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A lighthearted story of discovery, teenage boys, and some sexual situations

Unintended Consequences - 3. Chapter 3


“I’m fucking close”, I heard Stewie groan through clenched teeth. Since that fateful night with the yogurt and the morning after, I was better able to pick up on the signals when Stewie was reaching his plateau. I loved the hitches in his breathing, the way his body would tense, the muscles contracting like a wave. They started with his forehead, his eyes would scrunch closed, the deep crinkles forming at the corners of his eyes. A body blush would form, first his cheeks would redden, the rose hue would flow down to his neck as the tendons showed the strain he was under. From there red splotches would form on his shoulders and chest.

His pace slowed, his hips no longer slamming into me. Riding the orgasmic wave was always a dicey proposition, too much too fast and it tossed you to the shore, pacing, edging, prolonged the fun. This was the third time this evening Stewie brought the both of us to the brink. We had been at it for what seemed the better part of the evening. Both Marcus and Todd had actual dates this Saturday night.

Ever since the night with the yogurt cup we had started growing apart in incremental phases. It wasn’t anything overt, but with our high school days over and college less than three weeks away, other forces were taking over our lives. I’d be joining Stewie at the University of Central Florida. It was a huge hit to my plans of being away from home.

Dear old dad decided at the last moment, to get caught with the other woman. Not having a scholarship to Boston College, meant the funds set aside for my education were gobbled up in the divorce proceedings. Apparently, this had been going on since the first of the year. The folks finally thought to tell me when I pointed out we needed to finalize the financial end of things and my travel plans. I never picked up on the fact that they were sleeping in separate bedrooms or that, for whatever reason, we never had family dinners together any more. I told both of my parents what I thought, how I felt and it was up to them to ensure I got into UCF, no matter what it took.

Stewie and I would commute the first semester, possibly the second and then find an apartment near campus. There were several angry, tense nights with both my and Stewie’s parents while we worked out the details. In the end, neither of us would have to work while going to school.

Stewie’s resolve to cum had abated a bit as he resided deep inside of me, his breathing was a bit better, his urgency had moderated. I felt his hips draw back ever so slowly and without breaking motion, he started cycling back into me, maintaining a steady, slow, even pace. We had gotten much better at this since Stewie finally decided to take what was on offer.



In a way, I was glad plans had changed for the night. Mark had gone to a family event he could not miss, a cousin’s wedding over in Georgia. Stewie was a bachelor again, his steady thing had dissolved a short while ago. The basement was ours and we could be uninhibited. For the two of us, the dynamic changed shortly after that first visit to Mark’s nearly a week ago. I couldn’t place a finger on the exact reason but wasn’t going to complain or wonder why.

That very same weekend we had our regular Saturday night. The next morning, I helped Stewie clean up after Marcus and Todd left. While cleaning we nattered much about nothing, discussed plans for the remainder of the day. I mentioned that I was thinking of seeing if Mark was around later on, I had an itch to scratch. If Mark wasn’t around, possibly text Jarred.

Jokingly, I turned around and told him again, if he had a change of mind, pointing to my ass, that it was his for the afternoon if he wanted. I knew he’d refuse; we had the conversation many times, coming close more than once to my everlasting regret. I wasn’t sure what his reluctance was, I wasn’t looking to top him and he knew that. Just to egg him on a bit, I knew he hadn’t been laid since the breakup. I pulled my shorts down, exposing by backside. At the very least we’d be sucking each other off, and while I was down for that, I wanted more.

As I turned to look at him, he asked me in a soft, husky voice, if I still had the enemas in my gym bag. Cocking my head to the side, trying to keep my voice even, a jolt of anticipation hitting my nerve endings, I simply asked him if, he was sure. I think he was afraid of speaking; he simply nodded his head in the affirmative.

Well, as our first time it was a bit awkward, there was a bit of bungling as we tried to figure out the best position. I like to be on my back, and for whatever reason we had trouble with the mechanics, the rooting around was threatening to deflate the moment. Seizing the opening as it were, I got on my hands and knees and gave Stewie a clear shot at the target of opportunity.



