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  1. Katya Dee

    Chapter 19

    - XIX - When he woke up, the room was bathing in sunlight. He blinked and glanced around, thankful for the fact that the chills were gone and he didn’t shake as bad as before. He propped himself on one elbow and reached for the water bottle. He drank some water, and then regretfully put the bottle away, remembering Desmond’s warning. He felt slightly nauseous, but it was nothing compared to what he felt yesterday. “Was it yesterday?” he thought with a small frown. “Yeah, probably... It was dark, and now it looks like it’s daytime... Hell, what’s the date today...? Dammit, where am I?” “Morning,” he heard, and turned his head towards the door. “You slept for fourteen hours straight,” Desmond walked closer, a small bowl in his hands. When he was close enough, Raven could smell chicken, and suddenly, his stomach revolted and his arm shot forward to grab the bucket while he was desperately trying to hold all that gurgling behind his teeth. “Oh, hell,” Desmond sighed and put the bowl on top of the small dresser, not too far from the bed. The smell was still very present, getting deeper into Raven’s throat, making him gag even more. “Smell... Bowl...Nngh...!” was all Raven managed before he started producing more bile. Desmond blinked at that, and then there was ‘Oh, shit!’ expression on his face. He grabbed the bowl and left the room. Several minutes later, he came back and swung the window open. “Sorry about that,” he muttered and looked at Raven when the dark-haired man finally stopped convulsing. He waited for another minute, just to make sure, then nodded, grabbed the bucket, and left the room again. He came back with a wet towel and another bottle of water. He cleaned Raven’s face, looking quite thoughtful. “Well, damn,” he said finally after giving Raven some water. “You need to eat something... Not chicken, obviously,” he nodded. “No... Food...” Raven said in what he thought was a firm whisper. “When was the last time you ate anything?” Desmond narrowed his eyes, and Raven honestly tried to remember. He had no idea. “You need to eat something,” Desmond nodded. “Yeah, you probably will throw it all up right after you finish it,” he shrugged, answering Raven’s silent, torturous question. “But something will still stay there... Seriously, you need at least something...” “What...” Raven closed his eyes. Goddammit, he thought furiously. He hated this! At least, he wasn’t still with Magda’s goons or Magda herself for that matter... Yeah, that was very good indeed. He sighed and opened his eyes. “What... date... is...” “April eighth,” Desmond nodded, and Raven just stared at him. April eighth?! He was injected for the first time on Wednesday... What date was that? He thought about it for a few seconds, and then remembered. March 27, he thought numbly. “Holy hell,” he blinked silently. “They got me longer than a week ago...?” He remembered Magda telling him that one time that all she needed was a week. “I guess it didn’t go as smoothly as she thought it would...” he thought with some weird dark satisfaction. He looked at Desmond again. “What happened...?” He was impressed with himself being able to say two words in a row. “You don’t remember?” Desmond slightly narrowed his eyes, and Raven slowly shook his head. Desmond sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed. “I was walking home yesterday afternoon,” he said. “Heard some weird noise, went to investigate... Saw two buffoons trying to shove you into the van, and you were resisting like a man possessed even though you were higher than a kite,” he nodded. Raven blinked at that. He was resisting? He remembered nothing. In fact, the last thing he remembered was that guy (“What was his name...? Marcellus...? Yeah, that’s it...”) injecting him after Magda left. They kept him under for more than ten days? He felt cold, thinking that he was very lucky he didn’t get addicted to anything. Otherwise, he would be in very deep shit right now; being on ‘dirty water’ for three days in a row was bad enough – it would guarantee someone at least four months of rehab. Being on it for eleven days... “Well, I tried to avoid violence,” Desmond was saying meanwhile. “It didn’t work,” he nodded. “Then, after you realized that you were safe, you passed out,” he finished. “Thanks...” Raven whispered. “Yeah,” Desmond shrugged. “Anyway, I am going to make you some toast. It doesn’t smell like anything, it’s dry and plain... Should be good,” he got up. “I...” Raven said, and Desmond simply waved his hand at him in a 'shut up' gesture. “I will also make you some tea with sugar in it,” he said and left the room. Raven sighed and closed his eyes, feeling exhausted. This last retching fit made him feel beyond weak. “I guess he is right,” he thought melancholically. “I do need to eat something... Shit, I need to call Julian...! If I was gone since last Wednesday and today is...” he frowned without opening his eyes, counting quickly. “Holy shit! It’s Monday! Crap, I need to call him... Except, I can’t talk right now... Goddammit...!” He helplessly gritted his teeth. Finally, he sighed once again and thought that he would try calling the blond tomorrow. He feverishly hoped that by tomorrow he would feel a hell of a lot better. 'Dirty water' or not, he still should be able to recover fast. Desmond came back fifteen or so minutes later, and this time, a tall, brown-haired man, whose expression was quite curious, accompanied him. “This is Gabriel,” Desmond said and put a plate with one single toast on it onto the dresser. Then he carefully set a mug with steaming tea next to it. “Give me your arm,” he said and pulled a syringe and some capsule out of his pocket. Raven immediately became wary. “This will help you with the nausea,” Desmond said patiently after seeing the look on his face. “Plus, it will help flushing all that crap out of your system quicker.” Raven frowned for several seconds, then bit his lip and gave Desmond a slow nod, stretching his arm towards the green-eyed man. “Interesting eye color,” Gabriel said thoughtfully, and Raven managed to grin weakly at that. Then he let out a small hiss and winced at the sensation of the needle piercing his skin. “Sorry,” Desmond threw a quick glance at him and slowly emptied the syringe into Raven’s arm. “Okay...” was all Raven managed. Desmond got up and put the syringe on the dresser. He grabbed the plate with the toast on it and sat down again. “Well,” Gabriel sighed. “I have to get back to work... I am glad you are feeling better,” he nodded at Raven. “Was curious as hell,” he grinned at the smaller man. “Had to see you in conscious condition...” Raven gave him a weak smile, and Gabriel left. Desmond set the plate in front of the dark-haired man, balancing it on the blanket. Raven stared at the toast with trapped desperation. He knew he had to eat at least some of it, but he felt as if he wouldn’t be able to swallow a single bite right now. Finally, he sighed, broke a small piece of plain toast, and carefully put it in his mouth. He was relieved when he was able to swallow it, and even more relieved when there was no immediate nausea as he was afraid would be the case. He ate a half of it, and finally, he couldn’t eat any more. “Done...” he muttered and looked at Desmond, feeling incredibly tired. At least, he wasn’t nauseous. “All right,” Desmond nodded and took the plate. “Here...” he said a few seconds later and brought a mug with tea to Raven’s mouth. Raven didn’t even try holding it himself; he was too damn tired, so he just pressed his lips to the edge of the warm mug and drank some of the faintly sweetened black tea. “Sleep now,” Desmond sighed after strange-eyed man dropped his head onto the pillow, looking beyond exhausted. He got up, grabbed the plate and the syringe off the dresser, and walked to the door. Right before he left the room, he stopped and threw a brief glance at Raven. The smaller man was asleep. **** He woke up the next morning, and felt so much better, he almost cried with relief. He was still weak, and there still was faint nausea splashing in the pit of his stomach, but in overall, he felt a hell of a lot better. He frowned when he realized that he needed to use the bathroom, and rather soon. The bedroom had a bathroom in it, so he figured that he would be able to shuffle there by himself. He was not going to throw that rubber ball into the wall, wait for Desmond, and say something like, “Take me to the bathroom, I need to take a piss...” He sighed and carefully got off the bed. The trip to the bathroom turned out to be not as bad as he thought at first. He had to hold onto the wall the whole time, but other than that, it went fine. He made his way back to the bed, still leaning on the wall, and sighed when he realized that right now, he was as close to being an invalid as it could possibly get. “Goddammit, Magda!” he fumed darkly while getting on the bed. “You are the one who did this to me! Fuck...! Who would’ve thought that Julian would be a hell of a better choice than Magda?” Thinking of Julian immediately sent some serious waves all the way down to his toes. He missed the blond so much right now that his heart started to ache. He blinked when he realized that; he never missed him before. “God...” he thought numbly. “I do love him...” He was still musing about that fact when Desmond walked into the room. “You look much better,” the green-eyed man said with approval. “I feel better too,” Raven nodded. “Holy hell, you can speak...!” Desmond’s eyes widened a bit, and Raven laughed. “Yeah... Hey, I need to make a phone call, is that all right?” “Sure,” Desmond pulled a small phone out of his pocket and tossed it at the smaller man. “I’m gonna go make breakfast... Toast?” Raven’s stomach growled at that, and he realized that he was starving. “Two,” he said quickly, and Desmond grinned. “Okay,” he nodded and headed out of the room. Right before he left, he stopped and looked at the dark-haired thief. “Whom are you going to call?” he asked with a hint of curiosity. “My...” Raven hesitated for several seconds. “...mate,” he finished in a softer voice, and Desmond nodded again. Raven waited until the taller man left, and then flipped the phone open and punched in the number he remembered by heart, his fingers trembling. He listened to several excruciatingly long beeps, wondering if the blond didn’t have his phone, when something clicked, and there was a very familiar voice: “Yeah!” The voice wasn’t anywhere near purring right now; it was sharp, tired, and pissed off. “Hey...” Raven said quietly and closed his eyes when there was nothing but stunned silence. “Raven...” the blond muttered finally, and he sounded like he wasn’t sure whether this was some sort of prank. “Yeah,” Raven said as quietly as before. “Where are you?” the sharpness was back. “Umm...” Raven opened his eyes and frowned. That was a very good question. “I am not sure,” he admitted. “I’ll ask, hold on...” He slowly got off the bed, making sure he was moving carefully enough not to trip and fall. “Are you okay?” sharpness was diluted with impatience now. “No,” Raven said honestly. “But I am alive, and I am free, so it’s all good... I just feel like shit, that’s all...” “How did you get away from her?” Raven blinked. He knows about Magda? Then he shrugged to himself. It’s Julian, he thought; he’d be surprised otherwise. “Some guy helped me,” he said, glad that he was almost by the door now. “Saved my ass, took me home, flushed all that shit out of my system... Yeah,” he nodded energetically. “I owe him, all right...!” “I owe him...” the blond muttered. “Ask him about the address.” “Working on it,” Raven nodded again even though he knew that Julian couldn’t see him right now. He made it into the kitchen in two minutes, give or take, and Desmond’s eyebrow flew up when he saw Raven’s shuffling figure. Raven sat on the chair and sighed with relief. “Hold on,” he said into the phone. “What is your address?” he asked Desmond. “Oh, right...” Desmond muttered, and then told him. Raven blinked when he heard the name of the city. “Holy hell...” he muttered and pressed the phone against his ear. “It’s...” “I heard,” the blond said busily. “You did...?” Raven blinked. “Good hearing you’ve got there...” “Can’t complain,” Julian agreed. “No wonder not a single damn Locator could find you! It’s all the way across the bloody world...! Goddamn... All right, I’ll be there in a few hours.” “Yeah,” Raven smiled, knowing that the blond was probably doing flight arrangements right now while still talking on the phone. “Shit, Raven...” Julian stopped talking and drew a deep breath. “I’ll see you in a few hours,” he said finally and hung up the phone. Raven sighed and closed the phone. “Thanks,” he handed it to Desmond, who simply nodded without saying anything. “He’ll be here in a few hours... Desmond, I just want to thank you for everything you did... Seriously, you...” “Don’t sweat it,” Desmond waved his hand and set a plate with two slices of toast in front of Raven. “Coffee or orange juice?” “Coffee!” Raven said with so much hunger that Desmond just hemmed. “All right...” He started working the coffeemaker. “So your mate is on his way then?” “Yeah,” Raven couldn’t believe how good the toast tasted. “He’ll be flying in...” “Does he need a lift from the airport?” “No,” Raven shook his head. “He’ll be fine...” He glanced at Desmond who was waiting for the coffeemaker to stop huffing and puffing. “Believe me,” he said with a small smile. “He is the type who can handle himself pretty much anywhere...” “Good for him,” Desmond nodded and handed Raven a full by now coffee mug. “Well, if you are sure you’ll be fine on your own, I’m gonna take off for an hour or so.” “I will be fine,” Raven nodded. “Thanks again!” “Welcome,” Desmond flashed him a quick grin. “See you later!” ...He came back home a couple of hours later, and glanced into the bedroom on his way to the office. Raven was asleep again or so it seemed. Desmond nodded to himself, wondering when the man’s mate was going to show up. He realized that he never asked Raven about what city he was from. Then he shrugged. Probably somewhere rather far, since his mate was flying in here. “Wonder how in bloody hell did he even get here?” he thought and turned on his computer. He was in the middle of putting together the final exam for his classes, when the doorbell rang. Desmond glanced at the clock. It was 2:45. That would be the mate, he thought melancholically and got up. He glanced into the bedroom on his way to the door. Raven was awake, and it seemed, he was about to get off the bed. “I guess that’s your mate,” Desmond said, and Raven’s expression became so hungry all of a sudden, that Desmond blinked. “I’m gonna let him in,” he grinned, and Raven quickly nodded without saying anything. Desmond made his way to the front door, took off the door chain, swung the door open, and then he froze in his spot, unable to blink or even breathe. “I received a phone call from...” the blond turned his head to look at him, and then he became mute.
