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  1. drpaladin

    Reinard's Home

    Elias' harrowing experience during the test pulled the one person to him he knew he could trust, Artemis. The test ended up being ideal for them both. Elias can now be with Artemis on the ship. Reinard has been gone too long and home doesn't seem like he belongs there. He has become accustomed to harder conditions. The taxi drivers on this planet are mercenary. You could almost pay for Reinard's new wardrobe with a roundtrip to the port. Now that Reinard is joining the crew we have a menage a trois creeping up sometime in the future.
  2. drpaladin

    Part V, chapter 7

    Somehow I doubt Lex will stick to those promises.
  3. drpaladin

    Part V, chapter 6

    Led has his own sad history. Hopefully Jess won't add to it. Does she know about it?
  4. drpaladin

    Part V, chapter 5

    I can't say this was a surprise.
  5. drpaladin

    Part V, chapter 4

    Just one more. It's not like it's addicting... Famous last words
  6. drpaladin

    Chapter 20

    Progression requires failure. I would counter by saying it requires the risk of failure. It's quite funny seeing Grim skipping like a boy, happy in his cynicism. Grim's idea about Odiran being part Fedain is undoubtedly correct. Maxthane's is not the first Fedain blood in the family line. I have to wonder if Salidar knew about Odiran's Fedain heritage.
  7. drpaladin

    The Test

    Decade's clan was welcoming and he seems happy to be home, if not completely comfortable there. His clan must be quite powerful if they could incite a war due to his non-return. Reinard is very pragmatic. He killed his Dalmar keeper and the matter is settled. Elias seemed to impress those judging the test. I believe they know Elias and Artemis will be better off together.
  8. drpaladin

    Part V, chapter 3

    Taking drinks when you don't know what is in them and smoking cigarettes with unknown drugs in them. None of this is especially bright.
  9. I already had. It seems specific to this tablet for some reason. No size issue from my laptop, but I hate the font type on both. lol
  10. It is some type of font sizing issue which is affecting the entire page. I go to the next chapter and it's fine. I by checked it from another device yet.
  11. I had some format issues with this chapter I haven't experienced with the others. Not sure why.
  12. drpaladin

    Part V, chapter 2

    Is this the same Russell? Does Lex look like Brian? Has Russell become a suicide augury?
  13. River finally went into shock. I realize the police are busy, but it's a little odd they never appeared to follow up on Silver's case or attempted to discover his identity. There was bound to be a missing persons case. It hasn't been that many years.
  14. Smoke. Who uses smoke? Flashbangs. Although I know why you chose smoke.
  15. Silver finally gives River his real name, Matthew. As bad as this has been, Silver has been through more pain than this before. He is very much like a fine sword; the more it is fired and beaten, the stronger it gets. However, River has been run through a mental rollercoaster. I'm surprised Faith is giving them this much leeway. He certainly fears this so called Master's wrath.
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