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The Woman's Game - 14. Part Two: The Book of Revelations II

Sorry its a week late - university has already kicked in. Will post a second chapter today :)
Read and Review <3

It was as if something had hit the planet.


The world was mindless; they just followed the order of the biggest authority that there was available.


The people moved around like animals with no energy. They couldn’t move on their own. They walked heavily and without an aim.


The Secret Army was looking for those that would rebel. Those that hid from the regime led by The Shrouded One. They asked people to stay inside for now, until all major buildings are checked. People were also recommended to stay in basements and cupboards just in case of aftershocks happening.


Of course, the soldiers were clueless to the real darkness behind the plot. She didn’t want any unnecessary deaths, just in case of a miracle day. A miracle day where no-one dies like The Corpse that she had burning.


The game had been played by her clone and it had been lost. Little was it known, that this game that was played meant the end of everything. The complete end for so many people.


The People were mindless to her power, despite the rise of The Leader of The People appearing to lead them through the darkness and into the light.


The males were still corrupted. They all thought of the channel ‘Ladies World’ and those thoughts led to another and continued in a never ending cycle of obsession and fear.




Over the next few months, they began their self indulgence in her existence. In English Territory, a mural was erected next to Marble Arch. For her greatness it pleased the vain side of her personality and that was exactly what she needed. A little bit of self recognition but what made her most pleased was that the men didn’t even realise they were doing it.


In Indian Territory, the religious leaders decided one day they would abandon their churches and their mosques and started to build shrines to her great shrouded nature. There was a great debate within the Taj Mahal which led to the ancient building being paved down ready for a new kind of shrine for her excellency.


A huge statue taller than The Empire State Building was built in her name.


This was all because the men had become distracted by their own self ignorance and pity.


What an excellent plan on her behalf, eliminate half the population and the women would just fall prey to the feminism of her campaign. Women are so much easier to politically corrupt than men, in terms of take over that is.


With men, you just need to offer them fellatio and they jump on the band wagon. Precisely what she wanted to carried out.


Her soldiers were out on the streets and patrolling even into the crack of dawn. She was taking over.


Even The Chinese Territory fell apart by her mind control. Their leader was just putty in her hands.


Communism may be a strong concept, but it fails if the leader forgets a drunken night spent with a mysterious woman.


A mysterious woman that got him to place pen to paper and sign away his nation…


See what it means?


Men are so corruptible…




An alleyway. Dark. Filled with dirt. A seven year old child sat. She had been kicked out of her home by her father while her mother was away on business. Now of course, her mother was completely unaware of this and there would be hell to pay when she returned.


Midnight. A crisp dark hour. A rat scurried along the edge of the bins towards her.


She smiled as he sat in front of her, his eyes a dark grey.


She leant forward in order to stroke its ear. She was young and very impressionable.


Just as the young girl stroked the rat’s ear, its eyes turned a dark colour. A red-burgundy colour and it struck.


It first went for her hand, in order to infect her with the rabies that it carried.


She screamed from the pain that the small bite caused. Throwing the rat away from her, she tried to stand and move away from the alley but then she saw them.


A crowd of the rats with the red eyes and they began to charge towards her.


The rats began to attack at the child and rip her flesh to pieces and she was still alive throughout.


She was just gasping for air as the rats began to penetrate her chest when a large figure appeared in front of them.


By the way he held himself; she thought he was Death, here to take her into the next life.


‘Look filth. Go. You have five seconds.’ The rats ran away, it was almost as if they could understand what he was saying and they were afraid of him.


The child was bleeding and she was crying. She looked up at the gentleman and asked, ‘Who are you?’


‘You don’t need to know. You are bleeding quite heavily. I’m going to have to change you.’


The child felt woozy and her eyelids began to shut.


The creature had no choice. He bent down and felt his teeth extract from his gums and he bit down on her neck. Over the next few days, she would undergo a transformation into something new. Something different. She would become Vampire kind and be protected by them. There were not very many of them left but they were few and strong.


