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    Katya Dee
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The Title Will Go Here - 6. Chapter 6

- VI -


They got back to the house without exchanging another word, and after Stratos smoothly drove the car into the garage, Gemini slid out of the passenger’s seat without looking at him or saying anything. Stratos wouldn’t say anything as well, and after they walked into the house, there was Rose, pink and anxious, her hands clasped in front of her.

“Oh...” she said when she saw them and briefly closed her eyes without saying anything else.

Stratos almost heard the rest of the sentence – “...thank God...!” but he didn’t say anything after Rose straightened up and cleared her throat.

“It’s after eight in the evening already; see you Monday morning,” Stratos said quietly, and she nodded without looking away from the golden hair that managed to shine even without any sunlight.

“Break a leg tomorrow night...” she muttered, and he sighed.

“I would,” he nodded. “...but I am not an actor...” He smiled when he caught her confused glance. “Thanks, Rose,” he said softly, and she nodded and reached for her coat that was hanging on the back of the nearby chair.

Both of them – Stratos and Gemini – were identically silent until Rose stepped out of the house, closing the door behind her. Stratos let out a sigh and pulled off his jacket, throwing it on the chair.

“I don’t know about you,” he said. “...but I could definitely use some hot coffee right now...”

He headed towards the kitchen, aware of the light, hesitant footsteps behind him. He got a bag of coffee out of one of the cabinets and reached for a spoon, briefly glancing at the silent coffeemaker, making sure it had enough water. That seemed to be the case and he grabbed the spoon and untied the bag.

“What?” he asked after he started the coffeemaker, noting that Gemini was looking at him with a strange expression in his golden eyes. “What?” he said again when the blond kelari wouldn’t reply. “Gemini, what...”

He didn’t finish the question, as Gemini suddenly stepped closer, and the next thing Stratos knew, there were warm, trembling lips hesitantly caressing his mouth. His eyes slowly closed and he returned the kiss, making sure he wasn’t too harsh. He wrapped his arms around the slender body in front of him and slid one of his hands upwards, drowning his fingers in the golden hair. He felt the suddenly stiffened shoulders and pulled away with a small frown.

Gemini’s eyes flew wide open when his mouth was free all of a sudden.

“Why?” Stratos asked quietly, and the blond kelari just blinked at that, saying nothing. “Why?” Stratos repeated in the same quiet voice. “Because you feel obligated...?”

Gemini slowly shook his head, making one of the damp from snow strands of hair slide over his eye as usual.

“Then why?” Stratos wouldn’t look away.

There was a long, silent pause, interrupted by content, whirling purring of the coffeemaker.

“Because I want to...” Gemini finally said very softly, almost inaudibly.

Stratos looked at him for several silent seconds, and then he leaned closer and found those warm, trembling lips with his mouth. They kissed for several minutes, and then Gemini suddenly slid out of Stratos’ mouth, and the other man shivered when he felt a feathery touch of warm lips and tongue on his neck. He closed his eyes, caressing the soft golden hair, and let out a small exhale when there were quick fingers undoing the buttons on his shirt.

He let out an almost inaudible moan when he felt that warm, silky tongue slide down his chest in quick, feather-like strokes. He exhaled louder when the silk of the tongue suddenly wrapped around one of his nipples, doing something that made him shiver head to toe. “Holy hell...” he thought hazily. “He is perfect...”

He opened his eyes when he felt hands slowly gliding down his chest, towards his hips, and straightened up when the same quick fingers started flawlessly undoing his belt buckle. He let out another quick exhale and grabbed Gemini’s shoulders, pulling him up.

“Not in here...” he muttered when he caught a silent golden question. He grinned breathlessly. “At least, not yet,” he added and easily lifted the slender body in front of him off the floor.

