about 15 or 20 minutes." "I think," Anthony stated, "especially since we don’t have a home phone, I need to get you a cell phone. I can have it added to my account, and it shouldn’t cost too much more." Then, reaching into one of the cupboards and retrieving a key, "Fernie, please try not to lose this key, it’s a spare key to the house, and you will need it to get in if you’re not with us." Fernie, taking the key and placing it in his wallet, "Thanks, Dad, do you have an envelope and a stamp, so I can mail that letter tomorrow?" "Not here, Son, but we do have both at the store," Anthony answered, "It’s late, I think we all need to get to bed." Fernando, kissing his parents goodnight, "You’ll both be gone to work before I get up tomorrow, so I’ll see you later, when I get to the store. Mom, Dad, I love you both very much, goodnight." They all headed to bed. * * * * * * Earlier on that same Friday evening a young man pulled up in front of the Walsh home and walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. Ken Walsh answered the door. "Hi Matt," Ken greeted warmly, "come on in, the ladies should be ready shortly. A little bird told me that your favorite restaurant is Red Lobster, and your girlfriend wanted us to go there tonight. Come sit in the living room with me while we wait." "Thank you, Sir," Matt replied, "If you don’t mind my asking, what is your occupation?" "I don’t mind at all, Matt," Ken said, "I’m an investment advisor, and stock broker. How are things going in school? And are you keeping your grades up?" "I’m trying to earn straight A’s, but I’ve got a couple of B’s in the mix," Matt stated, "I think I told you, I’m doing the 2 plus 2 with the goal of becoming a Mechanical Engineer. The first year is nearly complete, just a couple more months." Matt immediately stood up when the ladies entered, Marie and Matt walked toward each other and shared a tight hug, and a passionate kiss. "You look awesomely beautiful tonight, sweetheart," Matt exclaimed. "Thanks, baby," Marie replied, "and you always look very handsome to me." "Can we cool the sweet talk and get out of here?" Ken said, grinning. Marie and her Mom both pulled coats from the front closet, Ken held his wife’s coat and Matt held Marie’s, while the ladies pushed their arms into the sleeves. Ken held the front door open while the other’s exited, then locked the door behind them. Both Ken and Matt held the passenger side doors open on the Cadillac while Marie and her Mom slid in, then walked around and entered the car from the other side. Marie snuggled close to Matt in the back seat and Matt’s arm instinctively wrapped around Marie’s shoulder while Ken piloted the car toward the Red Lobster. Being a Friday evening, the parking lot was quite full, and there was going to be a 15 or 20 minute wait for seating. Finally the hostess announced, "Walsh, party of four" and turned them over to Sean, their server for tonight. Sean, as he led them to their table, "Good to see you Matt, is this your sister? (Referring to Marie) "No Sean," Matt replied, "I don’t have a sister, this is my girlfriend, Marie Walsh and this is her Mom and Dad." Ken, looking at both guys, "You guys know each other?" "Not real well," Sean answered, "Matt and I share one of the same classes at college." (Matt is thinking, if Sean had ever doubted his maleness, this should convince him that he is a guy) Ken ordered a carafe of wine for he and his wife, knowing that neither Marie nor Matt are old enough to drink alcohol (legally). Matt and Marie both requested Mountain Dew. When Sean returned with the drinks, he also brought them a basket of the Red Lobster’s famous cheesy biscuits, and took orders for their dinners. Sean gave them excellent service, and the food was great, as usual. They thoroughly enjoyed the dinner and the companionship. Ken picked up the tab, and added a $25 tip for Sean. On the way home, M&M did some heavy petting in the back seat, and Matt was glad he’d thought to stuff a Kotex in his crotch. All in all, it had been a fantastic evening. When they arrived back at Marie’s house, M&M went to Marie’s room, and enjoyed a couple of private hours together, then Matt left about 11:00 PM and headed home. * * * * * * Saturday morning Fernando woke up, needing to pee, and had no idea what time it might be. He slipped out of bed and looked out of his window and noted that the Malibu was not in the driveway, so he knew that his parents had left for work, and he was alone in the house. He walked into the bathroom and relieved himself, then used a couple sheets of toilet paper to blot up those last 4 or 5 drops that always like to hang under the foreskin. He always wishes that he had been circumcised and hates having that foreskin covering the head of his penis. Fernando took advantage of the fact that he was alone, and walked into the kitchen naked, to see what time it was. Wow! It was 12:20 PM already. He hadn’t expected to sleep this late! He started to check out the cupboards and found a box of Cheerios that had never been opened, and noticed a basket with some fruit on the counter, taking a banana from it. The refrigerator produced a jug of milk. Breakfast! He enjoyed the pleasure of sitting at the table, naked, and eating breakfast. Looking out the back door, he had a desire to check out the back yard. Had it been warmer (but it is still February) he would have liked to walk out naked and see what the back yard had to offer. He then decided to go ahead and write that letter to Danny. He spent the next hour writing the letter, then finally decided to get dressed and explore the back yard, ending up in the front yard, and sat down on the front steps. "Fernie!" Liz exclaimed, approaching him from the street, "What are you doing today?" "Not too much," Fernando answered, "I slept in this morning, and just had some breakfast about an hour ago, and wrote a letter to a friend, you?" "I was hoping you might like to take a walk in the park with me, unless you have something important to do?" Liz said. "I didn’t know there was a park close by," Fernando answered, "that might be a good way to kill some time, how far away is it?" "Probably about a 15 minute walk from here," Liz said, "I need to get a jacket and tell my Mom where we’re going, if you’re ready we can go to the house now, and I can introduce you to my Mom." "OK, I need a jacket too," Fernando said, "and a quick trip to the bathroom, and I have to lock the doors, give me about 5 minutes." Liz waited patiently until Fernie came back out. "Come on in," Liz said, opening the front door of her home, "Mom," she said, "I’d like to introduce you to our new neighbor, Fernando Gomez, he is a foster son to the Chevas’s that live two doors down, Fernie, this is my Mom, Alice Martin." "Nice to meet you, Ma’am," Fernando said, "Liz and I met on the school bus and have kinda gotten to know each other a little." "It’s nice to meet you too," Mrs. Martin asked, "So what are you two planning to do?" "I asked Fernie to go with me," Liz said, "and take a walk in the park with me. We’ll be back in a couple of hours, Mom." "Okay honey," Mrs. Martin said, "you two enjoy your walk and be good." Fernando, as they walked out the door, "See you in a couple." They walked about a half a block, passing the school bus stop, and Liz reached for Fernando’s hand, and they continued walking, holding hands. Liz, about 5 blocks later, "Come on, Fernie, this way, we’ve only got about 3 more blocks to go. I’ll give you a heads up, there aren’t any sidewalks, per se’, but there are bike paths that are shared with walkers." They arrived, there was a parking lot near the entrance to the park, and a sign at the entrance that read ‘MUNICIPAL PARK’ ‘Open during daylight hours’ ‘Please observe rules’ Biker’s Welcome, NO POWERED VEHICLES PERMITTED, Please clean up after your pets, No Open Fires Allowed. "Fernie," Liz asked, "do you have a bike?" "I did," Fernando answered, "but it got left behind, at my former home, I hope to get a new one before long." "Cool," Liz responded, "when you get one, we can ride our bikes here." Liz and Fernando wandered around the park. The only grass was around a few picnic tables, and the park benches. The many trees gave the sensation of walking in a forest. There were a number of signs that read ‘CAUTION! Watch out for bikers’. "This is a pretty nice park," Fernando said, as Liz pulled him over to sit on a bench with her." She made an attempt to kiss him, but he pulled away. "So Fernie," Liz inquired, "what happened, that CPS placed you in a foster home?" "I think that’s kind of personal, Liz," Fernando answered, "and not something I’m ready to share, maybe we should head back toward home." "No! We just got here, Fernie, I like you, I like you a lot, and I want to be your friend, maybe your best friend," Liz responded. "I think I need to keep some things to my self, Liz." "Fernie," Liz replied, "friends, especially close friends, share secrets with each other. I really want to be your friend, and I really want to know what happened, because I care about you. Please?" "If I tell you," Fernie replied, "will you promise not to tell anyone else, and you probably won’t want to be my friend anymore." "Try me!" Liz exclaimed, "Tell me your secret, and I’ll carry it to my grave." Fernando told Liz the whole story, starting with the day he got caught kissing the other boy in the restroom, up to when he was placed in the foster home with Anthony and Maria. Liz listened intently, periodically wiping tears from her face. Liz, as Fernando finished the story, "Oh My God, how could your father do that?" She threw her arms around Fernando, hugging him and kissing his cheek, "Fernie, so what if you’re gay? I still love you, for who you are, and I still want you to be my best friend!" "So you’re OK with me being gay?" Fernando asked. "You betcha," Liz replied, grinning, "and I still want to share my seat on the bus with you, too." Liz’s cell phone rang. "Hi Mom." Liz’s mom was speaking on the other end. Liz, smiling at Fernando, "Sure Mom, I’d be glad to bring him home for lunch, give us about 15 or 20 minutes to get there, see you in a few, bye." "Fernie, Mom asked me to bring you home for lunch, and I want your phone number, so we can keep in closer touch with each other." "I don’t have a phone, yet," Fernando stated, "but Dad wants to get me one and add it to his account. As soon as I know the number, I’ll give it to you." Liz smiled. Liz and Fernando arrived back at Liz’s house and enjoyed a casual lunch with Liz’s Mom. After lunch, Fernando returned home and attended to his homework. He will be walking to the restaurant later to help his parents until they close tonight at 11:00 PM. Fernando likes the relationship, or friendship that seems to be developing between Liz and him. He likes Liz a lot, but only as a friend, he would prefer to have a boyfriend, rather than a girlfriend (of course). About 3:30 PM Fernando grabbed the letter he’d written to Danny, and left the house, locking the doors and started the walk to Anthony’s Pizzeria, arriving there about 20 minutes later. Fernando, soon after his arrival, "Dad, can I get an envelope and stamp from you so I can get this letter mailed out to Danny?" Anthony went to the office and got the items, bringing them out and handing them to Fernando. Fernando addressed the envelope, sealed the letter inside, placed the stamp on it and headed to the Post Office to mail it, which is only about 5 minutes from the Pizzeria. It was not busy when he returned and Fernando had time to tell his parents about his day, and the enjoyable time he had spent with Liz, and having lunch with Liz and her Mom. Jamie, right after he clocked in at 4:00 PM, "Anthony, it’s just a suggestion, but I could train Fernie as a server. It could be quite beneficial, when we get really busy, or if one of the servers calls out, and Fernie would get some tip money that he could use to buy things he wants without having to depend on you for everything. He is usually here every afternoon after school, and it might even save you a little payroll money." "Jamie," Anthony replied, "I think that’s a good idea, but I think we should ask Fernie if he wants to be a server, and not just treat him like a slave." Jamie nodded in agreement. Jamie, approaching Fernando, "Fernie, would you like to be a server?" Fernando, smiling, "Yeah, but I think we should ask Dad if he wants me to do that, would I get paid the same as you do?" "You’re underage, Fernie, so you can’t be on the payroll, but you would get your tips. I can start training you tonight, if you want to be a server," Jamie said. Fernando, approaching Anthony, "Dad, Jamie told me that if I wanted to be a server, he can train me, starting tonight, would that be OK with you?" "Son, you can help us out here, because you’re family, but I cannot put you on the payroll until you’re 16. If you want, I can let Jamie train you." "I’d like that, Dad," Fernie said, "Jamie told me he can start training me tonight." "OK Jamie," Anthony said, "I guess you’ve got a new trainee." "Fernie," Jamie instructed, "for the next couple of hours, I just want you to be my shadow, and watch how I do everything, ok?" "I gotcha," Fernie replied. Jamie’s phone rang, and it was DJ. "Hi baby," Jamie answered. "Jamie," DJ said, "I just got a text from Bryan, Phil got next Saturday off, and Bryan is getting off at 4:00 PM, and Randy is scheduling me off at 4:00 that day, so I guess we’re all set to go to the Waterhole that night." "Cool," Jamie replied, "I’ll remind Anthony that I’m supposed to be off that night, Thanks, baby!" "Anthony," Jamie stated, "I just wanted to remind you that I’m supposed to be off next Saturday night." "Yep," Anthony responded, "I’m going to need you for a party at noon, but I’ll get you out by 2:00, 3:00 at the latest." Jamie trained Fernando off and on for the rest of the evening. Fernando actually served 5 tables that evening, and made $24 in tips. They were able to close Saturday night at 11:00 PM and left the pizzeria about 11:10. * * * * * * Sunday morning Maria, Anthony and Fernando all slept in a little, leaving the house at about 10:00 AM. Anthony drove by Bojangle’s and picked up Sausage and egg biscuits for all of them, which they ate after arriving at the pizzeria at 10:30 AM. Fernando helped Anthony and Maria with the prep. About noon they had surprise visitors, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, and Liz. Mr. Martin, approaching Anthony, "Are you Fernando’s foster father?" "I am," Anthony answered, "Is anything wrong?" "Not at all," Mr. Martin replied, "Your foster son, and my daughter, Liz, have become rather close friends, and I just wanted to meet the foster parents, and Fernando. I guess our paths have just never crossed, even though we live only two doors apart. I’m John Martin, this is my wife Alice, and our daughter, Elizabeth. I assume this young man is Fernando?" "You assumed right," Anthony responded, "I’m Antonio Chevas and this is my wife, Maria, and we are very happy to have had this beautiful young man placed in our care." Mr. Martin, smiling, "Antonio, if I may call you by your first name, we are headed to the city to do some shopping at one of the big malls, and Liz asked us to stop by here and see if Fernando could go with us?" "I think it’s fine with us," Anthony said, "if Fernie wants to go." "Dad," Fernando stated, "I’d love to go with them, and maybe I could pick up a couple of things I need, too." "What is it you need, Son?" "I have gym class tomorrow, and I need a pair of athletic shorts, a gym bag, and a combination padlock for my locker," Fernando said, "and if we can afford it, I could use a new pair of sneakers." "I’ll be glad to help Fernie shop for those things," Liz stated. "Anthony, pulling $100 from his wallet, "Try to keep it under $100, Son," and handed the $100 to Fernando, "John, what time do you think you’ll be back?" "Maybe around 8:00 PM, unless we stop for dinner, then it might be around 9:30," John replied. "Fernando," Anthony said, "You may need a little more money if you stop for dinner." "If we stop for dinner," John said, "I’ve got it covered." "I guess, if you get back before we close, he does have a key to the house, and it’s only two doors away from yours." Anthony said. "If we don’t hit the road," John said, "the mall will be closed before we even get there, let’s go!" The Martins and Fernando walked out and headed to their car, Liz and Fernando shared the back seat. Even now, knowing that Fernie likes boys, Liz still likes Fernie a lot. Before they got to the mall, John stopped at an Ace Hardware store so that Fernie could get a combination padlock. Fernando was able to find the things he wanted, with Liz’s assistance. They did stop at a Cracker Barrel restaurant on the way home, and John paid for the whole tasty meal. Liz was holding Fernando’s hand most of the way home. Anthony and Maria were home before they got back, and welcomed their son when he came in. Before Fernie went to bed, he got a bath towel and bar of soap, and packed his gym bag, putting the new sneakers in it, along with his new gym shorts and a matching tank top, clean underwear and socks. * * * * * * Monday morning, Maria fixed breakfast for Fernie, he ate, grabbed his backpack and gym bag, and headed out to catch the bus at just a couple minutes past 8:00 AM. Fernie and Liz shared the same seat on the bus as usual. Antonio slept in this morning until about 9:00 AM, and after he’d had breakfast, he busied himself with some outside work. He did some trimming with the weedeater, and trimmed some of the bushes. The grass hadn’t really started to grow yet, so he figured it wouldn’t need cutting for another week or two. After his computer class ended, Fernie put his backpack in his locker, grabbed his gym bag and headed to the boy’s locker room. He, along with about 30 other boys, started to change for gym. He found an empty locker, put his outside clothing, soap and towel into the locker and secured the padlock, then went into the gym. After roll call, the PE instructor put the boys through a series of warm-up exercises, then completed the warm-up with about 6 laps around the outside walls of the gym. He then divided them into two groups, and they spent the next hour playing volleyball. At 2:50 PM PE class was over, and the boys all headed to the locker room to shower, dress, and be ready to board the busses after 3:15. Boys will be boys, and there was some horseplay, mostly some guys slapping other guys on their bare bottoms, and Fernando wasn’t spared this abuse, receiving a couple of slaps on his bare a$$, but it was all in fun. 25 minutes is not a lot of time for 30 boys to shower, dry and dress. They all dried in a hurry, got dressed and headed out of the locker room. Most of them headed to their lockers to pull on their jackets and grab their backpacks, as the bell had already rung. When Fernie boarded the bus, Liz was saving his seat for him. Liz, smiling, "How was your first gym class?" "Fast and furious," Fernie replied, "I think that was the fastest shower I’ve ever taken." "A lot of the girls wear shower caps because they have more hair, and wouldn’t have the time to dry it," Liz commented. "Just curious," Fernie asked, "do some of the girls like to slap other girls butts in the shower?" Liz, grinning, "Yep, did you get yours slapped?" "Yeah, twice!" Fernie replied. "It’s all in fun, you know," Liz replied. "I’ll bet my cheeks are red!" Fernie remarked. Liz, looking at Fernie’s face, "Nope, they’re not." "I didn’t mean (pointing at his face) these cheeks." Liz, laughing, "Oh, you’d have to drop your drawers for me to see the color of ‘those’ cheeks!" They both laughed. Monday is the only day that the bus drops Fernando off at the bus stop by his house, and Fernie mentioned that, as he and about 12 other students exited the bus. "Good night, Liz," Fernie said, "See you tomorrow morning." Fernando, as he entered the house, "Hi Mom, Hi Dad, My, it sure smells good in here!" "Do you like roasted chicken?" Maria asked. "I told you, I like almost all food, but I really love roasted chicken," Fernando replied. Most of the time I tend to cook food that is more authentically Mexican, or Hispanic," Maria said, "but sometimes, like tonight, I cook a more traditionally American meal. I think we all get tired of Italian food almost every day." About 5:30 PM the Chevas/Gomez family enjoyed a meal of roasted chicken with stuffing and gravy, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli (with cheese sauce), and whole cranberry sauce. For dessert Maria had picked up a cherry pie. After dinner, Maria took care of putting away the leftovers and doing up the dishes, Antonio settled in the living room in front of the TV, and Fernando slipped into his room, put a CD in his Boom Box to play, and started his homework. About 9:00 PM Fernie finished his studies, exited his room and sat on the sofa next to Antonio. Antonio instinctively put his arm around Fernando’s shoulders, pulling him closer, and Fernie then snuggled even closer to Antonio. A few minutes later, Antonio noticed that there were a few tears sliding down Fernie’s face. "Is something wrong, Son?" Antonio asked. "No, Dad," Fernie replied, "but do you have any idea how wonderful you make me feel? Your arm around me like this, and sitting here with you makes me feel so warm, secure and wanted." "That good," Antonio replied, "Maria and I want you to feel that way, you are wanted, and loved, a lot more than you probably realize. Son, it was a big step for us, having never had children, to suddenly become parents to a teenage boy, but it’s a step that we will never regret, and we’re very happy we took that step." "Dad," Fernie said, "I’m glad you took that step too, I’m happier here, with you and Mom, than I can ever remember being, anytime in my life. You and Mom have a permanent place in my heart!" About 11:00 PM, Antonio breaking the serenity, "Son, I think we all need to get to bed, tomorrow is another busy day for all of us." "I didn’t want to leave the comfort of your arm around me," Fernie said, "I could have stayed there like that forever." Maria had already made some hot cocoa, they all drank a mug of it, and soon headed to bed. Kissing Fernando good night, and getting that return kiss from him is something they all look forward to. Maria and Antonio have quickly developed a lot of love for this beautiful young man. (to be continued………)
  2. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 17

    Thursday morning Tonya was the first up, and made a pot of coffee, expecting Kevin and Jake to be up before too long. She drank that first cup alone, but then heard movement upstairs. "Jake," Tonya hollered softly, "coffee’s ready, are you awake?" "Yeah, Mom," Jake replied, "Be down soon." The two boys had been making out, and both of them had grown erections. They were tempted to take care of each other, but since Tonya was evidently up and awake, they decided against it, for now. They put on t-shirts and jeans, adjusting their boners as best they could, and headed down to the kitchen. Kevin was not normally a coffee drinker, but decided to give it a try, Jake poured Kevin and himself a mug. Kevin loaded his with about four teaspoons of sugar and some creamer. Both boys noticed that Tonya seemed on edge this morning. "Mom," Jake asked, "are you OK, you seem kind of edgy today?" "Jake," Tonya spoke, "it’s been eight years since the divorce. I’m wondering if maybe I should get out a little." "Mom, have you met someone?" Jake asked. "No, not yet," Tonya said, "but I think I would like to. Jake, you’re my number one concern, and I would like to know how you would feel if I started dating someone." "Mom," Jake said, smiling, "you need to have a decent man in your life, but make sure he’s not an asshole, like my old man!" "Tonya," Kevin stated, "you’re a pretty lady, and way to young to relegate the rest of your life to being single. Since Jake’s Dad keeps himself so distant, Jake could use a cool step-dad." Tonya, grinning, "I haven’t even met anyone yet, and you guys have me facing the Alter!" Jake and Kevin both smiled. "Tonya, just a word of caution," Kevin stated, "when you meet Mr. Right, make sure he’s not homophobic. If he is a homophobe, he could make Jake's home life hell on earth!" "Guys, if anyone I get interested in cannot accept Jake’s sexuality, I will lose interest in him quickly." Tonya said, "Jake’s welfare is my priority, and that includes Jake’s romantic life, as well. You two seem to have a beautiful relationship together. Kevin, I truly love you, like a second son." Kevin smiled, knowing that he has grown similar feelings toward Tonya. After Tonya fixed them all a nice breakfast, Kevin informed Tonya that he was taking Jake out for some driving practice, and he wasn’t sure when they would be back. Kevin has some sexy plans for himself and his boyfriend. The boys both donned light jackets and headed out to Kevin’s car and Kevin handed Jake the keys. Jake cautiously backed the car out of the driveway on to the street and he drove away, following Kevin’s instructions. Jake’s shifting skills were improving rapidly. Jake suddenly realized that they were on the country road where Kevin had taken them the first day they were together, that special day after school, when they shared their first kiss—and blowjobs! As per Kevin’s instructions, Jake pulled into the woods, and parked the car. Kevin suggested they take a walk in the woods, and by this time, Jake would go almost anywhere with Kevin. The two boys walked deeper into the woods, holding hands. Approaching a log, they shared an embrace and a romantic kiss, both boys tenting their jeans. Kevin sat down on the log and started to unbuckle Jake’s pants. "What are you doing?" Jake asked. "Just pursuing my Jake fix!" Kevin stated, grinning. "I’m starving for it." Seconds later, Jake’s pants were around his ankles, and his very stiff pecker was pointing straight out at Kevin’s face. Kevin quickly pulled that beautiful boyhood into his mouth and started to nurse on it, tasting Jake’s precum. Jake glanced down at Kevin’s crotch, seeing Kevin’s raging boner begging for release from his jeans, precum forming a large wet spot on the fabric. "Can we sixty-nine?" Jake asked, having a strong desire to have Kevin's boyhood inside his own mouth. Kevin, looking around, "That pile of leaves over there will make us a nice bed." And led his boyfriend over to it. Jake instinctively unbuckled Kevin’s belt and pushed his jeans and boxers down to his ankles. Both boys were now naked from the waist to below their knees. They lay on the leaves, in a sixty-nine position, and both tried to swallow their lover’s cocks. Both boys were anticipating getting a mouth full of creamy sperm from the other’s balls. After a few minutes, Jake started to feel his orgasm rising out of his groin, and was desperately trying to hold it off, but was losing. Kevin heard a huge moan from Jake’s throat and felt Jake’s cock starting to spurt ropes of delicious cream into his mouth and throat. Jake’s orgasm triggered Kevin to release his own load, filling Jake’s waiting mouth. Both boys swallowed their treasures, then returned to milk out those last few tasty drops of cum out from each other’s pricks. They grinned at each other, and shared a deep kiss, both of them tasting their own cum inside each other’s mouths. "We’re getting really good at this," Jake said, smiling. "I think we’ve reached perfection," Kevin replied, also grinning, "I wonder if I could satisfy you, if I made love to you?" "I’m still virgin," Jake said, "but I would let you take my cherry!" "I’m virgin too," Kevin stated, "but I think I would like to have you fuck me, and take away my virginity, forever, I can’t believe how much I love you, baby." "It can’t be any more than I love you!" Jake exclaimed. The two boys pulled their pants up and shared another kiss and hug, and prepared to leave, after they shared a pee together. Jake turned the car around and they headed back toward town. "Baby," Kevin suggested, "let’s go and get a treat at the soda shop." "Sounds good to me," Jake replied, and drove them to the soda shop, parking in the next block, as there were no empty spaces close to the ice cream parlor. They walked in, took seats at the only empty table and ordered hot fudge sundaes. Just as their sundaes were served, Tony and Carl walked in and Kevin was on alert. Yes, Tony and Carl, the two basketball players that had picked on Kevin that day in the locker room! They looked around and walked over to where Kevin and Jake sat. "OK if we sit with you guys?" Carl asked. "I guess," Kevin said, "I don’t see anyone’s name on those chairs." "I’m glad we ran into you today!" Tony exclaimed, as he and Carl sat down. "Hey look," Tony said, "I’m hosting a New Years Eve party at my house, it’s mostly going to be the team members and their dates, and just a few other friends. I want to invite you and Jake to attend." "I don’t know, Tony," Kevin said, "I think I might feel a bit out of place, most of the guys will be bringing their girlfriends, and I don’t have one." "EXCU-U-U-S-E ME! Tony exclaimed, "I may not be an expert on gay relationships, but if I’m not mistaken, Jake means just as much to you as any girl means to their boyfriend. Kevin," Tony said, smiling, "you DO have a girlfriend, it’s just that your "girlfriend" happens to be a boyfriend!" Tony smiled, warmly. "Kevin," Carl stated, "Speaking for the team, we all like you, we all care about you, and we’re proud to have you as a member of our ‘Lions’ basketball team. We really hope to see you, and Jake, at Tony’s New Years Eve party." "I probably need to give you a heads-up," Tony stated, "The only way my Dad would let me host this party, was if I promised him there would be no alcohol! Most all of us are well under twenty-one, and we just want to have some fun, and welcome the New Year in as sober teens! Dad says that, in his years as a police officer, he has seen way to many incidents that prove alcohol and teenagers don’t mix! He’s very anti-alcohol." "Baby," Kevin said, smiling, "with your approval, we have PLANS for New Years Eve." Jake smiled and nodded. "Tony, you must have a big house," KC said. "Nope," Tony replied, "but we have a big yard, and we’ve rented a big tent, to hold all the kids and the band. The Dunbar Trilogy is a school band, two guitars and drums, and they have volunteered to entertain us, free of charge, just for a little exposure. They’re not great, but they’re not bad. I hope nobody in our neighborhood plans to go to sleep too early!" Tony grinned. "What time is the party," Kevin asked, "and where do you live?" "Hold on," Tony said, asking the cashier for a slip of paper. "We’re starting early, about 9:00 PM, and ending it about 12:30 AM, after midnight. Here is the address," Tony said, writing an address on the slip of paper, and handing it to Kevin. "Kevin, I’m really happy that you and Jake are coming, and I promise that you guys can even dance together, most of us would want you to be yourselves, and have fun with us." "We probably need to leave," Kevin said, "Jake’s Mom will wonder if we got lost. Tony, thank you for inviting us." All four boys stood, and both Carl and Tony gave both Kevin and Jake affectionate hugs, and then they sat back down, as Kevin and Jake paid their tab and walked toward the door. "See you guys on New Years Eve!" Tony hollered. Kevin and Jake waved, as they headed out. Kevin, as Jake drove them back to Tonya’s house, "I can’t believe it, Jake, we’ve been invited to a New Years Eve Party—as a gay couple! Maybe some of these guys don’t hate our relationship as much as I thought." "I’m a little apprehensive," Jake said, "I wonder if their planning a prank of some kind on us. Maybe we’ll get to the party, and there won’t be a party. We’d look like fools." "I don’t think so," Kevin replied, "Tony seemed very sincere about wanting us to attend. When I turned him down the first time, he had tears in his eyes, but when we finally accepted, he was all smiles. I think Tony is a nicer boy than what I had thought previously. His last name is Jenkins, I wonder if he is maybe Officer Jenkins Son, Tony did say his Dad was a police officer." Kevin and Jake returned to Tonya’s house, both boys excited to tell Tonya that they’d been invited to a New Years Eve Party—as a gay couple, and that the party was to be alcohol free. Tonya was happy for them, and knowing the party was to be free of alcohol was a relief. Tonya then informed the boys that she also had plans for New Years Eve. She didn’t have a date, but one of the two bars in Dunbar was hosting a special night for New Years Eve, with a band, and a light buffet. Tonya was going OUT! She had Kevin’s phone number, and asked if the boys could drop her off there, before they went to their party, and of course they were more than happy to accommodate her. They were happy that she was going out, and not sitting home alone on New Years Eve. After dinner, Jake called Larry, and Kevin called Roger, both boys happy to tell their best friends that they had been invited to a New Years Eve Party as a gay couple. Both Larry and Roger told their friends that they were happy for them, and to have a great time. Neither Larry nor Roger had any particular plans for New Years. It was only Thursday night and the boys, as well as Tonya, all knew that the weekend was going to drag on forever. Four more days until New Years Eve! The boys spent that night at Tonya’s, planning to spend the next three nights at Kevin’s house. They enjoyed having time together, without school to interfere. * * * * * * Wednesday evening Vi and Art had made a decision to host an Open House on New Years Eve and invite all of their neighbors that lived in the Ramblewood neighborhood, the ones they knew, and the ones they’d never met. They discussed it with J&J and the boys were very supportive, and told Art & Vi they would like to help them, in any way they could. Thursday morning, while Art was at work, Vi left J&J in charge of the youngsters and went to the print shop to have 50 invitations printed up. On the front was a big ‘YOU’RE INVITED!’ Inside were the details, What: Open House When: New Years Eve, 8:00 PM til 12:30 AM Where: Our home, 104 Ramblewood Pl. Look for green porch light ‘Art and Vi White hope you will come by with your family to help celebrate the New Year with our family. Say "HI" and enjoy some snacks and non-alcoholic punch, Champaign available for the adults. Casual attire is most welcome, and bring the children.’ The printer told Vi they could pick up the invitations anytime on Friday or before noon on Saturday. While Vi was at the printers, Sam went to the Hanson’s house, returning with her ‘boyfriend’, whom she had invited to have tea with her. Sam placed the toy cups and saucers on the little table, along with plates. "Julian," Sam asked, "can you please help me pour some tea?" Julian, grinning, pulled a jug out of the fridge and grabbed four cookies from the cookie jar. Heading into Sam’s bedroom, he placed two cookies on each of the two plates, and poured tea (Apple juice) into the two little cups. "Thank you, Julian," Sam said, appreciatively. She and Eric then enjoyed having their ‘tea and biscuits’ together, sitting at the table in Sam’s bedroom and holding hands. J&J both grinned at each other. Young love is so sweet. No one has ever seen Eric and Sam kiss each other’s lips, but they frequently hug, and kissing each other’s cheeks is pretty common. They both show a lot of affection toward each other, and have, since the day they met. * * * * * * Friday morning Tonya woke up fairly early, started coffee to brew and while it was brewing, she showered and shampooed her hair, as she planned to get a new perm today. She pulled on her robe and headed down to the kitchen to enjoy that first cup of coffee. She heard the bathroom door and glanced up the stairway just in time to see Kevin slip out the of the bathroom naked and head to Jake’s room, but she only saw Kevin’s back side. Damn, Kevin has some cute buns! When Jake was younger, he was comfortable running around the house naked, but once he entered puberty he became very self-conscious of his body. Tonya has not seen Jake naked since he was about twelve years old, and he is now sixteen. She has occasionally seen him wearing briefs, and is well aware that his genitals have developed quite nicely, and he now sports a decent bulge in his crotch. She assumes that Kevin likes it! Tonya is not naive, these boys are seventeen and sixteen, and both gay. She is certain that their interest in each other goes beyond just kissing and holding hands! The boys soon entered the kitchen, fully dressed, and enjoyed breakfast with Tonya. Tonya informed them that she was going to get a new Perm today, and get her nails done. She was going to go out on New Years Eve, and wanted to look her best. The boys reminded her that they were going to be sober, and if she needed a ride home, they would only be a phone call, and maybe fifteen minutes away. While Tonya was getting her ‘makeover’ the boys decided to go to Kevin’s house, and told Tonya they might not be back until Monday evening, New Years Eve. They were definitely planning to drop Tonya off at her destination. Kevin and Jake arrived at the Collins home about 3:30 PM. Kurt was still at work, but Audrey, having received a heads-up, was starting to prepare a dinner for four. She is more than happy to have both boys there for dinner, and for the night. Kevin was excited to tell her that they had been invited to a New Years Eve Party, as a gay couple. The boys settled on the sofa together. "What are you wearing to the party, baby?" Kevin asked. "Probably my newest jeans, and maybe a sport shirt, if I can find one that still fits," Jake replied, "I don’t have a lot of clothes to choose from." "Let’s go see what’s in my closet," Kevin said, "I might have something more desirable, than just jeans." The boys ascended the stairs to Kevin’s room. "Strip down to your boxers, baby." Kevin’s waist size had changed little over the last three years, but he had grown taller. Kevin is about four inches taller than Jake, but their waist sizes are close. Kevin shuffled through several pairs of dress slacks, selecting a navy blue pair that he knew were ‘Hi – waters’ on him. "Try these on," Kevin stated, handing them to Jake. They fit Jake perfectly. Kevin then pulled out a light blue long sleeved, dress shirt for Jake to try on, and it also fit well. Adding a red necktie and a vest that matched the slacks completed the attire. "Kevin," Jake complained, "we’re going to a teen party, not a wedding, I’m gonna feel overdressed!" "Jake, look in the mirror, do you see what I see?" Kevin asked. "Yeah," Jake replied, "Me looking weird!" "Baby," Kevin stated, grinning, "All I see is one hot muther fucker! We’re not going to Friday night at the soda shop, we’re going to celebrate New Years, and we need to look sharp. We don’t want to look like idiots. The only thing I can’t help you with from here is your sneakers, we need to get you a new pair." "Baby, I know I need a new pair, but I really can’t afford them." "I can," Kevin said, "we’ll go to footlocker tomorrow." "So how are you going to dress?" Jake asked. "I’ll show you in five minutes," Kevin said, as he put on the clothing he plans to wear to the party, very similar to what he has Jake in, but with a yellow shirt and a dark blue tie. The two boys looked at each other in the mirror. "Let’s go see what Mom thinks," Kevin stated, as the two boys slipped down the stairs. "Mom, do we look ready to party?" "Oh my god, boys!" Audrey exclaimed, "You look like you just stepped off the fifth avenue bus. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more handsome pair of young men! I thought the party was Monday evening." "It is, Mom," Kevin stated, "we were just planning what to wear." "You better go and change before dinner," Audrey said, "but I’m gonna want to get some pictures of you guys, before you go to that party. You boys are going to turn some heads!" Kevin and Jake removed their suits, to keep them clean for the party, and returned downstairs for dinner, just about the time Kurt arrived from work. After dinner Friday night, the boys just chilled, and watched a little TV with Kurt and Audrey. After they had breakfast on Saturday morning, Jake drove them in Kevin’s car to the mall, and Kevin bought Jake a new pair of sneakers. * * * * * * While Art was at work Friday afternoon, Vi left J&J in charge of the children again and took off to pick up the invitations. She also picked up a small ‘guest book’ to have their visitors sign. While she was out, she also went to the market and ordered the party trays to be picked up on Monday afternoon. She smartly thought it best to order them early, as it was likely that a number of other people would also be ordering stuff for New Years Eve. After Vi returned, J&J made quick work of folding and stuffing the fifty invitations into the envelopes since they didn’t need to be signed or addressed. Vi turned her attention to preparing dinner for her family. At dinner that night, Art made a request. "Boys," Art stated, "I have to work tomorrow, and I’m going to ask a big favor of you guys. Can you take that stack of invitations and distribute them to all the homes in this neighborhood for me?" "Can’t we just drop them into everyone’s mailboxes?" Jeff asked. "No," Art replied, "for two reasons. It’s illegal to use the U.S. Mail boxes for any other purpose, and, secondly, we’d like to make sure these get into the hands of the resident’s of the homes. Just knock on their doors, tell them your family is hosting an open house on New Years Eve, and they’re invited, and leave them an invitation. If you don’t get an answer at the door, leave the invitation in the door where they’ll find it." "I don’t know most of those people," Julian stated. "We don’t know a lot of them either," Art said, smiling, "that’s one of the big reasons for the open house, so we can meet each other, in a friendly atmosphere." J&J agreed to do it, thinking it best to wait until Saturday morning when it was daylight. The only houses that J&J visited Saturday morning where they actually knew the residents was the Hanson’s and the Calhoun’s. Cliff Hanson was home this Saturday morning, and Julian had the opportunity to introduce Cliff to his ‘college best friend’ Jeff Parks. When they got to the Calhoun’s house, Penny and Peter quickly squeezed out the front door past Dottie and gave J&J both warm and loving hugs, which, of course, the boys returned. J&J returned with two undelivered invitations, as they had run out of houses. * * * * * * At long last, it’s Monday, and New Years Eve. Art had to work today, but everyone got off early, at 3:00 PM. As the guys were all clocking out, Alvin was wishing everyone a Happy New Year and stating he would see them Next Year. They were due back to work on Wednesday, January 2nd. Art hurried home, greeted his family and grabbed the keys for the SUV, as he was picking up the food for the Open House. He also needed to go by the liquor store to buy the Champaign. Vi cleared some space in the fridge to place the Meat and Cheese tray, and they figured the vegi and fruit trays would be fine at room temperature. The bottles of Champaign were placed into a cooler, and covered with ice. Vi made some sandwiches to keep the family from starving until party time. Sometime during the day, J&J had replaced the light bulbs on the front porch with green ones. Vi, and J&J had already showered, and were dressed in proper clothing to help host the open house, and Art quickly took his shower and dressed. Dominic looked pretty normal, although confused by the abnormal activity. Samantha was wearing one of her prettiest dresses, planning to help host the guests. She was looking forward to seeing some of the other neighborhood children arrive with their parents. The White family has no idea how many people might show up tonight. * * * * * * Monday evening started as a typical Monday evening in the Collins home but things changed radically. Kurt came in from his job about 6:00 PM and the family had dinner together with both Kevin and Jake at the table. "Audrey," Kurt asked, "can we be ready to leave about 8:30? The Office Party is supposed to start about 9:00 PM. What time do you guys expect to be coming home?" "I think we’re gonna hang around Jake’s tonight," Kevin replied, "Tonya’s going out tonight, and we promised her we’d be only a phone call away if she needs a ride home. Our party is alcohol free, so I know we’ll both be sober." "That’s honorable and respectable, Jr." Kurt replied, "you have a key, if you guys need to get in and we’re not home. I sincerely hope that the party you’ve been invited to goes smoothly. I guess if we’re all going to celebrate, we all need to start getting ready." As if on cue, the boys headed to Kevin’s room and Audrey and Kurt headed to their bedroom. About 8:00 PM they were all back downstairs, and Audrey had her camera in hand. "Boys," Audrey stated, "stand over there so I can get a couple of pictures. It’s rare that I catch you guys dressed up!" Audrey took a couple of shots of the boys, both of them dressed to kill. Kevin and Jake were about ready to leave, and Kurt approached them, pulling both of them into his arms in a warm and loving hug. "Guys," Kurt said, "Be good and be careful, and I guess I’ll see you—next year!" Both boys smiled, then gave Audrey a hug, and walked out the door. They entered Kevin’s car, Jake driving, and headed to Tonya’s house to take her to the bar. Until they arrived from Kevin’s house, neither of the boys had seen Tonya’s new hairdo, and they almost didn’t recognize her. She looked stunning, even better than Saturday night, and she was wearing a beautiful dress, that Jake thought was new, but just hadn’t seen in a long time. Tonya was impressed at how handsome her two boys looked, and couldn’t resist telling them so, and both boys smiled proudly. Leaving Tonya’s house, Kevin took the wheel, and Tonya was welcomed to sit up front. When they got to the bar, Jake jumped out of the back seat and assisted his Mom in getting out of the car. Tonya waved goodbye to the boys, and they watched as Tonya entered the establishment, wishing her a great night. Jake sat back into the passenger seat, and Kevin drove to Tony’s house for their party. It was just past 9:00 PM when they arrived at Tony’s house, and the street was lined with cars on both sides. Kevin had to pull around the corner to find a spot to park. They didn’t really need to look for the address on the house, the sound from the back yard led them to the party. Kevin and Jake walked along the side of the house toward the back yard, almost running into Jon, standing and taking a wee against the side of the house. "Oops, sorry Jon," Kevin said. "No problem, KC," Jon said, tucking away his junk, "Tony only rented one port-a-potty and it’s easier for some of us guys to just slip around a corner than to have to wait! I’m glad to see you guys made it. One of the guys asked Tony if he planned to invite you, and he just answered, ' why not, KC is just as much one of us as any of the players,’ and I was happy he took that approach. KC, I don’t think you have anything but friends on this team!" Jon crowded between Kevin and Jake, placing an arm and hand around each of their shoulders and the three boys walked into the tent as a trio. It made Kevin feel just a bit more accepted and comfortable, and reduced Jake’s apprehension. Tony had really gone all out. At the back of the tent was a fairly small makeshift stage where the band was still setting up. On the left side were two long tables holding drinks and a variety of snacks, and the rest of the tent was full of smaller tables, mostly with four chairs around them. In front of the stage was an eight by eight-foot smooth wooden floor made for dancing. The tent appeared to be about forty feet wide and forty-eight feet long, and was full of happy teens. Kevin and Jake wandered around, looking for a table to sit at, and Thomas noticed them. "Hey guys," Thomas stated, "We got an empty pair of chairs at our table, join us?" He and Zach both stood up and gave Kevin and Jake hugs, and the four sat together. "I’m really glad you two made it, we’re all gonna have a good time!" After that day in the locker room, Kevin felt a little closer to Thomas and Zach than he felt toward some of the other team members. The band started to play some groove, and about a dozen kids migrated to the dance floor and started to get down. Most of them weren’t dancing with each other, they were just dancing, and having fun. Kevin and Jake joined them, not too obvious that they actually were dancing with each other—then the music slowed down, way down. Kevin and Jake instinctively hugged tightly, and started swaying to the music. They felt like they were in a dream world, wrapped in each other’s arms and drifting around the small dance floor. Three or four times their lips met, and they shared a tender kiss. Tony brushed against them, swaying with the girl he was dancing with, and, catching their eye smiled and gave them a thumbs up. It made Tony feel good, to see these two lovers dancing together, completely unashamed. The song ended, and the boys got some snacks and drinks, and returned to their table with Zach and Thomas. "Guys," Zach stated, smiling, "If they have nominations for the cutest couple at this party, I will have no choice but to nominate you two." "I would have to second that nomination," Thomas added, "You two look like you stepped off the page of a GQ magazine! And you look so sweet together when you’re dancing." Both Kevin and Jake felt their faces blushing. "Thanks, Guys," Kevin said, "we appreciate that, I think." Kevin was trying to hide the redness on his face. "It’s OK, KC," Zach said, "you’re among the best of friends! Let’s heat up that dance floor." Both Zach and Thomas grabbed some girls and went onto the Dance floor, and Kevin took Jake’s hand and led him there. After another hour of Dancing and Snacking the midnight hour was fast approaching. People were starting to look at their phones to see how close the New Year was. Kevin’s phone rang, and it was Tonya, and he answered it. "Hi Kevin," Tonya stated, "are you guys having a good time?" "We’re having a great time," Kevin replied, "How about you?" "I’m having a good time too," Tonya said, "I wanted to let you know that I do have a safe ride home, so I won’t need your taxi service. I may be still up when you guys get home, if not I’ll see you next year! Tell my Pride and Joy goodnight for me, and Happy New Year to both of you. I love you guys." "Happy New Year to You, too, we love you Tonya." Tonya and Kevin hung up. "Baby, you’re Mom says she has a safe ride home, so we can take our time." "HEY EVERYBODY!" The lead singer announced, "I hope you have enjoyed our music half as much as we have enjoyed making sounds to keep your feet happy. As we wind down another year, we will be playing just one more song into the New Year. I’m told the New Year will be coming in with a bang, and the countdown starts NOW, 30,29,28,27……5,4,3,2,1—KABOOM! Most of the guests didn’t know about the fireworks! Tony’s Dad had set them up behind the tent in the alley, and his timing was perfect. "Time for a slow song," he announced, "Grab your sweetheart and enjoy this oldie." Everyone danced to this band’s rendition of ‘Auld Lang Syne.’ As the band finished, the lead singer announced, "HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!" Many of the teens were kissing and hugging each other, and, of course, wishing each other 'Happy New Year.’ The group started to disperse. It had been an awesome party, and nary a soul was even slightly inebriated. Most of the young guests at least had the courtesy to thank Tony Jenkins and his father for hosting the most wonderful and fun New Years Eve Party and thanked Tony for inviting them. * * * * * * The White’s were not overwhelmed with guests for their Open House, but they did have a few. They had anticipated that the Hanson’s and the Calhoun’s would show up, and they both did. Three young couples that Art & Vi had never met came by but didn’t stay very long as they were all headed out for parties. Some other’s came by that didn’t know the White’s by name, but knew about their back yard that their kids liked. Five or six older couples came by and introduced themselves, one of them remembered Julian when he was a kid and hardly recognized him today. Most of the older couples had raised families, but their brood had flown the coop. Two couples have acquired grandchildren, and were happy to find that the White’s back yard would be open to the grandkids, when they came to visit. About four families came by with their kids and met Art and Vi, but their kids knew Sam. A few of the adults enjoyed a glass of Champaign with the White’s. Several of the visitors were previously unaware that Art and Vi had adopted Samantha and Dominic. Dominic likely received more attention than anyone. None of the women, especially the older ones, could resist giving Dominic hugs and kisses. Everybody falls in love with Dominic! No one came around to the house after about 10:00 PM, even though the invitation stated until 12:30 AM. At 11:00 PM Vi put Sam to bed and Dom had fallen asleep shortly past 10:00 PM. They kept the porch light on, just in case there might be some late comers. Shortly after 11:00 PM Art turned on the TV and he and Vi along with J&J planned to watch the New Years Celebration in Times Square and watch the ball drop at midnight. Art broke down and told J&J they could have some Champaign to Celebrate New Years, as long as they were here at home and weren’t traveling anywhere. Both boys are still twenty, but Jeff will soon reach that magic age of twenty-one. Both boys enjoyed three glasses of Champaign, enough to get a buzz, but not as bad as the one they’d gotten from the spiked punch after Jim and Calvin’s Wedding. After the ball fell at Times Square, the White family called it a night and headed to bed. It had been a pleasant New Years Eve. * * * * * * Jake drove Kevin and himself home from the Party, and pulling into the drive, both boys noted the unknown car parked in front. Hearing the boys opening the back door to enter, Lee started to rise from the table. Tonya placed her hand on his, encouraging Lee to stay seated. The boys both looked at Lee with a questioning look on their faces. Tonya took over. "Boys," Tonya said, "this is my new friend, Lee Adams, Lee, this is my Pride and Joy, my son Jake Farmer, and his close friend, Kevin Collins. They’re just getting back from a Teen Party." Lee, standing, and shaking hands with both boys, "Nice to meet you guys." Both boys just nodded, and smiled. "How was your party, guys?" Tonya asked. "Awesome, Mom," Jake replied, "Kevin and I had a great time!" "Would you boys like something to drink, or eat?" Tonya asked. "I think we’ve put plenty away at the party, Tonya," Kevin replied, "I think we’re both just ready to crash, Goodnight, Tonya." "Goodnight Mom," Jake said, giving Tonya a kiss and hug. The two boys headed upstairs to Jake’s bedroom, stripped and were soon cuddled together in bed. "Baby," Jake asked, "what do you think of Lee?" "I only just met him," Kevin replied, "you can’t form an opinion on someone having only spent two minutes with them, but he seems like a decent guy." Kevin pulled Jake close, they kissed and soon drifted off to sleep. Tonya and Lee are still drinking coffee. "Thank you for accepting my invitation for dinner Saturday night," Lee stated, "I’m really looking forward to our first date." "First date?" Tonya questioned, "There might be more?" "Tonya," Lee said, "I’m a lot like you, I’ve been out of the dating game for a few years too. Ever since Sandra passed, it’s been really hard to even think of finding another." Lee had tears escaping his eyes. "I’m so sorry, Lee," Tonya remarked, sadly, "I didn’t realize you had lost your wife." "Five years ago," Lee stated, "Cancer, since then it’s been just Roger and me, batching it. Roger was only twelve when he lost his Mom. Tonya, I see Sandra every day, whenever I see Roger’s face, he inherited so many of his mother’s features." "I didn’t know," Tonya said, "but I do know that I like being with you, and I really enjoyed the time we spent together tonight." "We need to move forward," Lee said, "you and I, is 6:00 PM good for Saturday night?" "Six is fine," Tonya said, smiling, "I’ll be ready by Five!" Tonya walked Lee to the front door, and they shared a warm embrace and kiss before Lee walked out, got into his car and drove off. Tonya headed upstairs to her bedroom, undressed and got into bed. She likes Lee, and fell asleep, with high hopes of spending more time in the near future with Lee Adams. * * * * * * Sam was the first to awaken in the White’s home on New Years Day and it was 9:00 AM. She slipped into J&J’s bedroom and quietly snuk into their bed, snuggling between them. They became aware of her presence and felt trapped, as they were naked in bed, not having expected Sam to be in there with them. They convinced her to go back to her room long enough to pull on their boxers, and then they got up. Julian started a pot of coffee, and the two boys sat at the table and enjoyed that first cup. Dominic started fussing, and soon had Art and Vi in a vertical position. After the first cup of coffee, Vi started to prepare the first meal of the year for her family, and they shared breakfast together about 11:00 AM. "Guys," Art stated, "It’s January first, do you think you’d have time to take down the tree and all the Christmas Decorations today?" "Julian, glancing at Jeff, "I guess we could, baby, do we have anything else pressing for today?" "Not that I know of," Jeff replied, grinning, "except being lazy." "It’s gonna look funny in here, without the tree," Julian said. "It’ll look worse, and be a bigger mess," Art said, "once that tree starts to shed its needles. It did smell nice in here though, all throughout the Christmas Season. I’m glad you guys opted for a real tree!" J&J both smiled. The boys started undecorating the tree, without Dominic’s help, and then moved to the outside of the house. By 5:00 PM, things looked back to normal, and the decorations and lights were stashed away in the attic for another year. The tree was taken out of the living room and placed by the Dumpster for the trash men to pick up, and the living room was now arranged the way it used to be. After dinner on New Years Day evening, J&J decided to go to the cinema and share a movie together, then afterwards they went to the ice cream parlor and enjoyed ice cream soda’s. They still have a few more days to enjoy their break, as they don’t need to return to campus until January 9th, as spring semester begins on January 10th. All the schools here in Dunbar will be back in session as of tomorrow, the 2nd of January. * * * * * * Wednesday at lunchtime Kevin and Jake shared a table in the school cafeteria as usual. Lance and Travis, two of KC’s teammates, approached their table. Both boys were holding a tray of food in one hand and extending a fist out in friendship. Kevin and Jake bumped fists with Lance and Travis. "Is it OK if we sit with you guys?" Lance asked. "Sure," Kevin replied, shrugging his shoulders. Travis and Lance set their trays on the table and their asses on two chairs. "What’s up, guys?" Kevin inquired. "We want to talk about the letter," Travis replied. "You know," Lance added, "the one that someone wrote to Principal Ellis, about you, and Jake." "I can’t deny that there isn’t some truth to it," KC stated, "what is there to talk about?" "A bunch of us guys have discussed it," Lance said, "and we don’t believe that letter originated from any member of the team." "None of the guys claim to be uncomfortable, being naked in front of either one of you guys," Travis added, "even knowing that you are both gay. All boys check other boys out, that’s just something that boys do. I think we all like to see how we compare with the other boys, and there’s nothing sexual about it. I even check out the other guys, and I don’t have a gay hair on my body!" "So, if it wasn’t written by one of the players," KC asked, "where the fuck did it come from?" "We figure there is some jealous person that has the hots for one of you guys, and wants to get you two to break up," Lance stated, "most likely some chick, but it could be a boy, who knows?" "If you recall, the letter did state that sometimes I invite Jake into the locker room to wait for me, while I shower," KC stated. Whoever wrote it knew that much." "I think all of the players are aware of that," Lance said, grinning, "and I don’t think anyone cares, as long as you guys can look, without touching! An improper touch could likely get a punch in the face!" "KC," Travis said, "we all respect you, and care about you. We all accept your sexuality, and we have nothing against your boyfriend. He is welcome in the locker room, as long as he keeps his hands at home. See you shortly for practice." All four boys returned their empty trays and went to their appropriate classes. When classes ended, a little after 3:00 PM, Jake and Kevin met in the locker room and changed together. Kevin, along with about a dozen other guys, donned his practice uniform, and Jake put on his workout clothes. All the guys headed to the gym for basketball practice and Jake headed to the exercise room, where a surprise awaited him. Other times Jake had been in the exercise room, he’d been there alone, or with Kevin. Today, another boy was working out, and it was his newest friend, Roger Adams. "Hey!" Roger exclaimed, "Look who’s here!" Roger gave Jake a friendly hug. "I didn’t know you worked out." Jake, smiling, "Kevin talked me into it, I just started a few days before Christmas break, and some days Kevin works out with me." "I just started—today," Roger stated, grinning, "New Years Resolution—got to tone this body up. Jake, we can work out together, and it will be more enjoyable." "You’re right about that," Jake agreed, "and you can maybe give me some clues, and a little help. This is pretty new to me." "I’ve worked out before," Roger said, "about a year and a half ago, and then I got lazy, and I didn’t work out at all last year. I’m just now getting back into it, and I can sure use a workout buddy." "You’ve got one," Jake replied, "if you can stand a neophyte." "Let’s start with some pushups, "Roger said, and they both started doing pushups. Jake, after eight pushups, "I’m done." "C’mon Jake, two more—make it ten," Roger encouraged. Jake struggled with two more. The boys did a variety of exercises, and after an hour, both boys had a lot of sweat soaking their clothes. "Enough for today," Roger said, "let’s go shower." They headed to the locker room and retrieved their towels and soap from their lockers, preparing to shower together. Jake, typically gay, had been curious as to what Roger would look like, naked, even knowing that Roger is straight. He was seconds away from seeing Roger naked! The two boys stripped, and were alone in the shower, taking the first two showerheads next to each other. Jake was somewhat surprised to see that Roger was uncut, but nevertheless sported a nice flaccid cock. Jake could only imagine how it might feel to play with it, and fought to keep his own penis from getting hard. Just a couple of minutes in the shower and the entire basketball team came into the locker room from practice, stripped, and started to come into the open stall to shower. KC quickly noticed his best friend in the shower with Jake, and he and Roger shared a tight and naked hug with each other. "FAGS!" One of the boys exclaimed. "Nope!" Roger retorted, showing some irritation, "just long time best friends." Just before Jake stepped out of the shower stall one of the players couldn’t resist giving Jake a healthy slap on his ass, causing Jake to grin. The boy that had slapped his ass was smirking. Roger and Jake had both finished their showers, and exited the stall to the drying area, and dried themselves, then went out to the lockers and proceeded to get dressed. Roger, preparing to leave, "Jake, tomorrow, same time, same station?" Jake nodded in response, planning to hang around to wait for his boyfriend. * * * * * * Wednesday morning J&J were up with Vi, Art and Sam, and things were pretty much back to normal. Art left for work at the usual time, and Sam was ready to return to school. J&J opted to walk Sam to the bus stop and give Vi a break. Carrie Hanson was also out at the bus stop with Eric. "Hi Julian, Jeff," Carrie greeted, "I see you survived New Years." "Yeah," Julian replied, "and I don’t feel any different than I did last year!" "Me either," Carrie said, chuckling. "Tell your Mom I’ll be over in a few to have coffee with her." Julian gave Carrie a thumb up. Friday morning was about the same, except that J&J also took Dominic with them when they walked Sam to the bus-stop. Eric, giving Dominic a kiss on his cheek, "Dominic, I’ll see you when I get home from school, be a good boy, OK?" Dom, while Sam and the other children boarded the bus, "Yule, I wanna go kool too." "Dom, you need to be a little older and bigger before you start school. Just a couple more years, and you’ll be going to school." Julian told him, smiling, "and then you won’t want to go." Jeff nodded in agreement. It seems all pre-schoolers are anxious to start school, but once they do, they tire of it quickly. After the school bus left, J&J, along with Carrie headed to Vi’s kitchen to have coffee together. J&J’s winter break is coming to an end. They have to return to campus this Wednesday, and their spring semester starts on Thursday, the 10th. They only have five more days to spend with the children, including today. "Mom," Jeff inquired, "what date is Dominic’s birthday?" "January 25th, just exactly a month after Christmas," Vi replied. "Crap!" Jeff exclaimed, "It’s on a Friday—maybe we could skip classes that day." "Honey," Vi commented, "he’s only turning three, and he’s not really even understanding what ‘birthday’ even is. If we celebrate his birthday on Saturday, the 26th, he would never know the difference, could you boys make that?" "You bet!" Jeff exclaimed, "There is no way that Julian and I would miss Dom’s Birthday! What are you planning, as for something special?" "He doesn’t really have any friends yet," Vi said, "So we’ll probably just have a nice family dinner here, and a Birthday Cake, of course." Julian, snickering, "We’re going to have to teach Dom how to blow out the candles!" Everyone smiled. "Carrie," Vi stated, "Eric and Dom seem to like each other a lot, I think we’ll invite Eric to have a birthday dinner with us that night." "I know he’d love to come," Carrie said, smiling, "Eric likes eating with your family anytime! You’ve got a certain little girl in your home that has a certain little boy completely captivated." Vi, chuckling, "I think Sam is in love with the boy next door!" "Who knows," Carrie stated, "they’re just kids now, but maybe someday they will become romantically involved." Vi smiled. J&J’s plans are cemented in concrete—they will be returning to Dunbar the weekend of January 25th! * * * * * * Thursday afternoon Roger, along with Kevin and Jake all put on workout gear and headed into the exercise room, and all three boys worked up a good sweat. While the three boys showered together Jake observed that Roger pulled the foreskin back, while he washed the part of his dick that the foreskin normally covered, and the inside of the ‘hood.’ "Are you playing with your pud?" Jake asked. "No!" Roger exclaimed, "Jake, when you have foreskin, like I have, it’s imperative that we keep it clean. I try to pull the foreskin back when I pee, but sometimes we get in a hurry, and a few drops of pee stays under the foreskin, and keeps it wet. If we don’t keep it clean and dry, we can get irritated, or even develop an infection, and that would not be good." "That would be a bad place for a boy to be sore," Kevin said, "One time, about a year ago, a tick got into my underwear and it bit my pecker. You know how a tick bite itches? Can you imagine trying to scratch an itch there, without everyone seeing where your hand is? That was embarrassing as hell!" Jake and Roger both laughed, but were also sympathetic. The boys finished their showers, all three scrubbing each other’s backs, then got dry, and headed to the lockers to dress. Roger headed home, and Kevin and Jake headed to Kevin’s home for dinner that night. Tomorrow night Kevin has a game, and Jake and Roger have plans to attend, Roger is to pick up Jake at his house before the game. Lunchtime on Friday, Kevin and Jake hooked up for lunch as usual and Roger joined them, feeling quite welcome to sit with his two best friends, and of course, Kevin and Jake welcomed him warmly. "Jake," Roger said, "Tip-off is 7:30 tonight, ok if I pick you up about 6:45 to 7:00 so we’ll have time to park and get our seats?" "Sounds good to me," Jake replied, "What time does your Mom usually serve your dinner?" "Jake! Cut!" Kevin exclaimed, "I’m sorry Roger, Jake doesn’t know, I’ll explain to him later." "What don’t I know?" Jake asked. "It’s OK, Kev," Roger said, with tears in his eyes, "Jake, I don’t have a Mom, she passed away when I was twelve years old, It’s just me and my Dad. I’ll just grab a sandwich before I come to pick you up." "Oh, God," Jake said, "I didn’t know, I’m so sorry!" "I’m sorry, Jake," Roger said, "We’re friends, and I should have told you." "Roger, I think I have a better idea," Jake said, "I need to make a phone call, if you guys will excuse me for a couple minutes." Jake left the table, pulling out his phone, and calling Tonya. He returned about three minutes later, smiling. "Roger," Jake said, smiling, "you need to be at my house about 6:00 PM, Mom wants you to have dinner with her and me before the game. That’s a whole lot better than grabbing a sandwich!" "Lucky you," Kevin said to Roger, smiling, "you’re going to like Jake’s Mom, and she is a terrific cook!" "Jake, I feel like I’d be encroaching on your family," Roger said. "Mom always makes my friends feel welcome at our house," Jake replied, "give her an hour, and you’ll feel like it’s your second home!" Kevin was smiling, and nodding in agreement. He knows very well just how hospitable Tonya can be. "Roger," Jake asked, "do you really need to go to your house after school—I mean like—can’t we just head to my house after school, and hang out there. Then, after dinner, we can go to the game from there. That’ll give you and Mom a chance to get to know each other a little bit, before we eat dinner." "I guess we could do that," Roger said, "where would you like for us to hook up at, after school?" "Roger, you know my car," Kevin stated, "I need to head home for dinner before the game, my Mom is fixing my dinner early. Meet us out by my car right after classes let out, and then you two can take off." They agreed to that arrangement and the three boys returned their trays, then headed for their respective classes. Shortly after 3:15 Kevin and Jake met at Kevin’s car, no sign of Roger yet. Roger walked up on them, just in time to catch the two, standing by Kevin’s car, and sharing a loving and romantic kiss and hug. "Fags!" Roger exclaimed, softly, wearing a grin from ear to ear. "Fuck you, Roger!" Kevin responded, grinning, and showing Roger the bird. "No thanks," Roger replied, "that’s not the way I play!" "Don’t you just hate these straight assholes, baby?" Jake said. "You two enjoy the game tonight," Kevin said, "and Roger, I’m trusting you to take good care of my baby." Roger, grinning, gave Kevin a thumb up, then he and Jake headed to Roger’s car, and then to Tonya’s house for dinner. Upon parking in Tonya’s drive, Jake grabbed his backpack, and led Roger through the front door. Tonya, hearing the boys enter through the front door, "I’m in the kitchen, honey, I’ll be in there in a couple of minutes." Jake offered Roger a seat, and he sat down. Roger was nervous, one would think he was about to meet his girlfriend’s mother for the first time. Tonya walked into the living room, and Roger sprung to his feet. "Mom," Jake said, "this is Kevin’s and my best and closest friend, Roger Adams, and Roger, please meet my Mom, Tonya Farmer." Roger offered Tonya his hand, and she ignored it, preferring to just give Roger a warm hug instead. Roger’s apprehension disappeared and he suddenly felt very welcome in this strange house. "It’s my pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Farmer," Roger stated. "Roger," Tonya remarked, smiling, "please just call me ‘Tonya,’ being called ‘Mrs.’ makes me feel old. Your last name is Adams, do you by any chance know a Lee Adams?" "I might," Roger said, "what’s he like, and how well do you know him?" "I met a wonderful man on New Years Eve who told me his name was Lee Adams. I met him at the bar, he brought me home, and we had coffee together. I don’t know him well, but I want to know him better. He’s a widower, and his wife passed away five years ago," Tonya explained. "Tonya," Roger said, tears escaping his eyes, "Lee Adams is my Dad, we lost his wife and my mother five years ago—to cancer." Tonya’s motherly instinct caused her to take Roger’s head onto her shoulder, and she cuddled him, and brushed away his tears. "This feels good," Roger lamented, "my Mom used to hold me like this, whenever I was hurting. I miss my Mom so much!" "I’m sure you do, sweetheart," Tonya spoke softly, "losing a parent, especially at a young age, can be pretty devastating. I think our dinner is ready, it’s in the crock pot." Tonya rose from the sofa and headed into the kitchen. She had already set the table for three before the boys arrived, expecting the two boys to sit together, as Kevin and Jake always did. She lifted the whole chicken onto a platter, setting it on the table, along with some potatoes and carrots, and a bowl of coleslaw from the fridge. "COME AND GET IT!" Tonya hollered, and the two boys appeared. Roger moved his place setting to the flip side of the table, evidently preferring to sit across from Jake, rather than next to him. No one offered to say grace, they just dug in and ate. "Do you and Dad have any plans to see each other again?" Roger asked. "As a matter of fact," Tonya replied, smiling, "Lee has invited me to go out to dinner with him Saturday night, tomorrow, and I can hardly wait!" Both boys glanced at each other and grinned. "This might be a good move for both of you," Roger stated, "My Dad hasn’t dated anyone since—Mom—left us." Roger’s pain was evident. "I’ve never known Mom to go out with anyone either," Jake added, "and the divorce was eight years ago. I think I’m glad these two met, maybe they can become a couple, or at least have some fun together. It’s not right that either of them should live the rest of their lives alone." Roger nodded in agreement. Tonya smiled. Roger, just as he and Jake were ready to leave for the game, "Awesome dinner, Tonya, thanks, and Kevin was right. He told me that I would like Jake’s Mom, and I really do!" "Roger," Tonya said, "any of Jake’s close friends are welcome in our home anytime. It was my pleasure to have you share dinner with us tonight. I hope it’s a good game, and may the Lion’s win!" Roger gave Tonya a warm hug and a kiss on her cheek. Jake gave Tonya a loving kiss and hug, and the boys left for the game, in Roger’s (well, Roger’s Dad’s) car. Roger, while driving to the school, "Jake, your Mom is cool as shit, I think I can see why my Dad might be attracted to her. Fuck, if I was twenty years older, I’d date her in a heartbeat!" Jake grinned. Roger parked, and he and Jake paid their student admissions to the game, and, as usual, sat together on the bottom bleacher on the home team side of the gym. "See that red-headed cheerleader?" Roger asked. "Yeah," Jake replied, "what about her?" "Her name is Gina," Roger stated, "and I’ve had the hot’s for her all school year. I don’t think she’s dating anyone, but I haven’t been able to strike a date with her either, Damn, I want her!" "I think that’s just your straight side coming out," Jake said, "Girls just don’t do anything for me." "Jake," Roger replied, grinning, "I only have a straight side, and just thinking about her sometimes makes me bone up!" Jake has never seen Roger with an erection, and suddenly has this thought, wondering what Roger’s uncut manhood would look like when erect. He may never find out. After the cheerleaders displayed their last routine, with only five minutes left in the game, Gina came over and sat down, right next to Roger, causing Roger’s heart to skip a beat. As they watched Kevin and the other players work toward a win, Gina slipped her hand into Roger’s, making him smile. Jake, seeing Roger’s reaction, couldn’t help but grin. Kevin came by during a timeout and bumped fist’s with Jake and Roger, his two greatest fans. The game ended, with the Lion’s winning 68 over 61. As most of the players were headed toward the boys locker room, Kevin caught up with Jake and Roger (and Gina) and asked them to hang around till after he showered, and suggested they all go to ‘The Burger Place’ and grab some snacks. Roger asked Gina to join them, and she accepted! Roger was excited, and told Gina he would be happy to drive her home afterwards. Gina located her parent’s and told them she was going to ‘The Burger Place’ with the three boys, and that Roger was bringing her home. Roger, Jake and Gina headed out of the school to the parking lot, and hung around Roger’s car until Kevin came out. Kevin and Jake entered Kevin’s car, and Gina got into Roger’s car, and both cars were driven to ‘The Burger Place.’ Once inside the restaurant, they got a booth together, Gina and Roger on one side, Kevin and Jake on the opposite side. It was much like a double date. Gina is well aware that Kevin and Jake are a gay couple, and that Roger is very close friends with both of them. They all ordered burgers, fries and milkshakes, and enjoyed each other’s companionship, chatting about anything and everything, After eating, Kevin picked up the tab for Jake and himself, and Roger paid for Gina and himself. They all headed to the cars, Jake and Kevin into Kevin’s and Gina with Roger. They all took off, Kevin driving himself and Jake to his home, and Gina giving Roger directions to her house. Pulling into Gina’s parent’s drive, Gina seemed to not be in a hurry to get out of Roger’s car, nor was Roger anxious for her to leave. "Roger," Gina asked, "what’s it like having sex with another boy?" Roger, shocked at the question, "I have no idea! Gina, I’m not into boys, not THAT WAY!" "I just thought that you might have done something with Kevin, or maybe even with Jake," Gina said. "Never!" Roger exclaimed, "Kevin and Jake are my two closest friends, and they are gay, but I’m not like them. I’ve never done anything, sexually, with either of them, or any boy, for that matter." "Gina, my interest is in girls, mostly one particular girl. Gina, I’ve wanted to date you, forever, and I still want to, but you would never date me." Gina reached for Roger’s hand and he took Gina’s hand in his own, softly squeezing it. "I guess I better go in," Gina said, starting to open the door. "Let me walk you to your door," Roger said, quickly exiting the driver’s side and running around the car to the passenger side. Roger put his arm around Gina’s waist, and slowly walked her to her parent’s front door. On the doorstep, Roger turned Gina toward him, their lips about six inches apart and his hands on her shoulders. "Can I—steal a kiss?" Roger asked, softly. Gina submitted her lips, and the two shared a tender kiss, then another, and another. "You’ve got the sweetest lips I’ve ever tasted!" "Roger," Gina admitted, "you’re the first boy I’ve ever kissed, but I think I like it!" "What are your plans for tomorrow?" Roger asked. "I don’t really have any," Gina replied, "why?" "I’m thinking a movie, and a nice romantic dinner for two afterwards," Roger suggested, "Please say yes." "Mr. Adams," Gina said, grinning, "I think you’ve just kissed your way into a date! What time?" "Can I pick you up about 3:00 PM?" Roger asked. "I’ll be ready!" Gina exclaimed, smiling. The two shared another couple of kisses, and another loving hug. Gina opened the door and the house swallowed her, and Roger skipped to his car, like a kid. Roger is excited, he has a date with an angel, the one girl he has desired to date for years. He could not be any happier than he is right now. He drove home, a very happy young man. Gina gave her Mom and Dad goodnight hugs, and went to bed soon after. She fell asleep with the fantastic memory of Roger’s sweet lips on her own, and wondering if all boys’ lips are as tasty as Roger’s. She can’t wait to taste them again. To be continued…………..
