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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Broken - 2. The Morning After the Storm

The morning sun was shining bright in the living room window, right into Matt's eyes. He had just woken up moments ago. He realized that he had fallen asleep on Allen literally but he had also noticed that Allen had fallen asleep on him, so he couldn't get up without waking him. It didn't bother Matt that they had slept like that, it was actually surprisingly comfortable. He was always comfortable doing things like that with Allen that he wouldn't normally do with other people. Allen was always looking out for him, trying to help when he could. Matt believed that Allen was the greatest friend anyone could have; he was someone everyone wished they had. He closed his eyes, letting his thoughts flood into his mind.

‘Like yesterday' Matt thought ‘after the fight with Jen, instead of allowing me to go home and be miserable the rest of the night, Allen made me stay and we had fun. It was nice to relax'

He was glad that he had stayed but more than anything he was happy with his decision, his decision to end it with her. He smiled to himself.

‘She deserved it' he thought.

He had made the decision to dump her a few days ago but couldn't actually get around to telling her until she dropped him off last night. He had, had enough of her and her selfishness. It was always about her, and if it didn't go her way she would throw tantrums. She was a spoiled brat that got pretty much everything.

‘Not this time' he thought. ‘I couldn't love someone like that'

It had been hard, to get right to the point and tell her. Matt was mad that she had tried to bring Allen into the argument. He had nothing to do with it but she thought it was his idea for Matt to end it with her. Sometimes women get crazy thoughts in their head. Matt didn't care if she hated him for it; he was more worried about what she would do to the people around him, especially Allen, seeing that she thought that it's all because of him.

‘It's not like she cared for me' Matt thought ‘She only cared about herself'

He could have dropped dead and she probably wouldn't have blinked an eye in his direction.

She was one of those people who thought they were so much better than everyone else. He had only stayed because he had been afraid of how she would react to the news but he had finally realized that living a life of fear is not living at all and that there must be someone out there for him, who would actually love him. So he had ended it and with it came his freedom. He wanted love, to be needed for himself not how he looked. He wanted someone to see his personality not how much money he had.

‘Will I ever find someone like that or will I let them past me by, always regretting my choice' He thought. ‘Always wondering what could have been if I had made the other choice'

He could feel Allen begin to stir above him, he felt him get up from the couch and walk away softly probably trying not to wake Matt. Matt wished Allen hadn't got up, he had liked Allen's head on top of his own, the warmth that they had shared. The couch felt empty without him. Matt decided to go see where Allen had gone off to, he checked the bathroom but he wasn't there. He walked into the kitchen and found Allen cooking up a storm. He was cooking bacon and eggs for the both of them.

"Morning, you seem to be having fun" Matt said.

Allen hadn't noticed Matt when he came into the kitchen so when Matt had spoken Allen jumped in surprise.

"Yeah of course, Good morning" He replied "Sleep well?"

Matt noticed the big fat grin of Allen's face and he thought.

‘Why is he so...happy this early in the morning, I'm lucky to keep my eyes open longer than two seconds'

Matt smiled weakly back.

"Yeah but I missed the end of the movie, actually I think I missed most of it." Matt said.

Allen laughed a little.

"Neither did I, I fell asleep too," he said.

Allen gestured to the cupboard.

"Grab a plate and dig in, get as much as you want." he said.

Matt reached up into the cupboard and grabbed a plate and filled in with eggs and bacon. Two pieces of toast popped out of the toaster, Allen grabbed them and buttered them then passed them to Matt. Matt passed Allen a plate and grabbed himself a fork then went to sit at the table to eat.

‘This is really good' Matt thought.

He didn't cook often but when he did it always satisfied those who he shared the food with.

‘I might have to stay over more often if he is going to make food this good.' Matt thought with a slight grin on his face.

Matt felt quite hungry this morning and finished his breakfast quite fast.

"Thanks for the great breakfast, Allie" Matt said "I'll do the dishes"

Matt grabbed his plate and placed it beside the sink and began to take the dishes out of the sink so that it could be filled with soap and water.

Allie finished his breakfast and got up and placed his plate in a free spot on the counter.

"No Matt it's ok you're the guest and guests don't do the dishes." He said smiling sweetly. "Why don't you go watch some TV instead?"

Matt wanted to help Allen and wouldn't take no for an answer, he didn't care if he was a guest; he believed he should lend a hand.


‘Nope, I am going to help you" Matt replied.

"Ok fine, but you're drying, I'll wash."

