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  1. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 6

    When they all arrived at the White’s home, Art pulled into the spot he usually parks the pickup at and Simon pulled in and parked beside it. Julian, exiting the pickup, “Guys, grab your bags and follow me, so I can introduce you to Mom.” Then, inside the kitchen, “Mom, these are our friends, Gordy, and Simon.” Vi extended her hand, automatically, and both boys shook hands with Vi. “Mrs. White,” Gordy said, “we want to thank you for your generous hospitality, and Simon and I are so looking forward to spending this weekend with you and your family.” “Boys,” Vi said, “just to keep things simple, you can call me Vi. I hope you guys like lasagna, dinner will be ready soon. Julian, why don’t you show your friends to their bedroom, and take their bags.” “Vi,” Simon stated, “that’s great, I think everybody likes lasagna.” Gordy, as Julian showed them to the spare bedroom, “Julian, do you think we could have some sex here?” Julian, grinning, “Can you do it without leaving cum stains all over the sheets?” “We can,” Simon said, “if we just have oral sex.” When the boys returned from the bedroom, Jeff was setting the table in the dining room, having placed the large bowl of tossed salad in the center, along with a variety of dressings, and salad bowls at each of the six places. The dinner plates were sitting on the stove, next to the large baking dish with the lasagna. Art didn’t ask ages and knew that Jeff and Julian were both still only Twenty, but still poured six glasses of wine, stating that this meal “required” a little wine to go with it. Even though he wasn’t certain if Gordy and Simon were of legal age, he felt comfortable with sharing the wine with them. It wasn’t like they were going to get drunk, and they were all in for the night anyway. Gordy and Simon made Vi feel special, when they told her that her lasagna was the best they’d ever eaten, and all four boys asked for a second helping. Gordy was picking the onions out of his salad, and Simon told him to just put them in his, and that tossed salad wouldn’t taste right without the onions. Julian copied Gordy, grinning, and pawning his onions off into Jeff’s salad. Art and Vi, watching the boys, just glanced at each other and grinned. After dinner, Art retired to the living room to watch some TV, and all four of the boys stripped to their boxers and piled onto Julian’s bed and played some video games. Periodically, all four of the boys were touching each other, causing their partners to grin, and it seemed that all four of them had some sexy thoughts on their minds. About 9:00 PM Art walked into Julian’s room, and told the boys they might consider getting to bed soon, as he planned to wake them up about 5:30 AM so they could get an early start to head for the lake. After they finished the game they were playing, Gordy and Simon went to their room and J&J dropped their boxers and crawled into bed. Knowing that they would be sharing the bedroom with Gordy and Simon the next two nights on the yacht, they decided to give each other blowjobs tonight, while they still had some privacy. It was only a couple of minutes before Jeff had Julian’s beautiful and quickly erecting black cock in his mouth, nursing it. * * * * * * In the spare bedroom, Gordy and Simon were having identical thoughts, and Gordy pushed Simon’s boxers down, giving him access to Simon’s rather large but sheathed cock. Simon loves it when Gordy runs his tongue under his foreskin and licks the glans, which will start to bring him to orgasm. So many gay men are unappreciative of uncut cocks and he is happy that Gordy likes his. Simon would love to return the favor to Gordy, but Gordy’s parents elected to remove Gordy’s foreskin when he was born. He still likes Gordy’s cock, regardless of the lack of foreskin. Simon, as Gordy was sliding his tongue under Simon’s foreskin, “I wish your parents had left your cock intact, I think it should be illegal to remove a boys foreskin as an infant.” Gordy, pulling off for a second, “Sorry baby, it wasn’t my choice.” “I know, sweetheart,” Simon replied, “It doesn’t mean that I love you any less for it, I just can’t slide my tongue under your foreskin like you do me, cause it’s missing!” “It still feels really good,” Gordy commented, “when you take me in your mouth,” then snickering, “baby, you’re a really good cocksucker, and I love you!” “I love you too, baby,” Simon said, softly, “I’m gonna cum, are you ready?” Gordy used his hand to slide Simon’s foreskin back, and felt Simon tense as he continued to nurse the head and shaft of Simon’s cock, anticipating the spurting of semen from Simon that he knew was soon to fill his mouth. Then Simon climaxed, shooting ropes of cum into Gordy’s waiting mouth and throat. Gordy, after swallowing, “I love the feeling, and the taste of you, when you cum into my mouth. I’m still rock hard, baby.” “I know, baby—I’m about to take care of you, I’ll never leave you needing release!” Simon exclaimed, as he repositioned himself ready to finish his boyfriend off. “I’m hot,” Gordy said, “you’re not going to need to work very long to get me off!” Simon took Gordy into his mouth and started to slide his mouth up and down the length of Gordy’s cock, Gordy feeling his orgasm rising by the second. “Ready or not,” Gordy whispered, “I’m cumming!” Simon was ready, and Gordy started to shoot ropes of cum into Simon’s mouth, Simon swallowing.” “Baby, you always taste so good,” Simon said, “I don’t think I will ever tire of tasting you!” “Me either,” Gordy replied, “if we ever tire of each other, our relationship might be in danger—and I don’t want us to ever end.” After unconsciously kicking their boxers to the floor the two boys fell into a romantic kiss, tasting each other in each other’s mouths, and wrapping arms around each other soon fell off to sleep, both having relieved each other, sexually. * * * * * * Meanwhile, in Julian’s bedroom, Jeff had already gotten his protein snack from Julian’s cock, and Julian was just bringing his boyfriend to orgasm. “I can’t hold off baby,” Jeff stated, “I gonna cum!” Julian gripped Jeff’s cock a little tighter with his lips, and Jeff’s body stiffened, then relaxed, as he proceeded to release his sperm into Julian’s anxious mouth. Julian swallowed, then went back and milked the last few droplets of sperm from Jeff’s cock, and swallowed them. “I have a feeling,” Jeff said, “that we aren’t the only boys that had some sex tonight, I think Gordy and Simon were aroused when they left for their room.” “You’re probably right,” Julian replied, “when I showed them their room, Gordy asked me if they could have sex, and I told them they could, if they could do it without leaving cum stains on the sheets. We’ll have to ask them tomorrow, when Mom and Dad aren’t within hearing range.” J&J shared a deep kiss, tasting each other’s mouths, hugged tightly and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms. * * * * * * Early Saturday morning Art took it upon himself to wake the young men from their slumber. Walking first into J&J’s room and noticing the two pairs of boxers on the floor, he grinned and then shook their shoulders, waking them. He then slipped into the spare room and noted two more pairs of boxers on the floor. It crossed his mind that sleeping together naked must be a gay boy thing. When he shook Simon’s shoulder Simon immediately threw back the cover exposing his morning wood, and stood up beside the bed, apparently not concerned about his nakedness or his condition in front of Art. Art couldn’t help but notice that Simon was very well endowed, estimating that Simon was probably at least nine inches erect, and surprised that he was uncut. He couldn’t help but notice the head, with its pee slit, poking through the open end of Simon’s foreskin. Art hadn’t seen an uncut penis since he was in high school, and remembered that there were a couple of boys that he had showered with that were uncut, but they weren’t erect. Simon bent over to grab his boxers, and pulled them on, then headed to the bathroom. Art is completely heterosexual, and wondered why he was feeling some tightness in his own briefs. What he just saw, was one of those things that, once you’ve seen it—you just can’t unsee it. He headed to the kitchen, dressed only in his briefs, to have his first cup of coffee for the day. Within five minutes all four of the boys were also at the table, wearing only their boxers. Vi was accustomed to having her men at the table for breakfast wearing just their underwear, the only difference today was that she had five instead of just three. She was pleased that Gordy and Simon both seemed comfortable, dressed as they were. A few minutes later she placed a pot of Sausage gravy on a trivet in the center of the table, and then pulled a sheet of freshly baked biscuits from the oven, placing the biscuits on a platter and setting it on the table. Breakfast was served. Vi knew that her ‘regulars’ all liked biscuits with sausage gravy and hoped the new boys also liked it. Gordy stated that he hadn’t had it in a long time and liked it a lot, while it was a new meal for Simon. He also acquired a taste for it within a biscuit, then split three more biscuits, and smothered them with the sausage gravy. When they were done, there were two biscuits left, but no more gravy. The four boys split the last two biscuits and ate them with butter and some strawberry jam. No leftovers were left over, and everyone was well satisfied. Art left for the store to pick up some drinks and ice for the coolers, and while Vi headed to her bedroom to dress, Julian and Jeff tackled the dishes. “Is there anything we can do to help?” Gordy asked. “Nah, we’ve got this,” Jeff said, grinning, “I suppose, if you’re bored, you could go and suck each other off!” “We—took care of each other last night,” Simon admitted. “Julian, snickering, “We suspected that you would, and so did we.” The four boys shared a mutual laugh together, just as Art returned. During the next hour, the boys all dressed in shorts and t-shirts and Art and Vi packed food in the coolers. “Did you guys bring your fishing equipment?” Art asked. “No,” Gordy replied, “we can go fishing any weekend. We decided to just relax and enjoy this weekend with our new found family, and probably do a lot of swimming, and sun-tanning.” Vi and Art glanced at each other and smiled, pleased that Gordy and Simon considered them to be family, along with J&J. “I want to thank you boys for cleaning up the breakfast dishes.” Vi said. “No problem, Mom,” Jeff said, “helping each other is what loving family members do.” Julian smiled, realizing that Jeff really does consider the Whites to be his family too. “We need to get this show on the road,” Art stated, “if you boys will carry these coolers to the SUV, we can all get our bags and be on our way.” “Sure, Dad,” Jeff said, as he and Julian grabbed one of the coolers, and Gordy and Simon latched on to the other and carried them to, and placed them into the back of the SUV. When the boys returned to the house, all four of them gathered their overnight bags, Art grabbed the large bag with his and Vi’s clothes and they placed all of them into the back of the SUV. Vi locked up the house and they piled into the SUV, Art in the driver’s seat and Vi in the passenger seat, and all four boys like sardines in the back seat. J&J were sitting behind Art, and Gordy and Simon behind Vi. “I know you guys are a little cramped back there,” Art stated, “I think it might be time to consider a new SUV, one with three seats. We never expected our family to grow this large!” “It’s fine, Art,” Gordy said, grinning, “I think we’re all close enough friends that we really don’t mind being cozy for a while.” Vi looked over into the back seat and smiled, noticing that Gordy and Simon were holding hands, and so were Julian and Jeff. Julian and Simon were in the center and had arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders. These boys all seemed really comfortable with and around each other, and didn’t seem to mind the fact that they were very tightly packed in the back seat. Their bare thighs and knees were all touching next to each other, as they were all wearing shorts. Julian was the smallest of all the boys at about 120 pounds, and for a while he climbed onto Jeff’s lap, and Jeff instinctively wrapped his arms around Julian, then his hand slid down and he started to caress Julian’s inner thigh. “Baby,” Julian whispered into Jeff’s ear, “you’re making me hard.” “Jeff whispered back, “And what do you think you sitting on my crotch is doing to me?” Both boys snickered a little, as Julian slid off of Jeff’s lap and back onto the seat, and both boys adjusted themselves, grinning. If anyone else in the car noticed their little exchange, they were polite enough not to mention it. “Here we are, boys,” Art announced as he pulled up to Dock 8, turned and backed as close as he dared to the dock. Everyone quickly got out of the SUV and walked out onto the dock. Julian and Jeff cautiously stepped onto the side of Julian’s Dream and jumped down to the deck. They quickly located the gangplank and pushed the dock end over the side of the yacht and Art grabbed it, holding it in place while J&J secured the other end to the side of the yacht. Within about 60 seconds, all six of them were on the yacht, Gordy and Simon both anxious to investigate every nook and cranny, as this was an entirely new experience for them. They tried, unsuccessfully, to open the cabin door, but it was locked. “Here, Gordy,” Art said, grinning, and handing the keys to Gordy, “it will help to unlock it first!” Gordy unlocked the sliding door, and slid it open, then returned the keys to Art. Gordy and Simon walked into the cabin, their eyes taking in the sight. “WOW!” Simon exclaimed, “it’s even nicer than the photos Jeff showed us—it’s beautiful!” Gordy, with tears running down his face, “I can’t believe it, we’re actually here! Art, how can Simon and I ever thank you and Vi?” “Hey,” Art replied, “don’t blame us, blame those two, it was Julian and Jeff’s idea to bring you guys along this weekend.” Simon and Gordy grabbed J&J and hugged them tightly. “Guys,” Simon stated, his eyes also watering, “I somehow knew, the day we met, that we would become friends, but you guys are better friends than we ever even dreamed you would be! I know we’re going to have an awesome weekend together, and we love you guys! Mom, Dad, I hope you don’t mind if I call you Mom & Dad, you two are the most wonderful parents I’ve ever met, and I love you both.” “Dad,” Gordy spoke, “I also share Simon’s feelings, you and Mom are wonderful parents, and I’m so very happy that we’ve met. I’m really looking forward to sharing this weekend with you, and of course, with Julian and Jeff.” “Guys,” Art stated, “Vi and I may have only created and raised one son, but we feel like we have four awesome sons. Now that we’ve gotten past the emotional part of the weekend, if our Sons are willing to unload the SUV and haul the stuff aboard, we can get our weekend under way!” It took the boys all of five minutes to bring the coolers and all of the luggage onto Julian’s Dream, and Julian then took the SUV to the vehicle parking area, returning just a few minutes later. Vi brought out another set of sheets and pillowcases for the ‘upper’ mattress and handed them to Gordy. Art took Simon and Gordy to the back bedroom, and helped them lower the mattress to form the upper bunk. Gordy and Simon made the bed up with the clean sheets. J&J didn’t need to replace the sheets on their bed, as they had only slept on them two nights during the Memorial Day Weekend. Art did the usual check for the oil and water, which were ok, and started the inboard engine to let it warm up, and start to charge the batteries, which were the power source for all of the lights. Following the same protocol as he did Memorial Day Weekend, Art piloted the vessel to the Marina store and bought gas for the yacht as well as a couple more propane tanks for the Coleman camp stove. He then guided the vessel toward the center of the lake, preparing to drop anchor there. “Hey guys,” Julian suggested, “while Dad’s heading us to the middle of the lake, let’s get into our swimming trunks so we can be ready to have some fun.” The four boys headed to their bedroom and Julian closed the door. They all dug into their bags, finding their swimwear, and started to strip off their clothes. Prior to this minute, neither one of these ‘couples’ had seen the other ‘couple’ undressed. When Simon slipped off his boxers, exposing his rather large uncut package, both Julian’s and Jeff’s mouths fell open. Neither of them were really used to seeing uncut cocks, and the only one they’d really seen was Everett’s at one of the Watergames, and Simon’s was nearly twice as large as Everett’s. “Wow, you’re big!” Jeff exclaimed. “I’m only Five foot Eleven,” Simon replied, grinning. “I mean,” Jeff said, pointing, “down there!” Simon pulled his cock straight out from his body and it appeared to be about eight inches long, and it was flaccid. Being uncut, it might have appeared to be even longer than it really was. When he let go of it, the head dropped half way toward his knee. I guess I might be a tad bigger than most,” Simon said, grinning. “A tad?” Julian questioned, “I’ve never seen one that big! It’s even bigger than Levi’s!” “So Julian,” Simon asked, grinning, “how many cocks have you measured?” “Well, none—actually—but I like to see them—when the opportunity presents itself!” Simon, grinning and nodding, “So typically gay! I really think that most gay guys won’t look away, when there is a cock to be viewed. Yeah, I know I’m kinda big, but my boyfriend likes it, and that is what’s important.” Gordy is smiling and nodding. At this point all four boys are completely naked, and all viewing each other’s genitals. Jeff grabbed his (borrowed from Julian) swim trunks and pulled them on, and the other three boys followed suit. Julian, Jeff and Gordy all wore pretty tight trunks that their packages filled the fronts of quite nicely. Simon wore trunks that were looser fitting, and didn’t accentuate his package as well, but all three of the other guys know what is hidden inside. As Art dropped anchor, the boys all appeared on deck. The sun was shining brightly. Gordy and Simon took turns putting sunscreen lotion on each other’s backs, as well as all other exposed skin. “Dad,” Julian asked, “is the water here deep enough for diving?” “It should be, Son,” Dad said, “the water here should be at least twenty or twenty-five feet deep, be careful on that first dive.” Julian took a dive, and disappeared for about forty seconds, then surfaced. “Dad, I couldn’t find the bottom, but the temperature is just right,” Julian said, “Come on, baby, let’s play!” A few seconds later, Jeff ran off the diving board yelling “CANNONBALL!” and created a splash that got both Gordy and Simon wet, as he joined his boyfriend in the water, and gave Julian’s bulge a loving squeeze underwater, making him grin. Gordy and Simon wasted little time in trying out the diving board, soon joining J&J in the water. While Julian was swimming, Gordy couldn’t resist the temptation to give Julian’s most perfect buns a friendly squeeze—the game was on! For the next hour, it was boy after boy jumping off the diving board, and no boy escaped having their butts or bulges squeezed by one of the others—all in fun. Just a group of friends, playing grab ass—all four of them having fun. While the boys were all giving the diving board a workout, Vi busied herself making a plate full of ham salad sandwiches. She and Art both smiled at each other, happy to see all four young men having so much fun with each other. These two couples had only met each other a few days ago, but it was like they’d known each other for years. Vi placed the plate of sandwiches on the deck table, announcing that lunch was served. While the boys attacked lunch, Art and Vi slipped into their bedroom and changed into their swimsuits. Julian and Simon already had considerable tan that they had been born with, but Gordy and Jeff were still quite pale, and coated their exposed skin with tanning oil. After just eating, they all knew it wouldn’t be wise to return to swimming right away. Julian spread a large blanket on the deck and all four boys, in couples, relaxed on the blanket to let the sun work on their bodies. Simon lovingly placed his arm on Gordy’s back, and they both fell asleep, as did Jeff and Julian. After Vi and Art ate their sandwiches, they both reclined on the chaise lounges to relax and take in some rays. After about an hour, Art noticed that Gordy’s skin was turning quite pink and he woke Gordy to make him aware that he was getting sunburned. Gordy couldn’t see it, but Vi and Art both noticed the outline of Simon’s arm and hand on Gordy’s back, the outline in white on the background of pink. Gordy’s back, as well at the back of his legs were turning red, not tan, as he would have preferred. After Art woke him, Gordy flipped over, placed his arm over his eyes, and got the sun on his front side for about a half an hour. Surprisingly, Jeff was actually tanning, rather than burning, like Gordy was. After the boys woke up and became vertical, Vi dug into the first aid kit and retrieved a tube of Sunburn Cream. She handed it to Simon, and Simon rubbed some of it onto his boyfriends back, and the back of his legs, grinning as he noticed the outline of his arm and hand on Gordy’s back. Simon grabbed his phone from the boy’s bedroom, and took a photo of Gordy’s back, Gordy grinned when Simon showed him the photo. Gordy spent the rest of the afternoon in the shade, avoiding any more sun, and the pain of the sunburn. Gordy was a little jealous of Jeff, as both of them were light skinned, but Jeff seemed to be tanning, rather than burning. As the sun moved toward the west, they all, including Vi and Art, enjoyed some more fun in the water. Simon carefully used a towel to blot dry Gordy’s back, and rubbed on some more Sunburn Ointment, and Gordy pulled on a tee shirt. The ointment most definitely gave him some relief from the pain. After drying off, Vi and Art went to their bedroom and changed back into dry clothes, and Vi prepared to fix dinner for her family. She cooked up a pan of Taco Meat, and reheated previously prepared Mexican style rice and refried beans. While Vi was preparing dinner, the four boys returned to their bedroom, and removed their wet swim suits, then dried and dressed into boxers, shorts and tee shirts. Both couples engaged in some romantic hugs and kisses, and all four of them adjusted themselves, trying to hide their spontaneously aroused boners, not so much from each other, but more from Art and Vi. They gathered up their wet trunks and took them to the deck, laying them out to dry. The small table only seats four people, so Vi served the boys first, dinners of soft taco’s, with Mexican Rice and refried beans, and bowls of fresh mixed fruit for dessert. When the boys had finished, she prepared plates of the same for Art and herself. “Sweetheart,” Vi stated with some remorse, “I kind of wish we’d had more kids, and given Julian some siblings to grow up with.” “Baby,” Art replied, “I think that is something we should have considered a few years ago. We’re both in our forties now, and I know it’s too risky for a woman your age to get pregnant.” Then, with tears escaping his eyes, “I would have loved to have had one or two more children, but at this stage in our lives, I wouldn’t want to risk losing you to try.” “Hun,” Vi responded, “I don’t think we’re too old to adopt, and if we adopted one or two kids, they’d still be ours, even if we didn’t actually create them.” Art, snickering, “If they were old enough, we might not need to buy diapers. Let me think this over, baby, it’s not something we need to make a decision on today. I wonder how Julian would feel, about having adopted siblings? I might run the idea by him, just to see his reaction.” “He’s got a warm and loving heart,” Vi replied, “I think he would love them the same as if they were natural siblings.” Art helped Vi clean up and wash the pans and utensils from dinner, and then they both joined the boys out on the deck. “Julian,” Gordy remarked, “it’s getting dark, we should have brought your game machine, and we could play some video games.” “It wouldn’t work here,” Art stated, “there is no 110 Volt power, everything on this yacht is 12 Volt, DC. We’re fortunate to have decent lighting.” “Hey, do any of you guys play Risk?” Julian asked. “Oh my god!” Gordy exclaimed, “I used to love that game, have you got it?” Julian nodded in an affirmative. “Let’s play it, baby!” Jeff said, “I didn’t know you had it.” “I’ve never played it,” Simon said, “but I guess I could watch.” “We’ll teach you, baby,” Gordy stated, getting excited. Julian went to their bedroom and retrieved the game from the bottom draw, bringing it to the galley. It didn’t take Julian and Gordy long to set the game up on the table and soon the four boys found entertainment for the evening. Simon quickly learned the game, so he was able to participate. Vi and Art spent most of the evening on the deck, just enjoying the warm summer evening, and conversing. They were pleased that the boys found something to keep them occupied. About 10:00 PM Vi made a large bowl of popcorn for the boys to snack on, and she and Art soon headed to bed. The four boys got into their game, and finished the second game about 1:30 AM, packed the game up and headed to their bedroom. “Julian,” Gordy asked, “would it be OK if we sleep naked?” Julian, snickering, “I suppose so, Jeff and I always sleep that way.” The four boys all slipped up to the deck wearing their boxers, and drained their bladders off the side of the yacht together, grinning and giggling. Five minutes later four pairs of boxers were on the floor, Simon and Gordy climbed the ladder to the upper mattress and cuddled up together. Jeff and Julian cuddled together on the lower mattress and all four boys were sleeping a few minutes later. * * * * * * Sunday morning Art and Vi woke up about 7:30 AM and arose out of bed. Vi pulled on her robe and headed to the galley to start some coffee brewing. Art followed her to the galley and sat at the table with her, still just dressed in his skivvies. When the coffee was ready, they each fixed a mug, and both went out on the deck to enjoy their coffee and the early morning sun. They discussed how the boys all interacted, and that they probably were up quite late playing their game, having no idea what time the boys went to bed. After having a second cup, Art decided to check on the boys and quietly slipped into their bedroom. He noticed the four pairs of boxers on the floor and grinned, thinking it was a gay thing to sleep naked, then recalled his earlier days. From the night of their Wedding day until Julian was about eighteen months old he and Vi had slept naked, except during those times of Vi’s menstruation. Until Julian was weaned, his source of nourishment was Mother’s Milk, and when Julian was about a year and a half old, he and Vi decided they should probably not be naked in front of Julian, and since that time had worn something to bed. So maybe it’s not a gay thing to sleep naked, but a two people in love with each other thing. From what Art had observed, it would seem that J&J are very much in love, and likely Simon and Gordy are also. Finally, about 9:30, Art decided to awaken the boys so they wouldn’t sleep the whole day away and Vi started a fresh pot of coffee to brew. Art, slipping into the boys bedroom, “Hey guys, come on out, coffee is ready!” “Thanks, Dad, be there soon,” Jeff responded. “Thanks, I sure can use some coffee,” Gordy replied, throwing the covers off and descending the ladder, his morning wood sticking straight out from his crotch. Simon was close behind, sporting the biggest boner that Jeff and Julian had ever seen. “I gotta pee,” Simon said, “but I don’t know if I can bend this down enough to do it!” He pushed his hard cock down between his thighs and then let it go, and it sprung back, slapping against his abdomen with a snapping sound. The other three guys chuckled. J&J both slid out of their bed, also sporting morning wood, but, of course not as big as Simon’s! All four boys pulled on their boxers, and one behind another, made their way to the small toilet room, and then to the galley to get a mug of coffee. Then they all went out on the deck and joined Art. “I’m going to fix bacon, eggs and hash browns for our breakfast,” Vi said, “we don’t have a way to make toast, so I’ll just put the fried eggs on top of the hash browns.” “Sounds good, Mom,” Jeff said, “you do put onions in the hash browns, don’t you Mom?” “Yeah, as a rule,” Vi said. “I’ll pass on the hash browns,” Julian said, “if they’ve got onions.” “Dude!” Gordy exclaimed, “Onions in the hash browns brings out the flavor and makes them taste better!” “I just don’t like onions,” Julian replied. “Baby,” Jeff stated, “you liked that Texas Rose we had at the Texas Roadhouse.” “That was different!” Julian exclaimed, “and you made me eat it.” “Only the first bite,” Jeff replied, “and you helped me eat the rest of it—all by yourself.” Julian grinned, sheepishly. “Mom,” Jeff said, grinning, “go ahead and put the onions in them—and we’ll force feed the baby!” Julian grinned. Vi prepared a big pan of hash browns (with onions) and then fried up some bacon, and fried six eggs in the bacon grease. She then dished up three plates with a good helping of hash browns, a few strips of bacon and two fried eggs on the hash browns. Vi had double reasons for splitting up breakfast, one being the small table, and the second, wanting to give Art a chance to chat with J&J alone. “GORDY, SIMON!” Mom hollered, your breakfast is ready!” Vi, sitting with the two boys. “I haven’t really had much chance to get to know you two, so how did you meet up?” “We were dorm mates,” Gordy explained, “our freshman year at Tech. A few weeks into the first semester we were getting along really well, but neither of us knew about the other. One Friday night we went out together and had a few beers, and then returned to our Dorm Room. We were sitting together, watching TV.” “And suddenly,” Simon picked up, “right out of nowhere, Gordy said he wanted to kiss me. I was shocked, but it had been a long time since I’d had a boy to kiss, and I said OK! That kiss broke the ice—we came out to each other, and we’ve been loving each other ever since, it’ll soon be two years.” “That’s a sweet story, boys,” Vi said, “are you boys out to your families?” “We want to try and break it to them before Christmas,” Gordy said, “because we want to be able to spend Christmas together, with one of our families. We don’t know if either of our parents will accept our sexuality, or our relationship. Neither of our parents know that either one of us are gay, and of course they have no knowledge of our relationship.” “I wouldn’t bet on that,” Vi stated, “Art and I kinda knew that Julian was gay, long before he came out to us. He really just came out Memorial Day weekend, and that’s also when we met his beautiful boyfriend. Art and I have nothing but a lot of love for both of these boys, and we consider Jeff to be our second son.” “Julian is fortunate to have understanding and loving parents,” Gordy said, “not many of us gay kids have those kinds of parents.” “Gordy,” Vi commented, “you and Simon have gathered a couple of fans here, if things don’t go as we would hope with your families, you guys would be welcome to spend Christmas with us. I don’t mean just Christmas Day, I mean the Christmas break.” Simon, tears running down his cheeks, “I can’t believe that you and Dad would open up your home to a couple of wayward gay strangers like Gordy and me for the whole Christmas break!” Vi, using a napkin to sop up Simon’s tears, “You boys aren’t strangers, Art and I have become attached to you. We both like you and Gordy, we like you a lot.” Vi leaned over and kissed Simon’s cheek, and then Gordy’s. Simon and Gordy both smiled. * * * * * * While Vi had Gordy and Simon occupied in the galley, Art took the opportunity to chat with J&J out on the deck. “Boys,” Art started the chat, “the second week of August, Vi and I are going on vacation for nine days. You two are going to have to step up, and take care of the house, and feed yourselves. We trust you guys not to destroy the house and to be responsible—we won’t be here to do it. You’re going to be on your own for a few days.” “Dad,” Julian asked, “can we have company over?” “Who are you thinking of?” Art asked. “Just Gordy and Simon.” Art, chuckling, “I don’t think they’re company, they’re more like fixtures. Just promise me, no wild parties, and keep the house like we leave it. Keep up with the dishes, and your laundry. You guys are adults now, we don’t want to return and see a week’s worth of dirty dishes piled up, and the house looking like a pig pen.” “Dad,” Jeff stated, “our grass needs cutting now, Julian and I will take care of it Tuesday or Wednesday after work.” “Thanks, Son,” Art replied, “I’ll really appreciate that, a lot, I’m sure Julian appreciates you volunteering his service!” Art liked the way Jeff referred to the grass as ‘our grass’ rather than ‘your grass’. “It’s OK Dad,” Julian said, smiling, “It won’t be too bad of a job with my baby helping me. Even Grady has learned that when we work together, we’re more productive. Jeff and I are a team!” How true, Art thought, and wondered, in the back of his mind, if either of these boys could even function on their own, without the other one being close by. They really are a close knit couple. “Julian,” Art said, “I need to run something by you, and I guess it’s okay if Jeff hears this too. Son, how would you feel about having a younger sibling?” Julian, with eyes opened wide and a smile on his face, “Dad, is Mom Pregnant?” “No Son,” Art replied, “for your Mom to get pregnant at her age could be pretty risky, but we are considering adoption of one, or maybe two children, but we wanted to get your feelings on it.” “Dad, when I was in school almost all the kids had brothers and sisters—except me, and it made me feel kinda lonely. I’d love to have a little brother, or even a little sister—or maybe even—both?” “Does that mean you’d be OK with it?” Art asked. “I’m a lot more than OK with it,” Julian answered, excitedly, “how old are they and when can I meet them?” “Easy, Son,” Art replied, “your Mom and I are only in the discussion stage, we haven’t even taken the first step yet. You are very important to us, and we wanted your approval.” “Dad!” Julian exclaimed, “You’ve got my approval, one thousand percent worth!” “Me too, Dad,” Jeff added, “there are a lot of kids out there that need good homes, and good parents. I know that you and Mom would make awesome parents for a couple of them, just like you are awesome parents for Julian—and me!” Art always feels warm when Jeff call’s him ‘Dad’ or makes reference to him as his parent. He has nothing but a heart full of love for Jeff, and is very comfortable with Jeff and Julian’s relationship. He is sorry that Jeff’s own family doesn’t have the closeness with Jeff that he and Vi both enjoy. “Dad,” Jeff explained, “I want so much to come out to my family, and let them know Julian’s and my feelings for each other, but I’m scared stiff to do it. I’m afraid that if my parents know, they might cut off my schooling expenses, and I wouldn’t be able to complete my last year of college.” “Son,” Art replied, “I can’t tell you what you should do, but there is no way you won’t be able to finish college. It might be a tad rough, financially, to have two sons in college at the same time, but if push comes to shove, you will have the funding for your senior year. That’s a promise. Do what you feel you need to do, and if your parents turn their backs on you, Vi and I have your back!” “Dad,” Jeff replied, tears sliding down his cheek, “you’ve just given me the courage to write my Dad, and tell him everything. I’m going to ask for his, and Mom’s acceptance, and hope for the best. I may end up with only my Uncle Jim and his, soon to be, husband as family in Summerton. I know Julian and I have his support, and love. It’s also comforting to know I have yours and Mom’s love on this end. I love you, Dad.” Art, wrapping his arms around Jeff, “Son, Vi and I also have unbounded love for you, and we really think of you as our son.” After Gordy and Simon finished their breakfast, Vi cooked up more bacon and eggs for Art, Julian and Jeff. Jeff didn’t have to keep his word about force feeding Julian, he actually ate the hash browned potatoes, even with the onions! The happy family of six enjoyed the rest of their Sunday. Not too long after breakfast, all four boys pulled their swimwear back on, and they all spent most of Sunday either catching more of the suns rays, or having fun in the water. After dark, the boys all played more Risk until way past bedtime, finally heading to their room, dropping their boxers and ready for bed. Julian couldn’t resist the temptation to cuff Simon’s big uncut cock, making Simon grin. “Hey, dude,” Simon remarked, “wanna feel it?” Simon knew that a lot of cut guys like to feel an uncut cock, and feel the foreskin. Julian, looking at Jeff as if asking permission, “Is it ok, baby?” “I guess,” Jeff replied, grinning, “as long as you only feel it!” Julian wrapped his hand around Simon’s partially erect cock, and noted the velvety smoothness of Simon’s foreskin, and then Jeff also gave it a feel, grinning sheepishly. Gordy, grinning, “Hey—that’s private property—hands off!” The four boys snickered and then crawled into their appropriate beds, snuggled with each other and soon all four of them were asleep. Monday morning while everyone was drinking coffee together on the deck, Vi wearing a light robe and the men all sitting around in their underwear. Art noticed that the end of Simon’s uncut penis was extending about an inch outside of the cuff of his boxers, and one also could see a little of Jeff’s manhood also poking out and taking a look for itself. “You know guys,” Art stated, “I don’t try to tell people what kind of clothes to wear, but if you guys were to wear briefs or boxer-briefs, you likely wouldn’t have unplanned exposures, like those!” He pointed to both Simon’s and Jeff’s exposed penises, and grinned. “Shit!” Simon exclaimed, as both he and Jeff adjusted their cocks inside their boxers, and displayed a shade of pink on their faces. Vi prepared another mouthwatering breakfast for her brood, and soon after breakfast all four boys pulled on their swimwear, preparing for a last romp in the lake. Vi didn’t miss the opportunity to capture a few more photographs of both J&J and of Gordy and Simon, and of course, a couple of all four together. Vi and Art were both happy to have been able to entertain all four young men on a very exciting and enjoyable weekend, but like all good things, it was coming to an end. About 4:00 PM Art made an announcement that they all needed to get their stuff together, and head back home, as he and the boys are all expected to return to work at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning. Vi asked the boys to gather the sheets and pillow cases from their beds, and place them into the big trash bag, along with the ones from of hers and Art’s bed, so she could get them all laundered before the next outing on ‘Julian’s Dream.’ While Art piloted the yacht back toward Dock 8, Vi and the boys all gathered up their clothing, repacked their bags and prepared to end their happy weekend together. Jeff and Simon helped Art to secure the yacht to the dock while Julian went to the parking lot and retrieved the SUV, bringing it to the dock. It was about 5:30 PM when all was loaded back into the SUV and the happy family all piled into the SUV and Art started the drive home. As Art had done on Memorial Day weekend, he pulled into the Cracker Barrel restaurant and treated his now larger family to a nice dinner together. As might be expected, the boys just HAD to check out the Country Store. Gordy and Simon found a Coo-coo clock that they thought would make a nice hostess gift to give to Vi, to show their appreciation for the most wonderful weekend. They split the cost between their debit cards. It was after 8:00 PM when they arrived back at the White’s home. Gordy and Simon put their bags in Simon’s car, preparing to head to Grandma’s house. Art and Vi suggested that they spend the night and go to work from here in the morning. Gordy said they really needed to get to Granny’s, as they wanted to tell her about the weekend, and also felt they needed to have clean work clothes to wear to work in the morning. Gordy and Simon helped to carry the coolers and other stuff back into the kitchen, and used the chance to give Vi her gift. “Mom,” Gordy stated, “Simon and I wanted to give you a little something to show our appreciation for being such an awesome hostess and helping to make this weekend the happiest one we’ve ever had. Thanks, Mom.” Gordy handed Vi the box. Vi, opening the box, with tears sliding down her cheeks, “Oh, thank you so much, there is a place on the living room wall just waiting for this! Boys, thank you so much, and thank you for the pleasure that Art and I have had—sharing this weekend with you.” Vi hugged both Gordy and Simon, placing kisses on both of their cheeks. “Guys,” Art spoke, “we’ve been very happy to have you with us this weekend. I know you are both away from your families, but please know that you have a family in this part of the country that also loves you and cares about you. Please know that you are both welcome in our home, anytime!” Art hugged both boys, warmly. Shortly after Gordy and Simon headed out to Grandma’s house, Jeff asked Vi for some paper, and a stamped envelope, stating that he had an important letter to write. J&J headed to Julian’s room, and Jeff sat at Julian’s desk to write. “Baby,” Julian asked, “I’m not trying to be nosy, but who are you writing to?” “My Dad,” Jeff replied, “baby, I’ve got a ton of emotions fighting inside my brain. I’m not looking forward to this, but I have to find out where I stand with my family. I need to find out if they love their homophobia more than they love me. I’m going to come out to them, and see what happens—its just something I have to do.” “I don’t think this is something I can help you with,” Julian said, “I hope you know that I love you, and I’m just hoping for the best.” * * * * * * Jeff’s letter: Dear Dad, Until a few months ago, I would have never dreamed that I would ever be writing this letter, but my emotions have surfaced, and this is the result. This is the most difficult letter I’ve ever tackled, but it is something I need to confront, and share with you. Dad, I know you remember, back in high school, I always dated girls, but never had a regular girlfriend. The same happened in my first three years of college, I dated lots of girls, but every date has been a different girl, never a steady girl. I never found a girl that I could say I really loved, they were mostly for sex, and to protect my reputation as a normal straight boy. A few months ago, something happened, that completely changed my life, I met Julian White. I never wanted anyone so bad before, I wanted to hold him, kiss him, love him and make out with him, but he is a boy! We’ve been boyfriends now for a while, and I’m totally in love with him, and he loves me. There is no way that I can have the love I have for him, and still be straight, so I have now accepted that I am gay, and very much in love with Julian. He came out to his parents, Vi and Art White, on Memorial Day weekend, and they wanted to meet me. His parents have completely accepted his gay sexuality and me as his boyfriend. Neither of his parents have a homophobic bone in their bodies. I lied a bit, I told you that a close friend from college’s father got me a summer job and a place to stay, and it’s partly true, the friend is actually my boyfriend. Julian’s father is a carpenter for Alvin Corbin, owner of Corbin Homebuilders, and Alvin gave both of us summer jobs, so we are both working together. I also love staying with Julian’s Mom and Dad, and they love me too. Dad, I have tried to cover my butt. I realize that coming out to you, and Mom, may jeopardize my funding for my senior year, but between Uncle Jim and Julian’s father, I’ve been assured that I will have the funding needed to finish college and graduate next May. No thanks to Mom, I have reconnected with Uncle Jim, and just FYI he and his fiancé, Calvin Wilson, plan to marry before Christmas. I’ve met Calvin, and he’s a pretty cool guy, and I’m very happy for both of them. I wish Mom hadn’t been so homophobic so that I could have had a decent uncle-nephew relationship with Uncle Jim when I was younger. Well, Dad, I’m out to you and I sincerely hope that you can accept that your son is gay and still love me. I still love Mom, but I detest her homophobia, she has ruined her relationship with Uncle Jim, and nearly ruined my relationship with him because of it. I am hoping, and looking for a response from you, so that I will know where I stand. If I don’t hear from you, I will assume that you no longer wish to have contact with me, and I will consider myself orphaned from my parents. Love, Jeff * * * * * * To be continued.
  2. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 12

