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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

The Woman's Game - 5. Part One: The Book of Genesis VI

The environment was unbearable. The ground was ice. The air was smoke when they breathed. The Scientist walked along past the collection of tanks and saw a couple of soldiers and dived out of the way. Even thought he knew who he was working for, they would shoot anyone on sight walking around this great place of wonder.

The Scientist looked up at the swirling walls with the garrisons and he ran towards the entrance and spoke to the worker on the entrance.

‘You know it’s against the law to be here. Why are you here?’ The worker sneered at The Scientist.

‘I’m here for the project.’

‘For her.’


‘Let me call up.’ He picked up a phone from the booth and spoke. ‘Some guy here for her project. Yeah. That’s the guy. Short. Looks like a rat. I’ll let him.’ He put the receiver down. ‘Go in. Wear this.’ He handed him a red necktie.


‘Security. They won’t shoot anyone wearing these.’

‘Good. I’d rather not be shot. Open the gate, there’s a good boy.’ The Scientist smiled and entered the large palace.

He walked across the green garden covered in a blanket of snow and arrived behind one of the statues. He stroked the correct part and he saw the bottom of the statue separate and then a set of stairs in the darkness. He took a lighter out of his pocket and struck it and held it down to light the path down the crooked steps in order to reach the place that was his goal.

When he got down the stairs he was at his place of work. A kind of laboratory. A place you would expect to see a scientist of his calibre. But why the secrecy? He knew that if this was found, it would be an international scandal.

He looked over to the dark corner of the room. A canister large enough to hold a human body. He walked over and tapped the glass. A violent response. Some creature in the dark slammed on the other of the glass. There was something inside that glass. There was something behind the keyhole.

Would he dare follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole? He knew what it was and he was ashamed.

But he must not be. The President was due to arrive in five minutes and he had to prepare the creature.

He took a vial and injected it into the tube at the front of the canister. The creature was calmed. He knew it was ready.

It most certainly wasn’t the first and the Scientist had a strong feeling that he would not be the last.

The creature was the second generation. The first generation was taken away. It wasn’t worth keeping them going. They were collapsing. They were part of what they should be. Some had stomachs that reflexed, some had just fallen apart and others driven mad by what they had gone through. That is what you get when you play with the human genome.

It was ready to be analysed and he knew if this one was a success, the other three that he had in the cooling room across the hall would be just as effective.

He prayed.

There was a strong knocking at the door. The Scientist knew who it was. He moved swiftly past the workbenches and opened the dusted door. It was The President. He was weaker than The Scientist had ever seen him. He was walking with a cane and it appeared as if he was going to collapse at any moment.

‘Hard life eh sir?’

‘You don’t know the half of it. I’m 48.’


‘Let us get on with it. Show me.’

The Scientist moved along to the canister and smiled uncomfortably at The President.

‘Are you completely sure sir? It can be quite risky.’

‘I haven’t served this country for this long to have things hidden from me.’ He slammed his cane down with a flush of anger in his face. ‘Show me.’

‘I must urge you to step back.’

‘I will be fine.’

‘Please sir.’

The Russian President raised his cane above his head and went to strike The Scientist who caught the cane in his left hand. ‘You understand my desperation, boy. This is my final chance for glory. If I don’t take this chance, I might as well sign myself over to the KGB.’

‘I understand sir. Right.’ The Scientist moved over towards the canister and held his breath in anxiousness. He pressed in the security code allowing the creature to be released.

The Scientist instantly reacted and stabbed the creature in the neck with a needle. It was a calming agent.

The Creature stood tall, well as tall as a look alike can be. It was humanoid in shape and figure.

‘My god.’ The President gasped.

‘Are you proud sir?’

‘Are you proud sir?’ The creature repeated back. It reached into its pocket and took out a vial and walked towards the canister. He put the vial in the tube, locking it.

‘Impossible. What did you give up?’

The Scientist drew his cloak back and showed the president his flesh side. A scar was prominently on his back. ‘One kidney. Lots of tissue lost but so much gained for society.’