  2. Katya Dee

    Chapter 18

    - XVIII - It was first Sunday of April, and Desmond Rae – a thirty-three-year-old military school instructor – was enjoying his walk in a light, lazy breeze, thinking that he still had one week of vacation ahead of him. Usually, April break would only last one week; this year, however, the break had one delicious extra week prolonging it. Desmond wasn’t quite sure why (had something to do with the school board), and he didn’t really care. He had one more week of lazy bliss ahead, and that was good enough for him. He pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and was about to fish one out, when he heard grunting, swearing, and rather heavy breathing that came from somewhere on his right. He frowned, shoved cigarettes back into his pocket, and walked into the alley on his right. “Goddammit, Ben...!” a tall muscular guy panted. “How much of that shit did you give him...? He is fucking white!” “Apparently, not enough...” second man answered in the same panting manner. “I couldn’t give him any more ‘dirty water,’ but I had to knock him out with something...” “Does he look knocked out to you...? Ow, shit!” Desmond blinked somewhat rapidly. Those two guys were trying to shove someone into the back of the van, and that someone was resisting quite violently. Desmond found it rather amusing, since the person was a lot smaller than both men who were trying to overpower him. He was resisting with desperation of someone who had nothing left to lose. “Hold on...” the one called Ben puffed and shoved his hand into his pocket. “Let me give him some more...!” “No!” the other man said immediately. “With all the shit he has inside him now, that will be too much... Even whatever you gave him earlier, might be too much... Do you want him to croak on the way there...?” “Ahh, goddammit...!” Ben growled when the smaller man managed to land an impressive kick onto his kneecap. “Son of a...” “This looks like a hell of a party,” Desmond said seriously, and both men whirled towards him at the same time. “He doesn’t look like a willing participant though,” he nodded at the smaller man. “Help...” the man wheezed, and tried to shake off the hand on his wrist. “Get out,” the one called Ben growled. “Unless you wanna die... Shit! How in the bloody hell can you even stand upright, let alone do all this...?” Those last words were aimed at the resisting guy, who kept thrashing violently. “Seriously though,” Desmond nodded. “Let him go.” “Goddammit...” Ben growled again and glanced at his companion. “Shut him up, will you? I got him...” he grabbed smaller man’s waist. “I think...” he added in a strained groan. Taller man turned towards Desmond. “You get one single warning,” he said. “Get lost!” “And I was hoping to do this the easy way...” Desmond muttered with mild regret. The taller man swore through his clenched teeth and stepped towards him. Desmond sighed and moved aside quicker than the man expected, and then he dropped into a menacing crouch and his left leg shot forward, knocking the taller man off his feet. Desmond raised his hand, clearly aiming for man’s neck, and then lowered it, after realizing that the man hit his head on one of the old bricks on the ground and was knocked out cold. “Dammit!” Ben screamed with great frustration. “God-fucking-dammit...!” He tried to hold onto the thrashing guy with one arm and reach for his pocket with another when Desmond sighed again and slammed two of his fingers into the side of Ben’s throat. Ben froze in the spot for a second or two, and then collapsed onto the ground, hitting his head on the open door of the van as he fell. Desmond looked at the smaller man and blinked when he saw his eyes. One eye was light-blue, and the other was deep-brown. Both of those eyes were beyond hazy. “Holy hell,” Desmond muttered. “What did they give you...? And how much, for that matter?” “Nngh...” the man said, and then his bizarre-colored eyes rolled back and he collapsed on the ground, landing next to Ben. Desmond sighed yet again and lowered himself on one knee, swiftly searching Ben’s pockets. He knew that this strange-eyed man had ‘dirty water’ in him (very nasty shit if you ask Desmond), since that was what Ben said earlier, but he wanted to find out what else did these men pump into the unfortunate dark-haired guy who was unconscious right now. He pulled two syringes out of Ben’s pocket, blinking at that. “Two...?” he muttered, and squeezed a drop out of each syringe onto the tip of his finger. He tasted both drops, grimaced, and spat it out. “You have a hell of a cocktail in you, buddy,” he muttered, glancing at the dark-haired man. “Add some ‘dirty water’ to that, and there is a very good chance that you might indeed croak...” He stood up and easily picked up the smaller man from the ground, throwing him across his shoulder. The guy weighed maybe 130 pounds if that. Desmond started walking, thinking melancholically that he should use the back streets while he was making his way to his house. He didn’t want anyone to gawk at him while he was carrying an unconscious guy on his shoulder. ...He rang the doorbell, since he didn’t want to reach into his pocket for his house key. “Open up, Rayhe...” he muttered impatiently a minute later and rang the doorbell again, this time longer. “Goddammit, Rayhe...” he hissed and was about to ring the doorbell yet again when the door finally opened. “Did you leave your keys at home or something...?” a tall, brown-haired man started saying, and then he stopped talking once he saw Desmond. “No,” Desmond said and walked into the house. “Didn’t feel like reaching for them...” “What the hell?” the tall man asked incredulously and shut the door. “Oh,” Desmond muttered and dropped the unconscious man onto the couch. “Saw two dumbshits trying to shove him into the van... He didn’t look like he wanted that though...” He glanced at the taller man. “Decided to help the guy out,” he shrugged. “Why is he unconscious?” the other man blinked. “They pumped shitload of drugs into him,” Desmond sighed and straightened up. “I guess they were trying to make him more mellow and agreeable... It didn’t work though,” he nodded thoughtfully. “You should’ve seen him... I have no idea how he was able to do that with all that crap in him, but...” he shrugged again. “Apparently, he has a hell of a strong system,” he finished and went towards the bathroom. “Gabriel, take his shirt off, will you?” he called before walking into the bathroom. He came back a couple of minutes later with a syringe and two capsules of transparent liquid. “What’s that?” Gabriel asked, checking every pocket the unconscious guy had. “Cleanser,” Desmond said and broke the top of one of the capsules. “Flushes various shit out... Good stuff,” he nodded after he filled up the syringe. “I don’t think you are going to find any I.D. on him,” he noted, watching Gabriel methodically go through every single pocket. “Move, will you?” Gabriel stepped aside, giving Desmond more room. “You gonna give him two?” he frowned slightly after seeing Desmond empty the syringe into the slender arm and break the top of the second capsule. “Yeah,” Desmond muttered. “With all the stuff that’s floating through him right now, he might need the third dosage...” He emptied the syringe into man’s unresponsive arm once more and straightened up, a thoughtful frown on his face. “The cleanser should help, right?” Gabriel asked with the same thoughtful expression on his face. “Yeah,” Desmond said slowly. “Either it will help or...” He looked at Gabriel and shrugged. “...he’ll die from an overdose,” he finished. “Apparently, he has ‘dirty water’ in him as well...” “Holy hell...” Gabriel grimaced. “That stuff is nasty and beyond addictive...” “Yeah,” Desmond said again and put the syringe onto the small coffee table in front of the couch. “I’m gonna get him into Sam’s old room...” He picked up the unconscious man, whose arm slid out of Desmond’s grasp and limply hung on the side. “Get the door, will you?” Gabriel nodded and walked towards one of the bedrooms. He opened the door and walked inside, heading towards the bed. He pulled away the covers, and Desmond carefully laid the man onto the mattress, briefly checking the pulse on his neck. He grimaced when he felt that it was racing. “Maybe we should get him to a doctor,” Gabriel said doubtfully, and Desmond shook his head. “No,” he replied. “The doctor won’t do shit for him... Believe me,” he glanced at the taller man. “Right now, I am better than any doctor... That and we don’t even know who the hell he is... Maybe he wanted to stay out of everyone’s sight...” “Leave it to you to bring home an unconscious criminal...” Gabriel muttered. “I didn’t say he was a criminal,” Desmond rolled his eyes. “He probably is,” Gabriel nodded. “Knowing your luck...” “Shut up, Rayhe,” Desmond grimaced. “I’ll check on him in a couple of hours.” ...It was three hours later, and Desmond held a slender wrist in his fingers, frowning thoughtfully while counting pulse. “How long is he going to be unconscious?” Gabriel propped his arms on his sides. “Telling you, he needs a doctor...” “He doesn’t need a doctor,” Desmond muttered and lowered man’s arm onto the bed. “Since when are you a medical expert?” Gabriel narrowed his eyes. “It’s not a medical condition, Rayhe,” Desmond rolled his eyes and touched dark-haired guy’s forehead. “It’s just a bloody drug overdose... And when it comes to stuff like that, I am better than any doctor, okay?” “Well, Doctor Rae,” Gabriel said somewhat poisonously. “It’s been three hours since you injected him with your wonder-drug, and the patient is still unconscious. Wouldn’t you agree to a consult...?” “He is not unconscious,” Desmond sighed and took his palm off guy’s forehead. Gabriel blinked at that. “He is breathing, Des...” he said slowly. “He is not dead...” “Good God, Rayhe,” Desmond rolled his eyes again. “Morbidly fascinated much? Just because he is not unconscious doesn’t mean that he is dead! He is asleep, genius!” “How can you tell?” Gabriel blinked again. “Because his pulse is fine,” Desmond said patiently. “And he is not burning up anymore... He’ll be fine,” he nodded. “When he wakes up though, he’s gonna throw up like no other...” “Why?” Gabriel frowned. “All that cocktail in his system,” Desmond explained. “He is not unconsciously retching right now only because of my wonder-drug... Once it wears off...” “Great...” Gabriel muttered. “Well, since you have next week off, you can go ahead and babysit him then.” Desmond just sighed at that. **** When Raven finally came about, he felt like his entire body was about to twist inside out. He never felt so nauseous before. He moaned and tried getting up, but he shook so badly that he just ended up hitting his head on the bed post when he fell back onto the bed. He helplessly glanced around, feeling nausea escalate with very dangerous speed, and to his relief, there was a bright-orange bucket next to the bed. He grabbed that bucket without even trying to look inside and make sure it was empty, folded in half, and threw up so violently that everything around him turned black for a minute or two. He put the bucket back onto the floor very carefully, shaking from sudden chills, and hating the scent and taste of bile in his mouth. Suddenly, the door opened, and some guy walked into the room. Raven had no idea who he was. He was rather tall, quite skinny, had long black hair that he wore in a ponytail, and his eyes were almost ridiculously green. Raven didn’t