  3. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 29

    In Chapter 29 Jamie lays a heavy decision on Anthony & Maria M&M share dinner with Matt's Mom Rusty and Jamal share the yardwork at Jamal's Fernando almost gets raped in Juvie Hall * * * * * * * * * * * * DJ had his alarm set for 8:00 AM on Tuesday morning, the 13th of February, as he needed to be at work at 10:00 AM. Jamie got up with him, as he needed to go in early to talk with Anthony and Maria, but he was not scheduled to work until 4:00 PM. DJ, sipping his first cup of coffee, "It seems funny, seeing you up this early on a Tuesday morning. What do you think Anthony and Maria will say?" "I don't know, baby, I'm certain that they've never had any kids, but I don't know if it's by choice or chance. I'm hoping that they might like the idea of having a foster son around. It's not like having a baby to take care of, and Fernando is old enough to even help them in the pizzeria." DJ cooked them both some breakfast, and Jamie left right after they ate, as he wanted to be at the pizzeria when Anthony and Maria arrived. DJ didn't plan to leave until about 9:30. When Anthony and Maria arrived at the pizzeria, about 9:20 AM, Jamie was standing at the door. "Jamie," Anthony asked, "why are you here this early, is something wrong?" "I hope not," Jamie replied," I wanted to discuss something of a personal nature, with both of you, before there were customers around. Can we go inside?" Anthony unlocked the door and the three of them entered, locking the door behind them. "Okay, Jamie, what's this all about? I hope we can talk while we start our prep work." "Sure," Jamie said, then asked, "have you and Maria ever had any children?" "No, Jamie, but it's not by choice," Anthony replied, "Jamie, please don't publicize this, but my semen is no good, I can't make babies, that's why we've never had any children. Can I ask where this is going?" Anthonys' eyes are a little wet. "There is a young Argentine boy, his name is Fernando, and he just turned Fifteen, and he needs a foster home, really bad. I was hoping that you and Maria might consider becoming foster parents to him," Jamie stated. "How does that work?" Anthony asked. "I'm not sure of all the details," Jamie explained, "but you would take him into your home, like parents, and the state would pay you to care for him. It would be a lot like having your own son living with you." "So where is this boy living now?" Maria asked. "He's under the care of CPS, and they're holding him in Juvie Hall, until they can find a foster home for him," Jamie explained. "So, I would guess that he committed some type of a crime?" Anthony asked. "Not at all," Jamie said, "It's kind of complicated, I think I need to tell you the whole story." While Maria and Anthony (and Jamie) worked on the prep, Jamie explained the whole story. "Jamie," Anthony stated, "taking a teenager into our home, would be a major undertaking for us, and probably turn our lives upside down. It's not something we can give you a quick yes or no answer to, we have a lot to consider, and discuss." "We have the room," Maria said, "we have two spare bedrooms, so giving Fernando his own room is not a problem, and for us, the issue that he is gay, is not a concern, I think you would know that. How soon do you need an answer?" "The sooner the better," Jamie replied, "I'm not comfortable with him being confined with a bunch of teenage thugs in Juvie Hall, I fear for his safety. I hope he's been discreet about his sexuality." "Jamie, I can't say we'll do it, and I can't say we won't. Maria and I will give this some serious consideration, and we'll try to have an answer for you by the time you come in to work this afternoon." "That's all I can ask," Jamie said, "see you at 4:00." Jamie then headed home. Joe and I had risen and were just on our 2nd cups of coffee when Jamie returned to the house and came in the back door. Good morning, Jamie," I said, "you've been out early today." "Good morning, Dad's," Jamie said, giving us both hugs, "I needed to have a talk with Anthony and Maria, before they had customers coming in." "I hope nothing is wrong," I said. "Well, there is something wrong," Jamie responded, "but not with DJ or me. I'll tell you about what is going on, after I get another glass of juice." Jamie sat down and told Joe and me the whole story, including the talk that he'd had with Anthony and Maria. It was easy to see that Jamie was highly concerned about Fernando. "What's Fernando like?" I asked. "I've never met him, but I've seen his picture, he's one of those cute boys that makes you want to grab him and hug the shit out of him!" Jamie exclaimed. Joe and I grinned, having felt that emotion before. Joe, concerned, "Juvie Hall is not the greatest place for a cute gay guy, I hope nothing happens to him, and he gets out of there soon. At Fifteen, the kid is probably still a virgin. God, I hate it when parents can't accept their gay kids!" "I need to call Chuck, and give him an update," Jamie stated. Jamie placed the call and told Chuck he'd talked to Anthony and Maria, and they were considering being foster parents to Fernando, and are supposed to give him an answer when he went in to work at 4:00 PM. Chuck told him there had been no changes on that end, and he and Serena hoped that the answer from Anthony was positive. * * * * * * * * * * * * About 8:30 AM on that same Tuesday morning, Grandpa knocked loudly on Rusty's bedroom door and announced that breakfast was nearly ready. It was a signal for the boys to get their bottoms covered and make an appearance. Typically, in this household, the male residents just wore underwear to the table for breakfast, although Grandma had on a housedress. Grandma was old school, evidently enjoyed cooking for her family, and her breakfasts were like a farmer's breakfast. She baked homemade biscuits nearly every morning, unless she made pancakes. This morning's faire was Fried Ham and Eggs, Home Fries, biscuits of course, with Redeye Gravy, and orange juice. Unlike Jamal was used to, Rusty's grandparents did not say grace before most meals. Jamal, as the boys dug in, "I think I could get used to eating like this, breakfast at my house is usually a bowl of cold cereal, and maybe a couple of Pop Tarts." "You young guys need more nourishment than that," Grandpa said, "if you're going to have enough energy to make it through the day. Most young people today don't know how to eat properly, filling up on fast food and junk food." "You're probably right, Grandpa," Jamal replied, "I think most people's lives are so busy that they just don't have the time to cook." "Jamal," Grandma stated, "you make the time, turn off the TV a little earlier, go to bed a little earlier, get up earlier, and 'Bang!', you just found the time to cook a decent breakfast!" "I never thought of it that way," Jamal commented. Grandma leaned over and whispered something into Rusty's ear. Rusty, whispering into Jamal's ear, "Baby, I've been informed that we are both exposed." Both boys looked down at each other and themselves and realized they both had an inch or so of their pricks poking out of the cuffs of their boxers. They both adjusted their penises, and both had blushed faces. Grandpa was watching this exchange and grinned. "What are your plans for today, boys?" Grandpa inquired. "Probably knock our homework out this morning," Rusty said, "and then we're expected at Jamal's Mom's house for lunch about noonish. This afternoon, we're going to do their yard, have dinner with his parents, and spend the night, and then head to school from there in the morning." "Do you sleep together there?" Grandpa asked. "We haven't, yet," Rusty replied, "but Jamal's father said that he was certain that Jamal would be willing to share his bed with me, so I guess it's cool." "It's that time of year again," Grandpa suggested, "maybe you guys can take the tarp off the pool, and get it ready for swimming, after you get home from school on Wednesday." Rusty, both boys glancing at each other, "Sure Grandpa, we'd be glad to." Jamal nodded, and smiled, wondering how soon he might be able to skinny dip with his boyfriend. After the boys completed their homework, they headed into Rusty's bedroom, to get dressed, and Rusty packed a zipper bag with a change of clothes to wear to school tomorrow, including his 'good' sneakers. He dressed in a pair of old jeans, and put on an old T-shirt, and his old sneakers, dressing suitably for doing yard work. "Jamal," Rusty commented, "have you ever worn another type of underwear, other than boxers?" "Not since I was a little kid, and Mama always bought me those tidy white briefs," Jamal replied, "why?" "I'm thinking," Rusty said, "that maybe something like boxer-briefs might offer more—support, especially when guys are hung—like we are." "I'm just kinda used to my cock hanging down in my pants leg, but I always wear rather baggy pants. I've wanted some skinny jeans, and I tried some on once, but the bulge in the pants leg was just too noticeable, so I didn't buy them. Maybe with boxer-briefs, I could wear them comfortably." "I think we should try them," Rusty said, "we should wear the same size, I'd be willing to spring for four-pack, or even a six-pack, and we could try them out. If we like them, we could buy some more." "I'm game, baby," Jamal replied, "I'm kinda wondering what it would be like, pulling the snake out through the fly, when we have to pee, and even worse, pushing it back afterwards." "Rusty, laughing, "Let's get some at Target, on our way to your house, and we can try them after we shower today, we're in this together, baby." "I think you know by now," Jamal said, smiling, "I'll do most anything together with you, as long as it's not illegal! If you decide to rob a bank, you're on your own." Rusty smiled. * * * * * * * * * * * * It was 1:00 PM on Tuesday afternoon, Matt and his Mom, Annie, had just finished lunch and were sitting at the table, chatting. Dinner was planned for about 6:00 PM that evening, and Annie was trying to pick Matt's brain, as to what Marie would eat. "I know she doesn't eat pork," Matt stated, "Friday night we ordered a half and half pizza, meats on my half, and beef, chicken and mushrooms on hers." "Honey," Annie queried, "Marie does know that you are not all male, doesn't she?" "Of course, Mom, there's no way I would date a girl, without being truthful as to my sexuality, and she is very accepting, as to my status. Marie likes me for who I am, not what I am, can I ask you a kind of personal question?" "Sure, Matt, and I'll try to answer it, if I can," Annie said. "I know it's been a while, for you," Matt asked, "but, like when you and Dad were dating, did you guys kiss and make out?" "Sure, we did, Matt, why do you ask?" "I just kinda wondered," Matt asked, sheepishly, "did you get wet, down there?" Annie, laughing, "I think it's quite normal, when couples make out, the boys get hard, and the girls get wet, did Marie get wet?" "I don't know, but I did!" Matt exclaimed, "I was afraid, after not having a period for three months, that I was having another period. I couldn't wait to get home and check myself, but it wasn't red, it was just wet." "Honey, I think you just got aroused," Annie replied, smiling, "If you had that penis, you probably would have grown an erection, and I'm betting that Marie was wet too. What time are you planning to pick Marie up tonight?" "If dinner is at 6:00 PM, I'm thinking about 5:00," Matt said. "Just a suggestion, why don't you see if she can be ready earlier, and that way I can get to know her a little, and we can share some 'Girl Talk' while I'm cooking dinner." "Let me call her," Matt said. Matt made the call, and Marie said she needed about 45 minutes to get ready. Annie said that would be great, and she would like Matt to bring her home about 3:00 PM, if it was OK with Marie, and Marie said she could be ready by then. Annie is excited to meet Matt's first girlfriend. * * * * * * * * * * * * Jamal and Rusty left Rusty's house about 11:15 AM and headed to Target. They agreed on a six-pack of colored boxer-briefs and Rusty paid for them with his debit card. They then arrived at Jamal's parent's house at just about noon, and Rusty followed Jamal in through the front door. "MAMA!" Jamal hollered, "We're here." Rusty followed Jamal into the kitchen, where Mama was just placing some chicken salad sandwiches on three plates. "Do you guys want milk, water or iced tea?" Mama asked. Both boys said that milk was preferred. Mama poured 2 glasses of the white liquid, and a glass of iced tea for herself. Jamal carried the glasses to the table, placing the milk at two seats on one side of the table and the iced tea across on the other side. Mama brought in the two plates of two sandwiches each, and placed them in front of the milk glasses, and then got the third plate, with just one sandwich, and set it down by the glass of iced tea. They all sat down. "Jamal," Mama asked, "would you please say grace?" The two boys held hands and reached across the table and each took one of Mama's hands in theirs. They all bowed heads. "Heavenly Father," Jamal prayed, "Please bless this food, and the one who has prepared it, for us to enjoy. Dear God, I want to thank you for bringing Rusty and me together, to get to know and love each other. I especially want to thank you Lord, for blessing both of us with loving and understanding families. We ask this in the name of your loving Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen." Rose and Rusty echoed the 'Amen' and Rusty performed the sign of the crucifix. Rose, grabbing a napkin and blotting the tears from her eyes, "Son, that was beautiful, I'm certain that God is smiling upon you two, Rusty, are you Catholic?" "Mom, I don't really know if I'm anything right now," Rusty replied, "typically Irish, I was raised Catholic, but I haven't been to Mass in quite a while." "Rusty, you are aware that Pastor John has sent a message that you are welcome to come to our church with Jamal?" "Yeah, Jamal's father told me that on Saturday night, before we left," Rusty answered, "I'm still considering it." "It's an open invitation, Rusty, please think about coming to our church with us this Sunday," Rose said, "I know you will like Pastor John." "I'd probably have to buy a new suit," Rusty said, "I don't think my old one would fit me anymore." "Rusty," Rose said, "our church isn't like that, casual attire is acceptable, you won't feel out of place, wearing jeans and a sport shirt, and that's what most of the male parishioners usually wear, especially the younger men." "I'll give it some serious consideration, Mom, and let you know," Rusty commented, "lunch was great, thanks. Baby, are you about ready to get started on the yard?" "Yeah," Jamal said, "let's go to my room so I can change into some work clothes." Jamal led Rusty to his room and closed the door. No sooner than they entered the room, the two boys fell into each other's arms, sharing a loving hug and romantic kiss. Jamal then changed into an old, but clean, T-shirt and jeans, then put on a pair of old, grass stained, sneakers. When the boys went outside to start the yard work, they decided to swap jobs between the front and back yards. Jamal will weed eat the back yard while Rusty mows and then Jamal will mow the front yard while Rusty does the trimming. Every time they were close to each other, they smiled at each other. Rusty was right, they actually were having fun, sharing this work together. * * * * * * * * * * * * About 3:00 PM Matt pulled into his driveway with Marie, parked, and escorted Marie to the front door, and they entered the house. Matt then took Marie to the kitchen, where his Mom was preparing to place a chicken into the oven to roast. "Mom," Matt announced, "I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Marie Walsh, and Marie, this is my Mom, Annie Gill." Marie loves it when Matt refers to her as his 'girlfriend,' and Matt is also her first boyfriend. "Hold on a second, honey," Annie stated, "let me wash this chicken juice off my hands, so I can give you a proper hug." Annie washed and dried her hands. Annie, wrapping her arms affectionately around Marie, "Matt has told me so much about you, and I very happy to finally meet you, I hope you feel comfortable in our home. Matt told me you don't eat pork, I hope you like roasted chicken." "I actually like most foods," Marie responded, "and roast chicken is my favorite kind of chicken, it's much tastier than fried chicken, and not nearly as greasy. I think the flavor of the breading on fried chicken overpowers the taste of the chicken." "Do you like broccoli?" Annie asked. "I think I like nearly all vegetables, Mrs. Gill, and broccoli is my second favorite, next to asparagus," Marie said. "Marie, can you just call me 'Annie', Mrs. Gill makes me feel old, and if I'd known your favorite was asparagus, I would have bought some." "Broccoli is fine, maybe we can have asparagus next time," Marie said, "If there is a next time." "Marie, just how much has Matt told you, about his situation?" Annie asked, "and how do you really feel about him?" "If you're referring to his transitioning," Marie responded, "I think Matt has been very open and honest with me. I'm aware that he has a long, hard road in front of him, and I can handle that. I feel very comfortable with and around Matt, and I enjoy every minute that we spend together, and I care enough about Matt that I'm pleased to call him my boyfriend." "Marie," Annie commented, "do you realize, that even after all the surgery, Matt may never be able to perform sex like a normal man, or be able to father children?" "Annie," Marie countered, "do you realize that sex is over rated, real love comes from the heart, and not the genitals, and I've got a heart full of love, and it's all for Matt! If we continue down this path, and eventually marry, adoption agencies can supply us with children." "Do your parents know," Annie asked, "that you're dating a trans boy?" "Not yet," Marie replied, "I've seen no reason to tell them, and I can tell that my Dad really likes him, Matt impressed him, the first night Matt came to our house to pick me up. I suppose they're eventually going to need to know, but I'm not anxious to share that information with them." Matt stood up and walked behind Marie and placed his arms around her neck. "Marie," Matt said, "I'm glad I overheard that conversation, I was afraid you'd want to dump me, knowing that we probably couldn't have sex." "MATT!" Marie blurted, "I hope you don't think I'm that kind of girl." Then, her voice softening, "Matt, that hurt, I don't think you understand me, I could care less about sexual activity, I'm loving you for the man you are, and I want to be with you. (tears are sliding down Marie's cheeks) Matt, hugging Marie from the back, "Baby, I'm sorry, the last thing I would ever want to do is hurt you, I care too much for you to hurt you. I've just got so many changes ahead of me to go through, it's going to be a long hard road." "I know, Matt," Marie said, "I want to be by your side, and travel that road with you. When you come out of your surgeries, I want to be there, holding your hand, and comforting you." "You really like Matt a lot," Annie stated, "don't you?" "I think," Marie answered, "it's a little deeper than that, Annie, I think I have fallen in love with your son, and he's a great kisser, too." Annie grinned, and Matt blushed. "And how does Matt feel about this?" Annie inquired. "Mom, the feeling is quite mutual," Matt replied, "Marie, let's shoot some pool, while we're waiting for dinner to cook." Matt led Marie into the den/rec room. Once out of Annie's sight, M&M shared a passionate hug and kiss. Matt appreciated Marie's comment about him being a great kisser, and he didn't want to waste any chances to practice that kiss, and to become the perfect kisser! M&M played a few games of rotation, and every time Marie's ball landed in the intended pocket, Matt paid her a loving, sweet kiss on her lips, making her feel quite loved and desired. These two seem to be feeling very comfortable with, and around each other. A little later the two sat on the sofa, Matt's arm instinctively found it's way around Marie's shoulders. And Marie's head was resting on Matt's shoulder, one of her hands was holding one of Matt's hands. They were pleasantly disturbed by Annie's announcement that dinner was served. M&M sat together on one side of the table, enjoying Annie's culinary skills of Roasted Chicken, baked stuffing with chicken gravy, broccoli, and an orange & cranberry salad. While eating, M&M discussed meeting for lunch in the cafeteria Wednesday and Friday, and Matt was to come to the Walsh home Friday evening to go to Red Lobster for dinner with Marie's parents. Annie mentioned that Matt was scheduled to go to Atlanta for his upper surgery right after the end of the spring semester. Marie suggested that they could all go together, and she and Annie could share the cost of a two-bed hotel room, and they would both be close to Matt, while he was in the hospital. Annie agreed that it would make sense, if Marie really wanted to be there, and Marie said that she really did want to be with Matt during this procedure. About 8:30 PM, Matt was preparing to take Marie home, and Marie thanked Annie graciously for the delicious dinner. Matt escorted Marie to his car, held the door for her as she got in, then closed it, and then assumed his role as driver and drove to Marie's home. Matt was wishing the car had a bench seat, so Marie could sit closer to him. He really enjoys being close to his girlfriend. When Matt parked in front of Marie's house, he walked Marie to her front door and they shared a deep, romantic, kiss and hug. Their tongues explored one another's mouths and in just a few seconds, Matt felt that damned wetness in his crotch again. He quietly cursed himself, realizing he'd forgotten to put a feminine napkin down there. Matt, cupping one of Marie's breasts in his hand, "I like these, on you, but I despise the ones I still have!" He then gave that breast a loving squeeze and Marie smiled. "It's OK baby," Marie consoled, "just about three more months, and I'll be able to play with my hand on your flat, manly chest! Will you still have nipples?" "Yes, they will transplant them to where they are supposed to be, I just won't have the boobs anymore," Matt replied, "Goodnight, sweetheart, will I see you for lunch tomorrow?" "Of course," Marie replied, "I'm not about to miss any chance to spend time with you, I love you, baby." "I love you too," Matt responded, "Goodnight, and sleep tight." Marie opened the front door, and the house swallowed her, out of Matt's sight. * * * * * * * * * * * * About 3:30 PM Jamal and Rusty finished the yard and put the mower and weed eater away. Jamal entered the house and got two glasses of iced tea and brought them outside, and the boys sat at the picnic table. "Rusty," Jamal said, "thank you so much for helping me with the yard." "Was it not fun," Rusty replied," doing it together? I sure enjoyed helping you, and Grandpa asked if we could get the pool ready for swimming after school tomorrow, do you want to help me?" "Rusty, I already told you I would do anything with you, and I can't wait until we can skinny dip in that pool," Jamal said, grinning. "I think you'd better find your swimming trunks," Rusty stated, "because we can't skinny dip while the grandparents are around, but they'll probably take off again for a few days before long. They're retired, and they spend more time travelling than they do at home." "We probably need to clean up," Jamal said, "it won't be too long before Papa gets home, and we'll be having dinner." Jamal, as they entered the kitchen, "Mama, do you need the bathroom before we tie it up showering?" "I'm fine, Jamal," Rose said, "but thanks for the consideration, which one of you are showering first?" "Both of us," Jamal answered, grinning, "we've kind of gotten used to showering together." Rose rolled her eyes and shrugged her shoulders. The boys went into Jamal's bedroom and removed everything except their boxers. Rusty grabbed two pairs of the new boxer-briefs, and they slipped across the hall into the bathroom. Jamal turned on the water and got it adjusted and then both boys got into the shower and Jamal pulled the shower curtain closed. Jamal shampooed his hair first, then handed the bottle to Rusty and the boys switched positions. While Rusty shampooed his hair, Jamal soaped up a washcloth and started scrubbing his boyfriend down, giving Rusty's privates exceptional attention. The slippery, soapy washcloth and Jamal's loving hands caused Rusty to become partially erect. When Jamal stood up again, he was also somewhat aroused, even though Rusty had not touched him yet. Just the sensation of washing Rusty's cock and balls was turning him on. 'That's' bullshit', Jamal thought to himself, just being close to Rusty turns him on. Jamal would have never believed that he could fall so hard for any boy, let alone a white boy—oh well, he guesses that's what God wanted for him, and he truly cares a great deal for Rusty. Fuck, he doesn't just care for Rusty he loves him. The boys switched positions again, and Rusty gave Jamal a similar treatment, and after Jamal was rinsed, Rusty knelt down and gave the head of Jamal's half hard prick a loving kiss. When Rusty lowered his head down to kiss it, Jamal thought Rusty was going to try to suck it. "Rusty, not here!" Jamal exclaimed, "Mama will get suspicious if we take too long in the shower." "I was just giving it a kiss, Baby," Rusty replied, "but I have to admit, I have acquired an appetite for your cum." Jamal grinned. The boys took a final rinse, turned off the water and stepped out, drying one another off. After applying deodorant to their underarms, they each pulled on the new box-briefs, and adjusted their penises inside of them. "What do you think, Jamal?" Rusty asked. "Well, they feel different," Jamal answered, "but not in a bad way, they do offer better support, and I probably could get used to them. I'm just so used to hanging down in my pants leg, but these keep me tucked—better. I'd like to see how skinny jeans would look on me, with these." The two boys went back into Jamal's bedroom, and both dressed in the clothes they plan to wear to school the next morning. It was just a bit past 5:00 PM, Mama was cooking dinner, and Jamal's father would be coming home from work about 5:30. The boys got glasses of Iced Tea and headed out to the yard, sitting at the picnic bench. George arrived at just about 5:30 and walked toward the boys, still sitting at the bench. Both boys stood up to greet him. "Hi Son," George spoke, "and Hi, Rusty, it's good to see you again." George wrapped his arms around Rusty and gave him a warm hug. Then, "The yard looks great, Jamal, good job." "I had help, Papa," Jamal stated, smiling at Rusty. "Can I ask you guys a favor?" George said, "Would you grab that old grill and take it out to the curb, so the trash men can pick it up tomorrow, but keep the propane tank, we'll need it for the new grill." "Sure, Papa," Jamal replied, "where is the new one? "It's still at Lowes," George answered, "It was too big to get it in the car, I either need to rent a truck, or pay to have them deliver it." "No need for either," Rusty said, "I have a pickup, Jamal and I can pick it up after school tomorrow and bring it here." "Why, thanks, Rusty," George said, "I guess that gives credence to the term 'Friends with Benefits!'" Both boys glanced at each other and smiled. "Could be, Papa," Jamal replied, grinning. All three laughed. "Son," George said, "please don't let me forget to give you the pick-up order, before we go to bed, you'll need that. Can I assume that Rusty is sleeping over with you tonight?" "As a matter of fact," Jamal said, "That is the plan." George smiled. Rose, at the back door, "Hey guys, dinner is served." The four sat down at the table and George offered the blessings, including a special request for the Lord to guide the two young men, and keep them safe. The way Jamal's father prayed made Rusty feel even more comfortable with Jamal's family. It appears that Jamal's family has really accepted Jamal as their gay son, and Rusty as his boyfriend. After dinner, while Rose was putting the leftovers away and doing up the dishes, the men all settled in the living room. George mentioned that the weather was getting nicer, and he was planning more cookouts, giving the new grill a workout, and that Rusty was, of course, welcome to partake of the cookouts, as he is now considered a part of the Robinson family. Rusty mentioned that he and Jamal were going to get the cover off the pool and prepare it for swimming. "Do you guys plan on skinny dipping?" George asked, grinning. Rusty replied, chuckling, "Not when my grandparents are around!" "Actually," Jamal said, "Rusty and I are considering hosting an all gay, all male, clothing optional pool party sometime this summer when the grandparents are gone away for a few days. Rusty's grandparents are retired and they travel around, a lot, so sometimes Rusty has the whole place to himself." "Correction baby," Rusty remarked, smiling, "when the grandparents are gone, 'WE' have the whole place to ourselves, like we did last week." "Do you actually know other guys, that are—like you?" George asked. "Not many," Jamal replied, "mostly a few guys from the Rainbow Alliance, like, DJ and Jamie, and Bryan and Phil." "You would actually consider inviting DJ and Jamie," George asked, "after what they did to you?" "Papa," Jamal remarked, "I caused that—when I put that threat on DJ's windshield—but it's in the past. We've all gotten past that, and we are all friends, DJ and Jamie are two of my best friends now." "You're lucky, Jamal," George said, "that DJ and Jamie had that amount of compassion in their hearts, otherwise you'd be sitting behind bars today." "I know that, Papa," Jamal lamented, "I learned a lot from that rather harsh experience, and now I have my own boyfriend, that I didn't steal." Rose, after finishing the dishes, entered the living room and joined the men. The four of them just chatted, mostly small talk, until about 11:00 PM, and then all headed to bed. George needs to get up early for work, and the boys have classes tomorrow. "Papa, you got that paper we need to pick up the new grill?" "Oh, yeah," George said, "Thanks for reminding me, I need to get it out of the car, I'll be right back." He got the paper and gave it to Jamal. Rose, lying in bed with her husband, "Honey, what do you think of this—thing, between Jamal and Rusty?" "Well," George replied, "It still goes against my biblical beliefs, the type of relationship they have, but if Jamal is gay, I think he picked a rather outstanding young man to—care about, and have, for a boyfriend. The more I get to know Rusty, the more I like him. I think maybe I'm even beginning to love him a little, almost like a second son." "I know the feeling," Rose said, "I'm glad that Pastor John had that chat with us, it has helped me to understand our son a lot better. I, also, don't really approve of how they are, but, like Pastor John said, we need to change the things we can, and accept those things we can't change. I guess a person's sexuality is one of those things that we, as mortals, cannot change, so we need to accept it. I still unconditionally love our son, and I can't help but like Rusty, a lot." "I know one thing, sweetheart," George said, "I would never try to discourage their relationship. If we were to ever try to break them up, Jamal would want another boyfriend, and he could end up with a boy not nearly as desirable as Rusty." "I always dreamed," Rose lamented, "that Jamal would meet, and marry a nice girl, and give us grandchildren, but I guess that can never happen now." "Don't give up, baby," George responded, "same sex couples can get married, nowadays, and adopt children, think positively, all hope is not lost. Morning comes early, I love you Rose, Goodnight." George wrapped his arms around his wife, and they soon fell asleep. Meanwhile, in Jamal's bedroom, the two boys had stripped completely, and were lying in Jamal's bed, loving the feeling of their naked bodies lying against one another. It was a different bed, but the same sensation that they always felt when going to sleep together. They had kissed and hugged passionately, causing both of them to grow erections, and made out a little more, feeling one another's hard cocks touching, and both guys leaking some precum, which they tried to ignore. "Baby," Jamal spoke softly, "I can't wait too much longer, I want to feel you inside me, just as much as I want to feel my cock sliding into your man cunt. Do you think your grandparents might take off again soon?" "Probably, before too long," Rusty replied, "they usually only tell me a day or two before they leave, but we could take a hike in the woods, and maybe have some fun there, and we can do that even if they're around." "I have a sudden hunger," Jamal said, "do you think you can cum quietly, so my parents don't hear us, I want to suck you off—right now." Jamal threw back the sheet, exposing both of them to the air, and lowered his mouth onto Rusty's hard prick, taking what he could handle of Rusty's head and shaft. Rusty moaned softly, enjoying the oral assault on his rock-hard erection. Jamal felt like he would shoot, if either of them were to even touch his cock! "I'm not going to last long at all," Rusty softly spoke. Jamal, pulling off for a few seconds," Good, I'm starving for it." A few second later, Rusty's body stiffened and his breathing almost stopped, Jamal felt Rusty starting to pulse, and then the nearly endless streams of cum flowed out of the tip of Rusty's cock and into Jamal's anxious mouth. Jamal swallowed quickly, hoping no drops of that precious load went anywhere, except into his mouth and throat. "God, that felt good, baby!" Rusty exclaimed, softly. "Rusty, you've got the tastiest mans' milk!" Jamal whispered, "I could eat that several times a day, every day! I love you baby, in every way." "Hold that thought," Rusty whispered, "I'm hungry too, and I need my 'Jamal Fix!', I just hope I can make you feel as good as you did me." Rusty re-adjusted his position, taking about four inches of Jamal's length into his mouth, and nursing it, lovingly and tenderly. Jamal was trying to relax, just enjoying the feeling of Rusty's mouth, working his cock. He couldn't help but think that every time Rusty does this, it feels better than the time before. Rusty is becoming a very skilled cocksucker, but Jamal still has the desire to penetrate Rusty's boy pussy, however, he had promised Rusty that he would never try to push him beyond his comfort zone. Jamal cares too much for Rusty to break that promise. Both of these young men still have virgin asses, but Jamal is willing to lose his virginity to his boyfriend first. Just imagining how it might feel to have Rusty's cock inside him is bringing him to an orgasm quickly. Jamal, tapping on Rusty's head, whispered "I'm about to cum!" Rusty acknowledged the announcement by tightening his mouth around Jamal's cock and speeding up his assault on that BBC, while massaging Jamal's scrotum and balls. He is more than ready for Jamal's load! "FUCK!" Jamal whispered, as loudly as one can whisper, as his cock started pulsing, shooting several healthy ropes of cum into Rusty's hungry mouth. Rusty swallowed most of it and then savored the flavor of the last couple of spurts, and then swallowed them also. "Every time I taste you," Rusty whispered, "you taste better than the time before, I think I've acquired a serious taste for your sweet juice!" "I still want to feel you inside me, baby," Jamal whispered, "I want you to bust my Cherry! Maybe the next time we go to the woods, we can take the lube with us, and you can fuck me, I think I really want that." "That sounds like a weekday project," Rusty whispered, snickering, "Dan might catch us on the weekend, I don't know how to fuck a guy." "Neither do I, baby," Jamal whispered, "but I'll bet we can learn, and I'm willing to be your Guinea Pig." The two boys shared a passionate, goodnight kiss, snuggled up to each other and soon fell asleep. * * * * * * * * * * Earlier that Tuesday, about 1:00 PM, Jamie got a call from Anthony. "Jamie," Anthony asked on the phone, "I know you aren't scheduled until 4:00 PM, but Maria has some business to take care of, can you come in around 2:00 PM?" "Sure, Anthony," Jamie replied. "By the way," Anthony asked, "What is Fernando's last name?" "Gomez," Jamie replied, "that's G O M E Z" "Just curious," Anthony said, "see you in about an hour, bye." Just as Jamie parked in front of Anthony's Pizzeria, about 1:55 PM, he and Maria waved at each other as she was pulling out. Jamie entered the pizzeria and clocked in, and Anthony thanked him for coming in early. During the next hour, Jamie helped take care of the normal business, and helped Anthony with some of the pizza orders. "Have you," Jamie asked, "come to any decision—you know, about Fernando?" Jamie is on pins and needles. "Not for sure, yet," Anthony replied, "but, as we speak, Maria is at Social Services, finding out the details, and seeing if we qualify to be foster parents. We've decided to help him, if we can, we may be able to give you a firm answer, later today, or maybe tomorrow." Maria returned about 3:30 PM. She told Anthony (and Jamie) that the paperwork was filed, and that they needed to run a background check on both her and her husband, and then Fernando's case worker would be contacting them, probably tomorrow, for an interview, and to check out their home, where Fernando would be living. Jamie made a quick call to Chuck and told him that Anthony and Maria were willing to help Fernando, and it was now dependent on the results of the background check, and Fernando's case worker, as to whether they would become Fernando's foster family. * * * * * * * * * * * * "Hey, dude," this tall, slender and muscular boy said, "I'm Danny, Danny White, I think we need to talk, what's your name?" "Fernando, Fernando Gomez, what do we need to talk about?" "I've been hearing some chatter, from some of the other boys in here, and I want to protect you, what did you do to get in here?" "Nothing, really," Fernando said, "I mean, like I didn't commit a crime, or anything, my father kicked me out of the house, and because I'm only fifteen, Child Protective Services placed me in here until they can find a foster home for me." "Why did your father kick you out?" Danny asked. "It's kind of a long story," Fernando replied, "and probably not something you would want to know. I think I'd better leave." Fernando started to walk away, and Danny grabbed his arm, holding him in place. "Hold on, dude," Danny said, "Don't walk away from someone that want's to be your friend! Fernando, did your father kick you out because you're gay? Please be honest with me." Fernando, tears slipping from his eyes, "Yes, he called me a 'Perv' and said I was no longer welcome in his house." "Shit!" Danny exclaimed, "Can I tell you a secret, and promise it will go no further than between you and me?" Fernando nodded. "I'm gay too," Danny stated, "but nobody here knows, except you, I figure I'm big enough and strong enough to defend myself, and I'll defend you too, little brother, what are you, about Five foot?" "Four feet Eleven, actually," Fernando said, smiling a little. "Fernando," Danny said, "I overheard four or five of the guys talking about the new Mexican faggot that was in here, and they are planning to gang bang you, and make you their bitch. It won't happen though, if any of them lays a hand on you, I will fuck them up, and that's a promise!" "I'm not Mexican, I'm Argentine," Fernando stated, "and you would actually stick up for me?" "Fernando," Danny retorted, "nobody deserves to be raped, and it doesn't matter if you're gay or straight, rape is rape. Please stay kind of close to me, and don't let me be out of your sight." "I appreciate you wanting to protect me," Fernando said, "but why, are you wanting something from me in return?" "Kinda, sorta," Danny replied, "it's called friendship, to be honest, I'm into older guys, like mid-twenties, or even early thirties, you're way too young for me to be sexually attracted to you, not meaning to put you down, it's just how I am." "I understand," Fernando replied, "and I'm into guys closer to my own age, I was kissing a guy that was 17, and we got caught. That's how my father found out I was gay, and I ended up here, until CPS finds me a foster home." "I was sentenced to three months for shoplifting, and have 3 weeks to go," Danny stated, "if I'd been 18, I would have been sent to the pen, and had a permanent police record, but as a juvenile, the records will be sealed." After supper in the mess hall, Danny asked Fernando if he would like to grab a shower with him, and he accepted. When they arrived at the open showers, there were already four boys showering. There were eight showerheads, and Fernando and Danny stripped and took two of the remaining four heads. Suddenly, two of the other boys grabbed Fernando's arms, holding him securely and a third boy grabbed Fernando's waist from behind... Danny swung into action, planting a fist into the third boys face, then again at one of the boys holding Fernando's arm. Someone yelled "FIGHT!" and within seconds two armed guards appeared and all six boys in the shower just stood there, the two slightly injured boys were rubbing their faces. "What's going on?" one of the guards questioned. "White just started punching us, for no reason!" one of the boys remarked. "There was a reason," Danny blurted, "They were trying to rape Fernando!" "He's lying!" one of the perpetrators exclaimed, pointing at Danny. "Right now, you all need to get dried and dressed, and you're all going to solitary, until we get this mess straightened out," The other guard said. One at a time, all six of the boys were questioned by the Captain. The three boys that were seemingly preparing to do harm to Fernando, had identical stories, that White attacked them for no reason. Danny stated that he'd overheard several boys talking earlier about gang banging the new Mexican fag, and that the two boys were holding Fernando and the third boy looked like he was going to attempt to sodomize Fernando, and that was when he took action and started to throw punches. Fernando stated that he didn't really know what was happening, but that two of the boys were holding his arms, and the third grabbed his waist, and then Danny came to his rescue. The last boy said he was not involved, and was just a witness, but his story aligned with Danny's and Fernando's. Both he and Fernando were released back to their quarters. Danny and the other three boys were to be kept in solitary for the night. The Captain brought up the video of the showers during the time of the incident, and it clearly showed the circumstances leading to White's assault on the other boys. After viewing it a second time, he felt that, had he been in White's position, he would have done the same thing. He then asked the guard to bring White to his office. "White," the Captain said, "you do realize that you actually started the fight, in the showers, don't you?" "Yes sir," Danny said, "I know I was wrong, but I couldn't just stand by and watch someone get—sexually assaulted. Fernando is a really nice kid, but there was no way he could have defended himself against those three—whatever. I had promised him that I would protect him, and I did what I had to do." "I looked at that video twice, and had I been wearing your shoes, I know I would have done what you did," the Captain stated, smiling, "I have to respect you for your humanitarian reaction. Sometimes wrong can be right, you don't belong in solitary, White, go back to your quarters!" "Yes, Sir," Danny stated, "Thank you, sir!" "Wait," Captain said, standing up and coming around the big desk, "you deserve a hug!" The Captain and Danny shared a nice hug, and Danny beamed. The Captain's not such a bad guy after all. The Captains phone rang. "Juvie Hall, Captain Johnson here." "Captain Johnson, Mary Stewart here, I'm Fernando Gomez's case worker, how is Fernando doing?" Aside from nearly getting raped today, he's doing OK, any good news?" "Maybe, I have a couple that are willing to foster him, I've run their background, and it's squeaky clean. They just applied today, and specified they are only interested in fostering Fernando. I still need to IV (interview) them, and check out the home, and if everything works out, I may be able to get Fernando out of there tomorrow afternoon." "Great, should I break the news to him?" Johnson asked. "Better not," Mary said, "I don't want him to have high hopes that might not happen, but it looks promising, you can tell him after I confirm." "OK, Mary, thanks for the update, I hope to see you tomorrow." * * * * * * * * * * * * Wednesday morning, February 14th, Valentines Day, started out like any ordinary Wednesday. DJ and Jamie got up and showered, a naked Bryan waited patiently, as usual, for the other two to exit the shower so he could get his. As Bryan entered the shower, DJ and Jamie both cuffed Bryan's cock playfully, as usual, making Bryan snicker, and he reached down and cuffed theirs in return. They all grinned. When DJ and Jamie came to the table, both held something behind their backs, and then handed each other cards. Jamie opened his and smiled as he read the romantic message, and it was signed by DJ. Jamie had no choice but to give his lover a tender, loving kiss. "That's so beautiful, baby," Jamie remarked, "aren't you going to open yours?" DJ, tears flowing down his cheeks, gingerly opened the envelope. The message read 'Happy Valentine's Day to our First Year of Love!' then, on the inside, 'The past year with you has been the happiest year a heart could ever hope to have!' then, in ink, 'I love you so much, Baby!' Now the tears were really rolling, as if a dam had broken in DJ's eyes. "Are you okay, baby?" Jamie asked. "Yeah," DJ sobbed, "It's just these damned emotions! Do you realize—that's the first Valentines Card—I've ever received, and what a card it is!" "DJ, do you have any idea how beautiful your eyes are when you cry?" Jamie said, "I don't mean that in a bad way, you've got the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever looked into anyway, but when you cry, they glisten like dew in the morning sun!" Karen smiled and nodded in agreement. Bryan arrived at the table, shower completed. DJ handed the card to Bryan, for him to look at. "Shit!" Bryan exclaimed, "today is Valentines Day, and I didn't even get Phil a card, I feel like a heel!" He looked at, and read, the card that Jamie had given DJ. "That is the most awesome Valentine card I've ever seen," Bryan remarked, smiling at DJ and Jamie. Karen fixed breakfast for the three boys, and then Bryan headed to his room to grab his backpack, the top was not closed properly. When he tried to close it, it was held open by—a big envelope. Bryan pulled it out, it was one of those huge cards, about 10" X 14" that cost about $8 or $10, and was to him from Phil. He opened it and smiled, but now felt like even more of an ass for not having bought a card for Phil. He decided to get Phil a present instead and give it to him tonight after they both get off from work. The boys left for college in DJ's Tracker, and would be back for lunch about 1:00 PM. Being Wednesday, DJ is doing deliveries from 3:00 to 9:00 PM, Jamie is scheduled from 4:00 to 9:00 and Bryan from 5:00 until 10:00 tonight, as Applebee's is expecting to be busy for Valentines. * * * * * * * * * * * In another home, not too far away, Rose is preparing breakfast for Jamal and Rusty. They need to leave for school about 9:30 for their 10:00 AM classes. Their plans are to go to Rusty's house after class and get Rusty's pickup, then to Lowes to pick up the new grill. After they deliver the grill to Jamal's house, they're going back to Rusty's for dinner and to spend the evening and night together. Jamal has no classes on Thursday, and Rusty just has the volleyball class from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. They will go to college Friday morning from Rusty's house. * * * * * * * * * * * * Jamie, DJ and Bryan returned to the Seldon house about 12:30 PM for lunch, and Jamie received a phone call from Anthony about 1:00 PM, asking him to come in around 2:00 as he and Maria had an appointment with Mary Stewart, Fernando's case worker, at 2:30. Jamie, as he walked into the pizzeria, "Are we very busy today?" "Not really," Anthony replied, "I'm hoping we'll be busy this evening, as it is Valentines Day. Mary Stewart is due to arrive at any minute, and Maria and I will be tied up with her for—a while. I'm confidant that you can handle everything while we're talking with her." About 2:20 PM a lady entered the pizzeria, wearing a grey business suit, and Jamie greeted her with the usual 'Are you dining in or ordering for take-out?' and she informed him that she was Mary Stewart, and that she had an appointment with Antonio and Maria Chevas. Jamie informed Anthony that she had arrived. Anthony and Maria came out from the office. "Hi," Anthony greeted her, extending his hand, "I'm Antonio, and this is my wife, Maria." The three shook hands. "I'm Mary Stewart," Mary stated, "I need to interview you both, is there a place we can talk in private?" "Sure," Anthony replied, "let's go into the party room, Jamie here is my most dependable side kick, and he can handle any business that might walk through the door." The three walked into the Party Room, and Anthony closed the door behind them. While they were all in the party room, Mary explained the situation, much of which Anthony and Maria were aware of, thanks to Jamie. She told them that, if everything pans out, Fernando would be in a different school, and she would handle transferring his school records. She also mentioned that Fernando only had the clothes on his back, and would need more clothing very soon. Mary told them what almost happened to Fernando at Juvie Hall, and that she felt it important to get Fernando out of there ASAP. That caused Maria's eyes to water, and both Maria and Anthony agreed that time was important, and they could take Fernando in, even tonight, if possible. Mary asked if she could see the home environment, and Maria offered to show her their home today. A few minutes later, the three came out of the party room, all three were smiling, only one thing remained, Mary needed to approve the home. Maria left with Mary, and directed her to their home, which Mary found quite satisfactory. Mary asked to see the room that would become Fernando's, and Maria showed her the two spare rooms, and told Mary that the choice of which room would be his. "You don't seem to have much here in the line of food?" Mary asked. "Normally," Maria replied, "the only meal we eat here regularly is breakfast, and we cook other meals and eat at the restaurant. We can get, and keep more food here, especially with Fernando living here. We don't really live on pizza, I hope Fernando likes pizza though." Mary, grinning, "Have you ever seen a teenager that doesn't like pizza?" "I think that's rare," Maria replied, "we're closed on Mondays, and I always try to cook something special here at home on Mondays, on the other days, Antonio and I are always at the restaurant from about 10:30 AM until we close." "That would mean," Mary commented, "that Fernando would be alone at home from the time he gets home from school, until you and Antonio get home from work, that's quite a few unsupervised hours." "Mary," Maria asked, "is there any reason the school bus can't drop him off near the restaurant, and he can hang out there until we come home at night?" Mary, contemplating, "I suppose not, you don't live far from the restaurant, it might even be the same bus that he would ride to school in the mornings. I think you and Antonio will be good foster parents for Fernando, and I'm approving his placement with you, is the $200 a month satisfactory?" "That's fine," Maria replied, "I'm glad you approved us, I feel that the boy needs a break, and we both are welcoming the opportunity to have him in our care, we'll do the best we can for him." Mary and Maria returned to the pizzeria about 4:00 PM, both women smiling. When they walked in, Anthony saw the smiles, and just knew that everything was AOK, and he was also getting anxious to meet their new foster son. "OK," Mary stated, "I'll try to explain just how this works. I'm going to get Fernando out of Juvie Hall this afternoon and bring him here. I will be visiting you, probably Monday afternoon at your home, just a follow up visit to see how everything is going, and also talking with Fernando." "Here is my card," Mary said, "if there are any problems, please don't hesitate to call me, and I will be in contact with you to check up, about once a week for the next month, and then after that, on a monthly basis. Social Services sends out the checks on the first of the month, so you will receive the first check right after the 1st of March." "The money is not of the most importance," Anthony stated, "we just want to help this young man, and be there for him, like parents should be." Anthony's attitude made Mary smile, and she felt that she had made the right decision in approving them as foster parents. Mary then made a phone call. "Juvie Hall, Captain Johnson speaking," the phone responded. "Captain Johnson, Mary Stewart here, everything is a go, can I pick up Fernando in about an hour, and take him to his new foster parents?" "Maybe, if you'll allow me to give him the good news." "OK, this phone call serves as a confirmation, go have your fun, and I will see you within the hour, Thanks Captain." She hung up, grinning. "Antonio, Maria, Captain Johnson wanted to be the one to give Fernando the news, and I told him he could, and that's the reason for my grin. I'd love to see Fernando's face when Johnson tells him. I should be returning with Fernando around 6:00 to 6:30 PM if that's OK." "That's fine, Mary, I'll tell Jamie and Ruth, my servers tonight, and maybe they can find something for Fernando to do, to keep him occupied, until closing time," Anthony remarked, and Mary smiled. "See you in a couple of hours," Mary said, and then walked out. * * * * * * * * * * * Captain Johnson headed back into the common area and spotted Fernando, sitting with Danny White, and walked over to them. "Fernando," Captain Johnson stated, "I have some news for you, Mary Stewart has found you a foster home, and she will be picking you up within the hour, to take you to your foster parents." The smile on Fernando's face could have lit the world! Simultaneously, with Fernando's smile, Danny's eyes became wet and tears started to roll down his face. "White," Captain Johnson said, "I thought you two were friends, you should be happy for Fernando." "Oh, I am, sir," Danny replied, "It's just that we've become very close friends, and I don't want to lose him, or his friendship." "Danny," Fernando said, "would you like to stay in contact with me, after you get out of here?" Danny, nodding emphatically, "I'd like that, very much, can you leave me your address, and maybe your phone number, so I can contact you?" "I can't," Fernando lamented, "I have no idea what either of them will be yet, but if you give me yours, I will contact you, and I will write you, I promise." Johnson, surmising the next step, tore a blank page from his memo book, and handed it to Danny, along with a pen. Danny wrote his name, address, and a phone number on the paper, and handed it to Fernando. "Fernando," Danny said, "this is my parents address and phone number, but you can write me here for the next three weeks and let me know how things are going for you, in your foster home. We'll get together soon, on the outside." Danny smiled. Both boys stood up and shared a tight hug. They really wanted to kiss each other goodbye, but thought better of it, as there were other boys in the area, and Danny is still protective of his orientation, especially here. Captain Johnson took Fernando to his office, to wait for Mary to arrive. * * * * * * * * * * * Anthony had told Jamie that Mary Stewart, Fernando's case worker, was bringing Fernando to the pizzeria tonight and asked Jamie to try to keep Fernando occupied. Jamie decided to call Chuck and give him an update. Jamie made the call, and Chuck answered. "Hi Jamie, what's up?" "Great news, Chuck, everything has worked out, Anthony and Maria have been approved to be Fernando's foster parents, and his case worker is bringing Fernando here, tonight, at any time now, to meet his foster parents." "That's great news, Jamie," Chuck replied, "Serena and I appreciate everything you have done for Fernando. Do you think that, if we decide on pizza for a Valentine's dinner, we could maybe get to spend a little time with Fernando?" "I see no reason why you can't," Jamie answered, "We'll all be here until closing time, 9:00 PM, or after." "I was planning to take Serena to a nice restaurant for dinner tonight, like maybe Red Lobster or Olive Garden, but I suddenly have an urge for some of Anthony's pizza. Look for us about 7:00 or so, later." They hung up. * * * * * * * * * * * About 5:30 PM Mary arrived at Juvie Hall and entered Captain Johnson's office. Fernando, seeing Mary, was on his feet instantly, obviously ready to leave Juvie Hall. "Well young man," Mary asked, "are you ready to meet your foster family? I know they're ready to meet you, and I think you're going to like them too." Fernando nodded, smiling. Yep, he's ready. "Captain Johnson," Fernando asked, "thank you for your hospitality, and please keep an eye on Danny for me, I don't want any of those thugs to hurt him!" Johnson, giving Fernando a hug, "I'll do the best I can, he's a good kid that made a mistake, and I don't want to see him get hurt either. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope I never see you again, at least not in here, but we might meet on the street sometime." Fernando smiled. Fernando, as Mary drove them toward the pizzeria, "Do these foster parents know—about me—that I like boys?" "Yes, they know," Mary replied, "but they don't care, that's what made it hard to find a home for you, because some potential foster parents did have an issue with it. I think the Chevas family is—gay friendly, they requested to be foster parents specifically for you." "Fernando, you have some friends, or at least one friend, that we don't know, but they tipped them off, about your situation. Maria and Antonio Chevas filed to become foster parents, but specifically for you." "I haven't even met them yet," Fernando said, "but I think I love them already!" Mary smiled. Mary parked in the lot in front of the pizzeria, and she and Fernando exited the car and walked toward the entrance. "Are we stopping for pizza?" Fernando asked. "No," Mary answered, smiling, "your foster parents run this place." "Cool!" Fernando exclaimed. Mary opened the door and ushered Fernando inside. Jamie saw them enter and rushed to the door. "Fernando!" Jamie exclaimed, giving Fernando a tight hug, and catching him completely off guard. "You two have met?" Mary inquired. "No," Jamie answered, "but I've seen his picture, and I knew he would be coming here today, Fernando, come meet your foster parents." Jamie took Fernando's hand and led him behind the counter where Anthony was topping a pizza. "Anthony," Jamie announced excitedly, "Please welcome your foster son, Fernando Gomez!" "Hold on a sec," Anthony said, "let me get this in the oven." Anthony, wiping his hands on a towel, "Fernando, welcome to our family! MARIA!" Anthony wrapped his arms around Fernando, giving him a loving hug and a kiss on his cheek. Maria came out from the kitchen. "Baby," Anthony stated, "our foster son, Fernando Gomez, Fernando, your foster Mom, Maria Chevas." "Sweetheart," Maria said, as she prepared to give Fernando a hug, "we've been looking forward to your arrival, and you're a most welcome addition to our family!" Maria lovingly hugged Fernando. Fernando, with tears in his eyes, "You folks sure know how to make a guy feel welcome, you make me feel like I belong here, with you! What should I call you?" "Well," Anthony said, "she's Maria, and I'm Anthony, unless you prefer something else." "You're feeling so much like parents to me," Fernando replied, "is it OK if I just call you Mom and Dad?" "I think we'd be honored," Anthony said, "if we can call you our Son. I think Jamie needs some help with these orders, it's Valentines Day, and we're starting to get busy." "I can see that you guys are going to get along just fine," Mary said, "so let me get out of your hair, and my hubby is supposed to be taking me out for dinner tonight. Oh, Fernando, I'll pick you up at about 8:00 AM tomorrow morning and take you to your new school and get you registered, and your records transferred. Happy Valentines everyone." "Mary," Maria remarked, smiling, "I think you gave us an awesome Valentines gift!" Mary left. "Dad," Fernando asked, "I don't know anything about the business, but is there anything I can do to help you?" "The servers probably could use some help," Anthony replied, "ask Jamie and Ruth what you can do to help them out, and I'm certain they can keep you busy. Thanks, Son." During the next half an hour, Jamie had Fernando trained to bus tables and wipe them down, and to get drink refills for the patrons. Jamie also gave Fernando a nickname, when he started to call him 'Fernie'. About 7:30 PM Chuck and Serena walked in and Fernando spotted his sister instantly. "SERENA!" Fernando called out, and literally ran to her, throwing his arms around her, and she, of course, returned the hug to him. It was the first time, since before the incident at school had taken place, that they had seen each other. "Serena, you need to meet my foster parents," Fernando said, leading Serena and Chuck to where Anthony was making pizzas. "Dad," Fernie said, "I'd like you to meet my sister, Serena Gomez, and her boyfriend, Chuck." The three shook hands. "Is it okay if I take them back to the kitchen to meet Mom?" Anthony nodded, and Fernando led them back into the kitchen. "Fernando!" Maria exclaimed, "we don't bring customers into the food prep area." "Dad said I could," Fernando stated, "Mom, this is my sister, Serena Gomez, and her boyfriend, Chuck, Guys, this is my foster Mom, Maria Chevas." Again, the three shook hands. "Why don't you men go back out front," Maria said, "I'd like to talk with Serena for a few minutes." Chuck and Fernando left the girls. "Serena," Maria asked, "I'm not trying to be nosy but, how is your relationship with your parents?" "Not too great," Serena said, "Papa was down on me, because I was dating an American boy, and things got worse when he realized I was covering up for Fernando. I'm sure you're aware of the way many Hispanics feel about homosexuality. Papa is very old school Argentine when it comes to that, and Mama takes Papa's opinion as law." "Are you still living at home?" "When I'm not staying with Chuck I am," Serena said, grinning. "The reason I was asking," Maria stated, "the only clothes that Fernando has right now, is what he is wearing. I wondered if there was any possibility of sneaking some of his clothing out of the house without interference from his father." Serena, grinning, "Maria, Chuck and I are a step ahead of you! When CPS had Fernando in Juvie Hall, still trying to find a foster home, we gathered up all his clothes and shoes, his boom box and his CD's. They're all in Chuck's car right now, we just need to transfer them to your car before we leave here tonight." "That's pretty smart thinking on your part." Maria stated. "Papa said that Fernando was no longer welcome there, and he was planning to discard all of Fernando's stuff in the trash." Then, grinning, "I wonder how he will feel, when he can't find it. The only thing we couldn't get was his bike, it was too big to fit in Chuck's car." "Honey," Maria said, "You might want to go back out and spend some time with your brother. I hope you know you're always welcome here, or at our home, to see your brother. I know you care a lot for him." "Thanks, Maria, with Mama and Papa being like they are, I'm really the only family that Fernando has, and I love my little brother so much." "You're wrong, Serena, Fernando has already stolen our hearts, and we already consider him our family. I'm going to tell you something that is not for publicity. Antonio and I were never able to conceive, and that why we never had children." "With Fernando in our care, we're going to learn to be parents, for the first time. He is a beautiful and precious young man, and he deserves to be allowed to grow up in his own skin, without fear. Please rest assured that your brother is in a loving home, and that we truly care about him." "Thanks, Maria," Serena said, "I know now that I can go to sleep, knowing that my brother is in good hands. I guess I need to get back out front and spend some time with Fernando and Chuck." Maria nodded. Serena returned to the table and resumed her seat next to Chuck. Fernando was all over the place, bussing tables, and getting patrons refills on drinks. Anthony called Fernando over. "Son," Anthony said, "take a break and spend some time with your sister." "But Dad," Fernando remarked, "there's work to be done." "Jamie and Ruth can handle the guests, and you don't get to see your sister that often," Anthony stated, "I'm telling you to take a break!" "Okay, Dad," Fernando said, reluctantly, "call me if you need me." Fernando sat with Serena and Chuck, and Serena asked him what his new home was like, and his room. "I don't know, yet," Fernando answered, "my case worker dropped me off here tonight, I guess I'll find out, after we close and go there. Mary, my caseworker, will be picking me up there, to take me to my new school tomorrow morning, and after that I'll be riding the school bus." It was about 9:10 PM and the pizzeria was officially closed for the evening, all the guests were gone, except for Chuck and Serena. Jamie and Ruth came to their table and picked up the dirty dishes and glasses. Jamie laid two $10 bills in front of Fernando. 'What is this for?" Fernando asked, pointing at the money. "That's your cut out of our tips," Jamie replied, "for helping Ruth and me take care of the customers and bussing the tables for us." "I didn't do it for money," Fernando said, "I was just trying to help out." "Look, Fernie," Jamie explained, "when someone helps out the servers, and give the customers good service, they tend to give bigger tips. It's normal practice for the servers to share the tips with the busboy. That $20 is your share, for the help you gave us, and you did very well Fernie. And Chuck, Anthony said that since you and Serena are part of the family, your meal is on the house." Chuck, walking over to Anthony, "We didn't expect to eat for free, Anthony, thanks for dinner. Knowing that Fernando is in your care has sure taken a load off our minds." "I'm sure it's going to be a challenge, to suddenly become parents to a teenage boy," Antonio replied, "but I think Maria and I are looking forward to the challenge. He is certainly a beautiful young man, and Maria and I are proud to have been approved to be his caretakers." "Anthony, we didn't tell Fernando, but Serena gathered up his clothes and a some of his personal items, and it's all in my trunk. Can I transfer his stuff to your car, and then we'll get out of your hair." "That was very thoughtful of you," Anthony said, smiling, and reaching into his pocket for his keys, "it's that dark blue Malibu in the parking lot out front," and handed the keys to Chuck. "See you in about five minutes," Chuck said, walking out of the door. Serena was keeping Fernando occupied, so it was still a secret to Fernando. Jamie and Ruth loaded the dishwasher, while Maria washed the larger pots and pans, and Anthony counted the money and filled out the deposit ticket. DJ showed up at the same time that Chuck was ready to return the car keys to Anthony and tapped on the door. Anthony walked over and let them both inside. "Chuck," DJ said, "It's good to see you, how is it going?" "A lot better, thank you," Chuck replied, "did Jamie tell you?" "About what" DJ asked. "Anthony and Maria are fostering Fernando, as of tonight," Chuck said, pulling DJ toward the table, "and this is Fernando." Fernando stood up. DJ was helpless, he took one look at Fernando, and was compelled to take him in his arms and squeeze the daylights out of him. "Fernando, I'm DJ, and I'm so very happy for you," DJ said, "I don't think you could have ever found better foster parents than what Maria and Anthony will be. I guess, if you're living with them, I will see you often, I'm a frequent flier here." DJ smiled at Fernando. Fernando, smiling back, "I'm happy to meet you, DJ, and I look forward to seeing you again soon." Jamie, Ruth and Maria came out from the kitchen, the night's work done. Anthony clocked Ruth and Jamie out. "Let's see," Anthony looked at the schedule, "Jamie has his long day at school tomorrow, so he is off, and Ruth, you're in at 5:00 to close tomorrow, and you'll be working with Lindsey, she is in at 4:00." "Right," Ruth replied, "goodnight, see you tomorrow." She left. "You ready to head home, baby?" DJ asked. "You know I am," Jamie replied, "but wait a minute." Then, walking over to Fernando and putting his arm around his shoulders, "Great job, Fernie, Ruth and I appreciated your help, I expect I'll see you Friday, Good night everybody." Jamie and DJ walked out. "We're out of here," Chuck said, "Serena and I both appreciate what you are doing for Fernando." "We're happy to be Fernando's fosters," Anthony said, smiling, "and I think everything is going to be fine. Goodnight, you two." Finally, about 9:30 PM, Maria, Fernando and Anthony walked out, Anthony locking the door. Fernando instinctively took a seat in the back, while Anthony drove. They stopped by the bank and Anthony dropped the deposit into the night depository. Then they headed toward Fernando's new home. Fernando is excited, but apprehensive too. Maria unlocked the front door, holding it open for Fernando, whose feet seemed glued to the stoop. Anthony literally pushed Fernando inside. Maria headed to the kitchen to make some Mexican Hot Cocoa, with cinnamon, which was a regular habit for the Chevas family. "Let me give you a tour, Son," Anthony said. "This, of course is the sitting room, and then here is the eat-in kitchen. That door leads to the back yard, and this door to the hallway. On the left is the full bathroom, and beyond that, is our master bedroom, which also has a bathroom with just a shower stall." "Now," Anthony said, "on this side are the two spare bedrooms, both a bit smaller than the Master bedroom. One of these is yours, either the one across from our bedroom, or the one across from the bathroom, and it's your choice, we don't care which one you choose." Both rooms had full sized beds, and both had a single window that faced the street, both had a 5-draw chest of draws, and equal sized closets, and both rooms had wall to wall carpeting. The only notable difference was a desk in one room. Fernando looked at both rooms at least four or five times. "I don't know, Dad," Fernando said, "I kind of like the room across from the bathroom, but I also like the desk in the other room." "You know, Son, that desk isn't nailed down, we can move it to the other room if you wish." Fernando nodded, and smiled. Anthony and Fernando picked up the desk and carried it into Fernando's 'new room'. Maria hollered 'Come on Guys!' and they both headed to the kitchen to drink Hot Cocoa with Maria cookies. (for those unfamiliar, Maria cookies are a popular Mexican cookie, similar in flavor to vanilla wafers, and loved by toddlers) After finishing the Cocoa, Anthony asked Fernando to help him bring some stuff from the trunk of the car that belonged in Fernando's room. A confused Fernando said he'd be glad to. He was almost in shock when he found out that it was his stuff, that Serena and Chuck salvaged from his Papa's house. He was especially happy to have his Boom Box and his CD's back. Maria asked Fernando if he had some clean pajamas, and Fernando told her that he'd not worn PJ's since he was about 5 or 6 years old, and that he preferred to just sleep in his underwear. (Fernando fibbed a bit, he actually prefers to sleep in his birthday suit) Anthony suggested that Fernando go to bed, as he would need to be up quite early in the morning because Mary Stewart would be picking him up at 8:00 AM. He and Maria wanted to make sure that Fernando had a decent breakfast before Mary took him to school. Anthony informed Fernando that there was a clean wash cloth and bath towel on the rod in the bathroom, if he desired to take a shower. He also suggested that Fernando get clean clothes out that he planned to wear in the morning, and Fernando followed his suggestion immediately, laying out clean clothes on the desk, and then stripped down to his briefs. Anthony sat on Fernando's bed, and turned on the bedside table lamp. He then drew Fernando into his arms and hugged him, lovingly. "Goodnight, Son," Anthony said, "sleep tight and I'll wake you in the morning." He then leaned over and kissed Fernando on the forehead. "Dad," Fernando spoke softly, "you and Mom make me feel so welcome, and wanted—and—loved." "Son," Anthony replied, "you are all of those, welcome, wanted, and loved, Maria and I are very happy to have you living with us." "I love you, Dad, and please tell Mom I love her too." "Will do, Son, goodnight." Anthony turned out the ceiling light and closed the door behind him. After Anthony left, Fernando threw back the covers, slid his briefs down and off, dropping them on the floor. He pulled the covers back up, turned out the lamp, and fell asleep within about five minutes, a tired and very happy boy. Maria and Anthony went to bed shortly thereafter, and Anthony relayed Fernando's message to Maria. "Sweetheart," Maria responded, "he is such a sweet, innocent and loveable young man, how could anyone not love him. I fail to comprehend how his father could have done him that way! I'm glad we were around to salvage him, he could have become a statistic." "Honey," Anthony queried, "would you think I've lost my mind, if I said I'd like to have Fernando as a permanent Son?" "Do you mean, like, adoption?" Maria asked, "I think we should let things rest as is for now, and just be foster parents, but maybe down the line. We need to get some sleep, goodnight baby." Anthony, holding Maria close, "Good night sweetheart, I love you." (to be continued...)  