‘It’s a perfect human clone. How did you get this to work again?’

‘You need to have someone that is compatible that’s all.’

‘Perfect. It’s such a joy to see it happening.’ The President smiled and had a sense of relief in his eyes. He even appeared to look and feel younger. ‘You know it repeated your voice. Can it take orders?’

‘Most certainly. Give it an order.’

The President cleared his throat. ‘Okay.’ He turned away from The Clone and whispered. ‘What do I call… it?’

‘Just call it Experiment. That should suffice. If all else fails, Mr. Jones’.

‘Experiment.’ No response. ‘Mr. Jones.’ No response, again.

‘Try David.’


‘Yes Sir.’ The Clone sprung into action.

‘How dare you!’ The President said turning towards The Scientist. ‘You know they are not humans so they do not deserve names. You, of all people should know that.’

‘Yes we are what you call human. I am David. Like my father.’ The Clone spoke for the first time.

‘But you do not have a father.’

The Clone pointed at The Scientist. ‘Yes I do. Family.’

The President regained his stressed posture. ‘You have given them too much free will. Withdraw its emotions.’

And The Scientist did as he was told. The creature now was to do precisely what it was told and it would have no free will. Perfect for war. An army of mindless and unnoticeable soldiers.

She would be very pleased.

She had seduced him, oh how she seduced him. The one behind the shroud was so appealing and he would follow her to the end of time.

The President simply couldn’t resist.

She is the one to follow in the long term. She is to lead the human race in the oncoming future and he relished in it.

Or was that just the mind control?


This construct was immense. It took over an area of at least 100,000 cubic foot. One of the greatest creations in mankind since the wheel. Of course, she liked to have things created on an epic style so she had to have the largest room ever created. But this was not for general use. It had taken her so long to have it built so she would save it. Her chamber overlooked it so there was no need for the pleasantries. The cube was suspended by chains and metal girders. A most terrifying sight. But it was what she liked to see. Precision. Order. Correct Behaviour. But this was what it was to be used for. The block of pure granite with a single entrance that required a staff pass code and DNA. Then inside, a plastic furniture and glass toilet and sink. All of the traditions. This was to be used on her worst enemies. It was the perfect prison. Her haven. But now, she kept one particular person in there for the current time being.

It reminded her so of herself. Slick and solid. Contained within itself. But it contained a great secret. Someone who had the information to destroy everything. And she held him there. Signalling to one of her women, she sent her down to the entrance to what she has affectionately nicknamed ‘The Storm Cage’.

When the other woman opened the entrance to The Storm Cage, what she saw frightened her. It was a man. Chained to a chair. No chance of movement. He was restricted. He was malnourished and dehydrated.

But she still somehow recognized his face. It was the father…

One of the great leaders in the resistance. How did she do it? How did she capture him? She must have led him down such a treacherous road.

The woman took her whip out of her jeans pocket and looked down at him.

‘Ready yet.’

‘I’d rather die.’ He sneered.

‘I thought you’d say that.’ She took the whip and cracked it, lashing it against his skin. He cried out in pain.

‘Please. Stop.’

‘You know how to make it stop.’

He shook his head and the woman cracked the whip across his neck.

‘You know all you need to do is tell us everything. About the resistance that is.’

‘I swore allegiance to the CR. I can never disobey that.’ He laughed at her and then spat at her face.

She wiped the spit away and wrapped her whip around his neck and sat in his lap.

‘You know you can tell me.’ She grinded onto him, something growing inside his underwear.


‘I mean, no one would know. You know how dark and secretive this place is. Just let me release everything from you.’

‘No you cannot.’ He held himself back. He was faithful. He would get back home soon. He would escape when he could. He would. He was sure.

She started to unbutton his shirt. ‘I can play you tight as a virgin…’

She began to send a message to The Shrouded One. ‘It isn’t working. He isn’t taking the bait.’

The Shrouded One watched from her chamber and placed a finger on the side of her forehead and sent a message of ‘keep trying’ to her.