think it was possible for someone to have such eye color – it was almost emerald. Of course, Raven was not the one to talk about unusual eye color. “Awake, huh,” the guy nodded with slight satisfaction. He glanced at the bucket and sighed. “Be right back,” he nodded again, this time with less satisfaction but with more defeat. He grabbed the bucket and walked out of the room. A minute later, Raven could hear the toilet flush. Several minutes after that, the same guy came back, and there was a thin white towel across his shoulder and a bottle of water in his bucket-free hand. He put the bucket on the floor and sat down on the edge of the bed, opening the water bottle. He wet the towel and wiped Raven’s face with it. Then he looked like he was considering something. Finally, he sighed once again and brought the bottle to Raven’s lips. “If I give it to you, you gonna spill it all over the bed,” he explained when he saw the thief’s expression. “You are shaking like no other...” Yeah, he did. Raven took a quick breath and latched onto the bottle. He took several desperate gulps, and then the guy pulled the bottle away. “You will end up throwing up again if you drink too much,” he said after Raven let out a protesting moan. Raven dropped his head onto the pillow and closed his eyes. “Where the hell am I...?” he thought hazily. “And who is this guy...?” He felt a touch on the side of his neck and slowly opened his eyes. Black-haired man held his fingertips against Raven’s pulse, and his forehead was frowning in mild concentration. Finally, he nodded and lowered his hand. “You’ll be fine,” he said and stood up. “Well,” he shrugged. “After a while... You gonna vomit for... Ohh...” he sighed. “A couple of days probably... Yeah,” he nodded at Raven’s expression. “That and there is a hell of a chance you’d be addicted to ‘dirty water’...” he muttered, and Raven weakly shook his head. “I don’t...” he whispered, marveling at how difficult it was to push the words out of his throat. “...don’t get addicted...” “Huh,” the man said, clearly impressed. “Good for you! What’s your name?” “Ra... Raven...” “I am Desmond,” the man nodded. “Well, try to rest,” he said and set the bottle of water next to the bucket. “Don’t drink too much,” he warned again, and Raven nodded. “Puke in the bucket if you can help it, okay?” Raven tried to smile at that, but it didn’t work; he just nodded again instead. “I’m gonna leave the door open,” Desmond said. “If you need me...” He thought for a second, and then opened one of the drawers on the bedside table. He pulled out a small rubber ball and put it on the blanket. “Throw this into the wall.” Raven managed another nod. “Th... thanks...” he whispered, and Desmond just waved his hand. “Rest,” was all he said before leaving the room. Raven closed his eyes, listening to guy’s voice from behind the door a few minutes later. It sounded like he was talking on the phone. “Hey, kid,” he was saying. “Do you have any chicken soup...? No, the canned type... Of course, you do... Can you do me a favor and bring a couple of cans over? Err, I’ll explain when you get here... Uh huh... Okay, see you in half an hour.” Raven thought of reaching for the water bottle, but realized that he would probably end up dropping it, the chills so bad by now that his teeth were clanking. He pulled the blanket over himself, and ten minutes later, he was asleep.
  3. Katya Dee

    Chapter 17

    - XVII - “Hey...! Hey, can you hear me...? Come on...” Raven let out a low moan and slowly opened his eyes. He was thirsty as hell. He had no idea what happened, and he had no idea where he was. “Oh, good,” the same voice said with relief. “I know that you are not in any kind of pain right now, but I also know that you would probably kill for some water, huh...? Here...” There was something pressing against his mouth, and then he felt cool liquid on his lips. He growled and started drinking that water in huge, desperate gulps. “Easy,” the same voice said warningly when he started coughing. “I know you are thirsty, but careful, okay?” Finally, when he felt he had enough water, he looked up at the owner of that very familiar voice. “Ma...” he coughed, clearing his throat. “Magda...?” he finally said, blinking in disbelief. “Hey,” he smiled at him. “Sorry about that,” she nodded. Raven tried to sit up, and realized that he couldn’t move. Then he realized that both his arms were twisted behind his back, and there was something on his wrists that suspiciously resembled the feeling of handcuffs. “Magda, what the hell...” he stared at her, and she sighed and put the empty glass away. “Oh, Raven,” she said seriously. “If only you had gotten that goddamn rock, we wouldn’t have to do this, you know... I am not enjoying this, by the way,” she added. “I mean, you are my friend... Even though you never told me that you got involved with someone for real,” she looked at him with mild reproach. “I had to find out from some random barista... Well,” she shrugged mostly to herself. “Not random, but that’s beside the point. Although,” she looked at him thoughtfully. “I guess I can understand why you didn’t say anything, considering who you are with... Ashamed, huh?” she hemmed. “Where is...” Raven coughed again, trying to make at least some sense out of this. “Where is Julian...?” “Or not...” Magda frowned slightly. “Holy hell, Raven... How did it even happen...? Oh, hold on,” she said slowly. “Hold on...! Oh, my bloody God! That’s why you didn’t get the rock, huh? He caught you, didn’t he? Oh, man...” She squeezed her eyes shut. “I can’t believe I just figured it out... What happened though...? Love at first sight...? Love at first fuck...? How in the world do you end up with someone like him?” “Magda, what the hell are you doing?” Raven ignored her curiosity and tried sitting up again, failing at that once more. “Damn,” she muttered with regret, realizing that he wouldn’t tell her anything about the blond. “All right, all right... To answer your earlier question, Julian is not here,” she said calmly. “In fact, he is far away from here, even though you don’t know where ‘here’ is,” she smiled. “Just trust me on that, okay? Even he won’t be able to find me in this place... Well,” she shrugged. “He probably would be able to, but not until much later.... And since all I need is one lousy week, I should be pretty safe,” she nodded once again. Raven carefully ran his fingers over the rings of the handcuffs. “To answer your last question,” Magda continued. “I am preparing for one hell of a ritual. See, those two dipshits...” she looked at him intently. “The twins... They never did a thorough enough research; they only found out about two artifacts. The rock, however, is the third one,” she smiled. “If I had the rock, the spell wouldn’t have fifty-fifty chance anymore; it would be a hundred percent positive!” Raven cursed silently when he realized that the rings of the handcuffs were turned in such a way that he could not possibly reach a single keyhole. “Well,” Magda kept saying meanwhile. “Thanks to you and that psychotic blond, I don’t have the rock... Therefore, I had to figure out something else... Fifty-fifty is not good enough,” she sighed. “I do want the powers, yes, but I am not risking my life for that! So...” She stretched the word comically. “I did some more research...” She smiled. “I am brilliant at research, by the way,” she added in a low voice. “However, I did some more research, and finally, I figured out how to keep myself beloved out of harm’s way! Simple, really! Wanna know the best part?” she smiled again, this time smugly. “I don’t even have to know squat about magic to be able to do that, which is absolutely-fucking-fantastic! Simple channeling, how’s that for an answer?” “Magda,” Raven shook his head. “Why are you...” “Because,” she interrupted him without a smile this time. “I am tired of being nobody! See,” she stretched out her legs and leaned on the back of the chair. “In this world, if you want to succeed or to be someone who matters, you have to have at least some lousy ability... I mean, you have invisibility, your blond can apparently control magic streams...” she looked at her fingernails. “I’ve heard about that spell of his,” she nodded. “If he is able to do that, then he can definitely do a hell of a lot more... The twins...” she snorted. “Do I even have to say anything about the twins? They are goddamn Guardians! And what do I have?” she looked at him with a dark smile. “Nothing! I am just another nobody, who slaves around the bank, serving the ones who have powers... I am so tired of it, you have no idea... Well, the fact that powers come with a hell of a lot of perks, is also quite awesome!” “Magda...” “Therefore,” she looked like she didn’t even hear him speak. “I was trying to figure out how to break out of this slavery shell for a very long time... Then I met you...” she gave him another smile. “After that, I had a plan. Took me a very long while to set it in motion,” she sighed. “But hey, it worked, so I am not complaining...! If I had the rock, I would definitely think twice about doing this to you,” she nodded slowly. “I mean, we’ve been friends for five years, and I actually like you, believe it or not...! You are a very good friend. Well, since I don’t have the rock, however, I don’t really have a choice,” she shrugged. “I like you, yes, but I like myself even better. See, after I do the spell and everything, every single bit of negative energy is going to be channeled into you,” she smiled wider. “Cool, huh? Gets even better! Even if it backfires the first time, it will run perfectly for the second one, and this is a fact. So...” she stretched the word again. “No matter what, I am going to succeed... I know,” she nodded when she saw his expression. “I am awesome!” “You won’t be able to attune the mirror if you keep me alive,” Raven said through his clenched teeth. “Yeah,” she nodded again. “That was a pickle, all right... However, as I said before, I am awesome. I have a solution for that. See, I pumped you with so much of my blood, that we are related by now! Oh, by the way, I didn’t know that you get off on drinking blood...” she hemmed. “I guess you and your blond have more in common than I thought... Anyway, I know that he was attuned as well, but you, my friend, are the main priority! So I figured that if I got enough of my blood into you, it would override Salamander’s, and after that, the mirror would accept me...” She showed him a medium-sized vial with dark liquid inside. “See...? I am going to feed this to the mirror every couple of hours, adding more and more of my blood into it. Magic is not that smart, you know,” she smiled again. “It’s really easy to confuse an artifact, no matter how powerful it could be. Simple!” “Magda...” he gritted his teeth. “Yeah,” she narrowed her eyes without letting him to continue. “You gonna kill me or the blond gonna kill me, yada, yada, yada... Not gonna happen,” she nodded firmly. “See, I need time for the mirror to get used to my blood in yours, but I am not keeping you conscious for that period, okay? I’m sorry, but I know that you can get out of any handcuffs and unlock anything... I am not taking any chances,” she shook her head. “I have enough ‘dirty water’ to keep you sedated until I finally need you... If you were to survive after the ritual, you would probably be addicted to that shit for the rest of your life...” she hemmed. “And ‘dirty water’ is a nasty one to get addicted to... However, you are not going to survive after the ritual; not even if the spell works for the first time, so don’t worry about addictions...” She smiled. “Oh, I am not going to stay here with you for a week; I’ve got stuff to do... Two of my...” she hemmed again. “...boys are going to keep an eye on you... Don’t worry,” she said quickly after she saw his eyes. “I am going to make it as possibly comfortable for you as I can... They won’t touch you, I guarantee that. The only touch from them that you gonna get will be the needle when they have to inject you... Trust me, they won’t do anything else to you!” “Magda,” he said quietly. “I do not know how, but I will kill you...” “Uh huh,” she nodded and got up. “Sleep tight, Raven...!” She left the room, and a couple of minutes later, two men walked in, both wearing identical serious expressions. One of the men intently looked at Raven, and his seriousness started trading places with a slow smile. “Holy hell,” he said in a low voice. “He is pretty...” “Don’t even think about it!” the second man snapped with dangerous intonation. “She’s not gonna know!” the first one grimaced. “Don’t even think about it,” the second man repeated slowly and heavily. “Just because you are not into guys, Marcellus, doesn’t mean you should spoil the fun for me...!” “You are not going to touch him, Ben,” Marcellus interrupted his companion. “Understood? Just find someone else; shouldn’t be a problem in this city, it’s big enough...” “Fine!” Ben said shortly. “Goddamn...” “Go,” Marcellus said and waved his hand. “I will do it.” “Fine,” Ben repeated in the same irritated manner and left the room. Raven watched the man warily, not sure what he was talking about when he said, ‘I will do it.’ Then his eyes widened when he saw a syringe. “Oh, hell, no...” he thought desperately. “Not again...!” The man sat on the edge of the bed and located the vein in Raven’s arm quite easily. “Don’t...!” Raven groaned. “Oh, God, don’t...!” “Sorry,” Marcellus muttered and sank the needle into Raven’s arm. Less than a minute later, Raven was asleep.
  4. Katya Dee

    Chapter 16

    - XVI - Julian was pleasantly surprised when he managed to get out of the office at his usual time – 7:30, instead of much later as he thought he would. The entire thing didn’t take much time at all – just several papers to scan and sign, a couple of interviews, and creating a few new files in the database. He got back home just a little before eight, noting that the lights in the bedroom were on, threw his keys on the small table by the front door, and went into the kitchen. He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and headed towards the bedroom while contemplating yet another scenario in his head. He knew that he was sexually obsessed, to say mildly, and he was enormously relieved to realize that Raven’s appetite was as insatiable as his own – the smaller man would initiate at least half of all their encounters. He walked into the bedroom and slightly frowned, seeing that it was empty. He cocked his head slightly to the right, listening to the sounds of shower running, and frowned deeper when there were none. He walked out of the bedroom, listening intently. The house was quiet; it was obvious to the blond that he was the only one in here. His first thought was that Raven decided to run to the store, but then he remembered that other cars were still in the garage, and he frowned even deeper. He stood there for several seconds, thinking, and then took his phone out of his pocket, and dialed Raven’s number. The phone let out a long, bored ‘beep...!’ and Julian blinked when suddenly, he heard muffled ringing from the bedroom. He went back there without turning off his phone, and looked around. Finally, he saw the small silver gadget half-buried under the blanket. He walked towards the bed and picked up the phone. He didn’t even need to look at the caller I.D. that said ‘THE Blond,’ with capitalized ‘the’ (that usually made him smile); he knew Raven’s phone as well as he knew his own. Julian slowly shut his phone, and stared at the silver gadget in his hand. Raven never left the house without his phone – the blond knew that. The man would grab it even if he had to step outside to grab the mail. Julian thoughtfully stared at the silver device for several minutes, and then suddenly, he swore through his clenched teeth, whirled around, and stormed out of the bedroom. Soon enough, he was driving down the dark road, ignoring speed limits. ...He brought the car to a screeching halt less than two hours later in front of a big dark house, got outside, slammed the door shut, and headed towards the house. He didn’t even bother ringing the doorbell – he simply reached for the nearest magic stream and blew the door off its hinges. He stormed inside, his fury blinding-white by now, and made his way upstairs into a big bedroom. He kicked the door open and switched on the lights. “Wha...” the startled redhead started saying when Julian yanked the blanket off the bed. “Where is he?” he growled, ignoring a naked twin next to the redhead. “Where is he?!” “W-who...?” Celeste stuttered, reaching for her robe with shaking hands. “If you don’t tell me where he is...” Julian grabbed her by the shoulder and yanked her out of bed. “Uncle, don’t...!” Olivier lunged at him, but the blond merely moved his wrist, and the young man flew across the bedroom, slamming into the wall hard. Celeste’s eyes became even wider when she saw that. She hastily wrapped her robe around herself, glancing at her unconscious brother who lay on the floor in a lifeless, naked heap. “Where is he?” Julian repeated in a quiet voice, and that quietness made Celeste’s teeth to start clanking. “W-who...?” she whispered, unable to look away from blond’s eyes that were almost white with fury. “Uncle, I have no idea what you talking about, I swear...!” “Raven,” Julian said through his clenched teeth. “You never gave up on that idiotic idea of yours, did you? Now tell me where he is...! For your sake, I hope that he is unharmed, because if he is not, then all the Air in the bloody world is not going to help you...” “R-Raven...?” Celeste stuttered again. “Uncle, I swear, I don’t... Oh, God, please don’t...!” she screamed when the blond was about to close his eyes. She was perfectly aware that he was about to unleash that spell on her; she also knew that right now, he would hit her with the highest voltage that he possibly could reach. “Uncle, I swear to you, I have no idea where he is...! I swear...!” Julian looked at her with narrowed eyes for several excruciatingly long seconds, and then he took a deep breath and let go of her shoulder. Celeste was so relieved, she almost started sobbing. “Where is the mirror?” Julian asked in the same quiet voice. “And the medallion for that matter?” “The...” Celeste coughed, hating her trembling voice. “The office...” “Give them to me,” the blond demanded, and Celeste nodded rapidly and walked towards the bedroom door, throwing another desperate glance at unconscious Olivier. Julian followed her to the office and waited impatiently when she turned on the lights and started digging in one of the drawers with trembling hands. She dug in that drawer for probably five minutes, her movements becoming jerkier and more desperate with each second, and finally, she looked at Julian with wild panic in her eyes. Julian knew what she was going to say before she even opened her mouth. “Th-they are g-gone...” she stuttered, and the blond lost it. He hit her with the spell without even closing his eyes this time, his fury making the level of pain jump up to an enormous degree. He stood there, breathing fast, watching redhead’s rigid form and very dark by now eyes, and when he saw a small trickle of blood running from her nose down to her chin, he finally drew a shaky breath and took off the spell. Celeste let out a single, wailing scream and fell onto her knees, shaking wildly. “You kept two magical artifacts, one of which just happened to be attuned to both of us, in the goddamn drawer?” Julian said in a low voice. “Without even bothering to lock the door?” “U...Un...Un...” Celeste tried saying, digging her fingers into the carpet. “I... I...” “When was the last time you saw them?” Julian demanded. “Speak, goddammit! Otherwise, I will use the spell on you again, and this time, I will leave you here for hours!” She shook even harder when she heard that. She raised her head and made an enormous effort to say something. To her relief, she was able to squeeze out the words. “L-last... Thur-Thursday...” she muttered, and Julian felt another wave of fury threatening to burst through. He gritted his teeth and dug his fingernails into his palms. Last Thursday, he thought. Almost a week ago. “Uncle, I...” the redhead whispered, tears crawling down her cheeks, fear and echoes of pain making her eyes darker than ever. Julian turned around and left the office without saying anything else. He got into his car and started driving back home while pulling his phone out of his pocket. He made several very frantic calls, barking his demands into the phone without taking his eyes off the dark road. When he got back home, it was ten minutes after midnight, and the blond marched into his office and turned on his computer. He was looking for information on the dark-green rock for the rest of the night. He found nothing. ...Next morning, he was downing yet another cup of coffee without looking away from the computer screen, when there was very careful knocking on the door. “Yes!” he called loudly without turning around. The door opened just a little, and someone said in a soft, cautious voice: “Master Salamander... I must speak with you...” The blond finally glanced at the door. It was a young woman talking to him, her expression wary, as if she expected him to lash out any second. Julian immediately remembered that she was one of the maids. “What is it, Amelda?” he asked shortly, and her eyes became wide, as if she couldn’t believe that he remembered (or even knew, for that matter) her name. “Make it quick,” Julian continued. “I don’t have time.” She blinked and cleared her throat. “May I come in, master?” she asked after nervously glancing around. “I would rather shut the door...” Julian sighed and pushed his chair slightly away from the desk, stretching his arms. “Come in,” he said as shortly as before. Young woman almost tiptoed inside and carefully shut the door. She stood there for a minute or so, composing herself it seemed, her hands nervously clutching onto her skirt. Finally, she took a quick breath and looked at the blond. “What is it about, Amelda?” Julian asked impatiently, and she blinked. “It’s Tobias, master...” she said finally, and Julian frowned. “What about him?” he asked. “I...” she coughed. “I overheard him speaking on the phone two days ago,” she said quickly. “I didn’t think twice about it until today... He said...” She looked uncomfortable and scared now. “I am going to quote him, master...” she looked at the blond with a silent question, and after he nodded curtly, she continued: “He said, ‘That son of a bitch is not going to come back until later on Wednesday, we should do it then. I will make sure I have enough dirty water, since I am not taking any chances’...” She took another quick breath. “That was all he said, master... I don’t know what ‘dirty water’ means, and I almost forgot about it until today... With master Delamorte missing and all...” The blond interrogated every single staff member earlier this morning; therefore, it didn’t