The Shrouded One wouldn’t win that easily.


But they now had a new goal. They were going to slowly convert everyone. Each and every weak living individual would be processed. They were going to rebuild The Montessori Cult into something bigger. Something brighter.


And piece by piece, over time they will overtake Utopia.


They were going to save the humans. They were going to save everyone.


Oh how Utopia was perfect. Utopia was to be the ultimate place for surrender and sacrifice and Vampire kind would always be there to keep a watchful eye…


Who wouldn’t trust those that could give anyone immortality?


The Vampires were growing. The Vampires were becoming strong again…


She would run in fear if The Shrouded One knew what was coming and what was going to happen to her…




14th July 1954


The tomb was an eerie environment. There were no bodies in mummy caskets or children crying at the gravesides. No this was a very different situation. It had been cleared out from head to toe for an Egyptian Exhibition later that year.


One of the researchers was left behind to take a drawing. A drawing of a particular wall. This wall was a collection of ancient symbols. All different and all very unique. Much like the Rosetta stone; but without the multiple translations.


The Researcher smiled and wiped the sweat from his brow. ‘Finally, I’m finished. Ready for a remake at the Museum.’


He looked down at his sketchpad and then felt a small rumble. Some dust fell from above him.




He knew the procedure. He had to get to the safest place in the tomb so to avoid being crushed. He saw that there was a gap in the wall where his drawing was set. He moved swiftly over to the gap in the wall and leant against it.


The events that followed were unexpected. Quite unexpected indeed.


As he leant against the gap in the wall, a voice could be heard at a faint whisper.


‘Friend or foe?’ its darkened voice asked.


‘Friend. Always a friend.’


‘You may pass.’ The wall began to part and The Researcher began to sweat. He was so afraid.


From nowhere, his face was suddenly surrounded by dust and sand. It was as if the area he entered was cursed and he had no ability to see through the deep fog of sand.


The sand dissipated through into the cracks in the walls around him.


Finally when he could see he realised where he was. A secret chamber in the tomb. There was a small stone tablet in the centre of this secret room with two chair like stones on either side; leading down to the stone tablet was a set of stairs that surrounded all four sides of the secret room in the tomb. The Researcher started to descend the steps when the sand began to move.


Without any direction, the sand began to move by itself into a swirl in order to surround The Researcher. He continued to walk and the sand swirl moved along with him. He was afraid. Of course he was afraid, his death was coming. He could feel it in his bones.


He extracted a Dictaphone from his pocket and began to speak.


‘I… I don’t’ believe it. A secret room under the wall. Steps everywhere and it leads down to a table like tablet of some sort. I’m getting closer. A swirl of sand is guiding me down the set of steps; it’s almost as if nature itself is telling me to explore. I’m looking down and all I see are various rectangles. I’m reaching down to touch the table. I’m ready for whatever they; whatever they are; throw at me.’


He took a deep breath and his heart sank. This was his chance to make history…


As he touched the table, up towards the top of the tall chamber a black fire erupted around the roof, charging along a long line. The fire descended down a trail of candles until it split into two and ended up lighting the candles upon the tablet.


From the fire in the candles rose a spirit. It was the spirit with the same voice as before.


‘You must be shown the truth.’ This was the only thing spoken by the airy spirit.


‘What is the truth?’


‘You must be seated.’ He took his seat upon the stone in front of him. ‘This is the truth.’


She showed him something so dark, so impure. A collection of skulls. But they were one singular colour. Black. The only true colour of evil.


Spirits don’t sparkle. They bite.


The Researcher felt a surge of panic and looked across to the spirit who waved her hand across the crystals that she was showing.


A collection of images appeared in the air in front of them; each with a caption.


‘Semyaza… Pharzuph… Death…’


To name but a few.


The researcher was horrified. ‘What is this?’