    Patience, my friend, Chapter 6 of Watergame is in the Mod Que, once approved, I will upload the next chapter of DJ.
  3. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 12

    Yeah, DJ and Doug needed each other, but neither of them knew it, at first. Gloria is new, and just following policy, but she likes DJ--a lot, they will get closer as time progresses.
  4. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 12

    It’s Friday evening, November 24th, Jamie has to work until 11:00 PM and DJ and I both get off at 9:00. Typically DJ would go to the pizzeria on a Friday night to wait for Jamie to get off, but, for the first time, DJ drove his Tracker to work so has no need for a ride home with anyone. He has a new independence! When the store closed at 9:00 PM, DJ and I both clocked out, and then Justin locked the door and followed us out. “Justin!” DJ asked, “Did you see my new ride? I drove it today.” “No, I didn’t see it yet,” Justin replied, “Let’s check it out.” DJ led Justin over to where he had parked the Tracker, and was beaming as he showed both the outside and the inside to Justin. “DJ,” Justin spoke, “you just became a more valuable asset to the store. Having your own transportation, you’ll not be dependent on others to get to and from work. If you’re needed to come in on an off day, or come in early, you can. If your Dad is sick or otherwise not able to work, you can make deliveries, and it’s a 4-wheel drive, in case of snow, you could make deliveries where other’s might not be able to go.” “Yeah,” DJ answered, dejectedly, “if the store is even here. I overheard a couple of the girls, they said the store might close.” “DJ,” Justin said, his hands on DJ’s shoulders, “those are just rumors, we’re not closing, and your position is secure. We are going to go through some changes, I’ll explain Monday night. It’s actually good news.” DJ’s phone rang, and it was Jamie. “Hi baby, what’s up?” “I can see from here that you haven’t left yet, I can spot that orange Tracker from inside the pizzeria. Would you like me to bring a pizza home when I get off?” “Sure, I’m a little hungry now, but in 2 hours I’ll be starved!” “Do you think Dad will still be up?” “Yep, Joe will be getting off at 11:00 and I know Dad will wait for him to get home before he goes to bed. Better make it an Extra Large, and Dad can let Joe know we have it coming, no green peppers or anchovies.” Jamie, chuckling, “I know that, baby, see you about 11:30.” I was home about 10 minutes ahead of DJ, and saw DJ’s lights when he pulled into the drive, and parked behind Joe’s car. I was scanning the fridge, trying to find something I could fix in a hurry for us, and for Joe, when he gets home. DJ, coming in the back door, “Dad, Jamie’s bringing an Extra Large pizza when he comes, to feed all of us. Please call Joe and let him know.” “DJ! You can call Joe yourself and let him know, you should have his number in your phone.” DJ saved Joe’s number in his phone many months ago, right after Joe rescued him, but had never needed to call him. He placed the call. “Hello?” Joe answered, not recognizing the number. “Joe? This is DJ.” “DJ! Is anything wrong?” Joe is on high alert, having never received a call from DJ before. “Oh, no, Dad, nothing is wrong and everything’s right, I just wanted to let you know that Jamie is bringing an Extra Large pizza home, to feed us all tonight.” “Why, thank you, Son, I should be home around 11:00.” “See you then, Dad, I love you!” DJ hung up. Mike, noting tears escaping Joe’s eyes, “Joe, is something wrong?” Joe, shaking his head, “DJ just called me ‘Dad’ and it just felt so wonderful, and natural.” “You really have a lot of love for that young man, don’t you.” “Mike, I’m a lot like Doug, I’ve never been married, so I never had children, and DJ has become my son too. Come January 14th, DJ will be my step-son, and I couldn’t love him any more than I do!” “Joe, I have limited exposure to gay oriented relationships, but even I can feel the magnitude of love that is present in your home.” “Thanks, Mike,” pointing to his own eyes, “sorry, sometimes my emotions get a little liquid.” “I’ve always believed that people that never show any emotions are somehow born without a heart, and you have a beautiful heart.” It’s about 10:00 PM, DJ and I are sitting at the kitchen table waiting for Joe and Jamie to arrive. We had been discussing the ‘Mandatory Meeting’ but of course could not determine a reason. “Dad,” DJ spoke, “I’m going to need your help. Next Monday, December 4th is the Rainbow Alliance’s Christmas Party. I volunteered to bring a big bowl of potato salad, but I have no idea how to make it.” I answered, smiling, “Not a big problem, Son, I can make it for you.” “Jamie’s mom offered to make it, and I told her, like I’m telling you, I want to make it myself. I am asking you to guide me, like you did for the pot roast, but I want to do all the work myself.” “How many kids are expected for the party?” I asked. “If everyone shows, there are about 50 of us. Gerry works at Subway, and she said that she could likely get us a good deal on some of those yard long party subs. We collected $160 and gave it to her to buy subs, and most of the rest is potluck, whatever people want to bring and share.” “The club has really grown. I guess that membership drive paid off. We’ll need to make the salad on Sunday, so you can take it with you Monday when you go to classes. If it’s cool, you can likely leave it in your car during the day, but if it’s warm, it may be better to leave it here in the fridge and make a trip back to pick it up before party time. I’ll make you a grocery list of what you’ll need to buy.” “Thanks, Dad, you know I appreciate everything you do for me.” “You’re very welcome Son, I think Joe is here, I just heard a car door slam.” Joe walked in the back door and immediately stepped over to DJ, hugged him and kissed him softly on the forehead. Then he came to me, and kissed me lovingly on the lips and I responded likewise. He then sat on his chair, between DJ and me. We seem to have unintentionally claimed certain seats at the table. I normally sit at the end closest to the stove, DJ on the opposite end toward the bedrooms, Joe on the long side toward the den and Jamie on the long side toward the back door. “DJ,” Joe asked, “do you have anything planned for tomorrow?” “I’m working 2 to 9, why?” “I thought maybe we could take the Tracker to my apartment, and pick up that table for you, and my computer desk. It shouldn’t take us more than an hour.” “Sure, Dad, we probably could do that right after breakfast.” “Doug,” Joe asked, “can we set up my computer in our bedroom?” “I don’t know why not,” I answered, “but we’ll have to run a cable line in there.” “I can do that,” Joe replied, “We’ll need it anyway, to connect to the TV.” Jamie arrived about 11:20 with the pizza, which we all enjoyed together. I was elated, the feeling of our family finally coming together, and doing things like any normal family was astounding. Even those nights when DJ was at Jamie’s would be more tolerable, because my Joe was now living here with me. DJ told Jamie about going to Joe’s apartment in the morning. Jamie informed us that Anthony wanted him in at noon to help with a Birthday Party in the party room, but he would get off about 9:00, and one of the other servers would close at 11:00. It seemed everyone except me was going to have a busier than normal Saturday. Joe and I picked up the Pepsi glasses and cleaned off the table, the boys had already gone to their room. Joe and I also retired to our bedroom. I’d been up early, and having been in the habit of going to bed around 10:00, but it was well past midnight, I cuddled up in Joe’s warm arms, and I think we were both asleep within about 10 minutes. “Jamie, tomorrow night is Saturday, and we both get off at 9:00 PM. I still have those tickets for the Cinema, let’s take in a late night movie after work.” “Gee, I don’t know baby,” Jamie giggled, “that’s two dates in a month, we might get spoiled! I like the idea, though, let’s do it!” The two boys shared a passionate kiss, cuddled together and soon were in slumber land. On Saturday morning, November 25th, Jamie had his alarm set for 9:30 AM, but woke up at about 8:30 with a need for the bathroom, and could feel DJ’s morning wood pressing against his hip. Just thinking about DJ’s beautiful cock caused Jamie to suddenly have a hunger for it. (When doesn’t Jamie have a hunger for it?) Jamie spun his body around and quietly pushed his head under the sheet, taking that lovely penis into his mouth. DJ, waking a little, “Jamie, are you taking advantage of a sleeping man?” Pulling his mouth off, “Maybe baby, do you want me to stop?” “Not now! It feels too good!” Jamie covered DJ’s cock back up with his mouth. DJ wasn’t in a position to return the favor, but wrapped his fingers around Jamie’s throbbing cock, playing with the precum streaming out of it, and lightly stroking it. “DJ,” Jamie spoke softly,” If you don’t stop there is going to be a mess on the sheets!” DJ didn’t stop, he wanted to get Jamie off, and a little mess on the sheets was of little concern. “Jamie, I’m getting awfully close,” DJ gasped, “I’m gonna shoot!” Jamie tightened his lips around DJ’s cock, anticipating the thrill of feeling DJ’s load of tasty semen spurting into his own mouth and throat. When DJ came, it triggered Jamie to also come to orgasm. DJ tried to catch most of it in his hand, and threw off the top sheet and blanket with his other hand. Jamie sucked DJ dry. After licking his hand clean, DJ spun around and took Jamie’s tool into his mouth, sucked it dry and licked it clean. The two boys then sat up on the bed. Jamie pointed to a rope of his cum on the sheet that had over shot DJ’s hand, and both boys laughed. DJ slid off the bed, got a couple of tissues from the box on the dresser, and wiped up most of it, leaving just a little wetness. “Problem solved!” DJ exclaimed, “that little bit of wetness will be completely dry by the time we go to bed tonight.” Jamie grinned. Both boys went to the bathroom and peed together, then made their way to the kitchen. They were the only ones up, so far, and DJ started a full pot of coffee brewing, then got the creamer out of the fridge and set it on the table. About 10:30 Jamie saw us oldsters head into the bathroom together. A few minutes later both Joe and I came to the table. Joe grabbed two mugs from the cupboard while I placed a towel on my chair and sat down on it. Joe poured our mugs of coffee and sat in his chair. The boys looked at us suspiciously. “Dad,” DJ questioned, “what’s with the towel?” “Just a little precaution, Son,” I answered. “Daddy Joe,” DJ questioned, grinning, “Have you been fucking my Dad?” Joe, smirking, “I don’t kiss and tell!” Jamie, grinning, “DJ, look at Joe’s face, he doesn’t have to admit a thing, He’s guilty as hell!” We all laughed, but I could feel that my face was flushed. DJ, snickering, “It’s OK, Dad’s, if it feels good, do it!” (Note the plural on ‘Dad’s’) DJ, rising and donning the apron, “I’m going to start some breakfast cooking. Jamie has to be to work by noon, and Joe and I have to pick up some things from his apartment. I think all three of us are working at 3:00 PM today.” DJ has developed so much confidence. He cooked us all bacon and eggs, with toast and orange juice. He didn’t break a single yolk. It feels so remarkably wonderful, to have our little family complete. Depending on where the boys spend the night, we either have all four of us, or sometimes just Joe and myself. Either way it sure beats being alone, as I was for so many years. After breakfast, Jamie excused himself and left the table to get dressed for work, and left about 11:30 for the pizzeria. I told DJ I would be happy to take care of the dishes, as he and Joe needed to take care of retrieving those things from Joe’s, soon to be vacated, apartment. Joe and DJ left the house about noon, and I took care of cleaning up the kitchen and did up the dishes. Joe and DJ returned about 1:00, unloaded the table and computer desk from the Tracker and brought them in, along with Joe’s computer and laser printer. About 1:30 DJ left for work, I left about 2:30, leaving Joe alone. Mike would be picking him up about 3:00 PM. Jamie, DJ and I all got off work that Saturday night at 9:00 PM. The boys told me they were going to grab some chow at Chipotle, then going to the Cinema for a late movie, and wouldn’t be home until late. I went home and fixed some spaghetti sauce with meat, planning to cook up some pasta for Joe and I when he got home, about 11:00 PM. While I was cooking the spaghetti sauce, it came over me that we have become a very typical American family, two loving parents, with two teenagers, a family of four. Each family member with their own duties, and functions, but all loved by each other. The only thing lacking is that the parents aren’t married yet, but that will happen soon, on January 14th. Sunday, November 26th was pretty normal. The boys slept in a little later that usual, as they came in rather late the night before. I have come to dislike Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights because I know the boys will not be sleeping here, but at least Joe will be here so I will not be completely alone. When the boys left for work, both scheduled for 3-9, DJ also took his clothes for school. They left Jamie’s car here, and DJ drove them, and they would be spending Sunday night at Jamie’s house. DJ had suggested, while they were leaving the shopping center, that they go by WAWA and pick up subs. Jamie told DJ that his Mom was fixing them some food, so DJ drove them straight to the Seldon’s home. Carl was watching TV, and Karen was in the kitchen, making cold turkey sandwiches, when the boys arrived. As soon as the boys came in the kitchen door, they both walked over to Karen, giving her a warm hug and loving kiss, on the lips. She has gotten used to DJ now kissing her on the lips, in fact, she looks forward to it. Carl left the TV, and came into the kitchen and gave both boys a warm hug. “Dad, Mom,” Jamie announced, “Come and check out DJ’s new ride!” Karen and Carl both put on jackets and followed the boys outside. DJ proudly showed them the outside and inside of the Tracker. He started it up, so Carl could hear it purr. “Where is your car, Jamie?” Carl asked. “At DJ’s house, DJ drove today, and he want’s to show it off at school tomorrow,” Jamie answered, smiling. Carl, hand on the steering wheel, “May I?” indicating he wanted to take it for a spin. “Go ahead, Dad,” DJ answered, grinning. Carl turned it around, and headed out of the driveway, while Karen and the boys watched. Carl drove back in about 6 or 7 minutes later, parked it, and turned off the engine. He got out, smiling, and handed the keys back to DJ. I think the feeling of driving it caused a bit of ‘youngness’ to overtake Carl’s mind. “It handles beautifully,” Carl stated, “and it’s a pleasure to drive, Jamie, I think you picked out a solid ride for your boyfriend. It looks good, runs good, and feels good.” “Thanks, Dad!” Jamie replied, smiling at the complement. DJ grabbed his school clothes out of the Tracker, and they all headed back into the house. DJ and Jamie settled at the table, and started to devour the sandwiches. “You guys lucked out,” Karen stated, smiling, “there just happens to be two slices of pecan pie left, with DJ’s and Jamie’s names on them. I kinda saved them for you.” “Thanks, Mom,” DJ remarked, “homemade pecan pie is hard to find just anywhere!” Karen pulled out the two dessert plates, sprayed on some Ready-whip, and set them in front of the boys. It was a perfect ending. The two boys consider themselves very fortunate, to be part of not just one, but two very loving families. So many young people don’t even have one family that is as loving as the families that these two boys have. Joe just walked in as I was pouring the spaghetti noodles into a strainer. I divided the noodles between two pasta plates and smothered them with sauce. Our dinner is ready. Before sitting down, Joe hugged me from behind, and told me how much he loves me. We were just finished eating and his phone rang. “Hi Mom, are you OK?” Phone: “Joe, I received that photo you sent me. DJ is certainly a handsome young man, I just want to hug him and kiss him. I noticed your return address is different. Did you move?” “I’m in the process, Mom. You may not approve, as we’re not getting married until January 14th. My lease expires in four more days, so I am moving in with Doug and DJ now. That address on the photo will be my address from now on.” Phone: “It’s ok honey, I understand, I’m so anxious to meet my son-in-law and my grandson, I can hardly wait. Are you and Doug planning a honeymoon?” “We are, Mom, we’re getting married on Sunday, the 14th, then flying to Miami on Monday, and boarding a cruise to the Bahamas on Tuesday morning, for 5 days. We’ll be returning to Miami on Saturday night, then coming home. We’re both so happy, Mom.” Phone: “Who’s going to watch over DJ while you’re gone?” “I think the boys will be fine on their own for a few days, they’re both going to be twenty by then. DJ birthday was on Thanksgiving Day, and we surprised the heck out of him! And Jamie will be 20 on Christmas Day.” Phone: “Boys? I thought Doug had adopted just one?” Joe, chuckling, “Well, Mom, it’s like having two sons. Jamie is DJ’s boyfriend. They’ve been seeing each other for about 7 months, and they are like Siamese twins. They are taking the same classes at Community College, they eat together, shower together, sleep together, but they don’t work together. They are both exceptional young men, and we love them both very much.” Phone: “Sounds like a right cozy household, so evidently DJ is buttered the same way as you and Doug?” “Yeah, Mom, we may have a rather unique family, but you won’t find a family anywhere that shares more love than we do. DJ has never had a grandparent that he knew, and he wants very much to get to know you.” Phone: “Joe, I don’t want to impose too much, but, I don’t really want to just come for the wedding, and head right back home. I’d like to hang around for a few days, and get to know my grandson, and his boyfriend, and my son in law too.” “I have an idea, Mom, let me check on some options, and maybe you can visit us for a couple of weeks. Let me get back with you, OK?” Phone: “OK son, and please give my love to Doug and DJ for me. I’ll let you go for now, and I’ll be looking for your answer. I love you, Sweetie.” She hung up. “That was my Mother, Doug,” Joe explained. Doug, chuckling, “Really, who else do you call ‘Mom’, You sure piled a lot of information on her plate, do you think she can handle it?” “Yeah, my Mom is pretty strong, and her heart is full of love, like yours, baby. I need to talk to Carl and Karen. Karen is a stay at home mother and wife, and I’m just wondering if they might like to have a houseguest for a week or two. I’m pretty certain they have at least one spare bedroom. I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting her up in a hotel room, all by herself.” “Neither would I,” I agreed, “She could stay in our room, while we are on our honeymoon, and the boys would be around to watch over her. The boys could stay here every night for that week.” “Our wedding is still over six weeks away,” Joe mentioned, “So we have some time to make plans.” I picked up the dishes and rinsed them off, Joe and I retired soon after, cuddled up and fell asleep. It was Sunday night, so the boys were at Jamie’s for the night, and would be going to school from there on Monday morning. * * * * * * Monday morning, November 27th was a typical school morning, Jamie and DJ were enjoying Karen’s freshly prepared French Toast, with real Maple Syrup, and bacon. “Is today the club’s Christmas Party?” Karen asked. “No Mom,” Jamie replied, “That’s next Monday, the 4th.” “This Sunday Dad’s going to guide me to make that potato salad, but I’m going to do all the work,” DJ stated, smiling. “Are you planning to take anything, Jamie, something maybe I could prepare for you?” “I hadn’t, but I probably should, Mom, could you maybe bake up a big batch of those chewy fudge brownies? The kids would love them!” “You know I’ll be happy to, Jamie.” Karen responded, smiling. DJ drove them to campus that Monday morning in his Tracker, and they spotted Matt, just getting out of his car. Matt didn’t notice them, not being used to seeing the Tracker. “Hey, Matt!” DJ hollered. Matt stopped, and turned toward them and smiled. Both DJ and Jamie gave Matt a warm tight hug. All three of them returned to the Tracker and gave it a once over, and were joined by Phil and Bryan, also giving it a close look. “Who belongs to this?” Bryan asked. DJ, smiling proudly, “This is my birthday present from Dad! Do you like it?” “It’s beautiful, DJ, when was your birthday?” Phil asked. “Jamie responded, grinning, “It was Thanksgiving Day, and we shocked the hell out of DJ with a surprise party!” Phil and Bryan both hugged DJ, and wished him a Happy Belated Birthday, Matt and Jamie told Phil and Bryan all about the party, as all five of them walked toward the main entrance. Their classes this week were mostly review, as semester finals were next week. All of these boys need to register this week for the spring semester, which will begin on January 15th. DJ and Jamie decided, since this was Monday, and neither of them was scheduled to work, they would register after their English class that ended at 2:50 PM. At lunchtime they scheduled an appointment with their counselor at 3:00 PM, to find out what classes they needed next. When they arrived for their appointment, she had already printed off their grades, up to this point, (which were all A’s and B’s) although they still had to do their finals. She recommended English 101, Algebra 1, Intro to Computer Software, and Economics 1, and a Phys Ed class. When she mentioned a Physical Education class, both boys looked at each other, and she told them that 2 Phys Ed classes were required, in order to achieve their associate degrees, but they are usually fun classes. After checking out the class schedules, they elected to take Algebra 1 MWF at 9, Eng 101 MWF at 10, Comp SW, MWF at 11 and a Computer lab Thur morning from 9-12, Phys ed (volleyball) on Thursday afternoon from 2-4, and Econ 1 as a night class Thursday 6-9 PM. It will make them a really long day on Thursday, 12 hours from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM. They decided to leave the Econ 1 class for another semester, and registered for the others. Recapping, they will have classes from 9:00 AM until noon on Mon, Wed and Fri, and 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM on Thursday, plus time for a needed shower after phys Ed on Thursday. They paid the down payments for registration and headed to the parking lot. DJ, driving on the way home, “Jamie, I’ve never played volleyball, is it hard?” “Not really, baby, you’ll be on to it, after the first couple sessions. It’s a fun game, and I think you’ll like it. I’m looking forward to it. We’ll probably need to get some gym shorts, and maybe tank tops. The coach will let us know at the first class.” “I guess we need to let Anthony and Justin know our new schedules. I don’t think either of us will be available to work on Thursdays, but we can work on the other days as early as 1:00 PM and anytime on Tuesdays. On school days, we’re going to need to leave home by 8:30 AM!” Jamie, snickering, “Welcome to the real world, baby!” “I’m wondering what that meeting is about tonight. We’ve never had a mandatory meeting since I’ve been working there, Justin told me it’s good news, but I’m still apprehensive. Something is happening, and I have no idea what it is.” “DJ, it’s only about 5:00, let’s go to my house and Mom can feed us, then we can play some games until you have to leave for that meeting. I’ll go on to your house, and maybe study until you and Dad get home after the meeting.” DJ agreed, then suddenly realized that Jamie’s car was at his home, so Jamie couldn’t drive to DJ’s house. They decided that DJ would drive Jamie to DJ’s house, and then DJ would go on to the meeting. * * * * * * It was just a few minutes before 9:00 PM when DJ arrived at Southside Drug, and I came in from my last deliveries at almost the same time. It seemed really strange to see the whole staff of 13 employees in the store at the same time. At precisely 9:00 PM, Justin told everyone to clock in, if they weren’t already on the clock. He walked to the front door and locked it, then turned off the ‘OPEN’ sign. Coming to the back of the store he turned off most of the overhead lights, leaving the break room lights on. There are only four chairs, and some of the girls sat in them, and the rest of us stood, anxious to find out what this meeting is all about. Justin, clearing his throat, “I appreciate that all of you showed up for this meeting. There have been a number of rumors, mostly false, that have circulated around this store. I want to set your minds at ease, as I have mostly good news to share with you.” “As most of you are aware, all of our managers are also pharmacists in this company. Sometimes the company makes changes that they feel are needed, to improve the general welfare and bottom line for the company, and sometimes that involves moving management around, and sometime making promotions.” “I am happy to announce that our own Lois Gimble has completed her training and passed the qualification tests, and is now a registered Pharmacy Technician. She will be staying here and assuming that position as of December 1st. Congratulations, Lois.” “I know some of you remember Randy Shults, he was here for a while as an assistant manager, and covered for me the last time I had a vacation. He is returning to this store as General Manager on December 1st. Before I get hammered, I have been promoted to manage a larger store in the city, for a considerably higher salary, and will be turning this store over to Randy.” “As most of you are aware, I have been managing this store single handed, open to close, 7 days a week, for the last 6 months. A lady by the name of Gloria Stephens is also joining the staff here as Randy’s assistant manager on December 1st. At least the company is going to give Randy some help!” “It’s not going to be an overnight change, I’m going to be here until December 9th, to help Randy and Gloria get acclimated, and you people to get to know your new bosses. The week after I leave the store, Sherry and I are going to take the kids for a long deserved vacation to Disney World. I will assume my new position as of January 2nd.” Justin continued, tearing up, “You guys have been an outstanding crew to work with, and I’m going to miss each and every one of you. I can only hope that I am given a crew in my new store that are half as great as you folks have been to work with. When I get settled, and can supply the address and phone number of my new store, I will send that information down here. If any of you ever need a reference, I will be more than happy to give you a good one, there is no one here that I could give a bad reference for.” Justin glanced at DJ, his emotions had turned to liquid and tears were streaming down his face, and several of the others also had wet eyes. This crew has a lot of love and respect for Justin, and it’s hard for them to accept losing him. He has been more than just a manager, he has also been a friend. “The meeting is over, you can all clock out now.” Justin announced, as he walked over to DJ. Justin, wrapping his arms around DJ. “DJ, are you OK?” “I just feel like I’m losing one of my closest friends.” “DJ,” Justin spoke softly, “you may be losing me as your manager, but you will never lose me as a friend. I hope that you don’t mind. I have discussed you, and your special situation, with Randy. I promise you, Randy will take care of you. You have nothing to fear. DJ, keep your grades up, I love you.” “I love you too, Justin, and thank you for giving me a chance.” “DJ,” Justin said, grinning, “you’re milking my clock, go home, and I’ll see you at 10:00 tomorrow morning.” That last comment drew a smile on DJ’s face. DJ and Justin were the last ones to leave the store, and Justin locked the door behind them. Justin wrapped his arm around DJ’s shoulders and walked him to his Tracker. DJ then drove home, thinking about how great a manager Justin had been, and how much of a friend he was. * * * * * * Jamie relaxed on the couch in our den, playing a CD, and dozed off while waiting for DJ and myself to return from the meeting. He woke up when I came in, and met me in the kitchen. “Where’s DJ?” Jamie inquired. “He should be along any minute,” I answered, “the meeting is over, but I think I may have left a few minutes ahead of DJ.” DJ walked in about 10 minutes later. The boys both got a Pepsi from the fridge, and we all sat at the table. DJ and I told Jamie about the meeting, and that Justin was getting a promotion, and we were getting new management at this store. “Dad,” DJ asked, “have you ever met Randy?” “I have worked with him,” I answered, “when he was assistant there, and also when Justin had his last vacation.” “What’s he like?” “It’s hard to explain, but he seems pretty decent. I didn’t work a lot with him, as he usually opened in the mornings, and Justin closed, except for when Justin was on vacation for that one week, and Randy was doing open to close. It’s hard to get to know someone in one week’s time. I don’t even know if he’s married.” “I guess we’ll find out, after the 1st of December, I just so hate to see Justin leaving. I hope he’s not a homophobe, or we may both lose our jobs.” “You will have a job, baby,” Jamie commented, “I already told you that Anthony said he would hire you in a heartbeat, if you want to be a server.” “Justin told me that Randy is aware of our situation,” DJ explained, “and that we have nothing to fear. I hope Justin is right. I have to be at work at 10 tomorrow morning, and I think I’m ready to crash.” “Me too, baby, and I’m scheduled 4 to 9 tomorrow, I got most of my homework done tonight, while I was waiting for you guys.” “Are you guys going to bed to sleep,” I said, smiling,” or to play?” “Sleep,” DJ answered, smirking, “unless Jamie gets too frisky!” “I’m waiting up for Joe, Oh, I didn’t tell you about his phone call with his Mom last night,” I stated, “You know that she is coming to our wedding. She told him last night that she want’s to hang around for a couple of weeks. She wants to get to know me, and both of you.” “Both of us?” Jamie questioned. “Yep, her grandson, and his boyfriend. Joe and I discussed that maybe she could use our bedroom, while we’re on our honeymoon, and you boys could kind of keep tabs on her. You know she is 83 years old. Not too many her age would even accept our kinds of relationships, but she seems completely open minded to it.” “I so much want to know her,” DJ responded, “She will be my only grandparent! We’d be glad to watch over her.” “You might have to break some habits,” I remarked, “like maybe getting dressed before you leave your room in the mornings.” “We could do that!” Jamie exclaimed, we at least wear our underwear, even at my house. Dad sits around in his too.” As the boys left the kitchen and headed to their room, I’m suddenly picturing Carl Seldon sitting around in his skivvies. Joe arrived shortly, and I told him about the store meeting. He wondered, since Jamie doesn’t have to be to work until 4:00 tomorrow, if he would like to help him get the rest of the stuff from his apartment, and he could turn in the key and be done with it. I told him the boys had just gone to bed about 10 minutes ago, so why didn’t he just ask Jamie. Joe cautiously opened up the door to the boy’s room, and it was dark inside. “Jamie,” Joe said softly, “are you still awake?” “Yeah, Joe, I’m still awake.” “Would you like to help me move the rest of my stuff from the apartment tomorrow, before we go to work?” “Do we need a truck?” Jamie asked. “Nah, its just a few boxes, and some clothing. It’ll all fit in one carload.” “Sure, Joe, DJ has to leave for work about 9:30 AM. Get me up when you all get up, and we can do that after DJ leaves.” “Thanks, Jamie, good night.” “Joe,” Jamie asked, “would you like to—tuck us in?” “Sure,” Joe replied, to Jamie’s unusual request. Joe reached over and tucked the covers around DJ, kissing him on the forehead, then did the same with Jamie, kissing him on the cheek. “Goodnight, Dad,” DJ said, and Jamie followed with “Goodnight Joe, thank you.” Jamie, after Joe left, “It always feels so good to have a parent tuck you in like that. Mom or Dad always tucked me in, until I was about 13 or 14.” “I don’t remember ever being tucked in before,” DJ lamented, “it made me feel—loved!” Jamie, squeezing DJ’s hand, “DJ, you are loved, please don’t ever doubt it!” The two young men soon fell asleep. Joe and I soon retired to our room, got naked, and cuddled up together. It’s so easy to fall asleep when you’re lying in bed with that special someone you love. It’s almost as intimate as having sex with the one you love. * * * * * * Tuesday morning, November 28th DJ’s phone alarm disturbed him at 7:30 AM. He arose, slipped out of bed and got some bladder relief in the bathroom, and went to the kitchen and started coffee brewing while Jamie continued to sleep peacefully. When the coffee was done, DJ decided to awaken the ‘Dad’s’ and let them know the coffee was ready. Joe got out of bed immediately and headed into the bathroom, and I motioned DJ to crawl into our bed with me. It took no persuasion and DJ was lying next to me, our naked bodies so lovingly close. Joe came back, and slid back into our bed, creating a reverse Oreo, with DJ being the filling. DJ was familiar with the feeling of my naked body, but wasn’t used to Joe’s much hairier body, and giggled as Joe’s hairy chest tickled his back, but he wasn’t about to bail. Joe and I were both having our way with DJ, caressing his body, kissing his forehead, cheeks, lips, neck, and nipples. DJ’s body is as smooth as silk, even with the Goosebumps periodically forming. The only body hair DJ owns is on his armpits, and his pubes, and he does need to shave a couple times a week. Even his arms and legs are nearly hairless. Our hands were roaming all over his body, avoiding his genitals, at least most of the time. DJ, grinning, “What are you guys doing to me?” “I don’t know, Son,” I answered, “but if you don’t like it, we can stop.” “You don’t need to stop, it actually feels—I don’t know—wonderful, and so loving. My whole body in is ecstasy. If I didn’t have to go to work, I’d give you all day to stop. By the way, the coffee is ready, but I’m loving the cozy feeling of being here, between both of you! I just want to stay here, feeling