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  1. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 14

    In Chapter 14 Heath spends the weekend with Michael on the ranch. Surprise, the two girls that called Michael and Heath ‘fags’ at the bus stop befriend them, and inform them about ‘Teen Night’ at the Cactus Club. Word about Michael and Heath’s new relationship spreads around school like wildfire. JC 14 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer Tuesday morning September 11th started out like any normal and typical school day but may not remain ‘normal’ throughout the day. Michael boarded his bus, anxious to tell Heath that he was invited to spend the weekend out on the ranch with him, pro
  2. Working on JC Chapter 14, which is a bit complicated, and is taking longer than I anticipated.  I think you'll find it worth the wait.

    1. chris191070


      Looking forward to reading it 

  3. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 45

    In chapter 45, Julian will be spending a weekend with Dayton, and the uncles, at Jim and Cal’s home. Halloween is approaching and Julian will be returning home to join his husband and going out with the youngsters for Trick and Treating. Four families will be finalizing plans to share Thanksgiving with loved ones. * * * * * * Watergame Chapter 45, A Story of Gay Love by Doug Spencer It’s now Friday the 12th of October and Julian is looking forward to spending the weekend with Dayton and the Uncles. Julian’s last class ended at 4:00 PM. Levi gave Julian a loving hug, wishing
  4. It is with a heavy heart that I wish to pass on the sad news that GERRY MARSDEN has passed on January 3, following a short illness at age 78.  For those of you that are not followers of British Pop Music, Gerry was the front man for GERRY AND THE PACEMAKERS, one of several great bands that followed the BEATLES across the big pond during the British Invasion of the 1960's.  RIP GERRY!

  5. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 54

    Thanks, Chris, for being my most regular and dependable commenter. I always look forward to seeing and reading your comments. From his humble beginnings, DJ has developed into a truly remarkable and respectable young man, and I'm sure he will be a great President. I thought it interesting that Jamal Robinson, the same boy that placed that derogatory and anti-racial note on DJ's windshield many chapters ago, was the boy to nominate DJ for President.
  6. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 54

    Chapter 54 picks up on Wednesday morning, Jeremy’s second day of school, and the planned meeting with Ray’s Mom and Dad on Wednesday evening. Jeremy gets to share dinner on Wednesday with the Vance family, to both boys’ pleasure. At the Rainbow Alliances first meeting in the fall semester DJ is unamanously elected President for the next year. * * * * * DJ Chapter 54 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer It’s Wednesday morning, September 6th, and Jeremy’s second day of school. He needs to be at the school bus stop by 8:15 AM and the ladies need to leave for work by 8:30. Rena and Candy
  7. Chapter 54 of DJ is nearly complete.  I hope to finish it and upload today.  I think you'll find it an exciting and interesting chapter as DJ is surprisingly elected the new President of the Rainbow Alliance and Jeremy gets to sleep with Ray.

  8. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 13

    In Chapter 13, Michael is spending the weekend with his close friend, Heath. On Saturday, the boys experiment with a little more oral sex, and on Saturday night Heath comes out to Michael and they discuss the possibility of becoming boyfriends. * * * * * JC 13 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer Very early on Saturday morning, around 5:30 AM Heath woke up and looked into Michael’s peaceful, sleeping face. Glancing down at Michael’s inviting lips, Heath suddenly had an overwhelming desire to kiss them. Even knowing that straight boys don’t kiss other boys, Heath gave in to his desire
  9. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 12

    Chapter 12 picks up with the BBQ dinner portion of the Labor Day Pool Party, an additional celebration of Michael’s Seventeenth Birthday and a surprising and shocking announcement by Michael. * * * * * JC 12 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer On the Sunday before Labor Day, Ellen Foxworthy had prepared huge bowls of Potato Salad and Macaroni Salad and stashed them into the backup refrigerator that was in the shop. About noon on Monday, she cut apart four full slabs of pork ribs and parboiled them on the stove so that Brian could finish them on the big gas grill, that was stored in
  10. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 44

    In chapter 44, in October Julian will be spending a weekend with Dayton, and the uncles, at Jim and Cal’s home. Halloween is approaching and Julian will be returning home to join his husband and taking the youngsters out for Trick and Treating. FALSE ALARM! The above won’t transpire until CH 45. * * * * * * Watergame Chapter 44, A Story of Gay Love by Doug Spencer It’s Wednesday evening, October 3rd and Julian’s phone sounded, and it was the almost nightly call from Jeff. J&J are both suffering serious cases of separation anxiety! Julian answered on the 2nd ring with “Hi Ba
  11. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 53

    Ha Ha! I threw you guys a curve ball! I uploaded Chapter 53 on the heels of 52. You're gonna have to wait a while for 54 though, as I need to do a chapter in both Watergame and JC before I write the next chapter of DJ.
  12. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 53

    In Chapter 53 Jeremy meets his first new friend, Ray, at the playground and both boys get to meet the other’s parents. On Tuesday Candy gets Jeremy registered and he starts his new year at his new school. The new furniture is delivered and Rena, Candy and Jeremy spend their first night in the new apartment. * * * * * DJ Chapter 53 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer Arriving at the playground, and not knowing anyone, Jeremy sat on a swing and started to swing. Another boy about his age approached him, reaching out his hand and slowing Jeremy’s swing down to motionless. “Hi,” the
  13. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 52

    In Chapter 52, Phil and Bryan share their last naked coffee with Candy and Rena. Jeremy arrives on Sunday evening and gets to sleep over with Phil and Bryan for two nights. Candy and Rena ask another favor of the boys, and the boys assist the girls in their move upstairs to Apartment 213. * * * * * DJ Chapter 52 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer It’s Friday morning, August 31st, the day after court, and 3 days before Labor Day. Candy and Rena rose from bed about 7:00 AM, and while Rena started coffee, Candy slipped next door to awaken Phil and Bryan to share their morning ritual o
  14. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 11

    Chapter 11 picks up on Sunday morning, the day before Labor Day, and promises to be another fun chapter as a couple of real surprises occur on Sunday, including all six boys getting caught in all their naked glory and they have a chance to go skinny-dipping. JC 11 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer It’s Sunday morning, the day before Labor Day and the sun has come out strong, heating up the air well. With the slight breeze blowing, the boys were all very comfortable, dressed in nothing but socks and sneakers. The temperature was predicted to rise to nearly one hundred degrees today.
  15. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 43

    In chapter 43 Jim, Cal and Julian finalize plans to share a happy weekend at the cabin with Dayton. Bryan’s Mom, Mary Mahoney, and Kevin’s Mom, Audrey Collins will be discussing the possibilities for sharing Thanksgiving with the boys. * * * * * * Watergame Chapter 43, A Story of Gay Love by Doug Spencer It’s Thursday evening, September 13th and Julian received a call from Uncle Jim. “Hi Uncle Jim,” Julian answered. “Hi back atcha,” Jim replied, “I just wanted to confirm if you’re still planning to spend the weekend with us at the cabin?” “You bet!” Julian replied, “And I’m
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