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Always - 16. The Cat is Out of the Bag

“Let’s get out of here and I will explain later when there is no audience,” Drew said leading them out of the gym.

They nodded and looked at each other while wondering what Drew could have possibly figured out. Jeff Waved his buddies back to the lunch room. Disappointed that there was no fight they went back as Jeff, Rose, Drew and Luke made their way to the art room.

The entered into the room and Jeff shut the door behind them.

“Okay, what have you figured out?” Rose asked.

“Back in the gym David said ‘You’ll be sorry’,” Drew said leaning up against the wall.

“Yeah, but what does that tell us?” Rose asked confused as to where Drew was going with this.

“It is not what he said Rose. It is how he said it.”

“Okay, I’m lost,” Jeff said throwing his arms up in the air and doing a half turn before facing them again.

“He looked at Luke and said, ‘you’ll be sorry,’ the exact same way I would have I was going to take revenge on him.”

“Wait, what are you trying to say?” Rose said as something began to click.

“I’m saying I think Tyler has a lot more to do with this than we originally thought.”

“Holy shit! Are you trying to tell me David thinks Luke killed Tyler? You think that is why he is trying to kill Luke? Revenge for Tyler?”

Think about it Jeff. It makes sense,” Rose said.

Luke was silent.

“It is the only plausible explanation. David thinks Luke killed Tyler and now he wants revenge,” Drew said.

“But, I didn’t kill Tyler! I was trying to save him from David! This does not make sense.”

“Luke, maybe you and I are not the only ones in the closet.”

Everyone but Drew was floored. David. Tyler. They couldn’t wrap their minds around it.

“No, there is no way,” Luke exclaimed in disbelief. “He loathed Tyler! He never spent any time with him. Drew you don’t understand David can’t be gay. I know him!”

“Luke, he didn’t know for the longest time you were gay,” Rose said. “I didn’t know until I saw you with Drew.”

“Yeah, Luke. Just cause you never saw them together doesn’t mean that they weren’t.”

“Jeff, you saw the way he went after Trent that night! He would have killed him if I hadn’t stepped in. If he is taking revenge on me for Tyler then it is because he thinks I killed him before he could!”

They all let that sink in. it was definitely a possibility. As far as any of them knew David never came in contact with Tyler and David had grown considerably darker since he hit the high school environment. But was he really that cold? That was the question they had to ask themselves.

The sighed as the bell ending Lunch rang.

“We will talk about this more later,” Jeff said.

“Yeah, we’ll meet you guys in the gym after school. You have a boxing tryout!” Rose said trying to brighten the mood.

“Yeah,” Drew frowned.

Jeff and Rose left the room and Drew looked at Luke. His eyes were sad and he wore a deep frown on his face.

“Hey,” Drew said placing his hands on his shoulders, “we will figure this out.”

Luke looked up at Drew and he couldn’t help but smile just a little bit at him. Drew pulled him into a hug.

“I thought we are supposed to be keeping a low profile,” Luke smiled as he pulled out of Drew’s soft embrace.

“Yeah, Yeah, let’s get to class,” Drew laughed as he led Luke into the hall.

The rest of the day went by rather slowly and uneventful. When the last bell finally rang ending the day Luke and Drew made their way into the gym.

“Hey! I hope you’re ready to beat Lucas over here into a pulp,” Jeff laughed as Lucas grimaced.

Lucas was a medium built guy. His curly blond locks only fell slightly into his face. His eyes were a chocolate brown, giving him that lovable puppy dog look. In contrast, his strong jaw line and broad shoulders immediately let you know not to underestimate him. He was only a junior but they said he had talent.

“Man, we already know he is on the team does he really need to be the crap out of me?” Lucas asked reluctantly climbing into the ring that had been set up for the practice.

“Yes, Coach said he had to try out,” Rose smiled.

“Dude! Doesn’t Coach know he is Washington’s state champ?”

“Yes, Lucas, he knows that. Now stop whining and try not to let him beat you up too bad,” Jeff laughed.

Drew climbed into the ring with a smile. He could see the dread on Lucas’s face.

“Dude, you need to have confidence,” Drew said. “You’ll never win if you step into the ring with that attitude.”

“Yeah, you’re not the one who is fighting you,” Lucas quipped.

“You all give me too much credit. I have a state champion title. So what? I have had my ass kicked in the ring many times.”

Lucas just shook his head.

Rose laughed at Lucas then quickly skipped over to Luke and linked arms with him. She led him over to the closest set of bleachers and giggled as they sat down.

“What?” Luke asked.

“Lucas is about to get his ass kicked by your boyfriend,” she laughed.

“Shhh! Not so loud,” Luke whispered with a laugh. “You don’t want to out us to the entire team do you?”

“Oh, don’t be such a worry wart.”

“You are telling me of all people not to worry,” Luke scoffed.