  4. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 16

    Its Saturday morning, the 15th of December, and ten days before Christmas. J&J left campus on the 12th and are on winter break until January 10th. Sam’s last day of school at Dunbar Elementary was yesterday, the 14th and Dunbar High finished the week with the basketball win against the Warriers on Friday night, the 14th. Both the High School and the Elementary School will resume classes on Wednesday, January 2nd. Vi and Art were up early Saturday as Corbin’s employees are working both today and next Saturday in order to have both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, Monday and Tuesday, the 24th and 25th of December. All of the kids, including J&J, slept in until about 9:00 AM. Vi fixed them all some breakfast, and J&J prepared to leave about 10:30 to take Sam and Dom to see Santa Claus. Vi said she wasn’t planning to go anywhere today, and suggested they take the SUV, as Dom’s car seat was already secured in the SUV and it would eliminate the need to change it over to Jeff’s car. Julian likes to drive the SUV and it will give Jeff a break from driving. The SUV is an automatic transmission, and Julian hasn’t yet mastered driving Jeff’s five-speed stick shift. They secured both children, Dominic in his car seat and Samantha with a seat belt. Julian drove them to Target, and parked. The parking lot was nearly full, and they had a long walk into the store. The Christmas shoppers were all out shopping today! They all wandered around the store for a while, finally making it to the toy department. They found Santa’s chair, with a note, stating that he would be returning at 4:00 PM, and it was only a little past 11:00 AM now. J&J took some time looking around, hoping the children would give them some hints of things they admired. Sam said she liked a table with two children sized chairs, and a tea set. Dom was captivated by a toy that was made like a mini roller coaster for cars. You put the cars on the top, and they rolled down the spiral to the bottom. J&J were mentally making notes, and getting to know what kinds of toys these two liked. Sam mentioned that Sally was getting old, and maybe a new dolly would be nice. Dom also showed interest in a battery-powered train that ran on a track. It had three buttons, one for forward, one for reverse and one to stop it. Of course Dom was interested in the array of various trucks and cars, and tiny Tonka construction equipment. Both Sam and Dom liked the Lego sets. Since Santa Claus wouldn’t be coming back here until later, J&J talked the children into going to Toys-R-Us and maybe Santa would be there. At Toys-R-Us they found Santa, with a line of about twenty other children waiting their chance to sit on Santa’s lap! They got into line to wait. Dom, after about two minutes in line, "Yule, I gotta tinkle!" Julian asked Jeff to hold their places in line, while he took Dom to the restroom, as he also needed to use it. He took Dom’s hand and led him to the Men’s restroom. The room had a urinal outside and a toilet in a stall, but no potty! "Dom, big boys tinkle into that," (pointing at the urinal), "do you want to tinkle like big boys?" Julian asked. "Yep!" Dom replied, grinning, "Show me how?" "Just watch," Julian stated, as he stood in front of the urinal, unzipped, pulled his ‘peter’ out and urinated into the urinal. He shook out those last few drops, and put his junk away. "Yule, I can’t reach it," Dom stated. "I’ll lift you up, so you can," Julian said, pushing Dom’s pants down. Julian lifted Dom up, holding him around his waist, and Dom tinkled into the urinal, giggling. When he was done, Julian lowered him to the floor and Dom pulled his pants back up. "That was fun," Dom said, grinning, "Tanks, Yule." "You’re very welcome, little brother," Julian replied, smiling. He held Dom up again to wash his hands, handed Dom a paper towel and than washed his own hands and dried them. They then headed back to the 'Santa Claus’ line, and now were only about three kids away from seeing Santa. Finally Sam got to sit on Santa’s lap. "What is your name?" Santa asked. "Samantha WHITE!" Sam replied with emphasis on the White, "but most everybody calls me Sam." "Santa," Julian explained, "These two were very recently adopted by my parents, so got a change of their last name. Sam is very proud of her new last name. I grew up a single boy, and finally, my parents gave me siblings! This (pointing to Jeff) is my very best friend from college, and we’re both like big brothers to these beautiful children. We love them both, unconditionally!" Santa smiled. Sam sat on Santa’s lap, and they discussed what Sam wanted for Christmas, and J&J made more mental notes. Then it was Dom’s turn to meet Santa. After introductions, done by J&J as Dominic doesn’t yet understand this ‘Name’ thing or addresses. Santa asked Dominic if he’d been a good boy. "I try," Dom replied, "I just tinkled like big boys!" Dom smiled proudly. Julian quickly explained their activity in the rest room, and Santa understood completely. Dom couldn’t explain what toys he might be looking for, but Santa promised him that he would leave him something nice under the tree. Santa couldn’t resist giving Dom a kiss, and his beard tickled Dom’s face, making him giggle. It was about 2:00 PM when they left Toys-R-Us and Sam stated she was hungry, and J&J both were also getting hungry, and they assumed that likely Dom would also like something to eat. They took the children to McDonalds and got Sam a kids lunch, and Dom a kid sized McNugget lunch, and lunches for themselves. Once done at McDonalds, J&J returned home with the kids, then left again to start their Christmas shopping, without the kids tagging along. J&J informed Vi that they likely would not be home for dinner, and would grab something to eat while they were out, and that they likely would not be home until after the stores closed, about 9:00. Heading back to Target, they purchased a new set of house slippers to give to Vi, and some wrapping paper, tape and ribbons. Everything else they purchased both at Target and at Toy-R-Us were for Sam and Dominic. Those two children would not be hurting for Christmas Presents! * * * * * * Saturday morning Jake woke up, still in his boyfriend’s arms, and sporting morning wood. Was it just morning wood, or was the fact that Kevin’s hand was lovingly wrapped around Jake’s pecker having an effect, even though Kevin was still asleep. Jake could feel Kevin’s flaccid pecker pressed against the crack of his ass. What a wonderful feeling it was to wake up this way. Jake slowly moved his arm and hand around to his back side, and felt Kevin’s flaccid cock, just a couple of ‘feels’ and it started to awaken, and Jake felt it grow as he touched it. He thought Kevin was still asleep. "Would you like to taste what you’re fingers are feeling?" Kevin asked. "I—I thought you were still asleep," Jake replied. "Some of me is," Kevin said, "but a certain part of me is wide awake! It’s all yours, if you want it." "That’s an invitation I can’t decline," Jake said, smiling, "There is nothing like a nice shot of protein to start the day!" The boys re-arranged their positions a little, the covers got removed and Jake soon had that lovely piece of meat in his mouth. While Jake worked Kevin’s boyhood, Kevin was fondling Jake’s erection, and sliding his finger around the head, which was slippery with precum. "I gotta pee," Kevin stated, "but that’s gonna help me get off quickly, although I’d kinda like to make this feeling last! I’ll wait to pee, until later, I don’t want you to stop, and I’m too close. Oh my god, baby, you give some awesome head, you’re the greatest! I’m about ready to cum, are you ready for a mouthful of me?" Jake, pulling off for a few seconds, "Anytime and anyplace, I’m always ready for you!" Jake resumed his assault on Kevin’s cock. "Baby," Kevin panted, "I’m cumming—right—nooooow!" KC was releasing his orgasm into Jake’s waiting mouth, Jake was swallowing it as Kevin came, losing not a drop of that tasty, creamy substance. As Jake milked out those last few drops Kevin started to deflate. "I really do need to piss badly, baby," Kevin stated, "I’ll be right back to take care of you!" Kevin headed into the bathroom and returned about two minutes later. Jake was still at full mast and streaming precum. "Wow!" Kevin exclaimed, "You’ve sure leaked a lot of pre, or, did you cum already?" "I could have," Jake replied, "with just a few strokes, but I saved the best for you!" Kevin kneeled between Jake’s legs and lowered his mouth onto Jake’s still hard and leaking cock, starting to nurse it, softly and lovingly. Just sucking on Jake’s boyhood started to make Kevin get hard again, but it was unlikely he could cum again. Just of couple minutes of Kevin’s mouth on Jake’s cock had Jake moaning in pleasure. "I love to make you moan like that, baby," Kevin said, "but please try to keep the volume down, so Mom and Dad don’t hear us." KC continued to suck on Jake’s beautiful penis. Kevin felt Jake’s body stiffen and his breathing deepening. "Get ready, baby—I’m gonna shoot!" Jake exclaimed. Kevin was as ready as ever, patiently waiting for his boyfriend to release his nice warm semen into his mouth. He felt Jake start to pulse, and loved the feeling of those tasty spurts, squirting into his mouth, and hitting the back of his throat. It was truly a delightful feeling. Kevin drank Jake’s orgasm down like it was tasty syrup, and licked his lips. Jake tastes good, like a lover should! After Kevin took Jake’s load, Jake made his urgent trip to the toilet and relieved his bladder, then returned to bed, where the two boys just relaxed, kissed, and caressed each other for a few minutes. "Jake," Kevin stated, "Mom and Dad want to meet your Mom." "That’s wild," Jake replied, "my Mom want’s to meet them too." "I think we should arrange a dinner date," Kevin said, "for all five of us, someplace nice, like maybe Applebee’s" "I’ve never been to Applebee’s," Jake stated, "our money is pretty tight, and Mom & I never felt we could afford that kind of dinner. We rarely go out to eat, as it’s cheaper to eat at home." "Baby," KC stated, "I’m aware of your financial status. I know that your school clothes come from Wal-Mart, whereas mine come from the mall. Whenever we go anywhere, I always pick up the tab, because I know you can’t afford to. It doesn’t matter, I love Jake Farmer because I love you, not because you have money!" "I wasn’t really aware that you had money, but I appreciate those things you have done for me. I have loved you, and lusted for you for years, long before I knew you. And I hope you know that I love you for you, not because you’re richer than I." "I’m not exactly rich," Kevin said, "My Dad makes good money, and they give me a good allowance, usually about $50 a week. We have a really nice home, and my family doesn’t hurt for money, but they aren’t really rich either, just better off than many families." "It’s Saturday night, and I think it would be a good night for your Mom to meet my parents. Please call her and tell her we are having dinner at Applebee’s tonight, so our parent’s can meet and get to know each other. I know my parent’s will pick up the tab." Jake, smiling, "What time, Mom and I would be good for any time, so maybe we should let your parent’s decide the time." "That probably would be a good idea," Kevin stated, "and maybe we should tell them what we have planned. Let’s get dressed and have a talk with them, they’re pretty easy to talk with." Jake and Kevin put on some clothes and headed downstairs. Kurt and Audrey were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee, and Audrey was just waiting for the boys to show up before starting to prepare breakfast. Kevin explained their plan to his Mom and Dad, and Kurt and Audrey fell immediately in like with the idea. They suggested 6:00 PM as a good time to meet for dinner at Applebee’s. Jake called Tonya and told her of the plan, and she agreed to it, after Jake told her that the dinner tab would not fall on her budget. Tonya really wants to meet Kevin’s parents. All three of the parent’s are well aware that their sons are into a relationship. After breakfast Kevin took Jake home to his Mom’s and they both walked in. Tonya stated that she was looking forward to this evening, and she would drive herself and Jake to Applebee’s. Kevin and Jake shared a romantic hug and kiss while Tonya looked on, smiling. It warms her heart to see the affection these two boys have for each other, and they don’t even try to hide their feelings. Kevin headed back home after confirming that he would see both of them later on, and gave Tonya a departing hug as well. Tonya and Jake arrived at Applebee’s about 5:50 PM and Jake looked around for Kurt and Audrey’s car but didn’t see it. He placed a quick call to Kevin, and he said they were about five minutes away. Tonya and Jake took a seat on a bench outside the entrance and waited. Jake saw the Collins car pull in and park, and watched as Kurt, Audrey and Kevin exited the car and walked toward them. The two boys instinctively headed toward each other, and shared a loving hug and kiss, while Kurt and Audrey glanced at each other, shaking their heads in amusement, or maybe, amazement. These boys seem to not mind showing PDA for the world to see! No shame what so ever. Kevin started the introductions. "Dad, Mom," Kevin said, "This is Jake’s Mom, Tonya Farmer, and Tonya, this is my Mom and Dad, Audrey and Kurt Collins." The three parents shared handshakes, and they entered the restaurant and were seated shortly thereafter. The boys sat next to each other on one side of the table, Kurt and Audrey on the flip side, and Tonya on the end. The server took their drink orders, cocktails for the adults and soft drinks for Kevin and Jake. Kurt ordered a large appetizer that was designed for sharing. "Son," Kurt said, "I know that you and Jake care deeply for each other, but don’t you think it would be better to use discretion, when it comes to kissing each other in public?" "Dad," Kevin explained, "I spent years hiding my sexuality, but I’m out now. Every kid at Dunbar High knows now that I’m gay and have a boyfriend. My reputation as a jock is shot, and I have nothing to hide anymore. I have to be me, and the real me is a gay boy that is totally in love with my boyfriend!" "Son," Kurt replied, nodding, "I have to respect your integrity, I only hope that your openness doesn’t get you, and Jake, into some kind of trouble with some of the other boys at school." "Zach and Thomas," KC stated, "two of my basketball teammates, told me just a few days ago, that if anyone ever bullies me, they knew the whole team would be on my side, and they had my back! I guess I still have a few friends, at least on the team." Kurt smiled. "Tonya," Audrey asked, "What are you and Jake doing for Christmas?" "Not much," Tonya replied, "Jake rarely sees his Dad, and we don’t have any family close by. I suppose I’ll try to fix us something special for Christmas Dinner." "That sounds a lot like us," Audrey stated, "neither Kurt or I have any relatives within driving distance either. I’m roasting a turkey for Christmas Dinner, but it will only be the three of us, unless Kurt’s brother and his wife make it to our house for dinner." "Sorry, Dear," Kurt stated, "Evan called me yesterday and told me that he and Julie are coming in on Christmas Eve, and staying over until the day after Christmas. I forgot to tell you." "Are they bringing Christopher?" Kevin asked. "Of course," Kurt replied, "they’re not going to leave a 12 year old at home by himself." "That means Chris is going to be sharing my bed!" KC exclaimed. "Is there a problem with that?" Kurt asked. "Well, I suppose not, but I was hoping Jake could share my bed with me on Christmas Eve," Kevin replied. "Wait," Audrey stated, "Tonya, why don’t you and Jake join us for Christmas Dinner?" Kevin and Jake smiled at each other. "Oh," Tonya said, "we wouldn’t want to invade your family’s Christmas celebration." "It’s no problem, Tonya," Audrey said, "our table seats twelve easily, the three of us, and Evan and Julie, even with Chris, is only six, and with you and Jake, it’s still only eight. We’ve plenty of room and plenty of food. We want you to join us!" Tonya, glancing at Jake, "Well, maybe, but not unless I can help with some of the food." Jake is nodding in approval. "Mom," Jake asked, "since Chris will be sleeping in Kevin’s bed, why can’t Kevin sleep over with me on Christmas Eve, and Christmas night?" Audrey and Tonya grinned at each other, amused at what these boys come up with as an excuse to sleep together. "Kevin," Tonya asked, "would you be comfortable sharing Jake’s bed for a couple nights?" "Sure, Tonya," Kevin answered, grinning, "beats the hell out of sleeping with my little cousin!" "Sounds like a done deal," Kurt stated, "you ladies need to exchange phone numbers, so you can figure out who is cooking what, and we’ll have an amazing family dinner together!" Tonya and Audrey swapped phone numbers. They placed their orders for dinner, and the happy group enjoyed their dinner together. Kurt, Audrey and Tonya just seemed to hit it off well, friendship developing quickly. Kevin and Jake were a bit handicapped, only having one hand each to eat with, as the other hands seemed to be glued together. The boys were ecstatic, that their parent’s were getting along so well, not to mention they were happy that they would be sleeping together at Jake’s house for two nights over Christmas. When they left Applebee’s Tonya took Jake home, and the Collins family headed to their home. Both Jake and Kevin slept in their own beds that night, but had plans to spend some time together on Sunday. * * * * * * When J&J got home from shopping that Saturday night, Jeff’s trunk was full of toys and the balances in both of their bank accounts had shrunk considerably. Santa is going to be very good to Samantha and Dominic! The boys had mutually decided not to get each other any Christmas gifts, and concentrated their efforts, and their money, to insure that Sam and Dom have a memorable Christmas. These agreements never work out, somehow both Jeff and Julian found something to give each other, but both boys decided make their gifts practical, and both purchased similar gifts. Both boys normally wear boxer shorts, but Julian thought that Jeff’s package would look better in boxer-briefs, and bought him a six-pack of striped boxer briefs, and a six pack of crew socks, and a pair of burgundy Levi skinny jeans. Jeff thought that Julian’s package would look great in boxer briefs, and bought him a six-pack of solid colored boxer-briefs, a six pack of crew socks and a pair of brown Wrangler slim fit jeans. Neither of them knew what the other was getting, or that they were getting anything, as they had decided against exchanging gifts. So much for the agreement! Sunday afternoon Julian lay down cuddling Dominic for Dom to take his nap, and Julian also fell asleep. Jeff utilized the opportunity, while Julian was napping, to wrap Julian’s gifts and sneaked them under the tree. Later Sunday night, Julian told Jeff he wanted to talk to Vi, privately, and asked Vi to help him wrap Jeff’s gifts, and they got placed under the tree also, while Jeff had fallen asleep. On Monday, Christmas Eve, Vi went to do some last minute grocery shopping. J&J talked her into taking Sam with her, giving them a chance to wrap the slippers for Vi and some of the toys they wanted to wrap for the kids. Dominic conveniently took his nap while Vi and Sam were gone to the supermarket. They also wrapped the gloves they’d bought for Art, while he watched TV. While Vi was at the market, she also picked up four Christmas Stockings, along with candy, walnuts in shells, and snacks to fill them. She left them out of sight in the SUV when she returned. * * * * * * Finally Christmas Eve has arrived. Kevin drove to Jake’s house and picked up his boyfriend, then drove back to his home. He wanted to be there when his Aunt and Uncle arrived, with Chris. It was nearly 8:00 PM when Evan and Julie pulled in. Evan apologized for being so late, and blamed it on the Christmas traffic, which he claimed was horrific, probably true. Kevin, hugging his cousin, "Chrissie!" and gave Chris a kiss on his cheek, which Chris accepted happily. "Kevvie," Chris asked, "am I sleeping with you tonight?" "No Chris," Kevin explained, "you’re getting too old to sleep with other boys. I’m staying over with my friend, (pointing to Jake) so you’ll have my bed all to yourself." Kevin shared hugs with his Uncle Evan and Aunt Julie. "Evan, Julie," Kurt stated, "this is Kevin’s boyf—best friend, Jake Farmer, Jake, this is my brother, Evan, and his wife, Julie, and their son, Christopher." Jake shook hands with Evan and Julie, and gave Chris a hug. "We’re going to head back to Jake’s house for the night," Kevin said, "We’ll see you tomorrow for Christmas Dinner." Kevin and Jake left. Evan, right after Kevin and Jake left, "Kurt, I know it’s really not my business, but is Kevin—well—do you think Kevin likes boys?" "Evan," Kurt replied, "Audrey and I had suspected, for quite some time, that Kevin might be gay. We cornered him a few weeks ago, and he admitted that he was gay, and told us about Jake. We really had no choice, but to accept his sexuality for what it is. Audrey and I both feel that Kevin has chosen a really nice boy as his boyfriend, and the two of them are nearly inseparable." "You could have taken him to a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist, and gotten his head straightened out," Evan stated. "Kevin isn’t sick," Kurt responded, "he’s gay, and the only thing a shrink would have done would be to mess up his mind. That would have been way too risky! Kids that receive that kind of treatment often end up as statistics. We’d much prefer to have a gay son, than to have a dead son!" "Knowing that Kevin is gay," Evan said, "I think I’m glad that Christopher won’t be sleeping with Kevin." "Evan!" Kurt exclaimed, "Just because Kevin is gay, doesn’t make him a pedophile. I’d bet my life that Kevin would never touch Chris in a sexual manor. Do you know that most pedophiles are straight men, and they usually go for little girls?" "No, I didn’t know that, I’ve never had a reason to investigate something like that," Evan answered. "I probably need to give you a heads up," Kurt stated, "Audrey and I only met Jake’s Mom last night. Jake comes from a broken home and rarely sees or hears from his Dad. They have no close family, and we’ve asked Tonya and Jake to share Christmas Dinner with our family tomorrow. Tonya is preparing some of the food, and I think you will like her and Jake too, once you get to know him." Kurt continued, "Jake is a really sweet young man and he grew on Audrey and me quite rapidly. Since Kevin and Jake are boyfriends, he’s like part of our family now." "I can’t believe how easily you have accepted all this," Evan said. "I never said it was easy," Kurt replied, "but it was something we needed to do, for Kevin’s sake. Those two boys worship each other, and you can just feel the love they have for each other." "I sure hope Chris never confronts us with something like that," Evan said, "I’m not sure if Julie and I could handle it." "Chris is only twelve," Kurt stated, "and it’s doubtful his sexuality has awakened yet. If he should happen to like boys, and you and Julie love him like we love Kevin, then you WILL accept it!" "You’re probably right," Evan said, "I just hope that never becomes an issue in our family." "I hope it doesn’t," Kurt replied, "for Chris’s sake, and yours." At Tonya and Jake’s house, Tonya and the boys were all sitting on the sofa, watching one of the special Christmas shows on TV. Tonya’s mind is roaming to places it shouldn’t be. She hasn’t dated anyone in quite some time, and she is finding Kevin very attractive, too damned attractive! ‘Come on woman, get your mind out of the gutter!’ she is thinking to herself. She would secretly love to see Kevin naked, but that will likely never happen. Tonya is ashamed of herself, forty-two years old and lusting for this young and handsome boy that is not quite half her age. What’s even worse, he is her son’s boyfriend—and gay. She hasn’t been this turned on in a long time, and can feel moisture in her crotch. The show ended at 10:00 PM. Tonya, rising from the sofa, "Boys, I’m going to bed, I have to get up early enough to make the fruit salad for dinner tomorrow. I guess you guys can sleep in a little later if you wish. Goodnight Kevin, goodnight Son." She kissed both boys on their foreheads and headed up the stairs to her bedroom. Once in bed, her mind wandering again and thinking about Kevin, Tonya fingered herself to orgasm, and finally fell asleep. Kevin and Jake cuddled together on the sofa and watched another TV show that ended at 11:00 PM, then they too, called it a night, and headed to Jake’s bedroom. The two boys stripped, made out for a while, and then fell asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms. Having gotten each other off the night before they had decided against trying to have any sex, and just enjoyed their bodies lying next to each other, and loving the feeling of their closeness. At the Collins home, Evan and Julie readied for bed in the guestroom, and Christopher prepared to sleep alone in Kevin’s bed. Evan stepped inside Kevin’s bedroom to tell Chris goodnight and tuck him in. "Dad," Chris commented, "I wish Kevin had stayed here tonight, so we could have slept together." "What is so great about sleeping with Kevin?" Evan asked. "I don’t know," Chris said, "it just feels good, he puts his arm around me, and it makes me feel warm, and loved." "Chris," Evan asked, "has Kevin ever touched your penis?" "Of course not," Chris replied, surprised, "why would he do that?" "I don’t know, I just wondered if he did. Goodnight Son, sleep tight." Evan knew now that Kurt was right, Kevin would never touch Chris, sexually. * * * * * * Just before Sam was sent to bed, Vi placed a bag of carrots on the table, along with a plate with four cookies on it and a glass of milk. Vi explained to Sam that the carrots were for Santa’s reindeers and the cookies and milk were a snack for Santa. Sam and Dom were both finally asleep, time for Santa to get to work. J&J went to Jeff’s car and got the larger gifts from the trunk and brought them in. It took them about an hour to unpack and assemble some of the toys. Julian took the boxes out and put them into the Dumpster, while Jeff placed the toys in front of the tree. Vi used a magic marker to put names on the stockings, Sam, Dom, Jeff, and Julian. Art used thumbtacks to secure the stockings onto the front edge of the TV stand, since they had no fireplace or mantle to secure them to. While Vi filled the stockings, J&J ate Santa’s cookies and shared the glass of milk, and Vi quietly put the bag of carrots back into the fridge. Santa’s helpers then all headed to bed, hoping to be up to watch the children’s reactions in the morning. Julian and Art both set their alarms for 6:00 AM. * * * * * * Tuesday, Christmas morning, Tonya woke up about 7:00 AM, and made a pot of coffee. She knows that Jake will typically drink one cup, and has no idea if Kevin is a coffee drinker. Sitting at the table and sipping that first cup, she is thinking over last night. Even though nothing happened, she is feeling guilty over her desires. She likes Kevin—a little too much. It’s been eight years since the divorce, and she has not been on a single date since. She made a conscious decision to get out more, and maybe meet someone of interest. She is only 42 and needs to get back into dating, hopefully with some man in her age bracket. Her primary responsibility is still Jake, and whoever she might date would need to accept that Jake’s welfare is her number one concern. Still thinking, Kevin is way to young for her to even consider, let alone the fact that Kevin is totally involved with Jake, and the two of them are very committed to each other. There is no way she would ever want to come between them. She thinks that Kevin seems an ideal mate for Jake, she just wishes she wasn’t quite so attracted to Kevin. She is still astonished that just Kevin’s presence caused her to need to masturbate last night, for the first time in a few years. About 8:00 AM the boys finally made an appearance, Jake poured himself a mug of coffee and offered one to Kevin, but he claimed to not be a fan of coffee. Tonya cooked the boys, and herself some breakfast, and as soon as they finished eating, started to make the fruit salad. As she prepared one fruit after another, the boys couldn’t resist using their fingers to grab and taste the chunks of oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, grapes, walnuts, bananas and marshmallows, and then she added a jar of drained maraschino cherries. She then made the dressing, a mixture of Miracle Whip and whipped cream, and poured it on the salad, stirring it all together. She placed it into the refrigerator to chill. "Jake," Tonya stated, "you’re nearly seventeen, I think you should consider getting your drivers license." "I don’t need one yet," Jake stated, "I don’t even have a car." "You DO need a drivers license, baby," Kevin said, "I’ll help you get it. You need that license before you can get a car!" Tonya has her own selfish reasons for wanting Jake to have his license. If she starts going out, she might need a ride home, especially if she has had a few drinks, and might need Jake to come and rescue her. She would help Jake get some wheels too. Jake and Kevin settled on the sofa for a while, just chilling, while Tonya took a shower. Kevin told Jake he would pick up a drivers license application tomorrow, and because Jake was only sixteen, his Mom would also need to sign it. They likely could actually get the learners permit on Thursday. Jake is starting to get anxious about learning to drive, and his boyfriend will be a good instructor. If Jake has his permit, he can probably sign up to take Driver’s Education in school in the spring semester. It’s only a four-month course, and would allow for a reduction on insurance cost. About 12:30 Tonya came down the stairway wearing a very pretty dress and looking like Saturday night. Kevin was impressed at how lovely she looked, not as pretty of course as his boyfriend always looks, but still. Kevin had never seen Tonya in anything other than jeans or slacks prior to now. "Wow Tonya!" Kevin exclaimed, "You sure look beautiful today." "Why, Thank you, Kevin," Tonya replied, smiling, "I actually do have some dresses, I just don’t often have a reason to wear one, but I felt that today is a little special." "I’m so happy that we’re all having Christmas Dinner together," Kevin said, "Tonya, what time does Mom plan to serve dinner?" "She’s planning on about 2:30 or 3:00," Tonya replied, "but if we can go out earlier, maybe I can help Audrey in the kitchen." The boys were already dressed in what they planned to wear, so it was just a case of placing the fruit salad and cranberries in a car and leaving. They decided to take Kevin’s car since it was parked behind Tonya’s. Jake politely took the back seat, letting his Mom sit up front with Kevin, and they left for Kevin’s house about 1:00 PM, arriving there about 1:30. Kevin grabbed the fruit salad, and Jake grabbed the cranberries, Tonya led the way and opened the door to Audrey’s kitchen for them. Since both dishes were cold, Audrey told the boys they could just set them on the table, which they did. Audrey took a minute to introduce Tonya and Julie, then led Tonya to the sitting room, and introduced Tonya to Evan and Christopher. The ladies all returned to the kitchen, both Julie and Tonya assisting Audrey with the dinner preparations. Audrey showed Tonya where the ‘good dishes’ were kept and asked her to please set the table, which Tonya was pleased to do. The boys wandered into the living room, joining Kurt, Evan and Chris. Kurt had started a DVD of a Christmas movie, primarily for Chris’s benefit, and Kevin and Jake soon got wrapped up in it also, sitting together on the sofa. Chris had been sitting on the floor, but after Kevin and Jake took seats on the sofa, Chris climbed up and snuggled in between the older boys on the sofa. Jake slid over a few inches to allow Chris to sit between them. Jake and Kevin glanced at each other, grinning, and pleased that Chris wanted to be close to both of them. When dinner was served, everyone made their way to the table. Kevin and Jake instinctively sat together on one side, and Chris started to complain, as he wanted to sit between them. Kevin finally moved over to the end chair, allowing Chris to sit between them and quieting his complaining. For whatever reason, Chris likes to be close to Kevin and Jake. The older boys are feeling a special bonding with Chris, mostly due to Chris’s behavior. The family enjoyed a very satisfying Christmas Dinner together, conversation was light and varied. No one even mentioned the relationship between Jake and Kevin, which both boys were thankful for. Kurt had requested that the boys not show any PDA in front of Evan and Julie, and, especially Chris, who at twelve years of age likely would not understand a gay relationship. Right after dinner Chris was having trouble playing his new electronic game, and Kevin and Jake came to his rescue, and showed him how to operate it. Then the turkey did what turkey does, and Kevin and Jake had an overwhelming desire for a nap! They excused themselves and headed to Kevin’s bed and lay down together, fully clothed and leaving the door open. Within just a few minutes they had company, as Chris climbed up on the bed with them. Kevin had his arm around Jake, spooning him, and then Jake placed his arm around Chris, spooning him, with Chris’s back against Jake’s stomach and chest. All three boys were soon dozing together. Evan and Julie suddenly missed Chris, and wondered where he was. Evan slipped up the stairs and looked into Kevin’s bedroom through the open door. The sight he saw made him smile and he went downstairs and told Julie to go look in Kevin’s bedroom. She quietly ascended the stairs and saw the three boys napping together and returned downstairs, wearing a grin from ear to ear. The three boys were obviously very comfortable with each other, and looked so peaceful, sleeping together. A couple of hours later, Jake awoke with a full bladder, and he was stuck in the middle between his boyfriend and Chris. There was likely no way he could get off the bed without waking somebody. He tried to slide off the bottom end of the bed, waking both Kevin and Chris in the process. "I gotta pee," Jake said. "Me too," Kevin stated. "Me three," Chris said, "let’s all tinkle together, sometimes some of my friends at school and me all gather around a toilet and tinkle together." Kevin, glancing at Jake, "I suppose we could." Chris was grinning. The three boys all gathered around the toilet in Kevin’s bathroom, Kevin on the right, Jake on the left and Chris in front of the toilet. All three of them unzipped and pulled out their junk. Naturally, the two gay boys took notice of Chris’s three inches or so of circumcised but well shaped boyhood and Chris noted that both of the older boys sported about five inches in the flaccid state. They all started to tinkle, cris-crossing their streams, and Chris giggled. They finished and put away their junk, then returned downstairs. Most of the evidence of Christmas Dinner was gone, except for some of the aroma. The ladies had washed up all the dishes, and were putting away the leftovers. Audrey had taken the remainder of the breast from the carcass, leaving the skeleton. Both of the legs, thighs and wings had found homes in peoples bellies. "Audrey," Tonya asked, "do you have plans for the carcass?" "Not really," Audrey replied, "do you want it?" "I can make some good Turkey Noodle soup from that," Tonya said. "I’ll trade you," Audrey said, smiling, "you can have the carcass, if you leave us some of that awesome fruit salad!" "Deal!" Tonya said, smiling, "we actually have a little more of that at home that wouldn’t fit in the bowl, enough for a couple teenaged boys to get a snack from." Jake and Kevin both smiled. "Tonya, there is a lot of Turkey breast left," Audrey said, "would you like some of that for sandwiches?" "Sure," Tonya replied, "Cold Turkey sandwiches always go down well, and it’s better than you can buy at the market. Thank you." Tonya and the boys were getting ready to depart. Evan and Julia had a long trip home, and weren’t planning to leave until the next morning, Wednesday. "Kevin, Jake," Chris asked, "Why don’t you guys sleep here tonight, so I can sleep with you?" Kevin and Jake glanced at each other. They are used to sleeping together naked, and it would change their habit, for the night. Chris’s eyes were full of desire and both boys hearts were melting. Evan overheard Chris’s request, and he felt a lot more comfortable with the idea than he would have the day before. He was certain that, even knowing both of the older boys are gay, Chris would be totally safe, sleeping with them. "If it’s okay with your Daddy," Kevin stated, "It’s okay with us." "Can I Daddy?" Chris asked, "Can I?" "Can you what?" Evan asked, smirking. "Can I sleep with Kevin and Jake tonight?" Chris asked. "I guess so," Evan replied, "if you promise not to keep them awake all night!" "I’ll be good," Chris stated, excitedly, "Thanks, Daddy!" "Chrissie," Kevin said, "we have to take Jake’s Mom home first, do you want to go with us?" "You bet!" Chris exclaimed. They gathered up the things that Tonya was taking to the house, including the Turkey carcass and some of the leftover Turkey. Jake and Chris sat in the back seat, and Tonya sat in the front passenger seat. Jake insured that Chris fastened his seat belt, and buckled his own. "Chris," Tonya asked, "do you have a bike?" "No," Chris replied, "I was hoping I might get one for Christmas, but I don't think I did, unless Santa left it where I live." Tonya has an idea, Jake hasn’t ridden his bike in about two years and it’s stored in the shed. It’s old, but in good shape. Maybe Chris could make use of it. Tonya text’d Audrey, and asked her to question Evan and find out if Chris has a bike. She got an answer back quickly, and it was negative. When they arrived at Tonya’s house, Tonya got Jake to one side. "Jake," Tonya asked, "do you think you will ever ride your bike again?" "Probably not," Jake said, "Are you thinking what I’m thinking, that maybe a certain young man could make some use of it?" "Better to give it away to someone that can use it," Tonya said, "than to just let it rust away." Jake nodded. When they got the food leftovers unloaded, Jake got the key to the shed and got the bike out. He and Kevin took a couple of rags to it, wiping off the two years worth of dust. Even the tires were still full of air, it just needed a rider, and maybe a bike wash. "Chris," Jake asked, "could you use this?" "Could I!" Chris exclaimed, "How much do you want for it?" Jake, grinning, "Better give it a test drive first, be careful, and watch for cars." Chris hopped on it, riding out the drive and onto the street. He returned about five minutes later. "Even the tires look good," Chris stated, "and it rides really well. Maybe my Daddy will buy it for me." "I replaced those tires," Jake said, "not long before I quit riding it. Chrissie, if you want that bike, consider it my Christmas present to you!" "For real, Jake?" Chris was ecstatic, "you’re really giving me this bike?" "Merry Christmas, Chris!" Jake said, grinning. Chris literally jumped into Jake’s arms, and if Jake hadn’t caught him he might have been injured. Jake hugged Chris and Chris planted a juicy kiss on Jake’s cheek, which was, of course returned. Jake was somewhat surprised at Chris’s reaction, and it made Jake feel good to have been able to make Chris this happy. Kevin and Jake loaded the bike into Kevin’s trunk, and Jake found a Bungie strap to hold the trunk lid down. All three of the boys went into the house to tell Tonya goodbye. Tonya gave Chris a special goodbye kiss and hug, as she won’t see Chris again for a long time—if ever. It’s going to be a rather lonely Christmas night for Tonya, as the boys are sleeping at the Collins home tonight, but at least the boys will likely be around sometime tomorrow. Tonya’s days are brighter, now that Kevin and Jake are boyfriends. She has nothing but love for both Jake and Kevin, and almost thinks of them as one. Driving back to the Collins home, Chris was secured in the back seat, and Jake rode up front with Kevin, sitting in the passenger seat. The two boys were dying to share a romantic kiss and hug with each other, but were committed to avoiding PDA in front of Chris. They were so close, yet so far away from each other. When they arrived back at Kevin’s house, Chris couldn’t wait to show Evan and Julie what Jake had given him, and hopped out of the car quickly, running into the house. Kevin and Jake pulled the bike out of Kevin’s trunk and stood it up, using the kickstand. Chris, his voice high with excitement, "Daddy, Mommy, come see what Jake gave me for Christmas!" Evan and Julie followed Chris outside and Chris proudly pointed at the bike. "So I guess you got a bike for Christmas after all, Chris!" Evan stated, "Jake, what prompted this?" "Uncle Evan," Jake explained, "I haven’t ridden it in two years. Why not give it to someone who will use it." Evan was a bit surprised that Jake called him ‘Uncle Evan’ but accepted the name. "Jake," Evan said, "Santa’s bank account ran a little short this year and I’m certain that bike will not sit around for the next two years! Your generosity is greatly appreciated, and I know you helped make Chris’s Christmas a little brighter, Thank you." Evan put his arm around Jake’s shoulder, giving Jake a sideways hug. About 9:00 PM Audrey broke out the Pumpkin pies that no one had room for after the big dinner. They all gathered around the table again to enjoy pie and eggnog together. Evan and Julie were anxious to get to bed as they planned to leave for home fairly early the next morning. Everyone was tired, and ready to retire. Kevin, Jake and Chris headed to Kevin’s bedroom, leaving the door open, and they all stripped to their underwear. Kevin and Jake would have preferred to sleep next to each other, letting Chris have an outside edge, but somehow Chris managed to slide in between the two older boys. Chris, after about five minutes in bed, "I gotta poop." Chris climbed over Jake to exit the bed, and headed to the bathroom. "Chris," Kevin reminded him, "be sure and close the bathroom door." As soon as Chris was safely in the bathroom, the two older boys wrapped their arms around each other and passionately kissed each other’s lips. Both boys felt their cock’s erecting, and pushing against the fabric of their boxers. They’d been waiting all day for this chance to be alone, if even for just a few minutes. They heard the toilet flush and immediately broke their embrace, rolling onto their backs. The table lamp was still on, and Chris crawled back into bed, again snuggling in between the two older boys. With the light from the lamp, Chris noticed the two ‘tent poles’ supporting the covers. "How come you guys got boners?" Chris asked so innocently. "I don’t know," Kevin responded, quickly, "sometimes they just happen, like, out of nowhere." "Tell me about it!" Chris exclaimed, "I hate when you get one in school. You can’t hide the darn thing, and other kids make comments about the bulge in your pants. It’s specially embarrassing when it’s a girl that notices it, and says something." "Been there, Chris," Kevin said, "I think it happens to all boys." "Yep," Jake agreed, "It’s happened to me a few times too." "Is it bad to let a girl see your peter?" Chris asked. "Well, it’s not proper to display yourself in front of girls," Kevin explained, "but if a girl wants to see it, I don’t think it would necessarily be bad to let her see it. Did some girl want to see yours?" "Mary Lou lives a couple of doors away from me, and we sometimes play together," Chris explained. "She has a backyard playhouse, and one day we were playing in there. She told me she would show me her tinkle slit if I would show her my peter." "So did you see each others—private areas?" Kevin asked. "Yep," Chris said, "now I know why girls can’t stand to tinkle, they only have a little slit that they pee from. It looked funny. When Mary Lou saw my peter, she touched it, and it got hard, but it felt good too. I like having a girl play with my peter." Both Jake and Kevin snickered, knowing how good it feels to have your ‘peter’ played with, although they would both prefer to have a boy play with theirs, especially each other. "Chrissie," Kevin stated, "you and Mary Lou need to keep what you did a secret. If either her parents, or your parents knew, they might not let you and her play together anymore." At this point, Kevin is reasonably certain that Chris is about 100% straight. Neither he nor Jake have ever even seen, let alone touched, a girl’s private area, nor do they want to. Jake and Kevin both cuddled with Chris, and all three soon fell asleep. At 7:00 AM Evan’s phone alarm sounded and he arose from bed, needing to use the bathroom, which was, of course, in Kevin’s bedroom. He entered the bedroom through the open door, and then went into the bathroom, taking care of his need. When he opened the bathroom door, Julie was waiting to use the bathroom. They both took a minute to view the three sleeping young men, looking rather cute, sleeping together. Julie entered the bathroom, closing the door. Evan attempted, unsuccessfully, to awaken Chris without waking Kevin and Jake. All three boys jumped out of bed, all wearing their underwear, just about the same time that Julie exited the bathroom. Kevin and Jake were urgently looking for their pants! "Relax, boys," Julie stated, grinning, "I am accustomed to seeing boys, and men, in their underwear, even less than that, sometimes." Kevin and Jake felt a little more at ease now. Evan and Julie headed back into the guestroom to dress, while the three boys tinkled together again, then managed to get their bodies covered. They all headed downstairs, the aroma of brewing coffee and sausage cooking met them all, triggering their appetites for food. The adults and Jake all enjoyed coffee, while Kevin and Chris enjoyed some Orange-Mango juice. Audrey served the family sausage and pancakes, along with fried eggs. Once again, Chris managed to get his seat in between Kevin and Jake. Chris seems to have a lot of affection for both boys, and the feeling is mutual. There was some chatter as to when they might all see each other again, maybe at Thanksgiving or next Christmas. "Evan," Kurt stated, "are you aware that Kevin will be graduating in June? I would hope that you will come to his graduation." "Already?" Evan exclaimed, "It seems like only last year he graduated from Eighth Grade! Of course we’ll come, we wouldn’t miss it for the world." Kevin smiled. Even though he knows that Evan is not pleased with his sexuality, his Uncle still loves him. "Well," Kurt said, "I guess we know now when we’ll all be together again." "Wait a minute!" Julie exclaimed, "What about Easter? I think it’s our turn to host you all for a change." "Hun," Evan said, "we only have the one spare bedroom, and Chris only has a twin bed in his room." "Ev," Julie stated, "we’ve talked about getting Chris a full size bed, if we do that, the three boys can sleep together, like they did last night." Chris was grinning, ear to ear. Kevin and Jake glanced at each other, Julie did state that the THREE boys could sleep together! Has Julie accepted the fact that Kevin and Jake are a loving couple? Or have they misread her. "We have a few months to work this out," Evan said, "let’s see if we actually are able to get Chris that full bed, and then decide." Evan went back upstairs and picked up the large suitcase, that held not only his and Julie’s clothing but also Chris’s. Evan and Julie have an SUV, so placing Chris’s bike in it was not a problem, and Evan had already loaded it. Everyone walked out to say Goodbye to Evan, Julie and Chris, and to see them off. Julie, pulling Jake to one side, "Jake, I wasn’t too sure about how I felt about you when we first met. I think you’ve captured both Evan’s and my hearts. We weren’t too keen on your kind of relationship, but we can feel the love that you and Kevin have for each other. Kevin is our only nephew, and we love him a lot. Please promise me you’ll take care of him, and keep him happy." "You have my promise, Aunt Julie," Jake stated, "I’ve never known happiness in my life, like the happiness I’ve known since Kevin and I fell in love. I absolutely adore that boy, and there is nothing I would ever want to change about him. Chris has stolen a chunk of my heart too, he’s a beautiful young man. I love you, Aunt Julie." Jake prepared to kiss Julie’s cheek, but she turned her head, meeting Jake’s lips with her own. Julie, after sharing the kiss, and an affectionate hug, "I love you too, Jake, I think you’re a real sweetheart!" Jake blushed. Julie was only the second female to ever have kissed his lips, the first one was his Mom. Chris, crying on Kevin’s shoulders, "I want to stay here with you, and Jake. Can’t you understand that I love you guys?" "Chris, we love you too, sweetheart," Kevin tried to explain, "but we all have separate lives to live. In a few days you’ll be back in school, and so will Jake and I. We won’t have time to spend with you, and your Mommy and Daddy would be all alone. Please be thankful that we had Christmas to spend together, nobody can take that away from us." Kevin was fighting to keep the tears from escaping his eyes and he really didn’t want Chris to realize how painful it was for him to have to say goodbye. This is one time that Kevin wished that Chris didn’t live so damned far away. Kevin has nothing but a heart full of love for his little cousin. Kevin finally walked over to Aunt Julie, to give her a goodbye hug and kiss, then gave Uncle Evan a loving hug. Evan and Julie gathered up Chris, got him belted in, then got into the front seat and took off. Kevin and Jake were holding hands as Evan pulled away, waving goodbye with their free hands. Chris was looking out the rear side window and waving. As Evan’s SUV drove out of sight, Kevin and Jake fell into a passionate hug and kiss. Both boys somehow know that the bond they have forged with Christopher is one that will continue, far into the future. Chris has only been gone for a few minutes, and both Kevin and Jake are missing him—already! * * * * * * Christmas morning Vi, Art, and J&J had all risen early, anxious to see what the children’s reaction would be when they discovered what Santa had left them. They didn’t really expect much reaction from Dominic, as he is not three yet, and this whole idea of Santa Claus is still somewhat foreign to him. At 7:00 AM all four of them were on their 2nd cups of coffee when finally Samantha came to life. When she first came from her bedroom, she immediately came to the kitchen and kissed her Mommy and Daddy good morning, then paid a similar tribute to her big brothers, and of course they both returned her kisses. "Did Santa Claus come?" Sam asked. "I don’t know," Julian teased, grinning, "is there anything different this morning than when you went to bed last night?" Sam headed toward the tree, spotting the new dolly that had a tag attached to it. She picked it up and brought it to the kitchen. "I know that S A M spells my name, but what does the rest of this say?" Sam asked. Julian decided to help her. "Sam, a gift tag has two parts, To and From." Julian explained. "See this To? That means for who the gift is intended for, and this From is who gave the gift. The tag says ‘To Sam White’ and it’s ‘From Santa Claus.’" "Wow!" Sam exclaimed, "Santa even knows my new last name?" "Honey," Julian replied, "Santa knows everything about you!" A cranky little voice could be heard, coming from Art and Vi’s bedroom. Jeff jumped up from the table and headed back there. "Good morning, little man," Jeff said, smiling, "and Merry Christmas!" Jeff picked up Dominic from the crib, and stood him on the floor. "Yef!" Dom exclaimed, "I’m wet!" Oh shit, Jeff thought to himself, he had not previously dealt with a ‘wet’ Dominic, and was at a loss, as what to do. "MOM!" Jeff yelled, "I need help!" Vi, arriving to the bedroom, "What’s the problem, Jeff?" "Dominic’s wet!" Jeff exclaimed. "So," Vi replied, grinning, "change him." "Mom," Jeff answered, "I’ve never done that, I don’t know what to do!" "To begin," Vi said, smiling, "put him back in the crib, and take off his wet pull-ups, and drop them on the floor." Jeff followed Vi’s instructions. "Now take one of these wipes, and wipe all of his little parts, and his groin. All of it, Jeff, his little penis won’t bite you! Now take this baby powder and give his crotch and penis a good dusting. And don’t you dare try to tell me you’ve never touched a boys penis before—I know better!" Jeff’s face turned red after Vi’s last remark, despite the truth. "Now what?" Jeff asked. "There’s new pull-ups down in this draw, put them on him, and you’re done." Vi stated, smiling, "You just passed changing 101." Dominic, smiling, "Tanks, Yef, I feel gooder now." Jeff pulled Dom out of the crib again, gave him a loving kiss, and this time took him out to where everyone else was. "Baby," Julian asked, "did you powder his little ding-dong?" "Yep," Jeff replied, grinning, "I powdered it, he’s high and dry." Art and Julian both laughed and Vi grinned. Jeff was thankful that Dom was only wet, and not messed. Next class? Bum wiping 101! About 9:00 AM Vi served her family a breakfast of sausage and eggs, with cheese, hashed brown potatoes and toast. Dominic didn’t partake of the toast, but ate everything else by himself. Dominic’s third birthday is coming up on January 25th, a month after Christmas. Since it falls on a Friday the family is celebrating it on Saturday so that J&J can be here to help celebrate. There is no way that J&J would want to miss their little brother’s birthday! Vi broke with tradition, instead of roasting a Turkey for Christmas Dinner, she was roasting a Duck. It was already in the oven, sending a wonderful aroma out to tantalize everyone’s taste buds. After breakfast was out of the way, Vi busied herself preparing the rest of the family’s Christmas Dinner. Sam is not the kindest Mommy, poor old Sally has been relegated to the darkest depths of Sam’s closet, and Sam is spending her time now with Bella, since Santa left her under the tree. J&J had thought that Dom might become a construction engineer from the way he enjoyed building roads in the sandbox, but have changed their minds. J&J spent time and energy showing Dom how to build houses from Lego’s, then Dom’s new caterpillar would run through and knock them down into rubble, making Dom laugh. Dom is more likely to become a demolition expert! The boys rearranged Sam’s room, to make room for her toy kitchen that Santa left her. The refrigerator was non-functional but the stove burners were heated by light bulbs, and even the clock on the stove actually worked, as long as the stove was plugged into the wall. The china cabinet was empty, and the table and chairs were placed in there, in case Sam wanted to have company in for tea. The table would also be beneficial as a place for Sam to study. About 3:00 PM dinner was ready. Typically, J&J both put in requests for the Duck’s drumsticks, and their requests were honored. Dom, seeing both the older boys with the drumsticks also wanted one. Art removed one of the wings, and gave Dom one of the drumettes from the wing, and this satisfied him. In addition to the Duck, Vi had prepared stuffing and gravy, greens and winter squash, cranberries, and pumpkin pie for dessert. After the family shared a very delicious and satisfying Christmas Dinner together, it was time to open the wrapped gifts. They all migrated to the living room, and Sam very willingly played Santa. Vi was sitting on the sofa with the boys, Art in the recliner and Dom on the carpet. Sam was familiarized with the names, and determined that ‘Mom’ was short for ‘Mommy’ and ‘Dad’ was short for ‘Daddy.’ There was no rush, and everyone waited while the recipients opened their gifts, to see what was inside. Sam delivered a rather large box To: Jeff, From: Mom & Dad, and he opened it, the contents a beautiful blue winter jacket. Julian received an identical box, also From: Mom & Dad, containing an identical jacket that was green. The boys loved the jackets and graciously thanked Vi and Art. Sam then delivered packages To: Jeff From: Julian, and To: Julian From: Jeff. The boys opened them simultaneously, both packages contained a six-pack of white crew socks, and a six-pack of boxer briefs, one of them striped, and one in solid colors. The boys smiled and shared a tender kiss, Sam watching and grinning. Some time ago Sam had seen J&J kissing each other and had asked Vi and Art why two boys would kiss each other, as it seemed they would only kiss girls like that. Vi and Art explained that some times girls fall in love with other girls, and sometimes boys fall in love with other boys, and that Jeff and Julian loved each other. It was no longer an issue, and Sam loves both boys. It took Dominic very little time to learn how to rip the pretty paper from the outside of a package and discover the treasure hidden inside. The last package under the tree was To: Sam From: Jeff & Julian. It was a set of toy dishes, plates, cup & saucers, and bowls, along with appropriate forks and spoons. Sam quickly kissed her big brothers, thanking them. She now has dishes to put in her china cabinet, and wasted no time taking them to her room. "Mommy," Sam asked, "can I go get Eric and show him what I got for Christmas?" "Sure, honey," Vi answered. Sam quickly put on her jacket and left for the Hanson’s house, walking in without knocking. Eric usually does the same at the White's home. Both of these children are very welcome in each other’s homes. Eric, hearing Sam come in, ran to her, "Merry Christmas, Sam," and gave her a hug and kissed her cheek. "And Merry Christmas to you," as Sam returned the kiss on his cheek, both kids hugging. "Sam, let me show you what I got for Christmas!" Eric exclaimed, leading Sam to his (and Larry’s) bedroom. Larry was downstairs. Sam tried to show her excitement, but she was not highly impressed, most of Eric’s gifts were ‘boy toys’ and not things that a little girl would enjoy playing with. Sam talked Eric into coming with her, so she could show Eric her gifts. Showing Eric the table and chairs, she explained how she could invite him over to have tea, or other snacks with her, and he did have interest in that. Poor Eric has another interest too. His Mommy had told him, as he had explained to Sam a long time ago, when he tinkled in the back yard, never to show his peter to girls. At six years old, going on seven, and having only a brother, he has never seen what a girl has between her legs, and is curious, probably quite normally so. Maybe, just maybe, he can talk Sam into a little game of show and tell one of these days. He would be willing to let Sam see his peter if he can see what she has in it’s place. Eric was anxious to get back to his house and play with some of his new toys. He and Sam shared a hug before he left. "I love you, Eric," Sam stated, "you’re my best friend." "I love you too," Eric said, "maybe someday, when we get old enough, we might even get married." Eric left. They may only be in first grade, but these two are close! "They’re in love today," Jeff said, grinning, "in two or three years they probably won’t even be able to stand each other!" "I hope we’re still in love," Julian remarked, "two or three years from now." Jeff, wrapping his arm around Julian’s shoulders, and pulling him close, "Baby, I think I will love you forever." Julian smiled. Art and Vi glanced at each other and smiled, hoping to see these two boys walking down the isle one beautiful day. * * * * * * After Evan, Julie and Chris left that Wednesday morning, Kevin and Jake headed back into the house, along with Kurt and Audrey. "Are you boys going to be here for lunch?" Audrey asked. "I don’t think so," Kevin replied, "we’re going to go to DMV and get an application for Jake to get his driver’s permit, and then to Jake’s house to fill it out. Because Jake is still only sixteen, Tonya has to sign it. We may be able to get the permit today, or maybe not until tomorrow. I think we’ll be staying at Jake’s tonight, and after we get the permit, I’m gonna teach this lunkhead to drive." Jake, Kurt and Audrey all grinned at Kevin’s use of the ‘lunkhead’ term to describe his boyfriend. The boys left shortly afterwards. Kevin and Jake arrived at the DMV about 10:00 AM, got the application and a driver’s manual, and arrived at Tonya’s a little after 10:30. It took about half an hour for Jake to fill out the application, and another 30 seconds for Tonya to sign her parental approval. Tonya told the boys that the Turkey Noodle soup should be done by about 12:30 PM. She dug out Jake’s Birth Certificate, and the boys returned to the DMV. As usual there was a waiting line and it was nearly 2:00 PM when Jake’s number was called. Fifteen minutes later the boys left DMV with Jake’s brand new learner’s permit. "You wanna drive us home?" Kevin asked. "I don’t think so," Jake replied, "your car is a stick shift, and I think I’d be more comfortable with an automatic transmission." "Don’t be a pansy, Baby, if you learn with a stick," Kevin explained, "then you can drive almost anything. I’ll drive us back, but I’m going to show you the basics of driving a standard shift car. The next time that we go someplace, you’re driving!" They left the DMV parking lot and headed toward Jake’s house. Kevin patiently explained every move, and how to coordinate the clutch and throttle for a smooth takeoff, and shifting gears. About 3:00 PM they pulled into Tonya’s drive and parked, walking in through the back door. The aroma of Tonya’s Turkey Noodle soup hit the boy’s nostrils and they were both instantly hungry. "Got it!" Jake exclaimed, proudly showing Tonya his learners permit, and returning his Birth Certificate to her for safe keeping. "Great!" Tonya exclaimed, giving her son a kiss on his cheek. "The soup is done but it needs to be warmed up a little." Tonya ladled out a few ladles full into a smaller pot and placed it on a burner to heat. She slid what remained of the Turkey’s carcass into the trash. It was nothing but bones, as she had picked off any meat that remained and put it in the soup. On top of the bones were some trimmings from an onion and celery, and peelings from a couple of carrots, which added a little body and flavor to the soup. Tonya placed a bag of cheese-garlic croutons on the table, and proceeded to ladle up three bowls of the soup, setting them on the table. The boys instinctively sat together on one side of the table, and Tonya sat across from them. Jake opened the bag of croutons and stuck his hand in the bag, grabbing a handful and dropping them in his bowl. Kevin had never had croutons in soup before, but followed his boyfriend’s lead, dropping some in his soup. "I always thought croutons were just for salads," Kevin said, "the soup is great, but the croutons are like icing on the cake, they’re really good in the soup. Most ‘noodle soups’ are thin and watery, but yours isn’t like that. Any chance of seconds?" "Your wish is my command!" Tonya said, smiling, as she started heating up another pot of soup. "Jake and I both like our soup to have a little substance, so I usually add a little corn starch to it." "It’s a damn good addition," Kevin said, "I don’t think I’ve ever had Turkey Noodle soup before, but this is so much tastier than any chicken noodle soup I’ve ever had, Thank you, Tonya." "You’re very welcome, Kevin," Tonya replied, "and I appreciate the complements." Tonya loves seeing her ‘boys’ enjoying her culinary skills, and loves having them both around. Tonya has finally gotten over her fantasies about Kevin. Oh, she still thinks the world of Kevin, but she has brought it, emotionally, into perspective. She wants, and really needs, a decent man in her life, but Kevin is still a boy, just a boy. He is also the boy that her son is in love with. In Tonya’s opinion, Kevin and Jake are into a beautiful relationship with each other, and she has the utmost respect for their love. After finishing up their bowls of soup, and the seconds, Kevin put on his jacket. "Come on, Jake," Kevin stated, "we’ve got things to do, get your jacket." "Where are we going?" Jake asked, as he pulled on his jacket. "You’ll see, baby," Kevin answered, "you’re going to like this, Tonya, we’ll be back in a couple of hours." "Are you boys sleeping here tonight?" Tonya asked, "And can I plan on supper for about 7:00, since we had a late lunch?" "Yes on both," Kevin replied, "we’ll be back by 7:00, or before, and we are planning on sleeping here tonight." Tonya gave both boys a warm hug and a kiss on their cheeks, and reminded them to be careful, and safe. Kevin and Jake headed out. Jake had no freaking idea where they were headed, but he has utmost trust in his boyfriend, and just rode along. A few minutes from home, Kevin pulled into the empty faculty parking lot at the high school and parked. "OK baby, switch seats with me," Kevin said, slipping out of the driver’s seat. Jake hesitated, finally exiting his side of the car. "Why here?" Jake asked. "Because it’s a nice big open space, no cars parked here, and the only thing you need to watch is those three light poles. It’s a great spot to practice starting, stopping and shifting." Jake assumed the driver’s seat, and Kevin took the passenger seat. Kevin explained how Jake needed to push out the clutch in order to start the engine. Like all first timers with a stick shift, the first three starts ended abruptly with a stalled engine. With Kevin’s patience and assistance, the next four or five starts were much smoother, and successful. Jake drove in circles around the lot in first gear. Time to introduce shifting. About the best they could do in the parking lot was up to third gear, as there was not enough space to get up to fourth or fifth. They needed to be on the road for that. After about forty-five minutes they were confronted with another problem, a police car behind them with lights flashing! "Oh shit, Police!" Kevin exclaimed, "Stop the car, Jake, and set the parking brake." Jake followed Kevin’s instruction, and the officer strolled up to Jake’s window, motioning Jake to lower it, which he did. "License and Registration, please," the officer stated, "and please turn the engine off." Jake fished in his pocket for his permit, Kevin retrieved the registration from the glove box, and pulled his own wallet out to get his license. Jake handed all three documents to the officer. "Sit tight, boys," the officer said, "I’ll run these and be back in a few." Officer Jenkins, returning to the window, "Jake, you’ve got a brand new permit, just issued today, and you’re not even in the system yet. Kevin, you’re clean. The school is closed for Christmas break, I need to ask why you guys are here, on school property?" "Officer," Kevin explained, "this big open parking lot is an ideal place for a new driver to practice starting, stopping and shifting a standard transmission. Are we in trouble?" "I don’t think so," Officer Jenkins replied, smiling, "you were on School property, and I needed to check you out, just making sure you weren’t trying to vandalize something. Your logic is sound, and you haven’t broken any laws that I know of. Kevin," Jenkins reached his hand across Jake, offering a handshake, and then shook Jake’s hand, "Be careful, and Carry On, I’m sorry I bothered you. You guys have a Happy New Year." Officer Jenkins returned to the patrol car, turned out the flashing lights and took off. "I thought I was gonna piss my pants," Jake said, "when he pulled us over." Kevin, reaching over and feeling Jake’s crotch, "You’re dry." "I just think you like an excuse to feel my junk," Jake said. "Any time, any place," Kevin replied, grinning, "but I prefer feeling it without clothing in the way! Home, James—er—Jake." Jake piloted the car out of the parking lot, and drove them to Tonya and Jake’s home, without incident. "Did I do OK?" Jake asked. "You did just fine, baby," Kevin stated, "you are now the official driver of this car, whenever we go anyplace together." Jake smiled. The two boys entered the back door, greeted by another deluge of tantalizing aroma. Doesn’t Tonya ever cook anything that doesn’t smell delicious? Tonya and the boys sat down to a tasty dinner of beef fajitas with Mexican style rice and pinto beans on the side, and a side salad. She finished dinner off with homemade chocolate brownies. "Baby," Kevin commented, smiling, "you better take some cooking lessons from your Mom. Then if we ever get married, you’ll be able to feed your husband really well!" "Would you guys actually consider marriage?" Tonya asked. "I know our love is young," Kevin said, "but if it continues to grow, there would be no reason for us not to eventually tie the knot, and become loving husbands. If we were established, financially, I would marry Jake in a heartbeat!" "Oh, mercy," Tonya snickered, "Jake’s father would have a fit!" "If we were completely on our own," Jake responded, "I don’t think there is much that Dad could do about it!" It just dawned on Tonya that just a little over a year from now, Jake will turn eighteen, and there will be no more support payments, and the support is nearly half of what she and Jake live off of. It might be time for her to find employment, or maybe a second husband? The boys were up quite early this morning, to see Evan, Julie and Chris off, and they were ready to retire, and shortly after they headed to Jake’s bedroom, Tonya was also ready for bed. She has plans to discuss something quite personal with Jake in the morning. Tonya wants to start dating again, but she is not to certain how Jake would feel about it, and she doesn’t want to upset his world too much. The boys cuddled together and fell asleep shortly, and Tonya not too long after. To Be Continued…………  
  5. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 28

    In Chapter 28 Rusty's grandparents return home- unexpectedly-uh, oh! It appears that Matt and Marie are a couple Gwen shares some of her plans with DJ Jamie receives an urgent call from Chuck__ __Fernando is in trouble! * * * * * * * * * * * * Sunday morning, February 11th was pretty normal in the Kendall household. DJ and Jamie were rudely awakened by the sound of DJ's phone at 10:00 AM and the two boys reluctantly drug their carcasses out of bed. After DJ started a pot of coffee brewing, they shared a shower. They're both scheduled to work at noon. Joe and I arose about 11:00 AM and headed to the kitchen for coffee, DJ had already cooked some bacon and eggs for Jamie and himself, and they were eating. About 11:20 the boys excused themselves and headed to the bedroom to dress for work, then left about 11:40. Right after DJ clocked in, Randy handed him the key to his house and asked him to go and gather up the borrowed chairs and return them to the pizzeria. "Randy, I need a favor," DJ said, "Jamie and I are planning to take two of our closest friends to the Waterhole on Saturday night, the 24th, can you please schedule me out by 5:00 PM that day, and not too early on Sunday?" "Sure, DJ," Randy said, "I'll make a note right now, DJ out by 5:00 PM on the 24th of February. Gotcha!" Daryl woke up, hearing DJ gathering up the chairs, and thought it was Randy, and walked out of the bedroom butt naked, surprising both DJ and himself. DJ spoke, grinning, "Good morning, Daryl, I see you survived the Party." "Hi, DJ," Daryl replied, "I thought it was Randy making this racket, if I'd known it was you I'd have at least pulled on some underwear!" "It's perfectly OK," DJ remarked, "none of us get dressed at home until we have to leave the house, so I'm quite accustomed to seeing naked men around. I won't tell Randy I've seen his boyfriend naked." "Thanks, DJ," Daryl replied, smiling. DJ loaded the chairs into his Tracker and took them back to the pizzeria, and Jamie helped him carry them back inside. He then returned to work, and it was busy, with the after-church crowd shopping. * * * * * * * * * * * * It was about 11:00 AM when Rusty's eyes opened and he immediately gazed upon his sleeping boyfriend and wondered if he should wake him. He is uncertain what the situation will be, once his grandparents return home, and that could happen at any time. He has so much enjoyed the time he has spent with Jamal, but the weekend is coming to an end. Sunday already! Rusty had the urge to trace the outline of Jamal's face with his finger, and Jamal suddenly had a smile on his face. He cannot help but admire the beauty of this young black mans' face, fuck, it's not just the face, it's everything about Jamal that he admires. Just their bodies touching causes an unexplainable pleasure, and Rusty is wondering if this is what love feels like. He glanced down and smiled, noticing that Jamal's cock was pushing up against the covers, probably morning wood, as he was also hard, and needing to pee. Jamal. smiling, "Good morning, beautiful!" "Hey, you're stealing my line," Rusty stated, grinning, "wanna pee with me off the deck?" Both boys got up and headed toward the deck, their erect cock's leading the way. They stood side by side, making golden arches and grinning at each other. "This is so fucking cool!" Jamal exclaimed. "I know," Rusty replied, "but we won't be able to do this after my grandparents return, we won't even be able to come out of my room naked." "Do you think they'll even let us sleep together?" Jamal asked. "I don't know," Rusty responded, "they don't even know I'm gay yet, but I'm going to have to come out to them, sooner or later." "You know baby," Jamal lamented, "after sleeping with you, I just don't want to have to sleep alone anymore. It just feels so incredibly wonderful to go to sleep with our bodies touching, and to wake up in the morning with you by my side. These last few days, since we met, have been the happiest days of my life." "So, what happens to us, when you find that nice black boy you've wanted to meet?" Rusty asked. "I don't see that happening," Jamal replied, "I think I've found the boy I've wanted, he's just not black, and I'm not looking anymore. I love you, Rusty, if you can handle having a black boyfriend." "Oh," Rusty remarked, "I keep forgetting that you're black, I just think of you as the boy I love, and I think love is colorblind!" "I think you are probably right," Jamal stated, "look at DJ and Jamie, they're as tight as the bark on a tree and they've been together for almost a year." "What do you say, we get some breakfast, and, maybe, take another naked hike, like we did yesterday?" Rusty asked. "Yeah," Jamal answered, grinning, "That was fun, and maybe we won't get caught today." The two boys cooked up some breakfast, ate, put on shorts and t-shirts, and headed out across the field, toward the woods. Jamal, while walking with Rusty, "I never told you how much I enjoyed that massage, if you want to sharpen your skill, you've got a willing body here you can practice on anytime!" Rusty smiled. * * * * * * * * * * * *, A little after 2:30 PM on Sunday afternoon Gwen's Mom dropped her off at the store. She was too early to clock in, but her Mom needed to be to be at work at 3:00. She was bubbling with excitement, dying to talk to DJ. The first thing she did was to check her schedule for next week to see if she was off on Saturday night, and she was scheduled off at 6:00 PM, great. She made a quick call to Jon, to tell him that she was off at 6:00 next Saturday. "DJ! Guess what?" Gwen exclaimed. "I'm all ears," DJ replied. "I've got a date with Jon for this Saturday night," Gwen remarked. "I'm so glad you dragged me to that party last night. Some day this week, when we can get the schedules to merge, Mom wants to have Jon come by for lunch, so they can meet each other!" "You're really into this guy, aren't you?" "Well, we only met last night, but we seem to like each other a lot, and he's a great kisser!" Gwen exclaimed. "So, I guess he did steal a kiss from you last night, huh?" Gwen, snickering, "He didn't have to steal it, I gave it to him willingly, and he asked me if I would date him, of course I told him I would, DJ, he's really nice." "I only just met him too," DJ replied, "but he came off to me in a positive manor, and I think he's a decent dude, I wish the best for you." "Thanks, DJ, that means a lot to me." "You're welcome, Gwen, what are you guys going to do?" "We don't know yet, we'll probably decide that by Saturday!" * * * * * * * * * * * *, Rusty, as the two boys entered the woods, "Jamal, I hate to say it, but I think those shorts are a bit too short for you, part of you is hanging below the cuff." Jamal, adjusting himself, "Is that better?" "Probably, if we were in public," Rusty said, grinning, "but I really don't mind seeing it hang out a little, it makes me a little aroused." The two boys were now safely in the woods, and both stripped off their t-shirts and shorts, placing them on a log, then shared a hug and kiss, causing both to grow semi-erections. They then walked, hand in hand, further into the woods. "Jamal, would you like to do what we did yesterday up here?" "Not really," Jamal replied, "I don't want to see your seed wasted on the ground, I've got a better idea, come with me." Jamal led his boyfriend a couple of hundred feet further into the woods, spotted a log that was about two feet wide, and led Rusty toward it. Jamal sat on the log. "Come over here, boyfriend," Jamal commanded, and Rusty approached Jamal. Then, "You have something I need!" Jamal spread his knees apart and drew Rusty between them, taking what he could of Rusty's semi-hard cock into his mouth, and started nursing it. Within seconds, Rusty's cock was at full mast, and the feeling of Jamal's mouth working it's magic was simply overwhelming. "Oh my god!" Rusty blurted, "you really like a cock in your mouth don't you, and it feels so—awesome!" Jamal, pulling off for a few seconds, "Not just any cock, baby, just yours!" Jamal continued his assault on Rusty's manhood. Rusty, after about five more minutes, "I'm getting close, do you want me to warn you before I cum?" Jamal shook his head, and worked even harder on Rusty's cock, then placed his hands on Rusty's butt-cheeks, holding him close so he couldn't back off. Jamal was also rock hard and leaking a steady stream of precum from his own cock that was forming a small puddle on the ground between Rusty's sneakers. "Oh, Fuck!" Rusty exclaimed, "I can't last much longer—just maybe a few more seconds—I'm cumming!" Jamal felt Rusty's cock pulsing, and the first of several ropes of Rusty's seed hit his throat, and several more filled his mouth. Jamal then allowed Rusty to pull out, and savored the flavor of his boyfriends' milk, then swallowed it. He then took that cock back into his mouth and used his hand to squeeze those last few drops out of Rusty's shaft and into his mouth. "I hope you know that I absolutely love how you taste!" Jamal exclaimed, "I think that's an understatement, I just plain love you, and everything about you, even if you are white." Rusty grinned. "Jamal," Rusty said, "We're not finished yet." "We're not?" Jamal queried. "You ate, you're not going to leave me starving, are you, I want to do you too." Rusty stated. The boys traded places, Rusty sitting on the log and he pulled Jamal close, licking the precum from the head of Jamal's BBC. "Are you sure you want to do this, Rusty, I don't want you to feel obligated," Jamal said. Rusty responded, chuckling, "Shut up and fuck my mouth, I hope you know that I want it!" Rusty closed his mouth around Jamal's hard penis, taking all that he could of it into his mouth, and wishing he could take more. Using his hand, he also started to massage Jamal's scrotum and nuts, and fingering Jamal's perineum, making Jamal giggle. It wasn't long before Rusty had Jamal on the edge. "Rusty, you're gonna make me cum!" Jamal exclaimed. Rusty, pulling off for a few, "It's not accidental, it's my intention!" Rusty was working his mouth on Jamal's cock the best way he knew, bobbing back and forth, and Jamal was feeling his orgasm building. Rusty had a sudden desire to finger Jamal's hole, and wished he had some of that lube handy. He pulled off Jamal's cock for just a couple of seconds and spit on his finger, then went back onto Jamal's cock. While Jamal enjoyed the feeling of Rusty's mouth on his cock, Rusty sneaked his saliva covered finger around and pushed it tenderly into Jamal's hole, just going in to the second knuckle. That move did the trick! "Oh! FUCK!" Jamal yelled, "I'M CUMMING—OH SHIT!" Jamal shot a huge load of his juice into Rusty's mouth and throat, and Rusty was doing his best to not let any of it dribble out of his mouth. Rusty pulled off of Jamal's cock, rolled the load around his mouth, and gulped it down. "Rusty," Jamal asked, "where did you learn that trick?" "I didn't, really, I just had a sudden urge to want to do it, I didn't hurt you, did I?" "Not at all," Jamal replied, "I was quite close anyway, but when you fingered me, it just sent me over the edge! Rusty, would you like to fuck me?" "Here? Now?" Rusty asked. "No," Jamal said, "but sometime in the near future, I've never been fucked, but I think I want to try it—with you, it's supposed to be the ultimate way for guys to make love. I'd like to try fucking you, too." "I don't think I'm ready for that yet," Rusty said, "but maybe, later on." "Baby, I'll never push you into something you're not comfortable with," Jamal said, "I love you too much for that." "I'll think about it," Rusty replied, "and let you know when I think I'm ready, are you getting hungry for some real food, like burritos?" "Sure," Jamal responded, grinning, "I don't think we could survive very long just on love juice." Rusty grinned. The two boys, now sexually satisfied, headed toward the edge of the wooded area, found their clothes and redressed, then headed across the field to Rusty's house. Once inside they headed to Rusty's bedroom and got comfortably naked again. These two young men feel very much at ease when they are naked around each other, and they both seem to like nudity. Rusty got the ground meat from the fridge, and the taco seasoning and, putting on his grandma's apron, started to prepare the filling for burritos, following the directions on the seasoning packet. "What can I do?" Jamal asked. "Here," Rusty said, handing Jamal a sharp knife and cutting board, "rinse the lettuce and tomatoes, dice the tomatoes, and shred the lettuce." "Rusty, I so much enjoy doing things together with you." "Even work?" Rusty remarked. "Even work!" Jamal answered, "Speaking of work, I promised Papa that I would cut the grass and weed eat the yard on Tuesday, since I don't have classes that day." "I'll help you, baby," Rusty responded, "what time do we need to be there?" "Rusty!" Jamal exclaimed, "I don't expect you to do my family chores." "I want to," Rusty replied, "I know how to push a lawn mower, and operate a weed eater, and we'll have fun doing it together." "Well, ok," Jamal said, "I doubt I would have to twist Mama's arm very much to get us a free dinner, and since we have classes on Wednesday morning, we could probably spend the night in my bed for a change." "I'm cool with that, but I think you should clear it with your parents first." "Will do," Jamal said, "I'll call them later tonight." The boys were about to share their dinner and Rusty heard something. He ran to the window and looked outside. "Jamal, quick, we have to get