surprise him that Amelda knew about Raven’s disappearance. He stared at her without blinking. He knew what ‘dirty water’ meant. It was one of the nicknames for a certain drug that was quite powerful and extremely quick working. If Raven was injected with that, he would be out for at least seven hours. The blond felt cold. “Did he say anything else?” he asked calmly, and the woman shook her head. “No, master,” she said. “He only said ‘yes’ and ‘no’ after that...” “Thank you, Amelda...” the blond said thoughtfully. “You may leave now...” She nodded quickly and turned around. “Amelda!” the blond said sharply, and she froze. “Do not let him know that you are aware of the conversation...!” “I won’t, master,” she glanced at him above her shoulder. “He scares me...” she added in a softer voice. “Take today off,” Julian said shortly. “Tomorrow as well,” he added, and her eyes became confused and scared again. “Don’t worry,” the blond nodded when he saw her expression. “You will get paid.” She blinked very rapidly, and then nodded as quickly as before. “Thank you, master,” she muttered and left the office. Julian sat in the chair for several minutes, absent-mindedly tapping his fingers on the desktop. Finally, he got up and left the office, heading towards the kitchen. He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, ignoring a wary look from the cook, and went into the living room. The butler was standing by the couch, his back rigid, and he was watching one of the maids cleaning the carpet, his expression very serious. “Tobias,” Julian said, and the butler turned around. “Come into my office, please,” the blond said evenly. “There is something I need to discuss with you.” “Yes, master Salamander,” the butler bowed his head and threw another glance at the maid. “I will be right there.” “Now,” Julian said quietly, and Tobias’ back became even more rigid. He looked at the blond with a trapped expression in his eyes, then slowly nodded, and walked towards the office. Julian followed him closely, ignoring a puzzled look from the maid. They walked into the office, and Julian locked the door. “What is it, master?” Tobias was trying his best not to look scared, it seemed. It worked, but only partially. “Where is Raven?” the blond asked quietly without wasting any time on useless questions. Butler’s eyes went wide. “Now,” Julian continued. “Before you waste my time with your poor acting skills, I am going to warn you that I will hurt you regardless of your answer...” Tobias’ face started to become very pale. “However,” the blond looked at him without blinking. “If you will tell me the truth, I am not going to introduce you to certain levels of pain, and believe me, it would be a much lesser evil for you,” he nodded, and Tobias swallowed hard. “Master Salamander,” the butler said in a shaky voice. “I don’t know what... Aaah...!” “You were saying...?” Julian pulled the needle from underneath man’s fingernail, holding onto his wrist with lazy firmness. Tobias was shaking as if he had a hell of a fever, tears streaming down his face. That goddamn needle came out of nowhere. He was about to say ‘I don’t know what you talking about,’ thinking that maybe, just maybe he would be able to convince the blond, when all of a sudden, Salamander was holding his wrist in the iron grip, and there was that fucking needle sliding deeply underneath the fingernail of his thumb. Tobias never even got a chance to see where the hell that needle came from, let alone jerk away. The pain was as close to excruciating as he could imagine. He never got hurt before; he wouldn’t even get into fights when he was younger. Hell, he never even had a sprained wrist! The biggest amount of pain he ever experienced was not-that-severe toothache a long time ago. He had a very bad suspicion that whatever the blond had coming for him, would make this needle feel like a lover’s kiss. “Speak,” Julian said almost gently, and the needle moved towards man’s fingers again. “No...!” he screamed out with sheer horror. “Oh, God, please don’t...!” “Speak,” Julian repeated, and the grip around Tobias’ wrist tightened significantly. “I don’t know...!” the man sobbed. “I swear, I don’t know...! She took him, and I don’t know where she went...! She said she would call me... I swear, I don’t know where...H-huuuh...!” he howled at yet another finger exploding with sharp, hot pain. “She,” the blond nodded casually, as if they were discussing the latest issue of some magazine. “Who is ‘she’?” “Magdalena!!” the butler shrieked. “Magdalena...!” “Magdalena...” Julian frowned for a second, and then squeezed his eyes shut and swore in a low voice through his clenched teeth. “Magda... Goddammit! What does she need him for?” “The spell...!” Tobias shrieked again. “The spell that grants you great powers...!” Julian immediately knew that he was talking about the same spell the twins were trying to perform a couple of weeks earlier. “He is attuned to the mirror...” the butler sobbed. “She needs him because he is attuned to the mirror...!” “So am I,” the blond nodded, putting the needle away to Tobias’ very wary relief. If he is not going to use the needle, then what is he going to do now...? “She has a plan,” he started saying in rapid stutter. “She is going to pump him full of her blood, and she is positive that it will override yours... Then the mirror is going to accept her...” “How does the rock fit into the picture?” Julian pulled one of man’s fingers backwards without any visible effort, and Tobias choked on his own scream when he heard a sickening, dry ‘Snap!’ and then there was another explosion of pain – this one was worse than the one inflicted by the needle. “It...” he sobbed, seeing nothing but the curtain of his own tears. “...completes the set of artifacts... Without it... Oh, God... Without it, there is only fifty-fifty chance of success... With the rock, the success is definite...! Please, don’t hurt me again, please...!” “I didn’t hurt you yet,” the blond said in a pleasant voice. “You’ll see,” he nodded without releasing Tobias’ wrist. “What else besides the attuning does she need him for?” The butler shook so badly that he managed to bite his own tongue. “Th... the spell itself...” he stuttered. “She figured that since she couldn’t get the rock, then she would use him as a safety net... In case if the spell goes wrong...” he gulped air in a desperate, panicky gasp when he felt blond’s hand slide towards his groin. Somehow, he didn’t believe that Salamander was going to jerk him off. “If it goes wrong, then it will destroy him, and not her...” This time, he couldn’t even scream. The only sound he was able to produce was a high-pitched wheezing. Blond’s fingers got hold of one of his testicles, and squeezed it in the most unkind manner; in fact, ‘squeezed’ wasn’t the correct word. The correct word would be ‘crushed.’ Everything around him blazed with a sparkling black-and-red surge, filling his ears with silent, nauseating whispering. The blond twisted the unfortunate private part, crushing it even harder, and pain decided to be merciful to Tobias, making him to lose consciousness. Julian let out a short, irritated sigh, and let go of the butler’s limp form. The man collapsed onto the floor, and Julian reached for the magic streams. He methodically browsed through them until he found the right one. He reached for it almost lovingly and wrapped it around the butler’s unconscious body. Less than a minute later, the man gasped for air, and his eyes flew wide open. “Welcome back,” Julian nodded and let go of the stream. The minute he did that, the pain was back in full bloom. “Now,” Julian said in the same casual tone of voice. “Tell me what were you doing here two weeks ago? That one night, remember...?” He smiled without baring his teeth. “Of course, you do,” he nodded again. Tobias tried speaking, but the only word he was able to produce was ‘I.’ Julian sighed again. “Try your best to speak, will you?” he said in a low voice without a smile this time. “Because if you won’t be able to...” he didn’t finish his sentence, and Tobias started to shake even worse, unaware of the fact that his bladder finally let go. “I... Had to... put a... microphone in... your... bedroom...” he managed in short, gasping efforts. “I see,” the blond said thoughtfully. “Only the bedroom?” Tobias couldn’t say anything else – he just nodded with wild desperation. “Where is it?” The nod seemed to be good enough for Julian. “Cu... cu... Curtain rod...!” the butler managed finally. “I see,” the blond nodded again and stepped over Tobias’ shaking body, heading towards the door of the office. He glanced at the man. “Something tells me that Magdalena is not going to call you,” he said with a twist of the mouth that didn’t even resemble a smile. “Therefore, goodbye, Tobias.” With that, he closed his eyes very briefly – it almost looked like a long, slow blink – and walked out of the office, locking the door behind him, leaving the butler alone with the pain. He knew that if he left the spell up and running at that voltage for too long, it would eventually kill the man, and that was what he planned. He was walking towards the front door of the house, not quite sure what he was about to do, when his phone rang. He took it out of his pocket and glanced at the caller I.D. Then he quickly pushed the ‘Talk’ button and pressed the phone against his ear. “Alessandro...!” he said sharply. “Anything...?” The man on the other end of the line sighed deeply, and Julian knew the answer to that question immediately. “Julian, I’m sorry,” Alessandro said quietly. “He is not in the city.” Julian didn’t even bother with ‘Are you sure?’; he knew that Alessandro would find a mouse if it was hiding somewhere in the city. He closed his eyes and stopped in the middle of the hallway. “What do you want me to do now?” Alessandro asked, and Julian opened his eyes, his teeth locked so hard that his jaw was aching. “Get me the best wizard you can find,” he said quietly, and closed his eyes once again. “Wait!” he said sharply after several seconds. “Cancel that; never mind the wizard... Get me the best damn Locator you can find... If he is anywhere near the city, that should be enough...” “Got it,” Alessandro said shortly and hung up the phone. Julian slowly dropped his phone into his pocket, took a deep breath, and went into the living room. The maid, who almost finished vacuuming the carpet, looked at him with badly hidden worry. “Is everything all right, master Salamander...?” she asked in a shaky voice. “No,” Julian answered shortly. “Get Anthony!” “Yes, master,” the maid quickly nodded and turned off the vacuum cleaner. In less than a minute, she was gone. Julian stood still, his fingers tapping desperate rhythm on the wall, his gaze locked on some unseen crack in the uncarpeted floor of the hallway, when he heard: “Yes, master.” He looked up. “Anthony,” he said in a quiet, lifeless voice, looking at a rather tall (even though he wasn’t as tall as Julian) man, who was built like your typical head-basher. “There is something in my office I need you to dispose of,” he handed the man his office key. “When you are done, let one of the maids know to clean up the mess.” “Yes, master,” Anthony gave him a quick nod and took the key. “Give it two hours,” Julian said, nodding at the key and knowing that by that time, Tobias would be at least ten minutes dead. “Yes, master,” Anthony gave him another quick nod. Julian walked away without saying anything else, his hands clenched into tight fists.
