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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

The Woman's Game - 6. Part One: The Book of Genesis VII

Sorry its late. University is very busy. Enjoy!

The Scientist checked one of the vials and read what it said on the tube. ‘Sedation Fluid’. Of course, he had far more vials like this. Hundreds maybe even thousands of them. He looked at the capsule and he thought of his predecessor. He went into his cabinet and opens the Carter Folders. These folders were possibly the most important documents ever written. One of the greatest scientists who ever lived had put together a journal of sorts exploring the nature of the cloned being. But he could never make the final entry, for you see, he was murdered. No one is sure who killed him but everyone was sure it was the experiment.

But in the inner circles, they knew this wasn’t true. It was her. The Woman. She destroyed him because he had found out one of her greatest secrets. And for that he had to pay. The secret was kept below ground in a secret hideaway. It was protected by several soldiers and the room was surrounded by lasers so no one could get at the secret. If someone managed to get past the soldiers and the lasers they would have to figure out the five different 10 digit pass codes which was damn near impossible. If they made one single mistake, they would be shot on sight. And there was only one person who knew the codes to that safe. Dr. Carter.

And he is now dead and no one knows what to do with the secret so they just protect it. Not even the world leaders know what it is. Only that it is devastating.

The Scientist hoped that his creature would not be the murderous type although when he was ready he would have to be educated. Within the Carter Folders, they kept an education file. A file to educate the clones that are created to become machines. Machines of sadistic murder. An excess of murder they were to be the perfect destroyers and the perfect army. And no human would ever be able to stop them.

And the scientist was ashamed…

So very ashamed.


It was cold and he was sleeping rough. Being only 14, he’d never properly slept outside before. He woke up in his little alcove and was dazed and confused. Then he remembered the events of the previous night. He was on the run.

A small grey rat scurried in front of him and across his feet. As it passed him, it turned and stared at him. It was almost as if he was looking straight through him yet at the same time it felt like the rat was recognising him. What a strange turn of events.

He looked into its eyes. They changed to a tint of red and returned to their normal state. The rat carried on its way.

Ash had to keep going. He knew he had travel to the north. The very top of Scotland. The base was there. At the most northerly point in the country. No one would ever go there. Not after the war that was coming. No one would ever dare go that far. Never. Not since it would in the forbidden zone…

Ash knew that one of the skulls would be there; as Mrs. Greenwood instructed him on it.

Well, at least one would be there. Hopefully more but one is a start.

He had to find someone that could drive after curfew. Only nurses, doctors and soldiers were allowed to travel after 8pm. He couldn’t pose as a nurse or a doctor simply because he didn’t know enough medicine to get him by.

Then there was only one option.

Despite his objections, he could only see one way forward. He would have to join The Secret Army as a volunteer and play the part of a bloodthirsty soldier…


It was dark and chilling the basement of the headquarters in Scotland. An elderly lady was making her way down the stairs to collect a bottle of wine. She got to the wine case and smiled as she looked down into it. But then she noticed it staring at her. A small little rat. It was just sat there staring in her direction and in a way, it scared her. Its eyes flashed a tint of red and then it scurried away. Odd.

She opened the case and moved the bottles of wine around to find the thing she was really searching for. And there it was, buried at the bottom of the case.

A red skull. One of the most dangerous weapons ever invented. A skull that had the power to bring down whole civilisations. No wonder the Mayans locked them away. The elderly woman looked down into the box. Taking the skull of the box, she looked at the bottle. After placing the skull on a small stone platform, she opened the bottle and drunk a good mouthful from it. It was beginning to take a toll on her sadly. She looked at where she had placed the skull and thought. This was The Skull of Nature.

In certain circles, it was famous. Of course, it wasn’t the only one owned by the organisation. Another red skull, this time The Skull of Sea Life was held by another Resistance member. United they were stronger but even when they were alone they were still stronger than ever. They had to be ready. They had to be ready for the oncoming war and they had to be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The sacrifice of life to keep the skulls from The Shrouded One herself…

Their most powerful enemy.


There was a small seeping light coming through the grate in the roof of the chamber. It reflected onto her face and it showed her everything. It showed her all about her past and her present and most importantly, her future. She knew what was coming. She was ready.

She took a breath and resumed her shrouded form. She called for the cameraman to enter the chamber to record her message to the world.

‘Good evening world. You no doubt recognise me. There is a lot of work to be done to completely correct this world. I must collect what must be collected. I must make the world complete by following the Mayan legend. Bring me the white and red crystal skulls and I will allow you to keep your impertinent lives in process. My only wish to you is Good luck.’

The cameraman cut the tape and ran from the chamber, in order to avoid her wrath.

She laughed at the pitiful male. If she hadn’t have murdered her women, they would have laughed with her in unison. Her sisters. Her DNA. Such a miracle, the almost non creation of life in its essence.

The regular human beings are only just starting out on the cloning experiments and process but she had already finished it in secret.

She, with her scientists, had created the ultimate clones. But in order to assert her dominance, she had to destroy them to destroy the evidence. She was bitter. Oh so bitter.