warm, safe, secure and loved.” “I guess,” Joe commented, “we were successful. That’s exactly how we want you to feel, warm, safe, secure, and above all, loved. I hope we didn’t get you feeling too horny, that was not our intention.” “I did notice that you didn’t touch the one area that likely would have made me want to jack it off, or get it sucked. That was much more sensual, rather than sexual, and I loved it. Don’t get me wrong, I do like sex, but I prefer that be with just one certain man.” We know very well who that certain man is. We all slid out of bed and headed to the kitchen for that first cup of coffee. It’s now pushing toward 9:00 AM and DJ has to leave in about 30 to 40 minutes. I put on the apron and prepared to make DJ some breakfast, as I don’t want him to go to work hungry. Joe and I will probably eat after Jamie wakes up and we’ve finished with coffee. “Doug,” Joe commented, right after DJ left, “Do you think their relationship will stand the test of time?” “I don’t know. I realize they’ve only known each other for about 8 months, but it seems like they are forever getting even closer, if that is even possible. They’re almost inside each other’s skins.” “Don’t they ever fight?” “If they do, it’s never within earshot. I’ve never even heard either of them say a cross word to the other. They occasionally discuss things, but never does a voice raise, from either of them. I really think that they may have the kind of relationship that most couples, gay or straight, only dream of having. Will it last? Only time will tell.” “Well,” Joe commented, “They’re both extremely attractive boys, one of these days some other boy is going to make a play for one of them. I hope you’re right, and their love for each other will prevail. Time will tell.” My phone rang, and it was Annie. “Hi Annie, how are you?” “I’m great, Doug, I got those photo’s yesterday, and we have some winners. Wait till you see them!” “Annie, I’m in suspense, I don’t know if I can wait. You know I want to see them ASAP!” “Doug, I got two sets of all the prints, one for you and one for me. I’ll be home all day, if you want to stop by, or maybe I can have Matt drop them off to you, as he knows how to get to your place.” “Annie, I’m leaving as soon as I can get dressed, I’ll be there in about half an hour.” “OK Doug, see you shortly.” She hung up. “DJ’s party pictures?” Joe asked. “Yeah, Joe, can you get breakfast for Jamie and yourself? I’m going to pick up those photos at Annie’s house.” I quickly dressed, and headed out to get those photos. Joe slipped into the boys room and woke Jamie up. Jamie jumped out of bed and……. “Joe! I gotta pee so bad, and I’ve got morning wood. I don’t think I can bend it down far enough, and I’m about to start squirting!” “Come to the bathroom, and I’ll show you a trick.” Joe headed to the bathroom and reached into the wastebasket and retrieved an empty toilet paper tube. He told Jamie to stick the end of his penis into the paper core, and tip it down toward the toilet and let your pee go. As Joe predicted, the pee swirled inside the tube and dribbled a healthy stream into the toilet, and Jamie breathed a sigh of relief. Once relieved, Jamie’s erection started to deflate. He dropped the paper core back into the wastebasket. “That’s a pretty neat trick, Joe!” Jamie exclaimed, “I guess you’ve used it before.” “Yeah, a few times. When you have an erection that tries to see the sky, like yours, it’s nearly impossible to bend it down far enough to pee into the toilet. If push comes to shove, you can always pee into the shower, then turn on the spray to rinse it down the drain.” “Eew, that’s nasty!” “Not really, Jamie, do you know that pee, direct from the bladder is actually sterile? You could drink it, and it wouldn’t harm you, but it might not taste too great. There is actually a very small group of gay guys, and a few straight people, that have a pee fetish, and they actually like to have others piss in their mouths and drink it. I had a guy drink mine once, many years ago, when I was about your age.” “Wow! I’ll admit I like one thing that comes out of a cock, but I don’t think I would want to try swallowing pee. Thanks, Joe, for telling me something I didn’t need to know!” “Hey,” Joe said, chuckling, “different strokes for different folks. I’m going to fix us some breakfast, and we can go get the rest of the stuff from my apartment, and I will be all moved in.” After they ate, Jamie went with Joe to pick up the remainder of his belongings that was still in the apartment. On the way Joe made a stop at the Post Office, and filed a change of address to our home address, for first class mail only. No need to have junk mail forwarded to his new address. When Joe and Jamie returned, I had laid out all the photos on the kitchen table. Some of them were really Epic. The one Annie took, when we all yelled ‘Surprise’ showed DJ’s mouth opened so far his chin was nearly on the floor. The photo of Jamie holding DJ up was really cute. The look of disbelief on his face when he saw that picture of the Tracker, and the note on the back was hilarious. Anyone walking by, and hearing us laughing, would think our house was an insane asylum. We were laughing so hard, that our sides were aching. DJ probably won’t see the humor when he see these photos tonight, but I’m betting he will laugh when he looks at them a few years from now. I put the photos away for now. I have to be to work at 3 until 9, and Joe’s Partner, Mike, will be picking him up here at the house about 3:00 PM, Jamie has an extra hour, as he has to be to work at 4 until 9. DJ will be getting off at 6, but I don’t plan to let him see the photos until I get home, about 9:30 and Jamie should also be home about then. DJ got home about 6:20, fixed himself a snack, and did his homework. He finished that and just relaxed on his bed until he heard me come in with Jamie about 9:20. He came into the kitchen and joined us. I brought out the photos, and we showed them to DJ. He was looking at them so seriously, and Jamie and I were cracking up—again. “You guys,” DJ remarked, “are having an awful lot of fun at my expense. I look terrible, there’s nothing funny about these photos!” then, as Jamie and I are laughing hysterically, we saw a grin start to form on DJ’s face. “I don’t know how, or when,” DJ threatened, “but I’m going to get you guys back!” DJ is genuinely smiling now, and even starting to laugh. “DJ,” Jamie said, “we need to get to my house, and get some sleep, we have school in the morning.” “It’s 10:30,” I said, “why don’t you both just sleep here tonight and go to school from here in the morning.” “I guess we could,” Jamie replied, “let me call Mom and let her know.” Jamie made the call, and asked his Mom to hold a minute, “DJ are you working tomorrow?” DJ, checking the schedule on the fridge, “I’m off.” “Mom, we’re both off tomorrow, so we CAN come there after school. See you about 4:00 PM. Goodnight, and we love you.” Jamie’s phone rang again. “Yeah Mom?” Phone: “Did you get registered for next semester?” Jamie: Yes Mom, we did that yesterday, we’re all set. I’ll tell you our schedule tomorrow after we get there. Good night, and thanks for the reminder.” “I’m not used to you guys being here on school mornings,” I said, “What time do you need to leave here?” “About 9:20, our first class is at 10:00,” Jamie replied. “Okay, Sons, I’ll plan breakfast for about 8:45, is that early enough?” “That’ll be fine, Dad, thank you,” Jamie answered. Both of the boys wrapped their arms around my neck, Jamie kissed me on the cheek, and DJ kissed me on the lips. They then told me goodnight, and headed to their room. Joe got home about 5 minutes later. “Hi baby,” I greeted him, “Are you hungry?” “No, Mike and I took a break at Taco Bell about 9:00, Doug, I’m all moved out of the apartment, I still have some things in the car to bring in, but I am officially living here now. I changed my address at the Post Office today, and changed my address at the PD also.” “Joe, I think I’m ready for bed. You probably noticed that both DJ’s and Jamie’s cars are here. I need to rise earlier than usual to fix them some breakfast before they go to school in the morning, and they need to leave here about 9:20.” “Then let’s do it, I’m tired too,” Joe said. Joe took off his belt, with the weapons, and locked them in the safe. I set my alarm for 7:30, Joe and I stripped and slipped into bed. I suspect everyone was sound asleep by 11:30, maybe before. * * * * * * Wednesday morning, November 29, my alarm woke me at 7:30 AM. I started the coffee and entered the boy’s room, gently shaking their shoulders to wake them. They were both in the kitchen by 7:45, Jamie poured a glass of juice and DJ a mug of coffee, and I started to cook our breakfast of eggs, corned beef hash and English Muffins. Joe was still sleeping. “Dad,” DJ commented, “you were going to give me a grocery list, so I can get the things we need to make the potato salad Sunday.” “Sure, Son,” I told him, “take one of those note papers to write on, and I’ll tell you what you need. 10 pounds of Redskin potatoes, a sweet red pepper, about 3 cucumbers, a stalk of celery and a quart jar of Duke’s mayonnaise.” “That’s it?” DJ questioned. “We have plenty of onions, and all the herbs and seasonings we’ll need. You might want to add a small bunch of fresh parsley for garnish.” “What’s garnish?” “It’s like, trimming, to make it look pretty, but it’s still edible, maybe, since it’s a Christmas party, add a small container of grape or cherry tomatoes, also for garnish. The red tomatoes and green parsley are Christmas colors.” DJ added parsley and tomatoes to his list. “Speaking of Christmas, DJ, ” Jamie commented, “Mom want’s us to put the outdoor lights on the tree in the front yard and set up and decorate the Christmas Tree tonight.” “I’ve never done that before, I don’t know how,” DJ responded. “I’ll help you baby,” Jamie replied, smiling, “it’ll be fun.” Tears welled in my eyes, there are so many things that DJ has never experienced. Happy things, and family things. Christmas is supposed to be a happy time of the year and this will be his first real family Christmas with his newly acquired and loving family. I wonder if his former family even celebrated Christmas at all. I’m smiling as the boys are eating, and enjoying the breakfast I have prepared for them. To me, cooking a meal for these two amazing young men is not a chore, it’s a pure joy. A joy that I’ve never experienced in my lifetime, until the last few months. Why did I have to wait so many years to experience the joy of fatherhood. I got cheated too. Had DJ not come into my life, I probably would have died, alone and lonely. Even the happiness I have with Joe is due to DJ’s coming into my life. DJ brought Joe and I back together, and we will soon be husbands. The boys finished eating, went to their room, dressed for school and grabbed their backpacks, kissing and hugging me on their way out, jumped into the Tracker and headed for campus. I know they will be staying at Jamie’s house tonight, and probably tomorrow night, but they should be here with us again on Friday night. They may not always be in my arms, but they are always and forever in my heart! Joe is off today and tomorrow, and I have to work both days. When Joe finally woke up, I fixed us both some breakfast. Joe, since he is off today, is planning to run the cables to hook up his computer and the TV in our room. After breakfast, I showed Joe the photos of DJ’s party, and we both nearly died laughing, me for the second time. * * * * * * About 4:15 Wednesday afternoon the boys arrived at the Seldon’s home after their last class ended. Karen suggested they put up the outdoor lights before eating, while there was still some daylight left. Jamie pulled down the folding stairway and went into the attic, and handed DJ the three large plastic storage containers that held all the Christmas decorations. They found the outdoor lights, the old fashioned ones with the large bulbs in all colors. (The kind of bulbs that kids like to steal, and throw on the sidewalk and make a loud ‘pop’ when they break) Jamie went to the garage and got the 10 foot step ladder, and with DJ’s help, they strung the lights on the spruce tree in the front yard. Jamie went back to the garage and got the long extension cord and they connected it between an outside outlet and the tree. The boys then walked down the driveway to view the lit tree from the street. “It’s beautiful!” DJ blurted. “I’ve usually had to do it all by myself,” Jamie replied, “It was much easier and more fun with you here to help me. I love you so much!” The two hugged, and shared a passionate and romantic kiss at the end of the drive by the street. If anyone saw them, they could have cared less. They went back to the tree and got the ladder and returned it to the garage, then entered the house through the kitchen door, hanging their jackets and ski caps on the halltree. Karen, as she ladled two bowls of homemade vegetable beef soup, “The tree looks good! There is plenty of soup, if you guys want seconds.” Then she set down two grilled cheese sandwiches to go with the soup. She then ladled a third bowl for herself, and sat down with the boys. “Wow! This soup is fantastic,” DJ exclaimed, “I can tell it didn’t come out of any can!” “Mom never makes soup that isn’t great,” Jamie commented. “Thanks, guys.” Karen said, smiling, “I’m glad you like it.” DJ, finishing his bowl, “Can I get a refill?” “Sure,” Karen answered, “just help yourselves.” Both boys ladled second bowls full. Karen loves to see these boys enjoy eating her food, It makes cooking from scratch worth the extra time and effort it takes. After eating, the boys tackled the artificial Christmas Tree, and with Karen’s sidewalk supervision, finished the trimming about 2 hours later. DJ quickly learned how to trim a tree properly. It was another first time experience in his new life. Having Karen tell them both how beautiful it was caused DJ to smile. Karen loves DJ’s smile, it’s so real and sincere. Jamie put the nearly empty decoration containers back into the attic. The boys headed to their room, stripped to their boxer-briefs (yes, they both wear boxer-briefs now) and played games on the play station until nearly 11:00 PM. They then came out, Karen was watching TV, and the boys both stood in the living room doorway, still in their boxer-briefs, and holding hands, admiring the Christmas Tree. “How about some cookies and milk,” Karen offered, “before you go to bed?” “Sounds great!” DJ responded, as the boys followed Karen into the kitchen. Karen placed a tub of homemade oatmeal and raisin cookies in the center of the table, and got three glasses from the cupboard and filled them with milk. She then sat down, in between the two boys. Karen, reaching into the tub of cookies, grinning “I like them too.” Karen and Carl thoroughly enjoy having these two young men in their home, and in their lives. They both hate the nights that the boys spend at my house, as their own home feels so empty without the boys there. I feel the same, when the boys are at the Seldon’s home. Maybe Joe and I should move in to the Seldon’s home and take over one of their spare bedrooms, and we could all enjoy having the two young men at home, every night. How four grown adults could feel so much desire to have these boys around all the time is beyond my comprehension. It is what it is. * * * * * * Thursday morning, November 30th I am a little depressed, as this is the last day Justin is officially the manager of our store. Even though he’ll be around, part time, until the 9th of December. We, the employees, have been discussing having a farewell party for him. He has been a superb manager, and we will all miss him, a lot. He has always been there for us, and he is more like family than a boss. I suspect things may get emotional tonight, when DJ, Justin and I all leave together at 9:00 PM for the last time. Randy will be there also, as Justin will be handing over the keys to him, so that he can open tomorrow morning. I’m certain it will be especially hard on DJ, Justin was the one person to give DJ a chance, and I know that Justin and DJ have a ‘special’ relationship. I think DJ has always thought of Justin as being like a second father to him. About 2:00 PM, Joe and I were having lunch together when DJ and Jamie arrived. DJ and I are scheduled to work at 3:00, and he wanted to put on a clean shirt. Jamie was picking up his car, and going back home, as he didn’t need to be to work until 5:00 PM. Jamie came in, just for a minute, gave both Joe and myself a hug, and took off. DJ sat with Joe and I at the table, I offered him something to eat, and he said they had already eaten a big meal at Jamie’s. DJ, suddenly having tears running down his face, “Dad, I don’t want Justin to leave!” “DJ,” I tried to explain, “Justin is just doing what everyone wants to do, climb the ladder of success. He’s been given a larger store, with more responsibility, and a higher salary. Maybe his next step will be to become a supervisor, with even more responsibility, and an even higher salary. He’s doing what is best for him, and his family. We all want to do what is best for our loved ones.” “I—I—kind of understand. I wish there was something I could give him, to remember me by.” “Maybe there is something. Hold on a minute.” I went to the computer desk and picked up the photo of DJ, the day of his adoption. I still have another on my dresser, and I can, if need be, get more copies made. “DJ,” I said, handing him the photo, “I think Justin would like this.” DJ smiled through his tears. “I hope so, Dad, could you take your camera to work today, and get me a couple of pictures of Justin, so I can have them, to remember him by?” “Sure, Son, and we better get ready to leave. We don’t want to be late, on Justin’s last day as manager.” DJ and I quickly dressed, I grabbed my camera, and we left in separate cars, as DJ would be going to Jamie’s for the night and I would be coming home, to Joe. DJ took the photo with him. DJ and I both clocked in at 2:57, Justin looked up at the clock and smiled. “Justin,” I said, with camera in hand, “Someone special asked me to get a couple of photos of you, for memories sake, do you mind?” Justin knew. “Not at all, if that someone is willing to be in a photo with me!” I motioned to DJ to come with us, and we walked out in front of the store. I took a couple of shots of just Justin, and then a couple of Justin, with his arm around DJ’s shoulders. “Thanks, Justin, let me put this camera in the car.” DJ made a quick trip to his Tracker, and picked up the photo I had given him. Justin walked back to the pharmacy, and DJ came back in and also headed to the pharmacy. “Justin,” DJ spoke softly, “I wanted to give you something to remember me by,” and handed the photo to Justin. Justin looked at the photo and his eyes suddenly started to water, and he held the photo to his breast. “Thank you, DJ,” Justin said softly, “even without this, I could never forget you.” DJ went out to the store area to help a customer find what they were looking for, and I picked up the box of deliveries and left. A little later Justin asked me if I could get some extra prints, not of the photos of him, but the ones of him and DJ together. I told him I would be happy to do that. * * * * * * I returned to the store, after making my last deliveries, about 8:45. DJ was closing cashier, Justin and Randy were both in the pharmacy. Justin unlocked and opened a draw, showing Randy the spare set of keys, for the assistant manager, and was going through the procedures and passwords for the alarm system and the computer system. “Randy,” Justin stated, “I’ll give you my keys now, and you can set the alarm and lock up tonight, when we leave.” Then, “Randy, you should remember Doug Kendall, he is our delivery person, and also DJ’s father.” Randy had a strange and questioning look on his face. DJ had been counting the register, setting the till for the next shift. He walked over and turned off the ‘OPEN’ sign, and brought the cash register draw to be placed in the safe, and the envelope holding the deposit to be made, placing both in the safe, and Justin closed the safe. “Welcome back, Dad,” DJ spoke. “Justin,” Randy asked, “you don’t count behind the cashiers?” “Not as a rule, all of our cashiers are pretty accurate money counters. Only if there is a discrepancy between the deposit and the sales, and they will tell me if they don’t match.” “Justin, you said that Doug, here, is DJ’s father?” “Randy,” Justin replied, “I told you that DJ and Doug were father and son.” “But,” Randy stumbled, “does DJ just live with Doug—or ?” “I’ll help you out Randy,” I explained, “I adopted DJ, legally, and he is my very own loving Son. I am Douglas Ryan Kendall, and DJ is Douglas Joseph Kendall.” Randy nodding, “Ok, I understand now.” DJ is grinning. DJ loves to hear, or see, his full name. “Randy,” Justin spoke, “DJ has a knack for tugging at peoples heartstrings, he’ll steal your heart, just like he stole Doug’s and mine. You’ll not find a father and son any closer than these two are to each other. DJ is an exceptional young man, and an outstanding employee.” “Randy, we’re closed, and it’s time to go home. I’ll walk with you, and you can set the alarm, and we leave together, and you can lock the door.” Randy turned out the overhead lights, leaving the security lights on, set the alarm, and we all headed out the door, Randy locked it behind us. He looked at the door, and there was lettering that stated ‘Justin Wade, General Manager’. “I guess I need to get that changed,” Randy commented, pointing at the lettering. “DJ, do you work tomorrow?” “4 to 9, sir,” DJ replied, “I hope I can please you, sir.” “DJ!” Randy responded, “you don’t have to be so damned proper, I go by ‘Randy’. “I guess that’s a carryover from my year in military academy, sir—Randy.” Randy, putting his arm around DJ’s shoulders, “DJ, I promised Justin I would take care of you, and I try really hard not to break promises. You do your job and we’ll be just fine. I’ll see you tomorrow at 4:00” “Thank you, Randy, goodnight, and goodnight Justin.” Joe is waiting for me at home, as he is off today. DJ took off for Jamie’s house, as they are going from there to school in the morning, and Justin just went home to his wife and kids. I don’t know yet where Randy is living, or staying. Randy is thinking to himself that DJ is a delightful young man, and Justin is right, DJ can steal hearts, without even trying. Justin had told him that Doug was soon to marry Joe, a local police officer, and that DJ and his boyfriend were both in community college, pursuing careers as Pharmacy Technicians, but he’s not ready to let either Doug or DJ know, that he knows their little secrets. (Is there really any secret) DJ drove to Jamie’s, and Jamie was not there yet. DJ knocked at the kitchen door, and Karen answered it, looking surprised. “Why are you knocking?” Karen asked, “This door is normally unlocked and you can just walk in.” “Well,” DJ replied, “it’s just not polite to just walk into someone’s house without knocking.” “Honey,” Karen explained, “don’t you know that this is your home too? You’re not a stranger, you’re family. You’re our other son!” Karen wrapped her arms around DJ and kissed him tenderly on the lips. “I think I got out of work a little sooner than Jamie, but he should be along shortly. We were both scheduled off at 9:00. “Can you handle some more of that soup?” Karen asked. “Sure!” DJ exclaimed, smiling, while taking off his jacket and hanging it up on the hall tree. Karen, taking the pot from the fridge and placing it on the stove, “Maybe you and Jamie can finish it off, and I can wash the pot. Did you meet your new manager tonight? And what do you think of him?” “He’s not Justin, but he seems pretty cool. I’ll be working with him tomorrow and probably the new assistant manager too, her name is Gloria, but I haven’t met her yet. Randy told me he promised Justin that he would take care of me, and as long as I do my job we’d get along fine.” Jamie walked in, just when the soup was ready, and the boys did finish it off, complete with more of the oatmeal raisin cookies. It was getting late, and the boys soon went to bed, as they had school tomorrow. They spent just a few minutes, kissing and caressing each other and both fell asleep in each other’s arms. * * * * * * It’s Friday, December 1st and Karen was trying to figure what to fix the boys for breakfast. She looked at the clock, wondering why the boys had not shown their faces yet. They are usually up around 8:00 AM and it’s nearly 8:30. She was afraid they might be oversleeping, so she went to their room and knocked on the door. A groggy “come in” answered, so she opened the door, and announced that it was 8:30 already. “Oh, shit!” Jamie exclaimed, throwing the covers off and exposing both of their naked bodies. Karen wheeled around, closing the door behind her. She suspected they might sleep naked, now she knew. She grinned a little and went back to the kitchen, shaking her head. She beat up some eggs in the blender and made them Ham and Cheese omelets. The boys came out to the kitchen wearing boxer-briefs, ate and drank their juice and coffee. There was no time for a shower this morning. “Well,” Karen stated, grinning,” I got one curiosity answered today. I’ve somehow suspected that you guys slept naked, now I know you do.” Both boys suddenly felt the blood rushing to their faces. Then “It’s OK, I think you may just take after your parents!” “Mom,” Jamie remarked, “Are you saying that you and Dad sleep, that way?” “More often than not,” Karen admitted, “It feels good. Shouldn’t people sleep in comfort? If you’re comfortable sleeping raw, then why should anyone care? It’s not like you’re naked out in public.” “I think, Jamie,” DJ said, “Mom’s on our side!” Jamie smiled. “What are your schedules today?” Karen asked. Jamie answered, “DJ is driving us to school and back here this afternoon, so we can change, then we’re driving separately to work, and then to DJ’s for the night. We both are scheduled to work at 4:00 but DJ gets off at 9:00 and I won’t be off until 11:00.” “Did Joe get all moved in?” Karen asked. “Yep,” Jamie answered, “He and I got the last of his stuff from the apartment on Tuesday, so he is officially living at DJ’s and Doug’s. Now that Joe is on afternoon shift, he’s home every night, and it’s made Dad pretty happy too, as he no longer has to sleep alone.” “There’s just one more piece to the puzzle,” DJ added, “but January 14th is coming, the day they get married. I can hardly wait. We may have a little different kind of family, but we’re a very happy family. There sure is a lot of love in our home!” “DJ, it’s almost 9:15, we need to get dressed and get out of here!” Jamie exclaimed. The boys ran to their room, put on school clothes, came back to the kitchen, kissed Karen goodbye, donned their jackets and fled. Friday was pretty uneventful at school, they were still doing review, as final exams were next week. I worked my normal shift at the store from 3:00 until 9:00, and DJ from 4:00 until 9:00. Randy introduced both of us to Gloria, and she took over as manager from 5:00 to close. It seemed a little weird, especially to DJ, to be working with a female manager, but she seemed to know her job well, and there were no problems. She mentioned to me, on the qt, that she thought DJ was a sweetheart, so evidently she likes DJ. Gloria seems to be in her late 30’s, she is black, but very pleasant. I’m not certain how the management schedule will be, it’s been a long time since we’ve had an assistant manager at this store. I was in from the last deliveries shortly after 8:00 PM and Gloria asked me to please empty the trash containers, and take the trash to the dumpster. I’d never been asked to do that before, but her attitude was so pleasant, I couldn’t refuse. I’d guess, since I’m on the clock, I wouldn’t have a right to refuse, anyway. At 8:55, with no customers in the store, DJ started to count the till, and when he took the draw and the money to the back Gloria said she was going to do a recount. I want to talk with Randy, about maybe giving me Wednesdays and Thursdays off so I can be off the same nights as Joe. Gloria wouldn’t let DJ clock out, until she finished the recount, which let him gain an extra 10 minutes. The recount, of course, showed there were no discrepancies. I clocked out at 9:00 so left a few minutes ahead of DJ. After DJ clocked out, DJ and Gloria left together, and Gloria locked the door behind them. Gloria, as they headed toward their parked cars, “Good job, sweetie, see you tomorrow.” DJ, smiling, “Thank you, ma’am.” DJ loves complements. I’m at home, trying to conjure up something to feed us all, and my phone rang, it was DJ. “Hi Son, is everything ok? “Yeah, Dad, what time does the market close?” “I’m not positive, DJ, I think 11:00 but it might be 10:00.” “I thought I’d go pick up those items we need for the salad, and maybe some Ice Cream.” “OK, while you’re there would you grab a gallon of milk? I need it to finish cooking our supper.” “Sure Dad, see you in a few, I love you.” I can’t help but think that the three simple words ‘I Love You’ were probably not even in DJ’s vocabulary a year ago, and today he uses them on a daily basis. He’s changed a lot, in eight months, and all in a positive direction. I sure do love, and admire him. Now I know what I can fix us, I have two family sized Mac and Cheese dinners, and no milk, but we will have when DJ gets here. Mac and Cheese, with fried Spam, it’s what’s for dinner. DJ’s phone rang, it was Jamie. “Hi Baby.” “DJ, do you want me to get a big pizza and bring home?” “I don’t think so, not tonight, Dad’s cooking up something for us.” “OK baby, see you about 11:30, I love you.” “I love you too, Jamie.” DJ got home about 10:15 with the goods from the market. He put the Ice Cream in the freezer, I told him to leave the milk out, and he put the potatoes and Mayo down in a cupboard, and the perishables in the fridge. I already had the macaroni cooked and drained. Two family sized packages of Mac and Cheese make quite a bit, but there are four of us, and two are teens, well, almost, as DJ is now 20. I went ahead and finished the Mac and Cheese, and left it on a burner on Warm. I planned to fry the Spam about 15 minutes before Jamie would be arriving. Joe walked in at just about 11:00, and I told him my supper plans. He gave me a loving hug and kiss, and sat down at the table. “Dad,” DJ questioned, “Do we have any Christmas Decorations?” I was a simple enough and innocent question, and really only needed a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, but it wasn’t that easy. The simple answer would be ‘no’ but I needed to explain it. “Son, we don’t have any Christmas Decorations. Until now, I’ve never needed them. I’ve lived alone, in this house, for thirty-some years. I had no close relatives or friends, no one to love, and no one to love me. I never decorated this house, never had a Christmas Tree, I never could get into the holiday spirit.” Jamie evidently got out a little earlier than 11:00 as he just walked in the door, quietly kissed DJ, and sat down, listening to my rant. Joe came to my rescue, realizing I couldn’t cook, and say what I needed to explain, at the same time, and finished preparing our supper. He finished the Mac and Cheese, and sliced the Spam, and fried it. “DJ, my life was a lot like yours was, before we met. Yes, I held a job, I paid my bills, my biggest form of entertainment was to watch a little TV, and even that was boring. I didn’t do anything, I didn’t even go out and have a few drinks with friends, because I had no friends, and the only thing booze would do is get me drunk, and give me a headache the next morning.” “Was I supposed to decorate my house, just so passers by could see it? So I could look at it and say ‘Doug, your house is pretty’. So who really gave a fuck, whether I put up decorations or not.” “Christmas is supposed to be a time of family gatherings, cheer, happiness, celebrations with loved ones and friends. Humbug!” “Maybe, DJ, just maybe, we can turn this old ship around, and head it into warmer waters. This Christmas will be different, for me, than the last 30 or 40 Christmas’s. I have something this year that I haven’t had before. I have a Son, a Son that means everything to me.” “A year ago, I didn’t care if I lived or died, life was of no value to me, I just existed from day to day. And then, like magic, things started to change. The very first day I met you, I started to love you, and every time we were in contact, I loved you more. I soon wanted to be your father. And I worked toward that goal, until I made you mine, all mine. Now I have a reason to live.” It wasn’t my intention to make DJ cry, but he was shedding about a gallon of tears. Jamie wrapped his arms around DJ, trying to console him, and had some tears of his own, sliding down his face. “DJ, I think you are competent and smart enough, that you probably could make it on your own. You now have friends that have come to know you, that would help you. What you may not know, is that you are my life support. Things have changed, I need you now, more than you need me. DJ, you are my world!” “DJ,” Joe commented, “Doug and I do love each other a lot, but I’m second fiddle. There is no way I can compete with you for Doug’s love. There is no love any stronger than a loving father’s love for his son. I am pretty anxious for Doug and I to become husbands, and I can also share my love with you. That’s bullshit, I already do love you, unconditionally, just like your Dad does. You’ve got two very loving fathers, and our marriage will just strengthen our family and make it more legitimate.” I reached in my wallet and took out four $20.00 bills. “Tomorrow is Saturday,” I said, handing the $80.00 to DJ, “Take your boyfriend, and go get some Christmas Decorations, and make this house Christmassy! We’re going to have a Merry Christmas this year!” DJ, dry those lovely brown eyes, and give us a smile." When DJ smiles, it melts hearts. It's so sincere and so beautiful. We finally ate, there was more Mac and Cheese than we could eat, so I put the rest in the fridge for leftovers. None of us needs to get up early tomorrow, all four of us are scheduled at 3:00 PM and we all went to bed, after eating. DJ spoke, "Jamie, you are going to help me decorate, aren't you?" "Sure, baby, shall we get a tree? I think, with some rearranging, we can make room in the den for maybe a 3 or 4 foot tree." "I'd like that, Jamie, and maybe we can pick up a couple of Christmas CD's, I doubt Dad has any. Goodnight, baby." The two boys shared a passionate kiss, and drifted off. (to be continued)
  5. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 11