‘You must be shown the truth.’ The spirit passed through him and entered his mind. She showed him a picture of a creature being released onto the world, through one singular host form. This creature was dangerous.


This creature would control the world and no-one would stop her.


What is this world going to be?


‘You have been shown the truth.’


‘What can I do? Surely I can stop her?’ He looked in desperation.


She ignored his question. ‘You must make a choice. Release your inhibitions and take me into you and allow me to reach a host. I will reward you with life…’ The Researcher was slowly starting to come to her side of the bargain.


‘Or spend the rest of eternity cold and alone in this pit of hell. You must make a choice and you must make it now.’


Without a thought he responded, ‘I’m ready. I will take you.’


‘At last, for so many years I have been buried under the ground. They found my body when they dug me out of the ground. My spirit lives on. I am The Spirit. I am everlasting. You. You are my saviour.’ The Spirit smiled. ‘I give you life…’


She shone brightly and entered his body through his eyes and he felt rejuvenated. He felt so alive…




Walking Dead. Forever, walking dead. His selfishness, his broad selfishness cursed the world. Cursed and destroyed the future for so many after his generation.


In twenty years, he would be ruining the life of one of the most important people in the world.


He would be patient and he would wait, for he truly believed he had eternal life. Foolish little man. The Spirit wasn’t going to let him win that easily.


As soon as The Mother was found, after twenty years waiting, he was destroyed as the true host was found by The Spirit.


The weapons of darkness were to be used again.


They were so much stronger than the basic red and white of the pitiful Mayan weapons…


The Mayans predicted change and change was coming in the form of a prisoner, kept hidden for generations.


One singular mistake decided the fate of The World…




The skies were dark that night. She was alone, so very alone. Her life had been changed so much by the man that saved her. They shared many nights together and in general they were quite happy together.


But that was the night that they came. The men in the black suits with white ties. They surrounded the house and they took her. Took her away from the one she loved.


There was not a single female within their select group. The men in the black suits with white ties were only following orders.


She was being dragged by the men, through the house and out into the street, up to the limo that they were travelling in. Nothing like travelling in style when you are committing a kidnapping.


Something inside her was building. A frustration and anger she had never felt before. Something that she had never been through. She felt that it was if something was controlling her.


Her mind succumbed to the darkness that was inside of her body and that was when it was released.


A dark cloak of misdirection and false accusations. A veil that hid her true identity and that would keep her hidden from the rest of the world whenever she needed it. This was her shroud and she liked it.


She fought the men but they were too strong for her…


But that day she learnt something, she learnt that she was special. But in a good way.


She was different from the rest of society and that was what scared those in charge the most.


They forced her into the limousine and one of the men in black suits with white ties injected her with a sleeping serum.


The next thing she knew, she was on an operating table and a female was presiding over her.


The Shrouded One thought she was going to be liberated, liberated from the male dominance of The Company.


‘Now lay still and take this like the woman you are,’ the woman spoke slowly and clearly with a sense of regret in the tone of her voice.


In her half comatose state, The Shrouded One attempted to speak, ‘What am I doing here? I remember you… You are…’


The woman presiding over her placed her hand over The Shrouded One’s face. ‘That will be quite enough of that for now. I shall return.’


The presiding woman left her, strapped to her table. The Shrouded One could hear the conversation she was having with another doctor through the door that she had left open.


‘She is totally impossible. I cannot believe what I have done.’ The presiding woman, in her upset tone, appeared to have tears running down her face.


‘Now calm down. You will be fine. Have you carried out the tests?’


‘Of course, what do you think I have been doing for the last 8 hours? Feeding her? She is perfect. No virus can infect her and each virus we give her only seems to make her stronger. I have to use horse tranquilisers to sedate her now because she is just too strong.’


‘You know what you must do.’ Through the gap in the door, The Shrouded One could have sworn that she saw him nodding. The Presiding Woman came over and smiled.


