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  1. drpaladin

    Chapter 11

    To directly influence the pastor of a small rural church? Yeah, it's someone in the village.
  2. drpaladin

    Chapter 10

    Really the pastor is acting outside the bounds of his office. The Danish Lutheran Church is a government body. Although they have ten bishops, there is no archbishop no constitution, and the bishops have no authority as a ruling body. Their titular boss is the Danish parliament. The church ordains gays and performs gay marriages. Denmark was the first country in the world to pass a law on same sex partnerships way back in 1989. Truly a trailblazer for LGBTQ rights. Overall though, their private communion was beautiful.
  3. drpaladin


    My thoughts also.
  4. drpaladin


    I agree it could have been taken further. Angela was basically a fledgling vampire, but already knew how to use a good range of powers. One we didn't see was only taking a little blood from a victim and binding them to her to do her bidding. Such people would be more useful than a zombie. I wouldn't mind a sequel where Simon returns and doesn't want to hurt Peter, but resume their friendship/relationship. Since Vlad has brides, presumably vampires still have active sex lives even as the undead.
  5. drpaladin

    Chapter 9

    Stephan is a caring boy. It is so like him to be more concerned about Nohr than himself. The question now is how his prayer will be answered.
  6. drpaladin


    Hubris typically leads to a bad end. I'm still dumbfounded by Peter's lack of real preparation to deal with Tommy. A typewriter? Really? Surely he would have had a crowbar among his burglary tools. It will take a long time to leave this nightmare behind. If Simon was successful, he will be off punishing some bullies before long.
  7. drpaladin

    Chapter 7

    It's obvious keeping Leon as his manager after ending their physical relationship was a mistake. Leon has never accepted over as being over for good.
  8. drpaladin

    Chapter 8

    You can't beat having an angel to give you subtle hints of support in your decisions.
  9. drpaladin

    of Monsters

    Simon now comes off closer to being a sociopath.
  10. drpaladin

    of Monsters

    At first, I thought Simon was trying to trick Angela, but he really does want to be a vampire. Peter is in a fix now no matter what he does. The councilor is now zero for two, though I guess Jane getting murdered doesn't count.
  11. drpaladin

    Chapter 7

    Other than eating at the tavern, which seems as much a social outing Stephan and his aunt are living off the land. Other than the plane travel and cars, this could have been set in an earlier time.
  12. drpaladin

    Chapter 6

    Things are moving along with our couple, but nice and slow, at least for randy teenagers.
  13. drpaladin

    Chapter 5

    As I said, a little bit of mischief, but a good soul. So his crush, Nohr, is gay too. Sweet!
  14. drpaladin

    Chapter 4

    Stephan is a clever boy with just a touch of innocent mischief. I loved naming the cow and sweetening the hay so she'd always come to his stall.
  15. drpaladin

    Chapter 3

    Stephen has landed in a sedate place, much better than an urban area. It's a big change, but he's adjusting well and his aunt accepts him for who he is, so no problems there.
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