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    Katya Dee
  • Author
  • 5,220 Words

The Title Will Go Here - 16. Chapter 16

Holy hell, I haven't realized how long I've been gone! 🤯 The 'Stay-Home' thing kinda ended (damn...), so I got the schedule for the next season, which starts in a week. Found out that I would have 3 new things to prepare in a month-and-a-week (give or take), so had to get on that & was dead-tired 🤪 Sorry about that 💖💖💖

- XVI -


When Leon informed Stratos about the moved concert date, the musician became helplessly furious, but soon enough, he cooled off, figuring that it was actually a good thing – after this rushed concert he would have almost two months off until the next performance; and even though he didn’t like having too much time off before, now it was completely different – now he was longing for it. He grumbled at Leon the next day half-heartedly, since it was somewhat expected, but secretly he was glad. He suspected that Leon knew it, however – his friend could always read him much better than anyone else could.

When Leon said that they weren’t okay but they would be, he meant it – everything felt fine soon enough. Because of the rapidly nearing concert, Stratos dove into work headfirst, practicing a hell of a lot more than he usually did, since he decided to change the program somewhat, figuring that he would have enough time to perfect a few different pieces. It wouldn’t be an issue if not for the moved concert date. There was no way he could change the program now, it was too late for that, since it had been announced and printed a few days ago. He had no other choice but to slave away at the instrument, ignoring everything else.

Everything else did not include Gemini, of course, even though Stratos wouldn’t mention the golden-haired kelari too much whenever Leon was around – he didn’t want another argument between them, there was no time for that, to be honest.

He brought up the subject of the Lock several more times, but Gemini would avoid it with envious creativity, and finally, Stratos gave up and stopped mentioning it, correctly figuring that Gemini would talk about it when he was ready. He couldn’t figure out why Gemini was so hesitant about the whole thing. He would think that the blond kelari would jump at the opportunity to obtain an impressive power that’s been hidden from him for so long. He imagined Gemini going crazy with the desire to get the damn Lock off him, and when he acted completely the opposite, it puzzled Stratos immensely. Finally, he told himself to stop obsessing about it, figuring that Gemini was probably scared to find out for sure whether he was truly Locked, terrified at the possibility of a simple coincidental mistake. He would probably rather not know than to lose that hope altogether.

Stratos tried talking to Katherine finally, but he could not reach her. He called her several times, left a few messages, but she never called him back, nor did she answer the phone. Finally, Stratos gave up, figuring that she simply left the city for a bit – it wasn’t anything new. She would do it quite often, take off without letting anyone know where she would go and when she would come back, disappearing from everyone’s horizon. This was one habit of hers that Stratos could not stand when they were together. Now it didn’t annoy him; it left him disappointed and slightly frustrated instead he was anxious to talk to her about everything that has been happening lately, and now he had to wait for her to come back, and he had no clue when that would happen.

He hated the fact that he would have to play this particular performance alone again, without his golden inspiration in the front row, since Leon told him plain and clear that if Stratos brought Gemini along this time, he would have to deal with everything by himself, without Leon’s help, until next fall.

“You owe me, Gregorio,” he said warningly after Stratos tried saying something about the positive effects of inspiration. “You owe me, and you know it! I won’t dump you, I am not that petty, but...” Here he stuck his forefinger above his head, towards the ceiling, as if making sure that Stratos had better take him seriously this time. “...if you drag him over there, I am going on a very nice, relaxing vacation, and I am not coming back until next October!”

Stratos sighed, gritted his teeth, fumed silently, but then he gave a reluctant, grumbling “Fine” answer to the ultimatum, knowing that Leon would do as promised. He wasn’t that petty, but he was petty enough. Stratos thought about all the performances he had lined up until next October, shuddered slightly, and gave another “Fine” answer, although this one was a bit more irritated. Lately, he started noticing that Leon’s semi-aggressive manner (usual and quite habitual by now) was beginning to get on his nerves. He realized that until now he hadn’t even noticed it, since he would be avoiding any kind of altercation if there was even a shadow of conflict appearing on the horizon. Lately, however, he started feeling those sharp, quick jabs of annoyance every time he had to deal with yet another ultimatum.