dressed—my grandparents just pulled into the driveway!" Rusty stated, emphatically. Both boys rushed into Rusty's bedroom and got dressed within about 2 minutes, and headed back to the kitchen, just as the grandparents walked in the back door. "Welcome home!" Rusty exclaimed, "I wasn't expecting you back for a couple more weeks." Rusty gave both grandparents a loving and welcome hug. "I guess you weren't, Sonny," Grandpa said, "we see you have company, are you going to introduce us?" "Sure, sorry," Rusty said, "Grandma, Grandpa, this is a close friend of mine from school, Jamal Robinson, and Jamal, these are my grandparents on my father's side, Mr. and Mrs. McKeever." Grandpa, shaking hands with Jamal, "We're happy to meet you, Jamal." Then Jamal shook hands with Grandma. "We just made some taco meat," Rusty stated, "I'm sure there is plenty to feed a couple more people, if you two are a little hungry." "We're fine, Sonny," Grandpa said, "we didn't expect to eat here tonight, and we just left Denny's, why don't you guys go ahead and eat, before your food gets cold. Sonny, if you would, after you eat, you could help me unload the car," Grandpa stated. "Sure Grandpa," Rusty responded, "we'll be glad to." "Rusty, I'm a little confused," Jamal asked, "why do they call you 'Sonny'?" "Because I was named after my father, and with two 'Irwin's and me being my father's son, they've always called me 'Sonny' and called my father 'Irwin.'" Jamal nodded. "Sonny," Grandma asked, "how are things going at school, and can we see your grades for last semester?" "Things are going well at school," Rusty replied, "I'm not sure where I stashed the grades, but they're all A's and B's." "Sonny," Grandma said, "your grandfather and I are proud of you, even if you are a little special, you're very special to us." "I'm not sure I understand," Rusty said, "how do you mean I'm special?" "Sonny, my gut instinct tells me that you two are much closer than just friends," Grandpa stated, "are you and Jamal romantically involved?" "GRANDPA!" Rusty blurted. Jamal, rising up, with his face turning red, "Rusty, I think I need to head home, I'll see you at school tomorrow." "JUST HOLD ON A MINUTE!" Grandpa said, raising his voice, "Jamal, sit! We're in the middle of a major discussion, and you're involved." Jamal sat back down. "Sonny, did you think that your Grandma and I were blind, as to your sexuality?" Grandpa stated. "You knew," Rusty asked, "That I was—gay?" "Sweetheart," Grandma spoke, "we've known for a few years, we were just waiting for you to tell us, when you were ready to come out to us. Sonny, it doesn't matter, gay or straight, we love you, and we just want you to be happy." Rusty burst into tears, sobbing. Jamal grabbed a napkin, blotting Rusty's tears, and hugging him tightly. "Sonny, what's the matter?" Grandpa asked. "Nothing, I guess," Rusty said, "I just feel—like the weight—of the world—has been lifted—off my shoulders!" Rusty is still sobbing a little. "Mr. McKeever," Jamal commented, "he's been wanting to come out to you for a while, he just didn't know how to do it, and we were both concerned as to how you would react when he did." Grandma rose, came around to Jamal and hugged him. "Jamal, I'm glad you were here today, for Sonny," Grandma said, "one would have to be blind not to see that you two do care a lot for each other." Rusty smiled. "You know," Grandpa said, grinning, "You guys never answered my question, but I think actions speak louder that words. I can see that you guys are romantically involved. Sonny, shall we get the car unloaded?" "Can I ask a favor?" Jamal asked. "Sure, Jamal," Grandpa replied. "I feel like I know you, and it's kind of awkward calling you Mr. and Mrs. McKeever, can I just call you Grandma and Grandpa?" Grandpa, smiling, "Jamal, I think we'd consider that an honor." Grandma, smiling, "I don't think most grandparents ever have enough grandchildren, we'd be happy to adopt another grandson." "Thanks, Grandma," Jamal said, "that deserves a kiss." Jamal hugged Grandma and placed a tender, loving kiss on her cheek. Grandpa, Rusty and Jamal headed out to start unloading the car. "Jamal, you're a guest here, Sonny and I can handle this." "It's OK, Grandpa, Rusty and I like doing things together." Grandpa, chuckling sarcastically, "I'll just bet you do!" Fifteen minutes later the car was unloaded, and the contents taken into the various rooms, as per Grandpa's orders. About 7:00 PM the boys settled at the kitchen table and tackled their homework that was due the next day, which they both knocked off in an hour. About 8:00 PM Grandpa came into the kitchen, about the time the boys were finished. "Should I assume that Jamal is staying over with you, Sonny?" "Unless you'd rather I go home," Jamal answered. "I suspect," Grandpa responded, "that you guys have been sleeping together while we've been gone, and I see no reason to upset your habits. Just keep in mind that there is a lady in the house, so if you come out of your room, at least cover your bottoms. Molly and I have been on the road since early this morning, and we're going to bed! Good night, boys, see you tomorrow." "Good night, Grandpa." The boys said, in unison. * * * The grandparents were discussing the situation before falling asleep. "What do you think, Molly?" "I was a little surprised, that Sonny would date a black boy, but Jamal seems to be a really sweet young man, I cannot help but like him, a lot." "Maybe cupid is colorblind, or maybe color just doesn't really matter anyway. You can almost feel the love radiating between those two young men. I guess time will tell. Goodnight sweetheart." The grandparents shared a loving kiss, and soon fell asleep. * * * It was still only about 8:00 PM, and the boys decided to watch a movie on Netflix before going to bed. It wasn't quite like the other nights, as they needed to keep their 'bottoms' covered. They both went into Rusty's room and stripped, except for their boxers, then cuddled on the sofa to watch a movie together. Jamal spoke, "Coming out to your grandparents went quite smoothly, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was." Rusty responded, "It may have been easy for you, but I was a bundle of nerves! All the years I spent worrying about what would happen if they found out that I was gay, and they knew it all along! I sure wish I'd known that they knew, at least, I'm out now, and it feels terrific! "I need to call Mama before it's too late." Jamal made the call, and his mother answered. "Mama, I'm staying here with Rusty tonight, and probably tomorrow night. I promised Papa that I would cut the grass Tuesday, as I have no classes that day, and Rusty is going to help me. Could you maybe spot us dinner Tuesday night, and probably a shower after we finish the yard work?" (Mama talking on the phone) "Mama, keep it simple, a couple of sandwiches is fine, and we'll be there about 12:00 or 12:30 for lunch, do the yard work, shower and have dinner with you and Papa." (Mama on the phone) "I guess we could, Papa already said that would be ok." (Mama on the phone) "OK Mama, thanks, and I love you." They hung up. "Here's the plan, Rusty. We're going to my Moms for lunch about noon on Tuesday, then doing the yard work, then we can shower up, and have dinner with her and Papa, and spending the night in my bed, then we'll go to school from there on Wednesday morning." "That sounds like a workable plan," Rusty commented, "can we shower together at your house?" "Probably, they know we sleep together, so why not." "Everything seems to be going well for us," Rusty said, "your parents have accepted you and our relationship, and my grandparents have also, I wonder what the next hurdle will be?" "Who knows, maybe we'll have smooth sailing for a while." The two boys cuddled on the sofa for the next two hours, touching, caressing and just enjoying their closeness. Once the movie ended, they turned off the TV, and Rusty led Jamal to the bedroom, and they continued to cuddle, making out a little, until they fell asleep. * * * * * * * * * * * * DJ and Jamie both completed their shifts at 6:00 PM and headed to the Seldon home in the Tracker, arriving at about 6:30. DJ welcomed the offering of a bowl of Karen's homemade soup, and after eating that, both DJ and Jamie pulled out their backpacks and tackled their assignments that are due tomorrow morning. Bryan arrived about 9:30, just as Jamie and DJ finished their homework. DJ questioned Bryan as to whether he'd made arrangements to have Saturday night the 24th off. Bryan said he would be working that morning but would be getting off at 4:00 PM and he didn't know for sure if Phil had secured that night off but would remind him tonight or at least tomorrow. Phil won't be home until around 11:30 PM. 7:00 AM comes soon, and the three boys headed to bed shortly after Bryan got home. * * * * * * * * * * * * On Monday morning, February 12th, Jamie's pesky alarm sounded, waking him and DJ from their slumber. Jamie hit the snooze button and cuddled up with DJ for the five minutes before the damn thing would sound again! The second time, they got up, pulled on their boxer-briefs, and headed to the bathroom to relieve their bladders. Jamie went back to the bedroom and grabbed two pairs of clean boxer-briefs while DJ entered Phil and Bryan's room to wake Bryan up. DJ couldn't help but grin, as both boys were lying naked on top of the blanket, Bryan sporting morning wood. He gently shook Bryan's shoulder to wake him, then joined Jamie in the bathroom, and he and Jamie entered the shower together. DJ and Jamie finished showering and turned off the water. When they opened the shower door they were met by a naked Bryan. "Next!" Bryan exclaimed, and he playfully cuffed at both boys' cocks, DJ and Jamie returned the favor and all three grinned. DJ and Jamie dried each other off, pulled on the clean boxer-briefs and headed to the kitchen. Karen had already placed a glass of orange juice on the table for Jamie and poured a mug of coffee for DJ. They told Karen they would wait for Bryan to finish his shower and they could all eat breakfast together. While they were waiting on Bryan, DJ and Jamie told Karen about the party, about Gwen and Jon, and about Daryl and Randy's 'coming out' speech. After Bryan arrived, Karen prepared some breakfast for the four of them and ate with the boys. She would be cooking another breakfast for Carl and Phil after they got up. DJ, Jamie and Bryan all updated their work schedules on the memo board, being a Monday, DJ and Jamie were both off today, Bryan was scheduled at 4:00 PM and Phil at 3:00. All three planned to come back here for dinner about 1:00 PM. The three boys left in DJ's Tracker about 8:30 and headed for college. Bryan, on the ride, "Phil and I are making some headway on our 'apartment fund', we've got a little over $300 salted away. We figure we need to have at least $1000 to $1200 to pay a security deposit and first months rent. Jamie, I hope your Mom and Dad realize how much Phil and I appreciate what they are doing to help us." "I think they do," Jamie replied, "I know that Mom appreciates that you guys have been helping to buy the groceries, and I really think that Mom and Dad enjoy having you guys around." The boys arrived on campus shortly before 9:00 AM, DJ and Jamie headed to their 9:00 AM class, and Bryan headed to the cafeteria to kill the hour with some coffee. About noon, the boys decided to stop by the cafeteria and see if Matt might be there, and he was, just sitting at a table with Marie. Jamie, as he and DJ approached M&M, "Hi Matt, Hi Marie." "Hi, guys," Matt greeted, smiling, the three of them bumped fists. "Dude," DJ said, "we haven't been in touch for a few days, and we just wondered how everything is going?" "Thanks for asking," Matt replied, smiling. "Things are going quite well, Mom has asked me to bring Marie to our home for dinner tomorrow evening, she wants to meet my—girlfriend." (Marie is beaming, this was the first time that Matt had referenced her as his girlfriend) Then on Friday night, Marie's parents are taking us to my favorite restaurant, Red Lobster, for dinner." "And then," Marie added, "on Saturday, Matt is taking me to the city, and we're going to check out one or two of the Big Malls up there!" "It seems you two are developing a decent social life," Jamie said. "I think we're both old enough for that." Marie responded, "and Matt is a great kisser, too." Matt blushed, DJ and Jamie grinned. "We'll catch you two later, we gotta run." DJ said, as he and Jamie headed out toward the parking lot. "Matt," Marie said, "I loved it when you referred to me as your girlfriend, would that mean that you're my boyfriend?" "If the shoe fits?" Matt replied. "I think it fits perfectly!" Marie stated, smiling, and squeezing Matt's hand. As DJ and Jamie approached the Tracker, Bryan was already there waiting on them, and Jamal and Rusty hustled toward them. "DJ, Jamie, hold up!" Jamal hollered. "What's up, Jamal?" DJ asked. "Mostly, I just wanted to introduce you to my boyfriend, Rusty." "We've met Rusty," DJ stated. "I don't think you heard me right," Jamal said, "I told you I wanted you to meet my BOYFRIEND, Rusty McKeever." DJ, his jaw dropping, "Jamal! What happened to black and white don't go together?" "I think Cupid changed the game plan," Jamal explained, smiling, "or else he's colorblind, at least I didn't steal him!" "I gotta give you credit for that," Jamie said, grinning. "Guys," Rusty stated, "Jamal and I spent the whole weekend together at my grandparents' house, and it was beautiful!" "There's more," Jamal continued, "my parents invited us to dinner Saturday evening, and met Rusty, I introduced him as my boyfriend, and they accepted him, and our relationship! Rusty is going to help me do their yard tomorrow, have dinner with Mama and Papa, and sleep with me in my bed tomorrow night!" "WOW!" DJ exclaimed, "I'm totally flabbergasted, it's incredible that your parents have come that far, Jamal, I'm so happy for you, for both of you." "DJ, these last few days I've spent with Rusty, have been the happiest days of my life!" Jamal exclaimed. "Do you know what else is incredible?" Rusty stated, "Jamal and I have gone from complete strangers to loving boyfriends, in only one week!" "That's believable," Jamie said, "I know of a certain chocolate boy and a certain vanilla boy that didn't take much more time than that to become boyfriends, and they're still as strong as ever!" "Oh my god, Jamie," DJ said, grinning, "it seems like years ago that we used those terms, and we're just now approaching our first anniversary!" "Hey, Chocolate Boy," Jamie said, grinning, "we did tell Mom we'd be getting home for dinner around 1:00 PM, we really need to leave." "Wait a minute," Jamal said, "you guys aren't getting out of here without a loving hug! Rusty and I appreciate the well wishes." Jamal and Rusty gave the other three boys a hug, (no kisses) and headed toward Jamal's car, DJ, Jamie and Bryan headed for the Tracker and headed home. This was one of those days that they really ate together as a family, Karen, Carl and all four of the boys. The main topic of conversation was around Jamal, and his new love. "It looks like you boys made the right decision," Carl commented, "when you dropped the charges against Jamal. It seems his life is turning around for the better, and I'm glad to hear his parents have come around, and that he seems to have met someone he cares about, and cares for him. Bryan is scheduled at 4:00 PM, Phil at 3:00 and Carl will head to work about 3:30, DJ and Jamie are off on Mondays. After dinner they plan to do their homework and get that out of the way and then head to DJ's house around 5:30 PM and give DJ's neglected play station some exercise. * * * * * * * * * * * * About 6:00 PM, DJ and Jamie arrived at our home. Joe and I were both working, I would be home around 9:30 that night and Joe about 11:00. The boys got drinks from the fridge and fired up the TV and play station. By 6:30 Jamie and DJ were in another world. A little past 7:00 Jamie's phone rang, and he looked at the screen, noting that it was from Chuck. Jamie, before answering, "I have a bad feeling about this call." Then "Hello, Chuck." "Jamie," Chuck said, "Are you in a position to talk?" "Yeah," Jamie replied, "DJ and I were in a game, but we can pause it, what's up?" DJ instinctively put the game on pause. "Jamie, did you ever talk to your boss, about maybe becoming foster parents to Fernando?" Chuck asked. "I offered to, Chuck, but you said it was too early, and I should wait until something happened, please don't tell me that his father has kicked him out of the house." "It's worse than that," Chuck said, "Something happened Friday afternoon, and Fernando is in Juvie hall." "Oh, fuck!" Jamie exclaimed, "What did he do?" "It seems," Chuck explained, "that Fernando and a 17-year old boy got caught kissing, and making out, in one of the stalls in the boys' rest room. One of the teachers went into the rest room and noticed two pairs of shoes in one stall, he yanked the stall door open, and there they were. He made the two boys follow him to the principal's office. The Principal contacted the parents of both boys, and asked them to come in, as there may be a problem with their sons." "When the fathers of both boys arrived, the Principal explained to them what the boys were caught doing, and what could have happened, had it been some of the other boys that caught them, instead of a teacher, and that they could have been beaten up. He told both fathers that they could take their son’s home, and he hoped there would not be a repeat of this incident. Fernando's father told the Principal that his little perv was not welcome back into his house ever again and walked out!" "Oh, Shit!" Jamie exclaimed, "so poor Fernando was just left in the Principals office?" "Yes," Chuck confirmed, "and since Fernando is only 15, he had no choice but to contact CPS (Child Protective Service) of Social Services. CPS took Fernando to Juvie Hall, since he couldn't go home. Serena and I tried to get custody of Fernando, but the authorities disqualified us, but at least they are keeping us abreast of what is happening. They told Serena that Fernando will be in Juvie hall, until CPS finds a foster home for him." "Do you know if anyone from CPS has talked with Fernando yet?" "Yeah," Chuck replied, "a lady from CPS came in Friday evening and interviewed him. She was particularly interested in how he got put in there, and he admitted to her that he was gay. She told him that, because of the circumstances, he would be considered a possible sexual risk, as the offense might be considered a sexual offense, even though they weren't actually having sex." "Have you heard anything more today?" Jamie asked. "Serena talked with the lady from CPS today. You know what's really pissing me off? The older boy was just a guilty as Fernando, but because his father came and took him home, he's off the hook! The lady from CPS told Serena today that she had contacted several possible foster parents, and none of them wanted to take in Fernando, because he's gay, and they have other children in the house." "That's fucked up!" Jamie said, "They're treating Fernando like he's a hardened sex criminal. These fucking authorities think they know all the answers, and it's making me angry! I've not even met the boy, but I—sure would like to—grab him—and hug him, and—let him know—that somebody—cares." "Jamie," Chuck asked, "are you crying?" "Sorry Chuck," Jamie sniffled, "Sometimes my emotions, just take control over me." "Getting back to the issue at hand," Chuck said, "could you talk to your boss and his wife, and see how they feel about this?" "Sure, Chuck," Jamie replied, "the pizzeria is closed on Mondays, but you'd best believe I'll talk with them, first thing tomorrow morning. They open at 11:00 AM, but Anthony and Maria usually come in a little after 9:30 to prep stuff, and that would probably be the best time to see them, before any customers are around." "I sure hope your feelings are right," Chuck said, "Fernando's future is hanging in the balance, and time is not our friend. I guess you would realize, that they are going to need to pass the background check, before CPS will consider them for foster parents." "That would be expected," Jamie commented, "whenever you're dealing with government agencies. If they agree to do it, we'll likely need more information. I'll call you tomorrow, ASAP, and let you know what they said." "Thanks, Jamie, the sooner the better. Have a good night." "Good night, Chuck." They hung up. "DJ," Jamie stated, "I need to get up and out of here in the morning, about the same time as you. I need to talk with Anthony and Maria, and I'd like to be at the pizzeria as soon as they get there." "I only heard your side of the conversation," DJ said," but it sounds like Fernando is in deep shit! Are you ready to continue our game?" "Not really, baby," Jamie responded, "I don't feel like playing anymore, can we just go to bed, and I'll fill you in on the details." "Sure," DJ said, as he shut down the console, and Jamie turned off the TV. The two boys headed to the bedroom, stripped and crawled in, cuddling close. Jamie spent the next half an hour, explaining to DJ what Chuck had told him. "How can they do it, Jamie?" DJ questioned, "How can parents just turn their backs on their children like that! Someday, when we have our own children, that we've loved and raised, I can't even picture that either one of us could ever do that." "I don't understand it either, baby," Jamie responded, "I have to consider us both pretty fortunate, to have the parents we have, that love us like they do." "You know, Jamie, I didn't always have that kind of parental love, but now that I have it, I'd never want to lose it. I can't think of anything that feels any better, than to know that you are loved!" "You do know why I need to talk to Anthony and Maria, don't you?" Jamie asked. "Yes, I know, and I wish you and Fernando all the good luck in the world!" Jamie and DJ soon drifted off to sleep, their arms around one another. (to be continued...)
  6. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 15

    Calvin and Jim woke up Saturday morning, both feeling amorous. They had made a mutual decision a week ago to refrain from having sex until their Wedding night. Tonight they would enjoy some beautiful sex together, as husbands. Jim headed to the kitchen and started coffee, and while the coffee was brewing he and Calvin shared a shower together. By the time Jim and Cal finished their shower, the boys were up and ready to share one together. Jim and Cal came out of the shower without turning the water off, and the boys entered. While the boys showered, Jim and Cal shaved. Jeff had shaved the night before. Julian grows almost no facial hair and didn’t feel a need to shave. The only thing Julian grows on his face is a pencil line moustache that requires a trim about once a week. The four men sat around the table, all still naked, and enjoyed the coffee and some cinnamon rolls together. Rather than preparing breakfast, Jim and Cal decided to take the boys to Denny’s for brunch, and then they would all go to the meeting room about 1:00 PM for the big occasion. After finishing their coffee, they all headed to the bedrooms to dress in the tuxedos. Jim and Cal packed an overnight bag to take to the Hotel after the wedding. The four men all checked each other out in the Tux’s and agreed that they all looked handsome. Cal and Jim produced small boxes, containing the rings, giving the appropriate boxes to J&J, the boys stuffing them into their pockets. They drove separately to Denny’s, as Jim and Calvin would not be returning to the house today. The server at Denny’s, noting that they all wore identical Tux’s, asked if they were part of a Wedding Party, and Cal proudly explained that he and Jim were the Grooms, and the boys were the ring bearers. She smiled. At the Meeting room, Elaine and Sasha, wearing almost identical suits that closely matched the color of the guys Tux’s, were doing their duty of introducing some of the guests. Until today, Charles and Lydia Wilson had never met any of the Ashley family, aside from Jim. Sasha and Elaine introduced the Wilson’s to Gerald and Angie Ashley, and to Bill and Elaine Parks. The groom’s parents quickly formed a small group and got to know each other a little. Most of the guests were coworkers of Jim and Calvin’s, and their spouses. The only actual family members were Cal’s Mom and Dad, and the senior Ashley’s, and of course, Cal’s sister, Sasha and Jim’s sister Elaine and her husband, Bill Parks. Sasha, Elaine, Jeff and Julian are all part of the wedding party. Bill Parks had a camera hanging from his neck, and planned to take some wedding pictures. Sasha and Elaine hadn’t considered a photographer, so Bill’s camera was a welcome sight. Elaine and Sasha had moved a banquet table to the back of the room, and had placed the cake, punch bowl and the snacks on the table. It is a meeting-room and contained a podium, which Pastor Scott spotted and quickly made use of, placing it at the front of the room. Unlike a church, there is no organ, but Sasha had brought in a boom box, to play some music. She and Elaine had decided against playing the traditional Wedding March, and had found an instrumental version of Debbie Boone’s ‘You Light Up My Life’ which they both thought to be quite appropriate for the occasion. It was actually more appropriate than either of the ladies realized, as that song had so much meaning to both Jim and Calvin. As Sasha was going to be giving her brother away, she asked her Dad to operate the boom box, and play that song during the procession. J&J assumed seats together in the front row of chairs, right in front of the makeshift alter (the podium), where Pastor Scott had taken his position. IT WAS TIME! Charles fired up the boom box, started the music, and Elaine took her brother’s left arm in hers, and started to walk him down the aisle, both of them stepping in time to the music. Five feet behind, Sasha, holding Calvin’s right arm followed suit. The two ladies presented their brothers to Pastor Scott, the men instinctively held hands, and the ladies stood by them, on the outside. Pastor Scott, when the music was turned down, started the ceremony. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here today to witness the love and commitment of two loving souls to each other, in the bonds of holy matrimony. In all honesty, this is my first time to officiate in a ceremony that is a little different than any I’ve ever done in the past. If I mess up, please forgive me. Let us pray." "Heavenly Father, we bring before you today, two loving individuals that care and love each other enough to want to spend their lives together as a loving, married couple. Please guide them, and protect them, as they embark on their journey together, as a single entity with your love. We ask your blessing, in the name of your loving Son, Jesus Christ. Amen." "Do you, Calvin Wilson, take James Ashley to be your wedded husband, through sickness and health, for richer or poorer, to honor and love, until death should tear you apart?" "I do!" Cal exclaimed. "Do you, James Ashley, take Calvin Wilson to be your wedded husband, through sickness and health, for richer or poorer, to honor and love, until death tears you apart?" "I do." Jim replied. "Do we have rings?" Pastor Scott asked, and J&J quickly approached the men and the pastor, both boys pulling the little boxes from their pockets. Jeff handed the ring to Calvin, and Julian hand his ring to Jim. "You men may place the rings on each others fingers." Calvin placed the ring on the third finger of Jim’s left hand, and Jim slid the ring on Calvin’s finger. "The wearing of these rings," Pastor Scott said, "shows the world that you are committed to each other, and indicates that you have accepted the responsibility of marriage, from this day forward." Calvin and Jim both smiled at each other. "Under the statutes given me by this state, and the laws of this nation, and with God’s blessing, I hereby pronounce you, Calvin, and you, James to be lawfully married husbands, to have and to hold from this day forward. You may kiss each other." Calvin and Jim held each other tightly, and shared a romantic kiss, while the guest’s all cheered. Most of their coworkers offered congratulations, the men shook hands with both of them and some of the ladies gave both of them kisses. Lonnie, shaking both of their hands, "I’m very happy for both of you, are you going to change your names?" "As a matter of fact," Cal said, "we’re both assuming the last name of Ashley-Wilson. Thank you so much, Lonnie, and thanks for coming." "Cal, Jim," Elaine stated, "You guys need to cut the cake!" Bill had the camera close, and got a good picture of the newlyweds, both men cutting the cake, and feeding each other the first bite. He asked them to pose, the newlyweds in the center, with their sisters, next to them and the boys on the ends. He took another photo of just the four men in their matching Tuxedo’s, the boys in the center and the Uncles on the ends, all of them with arms around each other’s shoulders. Calvin, catching up with Pastor Scott, "Pastor, what do we owe you for your services?" "Just feeling the love you two guys have for each other," Pastor Scott said, "is all the pay I need, or want. It’s proof to me, that love between members of the same sex can be just as strong and close as love between opposites. I love you guys." Pastor Scott gave both Calvin and Jim a loving hug. "I’m really glad that God doesn’t discriminate, like so many humans do." A couple of the guys from work sneaked outside "for a smoke" and while out there, decorated the back window of Calvin’s car. "HEY EVERYBODY!" Calvin called out, "On behalf of my loving husband and myself, I’d like to thank you all for coming to help us share this most wonderful occasion with us. I want to offer a special Thank You to our beautiful and thoughtful sisters, Elaine Parks, and Sasha Wilson. Without their expertise, we would have had no reception or even a Wedding Cake! Ladies?" Sasha and Elaine approached Calvin and Jim, and both ladies received warm and loving hugs and kisses from both of their brothers. "I’VE BEEN INFORMED," Jim announced, grinning, "that the punch may have a little kick to it, so you may not want to consume too much of it, especially if you are driving after you leave here today. Jeff, Julian, there is punch in that pitcher that is legal for you guys to drink." J&J both scowled at Jim, and they knew they would find a way to sample the punch from the bowl! The guests all made their way to the table and filled their plates with the snacks that were there, and got glasses of punch and, of course, a piece of the wedding cake. About 4:00 PM Calvin and Jim prepared to leave for their night in the city. They told everyone goodbye and walked out to Cal’s car. "Fuck!" Cal exclaimed, "Somebody got us!" They couldn’t help but notice the foot high lettering on the back window, the letters formed from tape in all the rainbow colors, announcing ‘JUST MARRIED!’ The newlyweds grinned at each other, hopped into the car and took off. All the way to the city, passing cars honked horns at them, and stuck their fists out the window with a thumb up. One car, with four guys in it, showed them the bird, and yelled ‘FAGS’ as they passed. Jim and Cal just ignored them. They arrived at the Marriott and went to the front desk to register. Calvin had reserved the Bridle Suite in his name. The desk clerk informed them that the Bridle Suite was only for newly married couples and Calvin told him that they had just gotten married about four hours ago, and he asked for proof. "I think we have proof," Calvin stated, "just look at the back window of our car." The desk clerk stepped outside, and saw the signage, in gay colors, and returned. "Okay," he grinned, "you guys win. Enjoy your first night together as husbands! I think this may be the first time we’ve rented the bridle suite out to a gay couple!" Calvin parked the car in the parking deck, backing it in so the signage wouldn’t be too noticeable. Neither of these men had ever been in a bridle suite before, and it was lovely. Before retiring for the night, the pair enjoyed an excellent and romantic dinner in the hotel dining room, complete with four glasses of wine, each. They’re not driving anywhere, so who cares if they get a bit intoxicated. After dinner, they wrapped their arms around each others waists and walked each other to the elevator, rising to the top floor. Then entering the bridle suite. In just about two minutes, both men pulled each others clothes off, and stood, naked and facing each other about five feet apart. "God, babe," Cal stated, "In all of my life I’ve never laid my eyes on such a beautiful man! I can only imagine what I could do with that body!" "You’ve evidently never looked at yourself in a mirror," Jim replied, "there is no way I can resist touching your beautiful body, and whatever your body wants, this body will give to you." "I can’t believe my fortune, that I was lucky enough to win your love, and have you for my own, my very own, I love you so much, Mr. James Ashley-Wilson!" "Can you even imagine," Jim said, "how proud I am to have your name as mine? James Ashley-Wilson, it just sounds so beautiful." "It sure does," Cal replied, "just as beautiful as Calvin Ashley-Wilson, I’m really happy that we decided to combine our names, they sound so wonderful together!" Cal quietly pulled the covers back and pushed Jim down onto the bed, and snuggled in beside him, holding Jim like he would never let him go. These two men have always loved the feeling of their bodies entwined, but tonight it seems especially nice. "Baby, do we have supplies—for sex?" Jim asked. Cal, reaching into the bag, and pulling out a bottle of lube, "You mean this? It was the first thing I packed!" "It’s been a long day, babe," Jim said, "we don’t HAVE to have sex tonight." "Yes we do!" Cal exclaimed, "We’ll never have another chance to have sex on our Wedding Night!" "Calvin," Jim said, "Make love to me, please, I want to feel you in me, my hole is throbbing with desire!" "Can we leave the lights on?" Cal asked, "I want to be able to see your face, while I’m in you." Calvin raised Jim’s legs up, and onto his shoulders, and started to lube Jim’s orifice, using his fingers to expand Jim’s pucker, then lubed up his own excited and completely erected cock. These two men have been monogamous for nearly three years, and quit using condoms a long time ago, right after they got tested and were both clean, about two years ago. Jim had learned how to push out, while Cal entered him, nearly eliminating any pain, just a slight twinge as Calvin’s head slipped through Jim’s sphincter, and it was all pleasure from there on. There was likely nothing sexually that felt better to Jim than to feel Calvin inside his rectum. He secretly wished he could keep Calvin inside his ass 24-7, knowing it might just make him walk funny. Calvin knew exactly where Jim’s sweet spot was, and always brought Jim to orgasm, and had also gotten really good at holding his own climax back until he knew Jim was nearly ready to cum. They usually both came within about 30 seconds of each other. These men are versatile, and sometimes switch roles, which keeps them from getting into a rut. Neither of them have virgin cunts, and sometimes they just enjoy some oral sex for a change. Cal likes to watch the expression on Jim’s face when he fucks him, and Jim’s expression let’s Cal know just how close he is to his orgasm. Cal tries, mostly successfully, to bring them to orgasm simultaneously. Tonight was perfect, just as Jim shot his load between their abs and stomachs, Calvin emptied his sex into Jim’s bowels. Calvin collapsed on top of Jim, squashing Jim’s massive load between them. They shared a passionate kiss and hug, and Cal tried to stay inside of Jim until he just became too flaccid, and slipped out. Jim tried to keep his ass cheeks closed until he could make it to the bathroom, and let his bowels drain. Then the two men returned to the bed, which had some residue on the sheets from their activity. No problem, they’ve been there before, and they can shower in the morning. The two men snuggled together and fell asleep, for the first time as happily married husbands. By 5:00 PM people back in Summerton were leaving the reception and heading home. As J&J would be at Jim and Calvin’s house, and nothing was planned for dinner, they gathered up some of the snacks to take back to the house to munch on later that evening. With Elaine’s permission, they poured some of the spiked punch into a jug to take with them, planning to maybe get a buzz before they went to bed that night. Typical Teens, well, Jeff is now twenty but Julian is still nineteen. J&J arrived back at Jim’s house a little after 6:00 PM, and soon were watching a movie, sitting on the sofa naked, sipping on the punch and periodically munching on the snacks. Oh yes, they sipped on that punch! By 9:00 PM the punch was gone, and the boys were feeling no pain. They staggered to bed, and both were too buzzed to even have a desire for sex. They both had to get up once or twice during the night to pee. Sunday morning, Jim and Calvin rose and took showers, just getting out of the shower together when room service brought their breakfast to the room. Looking through the peephole, it was a dude, so they just opened the door and let him in. The guy sat the breakfast down on the table, glanced a few times at the two naked men, seeming to enjoy seeing their cocks, grinned and took off. "He’s one of us," Cal said, "did you notice how he enjoyed looking at our cocks, the poor kid is probably gonna be drooling the rest of the morning." Jim snickered, and agreed, "Did you notice how quickly he tented his pants?" Jim commented, "I’ll bet he’s in a rest room right now, rubbing one off!" Jim and Cal enjoyed their breakfast in the nude, and then dressed and prepared to leave, as checkout time is 11:00. They arrived home about 1:30 PM and discovered both boys still in bed, sleeping. Cal picked up the empty jug, and sniffed it, and could tell in had an odor of alcohol. "I have a feeling," Cal said, grinning, "that our ring bearers got tipsy last night, that’s probably why they’re still sleeping." "I think we need to wake them," Jim said, "they have to go back to campus this afternoon." Jim walked into their room and gently woke them, telling them it was nearly 2:00 PM. A couple of minutes later the boys wandered out to the kitchen. Julian, sitting at the table, "Ooooh! My head hurts!" and he held his head in his hands. "I could sure use some coffee." "Me too," Jeff said, "Got something for a headache?" "Coffee coming up," Jim said, as he started a pot to brew. "I think I understand your hurting heads," Cal said, grinning, "How much punch was in that jug you guys brought back?" "It was pretty full," Jeff replied, "we didn’t plan to drink it all, but it was like every glass called for another, and then it ran out." "It’s a wonder you guys didn’t pass out and piss in the bed." Jim said, "or did you?" The two boys glanced at each other, and Jim poured them mugs of coffee. Jeff, quickly going to their bedroom and returning, "The bed is dry!" He and Julian both grinned, glad they hadn’t pissed the bed. "Guys," Cal said, "if you’ll fold up your tux’s and bring them out, we’ll put them with ours. I’m dropping them off at Sasha’s this afternoon, and she is going to return them to the rental place tomorrow, since we’re both working. It’s so nice to have a great sister!" "I think we both have some awesome sisters," Jim commented, "Those two really helped to make our Wedding Day a memorable occasion, they took care of all the things we didn’t have the sense to take care of." Cal nodded in agreement. Jim offered to fix the boys some brunch, but both claimed their tummies were a little off, and they didn’t feel like eating. Cal administered both boys some aspirin tablets, and the boys finally put on some clothes, preparing to leave. "Will we see you guys at Christmas Time?" Calvin inquired. "Not likely," Jeff responded, "we’re spending our Christmas Break in Dunbar. It will be our first year to spend Christmas with Samantha and Dominic, and we’re so looking forward to it!" "Jeff, you act like they are your siblings," Jim stated. "I feel like they are mine," Jeff replied, "Julian and I both have nothing but hearts full of love for those beautiful kids. We can hardly wait to see them again." Cal and Jim smiled at each other, knowing that these two boys have both been blessed with huge and loving hearts, not only for each other, but for everyone that is close to them. Cal and Jim have nothing but love for these two boys. J&J dressed and grabbed their overnight bag, preparing to depart. Cal and Jim walked with them to Jeff’s car, and the four men shared loving hugs with each other. It’s always an emotional scene when these guys have to part. J&J hate to leave their Uncles, and the Uncles hate to see their nephews leave. J&J arrived at their Dorm, entering their room about 7:00 PM.   * * * * * * Tuesday morning the school secretary dropped an envelope that had arrived in the morning mail on the Principal’s desk. John Ellis, the Dunbar High School Principal looked at it, a plain envelope, with no return address. The address, written in ballpoint ink was written as Mr. John Ellis, Principal, Dunbar High School. The letter was written on lined notebook paper, and John pulled the letter out and read it. ‘Dear Mr. Ellis, I am writing this on behalf of many (or most) of our school’s basketball team. There is a situation which has many of our team members very uncomfortable. One of our players, Kevin Collins, has openly admitted to us that he is gay, and that he has a boyfriend. Kevin is a good athlete, a good player, and an asset to our team. We’re not overjoyed to have had that information presented to us, but we can accept it. Kevin has never done or said anything to any of us of a sexual nature, and never made a pass at any of us. Knowing that he is gay has made some of us a bit uncomfortable to shower or change in front of him, but so far there has not been any problem with him. Sometimes Kevin brings his boyfriend, Jake Farmer, into the locker room while he showers or changes clothes, and several of us have a problem with this. Jake sits on a bench in the locker room and watches all of us team members while we shower and dress. We feel very uncomfortable, with a gay boy watching us like that. Kevin says that Jake is just waiting for him, but could he maybe be asked to wait somewhere else, and not in the locker room? Mr. Ellis, we’re not homophobes or gay haters, and we wouldn’t want to see anything bad happen to Jake, but him hanging around in the boys locker room really makes some of us uncomfortable. I hope you can do something to eliminate this situation. Thank you, A Dunbar Lion Basketball Player’ John lay the letter on his desk and held his head in his hands. He’s never been faced with a problem quite like this before. You can’t just tell a male student that he’s not allowed in the boys’ locker room, can you? Its not like Jake has committed an infraction, and there’s no rule that says a boy can’t sit on a bench in the locker room and wait for a friend, or boyfriend, in this case. What to do? John needs some advice, but who can he get it from? Maybe Mr. Wise, the basketball coach can help him. John wrote a memo to Mr. Wise, asking him to come to his office at his earliest convenience, and dropped in into his box. Grant Wise found the memo right after lunch, and wondered what prompted it. He went to John’s office shortly after, and John motioned him in and closed the door. "What’s up, John," Grant asked. "I received this letter this morning, from one of the basketball players. It’s a bit upsetting, and I have no idea how to react, and I’m hoping you can give me some advice." He handed the letter to Grant, and Grant read it, shaking his head. "Grant, do you have any idea who may have written this letter?" "No," Grant replied, "It could have been any one of a dozen boys, and I sympathize with what these boys may be feeling. I, also, would feel uncomfortable if I knew a gay boy was watching me shower." "A couple of the boys did inform me," Grant said, "a couple of weeks ago, that Kevin had come out as gay. They said they didn’t have a problem with him being gay, they just thought that I should be aware of his sexuality. Nobody had mentioned this situation with Jake, and this is the first I was aware of it." "So, Grant," John said, "what should we do?" "Let me talk with Kevin," Grant replied, "maybe he can ask Jake to wait for him somewhere else, other than the boys locker room. I’ll let you know what Kevin says. May I have a copy of that letter, so I can show it to Kevin?" Without an answer, John took the letter out to the secretary’s office and made a copy, handing the copy to Grant. Wednesday was a practice day for the basketball team. At lunchtime, Grant walked into the cafeteria and spotted Kevin and Jake having lunch together, and approached them. "Hi Coach," Kevin greeted. "Hi Kevin," Grant replied, "You have practice this afternoon, can you come by my office for a few minutes before practice, we need to talk." "Uh Oh," Kevin asked, "Did I do something, am I in trouble?" Grant, smiling, "No Kevin, you’re not in trouble, we just need to have a little talk. See you a little before practice time." Grant walked away. "What’s that all about, baby?" Jake asked. "Beats the hell out of me," KC replied, "I’ll tell you tonight, after practice." About 3:40 PM Kevin walked into Coach Wise’s office through the open door. "Hi KC," Grant said, "Please close the door, and have a seat." Kevin did as asked, and nervously sat down. "Relax, Kevin," Grant said, "It’s nothing that serious, but I do need some honest answers, about a couple of things, just between you and me. What is your relationship with Jake Farmer?" "Jake and I are best friends, "KC said. "Best friends," Grant replied, "or Boyfriends?" Kevin, staring at the floor, "Boyfriends, sir, I love Jake and Jake loves me. Is there a law that says two boys can’t love each other?" "KC, that’s not what this is about. Mr. Ellis received an upsetting letter yesterday, supposedly from one of your teammates. I think you should read it, and then we can discuss the accuracy of the contents." Grant handed the copy of the letter to KC, and KC read it, and frowned. "Who wrote this?" KC asked, with anger in his voice. "We don’t know," Grant replied, "we can only assume it came from one of the players, but he didn’t have the guts to sign his name to it. Is there any truth to it?" "Some, sir," KC replied, "Some of the football players pushed me into coming out, and they accepted me as their gay teammate. I think, after that, the whole school knew I was gay. In some ways it felt good to be out, I had nothing to hide anymore. I’m gay, I’m out, and I really don’t care who knows it, not anymore. Maybe I just need to drop off the team, and forget about sports. Let the straight guys have their fun shooting hoops—without me." "Kevin," Grant stated, "I don’t think that’s what any of these guys want, and it darn sure isn’t what I want. You better read that letter again, they don’t want you to quit the team!" KC re-read the letter. "I never realized they felt uncomfortable around me," KC stated. "It’s kinda hard to shower with a bunch of other guys, without at least glancing at their junk, and I think most of the guys do that." "I think you’re absolutely right, KC," Grant stated, "Guys have checked each other out, probably since the beginning of time, and it’s probably perfectly natural. The difference between straight and gay guys, is that the straight guys observe and forget, and some of the gay guys observe and lust, wanting to touch—or more." "Mr. Wise," KC said, "that letter is a little scary. I’m afraid for Jake, and even for myself, I don’t want us to become victims of gay bashing." "I don’t think any of those boys want to cause you guys any harm," Grant said, "They just would prefer that Jake not sit in the locker room and watch them shower." "I’ll see what I can do, Mr. Wise," KC said, "to remedy the situation—what if Jake had a reason to shower with us?" "What are you thinking?" Grant asked, curiously. "We have an exercise room," KC said, "If I could get Jake to start using it, he could exercise while we practice, and then he would also have a need to shower, and we could shower together!" "I guess," Grant said, grinning, "if there’s a will, there’s a way! That just might work, and it would be healthy for Jake too, much better exercise than sitting on a bench in the locker room!" "Mr. Wise," KC said, "Thanks for the heads up, we might just make an athlete out of my boyfriend!" Kevin left Grant’s office, changed into his gym wear and went to the gym for practice. This Wednesday Jake had decided to not hang around to watch the player’s practice, and went home on the bus with Larry. * * * * * * It’s approaching the 12th of December, and the start of the long awaited winter break. J&J have registered for the spring semester, which will be starting in mid January, the 10th to be exact. Two more days and they will be heading to Dunbar to spend almost a month with Julian’s family and their beloved siblings. J&J can hardly wait to kiss and hug Samantha and Dominic. They’re Julian’s siblings, but Jeff almost regards them as his own. Bill Parks, Jeff’s Dad, had taken photos of Jim and Cal’s wedding, and had enough prints made to be able to send J&J copies. J&J were anxious to show them to Julian’s family. J&J are extremely happy that Jeff is now lovingly tight with his family, and they have also adopted Julian as a second son. Jim and Elaine have become close siblings once again, and Bill and Elaine usually share a dinner at least once a week with Calvin and Jim, sometimes also with Sasha. Every couple of weeks, Charles and Lydia invite Calvin, Jim and Sasha for dinner, usually on a weeknight. Sasha and Elaine have developed a close friendship since the wedding and frequently get together to go shopping and share lunch together. J&J have tried to conjure a way for Julian’s family to meet Jeff’s family. The most realistic probability is when Jeff graduates, the end of May. Of course Bill and Elaine will be coming to his graduation, and likely so will Jim and Cal. There is no way that Art and Vi will not attend Jeff’s graduation either, but things may be difficult for them as they have Sam and Dom to worry about. Finally, it’s Wednesday morning, the 12th of December, thirteen days until Christmas. J&J, along with Levi and Caleb headed to the dining hall to have breakfast, the last meal they will be serving until spring semester starts. Jeff had an envelope in his hands. While they were eating breakfast together, Jeff opened the envelope to show Levi and Caleb the wedding pictures. "Oh my god!" Levi exclaimed, "Cuteness extravaganza! Those are the prettiest Tuxedo’s I’ve ever seen. You four guys are so handsome in those matching Tux’s. I can recognize you and Julian, who are the other two guys? Jeff, pointing, "This is Uncle Jim, he’s the one that owns that cabin where we had the watergames. And this is Calvin, Uncle Jim’s new husband, and I guess my Uncle now, by marriage. The wedding was beautiful, my Mom gave Jim away, and Cal’s sister, Sasha, gave Calvin away. I’m so happy for both of them." "This is Sasha, and that is Uncle Jim’s sister, my Mom." "Who took the pictures?" Levi asked. "My Dad," Jeff replied, "Aren’t they nice?" "Let me get this straight," Caleb said, "Your Uncle married another man?" "Yeah," Jeff said, smiling, "Finally, same sex marriage is legal!" "I guess it’s OK," Caleb said, "but it still seems strange to me." "Nice pictures, Jeff," Levi said. "We gotta run, guys," Julian said, "we need to get to Dunbar for Christmas, and the winter break, we’ll see you guys next month. J&J headed back to their dorm room and grabbed a few last minute items, then got into Jeff’s car and headed out toward Dunbar. * * * * * * J&J pulled into the White’s driveway about 2:00 PM on Wednesday afternoon, jumped out of the car and rushed into the back door of the house. Vi was doing up the dishes and dried her hands, anticipating the loving hugs that she knew were on the way. Both Julian and Jeff gave Vi a loving hug, and a kiss on her lips. "Where are Sam and Dom?" Julian asked anxiously. "Sam will be home from school in about a half an hour," Vi replied, "and Dom is taking his nap." Julian showed his disappointment, in having to wait to hug and kiss the youngsters. He and Jeff went back to the car to get their bags, and brought them into the house, taking them to their bedroom, then returned to the car and got the two bags of dirty laundry, and dropped them by the washer. Vi, grinning, "What do you guys do for clean clothes when I’m not around to launder them?" "When we get desperate," Jeff said, grinning, "we use the coin op machines on campus." Julian and Vi both grinned. The school bus dropped off several children at the bus stop, and Samantha headed to her house. She spotted Jeff’s car and knew that her big brothers were home, and broke into a run, almost knocking the back door off it’s hinges as she burst into the kitchen. Dropping her backpack on the floor, she jumped into Julian’s open and waiting arms, those arms holding her and hugging her tight, and his lips kissing her cheek. Sam then gave Julian a sloppy wet kiss on his lips, and he allowed her feet to touch the floor. Seconds later, the same scenario was repeated, only with Jeff being the victim. Vi and Julian watched, both of them grinning. Sam sure knew how to make a young man feel wanted, and loved! A few minutes later they heard a little voice crying from the direction of Vi and Art’s bedroom, Dominic is awake. Julian quickly left the kitchen and headed toward the sound of the crying young man. Approaching Dom’s crib, Dom was standing, and holding onto the railing. "Hey, little man!" Julian exclaimed, kissing his cheek and picking Dominic up and out of the crib, Dom instinctively wrapped his arms around Julian’s neck and Julian hugged him, lovingly, then lowered him to the floor, onto his feet. "Tinkle," Dom stated, and ran toward the bathroom. By the time Julian caught up with Dom, he had his pants pushed down and was sitting on his potty. A minute later, Dom stood up and pulled his pants back up. "Good boy, Dom!" Julian exclaimed, smiling, and Dom smiled back. Dom and Julian went into the kitchen and Jeff dropped to his knees and opened his arms, inviting Dom to get a hug, and Jeff kissed Dom’s cheek. Dominic appeared happy to see his big brothers, and his big brothers were delighted to see him. "Mom," Julian stated, smiling, "Dom went to his potty and tinkled, all by himself!" "He does really well in the daytime," Vi said, "he only wears huggies at night, and only wets them a couple times a week. He wears training pants in the daytime, and sometimes he waits too long to go and tinkles in them. He poops by himself too, but somebody has to wipe his bottom for him." J&J both grinned, "I think he’s picked up a bad habit from Eric and Peter," Vi said, "Sometimes when Eric or Peter play over here, they’ll unzip and tinkle outside in a heartbeat, and now Dom will push his pants down and go outside too." "It’s not a bad habit," Jeff said, "it’s a boy habit, and I think all boys do that, Dom’s just being a boy. I don’t think Dom picked it up from Eric and Peter, I suspect someone else showed him how to do that." Vi scowled at Julian, and Julian’s face turned red, and Jeff grinned. "Mom," Julian asked, "do you know where Santa Claus is hanging out? We want to take Sam and Dom to see him." "I think he’s at the mall part of the time, and I’ve heard he sometimes shows up at Toy-R-Us and Target," Vi answered. "If we take them to Toys-R-Us, maybe they will kind of show us what they want, and then we can tell Santa," Jeff suggested. "Great idea, baby," Julian stated, "It’s hard for kids our age to know what kids their ages want." Jeff and Vi grinned at each other, loving the way Julian referred to Jeff and himself as ‘kids.’ "FYI," Vi stated, "Sam’s last day of school before Christmas is Friday, and then she’ll be off until after New Years. Their teacher is having a Holiday Party for her class on Friday, with a special lunch, games and Treats. "What, exactly, is a Holiday Party?" Jeff asked. "It’s what we used to call a Christmas Party," Vi said, "but they try to not use secular terminology these days. ‘Merry Christmas’ is out and ‘Happy Holidays’ is in. They don’t even permit Christmas Trees in the school anymore." "That sucks," Jeff said, "I still believe in Christmas!" "When I was in grade school," Vi stated, sadly, "we had Christmas Trees in the class rooms, and the kids made decorations out of colored construction paper and glue, and put them on the tree." "Are we going to put up a tree here?" Jeff asked. "Of course we are," Vi said, "and maybe you guys would like to put up some lights on the house?" "Let’s do it today, baby," Julian stated, smiling, "the lights are up in the attic, and I think we have time before it gets dark." The boys were in the attic within five minutes, found the decorations and lights, and brought them down, checking them out to see what they had to work with. They discovered a tree stand, made for a real live tree that held water in the bottom. They also found an artificial tree, but already had made the decision to get a real tree. By 5:00 PM they had transformed the outside of the house, and stood back by the road and looked at it, pleased with their labor. Art arrived home from work about 6:00 PM and almost didn’t recognize his home, it looked so different. He was smiling as he walked into the kitchen, set his lunch cooler down and greeted his family. Dinner was ready and they all ate. Right after dinner, Jeff got out the Wedding pictures, and showed them to Art and Vi, which they enjoyed viewing. They couldn’t help commenting on how handsome their sons were, dressed up in those light blue Tuxedo’s. J&J beamed, loving the complements. "Dad," Jeff asked, "can we borrow the pickup, we want to go to Lowe’s and get a real live Christmas Tree for the house." Art, smiling, "Certainly, you’ll find some tie downs in the tool box," and handed the keys to Jeff. Art likes the idea of a real tree, which they hadn’t bothered with for the last four of five years. A real pine tree emits a fragrance that makes a home smell so much like Christmas. The boys took off with the pickup for Lowe’s, and while on the way noticed that Art’s work gloves had seen better days. They didn’t have a lot of money to spend for Christmas gifts, but felt that a new pair of work gloves would be appreciated, and picked up a new pair while at Lowe’s, and Julian paid for them. The boys split the cost of the tree. They returned about an hour later, with a tree, and put the gloves in Jeff’s car for now. They stood the tree up outside, deciding to set it up tomorrow morning and decorate it, while Sam is in school. * * * * * * Wednesday evening Kevin called Jake and suggested they start working out together. KC only has BB practice on Mondays and Wednesdays, which would give him Tuesdays and Thursdays to work out with Jake. They could shower together afterwards, and if Jake also worked out on Mondays and Wednesdays, that would be four days a week they could shower together at the school. Jake was lukewarm on the idea of exercising, but loved the idea of showering with his boyfriend. There is nothing Jake likes any more than seeing his boyfriend naked! Kevin explained to Jake what he would need, clothing wise, and to pack those and a towel in a gym bag. On Thursday KC would take Jake to see Mr. Wise, and get a locker of his own in the locker room, and after classes they could change together and start their exercise regimen. Kevin is smiling, loving the idea that he has found something beneficial that they can do together, and Kevin is just as excited to have more opportunity to see Jake naked! Thursday morning Larry asked Jake what was with the gym bag, and Jake explained about starting to work out with Kevin, and how it would be of benefit to both of them, and they’d be able to shower together as well. Larry, shaking his head, "I still can’t believe that KC is going through all of this just to spend more time with you, or any boy, for that matter. You and KC have become the center of gossip in the whole damn school." "You know what," Jake said, grinning, "Kevin and I love each other, and I don’t think either of us give a fuck who knows it!" "You may get some animosity from some of the girls," Larry stated, "They’re saying you’ve stolen the boy of their dreams!" That afternoon KC took Jake into Coach Wise’s office, and Grant issued Jake his own locker, just two lockers down from Kevin’s. KC told Jake that he needs to pick up a combination padlock, and memorize the combination. The two boys entered the locker room and changed into exercise shorts and t-shirts then spent an hour in the exercise room, Kevin giving Jake tips on different ways of working out. KC worked up a sweat, but not nearly as much as Jake did. Jake was seriously getting into working out, and Kevin was happy that he was. After an hour of working out, they returned to the locker room and both boys stripped to shower. There were no other boys in there at the time, and just before they entered the shower stall they shared a loving kiss and hug, both boys became somewhat erect before they entered the stall. They both enjoyed soaping each other, which was something they would not likely have done if there were spectators. They were glad they were alone. They dried each other off, got dressed and put their gear into KC’s locker, so that it could be secured. They grabbed their backpacks, and headed to KC’s car and Kevin drove to Jake’s house and dropped him off. KC had an ‘away’ game tomorrow night, and Jake was not planning to attend. Jake would be alone and lonely Friday night. * * * * * * Thursday morning J&J got up and had breakfast with Art, Vi and Sam. J&J walked their little sister to the bus stop to await the bus. "Sam, we’ll have a surprise for you," Julian said, "when you get home from school today." "Oh," Sam replied, "I love surprises, what’s it going to be?" "Sweetheart," Jeff said, "if we told you, then it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it. Just wait, I know you’re going to like it." The bus arrived and J&J both gave Sam a loving hug and a kiss goodbye, and told her to have a good day. While they were at the bus stop, Dominic woke up and Vi fixed him some breakfast and fed him. Dom was about half finished with his breakfast when the boys returned. "Mom," Julian said, "we need to move some things around in the living room, to make room for the tree." "I know," Vi replied, "we go through this every year. Do what you have to do." The boys went into the living room and started planning. They wanted to put the tree in front of the picture window, where it would show from the outside of the house. They realized that something would end up blocking the front door, and decided to bring the tree in first, through the front door, as it would be difficult to bring it through the kitchen. Fifteen minutes later the tree lay on the living room floor. Another half an hour, and the tree was in its stand, standing proudly in front of the window, and the front door was blocked with the big screen TV. Dominic was totally confused, having no idea why there was a tree in the living room! "Dom," Julian tried to explain, "this is our Christmas Tree, we’re going to put colored lights on it, and decorations to make the tree look really pretty. Do you want to help Jeff and me decorate it?" Dominic, grinning, "Yep!" Two of Dom’s favorite words are ‘yep’ and ‘nope’ and he completely understands the meaning of both words. He also likes to please everyone, and wanted to please his big brothers. Dom is only about thirty inches tall, and J&J are very aware that his reach is quite limited, but they truly wanted to include Dom in the decoration of the tree. J&J opened the plastic storage boxes containing the ornaments and lights, pulling out the angel treetop. Jeff got the step stool from the laundry area, and stood on it to place the angel on the top of the tree, then he and Julian arranged the lights around the tree, finally plugging in the lights and the tree started to look pretty. Dominic was captivated. Suddenly Dominic, holding his crotch, "Tinkle," and Dom went running to his potty, and took care of his immediate need. While he was ‘tinkling’ J&J started to place the gold colored tinsel garlands around the tree and adjusted them. Dom returned, dry. Jeff opened the box of colored glass balls, and located the box of ornament hangers. He showed Dom how they needed to place the hooks on the tops of the ornaments, and hang them on the tree’s branches. One ball at a time, the three boys placed the ornaments on the tree, J&J taking turns lifting Dominic up to place some of them on some of the upper branches. Dominic actually secured, with J&J’s help, almost all of the balls, except for the few on the very highest branches. For some unknown reason, the lower branches seemed to get the majority of the balls. J&J suggested to Dom that some of them needed to be moved to some higher branches, and Dom moved them, with a bit of brotherly help. The three boys stood back and viewed the tree, which still needed the foil icicles to be placed on it. "All done!" Dominic exclaimed, "Pretty tree." "Nope!" Julian exclaimed, "were not quite done yet, we still need to put the tree skirt under the tree, and we need a small person to help with that, somebody that can get underneath the tree." "I can do," Dom stated, smiling, and crawled under the tree to prove it. Jeff shook out the tree skirt and placed it under the front side of the tree. "Dom," Julian said, "can you grab the back side of this, and pull it underneath the tree, and cover that stand that holds up the tree?" Dom pulled on it, covering the backside of the tree stand. "Perfect!" Julian stated, "you can come out now." And Dom crawled out from under the tree and stood up. J&J mutually decided to wait until Dom takes his nap to put the icicles on the tree. "Why is the tree for?" Dom asked, so innocently. "Dom," Jeff tried to explain, "we put up a Christmas Tree at Christmas time, so Santa Claus will know where to put the gifts when he comes to visit." Nice job, Jeff, you just opened a can of worms! "Who is Anta Claus?" Dom asked. Julian, grinning at Jeff, "OK, Jeff, I think you owe a certain little boy an explanation! And I’m waiting to see how you handle this!" "Help!" Jeff exclaimed, "I need some—visual aids, do we have any old Christmas Cards that might have some pictures of Santa Claus on them?" Vi, starting to look through the boxes that had held the ornaments, found a box that had some cards. Vi, shuffling through them, found a few, "Will these help?" "Big time!" Jeff exclaimed, "Thanks, Mom. Dominic, this is what Santa Claus looks like. He’s an old man that lives at the North Pole, which is a long way from here. He has a bunch of elves that help him all year long, making toys to give to all the good little boys and girls, all over the world at Christmas Time." "What’s elfs?" Dom asked. "Elves are little people, not much bigger than you, but they’re grown up. This picture shows Santa Claus, with some of his elves around him. They work all year long, making toys, and then, on Christmas Eve, just a few days from now, they load up the sleigh. It’s pulled by reindeers, and they travel through the sky, and visit the homes of all the children in the whole world. Santa leave’s toys under the Christmas Trees, and on Christmas morning, the children get to play with their new toys." "How he know where we are?" Dom asked. "Dominic," Julian, asked, "would you like to meet Santa Claus?" "Yep!" Dom answered, smiling. "Jeff and I are planning to take you and Samantha to see him, probably on Saturday. He will ask your names, and he’ll probably ask if you have been good. He doesn’t like bad little boys and girls and sometimes doesn’t leave them any toys. We’ll tell Santa Claus where you live, so he’ll know where to bring you your toys." "Mom," Jeff said, "If anyone asks who trimmed the tree, Dominic did it, we just helped him a little." Vi smiled in understanding. "Dom," Julian stated, "you did a really nice job with the tree, Thank you." "Yule, tank you for the help," Dominic answered, "you too, Yeff." J&J both grinned, god how they love this little boy! Dominic has definitely stolen both of their hearts. Vi cooked up some hot dogs with Mac and Cheese for lunch for ALL of the boys and herself. Yeah, Dominic likes Mac and Cheese too. Jeff cut up Dom’s hot dog into little-boy sized bites, and he fed himself while Vi and the other two looked on, while eating their own lunches. Dom has learned to feed himself, as long as the food is in bite sized pieces. About 2:30 Sam bounced in the back door, dropped her backpack on the floor and rushed to give the boys a hug and kiss, then gave her little brother a kiss and finally Vi got one. "Okay guys," Sam stated, "what’s the surprise you promised me?" "Go look in the living room," Jeff replied. Sam headed there. "OH!" Sam shrieked, "IT’S BEAUTIFUL! Who decorated it?" "Dominic did most of it," Julian said, grinning. "He got a little help from his big brothers," Jeff admitted, smiling. "Good job, Dom!" Sam exclaimed, giving Dom another kiss. Dom grinned, accepting the complement. Vi gave Sam a couple of cookies with a glass of milk, then gave Dom one, and placed the container of cookies on the table between J&J, who both had their hands in the cookie jar quickly. The cookies were soft, and Dom made quick work of his, and one of the boys sneaked him a second cookie when Vi wasn’t looking. These boys will spoil Dominic! After Vi encouraged Dom to tinkle again before she lay him down for his nap, Sam went to the Hanson’s house to play with Eric. J&J sat on the sofa and just relaxed with each other, enjoying each other’s company and admiring the tree. Of course they shared a couple of kisses with each other. These boys are very comfortable with each other in the White’s home, and never hesitate to share a kiss, even when in sight of Vi or Art. Just before the Hanson’s were about to have dinner, Sam brought Eric over to show him the tree. Eric also thought the tree was very beautiful, and climbed up on J&J’s laps, giving them both an affectionate hug. Eric knew that J&J both liked him a lot and he also liked them a lot. Eric then left, returning to his house for dinner with his Mom and Larry. While Vi finished preparing dinner, Sam and Dominic both found their big brothers laps, and J&J both had a lap full of loving, and well loved children. Sam heard Art come in through the kitchen door and jumped off of Julian’s lap to go greet her Daddy. Sam was always the first one of the White’s to give Art a welcome hug and kiss, followed by Vi, and then Art would pick up Dominic and give him a loving hug and kiss. Art and Vi totally love their whole family, and would not wish any of them to be a bit different in any way, and that love extends to their oldest son’s boyfriend. Art mentioned how beautiful the tree looked, and told J&J they did a wonderful job on it. J&J quickly informed Art that Dom had done most of the work, and they just gave him a hand, here and there. Art said nothing, but knew in his mind that it was likely the other way around! He was happy though, that J&J had included Dominic in the trimming of the tree. At dinnertime that evening, J&J told Art that they plan to take both of the children to see ‘s-a-n-t-a-c-l-a-u-s’ on Saturday. J&J hoped that Sam’s spelling wasn’t to good yet, as they didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag. At bedtime Sam wanted to sleep with the boys, but Vi believed that Sam would rest better in her own bed. Vi put Sam to bed about 8:00 PM, and the boys played some video games before they finally went to sleep about 11:30 PM, cuddled with each other. It has been a long time since either Jeff or Julian had to sleep alone, and neither one of them look forward to being in a position where they couldn’t sleep together. * * * * * * Kevin and Jake shared lunch together, as usual, at noon on Friday and Kevin asked Jake to please come and support the team as they took on the Warriors. Jake likely would have agreed sooner if he could have ridden the same bus with Kevin. He would need to ride one of the spectator’s busses, as the players bus was only for the team and the cheerleaders. Jake finally agreed to go, and called his Mom to let her know he was going to go and watch the game. KC told Jake that he needed to wait for the player’s bus to arrive back at the school, probably close to an hour after the spectator’s busses would get back. The spectator’s busses would load right after the game, and the players would need time to shower before the player’s bus would leave the other school. KC sweetened the offer a little, stating that when Jake got back to the school, Jake would find the back door to KC’s car unlocked, and could wait there for him. He then put icing on the cake, as KC and Jake could go and have pizza, then go to KC’s house for the night. KC had already told his parents that he hoped that Jake would be with him when he came home that night. Jake changed his mind, the thought of sleeping with his boyfriend that night was overwhelming. Jake made another call to his Mom, telling her that he was spending the night with Kevin, and he would be home sometime Saturday. Tonya knows KC now, and feels comfortable with Jake staying over with him. She hasn’t mentioned it yet, but if Jake asked Kevin to stay over with him, KC would be welcome to spend the night in her home as well. She really likes Kevin, and respects the feelings that these two boys have for each other. She feels that Jake has chosen a very nice boy to have for a boyfriend. After school that Friday afternoon, Kevin and Jake hooked up and went to Burger King for a snack. Kevin needed to be back by 5:00 PM to get his BB uniform, as the player’s bus was to depart at 5:30. The spectator’s bus wasn’t to leave until 6:00 PM and Tip-off was to be at 7:00 PM. Jake waited in KC’s car, and he watched as his beloved boyfriend boarded the bus with all the other players and cheerleaders. How Jake yearned to be on that bus with Kevin. About 5:45 PM Jake saw a bunch of students gathering by the school doors, and he walked over and joined them. There must have been at least sixty or more in the group. Two busses drove up to the bus loading area and student spectators started to board them. As they boarded, the bus driver’s took their names, and told them they would need to ride the same bus back, after the game. Jake knew most of the students, but didn’t consider any of them to be close friends. He elected to sit in an empty seat, not wishing to encroach on anyone’s territory. If someone wanted to sit with him, that was their prerogative and he would not object to having some company. It was nearly 6:00 PM and a group of latecomers arrived, and started to board. There were likely about five or six empty seats on this bus and a dude walked to Jake’s seat and asked if this seat was taken. "I don’t see anyone sitting here," Jake replied, smiling. "Its taken now," he stated, "you’re Jake Farmer, aren’t you?" "Yeah," Jake answered, apprehensively. "You’re KC’s boyfriend," he stated, "I’m Roger, Roger Adams." Roger extended his hand, inviting a handshake, which Jake took, and the two boys shared a friendly handshake. "Glad to meet you," Roger said, with sincerity in his voice. "Its Good to meet you too, I think." Jake replied. "I sense apprehension in your voice," Roger said, "are you uncomfortable around me?" "Not—really" Jake lied, "I just don’t have many friends." "I think I know what you’re feeling," Roger said, "gay boys have trouble making friends, cause so many guys don’t want to be associated with gay boys. Jake, I’m not like that, I choose my friends according to what they’re like, not what their sexuality may be. I could care less if a boy likes boys, or girls. I’ll tell you up front, I’m not gay, but I don’t have a problem being friends with someone who is gay. Everyone has the right to love who they want, and love is love! My very best friend is gay, and I think you know him, his name is Kevin Collins!" Roger grinned. "You’re best friends with KC?" Jake asked, somewhat surprised. "Best friends," Roger reaffirmed, "not boyfriends, I can’t do for him what you can do, Jake. KC has told me all about you, and he is madly in love with you. Jake, I hope you really do care about KC, he’s my best friend, and I would hate to see him get hurt." "Roger," Jake said, "I would never want to hurt Kevin, I love him way too much to ever want to hurt him. My best friend, Larry Hanson, told me he thought Kevin was just playing games with me, and that he would eventually pick up another girlfriend." "Jake," Roger returned, "Kevin and I have been the closest of friends ever since third, maybe fourth grade. When we were kids, we spent many a night sleeping over together. We were nearly inseparable, and we still are, but we don’t sleep over together anymore. When he wanted us to do certain things together, I couldn’t do what he wanted to do—I’m a little too straight for that! But we’re still very close friends. Will you sit with me, to watch the game?" "I’d be happy to," Jake replied, smiling, "if you’ll sit with me on the ride back to school afterwards." "Deal!" Roger exclaimed, "Jake, I think we can become friends." Roger placed his arm around Jake’s shoulders and pulled him tight, "to friendship!" Jake was feeling he’d just gained a new friend. Roger and Jake found seats together on the front row of the bleachers, and both of their eyes were almost glued to Kevin as he ran up and down the floor, helping to make points for the Lion’s. Kevin spotted Roger and Jake, sitting together, and smiled, seeing his best friend and his boyfriend together on the bleachers. Those two boys are his biggest fans! It was the last few seconds of the final quarter, the clock ticking and the Lions were down by one. KC stole the ball and made the shot, the ball slipped through the net at the buzzer. The Lions won by one point, and the Lions fans went wild. Jake and Roger were on their feet, jumping and cheering, along with about a hundred other Lions fans. Both teams left the floor, headed to the boys locker room to shower and change back into normal clothes. Jake and Roger, along with all the other student spectators, headed toward their busses, Jake and Roger sharing their seat. All the chatter on the bus was about that final play that KC had mastered, that won the game for the Dunbar Lions. KC had become the hero of the night. The spectator busses arrived back at Dunbar High, and the students exited the busses. Jake started to walk toward the parking lot, and KC’s car, and Roger walked by his side. "How are you getting home?" Jake asked. "I drove my old man’s car," Roger stated, "it’s here in the parking lot, do you need a ride?" "No," Jake replied, "I just need to wait for KC to get back, his car is right over here. I sure do need a piss though! Here’s KC’s car." "And here is mine, right next to it," Roger said, "My back teeth are floating, we can take a leak between our cars." The two boys slid their zippers down and pulled out their pricks and watered the gravel. They glanced at each others junk and snickered, criss crossing their streams." "There are advantages to being a boy," Roger stated. "No argument there," Jake replied. Roger, as the two boys tucked their peckers away and zipped up, "Jake, can we exchange phone numbers?" "What for?" Jake replied. "If we’re going to be friends, its only natural to swap numbers." "I’d like that," Jake replied, as he pulled his phone out, and so did Roger. The two boys exchanged numbers. "Jake, would you like for me to hang around with you until KC gets here?" Roger asked. "You don’t have to do that," Jake said, "I’ll be fine." "But I want to," Roger replied, "Jake, I like you and I care about you. I would just feel better, knowing you’re safe, until Kevin gets here to take you—wherever you’re going." "We’re planning on going for pizza," Jake said, "and then to KC’s house for the night. Why don’t you go with us to the pizza place?" "Man, I don’t want to intrude on you guys," Roger said. "You wouldn’t be," Jake replied, "you’re Kevin’s best friend, and now you’re my friend too, no intrusion there!" The two boys just chatted for the next fifteen minutes, getting to know each other a little better. They saw the player’s bus arrive, and KC was in the parking lot with them about five minutes later. "I see you guys have met," Kevin stated, grinning, "Baby, what kind of shit has this asshole been feeding you about me?" "Nothing I didn’t already know," Jake said, grinning, "Baby, I invited my new friend to have pizza with us." "Great!" KC exclaimed, smiling, "I don’t get to see my best friend very often anymore. Roger, how does Angelo’s sound?" "That’s fine," Roger replied, "that’s where we used to go all the time, before, you know?" "Yeah, before I discovered that I like boys," Kevin said, "and now I have the most wonderful boyfriend, Roger, have you met my beautiful boyfriend?" "We just met tonight, by accident, but we’re friends already!" Roger stated, "Kevin, I think you picked a winner, I love Jake, platonically, of course." The three boys laughed, and KC took Jake in his arms and they kissed romantically. "You guys are sick!" Roger said, grinning, "I don’t know how some boys can even stand to kiss another boy! I sure couldn’t." "Don’t knock it, until you’ve tried it," Kevin stated. "Fat chance of that happening!" Roger said, "let’s get some pizza." Kevin and Jake led the way in KC’s car and Roger followed, parking next to them at Angelo’s Pizzeria. They went in, got a booth, KC and Jake sat together on one side and Roger sat across from them. They ordered Pepsi’s and an Xtra large everything pizza, minus the anchovies. The three boys enjoyed the food, and the companionship. They chatted about anything and everything. Jake and Kevin were both happy that Jake and Roger had met, and the relationship between the three of them was very comfortable. It was quite evident that Jake and Roger would become good friends. They split the tab three ways, including a ten-dollar tip for the server. Roger headed to his home and Kevin and Jake headed to KC’s for the night, arriving about 11:30 PM. The boys spent about fifteen minutes telling Kurt and Audrey about the game, and about Kevin’s basket right at the buzzer that won the game for the Lions. They quickly ascended the stairs and disappeared into Kevin’s bedroom, stripping and sliding into bed. Jake had aspirations of some hot sex with his boyfriend, but Kevin had expended a lot of energy on the basketball court, and really wanted nothing more than to cuddle with his angel and go to sleep. Lying in his baby’s arms, Jake also fell asleep rather quickly. To be continued……….                                          
  7. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 14

    Just a heads up, in case you haven’t followed this story from the beginning. Jeff and Julian (J&J) met at university in the spring, and will soon be celebrating their first anniversary as boyfriends. Jeff will be graduating this May, but Julian has one year to go. These boys are so tight, that Julian’s Mom and Dad, Art and Vi White consider them both as their sons. The Whites adopted Samantha and Dominic, making the children Julian’s siblings, but Jeff also regards them as his siblings as well. The two boys have nothing but hearts full of love for both of these children.