Gemini’s arms slowly wrapped around Stratos’ neck when the other man started caressing his mouth once again. He closed his eyes and let his legs to slide up and circle around Stratos’ waist. Stratos slowly walked towards the bedroom without letting go of the trembling mouth, and Gemini felt as if he was swimming in a crazy whirlpool of something that felt completely alien to him. It felt like there was something huge building up inside him, making his heart thump wildly, making him tremble without unlocking his arms and legs around the other man’s body. He felt like he would explode if that huge something built up any more. He had no idea how to let it out, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to.

He opened his eyes when he felt Stratos lowering him onto the bed and let his legs to slide off the other man’s waist, keeping his arms in the same tight circle. He relaxed that tight ring after a minute or so, letting his hands to slide down Stratos’ chest once again, making his slow way to that belt buckle.

“Not yet...” Stratos muttered and caught one of his wrists with his hand. “You first...”

He started undoing the buttons on the black shirt, and then noticed that it was ripped rather badly. He sighed, shrugged to himself, and left the buttons alone, simply lifting the shirt up and pulling it over Gemini’s head. He marveled at the pale, shallow breathing chest in front of him, and leaned closer, aiming for that mesmerizing mouth. He slid out of it unexpectedly a minute or so later, and Gemini let out a startled, somewhat loud exhale when he felt lips caressing his neck, sliding downwards, making him shiver even more.

He made a strange, muffled sound when he felt those lips dive into the small hollow spot between his collar bones, and Stratos immediately took advantage of his reaction, pressing his mouth harder against that spot, letting his tongue draw slow circles on the smooth, warm skin.

Gemini squeezed his eyes shut when those circles made his throat to bubble with threatening to escape breathless sounds. He would never make any sounds before; he could always control that. It didn’t matter how much pain would be delivered – he would be able to keep himself dead-silent. Right now, however, it felt completely different, and he realized that he couldn’t control his own throat as well as he thought he could.

He let out a very small “Aah...!” when he felt his slacks sliding off. He automatically raised his hips without even thinking about it, feeling like he had to be freed from the prison of his clothes, and the sooner, the better.

“Nngh...!” he said louder than before and threw his head back when he felt a slow, sliding, stroking touch along his suddenly hard, throbbing length. “Nngh...!” he said again when the touch grew firmer, circling around the very top, caressing some incredibly sensitive spot on the underside.

He felt like he was about to explode from whatever it was building up inside him, when suddenly, he felt his knees being pushed apart. He instinctively squeezed them together for a few seconds, and then bit his lip and made himself to relax.

Stratos slid upwards, finding his mouth with his lips once again, his fingers slowly stroking silky skin on the inner side of one of the knees.

“I am not going to hurt you...” he murmured, and Gemini opened his eyes. “I am not going to hurt you...” Stratos said again, a little louder. “I would never hurt someone so...” He paused and slowly ran his fingertip along one ideal eyebrow. “...perfect,” he finished in the lower murmur, and Gemini hesitantly moved his legs slightly wider apart.

He closed his eyes and bit his lip when he felt a warm, slick finger slowly circling his entrance, pushing in just slightly. He threw his head sideways with a small, startled inhale when the finger suddenly slid all the way in.

“I am not going to hurt you...” Stratos said once more without looking away from the flushed face twisted into a small grimace.

Gemini pressed his lips tighter when the finger began its slow, gentle thrusts. He frowned even deeper without opening his eyes when he felt another digit to slide inside him, dreadfully ready for stinging, burning pain that would always be the main priority in this process.

Stratos leaned closer and started placing small, fluttering kisses on the side of the rigid neck, watching the frowned expression without blinking, his hand keeping its slow, steady pace. He knew exactly what he was looking for and where to find it, but he was slightly surprised when he found it quicker than he thought – it turned out to be incredibly easy. “Perfect...” he thought again, and began another series of thrusts, curling his fingers just a little, changing the angle, aiming for that easy, simple find.

He felt the tip of his finger brush against it, and all of a sudden, Gemini all but flew off the bed with a startled gasp, his eyes exploding wide open, a cascade of golden hair spilling all over the pillow as he turned his head sharply.