Today was Sunday, they were planning on leaving tomorrow morning, and Stratos hated that with the passion. He knew he had to go, though. Every single concert hall had a different instrument (naturally), which meant that it would feel and sound differently as well, and since a grand piano wasn’t a violin and you could not possibly carry it with you while you were touring, it meant that he had to arrive a few days earlier so he could get used to the new feelings and sounds.

He looked at his watch, sighed, and slightly winced when his stomach let out a demanding growl. When was the last time he ate today? He frowned, trying to remember, and then blinked. It was 9:30 in the morning. He looked at his watch again. It read 18:12. He sighed and closed the lid of the tired instrument, pushing the bench backwards, and finally standing up.

“Done,” he said firmly when Leon opened his mouth, clearly about to say something. “I am tired, hungry, and tired...” he nodded, and Leon snorted at that.

“You forgot to mention ‘tired’,” he said, and Stratos smiled. “Eight in the morning tomorrow?” he raised his eyebrows, and Stratos sighed.

“Yes,” he said with a slight nod. “Ugh...” he winced at another growl that escaped his very frustrated by now stomach.

Leon laughed and grabbed his jacket off the back of the nearby chair.

“Let’s go eat,” he said, and Stratos sighed again and shook his head.

“No,” he replied and grabbed his jacket as well. “I’ll eat at home.”

Leon rolled his eyes at that.

“You mean, you will be ordering take-out again,” he said in a low voice, and Stratos gave him a quick glance. Leon shrugged. “Your housekeeper is on vacation,” he said. “And the last time you cooked something yourself was back when you were ten, and a microwave and a hamster were involved...”

“Mmm...” Stratos winced at that. “Poor Billy...”

“Told you not to name the damn hamster,” Leon shrugged. “It only added to the guilt... Anyway,” he straightened up. “Let’s go eat some normal, good food... Take-out will give you ulcers eventually...”

Stratos hemmed, not quite sure why and how take-out food would possibly give anyone ulcers, and shook his head, quickly pulling on his jacket.

“No take-out tonight,” he said, leaving the subject of ulcers alone – he was too tired.

“Gregorio...” Leon rolled his eyes, and Stratos shook his head again.

“No, really,” he said and checked his pockets, looking for his car keys. “Gemini said that he would cook something tonight, and to be honest...” He smiled, ignoring Leon’s expression. “...I am curious to see what he can do,” he finished with a nod.

“You are blowing me off for a sex doll,” Leon said quietly, and Stratos raised his head, his smile gone.

“He is not a...” He stopped talking, suddenly realizing what Leon was trying to do – to provoke him into another argument, which would win him more time and more ‘you owe me’ from Stratos eventually, since he was always excellent at turning almost every single one of their arguments into his favor somehow. Nice try, he thought and pushed away a sudden wave of annoyance. “Never mind,” he sighed and let out a very small smile when he noticed a quick, frustrated mouth twitch that Leon couldn’t hide. “And I am not blowing you off,” he added, heading towards the doors. “You are welcome to come with me...”

“Oh...?” Leon raised his eyebrow. “You are actually inviting me over? Dinner at your house...? In the evening...? Master Gregorio...” he said slowly, and Stratos rolled his eyes.

“Dumbass,” he sighed. “Get your jacket, let’s go...” He turned towards the door again. “I am sure Gemini made enough food for all three of us,” he said with a shrug, and this time, there was no retort. He stopped once again and turned around.

“I’m sorry, what?” Leon said finally. “I thought you just said ‘all three of us’...”

“Yes,” Stratos nodded slowly. “Him, me, you...” He raised three fingers. “Three.”

Leon’s eyelid twitched at the counting order.