  8. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 27

    Nope! What I stated somewhere along the way is that I had 39 Chapters written, but even that won't be the end of the story! I really don't know how many more there will be to go- There is a lot more to happen in this story. DJ and Jamie aren't even considering marriage yet, and they will need to get married before this story can end.
  9. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 27

    About 9:30 AM on Saturday morning Jamie woke up and looked over at his beautiful boyfriend, still sleeping peacefully. He slid his hand down over DJ’s body, and down to his pubes, and feeling DJ’s erection, likely from morning wood. He had a sudden hunger to take DJ’s cock into his mouth, and try to sneak a snack. Jamie carefully removed the covers, repositioned himself and lowered his head down, engulfing that lovely piece of meat into his mouth. DJ, waking up, smiling, "I just had the most beautiful dream, baby, I dreamed that you were giving me a blow job, and then I woke up, and the dream became true! Don’t you ever get tired of sucking that prick?" Jamie, pulling off, "Nope, I don’t think I will ever get tired of it, I have an insatiable appetite for your sweet cream," and Jamie went back onto DJ’s cock, nursing it lovingly, "MMMMM" About two or three more minutes of Jamie’s assault caused DJ’s body to stiffen, and Jamie knew he was about to get his reward. DJ’s cock started to pulse, dumping several ropes of his sweet mans milk into Jamie’s hungry mouth, Jamie savoring the flavor, and swallowing every drop. Jamie was leaking a steady stream of precum from his own penis. Once DJ had finished cumming, DJ re-positioned and returned the favor, tasting the precum that Jamie was secreting, and taking most of Jamie’s length into his own mouth. Jamie was so aroused at this point that it took only three or four minutes for DJ to bring Jamie to a climax, DJ taking Jamie’s ejaculation into his mouth with utmost pleasure. These two boys are at their height of satisfaction when they devour each other’s cocks, and what their cock’s produce, and almost always get each other off. They then shared a passionate kiss and hug, and then decided to get up and greet the day, having both been relieved of any excess hornyness. After they both peed together at the toilet, they went to the kitchen and DJ started a pot of coffee brewing. DJ, on his first cup of coffee, "Jamie, do you think my bed could sleep four boys, just for one night?" "Maybe, it sleeps three pretty well, when Matt sleeps with us, what are you thinking, baby?" "We’ve been wanting to take Bryan and Phil to the Waterhole, and it would be really late when we get back, like maybe 2:00 AM. We could all crash in our bed for the one night. If they sleep as close together as we do, I think we could all fit in that bed, and still get a good night’s sleep." Jamie, grinning, "I think you’re probably right, we know they’re clean, and they’re two of our closest friends, I doubt that any of us would have any sexual aspirations, we’d all be too tired. It might prohibit us from doing anything the next morning, but we’d live." "I’ll bet they’d love the place," DJ said, "the hardest part is for all of us to be able to get the same Friday or Saturday night off, but if we planned it for a couple weeks away, we could likely swing it." "Two weeks from tonight would be the 24th so if we let them know today, we can all get our bosses to give us that night off. It would be a Saturday night, and they might have a good band that night," Jamie commented. I’ll bet they’ve never had a chance to be able to dance together, like that, in a club." DJ, snickering, "Can you imagine, if they slow danced like we do, Phil would probably have a huge and obvious bulge in his jeans!" Jamie, laughing, "Only you would think of something like that, but you’re probably right, and Phil wears boxers, there’s no way he could hide that monster!" About 11:00 AM Joe and I made our way to the kitchen, and our Son poured us both cups of coffee, then gave Joe and me good morning hugs. Joe and I both have an unlimited amount of love for both of these beautiful and perfect young men. "DJ," I asked, "what time are you due to work?" "2:00 to 9:00," DJ said, "This is my last day to shadow Gwen, and I told her that I would take her home to change before the party, and also take her home afterwards. Her mom works until 11:00 PM." "Do you know where her mom works?" Jamie asked. "Yeah, she’s one of the assistant managers at Denny’s." "Then," Jamie said, "she has to know Phil, they work the same shift." "She probably does, I'll ask Gwen to ask her," DJ said, "Baby are you working until 11:00 tonight?" "Yep, the usual for a Saturday night," Jamie replied. "I think I'm going to deliver Gwen to the party, and then come back to the pizzeria and pick you up," DJ said. "I wasn't invited to the party," Jamie mentioned. "Yes you were," DJ replied, "the invitation is for employees and significant others, you're crazy if you think I'm going to Randy's party without my boyfriend! I'll come to Anthony's and help you finish, and we'll just be a little late." Jamie smiled. "You guys aren't the only ones that will be a little late," I said, "Joe won't be home until 11:00 so we'll also be a bit late, as the party is planned to start at 10:00 PM." * * * * * * * * * * * * About 9:00 AM that same morning Rusty woke up and leaned over and kissed Jamal on his lips, waking him up. "Good morning, beautiful," Rusty said, "are you about ready to start our day?" Jamal, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, "Morning already? Why do you call me beautiful?" "Because," Rusty replied, "In my eyes, you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen walking on two legs, do you have any idea how wonderful it feels to wake up in the morning with you in my bed?" "Maybe, probably about the same as it feels to wake up in the morning with you by my side, it's pretty incredible, and I love the feeling," Jamal answered, "it's about 500% better than waking up alone, I wish we could sleep together every night!" "Maybe someday we can," Rusty said, "I get high, just from our bodies touching, it's such an awesome feeling." Then, reaching over, "You've got a hardon!" "It's just morning wood, I need to pee." "Shall we head to the deck, I need to go too!" Rusty replied. Both boys exited the bed and headed to the back deck and watered the grass, watching each other and grinning. This seems to be habit forming. They then came back into the kitchen and shared a passionate hug and kiss, their deflating cocks touching. "Let's get some breakfast," Rusty suggested, "bacon and eggs cool?" "Bacon and eggs sounds great, and then maybe a hike in the woods? How can I help you?" Jamal asked. Rusty, putting on granny's apron, I've got the stove work covered, if you can make the toast and butter it." "Sure bab—Rusty," Jamal replied. "I think," Rusty stated, "that if we're becoming boyfriends, it's perfectly OK to call each other 'baby'." "Rusty," Jamal asked, "would you actually consider me for a boyfriend?" "I told you a few days ago that I thought I was falling in love with you, and my feelings haven't changed, except that maybe they are getting even stronger, with every hour I spend with you. The bigger question is, would you consider me as your boyfriend?" "If I answered 'yes' to that, would you be my baby?" "Just say yes," Rusty replied, "and I'll be your baby!" "YES!" Jamal blurted, "Thanks, baby, and I do love you." The two boys sealed that agreement with a passionate kiss. "Oh, I almost burned our breakfast," Rusty stated, turning back to the stove. The two young men enjoyed their first meal together as 'boyfriends', feeding each other, and just having fun. After breakfast, Rusty picked up the dishes and placed them in the sink. "Boyfriend," Rusty asked, "did you bring any shorts with you?" Jamal, smiling, "As a matter of fact, I did, do we need them?" Jamal's phone rang, and it was his mother, so he answered it. "Hi Mama." Mama was talking on the phone. "Everything's fine, we just finished breakfast, and we're going to take a hike in the woods that are part of the property. (the phone) "Mama, I told you I would bring him by sometime today or tomorrow." (the phone) "Maybe, Mama, let me ask him." "Rusty, Mama wants us to come by for dinner tonight, so you can meet my parents, will you come with me?" "Are you sure you want to do that?" Rusty asked, "They might not like me." "I think it will be OK, baby, please?" Rusty nodded a yes. "He says he'll come, what time do you want to have dinner?" (the phone) "Six o'clock, Is 6:00 OK for you Rusty?" Rusty nodded. "OK Mama, oh, does Papa know about this?" (the phone) "It was his idea? I just don't want things to be too awkward, so we will see you about 6:00 or maybe a little before, Thanks, Mama." "Jamal," Rusty said, "I'm kind of apprehensive about this, what if your parents make a scene? Do they know I'm white?" "Yeah, Mama and I had a talk the other day, and I told her I was falling for a white boy, and if she knows, Papa knows. I'm pretty certain that they won't make a scene, they just want to meet the boy that set their sons heart on fire, and you sure did do that! "We need to wear something over our birthday suits, to get across the field to the woods, the neighbors can see the field," Rusty said. They went into the bedroom and put on t-shirts, shorts, socks and their sneakers, then headed out the back door, hiking toward the woods. It took them all of 6 or 7 minutes to walk across the field and into the woods. "There," Rusty said, "we're out of sight now, we can get natural, but it might be hazardous to go bare footed, so we should keep our footwear on." The boys stripped, leaving their clothes on a log, and then walked further into the woods. "What do you think, baby," Rusty asked, "are you liking this as much as I do?" "It's quite different," Jamal answered, "I'd never really even thought about doing something like this, but It does feel nice, but what happens if we get caught?" "The chances are pretty slim, I've done this dozens of times and I've never been caught. These woods belong to the several homeowners, probably about 5 or 6 of these ranchettes and I don't think any of the owners ever take advantage of this part of nature" Just when Jamal was starting to feel comfortable, hiking in the woods naked with rusty, they heard a voice. "Hey! Rusty!" the voice hollered. Rusty and Jamal were ready to bolt, toward where they had left their clothes. "Hey, wait! It's OK," the man said. As he walked toward Rusty and Jamal, surprisingly he was also naked, except for footwear. The man looked to be in his late 20's to late 30's, with a well-structured and somewhat muscular body. "Rusty, I think introductions might be in order here." "Sorry, Jamal, this is my neighbor, Daniel, he and his family live in the house two doors over from me, and Dan, this is my friend from school, Jamal Robinson." Jamal and Dan shook hands. "Just curious," Dan asked, "did you guys have a horse for a Father?" "No, why?" Rusty replied. "Well," Dan stated, grinning, "I'm certain you both realize that you're both hung like horses! It finally warmed up a bit, made for a nice day to go for an au natural walk in these woods. It's a pretty nice feeling, isn't it?" "Yeah it is," Rusty answered, "I've done it lots of times, but this is Jamal's first, do you do it often?" "Only when I can get away from the old lady for a while. She knows I do it, and I've tried to get her to do it with me but she always declines. She gets the short end of the stick though, because I almost always end up wanking it off, and then I have little desire for sex later that night." While the three guys were chatting, Dan was fondling his cock and developed a boner, which caused some arousal in both Jamal's and Rusty's genitals, and they both became somewhat erect. "I have a serious desire to Jack off," Dan said, "while we're all here, could I interest you guys in a circle jerk?" "You mean like," Rusty asked, "all of us jack off together?" "That's exactly what I mean," Dan replied, "I'll bet those big cocks could shoot some big spurts of cum!" "I don't know," Rusty considered, "Jamal, I'm game, if you are." "What the hell," Jamal said, "we're already hard, why not." All three guys started to stroke their shafts, all suddenly wanting to drop loads on the ground. As they pounded away on their erections, they were all wondering who would be the first to shoot. "Let's make this a little more challenging," Dan suggested, "the last one to cum, has to kiss the first one's ass!" "I think I'm gonna get my ass kissed!" Rusty exclaimed, shooting several healthy ropes of cum on the ground, Now, who's going to kiss my ass?" "Not me, I'm cumming now!" Jamal exclaimed, as he also creamed a bunch of nice ropes of his man juice right next to Rusty's load. "I think I'm fucked," Dan said, as he finally unloaded his balls, just as strong as either of the younger boys, but about 1 minute behind the other two. "Okay, Rusty," Dan said, "bend over and I'll pay my loss!" Rusty bent over, sticking his ass out, and Dan kissed the cheeks. "Rusty," Jamal said, "I guess we can always say that your neighbor has kissed your ass, but such a waste of mans juice!" All three guys laughed. "And if it didn't go on the ground," Dan commented, "where would it go?" "I can think of better places," Jamal said, "if I'd been a little quicker." "Wait just a minute," Dan said, "I have a gut feeling that you guys are a lot closer than just friends, and if I'm right, I think it's pretty cool, and I have no problem with it." "Dan," Rusty said, "we just decided, earlier today, that we are boyfriends, we love each other, and we want to be with one another." "Rusty, I need to tell you something," Dan said, "I've known you for a few years, and I've always felt that you were gay, even though you never flaunted it. I'm also a strong believer in that love is love, it knows no gender or color. If you're happy with each other, and you love and respect one another, that's all that really matters." "Tonight we have a hurdle to cross," Jamal stated, "My parents want to meet Rusty, and they've invited us for dinner. I think Mama is more prepared than Papa, I've told her that I have fallen in love with Rusty, and I think she'll be OK, but I'm not sure what Papa will say." "Were you guys ok with what we did today?" Dan asked. "Sure, I think it was actually fun," Rusty replied, "I can't believe we've both been hiking naked in these woods for a long time, and never ran across each other before today. I'll admit, when you first discovered us today, we were scared, but you showed us you were friendly, and we were fine after that. It probably helped that you were also naked." Dan grinned. "Rusty, you know where I live, if you ever want a naked buddy to hike with, I'm often available on weekends, but I'm at work during the week, I guess you probably have your own buddy though, right Jamal?" Jamal, snickering, "Yeah, I think Rusty's gonna turn me into a nudist too." "Dan," Rusty asked, "do you like to skinny dip?" "I've never done it, but I would like to." "In a couple of weeks, we're gonna get the pool uncovered, and you'd be most welcome to come and skinny dip with us, as long as the grandparents aren't home." "That sounds great. I need to get home, and I really enjoyed being with you guys today. I'd like to think I'm more than just a neighbor, I want to be your friend also. I hope things go well with Jamal's parents tonight. You guys are #1 in my book!" Dan shared hugs with both boys before he left, and he reminded them to remember to put their clothes back on before they crossed the field to the house. Rusty and Jamal both feel they've gained a new friend. The boys stopped near the edge of the woods and re-dressed, then headed back to the house. "Rusty, do you think your grandparents would let me live here with you, if push comes to shove?" Jamal asked. "I don't know, baby," Rusty replied, "I'd love for us to live together, but I think first I need to come out to them and see how they react. I suspect that they will accept my new lifestyle quicker than my parents would. They should be coming home in a couple of weeks, and then I can figure out how this is going to work out." "It's a little after 4:30, we probably need to get ready to go to my parents. I think we have time to shower, if we do it together." The boys hit the shower and then dressed in clean clothing and were on the way to Jamal's parent’s home by 5:15 PM. * * * * * * * * * * * * About 5:45 PM Jamal pulled into the driveway and saw his father sitting on the front porch. "Oh shit!" Jamal exclaimed. "What's wrong, Jamal?" Rusty asked. "Maybe nothing," Jamal answered, "I'm probably just paranoid, seeing Papa on the porch, like he's ready to tear into me. I guess he probably wouldn't, not outside where the neighbors would see, let's get this over with, Come on Rusty." Jamal led Rusty toward the front porch, and Papa stood up. "Papa, this is my friend, Irwin McKeever, but he goes by Rusty, and Rusty, my father, George Robinson." George Robinson extended his hand, and shook Rusty's hand warmly, and smiled. "McKeever, huh, that's certainly a good old Irish name, can I assume your parents came from Ireland?" George asked. "No, sir, but three of my grandparents did, both of my father's parents, and my mother's mom all came from Ireland, but my Mom's father is American by birth, so I'm actually only three fourths Irish, and both of my parents were born here." George said, "My logic would make you Irish-American, just like our family is considered African-American, right?" "I guess that would be right, sir," Rusty agreed, "but, deep down, aren't we all just Americans?" George nodded in agreement. "Jamal," George spoke, "you do know that a failure to tell the whole truth is almost as sinful as lying, don't you?" "Yes, Papa," Jamal replied, "but what has that to do with anything?" "Your Mama told me about the conversation that you had with her a couple of days ago, and naturally I wanted to meet the young man that was stealing your heart. You introduced him to me as just a friend, but I suspect you guys are a bit more than just friends." Rusty is quite nervous, wondering what happens when the next shoe drops, and feeling he's sitting on a powder keg. "OK Papa," Jamal admitted, "I won't try to cover up, the truth is that Rusty and I have become boyfriends, and we are both happiest when we're together, Papa, I love Rusty." Rusty is blushing. "Son," George said, "you have some very good friends, and one of them is Pastor John, he helped open your Mother's and my eyes. I hope you didn't think that we would do to you like his parents did to his younger brother, he told us that story. I think maybe we should go inside, I'm sure dinner is close to being ready." George, as they all stood up, "Rusty, welcome to our home." Jamal's father gave Rusty a warm and loving hug, and the three entered the house together, and George led them into the dining room, Jamal's mother came in from the kitchen. "You guys had quite a chat on the porch," Jamal's mother said. "We did," George said, "and very enlightening. Rose, I'm pleased to introduce you to Jamal's boyfriend, Irwin McKeever, aka Rusty, and Rusty, this is Jamal's Mama, and my lovely wife of 27 years, Rose Robinson." Rusty, taking Rose's hand and kissing it, "I'm very pleased to meet you, Mrs. Robinson, and thank you for the dinner invitation." "Rusty, we're really glad you're here with us," Rose said, "what is your beverage choice, milk, water, or iced tea, or, if you wish, I can make some coffee." Rusty said that milk would be fine. Rose spent most of the next five minutes placing dinner on the table, baked spare ribs, baked sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and tossed salad. It was suggested that the two boys sit together on one side of the table, while George and Rose sat across from them. George prepared to give thanks and the two boys instinctively held hands, and so did George and Rose. All heads bowed. "Heavenly Father," George said, "we thank you for providing the food, and give thanks for the hands that prepared it for our consumption. I especially want to thank you for bringing Rusty into our family, and Dear God, please guide these beautiful young men, as they explore each other, and the unknown road ahead, and above all, please let no harm come into their pathway, keep them safe, and let them know they are loved, unconditionally." "Father, I ask a special blessing for Pastor John, whose wisdom was instrumental in helping Rose and me to understand our son better, and to accept him for how you made him. Jamal is special, and we ask nothing but happiness in his future, and if that happens to be with Rusty, then, so be it. Father we ask this in the name of your loving son, Jesus Christ. Amen." The 'Amen' was echoed. The blessing that George had offered touched both boys deeply, and both had tears streaming down their faces, and Rose also had wet eyes. She handed them napkins to blot the tears from their faces. "Papa," Jamal stated, "I never expected to hear a prayer like that from you, it nearly put me into shock!" "Son, those words didn't come from my brain, they came from my heart, and I learned, a long time ago, the heart doesn't lead you wrong. I think one's heart is incapable of lying." Then, smiling, "This food is going to get cold, dig in everybody!" Everyone filled their plates, and the conversation turned into mostly small talk, Rusty mentioned how tender the ribs were, and generally how delicious the whole meal was, causing Rose to smile. "So how did you two meet each other, initially?" George asked. "Through the club, the Rainbow Alliance, at school," Jamal replied, "Rusty was a new member at the last meeting, and we got to talking, out in the parking lot, and we just clicked." "Yeah," Rusty added, "It just seemed that, the more we saw of each other, the more we wanted to be together. I don't think either of us are looking to spend time with anyone else, we just enjoy being with each other, a lot." Jamal is nodding his head. After dinner, Jamal took Rusty's hand and led him into the front room, around the corner from the dining room, and they shared a passionate hug and kiss. George walked in on them, and they broke it instantly, separating from each other. "You didn't have to stop," George said, "I think kissing is like the universal language of love, it's what many people who care about each other do, to let their mate know that they do care." "I also have a message for you, Jamal, from Pastor John. He said to tell you that that you are missed and wanted at church, and that you are very welcome to bring your boyfriend, just don't kiss each other in the pews." Jamal, snickering, "Thanks, Papa, I'll consider it. "Also, boys," George remarked, "I hope you guys are practicing safe sex." "Actually Papa, we haven't been practicing any sex, yet, but even if we were, neither of us have ever had a sexual relationship with anyone, so I know we're both 100% clean," Jamal responded. "I think," Rusty added, "Jamal and I are more into an emotional relationship, rather than a sexual relationship, but I suppose that could change in the future." "Rusty, are you about ready to head back to the farm?" Jamal asked. "Sure, baby," Rusty replied, "whenever you're ready to go." George smiled at Rusty's use of the 'baby' word, yep, these boys are most definitely into each other. It was about 8:30 when Jamal and Rusty were getting ready to leave. "Mr. and Mrs. Robinson," Rusty said, "It was very nice to meet you, I was somewhat apprehensive at first, but you guys made me feel extremely welcome in your home, and dinner was fantastic!" "Rusty, I think we'd be comfortable if you called us George and Rose, and please don't be a stranger, you're welcome here, with or without Jamal. Oh, and you don't always need to go to your house to sleep, Jamal has a double bed in his room and (grinning) I'm sure he'd be willing to share it with his boyfriend." "Rusty," Rose stated, "I'm glad you enjoyed dinner with us, and we thoroughly enjoyed having you here. Please take good care of our son, we love him a lot." "You have my word, I promise," Rusty answered, "I love him a lot too, I hope to see you again soon." George and Rose smiled. George, right after the boys walked out, "Well, Rose, what do you think of Jamal's boyfriend?" "Honestly, I'm impressed," Rose responded, "Rusty is very likeable, and he's very polite and respectful. Did you notice how both boys were constantly glancing at each other? I think they have some rather deep feelings for one another." "I think I can relate to how Rusty may have felt today," George said, "I remember the first time I met your parents, and I was so afraid that I might say or do something that might cause them not to like me, but somehow, I survived that night. I think Rusty survived tonight, and I do really like that young man." "George, have you noticed how Jamal has changed in the last few days, I can't remember ever seeing him so happy, and it's just been since he and Rusty have gotten close." Jamal. on the way back to the farm, "Rusty, I need to stop by a drug store, if there is one still open." "I think CVS is open until 10:00, and it's right on the way." A few minutes later they pulled into the CVS parking lot and entered the store. Jamal had to ask a clerk where they kept things like lubricant, and she showed them where it was, in the same area where feminine products and douche products were stored. Jamal first picked up a tube of K-Y, then spotted some plastic bottles of 'Personal Lubricant' and picked up two of them, putting the K-Y back on the shelf. Rusty is wondering what Jamal has on his mind. "Is there anything you want, Rusty, while we're here?" "There is, as a matter of fact," Rusty replied, "but I have to ask where they keep it." Rusty quietly asked the clerk something, and she directed him to isle 4, and Jamal followed him there. Rusty picked up a bottle of massage oil, and both boys went to checkout and paid for their merchandise separately. The cashier smiled at them, knowing what they might be planning. They went back to Jamal's car and drove on toward the farm. "Jamal," Rusty asked, "what is the lube for?" "Lube is essential when guys practice anal sex, at least that's what I've been told, and read about," Jamal answered, "It's probably even more important, when guys are hung like we are." "Are you planning for one of us to get fucked tonight?" "Not really," Jamal responded, "I just know that, as close as we are, and as much as we love and care about each other, we're going to want to try it sometime before too long. It's better to have the lube and not need it, rather than to need it and not have it. And what about that oil you bought?" "I've had a couple of massages, and I think I kind of know how to give one, baby, I'm going to try and give you the best full body massage that you've ever had!" "I've never had one, but you've got me so fucking excited right now, I can hardly wait! You know how much I love the feeling of your hands on my body, anyway. Where did the extra miles on this road come from?" Rusty, chuckling, "You're just impatient, Jamal, we'll be home in about five minutes." Jamal pulled his car next to Rusty's pickup, the two boys picked up their CVS bags and they entered the house. As has become routine for these two, they went into Rusty's bedroom and stripped. Jamal, holding the two little bottles, "Rusty, where can we keep these, out of sight, but handy for when we might need them?" "Just stash them in the bedside table draw, my grandparents never go in there, they do respect my privacy. Do we want a snack before we go to bed?" "I don't," Jamal replied, "I just want that massage you promised me." Rusty pulled the blanket and top sheet down and told Jamal to lie down on his stomach, then knelt down, with his knees and thighs straddling Jamal's thighs, his cock dangling and touching Jamal's cute black ass. Rusty squeezed a healthy squirt of the massage oil down Jamal's back. "Oooh!" Jamal blurted, "that's cold!" "It won't be, for long," Rusty assured, setting the bottle on the bedside table. Rusty used his hands to spread the oil around Jamal's back, working some into his shoulders and neck, then massaging his rib cage and rib blades. Within a minute, Rusty was grinning, hearing Jamal moaning in pleasure. Rusty then got off the bed and pulled Jamal's body close to the edge of the mattress. "Oh my god, baby," Jamal remarked, "I think I've just died and gone to heaven! This just feels so—wonderful, I'll give you at least a month to finish." Rusty, chuckling, "I'd probably need a few cases of energy drinks, to do this for a month. Jamal, your skin is so—smooth, it feels like velvet under my hands. I never dreamed it would feel so exciting to give you a massage, I'm loving doing this for you." Squirting more of the oil on his hand, Rusty continued to massage Jamal's hamstrings and calves, then he worked his way back up to those cute buns, squeezing and massaging them lovingly. "OK Dude, roll over so I can do your front side," Rusty commanded. "Won't that oil get on the sheets?" Jamal asked. "Not much, most of it gets absorbed into your skin." Jamal turned over and Rusty squirted some more oil onto Jamal's tummy, getting a gasp from Jamal because of the cold feeling. Rusty massaged Jamal's upper chest and both arms, one at a time, massaging his biceps, triceps and lower arms. Rusty couldn't resist lowering his head a couple of times and tenderly kissing those succulent lips, causing Jamal to grin. He then massaged Jamal's pecs and then his nipples, pinching them a little. "Rusty, careful, you're making me hard!" Jamal exclaimed. Rusty, snickering, "Baby, do you realize how cute you are when your cock stands at full attention? Don't worry, we can take care of that too." Rusty continued his massage, putting a little more oil on his hands, he massaged Jamal's shins and feet, then moved up to the front of his thighs, and then his inner thighs. While Rusty massaged Jamal's inner thighs, Jamal's cock became even harder than before, and had precum glistening on the tip, which Rusty took pleasure in licking off. The only place still needing a massage was Jamal's perineum and scrotum, which Rusty took pleasure in massaging last. He rubbed those balls, causing the loudest moans from Jamal yet, as more precum leaked from the tip of Jamal's cock. Rusty believed he had Jamal right where he wanted him, and then took the liberty to take the head and a couple more inches into his mouth, and he slowly and lovingly massaged Jamal's shaft. "Rusty, if you don't get your mouth off my cock, I'm gonna cum in your mouth, I'm really close, Fuck, I'm gonna—gonna—ain't no holding off—I'm cumming!" Jamal emptied the contents of his balls directly into Rusty's mouth, and Rusty swallowed every drop. "I swear, Jamal," Rusty remarked, "every time I get a taste of you, it's sweeter than the time before. I think I'm hooked." "Was that a typical full body massage?" "I don't think so," Rusty replied, grinning, "you got the bonus feature, just for you, sweetheart!" Jamal smiled "My parents really surprised me today, I was hoping things would go smoothly, but I can tell they really like you. I think they put their stamp of approval not just on you, but also on our relationship as boyfriends." "Jamal, did you catch what your father said, just before we left, about that we could sleep together in your bed, if we wished? That made me feel even more comfortable and welcome around your folks." "I think Mama and Papa have silently adopted you into our family. Rusty, how long have we known each other?" Jamal asked. Rusty, thinking, "Shit, how can this be? We only met six days ago, at, or right after the club meeting. Yet, I feel like we've known each other for a lifetime!" "This is crazy, Rusty, but I feel the same, I can't believe we've gone from being complete strangers to boyfriends in only six days! But yet, the last six days have been the happiest days of my life. I do kind of wonder though, how you could get to be 21 and not realize you were gay, I've known about myself since I was about 13 or 14." "Jamal, I was not completely truthful, when I told everyone at that meeting that I thought I might be gay. I was hoping that some nice white boy would maybe take an interest in me, and maybe help me to come out. I knew, also, when I was 14 or 15, that I liked boys." "Rusty, what else have you not been truthful about?" Jamal asked, "I really need to know." "I can't think of anything else. I guess, if jacking off with another boy is considered having sex, I've done that just a few times, with kids back in high school. I've never even kissed another boy, until we kissed, and I've never tasted cum, until I tasted yours." "Did you ever meet that nice white boy you were hoping to catch?" "No," Rusty responded, grinning, "I've lost interest, but I met the most wonderful young black boy, that I've fallen completely and hopelessly in love with! Jamal, do you realize how much I love you?" "I think the feeling is mutual," Jamal replied, "do you want me to get you off?" "Not really, sweetheart, I just want to wrap my arms around you, and hold you, until we both fall asleep." While Rusty turned off the bedside lamp, Jamal pulled the covers over the two of them. They both wrapped their arms around one another, and soon fell asleep. * * * * * * * * * * * * About 1:00 PM on Saturday afternoon DJ is getting ready for work, as he is due in at 2:00 PM. He and Jamie had just finished showering together and dried each other off. Both DJ and Jamie packed a change of clothes, so they could change at work before the party. I was getting off at 9:00 and planned to come home first to change and wait for Joe, so we could go to the Party a little later. "Jamie, 2 weeks from tonight is the 24th, we need to make arrangements to get that night off, and tell Bryan and Phil to do the same," DJ said. "I can tell Anthony today," Jamie said, "I'll call Phil, and you call Bryan." Both boys made the calls. When DJ (and Gwen) clocked in at 2:00 PM, Gloria was the MIC, (Manager In Charge) having relieved Randy early, as Randy had a bunch of last minute errands to do, in preparation for the Party. * * * * * * * * * * * * About 4:00 PM, while Randy was still out picking up things, the rental company arrived with the portable bar that Daryl had rented for the party. Daryl told them they could set it up against the dining room wall. Daryl retrieved a box, containing several bottles of alcohol, and placed them on the bar. All that was lacking now is ice, mixers and glasses. Randy was picking up 200 of the clear plastic, disposable drinking cups and 16 2-liters of sodas. They had planned to buy several bags of ice, just before the party. It was hard to determine how much food would be needed, as they had no idea just how many would be showing up for the party. Randy had ordered several trays of food from the deli at the market, including a vegie tray, fruit tray and a meat & cheese tray, and also a pan of lasagna, all to be picked up shortly before 10:00 when the store closed. About 8:30 PM the 'City Contingency' arrived, 2 carloads of 4 gay guys each, all of them friends that Daryl and Randy had made during their time of living in the City, and really the only close gay friends they had. After the two hour drive they were all ready for a cock—er cocktail. Chet was a bartender in one of the gay bars there, and kindly offered his services to Randy and Daryl, which they were happy to accept. "Girls!" Randy spoke, "I need to give you a heads up. This is NOT a typical gay party of the type we've all attended in the past. The majority of the guests we expect here tonight are straight, and are the employees of the Southside Drug Store, where I am the General Manager, and the CVS where Daryl is an assistant manager." "I'm not asking you to crawl back into your closets, but can you guys try to butch it up a little, at least for tonight? I'm glad you guys came a little early, as we don't officially start the party until 10:00 PM, we set it late, for the benefit of so many of our coworkers that are working until at least 9:00 and some of them 10:00. Daryl and I plan an announcement tonight, after everyone is here, that will likely surprise a few people." * * * * * * * * * * * * About 8:45 Jerry, dressed to kill, walked into the store carrying a fancy dress on a hanger. Gwen had run her tally and counted her draw down, and Gloria was checking her out. Cindy was still cashing out the last couple of customers on her terminal. "DJ," Gloria said, "I'm going to go into the rest room and change clothes for the party, can you and Gwen keep tabs on the store, and if anyone needs a prescription filled, I'll do it after I change." "Go ahead Gloria, we have you covered." DJ replied. About 5 minutes later Gloria emerged, looking very attractive, DJ had never seen her in a dress before. "Wow! Gloria, you look so different and—pretty." DJ remarked. "That's a real complement sweetie," Gloria said, smiling, "especially coming from you." DJ smiled. I came into the store from my last deliveries, ready to clock out. Looking at Gloria I said, "You sure are looking like a Saturday night!" "Thanks, Doug, I'm getting all these complements from the gay guys, and nothing from the straight guys." "Sorry, baby," Jerry remarked, "you're just looking so hot, I lost my tongue!" "Good comeback, Jerry," I said. We all laughed. "DJ, Gwen, Doug, you guys can clock out, will I see you at the party?" "Yes," I answered, "but Joe and I won't be there until about 11:30, He won't be home from work until 11:00." "Jamie doesn't get off until 11:00 either, so we won't be there early, probably about 11:15 for us," DJ remarked. DJ and Gwen headed to his Tracker, got in, and DJ drove toward Gwen's home. "DJ," Gwen asked, "who is Jamie?" "My boyfriend." "You're gay?" "You didn't know? I thought everyone at the store knew that I was gay and had a boyfriend, I'm surprised that nobody told you." "Mom told me that her best dishwasher is a gay guy," Gwen said. "Is his name Phil?" "Yes, do you know him?" "Quite well, Phil and his boyfriend, Bryan, are two of Jamie's and my closest friends." Then, parking at Gwen's house, "How long will it take you to get ready?" "About 15 minutes," Gwen answered. "I'll be right here waiting for you." About twenty minutes later, a transformed Gwen entered the passenger side of DJ's Tracker looking very attractive, for a young lady. "Ready to go party?" DJ asked. "I suppose so," Gwen answered. "What's wrong, Gwen?" DJ inquired. "I think I'm just a little depressed, it's hard for me to get into a party mood, DJ, I need a boyfriend!" "I don't think I can be very helpful, I know there are plenty of nice boys out there that would love to meet a nice young lady like you, but I don't know them. Gwen, straight guys don't hang around with gay guys, it's almost like we're diseased or something. Maybe you'll meet somebody nice at the party, there are some people from Daryl's CVS store that we don't know, that will be at the party." "Gwen, I'm going to take you to the party, then come back to the pizzeria and pick up Jamie when he gets done, and we'll be at the party a bit later." "DJ, can I go to the pizzeria with you, and then go to the party with you and Jamie?" "Sure, Gwen," DJ answered. DJ drove them to the pizzeria and they walked in. Jamie met them inside the door. "Hi baby," Jamie greeted, "may I ask who this is?" "Sure, Jamie, this is Gwen, the new cashier I've been training this week, Gwen, this is my boyfriend, Jamie Seldon, are you busy?" "Not at all," Jamie said, "I have no tables, no pickups, my side work is done, I'm just waiting for 11:00 PM." "Jamie," Anthony said, "do you want to cut out now?" "Sure," Jamie said, "DJ and I are going to his boss's party, is it ok if we use the party room to change clothes?" Anthony nodded. DJ and Jamie both ran out to their cars and grabbed the clothes they wanted to wear to the party, came back and headed into the party room and closed the door, and proceeded to change. It only takes guys about 3 or 4 minutes to change their appearance. When they came out, Anthony flagged Jamie. "Jamie, that was 2 weeks from tonight you wanted off, right?" "Yes, sir." Jamie replied. "Can you work a day shift that day?" "Sure, Anthony, but I'd like to be off by around 5:00 PM, or at least 6:00." "Noted," Anthony said, "I'll plan for you to work 11:00 to 5:00 that day, unless I need you earlier. Have a good time at the Party." DJ, Jamie and Gwen headed to the Tracker, and DJ drove them to Randy's house. There were quite a few cars parked there and they had to park down the street and walk about half a block to the house. It was just about 11:00 PM when they walked into the party, one young man that none of them knew was eyeing Gwen with desire, but he soon looked away, assuming that she was with either DJ or Jamie. There appeared to be about 30 people there, and a few more expected later on. "MAY I PLEASE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION!" Randy bellowed, On behalf of Daryl and myself, we would like to welcome each and every one of you to our Housewarming - Valentines - Coming Out Party. We hope you all have a good time, but we do have just a couple of requests." "Daryl and I wish to maintain a non-smoking environment in our home, and for our non-smoking guests, so if any of you have a desire to light up, please use the deck, outside the kitchen door. You'll find seating and ashtrays out there for your convenience." "Secondly, I know we have a few guests that are under 21, and you guys know the law. We are asking you to police yourselves, if you're under 21, please, please, please lay off the alcohol! Also, when you leave, we want you to arrive home safely, so if you're a little tipsy, let someone know, and we'll find a way to get you home without an accident or a DUI." "One more quickie, Chet is one of our long-time friends from the City, and he is also a professional bartender. Chet, out of the kindness in his heart, offered to be our mixologist tonight. If we have the materials, Chet will concoct whatever drink your little heart desires. Ok everybody, PARTY ON!" Jerry, approaching Chet, "Chet, what bar do you work at?" "The Scorpio," Chet answered. "Oh," Jerry remarked, "Gloria and I wandered in there once, and discovered it was a gay bar. We left after one drink, it wasn't the kind of club we were looking for." Chet replied, grinning, "I've been working there for several years, and I like it, a lot of hot guys go there, and sometimes I turn a nice trick." Jerry, looking at Gloria, "I wasn't looking for that, I have my 'trick' every day, we're planning to marry later in the spring." Gloria held her hand up toward Chet, showing her engagement ring. "Congratulations, I wish you two a lifetime of happiness, that's a beautiful ring!" "Thank you, Chet," Gloria replied, "I'm very proud to wear it!" Gwen, like many of the others present, was making her rounds, chatting and meeting others, hanging mostly with the familiar faces she knew from work. That young man that had been eyeing her since she arrived was following Gwen with his eyes. Finally, Gwen was alone, and he made his move, stepping close to her. "Hi," he said, warmly, "I'm Jon, short for Jonathan, and I work for Daryl at CVS." "I'm Gwen, short for Gwendolyn, and I'm at the end of my first week at Southside, I'm glad to meet you." "I'm very happy to meet you too," Jon said," can I ask you a question?" "I guess so, what do you want to know?" "Are you—with one of those boys you came in with?" "Not exactly," Gwen said, "DJ, the darker one, has been training me to be a cashier, and he's really nice. I have some transportation issues, and he's been taking me home sometimes after work, and he offered to bring me here and take me home tonight, after the party." "You like DJ, don't you," Jon stated, more as a fact. "Yes," Gwen replied, "but I learned something tonight about DJ that I wasn't prepared for, and I found it a little—upsetting." "It was that bad?" Jon asked. "Jon," Gwen explained, "the blonde boy, that is with DJ right now, is DJ's boyfriend, and they've been together for almost a year. I didn't even know that DJ was gay, until tonight." "I guess there wouldn't be much future there," Jon commented, "now I need to tell you something. I find you very attractive, I'm straight, I'm available, and I want to get to know you. Please tell DJ that I will take you home tonight." "Are you thinking of my home, or your bed?" Gwen asked. "Gwen! That hurt!" Jon exclaimed, a couple of tears escaping his eyes, "Do you think the only interest I have in you is to get laid? That's not what I'm about!" "I'm sorry, Jon, I was just being cautious," Gwen stated, "I'll tell DJ you're taking me home." Jon smiled Joe and I finally made it to the party about 11:45 PM, late but in time for Daryl and Randy's 'coming out' speech. We made the rounds, met a few folks we'd never known, enjoyed a couple of drinks, and filled plates with food, then filled our stomachs. About 12:30 AM Daryl made an announcement. "MAY I HAVE EVERYONE'S ATTENTION PLEASE!" Daryl announced. The house became suddenly quiet. "I know there have been rumors floating around both Southside and CVS about a possible relationship between Randy and myself, and it's my intention to put those rumors to rest right now. Randy and I were dorm mates during our Sophomore year at college, and became very close friends, and we've maintained that friendship now for about seven years." "About a month ago, we attended a very special wedding, one between one of Randy's employees and his long-term boyfriend. I'd like to introduce the newlyweds, Doug Kendall and Joe Reynolds, if you gentlemen would please stand." Doug and I both stood up, and waved at the group, smiling. Daryl continued, "That was a very joyous occasion, and I was deeply moved, and I asked Doug if I could speak, and he approved. It was that day that I found the courage to ask my love of seven years for his hand in marriage. The wedding photographer had the insight to capture that event on film, and, over there is a framed photo of me, making that proposal, and Randy said 'yes'." Randy, interrupting Daryl, "Friends, that was the happiest moment of my life!" "Mine also!" Daryl exclaimed, "Randy and I are tired of trying to keep our love for each other hidden away, like it doesn't exist. Our love is as strong as any straight couple, and probably stronger than many. So, as of tonight, it's official, we're in love, we're engaged, we're OUT, and we've put the rumors to rest!" Randy approached Daryl, and the fiancé's hugged and shared a passionate kiss. The whole house erupted in cheers and applause. Several of the guests gathered around Randy and Daryl, asking when the big day was going to happen, and all they could tell them was that it would be late spring or early summer, and they would all be invited. DJ noticed that Gwen and that other guy were sitting on the sofa together and had some mixed feelings. The guy had his arm around Gwen's shoulders, and they were chatting and smiling. DJ walked closer to them, and Gwen motioned him over. "DJ," Gwen said, "I’d like you to meet Jon, he works at CVS, and Jon, this is my coworker from Southside, DJ." Jon, standing up and shaking hands with DJ, "Good to meet you, DJ, Gwen has told me a lot about you, and you won't need to take her home tonight, I'm taking her home after the party." "Glad to meet you too, Jon, I think," DJ stated, "Can we talk a minute?" Jon followed DJ out of the room and into the hallway. "Jon, what are your intentions, with Gwen?" DJ asked. "DJ, Gwen told me you have a boyfriend, and that there are no romantic feelings for you, but you're acting like a jealous boyfriend." Jon said, "Did I misread something?" "I think I'm just a little protective of her," DJ explained, "she a very sweet young lady, and I am hoping that you aren't going to try to take advantage of her." "DJ, I only just met her tonight, but I like her, I like her a lot. I really want to get to know her better, and my intentions are completely honorable, the most I'm hoping for tonight is a goodnight kiss." "OK Jon," DJ responded, "just checking, I think I feel kind of like a big brother to her." "It's OK, DJ," Jon said, smiling, "I do have a sixteen-year-old sister, and I would feel the same way about her." Jon gave DJ a hug and returned to Gwen. Jon sat back down on the sofa and Gwen snuggled close, holding Jon's hand. A few minutes later, they were exchanging phone numbers. "Jon," Gwen said, "is everything ok, between you and DJ?" "Yeah," Jon replied, chuckling, " DJ felt somewhat relieved after talking with Jon, and he thinks that Jon is really a nice young man. Maybe Gwen did actually meet someone nice at this party, as he had hoped. About 1:15 Jon ushered Gwen toward the door and stopped to tell Daryl they had a great time and thanked him and Randy for hosting the party. Lastly, they both smiled and waved at DJ and Jamie, as they headed out the door, Jon holding Gwen's arm. DJ and Jamie returned the wave. Jamie and DJ left shortly afterwards, as they are both scheduled early tomorrow, at noon, Jamie has to host a Birthday Party at 1:00 PM and DJ is scheduled for 12:00 to 6:00 PM. The boys' primary interest is to get home and to sleep. It's pushing toward 2:00 AM and many of the guests had already left. Randy is in for a rough morning tomorrow, as he is to open at 10:00 AM Sunday morning. Both he and Daryl are hoping the guests hurry up and leave, but they are reluctant to push anyone out. Fortunately, everyone drank responsibly, and nobody got extremely intoxicated, and it seemed that everyone had a good time. The gang from the city all left about 1:00 AM, and the last of the other guests left about 2:30. Randy and Daryl put what little food was left in the fridge, and headed to bed, both men were dog tired. Sex? Forget it, sleep is #1 priority. (to be continued)    
  10. Doug Spencer


    This is the story of an older gay man who picks up a cute, young, straight hitchhiker. Over a few days they become very close, emotionally.