  5. Katya Dee

    Chapter 15

    - XV - “I didn’t know if she knew about you and magic,” Raven said ten minutes after Julian started driving. “Therefore, I didn’t say anything... Can you get us back via spell instead of driving?” Julian threw him a quick look and smiled his usual way, as if appreciating the fact that Raven kept his mouth shut. “No,” he said with audible regret. “I am not that good, unfortunately.” “I see,” Raven sighed and leaned on the back of the seat. He lit a cigarette and handed it to Julian. The blond took it with yet another small smile. “How long will it take us to get back?” Raven asked. “I mean, you have to be at work tomorrow, and...” he shrugged without finishing the sentence, knowing that the blond would know the end of it anyway. He was right. “A couple of hours,” Julian said with regret. “I will stay awake for as long as you want me to though,” he nodded. “I don’t care much about sleep. I mean, it’s certainly nice, but it is not my main priority,” he nodded without taking his eyes off the road. Raven looked at the car clock; it read 5:30. “Just pull over somewhere,” he said in a low voice, causing the blond to smile yet again. “I want you to be able to function tomorrow morning... I don’t want you to go broke for real,” he added, and Julian let out short laughter. ...They got back home a little after eleven, due to the fact that Julian had to pull over at least three times; one time after Raven told him to, the second time because he felt like it, and the third time, because of both of them. The second time was rather amusing. They just started to get into it, and Raven was halfway through removing blond’s shirt with his teeth, when there was sharp knocking on the window of the car. Julian let out an exasperated sigh, and rolled the window down. “What?” he asked impatiently after seeing some guy in militia uniform. “Your license, please,” the guy said with restrained intonation in his voice. Julian rolled his eyes and handed him his driver’s license. After less than a minute (as long as it took that guy to triple-read the name), the trooper started blinking very furiously, as if he was trying to get rid of something painful in his eye. “I apologize,” he said too quickly to not sound scared. “I apologize,” he repeated with a furious nod. “Drive safely, master Salamander...” and then he was gone from their view as if someone pushed some sort of a magic button. Julian closed the window, and it took them at least an hour to get back onto the road; maybe longer than that, Raven wasn’t sure. When they finally got back home, the car clock read 11:17. Julian let out a string of unintelligible obscenities, and the only thing Raven gathered from it was the fact that the blond didn’t have his house keys on him, thanks to Celeste, and would have to use one of the streams to unlock the door. Raven just laughed when Julian rang the bell for no apparent reason. “When I am around,” he said in a somewhat composed voice. “You don’t need keys, you should know that by now... Why are you ringing the bell anyway? There is nobody in the house,” he added, and the blond blinked with self-frustration. Raven reached for the doorknob when, suddenly, the door swung open. “Tobias...” Julian said slowly with a small frown. “What are you doing here? It is rather late...” Tobias was Salamander’s new butler; Julian hired him a little bit longer than a month ago. He was in his early thirties, had light-brown hair that started to recede on his temples, matching eyes, and he was very professional. Julian’s surprise at seeing him right now was easily understood – usually, every single member of the staff would leave at six in the evening. “I was waiting for you, master Salamander,” the butler said with a slight bow of the head. “I realized that you weren’t home, and I could not remember you leaving; therefore, I checked the garage, and saw that all of your cars were in there. I took the liberty of waiting for you, just to make sure that everything was all right. I apologize if that displeases you.” “I see,” Julian said thoughtfully. “Everything is fine, you may leave now.” “Yes, master Salamander,” Tobias bowed his head once more, turned around to grab his keys, and walked outside, bowing to Raven before he left. “Do you think he was lying?” Raven asked when the butler disappeared in the night. Julian’s expression was still quite thoughtful. “I don’t know,” the blond answered slowly. “Probably not... It’s just unusual to see such concern.” “Yes,” Raven said in a low voice. “It is unusual, especially when the concern is about you, and it comes from someone other than me...” Julian smiled at that his usual way and closed the door after they walked inside the house. Raven headed straight to the bedroom, concentrating on sleep, since he was rather tired for several reasons, and Julian disappeared in one of the rooms for several minutes. He walked into the bedroom when Raven was about to get under the covers. The dark-haired man froze in his spot and narrowed his eyes when he saw a slim, curved black dagger in the blond’s hand. “You are not serious,” Raven said slowly. “It’s eleven-thirty at night, and you have to get up at six-thirty...” “I will be fine,” the blond murmured and handed the dagger to Raven. Raven sighed in defeat even though he could feel those exhilarating sparks start running through him – he loved using blades on Julian, and the blond was perfectly aware of that. The thief didn’t care much about whips, cuffs of any sort, or electrocuting (even though he would do it if the blond was in the mood for any of that), but when it came to blades, he would become insatiable. He took the dagger and looked at Julian through his eyelashes, a tiny, cruel smile tickling his mouth. “Strip,” he ordered quietly, and the blond obliged. Neither one of them noticed a small black microphone hiding on the side of the curtain rod. **** A couple of weeks later, Julian informed Raven that he wouldn’t be home until at least eleven in the evening this upcoming Wednesday. “There is a company thing I need to take care of,” he said, running his fingers through his hair. “If you are interested, I can explain it in more details.” “That’s quite all right,” Raven nodded. “I am not interested.” Julian hemmed at that and said nothing. He knew that Raven couldn't care less about his business ordeals and it was fine with him; he never craved brunet’s attention to his work. “How’s the rock doing?” Raven asked lazily without getting out of bed. “Still there,” Julian shrugged and buttoned up his shirt. “You never researched it, did you?” Raven yawned with gusto. “No,” the blond admitted. “To be honest, I believe it would be a waste of time. Even if it is some sort of an artifact, it doesn’t matter right now, since it’s locked away. That and your friend never contacted you about it again, did she?” “No,” Raven frowned. “In fact, she hadn’t contacted me ever since I moved in with you... I might call her today,” he nodded and yawned again. “Miss your rush?” Julian looked at him seriously while his fingers quickly buckled his pants. “Yes,” Raven said honestly. “Well,” the blond left his belt buckle alone, since it was fine now. “If she offers you another job, run a research on the client first, will you? Or tell me, and I will do that,” he nodded slightly. “All right,” Raven said with a small smile. “Hey, this Friday is the second Friday of the month...” “Yes,” now Julian smiled as well. “I remember.” “Have fun at work,” Raven nodded with satisfaction, noting that the blond looked as impeccable as ever even though he only got three hours of sleep last night, and was ridden hard to say the least. “I will,” Julian nodded. “Sweet dreams, Raven...” Raven grinned at that and buried his face in the pillow. ...Wednesday evening, around 7:30 or so, Raven tried calling Magda again. He’s been trying to reach her since Monday, and he would only get her voicemail. “Hi!” Magda’s voice said with gloomy brightness, and Raven cursed softly; it was the damn voicemail again. “I am obviously not answering, so...” Raven sighed and snapped his phone shut. “What’s up with her?” he thought with tight frown. “All of a sudden, she just disappeared... Wonder if she’s all right...” He decided to run to her bank tomorrow morning and see if she has been coming to work lately. He threw his phone on the bed, and turned around, suddenly remembering that he left his wristband on the bathroom sink earlier, when there was gentle knocking on the door. “Yeah!” he called loudly, wondering if Julian would be able to get back earlier tonight than he thought. The blond said this morning that he would try his damn best, and Raven knew that he would. Then he glanced at the clock and frowned, wondering who was knocking at the door at this hour. The door opened just slightly, and there was the butler, his expression worried. “Master Delamorte...?” he said, and Raven blinked at that. He was still getting used to hearing his last name instead of his first from other people. However, if you live with Julian, you do not tell the staff to call you simply ‘Raven’ for various reasons. “What is it, Tobias?” he asked with a tight frown. The butler sure looked uneasy. “And what are you doing here this late?” “Master Delamorte,” Tobias said again and nervously glanced behind him. “There is a young woman downstairs, and she is asking for you...” He stuttered slightly. “Was... asking for you,” he nodded. “She is injured, and she is unconscious right now... Right before she lost consciousness, however, she asked for you...” Raven frowned even deeper. A young woman? The only young woman who would ask for him would be Magda, but how in the bloody hell did she even know where to look for him...? Finally, he slightly shook his head. “When did she get here?” he asked, walking towards the butler. “Ten minutes ago, master,” Tobias said quickly, stepping aside to let Raven through. Raven walked past him and was on his way towards the living room, when suddenly, there was a very unpleasant, sharp prick on his neck. He swirled around, trying to grab hold of invisibility rather automatically, without even trying to figure out what the hell was going on, but then everything around him flashed in violent black-and-white, and then the world ceased to exist. ...