And she did as she was told. She always did what she was told. Always followed orders. Never broken.

The Shrouded One was watching from above The Storm Cage in her chamber, thinking about what was to come. She felt a shock of pleasure run through her body and she felt ashamed. It had worked. But he had raised a bargain. Release him and then he would tell her everything.

She was always so unintelligent and it never worked. All the woman in The Storm Cage had was a stain of mistrust.

She stood and unchained him from the chair. Allowing him a little freedom but then took the whip and tied it around his neck and shoved his down the toilet.

‘I’ll never fall for that again.’

The Woman slapped him around the face and left the room.

The father laughed. ‘Oh, yes you will.’ This is the fourth woman he’s been through…

And fooled them all the same.

The Shrouded One smiled. She knew he was clever and very seductive. She just knew.

She watched The Storm Cage and took relish in the knowledge that he could never escape until he was let out.

He could never escape…


The moonlight reflected on the water of the fountain in the gardens. A creature bent over the edge of the fountain and took a drink. It then scurried up the stairs to the entrance to the school. It knocked on the door and then spoke in a dark husky tone when the door opened.

‘I’m here for the gathering.’

A bell chimed.

The butler like child that opened the door spoke in a quiet voice. ‘You are late. Follow me.’

The boy took up a candle and matches and struck match to light the candle. He led the creature through the halls.

The creature groaned. ‘Hungry…’

‘Control yourself. We are nearly there.’

A young girl walked through the corridor towards them. The boy whispered. ‘Hide.’

The creature hid inside the shadows.

‘Hello Bernice.’ She stroked her hair back and smiled.

‘Hi Edgar.’

‘What are you doing up so late? You know curfew was two hours ago.’

‘Couldn’t sleep. Trying to find headmaster.’

‘He’s busy miss. Now off to bed.’

The creature saw her neck. Her beautiful inclined neck and it pounced from the darkness as it began to drink the life essence of the girl.

Edgar took the candle and threw it at the creature to distract it.

‘You know the rules.’ Edgar snarled as the creature back away from the girl.

‘Edgar what is it? I can see a light. It hurts.’

Edgar proceeded to hold her. ‘I know. Just walked towards the light. You will be fine, just walk there.’

He rocked her as she closed her eyes for the final time.

‘How could you? She was only a child.’

The creature pointed towards its heart. ‘Was so hungry.’

‘Just join the others. I’m sick of you all. Over there in the secret garden. Just go.’ Edgar started to mumble to himself as the creature walked off in the other direction…

The poor girl…


The creature wandered through the corridors and exited into the secret garden. There they were gathered. Each of them, filled with a dark rage. Something was happening. The garden was filled with a loud noise coming from the conversations that were being had. The elder stood, albeit weakly, and stamped his staff. The silence was ominous.

‘Good evening fellow brothers. I have called you here this evening to discuss something very important. We have located the crystal skulls.’

Then there was a loud cheer from the crowd.

‘We have gathered the skulls of safari, water, light, and society.’

Another elder stood and spoke in a deep voice. ‘They are weak. Where are the red skulls? You know they are only worth two points each. They will not win us the war.’

The main elder cleared his throat. ‘We are on the search, but we can only go by night so it makes our lives a little difficult. Now, where was I? Yes? There are still many to collect but they are well hidden. But we will find them. We will take over.’

There was another rapturous cheer from the group.

‘There is one issue. We must be willing to give everything. We must be willing to give our entire selves for the greater good.’

One of the younger creatures stood and spoke in a light voice. ‘Why should we sacrifice ourselves? This is not a full-proof plan. This is just for a small enough chance. The Company is not willing to risk the sacrifice of so many lives. Who is with me?’

The younger creature threw his arm into the air and the noise that came from the crowd was far too strong, even for the human ear.

But it was that noise that was to cover them. They stepped in under the cloak of volume. They stood in the main garden of the school. They were waiting and they were wandering when to pose their attack. They arrived in a shroud of smoke; as to cover themselves. They were stood in the garden when they began their brutal attack.