“So he would be eating with us,” he said without putting a question mark at the end of the sentence.

“Yes,” Stratos replied in the same slow manner. “Where else would he be eating?”

Leon muttered something Stratos couldn’t decipher.

“What?” he blinked and Leon sighed.

“Nothing,” he said tiredly. “I simply realized that I am not hungry. Good night,” he said when Stratos opened his mouth. “See you at eight in the morning... Lock the door when you leave,” he nodded and quickly walked towards the door without waiting for Stratos’ respond.

Stratos stood still for a minute or so when he was left alone in a grand hall, sighed, rolled his eyes again, and left the hall, clicking the door shut after him and making sure it was indeed locked. Thinking of locks immediately switched his line of thoughts to Gemini, and he didn’t think of anything or anyone else all the way home.




Stratos wasn’t lying when he said he was curious to see what Gemini could do in dinner department – he hasn’t cooked even once since he came to Stratos’ house. For some reason, Stratos had doubts about his culinary talents, and he almost did pick up a sandwich on the way home, just in case. Then he sighed and decided against that – he was sure that the food would be at least edible, and that would be good enough. If he didn’t like it, he could always say that he was too tired to eat too much tonight.

When he finally got home, the smells that floated from the table, somewhat reassured him that dinner would be definitely edible. Then, after he sat down and grabbed the first forkful (well, half-full, to be exact), trying not to look too reluctant, he bravely deposited its contents into his mouth, ready to say something enthusiastically, blinked several times, frowned, blinked again, and did not utter a single word until his plate was empty. He wasn’t quite sure what was in there (he recognized chicken, barley, butter, and a very light coat of garlic), but he didn’t really care.

“Bloody hell...” he muttered after he finished second helping. “Is there anything you are not perfect at?”

Gemini blinked at that.

“I mean...” Stratos pushed away the empty plate. “This...” he nodded at the dinner table. “...was amazing!”

“Good,” Gemini murmured with a small smile and got up. “I was hoping you’d like it...”

“What are you getting now?” Stratos watched him dig in the fridge.


Gemini emerged from the fridge with a small silver tray in his hands and kicked the fridge door shut.

“Dessert...” Stratos repeated, staring at the tray. “You made dessert...”

“Fruit cups,” Gemini shot him a quick glance. “Frozen fruit cups,” he nodded a second later and put the tray on the table.

Stratos watched him uncover the tray and get two small spoons without saying anything.

“I had no idea you could cook so well...” he said finally, and got another quick golden glance.

“I like cooking,” Gemini said seriously. “It relaxes me,” he shrugged, and then smiled. “Especially dessert,” he nodded, and Stratos reached out and took the spoons out of his hand.

“You are my dessert,” he muttered when he pulled the blond kelari closer.

He put the spoons on the table and wrapped one of his arms around the slim waist when he lowered Gemini into his lap.

“Fruit cups will... melt...” Gemini breathed when he felt lips caressing the side of his neck. He closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly to the left, giving those lips better access.

“Mmm...” Stratos said and ran his tongue up the smooth skin towards the small ear. “You’ll freeze them again...” he finished after he lightly flicked the pink earlobe.

Gemini almost said that it wouldn’t be the best idea for the fruit cups, but then Stratos’ hand sneaked underneath his shirt, and then there were very talented quick fingers caressing his stomach and tweaking his nipples in the most teasing fashion.

“Mmm... Yeah...” he said instead and slightly arched his back when those fingers performed another creative trick, sending sweet shivers all the way down to his toes.

Stratos’ other hand slowly traveled towards his face, and Gemini parted his lips when he felt fingers stroking his mouth. He wrapped his tongue around several digits, sucking on them lightly, and almost bit down when the hand underneath his shirt did something indescribable. He stopped himself from biting down on the fingers in his mouth at the last second, and sucked harder on them instead. Hand underneath his shirt, combined with the lips that kept working his neck and ear, made him shudder, and he whimpered and slightly shifted in Stratos’ lap, trying to loosen his suddenly tight, extremely uncomfortable pants.