I was brought out of my reverie of that fateful morning, when I felt Stewie pick up his pace, when he bottomed out in me, he kept moving forward, gaining that last fraction of depth. Each new stroke brought a new sense of urgency, we wouldn’t be riding out this storm much longer, if Stewie’s pace indicated. We built a fury between us, our bodies making sounds and noises not thought possible. The slap of his flesh against mine, the slick, squelching sounds as he pummeled me where our bodies connected.

Stewie was plumbing my depths, grazing parts of me that reduced me to a quaking, babbling wreck, bringing me to where I needed to be at this moment. I was on sensory overload and at this pace, the train was rapidly arriving at the station. I could feel the inevitable surge building, each stroke was like climbing a ladder, his arms have me pinned to the bed, my knees held in place as he thrashed against me, his pace is knocking the air from my lungs. He leaned in and hungrily sought my lips as we devoured each other’s faces grasping him tighter to me.

I groan my impending release; I am captive to the surge as it rolls like a wave through me. My internal contractions ignite a spark in Stewie, he screams out my name, “I’m fucking cumming Thaddeus, sweet freaking Mother of Mercy!” as he empties himself deep into me and comes to rest on me.

We lay still for some time; our breathing is slow coming back from our exertions. I wrap him closer to me, not willing to let him go, my legs try holding him in place, to hold on and delay losing this battle. Finally, his erection subsides and I am missing It, as he slips out of me. I know for certain that practice does make perfect, we’ve truly gotten much better at this.

I look over toward the cable box, we’ve been at it for at least ninety minutes, start to finish. Just past the cable box, sitting in the easy chair is Jarred. I had completely forgotten we had invited him over. He must have let himself in through the slider to the pool. He’s sitting there naked except for his low-cut ankle socks, hard as a rock and we hear him say, “You have no idea just how fricking hot that was to watch!”



I had gone back to the mall a few days after meeting Mark l, I needed supplies for college, pens. Pencils, notebooks, all that sort of shit. On a whim I texted Jarred. Stewie was busy with his folks and I was feeling a need for a release. I was surprised when my phone rang, it was Jarred. A quick conversation had us agreeing to meet outside the Cheesecake Factory. I had most of my shopping done, I still needed clothes, at this point I still had no idea about my parents, and was trying to order a winter coat to be delivered to my house.

As I walked down to the Cheesecake Factory, I saw Jarred sitting on the same bench I had used not so long ago. He sat there with his legs spread a bit, showing off his assets. The shorts he was wearing left little to the imagination. The conundrum was, do we go for a bite to eat, or right to my car in the parking garage. I had purposely picked a remote location with the thought we may just fool around.

There wasn’t any doubt as to what he wanted to do, we could always go back and grab a bite after, he said with a grin and a wink. We got back to my car, I tossed the bags into the trunk and unlocked the doors. Jarred had his shorts halfway down as he sat, leaving no doubt as to what he wanted to do. He reached over to me, telling me to lay my seat back as he struggled with my shorts and boxers. It was comical, and when I look back on it, my rapidly growing penis had complicated matters and after the ensuing, brief struggle, all of me awaited his pleasure.

He was like a dog with a new bone, in between his tactile and oral explorations, I learned that for all intents and purposes, I was a first, if you didn’t count fumbling around in Boy Scouts. He was eager, in a rush to get things going and I needed to slow him down a bit. I had him lay back in his seat, reclining it all the way back.

This was my first good look at what made him unique. While I had seen him in the bathroom that afternoon, I had missed on some of the details. He was longer and thicker than I remembered and a tight set of nice sized balls for a sixteen-year-old. The slightest touch had his cock jumping. Running a finger lightly down the length produced a long loud groan and a couple beads of pre-cum. Pushing his shorts all the way down to his ankles, gave me better access to his testicles. I don’t think they could have been packed any closer to his body.

Placing a couple of fingers around the base, I tilted his penis up towards my mouth and licked the silken beads and strands of his pre-cum. His perineum was working overtime, sending waves of pheromones, igniting my needy lust. Throwing caution to the winds, I went down on Jarred, slicking his cock with my saliva, stroking him in tune with my mouth. It took all of thirty seconds before I could feel him filling my mouth with his essence.