“Better, huh...?” Stratos grinned breathlessly when he met a huge, disbelieving golden stare.

“Nngh...!!” This sound came out louder than the ones before when Stratos’ fingers increased the strength of their thrusts.

Stratos watched the helplessly opening mouth, golden eyes rolling backwards, hands twisting into desperate fists while mindlessly grabbing the dark sheets, and the only thought on his mind was, “Perfect...”

He noticed that the slender hips underneath him started pushing upwards, matching the rhythm of his hand. They were hesitant at first, as if Gemini had no idea what he was doing and why, but a few minutes later, the movements started to become bolder and stronger, the slim hips impaling themselves on quickening fingers, demanding more. Stratos obliged and increased the speed and strength of his thrusts, feeling his own excitement building up inside him dangerously fast, the mere sight of the pale, perfect body driving him to the edge he had no desire to reach yet.

“Not yet...” he thought and bit his lip without slowing down his hand.

He forced his waves to go down, locking them behind the chained fence of his willpower. The fence didn’t feel too strong, but it wasn’t too flimsy either. It would do for now, he thought and let go of his lip when he felt small, fluttering contractions hugging his fingers with uncertain hesitance.

“So close...” he thought without looking away from the perfect features.

Suddenly, Gemini opened his eyes, his eyelashes trembling as if he was trying to blink out tears.

“What...” he muttered in a shaky voice. “What... What is...” His eyes rolled backwards once again. “Oooh...! Stratos, what...”

Stratos leaned closer once more and placed a quick lick on the corner of the trembling mouth.

“You are about to come...” he murmured, and swallowed another ‘Oooh...!’ noting that the contractions started to become stronger. “You are about to come...” he said again, making his fingers curl a little more and delivering stronger rubbing thrusts, lingering on that easy find a little longer each time. “Just like this...” he whispered and placed another quick lick on the corner of the mesmerizing mouth. “Perfect...”

“What...” Gemini stuttered, his breath escaping his throat with small whimpers. “What... Wh... Wh...” His eyes flew wide open just so they could roll backwards yet again. “Oh my God...” he said in an unexpectedly low voice, and his whole body suddenly stiffened up. “Ah-haah...!” was the last thing to come out of his mouth before his entire slim frame convulsed with maddening force, and Stratos felt the chaos of wild contractions attacking his fingers with desperate, hurried hugs.

“Perfect...” Stratos mouthed yet again without looking away from the ideal sight underneath him.

He ran the palm of his other hand up and down the jerking, still exploding length, and Gemini let out a sob-like moan when those quick strokes made the wave to grow even bigger, robbing him out of breath completely.

Stratos watched the raw pleasure convulsing on the dark sheets, spilling shamelessly all over, it seemed, and he thought that it was the most incredible sight he has ever seen. He kept watching for the next several long minutes, swallowing every single movement with his eyes. Finally, the convulsions started to disappear, and Gemini’s body began to relax. He uncurled his tight fists without opening his eyes, making small, barely audible ‘Oh... Oh... Oh...’ sounds every time another breath would escape his throat.

Stratos finally freed his hand from the tight trap of Gemini’s body and placed a light, slow kiss on the slightly opened mouth. Gemini let out a breathless, weak laughter, his eyes still squeezed shut.

“I finally get it...” he muttered softly. “I finally get it...”

“Mmm?” Stratos said without pulling away.

“I finally understand...” came another whispering reply, and this time, Stratos raised his head.

“Understand what?” he asked with slight confusion, and Gemini smiled again without opening his eyes.

“I finally understand why this is such a big deal...” he said in a low voice. “I finally get it...”

Stratos blinked at that, and then frowned when he silently repeated those words in his head.

“You finally understand why this is such a big deal?” he said very slowly, and Gemini let out a small sigh.

“Uh huh...” he nodded weakly, a smile curving his mouth.

Stratos frowned deeper.

