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  1. Dani seems to have come to some level of decision with this idea of killing Ciprian. It's acutely cold and totally violates the conditions he was trying to impose on Vincent and Ciprian. It's illogical in that respect and it runs counter to Dani's nature. It also imagines Vincent could overlook him killing his uncle. Will Dani give in to temptation?
  2. drpaladin


    Brennik weaved a silky and believable tale with his silver tongue for Brathay and then unknowingly condemned himself with three little words he thought Leon would never share with anyone. All of this is Brennik's careful plotting. Zhorman was one of his snakes hiding in plain sight. Khaliss is nothing more than a tool and brutal, inflexible man who is incapable of seeing shades between his own black and white. I have little hope of a fair trial here, but the only thing holding the villagers back is by keeping Mjaj hostage. With them freed and Brathay's rage unleashed, the tide may turn.
  3. drpaladin

    Building Blocks

    Unfortunately, Kalian remembers Mallex telling him teleportation was common. Perhaps there is a way to track and block it.
  4. My cousin sent me a hardback of her latest book and I was excited to get it. Now to carve out time to read it.

  5. drpaladin

    Building Blocks

    Kalian, Lord and Master of Light, should have been made king after the war. He feels responsible for everyone anyway and with responsibility comes power. Trying to lure Eon away too was a ham handed move and it was topped off by this failed attempt to snatch Wyn. These folks are running Dimian and there are no guards?
  6. I think Aric is nearing the point of overdosing on his own thoughts and feelings simply having Blake in his house under these circumstances. I know it would have blown my mind when I was fourteen. More, please.
  7. Elizabeth has protected herself by resuming her routine while David has simply shattered into a spiraling, destructive despair. It's not pretty and you can see where this is going.
  8. drpaladin

    Chapter 13

    Wow. I'm wondering how Sasha will react to the interest being shown toward him. The dog routine was hot and kinky. Shaving Sammy had to be something Jakey had been thinking about for awhile. At the rate they are going, they'll be making serious money soon.
  9. By this point, the wreck should have already have been 'worked' by an officer and an accident report prepared. The detective's supervisor had to have a basis to assign them. I'm surprised the car was still there and not towed. This would have been hours later.
  10. The airbag not working isn't too unusual. This is a vintage car with a first generation airbag which is probably as old as the car. I had a wreck in a car with a first gen airbag when it was new and it didn't work then.
  11. drpaladin

    One: Encounters

    Like all my food dislikes, it goes back to my childhood. Can't say why. I just don't like it.
  12. drpaladin

    One: Encounters

    The only thing I don't like is apple sauce. Blech!
  13. drpaladin


    The sole reason seems to be Leon. He is the only one publicly shamed and in chains.
  14. drpaladin

    One: Encounters

    Small towns can either be the best or worst places to grow up in. If you fit in, they're the best. It can be pure misery if you don't. A town of two thousand is too small. It's likely the kind of place where the next door neighbor feels they can walk in your house without knocking. Alec's parents did him no favor by homeschooling him so long before thrusting him into a well established social order. He is a social paralytic and doubly so due to his sexual orientation. He uses the blue hair and piercing as a warning sign to say STAY AWAY. You can't help but feel for him while screaming 'dumbass' at him in your head at the same time. Finn is his opposite. He's outgoing and greets the world with his easy smile. Finn is an opportunity for Alec which he keeps pushing away with his intense social anxiety. You've set the stage well and I'm looking forward to the rest.
  15. drpaladin


    Maybe or maybe not. I found the given reason for shutting down the device odd. The admiral is a stickler for following the law? And yet here he is using people through threats against their family and apparently committing treason. Not to mention Brathay was clearly using magic but is to be treated as a guest. It doesn't add up at all.
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