    Joe's new partner is cool, but straight. About the drug store, a little unsettling, but it will work out OK.
  6. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 11

    The week of November 13th went pretty much normal, and nothing special really happened. On Tuesday, while DJ was working his shift, both Jamie and I did some sneaky chores. Jamie visited Game Stop and purchased some PS3 games that he hopes DJ will like. I took my camera to Walgreen’s and had the photo of the Tracker for DJ made into a couple of prints, one that I could show to a few people when DJ wasn’t around and one to put in with the card I had purchased for DJ. While at Walgreen’s I got another house key made, as Joe will need one. This is Joe’s first week on the afternoon shift. Wednesday morning I received a phone call from Annie, Matt’s mom. “Doug,” she asked, are you in a position to talk, or is DJ close by?” “Annie,” I replied, “DJ is in classes today, isn’t Matt in school also?” “Yes, he is, I should have known DJ would be there also. Matt’s all bent out of shape. DJ’s birthday is a week from tomorrow, and Matt has no clue as to what to give him, and that is why I’m calling. Actually, I don’t either. Has DJ even mentioned anything he would like, for his Birthday?” “To be honest, Annie, I don’t think DJ is even aware that it IS his birthday. You know that his former family never acknowledged it. I’ve purchased a used Geo Tracker, for him, but of course he doesn’t know about it. We’re picking it up at the dealership the day after Thanksgiving. Jamie helped me pick it out, and I think he probably knows DJ’s likes better than anyone. We wished it was red, but he’s going to have to settle for orange.” “Doug, what kind of music does DJ usually listen to?” “Annie, I’ve never heard him play any music. He doesn’t have a radio or a CD player, and he never has adjusted the radio in my car. He took Jamie, well, Jamie drove, but they went to the Water Hole Saturday night, and the band played some oldies. Sunday he asked if I had ‘Sleepwalk’, I pulled it out and he put it on the old CD player I have in the den. He and Jamie started slow dancing to it, and, just got lost in each other. Annie, it was beautiful to watch them, those two are so much in love with each other.” “Wait a minute, Doug, you just said that DJ didn’t have a CD player or Radio, do you think he would like a CD player?” “He probably would. He just discovered Sunday that I have over 400 CD’s, but they’re all from the 60, 70 and 80’s. I think they might want to check out more of that music.” “Thanks, Doug, I think we just solved Matt’s dilemma. Actually, it’s our dilemma, I didn’t know what to get him either. Is there anything else you want to talk about?” “Not that I can think of, Annie, I was good to hear from you, and I guess we’ll see you and Matt on Thanksgiving morning?” WAIT! There is something. Do you have a descent camera?” “Yes I do, Doug, do you need to borrow it?” “It and you. I have a camera, but Joe and I will be bringing DJ in for the party, and won’t be in a position to grab some, likely, awesome photos. I’d love to see his face when we all shock him that morning, and have some memorable photos of the occasion.” “I will be prepared, Doug, and try to capture some great memories. See you Thanksgiving morning, and thanks for the helpful information.” After we hung up, it occurred to me that I do think Annie is an angel in disguise. She is rescuing me again, as I was trying to figure out a way to get pictures. Joe will be with us, so he wouldn’t be able to do it. Just a few minutes after Annie and I finished our conversation, I received a call from Joe. “Hi Joe,” I answered cheerfully. “Good morning, baby,” Joe responded, “I wanted to check and see of you are going to be home today.” “I have to be to work at Three, so I will be home until about 2:30, what’s up?” “Mike and I were planning to drop something off at your house, and we both have to be on duty at 3:00 also. Can we drop by, say around 1:00 or 1:30?” “Sure, Joe, I guess Mike is your new partner?” “You guessed right, Doug, he’s a nice kid, you’ll like him. He’s picking me up at the apartment about noon, then we have to stop at Gun World, and we should be at your house a little after 1:00, you might want to be dressed.” “Ok, Joe, see you then.” About 1:00 I saw a patrol car pull into my drive, and two officers got out and headed toward the back door. Joe opened it and they both stepped inside, Joe stepped in front of me, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me lovingly. Mike watched us, smiling. I guess he knows about Joe and me. “Doug, this is my new partner, Mike Smith, and Mike, my fiancé, Doug Kendall. As I have told you, we’re getting married on January 14th.” Mike, shaking my hand, “I’m glad to meet you, Doug, I’ve heard a lot about you, and I’m happy for the both of you.” He actually even gave me a hug. “I think, Mike, ” Joe stated, “that it will be easier to bring it in through the front door and take it back to the bedroom on the left. We’ll be right back.” Joe and Mike went to the patrol car and slid a fairly large box out of the back seat, and carried it to my bedroom. I didn’t know what it was. I watched, as Joe and Mike removed the box and packing material, and placed it, vertically, next to the tall chest of draws. “Joe,” I asked, “What is that?” “Doug, law requires law enforcement to keep weapons secured in a safe when we’re off duty, if others live in the same household. It’s protection for us, and for everyone else that lives here.” I understood. Mike, looking at DJ’s picture on my dresser, “Doug, who is this?” I answered, smiling proudly, “That, is my son, Douglas Joseph Kendall, aka DJ!”” “He’s black, like me. Joe, you never told me DJ was black!” “I didn’t? It really doesn’t make any difference, does it? He is one of the most captivating and loveable young men I’ve ever met. He will steal your heart, in a heartbeat!” Mike responded, “Doug, he’s handsome, I want to meet him. I think it’s pretty awesome that a white man like you, would take a black kid like DJ under his wing, and even adopt him.” “It’s not hard at all, Mike, when you grow to love him as much as I do. He’s my pride and joy!” “Mike,” Joe stated, “Now that we are partners, you will meet him soon, and he’ll steal your heart too, just like he has ours. I can’t wait to make him my step-son.” “Doug,” Joe stated, “now that I have that safe here, I can stay over anytime. I don’t need to go to the apartment much, except to pack my shit, and get ready to vacate it. By the way, I do have Thanksgiving off, so I will be here next Wednesday night, when I get off duty.” “Oh, Joe!” I exclaimed, “I have something for you, and something to show you.” I reached into my top draw, under my underwear, and pulled out the photo of the Tracker and showed it to Joe and Mike. They both agreed that DJ is going to love it. I told them that Jamie helped me pick it out, and we are to pick it up the day after his birthday. “Now who is Jamie?” Mike asked. “Jamie,” Joe answered, “is DJ’s boyfriend, and he is a sweetheart too.” “Now wait just a damn minute!” Mike exclaimed, “You and Doug are gay, Doug adopted DJ, and he’s gay, and DJ’s got a boyfriend, probably gay, right?” “Yep,” Joe said, smiling, “you got it straight, pun intended” “Well, I am straight,” Mike responded, smiling, “and I guess this is a whole gay household. That’s really cool! Society has changed a lot, in attitudes at least. I’m really pleased that folks like you can live and love how you feel comfortable. Most of the time, nobody really cares. I was cautioned before we became partners, that you were gay. I said that I didn’t really care, as long as you kept your hands to yourself, and I don’t. You’re an experienced police officer and I’m sure I can learn much from you.” “I’m not trying to push you guys out, but it’s 2:00 PM and I have to get shaved, changed and be at work in an hour. Hold tight a sec,” I said, as I went over to the computer desk and got the spare key I’d had made and handed it to Joe, “Now you can get in, even if nobody’s home, it fits both doors.” “No problem,” Joe said, “I think we’ll grab a burger, and we’re on duty at 3:00, I love you baby.” Joe shared a passionate kiss with me while Mike looked on, and then both police officers headed out, got into the patrol car and took off. “I’m wondering,” Mike commented, “how long Doug and DJ have known each other?” “Not even a year, they met in the early spring………” Joe told Mike the whole story, from DJ cutting Doug’s grass to DJ’s adoption. “So,” Mike inquired, “was Doug drawn to DJ or DJ drawn to Doug?” “I really think that they were drawn to each other. Doug saw something in DJ that no one else saw, He gave DJ a sense if worthiness, value, love, and made DJ feel wanted. Doug let DJ know that he cared about him, and for him. As much as Doug and I love and care for each other, I think the love between Doug and DJ is stronger, not as lovers, but as a father and son.” “I noticed, when Doug told me that young man in the picture was his son, you could hear the love in Doug’s voice and see it on his face. I’m so looking forward to meeting that young man, Joe, thank you for your part in rescuing DJ from that terrible home life.” “Mike, in all my 23 years of being a police officer, that was my best day.” The following Tuesday night, Jamie and DJ spent the night at Jamie’s, mostly out of habit. They didn’t have classes this Wednesday because the school was on Thanksgiving break, until the following Monday. They are both scheduled to work Wednesday afternoon. DJ had worked his normal 10 to 6 shift on Tuesday, and one of the night clerks was sick and had called out, so Justin asked DJ if he could work over to closing, and, of course, DJ said he would. Justin released him at 9:00 PM, and he went to the pizzeria to wait for Jamie, who got off at 10:00. They told Karen, before retiring, that they were planning to sleep in the next morning, as they didn’t have classes. The two boys went to their bedroom and quickly stripped and went to bed. They shared a passionate goodnight kiss, and Jamie wrapped his arms around DJ. Jamie, his fingers wrapped around DJ’s BBC, “Can I get a little late night snack?” (Understand, BBC means Beautiful Black Cock in this case) “Jamie, I just worked an 11 hour shift, and I’m beat. I just want to crash!” “Okay, Sweetie, I understand, maybe in the morning.” Even as tired as DJ was, he always feels so secure, and loved, when he is in Jamie’s arms, much like he has felt in his father’s arms. DJ was asleep in about 2 minutes, Jamie lost his erection and drifted off soon after. Both of these young men sleep very well, when they sleep together. It was Wednesday morning, November 22, at about 9:00 AM, and Jamie woke up to the beautiful sensation of DJ’s lips on his own, and he responded instantly. Both boys started to make out, and both quickly grew erections, and started to fondle each other. Their fingers were playing with the precum that both had leaking from the tips of their cocks. DJ, adjusting his position, “Baby, I want you!” and lowered his mouth over Jamie’s stiff penis. “DJ, I gotta pee!” Jamie stated, and DJ ignored, continuing his oral assault on Jamie’s cock. Jamie feels he is close. “Baby, I can’t hold off, I gotta pee too bad!” DJ is looking for Jamie’s load, and is feeling Jamie’s cock starting to pulse, taking 2, 3, 4 spurts of Jamie’s tasty cum into his mouth, and swallowing. He finally released Jamie’s cock, and Jamie slipped out of bed, pulling on his boxer-briefs, and headed to the bathroom. DJ seriously wanted to rub his own penis to ejaculation, but out of consideration for his boyfriend, kept his hands off his cock. Jamie, coming back into the room, “My turn!” He pounced onto the bed, and in one quick motion had DJ’s BBC in his mouth. DJ was so aroused, also needing to piss, he was afraid he might cum in seconds, but he really wanted to hold off as long as possible. Karen, knocking on the door, “Are you guys ready for some breakfast?” Jamie, pulling off DJ for a few seconds, “Give us a few minutes, Mom.” Karen walked beck to the kitchen, smiling. She had a strong feeling that she might have interrupted something, unintentionally. She started to fry up some pancakes. “Jamie,” DJ gasped, “I’m gonna cum already!” Jamie slowed his mouth’s action just a little, and DJ relaxed, or at least tried to, but his orgasm continued to push on, exploding into Jamie’s mouth and throat. Jamie swallowed, and then milked the last couple of squirts from DJ’s BBC. Oh, how Jamie loves the taste of DJ, cumming in his mouth! As DJ started to deflate, Jamie pulled off, and DJ quickly slid off the bed and quickly pulled on his boxer-briefs and headed to the bathroom to empty his bladder. DJ, returning from the bathroom, “The problem I see, with getting a blowjob when I have to pee, is that I cum too fast.” “I don’t see that as a problem,” Jamie responded, “What is the primary goal in sucking your man off?” “I guess, to take that tasty load in your mouth, and swallow it.” “Exactly!” Jamie exclaimed, “I enjoy the feeling of your cock in my mouth, but the real pleasure is in bringing you to an orgasm and getting your tasty cum.” “I think you may be right, Jamie, why spend 15 or 20 minutes sucking, if you can get the prize in 5 minutes, I wonder why we cum faster if we have to pee?” “I think it may be because we have a tendency to hold back, to keep from peeing, and it puts more pressure on the prostate, just my opinion. I sure do love the taste of you, when you cum!” “Me too,” DJ said, “I probably wouldn’t be so willing to give you a blowjob, if I didn’t look forward to that reward at the end. I love you so much!” “DJ, I think, if you pull on your boxer-briefs, we maybe should make ourselves visible to the world outside.” Jamie and DJ headed to the kitchen, where Karen was frying pancakes and Carl was sipping coffee with a smirk on his face. Carl queried, “So what have you boys been doing for the last hour?” Jamie replied, “We’ve just been laying around, and chatting.” “Right!” Carl said, grinning, “I’m certain you guys don’t just sleep together, night after night, and never touch each other!” Both DJ and Jamie felt blood rushing to their faces, and Carl noticed the redness. Carl, continuing his picking, “Guys, I was young once, and I know first hand what havoc hormones can raise in young men. I’d be naïve to think that all you ever do in bed is sleep!” Then, laughing, “You both wear red quite well, but seriously, I’m just picking, not criticizing. What you guys do with each other, behind closed doors, is your business, we love you guys, more than you could possibly know! You can wipe the red off your faces and let’s eat.” Jamie, smiling and looking at DJ, “I think we’ve been discovered, baby, I guess our secrets aren’t so secret.” DJ just smiled back. Karen, placing a platter of pancakes on the table, “Jamie, you received a small package yesterday, in the mail.” “Thanks, Mom, I’ll check it out later.” “What time are you boys working today?” Karen asked. “We’re both 3 to 9,” Jamie answered, “usually on Wednesday I’m 4 to 10, but Anthony is closing early tonight, but expects to be extra busy on carryout. He says a lot of people are cooking for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and will order pizza for tonight.” “I can understand that,” Karen replied, “I’m going to thaw the Turkey, and cook cranberries and make pecan pies today.” “Mom, can I talk to you, alone?” “Sure, honey.” Karen answered, and they both went into the living room. “Where is that package?” Karen picked it up off the bookcase and handed it to Jamie. Jamie opened it immediately, pulling out two Pride rings, one of them labeled 9 and the other labeled 10, and showed them to Karen. “They’re pretty, Jamie,” Karen spoke, “Those aren’t engagement rings, are they?” “No Mom, they’re Pride rings. See all the rainbow colors? The size 10 is a birthday gift for DJ. The 9 is mine, but I don’t want to wear it until DJ has his tomorrow. Other LGBT people will know the meaning of the rainbow colors, and both of us wearing identical rings will solidify our love for each other. Can I ask you to wrap it up and,” grinning, “put it in a large box that will throw him off?” “Sure, honey,” Karen said, smiling, “I need to wrap up the play station and the games you bought, also, I’ll do that after you boys go to work. Are you sleeping at DJ’s tonight?” “As far as I know, thanks, Mom, you’re the greatest, I love you, we both love you!” Jamie and Karen hugged and kissed each other on the lips. It’s OK, they’re Mother and Son. Karen is comfortable even kissing DJ on the lips now, as she considers them both her ‘sons’. They returned to the kitchen, Carl picked up the dirty dishes and placed them in the dishwasher and Karen tended to the beef stew she was preparing for lunch. Jamie and DJ, with no school today, decided to go back into the bedroom and play some games, while they had some time to kill before work. “Jamie, when I can save up some money, I’m going to get a play station, and then we can play at our house too.” “That’ll be cool,” Jamie responded, trying to hide the grin, as he knew that one of DJ’s birthday presents is a play station PS3, and some games. Jamie is so excited about his boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow, much more excited than for his own birthday, coming on Christmas Day. He is having a tough time, trying to hide his excitement. At 1:00 PM they shut down the play station, and both boys went to the bathroom and shared a shower together, then dried and went back to the bedroom to dress for work. At about 2:00 PM, they both ate a bowl of Karen’s beef stew before they left sharing lunch with Carl as he would need to leave about 3:30, his shift starting at 4:00 PM to midnight. His plant was to shut down at the end of his shift tonight, and re-open Sunday night with the graveyard shift, to give all the workers a long weekend for Thanksgiving. DJ and I both clocked out at 9:00 PM Wednesday night, and as we got to my car, Jamie pulled up next to us. Jamie mentioned that he and DJ were planning to stop at WAWA and pick up subs and asked what kind of sub I would like. “Hold on, guys,” I said, “Joe gets off at 11:00 and is spending the night at our house.” Then, pulling out a $20, “Take this, and get a giant Club Sub that Joe and I can share, plus whatever you guys want, will a twenty cover?” “It should,” Jamie replied, “If it doesn’t we do have some money, Dad you don’t have to do this.” “You guys are always treating me,” I said, “I think it’s my turn to treat you. I’ll buy if you fly! I’ll go home and wait for you. I’m going to wait up for Joe, anyway.” The boys took off for WAWA, and I placed a quick call to Joe, letting him know we would have subs to eat when he got home. He told me that he would be in uniform, but had brought clothes with him for tomorrow, and he should be there about 11:00 or very shortly after. I went on home and the boys came in just about 9:45 and lay the bag with the subs down on the table. DJ suggested that we wait for Joe and we could eat together, as a family. Jamie and I both agreed. DJ slipped into the den and opened the doors to the CD’s, and pulled one off the shelf. “Dad,” DJ asked, “what is ‘Bread’?” “They were a very popular soft rock band, out of the 70’s, their songs are mellow, and, in my opinion, very listenable. Give it a listen.” DJ started the CD playing and returned to the table. Jamie commented, “That music is so much different than today’s, you can actually hear and understand the words.” The strains of ‘Make it With You’ played, and Jamie stood up, reached for DJ’s hand and dragged him into the den. They wrapped their arms around each other and started to sway, getting lost in the sounds and words of the song. The song brought back memories, as I could remember dancing to this song, so many years ago. A few songs later, Bread sang ‘Baby I’ma Want You’ triggering Jamie’s remembrance of DJ saying, ‘Baby I want you’ earlier that morning, but that was in reference to Jamie’s penis. Both boys were captivated, by the words of that song. Jamie spoke, tears in his eyes, “DJ, that song is so—us. I love the words.” A few minutes later, Joe arrived, while Bread was singing ‘Yours For Life’. Joe stopped in his tracks, listening. Joe blurted, “Bread, I haven’t heard them in years. That song was one of my favorites and I had forgotten all about it. Doug, if I didn’t want to be yours for life, I would not have proposed to you. DJ, please play it again?” DJ repeated the song, and it seemed to strike a nerve in all of us. Jamie and DJ were hugging and kissing, and so were Joe and I. The song ended for the second time. Joe, looking at the still unopened subs, “You guys haven’t eaten yet?” DJ suggested we wait for you, Joe, and we could eat as a family, “ I said. Joe, eyes a little wet, and smiling, “In about 7 more weeks we will be a family, a big happy gay family! Until then, we’re still family.” DJ brought out some Pepsi’s from the fridge, we all enjoyed the subs together. It’s such a wonderful feeling, the love we all share together. I doubt any straight family around could match the love we all share. It’s after 12:30 AM and we will need to be up by around 8:00 AM to make it to Denny’s at 10:00 for our ‘Thanksgiving Breakfast’, and we all soon went to bed. Joe and I briefly thought about making up for lost time, and decided to pass for tonight. We’ll have lots of nights to make love and sleep together from now on. Joe removed his weapons, and locked them up in the safe. We both stripped and cuddled up in bed. I love sleeping with Joe. DJ, cuddling up with Jamie, “I’ll be so happy to see them get married.” “Me too, baby, I can’t help but think we may have had a hand in it, Goodnight, Cupid.” DJ giggled a little and they drifted off. It’s Thursday morning, November 23rd and Thanksgiving Day. Doug and Joe both rose up after hearing the alarm. Doug slipped to the kitchen and made coffee while Joe grabbed a quick shower. When Joe had dried off, he opened the door and walked into the boy’s room, stepped to their bed, and gently shook their shoulders to wake them up. Jamie was on the outside, and was a little startled, seeing Joe’s somewhat larger cock only about a foot in front of his face, and jerked a little. Jamie looking up, “Oh, Hi Joe, I didn’t realize you were so—big!” (Joe has about 6½” soft and about 8” erect) Joe, chuckling, “Not all of us are blessed with cute little wieners like you and your boyfriend have. I guess I can tell you’re not a size queen, or you’d probably have mine down your throat by now! We’re taking you guys out for Thanksgiving Breakfast this morning, and we have a table reserved for 10:00 so you guys need to get up and get ready, it’s almost 8:30. DJ, coffee is ready, and your Dad’s in the shower now.” Joe, DJ and Jamie all headed to the kitchen, DJ poured a mug for Joe and himself, and Jamie got a glass of juice. Joe, sipping his coffee and smiling, “Jamie, I hope I didn’t make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. You two may be a tad undersized, compared to average, and I am likely about an inch and a half over average. I’ve seen a picture of both of you, erected, and you both have very attractive penises. I’m sure you’ve heard, it’s not the size of the boat that matters, it’s the motion of the ocean. For what it’s worth, your Dad likes my instrument, and he is the one I need to please!” Joe said, “You guys need to shower and get dressed, we need to leave in half an hour.” Joe had purchased a sheet carrot cake, and had it decorated, and dropped it off at Denny’s while he was on duty Wednesday afternoon. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the two cards, from me and Clay, into Denny’s without DJ seeing them. I think I can maybe hide them inside my shirt. I had written a note on the back of the photo of DJ’s Tracker that said ‘We pick up tomorrow’. I’m glad that Annie will be able to get pictures, as I would not know how to smuggle my camera in there. About 9:45 we all entered Joe’s car, Joe driving, with me in the passenger seat and the boys taking the back seat. We arrived at Denny’s at exactly 10:00 AM. Joe told the hostess we had a reservation for the Kendall family for 10:00 AM. The Hostess, grinning, “Right this way, gentlemen.” We all followed her. Suddenly, 8 people stood up, and we all yelled “SURPRISE!!” It was almost too much for the poor boy to handle, his knees gave out, and Jamie held him up until we could get a chair under his butt. Then the floodgates opened, and DJ was sobbing, like none of us had ever seen anyone sob before. Annie and Karen were trying to mop up the tears with napkins, and Jamie was holding him tightly and lovingly. DJ’s reaction caused everyone there to start losing tears, it was phenomenal, and I don’t think anyone was quite prepared for the emotional display. After about 5 minutes of intense sobbing, we started to see a smile starting to form on DJ’s face, even though some tears were still falling from his eyes. DJ was completely overwhelmed, even more so than at his adoption party. The whole staff of Denny’s came to the table and helped us sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to our dear, albeit overwhelmed, DJ! This is only the beginning, wait till he sees the gifts! Our waitress came over to refill coffee cups, and was prepared to start taking orders. She asked if we preferred separate tickets and Joe said ‘it’s all on one ticket’. “You’re first,” the waitress said, “Birthday boy!” DJ, still recovering, “Jamie, I can’t think straight, please order for me!” Jamie responded, “Steak and eggs, steak medium, eggs over easy, hash browns with onions, English muffins, times two, for him and me.” Then he added, “Baby, I hope you never think straight!” Everyone laughed, including the waitress. She went around the table and got everyone’s order. Joe spoke, “DJ, you were warned, we promised you, when we had your adoption party, that your Birthday would never be neglected again!” There was a pile of presents, stacked on the seat of the booth behind where the party was seated, and DJ had not even noticed they were there. The waitress served all of our breakfasts, kept coffee’s filled, and checked back frequently. When everyone had finished eating, she picked up all the dirty dishes, and asked Joe if he wanted to do the cake now, and he said we could do that after DJ opens his gifts. Matt spoke, “I think we should get a speech from the Birthday Boy!” Everyone started to say yes, Speech, Let’s hear it. “Stand up, son, so we can all hear you.” I said. DJ, standing, “I’m not into long winded speeches, so this is going to be short, today has been the second most happy day of my life, the happiest day is still the day that judge said that Douglas Joseph Kendall is the legal son of Douglas Ryan Kendall. I cannot believe you guys pulled this off, and I never had a clue, until it happened.” “I know, that most of you know, this is the first time in my life that my birthday has been honored, and I am honored to have gained so many fantastic friends in the short time I’ve known you. It’s a simply incredible feeling, to know that there are people that care about me. Thank you, all.” I walked around to where DJ stood, and put my arm around his shoulders. “Folks,” I said, “About 8 months ago, when a certain young man wanted to cut my grass for $25, I never could have imagined where it would lead. I think we have as strong a Father and Son relationship as any father and son could possibly have. I love you DJ, unconditionally. Now folks, DJ thinks this party is about over, but it’s not. There are gifts. Jamie, would you do us a favor, and start bringing up those packages and envelopes?” Jamie started to carry the gifts, one at a time, to where DJ was sitting, and all eyes were on DJ. DJ opened the first large package, which was from Carl and Karen Seldon. As DJ removed the colored giftwrap: “Oh my god!” DJ blurted, “It’s a PS3 play station! Jamie, we’ll be able to play at my house too! Everybody, this is from my other parents, Jamie’s Mom and Dad.” He ran over to where they were sitting and hugged them. Opening the next large package, uncovered a new bookshelf stereo CD System, from Annie and Matt. “This beautiful CD System is from my best friend, Matt, and his mother, Mrs. Gill, our bedroom needs some sound! Thank you so much!” He ran over and gave both Matt and Annie Gill a warm hug and Thank you. The next package was a little smaller, and soft. DJ opened it carefully, and pulled out not one, not two, but three pairs of Levi skinny jeans, one blue, one tan, and one white. “I guess some people know my habits, or at least how much I like my skinny jeans. These three pair are from my awesome manager, Justin, and Sherry.” He ran over and gave them both a big hug and thank you. Now the fun one, Jamie handed him a fairly large package from Jamie. DJ started to open it, uncovering a smaller box, opening that unveiled a still smaller box, and then finally a tiny box, inside that the size 10 rainbow Pride ring. DJ’s mouth fell open. “Jamie, you found one!” DJ opened the little plastic bag, and slipped it onto his ring finger, and it fit perfectly, “I love it, baby!” Jamie spoke, “I found two!” as Jamie opened an identical package he had in his pocket, and slipped in on his own ring finger. “For some of you that may not be aware, these are called Pride rings, and members of the LGBT community are quite aware of the significance. It works better than Gaydar, to identify other members of the community. When both of us wear these identical rings, on the same finger, it lets others know that I am his, and he is mine! I love you, DJ!” The two shared a quick, but loving kiss and hug, the group of guests applauded. They held their hands up together, showing their rings. There was one last package, also from Jamie. DJ was almost afraid to open it, wondering what else Jamie might come up with. It contained two new PS-3 games, that neither of them had played before. DJ held them up. “Also from my awesome boyfriend, these will level the playing field on the play station as he won’t have the advantage of experience on me!” Now the greeting cards, there are four, all with a simple DJ on the envelope. I told Jamie to give him the largest envelope first, and he did. DJ pulled the card out of the envelope and looked at the front, which read ‘Happy Birthday to my Very Precious Son.’ The wording itself brought tears to DJ’s eyes. He then slowly opened up the card, and found the photo of the Tracker. For just a minute, DJ was speechless, then…. “DAD! YOU DIDN’T!” DJ ran over and jumped on my lap, like a little boy, he hugged me and kissed me. “Dad is that for real?” “Son, you might want to read the note on the back of the photo.” DJ went back to where he had laid the card on the table, picked up the photo and read the note, ‘We pick it up tomorrow’ then looked at the photo again. “Dad, it’s beautiful! Are you pulling my leg? Is this a joke?” “DJ, if you want to call the loan manager at my bank, you’ll find that it is no joke! Jamie helped me to select it.” Jamie nodded, smiling. Jamie reminded DJ that there are still three more cards, and handed DJ one. DJ opened it, it was a Happy Birthday to an outstanding young man, and was a money envelope. Inside was a crisp, new $100 bill, and was from Anthony and Maria. DJ held it up and announced the gift from Anthony and Maria, then walked over, gave them both a hug and a thank you. “DJ,” Anthony said, “that’s not for general funds, use it for something special that you want, something you can call a birthday gift, from us, and you’re welcome. We love you.” Jamie handed the next envelope to DJ, and he opened that one. It contained a $200 gift card for Advance Auto, and was from Joe. DJ held it up and announced the gift. Then He asked Joe what he needed it for. Joe, smiling, “DJ, you’re now the owner of an automobile, and cars are always in need of things, oil, spark plugs, wax, replacement parts. I’m sure you will have uses for it, sooner or later, it doesn’t need to be spent today.” “Thanks, Joe, I guess that’s a rather practical gift, and I appreciate it.” Jamie, playing game show host, “And now ladies and gentlemen, the final envelope. We’ll give it to our contestant, DJ, and see what he has won!” DJ is grinning at Jamie’s antics as he opens the envelope, pulling out a Birthday card with a signature of Clay Hodges. Out falls a business card for a dealership he has never heard of. He looks at the business card, confused. “Who the hell is Clay Hodges?” DJ asked. “He is half owner of the dealership where we bought the Tracker,” I answered, “Check the back side of the business card.” DJ read: Happy 20th Birthday to Douglas Joseph Kendall Present this card to receive Four 100,000 mile tires for your Tracker, when needed Signed, Clay Hodges DJ smiled, he loves to see his name printed out. “Why,” DJ asked, “didn’t he just put them on before I get the vehicle?” “Because the tires on it are still good for probably 8,000 or 10,000 miles,” I answered, “no need to replace them prematurely. You’ll like Clay, and you’ll meet him tomorrow when we pick it up. He want’s to meet you.” Joe flagged the waitress, and quietly told her it was cake time. About 5 minutes later she returned with the cake, sporting 20 lit birthday candles, and another waitress carrying 12 plates and a handful of forks, and a spatula for cutting and serving the cake. She set the cake down in front of DJ, and he was beaming. Annie came over and took a snapshot of the cake. “DJ,” I said, “I know this is new to you, do you know what to do?” “Not really, maybe you better tell me?” “There are 20 candles on the cake, representing 20 years of life. You need to make a wish, take a deep breath and blow out all the candles, with one breath. If you succeed, your wish will come true, if you don’t it won’t, and you can’t tell anyone what you wished, or that will jinx it.” “OK, I’ll try,” DJ had a serious look on his face, then took a deep breath and blew out all 20 of the flames, in one breath. Everyone clapped. The cake was a carrot cake, with cream cheese frosting, and the lettering on the cake was red, DJ’s favorite color. DJ read the lettering and smiled. The lettering read: Happy Birthday! Douglas Joseph Kendall * * * * * * * * Author’s Note: DJ can’t tell anyone what he wished, as it might jinx his wish, but I have inside information, and I will tell you. You have to love DJ’s heart. He simply wished that no harm ever comes to Serena’s little brother, Fernando. Let’s hope his wish comes true. * * * * * * * * The waitress picked out the remnants of the candles and took them away. Karen asked Jamie to get a carryout box for Carl’s and her cake, as she wanted to get home and start the Turkey roasting. Karen kissed DJ a motherly kiss on the lips, and she and Carl left. The Seldon’s would see Joe and I and the boys later for Thanksgiving dinner. Using the spatula, DJ cut half the cake into about 2½” squares, 12 servings. He placed a corner slice (more icing) on a plate and reserved it for himself and served 9 pieces on the plates for everyone else with 2 pieces in a carryout box to take to Karen and Carl. He would be able to get more cake later as he would have half the cake to take home. The waitress came back with the check, and Joe held out his hand to receive it. He paid the $120 bill with his debit card, and added a $30 tip for the waitress. Everyone had left except Joe, the boys, and myself. Jamie, Joe and I helped cart DJ’s stuff to Joe’s car and put it all in the trunk, except for the cake, which was carried on Jamie’s lap until we got home. It was about 2:00 PM when we all got home from Denny’s. I unlocked the door and Jamie brought in the cake and set it on the table. I rearranged a couple things in the fridge to make room for the cake. DJ said he wanted another piece, and I told him he might want to hold off, as we were to go to Seldon’s for dinner in a couple of hours, and he wouldn’t be ready for the meal. I won. DJ brought in the CD player and took it straight to their room, and Jamie carried in the PS-3, temporarily setting it on the couch in the den. “Dad,” Jamie said, “I may have been a little presumptuous. The play station needs a TV to operate, and DJ doesn’t have one. I had hoped, since you don’t often watch it, that we could borrow yours, until DJ can get one.” “Jamie, would connecting the game machine still allow the TV to operate normally?” “Yeah, Dad, and it can also play DVD’s.” Jamie and I entered the den. I said, pointing, “Can the play station sit down there, under the TV?” “Easily, Dad, it’s not that big.” “I’d really rather not have you guys taking the TV to your room, but you know you’re welcome to play your games in the den. I don’t often watch TV, and I’m not sure if Joe does either. Joe did tell me he has a smaller TV to put on the wall in our bedroom, so we can watch it from our bed.” Joe, when DJ returned, “Doug, did you tell the boys about the new rules?” “Which new rules?” I asked. “You know, Doug,” Joe stated, a smirk on his face, “Since DJ is now an adult, and Jamie is still a teenager, we can’t allow them to sleep together.” A look of disbelief overcame DJ’s face, but Jamie saw the twinkle in Joe’s eyes. “Joe!” DJ exclaimed, “you can’t be serious.” “He’s not, baby,” Jamie grinned, “he’s just fuckin’ with you.” We all laughed, DJ now had a grin on his face, and Jamie kissed him. “So DJ,” Joe asked, “How does it feel to not be a kid anymore?” “I don’t know,” DJ replied, “I don’t think I was ever a kid.” DJ’s innocent and truthful reply stung, like a yellow jacket. I felt my tear ducts open, flooding my eyes. Glancing at Joe and Jamie, they too were wiping tears from their faces. That bit of truth really hurt. “DJ,” I spoke softly, holding him, “we can’t undo the past, but we’ll make damn sure your future is worth remembering. We wish you nothing but a bright future, filled with happiness and success, and we all love you!” “Dad, a year ago love was like a foreign word. Nobody loved me, and I didn’t love anyone, even myself. You showed me love, for the first time in my memory. Ever since we met, I’ve been collecting that love you so willingly shared with me, in my heart. Now, if and when the need arises, I have love in my heart, that I can share. Thanks, Dad.” “Guys,” I commented, “Carl told me Karen is planning dinner for between 5:00 and 6:00, and asked us to come out earlier and watch the game with him. So I guess we could go out anytime.” “Dad,” Jamie said, “Why don’t you and Joe go on out now. We want to try and get this Play Station hooked up and checked out, and we’ll come on out about 4:30. We’re not much into football, anyway.” Joe and I took their suggestion, and headed out to the Seldon’s. Jamie and DJ got the play station connected, to the TV. They put one of the new games that Jamie had given to DJ in and started it up. They both decided this was going to work nicely, as my TV was about a 50” screen, and the one in Jamie’s room was only a 32”. They decided against learning to play the new game right now, and shut it down. DJ pulled a CD off of the shelf at random and put it in the CD player, and sat at the end of the couch. The first song to play was ‘Nice To Be With You’ by Gallery. Of course, the song was completely unfamiliar to both of them. DJ encouraged Jamie to sit with him, and Jamie sat in the center, then adjusted, putting his feet on the arm of the couch and his head on DJ’s lap. Jamie reached for DJ’s hand, holding it loosely. DJ’s other hand started to caress Jamie’s face, neck, chest, and running his fingers through Jamie’s platinum colored hair. Both of them were listening, and were mesmerized by the words and melody of the song. DJ avoided touching Jamie anywhere below his waist, not wishing to sexually arouse Jamie. “I can’t believe we are actually enjoying this old music that Dad has,” DJ commented, “it’s older than both of us put together. I suppose we should get out of here and head to your house.” “Yeah, baby, but it does feel so nice to be with you. I could lay here with you like this all the rest of the day!” After the CD finished, the two boys forced themselves up from the soft couch, held each other closely, and shared a tender, loving kiss. They then left the house and drove to Jamie’s parents home, arriving about 4:30 PM. Jamie settled on the sofa, sitting between Carl and Joe, I was sitting in one of the recliners. DJ decided to go to the kitchen and keep Karen company. “Mom,” DJ asked, “is there anything I can do, to help you?” “If you would like to set the table? We’re eating in the dining room today, and the good dishes are in the buffet. There is a silverware chest in the top drawer, so use that silver, and the cloth napkins, in the same drawer.” “Sure, Mom,” DJ softly replied, “you know, this is my first family holiday dinner.” Karen, DJ’s words hitting too hard and making her eyes leak, and hugging DJ, “Honey, it’s just the first of many to come. In a month, we’ll be celebrating Christmas, and Jamie’s Birthday. I’m so thankful that you are here with us.” Karen, stepping into the living room, “Carl, can you please come and help with the turkey?” “Sure, Hun,” he responded. Karen turned off, and opened the oven, Carl pulled out the roaster, setting it on top of the stove, and Karen pulled out the big pan of stuffing and placed in on the counter. She then took the pan of potatoes off the stove and drained them, setting the pan into the sink. Carl removed the lid from the roaster, releasing a scrumptious aroma of roasted turkey into the air. She then held the large platter while Carl lifted the bird up, and placed it on the platter. Karen, getting the potato masher from the draw, “DJ, would you mash the potatoes?” DJ, taking the masher from her hands, “Sure, Mom, that’s one thing I know how to do,” and he went to the sink and mashed up the spuds. About 10 minutes later, all the food was on the table, Roasted Turkey and stuffing, with home made gravy, smashed potatoes, collard greens, cranberries, hot buttered rolls. Carl announced that dinner was ready, Joe, Jamie, and I came from the living room. Carl took a chair at the ‘turkey end’ of table, Karen at the opposite end, Joe and myself on one side and the boys on the other side. Carl, standing up, “Shall we join hands in giving thanks?” We all stood, holding hands. Carl spoke, “Our heavenly father, we wish to thank you for a very eventful and blessed year. I especially want to offer thanks, for bringing our friend Doug, and his loving Son, DJ together as a family. I ask that you bless Doug and Joe, as they are soon to unite as loving husbands. Bless the relationship of our beautiful Son’s, DJ and Jamie, as they grow into adulthood. Some may question certain of these couplings, but we should never question the love you have brought together within this family. Thank you, God, Amen!” Five voices in unison echoed an ‘Amen’ and were all reaching for a napkin to blot a tear or two. Carl’s words were very touching to all of us. Carl, smiling, “There, we got that out of the way, let’s eat!” Then, his hands on the fork and slicing knife, “DJ, white or dark?” “I’ll take some white meat, thanks.” “Jamie?” “I like mine dark, thank you.” Joe and I looked at each other, grinning, and wondering if the boys actually intended a double meaning, on the type of meat, or maybe just coincidence. Everything was delicious, and most of us did some seconds, even with Karen’s caution to save room for some Pecan Pie. Thanksgiving was certainly a day to be thankful, especially for friends and lovers. I really believe that, due to the attraction of two young men to each other, we have now become a loving family of six. Karen and Carl are wonderful hosts. DJ and Jamie both helped Karen put away the leftovers, clean up the kitchen and wash up the dishes. Carl fell asleep on the couch. The boys will be sleeping at our home tonight, as DJ and I need to go pick up his Tracker tomorrow, and most likely, Jamie will go with us. Joe and I soon left, we thanked Karen graciously for the terrific dinner, and she mentioned we would soon do it again, for Christmas. Joe wanted to stop by his apartment to pick up some clean uniforms, as he needed to be at work Friday afternoon. Good thing I have a large closet. It seems that Joe is gradually starting to move in, and that is really cool. I think we’re both tired of sleeping alone. When we stopped at Joe’s apartment, he asked me to come in with him, so I did. I had actually only been inside his apartment a couple of times previously. It was just a one-bedroom apartment, with a double bed. The kitchenette was small, with a table and two chairs, and few appliances. It contained a small, apartment sized refrigerator and stove, a microwave oven and coffee maker, and toaster. Joe had told me that he rarely cooked, outside of breakfast, and most of the time ate out. Most of the furnishings belonged to the apartment, with the exception of just an occasional piece, such as the computer and desk. He opened a large Hefty trash bag, and stuffed four soiled uniforms into it, that he planned to drop off at the dry cleaners tomorrow, along with the one he had worn Wednesday that was back at our house. He picked up the remaining 3 clean uniforms to take back to our home. “Doug,” Joe asked, “do you have a spare draw in your chest?” “I do,” I replied, “the one I had let DJ put some of his stuff in, before I got him the new dresser in his room.” Joe opened another Hefty bag, and packed his Tee shirts, briefs and socks into it, then a third one, and packed his clean sheets and towels into that one. I’m smiling, as it seems apparent, that Joe doesn’t plan to sleep in his apartment any more. I helped him carry those bags to his car, and we then headed to my house. When we arrived, it was evident that the boys were home, as Jamie’s car was in the drive. Joe and I took the bags and uniforms into the house, and to our bedroom. We smiled, as we heard the strains of ‘The Mama’s and The Papas’ coming from the Boys room. I opened the door a crack and peeped in, not wanting to disturb what they might have been doing. I then opened the door, and Joe and I stepped into their room. They were actually decent, lying together on the bed, and just relaxing, making out a little, and listening to the music. They had set up DJ’s new CD player on the dresser. When they saw us in their room they both sat up on the bed. DJ, now standing up, “Dad, do we have a spare table of some kind, that we could put the CD player on?” “We might have to buy one, Son,” I answered, “I don’t think I have anything like that around here.” “DJ,” Joe stated, “I think I have just what you need. I have a table back at the apartment that I used to put my weapons and belt on at night, but now that I’m living here, I have to keep those in the safe. We can probably pick it up, over the next few days.” “Oh, thanks, Joe,” DJ replied, “I love the CD player, but I don’t really like it taking up all that room on the dresser. You know, you guys shocked the hell out of me this morning, but you can’t do it again. I am now well aware that on November 23rd I get a year older! I didn’t even realize it was my birthday, until you all surprised me this morning. I hope you’re not planning any more surprises for me, the next one might cause me a heart attack! I’ll remember my first birthday party for the rest of my life, I love you guys so much.” “DJ,” I said, tearing up, “you have no idea how thankful I am, and how much joy you have brought to this old man. I wouldn’t want to live anymore, without you in my life!” Joe spoke, “DJ, you’re going to make this cop very happy in a few weeks, the day you become my step-son! Actually, even though your Dad and I are not yet married, I already consider you my son! I love you, DJ!” “Joe, is it ok if I call you ‘Dad’?” “That would be an honor, DJ,” Joe replied, “You are my one and only son, unless, maybe someday you and Jamie decide to get married, then I’ll have two.” “Hey, wait a minute!” Jamie blurted, “we’re still just boyfriends, give us a chance to finish growing up!” “It’s so awesome!” DJ exclaimed, “to now have a terrific Dad, and to have two of them is simply spectacular! I love both of my Dad’s very much.” “OK Jamie,” Joe said, grinning, “Just don’t go and get each other pregnant, we don’t need to have a shot gun wedding.” Everyone laughed. “It’s getting late,” I said, “How about some hot cocoa, to go with some of DJ’s carrot cake, if he’s willing to share, before bed?” “I think,” DJ responded, chuckling, “that’s really too much sugar for me to eat by myself, so, of course I’ll share.” We all enjoyed some hot cocoa and carrot cake together, and went to bed. Joe and I just cuddled, chatted for a few minutes and passed out. The boys fell asleep, wrapped together, and listening to ‘Bread’. Friday morning, November 24th, DJ woke early, 7:30 AM, anxious to go and pick up the Tracker. He made a full pot of coffee, then woke his ‘Dad’s’ and his boyfriend. By 8:00 AM the four men were all sitting at the table, naked, and enjoying coffee together, except for Jamie, who was drinking juice, as usual. It was pretty much assumed that Jamie would go with us to pick up DJ’s Tracker. We invited Joe to go with us, but he declined, stating he needed to drop his uniforms off at the dry cleaners, and wanted to get more of his stuff from the apartment and bring to the house. I put on the apron and cooked us all some sausage and eggs for breakfast. We are all enjoying our time together as a family and we all enjoy sitting around together naked. Joe and I had done it in the past, so we were re-living a memory. None of us are uncomfortable displaying our naked bodies in front of each other. Life is good. Nope, better than that, life is great! DJ was experimenting with some more unfamiliar music, and had put on a ‘Beach Boys’ CD on the old CD player in the den. While we were eating, Joe and I were smiling, watching the boy’s bodies rocking back and forth to the music and remembering times gone by. The boys picked up the dirty dishes and stacked them next to the sink. Joe and I both hugged them from the back, Joe behind Jamie and I behind DJ, finishing with a loving squeeze of their flaccid penises, causing both to grin. They knew that Joe and I were not making a sexual pass, just a little extra love pass, straight from our hearts, to their young cocks! We all headed to our appropriate bedrooms to dress, all in casual clothing. Joe picked up the bag with the soiled uniforms, added the one he had worn Wednesday, and headed to the dry cleaners, and would then go to his apartment. DJ, Jamie and I soon headed out to my car, I drove, DJ was in the front seat with me and Jamie sat in the back. We headed to the dealership to pick up DJ’s Tracker. It was a little past 10:00 AM when we arrived at the dealership. We all walked into Clay’s office, and he stood up, smiling. He, of course, knew whom Jamie and I was, and why we are here. Clay, warmly, “So this is the awesome DJ I’ve heard so much about, I’m so glad to finally meet you!” He wrapped his arms around DJ and gave him a very tight and loving hug. Then, “I guess you’re here to pick up your ride.” “Yes, sir!” DJ responded, excitedly. Clay, picking up a manila folder and keys, “Well, let’s get you in it, come with me,” Clay then led us to the tarp-covered vehicle out on the lot, “Doug, did you give DJ my card?” “I did, Clay,” I answered, smiling, “I wish you could have seen his initial reaction, ‘Who the hell is Clay Hodges?’” Clay and Jamie carefully pulled the tarp off the Tracker and DJ’s chin hit the ground, I wished I’d brought my camera, his expression was priceless. “DAD!” DJ exclaimed, “It’s so beautiful, I still can’t believe you did this!” “Sorry, DJ, it’s just what you get, for being such an awesome and loving Son!” “DJ,” Clay stated, “these tires should give you another 8 to 10 thousand miles. Give me a two or three days notice and I will order the new tires for you. The inspection is good until next August, and the registration is for a year. I think you will get many miles of pleasure from this old girl.” He handed DJ the keys, and DJ beamed. He got in and started the engine. “Are we,” Jamie queried, “free to take off?” “As far as I know,” Clay answered. “I didn’t bring the insurance card,” I said, “so try not to attract a cop, or get into an accident on the way home.” “Baby,” Jamie commented, smiling, “Let’s take her home!” The boys both fastened their seat belts, DJ carefully drove out of the parking lot, and they headed toward home. DJ was really happy that Jamie had taught him how to drive a stick, and he handled the Tracker with skill. Clay spoke, “Doug, DJ really seems like an outstanding young man. He does have a knack for stealing one’s heart. Actually, both of them seem so incredible. You can feel the love they both emit, towards each other, and towards anyone they come in contact with. It has been a pleasure, and I really mean that. Dealing with you and DJ is an experience I’ll remember for a long time to come. Good luck to your whole family, and have a Merry Christmas.” Clay and I shook hands, I accepted the folder with the Title and the registration, went to my car and headed home. The orange Tracker is quite recognizable, and I’m keeping my eyes scanning, hoping I don’t see it parked on the side of the road, being a newly acquired vehicle. When I got home it was just past 1:00 PM, and the Tracker was parked in front of the house. I’m thinking the driveway is getting too small, with my car, DJ’s Tracker, Joe’s car and Jamie’s car there often, that’s four vehicles, and if Joe has a patrol car at home, that’s five. Usually though, if Joe has a patrol car, his personal car would be parked at the Police Station. All four of us are working today, I’m on my normal 3-9 shift, DJ is 4-9 and Jamie 4-11, and Joe is 3-11. I just walked into the house and my phone rang, and it was Joe. “Hi baby,” I answered. “Doug, how long have you been home? And did DJ get his wheels ok?” “Yeah, Joe, we all just got home, and the Tracker’s out front.” “I’m on my way there, why don’t I stop at Bojangle’s and pick up some chicken for our lunch, Mike is going to be picking me up around 2:30 at your house. I’ve got some stuff in the car, but it doesn’t need to be unloaded today, I can do it tomorrow.” “That’ll be great, Joe. I need to shower and change, the boys have some extra time, as they aren’t due to work until 4:00 PM. See you soon, I love you.” When I walked in, DJ was checking the fridge for lunch materials. “Guys, Joe is picking up Bojangle’s for our lunch today. Both Joe and I need to be at work at 3:00, his partner is picking him up here about 2:30.” “Cool!” DJ answered, “I was looking for some ground beef, I was going to try to make spaghetti for us, but I guess we can do that another day.” “While we’re waiting for Joe,” I said, “I’m going to grab a shower and shave.” Joe arrived with the food, and we all enjoyed another family meal together, Joe didn’t have time for a shower, and excused himself, going to our bedroom to change into his uniform and get his weapons out of the safe. I was just leaving to go to work when Mike pulled up with the patrol car, and headed to the front door, and Joe invited him inside. “DJ, Jamie, please come in here a minute.” Then, “DJ, Jamie, I’d like you to meet my patrol partner, Mike Smith, Mike, this is my soon to be step-son, Douglas Joseph Kendall, nickname is DJ, and his boyfriend, Jamie Seldon.” Mike, shaking hands with Jamie, then turning to DJ, “I’ve heard so much about you, DJ, and I’m really happy to meet you.” Mike took DJ in his arms, and hugged him, affectionately. “Mike,” DJ offered, “I think Joe overbought a little, and we have all finished eating. There is a couple of pieces of chicken left and a biscuit, why don’t you eat them, before they get too cold.” “Why, thank you, I actually hadn’t taken time for lunch, and that will hit the spot!” Mike answered, as DJ cleaned a spot at the table, and Mike sat down and cleaned up the leftover chicken. DJ, going into the fridge and pulling out the remaining birthday cake, placing a piece on a small plate, and setting it in front of Mike, “A slice of my Birthday Cake, for your dessert!” Mike smiled, and ate that too. DJ spoke, “If you gent’s will excuse us, we need to get a shower and get ready for work also. It is very nice to meet you, Mike.” Jamie and DJ headed to their room, stripped, and darted across the hall to the bathroom to shower together. If Mike happened to see them naked, then I guess, Mike saw them naked, for a couple seconds. Joe cleaned up the trash from lunch and placed it in the waste container. Then Joe and Mike left. Once in the patrol car, Mike spoke, “Those boys don’t seem to be blessed with a whole lot of modesty! And you were right about DJ, he damn sure grabbed a chunk of my heart. He’s also very hospitable.” Joe, chuckling, “Mike, if you’re easily intimidated by seeing naked men, you don’t want to come around here early in the morning. We all typically sit around having coffee and breakfast in what Mother Nature dressed us in.” “I guess it’s okay,” Mike replied, grinning, “in the privacy of your home.” When I went in to work that day, there was a sign by the computer where everyone clocks in and out. ‘MANDATORY STORE MEETING Monday night, Nov 27th at 9:00 PM, signed, Justin Wade, GM’ “Justin,” I asked, “What’s this about?” “Doug, you know how these corporations work, they’re always trying to fine tune things to make for a better bottom line. Sometimes their decisions involve personnel changes, but don’t worry, you and DJ are not going anywhere. You’ll find out what’s happening Monday night, along with everyone else.” When DJ clocked in at 4:00 PM and saw the notice, he too, was alarmed, and also questioned, as he is off on Mondays, did he need to be there. Justin told him that a mandatory meeting means ‘your presence is required’ and he does need to come in, and everyone will be paid 2 hours for the meeting. When I came in from some deliveries, DJ asked me if I knew anything, about the meeting. I told him that Justin had told me that the company was making some changes, but that neither of us would be affected, and not to worry about it. As is typical, in a situation like this, there is rumors and chitchat between all the employees. A couple of clerks suggested that the store might be closing. Justin is very tight lipped, and has evidently not told anyone what is up. I guess we can all wait until Monday evening, it’s only three days away. (to be continued……..)
  7. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 16

