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  1. ANUSS Annoying neighbors using stinking smoke SMOKE
  2. drpaladin

    Chapter 17

    We just witnessed the innovation of pay toilets. Nice to run into some helpful friends in this inhospitable town.
  3. drpaladin

    Chapter 7

    The Longfellow poetry was perfect for the situation they're in. Then again, East is East and West is West... Even so, I believe the twain will meet this time.
  4. drpaladin

    Chapter 6

    Etienne must be torn free from all those years of hiding. The twins are the key to his locked in life.
  5. drpaladin

    Chapter 5

    Etienne is in a worse position than I originally thought. Life matches chosen by bloodline. Choosing to mate with twin dragons will raise beaucoup hell.
  6. drpaladin

    Chapter 4

    Etienne has been conditioned to be diminutive too long. He must be enormous in wolf form. Did he really miss the mate for life comment?
  7. drpaladin

    Chapter 3

    Oh yes. I hope Etienne is into threesome's.
  8. drpaladin

    Chapter 2

    The twins are spectacular. They wrap themselves in their own bubble to keep others at bay. Now what will Etienne and the twins make of each other?
  9. drpaladin

    Chapter 1

    You would think he would be eager to be going to a school where shifters are commonplace. He no longer has to hide who he truly is. Perhaps he will get outside his bubble here.
  10. drpaladin


    Etienne is not off to a bon start.
  11. drpaladin

    Chapter 17

    They are both willful beings intent on having their own way. It's a unique match and a challenge for both of them.
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