‘It is all fine. You will be out in no time. Now try to be comfortable.’


She grabbed a needle and flicked it. She lowered her arm and The Shrouded One saw the faintest bit of green under the pure white lab coat that The Presiding Woman was wearing.


But that was the last thing she saw for The Presiding Woman had injected her with a particularly powerful sedative that would keep her under control for at least 24 hours. She ran her hand through the ringlets in The Shrouded Woman’s hair and sighed…


‘And now you will forget. Goodbye sweetie.’


The Presiding Woman threw away the needle in the other direction and stormed out the open door…


After that moment, when she awoke hours later, she couldn’t remember a thing. All she had was patches of colour running through her head.


White and Green. White and Green. White and Green.


How would she ever get out of this place?




Ash had followed the army along their path for quite a long period of time. They were constantly heading in the direction he needed to go.


Looking around the soldiers, they were slowly becoming malnourished and confused. It was as if there was no life behind the eyes of the soldiers. Ash was lucky because he wasn’t being controlled by the face that stalked the soldiers in their dreams.


It took him time but he eventually found where he wanted to go.


The Headquarters of the one he had been searching for. The headquarters of The Shrouded One herself. He had been waiting and wandering for so long just to feel her presence.


He was now prepared. He looked up towards the top of the building and saw that he has a big distance to climb.


Inside of his bag, something was stirring, a card of some sort.


Then something rose within him, a fire. It climbed from his bag, around his waist and finally bombarded him in the chest.


He tried to control this fire but he was unable to.


Ash felt his vision becoming impaired as he looked up into the sky. It appeared to him that the clouds were turning a red-purple colour and the world around him was collapsing.


He felt his chest become tight and following that he loosened his shirt so that he could breathe better. Ash fell to the floor in the pain that he was in but the fire…


The fire it was speaking to him.


‘Release me. Let the Fiend Fyre have a chance…’


Ash was struggling with his defences and with one final blow of his self motivation, he tried to control the Fiend Fyre but he had to release it…


He couldn’t hold it into his chest; it was putting far too much pressure on his weakened heart.


After releasing the fire, he saw it explode from his chest and it turned to face him. It was a dragon of sorts and it was unleashed. Its fire burnt darker and its smoke erupting from its nostrils was blacker.


The skies had changed.


But he was now truly alive; he had released all inhibitions and allowed his true self to be revealed.


Such a pity, that his true self was a danger to his body…


For deep down, Ash was feeling his skin starting to burn. The bigger the flame, the more it hurt.


But it was for the greater good.


The greater good was the ultimate aim, even if Ash had to endure small amounts of pain.


The fire around Ash began to force him into the skies, as he ascended the tower.


The fire was taking him to the roof, where it sensed another one of its kind…


Its brother.


Ash, as a host, had no control over his actions but he would be learning how to control his Fiend Fyre very shortly…


When his genetic match would show him the art of The Blue Dragon…




The flame released its host when they reached the roof of the elongated building.


Ash, with a few burn scars on his body looked around him. All he could see was a clear roof, with one or two vents for air around them but otherwise the roof was empty and it was like a huge grey battlefield on top of a never ending city of skyscrapers.


He sensed a presence of something else and so did the dragon of fire, so it again erupted out of his body and surrounded Ash in a swirling vortex of fire. It must always protect its master.


‘Who is there?’ He felt his temper growing; it was as if the Fiend Fyre was controlling his mood.


A boy walked forward, from behind one of the vents on the roof and The Fiend Fyre charged forward, dragging its master with it.


Unfazed, the boy flicked his hands towards the dragon and wrapped his blue light from his hands around it.


‘What are you?’ Ash looked up to him from the ground.


‘I’m a patient. Patient of this world. Now. You must control your temper.’ The Mental Patient took his blue dragon and threw his arms upwards, forcing Ash to leave the ground and hit back down with a thump.


Ash cried out in pain. ‘Stop. Please I beg of you.’