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  8. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 10

    From the tail end of Chapter 9 I was already asleep, and didn’t even hear the boys come in. They sat in the kitchen, munching the pizza and drinking Pepsi, both looking forward to what was planned to follow. Jamie rose from the table, his loose fitting jeans tented from anticipation. “Jamie!” DJ exclaimed, grinning, “you’re hard already!” “Yeah?” Jamie replied, chuckling,“ You better check yourself, boyfriend.” DJ looked down where his own cock was trying to escape from his skinny jeans, and there was an obvious wet spot, about the size of a silver dollar where he had leaked precum already. Both boys laughed and headed toward their bedroom. Jamie went to the chest in the hallway and grabbed a towel, and headed back into the bedroom, closed the door and spread the towel on the bed. Both boys stripped, allowing their very hard erections to breathe. Jamie, grinning, “Payback time!” “Yeppers,” DJ stated, “Goodbye, virginity, it’s been good to know you!” DJ climbed onto the bed, and Jamie slid open the little door, and retrieved the tube of KY. DJ’s looking forward to his first ass-fucking. * * * * * * DJ Chapter 10 “You want me on all fours?” DJ asked. “No DJ, just lie on your back. I’m gonna start this a little differently.” DJ was leaking a lot of precum, and there was a small puddle of it on his abdomen. Jamie bent over and licked up the puddle, than took DJ’s handsome cock and licked the precum from the head of it, and where some ran down the shaft. “I thought you were going to fuck me,” DJ said. “I am baby, I just didn’t want your tasty pre to go to waste. Pull your heels up, as close as you can, to your ass cheeks. Look like a frog,” DJ, snickering, “Like this baby?” “Just like that,” Jamie said, then, grabbing a pillow, “raise your ass up, and let me slide this pillow under your cheeks, yeah, that’s better. Gives me good access to your pussy.” That last word caused DJ to snort. Jamie squeezed some of the lube onto DJ’s hole and started to push it in with his finger, starting to work DJ’s opening, then adding more lube, added a second finger. “That’s cold, Jamie!” “It won’t be, after I get in there.” Jamie squeezed a little more KY onto his middle and index fingers, and pushed them both into DJ’s opening, rolling them around, and stretching DJ’s hole. He then added a little more lube, and his ring finger. He is confident that DJ is prepared, and lubed up his rock hard prick, mixing the lube with his own precum. “Are you ready baby?” Jamie asked. “I—I—think so, Is this gonna hurt?” “Probably a little, at first, I’m going to go in slow, I don’t want to hurt you.” Jamie got up on the bed, and told DJ to raise his legs up and put them on his shoulders, as he shuffled his knees up to DJ’s butt, aligning the head of his cock with DJ’s opening. He pressed in a little, but DJ’s hole didn’t give. “Relax, baby, let me push the head in, and I’ll give you some time to adjust.” Jamie started to tickle DJ’s ribs, causing DJ to start laughing, and gave a push, and ‘pop’ the head of Jamie’s prick was through the sphincter ring. “Ohhh!” DJ exclaimed, “That hurt, a little.” “That’s the hardest part, getting the head through the sphincter ring, just relax and I’m going to gradually slide in a little further. I’m gonna push in about an inch, and let you adjust, then back out an inch and push in 2 inches, and in 4 or 5 minutes I’ll be all the way in.” “Are you all in now?” DJ asked. “No, I’ve still got a couple of inches to go. Am I hurting you?” “No, not much anyway, it’s starting to feel kinda good.” “I wish I had a chicken’s neck.” “Why?” “Cause I can see all that precum you’re streaming, and my neck is too short to reach down and lap it up, and if things go right, you’re gonna shoot, and my mouth won’t be there to catch it! That made DJ laugh, and when he laughed, Jamie slammed all the way in. “How much more to go, Jamie?” “None, I’m all the way in. Are you saying you want more?” “No, baby, I feel—I don’t know—full? I never dreamed that a cock up my ass could feel this good. Jamie, make love to me!” “I’m trying to be easy on you, I don’t want to hurt you.” “I can take a little more—friction, fuck me a little harder! Or faster!” “I’m afraid to, DJ, if I go any faster I’m going to cum too quick! Your pussy’s got a hell of a tight hold on my cock, and it feels so fuckin’ good! Are you close?” “I don’t think so.” “Let me try and change the angle, I need to hit your prostate. DJ put a little more weight on my shoulders and try and raise your butt just a little.” “Oh my god! Fuck! Jamie!” “You ok?” “You’re driving me crazy, baby! Slow it up, please!” DJ is trying to slow Jamie up, by squeezing Jamie’s cock tighter, which is just going to cause Jamie to orgasm even quicker. Jamie’s is close and DJ is even closer. “JAMIEEEEEEEEE! I’m done! I just creamed all over myself!” “DJ! Squeeze your ass a little tighter just for a couple, OH YES, OH, I’m filling your pussy now, oh god, that feels so good, I’m still cumming! Whew! What a climax that was! I’ve never cum that hard before. I think I just shot about a quart of cum into you.” “DJ, you can lower your legs now, I need to do something.” “But Jamie, I don’t want you to pull out.” “I’m deflating, a few minutes it’s going to fall out! I want my meal before it gets too cold and old.” “Jamie, we ate all the pizza!” “Not that meal,” Jamie pointed at DJ’s tummy, “this one!” Jamie pulled out of DJ’s ass, changed position a little and was starting to clean all the cum from DJ’s chest and tummy, with his tongue. DJ, chuckling, “You’re silly, Jamie.” “I’ll admit, I’d rather have it warm and fresh from the spigot, but, hey.” “Now I’m the one with an ass full of cum!” “Just stuff the towel in your crack, and hold what you can, until you get to the toilet. If a little dribbles on the towel, it’s washable.” DJ returned from the bathroom about five minutes later, Jamie went in and cleaned his cock and balls, and then both boys hit the sack, cuddled and kissed. DJ could taste his own cum in Jamie’s mouth. “Jamie,” DJ spoke lovingly, “Thank you, that was awesome.” “Thank you baby, it was good for me too. I guess we’ve broken the ice, on making love to each other.” The two boys fell asleep, with arms around each other. * * * * * * It’s Saturday morning, Nov 11th and I woke up a little later than usual, after 10:00 AM. I went and started coffee brewing, and decided to shower while it was brewing. Of course it was done when I finished my shower, and shave. I was aware that neither of the young ones needed to be up early, so I drank my first cup alone. About 11:15 I saw some signs of life, as DJ and Jamie both appeared, and sat down with me. Jamie had his typical morning glass of juice and DJ with coffee. The boys were frequently glancing at each other, and grinning. It made me wonder what they were up to. “Guys,” I asked, “what are you two up to? Those grins on your faces give you away.” Jamie replied, “It’s a Saturday, and we both always have to work, but we both got today off, and we’re going on a real date tonight. DJ is taking me to the Watering Hole.” “It’s just ‘Water Hole’ without the I N G.” I responded, “Joe and I took DJ there, one night, and he had a blast. But going out doesn’t quite explain those grins, I feel there is something more.” “Dad,” DJ said, “you know that chat we had Tuesday morning, before I went to work?” “Yes, I remember.” “Well,” DJ said, placing his arm around Jamie’s shoulders, “we’re not virgins anymore.” Both boys were grinning. “I think,” Jamie commented, “that it was a lot better, and more exciting, than either of us even imagined it could be. DJ busted my cherry Wednesday night, and I broke his last night.” “I think,” I said, laughing, “Congratulations may be in order, that would classify you guys as legitimate love makers. So, how was it?” “It was kinda messy,” DJ replied, “but awesome in other respects. I doubt it was a one time event!” Then, “Dad, we blew some huge loads!” “I think you guys just graduated, from boys to men,” I said, smiling, “boys masturbate, men fuck!” The boys both laughed. My phone rang, it was Joe. “Hi baby,” I answered. “Doug, I’ve got great news. This next week is my last on graveyard. The week starting next Sunday I’ll be on 3:00 to 11:00! I’ll be getting a new partner, probably one of the newer guys.” “That great, Joe, I know the boys will be happy for us.” “Did you make that purchase you wanted, for DJ’s birthday?” “I did, but I can’t talk about it now, I’ll tell you later.” “I think I understand, somebody’s too close to you, I’ll be getting a new captain, and I need to be certain I’m off on Thanksgiving Day. See you later. I love you baby.” “I love you too, Joe, bye.” “Dad,” DJ asked, “What’s happening?” “I replied, smiling, “Next week is Joe’s last on graveyard, he’ll be going to 3 to 11 shift.” “That’s cool, Dad, almost the same hours you work.” “I know,” I said, smiling, “We’ll be able to spend most of our nights together, and sleep together. What do you two have planned for today?” “This is so wild,” Jamie answered, “both of us having a Saturday off! We just told you, that we’re going on a real date tonight, to the Water Hole.” “Yeah,” DJ commented, “I think we’re going to go do some shopping today. I’ve still got that gift card for Foot Locker, and I’m due for a new pair of sneaks.” “There are a couple things I want to pick up, too,” Jamie added. “I need to work my normal shift,” I said, “but don’t expect me to wait up for you tonight, I know you won’t be home until the wee hours! I hope you have a great time tonight.” By the time we finished breakfast, and got dressed, it was about 1:00 PM when the boys left. It’s so incredible, the feeling of love, pride and respect that I have for both of these young men. Why did I have to wait so many years to experience fatherhood! I would love to have raised DJ from a baby, and his childhood would have been so much better and happier. Jamie and DJ started their shopping journey at Target, and Jamie was looking through the selection of skinny jeans. He selected a pair of black ones, and went to the fitting room to try them on. They fit quite snug on his slender frame, and he looked really sexy. “Jamie,” DJ said, “they make you look too sexy! I don’t want other guys, or girls, to be lusting for you.” “DJ, do you really think I would leave you, for anyone else?” Jamie remarked, “If it makes them drool, let them drool, I’m getting them.” Jamie then led DJ to the underwear section, and was looking through the selection of Boxer-Briefs. “Baby,” DJ said, “those aren’t boxers.” “I know,” Jamie said, “didn’t you hear me say, the other day, that I wasn’t going to buy any more boxers?” “I didn’t think you were serious.” “Well, I was, I need to try these.” He selected two six-packs of various colored boxer-briefs, and added them to his skinny jeans. “Two six-packs, baby?” “Yep, one to wear and one to share!” Jamie stated, grinning. They then stepped over to the T-shirts, and DJ picked up a six-pack of plain white T-shirts, as his were getting quite old, and some had holes in them. Then they ended up at the pharmacy, where Jamie finally got a toothbrush, to have at DJ’s house, and some deodorant, and a bottle of personal lube. They both checked out, and carried their purchases to Jamie’s car, and drove to the mall. Once at the mall, they were headed in the direction of Footlocker, and Jamie pulled DJ into a jewelry store. He asked the clerk if the store carried Pride rings, and was told they didn’t, and likely they would probably have to order something like that online. The jeweler was kind enough to measure their fingers, DJ would need size 10, and Jamie size 9. They arrived at Footlocker, as both wanted to get some new sneakers. DJ found a pair of red Nike’s that he liked. They were $10 more than his gift card but he was willing to pay the difference. Jamie bought an identical pair, except that his were blue, and a size larger. Even though the two boys can wear each other’s clothes, Jamie evidently has larger feet. It has become apparent that DJ’s favorite color is red, and Jamie’s is blue. They visited several clothing stores, as Jamie was looking for a blue polo shirt that would match his new blue sneakers, and he finally found one. After that the boys went to an eatery in the mall and enjoyed steak and cheese subs and some french-fries. It was nearly 5:00 PM when they arrived back at DJ’s house. “Jamie,” DJ said, “It’s about an hour drive to the Water Hole, so we should probably leave here around 8:00 PM.” “Cool,” Jamie answered, “That means we’ve got a couple hours to kill before we need to get ready. Let’s shuck these jeans, and relax on the bed for a while.” Both boys stripped to their boxers, and lay together on the bed. Relaxing seemed not to be the priority, as they started to make out, both boys hands roaming over the other’s body and kissing passionately. Jamie slipped his hand inside DJ’s boxers and he wrapped his fingers around DJ’s hard cock. “I want a snack!” Jamie exclaimed. “I doubt I could cum again, we just both got off in a big way last night.” “Let me try, baby,” Jamie insisted, as he shoved DJ’s boxers down and off. Jamie adjusted his position, knelt between DJ’s legs and took DJ’s BBC into his mouth, and started nursing it. Jamie straddled one of DJ’s legs, lightly rubbing his erected and leaking cock, still inside his boxers, against DJ’s lower leg, while he worked DJ’s penis with his mouth and tongue. Jamie wants to taste his DJ’s juice, he loves the flavor of it. Even before Jamie had DJ about to cum, he could feel his own climax approaching, and he tried to stop rubbing against DJ’s leg but his cock had other ideas. A few seconds later and his cock spewed a load of semen into his boxers, and just about a minute later he got his mouth filled with DJ’s delicious sperm. “I feel cheated,” DJ remarked, as Jamie sucked out the last dribbles from DJ’s cock. DJ whirled around on the bed, lowered Jamie’s cum soaked boxers, turning them inside out on Jamie’s thighs. He lowered his head, licking the cum from Jamie’s member and sucking the last few dribbles out of it, then licking what he could from Jamie’s boxers. He then shoved Jamie’s cum and precum soaked boxers off, tossing them on the floor. The two naked boys then fell into another deep kiss, each tasting their own cum in each other’s mouth. They spent the next hour, just cuddling, kissing, and loving each other, their flaccid penises touching. The afterglow of their sex was simply exhilarating, and they both felt so comfortable. It was one of the more tender moments they had shared, actually it was an hour. About 7:00 PM, DJ stated, “Baby, I hate to break this off, but if we’re going to make it to the Water Hole tonight, I think we’d better shower and get ready to leave.” “DJ,” Jamie commented, tears clouding his eyes, “I can’t believe how much I love you, I just can’t imagine my life without you in it!” “Jamie, I feel exactly the same. We need to thank Dad, for finding me, and loving me. Otherwise, we would never have met. Let’s get showered.” The two boys hit the shower, washing and drying each other, and sharing an occasional kiss. They went back to the bedroom and Jamie opened one of the new packs of boxer-briefs, handing DJ a pair of red ones. “I don’t know, Jamie, I’ve never worn boxer-briefs before.” “Give them a try baby, you might like them.” Jamie pulled on a pair of blue ones, and DJ pulled on the red ones, and they looked at each other. They agreed on two things, they were comfortable, and they made them both look sexier than boxers did. Jamie pulled on his new black skinny jeans, and blue polo shirt and new blue sneakers. DJ pulled on a pair of red skinny jeans, a white polo shirt and his new white sneakers. They both stood in front of the mirror on DJ’s dresser and checked each other out. “Do you know what I see, Jamie?” “No, but I see one thing. With the boxer-briefs, your beautiful cock is not as noticeable, it’s not hanging down into your pant leg. What do you see?” “I see two very sexy looking, handsome dudes. Let me get that gift card and we can get out of here, and on our way. You do have GPS on your phone?” “I do, and I’ve already programmed ‘Water Hole’ into it.” They climbed into Jamie’s car and headed out. GPS said the place was 52 minutes away, and they arrived there about 50 minutes later. When they were entering, the security dude, and cover charge collector asked their age and told them the policy had changed. They now used color-coded wristbands for guests. The under 21 year old guests were issued a red band, and of age guests received a green one. He explained that it saved the servers and bartenders a lot of time, carding the guests, as they could tell, by the wristbands if a guest was legal to purchase alcohol or not. We card on entrance, and issue the appropriate color. DJ presented the gift certificate that Joe had given him, the security guy flipped it over and wrote ‘2 guests, $40’ on the back and let them in. They soon found an empty table, and secured it. The music was played by a Disk Jockey. A server, approaching us, “Hi guys, I’m Chico, I’ll be your server tonight, can I get you something to drink?” “What do you have?” Jamie asked. “Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper and Seven-up, and, of course, Iced Tea and coffee,” Chico answered, “Do you need menus?” DJ, looking at Jamie, “2 Pepsi’s?” Jamie nodded. “I haven’t seen you guys here before,” Chico stated, “You’re a little early, the band starts playing at Nine, 2 Pepsi’s, coming up.” Chico returned about 5 minutes later with their drinks, 2 menus, and a little plastic tent that said ‘occupied’ on it. Chico, placing the tent on our table, “This reserves your table, so no one will take it, should you decide to maybe hit the dance floor, or go to the rest room, or outside for a smoke. (Neither of us smokes) Are you gents ready to order?” “I don’t think yet, a little later we’ll be hungry,” DJ answered. Chico replied, “Okay, we serve food until midnight. I’ll be back to check on you in a few.” DJ is wondering what the band will be like, and is dying to get Jamie on the dance floor. The dj is playing a variety of music, and the dance floor is empty, maybe everyone is waiting for the band? It’s 9:00 and the music stopped. A voice hit the microphone. “Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, How is everyone tonight?” There were a number of hoops and hollers, and it seemed all were ready. “We’re happy to see you all tonight. We’re the ‘Country Ramblers’ and this is our first time playing here. We are a country band, but we can play a lot of other stuff too. Sometimes, we even import a song from across the big pond, and our opening song tonight is one of those. It’s from an Irish Boy Band, called Boyzone. It’s called ‘Who We Are’ and we hope you like it” The band started playing and singing………. We make mistakes We rise again We choose the road we shouldn't take We bend the rules We cross the line It's just enough to feel alive But it makes us who we are Tonight, “Jamie!” DJ exclaimed, “that’s a beat we can get down to, let’s dance!” DJ grabbed Jamie’s hand and led him to the dance floor. There were several other couples making their way to the floor also. And the song continued……… Every battle, every scar We are warriors Hear us shouting from our hearts This is who we are We will travel near and far For the thousand wars Hear us screaming from our hearts This is who we are Aaaaare, Aaaaare, This is who we are We play with fire We laugh and cry We taste the dark to see the light We're wild and free Without a clue We put our trust in someone new But it makes us who we are Tonight, Every battle, every scar We are warriors Hear us shouting from our hearts This is who we are We will travel near and far For the thousand wars Hear us screaming from our hearts This is who we are Aaaaare, Aaaaare, This is who we are Every battle, every scar We are warriors Hear us shouting from our hearts This is who we are We will travel near and far For the thousand wars Hear us screaming from our hearts This is who we are Aaaaare, Aaaaare, This is who we are Author’s note: It’s on Youtube: Boyzone - Who We Are - Official Music Video From the Album ‘BZ20’ When the band finished the song, there was cheering and clapping from every corner of the Water Hole. The lead singer spoke again. “Thank you! Thank you!” “Folks, the words in that song so closely represent a lot of what we, as a band, have experienced. We’re not famous, yet, but at least some people in this area of the state are familiar with the name ‘Country Ramblers’ and maybe someday we might even make it to Nashville.” “Does anybody out there know how to Twist?” A few hands rose, mostly from some of the older people in the crowd. “Well, while you’re still in a ‘get down’ mood, we’re going to reach into the time machine a give you a classic, originally by Chubby Checker, back in the early days of Rock and Roll. If you don’t know how to twist, at least get out there and shake your booties, and maybe you younger folks can learn a new dance tonight. Here we go!” They played their version of the classic, once again filling up the dance floor. By the time the song was finished, DJ and Jamie both knew how to twist, learning mostly from the older dancers. They were having fun. The song finished, and there was applause again. “Thank you all! While we’re on this journey back in time, we’re going to reach in again, to our time machine. Something you rarely ever hear anymore is an instrumental, in other words, a song without vocals. Back in the late 50’s and through the 60’s, there is a song that was played at almost every high school dance and prom in the country. It was originally released by a guitar duo, Santo and Johnny, and has been covered by many, many recording artists, as well as many local bands. We’re going to slow the pace way down, grab your sweetheart and dream while you drift around the floor to ‘Sleepwalk’.” “Come on DJ,” Jamie encouraged. “Jamie, I don’t know how to slow dance.” “It’s easy baby, just follow my lead, and move your feet to the music.” Once the boys got on the dance floor, Jamie wrapped his arms around DJ, almost like a hug, and drew him close. DJ almost automatically followed suit, and they started slow dancing, swaying to the music, their faces touching, cheek to cheek. They were holding each other tightly, and could feel their cocks starting to press against each other. The only thing separating their penises was the fabric of their boxer-briefs and jeans. “Jamie,” DJ spoke softly, “I’m getting—hard.” “You’re not alone, baby, but it feels so—romantic. I love being close to you, like this. If this dance lasts too long we might both cream our jeans.” The two boys danced the rest of the song, but they couldn’t resist grinding against each other, it felt so erotic and natural. They decided to take a break and returned to their table. “Jamie, do you think anyone noticed—you know, our erections?” “I doubt it. These boxer-briefs helped us hide them, cause ours were held straight up, toward our belly buttons, that also made it more fun to grind against yours. Check out that couple, I’ll bet they’re wearing boxers.” DJ looked over at where Jamie was pointing and saw the couple about to sit down, with very obvious tents in their loose fitting jeans. Looking around, even a couple of the likely straight guys were tented. Chico, refilling our Pepsis, “You guys ready to order?” he asked. “I’m getting hungry, baby,” Jamie said. DJ responded, grinning, “For some real food I hope!” Chico, evidently getting the gist, “How long have you two been together?” “We’re just friends!” DJ answered. “Right!” Chico answered, “and I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona I’d like to sell you. I’ve worked here for almost four years and I can spot boys that are in love in a heartbeat, girls too. I’ll be honest, my husband and I have been together for 5 years, we just got married about a year ago. Our anniversary is in 2 weeks.” Jamie spoke, “Congratulations! We’ve been seeing each other for about 7 months. DJ, that super sampler platter looks good.” “It is good,” DJ replied, “Joe ordered that for us, the time he brought us up here. Especially the shrimp skewers.” “It’s a good choice,” Chico said, “It’s designed for sharing by two people, is that what you want to order?” Jamie nodded. “Can we get extra shrimp skewers?” DJ asked. “Sure, I think they’re like $3.00 each, is that ok?” “Sure, Chico, with 2 extra shrimps.” “I need to caution you,” Chico said, “They’re a little behind in the kitchen, it’ll be about 45 minutes, go ahead and catch some more dances.” Jamie and DJ were about ready to hit the dance floor again when suddenly a couple walked up to their table, drinks in hand. “DJ!, Jamie!” Chuck exclaimed. The three men shook hands. “Guys, I’d like you to meet my Girlfriend, Serena. Baby, these are two of my newest friends from College, DJ and Jamie. Can we sit with you for a few?” DJ and Jamie both extended their hands to Serena “Sure Chuck,” Jamie said, “There’s two extra chairs at this table that we’re not using.” Chuck and Serena sat down. “Chuck,” Jamie said, “I’m rather surprised to see you here. You do know this is probably more of a gay club than straight?” “Yeah, I know that, but you know us straight folks like to have fun too. We mostly are following the band, and we knew that they were playing here tonight.” “Serena,” Chuck said, “I told you what happened at the pizza party a few weeks ago. I was almost willing to let a 7 year friendship dissolve that day, when I learned that Devon and Quentin were Bi.” Then, tearing up, “These two guys helped salvage that relationship. They may march to a different drumbeat, but they’re A-1 when it comes to compassion. There is no way I would ever not consider them friends.” “Serena,” Jamie queried, “Are you Hispanic?” “Just a little bit,” she smiled, “My parents are both Argentine, but I was born and raised here in the USA. I can speak Spanish fluently, but I was educated here, and even most of my childhood friends were American, so I’m really Bi-lingual.” “Serena,” Chuck said, “Tell them about Fernando.” “Are you sure Chuck?” Serena questioned. “I think it’s safe,” Chuck said, “These guys can be trusted.” “My little brother, Fernando, well, he’s only 14, and, like me he was born and educated here. He confided in me, about 2 or 3 months ago, that he likes boys, and he thinks he’s gay. Until the last few years, people like that were executed in my country. Even now, most people in my country consider gay and lesbian people as children of the devil.” “Wow!” DJ exclaimed, “that’s heavy!” “I’ve told Fernando, that he can’t tell Mama or Papa that. I’m scared what they might do, they’re still Argentine, and have the views of their native country. I don’t think they would try to kill him, but they might disown him, and kick him out of the house. He’s too young to be on his own.” “Do you think he’s gay, Serena?” Jamie asked. “He has all the indications. As I said, he’s 14, and has no interest at all in girls, and he showed me a magazine that a friend gave him, called Blueboy. He showed it to me, and it had pictures of naked men in it, some of them even had erections. It embarrassed me to even look. He pointed to one, and said he wished his penis looked like that. The man was circumcised. Like most Hispanic boys, Fernando is not circumcised. I made him give the book to me and I got rid of it, before Mama or Papa might ever find it. He cried, but I think he understood why I had to do it. I love my little brother very much, but I’m afraid for him.” Chico brought our food and asked if we needed extra plates, We told him yes, please. We were willing to share with Chuck and Serena. Chuck then asked Chico to do another order like it, and put it on his tab. Chico placed the order and brought 2 extra plates for Serena and Chuck. “Do you have a picture of him, Serena?” DJ asked. “I do, in my phone, hold on. It’s quite recent.” Serena showed Jamie and I the photo she had in her phone. “Oh my god, he’s adorable!” DJ exclaimed, I want to hug him!” “I can’t make any promises, Serena,” Jamie remarked, “my parents have a 4 bedroom house, with 2 spare rooms. If push comes to shove, I think I could convince them to take in a foster child. They’ve had experience raising one gay boy, for almost 20 years. They’re awesome parents, and have accepted me, their only child, and now my boyfriend. DJ and I regularly sleep together in their home, so they know a lot about gay boys. Tell Fernando, he has friends that he’s never met. We’re not about to let Fernando sleep on the streets. If anything serious happens with your parents and him, tell Chuck to get hold of one of us, OK?” Serena rose from her chair, walked behind DJ and Jamie, and gave them both a hug. She thanked them for listening to her story. The first order had been devoured, and Chico brought the second one, that Chuck had ordered. We soon made history of that second order of food. All of us agreed that the food was really good. Chuck, retrieving his phone from a pocket, “DJ, Jamie, can I have your numbers?” “If it’s ok, I’d like to have them also,” Serena said. Jamie said, “Chuck might get a little jealous if you’ve got other boys phone numbers in your contact list.” Chuck, chuckling, “I know these guys, and I know what they’re NOT up to, so I don’t have a problem with you having their numbers. Serena, I haven’t known these guys very long, but they are two of the most real guys I know. Don’t get your hopes up, guys, I’m not about to join your club, but I’ll stand up for you, and support your club. You guys have the right to be yourselves, and I support that right.” Chuck and Serena both saved DJ’s and Jamie’s phone numbers into their phones, and headed to the dance floor. DJ and Jamie also hit the dance floor. It was a real trip for Jamie, to be able to dance with his boyfriend, unabashedly and without shame. They were not the only gay couple there, as about two thirds of the floor was either two girls or two boys dancing together. It was a great and comfortable feeling. With all the Pepsi they drank, the needed a bathroom break, and headed to the men’s room. DJ commented, “I am kinda liking these boxer-briefs, but it takes longer to work your cock out of the fly, than with boxers. “I suppose,” Jamie responded, “That could be a real disadvantage if you were about ready to spring a leak or you are erect!” They did dance some of the faster songs, where they could really get down and boogie. Some folks seemed to enjoy just watching these two get down, of course this was a natural for DJ. They tried, really tried to slow dance without causing their penises to bump into each other, which caused them both to erect, against their will. They finally discovered that they could dance, using their hips as the main contact point below the waist, and didn’t allow their penises to make physical contact. A few times, they just stood on the floor and shared a romantic kiss. One of those times, a couple ladies that were right next to them told them how beautiful that kiss they shared looked. The evening, and the boy’s date, was coming to an end. DJ had $60 left on the gift card, after he had paid the cover charge. When he settled the tab, the total on it was $67.00. He used the gift card for $60.00 of it and put the balance of $7.00, plus a $15.00 tip for Chico on his debit card. “Ladies and Gentlemen,” the speakers blasted, “on behalf of myself and the Country Ramblers, I want to thank each and every one of you for being here tonight, and helping us get through this first time here at the Water Hole. You’ve been an amazing audience. I hope you guys might return again, if we’re invited to play here again.” “I certainly hope that you enjoyed this event, half as much as we enjoyed performing for you. All good things must come to an end, and the clock, and the management, says it’s time to finish. Going into the time machine one more time, back to the 60’s, a song made popular by the late Mama Cass Elliot, who was for some of you unknown, she was one of the four members of The Mama’s and the Papa’s. Grab your loved one, and our last song and slow dance is ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’” Jamie and DJ were almost the first couple on the floor, but within seconds, the floor was full. They forgot about the probability of boners, and just held on to each other tightly, slowly drifting to the music. Neither of the boys was really leading, they just swayed to the music as one, lost in each other, and enjoying the closeness they were sharing. They were both sorry to see the evening end. Chuck and Serena danced close to them at one point, Chuck made a fist, and held a thumb up, smiling at DJ and Jamie as they passed each other. Everybody was heading out towards their cars, and trying to get out to the main road. It took Jamie 15 minutes just to make their way out of the parking lot. “Jamie, I think we should have used the restroom before we left.” “Yeah, we did drink a lot of Pepsi, but we should be home in about 45 minutes,“ Jamie assured. “45 minutes! My jeans and your car seat are going to be soaked before then. There is no way I can hold it that long. We need to stop somewhere, soon!” “OK, DJ, I’ll find a spot to pull over, just be patient.” “Jamie,” DJ cried, “my bladder is running out of patience! I’m gonna start leaking!” “Just hold on a couple more minutes, baby.” “I don’t think I have two minutes, I just lost a squirt in my pants!” “DJ, go ahead and get ready, pull your dick out of your fly and underwear, and when I pull over, open the door, step out, and let it go.” “OOOOOhhhhh, I don’t think I’ve ever had to go this bad!” “I see a spot, DJ, just a couple hundred feet to go, but don’t step out until the car stops. I gotta go pretty bad myself.” Jamie pulled the car to a stop, threw it in neutral, and pulled the parking brake on. DJ was already standing by the passenger door and draining. Jamie quickly walked around to the same side of the car, quickly worked his cock out and started to relieve himself. “Jamie, taking a piss never felt this good before. I accidentally pissed on the inside of the door while I was getting out, I’m so sorry!” “Don’t worry about it, I’m sure worse things than a little pee have been on that door before. After the boys got their junk put away, Jamie turned DJ to face him, wrapped his arms around DJ and planted his lips on DJ’s, and DJ wrapped his arms around Jamie. They stood like that for about 5 minutes. There was literally no traffic on this secondary road, at nearly 2:00 AM on a Sunday morning. They got back into the car and drove on home. DJ, as Jamie parked the car, “Would you believe I gotta piss again?” “Try me,” Jamie answered, “Let’s water the grass in the back yard.” Both released another good stream, put their junk away again and headed into the house, and right into their bedroom. Jamie observed that DJ’s crotch area of his red jeans was quite dark. “DJ,” Jamie said, grinning, “Look in the mirror, and look down at your crotch.” DJ, looking in the mirror, “Oh shit!” Jamie, now chuckling, “DJ you can’t hide a wet crotch in those red jeans. You said you lost a squirt in your pants.” “Well,” DJ explained, “I did, at first, and then more squirts kept pushing out behind it. Probably 8 or 10 squirts.” “I guess, down the line, we’ll remember this as the night DJ peed his pants.” “I think I’d rather just not remember it!” DJ replied, I need to wash my crotch, before we go to bed.” DJ washed up, both boys brushed their teeth, and they cuddled up in bed. “Jamie,” DJ spoke softly, “I just can’t help thinking about Fernando.” “He’s haunting you too?” Jamie said, “I was fortunate, I think I was 14 when I came out to Mom and Dad. Mom accepted me instantly, it took Dad a couple of weeks, but he came around. He said he wasn’t excited about it, but that he still loved me. I think I feel like Serena, I fear for Fernando’s safety, and I don’t even know the kid.” “Those are the kind of situations that cause so many gay teens to, you know—I would hate to think that Fernando could become a statistic. At that age, those kids really have no one to reach out to—it makes me want to cry. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Jamie, what did you think about the Water Hole?” “That place was cool, we need to go back again,” Jamie responded, “I never realized the music from a country band could be so danceable. When they played ‘sleepwalk’ and we were dancing to it, It felt like we were dancing in heaven, it was so romantic!” “Jamie, if you had told me I was going to be dancing to country music, I would have told you there was no way. But I still had a blast. I actually liked the old songs they played. Those were definitely from an earlier time, but cool at the same time.” “DJ, we need to get on you-tube and check out some of that older music, and I’d like to check out that Irish group, Boyzone, too. I’m tired and happy. We’ll probably sleep until noon today, cause it’s already 3:00 AM.” The two young men snuggled up and very soon drifted off, to ‘Dream a Little Dream’ of each other. * * * * * * Sunday morning, November 12, at about 11:30AM, Jamie woke up and looked over at his sleeping boyfriend. A warm feeling of pure love for this young man swept over him, and he was feeling so fortunate that fate had brought them together. Jamie really can’t imagine life without DJ in it. Jamie gently placed his hand on DJ’s belly, and softly caressed it, running his hand down and feeling DJ’s morning wood, matching his own. DJ opened his eyes, and looked back at his lover, a smile came over his face. It’s too bad the rest of the world can’t have the love that these two share. “Baby,” DJ said, “I gotta pee, have you already gone?” “Not yet, but I need to, before I piss the bed.” DJ, snickering, “I’ll bet you don’t have to go as bad as I did last night!” “Probably not, I’m not squirting yet.” The two rose from the bed, went into the bathroom and drained, and then returned to the bed to cuddle for a while. “DJ,” Jamie asked, “how old were you when you came out?” DJ, thinking, “I’ve never really come out. I never actually realized I even was gay, until after I met Dad.” “You never had any gay experiences, like back in school, or before you met Dad?” “Jamie, you know I spent my last year of high school in a Military Academy. They had open showers, sometimes as many as 8 boys would shower at the same time. We were all teenagers, mostly between about 14 and 18. Sometimes guys would horse around, batting or squeezing other boy’s cocks, or slapping asses, and some of us would get erections.” “Sometimes 3, 4 or 5 of us would have like a circle jerk, sometimes a contest to see who could cum the fastest, or the most. We’d jack ourselves off, and shoot our loads on the floor and let the water carry it away. None of us ever thought of it as gay, it was just something that teen boys do, and it was fun. I do remember that seeing some of the others cocks did make me get hard. Sometimes I felt like I wanted to play with some of their cocks, but I never dared to suggest doing anything like that. That would have labeled me as a queer or faggot.” “So, who was the first boy, or man that you ever kissed, or sucked off?” DJ, grinning, “They were the same guy, some dude named Jamie Seldon!” “You mean,” Jamie replied, “I was the first boy you ever kissed?” “Actually, you kissed me, the first kiss we ever shared, it seems like yesterday, and I swear, I saw fireworks that night! I love when we kiss, it’s almost as good as sex!” Jamie, snickering, “Sometimes those kisses lead to sex. It’s hard for me to not get hard whenever we kiss, especially when our tongues touch!” “Maybe, baby, we should get up and greet the day, it’s almost 1:00 PM,” DJ said, “We do have to work today, but I’d rather just lay here with you all day!” The boys wandered into the kitchen, and I came out from the den, where I had been checking Facebook on the computer. I had been up since before 10:00 AM and I told DJ the coffee was likely pretty old and strong. He elected to just have some juice with Jamie. I offered to cook the boys some breakfast, and they accepted. I asked them how their date went last night. While I was fixing their breakfast, they told me of their experience at the Water Hole, in detail. I knew, from the excitement in their voices, that they had a great time last night. They mentioned how they enjoyed dancing to some of the older songs that the band had played. It was from an era of music they had never been exposed to. Just before I was ready to break some eggs into the pan, I shoved the pan off the burner. “Guys, come with me.” I stated, as I led them into the den. I opened up two pairs of bi-fold doors, exposing 3 shelves full of CD’s, over 400 of them. I had placed labels on the shelves, ‘1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, and ‘Collections’. “Dad!” DJ exclaimed, “I didn’t know you had all these. Does that CD player work?” “It should, I haven’t used it for a while.” “Do you have ‘sleepwalk’?” Reaching to the ‘Collections’ I retrieved a CD called ‘Prom Hits of the 60’s’ and handed it to DJ. He looked at the song titles and smiled. I returned to the kitchen to finish cooking their breakfasts. After about one minute I heard the introductory sounds of ‘sleepwalk’ playing. After cracking the eggs into the pan, I glanced into the den, and smiled at the boys slow dancing, arms around each other, lip to lip and cock to cock! The view warmed my heart. The song ended, and they repeated it. It brought ‘happy tears’ to my eyes, watching these two young men so much in love. I interrupted them at the end of their dance, with “BREAKFAST IS SERVED!” DJ started the CD playing again, from the beginning. I couldn’t help but grin, as the two came into the kitchen, holding hands and neither one of them were even trying to hide their very obvious boners that were sticking straight out from their loins. Oh, the innocence of youth! We all sat together, while the boys ate their breakfast, considering the time, it was more likely brunch. I’m going to have to leave soon, as I have to be at work at 3:00 PM and the boys are both due at 4:00, and scheduled until 9:00 PM. DJ, with suddenly a very serious expression, “Dad, we learned something else last night, that has both of us concerned.” DJ and Jamie took turns, explaining the ‘Fernando’ situation, which may or may not be a concern, depending on how the story plays out, and what, if anything, his parents may do. “I understand your concern,” I stated, “but there is really nothing we can do, until there is an adverse action by his parents. It would be like someone saying Jamie’s car should be impounded, because it might hit and kill someone. We can’t go and rescue Fernando, or we’d all be in jail for kidnapping!” “It would seem,” Jamie commented, “that since Fernando feels like he is gay, that other gay people, like us, could give him support that he needs.” “Unfortunately, Child Protective Services, CPS, looks at things from a different perspective. They believe that a child brought into an environment where homosexuals are present, might tend to influence the child. At only age 14, even if Fernando is gay, he is still considered a child. Even if Carl and Karen are willing to take on a foster son, CPS would likely not accept them as foster parents, because Jamie is gay, and still lives in the home.” “That sucks!” Jamie exclaimed, “Don’t they know that gay people are born that way? I’ve never known a gay person that chose to be gay, it’s just how we are. And I’ve never converted a straight boy to become gay.” “I agree, Jamie, 100%” I said, “CPS may not be very intelligent, but they are a government agency, and they yield a lot of power. We can really not take any action to help Fernando, until, or unless his parents do something radical. I would hope, that if they do anything, that it won’t end up a tragedy. I need to leave, or I’ll be late for work. See you later.” I intentionally arrived at work about 15 minutes early, knowing DJ would be in at 4:00. I had some shopping, (Birthday Cards,) I needed to do before DJ got there. I picked out a very nice special Birthday Card for a Special Son from a father and a nice card to use for Clay’s special gift. Back home: “Jamie, it seems like we could rescue Fernando, just like Dad and Joe rescued me.” “There’s a big difference, DJ, you were 19, and considered an adult, Fernando is still a 14 year old child. Do you think we need to shower and get ready for work?” Jamie is thinking. Anthony and Maria have never had any children, gay or straight. He is wondering if maybe, just maybe, they might be interested in becoming foster parents to a beautiful and handsome Argentine boy. Some time, when business is slow, he will talk to them, and get their response. The two boys showered together, shaved, dressed in their work clothes, grabbed their backpacks and headed to work. Jamie also bagged up his new black skinny jeans, and the other 6-pack of boxer-briefs to take to his house, as he wanted to wear the new jeans to school Monday. It’s Sunday night and they will be spending the night at Jamie’s house, and going to class from there Monday morning. Likely they will share the ‘Fernando’ story with Karen and Carl, if not tonight, sometime in the near future. DJ and I both clocked out at 9:00 PM, and I gave DJ my usual loving, fatherly hug, and he affectionately kissed me, on the lips. Justin, grinning, “It doesn’t bother me at all, to see you guys share a loving kiss, but please don’t ever do that in front of our customers, they just might not understand. Goodnight men, I’ll see you tomorrow, Doug, and DJ, Tuesday morning at 10:00” As I walked out to my car, I noticed that the pizzeria was dark, and the sign turned off. Jamie drove up, and hollered a ‘goodnight Dad’ out of his window, DJ got in and they took off. I understand that Karen and Carl like having the boys around, but somehow I feel so damn lonely when my boys are not home with me. It won’t be quite so lonely after Joe moves in. I’m wondering how I managed all those years of living alone in my house, and I think I actually still have my sanity. I don’t want to ever live alone again! Jamie and DJ arrived home to the Seldon house about 9:20 PM. They greeted Mom and Dad, who were both watching a TV program, and slipped into their room, stripped to their boxer-briefs, and fired up the play station. They played games until after midnight, then brushed their teeth and went back to their room, dropped their undies on the floor and crawled into the bed. After a few minutes of making out, they were both hard, but decided to just ignore that fact and soon ended up in dreamland. Monday morning, Nov 13th, the boys awoke to Jamie’s alarm at 8:00 AM. They got up, pulled on their boxer-briefs, and headed to the bathroom together to relieve the pressure from their bladders. Since they had both showered just before going to work yesterday, and hadn’t done anything to really need showering, they decided to skip showers this morning, and just headed into the kitchen. Karen and Carl were sitting, having coffee as usual, when DJ and Jamie joined them and sat down at the table. Carl did a double take, as he noticed something different. “Guys,” Carl said, “stand back up a minute, please.” Then, looking them up and down, “I’m far from gay, but I swear you guys look more—attractive maybe is the right word, with those boxer-briefs, What’d you think, Karen?” “I think they’d better cover up better on campus or they’ll have every girl on campus chasing them, they look—hot!” She laughed. “At least,” Carl said, chuckling, “I don’t think they’ll be losing something out of their fly’s, like Jamie did last week.” Jamie’s face turned pink. “This is the last full week of classes, before Thanksgiving break,” DJ stated, “then on Thanksgiving week, we only have classes on Monday, some will have classes on Tuesday, and the school will be shut down from Wednesday through Sunday.” “You guys need a break,” Carl stated, “Jamie, can I see you a minute?” and walked into the living room. Jamie followed. Carl, in a low voice, “DJ’s gift arrived Friday, keep it hush.” “What did you get him?” “The PS 3 console, with two controllers.” Jamie smiled. Jamie, as he returned to the table, “Thanks Dad, but you didn’t embarrass me that much!” (Nice cover-up Jamie) Shortly after, the boys took off for school. Jamie plans to go to the mall on Tuesday, while DJ is working his day shift as he want’s to get DJ some games for his birthday, to go with the play station. (to be continued……)
  9. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 16

    Interesting, I live in the boonies about 60 miles east of El Paso, and the only halfway dependable internet service here is Hughesnet, which I depend on.
  10. Doug Spencer

    Why don’t you just leave us alone?