“Where is your car?” Tobias propped his arms on his sides. “Parked in the back,” the woman said, studying Raven’s unconscious face. “Give me the syringe...” she stretched out her hand without looking at the butler. He obliged without asking any questions. The woman took a quick breath and pierced her skin with the needle, slightly wincing at the sensation. She drew some of her blood into the syringe, silently biting her lip, and when she had enough, she pulled the needle out, and drew another quick breath. “Get me his vein,” she ordered shortly, and Tobias obliged once again, in complete silence. It took him several minutes to finally find a vein in Raven’s slender arm, and when he did, he looked up at the woman and gave her a sharp, curt nod. The woman slightly narrowed her eyes, and leaned towards the unconscious brunet, still biting her lip in hard concentration. “Are you sure it’s going to work?” Tobias asked tightly while watching her sink that needle into Raven’s arm. “I mean, even with the fact that he is the main priority aside, that psycho was attuned as well...” “It will work,” she said slowly and emptied the syringe filled with her blood into Raven’s vein. Then she repeated the whole ordeal several more times. Finally, she let out a small hiss and handed the empty by now syringe to the butler. Tobias took it without saying anything, put it into his pocket, careful not to prick himself, and stood up. “I don’t know how much blood he drank from that son of a bitch,” the woman said thoughtfully. “However, I am positive that my blood is going to be a hell of a lot more dominant than his...” she threw a quick look at Tobias. “Get him into my car,” she ordered shortly, and the butler nodded, wrapping his arms around Raven’s limp frame. “How long will it take...?” he asked while carrying Raven towards the back door of the kitchen. “A week at the most,” the woman replied. “Once my blood gets into his system, it’s only a question of time when the mirror is going to let me in... I’ll kill him after the ritual,” she nodded when she saw a small frown on Tobias’ forehead. “You will need to come back here until I call you,” she said firmly, and Tobias let out a small sigh. “I know,” he said while the woman opened the door. “It’s fine, however... I am just glad this part is over with...” He grimaced. “If I had to listen to their fucking one more time, I swear to God...” “Oh, please...!” the woman snorted and pulled a set of keys out of her pocket. “You were getting off on that, and you know it!” “At first...?” Tobias grinned. “Hell, yeah...! Lately though...” he shrugged and lowered the unconscious man into the back seat of the car. “...it was making me sick... Seriously, they fucked every goddamn night...! And every night would be different,” he nodded. “You recorded the whole thing, didn’t you?” the woman asked in a low voice. “You are going to use it whenever you jerk off, since I doubt you would find anyone who'd fuck you willingly...” The butler gritted his teeth at that. “I have good memory,” he said tightly, and the woman let out a very short laughter. “Believe me, however,” he nodded. “These two are into stuff that turns me off, and not on, okay?” “What were they doing?” the woman seemed to be genuinely interested, and Tobias tiredly shook his head. “You don’t wanna know...” he muttered. “Or rather, I don’t want to recall it,” he said after seeing woman’s almost hungry expression. “However...” he thoughtfully stared at Raven’s unconscious body. “That psycho would never do anything to him if he didn’t agree to it...” He glanced at the woman. “Whenever it came to pain, he...” Tobias nodded at Raven. “...would be the one to inflict it, and not the other way around... I don’t think that son of a bitch even tried that...” he added thoughtfully, and the woman shrugged somewhat impatiently. “Great story,” she said quickly. “Psychotic son of a bitch actually falls for someone... I should write a script about it, really... If I do it right, I will be famous for years! However,” she hemmed. “If I succeed...” she closed her eyes briefly. “I won’t need a stupid script,” she finished with a small nod, and opened her eyes. “Hurry up,” the butler said tightly. “I don’t have a slightest desire to be here again when that fucking blond comes back...” He nervously glanced around. “I almost crapped my pants two weeks ago,” he nodded quickly. “I am about to leave, and then there is a fucking doorbell-ring... Talk about fright...!” “Right,” the woman nodded and looked at her car keys. “Well, good night, Tobias... I will call you when I am sure my blood is dominant, okay...?” “Right...” the butler gave her another stiff nod. “Night, Magdalena...” He watched the woman sliding into the driver’s seat and shoving her key into ignition. He threw a last look at unconscious Raven. “Serves you right,” he thought darkly. “Whoever who is willing to do whatever you were doing to that bastard, deserves to rot in hell... And you were more than willing, all right...” He watched the car disappear in the night, and then he quickly went inside, took his keys, and left the house without leaving any traces of the fact that he was even here. When he stopped on the Stop sign, which led into one of the main roads, he became cold when he saw a hatefully familiar car waiting patiently across the street from him. “Shit...!” he thought desperately. “If he ever paid any attention to what I am driving...” That didn’t seem to be the case, however; blond’s vehicle crossed the street without as much as pausing by Tobias’ car, and the man let out a very shaky breath, reminding to himself once again to show up for work tomorrow morning.
  6. Katya Dee

    Chapter 14

    Hmm, interesting thought... Could be, could be indeed...
  7. Katya Dee

    Chapter 14

    - XIV - It was three months later, and Raven was deliriously happy, unbelievably frustrated, and disgusted with himself all at the same time. Happy was clear – he and the blond clicked together so much that it seemed unreal. When Raven moved into the house, almost every single staff member’s expression read identical, “Oh, God, now there are two of them...!” Raven couldn't care less about that, however. Julian kept his word (as he always did), and he wouldn’t go anywhere (where sex would be involved) without Raven, and he would never involve kids into any of his ‘parties.’ Seventeen wasn’t ‘kids’ in Raven’s book, so that didn’t bother him too much. Soon enough, he started to realize that he and the blond weren’t much different indeed; he had that realization before, but now, it hit him with full force, which smoothly led into frustrated part. He realized that he started to look forward to Friday nights when the ‘parties’ would usually take place. That alone wasn’t a problem, however. The problem was that he also realized that he actually liked to see the blond in action, which was disturbing to say the least. However, it remained the same. Every time he would see Julian perform something in his usual (brutal) manner, instead of becoming disgusted, terrified, or at least concerned, he would be turned on to the point of exploding. Julian was perfectly aware of that even though Raven tried to hide it from him at first. Whenever it came to pleasure, Julian turned into a Blood Hound – he simply knew, as if he had some sort of a sixth sense. That was why Raven felt incredibly frustrated. As for disgust with himself, that feeling appeared inside him the very last Friday, two days ago, after yet another ‘party.’ The blond did something along his usual lines to some unfortunate dark-eyed young woman, which left her back one bloody mess. Before Raven knew it, he was cleaning that mess with his tongue, Salamander watching him like a very horny hawk. Then, after they got home around five in the morning, they didn’t even make it to the bedroom. The farthest they got was the living room, which was quite a challenging task for the cleaning staff later in the morning. That was another thing – it didn’t matter how much ‘fun’ they would have on Friday nights; they would inevitably shake with barely controlled lust when they got back home, as if the events during the night were merely foreplay. Raven wasn’t a bit surprised at that reaction from the blond – he was a sex-crazed maniac; however, he was astonished to find out that he was the exact same way. It wasn’t as if Julian influenced or changed him somehow – Raven knew that. He always had this dark side; he simply would never feed it before. He always got off on drinking blood, and when he got involved with the blond, he realized that he enjoyed hurting him immensely. He didn’t think he would feel the same way about hurting someone else, but alas, that appeared to be the very disturbing case. That was why he felt disgusted with himself. Today was Sunday, and he lay on the bed with his eyes closed; frustration, disgust, and happiness making his head hurt. The thought of separating himself from Julian never even occurred to him – he was addicted to the blond, to say the least. That and he knew that Salamander would not let him go even if Raven somehow, managed to convince himself to get away from him (which would never happen). Julian wasn’t lying three months ago, when he said that it wasn’t about sex anymore. “Goddammit...” Raven muttered and gritted his teeth. He was somewhat startled to feel a cool touch on his neck, and opened his eyes. Julian finished his shower, it seemed, and was kneeling next to the bed, his lilac eyes solemn. “Twice a month,” the blond said, and Raven blinked at that. “What ‘twice a month’?” he asked with a small frown. “The parties,” Julian nodded. “They will be happening twice a month from now on.” Raven’s frown deepened and he sat up. “Why?” The blond sighed. “Because I hate watching you execute yourself silently every time after we come back from one,” he said patiently, and Raven blinked again. “Julian...” Raven started slowly, but the blond interrupted him. “I’ll switch to once a month without any problem,” he said seriously. “I don’t need them now as much as I did before anyway.” “Julian...” Raven said again, feeling puzzled, relieved, and regretful at the same time. The blond sighed again and pressed his chin into his palm. “I am a different matter, Raven,” he said quietly. “I welcomed this side of me; you will never be able to welcome it... Therefore, twice a month.” “Fine,” Raven let out a small smile. “I am going to take a shower now...” “Go ahead...” Julian purred in his usual manner, and Raven got off the bed, absent-mindedly tugging on the belt of his jeans. He almost made it all the way to the bathroom when he heard his phone ring. He thought of letting it ring, but then figured that it might be Magda with yet another job – he didn’t have any ever since the mirror, and to be honest, he missed that. Therefore, he sighed, turned around, took a step towards the ringing phone, and... ...he stopped in front of some strange-looking pillar, somewhere that looked like a very fancy basement. He dumbfoundedly looked around with the only thought in his mind: “Huh?!” “It’s you?” someone’s incredulous voice said, and Raven turned towards it. Then he blinked more rapidly. It was some woman who seemed to be in her mid-twenties, her short hair light-auburn, features sharp and small. “Who the hell are you...?” Raven said slowly and glanced around once again. “And where am I...?” The woman let out an exasperated sigh. “How in the world did you do this?” she said with a puzzled frown, ignoring Raven’s question. “And even better question, why?” “Did what?” Raven asked with even more amount of dumbfoundedness as before. The woman briefly closed her eyes as if composing herself. “Oh, for the love of...” she muttered and opened her eyes. “Do you have any idea how frustrated and upset I was?” she demanded. “God...! I was tearing my hair out... Literally,” she nodded energetically. “Hell, when I realized that it was attuned to someone...” “What was attuned...?” Raven felt like he was having an incredibly vivid dream Then it dawned on him. “I am dreaming, aren’t I?” he looked around again. “Holy hell, this is a dream, isn’t it...?” “Yeah, yeah,” the woman waved her hand impatiently. “It’s a dream! Now, get closer, will you?” Raven took several steps towards her even though he wasn’t planning on it. “I was going to kill you instantly,” the woman nodded energetically. “But if I don’t get some answers right now, my curiosity won’t let me sleep during the night, therefore...” She stopped talking and narrowed her eyes, studying Raven’s expression. “Bloody hell...” she finally said in a lower voice. “You have no idea what I am talking about, do you...?” “No,” Raven answered honestly, thinking that this was one hell of a vivid dream. The woman took a deep breath. “The attuning, dipshit,” she said in a low voice. “Now, judging by your expression, I am going to say that you have no idea it even happened...” she laughed shortly. “Damn...! A bloody accident...! And I thought that I would go nuts... Damn...” she said again and shook her head. “Anyway, I am going to ask you a single question, and then I am going to kill you, so I can break the bloody attuning once and for all...” She took a quick breath, ignoring Raven’s rapid blinking. “Okay, the question is...” she glanced at