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  1. Oh my! Does this one stir the memory!
  2. I woke up, thought it was morning, and fixed breakfast. LOL

    1. Daddydavek


      So what time was it?

    2. drpaladin


      Around six. It shouldn't happen again. I got a new phone last week and didn't select the 24hr clock when I went through the ordeal of setting it up. Fixed now. Oh well, I like breakfast.

  3. I finally got my package yesterday so I'm happy even though it took over two weeks.

  4. Well... I still don't have my order from June 30th. After complaining, they sent an email two days ago saying it has shipped, except it hasn't. All they've done is print a label and its still sitting there. Grrr

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. drpaladin


      I'm beginning to suspect they want me to cancel for a refund. It's a legitimate company, but this was 80% off and I ordered three. I don't see how they can afford to sell so far below cost.

    3. wildone


      @Ron, my sympathies if you are ‘holding it in’ in anticipation of your TP arriving :o 

      @drpaladin, I imagine it is that. They have probably oversold/shipped and have nothing to give you :( 

    4. drpaladin


      I spoke too soon. The shipper actually has it. Finally.


  5. Death is one of the certainties of life for it comes to us all. The best we can hope for is leaving the world around us a little better for having lived in it, being a positive influence for others, and having the end be quick. Wayne ticked all those boxes and then some. It's just a shame he had to go so soon.
  6. There are companies which make spray paint and supplies solely for graffiti. Who knew?

  7. I Binged it instead, but it still might be a Hobson's choice.
  8. You can run into real problems by insisting on pronouncing every syllable in a word. There was once this state trooper whose last name was Fuqua...
  9. And absolutely never pronounce it pan ache.
  10. I still haven't received an order I placed on June 30th or been notified it's shipped. But I have been contacted by a third party company this company pays to ensure and promote customer satisfaction and asked to review their product. Hahahaha

  11. Staph typically caused by staff.
  12. It can also mean to delay or procrastinate.
  13. Funnily enough, I ran across this word yesterday while looking at a movie script.
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