    Why do people have to be so mean? All these sweet boys want is to be able to love each other, and to be left UN-bothered. I have to give credit where credit is due. They have a lot of courage to show their affection for each other in front of a bunch of haters. I hope that Nolan's Dad re-considers, and grows the balls to be a real Dad!
  11. Doug Spencer

    The way home

    Timmy, you're doing just fine. I believe bubby1234 is incorrect, I think UK uses metric also. To my knowledge, United States is the only country that uses this fucked up measurement system of feet and inches. I'm from US and I'd be quite happy to play with a guys 14.5 centimeter joystick! LOL By the way, 1 inch = 2.54 cm. Even Canada, next door uses Kmh rather than MPH.
  12. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 15

    S-U-S-P-E-N-S-E IS IN THE AIR! I can't wait for Chapter 16! There are so many unanswered questions.
  13. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 9

    DJ Chapter 9 Sunday morning it was raining when I woke up about 8:30, not at all surprised that the boys were still sleeping. I made coffee, and was on my second cup when my phone rang, it was Jamie’s Mom. “Good Morning Karen, how are you this rainy Sunday?” “I’m fine Doug, unless I need to go outside. Are the boys up yet?” “Naw, they’re dead to the world, not surprising as they had a pretty rough and long day yesterday.” “Doug, the reason I called, do you have plans for Thanksgiving?” “Not exactly, not really for Thanksgiving, per se, but do you know that is also DJ’s 20th birthday? I know I want to do something for him, like some kind of party. That boy has never had a birthday celebration, it’s so sad.” “I know, that came to surface the night of his Adoption Party, but I didn’t know his birthday was on Thanksgiving this year. I suspect, knowing you, that you want to surprise him?” “Heh, heh, I didn’t think you knew me THAT well, but you are right.” “I know Anthony is closed, and Carl is off work that day, is the drug store closed?” “Yeah, we’re closed too, so DJ and I will be off work also. In case you hadn’t heard, DJ passed his driver’s test, and received his license yesterday.” “Great! I knew he was to take the exam Tuesday morning, knowing DJ I’ll bet he’s still on cloud Nine. Carl and I want to invite you and DJ, and Joe if he’s available, to have Thanksgiving Dinner with us. If Joe has to work, we might be able to alter the time to accommodate his schedule. What do you say?” “I think I can answer an affirmative, for DJ and I, I need to check with Joe, but I’m sure he will come, if he can. I’m trying to connive a way to combine it with my son’s birthday. I don’t want to ever not celebrate his birthday again, he’s missed way to many in his young life!” “Doug, I can hear the love, and the pride, that you have for that young man in your voice. Sending tissues your way. He’s captured our hearts too. Carl told him the other day that, heaven forbid, anything should happen to you, he has a home here with us.” “Thanks a lot for the invitation, I’ll get with Joe sometime today, and let you know where we stand for Thanksgiving. Karen, it’s great chatting with you, and I hope you have a great Sunday.” “Okay Doug, and I’ll be awaiting your answer.” I need to call Joe, I hope he’s not sleeping. I pushed the speed dial number, 2, which I had programmed in my phone a long time ago for Joe. The phone rang 5 times and went to voicemail. I left a message, asking him to call me as soon as convenient. About 3 minutes later, my phone rang, it was Joe. “Sorry baby, I was in the bathroom and couldn’t get to the phone. What’s up?” “Joe, have you had breakfast yet?” “No Doug. I just got off work at 7:00 and hadn’t gone to bed yet. I need to see you, I got that information on the cruise. Oh, and, do you have any decent photos of DJ?” “All pictures of DJ are decent, he never takes a bad photo.” “What I mean, Doug, is—well my Mom want’s a photo of DJ. I’ve seen some of the ones you have taken, but they aren’t appropriate to send to his Grandma!” “I have one, the one I shot of him dressed up, the morning we went to court. He is stunning in that photo, but it’s still in the camera.” “OK, Doug, I’ve got a plan, I’d bet you’re not even dressed yet.” “You’re right,” chuckling, “you know how we do here in the mornings.” “Get dressed, grab that camera, and meet me at Walgreen’s, in half an hour. We’ll get those prints, and then go to Denny’s for breakfast and to chat.” “OK Joe, see you at Walgreen’s about 10:00?” Joe and I met at Walgreen’s, and had four 5 X 7 prints made of DJ’s beautiful photo. One to send to Joe’s Mom, one for my desk, one for my dresser, and one to give to Jamie. I know I’m a hog, keeping two, I just can’t have too much of my awesome son! Joe, looking at the prints, “He is one handsome boy, and so loveable. Doug, I can’t wait to make him my stepson. I can’t help but wonder how many other ‘DJ’s’ are out there, needing to meet their ‘Doug Kendall’s’, I think I love him just as much as you do.” We went to Denny’s, from Walgreen’s, I ordered breakfast, and Joe ordered something more like lunch, this was toward the end of his day, as he had worked all night. “Joe,” I said, “what’s the chance of you being off on Thanksgiving?” “Fairly good, as I am normally off on Wednesdays and Thursdays, why?” “I received a call from Karen Seldon, Jamie’s Mom, this morning and she asked us, you, me, and DJ, to share Thanksgiving Dinner with them. I accepted for DJ and myself, and told her I needed to check with you. There’s a glitch though, did you realize, that is also DJ’s 20th birthday?” “Doug,” Joe commented, frowning, “There is no ifs or maybes, we HAVE to celebrate DJ’s birthday, it sucks that it’s on Thanksgiving Day, and I know we want to surprise him. Do you know what time Karen wanted to have dinner?” “No, but I can find out. I have her number in my phone, did you have an idea?” “Yes, I do, let me check on something, when our server comes back. Why don’t you call her and find out what time she plans dinner for. Who all would you want to invite for DJ birthday?” “Anthony and Maria, Justin and Sherry, Matt and Annie, and Jamie’s parents, and, of course the four of us. Let me call her,” I said, as I placed the call, putting it on speaker, and Karen answered. “Hi, Karen, Joe says he is usually off on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so he should be off, and will tentatively accept the invite. What time do you plan dinner for?” “No definite time, but probably between 4:00 and 6:00 PM. Will that work for you guys?” Joe nodded. “That’ll be fine Karen, Thanks.” The server came by and gave us refills on the coffee, and Joe asked if we could see the manager. She said yes, and asked if there was a problem. Joe told her everything was fine, we just needed some info. I’m not quite sure what Joe is thinking. A man came to our booth, “Hi, I’m Russell, the GM here, I was told you wanted to see me?” “Yes sir,” Joe responded, “I believe you’re open on Thanksgiving?” “Yes sir, all 24 hours of it.” “Could you handle a birthday breakfast for a party of 12, probably around 10:00 AM?” “We sure can, if you give us a day’s advance notice, we’ll be able to set the tables up, the night before. And we can supply a cake, if you want us to.” “Thank you, I think we might do that, we’re still in the planning stages.” “Joe,” I asked, “Exactly what are you cooking up?” “If the other guests plan their turkey dinners for later in the day, they could all arrive here about 9:30 to 9:45 and secure their seats at the table. I should be off Wednesday night and I’ll stay over with you. We gather up DJ, and probably Jamie, for a ‘Thanksgiving Breakfast” at Denny’s, and arrive about 10:00 AM and SURPRISE!!! The shit out of DJ.” Joe has an evil grin. Laughing and grinning, “Joe, you’re a genius, I love it! And that shouldn’t interfere very much with anybody’s Thanksgiving plans. Let’s do it, I’ll invite Anthony and Justin today, and get hold of Annie, maybe tomorrow. I hope Jamie can keep it a secret from DJ.” “Why even tell Jamie?” “I don’t think Jamie is even aware that DJ’s birthday is on Thanksgiving, but he’s going to be really pissed if we do this and he doesn’t have a chance to get his boyfriend a birthday gift.” “I understand, Doug, on another topic. I’ve been doing some research. There is a gay cruise leaving out of Miami on Tuesday, January 16th, and going to the Bahamas, returning on the 21st. (Joe is tearing up) We’ll be back home by the night of the 22nd. If we get married on Sunday, January 14th, we can fly to Miami on Monday, and do that cruise. It’s something we’ve both dreamed of doing, and we can live that dream, as husbands.” “Baby,” I said, tears slipping out of my eyes, “I think we just set our wedding date! But we’re going to be living together sooner. When are you moving in?” “I have to vacate my apartment by the 30th of November, about a week after Thanksgiving. The next two months are going to drag. I think I have adequate seniority to request and get a shift change, probably to second shift, and get off this graveyard duty. It’ll be great for both of us to be able to sleep together at night.” “Does anyone at the department know we’re getting married, and know you’re marrying a man?” “Almost everyone. I told my chief, right after we got engaged, and within a couple of days, everyone knew. These guys were asking to see the engagement ring, and offering congratulations. My patrol partner for 5 years, Jeff Strubel, offered to be my best man, and I accepted. My chief threatened to kick me off the force if I didn’t invite him to the ceremony. I have a feeling that half of the department is going to show up for our wedding.” “Things have sure changed over the last 20 or 30 years. Most of us have been able to destroy those closets we used to hide in.” “I know it seems a long way off, but I think we need to make the reservations for that cruise ASAP. It likely will fill up quickly. With your approval, I’ll make them tomorrow.” “Sure, Joe, we don’t want to lose that opportunity.” It was about 12:45 PM when we left Denny’s and headed home, wondering if the boys were up yet. When we walked in, they were both siting at the kitchen table dressed in nothing, with the dirty breakfast plates in front of them. It looked pretty normal for a Sunday. They both stood up, and Joe and I took turns hugging both of them, then we all sat down. I opened the bag from Walgreen’s, and pulled one of the prints out of it. They were all mounted in one of those cardboard mounts that has a pop-out leg that supports the photo, so they can stand up by themselves. Handing one of them to Jamie, I asked, “Would you like one of these for your house?” Jamie looked at it and held it close to his heart, like he would never let it go, “Oh, thank you Dad, yes, I’ll put it on my desk—no I won’t, I’ll put it in the Living room, where we can all enjoy it. Mom and Dad have gotten pretty attached to DJ too.” “Boys,” Joe spoke, “if it will make you feel any better, your Dad and I have chosen a date, January 14th, it’s a Sunday, but we’re not sure where we will have the ceremony.” DJ and Jamie looked at each other and grinned. “Oh, I forgot,” Jamie exclaimed, “Anthony asked me to tell you that he would be happy to host your wedding, and the reception, in the party room.” DJ, gathering up the dishes from the table, “Jamie and I need to shower, it’s almost 2:00 Dad, you and I are scheduled in at 3:00 to work.” I nodded. Joe, taking my hand, “So maybe we have a date and a place. I gotta run, I need to get some sleep, before I have to go to work myself.” Joe and I shared a passionate kiss, and then he left, and I headed to my room to get dressed for work. * * * * * * At about 2:55 PM I dropped DJ off at the store, and asked him to tell Justin that I might be a few minutes late, as I needed to see Anthony. It didn’t take long at all to see Anthony and Maria, as they had no customers in the pizzeria at the time. I told them about the surprise birthday party for DJ and they said they would be very happy to attend, and they really had no plans for the day, otherwise. I also told them that Joe and I had selected a wedding date, which they were happy to hear, and that Joe and I would get in touch to see about renting the party room for the ceremony. “Doug,” Anthony said, “You’re a really special man, and you’ve done so much for DJ. Maria and I have enjoyed watching the love growing between DJ and Jamie, as they develop into terrific and responsible adults. There is no way that we would miss DJ’s birthday party, he is such a precious young man. Tell me the date you guys have set, and I will reserve the room, rent free.” “Thanks, Anthony, Maria,” I said, “the date we’ve decided to marry is January 14th, but Joe’s apartment lease is expiring the end of November, so he will be moving into our home on the 30th. Once we’re married, our family will be complete!” I went to the store, and clocked in, only about 5 minutes late, and Justin didn’t even scowl. I want to talk to Justin, without DJ being within earshot, but it seems slow, at least right now, and DJ seems to be hanging too close around us. Maybe I will get a chance a little later. There were a couple of deliveries, so I left with them. After I made the second delivery, I took a few minutes to call Karen, and explained our birthday party plans. She said that should still allow plenty of time for the turkey to roast, and she wanted to be home by noon. I got back to the store, DJ was occupied by 3 customers at the register, giving me a chance to invite Justin to the party. Justin told me he and Sherry were invited to Sherry’s brother’s home for Thanksgiving, but that was going to be mid-afternoon, and he and Sherry could do with a light breakfast at 10:00 AM. Justin asked me what size jeans DJ wore, and I didn’t know, but I told him I would check, find out, and let him know. We all know how DJ likes his skinny jeans, and he always looks so sharp and sexy in them. It’s hard to imagine DJ in any other kind of pants. He was wearing skinny jeans the very first time I saw him, before I even knew his name. Anthony closes earlier on Sunday nights, 9:00 PM, which makes it nice for DJ and Jamie to hook up together to go to Jamie’s house for the night. I also got off at 9:00 and went home to my quiet house. I wished Joe were there. I fixed a light snack, got on Facebook for a while and retired for the night. Lying in bed, I’m thinking on what I should get, to give DJ for a Birthday gift. Now that DJ has his license, I would love to give him a car. I know that a new car is out of the question, financially, but maybe I could swing a used vehicle. If I were to do that, I’d like to know what DJ would like to drive. Maybe Jamie knows, or at least can find out for me. * * * * * * Monday morning was like most any other Monday morning at the Seldon household. Karen and Carl were at the kitchen table having coffee, and heard the boys starting their shower. It seemed a little strange, at first, but they’ve now gotten used to the fact that the boys share the shower, and are so comfortable showering together. Carl got up and walked into the living room, retrieving the photo of DJ and brought it to the kitchen, setting it down where they both could look at it. “That young man is so—handsome,” Carl remarked, “I can’t believe how he has captured my heart. Doug Kendall needs to keep him locked up, or I might just try to steal him!” Karen, chuckling, “I think you would have a fight on your hands, Doug would not give him up easily, DJ is Doug’s pride and joy! Oh, I didn’t ask you, but I made a commitment, for us. I told Doug yesterday, that we would definitely attend a surprise Birthday Party for DJ. We need to be at Denny’s about 9:30 Thanksgiving morning for a surprise breakfast party.” “Karen,” Carl asked, “What should we get him, for a birthday gift?” “I don’t know, but I’ll bet Jamie could give us some ideas, if anybody knows what he might want, it would be Jamie. Maybe you could get him aside, and probe him a little. I need to start some breakfast cooking.” Carl picked up the photo and took it back to the living room, kissing it before setting it back down. Yes, Carl loves DJ. The boys finished their shower and headed back into the bedroom, pulled on clean boxers and headed to the kitchen, joining Karen and Carl. The smell of the sausage links cooking was tantalizing. Karen was making pancakes, piling them on a plate, while DJ and Jamie sipped on their coffee and juice. Jamie mentioned that the Rainbow club meeting today should be big, as they had signed up 34 new members at the membership drive Saturday. “Do you boys want eggs to go with the pancakes?” Karen asked. Both boys told her just the sausage and pancakes would be fine. After eating, the boys stood up, ready to head back to their room to dress for school. When Jamie stood up, the head of his penis slipped out through the fly of his boxers, and he didn’t notice it, but Carl did. “Jamie,” Carl said, grinning and pointing, “if you wore briefs or boxer briefs, that wouldn’t happen.” Jamie’s face immediately turned red, as he adjusted his boxers, and DJ couldn’t help but grin. Karen noticed too, and turned her head to look out the window. She had seen it before, plenty of times, when Jamie was a baby and a toddler, and just once since Jamie had gone through puberty, the day she walked in when he was playing with it. She smiled, thinking back. Her little boy would soon be 20 years old, my how the years have flown! “Do you realize that tomorrow is Halloween? Do you boys have any special plans? “Not really, Mom,” Jamie answered, “I think DJ and I are a bit too old to go out trick or treating. I know we’ll be mighty busy at the pizzeria though, likely a lot of carryout orders. Anthony says Halloween is always super busy, almost as busy as Super Bowl Sunday, and he asked me to come in at 2:00 instead of 4:00. DJ, while he and Jamie were putting on their school clothes, “Jamie, I’m a little confused. When we first met, you told Dad and me you turned 18 right after you graduated, then, a few weeks ago you said you were a Christmas Baby. So when is your birthday?” “Sorry, baby,” Jamie apologized, “I just shot from the hip that day we first met. I just said that to let you and your Dad know that I was old enough to date you, I wasn’t even thinking, I just knew I wanted you! My actual birthday is December 25th, let me show you.” Jamie pulled out his driver’s license from his wallet and handed it to DJ. His license clearly stated his DOB as December 25th. “I showed you mine,” Jamie said, smiling, “Now show me yours.” DJ pulled his shiny new license out and handed it to Jamie. It clearly showed DJ’s DOB as November 23rd. Jamie is calculating, in his mind. “DJ,” Jamie commented, “we’re both 19 right now, and you’re just a month and 2 days older than me! I didn’t mean to lie, and when I say I love you, I’ve never been more truthful, I started to love you before I even knew your name! Something about you just made my heart melt.” “We just clicked, Jamie.” DJ said, eyes getting wet, “I just didn’t think a nigger like me would stand a chance with a clean bred white boy like you.” “DJ!” Jamie exclaimed, hugging his boyfriend, “I don’t even think of you as black, I just think of you as the boy I am very deeply in love with. Skin color is immaterial! We do need to get out of here though, or we’ll be late for class.” When they pulled into the parking lot at campus, and started to walk toward the main entrance, DJ paused, walking around a cherry red Toyota RAV4. “What are you looking at?” Jamie inquired. “I know I can’t afford something like that, but I can picture me driving something like that. It’s beautiful.” “Save your money, baby, and you can maybe buy something similar. Most of those kinds of vehicles are manual transmissions, would you be comfortable with a stick?” DJ, smiling, “Did I not pass my road test driving your 5-speed? I actually kind of like a stick, now.” * * * * * * It seems a little lonely around here this Monday morning. I woke up about 8:00 AM, and fixed a half a pot of coffee. While it was brewing I went into the boy’s room and gathered all of their soiled clothes, some were DJ’s and some were Jamie’s. They often wore each other’s boxers, socks and shirts and it would likely be futile to try and figure out whose was who’s. The only thing I could identify, for certain, was DJ’s skinny jeans, as Jamie didn’t wear skinny jeans. I checked the label in two pairs, and both were W26 I32, and I wrote that down so I could tell Justin. I then gathered my own soiled clothing and added them to the pile. It looked like about three washer loads. I poured my second cup of coffee after I started the first load, all shirts, to wash, and then fried some eggs and bacon for my breakfast. Being Monday, the boys are in school, neither of them have to work today, and I am scheduled at 3:00, as usual. I needed to call Matt’s mom, Annie, and alert her to the surprise party for DJ on Thanksgiving morning. She confirmed that she and Matt would both be there, and that she would inform Matt when he returned from school, later that afternoon. It occurred to me that almost everyone was starting to call him Matt, rather than Mattie. I think that’s a sign of maturing. I can remember when I was a kid, many people called me ‘Dougie’ but no one has called me that in 50 years, thank goodness. I was suddenly curious about Jamie’s name, wondering if it was a nick for James, so I called Karen to ask. She informed me that his birth name is James Carl Seldon, but Carl and I always called him Jamie, and that Jamie doesn’t like to be called James. He says it is just too old and proper. Actually, Jamie’s name is a reversal of his Dad’s name, which is Carl James Seldon. I thanked her for the information, and told her I was just curious. I finished up all four loads of the laundry, hung the boys shirts in DJ’s closet and folded the rest, laying it on their bed, then putting my own clothes away. I went in to work at 3:00 and gave Justin DJ’s jean size, that he had requested. The boys didn’t have a Rainbow meeting today, and Karen had insisted they both come to her home for supper, after school, and they would come to our house later, to sleep. Tuesday was Halloween and DJ was working a day shift at the store, starting at 10:00 AM, and Jamie would have a hard, busy shift at the pizzeria, starting at 2:00 PM. About 8:00 PM Monday night I received a phone call from Jamie. He told me that they were leaving Jamie’s house about 9:00 PM, and that his Mom had fixed a plate for me, that could be easily reheated, and they would have it ready for me when I get home, about 9:30. I feel as if I am surrounded by angels. Before we went to bed that night, I made a suggestion. Since DJ has to go in at 10:00 AM, and Jamie and I at 2:00 and 3:00, DJ could drive Jamie’s car to work. I can take Jamie in by 2:00, and hang loose until I work at 3:00. DJ can drive Jamie’s car home at 6:00 then come back and pick him up at 10:00 and they can go to Jamie’s house for the night. “Cool, Dad,” Jamie said, “that means only DJ has to get up early, you and I can sleep in. Now we have another good reason for DJ to have his license. It never hurts to have another driver in the family. Now we have to get DJ a car.” (I’m thinking the same thing) I finished eating the meal that Karen had sent, and asked Jamie to thank her for me. We all went to bed shortly after. * * * * * * Tuesday morning I woke up about 9:00 AM, needing the bathroom. Once drained I headed to the kitchen. “Good morning Dad,” my son cheerfully greeted me, “coffee’s ready, I’ve had mine, and some breakfast. I guess Jamie’s still sleeping. I didn’t want to wake him so early, he needs the rest, as he has a hard shift to work today.” “Do you think he’ll forgive you, for not kissing him goodbye?” “He’d better!” DJ said, grinning, then wrapping his arms around me, and planting his lips against mine, “I love you, Dad, I need to leave.” I poured my first cup of coffee, as I heard Jamie’s car start, and take off. I’m a little anxious for Jamie to wake up, but I won’t wake him up, unless he is in danger of being late for work. I didn’t have to wait too long though, I saw Jamie head into the bathroom before I even finished my first cup. He then sauntered into the kitchen, naked as a Jaybird—it struck me, that’s a stupid phrase, Jaybirds are covered with feathers, Oh, well. Jamie, walking behind me and hugging my neck, “Morning, Dad, and Happy Halloween.” I put my arm around his neck, bringing his face close to mine and planted a kiss on his cheek, then I reached down and gave his pretty penis a loving squeeze. He grinned, with a “Hey!” and got a glass from the cupboard, filling it with juice from the fridge, and sat down with me. “Got any plans for Halloween, Jamie?” “Yeah, WORK! And before that I need to do my homework. I think DJ plans to do his after he gets off, at 6:00 PM. Then when he picks me up about 10:00 we can go to my place for the night.” “Jamie, I need your help. Are you aware that DJ’s Birthday is the 23rd of November? That’s also Thanksgiving Day, this year.” “Crap!” Jamie exclaimed, “That’s almost as bad as my birthday on Christmas Day. I know we need to have a party for him! It will be his first Birthday Party—ever! What do you want my help with?” “Joe and I have the surprise party all set. Thanksgiving morning we’re going to Denny’s for a “Thanksgiving breakfast” and DJ going to get a real surprise. You need to keep this a secret, Jamie. We’ve invited all the people close to DJ, and they’ve all confirmed. We’re reserving a table for 12, and the others will get there early. Joe and I will take DJ, and probably you, unless you’re with your parents.” Jamie grinned. “Jamie, I’d love to get a brand new car for DJ, but I know I cannot financially handle that. I could handle a used car, though, but I have no idea what he would like, in a car. That’s where I need your help. What should I look for, that he would be comfortable driving?” “Yesterday, he was looking at a red RAV4 in the parking lot at school, he said he could picture himself driving something like that. If you could find a small SUV, maybe a Tracker, or a Suzuki Sidekick, he’d be thrilled. His favorite color is red, and he would prefer a stick shift. Is that any help?” “Jamie, that’s a lot of help. Now I at least have an idea, of what to look for. Please don’t tell DJ about this conversation we just had,” I said, smiling, “If I’m gonna shock him, I want it to be epic!” I fixed Jamie and I some breakfast, and then he hit the books. I cleaned up the breakfast dishes, and am contemplating where to start my ‘car shopping’. I need to get Jamie to work at 2:00, as DJ has his car at work. I’ll probably go to the store early, although I’m not really scheduled until 3:00. Maybe Justin will find something for me to do and let me clock in early. About 1:30 PM Jamie and I were both dressed for work. Jamie thanked me for laundering his uniform shirts. He grabbed both of their backpacks, we got into my car and headed for the pizzeria, stopping by Jamie’s car, so he could place the backpacks in it. It was quite busy at the store, people buying last minute Halloween Candy and Justin asked DJ to work over for a while. When DJ got released at 7:00 PM, he drove Jamie’s car over to the pizzeria, took his backpack out and headed into Anthony’s. He settled at the booth up in the corner and completed his homework while waiting for Jamie to finish up and clock out. They then drove to Jamie’s house for the night. The rest of the week went pretty much as usual. DJ and Jamie spent Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights at Jamie’s, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights at DJ’s. Monday morning, Nov 6th, the boys were eating breakfast with Karen and Carl. As soon as they had finished eating, DJ needed the bathroom, and Carl cornered Jamie for a discussion. “Jamie,” Carl said, “Your Mom and I need to discuss something with you. I know that you know DJ’s birthday is on Thanksgiving. We are at a loss, as to what to give DJ for his birthday. Can you help us out?” “I’ll try,” Jamie replied, “I know they’re not cheap, and it may be more than you might want to spend. DJ really wants a play station, like mine, so we can play at his house also. It’s a PS3.” Karen asked, “Does DJ have a TV in his room?” “No, but his Dad has a large, probably 60” flat screen in the living room, and he hardly ever watches it. I’m certain we could hook up the PS3 to it, and play in the living room.” “How much do they cost now?” Carl asked. “New, they’re still in the over $400 range. Game Stop often has trade-ins and refurbs for quite a bit less, maybe $150-175 for used, and around $250 for refurbs, that are just like new.” “Any other suggestions?” Carl asked. “He wants some wheels, but I think that is really out of the question, besides, his Dad is trying to work out something there. If you get him a console, let me know, and I will get him some games. We still have some time, over two weeks.” ”Thanks, Jamie,” Carl said, “no promises, but the PS3 might be doable. I’ll check out Game Stop, and maybe Amazon also. Don’t say anything to DJ, OK?” “Of course not, Dad, I’m not that stupid.” DJ, returning, “What was that about, Jamie?” “Oh, Dad was just reminding me to check the oil and water in the car.” Karen and Carl looked at each other, grinning, and thinking that was a good cover up. “Are we about ready to leave?” DJ asked. “I think so, Oh, Mom, today is the first meeting of the Rainbow Alliance, with all those new members we signed up. I have no idea what time we will actually be leaving campus. We’re leaving, bye Mom, bye Dad.” “See you two later, “DJ said, “we both love you!” “Carl,” Karen remarked, “when DJ says he loves us, I feel that is coming straight from his heart,” “He is amazing,” Carl replied, “I don’t think he’s capable of faking anything.” “They’re relationship seems pretty strong, but” Karen stated, “even if it fails, I would hope that we can keep DJ in our lives.” * * * * * * At 5:00 PM, room 122 was overflowing. Most, if not all, of the new members were present, as well as the small group they already had. There were not enough chairs and about 13 people were sitting on the tables, including Mr. Finch. Sandy took the podium. “GOOD AFTERNOON!” Sandy announced, “and I think it is a very good afternoon. I’m excited, and pleased to welcome all of you here today. As you all know, we held a pizza party and membership drive on October 28, and judging from the number of students here today, I feel it was highly successful. We had more students sign up to be members than what I even had hoped for, 34 of you guys signed up that day. When I refer to you guys, I hope you realize that I am not referring just to the male element here, but also the female and anyone that may be in between. Collectively, we are a unique group of very special people, and I love you all!” (Applause) “We have adopted the name of ‘Rainbow Alliance’ at one of our organizational meetings, and it was chosen unanimously. As most of you are aware, the Rainbow Flag represents all of we unique individuals, who are not straight, or heterosexual. At the party we held at Anthony’s Pizzeria, we served pizza, salads, and drinks to 90 students from this campus. The majority of those we fed that day, declined to become members, but told us they were supportive of this organization, but they were straight. I thank them for their support.” “When we were first discussing the possibility of forming an LGBT club, we did try to set up some purposes. Some of those are unity among our members, education for those who are ignorant, and a means for those of us who wish to make like minded friends to have a place to meet, and get to know each other. I would hope there are none of us that have been kicked out of their families, when they had the courage to come out. Within this group, we are able to be ourselves, and hold our heads high. We are not second class citizens!” (Applause) “I know there are some of us, in this room today, that have realized, likely as a teenager, that we were different, and felt like we were the only one in the world like that. It’s a damn lonely feeling. We need to reach out to those individuals, to be a beacon, and draw them into our hearts. As a class, the LGBT community has the highest rate of suicide in the world.” Sandy is tearing up, “If our existence, on this campus, can save one life, it will be worth what we have exerted to create this alliance." (Applause) “I know that many of us here today don’t know each other, yet, but we will, give us a little time. This alliance is not intended to be a dating site, if people are just looking to hook up with someone for sex, there are apps such as grinder that are designed for that purpose. I’m not saying that no one should avoid meeting someone and start dating, but we can be better than that. Let’s get to know each other, and have some non sexual fun, and enjoy each other.” “Our next scheduled meeting will be on Monday, December 4th, which is the last week of the fall semester, and finals week. The last day of the semester is Friday, December 8th, and we’ll be on break until the spring semester starts on January 2, next year. Is there any discussion?” “The floor recognizes—can you introduce yourself, and state your comment?” “I’m Julian, and I’m one of those that just joined, since that will be the last meeting before Christmas, could we turn it into a Christmas Party?” The room went into mayhem, with many voices agreeing. Sandy held up her hand to quiet everyone down. “OK everybody, Julian has suggested that we turn the December 4th meeting into a Christmas Party. How many would like to do that?” Over forty hands were in the air! “MR. FINCH,” Sandy hollered, “would that be acceptable? And where could we have it?” Mr. Finch, standing, smiling, “Kids, I’d like to say two things. It would appear that we have outgrown this room, which is not a bad thing, it’s actually a good thing, as it means the club is growing. I will try to get us a larger room for the January meeting.” “Sandy said we needed to have some non-sexual fun, and a Christmas Party would definitely fall into that category. The cafeteria shuts down about 2:00 PM, and I see no reason why we couldn’t use it for the party, as long as we clean up afterwards.” Sandy, “Tell us your name, and speak your thoughts.” “Hi all, my name is Geraldine, I go by Gerry. I work at Subway, and I believe I can get us a deal on some of those yard long party subs. If you guys want to take up a collection, I can use the money to get how ever many subs I can buy for what ever money you come up with.” That offer was well accepted. Sandy, raising her voice above the rumble, “I think that idea was a winner, and if others want to bring in some holiday treats to share, that would be great. I don’t think we have a bucket here for a collection, but if someone has a hat.” Matt stood up, taking the hat off his head and turning it upside down. He walked around the room, Mr. Finch started the ball rolling with a $20, and others kept dropping money into the hat. When it seemed the donations stopped, they counted $160.00 and gave it to Gerry. Devon offered to bring in four 2-liter drinks, and so did someone else. Another member said she would get cups and plates. We can get ice in the cafeteria. DJ stated he would make a big bowl of potato salad. One of the girls questioned him, “You can make potato salad?” “No,” DJ said, “but Dad can show me how to make anything! He’s great.” Sandy, yelling, “CAN WE CALL THIS MEETING OVER?” Then, “DECEMBER 4TH, SAME TIME, FOR PARTY TIME!” The whole room was suddenly into a party mood. Guys and Gals introducing themselves to others, lots of handshaking and hugging, people putting numbers of new found friends into their phones. Some were starting to filter out of the room. Jamie and DJ caught up with Devon and Quentin. “Devon, Quentin, hold up,” Jamie hollered, “How are things between you guys and Sean and Chuck” “Back to normal,” Devon answered, “those two share a 2 bedroom apartment and yesterday Sean invited us to their place to watch the football game.” Quentin added, “And Chuck ordered Pizza and wings delivered by Papa Johns, and treated us.” Then, eyes just a little wet, it was like it used to be. I’m so glad, I would really miss those guys.” “The icing on the cake?” Devon added, smiling, “Chuck told us we could borrow his bedroom, if we wished, but we didn’t take him up on that offer.” DJ spoke, “I’m glad things worked out for all of you guys.” Jamie added, “A seven year friendship would have been a lot to lose!” The four guys hugged each other, bumped fists and they all left the campus. Jamie and DJ started on the trip home from college about 7:00 PM, Jamie driving. “Baby,” Jamie spoke, “I’m hungry.” “Let’s stop at WAWA, I’m hungry too.” “That’s not what I’m hungry for, I want dessert, like chocolate cream pie!” Even in the dark, DJ could see that impish grin on Jamie’s face. “Let’s stop and get some subs, and we can grab dessert later.” Jamie reached across the console, and placed his hand on DJ’s inner thigh, wiggling his fingers against the fabric of DJ’s jeans, kind of close to something else. “Jamieeeeeee, you’re gonna make me hard, fuck, you already have. You want me to go into WAWA with a bulge in my crotch?” “Nobody gonna notice that, my pants are looser, and their gonna see the tent in mine!” DJ reached over, his hand landed on Jamie’s erection. “Why are you hard? I haven’t even touched you.” “I get hard sometimes, just thinking about you, and that beautiful black cock I love so much. Maybe Dad is right, briefs or boxer briefs would hide it better. These boxers just don’t cut it. I’m not buying any more of them. You wear those sexy skinny jeans and I can see exactly where your cock is, and that makes me horny too, especially if you’re not completely flaccid.” DJ, chuckling, “Do you know Matt sometimes rolls a washcloth up and sticks it in his underwear to make people think he has a dick? He doesn’t have to worry about boners popping up.” “He says they can build him a penis, out of his clitoris. I wonder if he will be able to get hard, like we do?” “I dunno, but he says he will be able to pee out of it, like we do.” “That’s an advantage, girls have to squat to pee, if they don’t have a toilet.” “I think I’d rather put up with an occasional boner,” DJ said, “rather than have to squat to pee. Even though boners can be embarrassing at times.” “DJ, have you ever seen that video on You Tube, about the waiter with a huge penis?” “I’ve never seen you tube, never been on the web.” “When we’re at my house I’ll bring it up, you’ll laugh your ass off! You mentioning about Matt and the washcloth reminded me of it.” By the time they got into WAWA both boys were deflated, for now. They ordered two large subs, planning to share them with me, when I get home. They got home, ate one sub, and cut a couple of pieces from the other, and headed to their room for dessert. “DJ, remember what we were doing, that night those two bears caught us, in the woods?” “Frank and Joe? Why do you call them bears?” “Big, heavy set, gay guys with lots of hair and beards are called bears. Anyway, we were Sixty-nining. Sucking each other off at the same time. That was some of the best sex we’ve had, except for us getting caught. At least those guys were cool, but I thought we were going to get raped!” DJ, chuckling, “I think the only reason I didn’t piss my pants was that we didn’t have any on! Wanna do that again, it was fun.” “It’s kind of hard to get into that position on the bed, but we have the floor, and it does have carpeting. We’ve got an hour before Dad will be home.” DJ was already starting to undress, and Jamie was right behind him. They were both getting excited, both rock hard, got into position, and both had a cock in their mouth in less than a minute, nursing on each other. Jamie reached around with his hand, caressing DJ’s ass lightly. DJ, pulling off Jamie’s cock, and giggling, “Jamie! That tickles.” Jamie, moved his hand lower, massaging DJ’s perineum from behind, causing DJ to start moaning. DJ decided to try the same technique on Jamie, and Jamie was really wishing that DJ would finger his hole. Maybe he would, if he started to finger DJ’s hole, so he tried