“Hold on...” he said a few seconds later. “Hold on... Are you telling me this was the first orgasm in your entire life...?”

Gemini slightly opened his eyes, that smile still playing with his lips.

“Is that what it’s called...?” he muttered lazily and smiled wider. “And yes, it was...” he closed his eyes again.

“How is that even possible?” Stratos asked a minute later, his expression almost stunned. “I mean...” he continued after catching a puzzled look of the golden eyes. “Haven’t you ever had a wet dream...?”

“Wet dream...?” Gemini muttered, his eyebrows creeping slightly closer to each other in a confused frown.

“I guess it’s possible that you would have them while you were deeply asleep...” Stratos muttered mostly to himself without explaining the meaning of the words. “...and after you woke up, you would forget all about them...” He looked at the flushed face seriously. “I guess it’s possible...” he nodded slowly. “Weird, but possible... But even with wet dreams aside...” he frowned slightly. “Haven’t you ever... I don’t know...” he paused for a few seconds. “...experimented with your body...?” he finally finished, and Gemini’s expression suddenly tightened.

He closed his eyes and slightly turned his head to the right.

“No,” he said shortly after a minute. “My body had been experimented with enough...” he paused. “I didn’t need more,” he finished in a softer voice, and Stratos frowned deeper, this time, darker.

They were both silent for a minute or so, Stratos’ finger absent-mindedly tracing those twisted, tight eyebrows.

“And neither one of...” Stratos paused for a second. “...those people...” he continued slowly. “...neither one of them had ever brought you to climax?”

Gemini shook his head without opening his eyes. Stratos wouldn’t look away from his silent face.

“Not even by accident?” he asked quietly, and Gemini shook his head again.

“No,” he answered softly.

“But it’s so easy to make you come...” Stratos whispered, and Gemini finally opened his eyes.

He sighed and lay still for a minute or so, a hesitant expression shadowing the gold behind his eyelashes. Finally, he sighed again and slightly rolled onto his side without looking away from Stratos’ blue eyes.

“Those...” He hesitated for a few silent seconds. “...people...” he continued slowly without looking away. “They weren’t exactly into...” He stopped talking again. “They weren’t exactly into making me feel good,” he finished as slowly as before. “In fact, almost all of them made sure it never happened...”

“Why?” Stratos whispered, his hand locked tightly on the long, slim fingers, and Gemini sighed again.

“It made them feel good,” he shrugged. “They were in charge...” He paused once again. “Made them feel powerful, I suppose... Plus...” He let out a tiny smile. “Pretty much all of them would get angry with me sooner or later...” He smiled again, his fingers curling around Stratos’ hand almost unconsciously. “And when you are angry with someone, you don’t really feel like pleasuring them,” he shrugged without looking away.

“Angry...?” Stratos repeated, his eyes darker than before.

“Yeah...” Gemini said softly. “All of them wanted to hear me scream...” He slightly frowned and looked at the sheets for a second or two, his expression thoughtful. “It was the only thing I wouldn’t do... The only thing they couldn’t make me do...” He slowly shifted his gaze towards the blue eyes again. “But for some reason, it was the only thing that mattered the most,” he said softly, his expression calm. “They wanted to hear me scream... And when I wouldn’t...” He shrugged. “...they would get angry,” he finished with the same serene look in his eyes.

They were silent for a few minutes, and then Stratos leaned closer, slowly sliding one of his hands upwards and tangling his fingers in the golden disarray of hair. He started placing slow, lingering kisses on the slender neck in front of him, loving the quickening pulse that trembled against his lips.

“I want to hear you scream...” he whispered, and the body underneath him immediately became rigid. He raised his head and met a huge, disbelieving stare. The gold of the eyes was diluted with fear and confusion. He leaned closer again. “Not from pain...” He said seriously and swallowed a quick exhale. “Never from pain,” he said as seriously. “I want to hear you scream because you can’t hold it back anymore, because you have to let it out, because that’s what you want... Want to hear you scream; preferably my name...”