The hand underneath his shirt started slowly sliding downwards, correctly interpreting his whimper, and a minute later, the same insistent, talented fingers were effortlessly undoing the button and the zipper of his pants. He let out a moaning exhale and slightly raised himself off Stratos’ lap when the zipper was finally undone, letting the hand on his lower stomach to pull his pants down, freeing his straining self from the tight prison.

The pants slid off his hips easily and he shifted again, making them to slide all the way down to his ankles so he could kick them off completely. He let out a rather loud ‘Ooh...!’ and arched his back, dropping his head backwards onto Stratos’ shoulder when he felt a tight hand wrap around him with slow, steady strokes.

He sucked harder on the fingers in his mouth and started pumping his hips into the firm fist around him, aching for more. He bucked upwards more forcefully several minutes later, trying to drive that fist forward, trying to make it to pick up more speed, silently begging for more, and the fist obliged, quickening its strokes and adding some delicious thumb rolls to them. He realized that the lips on his neck relocated to his face by now, caressing his temple and cheek, and he let out a muffled moan, while his tongue became much more frantic, flying around the fingers in his mouth, dancing across everything it could possibly reach.

The hand around him tightened its grip ever so slightly, and his hips’ movements became more erratic, impatient to get to that sweet, abrupt edge, making his entire body tremble in anticipation. He started moaning around the fingers in his mouth, his throat ready for inevitable crescendo, when all of a sudden, the grip around him lessened immensely, and all the stroking and thumb-rolling came to an abrupt, torturing stop.

His eyes flew wide open when his desperate pumping received no response whatsoever, and he finally let go of the fingers in his mouth.

“What...” he muttered in a strangled whisper. “What... No...! D-don’t... S-stratos, don’t... Stratos, don’t stop...!” he finally managed, and the lips on his cheek quickly traveled towards the corner of his mouth. He turned his head and met those lips in a trembling, sloppy kiss.

“Shhh...!” a quick whisper smoothly rolled down his throat. “Shhh...! Don’t come just yet...”

Stratos silenced the unborn, stuttering words with another shaky, deep kiss, and stroked the trembling lips with his fingers one more time, receiving a few quick, desperate licks.

“Don’t come just yet...” he said again without pulling away from the perfect mouth. “Believe me, if you stretch it out, if you prolong it...” He paused for a few seconds, just so he could deliver another frantic kiss. “...it will be a hell of a lot more intense,” he finished in the same quick whisper.

Gemini moaned at that, his eyes closed again, teeth locked on his lower lip, and his hand suddenly jerked downwards, aiming for his silently weeping, demanding length. Stratos let out a quick, teeth- locked inhale, and caught his wrist before it got anywhere near its target.

“God, Gem...” he muttered, entwining their fingers together. “As much as I want to watch you do that...” He produced another shaky inhale. “Just go with me on this one... Gem, please...!”

Gemini moaned out something very unintelligible and locked his fingers tighter around Stratos’ hand, drawing air into his lungs, forcing his quick, desperate breaths to become calmer and longer. Stratos kissed him again, slower this time, drinking every single drop of his breath, and when both of them were almost completely out of air, he finally pulled away.

“Get up...” he whispered, and Gemini blinked at that. “Just for a few minutes,” Stratos nodded. “Just for a little...”

He delivered a few quick, determined licks to the fingers that Gemini’s mouth bathed so thoroughly just several minutes ago, and Gemini blinked again, this time, with understanding. He shakily got up and pressed his palms into the tabletop, slightly arching his back and making his hips to get a more prominent angle. He closed his eyes and bit his lip when he felt those slick, slightly trembling fingers smoothly sliding inside him, aiming just for the right spot, and stretching him in a semi-patient hurry.