Rose rolled her eyes, “Just watch Drew beat the crap out of Lucas.”

“How did Lucas end up doing this anyhow? Why didn’t Brett or Mike move in for the kill? I would have thought they would fight each other for the chance.”

“Nope, they didn’t want to try and fight Drew.”

“How come?”

Rose put on her best macho voice, “Because any guy who will protect Luke McGowan and beat the crap out of David and his boys ain’t shit we want to mess with.”

Brett stole a quick look at Rose and she stuck her tongue out at him and Jeff laughed.

Luke started laughing, “They said that?”

“Well, Brett said that and Mike just nodded. They ended up drawing straws and poor Lucas got the short one.”

“Why didn’t coach decide?”

“He and I thought it was funnier to do it this way.”

“But, shouldn’t there be like some kind of size matching?”

“This whole tryout thing is just for show we all know Drew is on the team. We thought we could have a bit of fun.”

“Rose, sometimes I think you’re on the team.”

“I’m the captain’s girlfriend; I run the show.”

“And what does the coach do?”

“Oh, he’s just there for decoration,” Rose said with a serious face.

They held eye contact for a moment. Then they burst out laughing.

Luke looked over at Drew it time to see him apologize for what was about to happen. The dance of jabs and punches began. Lucas was trying to avoid Drew’s jabs, to no avail; he was receiving the worst of the blow. Drew took a few hits there and again, but he had the upper hand.

“Alright Knight, enough of this dancing around. End it so we can go home,” the coach thundered.

Drew looked apologetically at Lucas and then landed a quick hit to his chin. Lucas lost his balance and fell to his knees. I round of cheers went around but, Drew quickly helped Lucas back to his feet and they tapped gloves.

“Welcome to the team Knight,” The Coach smiled.

“Thanks, Coach,” Drew said as he made his way out of the ring and over to Luke.

The rest of the team hurried over to give the new teammate their congratulations and they even said hello to Luke. Drew smiled as they made their way out of the gym in a cluster of teenage hormones. Luke stayed only inches away from Drew as everyone clustered around Jeff’s truck.

“Are you two like best friends now?” A guy with red hair and green eyes asked.

“You could say that,” Drew laughed.

“Man, I’m glad your back to being you again man. For awhile you were making us think you were as dangerous as everyone said.”

“Oh, Tanner, you know Luke wouldn’t hurt a fly,” Rose laughed as she lightly shoved Tanner.

“Yeah unless they were on the opposing football team,” Tanner laughed.

“I hear you guys are roomies now,” Lucas spoke up.

Drew nodded, “Yep, he snores too,” Luke smiled.

“Not as loud as you my friend,” Drew rested his arm on Luke’s shoulder.

“I think everyone is just glad to get back to a sense of normalcy,” Jeff said with a sigh and a smile. “Although, I too have a favor to ask of everyone.”

They all looked at Jeff with quizzical faces.

“David, as you know, does not give up easily. Would it be too much trouble to maybe keep an eye on these two,” Jeff said motioning to Luke and Drew.

They all nodded with smiles and the occasional “No problem.”

“Hey were all gonna keep an eye on each other, and Rose,” Mike laughed.

“I think Drew could handle himself,” Brett said punching his fist into his palm.

“I may be a good fighter but that doesn’t mean I can handle a surprise attack of five against one,” Drew smiled.

“We got your back man,” Brett said patting Drew on the back. “We know you’re not invincible.”

Brett and Mike were standing beside each other. Brett stood at 6’4, and his muscular build was truly intimidating. He had amazing charcoal eyes and they almost matched his raven black hair. His pistachio colored Hollister shirt stretched over is tanned biceps and made Mike look like a pale vampire in contrast.

Mike was by no means ugly but he wasn’t as blessed as Lucas. His hair was a dirty blond that he kept trimmed short with just a bit of shag. His eyes were a deep shade of green. They were not as dark as Drew’s own shade of emerald but they came close. He stood nearly five inches shorter than Brett but he was still broad shouldered and muscular. Light freckles dusted his nose and cheek bones giving him an almost boyish look. He did look small compared to Brett but in reality he was average size for a boxer and had just as much if not more bite to him than Brett.

Both acquired a deep baritone voice and Drew noticed Mike and Brett stealing occasional looks at him and Luke with curious eyes. Drew took an almost protective stance beside of Luke. There was at least a foot between them, but the way Drew leaned over just slightly looked as if he were a lioness protecting her cub.

As the conversation died down and the members began to leave before long the only ones left at Jeff’s truck were him, Rose, Luke, Drew, Mike, and Brett.

“There is a big party up at Park Peak this Friday. You guys going to be able to make it?” Brett asked.

“Yeah, man Rose and I will be there,” Jeff said putting his arm around Rose.

“What about you two?” Mike asked Drew. “Think you can make to the Party Friday?”