  11. Doug Spencer


    My name is Hank, I'm a Driver at Large, at least that's what I call myself. I make my money by transporting people, mostly long distance, 100 and up to 2000 miles, sometimes. On some of those long runs, that may take 3 or 4 days, my passengers normally pay for accommodations, for both them and myself, and meals are Dutch treat. Quite often, arrangements for these trips are made a few days in advance, of course the profits are better if I have a ride waiting on the other end going somewhere. I was contracted to pick up someone in Sarasota, Florida next Monday that was going to Chicago, a good money trip. It was mid-November and we were experiencing a few days of cold rainy weather here in the Mid-Atlantic region. I had just delivered a passenger to Baltimore today, Tuesday, and was on the way to my home in Southern Virginia. About 6:00 PM I pulled into the rest area just south of DC on Interstate 95 to relieve my bladder and there he was! He was about 5'1" maybe 5'2", slight of build, and had the face of a 14 year old boy. I might have guessed him to weigh about 100 pounds, soaking wet, which he was. His pleading eyes met mine and my heart melted. I went into the men's room and took care of the reason I had stopped. Walking back out I stopped and looked down at him. He was somewhat sheltered from the rain, sitting on his backpack in the entrance way, a puddle of water surrounded him that evidently had dripped out of his soaked clothing. I extended my hand, he took it and I pulled him to his feet, water still dripping from his clothes. "What's your name?" I asked. "Adam," he said. "I'm Hank, how did you get so soaked?" "I'm trying to get to Florida, and I was on the ramp, trying to hitch a ride. The state police told me I couldn't hitchhike there, and I walked down the side of the highway, about two miles, to this rest area. Trucks and cars passing me were spraying water on me." I wanted nothing more than to wrap my arms around him and hug him, but he was soaking wet and I was nearly dry, and preferred to stay dry. I'm trying to figure out a way to help him without the water in his clothing soaking into my passenger or back seat. I can get this young man to Florida, I think! "Adam" I asked, "how old are you?" "I know I don't look it, but I'm 21, and I have ID." That's a relief! "Adam," I said, "I'm going to help you, just stay where you are for a couple minutes." He nodded, and smiled weakly. I found the maintenance guy, an older black man. I asked him if he could spare me a couple of those large trash bags. "I can," he said, "you gonna hep that boy?" "That's my intention," I answered, "How long has he been here?" "Not sure," he said, "Ise been ere fo bout four ars, an he was ere wen I come. No one want hep da lil bro! Mista, God'l bless ya." I took the bags, opened one and pulled it over the back of the passenger seat, spread one on the seat, and placed one on the floor in the back. I went back and got Adam, told him to put his backpack on the floor in back and sit up front, on the plastic bags. I pulled out onto 95 southbound. "Hank, where are we going?" Adam asked. "Right now we're heading to my home, in Southern Virginia, in a couple of days, Florida. When is the last time you ate?" "Somebody gave me an Egg McMuffin this morning," he said, "I'm so hungry I'd eat dog food, if I had some." Grinning, I said, "You're SOL, I'm fresh out of dog food, would you accept some fried chicken in place of it?" Adam, snickering, "That'd be awesome!" Pulling into a Bojangle's, we drove to the drive-in, and I ordered two 3-piece dinners. "Adam, what sides?" "Macaroni and fries," Adam said. "What sides do you want?" the voice said. :Mac and Cheese and fries on one, coleslaw and dirty rice on the other, and two medium Cokes." "Your total is $13.71, please drive around." We got the food and pulled into a parking spot to eat. (I detest trying to eat and drive at the same time) "Adam," I said, "Take off that wet denim jacket, you'll be dripping that nasty water in your food!" Grinning, he wiggled out of the jacket and dropped it on the floor, and I handed him his dinner. We pretty much ate in silence, I was hungry too, but probably not nearly as hungry as he was. We finished our meals, and I threw the trash into one of the trashcans. At this point I only know his first name is Adam, he's 21 and wants to get to Florida. I'm certain I will learn much more over the next few days. I so much want to hold him in my arms and love him. I almost wish he wasn't so damned cute and attractive. Sleeping arrangements haven't been discussed, but I fully intend for him to sleep with me tonight. I don't have a spare bed anyway. He seems quite willing to follow my requests. I'll see how he responds when I do his laundry tonight. I doubt he has anything clean, even in his backpack, which is soaked, like everything else. I was surprised that Adam didn't fall asleep in the car after dinner, but he stayed awake for the remaining two hours of travel. We arrived at my home in Prince George about 10:00 PM. I told Adam to get his stuff, which was only his jacket and the backpack, and come on into the kitchen. The laundry area, washer and dryer were right between the kitchen and the bathroom. I started the washer and told Adam to give me all his outside clothes, the denim jacket, jeans, shirts and I put them in the washer. He hesitated a little when I asked for the jeans he was wearing, but then slid them off and handed them to me. I checked the pockets and pulled out his wallet, the only thing in his pockets. "May I see your ID, I asked." He pulled it out of his wallet and handed it to me. It was a Florida issued ID, and clearly stated that his 21st birthday had been about 2 months ago, and his name was Adam Cortez. His last name surprised me, as I hadn't thought he looked at all Hispanic. Adam explained to me that his mother had married his stepfather, who was Cuban, about three months before he was born, so they gave him his stepfather's last name. Now I understand! While we were waiting for the first load to finish washing I asked for his wet sneakers, and placed them on top of an oil filled electric heater. I told him they would be dry by morning, and they will be. The first load of Adam's clothes finished, and I put them in the drier, and started to fill the washer again for the rest of his clothes. He emptied out the backpack and I put everything in the washer, underwear, t-shirts and socks. Pointing to the boxers that he was wearing I said, "Them too." Adam kind of looked around, as if looking for a hiding spot, and finally slid them down and off, exposing his genitals, and handed them over, I dropped them into the washer and then sat on one of the barstools in the kitchen. Adam was definitely not well hung. In the flaccid state he was about four inches, and probably about an inch and a quarter in diameter, with a tapered head that was a bit smaller than the shaft. I have never been a size queen, and in my opinion, anything more than a mouthful is a waste. I had an urge and desire to fill my mouth with Adam! "Come over here, Adam." I said, and he approached me. I wrapped my arms around his torso, caressed his back and slowly ran my hands down his back to his buns, then, using one hand on each cheek, gave his cute buns a loving squeeze. Adam responded by hugging me, and resting his head on my shoulder. "Are you OK, Adam?" I asked. "I'm fine, Hank," he said. The drier buzzed, and I went to unload it and fold Adam's clothes, then I put the clothes from the washer into the drier and started them to dry. "Adam, we can take care of the underwear in the morning, are you ready to go to bed?" I asked. "I feel I need a shower first, if I may?" Adam asked. "Of course," I said, "Want some company with that?" "Maybe," Adam said, "am I sleeping with you?" "I was hoping you would want to," I said. "Then," Adam said, "we can share the bed, after we share a shower." Adam surprised me. I adjusted the temperature of the water, stepped into the shower stall, and Adam came in right behind me. We both shampooed and rinsed, and washed our faces. Adam soaped up a washcloth and started to wash my back, ribs, underarms buns, and then the backs of my legs. He then turned me so I could rinse, and started washing the front, my chest stomach, abdomen and genitals, causing me to become partially erect. I then took the washcloth and returned the favor. The one thing I did differently, was to give the head of his beautiful little prick a kiss and he grinned. After we got dried I turned the bedside lamp on, and came out and turned the kitchen and laundry lights off. He followed me into the bedroom. Adam was already in the bed and I slid in beside him. I reached over and turned off the bedside lamp, leaving the only illumination in the room, the dim light in the hallway by the bathroom. Both Adam and I were lying on our left sides, and my right arm wrapped around his torso, feeling his nearly hairless chest, and running my fingers over his nipples. He shifted a little, snuggling his back against my stomach and pushing his butt against my hardening cock. Not a word was spoken. Adam took my hand and guided it down onto his abdomen then even further, into his bush. I was trying to move slow, not wanting to scare Adam, or turn him off. My fingers investigated every nook and cranny of that sweet piece of meat and lightly massaged his sack and balls. My finger ran over the pee slit, sliding in the precum. I wanted nothing more right now than to taste Adam. "Hank," Adam very softly asked, "are you planning to do something to me?" "I'd like to see how this" squeezing his cock, "would feel in my mouth." "You'll never know," Adam said, "if you don't try it." Adam rolled onto his back, almost like an invitation, and slid his body toward the head of the bed, and then spread his legs apart, anticipating that I might need a little more room. I got onto my knees, placed my right knee between his calves, and lowered my mouth onto his sweet cock. Now erect, he probably had about five inches or a little more. The salty sweet taste of his precum was enticing, and only caused me to hunger for more of him. Adam's smaller than average cock felt wonderful in my mouth, he was just small enough that I could very comfortably take all he had to give without stretching my mouth and without gagging. I gently worked his cock with my mouth, and he periodically leaked a little more of his tasty precum. Pulling off for a minute, I asked him, "How are you feeling?" Grinning, he replied, "I'll give you all night to stop doing that!" I went back to nursing on that sweet little cock, and Adam started to caress my upper back and shoulders, and stroked my neck tenderly. I continued my slow and steady assault on his cock for about five or six more minutes. My own cock was rock hard and begging for a little touch, which was all it would have taken for me to cum. "Hank, if you don't want something in your mouth, you might-oh shit-I'm about to blow!" Adam tried to push my head up, but I wasn't giving. He gasped, held his breath and I felt his cock start to pulse, the first spurt hit my throat, then about four more filled my mouth. I pulled off, holding Adam's ejaculate in my mouth and savoring the flavor. Adam sat up and reached down to my throbbing cock and started to stroke it. I couldn't say anything, as I still had a mouthful of Adam's juice, and even though Adam was slowly stroking I knew I couldn't keep from releasing my own load. I couldn't recall the last time I was quite this hot! A few seconds later I released and the first spurt landed right on Adam's face, the rest was mostly on the sheet or on Adam's hand. I finally swallowed Adam's cum. Adam, grinning, and looking at his hand, "What does cum taste like?" "I can't think of anything to compare it with," I said, "it just taste's like cum, but some guys cum taste's different than others. Your cum is right tasty, and I know two things about you, from the taste of your cum, you've never tasted cum? Not even your own?" Adam shook his head. Adam's curious now. He gingerly stuck his tongue out, and licked a bit of my own cum from off of his hand. He kept it on his tongue for a minute, deciphering the flavor. "It feels funny," Adam said, "but it doesn't taste bad. So what did you learn about me, from my cum?" "I know you haven't drunk beer lately, and you don't do pot." I replied, as I pulled a tissue out of the box and wiped that glob of cum from Adam's face. Adam, grinning, "I've never tried pot, and I don't like beer. If you'll excuse me, I need to go wash my hands, I'll be back in a minute." When Adam returned from the bathroom, he also brought a warm, wet washcloth and wiped that cum from my body, and then carried it back. The second time he returned he slid into the bed, pulled the sheet and blanket up around us, and cuddled up to me. I turned out the bedside lamp, wrapped an arm around him and we fell asleep about 2:00 AM. * * * * * * Neither of us woke up until about 10:30 AM Wednesday morning. It was another cold and rainy day, and Adam was the first to awaken. I was vaguely aware that he was awake, feeling him exit from the bed and head to the bathroom. I was right behind him, also needing to relieve my bladder. We both washed our hands, and Adam sat on one of the barstools while I started some coffee brewing. I poured us each a cup, and sat next to Adam on the other stool. "Hank," Adam lamented, "I need to set something straight, I'm not gay. You gave me some greatly appreciated assistance, but I can't be your gayboy, and I feel like you led me on, you told me you could get me to Florida." "Adam," I said, "I am gay, and I was not leading you on, I fully intend to get you to Florida. What city are you going to?" "Tampa," Adam said, "I have family there." "This could work out very well," I said, "let me explain what I do." I took a few minutes and explained how I support myself, and that I had a contracted party to pick up in Sarasota on Monday. I continued, "Sarasota is right across the bay from Tampa," I told him, "I'll drop you off in Tampa Sunday night, and pick up my client in Sarasota Monday morning, and it won't cost you a dime!" Adam smiled. "Hank, could you promise me something?" Adam asked, frowning, "Please don't penetrate me?" "Adam," I explained, smiling, "I'm 45 years old, and I've been gay since I was old enough to know that I was gay, but I've never been attracted to anal sex. I've been fucked, three, maybe four times, but I've never fucked anyone. I'm a bona fide Cocksucker! In the last 25 or 30 years I've probably sucked over 200 cocks, and yours is one of the nicest I ever had. I can promise you I will never penetrate your ass!" Adam got up and stood behind Hank, surrounded his neck with his arms, and his semi-hard cock tickled Hank's buns. He leaned in and kissed Hank's neck, and cheek. "Hank," Adam said, smiling, "last night was only about the third or fourth time I've ever had a blowjob. It felt really, really good and exciting. You can play with my cock anytime you want." "Thanks, Adam," Hank said, "I'm gonna hold you to that, and I'll do my best to keep your balls drained!" Adam giggled, and just the thought of Hank's mouth on his cock again caused him to bone up. "It's a bit late for breakfast," Hank said, "how about some brunch?" "Sounds great," Adam replied, smiling. Hank opened a can of corned beef hash, and put it on the stove to heat, then fried some eggs and made toast. The two men sat naked on the stools and enjoyed brunch together, then Hank refilled their mugs. "So," Adam inquired, "when are we actually leaving for Florida?" "We'll leave early Saturday morning," Hank stated, "it's a good two day trip, and we should be in Tampa by Sunday evening around five or six PM. So we've got today, Thursday and Friday to just fuck around." Adam smiled at the connotation. "We need to get dressed and go do some grocery shopping," Hank said, "we definitely don't have 3 days worth of food in this house." Adam got the socks and underwear from the drier, and sat on the bed trying to find a pair of socks that didn't have more than one hole. Hank noticed, but said nothing. Both men dressed in casual clothing, aka jeans and t-shirts, Adam pulled on his nearly threadbare sneakers that were now dry, and put on his denim jacket. It was raining lightly, Hank put on a water-resistant jacket and pulled the plastic trash bags out of the car and tossed them in the trash. They headed to the shopping center and Hank parked the car in front of a Target store, and they walked inside. Hank went to the shoe department and Adam followed him. "Adam," Hank commanded, "find a pair of sneakers you like that fit you well." "Hank," Adam said, "I don't have money for sneakers." "Adam, please don't argue with me, just do it!" Hank said. Adam grudgingly tried on 3 or 4 different pair, finding the right size. Hank put them in the cart, and led Adam to the sock department, and they selected a six-pack of crew socks, and added them to the cart. Hank then pushed the cart to the grocery department. He picked up a couple of T-bone steaks, some produce, some chicken, cold cuts and bread, then they went to the checkout. The total was a little over $200 and Hank paid with his debit card. Adam helped Hank load the purchases into the car, and they headed toward home. "Hank," Adam asked, on the way home, "Why are you so hell-bent on doing all this shit for me?" "I'm just fulfilling a commitment." Hank answered. "What commitment is that?" Adam asked. "Adam, when I picked your soggy little ass up at the rest area last night, I made a silent commitment to help you, in any way that I could. I'm just fulfilling that obligation." "Now I feel obligated to you," Adam remarked, "How can I ever repay you?" "Pretty simple," Hank said, "just commit to being my friend and companion, until I can deliver you to your family on Sunday night." "I can commit to that," Adam remarked, " and that's a commitment I can keep! Adam smiled at Hank. They returned to Hank's house and took the merchandise in. Hank put away the groceries, and started to prepare dinner for Adam and himself. It was still raining, so Hank decided to do the chicken tonight, and save the steaks for tomorrow, hoping that the weather might be better and they could cook them on the gas grill. He placed the chicken leg quarters in a baking dish, sprinkled some seasoning on it, and put it in the toaster oven to bake. "Adam," I said, "I think its time for us to get a little more comfortable, we need to shed these rags." We went into the bedroom and got naked, except for socks and shoes, and returned to the kitchen area. Adam sat on one of the stools, as I prepared to boil some potatoes. Adam, grinning, "Hank, I think you just like to see me naked." "No, Adam," I responded, smiling, "I don't LIKE to see you naked, you've got a beautiful little body, and I LOVE to see all of it, uncovered!" Adam smirked. I walked around behind him, and placed my hands on his shoulders, gradually running them over his chest, then down his ribs, over his hips and down to his knees, then wrapped them around him, giving him an affectionate hug, and a kiss on the back of his neck. I can't help it, I absolutely adore this little man! I then returned to the chore at hand, preparing our dinner. "Hank," Adam said, "I would normally feel very uncomfortable and scared, being naked, alone in a room with a gay man, but with you I somehow feel quite comfortable, and even somewhat secure. I've developed a feeling that I can trust you, and I have no fear of you." "Adam," I replied, "I care too much for you, and I almost feel like a father to you, I would never intentionally harm a hair on your sweet little ass!" Adam smiled. I mashed the potatoes and drained the veggies, then placed a leg quarter on each of two plates, along with the potatoes and vegetables and set a plate in front of Adam, and the other in front of the other stool. I asked Adam if he would like a glass of milk and he said `yes' so I poured two glasses of milk and set them at our places. We quietly ate dinner together, with almost no conversation. "There is nothing like a home cooked meal to satisfy the tummy," Adam said, "thank you so much, Hank, that was delicious and very satisfying!" I cleaned up, quickly washed the dishes, and wiped the counter down where we ate as Adam watched me. He offered to help, and I told him I had it. After dinner I turned on the TV and we sat on the sofa with Adam on my right. I placed my right arm around his shoulders and he snuggled close to me. My left hand found his left thigh and I started to caress his inner thigh, just below his crotch. I know that is a very sensitive area on most guys. Adam sprung a boner quickly, and my own cock got hard as well, in anticipation of what I was preparing for. "Hank," Adam said, "do you know what you're doing to me?" "I hope so," I said, grinning, "sit tight, I'll be right back." I went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel, just in case it was needed. Returning, I knelt in front of the sofa and lowered my mouth onto that beautiful little erection. Adam readjusted a little, leaning into the back corner of the sofa, half-sitting and half-laying. I could taste the precum he was leaking into my mouth, and I had Adam just where I wanted him. "You're gonna make me cum," Adam stated, "do you want a warning?" Pulling off for a few seconds, and placing the towel on the rug underneath my knees, "Not needed," I said, "I can tell when you're going to shoot, and I'm more than prepared for it!" I started to bob up and down on that cock, and after a few more minutes I could hear Adam moaning and starting to breathe heavily. Just another minute, I thought. Adam squealed, and discharged his orgasm into my mouth. It wasn't quite as forceful as the night before, but still a substantial quantity of tasty semen. I reached down to my rock hard cock, gave it about three strokes and dropped my load onto the towel. I sucked the last few dribbles out of that sweet little cock, and then stood up and squeezed the last of my cum out and into the towel, dropping it on the floor. We readjusted on the sofa, both of our heads resting on the pillow, and I pulled Adam close, wrapping my arms around him. At least he accepts my affection toward him, and even seems to like it. Adam, remorsefully, "Hank, I feel badly that I can't reciprocate, but there is just no way I could take a cock in my mouth, let alone what flows out of it." "I understand, Adam," I said, "that would be equivalent to me trying to eat a pussy, and that is something I could never do. I have never wanted to even fuck one, let alone eat it!" "I have done both," Adam stated, smiling, " If she's clean, there's nothing better than sliding your tongue into a nice, wet, juicy pussy!" "I think that's why you're straight, and I'm gay, and it's highly doubtful that either of us will ever change, are you tired enough to go to bed?" "Yeah, I think so," Adam replied. We both rose from the sofa. "Could you handle a dish of Ice Cream before we go to bed?" I asked. "Sure, what kind?" he asked. "We've got Butter Pecan and Chocolate," I replied. "Chocolate is my favorite," Adam replied, smiling. I dished up two bowls of chocolate ice cream and we sat at the counter and ate them together, silently. I have thoughts going through my head. Even if Adam was gay, he is less than half my age, and would likely want a mate closer to his age. Any chance of a meaningful relationship with him is slim to none. We still have Thursday, Friday, and the two day trip to Florida to spend together. When I drop him off to his family in Tampa on Sunday night, I know in my heart that I will never see Adam again. Meanwhile I'm going to milk every drop of his man's juice that I can out of his sweet little cock! After finishing the ice cream, we went to bed. The way Adam cuddled up with me in bed felt fantastic, and I really enjoyed our sleep time together. I care too deeply for this young man. Thursday morning I woke up first, and just lay in bed with Adam by my side. I was able to see that the sheet and blanket were tented over Adam's lower body, and I could not resist reaching over and feeling his rock hard cock, but he was still asleep, probably morning wood. I slowly lifted the sheet and blanket off, and lowered my face, taking that beautiful cock into my mouth. I love the feel of that sweet small cock in my mouth, and the taste of his precum and his cum. Adam, slowly opening his eyes and grinning, "Again?" Pulling off, I said, "I can stop if you want me to." "What makes you think I want you to stop?" Adam said, still grinning, "You only give me the best blow jobs I've ever had! I just thought you'd be getting tired of me by now." "Adam," I said, "I told you yesterday I was going to do my best to keep your balls empty, and I wonder if I could ever tire of you. You may be small, but I absolutely love the feeling of you in my mouth, and the taste of you when you cum." Adam smiled sheepishly. "I need to pee pretty bad," Adam said, "I don't want to pee in your mouth." "You won't," I said, "I promise." I went back down on him. "I can't hold it back, Hank!" Adam said, urgently, "My pee is gonna come out!" A rope of cum shot out, hitting the back of my throat, and then two more. Using my mouth, I sucked him dry, and then pulled off. Adam sprung out of bed and headed to the bathroom, releasing his bladder full of urine. He then returned to the bed. "I'm so sorry, Hank," Adam apologized, "I didn't mean to pee in your mouth, but I couldn't hold it back!" "You didn't pee in my mouth, Adam." I explained, "there is a tight connection between your urethra, your testicles, and your prostate. You were holding back, like you might be trying to keep from peeing, and your prostate used that as a signal to tell your balls to release their contents, and you reached your orgasm. All I got was a nice load of your tasty cum!" Adam grinned. "Adam, try jacking off with a full bladder sometime, and see how quickly you get it off." We finally got out of bed, had coffee and breakfast. We had all day Thursday and Friday to fuck around, and fuck around we did. Neither of us ever got dressed that day. I'm feeling that Adam has gotten used to our nudity, and maybe is even feeling comfortable naked. He seems cool about my nudity and I love to watch his naked body move around. I occasionally touched his genitals, and he just grinned. I love the way my house sits. I have neighbors on both sides, but my back porch, where the gas grill sits, is recessed, and is out of my neighbor's sight. It is November, and cool. Had it been warmer we could have sat on the back porch naked. As it was, we still cooked dinner on the grill while naked, but didn't stay out too long at a time. Before starting the steaks, I scrubbed potatoes and baked them on the top rack of the grill, and made up some fresh tossed salads. We ate dinner fairly early, about 5:00 PM. After cleaning up, I surprised Adam, opening up the den, which he hadn't seen previously. There was the pool table he didn't know that I had. We spent about 3 hours shooting pool in our birthday suits. I was really trying hard to show him a good time, and I cherished every minute that we spent together. I even got him to sit on the pool table, laid him down and gave him another blowjob right there, on the pool table. After tiring from shooting pool, we sat on the sofa, Adam cuddling close to me. I need to know more about Adam, no time like the present. "Adam, you live in Tampa, how in hell did you end up where I picked you up?" I asked. "A bunch of us young guys got scammed," Adam explained. "There was this ad in the help wanted section of the paper. It said `Canvassers Wanted, Earn up to $500 a week, no experience necessary, prefer young men ages 18 to 25, and single, transportation, room and board provided, must be able to work out of state, and a phone number.' Well, that $500 a week sounded like gold to us, and we called the number, they gave us an address to go to, and be ready to travel, and pack lightly but try to have two or three changes of clothing. We were to be there at 8:00 AM on Monday morning." "They explained that the company was introducing a great new cleaning product called `Pink Power' and that our job was to go house to house to introduce, and demonstrate the new product to people, and we would earn up to $500 a week. We had to sign a contract, but none of us read the fine print. They hired 16 of us, loaded us into two vans and took us to upstate New York. It took 4 days to get there, but they did put us up in motels, 4 guys to a room, and sharing two beds. Some of us disliked the idea of sleeping with another guy, but that's the way it was." "We actually started working on Friday. They trained us how to greet the customers, and we all had spray bottles of the diluted product, and rolls of paper towels, so we could show people how well it worked. The product actually worked quite well, but the concentrate sold for $99.00 a gallon plus tax and shipping. We had order forms that the customers filled out, and people paid with credit or debit cards, and would receive the product in 5 to 7 days. We would earn $25.00 for each order we sold." "If we sold four orders a day, that's $100, and in 5 days, $500, so far so good. Selling four orders a day seemed reasonable, and some of us made that goal, but here is where the worst of it came around. As I said, we were young and dumb, and didn't read the fine print." "The ad said room and board provided, but it didn't say they were going to charge us for it. They charged us $25 a night for rooms, and $30 a day for food, seven days a week. That comes to $385 a week. Even if we could sell the four orders a day to make $500 a week, take out $385 for room and board, you made $115.00. We were all pretty much slave labor." "I only lasted for two weeks, and they told me my production wasn't up to par, and my expenses exceeded my earnings, and fired me. I asked how I was supposed to get home and they said that was my problem!" "Adam," I said, with tears in my eyes, "how can a slave be fired? How can companies like that even be allowed to operate?" "So there I was," Adam said, "in Rochester, NY, no money, no place to stay, and no way to contact my family, my only option was to try and hitchhike home, and that's how you found me." "Oh my god, Adam!" I exclaimed, holding him closer and tighter than ever before, "I can't even comprehend the trauma and suffering that you've been through!" Soon after that we went to bed, Adam cuddled close to me with his head on my shoulder, and my arms around his torso. I had just gotten him off a couple of hours before on the pool table and I had doubts that he'd had time to recharge so we had no sex, I spooned Adam and we fell asleep. Friday morning we woke up about 9:00 AM and almost repeated the activities of yesterday, except that Adam managed to slip into the bathroom and empty his bladder before I emptied his balls. I am quite certain that Adam has no concept of the amount of love I have acquired for this beautiful young man. I love everything about him except for his straightness. I'm feeling a bit sad this morning, knowing this is our last day together here, as we'll be on the road tomorrow, heading south. After we had coffee, I cooked us up some sausage, egg and cheese burritos for breakfast. While I was doing up the dishes, Adam came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, leaning his head against my back and his little cock tickled the hairs on my ass. It was the first time he had shown me this kind of spontaneous affection. "Hank," Adam said, "I have some feelings that I think I want, and need, to share with you." "Adam," I replied, "I'm your friend, you can discuss anything with me." "When I was younger," Adam explained, "people told me not to get too close to homosexuals, because they would try to turn me gay, so I've always been careful about who I hung around with. In the last few days, I have grown to love you, not like a boyfriend, but more like a father." "Adam," I responded, "there is no way a gay man can turn a straight man gay. Our sexuality is something we're born with, and I was born gay. There is no way I could ever become straight. If one is born straight, they will be straight until the day they die." "I'm going to be very happy to get home, and re-unite with my family," Adam said, "but at the same time, I feel like I'm going to lose the best friend I've ever had. I'll never forget the days we've spent together." Then, grinning, "And Hank, I won't forget those awesome blowjobs either, I kinda think that, when a boy has a need to get a load off, any hole will do! Or even a hand, in desperation." Hank, chuckling, "Adam, there is a saying, `a hard cock has no conscience', and likely, a blowjob is welcome, whether it comes from a man or a woman." Adam nodded, smiling. "Adam, lets get dressed," Hank said, "we need to do something fun today, besides me sucking your sweet little cock!" Adam grinned. They got dressed, put on jackets, and Hank drove them to the mall. Once inside, Adam followed Hank into an arcade, and Hank bought two rolls of quarters, handing one of them to Adam. After about an hour, they both ran out of quarters and Hank bought two more rolls. Adam went through quarters somewhat faster that Hank did, but they both had some fun together, and played some games together. When Hank was down to twelve quarters, he quit playing, until Adam ran out of quarters again. Hank led Adam into a photo booth, placed his arm over Adam's shoulders and spent the last twelve quarters to capture two photo's of them together, and then bought two of those cardboard photo mounts. By this time they were both getting hungry, and Hank took Adam to the Steak & Fries place in the mall and they enjoyed lunch together. They then returned to Hank's house. Hank had not thought to get anything for dinner tonight. Hank, after they arrived back at home, "Adam, we need to get packed today, I'm hoping we can get on the road about 6:00 AM tomorrow morning." "I don't know about you," Adam said, "but I can be packed in about five minutes." Both men started to pack together in the bedroom, Adam packing his backpack, and Hank packing a sizeable duffel bag. "That's seems like a lot of clothing for a two day trip," Adam stated. "Adam," Hank replied, "with the kind of work I do, I have no idea when I might get home again. I'll be dropping you off Sunday night, and picking up my client Monday, and she is going to Chicago. From there I don't know where I'll be traveling to." Hank retrieved the two photographs and placed one of them on a shelf in the living room. Hank, handing the other photo to Adam, "Adam, here's a little souvenir you can take home with you." Adam took it, looked at it, and held it to his breast. "Hank, can I borrow a pen?" Hank picked up a pen from the dresser and handed it to Adam. Adam pulled the photo out of the frame and turned it, face down, then wrote, on the back of the photo, `Me and my best friend Hank' and today's date. He then placed the photo back into the frame, and meticulously placed it into his backpack, so that it wouldn't get bent or wrinkled. The two men then took the bags out to the kitchen, setting them by the back door, ready to grab in the morning. Adam gathered his old, holy socks and the threadbare sneakers and dropped them into the trash. Hank doesn't like to leave food in the fridge to spoil when he leaves, not knowing when he might return, and he hadn't really planned anything for dinner. It was after 8:00 PM, and the food they ate at the mall had run out. Hank was certain that Adam was probably also hungry. Both men were dressed in their birthday suits again. "Adam," Hank said, "how does pizza sound for dinner?" "Awesome!" Adam exclaimed, "where are we going?" "I was gonna call Papa Johns, and have it delivered," Hank said, "What toppings do you want?" "Beggars can't be choosy," Adam replied, "I'll eat whatever you get, I guess that means we gotta get dressed again." "Not necessarily," Hank said, "if Jeffrey delivers, he's cool, and we know each other quite well." Hank called Papa Johns and ordered a large Extravaganza, minus the green peppers, and requested the driver call before making the delivery. Hank paid with his debit card. About 45 minutes later Hank's phone rang and he answered it. "Hi Hank, Jeffrey here, I'll be there with your order in about five minutes." "Thanks Jeffrey," Hank replied, "see you soon." Then turning to Adam, "it's Jeffrey, we don't need to dress!" About five minutes later, the doorbell rang and Hank answered it, opened the door and Jeffrey entered, balancing the pizza bag on his arm. He instinctively walked to the lunch counter and slid the pizza out of the bag and on to the countertop, and was viewing the naked Adam from head to toe, especially his mid section. Jeffrey is probably about 35 years old, medium build, and quite attractive. "Hank, I see you have company," Jeffrey commented, "you sure do have a knack for finding the cute ones!" Jeffrey is boning up, inside his pants. "Jeffrey," Hank said, "this is Adam, he's heading to Tampa, and I have a client to pick up in Sarasota Monday, so I'm helping him out." "Hank," Jeffrey said, smiling, "if you don't want to do him, call me and I will! You guys have a safe and fun trip." Hank and Jeffrey shared a quick hug, and Jeffrey left. "I think he's gay too," Adam commented. "Ya think?" Hank replied, "yeah, we've spent a few nights together in the sack, he's pretty cool, but he's got a steady boyfriend now." Adam and Hank attacked, and destroyed that pizza, then shared a shower and hit the sack. Hank set the alarm for 5:00 AM. Saturday morning the alarm sounded, waking both men and they arose. While Adam used the bathroom, Hank started a pot of coffee, then also used the bathroom. While the coffee finished brewing, they got dressed, in real clothing, then drank a cup together. Hank went through the house, checking all the lights, and cut the thermostat back to 50, to conserve fuel while he was gone. About 5:45 Hank went out and started the car to warm up, and about ten minutes later Hank turned out the kitchen lights, they grabbed their bags, got into the car and drove out. About an hour down the road, almost into North Carolina, Hank pulled off 95 and drove into Denny's and they shared breakfast together. After traveling 200 miles across North Carolina, they stopped for lunch at South of the Border, just over the South Carolina State Line, and blew an hour wandering around the attraction. Another 200 miles and they entered Georgia, finding a motel to stay at overnight. Hank registered them into a single-bed room. This was the very last night they would sleep together, and Hank couldn't resist the need to have Adam's beautiful little cock in his mouth one last time, and to drain Adam's balls, one last time. After getting Adam's tasty release, he didn't even worry about getting off. They just cuddled up and slept, preparing for that last leg of their journey. Sunday morning they arose about 8:00 AM, dressed and hit the highway about 8:30. They stopped and ate breakfast at an IHOP, then continued toward Jacksonville, Florida, stopping near Savannah for lunch. Adam was experiencing some very mixed emotions. He was excited to be getting so close to home, but sad to be losing his new found friend. Near St Augustine they branched off onto I-4 leading them toward Orlando and Tampa. About 5:00 PM Hank turned off at the first Exit for Tampa, and found a place to park. Bringing up MAPS on his phone, Adam gave him the address of his parent's home, and he hit GO. According to the app it was about 45 minutes from where they were, and he used the GPS to drive them there. The neighborhood was somewhat run down, definitely not Park Place, lots of kids on the streets, mostly Hispanic. Hank turned on to the last street of the directions, and drove down it, looking for the numeric address, many of these small houses seemed not to have a number posted that could be seen. "THAT'S IT!" Adam yelled, pointing, "That's my house, right there!" Hank pulled to the curb in front of the house that Adam was pointing to. His mother heard our car stop in front and looked out the door, and saw Adam opening the car door. Mary Cortez, turning back to the inside of the house, "TONY, ADAM'S HOME!" then, running towards our car with arms open wide, "ADAM!" as she threw her arms around Adam, hugging him tightly, and Adam hugged her just as tightly, kissing her lips. Seconds later, Tony appeared, a smile on his face and tears running from his eyes. "Adam!" Tony exclaimed, "your Mama and I have been worried sick, we didn't hear from you, and we had no idea where you might be, or if you were even alive!" Tony wrapped his arms around Adam, squeezing him like only a man can do. Then, looking at Hank, "Who are you?" "Papa, Mama," Adam spoke, "this is Hank, and I think he might be my guardian angel." "Just Hank?" Tony asked, "no last name?" "Wilcox, sir," Hank stated, "Adam never asked me, and I guess I just never told him." "I was so happy to get out of that rest area where Hank picked me up, I think if he'd had horns and told me he was Lucifer I would have gone with him!" Adam said, smiling. "But he was more like an angel!" It took Adam and Hank about an hour to tell Mary and Tony what Adam had been through, and one could see that they shared his pain. "Hank," Mary said, "we're so thankful that you found Adam and was able to return him to us, God Bless you!" "Mary, Tony," Hank stated, "Tuesday night, when I found Adam in that rest area, I promised him that I would get him back home, and I try very hard not to break promises. I have delivered on that promise. You two have raised a very beautiful and awesome young man, and I'm very thankful our paths crossed, or I would have never met him. I think maybe fate was on our side, I needed a rest room, and I almost decided to wait until the next exit, but I wasn't sure I could even make it, so I stopped at that rest area, and found a pot of gold!" "I have a client to pick up tomorrow morning in Sarasota, and take to Chicago, so I really need to leave, get my motel room, and a good nights sleep. Adam, watch out for easy money, and read the contract before you sign." Hank shared handshakes with Mary and Tony, and walked out toward his car, ready to leave. Before he even opened the door he felt arms around his torso. He turned around and Adam hugged him and Hank had no choice but to return that hug. Both men had tears streaming from their eyes, and their heads were buried into one another's shoulders. "Hank," Adam said, "you and I both know that I'm not gay, but I still love you. Why do you have to leave me behind?" "Adam," Hank explained, "life is like a book, with lots of chapters, and each chapter is a part of our lives. The last few days that we've spent together, is just one chapter of the book, that chapter is over, now we have to turn to the next chapter, the next part of our lives. We both have some memories that will linger, but we need to go forward, and live the next chapter, what ever it may bring. I need to leave, and I wish only the best for you. Goodbye, Adam." Hank drove away, leaving Adam at the curb. He'd never before experienced such a heartbreaking departure, and reached for the tissues. Adam walked slowly into the house, heavy hearted, and trying to hold his emotions at bay. He went to his room and lay on the bed. A few minutes later, Mary heard Adam sobbing in his room. It hurt her to hear Adam crying, and she went into his room and sat beside him on the bed, running her hand along his back, trying to console him. "Adam," Mary spoke softly, and lovingly, "why are you so upset?" "Mama, I've just lost my best friend, and I'll never see him again!" "I guess you're referring to Hank?" Mary said, "What's so special about him, except that he brought you home?" "Mama, Hank is the kindest, most generous, caring and loving person I've ever met. Over the few days we spent together, he treated me like a prince, and I loved every minute I spent with him. Now he's dumped me like a hot coal, as if our time together meant nothing! We'll never see each other again." Adam continued, "He said life is like a book, of many chapters, and our chapter has ended, and we just need to move on to the next chapter of our lives. He just said `Goodbye Adam' and drove off, leaving me standing." "Sweetheart," Mary said, "We need to be thankful for Hank, he picked you up in your darkest hour, took you into his home for several days, fed you, washed your soggy clothes, and brought you home to us. People with a heart like his are pretty rare. I think you just maybe got a little too attached to him. I think you'll be fine in a couple of days, you've got parents that are very happy to have you safely home again, and love you very much." "I missed you and Papa a lot and I love you both very much," Adam said, "maybe I'll feel better after a good nights sleep." Hank drove into Sarasota and got his hotel room. The memory of Adam, standing at the curb when he pulled away is haunting him. How could he allow himself to become so attached to that young straight boy. He's not regretting what he did to `hep' the `lil bro' but is mostly wishing he hadn't gotten so close to Adam, emotionally. Hank is wishing he'd at least given Adam his phone number, so that Adam could make contact with him. It's probably just as well, as he had said to Adam earlier, this chapter is over, it's best to let it end. Hank set the alarm on his phone for 6:00 AM Monday, so he would have time for some coffee and breakfast before picking up his rider at 8:00 and taking her to Chicago. After going to bed, he found himself groping under the covers, his arm was reaching out, wanting to wrap itself around Adam, but just came up empty. He finally cried himself to sleep. The End * * * * * *
  12. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 14

    It’s the first week of November, and the high school sports are in transition. This Friday evening is the last regular game of the Dunbar Lion’s football season, and this week the basketball team is also starting their practice sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays. Kevin is a bit unique, being the only boy that is on the football team and also on the basketball team. Through no fault of his own, he’d been pushed into coming out to his football teammates, and almost quit the team, but his teammates had encouraged him to stay. He was certain his reputation as a Jock was likely shattered. It was only yesterday that he had told Jake he needed some time to himself, and he was already missing his boyfriend. After classes today is the first basketball practice, maybe if he gets his mind into basketball he can push Jake out of his mind, at least for a while. Larry and Jake rode the bus together as usual, but Larry sensed something was not right, Jake was too quiet. When they got off the bus, Larry almost begged Jake to come to his house for a while, and they went to Larry’s room. Larry suggested they play a game, but Jake said he didn’t feel like playing, he wasn’t himself. Larry, placing his arm around Jake’s shoulder, "Buddy," Larry said, "I’m your best friend, wanna talk about it?" "There’s nothing—to talk about," Jake answered, solemnly. "Yes there is," Larry stated, "Did KC—break it off with you?" "He—he—said he needed some time alone," Jake explained, "to get his head straight." "Jake," Larry said, "KC is a Jock, getting his head straight might mean finding a girl he likes. I think maybe KC was playing a game with you, but I don’t know his reasons. There are other fish in the sea, you’re a sweet guy, I’m sure you’ll find someone else." "But I love Kevin!" Jake exclaimed, "He did say that we are still boyfriends, and he just needs some time apart from me." "Well, maybe," Larry said, "but I’m not holding my breath! You’ve still got me, and I’m always here for you, Jake. If you need a shoulder to cry on—I’ve got that too." Larry patted his shoulder and Jake smiled. It’s comforting, even despite their differences in sexuality, to know that each other are still each other’s best friends. The two boys shared a warm hug. * * * * * * The team’s first basketball practice went well, and when practice was over, all twelve boys headed to the locker room to shower and dress. The boys’ shower is old school, one big stall with about eight showerheads. "Hey KC!" Tony yelled, "we’ve got a snack for you!" Tony and Carl were standing in the shower stall, grinning, and both holding their half-erect peckers, waving them around. Kevin felt the blood rushing to his face. He tried to ignore them, bringing his towel up to hide the redness in his face, dried quickly and headed to the bench closest to his locker. He sat on his towel and buried his head in his hands. Zach and Thomas finished drying themselves, and walked over, both sitting on their own towels on both sides of Kevin. Kevin felt a hand on both thighs, actually more on his knees, and glanced at Thomas and Zach, looking into their eyes. "Hey, man," Zach said, "Tony and Carl were just fucking with you, trying to have a little fun. They didn’t mean to hurt you." "KC," Thomas stated, "the whole team is aware that you’re gay, and nobody really gives a fuck! We kinda thought that Jake might show up with some of the girls to watch us practice today." "Jake and I aren’t seeing each other right now," KC stated. "Oh, shit," Zach asked, "Trouble in Paradise?" "Not really," Kevin replied, "I’m having trouble understanding some of my feelings, and I needed some time to think things through, and get my head together." "KC," Zach asked, "Do you really care for Jake, or is he just a means of getting it off, sexually?" "That’s the problem," KC explained, "I think I care too much for him. I’m afraid I’m falling in love with Jake, and I don’t know if I’m ready to be in love—with anyone." "Kevin," Thomas stated, "when two people date, and care about each other, love sometimes happens, and it’s a natural sequence of events. I don’t think anyone PLANS to fall in love with someone. People date, they start to care for each other, and they fall in love." "That’s the way it is between boys and girls," Zach said, "and I doubt it’s going to be any different between same sex couples. Let’s get dressed and get out of here." The three boys started to pull on their underwear and then outside clothing. Thomas, just as they were ready to walk out of the locker room, wrapped his arms around Kevin. "KC," Thomas said, "sometimes you need to just let your emotions take control, and follow your feelings. We care about you, and we love you, (smiling) in a platonic way." Zach, nodding, and also smiling, "Kevin, what Tony and Carl did borders bullying, but I don’t think either of them would ever harm you. I’m pretty certain that if anyone ever bullies you, this whole ball team will be on your side, even Tony and Carl." Kevin, smiling, "Thanks, you guys have a way of making a guy feel better, I feel like I can hold my head up just as high as y’all!" "You can, Kevin," Zach stated. "You may be a bit different than most of us, but you ARE one of us, and we’ve got your back!" Kevin left Zach and Thomas, both boys still getting dressed, and headed to the Student parking lot. He started his car and sat there for a couple minutes, thinking over the events of the last hour. Maybe he shouldn’t be so fearful about falling in love, and right now he would give almost anything to be able to kiss his boyfriend and hug the shit out of him! * * * * * * That same Monday, the mail lady pulled into the White’s driveway and blew her horn. Vi hustled out to see what she wanted, and signed for a Certified letter that was addressed jointly to her and Art. She quickly opened it, she and Art were summoned to court on Thursday morning to complete the adoption proceedings. Vi couldn’t be more excited! Four more days and Samantha and Dominic would belong to Art and herself forever, and their last names would be changing from Greene to White! Samantha had confused the other children at school for the last month. The teacher calls her Samantha Greene, but Sam had introduced herself to other students as Samantha White. She had nearly quit responding to the name of Samantha Greene. Vi couldn’t wait to tell Carrie the news, after she called Art, so that he could make arrangements to have Thursday off. This will be a wonderful, life-changing event that both of them had been waiting, what had seemed like years for. (Even though it’s only been about three months.) Dinnertime at the White’s home that evening was an especially happy occasion. Vi and Art spent considerable time explaining to the children, including Penny and Peter, how adoption works. They also told the children how incredibly happy they (Vi and Art) were to have found Sam and Dom to have and raise as their forever little girl and boy, and that their last name would be changing from Greene to White, forever. Someday Vi and Art will need to explain this again to Dominic, when he is old enough to comprehend what is happening now. After dinner Art made the most important phone call to Julian, to let him know that the adoption would finalize on Thursday, and Sam and Dom would truly become his siblings. When Julian told Jeff the news, he broke into tears, happy tears, his long time dream of having siblings was coming true! John and Dottie picked up the twins on Wednesday evening, and Art and Vi shared the good news with them. John told them they had not realized that Sam and Dom had been foster kids, and they were both very happy for the family. They also thanked the White’s graciously for having cared for the twins during Dottie’s hospitalization and surgery. Thursday morning Art and Vi allowed Sam to skip school and go to court with them, and Carrie baby-sat Dominic. The judge stated that it would take statistics between four and six weeks to issue new birth certificates for Samantha Lee White and Dominic Sedric White, stating Viola White and Arthur White as the parents. The White family is now complete! The court issued the White’s an affidavit they could present to the school to get Samantha’s name on school records switched from Greene to White. Samantha was a very excited and happy young lady. Dominic, at two years old, is too young to understand, but by the time he starts school, no one will ever have known him as Dominic Greene. * * * * * * Kevin finally drove out of the parking lot and headed home. It was a little past 5:30 and his Mom usually plans dinner for about 6:00 PM when his Dad gets home from work, and now, when he gets home from basketball practice. Kevin Collins’s father is Kurt Collins, and also has been nicknamed KC. Kevin arrived home about 5:50 PM and kissed his Mom, and took his backpack up to his room, dropping it by his desk. He looked over at his bed, picturing Jake in bed with him. Why is everything reminding him of Jake, and again he is wanting to kiss and hug his boyfriend! He headed back downstairs about the time his Dad walked in the door. Dinner was ready. The family ate dinner together, with little conversation. Kurt broke the ice, opening a conversation that Kevin felt uncomfortable with. "Son," Kurt said, "is there something you may need to discuss with us?" "Not that I know of." Kevin replied, apprehensively. "Honey," Kevin’s Mom, Audrey, stated, "your father and I are wondering if you have an interest in boys?" "Mom!" Kevin exclaimed, "Are you accusing me of being gay?" "Easy, Son," Kurt said, "we’re not accusing you of anything, but we feel we need to know. You’re a senior in high school, and a really attractive young man, but, you seem to not have much of any interest in girls. We’ve never known of you to date one, and you’ve never brought one around to meet us. Do you have some romantic interest in anyone?" "As a matter of fact, I do," Kevin said, "Can we please drop this topic, I don’t think I want to talk about it anymore." "We want to talk about it," Kurt stated. "if you are gay, we can accept it, and you have nothing to fear. We love you regardless." "OKAY!" Kevin remarked, "So I’m gay, are you going to kick me out, or disown me?" "Of course not!" Kurt exclaimed, smiling, "What’s his name?" Kevin, looking at the floor, "Jake, Jake Farmer." "Sweetheart," Audrey said, "your father and I would like to meet Jake, why don’t you bring him around?" "You really want to meet—my—boyfriend?" Kevin asked. "Son," Kurt stated, "if you’ve got the guts to admit that you have a boyfriend, we’ve got the guts to welcome him into our home. We really would like to meet Jake, and get to know him a little." "Friday night is the last football game of the season," KC stated, "maybe I can bring him around, after the game. He doesn’t have a car, and I would need to take him home afterwards." "Or maybe," Audrey suggested, "he could just sleep over here, with you." Did Kevin’s Mom suggest they could sleep together? Kevin excused himself from the table, needing to do his homework, and headed to his room. Hardly in his room, he pulled out his phone and called Jake. Jake answered on the second ring. "Jake," Kevin said, "I can’t handle this anymore, I need to see you. Can we hook up after school tomorrow for a while?" "You bet your ass, baby," Jake replied, "I’ll meet you at your car, in the parking lot, if it’s cool." "It’s cool," KC replied, "and I can’t wait to hug and kiss you!" "And I’ll be happy to reciprocate!" Jake replied, "I love you!" "Good night, Jake, I’ll see you tomorrow." After they hung up, Kevin was wondering if Jake really does love him, and hates to admit that he has fallen in love with Jake. Kevin is missing his boyfriend—big time! * * * * * * My how a simple event can change a family. Ever since J&J spent Labor Day weekend with Jeff’s Uncle Jim and Calvin, and Jim and Calvin invited Jeff’s parents to their cookout, Jim and Elaine (Jeff’s Mom) had become close and loving siblings once again. Jim and Elaine have been in close contact, phoning each other several times a week. Bill and Elaine Parks have planned to host a family get together for Thanksgiving, including J&J (whom the senior Parks are well aware are boyfriends) and the fiancée’s, Elaine’s brother Jim and Calvin, and perhaps Jim and Elaine’s parents, who now live retired in Florida. Elaine and Jim are planning to fly their parents up from Florida to celebrate Thanksgiving, and to be here for Jim and Cal’s wedding, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Jeff has not seen his Maternal Grandparents since he was about nine or ten years old. Bill Parks made arrangements to reserve the meeting room for the wedding, and Elaine broke the news of Jim and Calvin’s engagement to their parents. The parent’s stated they most definitely wanted to attend their only son’s wedding, and meet their son-in-law. They also would be happy to share Thanksgiving with the family, but didn’t need Elaine and Jim to buy their plane tickets. They are to arrive on Tuesday, two days before the Thanksgiving holiday, and would return to Florida the Monday after the wedding and plan to rent a car while in Summerton. They will be staying with Bill and Elaine while there, and J&J will be staying with Jim and Calvin. It will be an exciting and eventful week for the Parks family. Tuesday J&J have the last of their classes and will be driving to Summerton on Wednesday. Calvin and Jim have made the wedding arrangements with Pastor Scott, and have agreed on their married names. After the wedding they will assume the names of Calvin Ashley-Wilson and James Ashley-Wilson. There has also been another change in plans. Jim informed J&J that they have an appointment at the Tux rental place on Black Friday to fit all four of them in Tux’s for the wedding. Since it’s a double ring ceremony, Cal and Jim felt it appropriate to have both Jeff and Julian as ring bearers, Jeff bearing Jim’s ring and Julian bearing Calvin’s. J&J have never witnessed a same-sex marriage, and are happy and excited to be asked to take part in the wedding of two of their most loved and favorite men. The boys have nothing but hearts full of love and respect for both Calvin and Jim, and the latter have nearly become idols to J&J. * * * * * * Tuesday afternoon as school let out, Jake made his way to the student parking lot, lay his backpack on top of KC’s car, leaned against it and waited. About five minutes later, Kevin exited the front doors of the school, spotted Jake by his car and literally sprinted toward his car. Kevin wasted not a second before throwing his arms around Jake, pulling him close, and kissing Jake’s lips ferociously. They were in the student parking lot and other students were also making way to their cars, getting ready to leave. The boys were kissing right out in the open, and neither one seemed to care if anyone saw them, and it was quite likely that some other students did see them, but nobody said a word. "Jake," KC said, "I was wrong! I thought that if I didn’t see you often, I could wean myself from you. The last two days have been hell! A thousand times a day your face pops into my mind, and I just want to hold you, hug you and kiss you. I didn’t intend, or even want to fall in love with anyone right now, but I think I have fallen totally and hopelessly in love with you!" Jake, smiling, "Maybe Larry is wrong, about you. He told me he thought you are just playing a game with me, while you look for a new girl to date." "I told you, Jake," KC said, "I’m not into any fucking girls, I’m into you, and only you! What can I do to prove my love for you?" "I think you’re doing it, Kevin," Jake replied, "Can you accept my love in return? Have you any idea how much love I have in my heart for you? When I’m by your side—I’m in heaven!" Kevin smiled, and held Jake as tightly as possible without hurting him. "Jake," Kevin stated, "my parents interrogated me last night, and they talked me into coming out to them. They told me they love me, regardless of my sexuality, and asked if there was someone I cared about. I told them about you, and that we are boyfriends, and they want to meet you." "I mentioned that this Friday night is the last football game of the season, and that maybe I could bring you around after the game," Kevin said. "Would you believe that my Mom suggested that we could sleep over together, at my house! I think my Mom and Dad are more open minded and accepting than I thought. Are you good for Friday night?" "I don’t know if I’m ready to meet your parents yet," Jake replied, "but I absolutely love sleeping with you, I think I can handle it." "Great!" KC exclaimed, "I think you’ll like my parents. I’ll pick you up at your house before the game, and you can kinda hang around with me before the game, and then we’ll go to my house after we all get our showers, after the game." "Wouldn’t the other players question why I was hanging around with you?" Jake asked. "Nah," KC replied, grinning, "I’m out to the team, and they all know that you’re my boyfriend, no problem—not anymore!" Jake’s phone rang and he answered it, seeing that it was Larry. "Hey, dude," Jake answered. "Where are you, Jake," Larry asked, "you missed the bus!" "It’s OK Buddy," Jake replied, "KC is dropping me off at my house today, I guess I’ll see you in the morning?" "Okay, Jake," Larry said, "I was just a little concerned. Have a good night, and I’ll see you in the morning." The two hung up. While Kevin was driving them to Jake’s house, Jake received a text, text’d back, and received another. "Kevin, my Mom wants to talk to you for a minute," Jake said, "when we get to my house." "Uh-oh," KC said, "I hope I’m not in trouble with your Mom." "I hardly think so," Jake said, "she just wants to ask you something, and I’m pretty sure it’s nothing bad or wrong." They arrived at Jake’s house and KC followed Jake in the front door. "Hi, Mrs. Farmer," KC greeted, "How are you today?" "I’m fine, Kevin," Jake’s Mom replied, smiling, "but I think we can cut the formality, you’re welcome to call me ‘Tonya.’" "Okay, Tonya it is," KC replied, smiling. "Kevin, what is your schedule for tomorrow?" Tonya asked. "I’ve got basketball practice right after school," KC replied, "and by the time we shower, I’ll be leaving the school about 6:00 PM, was there something you needed of me?" "Kinda Sorta," Tonya said, smiling, "I need you to sit your butt at our table and share dinner with Jake and me. Would 6:30 work?" Kevin, glancing at Jake and grinning, "Only a fool could turn down an offer like that, from a nice lady like you! Jake, why don’t you come to the gym and watch us practice, then we can come here for dinner." "Sounds like a plan, Bab—uh, KC," Jake replied. Tonya smirked. "I need to get on home," KC said, "I’ll see you tomorrow, Mrs.—Tonya, and thanks for the invitation." Jake followed KC out of the front door, closing it behind them, and the two boys shared an affectionate kiss and hug on the front porch. Tonya sneaked a look from the front window and smiled, now knowing for sure that these two boys are closer than just friends. Jake returned inside. "Jake," Tonya stated, "this is only the second time I’ve met Kevin, but he seems like an extremely likeable young man. I can’t help but like him, a lot, and I can sense that you two are sweet on each other, too." "Mom," Jake confided, "Kevin is a Jock, and he could have any girl in the whole school that he wanted. He told me he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend, and he asked me to be his boyfriend—and I accepted, so we’re boyfriends, and I love Kevin." "Honey," Tonya stated, "I hope, for your sake, that your love for Kevin is a two-way street. I don’t want to see you get hurt." "Mom, can you imagine how it feels, to be dating one of the most handsome boys in the whole damn school?" Jake asked. "I thought that maybe you and Larry might be close that way too." Tonya said, "and I always thought Larry was a good looking boy," "Larry is completely straight," Jake replied, "not a drop of romantic interest from him, although we have always been, and still are, the best of friends. He’s the first boy I ever came out to, and he completely accepts me as his gay friend." "What are Kevin’s parent’s like?" Tonya asked. "I don’t know yet," Jake responded, "Kevin is taking me home after the football game Friday night to meet them, and to spend the night, so I guess I'll know, in about three or four days." * * * * * * Wednesday morning Jake went to Larry’s house to await time for their school bus to arrive. Jake informed Larry that he was going to watch the basketball team practice after school today, and then they were going to go to Jake’s house for dinner, as Jake’s Mom had invited Kevin to have dinner with them tonight. "I still can’t get over a boy like KC having an interest in another boy," Larry stated. "Does your Mom know that your interest in KC is more than just casual friendship?" "Yeah," Jake replied, grinning, "she knows that Kevin and me are boyfriends, and she likes Kevin a lot too. I’m glad she does." "Friday night is the Lion’s last football game of the season," Larry said, "are you going with me to watch it?" "Oh, KC is picking me up before the game," Jake said. "He told me I can hang around with him before and after the game, and after they shower, he’s taking me to his home to meet his parents, and spend the night! Kevin’s Mom and Dad want to meet me." "So Kevin has told his parent’s about you. I still can’t believe that KC is dating you, I guess he’s not too concerned about his reputation." "He told me he is out to the team, and they all know that I am his boyfriend, and they’re cool about it," Jake said. "He sure is letting it all hang out," Larry said, grinning, "I guess, if you two are happy with each other, I’m happy for both of you." Right after lunch, Tonya started a beef pot roast in the oven. She wanted to have a really nice dinner tonight as she was entertaining a special guest, Jake’s boyfriend! For whatever reason, she wants to impress Kevin. Tonya likes him, and feels quite comfortable with the relationship between Kevin and Jake. Wednesday afternoon, after school let out, Jake, along with about a dozen other students, gathered in a group and sat on the only set of bleachers that was opened up to watch the team practice. KC walked over by the group of student spectators when practice was over. "Jake," KC suggested, "come on back to the locker room while we shower and wait for me there." Jake followed Kevin into the boys’ locker room and sat on the bench while KC stripped to shower, loving to see his boyfriend naked. That particular bench offered a perfect view into the shower stall, allowing Jake to enjoy the eye candy on display. He decided that KC had one of the nicest packages of all the guys he saw there. When KC finished his shower he came back to his locker, and Jake grabbed his towel and dried KC a little more, and dried his hair. Carl and Tony were suddenly both standing naked in front of KC and Jake. "KC," Carl stated, "we’re sorry about—what we did—the other day, we didn’t mean anything malicious by it, we was just picking on you, in fun. I do think we might be a bit jealous though." "Yeah," Tony added, grinning, "you can bring your boyfriend in here to dry you off, but we can’t bring our chicks in to dry us off! Nice job, Jake! KC, are we OK?" "Sure, guys," KC replied, "we’re fine." Tony and Carl both bumped fists with Kevin and Jake, and they headed to their lockers to get dressed. Kevin got dressed, and he and Jake grabbed their backpacks and headed out of the locker room, Kevin’s arm around Jake’s shoulders. Kevin is out, and he doesn’t mind showing a little PDA. Kevin is just so happy that Jake belongs to him! They headed toward KC’s car, where Kevin gave Jake another affectionate kiss and hug, then KC drove them to Jake’s home. Tonya served Kevin and Jake a delicious dinner of roast beef, with onions, carrots and potatoes cooked around it, and cheesecake topped with blueberries for dessert. Kevin prepared to leave. "Tonya," Kevin said, "thank you for a most wonderful meal. I need to get home and hit the books." "Kevin, I’m glad you enjoyed it," Tonya said, "and I hope I can entice you to come again soon, for another one. Kevin, you’re welcome here, anytime, please don’t be a stranger." Tonya wrapped her arms around Kevin, hugging him warmly and planted a kiss on his cheek. "I don’t feel like a stranger here," Kevin stated, "thank you for raising a most wonderful young man for me to get to know—and love." "Baby," Kevin stated, "I’ll pick you up about 6:00 Friday night for the game. Did you tell your Mom about staying over at my house Friday night?" "Yep," Jake replied, "I sure hope that your parents will like me." "I’m sure they will," Kevin said, "and I’m betting that you will like them too! I love you, baby." Kevin and Jake shared a passionate kiss and hug, Tonya observing, with a smile on her face. All indications are that these two young men do have a lot of love for each other, and Tonya is starting to feel a lot of love for Kevin, like he is a second son. * * * * * * Friday afternoon Jake got off the bus with Larry but headed right home instead of to Larry’s house. He told Larry he wanted to shower before Kevin would be picking him up for the game. He expected to be sleeping with Kevin tonight, and wanted his body to be squeaky-clean for his boyfriend! Larry just shook his head. Earlier Friday Kevin called Jake and asked if he thought his Mom would want to go to the game, and Jake told him that his Mom wasn’t at all into football. Kevin picked up tickets for his parents and a student ticket for Jake. When Kevin arrived at Jake’s house, Jake was showered, dressed and waiting for his boyfriend, along with an overnight bag, packed with a complete change of clothes, and his toothbrush. He’d also sprayed himself with an overdose of cologne, and Kevin said he smelled like a French Whore, causing Tonya to grin. Tonya gave Jake a loving hug and kiss goodbye, then gave Kevin a warm hug, and wished him and the team a winning game. Arriving at the school, Kevin escorted Jake into the locker room, and Jake watched his boyfriend strip and transform into a football jock. Jake so wanted to fondle that part of Kevin that Kevin hid away into his jockey strap! Just before leaving the locker room, Kevin pulled Jake close and shared a romantic hug and kiss with his boyfriend, witnessed by half a dozen of Kevin’s teammates. Kevin left with several of the other players and headed for the football field, and Jake walked to the entrance to the spectators’ area, submitting his ticket. He found some schoolmates to sit with. The Lion’s toppled the Bear’s, seven to four, but it was too little too late, they’d already been disqualified for the regional playoffs. During the game, Kevin had spotted his boyfriend, and knew where he was sitting. Larry had spotted Jake and took up a seat next to him. Larry planned to call his Dad to pick him up after the game, but Jake told Larry that he was certain that Kevin would be willing to drop Larry off at his house, on their way to Kevin’s. When the game finished, Kevin walked up to where Jake and Larry sat, and Jake asked Kevin about dropping Larry off, and, of course, Kevin said it would be no problem. Jake and Larry would need to wait while Kevin showered, and Kevin led both boys to the locker room. Jake and Larry sat on the bench by Kevin’s locker while Kevin stripped, ready to shower. Jake likes to watch all of the boy’s shower, and view the eye candy. While KC was showering, one of the other players pointed to Larry and asked him who the boy was that was sitting with Jake. KC told him it was Jake’s best friend, Larry, and that he and Jake were giving him a ride home from the game. "Jake," Larry asked, "how can you do this?" "Do what?" Jake replied. "Sit here like this, with all these naked boy’s running around." "It’s easy," Jake replied, grinning, "what better way to see a whole bunch of cocks, all in one place?" "You’re sick, Jake!" Larry exclaimed. "I’m gay," Jake replied, "and most all gay guys like to see cock!" A half dry Kevin walked over to where Jake and Larry were sitting on the bench, and KC handed Jake the towel. Jake instinctively started to finish drying his boyfriend, drying his back, his ass cheeks and underneath, drying Kevin’s scrotum and inner thighs. Kevin’s cock was about two feet in front of Larry’s face and Larry spun around, facing the other direction. Kevin let out a deep sigh, thoroughly enjoying Jake’s touch. Kevin turned, facing Jake, and Jake couldn’t resist giving the head of Kevin’s beautiful manhood a quick kiss. One of the other boys, catching a glimpse, "Suck it, Jake!" Jake, his face turning red, "Maybe later!" Several of the guys laughed and snickered. They all know that Jake and Kevin are boyfriends, and it was all in fun. Kevin dressed, and the three boys headed out of the school toward Kevin’s car. Jake sat in the front passenger seat and Larry sat in the back, giving KC directions to his house. Larry, just before he got out of KC’s car, "Jake, I’ll just bet you would suck Kevin’s cock, wouldn’t you?" "Larry," KC stated, grinning, "I was told that my baby offered you a blowjob once and you turned it down, you don’t know what you missed. I’m sure my baby gives the best head in this town! It’s the best I’ve ever had, but I’m selfish, I want him all to myself now." "Baby," Jake added, "you do a damn good job too, I can’t wait for later tonight, and maybe we’ll do each other again." "There’s a real good chance of that," Kevin said, "god, how I love you, baby! You’re the best thing that’s ever come my way!" Larry had doubts about KC’s gay sexuality, but after the last few minutes, all doubts have disappeared, KC is most definitely gay. The team had decided to share a pizza party to celebrate their win over the Bears. KC called his Dad and told him that he and Jake would be a little later coming home from the game, because of the party. The early birds reserved a large table for twenty. Kevin drove himself and Jake to the pizzeria after dropping Larry off. The ‘odd couple’ was the last to arrive, having taken a detour to drop Larry off. Eight players were seated with eight girlfriends or dates, and one of the players hollered at Kevin when they saw Kevin and Jake enter, pointing to chairs they had kept open for them. The last pair of chairs never did become occupied. All the food and drinks that were ordered were on the same ticket. The fact that KC and Jake were the only gay couple there was never mentioned by anyone. There was a lot of chatter among the group, and KC and Jake were included in the conversations, along with everyone else. Even though the football season had officially ended, the team members had evidently accepted KC as their token gay teammate. Kevin and Jake both felt that they were surrounded by nothing other than friends. One couple surprised them, suggesting that he and his girlfriend would consider double dating with KC and Jake, although no commitment was made. Still, it was a nice gesture. The tab was split nine ways between the nine team members, and they all added a $5.00 gratuity each for the server, giving him $45. Kevin and Jake finally got out of there, and headed to Kevin’s home. Jake was getting nervous, about meeting Kevin’s parents. "Relax, baby," Kevin said, "Everything’s going to be fine!" Kevin grabbed Jake’s overnight bag and ushered him to the front door, swinging the door open wide and pulling Jake through it. Kevin’s Dad, quickly rising from his chair, "Come in, come in, welcome to our home. You must be Jake!" "Yes, sir," Jake replied, weakly, feeling like his legs were about to give out. "I’m KC, Kurt Collins, Jr’s Dad, and this is his Mom, Audrey Collins, " KC said, "Boy, let me squeeze those jitters out of you," and he gave Jake a very warm and loving hug, and Jake relaxed, somewhat. Audrey offered her hand and felt Jake’s hand quivering. "Are you OK, Jake?" Audrey said, "your hands are shaking." "Just a bit nervous, maybe?" Jake said. "No reason to be nervous, sweetheart," Audrey said, "Kevin’s father and I have been very anxious, and excited to meet you." Audrey also gave Jake a warm welcoming hug. KC (Sr.) , turning off the TV, "I hate going to someone’s home and feeling I have to compete with a damned TV. Now we can talk, without distraction. It was a crappy movie anyway," then, his hand indicating the sofa, "have a seat boys, take a load off your feet." The two boys sat next to each other on the sofa. "Could you boys handle a Pepsi or a Mountain Dew?" Audrey asked. "Not for me, Mom," Kevin said, "I had plenty to drink at the pizzeria, if I drink any more I’ll drown." "Me either," Jake said, "some of that needs to escape, if you’ll excuse me, I need the bathroom." Jake jumped off the sofa and hit the stairs, two steps at a time and headed to Kevin’s bedroom, and bath. KC, noting that Jake didn’t even ask where the bathroom was, "Jr., Jake has been here before?" "Yeah, Dad," Kevin replied, "remember Halloween, when you and Mom went out of town. Jake helped me hand out treats to sixty some odd trick or treaters, and spent the night here with me." "I see," KC said, "you could have shown him the little bathroom right off the kitchen." "I never really thought about it," Jr. said, "I guess we were always upstairs when we needed a bathroom." Jake returned shortly. "I’m a little confused," Jake said, "He’s KC (pointing to Kevin) and you’re KC." KC, chuckling, "I guess that could be a bit confusing. I’m Kurt Collins, aka KC, and he is Kevin Collins, aka KC. We’ve both been nicknamed KC. Just to eliminate confusion, here at home I go by KC, and we call him Jr.—like in KC Jr." "I see," Jake said, "and what should I call you and Mrs. Collins?" "Anything but late for dinner," KC said, grinning, "I guess you could call us Audrey and Kurt, if that’s ok." "Works for me," Jake replied. "It’s getting late, boys," Kurt said, "maybe we should all consider getting some sleep, we can chat tomorrow." "Jake," Audrey said, "we do have a spare bedroom if you want your own bed, or maybe you guys would be comfortable sleeping together, it’s your choice." Kevin and Jake glanced at each other and simultaneously stated "Together!" Kurt and Audrey smiled at each other, they knew what the boys answer would be, before they even asked. Kurt and Audrey turned out the lights and headed to their bedroom, and Kevin and Jake headed to Kevin’s room. The two boys stripped and slid into bed, cuddling and making out, and both boys grew erections. "I need my Jake fix," Kevin said, softly, "baby, I’m starving for a taste of your sweet cream!" "I highly doubt that you want mine any more than I want yours, baby, could we maybe do one of those Ninety-sixes? Jake asked. Kevin, snickering, "you mean a sixty-nine? I’m afraid we might get too noisy. We’re not alone in this house tonight, and I don’t really want to attract attention from the parents. Suppose we just quietly suck each other off, I’ll do you first." Kevin lowered his face over Jake’s handsome erection and started to work the length of it in his mouth, taking as much as he could down his throat. After about five minutes, Jake was softly moaning in pleasure, and starting to feel his climax approaching. Jake didn’t want to cum just yet, but his genitals had other plans. "Baby," Jake whispered, "I can’t hold off, I’m about to shoot!" This was actually music to Kevin’s ears, his mouth was tiring, but he wanted that mouthful of sweet boy’s milk badly. Kevin picked up the pace a bit, and tightened his lips around Jake’s shaft, driving Jake over the edge. "MMMMMMNNNN!" Kevin sounded, as he felt Jake shooting his creamy substance into his mouth. Jake was in ecstasy, not able to comprehend anything that could feel better than having his cock inside his lover’s mouth, and releasing his juice. Kevin had a little problem handling the amount of ejaculate that Jake just deposited in his mouth, swallowing most of it, and trying to savor the flavor. Kevin’s own cock was hard as steel, and steadily leaking a stream of precum. He was so aroused, he didn’t dare even touch his cock for fear of shooting his sperm all over. Finally, after milking every drop he could from Jake’s instrument, they swapped places, and Jake prepared to do his manly duty. "This is gonna be quick, baby," Kevin spoke softly, "I’m so fucking hot, I’m already about to cum!" Jake took half the length of Kevin into his mouth and nursed it for just a couple minutes and felt Kevin start to pulse. Kevin shot a couple ropes of cum that hit Jake’s throat, Jake swallowing those, then proceeded to fill Jake’s mouth with the rest of his orgasm. Jake rolled Kevin’s load around in his mouth, enjoying the flavor of his boyfriend, and finally swallowing it. He then milked out the last few drops, and pulled off, swallowing those. The two boys then shared a passionate hug and kiss, tasting each other’s sex juice in each other’s mouths, and cuddled together, both of them sexually satisfied, and happy, and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms. One thing really neat about the Collins home, it was a three bedroom three bath home. KC (Sr,) and Audrey’s bedroom had it’s own bath as did Kevin’s. The spare bedroom, when used, usually used the bath in Kevin’s room. The third bathroom was just off the kitchen, and not associated with any bedroom, and contained only a toilet and sink. When Kevin had overnight company, as he did last night, the boys didn’t need to cover their bodies to use the toilet—or to take a shower together, as they did the day after Halloween. They had practiced pretty clean sex Friday night, and both had taken showers earlier on Friday evening, Jake before the game and Kevin after the game. They likely would not feel a need to shower on Saturday morning. Saturday morning Audrey wanted to get breakfast out of the way, and asked KC to wake up the boys. He walked into Kevin’s bedroom and smiled, seeing the two boys cuddled together so sweetly and sleeping so peacefully. He also noted the two pairs of underwear on the floor, and suspected, correctly, that they were sleeping together, naked. KC gently rocked Kevin’s shoulders, arousing him from slumber. KC told Jr. that his Mom wanted to get breakfast out of the way and would appreciate the boys getting up to greet the day. Jr. told his Dad they would be down soon, and turned his attention to Jake’s lips, giving Jake a pleasant wake up experience. The boys showed up at the kitchen table about ten minutes later. After breakfast, Kevin and Jake decided to go skateboarding. Kevin grabbed his skateboard, then drove them by Jake’s house so he could pick up his. They arrived at the park and accidentally failed to read the signs that stated ‘NO BIKE RIDING, NO ROLLER SKATING, NO SKATEBOARDING’. After about two hours of skateboarding, they put the skateboards in the car and decided to just enjoy nature for a while. They walked a couple of trails, holding hands and enjoying each other’s closeness. A couple of dude’s spotted them and hollered ‘Fags!’ and Kevin showed them the bird, but never let go of Jake’s hand. About 2:00 PM they started to get hungry, and Kevin drove them to the little ice cream parlor in downtown Dunbar. Kevin ordered them cheeseburgers and a large chocolate soda with two straws. They sat in a booth together, on the same side, ate their cheeseburgers, and sipped from the soda, continuously holding each other’s hands. When the liquid part of the soda was gone, they used that long spoon to get the ice cream from the bottom and took turns feeding it to each other, and grinning. They received a few strange looks from some of the other kids in there but no one said a derogatory word. Kevin Collins has come OUT, and he is enjoying his newfound freedom! No longer will he needlessly hide his sexuality. Kevin and Jake left the soda shop and returned to the Collins home, Jake got his overnight bag, and Kevin took him home. On the way, they discussed the school lunches, and Kevin told Jake he proposed to share lunches with him every day possible. Jake agreed to the proposal, smiling. Just before Jake went into his house, Kevin shared another passionate kiss and hug with Jake. These two boys obviously have some really strong feelings for each other. Could it be love? * * * * * * At long last, Thanksgiving week is here! The Park’s are going to have a house full. The senior Ashley’s, Jeff’s maternal grandparents, are coming from Florida for Thanksgiving and to see their only son, Jim, marry Calvin Wilson. They will be staying with Jeff’s Mom and Dad, and Jeff and Julian will be staying with Jim and Calvin. They’ll all be at Bill and Elaine’s home for the Thanksgiving Day Celebration. Jeff is a little apprehensive, having not seen his grandparents in about ten years. They seem to have handled the fact that their only son is marrying another man, how are they going to handle the fact that their only grandson is in love with another boy? J&J have classes on Monday and Tuesday, and they plan to leave campus for Summerton on Wednesday morning, arriving at Jim and Calvin’s sometime mid afternoon. Uncle Jim had informed Jeff that their office was closed Wednesday through Saturday for the Thanksgiving Holiday and that he and Calvin expected to be home all day on Wednesday, and are looking forward to the boy’s arrival. Tuesday evening J&J were packing. It is well into November and the weather has cooled. It is fortunate that Jim and Calvin are renting Tux’s for themselves and the boys for the wedding, as neither Jeff nor Julian even owns a suit. They didn’t bother to pack any shorts, as it had gotten to cool for them. They did pack some nicer, but casual clothing to wear to Jeff’s parent’s house on Thanksgiving Day. J&J anticipated getting naked with Jim and Calvin after they arrive tomorrow afternoon, but it might be too cold to play badminton outside, naked. They may not have time for that anyway. J&J slept relatively late Wednesday morning, showered and dressed. They carried their bag to the car and left campus about 9:00 AM, planning on stopping, probably at a Denny’s or maybe Burger King for some breakfast. In Summerton, Jim and Calvin have visitors. The senior Ashley’s, Jim’s Mom and Dad were at Jim and Calvin’s, finally able to meet their soon-to-be Son-in-law. Jim had informed them that their grandson, Jeffie, was due to arrive with his best friend at almost any moment. Jim had elected to refer to Julian as Jeffie’s best friend, rather than boyfriend. He was certain that his parent’s would likely put two & two together and soon realize that J&J were romantically involved, especially when they realize that J&J will be sleeping together at Jim and Calvin’s—straight boys, even best friends, don’t usually sleep together in the same bed! J&J pulled into Jim’s driveway about 2:00 PM, and noticed another car in the drive, in addition to Jim’s and Calvin’s cars. They bounded in through the back door without knocking and caught Jim in the kitchen. Cal was in the living room with the senior Ashley’s. Jim shared a loving hug with both boys. "Uncle Jim," Jeff inquired, "you have company?" "Jeffie!" Jim exclaimed, "you don’t remember your grandparents?" "It’s been a long time, Uncle Jim," Jeff replied. Jim led the boys into the living room, and Calvin jumped up, opening his arms wide. "There they are!" Calvin exclaimed, "My two favorite nephews." Calvin took both boys in his arms together, giving them a tight and loving hug. The grandparents glanced at each other. "Mom, Dad," Jim said, "you remember your grandson, Jeffie?" "Oh my!" Grandma exclaimed, hugging Jeff, "How you have grown, you’ve become a really handsome young man." Julian smiled, and Grandpa also gave Jeff a warm and loving hug. "And this is Jeffie’s Dorm mate, and best friend," Jim stated, "Julian White, his family live in Dunbar. Jeffie is a senior at University, and will be graduating in the spring, and Julian has another year to go." Julian offered his hand to Grandma, but she swiped it away and gave Julian a hug, and a kiss on his cheek instead. Now it was Jeff’s turn to smile, elated that his grandparents seem to like Julian. Grandpa accepted Julian’s hand, holding it warmly, then gave Julian a hug. "Cal," Angie said, "is Julian your nephew? You referred to both boys as your nephews." "Mom," Calvin replied, "Jeff is Jim’s natural nephew, and when we get married, that will make Jeff my nephew, by marriage. The two boys are as tight as bark on a tree, so Jim and I generally refer to both boys as our nephews. They’re both wonderful young men, and Jim and I have nothing but love for both of them." "I could sense that you care deeply for those boys, and they both have a lot of emotional attachment to you and Jim," Angie stated. "Mom," Cal explained, "the boys spent the Labor Day weekend with us, and we had a simply wonderful time together. They hated to go back to college, and we hated to see them leave." Angie smiled. "Shoot!" Jim exclaimed, from the kitchen, "We’ve got a little problem, Babe. I’m doing the cranberries and sweet potato casserole for tomorrow, and I forgot to pick up marshmallows and I don’t have enough brown sugar or white sugar. One of us needs to make a run to the market." "Uncle Jim," Jeff volunteered, "I’ll be glad to make that run for you, I wanted to pick up some sodas anyway." "Thanks, Jeffie," Jim said, pulling out his wallet, "Here’s twenty, that should cover, I need two bags of marshmallows, 5# of white and 2# of brown sugar." "I’ll be back shortly," Jeff said. "Wait a minute, baby," Julian said, "I’m going with you." The boys left and Angie suddenly had a strange look on her face. "Jim," Angie asked, "are those boys kind of like you and Calvin?" "Mom," Jim said, "are you asking if they’re gay?" Angie nodded. "Jeff and Julian have been dating since early spring," Jim explained, "and they are very much in love with each other." "Crap!" Angie exclaimed, "between you and Jeffie, we’ll never have any more grandchildren, or any great grandkids." "Don’t lose your faith, Mom," Jim said, smiling, "Calvin and I want to have our own family, and we do plan on adopting one or two children of our own. Jeffie and Julian promised Elaine that, if they eventually marry, they would give her grandchildren to spoil." "I suppose," Angie responded, smiling, "adopted grandchildren would be a lot better than none at all. I hope I live long enough to see it happen." "Mom, you and Dad aren’t THAT old," Jim said, "you’re both going to be around for quite a few more years. Speaking of adoption, Julian’s parents just adopted two young children, a six year old girl and a 2 year old boy, finally giving Julian his long awaited siblings." "Have you seen them?" Angie asked. "No, they live in Dunbar, and I’ve not even met Julian’s parent’s yet, but I’ve seen pictures. Jeffie has pictures of the children in his phone, and they’re darlings. I can tell from the way Jeff and Julian have reacted to those children, that when they have their own children, they are going to be terrific and very loving daddies." J&J returned from the store, and spent a few minutes conversing with Grandma and Grandpa. The grandparents told the boys that if they ever make it to Florida, they have a spare bedroom and it has Jeff and Julian’s names on it. The boys both smiled. "Do you live close to Disney World?" Jeff asked. "Not real close," Grandpa replied, "we live on the West Coast, near Tampa, and Disney World is near the middle of the state, close to Orlando. It’s probably a two or three hour drive to Disney from where we live." "Julian and I want to visit Disney World some day," Jeff stated, "but I know we’d want to spend some time with you also." Grandma and Grandpa both smiled, having a desire to get to know these boys a lot better. Julian has a knack for stealing hearts, and he has already tugged on Grandma’s heartstrings. "Well, boys," Grandpa said, "we’re going to head on back to Bill and Elaine’s, Angie and I are suffering a bit of jet lag, and we really need a nap! I guess we’ll see all of you tomorrow, and try to destroy that Turkey!" Jeff faced his Grandma, giving her a hug, and she planted a juicy kiss on his face. "Come over here, Julian," Angie stated, grinning," you’re not escaping Granny’s lips!" Angie planted another juicy kiss on Julian’s face. As soon as the grandparent’s rental car was out of sight, the four men slipped into the bedrooms and got naked. "Ah! Freedom!" Jim exclaimed, and the other three all laughed. There are only two times these four all enjoy being naked, either when they’re alone or when they’re together! "I would suggest a nice game of naked badminton," Calvin said, "if it wasn’t so damn cold out there." He stepped behind Julian and wrapped his arms around him, lovingly, his flaccid cock tickling Julian’s ass cheeks, and Julian giggled. Jim was sorting through the raw cranberries, picking out the three or four that he considered spoiled. While the cranberries were coming to a boil, Jim prepared a pot of hot cocoa, and the four enjoyed sitting around the table, naked and drinking hot cocoa together. "Did you guys consider a naked wedding?" Jeff asked, grinning. "That would have been cool," Jim replied, "but I have a feeling it would have made many of our guest’s feel uncomfortable." "What time is dinner tomorrow?" Jeff asked. "Good question," Jim replied, "Let me call Sis and find out." While Jim called Elaine, Jeff was thinking how great it was that his Uncle and his Mom were on good terms, once again. Jim shared the information that Elaine plans dinner for around 2:00 PM, but that we are all welcome to arrive earlier. About 5:00 PM Jim and Cal settled the two younger boys down with a DVD and started to prepare a simple dinner for all of them. After they enjoyed eating together, naked of course, the four of them sat on the sofa together and watched a new ‘gay’ movie that Calvin had picked up. It wasn’t porn, but was a gay love story, and some parts of the movie was very touching, and all four men lost some tears. All four of these guys have tender hearts. When the one man’s lover of many years was dying of Aids, all four guys lost it, and Jim had to break out a box of tissues. It was a good movie, but the ending was too sad! As Jim wanted to be up early to start the sweet potato casserole they all went to bed shortly after the movie ended. Thanksgiving morning Jim and Cal were up early, made coffee and Jim started to prepare the casserole. J&J wandered into the kitchen, both boys sporting morning wood and Jim and Cal couldn’t resist cuffing their boners in fun, and making them grin. As cool as it was outside, the boys stood on the back porch, holding each other, and formed golden arches onto the grass. Jim had finished the casserole and had it in the oven, and Cal poured coffee for the boys. After sharing coffee together, Jim and Cal prepared breakfast for the four of them, and they ate together, still naked, of course. While they enjoyed their last cups of coffee together, J&J told Jim and Calvin about Art and Vi taking in Penny and Peter for a few days while their Mommy was in the hospital. Of course they had to explain about how seven year old Peter loved to be naked, and his fascination with ‘peters.’ Jim and Cal laughed, and Cal said he’d bet that Peter would end up gay. They also shared their fun in taking Sam, Peter, Penny and Eric out for trick or treating. Jim and Cal are now even more aware as to how much these boy’s love children, and will make good parents. About 11:30, Cal and Jim showered together, and while they shaved, J&J shared a shower together. By 1:00 PM all four were dressed, and ready to go to Jeff’s parents house. Jim brought the casserole out of the oven and set it into a box, as it was way to hot to handle otherwise. They all piled into Calvin’s car and Jim gave Calvin instructions to drive to the Park’s home. They arrived at about 1:20 PM. Jim carried the casserole and Calvin carried the bowl of cranberries, Jeff handled the opening of doors for the Uncles, entering his parent’s home without knocking. Jeff led Jim and Calvin to the kitchen where Elaine was preparing some of the other food for their dinner. Elaine cleared a spot for Jim to set down the box with the casserole, and lovingly threw her arms around Jim, and kissed him, then gave Jeff and Julian a similar treatment, and finally Calvin got his hug from Elaine. Bill came to the kitchen, also giving all four men a warm hug, and invited Calvin and Jim to the living room, where the parents were. J&J helped Elaine in the kitchen and carried food to the table. Jeff help his Mom lift the bird out of the roasting pan and onto a large platter and Elaine scooped the dressing out of the turkey and into a bowl, then proceeded to make the gravy. Jeff conned Julian into mashing the potatoes. Finally, everything was ready and Elaine announced that dinner is served, and everyone found seats at the table. Bill sat at the head of the table by the turkey, prepared to carve it, while Elaine took her seat at the other end. Grandpa shared the side of the table with Jim and Calvin, and Grandma sat in between Jeff and Julian, seeming to want to be close to both young men. J&J would not be able to hold hands, as Grandma was between them. "Bill," Elaine asked, "would you be willing to lead us in giving thanks to our creator?" "I’d be honored," Bill replied, "Let’s all join hands." "Heavenly Father, as a family we have so much to be thankful for. For the first time in many years, our family is complete. Thank you for bringing Elaine and Jim to an understanding so that they can love each other as siblings should love. Lord, please bless Calvin and Jim as they embark on a journey of wedded bliss, and may they enjoy a lifetime of happiness together as a married couple. Father, we as mortals don’t always understand your ways. If it is your plan that Jeff and Julian continue on the road they’re travelling on, please light the way for them, and make their future bright. Thank you for the food we’re about to consume, and the hands that prepared it. We ask all this in the name of your precious son, Jesus Christ. Amen." A bunch of ‘Amen’s followed, and hands were grabbing napkins and wiping tears from off cheeks. "Bill," Grandpa said, "that was one of the most beautiful blessings I’ve ever heard, I’m sure it touched every heart at this table." "Thanks, Dad," Bill replied, "It was just what my heart told me to say. I have a wonderful family, and I love every one of you!" Jeff, walking around and kissing Bill on the cheek, "Awesome blessing, Dad, Thanks." Bill took hold of the slicing knife and fork, and started to carve the turkey. Jeff and Julian volunteered to relieve the turkey of its legs and were awarded the drumsticks. Dinner was perfect, the gravy had nary a lump, the potatoes had just enough lumps to tell they were real and not instant. Elaine’s homemade stuffing was superb, and everyone loved Jim’s sweet potato casserole and cranberries. As Elaine gathered up the plates, she announced a choice of Pecan or Pumpkin Pie for dessert. J&J both asked for a half slice of each. After dinner, Bill, Grandpa, Calvin and Jim all gathered together in the Den to watch the remainder of the football game. Jeff led Julian to his bedroom and they lay together on Jeff's bed, just caressing each other. Grandma followed Elaine into the kitchen, offering to help Elaine to clean up. "Elaine," Angie queried, "I understand that Jeff likes boys, but I wonder why he picked a black boy to date?" Elaine, grinning, "If you call Julian black, he’ll quickly tell you he’s only half black. His Mom is white, and as far as Jeff dating him, I think that maybe love is colorblind." "He does seem like a very nice boy," Angie said, "I think he’s a real sweetheart, and he’s stealing my heart!" Elaine, chuckling, "Julian is good at stealing hearts, Bill and I have quickly grown to love him, and we both care deeply for him. I don’t think that we even really think of Julian as black anymore, we just think of him as Jeff’s boyfriend." Angie smiled. The turkey had its effect on the boys, and they fell asleep on Jeff’s bed, both with an arm and hand on the other’s torso and facing each other, both of their heads on the same pillow. Not planning to do anything even remotely sexy they didn’t close the door. Elaine walked just inside their room, saw them and smiled. They looked so cute and sweet together. Elaine got Bill to bring his phone and take a photo of them. No one could deny that the two boys were completely at ease and very comfortable with each other. It is Jeff’s bed, when he’s home from college, but right now the Grandparents are sleeping in it, during their visit. Elaine had washed up the large baking dish from the casserole, and wrapped up half of the leftover turkey to send back with Jim and Calvin, along with the rest of the cranberries. It suddenly dawned on Elaine that she knew nothing about the details of the wedding. Bill had made arrangements to secure the meeting room for the wedding. Cal and Jim had made the arrangements for Pastor Scott to officiate. What was everyone wearing? Who was supplying the cake? Where is the reception? Elaine had a bunch of questions and no answers. It’s Panic time! "Jim, Cal!" Elaine exclaimed, "You guys are getting married the day after tomorrow and I know almost nothing about the wedding arrangements!" "Well," Pastor Scott is officiating, and we’ve arranged it for 2:00 PM on Saturday afternoon, at the meeting room where Bill works." "I know that!" Elaine exclaimed, "What are we all wearing, who is getting the cake, how are we handling the reception?" "We’re taking the boys tomorrow to get us all matching tuxedos," Cal said, "we hadn’t really planned to have a reception, or a cake." "Calvin, I guess I should have known, you men are incapable of planning something as important as a wedding! I need Sasha’s number, and she and I can get this thing together." "Sasha is at Mom and Dad’s today," Calvin stated, "having Thanksgiving with them and our older brother, Ernie, and his family. I’ll give you her cell number, I better call her and tell her, or she probably won’t answer your call." Calvin called his sister, Sasha, and told her to expect a call from Jim’s sister, Elaine, about the wedding. Sasha said she would be looking for the call. "At least you’re taking care of getting the Tux’s," Elaine stated, "can I assume they’re black?" "Actually, we’re planning on getting the Tuxedo’s in something like a Robin’s Egg Blue," Jim replied, "with black ties." "Well! That’s nice to know," Elaine stated, sarcastically, "At least Sasha and I will be able to coordinate our dresses, to complement your Tux’s!" Elaine made the call to Sasha immediately, and the two ladies agreed to meet Friday morning at Sasha’s house to complete the plans for their Brother’s wedding, and tie up all the loose ends. Calvin and Jim were preparing to go home, and Jim woke up the boys so they could all leave. There was no way J&J would escape one last assault from Grandma’s loving lips. The rest of them watched, smiling, as Grandma attacked the boys. Cal and Jim finally got the boys out of the house and headed home. Everyone agreed that today had been a really happy Thanksgiving Day. Once the men arrived back inside Jim’s house, it took all of five minutes before they were all naked again, for the evening. All four of these guys are most comfortable when not confined by clothing.     "I don’t want to weird you guys out," Jim said, "but would you consider swapping sleeping partners, just for the night?" Jeff’s eyes opened wide, and Calvin glared at Jim. "Whoa guys!" Jim exclaimed, holding both hands up in the air. "I’m not talking about having sex, just to sleep. I’ve wanted to hold and cuddle Jeffie since he was six or seven years old, but his Mom would never let him stay over with me. At that age I certainly wasn’t looking to have incest with my nephew! I wouldn't want that today, but I still have a desire to cuddle close and sleep with him. "That would give me a chance," Cal said, smiling, "to cuddle and sleep with Julian, no sex involved—just pure platonic love!" "We really need to get to sleep anyway," Jim mentioned, "we have an appointment to get our Tuxedo’s tomorrow, for the wedding." "Baby, are you okay with a swap, just to sleep?" Jeff asked." "I think it will be fun," Julian replied, smiling, "after you give me my goodnight kiss and hug!" While J&J shared a passionate kiss and hug, Jim and Calvin did the same. Jeff crawled into bed with Jim and Julian slid in with Calvin. "I didn’t realize how hairy you are, Uncle Calvin," Julian said, "My Jeff is pretty smooth, and your hair tickles my back!" "Maybe I shouldn’t try to spoon you," Cal said, "if you’re not comfortable." "I didn’t say I wasn’t comfortable," Julian replied, "I really like the way we are, right now. I can feel the love from your heart flowing into me, I love you, Uncle Calvin." "Julian," Calvin spoke softly, "Jim and I both have unbounded love for both you and Jeffie. I don’t think Jeffie could have picked a more wonderful boy to fall in love with, than you, and I love you too." Calvin stretched over and placed a sweet and loving kiss on Julian’s cheek. Julian snuggled back against Calvin’s chest, and Calvin wrapped his arm around Julian’s torso, pulling him close. The two soon fell asleep. "Jeffie," Jim said, "this is like a dream come true. I have wanted to hold you close like this, and cuddle you, since you were little more than a toddler. I’ve always had a heart full of love for you, and at last I have the chance to cuddle you, love you and sleep with you. Are you OK with what we’re doing tonight?" "I’m a whole lot more than OK with it," Jeff said, "when I was younger I wanted so much to sleep over with you, but you know how Mom was, and she would never let me. Your arms around me feel so loving and wonderful, almost as nice as Julian’s." Jim ran his hand down Jeff’s ribs, then across his chest and stomach, stopping just below Jeff’s belly button. "Uncle Jim," Jeff stated, "you can touch me, if you want to." "I can’t, Jeffie," Jim replied, "we might go too far. In two days I will be marrying the love of my life, and you have a wonderful young man to love too. It just wouldn’t be right, and we can’t take the risk. We need to be happy, just to share this night together, and keep it clean." "You’re right, Uncle Jim," Jeff responded, "I don’t think that either one of us would want that guilt on our consciences. I love Julian with all my heart, and I would never want to cheat on him." "Maybe," Jim said, "back when I was still in my twenty’s, and you were a teen, we could have had a little fun together, but we’ve lost those days, and we can’t go back. Jeffie, I do love you, as my nephew. I always have, and I always will." "I love you too, Uncle Jim, and I’m glad we didn’t do anything!" Jeff said, "Goodnight, Uncle Jim." The two soon fell asleep, Jim’s arms wrapped around Jeff, cuddling him. Friday morning Jim woke to the alarm at 8:00 AM, a little later than when he and Cal got up on normal workdays. He quickly shut the alarm off, and headed to the bathroom to relieve his bladder pressure then hustled to the kitchen to start the coffee. He then woke Calvin, Julian and Jeff. Cal headed to the bathroom, but J&J sat at the table, nursing their first cup of coffee, and waiting for their morning wood to soften so they could pee with some comfort. They had mutually decided it was too damn cold to stand on the porch and pee. By the time they finished their first cup, they both had become flaccid, and went to the bathroom and stood together in front of the toilet and pee’d. Jim and Cal had already decided to take the boys to Burger King for breakfast biscuits on the way to the Tuxedo Rental place, where they had a 10:30 AM appointment. At 9:00 AM Elaine knocked on Sasha’s front door and was quickly welcomed into Sasha’s home. These two ladies had not previously met but seemed to develop an immediate friendship. They had a common goal, to make the wedding of their very much-loved brothers the best event that it could possibly be. The two ladies agreed that a Wedding Cake was essential, and having a reception was necessary, even if they did it on a limited budget. After several phone calls, they found a bakery in a neighboring community that was willing to make a wedding cake with two male figurines on top. They placed the order, to be picked up by 11:00 AM Saturday morning, and Sasha would make the pickup. The women discussed having a dinner catered, but decided the cost was beyond their budget, and chose the option of having snacks instead. One of the local markets had an excellent deli that could make up a meat and cheese tray, a vegi tray and a fruit tray, and they placed the order for those, and Elaine would pick those up around noon, along with plates and plastic flatware. "I just thought of something," Sasha said, smiling, "I think Mom has a punch bowl set, let me call her." Sasha called her Mom and she said she would dig it out and wash it up, and bring it to the Wedding on Saturday. Of course Charles and Lydia are attending, as it is their son that is getting married! Sasha’s Dad called a few minutes later and told Sasha that he would be delighted to pick up some spirits to ‘flavor’ the punch. As Sasha remembered, the punch bowl set only had about twenty cups, so Elaine added plastic punch cups to her list. They were expecting somewhere around 50 to 60 guests for the wedding. The men all got fitted for their Tux’s and they were able to get them in what was called ‘Ocean Blue’, just a bit lighter than the ‘Robins Egg Blue’ that Cal and Jim had hoped for. The trousers that J&J agreed on were rather slim fitting, and accentuated their packages nicely. The boys viewed each other’s crotches and grinned, liking what they saw. The trousers that Jim and Cal chose were a little more relaxed in fit, and they likely would wear briefs under them, rather than the boxers that the boys wore. Jim and Cal also rented white dress shirts and black bow ties for all of them. While Calvin drove them all toward home, he received a call from Sasha, and she invited them all to come to her house for lunch, and Cal accepted, and relayed the info to Jim and the boys. J&J had not met Sasha yet, and were looking forward to meeting her. They arrived at Sasha’s house, and she served a lunch of homemade potato soup with ham sandwiches to Jim, Cal, Elaine and both boys. Elaine and Sasha explained to Cal and Jim what they had accomplished today. All six of them are excited about the wedding. "Where are you guys going on your Honeymoon?" Sasha asked. "We’re pigs," Calvin answered, laughing, "we’re taking two. I’ve made reservations for the Bridal Suite at the Marriott in the city for tomorrow night, where we will consummate our marriage. We both need to be back to work on Monday. Jim, smiling, "Our real Honeymoon will be a five day gay cruise in January, when the prices are lower." "Can we go with you?" Jeff asked, excitedly. "Jeffie," Jim replied, chuckling, "we love the hell out of you guys, but I don’t think we want any tagalongs, not on our Honeymoon!" J&J glanced at each other, disappointment on their faces. Cal and Jim grinned at each other. "Maybe, if you can save up your pennies," Cal said, "you guys can take your own gay cruise one of these days." "It was a good thought," Julian said, "while it lasted, baby, we could have a ball on a gay cruise." Even Elaine and Sasha couldn’t keep a straight face, and Jim and Calvin were grinning. "Can we see one of the Tuxedo’s?" Elaine asked, "so we ladies can see the color and figure out what to wear tomorrow?" "I’ll bring one in," Jeff said, and ran out to Calvin’s car to retrieve one. He returned with it, the ladies looked at it, and nodded their heads. Jim and Calvin got ready to take the boys home, and thanked Sasha for the splendid lunch. They all said they would see each other tomorrow, and the four men left, leaving Elaine and Sasha to finish their ‘scheming.’ Once home, the men hung their Tuxedo’s in the closets, and were soon dressed in their birthday suits. "Uncle Cal," Jeff asked, "what does it mean to consummate a marriage?" Calvin, smiling, "It means the first time that a couple has sex, as a married couple. So when Jim and I get into that Bridal Suite, we can fuck like rabbits for the first time, as married husbands!" J&J grinned and snickered. "Hey, guys," Jim stated, "we won’t be coming home tomorrow night, and I know you have to go back to campus on Sunday. Here is a spare key for the back door, so you have access to the house. We may or may not be home Sunday before you have to leave. Jeffie, keep this key, and if you happen to come around and we’re not home, you can still get in. We trust you boys completely, just make sure you lock the doors if you go anywhere, and make sure nothing is left turned on in the house." "In other words," Jeff said, "just protect and treat your home like we would our own, if we had one. We had about the same responsibilities with Julian’s parent’s home, when they were on vacation. We can handle that." "That’s all we ask," Jim said, "just be responsible." Calvin ordered a pizza for all of them for supper that night, and after watching a movie together, they all went to bed. Things were back to normal, Cal and Jim sleeping together and J&J together. This is Cal and Jim’s last night together as boyfriends, tomorrow is their Wedding Day! To be continued………… Authors Note: Sorry folks, I ran out of time and space—again! I’ll tell you all about the wedding in Chapter 15.        
