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  1. long1jo

    Chapter 2

    Very interesting beginning, cant wait to see friendship and love developing between Paul and Adrian Really am very sad that a father can be so partial to one child just because he doesn't fit his shoe Hope there is a lesson for him to learn in future
  2. Emma deserved what she got but this is just the tip of the iceberg I hope. Happy for Granny and hope she recovers soon and gains her memory back in flashes so that she can help Praveen Travis always a good person at heart no matter how much u have been ill treated by the so called Gonzales family
  3. Wow, what happened to Praveen? Like the new Travis but still miss taht loving and caring Praveen Andrea deserved what she got but surprised that Bruce is unscathed yet Antonio, you deserved at least this much cant wait to see what's in store for Emma Sean and Stephanie you are going to be the mender looks like with a surprise for Celine Where is Santiago Please post soooon
  4. After reading the story my heart was so broken that I did not want to write any review. So much pain and suffering in one's life that there is never an end to it was disappointing. I thought the title of the story should have been Broken Hearts instead of Destined Hearts since all we see are broken hearts of Praveen, Santiago, Antonio, Bruce, Emilia, Granny but since there is a sequel in Raging love I have some hope. Please slowly ease the pain in Praveen's life and let us see some happiness Ethan, I was very disappointed with you just crying and not believing in Praveen, were you so blinded with your friendship with Antonio that you could not see anything beyond it? You should have reprimanded Antonio for his action as what right did he have to blame Praveen when all he did was keep on having affair with Bruce and flaunting in front of Praveen. Isnt Praveen a healthy 18 years old human who would also have raging hormones, not once there is any mention of him jerking of to relieve his sexual tension, so Antonio had no rights to ask that Praveen be pure, it can never be a one sided game Emilia, after seeing how much Praveen cares for the family that he never ever complained of being mishandled by Antonio which you had already witnessed, how could you turn your face away and have so much hatred in you without even having doubted that photos and listening to Emma who was always said openly that she hated Praveen and vowed to have Praveen thrown pout of the family. Antonio, you are the last person to expect anything from Praveen after taunting and haressing him ever since your wedding and you did see blood on ur c--k next morning to prove that he was virgin. Being in the modelling industry you should have been aware that photoshopping is so very possible and knowing how Bruce always wanted to be in your bed there should have been some doubt in your mind before casting Praveen away as dirt and throwing insults at him Santiago, hats of to your unconditional love towards Praveen that you agreed to get married with bitch Andrea. Hope you just waited outside longer to see if Praveen was safe Celine, your faith and love for Praveen is worth saluting, why did you not convince Eduardo to step in when the whole family was against Praveen Emma, don't you have a family of your own that you come and stay here and interfere with other people's life? Thanks for the sequel as the story really left me restless and that's the reason I did not post any comment till is I saw Raging Hearts
  5. Thanks for beautiful chapter, I was hoping to see some light at the end of the tunnel for Praveen's suffering but I gues will have to wait till next chapter Indications were that Santiago is also gay the way he was speaking to Praveen Sometimes when you meet the one you want, you might find that person is taken. Dont make us wait too long
  6. long1jo

    Chapter 13

    way to go Jason, a perfect answer for Ava bitch, do not go through the electric shock treatment, run before that happens and take the rest of them with you or even better destroy Ava
  7. long1jo

    Chapter 11

    Are you serious? No way you can let your readers hang in limbo like this After all the pain that Jaime and Ali have went through we sure need a closure please😘
  8. There. Finally Praveen gets a break and that also without any help from Antonio or his family or the family name as Santiago really did not care for the family name. Seems like Santiago might have been send by Adrian 😉 Please let Antonio suffer and by no means make Praveen weak and give himself to Antonio till he really sees what a big mistake he has made thinking Praveen was after his money, I am sure Santiago is going to send him a big check for his modelling and Praveen is going to be in high demand and get rich on his own accord, Andrea and Bruce and aunt must be so jealous and seething with anger, Haha what a turn of events please this is just the beggining I hope In this chapter it almost felt like Praveen would give himself up to Antonio but please let that not happen
  9. long1jo

    Chapter 10

    After reading this letter he has to go see Ali because he is his lifeline and Jamie also loves Ali First love are difficult to forget and if it is true like Ali’s , Jamie will be a big loser if he lets him go
  10. long1jo

    Chapter 9

    Oh Jaime, I know that u were tricked but dont be prude and atleast try to reason out and listen to Ali Read the letter and I am sure u will cancel the date with Oliver Oliver just has a crush on you and wants to take a chance since he saw that u and Ali r not together so i hope he is not disappointed
  11. Lovely chapter, already coming to an end? Hope u have a long next chapter Looking forward for the cowboy story
  12. long1jo

    Chapter 8

    Very short chapter wish it continued Exciting n I can feel what Jamie is going thru dying to tell Ali his identity
  13. long1jo

    Handling It

    Awesome Greyson feels so free n relieved n to find Rafe still loving him after all this years wow fantastic waiting for thins to follow n how Pete gets what he deserves
  14. Ethan, finally u r here praveen listen to Adrian n no matter what don’t let anyone run over you n keep ur feelings well hidden n just don’t fall for small gestures by Antonio because they mean nothing to him let him come crawling to u on his knees begging ur love n forgiveness before u even think of giving up
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