Matt agreed and grabbed the drying cloth and waited for the dishes to be passed to him to dry. There wasn't any talk between them while the dishes were being done. Matt took it as an advantage to think. Matt had noticed that Allen didn't want to hang out whenever Jen was around him, ‘Was he jealous that I had found someone and he didn't or was it something else?' he thought. ‘And more importantly why has he been crying a lot lately?'

It didn't take long for them to do the dishes, Allen was thankful for Matt's help. It was a lot easier when there were two to do the work.

"Why don't we go watch TV now that we are done?" Matt asked.

Whatever that was bothering Allen so much, Matt wanted to find out so that he could help Allen for a change. It was always Allen helping Matt.

‘But not this time, it's my turn' Matt thought.

He just didn't know how he would find out for sure what it was, sure he could guess but he had a big chance of getting it wrong too. He would have to ask Allen and try and get some hints from him but later, it was no point in disturbing the whole day before it began. He hoped that he could help him, but he could only do it if Allen let him.

They left the kitchen and went back to the living room and sat on the couch. The TV was still on from last night, neither of them had taken the time to turn it off when they had awoken. Matt grabbed the remote and searched for something to watch. He finally chose a show that he knew Allen liked; he was always watching it, even if it was a rerun. A smile seemed to leap on Allen's face when he'd seen what was on. After the show they both sat there trying to figure out what to watch next.

"Why don't we finish watching the movie" Matt asked.

Allen agreed to the idea.

"Yeah, do you want to start it over from the beginning or from where we left off?" Allen replied. "Or do you even remember where that was".

They finally decided to begin the movie from the beginning again. They both made it through the entire movie without falling asleep. From the movie Matt realized something, that Allen was like that too, he would do anything for him if Matt needed help, Allen was a great friend to him, his best. He didn't know what he would've done without him; he would have been a totally different person. He knew that Allen would stand by him no matter what; he had proved it time and time again. He just hoped when his time came to stand by Allen, he was as strong as Allen was for him. Matt was shaken out of his thoughts by the ringing of the phone. Allen got up and went to answer the phone.

‘I wonder who it is.' Matt thought ‘Probably his parents making sure the house is still intact.'

Matt didn't like how Allen was left alone, to fend for himself. It was like his parents just didn't care about him, like they never worried or gave a second thought about him. He changed his mind as to who called; Allen was talking on the phone more than he normally did if that was his parents. Neither did he usually look that happy on the phone with them. Allen took the receiver away from his ear.

"Who is it?" Matt whispered.

"Matt, its Kyle. He was wondering if we wanted to hang out for a bit with everyone."

Matt was a little surprised, at Kyle's phone call.

"Sure but I have to call home to get permission" Matt said.

Allen put the receiver back up to his ear and told Kyle. Allen hung up the phone and smiled. It would do some good for Allen to get out of the house for a bit, he hardly hung out with anyone. Matt had only ever heard of him hang out with Kyle without Matt being there.

"He said just to call him back after you were done calling your parents." Allen said. "So get to it and call." Matt got up off the couch and walked to where Allen had been standing and picked up the phone.

"Ok I will try my best to get permission" Matt replied.

He dialed his home number. The phone didn't seem to ring that long before someone answered.

"Hello?" A woman's voice said through the phone, the voice belonged to his mother Eliz Breton.

"Hey Mom, how's it going?" Matt asked.

He could hear silence for a few moments before she replied.

"My son lives" Mrs. Breton sarcastically. "What ever happened to calling when you're not coming home Matthias, you know better. For all I knew you could have been dead on the side of the street."

Matt had expected his mom to be some upset but not this much, she never called him by Matthias unless he did something really bad.

"I am really sorry mom but I couldn't help it, I fell asleep or I would have called you." Matt tried to explain.

He thought he heard his mom yawn through the phone.

"Did I keep you up, worrying?" Matt asked

It sounded like another yawn before she answered him.

"No it was that girl of yours, Jennifer." She replied. She said the name like it was poison. "She wouldn't stop calling here last night, looking for you"

She didn't like Jennifer for some reason, from the first day they met, she disliked everything about her. He couldn't understand, but just accepted as his mom having a hard time realizing her little boy wasn't that little anymore. She didn't tell Matt she didn't like Jennifer, he could just tell, like he knew Allen didn't like her either.

"She seemed to be upset about something but all she said was to get you to call her when you got some balls." She said laughing. "Did something happen?"

She, like all other parents, could guess when something was wrong with their child, like she had some psychic powers or something.

"Um... mom ... I kind of ... dumped her ... last night" he stumbled out.