‘Weakness is never a good sign.’ The Mental Patient felt a burning sensation in his hands as the blue light dragon erupted into a much brighter light and shot forward towards Ash.


In response, Ash felt the burning in his chest intensify as the dragons launched towards each other.


The Blue Dragon went straight for the head of the Fiend Fyre, just as the Fiend Fyre erupted with a great blast from its gaseous mouth and it went straight through the bright dragon.


The Blue Dragon shook off the attack and bit the Fiend Fyre in the neck. It let out a whine of pain.


Ash lurched as he felt the pain of the bite on his own neck. They had to stop the dragons from fighting somehow, but he wasn’t strong enough on his own.


‘We have to stop them.’


The Blue Dragon grew in size, as the life force was being drained from The Mental Patient and began to consume the Fiend Fyre, biting the head off the other Dragon.


The Mental Patient muttered weakly, ‘What can we do?’


‘They fight like brothers. It is a competition. They aren’t truly hating each other. Now, if we can tell them what to do together.’


The Fiend Fyre pulled out of The Blue Dragon’s mouth and shook itself and began to regenerate as an orange flame erupted through the hole where its head was.


Ash moved as close as he could to The Mental Patient. The Mental Patient spoke ‘Repeat after me: Dragon stop! Control Yourself.’ Ash did as he was told.


‘Dragons stop! Control yourselves!’


The Blue Dragon moved backwards and bowed its head, waiting for the other Dragon’s response.


The Fiend Fyre looked down at his master and bowed towards him, turning away from The Blue Dragon.


The Mental Patient muttered to The Blue Dragon, ‘He is asking permission, give him time.’


Ash moved his arm up towards the head of The Fiend Fyre, expecting his skin to blister because of the full contact with The Dragon but it did not.


Instead, The Fiend Fyre moved its head towards Ash’s hand and allowed him to stroke its head. Now that Ash was in control of his dragon, he would be able to tell it what to do. ‘Now, accept him for what he is. You know that he can help.’ Ash truly didn’t know, but he knew subconsciously that he could trust this new friend…


The Fiend Fyre turned swiftly and dived towards The Blue Dragon as The Mental Patient began to fear for his life.


The Fiend Fyre was not attacking The Blue Dragon; it was merging with it to create something new. An eruption of light came from their two heads. Both boys looked up in amazement at what was happening.


They were fusing together to create something. Fire and Light…


Two sets of brothers brought together for one chance. Both human and Dragon.


They are finally brought together and the fusion of the two dragons only deepened their relationship.


The Mental Patient smiled and embraced his brother. ‘I guess this makes us related?’


‘I never knew I had a brother.’


‘Me neither, but the evidence is so strong. No Dragon would fuse with another if they were not related in some way.’


‘Dude, I could be your father in the distant future. Now that would be weird.’


The Mental Patient giggled to himself. ‘Oh don’t go there. You don’t know what I’ve read. I learnt about Dragons whilst I was in The Home. I remember that they will only combine when they are truly at peace, otherwise they will fight to the bitter end. We are lucky to be alive. Very few hosts survive when a dragon fight begins.’


‘I’m living life to the fullest. I would hate not to. Now what the fuck are we meant to be doing? These dragons will only help our fight.’


‘Both of them are dragons of the Elements. They are two of the most powerful creatures that have ever existed. We will win easily.’


Ash shuddered, as he felt a sense of unity between them and he looked up at the dragons. Or should they say only one dragon. It was huge, with a charge of fire on its left hand side and its right surrounded by a blue light. Its head was golden and gave off a positive aura.


The Mental Patient moved their held hand towards the sky and Ash pulled away. This caused the dragon to split and become Fiend Fyre and The Blue Dragon once more.


They could join and divide at any time. This would be an excellent asset. They could use the dragons in the fight against her; they could tackle her pride.