Drew looked at Luke who shrugged indifferently.

“I don’t know, maybe,” Drew answered.

Drew noticed looks being exchanged between the two before Brett spoke again.

“Well, see you guys at practice tomorrow,” Brett said with a bit of a smile.

“See ya,” they all said as Mike and Brett left for their cars.

Drew and Luke remained at a distance.

“Well, I guess we will see you guys at school in the morning,” Rose said.

“Yep,” Drew nodded and he and Luke began making their way back to Drew’s car.

“See ya,” Jeff called as he got into his truck.

Drew and Luke both let out a sigh as they got into the car.

“Did you see the looks that Brett and Mike were giving us back there?” Luke asked.

“Yeah, do you think that they know something is going on?” Drew asked as they pulled out of the parking lot.

“Possibly. I think this closeted relationship is going to be harder than we originally thought.”

“Yep,” Drew nodded. “I don’t know maybe we should just come out.”

“Yeah, but we have enough to deal with, without having to worry about getting jumped by an angry, homophobic mob.”

“You have a valid point, Babe.”

“Babe? I like the sound of that,” Luke laughed.

Drew playfully punched Luke in the shoulder. They were both silent for awhile before Drew finally spoke.

“I want you to know no matter what happens I am so glad I met you. I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Drew said as he brushed the back of his hand across Luke’s jaw.

Luke took Drew’s hand in his, “neither would I…Drew why are they here?” Luke asked as they pulled into the driveway behind Brett’s car. Both he and Mike were leaning against the back of his black trail blazer.

“I don’t know. When we get out of the car I want you to walk around to the front and stay as close to me as possible,” Drew said as he shut off the car.

Luke slowly got out of the car and walked around to the front to stand beside of Drew.

“What are you guys doing here?” Drew asked casually.

“We just thought we would come by for a chat,” Brett said with a smile.

“What kind of chat?” Drew asked defensively.

“Calm down, man,” Mike said. “Can we come in?”

Drew looked over at Luke and placed a hand behind his back. He cautiously guided Luke in front of him and around Brett and Mike. Both Brett and Mike exchanged a smile and followed Drew and Luke into the house.

Drew was feeling very anxious. His mom was still at the hospital thankfully.

“Dude, were not here to jump you guys we just want to ask a question,” Brett smiled.

“Alright then, ask away,” Luke said as he took a seat on the couch. Drew followed suit.

That’s when Brett and Mike did something surprising. Brett took a seat in the recliner beside the couch and then Mike sat in his lap. Brett stretched his arms around Mike’s waist and rested his chin on his shoulder.

Drew and Luke looked at each other with confused look on their faces then looked back at the two.

“Wait you two…?” Drew trailed off in his question.

“About two years now,” Mike smiled.

Luke stared at the two with wide eyes. Drew just grinned widely and let his body relax.

“You guys had me nervous as hell,” Drew said breathing a sigh of relief.

“Well, we were pretty sure you two were an item when we saw you hugging in the art room, but we wanted to make sure,” Mike smiled.

“Then today at practice seeing the way you two looked at each other and then the way you stepped in front of Luke well…” Brett trailed off.

“I guess we’re not doing such a great job about keeping our relationship secret,” Drew said looking at Luke.

Luke smiled and placed a hand on Drew’s knee.

“Well, I guess it goes without saying, but we trust that you two will keep our secret?” Brett asked.

“Yeah, you have our word,” Drew said.

“So, who knows about you guys?” Mike asked.

“Well, Rose, Jeff and Drew’s mom,” Luke replied. “I can’t believe I never picked up on you two before.”

“Well, we’re pretty good at keeping our secret unlike another couple we know.”

There was laughter and then a short silence before it was broken by Drew.

“So, does anyone other than us know about you guys?” Luke asked.

They shook their heads.

“My parents would go postal,” Brett said.

Luke winced and Brett apologized as Drew grabbed Luke’s hand and gave it a squeeze.

“I don’t think mine would care but, I can’t take the chance of outing myself and then have it backfire for Brett,” Mike explained.

“Your secret is safe with us,” Luke smiled.

“There is another reason we came,” Mike said.

“We want to help you with David.”

Drew and Luke shook their heads.

“David is our problem,” Drew said. “There is no need for anyone else to get involved if they don’t have to.”

“We can help,” they said in unison.

Copyright © 2013 *HJ*; All Rights Reserved.
If you enjoyed what you have read, please leave a reaction and/or comment for the author!

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So happy that the guys have partners in crime, or should I say in love. Now I am really intrigued as to what the others are fixing to tell. Great chapter.

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On 08/11/2012 03:48 AM, joann414 said:
So happy that the guys have partners in crime, or should I say in love. Now I am really intrigued as to what the others are fixing to tell. Great chapter.
Haha, thanks.
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