Fear slowly crept out of the golden eyes, and Stratos let out a small, quick smile when there was a tentative whisper.


“Yeah...” He muttered and drank more breath from the perfect mouth in front of him. “Like that...”


He let out a sharp exhale of his own when he felt a delightful hardness rubbing against his hip.

“Mmm...” he muttered in a low voice and shifted slightly, creating just enough friction to solicit another trembling, quick breath to slide down his throat. “That was quick... Perfect recovery...”

He impatiently moved his shoulders, getting rid of the unbuttoned shirt, aware of the fact that the inner fence of his was becoming flimsier by the second, and slid one of his hands towards his own hips. He blinked several times with dumbfounded disbelief when his palm found nothing but bare skin instead of the rough material of his jeans. He raised his head.

“How did you do that...?” He muttered, and Gemini gave him a small smile without saying anything. “I never even felt it...”

He received another small smile, and let out one of his own, lowering his head and diving into the warmth of the ideal mouth once again. This felt like the most exquisite musical masterpiece ever, he thought suddenly. The thought came from nowhere, simply floating through his head, leaving behind a strange shimmer of an unborn melody.

He slightly shifted on top of the slender, responsive body, starting to work his fingers once again, and blinked quickly when all of a sudden, his hand was impatiently brushed away. He raised his head and looked into the gold of the eyes, his eyebrows slightly raised. He got a quick, trembling nod, slightly bitten lip, and a huge, silent ‘Please...!’

He nodded also, slowly, without looking away, his hand caressing the smooth, warm skin, sliding downwards. A shimmering trail of random notes in his head suddenly started to become clearer and more precise. It wasn’t just a leftover anymore; it was a birth of a new beginning, sudden and crystal-clear, stirring, and stretching, and binding, and...

He felt himself drawing slick, slow, teasing circles around the tantalizing entrance without sliding in, and the melody immediately responded with several shimmering augmented fourths that made him ache for resolution that he didn’t get. He let out a strangled moan when the same impatient hands suddenly trembled down his sides, aiming for the back of his hips, and the body underneath him bucked upwards without any warning.

He sank all the way in, feeling like an impossibly tight, smooth glove wrapped around him with breathless heat, and the melody let out a sudden crescendo, smoothly migrating into the bright dominant key, making his back arch.

Then there was rhythm – slow, steady, powerful as hell rhythm, making both of them shudder at the same time, causing the melody to build up several chords, each one of them bigger than the one before, bright, clear, and incredibly precise. He didn’t even have to look for the right angle – he knew where to aim, the melody leading him with a series of sforzandos, accenting all the right notes, and lingering on the one he was looking for, making the body underneath him to buck upwards once again, and creating a sudden, breathless ‘Ohh-ahhh...!’ that made the melody to make a wide, unexpected loop that froze for a second in a long fermata.

He wasn’t thinking about the music – it was simply there, rocking both of them, making very clear, perfect sense. Perfect... Everything right now was perfect – their arms circling each other, creating a strange, immaculate clef; their rhythm that kept its steady, slow beat; their breathing that weaved itself into that maddening crescendo that wouldn’t give up...

One of the slender legs made its way around his waist, and the rhythm started changing with an unyielding accelerando that both of them didn’t stand a chance to resist, following it obediently, giving into that specific rush that made everything around them to lose its importance; everything but that rhythm, accelerando, and unstoppable, merciless melody that kept unraveling, charging to its climax, having no desire to slow down or to wait for anything.

He knows this melody, Stratos realized suddenly, recognition rising slowly from the beautiful haze that was traveling all over the circle of fifths in his head right now. He knows this melody... How...? Where from...? He didn’t know; he didn’t care; and it was eating him alive at the same time. He locked his gaze on the golden eyes that wouldn’t look away from him, feeling that somehow, there was this strange, unbreakable bond between them; the kind of a bond that creates itself impudently, without any regard to anything else; a bond that doesn’t give a damn about reason or thought. It was there, and he knew that. They both did. How...? He had no idea, and he didn’t care.