They could convince her to do the unthinkable and through her pride in her abilities it would be her downfall.


‘Ash wasn’t it?’ The Mental Patient smiled again.




‘We should try to find her.’




‘You know, The Shrouded One.’


‘Why would we go after her?’


The Mental Patient sighed. ‘Can’t you see she is the one behind it all? We need to take her down. Now and forever.’


‘Yeah. Sounds like a good idea. Let us go.’




‘Of course.’ Ash smiled and sent The Fiend Fyre forward into one of the vents, destroying the grate of the tunnel and each of the boys used their dragons to assist them through the tunnel of the vent and into the complex of The Shrouded One.


It was time for her to meet her maker.




The snow had come down with greater intensity since the last time she had seen the facility.


She travelled by her own private horse drawn coach. Nothing but the best for her majesty.


She got out of the coach and walked towards The Kremlin. She was not in the mood for any unnecessary conversation so she walked straight past the guard, who had to double back in disbelief that it was her. It was really her. The idol of so many men, she was perfection and beauty combined.


He just allowed her to pass without any questions. He couldn’t believe his eyes.


The Scientist had aged badly, his hair slightly greyed and he had wrinkles where you should never have wrinkles.


She stormed down the stairs and slammed the door open.


The Scientist turned in shock as she entered. ‘Your Shroudedness.’


‘Cut the crap. I need to know. Are they finished?’


‘Of course they are. There is an issue though.’ He trembled.


She turned to him and grabbed his throat. ‘What? It better be good.’ She slightly loosened her grip so he would be able to talk, but she still held him there.


‘The first one that was released for your investigation. Well, you know it wasn’t very effective.’




‘Well… We can’t do any better.’


‘I paid you to create perfection and something that would submit. You have failed me twice. You created my female clones who were too submissive and now this fucking creation that won’t fucking die. You must be joking. You are able to create perfection and submission correct?’ She felt a gathering of anger inside of her, ready to be released on the next unwilling victim.


‘There is nothing I can do,’ he gasped for air. ‘I can recreate either end of the spectrum. I can replace the women for you and all will be fine.’


He was so afraid. No one had ever stood up to her before. He felt a tear drop run down his cheek but then The Shrouded One released her grip on his neck and he slightly relaxed himself.


‘You have some time to explain yourself. Go on.’ She sat on the table and swung her legs round towards him as if she was the singer in a nightclub; amusing the dirty old men. ‘Entertain me.’


He cleared his throat and spoke to her. ‘It would take me an extended period of time to complete and it really wouldn’t be worth your time. I can give you the plans that we had for them. We can never do what The Company did again.’


She felt a pulse run through her body. ‘The Company? Who are they?’


‘A gathering of like minded individual behind everything. They are all knowing. No one knows how they did it. Only that certain people are the result. People such as yourself.’


She felt her anger explode and her shroud of darkness rose around her and she let go of all of her previous restrictions. She released her anger upon him and slit his throat with her dark shroud.


Her anger had built up and now someone had to pay. He had collapsed in front of her and was bleeding to death.


No one has that knowledge. No one. Her past was something to be forgotten.


Not that he really mattered. She had already signed the New Deal with the leader of China and there was nothing that could stop her. Not even the world…


She wouldn’t let the world stop her.


And finally, a sense of relief in her soul.


But then, in a moment of weakness she crouched down to look at him. She looked deeper into his dead eyes and saw a flash of a vision.


A vision of his family. A wife and three children. A wife and three children that depended on the money that he earned and gave to them from the work he did for her.


Then she felt it inside of her, it was growing inside of her gut like a virus or a bug. It was something she could never get rid of because of her humane tendencies.


This was the worst possible human emotion that she could feel…


She couldn’t ignore what she was going through and it was making her so weak…

Sorry its a week late - university has already kicked in. Will post a second chapter today :)
Read and Review <3
Copyright © 2013 Johnathan Colourfield; All Rights Reserved.
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