I’d like to say that I lasted much longer when it was my turn, I think in all the excitement my pump was primed. There was an element of risk, here in the parking garage we were the only car in our section although there were a few scattered cars not so far off. I held his head as he ministered to me, my fingers gently combing his hair. My hips had a mind of their own, reaching skyward as Jarred struggled to inhale all of me. It was clumsy until the initial excitement was over, while it may have seemed our fumbling was prolonged, it took but a few moments till we found a rhythm.

I could feel my orgasm building, telling Jarred how close I was, it was gonna happen soon if he didn’t want to swallow. We all reach a point of no return, where we are held captive to the forces driving our actions. A rigidity took over my body as I thrust upwards pumping, erupting in successive waves, the distillation of me into his eager mouth.


I think the first awkward moment that first time with Stewie was in the prep. Let’s face it, anal sex can be messy and no fun if care isn’t taken to ensure cleanliness. We’ve all read the stories, two boys meet, fall in lust instantly and have full on sex. Real life doesn’t work that way. Too much depends on bodily functions, no one wants to drive into a tunnel that may have a traffic jam.

The second awkward moment, once I had used the enemas and showered, was doing the deed. While for the most part, what we were going to do involved a bit of plug and play. It’s not as simple as it seems, working out how we fit together and inserting the right tool for the job as it were.

With me on my back, it seemed that Stewie was having a little difficulty, not wanting to leave anything to chance, and to improve the odds, so to speak, I decided to get on my hands and knees, giving Stewie a clear shot.

It wasn’t that I was a pro at this, far from it. But this was Stewie, and something I had wanted to have happen for the past couple of years. In fact, this would be my second time, while I knew what to expect, nothing prepares you for that initial surge of pain. As well read as we were, in the mechanics of sex, there was so much we still needed to learn and apply in the lessons we would undertake.

Assuming the position for Stewie, the excitement and thrill was coursing through my veins. I could feel him move up the bed as he placed his hands on my hips, leaning over and planting soft kisses on my spine. Moving my legs, a bit further apart with his knees, the moment arrived. This wasn’t the first time Stewie had sex, he and the ex-girlfriend had done the deed several times, I was sure we’d be at this for a bit.

There was some initial resistance as he began entering me. He’d probe a bit and I would yield. I was able to push back against the initial pain of entry as he fully seated himself in me. As I grew used to him inside of me the pace quickened, not so fast to be uncomfortable, the lube was doing its trick. I thought it was selfish of me, the enjoyment Stewie was providing till his exhalations of pure pleasure made themselves known. At one point it was difficult to figure if I was sliding back and forth on Stewie or if he was driving my backside. I felt his hand tighten their grip on my hips as he drove himself as deep as possible into me, groaning out his release.



I think we were both so lost in our love making, neither of us heard Jarred come through the slider on the pool deck. Not only did we not hear him come in, we failed to notice his clothes, as little as they were, come off. Not knowing how long he had been there, watching us seemed unimportant now, he had seen the conclusion. Stewie and I had gotten much better at this since that first time. It wasn’t only something we saved for weekends.

It wasn’t Jarred’s first time to Stewie’s basement either. He had been over a few times now, staying overnight and getting a lift home from me the following morning. It wasn’t the first time he saw Stewie and me having full on sex, and the effect on him was obvious. If it weren’t for his hardon, you would have to say his poise was languid. Arms resting on the armrests, his penis throbbing with his heartbeat, eyes heavily lidded with lust.

He had joined in with our Saturday night activities, now that Marcus and Todd were lost to the dating world. We weren’t strangers to each other’s bodies as well. Unlike Marcus and Todd, Jarred was a bit adventurous, more than willing to play whatever games we had in mind. The only constant was Stewie’s backside. We could play with it, fondle, and lick, use a finger to rub his little starfish but, penetration, with anything but fingers, simply wasn’t his thing.