  13. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 26

    Jamal arrived on campus about 8:45 AM on Wednesday morning, he parked in his usual area and was looking around for that ‘special’ pickup truck, and didn’t see it. He’s hoping that Rusty hasn’t changed his mind. Ah, there he comes, and Rusty parked right next to Jamal’s car. Rusty, sliding out of the driver’s seat, smiling, "Good morning!" "Back atcha," Jamal replied, "Just seeing your smile is already making it a good morning, come here." Jamal gave Rusty a hug. "I guess we’d better head to class, or we’ll both be late," Rusty said, as they walked together into the main building, "we’re still on for later aren’t we?" "I’m looking forward to it," Jamal replied, smiling. The two split paths, and headed to their 9:00 AM classes. At about 11:00 they met up by their cars. "Where would you like to go for lunch, that’s not fast food?" Jamal asked. "I don’t know," Rusty replied, "maybe Denny’s, or Applebee’s." "I like both," Jamal said, "but I think Denny’s is a little easier on the wallet, we should probably drive there separately." The two guys headed to Denny’s, Jamal leading and Rusty following behind him, and once again they parked in adjoining spaces. The receptionist led them to a booth, and Rusty slid into one side and Jamal slid in beside him. "I’m curious," Rusty said, "why you didn’t sit on the other side?" "Because," Jamal remarked, "I wanted to sit WITH you, not across from you, do you want me to move over there?" "No, I guess not," Rusty replied, smiling. The waitress took their drink orders, a Coke for Rusty and a Sprite for Jamal, and the two boys studied the menu together, and ordered a few minutes later. While they waited for their meals, Jamal took Rusty’s hand in his. Rusty was caught a little off guard at first, but then decided he liked the feeling of his hand in Jamal’s and smiled. About halfway through their meal, Jamal reached over and picked up Rusty’s Mushroom Burger and took a bite. "Hey!" Rusty exclaimed, "I’ve been eating off that." Jamal, grinning, "Do you have some kind of fatal disease that’s gonna kill me? We kissed Monday, and I’m still alive." Rusty then returned the favor, taking a bite from Jamal’s spicy chicken sandwich. The boys finished their lunch with a Large Sundae, with two spoons, grinning at each other with each bite. They added a $4.00 tip and split the total with their debit cards. Rusty, as they were about to leave, "Do you have enough gas, it’s about 10 miles out, to where I live." "Yeah, I’m good, I probably got half a tank," Jamal replied. They got into their vehicles, and Jamal followed Rusty to his Grandparents home, out in the boonies. As soon as they arrived, Jamal called his Mom and told her that he and a school chum had just eaten lunch at Denny’s, and he was spending the afternoon with his friend at his friends Grandparents home. He didn’t feel the need to tell his Mom that Rusty had the house to himself. "Rusty, I gotta piss, the Sprite is coming through." "There are no neighbors within sight, and I usually just water the grass when I’m outside, but I can lead you to the bathroom if you want." "The grass does look a little thirsty," Jamal replied, as he unzipped and pulled his big cock out and let the pee escape, and Rusty did likewise, the two boys glanced at each other, grinning. They were standing on the large deck, on the backside of the house, next to a swimming pool that was still covered for the winter. Jamal, do you swim?" "Yeah, in warmer weather." "Ever swim naked?" Rusty asked. "No, never done that, do you?" "Yep, but just when the Grandparents are away, and sometimes I sunbathe naked too, and get a full body tan. I love to be naked, and sometimes I go hiking in those woods, just wearing sneakers." "That sounds kind of—interesting!" Jamal replied. "If we’re still friends, come warm weather, we can do both, swimming and hiking, au natural." Rusty said, "It’s an awesome sensation of utter freedom, feeling the breeze on your body. Let me show you around." Rusty gave Jamal the grand tour, ending up in Rusty’s bedroom. "Jamal, would you like for us to maybe take off our shirts, and just lay down and relax for a while?" With no further conversation, both boys removed their shirts and t-shirts, and lay on the bed, facing each other. Rusty ran his hand over the top of Jamal's head several times. "I love the feel of your hair, Jamal, it’s so different than mine." Jamal, running his fingers through Rusty’s soft red hair, "Black’s and White’s have different hair types, and I kind of like the softness of your hair too." "Jamal, can you maybe teach me more about what it means, and what it’s like, to be gay?" "I think, Rusty," Jamal tried to explain, "it’s probably a little different for each individual. For some guys, it’s just a matter of finding a guy you like, hopping into bed and getting each other off, and it’s all about having sex. Wham, Bam, thank you man! That’s what most of society thinks gay is all about." While Jamal is softly speaking, Rusty’s head has found a home on Jamal’s shoulder, and his hand is caressing Jamal’s ribs. Jamal’s arm is around Rusty’s shoulder, and he is caressing Jamal’s chest. "A lot of guys never think about the beauty of love, it’s just sex. Rusty, I’m not looking for a fuck buddy, I want a boyfriend, a boy that I can call mine. Someone to love, that can love me, that I can build a relationship with, maybe even for life." "Jamal," Rusty commented, "I’ve never felt this comfortable before, I’d like to lay here like this with you forever. Do you think you could stay over, and sleep with me tonight?" "That’s a tough question," Jamal stated, "my heart says yes, but I feel my parents would say no, and be really upset. They’re just starting to understand me, and beginning to accept me. Maybe in a couple of weeks, after we get to know each other better, I could take you home to meet them. I told Mom a couple of days ago what I really want, but I’m not quite ready to prove it to her yet." The two boys lay there for a few more minutes, and Rusty started to undo Jamal’s belt buckle, button and zipper. Jamal wasn’t hard, but got that way quickly once Rusty had his hand on Jamal’s cock. "Rusty, what are you doing?" Jamal asked. "I just wanted to see if I can make you cum." Jamal had no more objections, and Rusty, after adjusting his own hard cock inside his jeans, started to slide his hand up and down on Jamal’s now throbbing tool. "That’s not fair!" Jamal blurted, pushing Rusty’s hand off his cock. "If you’re gonna do me, I want to do you." Jamal quickly opened Rusty’s jeans, pushed his boxers down and had his hand on Rusty’s leaking erection. The two boys worked each other’s cocks for several minutes and Rusty blew his wad all over his stomach. Within about 1 minute, Jamal followed, shooting several healthy ropes of semen onto his own stomach. Rusty, jumping off the bed, "Let me get some washcloths." Rusty was compromised, and slid the jeans and boxers down, and stepped out of them, then headed to the bathroom, and got some warm, wet washcloths, and returned to the bedside. "I gotta try this!" Rusty exclaimed, and lowered his head down over Jamal’s body and licked up some of Jamal’s cum from his stomach. After the first taste, he went back for seconds, and thirds. "Oh," Jamal said, snickering, "you’re turning into a cum-gobbler too! How was it?" "Not bad," Rusty said, grinning, "I think I could acquire a taste for it! You know that was the first time I ever tasted it. Do you think we ought to shower?" "Can we shower together?" Jamal asked. "Why not, that sounds like fun." The two boys enjoyed showering together, and washing each other, especially those oversized cocks. Both of these boys are hung pretty well, about 8 or 9 inches in their flaccid state. They dried and returned to Rusty’s bedroom, lying on the bed naked, their bodies touching, and their arms holding each other. "Oh My God, Rusty," Jamal remarked, "I want to sleep with you so fucking bad! I’ve got to try something, I need to make a call." Jamal grabbed his phone, and pressed 2 to speed dial his mother and she answered. "Mama, I’m going to stay over with my new friend tonight, so I won’t be home for dinner." (Question on the phone) "His name is Irwin, and he’s a fellow student." (Question on the phone) "Yes Mama, there is a spare bedroom here." (Question on the phone) "Mama, I can’t talk much more, my I-phone needs charging." (Question on the phone) "He has a class at 2:00, so I’ll be home by then, I love you." "Whew!" Jamal exclaimed, smiling, "She bought it, I’m sleeping with you tonight!" Rusty grinned, and gave Jamal a big hug. "What was that about the spare bedroom?" Rusty asked. "She wanted to know if you had a spare bedroom for me to sleep in, I didn’t dare tell her I was sleeping with you. I didn’t really lie, since your grandparents are away, isn’t their room a spare?" Rusty, snickering, "I guess it is, but I wouldn’t want to stash you away in there, all by yourself, I’m too greedy. I want to feel your bare skin touching mine, like we are right now, it just feels so terribly good." "Rusty, aren’t you afraid the black might rub off on you?" "Oh," Rusty remarked, grinning, "I kind of forgot that you’re black, what if my white comes off on you, like chalk on a blackboard?" Both boys giggled. "I won’t lose any sleep worrying about that, you’ve already left imprints all over my body, mostly inside, and invisible, but I can feel them, like little warm spots." "Jamal, I’m having feelings that I don’t understand, and I can’t explain them. I think I could be falling in love with you." "Rusty! That’s a dangerous word, and how can you even speak of love for another boy, when you don’t even know if you’re gay?" "I think that has been resolved," Rusty answered, "I don’t just think I’m gay anymore, I know fucking well that I am! I can’t even fathom having feelings for a girl anything like the ones that I have for you!" Rusty, are you getting hungry? I think my lunch has run out, and it was a few hours ago." Rusty, taking Jamal by the hand, "Let’s go see what’s available," and led Jamal toward the kitchen, and opened a cupboard door. "I’m not exactly a gourmet cook" Rusty said, "can you handle some Hamburger Helper?" "Rusty, I’m not fussy, just hungry," Jamal stated, "whatever you fix, I’ll eat." Rusty then opened the freezer door and retrieved a package of frozen ground beef. "Do you like broccoli?" Rusty asked. "Sure, I told you I’m not fussy." Rusty took the broccoli and the ground beef to the sink, placing the frozen ground beef into a pan of cold water to thaw. "It’s going to take the meat about half an hour to thaw enough to cook, meanwhile I’ll prepare the broccoli to steam it." Rusty said. While Rusty was washing and cutting the broccoli up, Jamal stood behind Rusty, wrapping his arms around his torso, his chin resting on Rusty’s shoulder, and his flaccid cock against Rusty’s crack. Rusty was smiling, loving the feeling of their closeness, and Jamal’s affection. Rusty’s heart was starting to melt. Rusty dried his hands on a paper towel and turned around, facing Jamal and placed his lips on Jamal’s, and wrapped his arms around him. The two boys shared a romantic and passionate kiss, causing both of them to feel some arousal down below. Rusty reached down and gave Jamal’s half-erect penis a loving squeeze, making Jamal grin. Both boys are excited that Jamal is sleeping over with Rusty tonight, not so much a sexual excitement, but more the idea of just being together. While waiting for the meat to thaw, they ended up lying on the bed together, just feeling and exploring one another’s bodies. Jamal noticed a scar on Rusty’s abdomen and Rusty told him that was from having his appendix removed, when he was about 8 years old. "Jamal, have you ever loved anyone, or had a boyfriend?" "No, I’ve had some sex with a few guys, but I’ve never been in love, and never had a boyfriend," Jamal answered. "Do you think—never mind," Rusty said. "What, Rusty, do I think what?" Jamal inquired. "Well, do you think you could possibly love me, if I loved you?" "I think I could ask the same question of you," Jamal responded, "honestly, I’ve never had the feelings for another boy that I’ve got for you. After we talked on the phone last night, I finally fell asleep, hugging my pillow, and pretending it was you!" "So, maybe," Rusty asked, "we could become boyfriends?" "I don’t know, but I won’t say it couldn’t happen," Jamal replied, "I think we need some time to get to know each other better, and time is on our side. I feel incredibly comfortable when I’m around you, and this day will be one I won’t forget easily. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute we’ve spent together today, and I hope we can maybe do it again on Friday, maybe we can spend the whole weekend together, if you would like to." "I think I’d like that, let me get our dinner started, the meat should be thawed enough to cook by now." The boys returned to the kitchen, Jamal sat at the table while Rusty put on his Grandmother’s apron and cooked the Hamburger Helper, and then steamed the broccoli, and they shared dinner together. After dinner, they sat together, naked, on the sofa and watched a movie on Netflix, both boys periodically touching each other, not in a sexual manner, and both enjoyed their serenity, and just being together. When the movie ended, about 11:00 PM, Rusty rose from the sofa. "Snack time," Rusty announced, grabbing Jamal’s hand and leading him to the kitchen. Rusty took a box out of the fridge, got two dessert plates, and placed a slice of Cherry Cheesecake on each plate, putting the rest back into the fridge. Rusty used his fork to take a bite of the cheesecake and held it in front of Jamal’s lips, Jamal accepted the offering, and copied, feeding a bite to Rusty. The two repeated the procedure until the plates were empty, just having fun together. Rusty cut the lights off, and the two boys headed to Rusty’s room for the night. They didn’t need to undress, as they were both already naked. They slipped into bed and Rusty killed the lamp on the bedside table. Jamal slid close to Rusty and put his arms around his torso, spooning Rusty. Rusty snuggled as close as possible to Jamal. "This is awesome," Jamal remarked, "I’ve never slept with another boy before, but it’s already feeling great." "You told me you’d had sex with other boys." Rusty stated. "I have," Jamal replied, "but I was usually on my knees, never in bed, have you ever slept with another boy?" "Kinda Sorta," Rusty responded, "sometimes, when I visited my Aunt, I slept with my cousin, Raymond, but we were only like 9 and 10 years old, not even into puberty, and we wore pajamas. This is my first time sleeping with an adult boy." The two young men just cuddled, and caressed each other, spoke some small talk, and both were in ecstasy, just high on each other. Neither one of the boys made any attempt to do anything, sexually. They were both very comfortable, relaxed and soon fell asleep, leaving no room for so much as a sheet of paper between their bodies. * * * * * * * * * * * * That same Wednesday morning, at the Seldon home, everything was pretty normal for a school morning. Karen prepared breakfast for the three boys, and they left for campus in the Tracker a little after 8:30 AM. "Bryan," DJ stated, grinning, "we’re planning a little switch up for tonight. You’re working until 10:00 aren’t you?" "Yep," Bryan replied, "What do you mean, by a switch up?" "Well, if you and Phil can find your way to my Dad’s house, Dad and Joe will be expecting you guys to arrive there after work and spend the night." "Wow!" Bryan exclaimed, smiling, "They said it was ok? I can’t wait to tell Phil!" "I think they are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces. Dad said that he and Joe may go out earlier, but they should be back by at least 9:30. If they go to bed before you and Phil get there, they will leave the back door unlocked for you." DJ replied. "I’ll tell Mom," Jamie said, "when I get home from work tonight, so she won’t be concerned, and so she’ll know you won’t be there tonight or in the morning, because you’re at DJ’s house."   * * * * * * * * * * * * Neither Joe nor I had anything pressing that Wednesday, February 7th, and we slept in until after 10:00 AM. Once we’d had coffee and a leisurely breakfast, we decided to take care of some domestic duties. Somewhere along the way, I informed Joe that Phil and Bryan was planning to use DJ’s rent-a-bed that night, and Joe grinned. Joe took both of our cars, one at a time, to the car wash, and got them detailed as well. I gathered up all the soiled towels, the sheets from our bed, and all of our family’s soiled clothing and did five loads of laundry. In between loads, I prepared and baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Usually I just gather the boy’s clean clothing and lay it on their bed for them to sort and put away. Since their bed was being ‘rented out’ tonight, I actually hung up their shirts, and folded and put away their socks, t-shirts and boxer-briefs. Joe and I decided to splurge, and have a quiet, romantic dinner at the Hometown Café, and then treat us to a movie. We arrived back home about 9:15 PM, made certain the back door was unlocked, and crawled into bed, just to cuddle and enjoy each other. Joe turned the TV in our room on, and we got into watching it for a while. At 11:00 PM, when the shows ended, we decided some hot cocoa would be nice before bed and returned to the kitchen, no need to get dressed, as we were in for the night. I made a large pot of cocoa, anticipating the boys would also enjoy some before bed. About 11:20 Bryan and Phil entered through the back door, locking it behind them. I informed them that I had made a large pot of hot cocoa, planning for them to help us drink it. It would have been highly unlikely that they would not observe that Joe and I were both naked. "That sounds good," Phil remarked, "baby, lets get ready for bed and then have some hot chocolate with Doug and Joe." Getting ready for bed probably means getting naked? About five minutes later, the boys reappeared in their birthday suits, Phil with that massive cock dangling, and Bryan already half erect from anticipation. I poured them cups of hot cocoa, and placed the Christmas cookie jar on the table. They sat together on the opposite side of the table from Joe and me. I love this glass- topped table, the scenery underneath can be quite interesting. Bryan became rather occupied, one hand holding the cookie he was munching on and the other playing with Phil’s growing erection. "Baby, stop that, you’re making me hard!" Phil complained, probably too late. Joe and I could see that Phil was nearly, or maybe completely, at full mast. It had to be nearly 10" long, but only a little bigger than it is soft. Joe, grinning, "Bryan, what do you do with that, put it over your shoulder and burp it?" Bryan, red faced and grinning, "I have a garage big enough for him to park it in.!" Bryan is still fondling that big prick. "I hope you guys practice safe sex," I said. "Doug," Phil replied, "neither Bryan or I have ever had sex with anyone else, so I’m certain we’re both clean, why waste money on condoms." Phil had a point, Joe and I nodded in agreement. The two boys rose from the table, both of them sporting very hard and obvious erections. There is no way to ‘hide’ an erection, not when you’re butt naked, anyway. "If you will excuse us," Bryan said, "we have something urgent that we need to take care of." "Thanks for the snack," Phil stated, "those homemade cookies really hit the spot, Goodnight Doug, Joe." "Goodnight boys," Joe and I said, in unison, we know precisely what their ‘urgency’ is, somebody is going to get fucked! "You know, Doug," Joe commented, "you just can’t help but love those boys. One can feel the love they share, just like you can feel the love between our Sons. It’s difficult to understand how Bryan’s father could have done what he did to them, where is the compassion, and the parental love?" "I don’t know, Joe," I said, tears sliding from my eyes, "There are way too many of these young men, getting booted from their homes, just because their parents can’t accept them, and their sexuality. So many of them end up statistics, it so sad." Joe and I decided to hit the sack, on the way to our bedroom, Joe pointed to the door to DJ’s room and noted that we probably wouldn’t hear much tonight, as they had closed the door tightly! The boys have spread a towel on the bed, and Bryan is lying on his back, with his legs spread wide, and making his hole readily available and his hand still fondling Phil’s cock. He is sliding his finger around on the head of it, spreading the precum around. The tip of Bryan’s pecker is also seeping a stream of precum. Phil spoke, "You know Bryan, it’s really generous of DJ to make these arrangements for us. I feel that Doug and Joe know what we’re doing, and I don’t think they have an issue with it, so why should we even care if they know." "I don’t care, baby," Bryan replied, "but my garage door is open wide, please drive your truck in and dump that load!" Phil, snickering, "Still on that garage kick, huh, hold on, let me lube us up. We probably should pick up a couple bottles, one for us and one to replenish theirs." Phil squeezed some lube into Bryan’s receptacle, and spread it around inside with his finger, ok two fingers, then three, and then lubed his cock well. Phil then laid down in between Bryan’s legs and shuffled up, aligning the head of his prick with Bryan’s hole, pushing against Bryan’s ring. He could feel Bryan’s erection against his abdomen, and that was turning him on even further. "Are you ready, baby?" Phil asked, softly. "I’ve been ready!" Bryan exclaimed, "Just do it!" Phil pushed a little harder, and the head of his prick slipped through Bryan’s sphincter ring, and Bryan gasped, then relaxed, and Phil pushed a little further inside, slowly and lovingly fucking his boyfriend. Bryan was moaning in ecstasy, loving the feeling of his boyfriend inside of him. "Bryan," Phil asked, "can we do something a little different?" "Maybe, what is it?" "Instead of me bringing you to climax, and you shooting all over, I want you to finish in my mouth, I want to swallow your seed!" "I didn’t’ think you liked the idea of a cock in your mouth," Bryan responded, "Are you sure you want to do that?" "If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have mentioned it, I really want to do it." "You’re going to have to be pretty fast." Bryan exclaimed, "When you have me on the edge, you’re going to have to pull out, and get your mouth on my cock quickly, or it will be too late to catch it. My orgasm isn’t far away right now, I’ll let you know when I’m about to cum." Phil continued his assault into Bryan’s hole for a while longer, sliding most of his length in and out. Bryan started to breathe shorter breaths. "NOW PHIL!" Bryan almost yelled, "Hurry!" Phil, in one movement, pulled out of his lover’s ass and took Bryan’s magnificent cock into his mouth, just a split second too late. Bryan’s first spurt landed on Phil’s face and ran down his cheek, but the remaining ropes of cum all made the intended target, that being the inside of Phil’s mouth. Phil tasted, swallowed, and smiled. Phil, grinning, "I did it, can I come back into you and finish?" "Sure, baby, my insides are still feeling empty," Bryan said, "you need to empty that dump truck!" Phil had been almost ready to cum when he pulled out to catch Bryan’s load, and it didn’t take long before he felt close again. He picked up the speed of his assault a bit and was soon on the edge once more. Phil was going in with his total length, sliding almost all the way out in between thrusts, and ramming in again. "Oooh, baby," Bryan panted, "I want to feel you fill me. You feel so good inside me, but I want to feel you climax!" Bryan felt Phil’s body becoming stiff, and then felt Phil start to pump his load into his gut. "Oh, yes, Oh my god, baby, make me pregnant!" Phil giggled. Phil’s cock was still inside Bryan, and Phil collapsed on top of Bryan, entirely spent. "You’re too heavy Phil, I can’t breathe, move over a little." Both boys rolled over onto their sides, facing each other, about half of the length of Phil’s cock was still inside Bryan’s boy pussy, and Bryan’s cock was sandwiched between them. They shared a passionate kiss. "Phil," Bryan said, "if I don’t go to the bathroom, this love juice is gonna get all over DJ’s bed, and he won’t be happy." Both boys rose from the bed and headed to the bathroom, Bryan was walking funny, trying to hold his anus closed, until he got to the toilet. While Bryan was sitting on the toilet, Phil drew some warm water and used a washcloth to wipe Bryan’s cum off his face and clean his cock. The two boys then went back to the bed, Phil wadded up the towel and threw it on the floor, and they slid in between the sheets, Phil spooning Bryan. Bryan, speaking softly, "Phil, we’re in a rut, I think we need to have a little more variety in our sex life." "What do you mean, baby, our sex life is fine, just not often enough, but when we get our apartment, it’ll be better." "I’m not saying that, "Bryan explained, "but we’ve been having sex for three years, and it’s always been the same. You know that I love the feeling of you inside me, but did you ever consider that I might want to fuck you sometimes? It would make us more versatile, instead of you always the top and me always a bottom." "I’ve never been fucked," Phil replied, "but if I were to be, you’re the only one I would want to do it, I love you, Bryan. Let me sleep on that, though, I might open my ass, just for you." The two boys fell asleep shortly.   * * * * * * * * * * * * About 8:30 AM on Thursday, February 8th, Jamal woke up in Rusty’s bed, the sun was shining through the window, onto Rusty’s red hair, making it appear even redder than normal. Jamal studied Rusty’s face, which he was finding more attractive than he had previously thought. Giving in to temptation, he leaned his face over Rusty’s and tenderly kissed Rusty’s forehead, causing Rusty to open his eyes, and smile. "Good morning, beautiful," Rusty said, "did you sleep well?" "Like a rock," Jamal replied, smiling, "nobody’s ever called me beautiful, before, do you think I’m attractive?" "I find you very attractive," Rusty answered, "head to toe, and everything in between, and I mean EVERYTHING!" Rusty grinned. "Rusty, I’m having some feelings that I can’t comprehend," Jamal commented, "I felt so comfortable, going to sleep with you last night, and waking up this morning with you at my side, the feeling was—incredible!" "I hate to break this closeness, but if I don’t go to the bathroom, I’m gonna pee in the bed, and to make it worse, I’ve got morning wood!" Rusty exclaimed. "I think that is something all guys have a problem with," Jamal replied, "I’m hard too." "You know," Rusty said, "we can step out on the back deck, and water the grass like we did yesterday." Rusty led the way and Jamal followed, they both formed golden arches, watering the grass from the deck, and grinning at each other. They then came back into the kitchen. "Are you a coffee drinker?" Rusty asked. "No," Jamal replied, "I never got into drinking coffee." "Me either, but we do have a coffee maker, my grandparents both drink it. I’m more of a juice guy in the morning, what do you usually eat for breakfast?" "Cereal, most of the time," Jamal replied, "but, like I said, I’m not fussy, I’ll eat whatever you offer." Rusty, opening a cupboard, "Take your pick." Jamal selected a box and set it on the table, and Rusty selected a different one. Rusty placed two cereal bowls on the table, along with spoons, glasses, a jug of milk and a bottle of apple juice. "Satisfactory?" Rusty asked, and Jamal nodded. Then, "Should we maybe have a good morning kiss?" The two boys shared a hug, and kissed, their penis’s touched and became about half erected. They giggled, felt one another’s erection, and then sat down to eat breakfast together. "Have you come out to your family yet?" Jamal asked. "How could I," Rusty replied, "I’ve only just come out to myself in the last 3 or 4 days, I don’t know how my parent’s would react. I have a gut feeling that my grandparents would be pretty accepting. Are you going to introduce me to your parents?" "Probably, eventually," Jamal said, "I think my Mom is a little more prepared for me to maybe have a boyfriend than my father." "Are you thinking of us as boyfriends?" Rusty asked. "Well, no, at least not yet, but I really like being with you, and, maybe someday we could become more than just friends." "Jamal," Rusty suggested, "If we could do this again on Friday, we could spend the whole weekend together! I really want to get to know you better—a lot better." About noon, Rusty fixed them both some sandwiches for lunch, and then they both finally put clothes on. Rusty prepared to head to campus for his volleyball class and Jamal prepared to head home. Just before they were both ready to leave Rusty’s house, they shared a final hug and kiss. Rusty noticed tears escaping Jamal’s eyes. "Jamal," are you ok?" Rusty asked. "I think so," Jamal replied, "I really don’t want to go home, I’d much rather be here, with you, I’m going to miss you." Then, smiling, "I hope you’re prepared for a weekend guest!" "Suggestion, Jamal, why don’t you just leave your car on campus tomorrow, and ride with me. After classes we can go to the grocery store and get some food, and then we’ll spend the weekend together. Monday morning, I’ll bring you back to school." "Sounds great!" Jamal exclaimed, "I’m so looking forward to the weekend with you. I guess we’d better go." Jamal headed home and Rusty headed to campus for volleyball. While Jamal is driving home, there are all kinds of thoughts that are running rampant through his head. What the fuck is this red haired white boy doing to him? He’s never considered having a white boyfriend, yet he has deeper feelings for Rusty than he ever thought he would have for any boy. He is thinking about backing out of this weekend visit, but he can’t, because he’s too anxious for it to happen. He wants to spend more time with Rusty, could he be falling in love with him? What a fucking dilemma, he left Rusty all of 15 minutes ago, and it already seems like a week ago! God, he misses that boy! Come on Jamal, get your fucking emotions under control, they’re running away with you. It’s not even about sex, the only thing they’ve done together is to jack off once on Monday, and then jacked each other off Wednesday. Jamal was so happy just to sleep with Rusty last night, sleeping alone tonight is going to be hell. Rusty, Rusty, Rusty, it’s all he can think about! Jamal finally arrived at home. He walked into the house, gave his Mom a hug, and headed to his room. He plugged the charger into his phone, and sat on his bed, then checked his phone for the time, it was only 2:30 PM and Rusty’s volleyball class doesn’t end until 4:00 and then he’ll be showering. It will likely be 5:00 before Rusty would be able to answer his phone. It will probably be almost that time by the time Jamal’s phone gets charged, anyway. Mrs. Robinson, standing in Jamal’s doorway, "Jamal, what’s wrong?" "Nothing is wrong, Mama," Jamal replied. "Son, I know you too well, tell me what’s wrong, and we can talk about it. Did something happen at your friends home?" "Yeah, but it’s nothing he did," Jamal tried to explain, "I just thought we were going to be friends, Mama, I knew we liked each other a lot, but I think I’m in love with Rusty, and I never expected that to happen. I told you the other day that I wanted to meet a nice boy, that I could love, that would love me. I wanted that boy to be black, like me, and Rusty is white." "What makes you think you’re in love with him?" Mama asked. "I have some very deep feelings for him, feelings that I’ve never had for anyone else. I also lied to you last night, about the spare bedroom, there isn’t a spare bedroom, I slept with Rusty, in his bed." "Did you have sex with him?" "No, Mama, we didn’t have sex, but just being close to each other, our skin touching, the feeling was so incredible. When we woke up this morning, the sunlight in his hair, and on his face, I just felt nothing but love for him. I wanted to melt into his body, I leaned over and kissed his forehead, and he woke up, smiled and said ‘Good Morning, Beautiful’. Nobody ever called me ‘beautiful’ before, and it felt so awesome." "Son," Mama said, "you are a very handsome young man, and a beautiful person, do you think he might love you?" "I don’t know," Jamal said, "he did mention, yesterday, that he thought he was falling in love with me, and I warned him about how dangerous that ‘love’ word is. We had plans, to go to his house after class tomorrow, and spend the whole weekend together. I don’t think I can wait that long, I need to see him, tonight! I dread the thought of having to sleep alone." "Jamal, you’re 21, we can’t control you, I would hope you might have the courtesy to bring him around and introduce him to your father and me. Believe it or not, we’re prepared to meet your boyfriend, Pastor John has convinced us that we need to accept you, and your sexuality, and Jamal, we love you very much!" "Thanks, Mama, for giving me life, and raising me, and I love you and Papa a lot too, and, I’ll bring Rusty around to meet you, but we haven’t quite decided if we’re boyfriends, yet, just close friends. I need to call Rusty." Mama left Jamal’s room and he called Rusty. Rusty, on the phone, "Hi beautiful, is everything ok?" Jamal, snickering, "I think a little more than OK, can we maybe start our weekend tonight?" "How do you mean, we have classes tomorrow." "I really need to see you tonight, if I can come to your house tonight, we can go to school from there tomorrow, if it’s ok, and then do the rest of the weekend as we had planned." Jamal said. "You bet your bottom it’s OK," Rusty replied, "I wasn’t looking forward to sleeping alone tonight, do you think you can find your way here?" "I’m pretty sure I can, if I get lost, I’ll call you, do you want me to get us anything?" "How ‘bout a couple of Subs, is there a WAWA near you?" "Just a couple of miles away, what kind of Sub do you want?" "I’m not fussy, just get a giant of whatever you want, and we can split it, I’ve got drinks here." "I guess I need to pack a couple of things, as I won’t be home again until Monday afternoon," Jamal said," I should be there about 7:00 PM, maybe a little before." Jamal’s Mama overheard most of the conversation between Jamal and Rusty, at least Jamal’s side of it, and could easily tell that Jamal was excited to be spending the weekend with Rusty. Mama, smiling, "I don’t know what that boy has going for him, but he sure has set your fire burning! It’s kind of good to see you this happy, son. I hope you guys are prepared, just in case you get—you know—overly aroused. Be safe and have a good weekend." "Thanks, Mama," Jamal said, smiling, "We’ll get by sometime Saturday or Sunday, so Rusty can meet you and Papa." Jamal grabbed a few clothes, his phone charger, and some toiletries and his toothbrush, placing them all in a gym bag. He hugged his Mama goodbye and left, heading for WAWA first.   * * * * * * * * * * * * Thursday morning, February 8th, Joe and I arose about 9:30 AM, and while Joe was showering I started a full pot of coffee. Before the coffee was done the UPS Guy knocked at the front door. I was still naked, and quickly donned the apron and answered the door, accepting the package that was addressed to Douglas J. Kendall, and returned to the kitchen, hanging the apron back on the hook. I looked quickly at the package, and the return address, and knew what it was, our wedding album, that I’d nearly forgotten about. I don’t, as a rule, open other people’s mail, but I was quite certain that DJ would not have a problem with us opening this package. I was tempted to open it, but decided to wait, so that Joe and I could view it together. Joe and I had finished our 2nd cups of coffee by the time we had viewed all the photos from our wedding day. A little after 11:00 AM Bryan and Phil finally made an appearance, and we asked them if they would like to see the pictures of our wedding, and they were eager to view them, making some snide but friendly remarks about DJ in his Tux. (of course he was outstandingly handsome) It was, we thought, very nice of Sam, the photographer, to frame a 5 X 7 photo of Daryl proposing to Randy, which, with DJ’s approval, we plan to pass on to Randy, for their memories. Joe and I felt it quite appropriate to give one of the 8 X 10 framed photos of Joe and I sharing our first kiss as husbands, at the alter, to Aggie. We still have another one to display in our home. Joe is off today, and plans to visit his Mom at the GASC, and will take the Album there to show her, and give her the framed photo. I am scheduled to work at 3:00 as usual, DJ and Jamie both have their long class day today, Jamie is off from work, and DJ is scheduled 5:30 until 9:00 tonight, still training Gwen. Our ‘bed renters’ are both off from work today, and plan to return to the Seldon’s house after breakfast, which I should have ready by noon. DJ and Jamie won’t be here to see the wedding photos until they get home from work on Friday night, DJ after 9:00 and Jamie after 11:00 PM. Friday morning the 9th of February was pretty normal, DJ, Jamie and Bryan left for school a little after 8:30 AM and would be coming back to the Seldon’s home for lunch after their classes. Jamie was scheduled at 4 PM until close at 11, DJ from 3 until 9, Bryan 4 until 10 and Phil was scheduled off. Phil planned to start checking out some apartments, just to see what might be available, although he and Bryan are still 3 or 4 weeks away from actually renting one. On the way out to their cars, after their 11:00 AM classes, the three boys happened to leave about the same time as Rusty and Jamal, those two leaving together, smiling and laughing. "You guys seem to be pretty chipper today," Jamie remarked. "Guys," Jamal said, grinning, "Guess what, we’re spending the whole weekend together at Rusty’s house!" "Are you guys dating?" DJ asked. "I wouldn’t call it that," Rusty replied, smiling, "more like getting to know each other better—a lot better." Jamal smiled. "So what are you guys gonna do?" Bryan asked. "Who knows?" Jamal replied, looking at Rusty, "Whatever we feel like doing, I guess, we just enjoy each others company a lot, see you guys next week." The two of them got into Jamal’s car. Jamie, on the way home, "I can’t help but think that looked like love in the making." "I know," DJ remarked, "and it surprises me, I didn’t think Jamal would ever consider dating a white boy, but they sure seemed to be pretty close and happy too." DJ received a text message. "Jamie, see who is texting me, please." DJ said. "It’s Randy." "Read it, baby." "He want’s to know if you can come in an hour early, and get the chairs for the Party." "Tell him ‘no problem, see you at two.’" Jamie entered the text and sent it to Randy. "You don’t have your phone password protected?" Bryan asked. "Yeah," DJ replied, "but we know each other’s passwords, and we trust each other, completely." Right after lunch (dinner, at Seldon’s) DJ put on his store shirt, and left for work. Randy told him to go ahead and clock in, gave him the key to his house, and DJ went to the pizzeria and picked up a dozen folding chairs, and delivered them to Randy’s home. He returned to the store about 3:00 and continued to train Gwen until closing time that night. I worked my normal delivery shift from 3:00 until 9:00 that night.   * * * * * * * * * * * * At 6:00 PM, Matt is getting dressed for his first date with Marie. He’d gotten a fresh, manly haircut earlier that afternoon, showered and shaved (yes, he shaves about once a week) and sprayed on some cologne. He pulled on one of his tightest t-shirts and a pair of boxer-briefs, stuffing a rolled up washcloth next to his groin to ‘fake’ a penis bulge, then put on a loose fitting, button down shirt and pair of men’s skinny jeans. He stood back and viewed the reflection of a rather handsome young man in the mirror. He’s ready! Well, almost. He then put on a man’s belt, stashed his wallet in the back pocket and grabbed his car keys, and headed out to the living room. He decided to skip the hat tonight, he usually wears a baseball cap on backwards. "Mom," Matt asked, "do I look OK?" "Matt," Annie stated, smiling, "if I was 20 years younger, and a handsome young man like you asked me for a date, I’d be hot to trot! I really hope your date tonight goes well." "Thanks, Mom, that means a lot to me, I should be home before midnight." Matt kissed his Mom goodbye and headed out. Matt drove to the address Marie had given him for the second time today, he’d driven there earlier, just to make sure he knew where it was. He pulled up curbside, and nervously walked up the sidewalk to the front door, and pushed the doorbell button. A reasonably tall, slightly graying man answered the door. "Matt?" he questioned. "Matt Gill, sir" Matt responded, and extended his hand. "Ken Walsh, I’m Marie’s Dad, I’m glad to meet you." Ken took Matt’s hand and the two shook hands. Matt, smiling, "I kind of figured that sir, good to meet you, too." "Marie tells me you’re a student at CC also, what is your major?" "I’m first year on a 2 plus 2," Matt replied, "and I plan to become a mechanical engineer when I’m done." "Good field, but it’s not going to be a piece of cake. Son, I have to commend you, some of Marie’s dates have just pulled up and blown the horn, but you had the courtesy to come to the door, and meet the old man. You impressed me." Ken stated. "Thank you, sir." Matt responded, grinning. "I guess," Ken remarked, "Marie is a typical woman, they’re never ready on time, I guess you know that by now." Matt smiled. Marie, approaching, "I guess you two have met? Sorry I wasn’t ready, Matt." "No problem, Marie, we have plenty of time," Matt replied, "Good to meet you, sir." Ken watched from the front door, as Matt took Marie’s arm and walked her to his car, opened the passenger door, and closed it again, after Marie assumed her seat. Matt walked around his car and waved at Marie’s Dad, got in and they took off. "Marie," Matt asked, "did you tell your parents, about me?" "You mean, about you being Trans?" Matt nodded. "I didn’t see any reason to." Marie said, "My Dad seems to like you, and what they don’t know won’t hurt them, as far as they’re concerned, you’re just a normal guy, and, I like you too. Matt, you look really handsome tonight!" "Thank you, Marie, that means a lot to me, especially from you, I try really hard to be like a normal, straight guy," Matt replied. "You’re doing really great," Marie remarked, "only those of us that really know you well, would ever realize that you’re Trans, and if it bothered me, I wouldn’t be here with you." Matt smiled. Matt drove them to the Cinema Six, parked, opened the passenger door for Marie, and they walked, holding hands, into the lobby of the theater. They had not previously selected which movie, and were looking at the placards advertising the various films. "Which one are we watching?" Marie asked. "I think I could enjoy any of them," Matt answered, "as long as we watch it together, you choose." Marie thought she’d like the one showing in theater 4. Matt, at the window, "Two for four please," and paid for the tickets, then, as they walked toward the refreshment stand, "Popcorn and drinks?" "Are we going for pizza afterwards?" Marie asked. "That’s what I was planning," Matt replied. "Then I don’t want to fill up on popcorn, just a Coke is fine." Matt ordered them Cokes, and escorted Marie into the cinema, and they selected seats in the back row, Marie sitting on Matt’s right. About ten minutes into the film Matt placed his right arm around Marie’s shoulders, and shortly afterwards, Marie leaned her head onto Matt’s right shoulder, and they enjoyed the film together, occasionally glancing at each other and smiling. Marie instinctively held Matt’s hand throughout most of the movie, and they were both enjoying the movie, and each other’s company. Toward the end of the movie, Matt had a desire to test his kissing skill, and wondered if it would be appropriate, here in the theater. He looked around, and noticed two or three other couples sharing kisses, and decided to give it a shot. He half expected that Marie would pull away if he tried, but then got the courage to try. Matt positioned his head in front of Marie’s and touched his lips lightly against hers, and she responded, placing her hand on the back of Matt’s head, holding him there. Neither of them tried to push tongues into the other ones mouths, they just tasted the flavor of one another’s lips, and enjoyed their first kiss. After the movie ended, they left the cinema, holding hands as they returned to Matt’s car. Matt was quickly learning how to be the perfect gentleman, holding doors open for his date, closing the passenger door on his car after she was inside, and loving every minute of his time with Marie. It seemed that Marie was enjoying their date just as much as Matt was. Matt drove them to the pizzeria, and they entered the front door, Matt, of course, holding the door for his lady. Jamie met them, just inside, with the usual question, taking out or eating in, and Matt told him they were eating in, Jamie showed them to a booth. Marie slid in and Matt slid in beside her. "Matt," Jamie asked, smiling, "are you going to introduce us?" "Sorry, Jamie," Matt replied, "Marie, this is Jamie Seldon, and he is one of my two best friends in the whole world, Jamie, this is my date, Marie Walsh." Jamie and Marie shook hands. "Marie, it’s a pleasure to meet you," Jamie then asked, "what can I bring you to drink? I already know that Matt’s gonna want a Mountain Dew." Matt grinned. "Coke will be fine," Marie answered. "We don’t have Coke, will Pepsi be ok?" Marie nodded. "Jamie, placing menu’s in front of them," You can look these over, and I’ll be right back with your drinks." Matt suggested an all meats pizza, and Marie said she doesn’t eat pork. They ended up ordering a medium sized half-and-half pizza, half meats for Matt and half Beef and Chicken with mushrooms for Marie. Marie mentioned that she needed to use the ‘Little Girls Room’ and Matt informed her, grinning, that there wasn’t one here, the closest thing was a ‘Ladies Room’. Matt, sliding out of the booth, to let Marie out, "I need to go too." "Do they have two stalls in the Ladies Room?" Marie asked. "I don’t know," Matt replied, "I’ve never been in there." Marie went to the Ladies Room and Matt entered the Men’s room and both relieved their bladder pressure. Marie seemed just a bit surprised that Matt was so comfortable using the Men’s room. She surmised that Matt really does relate to being a boy, rather than a girl, and he sure does act like a boy, and she likes that. It was nearly 11:00 PM when they finished off seven of the eight slices, with one slice of Marie’s half left. Jamie had brought the tab to their table, checking one last time if they needed anything. Matt took care of the ticket, giving Jamie a six-dollar tip. They both made another trip to the restrooms before leaving. Jamie was extra anxious to leave that night, as he wanted to tell DJ and me about having had the pleasure of serving Matt and Marie, and how they seemed so much like any normal young straight couple on a Friday night date, and how handsome Matt looked. Matt and Marie walked to Matt’s car, and Matt prepared to take Marie home. "Matt," Marie spoke softly, "I had a really enjoyable evening with you tonight. I hope you might consider dating me again, soon." "I had a good time with you also, Marie, and I’m honored that you would want to date me again, we’ll see each other in school this week, and maybe come up with a plan for next weekend. I really do want to see you again, and get to know each other better." When Matt pulled up in front of Marie’s home he wanted to try kissing Marie, the way Jamie and DJ had taught him. He shut the engine off, and turned toward Marie, and when he tried to kiss her, she responded in a similar way. The two shared a deep kiss, one that lasted for minutes, not seconds. Matt shoved his tongue into Marie’s mouth and both of them tasted each other’s mouths for several minutes. They spent about 15 or 20 minutes making out, and the sensation was appealing to both of them. Matt experienced a feeling, down below, that was completely foreign to him, becoming quite sexually aroused. He knew, somehow, that if he had a penis, it would be hard, and he also had a feeling of wetness he’d never had before. He was wondering if he was, after over two months, starting to have another period. Being in the car with Marie, he didn’t really have the opportunity to investigate, he just was hoping his crotch wasn’t turning red. Matt walked Marie to her door, and they kissed passionately once more, before parting. "You’re a fantastic kisser, Matt," Marie stated, "are you sure you’ve never kissed a girl before? You’ve got me so turned on, I think—I shouldn’t probably tell you—never mind." "Now you’ve got me curious, Marie," Matt said, "just say it, I promise I won’t take it wrong." "Matt, I feel a real need to—I want to go to bed and finger myself, you do know that boys aren’t the only ones that masturbate, don’t you?" Marie asked. "Honestly, I’d never really thought about it," Matt responded, "but I do know that if I had that penis, it would be erect, I’m actually pretty hot right now. I didn’t think a little kissing would make me feel this way!" "Matt, please don’t worry about—that you made me so aroused—consider it a complement! It shows how much of a man you are! If you would want to be my man, I’d be quite happy to be your lady." "Marie, are you saying like—boyfriend and girlfriend?" Matt asked. "Exactly, I like you, Matt, maybe more than I should, I can’t help it, I just want to be with you," Marie stated. "I think I need to go on home, is it ok if I call you tomorrow?" Marie, smiling, "If you don’t, I’ll be quite disappointed, I’ll be waiting for that call. Matt, I had a really good time tonight, and I’m already looking forward to our next date." Matt smiled. Matt drove home, he was still feeling wet and uncomfortable in the crotch area, and didn’t waste too much time heading to his bedroom. He couldn’t wait to check his boxer-briefs, to see if they were red. When he undressed, the crotch of his underwear was soaked, but it wasn’t red, and it even soaked through to the crotch of his skinny jeans. Damn! As it had been over two months since he’d last had any symptoms of a period, he thought he was all done with Kotex, but maybe he has a new use for them. At least they are more absorptive than his boxer-briefs, and he likely will be kissing Marie on future dates. Matt considered his first date with Marie to be quite successful and very satisfying. He was pleased that his kissing actually turned Marie on, but he would rather it hadn’t aroused him quite so much as it did. After cleaning up his genital area, Matt fell asleep, a very happy boy. Marie, once inside her room, laid a towel under her butt and proceeded to finger herself, bringing herself to a self-induced orgasm, and imagining that it was Matt’s finger that was playing inside her pussy. She is wondering if she can convince Matt to do this to her in the future. If Matt really thinks like a boy, he should be happy to finger her. She finally fell asleep, thinking about what the future with Matt might hold, for both of them. Marie is hooked on Matt, and she has a strong desire to steal his heart, and his love. DJ and I both got off from work that Friday night at 9:00 PM and we headed home, to await Joe and Jamie to come home from work. As I frequently do, I made a pot of hot cocoa. I told Joe and DJ that I had given the framed photo of Daryl’s proposal to Randy and he had stated that they would happily display it, where everyone at the Party would be able to see it. I also told Joe and DJ that Randy told me that he and Daryl were also planning the party to be a ‘coming out’ party for both of them. They were announcing to everyone, including all of their co-workers from both CVS, and our store, letting them know that they have been in a long-term relationship, and are planning to marry sometime during the summer. I had told Randy that I didn’t think there was anyone at Southside that wasn’t quite aware, as most of them had been to our wedding, and had witnessed Daryl making the proposal to Randy. When Jamie came home, about 11:30 PM he was bubbling, and excitedly told us about waiting on Matt and Marie that evening. Jamie has coined a phrase for them, referring to them as M&M. He stated that serving M&M was no different than serving any young couple on a date, and that Matt was exceptionally handsome tonight. Jamie said that, if he didn’t know Matt, he would never have realized that he was a Trans, and that M&M appeared to be completely into each other, very much like many young lovers. The boys had both had a long day today. DJ was scheduled in at 12:00 noon on Saturday, still training Gwen, and Jamie was due to work at 3:00 PM and closing. Both boys went to bed shortly after finishing their hot cocoa, and Joe and I followed suit. We were all happy that, at least on the surface, it seemed that Matt’s first date went quite well.   * * * * * * * * * * * * Thursday evening Jamal, after picking up the subs at WAWA found his way back to Rusty’s house. After they ate, they spent a quiet evening, watching movies on Netflix, and slept together again, with no sex involved. These two boys enjoy the hell out of just being together. They do seem to becoming quite emotionally connected. Friday morning they arose, due to the sound of Rusty’s alarm clock and showered together, then, after drying one another, went to the kitchen for some breakfast, eating together. "Rusty, I don’t feel comfortable leaving my car on campus for the weekend," Jamal stated. "If we’re spending the weekend together, why don’t we just take my car, and leave your truck home today?" "That makes perfect sense," Rusty agreed, "driving separately is only wasting gas. After classes, we do need to stop at the grocery store, or we’ll starve to death before Monday." Jamal nodded. After their classes ended, they met back at Jamal’s car and headed to the supermarket, and started shopping. They selected some cold cuts at the deli, then stopped by the meat department. "Do you like steak?" Rusty asked, "I do know how to grill steak, on the gas grill." "Sure, I like it," Jamal replied, "it’s something Mama doesn’t fix very often." Rusty picked up two rather large porterhouse steaks and placed them in the cart. "How about Tacos, or burritos?" Rusty asked. "Doesn’t everybody like Mexican food?" Jamal replied. "Beef or chicken?" Rusty asked. "I told you bab—Rusty, I’m not fussy, I eat almost anything, except chittlings, not all black folks eat chittlings!" Rusty picked up a package of bacon, and some ground chicken and added them to the cart, ignoring, but smiling at Jamal’s slip of the tongue. "I can’t blame you, Jamal, I wouldn’t eat them either, we need something to go with the steak, salad maybe, and baking potatoes?" Jamal nodded in agreement. They headed to the produce department, and Rusty picked up two large baking potatoes, a bag of salad mix, a cucumber and some cherry tomatoes, a head of lettuce, and a four-pack of slicing tomatoes. They then headed to the cheese department and Rusty tossed a bag of shredded Monterey Jack and a package of American Cheese slices into the basket, and then added a tub of sour cream, and a dozen eggs. Next they approached the ‘international’ isle, and Rusty picked up a package of Taco Seasoning, Taco shells, burrito sized flour tortilla’s, and a jar of medium salsa, looking at Jamal. "Mild, medium or hot?" Rusty asked. Jamal took the jar from Rusty’s hand and added it to the cart, indicating his choice. Arriving at the beverage isle, Rusty picked up a six pack of Pepsi and told Jamal to grab a six pack of whatever he wanted to drink and Jamal got a six pack of Sprite. The snack isle was next to the beverages, and Rusty told Jamal to pick one, and Jamal picked up a large bag of regular, rippled potato chips. "Better get two," Rusty stated, "now about the bread, white or wheat?" "Just get what you normally would, Rusty, I’ll eat either one." Rusty, adding a loaf of wheat bread to the cart, "Jamal, go back to dairy and grab a gallon of milk, I know ours is almost gone." Jamal complied, noting the way Rusty said ‘ours’ referring to the milk, it just sounded nice to him. When Jamal returned with the milk, they headed to the checkout. The cashier asked ‘paper or plastic?’ and Rusty asked for paper. Their groceries filled four of the large paper bags, Rusty paid for them with his debit card, and they headed to Jamal’s car with their groceries, and put them on the floor in the back. Then they headed toward Rusty’s home. "That was fun," Jamal stated, "I’ve never shopped groceries before, oh, I’ve gone to the store to pick up a couple of things for Mama but actually shopping, like we did today, that was cool. I really think I would enjoy doing anything with you, I so much love—just being with you—that probably sounds weird." "Not at all," Rusty replied, "it was really nice, having you there to help me make important decisions, like what we’re gonna eat. I’m starved, I can’t wait to get home and make a sandwich from some of those cold cuts," then, grinning, "you, sir, can make your own!" Jamal, snickering, "I think I can handle that. I have a sneaky feeling that we're going to spend an awesome weekend together." "If things go, like I hope they might," Rusty commented, "It may be just the first of many awesome weekends together. Every hour we’re together, I feel closer to you—it’s hard to explain, but I sure do like being with you—a lot, I’m so glad you’re here with me." The two boys arrived at Rusty’s home, carried the groceries and their backpacks into the house, and started to put the groceries away, leaving the cold cuts on the table, along with the bread. Jamal, not knowing where most things belonged, started to put the perishables in the fridge, including the two six packs. Rusty took care of the rest. When they finished, they ended up spontaneously hugging each other, and shared a romantic kiss. When they pulled away from each other, both boys were adjusting their partially erected cocks inside their pants, and grinned at each other. They then proceeded to fix themselves some sandwiches, as they were both pretty hungry. It had been a long time since they’d had breakfast together, before they went to school earlier that morning. They ended up making them together, using mayonnaise, sliced turkey and ham, American cheese, lettuce, and sliced tomatoes. After they ate those, they did it again, downing a second sandwich each. "That was fun," Rusty said, "making our sandwiches together, I just—I don’t know—it just feels so right, doing things together with you. There are probably lots of things we can find, that we can do together." "Yeah," Jamal replied, "like maybe share a naked walk in those woods, maybe, if it warms up a little, could we do that tomorrow?" "Even if it doesn’t," Rusty said, smiling, "we could keep each other warm with hugs, I love the feeling of our naked bodies touching one another, should we maybe get rid of these clothes?" Jamal took Rusty’s hand and led him into Rusty’s bedroom, and the two boys got naked, except for socks and sneakers. They stood back and viewed each other, both boys grinning. They both love to see the other’s naked body, but not as much as they like to feel one another’s body, wherever their hands may roam. "We’ve probably got plenty of time to watch a movie," Rusty suggested, "before we need to get dinner." "Is your Netflix set up for Adult Rated movies?" Jamal asked. "It should be," Rusty replied, "what do you have in mind?" "There are a few gay movies, that even show some sex scenes, just in case you might be interested." Rusty, taking Jamal’s hand, "Let’s watch one!" The boys went to the living room and fired up the TV, Jamal searched Netflix and found one of the desired movies. While they watched, both of their hands were fondling each other’s cocks, and they were both erect. The two male stars were in bed, and started to hump. You couldn’t actually see either of the men’s genitals, but it was easy to see what they were doing. "Jamal," Rusty asked, "what are they doing?" "Rusty, are you that naïve? They’re fucking." "You mean—like a guy puts his penis—inside another mans ass?" "Rusty, that’s how gay lovers make love to each other." "Wow!" Rusty exclaimed, "Have you done that?" "Honestly," Jamal replied, "No, but I’d like to try it, the guy getting it up his ass is called a ‘bottom’ and the other is generally called a ‘top’ and some guys go both ways." "Does it hurt?" Rusty asked. "Rusty, I can’t speak from experience, only what I’ve been told. They say it hurts at first, when you take it inside, but then the pleasure over rides the pain, and it’s enjoyable for both guys. I never pictured taking it up my ass, I think of myself as probably being a top, rather than a bottom." "I don’t know about taking it up mine, maybe—you know you’re kind of big—down there," Rusty said. "Yeah," Jamal snickered, "Like your small? You’ve only got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen on a white boy, I have a feeling either one of us would hurt the other, but maybe if we went slow and easy—it might be good. I think you’re the only boy that I care enough for, that I would let you into me. It’s something we could maybe experiment with, one of these days." "Jamal, if you don’t quit playing with my cock I’m gonna cum, on second thought, it feels so damn good I want you to make me cum!" Jamal grinned. Jamal, jumping up and dropping to his knees, "I want you to cum for me, baby, in my mouth!" Jamal took what he could of Rusty’s cock into his mouth and started sucking that big hunk of throbbing meat. "I’m gonna cum, I can feel it—oh fuck! I’m—I can’t stop it!" Rusty shot several spurts of his cream into Jamal’s throat and mouth, Jamal swallowing it, and then milking the last few drops out of Rusty’s cock. Jamal pulled off, grinning. "I just can’t believe how good you taste!" Jamal exclaimed. Rusty stood up, offering his hand to help Jamal to his feet. "Is it okay if I do you like that?" Rusty asked. The boys switched positions, Jamal sitting on the sofa and Rusty dropping to his knees, taking about 4" of Jamal’s manhood into his mouth. Rusty started to massage Jamal’s cock with his mouth and tongue, and Jamal started to feel his own balls begging for release. Jamal was loving the feeling of Rusty’s mouth, working his cock. Rusty was learning, quickly, the art of sucking cock! "I hope you’re ready for a mouthful, baby," Jamal said, "I’m getting close. For a neophyte, you’re doing an awesome job!" Rusty registered, mentally, that this was at least the third time that Jamal had called him ‘baby’ and it gave him a warm, fuzzy feeling. He wondered if maybe Jamal was falling in love with him. "Oooooh, Rusty, I’m about to nut, just a few more seconds—shit I’m cumming! This feels soooooo gooooood! FUCK!" Rusty took as much of Jamal’s cock as he could into his mouth, and felt Jamal starting to pulse, that first spurt hitting his throat and triggering his gag reflex. Rusty pulled back a little, allowing the following ropes to land on his tongue. Rusty rolled most of Jamal’s juice around, really tasting it, then swallowed it. He took a little more of Jamal inside and milked Jamal’s cock, using his hand as well as his mouth. When he’d gotten all he could get from Jamal, he pulled off, grinning. Rusty, smiling, "I think I’ve acquired a taste, not for just any cum, but for yours, I can’t really picture me sucking just any dick, but yours has found a home, here in my mouth!" Jamal smiled. "Jamal," Rusty stated, "I’ve heard you call me ‘baby’ at least three times today, is that just something you do when having sex with a boy?" "No," Jamal replied, "I may be wrong, but somehow I’m starting to think of you as mine, kind of like you’re my possession, Rusty, I think I love you." "I think I fell in love with you a few days ago," Rusty responded, "If I’m going to be ‘owned’ by another guy, I would only want it to be you, does this mean we might now be boyfriends?" "Rusty, if you want me as your boyfriend, I will accept you as mine! I’ve never wanted anyone, as much as I want you. I did promise Mama that I would bring you around to meet her and Papa sometime this weekend, I hope that’s alright with you." "That’s fine with me," Rusty agreed, "I hope they like me, maybe we should start getting our dinner together. Do you want to help me?" "Sure, I absolutely love it when we can do things together, even if it’s work, what ya want me to do?" Jamal asked. Rusty, turning the oven on to 375 degrees, "Use this brush and scrub the potatoes really well, after we get them baking, we can work on the salads." When the boys finished the salads, and the potatoes about half- done, Rusty slipped out to the deck and fired up the gas grill. About 30 minutes later, Rusty brought in the steaks, grilled to perfection. Jamal used the tongs to get the baked potatoes out of the oven, and they sat down to eat. Jamal, cutting into his steak, "Rusty, the steaks are raw!" "No they’re not," Rusty argued, "they’re medium rare, and perfect, they’re the most tender and tasty this way, take a bite, baby, you’ll see." So now Rusty has picked up the ‘baby’ terminology. Jamal, frowning, cut a small bite of the steak, and gingerly put it in his mouth, then chewed it. The frown was replaced by a smile, the steak was not only tender, but very tasty. "You win, Rusty," Jamal stated, "Mama always cooks our meats well done, but this is the best steak I’ve ever tasted! You’re a master griller." Rusty smiled at the complement. Rusty, heading to the fridge and getting the sour cream, "Sour cream for the baked potatoes?" Jamal declined the offer at first, then tried a little, and then a larger spoonful. Rusty seems to know what tastes really good, he just might make a good husband, one that can cook. "Jamal," Rusty said, "in a couple of weeks, we can take the cover off of the pool, and get it ready for skinny dipping, well, when the Grandparents aren't here, that is, otherwise we’d have to wear swimming trunks." Jamal, grinning, "You know what would be really cool? An all guy, all gay, skinny dipping pool party!" Rusty replied, smiling, "That could happen, if we did it when the grandparents are gone away somewhere. I can visualize it, a dozen naked guys running around here, eye candy for all! Have you ever checked out the men’s shower at the school?" "No, not yet," Jamal replied, "I’d feel funny going in there without a need to use it." "I’m taking the volleyball class," Rusty said, "and we all shower together after class. It’s an open shower, with about ten showerheads, so ten guys can shower at the same time—talk about eye candy, lots of cock to see!" Jamal grinned. "So, you like to see cock, disgusting!" Jamal said, grinning. "Yeah, and I suppose you wouldn’t look," Rusty said, "if all those cocks were right there in front of you?" Jamal, smirking, "You know fucking well my eyes would be roaming, unless my boyfriend was one of them, and they’d get stuck on his!" Both boys laughed, and Jamal playfully cuffed Rusty’s cock, causing Rusty to grin. Rusty quickly returned the favor. These two boys are enjoying each other too much. "I wish I could move in here with you and just live here," Jamal lamented, "I hate to go home and leave you behind." "I know, baby, but let’s enjoy the time we have left, it’s only Friday evening, we still have Saturday and Sunday to be together. Jamal, do you play badminton?" "I have played it," Jamal responded, "but it’s been a few years" "I have a set," Rusty stated, "if we set it up in the back yard, not too far back from the deck, we could play naked. That area is outside of any of the neighbors’ vision. If we take that naked hike, we’ll need to dress to get across the field, but then after we get into the woods, we can strip again." Jamal, grinning, "You really get into being naked, don’t you?" "I guess so, don’t you kind of like it?" Rusty asked. "I think so," Jamal said, "I’ve never been in a position to get like this, until I met you, and I do like being naked with you, it feels so natural, and it makes our bodies so—accessible to each other. I can touch you, and you can touch me, with nothing in the way." "Jamal, you’ve got a magic touch, I can feel the love flowing from your fingertips into my body, no matter where you touch me, and it makes me melt. I never even dreamed that anyone could do that to me, before. It feels incredible. I think I’d better wash these dishes, while I still have the urge to do them. I hate to wake up in the morning to a bunch of dirty dishes." While Rusty was drawing the dishwater, Jamal was standing behind him, caressing his ribs, torso and thighs, and kissing the back of Rusty’s neck. Rusty leaned back onto Jamal’s chest and sighed, loving the sensation. He could feel Jamal’s flaccid cock against his butt cheeks. "How can I help you?" Jamal asked. "If you would, pull the dishes out of the rinse water, and place them in the drainer to dry." Jamal did as requested. After Rusty drained the sinks, and dried his hands, he suggested going to bed, and Jamal followed him to the bedroom. They both removed their sneakers and socks and slid in, and Rusty turned off the table lamp. They shared a tender, loving kiss, and then both guys just touched and caressed each other all over. Neither of them felt horny nor were either of them erect, they just basked in the love they shared with each other, until they fell asleep. (to be continued….) Authors Note: Sorry folks, I ran out of time and space, and didn’t get to cover the Party at Randy and Daryl’s, that will take place tomorrow (Saturday) night. It’s looking like Matt and Marie (M&M) might become a regular dating couple, and Jamal and Rusty have pretty much committed to being boyfriends, if Jamal’s parents don’t throw a monkey wrench into their growing relationship.