Even though he knew she didn't like Jennifer, he was afraid that his mother would be upset with him, treating a woman like that, hurting her, then not being home to deal with the calling, she probably wanted to get back together, but it was over. He had not expected Jen to call him, he would have gone home for sure, he was just inexperienced in these situations. He had hoped she would leave him alone but he should have known better. He would call her when he got home and make sure she would end the harassment, his family didn't need that.

"Are you ok, she didn't hurt you did she?" she asked.

Matt was surprised by his mother's words.

"No, why would she?" Matt said "I am sorry, I didn't expect her to call."

Matt looked over at Allen to see what he was doing, he was watching some TV show. He was glad he had a friend like Allen; he was always there when he needed him. When Allen noticed Matt looking at him, a smile sprung to his face. Matt found Allen's smiles infectious but he didn't understand why, not yet anyways.

"I am glad that you're ok, I was asking because who knows what people are capable when they let their emotions run free. Remember that Matt, always think before you act or you'll regret it." his mom said. "I know it must have been a hard decision to make but I am proud of you, both of us are."

She took a few moments break before she continued talking.

"Sweetie, I will always stand by you and the decisions you choose to make no matter what you do, but remember that sometimes the things that we want are right in front of us the whole time."

Matt was a little confused by what was in his grasp but was still unseen by his eyes.

"What I mean is that there is someone out there for you, you just haven't realized yet, just have to open your eyes hun."

Matt now knew his mom meant his true love, his soul mate but what did it all mean, did she have in mind someone but how when even Matt didn't know.

"Thanks mom even though I am a little confused by what you said I know your trying to tell me something. Oh mom, we got caught up in talking, I almost forgot why I called in the first place." Matt said laughing lightly. "I was wondering if it was ok if I could go out and hang out with everyone for a bit before I come home, we're going to Kyle's."

Matt was still puzzled with what his mom said, who was she referring to, wasn't his eyes already open?

"Yes you can go out but you have to be home for supper" Mrs. Breton said.

Matt groaned. Parents, they always had to set conditions on everything. It's like they have to control everything.

"But mom, by time the plans are made, it will be about that time, can't I just grab something while I'm out?" Matt asked.

He already knew the answer, but he continued to try. It never hurt to try but it was always the same result, some excuse that he couldn't.

"Hun you know it's a school night, and you do have a problem to deal with, you didn't forget did you?" she asked. "You can't forget to call and leave us to deal with your problems and expect to have all the freedom you want. That's not how it works, that may seem harsh but it's the truth, you're becoming an adult and you have to start acting like one, just think of it as the price you paid for last night."

He knew she was right but he wished she wasn't, she always was. He understood what she said, but it hurt because every word was right, he needed to deal with Jennifer and he did forget to call so he surrendered.

"Okay mom I'll be home on time, bye mom" Matt said.

He waited for her to say goodbye before he hung up the phone. "Stupid witch" Matt mumbled. Allen took his eyes off the TV and turned them towards Matt.

"She's only acting like a responsible parent, that's a good thing" Allen said rather sadly which shocked Matt.

Matt was confused, he wasn't calling his mom the witch but his ex girlfriend one.

"You shouldn't call your mom a witch for caring about you" Allen continued to say, unaware.

A smile started to grow on Matt's face. "It wasn't my mom I was calling a witch" he said with a laugh.

Matt explained to Allen about the phone calls and what his mother said to him, even the part about needing to open his eyes to see what was in front of him. Allen grew quiet at the last part and Matt didn't understand but left it alone, for now.

"So you're going to have to go without me" Matt said orderly. "No buts about it"

Matt wanted Allen to go have some fun, not to stay in the house and be alone. Matt couldn't understand why Allen's parents treated their only son like he was nothing, he felt ashamed the way he sometimes talked about his parents, at least they showed they loved his brother and him. They were willing to do anything for them, he had everything while Allen had nothing, it wasn't right.

"Fine I will" Allen finally said, like he was surrendering to Matt. "I'll call him back then and tell him I'll be on my way soon, alone."

Matt smiled, it would be really good for Allen to become better acquainted with everyone, Kyle was a good person and looked out for Allen. Allen called Kyle back and told him that he would be over shortly and that he would be alone, Matt wasn't allowed out.

After the phone call, Mat excused himself saying that he had to be home soon. Allen walked him to the door, and watched him get his shoes on. Looking back, Matt could see that Allen watched him walk home.

*** *** *** *** ***

After Matt left, Allen quickly jumped into the shower, so that he was ready to go over to Kyle's house.

He had mixed feelings about going, he wanted to make Matt happy and show him that he could hang out with other people but he was also afraid that they would see him as the freak that he was and wouldn't want to be friends.