It was in her eyes that the world was not going to end with a loud cry but with a quiet whimper. A quiet whimper for man’s soul.

It is amazing what you can get when you sell your soul.

The Shrouded One knew this all too well. For the memories came back to her in dreams. Her guiltless soul was starting to lose its strength. The guilt was getting too strong.

Oh how she could remember what happened and how badly she was treated by man…


I remember it being winter. They took me. I was in a prison of some kind. The memories are so hazy that I can barely think of it.

I was placed on an operating table. They looked at me, the big men in the white masks and their dirty scrubs. I knew I wasn’t in a normal hospital. They flopped my head to the left, so they could inspect my ears and that was when I saw the other person.

Or should I say body. It was lifeless and it was scarred. They had torn it to pieces. Limb from limb. For their own nefarious causes. It sickened me. They moved my head to face the other direction and they got one of their instruments caught in my long hair. I remember the man yanking it out and taking a clump of hair with him. I remember not the pain, but the look on his face.

They pulled parts of me from my body. From parts of my eyelash to a large section of one of my kidneys. I was worried. The most worrying thing to me was that I could feel the pain. They must have put me under some sort of drug, but I didn’t feel the effects. They had done something to me.

They had done something to me before that I couldn’t remember.

I heard them speak of ‘no abnormalities’ and ‘she is ready sir’. Then he came in. The man in the pinstripe suit. I would never forget his suit. He walked heavily on his cane towards the table. He looked down at me and up my scrub-like dress. He ran his hand along my leg and felt around my waist. Then he swiftly undone his belt buckle, placed one leg on the table and then looked into my eyes. As he threw his cane away from us, I could feel him. I could feel him tearing the inside of my most private of places.

I never saw him after that moment. At least, I can’t remember seeing him. Although, there was one person. One person who I think it could have been but I cannot think those thoughts. It would be too devastating for me.

It was 9 months later when I was with child. It was in an alleyway I had to give birth. No-one cared about the homeless. I was kicked out into the street and I had a child. I had nothing.

I knew it was time to build up my life once again and make the sweetest dish of all.

The dish of revenge. Revenge on those who tortured me for such a long time.


He had travelled across a few towns in order to disguise his identity. Ash moved slowly and heavily, slowly becoming more nervous towards the sign up booth. He was nervous about the plan. Of course he knew what he had to do. He signed up for northbound company. That should hopefully bring him close enough to where he needed to go. He reached the booth and saw there was a crowd of young people. People who had given up on leading their own lives…

He joined them in listening to the lecture from The Commander.

‘Yes my boys and girls. You will each go through the process.’

Ash felt someone poking him in the soldier, when a girl, she must have only been 10, asking him ‘What is the process?’ Ash shrugged and turned aside. He didn’t have a clue.

The Commander produced an ancient knife. ‘This soldiers, is one of the ancient knives. You must place your arm to the knife and declare your allegiance to the great Shrouded One herself. Who is ready? Who is willing?’

The soldiers got in a line and they each went through the process. When Ash reached the commander, he grabbed the knife and sliced his arm lightly allowing a small amount of blood to trickle into the hip flask that the commander was holding.

‘Say the oath boy.’ The commander sneered at Ash.

‘I swear that I will always follow the teachings of The Great Shrouded One and forever shall I be under her spell; until my death.’ Ash was disgusted at the thought but he had to follow this little game of masks in order to get his ultimate goal.

The Commander knew that this was all rubbish. The blood was collected for DNA Identification for the ‘physical’ process. Most soldiers were never the same after going through ‘the physical’.

Some could say that they became totally different people after going through it…


Ash was then taken for the physical. Of course, it appeared (in the rumours passed between the ‘before’ soldiers) to be quite scary and dangerous. Ash knew this wasn’t true.

He was taken into the room and they sat him on the desk. There was something wrong. There was no sign of a doctor or a sign of any medical supplies. Only syringes and a face mask.

Oh Jesus. What had he let himself into?

A soldier came forward from the tent to the side of his tent. He didn’t speak. He just grabbed a needle and injected Ash with a sort of serum. Ash started to feel a little drowsy after which a mask was placed around his face.

Then it started. It was as if he was hallucinating, yet it felt so real. He started to see a face.

A never ending face…

Ash was made to think of dirty thoughts. His erection grew and it pounded against his jeans, which after that the soldier boy unzipped his jeans releasing Ash’s throbbing dick.

It was that face. It caused him to desire. It was pure sexual desire, something that no male can control.

The face began to fade away and his erection calmed. He hadn’t ejaculated. The soldier was shocked. The experiment had never failed before. Every other time, the boy ejaculated or the female orgasmed and they were then under the control of The Shrouded One. It was impossible…

He had to inform the leaders…

There was something about this boy. There was something wrong. He had used the image on homosexuals before and it had worked but there was something about this boy that had a sense of resistance.

This was not very good news.

Ash just laid there staring; in a haze of confusion and sexual desperation.

Copyright © 2013 Johnathan Colourfield; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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