it. DJ, with his mouth full of cock, “NNN, NNN,” then pulling off again, “Baby, I’m not ready for that!” so Jamie didn’t push any further, and went back to DJ’s perineum. Jamie wants his lover’s load, so bad, knowing how sweet and tasty it will be. Most likely DJ has the same desire. * * * * * * Things were really slow at the store when I got back from my last deliveries, there were no customers in the store, and Cindy, the clerk on duty was dusting the checkout, and wiping the counters down. “Doug,” Justin remarked, “I need to cut the labor. There are no more deliveries, I’m going to let you and Cindy both go early, I can handle anything that comes in.” We both clocked out at 8:30 PM, leaving Justin alone in the store. I wasn’t very hungry, and decided to head home and fix a sandwich before bed. I knew the boys were home as Jamie’s car was in the drive. I walked into the kitchen and saw the half sub the boys had left for me, which saves me making a sandwich, and likely would taste better. I quietly approached the boy’s room, they had left the door wide open, and my eyes fell upon the two bodies, in a sixty-nine position on the floor. Grinning, I crept back out, and to the computer desk, where I usually kept my camera. Setting it on flash, I crept back to their room and stood in the doorway, camera aimed at them, waiting for the perfect moment. I was watching, listening to the heavy breathing and moaning from both of them. I didn’t want to startle them, and fuck up their fun, and I was quite certain they were both on the verge of climax. Then I saw them both stiffen, and let out heavy moans. I waited until they were sucking out the last drops of cum from each other—and hit the trigger. “FLASH” “DAD!!!” both boys yelled, in unison. I took another flash photo, both of the boys glaring at me, and both of them with a beautiful penis, that was still erect, and only about 2 or 3 inches away from their mouths. It was another epic photo. I was laughing so hard I almost cried. “We don’t think that was very funny,” DJ blurted. “Just recording memories,” I replied, “When you guys look at these, 5 or 10 years from now, I guarantee you’ll both laugh.” “Why are you here?” DJ questioned. “I live here,” I answered. “You aren’t due to come home for another half hour!” DJ exclaimed. “It was real slow, so Justin cut Cindy and me both at 8:30. Come on to the kitchen and I’ll fix us some hot cocoa.” “Jamie,” DJ stated, “I don’t think I want to sixty-nine any more, it seems we always get caught.” “At least we got our treats swallowed first, this time,” Jamie replied. “Wait a minute,” I said, “I’ve never caught you before, not doing that.” “DJ, did you ever tell Dad about that time in the woods?” “I don’t think I ever did,” DJ replied. “Tell me about it,” I said, “while I make the cocoa.” Jamie started to tell me the story, about their first time sixty-nining in the woods. When he got to the part about these guys pulling their huge cocks out of their pants……… DJ exclaimed, holding his hands about 15” apart “Their cocks were this big! We were scared shitless!” Jamie finally got to where they said they were Frank and Joe. “Were they bears?” I asked, grinning, and Jamie nodded. “I know who they are,” I said, “they’re harmless.” “We thought they were going to rape us,” DJ added, “but we finally found that they were really harmless, they just had some fun, at our expense!” While the boys told the story, and the cocoa was getting made, I ate the sub my sons had brought for me, and thanked them for their thoughtfulness. I’m constantly high, just from the love I have for these young men. I’m thankful they are both in my life and Matt too. When they’re all here I have my three sons. Of course, DJ is still my first born son. I can’t wait to see Joe, and show him those photos that I snapped tonight, he’s going to get a kick out of them. * * * * * * It’s Tuesday morning, Nov. 7th, and 2 weeks, 2 days before T-Day and DJ’s birthday. DJ is scheduled to work at 10:00 AM, I go in at 3:00 and Jamie at 4:00. I had my alarm set for 8:00 AM, but woke up at 7:30, got up and made coffee. Jamie will likely be planning to take DJ in to work about 9:40, but I am going to suggest that he let DJ take his car to work. Unbeknown to DJ, I want to ‘use’ Jamie to help me shop cars. Jamie may be a lot younger than I, but I think he is ‘car smarter’ and I trust his judgement. It would be hard to get Jamie to one side, because he and DJ are almost like Siamese twins. They sleep together, eat together, pee together, shower together, I can maybe get him to myself if DJ needs to take a crap. About 8:15 DJ came out of the bathroom, came to the kitchen, poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down beside me at the table. “Good morning Dad, I’m not really ready to go to work this morning.” “Are you OK, Son?” “I don’t know, I’ve got some mixed feelings.” “Come on son,” I said, tears starting to form in my eyes, “talk to me, there is nothing we can’t talk about. I’m your Dad, and your best friend. Please don’t clam up on me. I can’t help you, or advise you, if you try to keep this to yourself.” “Dad, have you ever had anal sex?” “Sure son, lots of times. Have you?” “No, it seems kind of scary. Last night, you know Jamie and I did a sixty-nine. It’s only the second time we’ve done that. Jamie tried to put his finger in my hole, and I told him I wasn’t ready for that, so he didn’t try anymore.” “We’ve never done anything like that, we’ve sometimes just gotten each other off, by rubbing, or our mouths. Jamie was hinting, a couple of months ago that he wanted to try anal, and I wasn’t ready, I’m still not.” “Do you know,” I asked, “if he has ever done anal with anyone?” “He told me he never has, but he wants us to try it. Dad, I love him with all my heart. I’m so afraid that if I don’t do it, he might find someone else who will. If I lost Jamie, I think I would die. Dad, are you a bottom or a top?” “In my younger days, I played both rolls, depending on who I was with. Even with Joe, a few years ago, we switched around. Now that I am older, it is very hard for me to get it up. To be a top, you have to be able to keep it stiff long enough to get it in. I guess now, I am a bottom. Joe can still get me to an orgasm, when I bottom, but I am incapable of topping anymore.” “So, even a bottom can come to an orgasm, without doing something like masturbation?” “If the top is able to stimulate the bottoms prostate it will cause the bottom to have an orgasm, and both partners can have orgasms. If the timing is right, they can cum at the same time, perfect lovemaking!” “Dad, does it hurt, to have a cock shoved up your ass?” “Honestly DJ, it can hurt, especially at first. Even if two men have done it before, when you’re first penetrated, it can hurt some. But then the pleasure of the cock in your ass overtakes the pain, and it can feel really good. It’s important, for the top to go slow at first, and let the bottom get used to the penetration. I love the feeling of my man, inside me.” “So, has Jamie stated whether he wants you to fuck him, or if he wants to fuck you?” “No, he has only said that he thinks we should try some anal sex. You know, Dad, that I love to have my dick sucked, and I almost never refuse Jamie’s mouth. And I love taking his load in my mouth too. His cum tastes so good!” “DJ, in the gay world, what you and Jamie have done, is to have sex, but neither of you have made love to each other. Making love is generally considered when one penetrates the other’s ass, and cums inside. It can be beautiful, and a lot of pleasure for both parties involved. Don’t try it without lube though, dry fucking can be pretty painful, especially for the bottom.” I continued, “My feelings are that Jamie loves you too much to even look for anyone else. In my opinion, you guys might want to experiment with a little anal sex. Son, if you don’t start getting ready, you’ll be late for work. You know you can talk to me anytime, about anything.” “Thanks, Dad.” DJ said, a weak smile on his face, “if we were to do something, should we use condoms?” “DJ,” I said, “Condoms are primarily for disease prevention, and to likely prevent girls from getting pregnant. If either of you had been with other guys, I would say they are essential. I’m 100% certain that you are both clean, so the use of condoms, in your case, is a matter of personal choice. The clock is ticking, do you feel any better?” “A lot better,” DJ admitted, eyes just a tad wet, “It’s great to have a father, that I can have a father and son talk with. I love you, Dad, so much.” We both stood up, DJ hugged me tightly and planted a kiss on my lips. I told him to go get dressed, and I would fix him a quick breakfast, and donned the apron. Jamie walked into the kitchen and must have read my mind. He laid his car keys on the table and said that DJ could take his car to work this morning, if I will get him to work this afternoon. I nodded. DJ returned to the kitchen, dressed for work, and I placed a plate with 2 eggs and 2 slices of toast on the table for him. He kissed his boyfriend tenderly, and ate quickly. Jamie handed him the keys, and he left for work. If he hits too many red lights, he’ll likely be two or three minutes late. Jamie was sipping his juice, and I poured a third cup of coffee. “Jamie,” I said, “do you have any plans for today?” “Just some homework, and I have to be at work at 4:00 PM, why?” “I thought maybe you would like to go car shopping with me today.” Jamie, smiling, “Sure, Dad, I’d love to, something for DJ?” “Yep, it’s 10:00 now, if we grab some breakfast biscuits at Bojangle’s we can be at a car lot by 10:30 or 10:45, we need to be back here by around 2:00. Let’s get dressed and get out of here.” I grabbed my camera, and ten minutes later we were on our way to Bojangle’s. There are several car dealers in this part of town. “Dad,” Jamie blurted, “pull in there, I just saw something.” Jamie directed me to a red 1999 Jeep Wrangler, we got out of the car and walked around it, Jamie checked the odometer, 120,000 miles, and a salesman walked over to us. “Hi men,” the salesman greeted, “That’s a good solid vehicle, and a bargain at only $9999, it’ll give a young man a lot of service and pleasure. Can I assume it would be for this young man?” “No sir,” Jamie answered, “it would be a birthday gift for my boyfriend, Dad, DJ would love this, but…….” “I know Jamie, I could picture DJ driving this,” Then, to the salesman, “Can you do better on the price?” “Not much. I have a lot invested in it, used Jeep’s tend to have a high resale value, I might be able to knock off a few hundred.” “Thank you for your time, but I can’t afford to go more than about five grand, let’s go Jamie.” “I have several cars in your price range,” the salesman stated. “Sorry sir,” Jamie replied, “we’re looking for something special.” We drove the last couple of blocks to Bojangle’s, and decided to eat in. Jamie mentioned there is a dealer in the next town that has a good reputation and specializes in SUV’s. We decided to go there next. Jamie was right, the lot must have had at least 70 or 80 SUV’s on it. The front row had price stickers that started at $7999 and went up from there. Jamie suggested we look in the back of the lot. Most of them were older, and didn’t have any price stickers or model years posted on them. I asked, when a salesman came out, “why do none of these have price stickers?” The salesman answered, “Most of these have been on the lot too long, and we’re getting ready to send them to the auction. If you’re interested in any of them, they are still saleable, but no warrantees. Once off the lot, it’s yours! By the way, my name is Clay, and I am half owner here.” Jamie, checking out an orange Geo Tracker that looked decent, “What’s the scoop on this one?” “Let me go to the office and get the info, it’s probably one of the better ones here.” “It’s not red, but I think DJ would like it, it’s locked, so I can’t see the mileage on it, and it will need tires soon.” Clay returned about five minutes later, with the information and the keys. Clay, looking at the paper, “It’s a 97, 5 speed and 4 wheel drive with no AC. It’s high mileage, 210,000 miles, but the engine only has about 20,000, and the clutch has been replaced, and it needs a little minor body work. Clean title. 97 was the last year of the Geo Tracker, in 98 it became a Chevy Tracker. Do you want to hear it run?” He handed the keys to Jamie, who in turn unlocked the door, and looked at the interior. It had an aftermarket Pioneer CD player, and a subwoofer, both a plus. The inside was clean, with some expected wear. Jamie put the key in the ignition switch, depressed the clutch and turned the switch. It started right up, and purred like a kitten. Jamie walked around it, looking for smoke out the exhaust, which was absent, then raised the hood and looked at the engine, which had no evidence of any oil leaks, and was quite clean. “I have two questions,” I said, “first, how much, and second, can we test drive it?” “We had it on the line,” Clay responded, “for $5999, but now that it’s destined for auction, I can do better. How about $4500, cash, and yes you may test drive it.” “Jamie, I would still need to take out a bank loan. Do you think it is worth $4500?” Jamie nodded in the affirmative. Directing my response to Clay, “The money is doable, I do need to take out a loan at the bank, but I know I can get it. Got some plates so we can test drive it?” “Can I see your driver’s license?” Jamie pulled his out and handed it to the salesman, he looked at it and gave it back to Jamie, saying to hold a couple and he would get the plates. “You’re driving it, Jamie, it’s been years since I’ve driven a standard transmission.” I sat in the passenger seat. Jamie adjusted the seat to his comfort, and saw that the gas tank was about half. Clay returned, and stuck the dealer tags on the vehicle. We took off, Jamie tested the brakes, and we both fastened our seat belts. Jamie hit the main road and soon was driving at 65 mph, in a 55 zone. We drove about 5 miles down the road, Jamie did a U-turn and drove us back toward the dealership and Jamie was smiling. “Dad,” Jamie commented, “It even has power steering and power brakes. It shifts smoothly, and handles really well. DJ is going to love it!” Jamie turned up the volume on the audio system, and the subwoofer started to thump, the CD in the player was some hard rock band that I would not have even heard of. I was tempted to plug my ears, and Jamie was grinning, ear to ear, knowing he was torturing me with that noise. We pulled back into the dealership, and returned the Tracker to it’s space. I asked Jamie to pull it back out, and went to my car to get my camera. I needed pictures of DJ’s birthday gift, as I did not plan to take it home today, beside the fact I had nowhere to hide it, I needed to get the loan to finish paying for it. Clay escorted Jamie and myself to the office. I asked him what was the minimum he could accept to hold the vehicle. He said $200 would hold it, and then I explained that we didn’t actually want to pick up the vehicle until the day after Thanksgiving, as it was a surprise birthday gift for my son, and that was why I was taking the photos of the vehicle. Now we have a confused salesman on our hands! “Just curious,” Clay asked,” How can it be a surprise if he is here with you?” “Oh,” I said, “This isn’t my son, this is Jamie, my son’s boyfriend. I can show you a picture of my son, the Birthday Boy.” I took my camera and reeled back to the photo I took, the day of adoption. Clay looked at it, probably now more confused than ever. Clay, a bewildered look on his face, “He’s a mighty handsome young man but—he’s……” “I’ll help you out,” I said, grinning, “he is black, I adopted him, and I love him just as much as if he originated from my own testicles. I took that picture the morning we went to court, and the judge proclaimed him to be my very own son! Fatherhood never felt better. I love that incredible young man with every cell of my heart.” Then, putting my hand on Jamie’s shoulder, “And I love his boyfriend too. They’re both exceptional young men.” “Sir,” Jamie remarked, “DJ’s former family never celebrated his birthday. He went through 19 years of his life, with his birthday being just like any other day. Thanksgiving Day will be DJ’s 20th birthday, and his very first birthday party, ever! We’re going to surprise the shit out of him.” “So whose name is this going to be registered under?” Clay asked. “For the time being, we’ll register it under my name, and add it to my insurance. DJ has a shit load of things he has to change his name on. His name has completely changed, with the adoption.” “Even his first and middle names?” Clay asked. “Yes, the attorney told us that, because DJ is of age, he had that option, and DJ was completely in favor of it.” “So DJ is his old or new name?” “It’s a nickname, originally it stood for Dewain Jovan, now it stands for Douglas Joseph, and the last name changed from Jackson to Kendall.” “I realize DJ now carries your first name also, did DJ just pick Joseph at random?” “No, Joseph, aka Officer Joe Reynolds, of the local Police Department, and I have dated, off and on, for between 20 and 25 years, and just never got it together. Joe was instrumental in rescuing DJ from a terrible environment and bringing him to my home. These two, (pointing at Jamie) started playing cupid, and a few weeks ago Joe proposed to me, and I said yes. Joe was almost like an Idol to DJ, so he wanted his middle name to be Joseph. Joe and I are getting married on January 14th, and that will make our family complete. DJ will have a loving and caring father, and a loving step-dad.” Clay, with wet eyes, “I realized there was a gay element, when you said that Jamie was your sons boyfriend, and I have no problem with gay people, or relationships. I often have customers that are quite obviously same sex couples, but the story you just told me is one of the most touching I’ve ever heard. Mr. Kendall, you must have a heart made of pure gold! I sincerely hope that you and your fiancé, and DJ have many happy years together.” “Mr. Kendall, when will you be able to pay the $4300 balance?” “Tentatively, Friday or Saturday, and I’ll get a cashiers check.” “I guess I’ll get to meet your son, when you come to pick up the vehicle, the day after Thanksgiving. It will be ready for him, complete with new tags.” “I have just one thing to do,” Clay said, pulling a business card off of a stack, turning it over and writing something on the back of it. “Do me a favor, Mr. Kendall,” Pick up a Birthday Card for DJ, and put this in it. As I said earlier, I’m half owner here, and I’m taking executive privilege. Just a little something extra for a special young man.” I looked at what he wrote, and put the card in my wallet. Happy 20th Birthday to Douglas Joseph Kendall Present this card to receive Four 100,000 mile tires for your Tracker, when needed Signed, Clay Hodges “Clay,” I said, “I tend to be leery of most car dealers, but you seem to be a straight shooter, and I like you. I think you’ve sold us a descent ride for my son. If I know someone that is looking for a vehicle that you might have, I will recommend you. This little card just put the icing on the cake, and I know DJ will appreciate it, a lot, tires aren’t cheap, especially for a 4X4. We need to run, as I have to be to work at 3:00 PM. It’s been a pleasure.” “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you, and thank you for your business. I wish I could be a fly on the wall Thanksgiving Thursday, just to see the look on your sons face when he realizes what he is getting!” Clay and I shook hands, and Clay gave Jamie a warm hug, and told him to take care of his boyfriend. It was a little after 2:30 when Jamie and I got back to our house. We both did a quick change and got to the store about 2 minutes to 3:00. Jamie took his backpack into the pizzeria, and got most of his homework done before his shift started at 4:00. The boys went to bed, shortly after they got home, something after 10:00 PM. They considered playing a game, but felt too tired, even for that. “Jamie,” DJ spoke softly, “what’s the chance you might be able to get Saturday night off?” “I always work Saturday nights, baby, Anthony schedules me Saturday nights, because he likes me and it’s a good tip night. Are you off?” “No, at least not yet. Jamie, we never do anything fun. We go to class, work our asses off, maybe have a little sex, go to sleep and do it again the next day. We need to have a date, go someplace and do something we can both enjoy. The last time we did anything special was when we went to the state fair, and that was Labor Day.” “Do you have something in mind?” “I do, remember the night of my adoption party, and people gave me some gifts? Joe gave me a $100 gift card for the Water Hole, have you ever been there?” “I never even heard of it.” “It’s a club. They have some really good food, and a big dance floor. It’s gay friendly, we can have fun and be ourselves there. It’s that place that Joe and Dad took me that time, and I had a blast. It would only cost us the gas, cause that gift card would likely take care of the cover charge, and whatever we eat and drink. I think, that on Saturday nights they have a live band.” “DJ, it sounds like fun, and you’re right—we never do anything special. Let’s check with our bosses tomorrow and see if we can both get Saturday night off.” The two young men shared a passionate kiss, held each other close and drifted off to sleep. Wednesday morning, Nov 8th was typical. DJ and Jamie shared a shower, pulled on clean boxers, and had breakfast with Karen and Carl. They then spent a normal day at school, and both were scheduled to work at 4:00 PM. Both boys asked their bosses if they could have Saturday night off, and both Anthony and Justin said they could alter the schedules to give them the night off. It wasn’t like either of them made a request like that every week. While at work that evening, DJ is thinking about his conversation with Dad the previous morning, and decided to make a purchase. He picked up a tube of KY and a 3-pack of medium sized condoms and stashed them under the checkout counter. It’s a store policy that employees get their purchases rung up by someone other than himself or herself, and they do get a 20% employee discount. DJ, just before closing time, “Justin, I want to make a purchase.” Justin, ringing up DJ’s purchase, “Time for restocking, huh?” “Not really,” DJ answered, feeling his face getting a little flushed, “It’s a first time purchase. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.” Justin nodded in agreement, politely ignoring the redness of DJ’s face. DJ clocked out, and he and Justin both left the store together, Justin locking the door. DJ took his small bag, then walked to Jamie’s car and placed it in his backpack. He then entered the pizzeria, to wait for Jamie to finish his shift at 10:00. When they got home I was on the computer, checking out the latest on Facebook. They carried their backpacks to the bedroom. Jamie headed to the bathroom, and DJ quietly took the items he had purchased and stashed them in the bookcase shelf of the bed and slid the door closed. There was a notification on Facebook that Joe Reynolds had shared to my timeline. Of course I had to check it out, and couldn’t believe what I read. ‘Joe Reynolds: I am proud and excited to announce my Wedding Engagement to the love of my life, Mr. Doug Kendall. We plan to marry on January 14th and will spend our honeymoon on an ocean cruise to the Bahamas.’ It was followed by about 50 ‘Congratulations’ all from people I had never met, and not a single negative comment. Tears streaming from my eyes I hollered, “DJ, Jamie, come look at this!” The boys ran to my side and I pointed to the post, and they both read it. DJ, excitedly, “I love it, Dad, that’s awesome!” Jamie commented, “My respect for Joe just doubled. It takes a lot of courage to post a same sex wedding announcement on Facebook!” “Dad,” Jamie asked, “Can you teach me how to use your camera, so I can get some good pictures of your wedding?” “Sure Jamie, we’ve got plenty of time as it’s still over two months away.” “Jamie,” DJ remarked, “Joe will be moving in with us in about three weeks. It will be so good, for all of us, especially for Dad.” “Guys,” I said, “Joe has put in for a shift change, to get off the night shift. I hope it gets approved, then we can sleep together every night, like any married couple.” The boys both hugged me and kissed me, Jamie on my cheek and DJ on my lips. God, I love these boys! They then went back to their room. Both had been at school today, and both had worked this evening, and they decided to crawl into bed, relax and maybe make out a little. “Jamie,” DJ spoke softly, “It’s so wonderful to have a Dad that I can talk with, and we had a serious chat yesterday morning. When I got up, and had coffee with Dad, I didn’t want to go to work, and I told him that. He has a way of getting me to open up to him. I told him I was afraid of losing you.” “DJ, That hurts! Why would you even think that? You’re the boy that I love, and the ONLY boy that I love. My world revolves around you! What did I do, that would make you feel that way?” “The other night, you started to try to put your finger in my hole,” DJ explained, “and I told you I wasn’t ready for that, so you stopped. I know you’ve tried to get me to maybe agree to try some anal sex. I was afraid, if I didn’t, you might try to find someone who would.” “Oh, baby! I wanted you to finger my hole, so much. I thought maybe if I fingered yours, that you might reciprocate. My hole was hungry for your finger, maybe even two or three of them. My love for you is not dependent on having anal sex, and I would never try to force you to do something you’re not comfortable with. I love you way too much for that!” “Yesterday morning, Dad and I discussed anal sex. He told me how great it feels, and how he loves the feeling of his man ‘inside’ him. He encouraged me to at least be willing to experiment. And that anal sex is the ultimate means of making love to your partner. I think I want to experiment. Jamie, would you want to fuck me, or for me to fuck you?” Jamie, snickering, “One thing is for certain, we can’t do both at the same time! And we would need to get some lubricant.” DJ, sliding the door open, on the bookcase shelf, “Something like this?” as he held up the tube of KY. “DJ, how long has that been in there?” DJ, chuckling, “About an hour, I just bought it tonight before I left work.” “So you’ve been contemplating this change of heart for a while?” “Since yesterday, after my chat with Dad. He told me not to try it without lube.” “DJ, I think we may both be about to lose our virginity! It’s kind of like Star Trek, going someplace we’ve never been before.” “Jamie, does it make a mess?” “How would I know, baby, I’ve never done this before. The only thing I have to go by, are the drawings that were in that book. Maybe we should get a towel to put under us, so we won’t mess up the sheets.” “I’ll get one,” DJ said, as he got out of bed and headed to the chest in the hallway, where he knew spare towels were kept. He swore, wrapping his fingers around his erection, that he was bigger and harder than ever before. When he returned to the bedroom, he couldn’t help but note that Jamie was also at full mast. DJ spread the bath towel on the bed and Jamie got on the bed, on all fours, with his buns sticking up in the air. “You have to prepare me,” Jamie stated, “use a finger and spread some of that lube around and in my hole, and gradually expand my hole, adding one or two more fingers. That will make it easier for me to receive your cock inside me.” “I guess you’ve decided to be my guinea pig?” DJ questioned. “Yeah, one of us has to go first. We’re both neophytes, but I have read the book, and I’ll try to guide you as best I can.” DJ followed Jamie’s instructions, squeezing some of the KY onto Jamie’s orifice. “Oooh!” Jamie exclaimed. “Did that hurt?” “No, it’s just cold!” DJ pushed his finger in, just a little, spreading the KY just inside Jamie’s hole, along with his finger. He added a little more of the KY and pushed it in further with his index finger now in to the second knuckle, then all the way in…… “Eeek!” Jamie yelped. “Are you ok baby?” “I’m fine, it’s just a strange sensation, but feels good too, add a finger.” DJ is working Jamie’s hole and noticed that Jamie was leaking a lot of precum, then looking down, he had a streak of pre leaking out and onto the floor. He couldn’t recall ever feeling quite this aroused before. “That should do me, baby, I need to get on my back, and you need to lube your cock well, and then come up here and kneel with your knees by my ass. I’m going to put the backs of my knees on your shoulders, to raise my butt up a little. Try to get the head of your cock lined up with my hole and push in just a little, don’t shove all the way in, just the head.” As DJ pushed the head of his cock through Jamie’s sphincter, Jamie gasped. “Are you OK? Did that hurt?” DJ asked. “Maybe, just a little, but it feels good at the same time. Start fucking me, slow and easy, but not deep, just gradually go in a little further, and let me adjust to you in there.” DJ noticed that Jamie had an incredible amount of pre dribbling out of his dick. He used one hand to squeeze it out and then licked his fingers off. “DJ, I need to try to raise my butt just a little higher, so you can pound my prostate with your cock. You’re almost on target, and I’m so fuckin’ hot. Are you all the way in?” “Not quite, I probably got another inch or so.” “DJ, give it to me, all the way in. Stop, just let it rest, all the way in.” “This is hard, Jamie, I’m so close to blowing my wad! I can’t hold off very long, oh my god, this is so sensational!” “DJ, try to hit my sweet spot, just a few more times. I’m really close! “I can’t Jamie, not without exploding!” “Try DJ, just try!” DJ tried, but two more hits was it, DJ’s balls and prostate shot like a cannon, releasing the strongest orgasm he’d ever had. The force of his orgasm striking Jamie’s prostate was just enough to trigger Jamie to shoot his wad. An incredible amount of cream shot out of Jamie’s cock, covering his stomach, chest and even some on his face. “DJ, please don’t pull out yet, I want to feel you in me for a while.” “It’s not gonna feel like much for long, I’m starting to deflate, but it feels so nice and warm in there. I never knew how good it would feel to have my cock inside my boyfriends ass.” “Excuse Me!” Jamie exclaimed, “That’s not my ass, it’s my pussy! Next time my cock is going to get a feel of your pussy! You popped my cherry tonight, and I’m soon gonna pop yours.” “Have at it baby, my pussy is yours to play with. I’m not afraid anymore!” “DJ, I’ve got a problem. I’ve got a bottom full of cum, and I don’t think I can make it to the bathroom without leaking it all over.” “Hold on a minute, I’ll be right back.” DJ went into the bathroom and ripped off about 7 or 8 sheets of toilet paper and brought it back to their room. DJ, grinning,” stuff this in your pussy, and while you’re in there, you might want to wash all that cum off yourself.” Jamie took DJ’s advice, and while Jamie was on the toilet, DJ washed his cock and balls off. The two then returned to their bedroom and removed the towel, which really had little evidence on it, from the bed and climbed in. They shared a passionate kiss, the kind that usually results in a mutual arousal, but tonight the arousal didn’t happen, I wonder why? “DJ,” Jamie spoke lovingly, “I want to thank you for making love to me tonight, It felt wonderful, and I enjoyed it immensely! So, when do I get to pay you back for tonight?” “I’d like to think tomorrow night, but we’ll be at your parents house, and I don’t know if we could do something like this, when we’re there.” “I don’t think I’d be comfortable fucking there either,” Jamie responded. “They say paybacks are hell, but I think this payback could be heaven. Jamie, I can’t believe, as much as I feared the aspect of anal sex, how anxious I am now to feel you inside of me! I love you so much, baby.” “DJ, I’m really looking forward to our date Saturday night. We say we’ve been dating for, what, 7,8 months, but we haven’t, really. We’ve only had a couple of dates, we’ve just been seeing each other for that long. Spending time, and most nights together aren’t dates.” “Jamie, we’re going to have a great time, and a lot of fun Saturday night, and that will constitute a date, a real date!” The two boys, tired and sexually spent, snuggled together and fell asleep. * * * * * * Thursday morning, Nov 9th I woke up about 9:00 AM. The boys were still asleep, and there was no reason to wake them, as they were both due to work at 3:00 and 4:00. I made a pot of coffee and drank 2 cups and fixed myself some eggs and toast. I have to work at 3:00 PM, but I have some other business to handle. I left a note on the table, letting the boys know that I had some business to attend to, and should be home around 1:30 or 2:00. I got to the bank about 11:00 AM, filled out the loan application for $4500.00 on a two year loan, and got it approved. I asked for a cashiers check, made out to the dealership, for $4300.00 and had the remaining $200 deposited to my account to replace the $200 I had paid to hold the vehicle. The monthly payment will be about $220 with the interest. When I got to the dealership, I instinctively looked for the orange Tracker and didn’t see it. Most of the vehicles in that back row were gone, and it crossed my mind that maybe they had all been sent to the auction, including the Tracker. I walked into the office and found Clay there. Clay, standing up, “Mr. Kendall, how are you this fine day?” “A little concerned, I was trying to see where the Tracker was, and I didn’t find it, and noticed a lot of the other cars were gone,” I said. Clay, smiling, “No need for concern. We wanted to keep it clean until you and DJ came to pick it up.” Then, pointing, “It’s over there, under that tarp, and most of the others were sent to the auction yesterday. Let’s go check.” Clay led the way to the vehicle under the tarp, raised it up, and, sure enough, the Tracker was under it. I know I breathed a sigh of relief. We then walked back to the office. I handed him the cashiers check and he pulled a file out, took out the bill of sale, wrote ‘Paid In Full’ and handed me the original copy. “We’ll have the Title and Registration for you when you come back to pick up the vehicle. It’s been a pleasure, sir, a special pleasure, because you have a special son. I can’t wait to meet him. Happy Thanksgiving, and we’ll see you 2 weeks from tomorrow.” I left the dealership and headed home. I will file the Bill of Sale with MY pile of important papers. It was almost 2:00 PM when I arrived back home. I walked in the back door and knew the boys were up and had eaten, because they left the dirty dishes on the table. I looked into their bedroom, and they were both sitting naked at DJ’s desk. I spoke, “Hi, what are you guys up to?” “Well,” DJ replied, “We knew that we are all scheduled to work today, and we decided, since we had the time, to knock our homework out of the way. We’re about done with it.” I exclaimed, grinning, “It was mighty nice of you guys to leave your dirty breakfast dishes on the table!” “Oops,” DJ answered, “Sorry Dad, I guess we fucked up!” “I’ll forgive you guys, THIS TIME! I need to shave before work today.” I knew that today, being Thursday, that tonight they would be staying at the Seldon’s house, and wouldn’t be here until Friday night. I hate coming home to an empty house, but it won’t be quite so lonely once Joe moves in. Nothing special happened the rest of the day, just a normal Thursday. * * * * * * Friday morning, November 10th, Karen fixed the boys some breakfast, before they left for class. Carl was sleeping in. DJ and Jamie told Karen about the Christmas Party the club was planning for December 4th, and that it was finals week and the last week of the semester. DJ mentioned that he was fixing a large bowl of potato salad for the party. “DJ,” Karen said, “I would be happy to make that for you.” “Thanks, Mom,” DJ replied, “but I want to do it myself, and I will get Dad to guide me. Dad can cook most anything. Someday we will be out on our own, and I have to know how to cook for my man.” Jamie smiled. “OK Honey,” Karen said, forcing a smile. Karen had a moment of sadness running through her. She hates the idea of her ‘boys’ someday not being in her home, but then realized that their relationship seems as strong, maybe stronger than ever. It does seem that, at least, there are no problems in paradise. If they broke up, she would miss DJ terribly. “Mom,” Jamie said, smiling, “We both got tomorrow off, and we’re going on a real date tomorrow night. DJ has a gift card for the ‘Water Hole’, it’s a gay friendly club, where we can be ourselves, dance and have fun.” “You’re not going to be drinking alcohol, are you?” “No Mom, we’ve both got over a year before we could even get served, if we wanted to, but I don’t think either of us want to drink, anyway.” “I’ve seen enough alcohol in my life,” DJ added, “to last a lifetime!” Jamie, standing up, “We’ve got to run, Mom, or we’ll be late. We’ll see you Sunday night.” Jamie hugged and kissed his Mom. Karen then hugged DJ, and DJ tried to kiss her on the cheek, but Karen turned her head, and kissed DJ on the lips, as DJ gave her a tight hug. The boys left the house, got into Jamie’s car and headed toward campus. DJ, a couple of tears escaping his eyes, “Your Mom is so sweet, I wish I could have had a Mom like yours!” “Baby, you do have a Mom like mine, we have the same Mom.” “Jamie, she kissed me, on the lips!” Jamie, smiling, “I saw that, I think she loves you as much as she loves me, and I’m not at all jealous. I’m happy that she loves you like that.” Friday was pretty much a normal day. The boys attended their classes, and both were looking forward to bedtime, and had periodic boners. They got home to DJ’s, and changed into their uniforms for work, both due in at 4:00 PM. When DJ got off at 9:00 he went to the pizzeria to wait for his boyfriend to finish his shift. DJ wrapped the silverware for Jamie. Jamie ordered a pizza to go for the two of them, and they left right after 11:00 PM. I was already asleep, and didn’t even hear the boys come in. They sat in the kitchen, munching the pizza and drinking Pepsi, both looking forward to what was planned to follow. Jamie rose from the table, his loose fitting jeans tented from anticipation. “Jamie!” DJ exclaimed, grinning, “you’re hard already!” “Yeah?” Jamie replied, chuckling,“ You better check yourself, boyfriend.” DJ looked down where his own cock was trying to escape from his skinny jeans, and there was an obvious wet spot, about the size of a silver dollar where he had leaked precum already. Both boys laughed and headed toward their bedroom. Jamie went to the chest in the hallway and grabbed a towel, and headed back into the bedroom, closed the door and spread the towel on the bed. Both boys stripped, allowing their very hard erections to breathe. Jamie, grinning, “Payback time!” “Yeppers,” DJ stated, “Goodbye, virginity, it’s been good to know you!” DJ climbed onto the bed, and Jamie slid open the little door, and retrieved the tube of KY. DJ’s looking forward to his first ass-fucking. (to be continued….)
  14. Doug Spencer

    Love is Blind

    This story is a gem. Ian and Andrew met, almost by accident, and both young men had the insight to realize how much they "needed each other." There is just enough sex to add a bit of spice, but I tend to favor the emotional side of a love story and in my opinion this is one of the most beautiful love stories I've ever read. JUST A WARNING! There are some very touching emotional situations, that may cause you to reach for the Kleenex, keep them handy! I needed a few. It's only nine chapters, so you won't get bored, I promise. Enjoy the ride while it lasts. I was sorry it came to an end.
  15. Doug Spencer

    Chapter 7 - Christmas

    This was a beautiful Christmas tale. I can tell that Andrews mother is falling in love with Ian, she is going to end up with two gay boys in love!

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