He was about to moan something else; something about the fact that he didn’t really care about this part right now (well, he didn’t care about it that much and definitely not right now). He was about to moan it when all of a sudden, Stratos seemed to hear every single unsaid word, because he leaned closer and placed several long, lingering kisses on his lower back, while whispering:

“I will never hurt you, Gem... Never...!”

Gemini made another long, moaning inhale without opening his eyes, and started slowly rocking his hips, impaling himself on the trembling fingers. His eyes flew open once again when those insistent fingers suddenly slammed into his pleasure spot dead-on, making his back arch even more, stealing more air from his lungs.

He rocked his hips harder, realizing that was all he needed, knowing that he didn’t have to be touched or even kissed in order to get over that tantalizing edge, trying to rush his body to the desired explosive ending, when suddenly, the fingers came to the same, frustratingly-familiar stop, making him to groan something out in a semi-intelligible, very frustrated growl.

“Don’t come just yet...” Stratos said again, and suddenly, the talented fingers left Gemini’s body without any warning, making his teeth to lock harder on his lip.

He let out a half-strangled moan, and opened his eyes when he felt gentle but firm hands slowly, carefully pulling him apart, preparing him, anxious for him to lower himself down. He straightened up and quickly pulled his shirt over his head, taking it off and tossing it on the floor – it was too damn hot for clothes right now. He placed his own hands over the ones on his hips, spreading himself slightly wider apart, and slowly lowered his body onto the slick, impatient hardness, exhaling somewhat loudly when he got all the way down. He sat still for a few seconds, and then slowly shifted in Stratos’ lap, desperately looking for the right angle.

Stratos wrapped one of his arms around his waist, stopping him from moving.

“That’s my job,” he murmured, and performed some strange, quick semi-circle with his hips, slightly moving Gemini’s body to the right and back, closer to himself.

His movement wasn’t too big – it was more of an adjustment, really – but the minute he performed it, Gemini’s entire body shuddered head to toe, making his head to fall backwards again in a desperate, helpless jerk.

Stratos brushed aside several golden silky strands of hair, and started placing small, open-mouthed kisses on the side of the flushed neck, while his hips began moving slowly, but with great determination. Gemini pressed his palms into the table in front of him, pushing against it and using it to support himself while his body followed Stratos’ rhythm, mirroring his movements perfectly.

He rocked on top of the other man’s body for a while, his eyes closed again, his mouth helplessly open, and his head was swimming in a beautiful haze of all the sensations, feelings, and half-formed thoughts that kept shooting through him. He felt complete, full, oh, God, so full... To the brim, to the last possible notch, without even a hint of emptiness. He felt absolute, all that fullness getting everything at once, every single sweet spot, everything – at once. It felt almost impossible, almost unbearable, agonizingly glorious, every move, every shudder, every single thrust, getting right there, over and over, making him almost lose his mind, erasing every single concept of yesterday and tomorrow, leaving only now. Now and right-there-right-there-right-there... Making that huge, excruciatingly brilliant fullness to grow even bigger, to spread around every single inch of him with pulsating heat, shooting those small, sharp spikes through him, getting him closer to ‘Ohgodyes!’ while building, building, building...

He half-realized that the body he was riding, suddenly started to lose tempo, slowing down bit by bit, trying to pull him away from that absolute completion yet again, and he shook his head without opening his eyes, grabbing the tabletop harder, digging his fingernails into the dark wood.

“I... I can’t...” he panted. “S-stratos... I can’t...! I... Oh, God... Stratos, I can’t hold back anymore... Even if you stop, I’ll come... Oh, God, I can’t...! S-stratos, I’m gonna come... Please...”

He heard a sharp, loud inhale, and suddenly, the tempo came back with new determination, new rhythm, new rush... He heard himself saying something, he felt himself saying something, but he had no idea what it was, the only thing that existed right now was ‘Don’t-stop-don’t-stop-don’t-stop...!’ That was exactly what he was saying, he realized suddenly when he heard Stratos’ strained:

“I won’t... I won’t stop... I won’t...!”