The rhythm made an insane, final accelerando, making both of their throats produce strange, almost begging sounds at the same time, and Stratos locked his hands tighter on the slender, warm, trembling fingers he just realized he was holding onto this entire time, stretching their arms above their heads, digging into the pillows. The melody howled with an impossible crescendo, making that insane rhythm to freeze for several seconds in its paused, shaking fermata, and then it exploded with bright, blinding G-minor, returning to its original key, after traveling all over the circle of fifths, making both of them buck wildly into each other, while unconsciously screaming out:



They screamed that out at the same time without even noticing it, and then the melody became nothing but a pulsating, contracting climax, driving itself mad with the reflecting harmonies and powerful echoes, making both of them shudder with sweet, agonizing desperation, never letting go of each other’s hands, smashing their arching bodies even closer together, tuning out the world beyond the tight circle of their heat...

The melody started slowly fading away after its exploding, completely insane climax, making both of them able to breathe again, making both of them somewhat coherent, returning their sight... The rhythm lost its demented accelerando, slowly snaking its slithery tail into the shadows of a welcomed diminuendo, hiding into a series of quick breaths, small moans, and fermatas of long, unblinking glances. The final good-bye chords rolled through subdominant, making their way into a suddenly bright, after-echo-ing dominant key, and then they came to a peaceful, perfect ending, leaving behind nothing but breaths and fulfilled emptiness.

Stratos dropped his head into the perfect shoulder underneath him, tightly pressing his mouth against the racing pulse beyond the smooth skin without letting go of the trembling fingers in his grasp, and without lowering their arms. Ever since he was a kid, he had to sleep alone. Had to. Right now, however, it felt almost blasphemous to do so. Up until now, he would not get a wink of sleep if there was someone in his room, let alone his bed. Right now, he felt as if he wouldn’t be able to close his eyes if Gemini wasn’t right next to him.

“You are not going anywhere...” he muttered without raising his head or opening his eyes, and the trembling fingers wrapped around his in a slow squeeze, saying a long, silent ‘yes.’ They let out eerily identical long, satisfied exhales, and then they fell asleep without even trying to do so. Right before he slid into the tantalizing, dark velvet of nothingness, Stratos suddenly realized where he knew that haunting melody from; suddenly, he knew. It was the same melody he was improvising (“Was it improvising...?”) earlier today. The same melody Leon referred to as ‘disturbingly beautiful.’ He never finished it, interrupted by Leon’s voice and messing up a seemingly-perfect chord; he had no clue about the way it would unravel and how it would end. Right now, however, he knew exactly how everything would happen. He knew it, he heard it, he felt it tingling in his fingertips, and some weird, huge anticipation rolled over him in a bizarre, dark wave.

He slightly turned his head, pressing his face tighter into the warm skin of the slender neck underneath him, his lips drinking that calming pulse, and suddenly, the melody didn’t matter anymore. Nothing mattered. He fell asleep, knowing that Gemini did the same, his pulse echoing Stratos’ own, dissolving in his mouth like some fresh, sparkling stream. Nothing mattered. Everything was simply perfect.


©Katya Dee. All Rights Reserved.

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Posted (edited)

Oh my. Describing their lovemaking as a musical work was inventive and beautiful.

No wonder Gemini has been so reticent and tense.

Edited by drpaladin
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Amazing chapter, seriously intimate, and so tender , I can't wait for more

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Posted (edited)

Glorious! I wish I could hear the music they created! Maybe Stratos is about to become more famous by playing in concert the music he creates with Gemini. He should try it at the next show! What a muse.

Looking forward to how Stratos deals with his new emotions ... Gemini, too. This is a cool story, Katya. Still miss Exodus, tho.  😉

Edited by Geemeedee
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Damn wish i could listen to that melody in real life i bet its beautiful

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