The students inside were completely unaware of what was about to happen.

Oh goodness. There was so much to happen and they would have to witness…

The women elevated themselves to land in the secret garden and in the palm of their hands they each held a skull.

A skull ready for a bloody massacre…


A group of students were gathered in their common room on the other side of the entrance to the secret gardens.

They were listening for a sign. A sign of safety. But there was a problem facing them.

All the students could smell was the stench of defeat.

The students sent one of the smallest children out into the corridor. The child saw one of the attacking women walking along the corridor.

The child dived behind a suit of armour and cowered in fear which was exactly the response the women were hoping to get. Fear and paranoia makes every creature weak and then they would have no need to eliminate those who were left.

The woman looked into her pocket. She felt her skull and then next to it; was a second.

She walked directly past the child and met the other women at the very end of the corridor; near the exit into the main gardens.

The first spoke. ‘I found mine. Did you find yours?’

The second spoke. ‘Of course. Could you ever doubt us?’

The third spoke. ‘We destroyed each of them.’

The fourth spoke. ‘They had no chance to live.’

The first spoke once again. ‘We have caused anarchy. It is so pitiful.’

The second spoke. ‘Their leaders were destroyed by The Game.’

An eruption of laughter from the third. ‘The game is merciless and only the best of us can play. Why we were chosen my sisters.’

And they were perfection.

They could never be destroyed by any simple human. They were emotionless so they could never fall in terms of emotion. And that was what made them strong.

The lack of empathy for anything.

They were killing machines.

The army that was bound never to fail.

Or could they?


It was the dark chamber in her complex. She was sat there staring into the darkness. Her platform was ready. She took four skulls out of her pocket and placed them upon the platform. The first few were the skulls of land, dark and culture. They enforced a bright white light upon the platform. She sighed and took the last one and placed it on the platform. The Skull of Mammal. It was one of the elusive red skulls. This was one of the most powerful skulls of them all. She was to use it in The Game and she was going to win every time. She had found the four but she had so many more to find…

The door behind her throne opened and each of them entered in turn. The four women. Each of them had a role to play in this little war of hers. A role to play in the bringing down of this world. One was in charge of taking over the television network. The next in charge of causing mayhem in Europe. One was particularly strong in the art of assassination, causing the death of the American president, Barack Obama (to the rejoicing of quite a few American citizens) and then finally the last one. The final woman was the one that specialised in seduction. She seduced the father and she managed to seduce the leaders of the association. What a wonderful turnout for such simple and easily controlled beings.

These simple and controlled beings had passed their purpose in The Shrouded One’s eyes.

The women moved to surround the platform as The Shrouded One returned to the thrones.

She watched her clones. They were perfection and they were decades ahead of their time. Despite what the humans thought; she would always be the one to end up on top.

She spoke. ‘You have done me great service ladies. Eliminating those pesky vampires; well a majority of them. Then of course your own individual tasks. You have been excellent. But you are not good enough.’ She reached down and pressed a button and spoke into a microphone. ‘Bring in the guards.’

She looked on as the guards entered and took aim. She rubbed her forehead through the shroud.

‘Take aim, boys.’

She began to laugh at herself. She was actually enjoying their torture.

One of the soldiers moved forward and threw one of the women on the floor and held her there by her hair.

‘How could you?’ The knelt woman spoke.

‘Because it’s enjoyable.’

‘How heartless are you?’ The woman on the floor began to cry.

‘Fire.’ A flurry of bullets went into the knelt woman. She was thrown into the other direction.

And each of the other women was to face the same fate. Each by firing squad.

This fate was so unnerving and painful. For both them and her. She twinged in pain each time one was destroyed; but it was for the greater good.

She did it simply for her own enjoyment. And so no one could ever get in her.

The most desirable female physique.

It was to be modelled on the most disgusting of creatures.

The male form.

She curled up in her throne and looked down onto The Cube. She could feel her memories coming back to her. It hurt her.

It hurt her to beyond the point of desperation…

Copyright © 2013 Johnathan Colourfield; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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