Heat, spreading, blooming, merciless heat that kept building, building, building... Heat and ‘don’t-stop-don’t-stop-don’t-stop!’ – there was nothing else left. So full, so warm, so tight, so tingly, so close...! Oh, God, so close...

He gasped for air, and his gasp immediately turned into a loud sob when suddenly, there was a warm, trembling hand wrapping around him, determined to stroke fast and hard, ready to deliver those excruciatingly sweet thumb rolls. There was no need for stroking, nor was there any need for thumb rolls – the mere touch on his twitching, pulsating self sent him headfirst into the exploding light, finally bringing that incredible rapture.

They screamed out almost simultaneously, somehow being able to feel each other’s pleasure along with their own that was twisting both of them into the same convulsing, sobbing brilliancy, which was the only thing either one of them could see or hear right now.

Stratos half-heard, half-felt some other sound through the roaring brilliance in his ears; some sound that didn’t belong, sound that came from somewhere else, somewhere behind him. His mind registered it automatically, checking the empty box with a hurried mark in his mental notebook without him even being aware of it.

This wasn’t just unreal, he half-thought, half-visualized. This wasn’t just unreal, this was something else... Something else entirely, something that shouldn’t even exist, something that should be impossible... Nothing this intense should be allowed to be, to burst, to rip itself into those countless pieces of mind-blowing pleasure, because experiencing those pieces felt almost unbearable. It felt like every time they were with each other, it would become more and more intense; every time would be another step, it would get up a notch, raising the plank, blowing up every single limit. This was literally unreal... He knew that it shouldn’t be, he knew that it wasn’t simply bizarre or weird, he knew that there had to be something behind it – he knew all that, and he didn’t care in the slightest, hungry for more, never fully satisfied or tired. Even now, when it felt almost unbearable, he still craved more.

Roaring brilliance finally started to disappear, and all of a sudden, Stratos’ mind exploded with a silent, glorious sound. The sound was so great that he couldn’t breathe for several seconds, feeling as if he was drowning in the silent wave of perfect music. He had no idea what the hell was happening to him, and then suddenly, he recognized it. It was that goddamn melody again, he realized in sharp, disbelieving astonishment. It was that melody... It was amplified and augmented what felt like, times ten, as if someone suddenly turned the volume knob all the way up, but it was the same goddamn melody...

He let out a sharp exhale and pressed his face into the golden hair that spilled all over his shoulder when Gemini’s head helplessly dropped backwards after the blond kelari collapsed against him as if he couldn’t even move, which was probably the case. He pressed his face into the golden silk of the familiar-smelling hair, and suddenly, the melody disappeared. It didn’t diminuendo, it didn’t echo away, it didn’t come to a peaceful, perfect conclusion – it simply disappeared, cut off in mid-sentence, as if someone unplugged the radio.

They sat in breathless, panting silence for a while, and then Stratos finally managed to raise his head and straighten up.

“I have to get up at ungodly hour in the morning...” he muttered, and Gemini slightly shifted in his lap and turned his head.

“That’s right...” he said quietly several seconds later, his face right next to Stratos’ neck. “You are leaving tomorrow...”

“Yeah,” Stratos sighed and made some interesting, quick move, somehow turning Gemini around, so now the blond kelari was facing him. “Believe me...” he nodded seriously when he met another golden glance. “I don’t want to go, but...” He sighed again and stood up, never letting go of the slender body in his arms. “...it’s too late to cancel it now...”

Gemini sighed as well and wrapped his arms around Stratos’ neck, while his legs habitually slid up and locked around the other man’s waist.

“I know...” he muttered and lowered his head, fitting it onto Stratos’ shoulder, and lightly pressing his lips into his neck.

“I’ll take off as soon as it’s over,” Stratos promised in a low voice and started slowly walking towards the stairs. “Hmm, which reminds me...” he muttered with a small frown. “I want to take my car tomorrow, not Leon’s...” He sighed. “If we take his, we won’t leave until the middle of next week, I know him...!”