Jarred on the other hand loved nothing more than to be subjected to whatever our whims were. It was as if we were his instructors and he proved to be a serious student. As far as Jarred was concerned, everything was on the table so to speak except for scat, and piss. He didn’t mind a light spanking, but that was it as towards his tolerance for pain. He was very tactile, he loved to have his body stroked, petted as if he were child being soothed. He loved being held, he wasn’t all about sex, though at time he could be insatiable.

It was from Jarred that we discovered, for the most part edging, it certainly added something to our games. What was unique about Jarred was his recovery time, if he was in the mood, he could remain hard and go for another round. More than once I found myself cleaning the remnants of his first orgasm, the taste of him still fresh in my mouth, when I found ourselves beginning round two and his second orgasm was no less explosive than the first. Stewie was his first top and I was his first bottom, he loved both equally and was very enthusiastic, energetic might be a better description.

Stewie, announced he needed a shower and as he walked by Jarred, he leaned over to give him a kiss and a stroke. Before his hand came in contact, with Jarred’s swollen member, it was brushed away, Jarred groaning he was too close. With Stewie off to the shower and my breathing a bit more normal, I started to move when Jarred asked me to stay where I was, as he climbed between my legs.


I was a bit sore the following morning, it had been quite a night to say the least. There weren’t any regrets on my part, Stewie had taken me to new heights, opened my eyes so to speak. With Mark, our loving was gentle, patient, and kind, if I had to find the words to describe it. With Stewie, it was anything else but, it was all about the discovery on how to use our bodies, deriving the maximum amount of pleasure. With Mark, I was safe in his arms, enthralled as he made love to me, not fucking. Both Mark and I understood the age difference between us meant that a long-term relationship wasn’t in the cards. He was after all a teacher and I, his eager pupil. We both knew once I was off to college, I would be graduating from his bedroom. I was incredibly lucky to have him as a mentor and would be forever grateful.

What I had with Stewie was raw and primal, belying a wicked sense of urgency, seeking total satiation. If anything, we had grown closer, I could see it in his eyes and in his mannerisms. I was quickly convinced it wasn’t just lust either by the way he would hold me as we fell asleep after. Or that he refused to be satisfied with simply having his way with me, he was only too eager to make sure I was equally satisfied as well. Some nights his sole focus was on me, making sure I was a spent bundle of misfiring nerve endings by the time he was done making my body quiver from his ministrations.

Then there was Jarred. He had entered our lives that summer. While he wasn’t present every time Stewie and I had sex, he had fitted in in the times he was there. There weren’t any complications, bruised feelings, we each accepted what we each had to share. It was a turn on for me to watch Stewie make love to Jarred. Conversely, in our ever-expanding quest for sexual knowledge, Jarred proved to be the more versatile of the three of us. While it wasn’t a regular thing, there were times when the three of us would be going at it, me on the bottom with Jarred between my legs, and Stewie behind Jarred.


Stewie had asked me to meet with him later that afternoon, his parents had some information for us regarding school. After dropping Jarred off, I went home to do some chores and rest a bit. The folks weren’t home, no surprise there. After making myself a light lunch I heads back over to Stewie’s and totally stunned to see both of my parent’s sitting in the living room with Stewie’s parent’s. They had found an apartment for us through UCF, was the news they had to share. We’d be going over in the morning to look at it, it was within walking distance to our classes. I was stunned to say the least, our parents, mine specifically had come through. As it was explained to us, we were there to get an education, we would be sharing our grades and efforts with them on a regular basis, in turn our living expenses would be paid for with a small monthly allowance for ‘student life’.

We could find nothing wrong with the apartment once we had toured it, having a second look, away from our parents, Stewie asked me to share a bedroom before planting the mother of kisses on my stunned lips!

Copyright © 2021 drsawzall; All Rights Reserved.
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Nice past and present, looks like Stewie is falling slowly but surely

Cant wait to see him realizing it 

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1 hour ago, long1jo said:

Nice past and present, looks like Stewie is falling slowly but surely

Cant wait to see him realizing it 

Thanks for the kind words, Stewie has come a long way and we will see him continue to grow!!

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