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  1. drpaladin

    Chapter 1

    Psycho bad boys can be a lot of fun.
  2. drpaladin

    Chapter 4

    Suddenly thrust into a new world, amnesia is a good cover to get enough knowledge to cope with the differences. In a married household with twins and a dog is going straight to the deep end of the pool.
  3. drpaladin

    Chapter 3

    When it rains it pours. Mandy (Manilow anyone?) has no idea what she's taking on.
  4. drpaladin

    Chapter 2

    Katrina does nothing in half measures. I think forsaking all of her abilities is.a big mistake.
  5. drpaladin

    Chapter 1

    It's a fascinating beginning. I've been itching to learn more about this reality during the last two books. This one is a different tack, but equally as good. I''m solidly on for the ride
  6. It's only May and the temps will be over 100F by Sunday here.

    1. Valkyrie


      I still have my heat on :unsure: 

  7. drpaladin

    Keep Quiet

    It was an extraordinarily good ending. W attempe would very likely misunderstand aliens trying to communicate with us especially with the tragedies whicn were ancillary to its arrival and attempts to adapt and learn. The ending was full of hope, redemption, and a possible future.
  8. drpaladin

    Chapter 13

    Careful Justin. Fyyyame and celebrity are fickle and nasty beasts.
  9. drpaladin

    Chapter 10

    LOL I've been scaring the hell out of people since I was a kid. Too late too change now. 😛
  10. drpaladin

    Chapter 10

    Nope. Someone already has access. The yacht blew up and the tires failed on his Ferrari. Did she just happen to visit then too? It would be a bit obvious.
  11. drpaladin

    Chapter 10

    You can readily make a concentrated nicotine poison and agents to accelerate its effects are easily available. I won't share beyond that. If someone is in the business of killing people, they would have various poisons already at hand.
  12. drpaladin

    Chapter 12

    Trapping the would be blackmailed in the cellar was classic. This duel with Anson is just beginning though. Will. Justin tell Nathan about his encounter with Tim?
  13. drpaladin

    Chapter 10

    When the assassin found out about the scissors, I knew he'd use a contact poison. Pure nicotine is quite lethal, but luckily needs a window to get there. Leon is right to beat himself up. He.should have coincided in David about the 'accidents.' He wouldn't have pressed Leon to attend the opening although Leon would have insisted. At least David would have been aware of the danger. Logan now knows Leon still longs for him and is terribly lonely. He has an ally in Dax, who is so pushing them together. I believe Gia is clueless about the assassination attempts. She might be okay with keeping Leon out of contact with the Queen, but I feel she lacks.the cold calculation of Isaak.
  14. drpaladin

    Chapter 11

    This is right up Justin's alley.
  15. drpaladin

    Chapter 34

    I love happy endings. As for myself, I want to know more. It is okay to post a m/f story if you prepare readers for what to expect. Don't keep them waiting for m/m that will ever happen.
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