Gemini didn’t say anything to that, but the ring of his legs around Stratos’ waist became a little tighter.

“Oh...!” he said suddenly when Stratos was slowly walking upstairs. “I didn’t clean the table...!”

Stratos snorted at that and continued walking.

“Forget about the table,” he muttered and absent-mindedly glanced downstairs, to his right. Then he stopped walking.

“Mmm?” Gemini said softly, and raised his head when he didn’t receive an answer. “Stratos, what...”

He followed Stratos’ unblinking gaze and stopped talking. Both of them remained completely still and mute for a minute or so, staring at one of the big leather chairs in the living room that was lying on its side, as if some gigantic foot kicked it over in a fit of white-hot fury, and at the coffee table that for some reason, ended up in the opposite corner of the room, upside down, with all of its four legs shamelessly spreading upwards.

“What the...” Gemini finally muttered, his expression completely bewildered, and Stratos blinked and looked at him, immediately remembering that weird, loud sound that came from somewhere else, the one that didn’t belong.

“Do you still think that it might be a mistake...?” he asked in a low voice, and Gemini slowly shifted his gaze towards him. “Your Lock,” Stratos said in the same low voice. “That’s why you don’t want to talk about it... Because you are afraid that it might be nothing but a coincidence...” Gemini’s eyes widened at that, and Stratos shrugged. “Told you already...” he said without looking away from huge golden eyes. “You are easy to read... Anyway, do you still think it’s nothing but a coincidence?” He glanced downstairs again.

Both, chair and the coffee table were heavy, he knew that. It would take some serious effort to flip the chair in such fashion, and even bigger effort to toss that coffee table all the way across the entire room.

“Holy hell,” he thought in astonishment and looked at Gemini again. “He did it at the same time? He threw both of those things at the same time? While being Locked...? Holy hell!”

“Are you saying I did that...?” Gemini muttered, his eyes still huge. “Stratos, there is no way...”

“Yes,” Stratos interrupted him. “And this...” he glanced downstairs again. “...is anything but a coincidence!” He nodded and shifted his gaze back to Gemini’s face.

“I didn’t...” Gemini started saying, and Stratos interrupted him again.

“Yes,” he said quietly. “You did... Gem, you did it when you came... You had no idea you were doing it, but you did it when you came...”

Gemini’s expression became astonished, scared, and miserable at the same time.

“I...” he started saying, and Stratos covered his mouth with his own.

“Shhh...” he said. “Shhh... Let’s go to bed. There is nothing we can do about it right now, let’s just go to bed... We will figure it out in the morning... You will think about what you want to do in the morning... Don’t worry about it right now...”

Gemini’s lips trembled as if he was still trying to say something, and Stratos silenced him with a long, deep kiss.

“In the morning...” he whispered a minute later without pulling away.

Gemini let out a long sigh that immediately slid down Stratos’ throat.

“Okay...” he said in barely audible whisper, and Stratos kissed him again.

He started walking, determined to get to the bedroom, and right before he walked into the wide hallway, he glanced downstairs one more time.

“Holy hell...” he thought yet again, and finally made it to the bedroom, pushing the door open.



©Katya Dee. All Rights Reserved.

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Stratos' almost manic need and desire for familiarity and continuity have locked him into a now annoying codependency with Leon. Depending on someone so much isn't good. It appears he never realized how irritating Leon could be until now.

You just gave us an absolutely insanely erotic sex scene without any explicit language at all. Bravo!!

If Gemini can move heavy objects unconsciously even while locked, what could he do unlocked? Why is he so reluctant to consider or talk about removing the lock? Where is the fear coming from?

On another note, Stratos will be away and Gemini will be alone and unprotected and Robert will know.

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I need a cold shower....wow, I agree with drpaladin....well done and a great job of wordsmithing!!! Phew.....😁

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