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  1. drpaladin

    Chapter 12

    Like Kirra, Styx met the challenge and faced his fear. His short time with Prism has helped him bridge the gap. He is leading the demon into the trap. The worst part is yet to come.
  2. drpaladin

    Chapter 15 - Not So Secret

    The situation inside is getting untenable rapidly. There is no way Jake will leave his friends behind and there is strength in numbers. The more people that leave, the more food they can carry and the more foragers they have to look for food and supplies.
  3. drpaladin

    Chapter 35

    Lady Graice isn't exactly what we were expecting in some respects and in others she is in spades. She does seem to have love and concern for the twins and it's a big plus. Her dismissive attitude toward Cerrian and Jay is horrible. She's treating Cerrian like a servant and Jay seems to be about as acceptable to her as finding a rat scurrying across the floor.
  4. Anyone wanting what promises to be a good read should check out albertnothlit's Keep Quiet. It's an interesting blend of thriller, horror, mystery, psychological study, and promise of romance.



    1. Valkyrie


      It's on my list to read.  I love Albert's writing.  :) 

    2. Reader1810


      Like Val, it’s on my list to read. A worthy read it will be, I’m sure. 

  5. drpaladin

    Chapter 49

    I knew Justin would absorb Suraj's shapeshifting ability. Now he needs to learn how to use it. It can come in very handy in the future. What is this figure of Richie standing at the end of the bed? A ghost?
  6. drpaladin

    Chapter 11

    I wasn't expecting to return to Maxthane so quickly. He is exploiting the advantage he has carved out to its fullest. He might not be able to escape immediately, but he is finding ot he has allies out there. Gobrak knowing Salidar is an impostor will give Maxthane a significant advantage since the Elroks give their allegiance only to his family. If Gobrak delivers a large number of new Elroks, they will be loyal only to Maxthane and not to Krythe. Since Maxthane has imprisoned Fasha, can he also draw on Fasha's power just as Neredos uses the demons he has imprisoned? It stands to reason. Veil tried to explore the possibility Neredos power had been weakened, but it was a dangerous gambit. Neredos no longer trusts her completely. His increasing madness makes him mistrust everyone. A ruler in this mindset is very dangerous.
  7. drpaladin

    Chapter 75

    Making assumptions from appearances can be dangerous. Kohen himself is an example. A young Elite's age would be relative to their lifespan. Rilecca hasn't volunteered her age, but it's easy to guess she's the second oldest in the group after Anyas. While she says she has been conditioned like Kohen, I doubt her conditioning has been as intrusive and severe, not that any level is acceptable. Like most 'young' people, she has pushed against established boundaries. She may be an ally in this struggle, but she probably has clear agendas of her own too which might not align perfectly with our group. Freska has discovered something in the AI systems. Has Rilecca been busy planning her own coup and this intrusion fits into her plans?
  8. drpaladin

    The Missing Hikers

    Yes, I caught that too.
  9. drpaladin

    The Missing Hikers

    You've successfully captured so many aspects of what our narrator experienced, from his isolation and disconnection to the lack of closure. It is all emblematic to those involved in a great tragedy. Even though the narrator suffered greatly from the event, imagine how much Charles must have been affected. His entire immediate family was obliterated, he was separated from his closest friend, and sent far away to boarding school while distant relatives fought over his father's estate like scavengers. These are things of which even only one is enough to damage an individual fot life. You're also weaving an intricate mystery which begins with the explosion and stretches into the present and future. Bravo.
  10. drpaladin

    Chapter 10

    I doubt that it makes any difference who or what you use the pillar to seal up. The pillar is simply the end result of the spell and rune circle, unless the pillar feeds itself from a demon's life force. Since the ersatz Salidar is gone, Maxthane is technically back in charge whether anyone likes it or not. The alternative is rebellion and anarchy. I doubt any of them could force Maxthane to open the pillar. He may not be able to fly, but he is far from helpless.
  11. drpaladin

    Chapter 10

    Prism was sealed in a pillar, so it stands to reason any being can be sealed in one. Of course, how does anyone know what is inside this pillar? You can't see inside.
  12. drpaladin

    Chapter 10

    Yes, that's what he did. Rega and Styx are the only others who saw alidar dead. They don't really need to see through Fasha's disguise. The underlying problem is still some of the troop's unwillingness to see Maxthane as Salidar's rightful heir. If Fasha died, the mask he is projecting would immediately stop and everyone could see he is a fake.
  13. drpaladin

    Epilogue - Happy

    I don't think you can get more happily ever after than that. Thanks.
  14. drpaladin

    Chapter 10

    Maxthane trapping Fasha is an interesting twist, but it only gets Fasha out of the way. Maxthane is still a prisoner while the guards think Salidar is alive. Max did find out Veil is his mother and in general what she and Fasha are up to. Neredos being without sleep for centuries and not knowing whether the thoughts he has are his or those of the trapped demons must be intolerable. He is in a hell of his own making.
  15. drpaladin

    The Bolide

    This was both a beautiful and intriguing beginning. Their childish foray into adventure was horrific, but it was also their salvation. Survival carries with it its own terrors and guilt. I can't wait to see where you take us from here.

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