  14. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 25

    Not too smart, on my part! I am well aware of Chick's antigay policy, but honestly was not aware of Cracker Barrell's. Thanks for the heads-up! I mostly use Bojangles's for my Chicken place. We need a list of all the antigay establishments, and maybe one of all the pro-gay ones as well so we can give them a plug.
  15. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 13

    Friday morning after the school bus gobbled up all the children, Vi and Carrie headed to the Whites home for coffee. Vi explained to Carrie that the boys were coming home next weekend for Halloween and planned to take the children out for Trick and Treating. "Art won’t be working tomorrow," Vi stated, "so I’m going to leave him in charge of Dominic, and take Peter, Penny and Sam shopping for Halloween Costumes, while there is still a decent selection." "Thanks for the reminder," Carrie said, "I need to take Eric to get one also. Those four kids get along really well, why don’t we all go together?" "I don’t know," Vi replied, chuckling, "why don’t we? I’ve got the SUV, and we had four college boys in the back seat together when we went to the lake over the Fourth of July, so I know darn well we can pack four first graders in there together." "If we leave here around 10:00 AM," Carrie suggested, "that should give us plenty of time to shop, and afterwards, maybe we could take them to McDonald’s for lunch—that will keep them in good behavior!" "Carrie, you’re a genius," Vi replied, grinning, "personally, I’m not a big fan of McDonalds, but the kids love them. The last time I shopped for a Halloween costume was when Julian was about nine or ten years old—and that seems like yesterday! It’s hard to believe that Julian is in college, and will turn twenty on his next birthday." "Kids grow up so fast these days," Carrie added, "Larry is a junior already, and will be graduating from high school next year! It seems like only five or six years ago that I graduated from high school, how time flies. So, I’ll get Eric ready, and we’ll come over to hook up with you about Ten tomorrow morning. See you then, girlfriend." Vi and Carrie shared a hug, and Carrie went home. * * * * * * * * * * * * Friday afternoon after the children got home from school, Sam, Peter, Penny and Eric were all playing in the White’s yard. "Eric," Peter asked, "If it’s ok with Mommy Vi, would you like to sleep over with me tonight?" Eric, grinning, "I’d love to, but I need to ask my Mom if I can. Why don’t you ask Mrs. White first, and then I’ll ask my Mom." Peter quickly ran into the house. "Mommy Vi," Peter asked, "can Eric sleep over with me tonight?" "Honey, it’s OK with me," Vi replied, "let me call Eric’s mom and see if it’s OK with her." Vi picked up her cell and called Carrie. She explained that Peter had asked if Eric could sleep over, and that Eric was welcome to have supper with them as well. "That would be great," Carrie said, "Jake is here with Larry, and Larry asked me to take him and Jake to the football game. I was trying to figure out a way to fix supper, and take them to the school for the game too. If Eric is with you for supper and the night, it frees me up to take Larry and Jake to the game, and I’ll be able to pick them up after the game. Larry and Eric’s father is out of town on business, so he’s not here to take them." "Sounds like a done deal," Vi replied, "I’m looking at two very anxious boys here that are waiting for an answer, Thanks Carrie." "Well, boys," Vi said, "Eric is having supper with us, and Carrie said that Eric can sleep over with you, Peter." "Whoopeeee!" Peter exclaimed, and he and Eric shared an emotional hug with each other, then returned to the back yard. "LARRY!" Carrie yelled, and both Larry and Jake ran down the stairs. "Larry, Eric is going to have supper with the White’s and is sleeping over with Peter, so I can taxi you guys to the school for the game, and pick you up afterwards." "Cool!" Larry remarked, "Thanks, Mom. Jake’s friend is one of the star players, and we want to see our Lions topple the Monarchs. We probably need to leave in about an hour." Larry and Jake returned to the boy’s bedroom and sat on Larry’s bed. "Jake, why don’t you stay overnight with me?" Larry asked. "Can I sleep—with you?" Jake asked. "You wish!" Larry exclaimed, grinning, "No way I’m gonna sleep with another boy, but we have twin beds. Eric is sleeping over at the White’s, so you can sleep in Eric’s bed tonight. I’ll share my bedroom with you, but not my bed!" "Aw, shucks," Jake said, faking disappointment. Jake is happy just to spend the time, and the night, with his best friend. He called his Mom and told her that he and Larry were going to the game, and he was spending the night at Larry’s house. * * * * * * * * * * * * Vi prepared a dinner of baked fish, with mac and cheese and green beans for a vegetable and had it ready when Art walked in from work. He set his cooler down and gave Vi a loving hug and kiss, and then picked up Dominic and gave him a kiss and set him down in his highchair. "Hun," Vi said, "we have a guest tonight. Eric is here for supper and is sleeping over with Peter tonight." "Is there anything wrong, in Eric’s home?" Art inquired. "Oh, no," Vi replied, "Peter asked if Eric could sleep over, and I called Carrie, and she approved. Carrie and I are taking the kids, and going shopping in the morning for Halloween costumes. I know the boys are willing to take Dominic out for Halloween, but he’s still pretty small, and I think it would be better to keep him here at home." "I tend to agree," Art replied, "all the ghosts and goblins would probably scare the heck out of him, and at two, he wouldn’t even understand the meaning of Halloween. We’ll probably have enough visitors at the door to keep him entertained." Vi grinned. Art went to the back door and called the kids in for supper. There was a bit of arguing going on, as Sam, Penny and Peter all argued as to who could sit next to Eric. "OK kids! Enough!" Vi said, "Since Eric is a guest here tonight, let him decide who he want to sit next to." Eric, thinking, "I can sit with Sam anytime, and I’ll have all night to be next to Peter, so I’ll sit with Penny." Penny grinned, and she and Eric took the chairs on one side, Sam and Peter sat together on the other side, Art and Dom at the far end of the table and Vi on the other end. Settled! Then came a knock at the door and Art saw that it was Larry. "Come on in, Larry," Art said. "We were just ready to leave for the game," Larry said, holding a grocery bag, "and Mom realized that Eric forgot his pajamas." "Thanks Larry," Art said, taking the bag, "I hope you guys enjoy the game, and may the Lions be victorious!" Larry left quickly. Peter, jumping up from the table, "I’ll take that, Daddy Art, and put it in our bedroom." Peter took the bag and disappeared for about one minute, and returned. After the family finished eating, Vi made an announcement. "Kids," Vi said, "it’s Friday night, and you don’t have school tomorrow. If you all get into your pajamas and ready for bed, I could put a movie in the DVD player, and you could all watch a movie before you go to bed." Needless to say that idea went over very well. The kids were asking what movie, so Vi went to the shelf holding the DVD’s and read off some titles. The children all agreed on ‘The Lion King’ and headed to their bedrooms to put on their pajamas. In the boys room, both Peter and Eric stripped, ready to put on their PJ’s. "I gotta tinkle," Peter announced, heading toward the open door. "Peter!" Eric exclaimed, "you’re naked, the girls might see your peter." Peter, shrugging his shoulders, "Wouldn’t be the first time, and headed into the bathroom, not even closing the door, and tinkled. Eric, when Peter returned, "I can’t believe you went out there stark naked!" "Eric," Peter asked, "are you ashamed of your body? I’m not ashamed of mine, so why worry if someone sees it?" "We’re supposed to keep THAT part of us covered," Eric stated, pointing at Peters peter, "except like, when we take a bath, or maybe, changing clothes." "Eric," Peter said, grinning, "let’s compare peters, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours." "I guess that might be OK," Eric agreed, "since we’re both boys." The two boys looked closely at each other’s penis’s and agreed they were both similar, and about the same size. "I don’t see what the big deal is," Peter said, "a peter is a peter, and all us boys have got one. My Daddy has one too, but his is a lot bigger than mine." "You’ve seen your Daddy’s peter?" Eric asked, surprised. "Yep, and I’ve seen Mommy naked too." Peter stated, "It’s just not a big deal. Penny and I have both seen each other naked too, lots of times, sometimes we even take a bath together." "Wow, Peter, let’s get our jammies on so we can watch that movie." The two boys pulled on their pajamas and walked out to the living room. Penny and Sam were sitting on one end of the sofa, and the boys took the other end, and Vi started the movie. By the time the movie ended, all four of the children were sleepy, and ready for bed. Both girls slipped into the bathroom and tinkled, and then Eric took his turn. Within about twenty minutes, all four children were sleeping. Art and Vi checked on them, grinning, as both girls were cuddled together like lovers, and so were both boys. Oh, the innocence of youth! * * * * * * * * * * * * When Carrie took the boys to the school she almost felt like a cab driver, as both boys climbed into the back seat of the car. At the game, Jake and Larry sat together on the home team bleachers, front row. It would be hard to identify any of the players, as they all wore helmets and masks that hid their faces. "See that player, number 27," Jake said to Larry, "that’s my KC." "You’re really into him aren’t you," Larry stated, grinning. "I like him, a lot," Jake replied, smiling. During half time, KC walked over by Larry and Jake, and bumped fists with both boys. "Glad you guys made it to the game," KC stated, "Jake, lunch together on Monday?" "You bet," Jake replied, "looking forward to it." Jake smiled. "Looks like you’ve got a date, Jake," Larry said, grinning. "I don’t know if having lunch with a good friend is a date," Jake replied. "Maybe not," Larry said, "but there does seem to be a spark there. I just can’t imagine that a masculine dude, like KC, would have an interest in a boy!" "Larry, not all gay boys are effeminate," Jake said, "look at how some NBA and NFL players are coming out as gay, and they sure aren’t effeminate!" Larry had to agree. The Monarchs are currently the top ranked team in the league. The Lion’s fought fiercely, but the Monarchs ended up on top, by only 2 points. It was an exciting game, and far from a blowout. As the game came to a finish, Larry phoned his Mom and told her the bad news, and that he and Jake were ready to be picked up. Larry, on the way home, "Mom, since Eric is staying at the White’s tonight, I told Jake he could stay with me, and sleep in Eric’s bed, I hope that’s OK?" "Sure, Larry," Carrie stated, "but if you guys play games half the night and sleep until noon, like you often do, you’ll be on your own for breakfast. Vi and I are leaving about Ten, and taking the kids to get Halloween costumes." Larry responded, grinning, "Mom, we’re sixteen, I hope you don’t think we’re completely helpless, and besides, won’t Dad be here?" "He should be, unless he gets called to work, but he usually is home on Saturday’s." Carrie replied. Larry and Jake hustled into the house, grabbed soda’s from the fridge, and raced to Larry’s bedroom to fire up the X-box. Both boys were down to their boxers in about two minutes, and quickly sitting next to each other on Larry’s bed, holding the controls to play. About 1:00 AM they decided to give up the ghost, and go to bed, Larry in his own bed and Jake in Eric’s bed. "Larry," Jake said, "I wish KC was here to hold me in his arms." "Jake," Larry said, snickering, "you’re sick. You haven’t even dated KC yet, and you want him to cuddle you, like a baby!" "If he ever asks me to sleep with him, you know I’ll be there!" Jake remarked. "Jake," Larry said, chuckling, "Go the fuck to sleep, and maybe you’ll dream of KC, and have a wet dream! Good night, Jake." "That’s not funny," Jake replied, "you wouldn’t believe the boner I’ve got right now just thinking about KC!" "Just don’t leave cum stains on the sheets," Larry stated, "Eric wouldn’t understand, and I’m not prepared to explain them to a six year old boy." The two boys finally drifted off. * * * * * * * * * * * * Saturday morning Vi prepared breakfast for her brood and Art woke all the children up. Peter, typically Peter, dropped his PJ’s on the floor and headed naked into the bathroom to tinkle, and Eric was right behind him, also naked. The two boys stood in front of the toilet, giggling and watching each other squirt their streams into the toilet. Finished tinkling, they headed back to their bedroom and dressed, while the girls took over the bathroom, and did their morning duties. Shortly after 9:30 the children were all dressed, and had finished eating, and had brushed their teeth and were ready to go. Dominic was still sleeping, and Vi told Art she usually scrambles a couple eggs with cheese for Dom. It’s been eighteen years since Art had dealt with caring for a toddler, but he was certain it was like riding a bike, once you’ve learned, it comes back quickly. Carrie, walking in the back door about 9:45, "Did everyone sleep well last night?" Most of them replied a ‘yes.’ "Mommy," Eric stated, "it was really fun sleeping with Peter last night, can he spend the night with me at our house some night?" "We can talk about that," Carrie said, "Peter might not want to sleep over with you." "Oh, that would be cool!" Peter exclaimed, "I’d like that very much, Mrs.—uh—uh—I don’t know your name?" "Hanson, sweetheart," Carrie replied, "Just like Eric Hanson." "Thank you," Peter said, "now I know who you are, Mrs. Hanson." "Are we all about ready to go?" Vi asked. "Wait a minute," Penny said, "I need to tinkle before we leave." "Me too," Sam said, following Penny into the bathroom. "Me three," Eric added, while waiting for the girls to return. "I guess I’m number four," Peter said, grinning, "but I can go with number three, as long as we’re all just tinkling." Eric grinned, and Carrie and Vi winked at each other, also grinning. It was just about 10:00 AM by the time they got the kids all buckled in the back seat, one belt around the girls, and another around the boys. Carrie and Vi buckled up and Vi drove them all out of the drive, headed for the Halloween Store. Art couldn’t help notice how quiet the house was, with just Dom and himself left—and Dom was still sleeping!" When they got to the store, things went pretty much as planned. Vi and Carrie had decided that they would let the kids choose the costumes they wanted, if they were available in the right sizes. Sam selected a ‘Princess’ costume, Eric decided to be a little devil, and the twins chose Spiderman and Spiderwoman costumes. Well, Penny and Peter are twins, what would one expect. Vi and Carrie wanted the children to try on the costumes for fitting. The Spiderman and Spiderwoman costumes were snug, and the women had to curtail Penny, and especially Peter, as they were ready to strip naked to try on the outfits. They convinced the twins to at least keep their underwear on! Carrie paid for Eric’s costume, and Vi paid for the rest, getting a receipt. About noon they landed at McDonalds. While Vi and Carrie ordered the Happy Meals, and Chicken Nuggets for themselves, the children all made use of the Playroom. Finally, about 1:00 PM they managed to drag the kids out to the SUV, packed them away and headed toward home. Both ladies were very thankful that Halloween only happens once a year! While Carrie and Vi were out being tortured by the children, Art was keeping himself busy, including taking a refresher course in Bumwiping 101. Art really enjoyed his time with Dominic, and even, for the first time in at least eighteen years, gave a toddler a bath. As often happens, when a body is placed in warm water, Dominic suddenly, without warning shot a warm stream up in the air. Art cupped his hand over it, to keep it contained but couldn’t help laughing at the incident. After he got Dom dry, Art couldn’t resist kissing Dom’s bare tummy, making him giggle. He was hoping that Dom wouldn’t decide to tinkle again, while he was playing with him, as Art wasn’t ready for a golden shower! There are so many little things that Dominic does that trigger happy memories of Julian, when he was that age. * * * * * * * * * * * * Early Saturday morning, About 9:00 AM, Julian slipped out of bed and made coffee for Jeff and himself. The dorm rooms don’t provide any ‘cooking facilities’ but J&J had purchased a small microwave oven, and a coffeemaker, so they didn’t need to wait until they went to the dining hall to enjoy a cup of coffee. The aroma of the coffee brewing stirred Jeff into also coming into a state of being awake. After relieving the pressure on his bladder, Jeff walked behind his beautiful boyfriend and lovingly wrapped his arms around him and kissed the back of Julian’s neck, his flaccid cock tickling Julian’s buns and making him giggle. Julian turned around, and the two boys shared a loving hug and a good morning kiss. While Julian poured coffee into their only two mugs, Jeff got the creamer out of the small refrigerator. They fixed their coffee, and settled on the small sofa to start their morning. Saturday! no classes today. A familiar knock was heard on their door. "Come in," Jeff hollered, and Caleb entered, closing the door. Caleb, noticing that J&J were both naked, "Don’t you guys ever get dressed?" "Not if we can help it," Jeff stated, chuckling. "We are dressed," Julian said, grinning, "we’re wearing Mother Natures Pajamas!" Caleb couldn’t help grinning. "I don’t know how you guys can be so casual—and comfortable—naked," Caleb stated. "Simple," Jeff answered, "you do anything often enough, it becomes a habit, and old habits die hard." "Anyhow," Caleb said, "why I came by, the dining hall stops serving breakfast at 11:00 on Saturdays, are you going to join Levi and me?" "It’s only 10:10," Jeff said, "give us about six minutes and we’ll be ready, I guess we need to put on a little more clothing, baby." "More clothing?" Caleb said, snickering, "Any clothing at all would be an improvement!" J&J got dressed and the four boys headed to the dining hall. "Are you guys going to dress up for the Halloween Party here on Campus?" Levi inquired. "Nope!" Jeff replied, "We’ve already obligated ourselves to take Julian’s little siblings out Trick and Treating, so we’ll be in Dunbar for Halloween. That is, if I can keep my baby’s feet on the ground long enough." "Just one more week," Julian said, grinning, "I can hardly wait!" "Julian," Levi said, "You’ve really gotten attached to those new siblings of yours, haven’t you." "Levi," Jeff said, smiling, "if you were to meet them, I’m betting you’d fall in love with them too." Levi grinned. Later that Saturday night, Julian received a phone call from Art. "Son," Art said, "I need to catch you up on a couple of things." "Dad," Julian asked, "is something wrong? Are Sam and Dom OK, and Mom?" "Relax, Son," Art said, "Our family is fine. You met the twins, Penny and Peter, last weekend." "Oh, god," Julian said, "did something happen to them?" "Easy, Son," Art continued, "their Mommy had surgery for a tumor this week, and her condition is a little uncertain. Your Mom and I have the twins at our home for a few days, until their Mommy is back on her feet. Penny is sleeping with Sam, and Peter is sleeping in your bed." "Are you telling me you don’t want us to come home this weekend, for Halloween?" Julian asked. "No, not at all," Art said, "but I would ask a favor of you and Jeff. Your Mom and I have decided to keep Dominic in the house that night, but I’d like to ask you guys to take some extra responsibility, and take the twins out with Sam for Trick and Treating, and maybe Eric also. Can you guys handle four youngsters at once?" "Sure, Dad," Julian said, "but if Peter is sleeping in our bed, where will Jeff and I sleep?" "I was hoping, since you guys handled Sam sleeping with you for a couple of nights, you could share your bed with Peter for a couple of nights." "I think we can handle that," Julian said, grinning, "he doesn’t like—wet the bed, does he?" Art, chuckling, "No, he’s housebroken! At least he hasn’t had any problems since he’s been staying with us for the last week. Your Mom, and Eric’s Mom, took all the kids out this morning and got their Halloween costumes. So you’re good with everything?" "I think Jeff and I are going to have a blast taking them out," Julian said, "I just wish Halloween wasn’t so far away. I’ll give Jeff the heads up, and we’ll see you Friday night. We love you." Julian and his Dad both hung up, and Julian shared the bulk of the conversation with Jeff, who had a grin on his face that wouldn’t stop. Jeff agreed 100% with Julian, that they would have a blast. Jeff is nearly as anxious for Halloween Weekend as Julian is. These two young men have so much love for children, if they do eventually marry, they’re going to make some awesome parents. * * * * * * * * * * * * The White’s home was like Grand Central Station for most of late Saturday afternoon and much of Sunday. As could be expected, Sam, Eric, Penny and Peter spent a lot of time in the yard, playing on the swing set. Word of the White’s back yard traveled. At one point on Sunday afternoon Art looked out the back door and counted nine children playing, five who he’d never seen before and had no idea who they were—but they were all having fun together. Dominic seemed to split most of his playtime between the sandbox and his tricycle. One of the bigger boys, probably about twelve or thirteen took an interest in Dominic and placed him in the chair swing, secured him and gave him a swing ride for about half an hour. It seemed the boy was having as much fun entertaining Dom as Dom was having in the swing. Art smiled, happy that all of these children were enjoying their yard so much. It did seem that the White’s back yard had become the neighborhood playground. * * * * * * * * * * * * Monday morning Jake arrived at Larry’s house as usual to catch the high school bus with his best friend. They sat together on the bus, as usual. "I can hardly wait for lunchtime today," Jake said. "Didn’t you have any breakfast this morning?" Larry asked. "Oh," Jake replied, "it’s not that I’m hungry, Kevin is supposed to be meeting me for lunch with him today." "Jake," Larry said, "I don’t want to rain on your parade, but I’m betting he’s a no show, I guess we’ll see." Jake frowned. At lunchtime, Larry and Jake put their backpacks in their lockers and headed toward the cafeteria. Neither Larry nor Jake saw KC around, and they got into line, Larry was smirking. Suddenly, out of nowhere, KC came up and placed his hand on Jake’s shoulder, Jake looked into KC’s face and smiled. "Hi guys," KC said, "Larry, I know you guys are close friends, but I really wanted to have lunch with Jake, alone, if I may." Larry, smirk gone, "Not a problem, KC, I’ll find some other guys to sit with, you two enjoy your lunch." The three boys stayed in line together, Larry in front of Jake and KC. When Larry got his lunch tray, he looked around and found some guys he knew and joined them. KC and Jake got their trays, and KC told Jake to come with him, and led Jake to a table way up at the end of the room, and they sat together to eat. "Jake," Kevin asked, "what are your parent’s like?" Jake, his eyes getting wet, "I live with just my Mom, they’re divorced, and I hardly know my Dad, I almost never see him or hear from him." "I’m so sorry Jake, I didn’t know," Kevin replied, sadness showed on his face. "Jake, I want to make you happy, if you’ll let me." "Kevin," Jake replied, "it makes me happy just to be close to you." "But we’re not as close," Kevin said, "as I want for us to be. Got a phone?" Jake nodded, "We need to exchange numbers." Jake, smiling, "OK." Both boys pulled phones from their pockets and programmed each other’s numbers into them. "Jake," Kevin said, "this Saturday night is the night for the kids to be out Trick and Treating. My parents have bought a bunch of treats, and they’re going out of town for the weekend. They want me to be home to handle the Trick and Treater’s. I would love for you to help me, and you could stay overnight with me." "Do you have a spare room?" Jake asked, "No," Kevin replied, smiling, "but I have a full size bed, quite adequate for two teen boys to share. Do you think your Mom would let you stay over with me?" Kevin reached under the table and grabbed Jake’s hand, squeezing it, softly. Just the feeling of Kevin’s hand holding his caused Jake to get a little aroused, feeling his crotch area to be full. Jake didn’t want to have a tent in his pants—not here—in school. He pulled his hand away from Kevin and placed it on top of the table. "You didn’t like that?" Kevin asked. Jake, grinning, "Yeah, I think I liked it a little too much, it was affecting me—down there!" Kevin, smiling, "Jake, I love knowing I have an effect on you. In all fairness, I need to tell you—you have an effect on me too, I’ve never wanted any boy as much as I want you!" Jake smiled. "I’ll ask my Mom tonight, about staying over with you on Saturday and let you know," Jake stated. "She never has a problem with me staying over with Larry, but she knows Larry, and she hasn’t met you, yet." "So when do I get to meet my boyfriend’s Mom?" Kevin asked. "Boyfriend?" Jake asked, "Do you consider me your boyfriend?" "Maybe," Kevin replied, "if you’re willing to accept the position." Jake, smiling, "Position accepted, Boyfriend!" "I know this sucks," Kevin stated, "but at least for the time being, until I’m out, we have to keep this on the QT!" Jake nodded. "I’ve got a pretty tight schedule," KC said, "I’ve got practice today, a game on Tuesday, and practice again on Wednesday. Can we hook up again on Thursday after school, like we did last week, and maybe you could take me to meet your Mom?" "That sounds like a game plan," Jake said, After lunch Larry and Jake headed to their next class. Both boys are juniors and share several classes together. Kevin, being a senior has no common class with either Jake or Larry, with the exception of Physical Education, which Kevin is exempt from because he is on the football team. Larry, as he and Jake rode together on the bus home, "I might have been wrong about KC. I was watching you two at lunch, and it looked like you both were totally enjoying each other’s company." "Larry," Jake said, "we were, and, Kevin popped a big question. He asked me if-—If I would—he asked me to be his boyfriend!" "No fucking shit!" Larry exclaimed, grinning, "And I’m sure you turned him down." "Yeah, right!" Jake remarked, grinning ear to ear, "Thursday after school he’s driving us to my house, so he can meet my Mom. His parent’s are out of town for the weekend, and he wants me to spend Halloween night at his house, and sleep with him!" "I’m still having difficulty fathoming KC having a boyfriend," Larry said, "but I’m happy that KC chose my best and only gay friend to be his boyfriend." Larry put his arm around Jake’s shoulders and gave him a warm and affectionate hug. Jake smiled, knowing that his best friend still cares about him. Late Monday afternoon football practice was over and the team headed to the boys locker room to shower. Chad, showering next to KC, "Hey, Buddy, what’s with you and that fag boy, Jake?" "Just friendship, man," KC replied, "What’s your problem?" "The problem, Kevin," Todd added, "hanging around with a faggot like Jake is gonna fuck up your reputation, are you turning queer on us?" "Last I knew, here in the U, S, of A, people can be friends with anyone they choose. Are you guys accusing me of something?" KC asked. "Kev," Ron spoke, "at lunchtime today, you were gazing into Jake’s eyes, like he was a chick you were trying to put the make on. Those weren’t looks of casual friendship." "KC," Todd said, "you’re a good looking guy, and you could have almost any chick you want, why hang around with a faggot?" "Fuck you guys!" KC remarked, anger showing on his face and in his voice. Both of his hands were clenched into fists. "Shit man!" Ron exclaimed, "We didn’t mean to get your dander up, we were just trying to understand your behavior." "We don’t want to fight you, Kevin," Chad said, "we just want an explanation, you’re a good teammate and player, and we need to work together to stay strong, as a team." "I wasn’t really prepared for this yet," Kevin said, "but I’m going to come out, to you guys. I am gay, and I’ve always been gay, but I’ve kept my feelings buried. I’ve met someone I care about, and I asked Jake to be my boyfriend, and he accepted." "In this country, we can love who we want," Kevin continued, "and I fully intend to date and love my boyfriend, and if you guys have a problem with that—you all can take a flying fuck!" "KC," Ron asked, "you’re not planning to drop out from the team are you?" "Maybe, I’ll resign if you guys don’t want me on the team anymore," Kevin replied. "Don’t you fucking dare!" Todd exclaimed, "KC, we want you and need you with us," then, grinning, "even if you are gay!" About eight guys gathered around KC, giving him hugs. It seemed that most of the players really cared less about KC’s sexuality. "I suppose," KC stated. "by this time tomorrow, every kid in this school is gonna know that I’m gay, and do you know what, I really don’t care. It actually feels good to be out, I have nothing to hide anymore." All the players finished dressing and headed home. As soon as KC got into his car, he pulled out his phone and called Jake. KC excitedly explained to Jake what had transpired in the shower, and that the whole team now knows that he is gay, and that Jake is his boyfriend. Jake Farmer could not be happier! Thursday afternoon went as planned. Kevin and Jake drove to the Farmer’s home, and Jake introduced Kevin to his Mom, and she told Jake that he could stay over at Kevin’s home on Halloween night. They neglected to tell Mrs. Farmer that Kevin’s parents were going out of town, or that they would be sleeping together. * * * * * * * * * * * * At long last, Halloween Friday has arrived! J&J ate a quick lunch at the dining hall after their last class, and hit the road about 12:30 PM, heading to Dunbar. Pulling into the White’s drive, J&J were assaulted by the children as soon as they got out of their seats. Sam, Penny and Peter all smothered them with hugs and kisses, which, of course, were lovingly returned by the two boys. J&J fought their way into the house, and both took turns picking Dominic up and giving him kisses and hugs, and finally got to give Vi a warm hug. Vi couldn’t help smiling, watching the interaction between the two boys and the children, even Penny and Peter seemed to love any affection received from the boys. At dinnertime, Sam, Penny and Peter sat on one side of the table, Art and Vi at the ends, and J&J on the other side with Dom’s highchair in between them. J&J took turns feeding Dominic, and took pleasure in feeding the little boy, as was evidenced by J&J’s never-ending smiles. It’s incredible the amount of love that J&J have for these children, even the twins, that are just there while their Mommy is recovering from her surgery. Peter, looking at J&J, and grinning, "Mommy Vi said I can sleep with you guys tonight, and I know it’s gonna be fun!" J&J glanced at Vi, looking for an explanation. "It shouldn’t be any different than having Sam in your bed," Vi said, "and Sam has Penny to sleep with this weekend." "OK Peter," Julian said, "I guess you can sleep with us." J&J glanced at each other, knowing with Peter in bed with them, they’ll need to keep their boxers on." Like the previous Friday night, Vi offered the kids a movie before bed, and Peter talked J&J into watching the movie with them. Again, the girls sat at one end of the sofa together, and Peter squeezed in between J&J, seeming very comfortable between the two older boys. Peter was wearing his pajamas, and J&J were in their boxers. After the movie ended, at about 10:30, all the kids, including J&J headed to their bedrooms. J&J lay in bed with Peter snuggling between them, and the closeness felt good to all of them. J&J would have preferred to be cuddling with each other naked, and alone. Both J&J wrapped an arm around Peter, just cuddling him, Peter loving the affection. "Julian," Peter spoke, about five minutes after they all we settled into the bed, "when Eric slept over with me we played a game." "What game was that, Peter?" Julian asked. "Kinda like a show and tell, we compared our peters," Peter explained, "then we touched each others peters, and they got stiff." "Then what happened?" Julian asked. "Oh, nothing," Peter replied, "we just fell off to sleep, but I think it would be fun if you guys would play that game with me. I’d kinda like to see and touch your peters, and you could touch mine, too." "Peter," Jeff stated, "you’re just a little boy, and we’re too old to play a game like that with you. It’s not gonna happen." "Oh, shucks," Peter said, disappointment in his voice, "OK." Peter rolled up, wrapped his arms around Julian and kissed him on the cheek, then rolled over and followed suit, giving Jeff a kiss. He then settled down, snuggling between the two older boys. J&J fell asleep, and were unaware that Peter had somehow wriggled his pajamas off and was sleeping naked with them. When the boys woke up Saturday morning, Peter’s head was cradled into Julian’s shoulder, and he was aware of Peter’s little erection poking into his ribs, and that Peter’s pajamas were missing. Julian couldn’t help the smile that grew across his face. "Peter," Julian asked, "where are your pajamas?" "I’m not sure," Peter replied, "they kinda fell off, but it felt really nice to feel my bare skin next to yours and Jeff’s, so I didn’t worry about them." Jeff placed a hand on Peter’s neck and ran his hand over Peter’s back, across his little buns, and down to the back of his thigh. "Oh, golly," Peter stated, "that felt wonderful! Jeff, my peter is stiff, and I need to tinkle." "Peter," Jeff explained, "that’s what we guys call ‘Morning Wood’ and most guys wake up with it. For some reason, when boys wake up in the morning and need to pee, our peters get stiff like that. Once we’ve been to the bathroom, they go back to normal." "Jeff, do you get Morning Wood?" Peter asked. "Yep," Jeff answered, pulling down the covers and showing his well-tented boxers, "see?" Peter grinned. "I’ll be right back," Peter said, hopping out of bed, "I gotta go tinkle." Peter left the room, naked of course, and headed to the bathroom, returning a couple minutes later. "You’re right, Jeff, the Morning Wood is gone!" J&J both grinned. J&J then slipped out of bed and headed to the bathroom, one behind the other, both wearing their boxers, of course. When they returned, all three boys dressed and headed to the kitchen. Breakfast would soon be ready, and the girls were already up and dressed. After breakfast, the three children soon went outside to play. * * * * * * * * * * * * About 11:00 AM Halloween morning, Jake received a call. His face lit up, seeing the calling number was Kevin’s. "Hi Kevin," Jake answered. "Hi there, boyfriend," Kevin replied, "you busy this afternoon?" "Not really," Jake replied, "I had breakfast, and just got out of the shower, I’m still naked." "Oh, god," Kevin said, "I wish I was there, I’d love to see you—like that! Hey, look, we don’t need to be home to take care of the Trick and Treaters until about 5:00 PM. Let’s take in a movie this afternoon, then we can go to Chipotle for dinner, then head on to my house." "That sounds great," Jake said, "but I’m not sure I can afford it." "Jake!" Kevin exclaimed, "This my date—and my dime! How soon can you be ready?" "About half an hour?" Jake said. "Fine," KC replied, "I’ll be there in twenty minutes, see you in a few, Boyfriend!" They hung up. Kevin pulled into Jake’s drive and went to the door, and knocked. His Mom opened the door and invited Kevin inside. "Come on in, Kevin," Mrs. Farmer invited, "I don’t think Jake is quite ready to go with you, he probably needs about five minutes. Kevin, are you aware that Jake is—not much—into girls?" "Mrs. Farmer," Kevin replied, grinning, "I wouldn’t be spending much time with Jake, if I thought some girl was going to come along and bust up our friendship." "So, are you kind of like Jake," Mrs. Farmer asked, "if you know what I mean?" "Yeah, we have a lot in common," Kevin replied, "I’m not really into boys, but I’m neck deep into one special boy. I like Jake a lot, and I think we both care a lot for each other." Mrs. Farmer smiled. Mrs. Farmer, as Jake came into the living room, "Kevin, my understanding is that Jake is staying over at your home tonight. "I would hope, that if you boys do anything together, that you would be cautious, and use protection." Kevin’s face turned a bit pink. "We’ll be fine Mom," Jake said, "I’m just going to help Kevin with the Trick and Treater’s tonight. We’re going to a movie this afternoon, and then going to Chipotle for dinner before tonight. I’ll be back home sometime tomorrow. I Love you, Mom." Jake’s Mom, giving Jake a warm hug and a kiss on his cheek, "I love you too Son. Kevin, take good care of our boy, and you two enjoy your time together." Jake’s Mom smiled, as they walked out the door together, and got into Kevin’s car. Kevin, while driving them to the mall, and cinema, "How long has your Mom known you were gay?" "She doesn’t know," Jake replied, "I’ve never told her." "She knows," Kevin stated, "and she knows our friendship is closer than just friends, too. Parents have ways of knowing these things. Your Mom wasn’t born yesterday, why do you think she just happened to mention us using protection?" "You may be right," Jake said, "Mom and I have never discussed my sexuality, nor has she ever mentioned me not having a girlfriend either." "I like your Mom," Kevin said, "but I think she knows more about you than you know she knows. I feel like she approves of me, and I kind of think she likes me too." "Maybe she realizes I’m not a girlfriend kind of boy," Jake said. "I’m glad you’re not!" Kevin expressed, smiling, "because you’re a Kevin kind of boy, and it’s made it a lot easier for me to get closer to you, and love you." Jake smiled. Kevin parked at the mall, and the two boys shared a romantic kiss in the front seat before making a move to exit the car. Once headed toward the mall entrance, Kevin grabbed Jake’s hand, and held it as they walked. Jake had mixed emotions, afraid someone would see them holding hands, and simultaneously not wanting to let the feeling of his hand in his boyfriends hand disappear. Even when they entered the lobby to view the posters of the various movies, Kevin held on to Jake’s hand. They received some strange looks from a few people, and just ignored them. Kevin had to let Jake’s hand go for a minute, while he purchased the tickets, and took it back again, leading Jake into the very back row, where about four other straight couples were also sitting. Just before the movie started, Kevin excused himself, went to the refreshment counter and bought popcorn and a single large coke. The two boys, both grinning, fed each other popcorn and took turns sipping from the straw. Once the snacks were gone, they enjoyed the movie together, holding hands, and occasionally grinning at each other, just having fun. This was Jake’s first date, and it was actually Kevin’s first date with a boy. When the movie ended, Kevin wrapped his arm around Jake’s shoulder, much the same as many guys would do with their chicks, and held him close, from inside the cinema all the way out of the mall and to Kevin’s car. They then went to Chipotle. Inside Chipotle, they both ordered burrito bowls, Kevin a steak bowl and Jake a carnita (pork) bowl, both with similar fixings. They sat together, and ate, periodically feeding each other a bite from each others bowls. No two boys could likely enjoy each other any more that Kevin and Jake enjoyed themselves that day. Soon after finishing they would be heading to Kevin’s home to face the multitude of Trick and Treaters, and later share their first night of sleeping together. * * * * * * * * * * * * About 4:00 PM Vi and J&J started to get the children into their costumes. Carrie came from the Hanson’s house with Eric and his devil outfit. Carrie assisted Vi in getting the girls dressed, and J&J tackled Eric and Peter. "Sam, Penny," Vi said, "you might want to go tinkle before putting on your costumes, as it won’t be easy to tinkle when you’re all dressed up in them." Both girls made their way to the bathroom and did as Vi suggested. Carrie stepped into the boys room, and suggested to J&J that they do the same for Eric and Peter. When Eric and Peter returned from their tinkle, J&J started to make headway with getting them dressed. It was no problem getting Eric to keep his underwear on beneath his costume, but Peter wanted to wear his Spiderman outfit commando. J&J finally convinced Peter that he should keep his tidy whites on under the costume. Peter insisted that Spiderman is supposed to have a bulge in his crotch, and was afraid that wearing undies might hide his little bulge. "Peter," Julian said, grinning, "I can see Spiderman’s bulge right there," and poked his finger into Peter’s little bulge, and Peter grinned. Finally, about 5:00 PM, J&J were ready to take the kids out, all of them armed with those little plastic Jack-O-Lanterns designed to hold a ton of treats. Vi reminded J&J that they were not to approach any homes that didn’t have an outside light lit. People that welcomed Trick and Treaters were supposed to make their homes look welcome, even if some of the decorations looked spooky and scary. J&J expected to be out with the kids until about 7:00 and it gets dark now about 6:00 so both boys carried Maglights to alert drivers of the children’s presence. Safety for all was number one priority. Just before they all left the house, Vi got out her camera and took pictures of the kids, and J&J, both boys also wearing masks. As soon as the kids left the house, Art took off and headed to the market and picked up doughnuts and cider for all to share when the kids got back. Jake, of course, was with Kevin, and Larry was bored, so he came and spent time with his Mom, Vi and Art while they all awaited the return of the children. The White’s had a number of spooks at their door also, and she and Art took turns handing out treats to mostly unknown kids. Dominic had lots of entertainment! About 7:00 PM, after traveling to what seemed to J&J like 200 houses, probably more like 50, the kids started to get tired of lugging their buckets, which were getting heavy, and were ready to call it a night. J&J led them back to the White’s home, arriving about 7:30. "Jeff, Julian," Eric said, "Thank you for taking me with you and the others, I had a lot of fun—and—Happy Halloween!" "You’re most welcome, Eric," Julian said, smiling, "I really think that Jeff and I had just as much fun as you guys did." Jeff nodded. The family, along with Carrie and her two sons, all enjoyed fresh Apple Cider and doughnuts. Shortly after 8:30 Carrie, Larry and Eric went home, Larry toting Eric’s pumpkin full of goodies. Just as they were ready to walk out the door, J&J both knelt down on one knee and gave Eric a loving hug and wished him a Happy Halloween then bumped fists with Larry. Vi and Art smiled at each other, pleased that J&J have so much love in their hearts for all of these children. * * * * * * * * * * * * Meanwhile, in another part of town, Kevin and Jake have been busy. They have counted sixty-two Trick and Treaters at the door tonight, but no one has been there since just a bit past 8:00 and it’s now nearly 9:00 PM. Kevin, a devilish look on his face, "I think they’re about done, I’m cutting the outside light, so we can have some fun!" "Kevin," Jake stated, "I’ve been having fun with you, from the moment we left my house. Today has been like a dream, and I don’t want to wake up!" "You don’t have to, sweetheart," Kevin said, "this dream can continue, indefinitely! Jake, you have no fucking idea just how beautiful you are—at least to me. I want this dream to live, too. Can I show you my bed?" With no answer, Kevin cut the living room lights and took Jake’s hand, leading him up the stairs, and into his bedroom. "Let’s take off our shoes," Kevin suggested, and both boys removed their sneakers. They both stood, shared an embrace, and Kevin pulled Jake’s shirt up and off, leaving him topless. Jake was into the game, quickly pulling Kevin’s shirt off, and they grinned at each other. A few seconds later they were both working to free the jeans off from their boyfriends. The two boys stood in front of each other, admiring each other’s nearly naked anatomy, and smiling. "One step to go," Kevin said, as he stuck his thumbs into the waistband of Jake’s boxers, pushed them down and onto the floor. Jake was only seconds behind in dropping Kevin’s boxers to the floor. The two boys gazed at each other’s naked bodies for the first time, and smiled at each other. The first day they met, the day Kevin took Jake out to the woods, they had sucked each other off, but this was the first time they had seen each other completely naked. "Like what you see?" Kevin asked. "I would tell you I don’t," Jake said, grinning, "but my smile would give me away! You’ve got a beautiful, athletic body! I can recall, a couple of years ago, watching you shower after gym class, and admiring your body and lusting for that cock! My cock wanted to bone up—so bad, I had trouble keeping it down." "Baby, you don’t have to lust for it anymore, you can have the real thing, anytime you want," Kevin said, grinning, "that is, as long as I can reciprocate! You know I like to taste your beautiful cock too. You may not have quite an athletic body, but it’s nice, smooth, and it’s a lot of pleasure just to touch it. Let’s make out for a while." The two boys slid into Kevin’s bed, and started to kiss and hug, both boys unable to resist touching each other everywhere. Jake’s hand stroking down Kevin’s back was sending shock waves through every nerve in his body and Kevin was intoxicated, high on just the awesome sensation of Jake’s tender and loving touch. Kevin’s hands were investigating unexplored parts of Jake, squeezing both of Jake’s sweet buns lovingly. Kevin had the strongest desire yet to want to make love to his beautiful boyfriend, but this was a territory neither of these two boys had even discussed. "Jake," Kevin spoke softly and lovingly, "would you let me make love to you?" "Do you mean like—going inside me—like—fucking me?" "That’s how boys make love to each other," Kevin replied, "have you ever had a cock, you know—in your ass?" "No!" Jake exclaimed, "Kevin, you’re the only boy I’ve ever been this intimate with. That part of me is still virgin, what about you?" "Virgin too," Kevin replied, "I wouldn’t let just any boy take my virginity, but I might just let you take it, if you want." "I’m scared, Kevin," Jake said, "I’m not ready for that kind of sex, but I’m afraid if I don’t give in to you, you’ll not want to date me anymore. Like some guys drop chicks that don’t put out." "Jake!" Kevin remarked, "We’re not like that! I care very deeply for you, and our relationship isn’t based on just having sex. Sure, having a little sex along the way is a plus, but being boyfriends doesn’t mean we have to be fucking each other!" "So we’re OK?" Jake asked. "We couldn’t be better, baby, but there is something that needs some serious attention. I couldn’t help but feel that beautiful cock of yours that was leaking pre-cum, and begging for a mouth to take it in, and I’m so ready for it!" "You were hard and leaking too," Jake said, "could we maybe do each other?" "Sixty nine! Let’s do it!" Kevin remarked. The boys lay cornerwise on the bed, both of their legs hanging somewhat off the sides and aligned their cocks with each other’s mouths and went to work on each other. There was no chatter for a while, as they both had their mouths full of delicious cock. After about twelve, maybe fifteen minutes, both boys were feeling their orgasms approaching, and both were anticipating having their mouths filled with delicious boy cream! Jake came first, shooting his load into Kevin’s hungry mouth, and feeling that first spurt from Jake triggered Kevin to release the load from his own loin, filling Jake’s mouth. Both boys had a hand cradling the other ones ball sack, the other hand pinned beneath them where they lay. Finally both boys milked out those last few drops, swallowed their treasures and then shared a romantic kiss, tasting each other’s cum in their mouths. "That was classic, baby," Kevin stated. "and we came almost together. You taste so nice, I think I could handle a mouthful of your cream once a day, every day!" "I’m sure you probably taste different than I do," Jake said, "but I sure enjoy the taste of you in my mouth too. How many other guys have you tasted?" "None," Kevin replied, "you’re the only boy that’s ever cummed in my mouth. The only other thing I’ve ever done is to jack off with a few guys, but I never tasted any of them. What about you?" "Larry and I jacked off together dozens, maybe even hundreds of times," Jake admitted, "but we never tasted each other." "As close as you and Larry are," Kevin said, "I’d expect you would have sucked him off lots of times." "I asked him," Jake said, "just a couple of weeks before we met, if I could suck him off, and he denied me. He said it was just too gay for him. He’s got a nice cock, but not as nice as yours, baby!" "Thanks," Kevin replied, "I’m glad you like it, and I like yours too, shall we get some sleep?" Kevin reached over and killed the table lamp. Kevin and Jake cuddled together, Kevin wrapped Jake in his arms and Jake was in ecstasy, having never felt so loved before. Both boys were soon sound asleep.   * * * * * * * * * * * * In the boys bedroom J&J were already down to their boxers ready for bed and needed to get Peter out of his Spiderman costume. It was very formfitting and J&J had to hold the sleeves so Peter could pull his arms out of the costume, then there were the legs. The boys pulled the upper part of the costume down, then laid Peter on the bed so they could pull the pantlegs down and off, leaving Peter in his tidy whites. No sooner than the costume was off, Peter slid off the bed and pushed his tidy whites down and off, then hopped back onto the bed, naked. "I’m ready for bed," Peter stated. "Peter!" Jeff exclaimed, "Put on your pajamas." Peter, frowning, "I don’t want to wear them, why can’t I just sleep like this?" "Because we have to wear something to bed," Jeff stated, "we can’t just go to bed naked." (Even though J&J usually sleep raw) Julian, snickering, "Baby, your nose is gonna grow." Jeff grinned. "Why can’t I sleep naked?" Peter asked, "I do it at home." Shit! A seven-year-olds question neither of the boys can answer. If there is a law that you can’t sleep naked, J&J are headed for jail. J&J looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. "OK Peter," Julian finally said, "I guess you can sleep naked." Peter grinned, and slipped under the covers. J&J crawled in on both sides of Peter. J&J would have had to admit that Peter’s small naked body did feel good, cuddled up against their chests and tummies. A few minutes later, all three boys were sleeping peacefully together. * * * * * * * * * * * * Sunday morning the sun was shining through the window into Kevin’s bedroom. It was early, Kevin felt an urgent need to pee and glanced at the alarm clock and it showed only a bit past 7:00 AM. Looking over on the other pillow he couldn’t help but admire the beautiful face of his sleeping boyfriend. It was true, he really did have Jake in his bed with him, and he smiled. Kevin very slowly slipped out of bed, trying his best not to disturb Jake’s sleep, but he needed to go, badly. He made it to the bathroom and drained his bladder, then came back by the bed, and gazed down upon Jake. Unable to resist the temptation, Kevin leaned over and tenderly kissed Jake’s lips, starting to awaken him. Jake’s eyes fell open, and the most beautiful smile spread across Jake’s face, warming Kevin’s heart. "Good Morning, Beautiful!" Kevin remarked, smiling. "Back atcha!" Jake said, "I gotta pee!" "Our bathroom is right there," Kevin stated, pointing to the door. Kevin hadn’t really noticed before, but Jake’s erection tends to reach upward, toward the ceiling, and Jake has Morning Wood! "FUCK!" Jake exclaimed, "I gotta pee so bad, and I’ve got Morning Wood! I don’t know if I can bend it down enough to pee in the toilet." "Let me show you a trick, Jake, watch this," Kevin said. Kevin placed his left hand in front of Jake’s hard cock, bent it somewhat down, and angled the head against the palm of his hand, with Jake’s pee slit aimed toward his fingers and his fingers closed together. "Let it go, Jake, just relax and pee." Kevin instructed. "But it will get on your hand," Jake argued. "It’s only pee, and hands are washable," Kevin said, "just pee!" Jake’s prostate was about to lose control anyway, so Jake finally let go, his pee stream running down the palm of Kevin’s hand, and dribbling off from his fingers, into the toilet. After Jake’s bladder emptied, Kevin stepped to the sink and rinsed his hand off and dried it on a towel. "See how easy that was?" Kevin asked, smiling. "Have you done that for yourself?" Jake asked. "A lot more than once," Kevin said, "it’s the best way I know to piss with morning wood, unless you’re planning on a shower, then you can pee in the shower stall and the water rinses it away." "I guess I learned something today," Jake said, "Thanks baby, I guess we need to get dressed." "Why?" Kevin stated, "There’s no one here except you and me, and no one expected until late tonight, when my parents return. We’ve got all morning and most of the afternoon to enjoy seeing each other’s bodies, and I truly love to see your naked body!" "But," Jake protested, "what about breakfast?" "We can eat without dressing," Kevin said, grinning, "Let’s go to the kitchen and see what we can find." Kevin headed down the stairs, Jake right behind him, and they went to the kitchen. Kevin checked out the fridge, taking bacon and eggs out, and setting them on the counter, next to the stove. Kevin pulled Jake into him, causing their cock’s to touch each other, and shared another passionate kiss and hug with Jake. "Would my boyfriend like some bacon and eggs for breakfast?" Kevin asked. Jake replied, wrapping his hand around Kevin’s cock, "It’s probably more nourishing than the tube steak we had last night." Kevin, snickering, "I think we’ve both developed an appetite for each others tube steak!" Jake grinned and nodded in agreement. Kevin put on an apron and prepared a nice breakfast for Jake and himself. The two boys sat naked at the table and enjoyed their meal, then migrated to the living room, settling on the sofa together. Kevin sat and Jake actually lay down, his head resting on Kevin’s thighs. Kevin loves to caress Jake’s body, and the two of them seemed to be completely comfortable in this position. "Jake," Kevin spoke softly and seriously, "I’m not too certain I feel comfortable with our relationship. Maybe we should put some distance between us for a while, and not see each other, regularly." "So," Jake stated, hurt showing on his face, and tears in his eyes, "you’re dumping me, like yesterday’s leftovers! I guess I should have known that things were going too good to last. I guess you’ve found someone else you like better?" "Jake! Oh God," Kevin, tears escaping his eyes, tried to explain, "It’s not like that at all, and it’s me, not you! You’re the most wonderful boy that has ever come into my life! But I’m having some issues with my emotions, and I just need some time to get my head straight." "I guess I’ll get dressed," Jake said, "and you can take me home." Both boys went back up to Kevin’s room and dressed, and Jake waited by the front door for Kevin. Kevin approached Jake, taking Jake in his arms for a hug. "Isn’t this kind of a waste," Jake said, "if we’re not boyfriends anymore?" "You don’t want to be my boyfriend anymore?" Kevin asked. "I thought that you were—breaking us up?" Jake replied. "Oh, Jaaake," Kevin stated, "I never said I wanted to break up with you, and I don’t want to, I just need a few days by myself, to get my head on straight. I would hope that we’re still boyfriends. Jake, I don’t want to lose you, I care too much for you, to just give you up!" "OK baby," Jake replied, "I’ll try to give you the time you need, and I’ll be waiting for you, I promise," then smiling, "Boyfriend!" Kevin dropped Jake off at his home and Jake shared dinner with his Mom. She wasn’t too nosy, and Jake gave her a brief synopsis of his Saturday and Sunday with Kevin, avoiding the bedroom activity, of course. Kevin stopped by a pizza joint and picked up a small pizza for his dinner, and his parents arrived back home about 8:30 PM. He also washed up the dishes, getting rid of any evidence that he’d had overnight company. * * * * * * * * * * * * Sunday morning Peter was awake before either Jeff or Julian. When J&J woke up, they both felt a small hand inside their boxers, Peter had his right hand inside Jeff’s boxers and his left hand inside Julian’s, playing with their pubic hair. "Peter," Jeff asked, "what are you doing?" "Nothing." Peter replied, grinning. "Peter," Julian said, "your hands do not belong inside our boxers!" "Sorry," Peter apologized, pulling his hands out. Both older boys were also erect, which they hoped was the usual morning wood they frequently woke up with, but wondering if Peter had been playing with their peckers. "How come you guys have got fur down there by your peters and I don’t?" Peter asked. "Peter," Julian explained, "It’s called pubic hair, and it grows there when people get older, like maybe twelve or thirteen, children your age don’t have it yet." "I think girls grow it too," Peter said, "cause my Mommy has it. I’ll be right back, I gotta tinkle." Peter jumped off the bed and headed, naked of course, to the bathroom. "For a seven year old, he sure is curious," Julian said. "Especially about sexy things," Jeff added, "I was a little surprised that he’d apparently seen his Mommy naked." "He’s a sweet little boy," Julian said, "I hope he doesn’t grow up to be some kind of pervert." Jeff nodded. Jeff, chuckling, "Baby, the way he likes to be naked, he’d be right at home in our dorm room!" Vi cooked up a big batch of Sausage Gravy and Biscuits for breakfast to feed this crew. Just after they were done eating, the kids wasted no time getting out to the yard to play. Shortly afterwards, Art received a call from John Calhoun, and Art shared the latest on Dottie’s condition with Vi and J&J. They had received the results of the tests, and the tumor was benign, and they were certain they had got it all during the surgery. It looks like Penny and Peter’s Mommy is on the road to recovery! John said that they expect to release Dottie on Monday, tomorrow, and give here a couple of days at home, they should be picking up the twins by Wednesday evening. Vi broke the news to the twins, and they were happy that Mommy was getting better and coming back home, but disappointed that they only had about three more days to spend with the Whites. I guess they really enjoyed their home away from home. They only live a short distance away, and will be able to come and play with Sam and Eric in the yard. After lunch, J&J prepared to leave for campus. It was the worst and hardest departure yet. Not only did they have to deal with Vi and Art, Samantha and Dominic, but Penny and Peter and even Eric were around to get goodbye hugs and kisses from J&J. As much as J&J love their family and these children, they’re looking forward to the peace and quiet of their college dorm room. J&J will be visiting Jeff’s family for Thanksgiving, and then two days later is Jim and Calvin’s Wedding. J&J will not be returning to Dunbar until mid-December, for their Christmas Break and will be there for nearly three weeks. To be continued……..                                                                                    
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