He got out of the shower, wrapped the towel around his waist and proceeded to his room to dress. He searched he closet for clothes, unable able to decide what to wear until he came across a shirt that Matt had given him last Christmas, he put that on and some boot cut faded black jeans. The shirt was a band t-shirt of one of his favorite groups.

He finished dressing quickly, grabbed his keys, cell and headed out to his car. He had been to Kyle's house many times before. It didn't take him long to get there but he quickly noticed that no one else was there either, only Kyle's car was in the drive way. He parked by the curb, went up to knock on the door and Kyle answered.

"Hey I thought you'd never come." Kyle greeted him with a smile. What is with everyone smiling, did I miss a memo or something Allen thought.

"The world is full of god damn traffic my friend" he couldn't think of anything else to say and he was still outside waiting to be invited in. They stood there for a few moments, finally Kyle noticed he was standing in the doorway and Allen still outside.

"Oh sorry come in." He said "We can do anything you want to. We can swim, play video games or just watch TV or a movie. What would you like to do?"

Allen was confused, Kyle said whatever he wanted to do, what happened to everyone else? He wasn't sure if he should ask or not, but ask he did.

"Kyle what about everyone else, they might like to do something else when they get here." Allen stated. "They are coming aren't they?"

Allen knew as soon as he asked what the answer would be, of course no one else would be hanging out because no one could it was a school night and it being Sunday, everyone would be doing their homework at the last minute. What he didn't expect was Kyle getting nervous at answering the question.

"Um, the guys were busy with homework." he said.

He didn't say more on the subject; he changed it hoping that Allen would forget all about it.

"Did you want to come up to my room? We can watch a movie or play a game. Totally up to you." he continued. Hi smile was contagious prompting Allen to smile.

"Yeah that would be fun." Allen replied following behind as Kyle walked to his room.

"So what did you want to do?" Kyle asked again.

Allen sat down on the edge of Kyle's bed and looked at Kyle.

‘God, why do all the straight ones have to be so damn hot', Allen thought.

He sat there for a few moments fiddling with his hands before he answered Kyle back. He couldn't believe he would think that especially about his friend, that's all that he was and would be. He shouldn't think like that.

"Whatever you want to do is find with me." He said in a harsh voice.

He didn't mean to say it like he did, annoyed and not really caring. He was annoyed with himself and he took it out on Kyle. He could see the change in Kyle as soon as it happened; he became scared and more nervous. He was an idiot, and now he had to fix it.

"I wouldn't want to whip your ass at video games again do we?" Allen said, with a small smile.

He got up from the bed, grabbed a controller and tossed it to Kyle then grabbed controller for himself. He turned on the system; he didn't really care what he played so long as it was a two player game. He was in luck, as the system started he noticed that the last game played was a two player combat game. They looked at each other and smiled. They played for a while, Allen won a few battles and the others Kyle won, so overall it was a draw. Allen stood up and stretched.

"See I won like I said I would," he told Kyle.

He wore a big goofy grin on his face. He pretended that he was being given the first place medal.

"Thank you thank you," he murmured to no one in particular. Kyle laughed at Allen's silly antics.

"You didn't win; it was a tie, silly." Kyle stated. He stood up too and did some stretching. Allen poked Kyle in the ribs making him jump.

"Nope, I think I won" he said sticking out his tongue at Kyle.

Kyle recovers quickly, he has only one chance at this. The next thing Allen knows, he's falling backwards onto the bed and Kyle was laughing.

"I think I'm winning" he gets out between bouts of laughter.

Without thinking Allen takes his legs and uses them to knock Kyle over onto the bed. Allen didn't realize but Kyle had only one place to land, on top of him.

The landing wasn't too bad on the both of them, they were laughing at that point. They started tickling each other, trying to make the other one give in but neither wanted to lose. They squirmed and rolled around the bed until they were out of breath. They stopped to catch their breaths, Kyle still on top of Allen.

When they were rolling around on the bed, one of them must have hit the radio and turned it on. As they lay quiet they heard the song Trip by Hedley playing, making their eyes lock on one another.

Kyle slowly leaned in, pressing his lips onto Allen's. Allen was experiencing an emotional overload, he was shocked, surprised, happy all rolled into one. He would never have expected for Kyle to do something like that. He felt caught up in the moment and kissed Kyle back. After the soft kiss, they separated a couple of inches and Kyle smiled down at Allen, now both with a passion in their eyes.

"I won" he said just before he kissed him again.

Copyright © 2012 itari; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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