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  1. Happy Birthday, Johnathan! I hope you have a great day! :) 

  2. Happy Birthday, John!!

    1. Zeoanne


      Happy Birthday, Johnathan. Enjoy your day!

  3. This week has been legit crazy. Would i change any of it? Nope :D

    1. CassieQ


      Those weeks are the best weeks. :)

    2. Johnathan Colourfield

      Johnathan Colourfield

      I know right? I feel some big changes coming in my life, for the better :)

    3. Ashi


      Nice to hear! Busy is good. :)

  4. So excited :) First section of my PhD done and i don't officially start til September xD Yay scriptwriting lol

  5. So i got HP + Cursed Child. Amazing. Just Amazing.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      I'm gonna wait until the crazy dies down before I get my copy. :P

    3. clochette


      I was in London this Sunday and people were CRAZY looking for it!

    4. Johnathan Colourfield

      Johnathan Colourfield

      I avoided the crazy by pre ordering on amazon ;)

  6. One of my all time favourite soundtracks of a show. I really hope it comes to London at some point because its a beautiful story and can be very helpful for anyone confused about themselves
  7. So I was searching for stuff to actually do over summer because i'mma have 14 weeks with not much to do. Then i saw a thing for a summer school in London, and I applied. And I gots it! I'm going to be an Arts Activity Leader (Drama, Art, Music) at a centre in central London - and I get accomodation! A whole summer in London How amazing is that gonna be? Also, they asked me to interview for a Management position - which is scary. They've asked me to interview for Welfare and Accomodation Officer, which is the second in command! I only report to the Center Manager and the CEO of the company... All because i knew about Safeguarding and Behaviour Management principles and been on a course last week about them. I mean it's only seasonal work, but considering the work that I am in, it is fluctuating anyway with no work during the summer holidays. Note - We don't have a 14 week summer in the UK, just that they've told me supply teachers basically don't get work in Term 6 (June-July), so it would be a good idea to search for work in that period anyway. Which i've done! So new summer job - either Activity Leader or Welfare and Accomodation Officer Then in September, back to my regular Supply job. Life is good. Terminally single. But good ** By the way - I LOVE my supply teaching job - so much variety and different subjects, groups and schools. Really my sort of thing. I'm going to be in a school for 7 weeks, as a Resident Instructor - which means i've got 4 days guaranteed work a week for a short period. And if i don't like the school, I'm basically done with them after 2 months lol Means i'm going to be even more busy than I normally am, but who cares! It's work and money to pay for stuff I want LOL Like my doctorate...
  8. so tonight someone ate my soup, tried to swap my plate for an empty one and then tried to spike my drink.... average night doing murder mysteries apparently...

  9. So I quit my job this afternoon and I feel great about it. I wasn't really all that happy with teaching stuff that sort of got treated like a 'spare part' in their education and some classes were just badly behaved. But! I had an interview on Friday and I got a new job as a Supply across different years: Drama Instructor (Year 7-Year 13) Cover Supervisor (Year 1-Year 13) SEN Teaching Assistant (Year 7-Year 13) Its better paid, it's in my home town. After 10 days I get a extra days pay bonus for staying with the company and after 10 days I can transfer office so should I move, I can just move to wherever I go to. I was due a change in my life because I was getting blah about my experiences in the job I had, but i'm so glad that i got the chance to work for this new company Positivity YAY
  10. Oh wow! I'm so glad I took the time to read this now The characters of Devin and Alex are excellent and well written. I'm looking forward to hearing more from the Dad character. Annabelle needs work, as she is just sounding a bit psycho and would do well with some shelling out, same can be said of Parker. A story with good pace, although there were three major things i noticed that could have made it much better: I did feel a bit like the death of Sean was a very sudden impact, a bit of a left field hit. I mean if that is what you were going for then awesome. Also, coming from a legal perspective, Annabelle wouldnt have access to Sean's phone, that would come under his legal guardians responsibility. How did she get the phone? Did she steal it? Was it given to her? Finally, you mention Sean died in an accident, but you never go into any detail about what actually happened to him - this leaves me a bit lost because what kind of accident it was, depends on whether Devin could have done it (e.g. car accident versus falling down the stairs and breaking his neck). If this is added in, in much more detail it will make the story so far much richer in detail. I think devin should find out more details before this point in the story I'm excited to see what happens next!
  11. Bah i have a birthday party for a friend tonight but i'm not feeling social damnit xD

    1. sandrewn


      So and your point is? Put on a happy face and go. That's what friends do.

    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      if you're in the path of the snow storm, that could be a good excuse ;-)

    3. Johnathan Colourfield

      Johnathan Colourfield

      Nah I went and enjoyed it its just so cold atm lol

  12. I'mma be getting new glasses on saturday :)

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