something behind Raven’s shoulder, and frowned with almost ridiculous astonishment. “What the hell is he doing here?!” she asked in sharp disbelief, and Raven turned his head. “Julian?” he asked incredulously, and the blond looked at him with great confusion. “I am dreaming about you...?” he shook his head. “I mean, I did dream about you before, but you would never wear anything... Holy hell...” he shook his head again while the blond got closer. “Or I am dreaming about you...” Julian said slowly. “I don’t think this is a dream, however...” He looked around, and when his gaze fell onto the young woman who looked defeated right now, one of his eyebrows immediately flew up, reminding Raven of that butler three months ago. “Celeste?!” he said incredulously, and Raven looked at him with even more puzzled frown. “Hello, Uncle,” she said with desperate calmness, and Raven forgot how to blink. “Uncle...?” he repeated slowly. “She is your niece...?” The blond looked at him and silently nodded. “Holy hell...” Raven muttered with disbelief. “Celeste, what are you doing?” Julian asked with forced calmness. “Why did you drag us here?” “I didn’t drag you,” the young woman said with a heavy, desperate sigh. “I beg to differ...” Julian looked around again, and Celeste closed her eyes. “I had no idea it would be you...” she muttered. “Or that it would be more than one person for that matter...” she added a minute later. “How did you do that...?” “Did what?” Julian’s voice sounded dangerously-even right now. “Celeste, I am running out of patience...” The woman sighed and opened her eyes, looking more and more desperate by the minute. “The attuning...” she muttered. “Attuning...?” Julian frowned. “Celeste, the last time I attuned anything to myself was twenty years ago...” “No,” she sighed again. “Three months or so ago...” She took something from the table in front of her and slowly lifted her hand. “See this?” she said tiredly, and Raven frowned. “That’s the mirror I got from the old hag...” he muttered. “Yeah,” Celeste sighed again and put the mirror down. “See,” she looked at Julian. “Olivier and I...” “Speaking of your brother...” the blond glanced around. “Where is he?” “He’ll be here soon,” Celeste nodded. “Anyway, Olivier and I found out about a very nifty although somewhat dangerous old spell... We were willing to take our chances, however... We needed a couple of objects, so...” “What spell would that be?” Julian asked tightly, his intonation nowhere near his usual purring drawl. “Oh,” Celeste sighed again and leaned onto the table with her palms. “Has to do with realities curve crossing... If performed correctly, it will grant you some very serious powers... Since Olivier and I are both Guardians, we figured that if we succeeded, then it would get Reagan’s points so high up that...” “Yes,” Julian interrupted her darkly. “I remember reading about a spell like that. It has a fifty-fifty chance of success...” “As I said,” Celeste shrugged somewhat smugly. “We were willing to take our chances...” Julian closed his eyes for a few seconds. By now, Raven knew him well enough to be able to tell that the blond was restraining himself from doing her bodily harm. “You were willing to take a chance of getting annihilated and leaving Reagan with only two Guardians?” he asked evenly and opened his eyes. “Celeste, are you completely brainless?” She blinked somewhat rapidly as if the idea that she might fail had never even occurred to her. “Uncle...” “Never mind,” Julian said sharply. “It is obvious to me that it will not happen; therefore, I don’t care right now. Why the hell did you drag us here?” “Because when I tried attuning the mirror to myself, it wouldn’t let me!” she said with exasperation. “Olivier decided to wait for me to attune the mirror before doing the same to the medallion, but the damn mirror kept throwing me off! Finally, I realized that it was already attuned to someone, so I started looking for a spell, which would help me find that dipshit... Took me a while to find the right spell,” she gloomily glanced at Raven. “I perform it, it succeeds, I am thinking, well, finally, and now...” She looked at the eerily calm blond. “Breaking the attuning is out of the question,” she finished bitterly. “You ruined my plan, which I was working on for quite a long time, thanks... That and it cost me a hell of a lot of money,” she nodded. “When you hired him to get the mirror,” Julian said so calmly that Celeste took a small step back. “Were you aware of the fact that the owner of the mirror could control black streams?” “Yes,” Celeste said slowly with a puzzled frown. “That’s why I hired him and not someone else... I needed the best thief out there, since I wanted to make sure he succeeded...” “Why didn’t you warn him?” the blond asked insinuatingly. “Because if he knew, there would be a big chance of him declining the job,” she shrugged. “I didn’t want to take that chance.” “Do you know that you almost got him killed?” the blond’s purring drawl was back, but it sounded icy-cold right now. Celeste glanced at content-looking by now Raven, and slowly blinked. “No,” she muttered. “I did not know that...” Julian didn’t say anything else; he simply closed his eyes for a second, and then Celeste’s entire body got immobile-rigid, her eyes huge and dark. Raven immediately knew that he just hit her with that nasty spell of his. He watched her paralyzed expression with mild curiosity, wondering what level of pain Julian threw at her. Finally, after five minutes or so, the blond closed his eyes again, and Celeste let out a shaky, moaning breath. She pressed both palms into the tabletop and took quick gulps of air. “I...” she said after a few minutes. “Uncle, I am sorry... Oh, God...” “Why in the world did you drag me here?” Julian asked, his expression somewhat bored by now. Celeste raised her head, her face still pale. “I...” she coughed. “I didn’t... I didn’t even know it would be more than one person... If you don’t know anything about the attuning, then how is it possible that blood of both of you ended up on the mirror...?” Julian frowned thoughtfully for a second; then there was a sudden revelation reflecting in his eyes. “I know how his blood got there...” he said slowly and looked at Raven. “That night,” he said. “When the cat attacked you... You were bleeding rather heavily...” Raven frowned at that. “I didn’t touch the mirror after the cat jumped me,” he said in a low voice. “I put it away right before it attacked me.” “Yes,” the blond nodded. “You didn’t but I did; and I am sure that I had some of your blood on me when I touched it... I never noticed it,” he shrugged, and now it was Raven’s turn to reflect revelation. “And since your blood is pretty much mixed with mine by now,” he said slowly. “This is why it got attuned to both of us...” “Huh,” the blond said thoughtfully. “What do you mean?” Celeste asked in a more composed voice. “Your blood is mixed with his...?” Julian threw her a quick glance. “He drinks it,” he said shortly, and Celeste blinked at that. “Freak,” she muttered under her breath, making sure the blond didn’t hear her. “Now that everything is resolved,” Julian said calmly. “And that you are aware of the fact that if you as much as look at him the wrong way, you will be sorry, send us back.” “Umm...” Celeste said, and Julian looked like he was about to hurt her again. “Let me guess,” he said dangerously. “You don’t know how...” “I am sorry,” she said in a small voice, and the blond closed his eyes for a few seconds. This time, however, it seemed he was simply composing himself. “I will drive you,” she said quickly, and Julian opened his eyes. “Give me the car keys,” he said shortly. “I will drive us. You can get your car later.” She pulled a set of car keys out of her pocket and cautiously made her way towards the blond. “I am sorry, Uncle...” she said again, and he grabbed the keys. “Let’s go,” he looked at Raven, who seemed to be rather thoughtful by now. “Hold on,” Raven said slowly and looked at Celeste. “You were about to complete the spell, correct?” “After I broke the attuning, yes,” she nodded stiffly. “Wouldn’t you need all of the... artifacts?” he asked in the same thoughtful voice, and Celeste frowned. “Yes,” she said slowly. “I do have all of the artifacts,” she nodded. “What about the rock?” Raven said, and Julian frowned at that. “He still has it...” “What rock?” Celeste blinked. “The dark-green rock,” Raven looked at her intently. “The first job you hired me for...” “The first job I hired you for was the medallion,” Celeste said as slowly as before. “I have no idea what rock you are talking about... Why the hell would I need a rock...?” “Magda said that all three jobs came from the same people,” Raven said, clearly puzzled. “She also said that you were asking her whether I reconsidered...” “I don’t know what rock you are talking about,” Celeste shook her head. “I only hired you twice – for the medallion, and then for the mirror... Hold on,” she narrowed her eyes. “You said he still has it...” she glanced at Julian. “Someone hired you to steal a rock from him...?” “That’s how we met,” the blond nodded. “Romantic story, really...” “You have a very interesting definition of romance,” Raven said solemnly, and now there was that small smile, playing on Julian’s mouth. “Yes,” he agreed and looked at Celeste. “So you never hired him for the rock...” he said mostly to himself, ignoring another head shake from her. “Interesting... However, I will figure it out later; the rock is safe for the time being, and if I were you, I would use my brain next time another dangerous spell caught my attention...” She started saying something, but Julian ignored it. “Let’s go,” he said to Raven, and Celeste thoughtfully frowned after watching blond’s arm drape around Raven’s shoulders in a possessive fashion while they walked away. “Well, spank me upside down...” she muttered when they left the room. “I thought it was impossible...” “Did you find the person?” someone asked, and Celeste slowly nodded without even looking around. “Yes,” she said. “Where is he? She...?” The owner of the voice came closer; it was a young man who looked strikingly identical to her – the same light-auburn hair, the same features, and even the same body complexion. In fact, if they were wearing the same clothes, it would be rather impossible to tell the difference between them. Celeste sighed and turned towards her twin. “We failed,” she said bitterly, and young man’s eyes widened at that. “We failed,” she repeated with a nod. “Guess who the mirror is attuned to...?” The young man frowned quizzically. “Julian,” Celeste sighed, and her twin’s expression became dumbfounded. “Yeah,” she nodded again. “Gets even better... Not just Julian, but his...” she stuttered for a second. “...his mate as well...” “Mate...” the young man repeated very slowly. “Vivienne...?” Celeste rolled her eyes. “No, Olivier,” she said impatiently. “Not Vivienne... How in hell do you attune something to someone who’s been dead for nine years...?” “I don’t understand...” Olivier said as slowly as before. “Apparently, Uncle has a new mate,” Celeste said, and then nodded at her brother’s expression. “Tell me about it...!” “Did he say it was his mate?” Olivier was clearly trying to make sense out of this. “No,” Celeste sighed. “But he didn’t have to... You should have seen him...! It doesn’t matter if they haven't announced it yet -- it’s just a question of time. Believe me, though, they are mates, all right...! Julian hit me with that nasty shit spell of his when he figured that I knew about black streams... Apparently, that guy was almost killed...” “Hold on...” Olivier looked beyond puzzled. “His mate it that thief?!” “Yeah,” Celeste nodded and went back to the table. She started gathering all the candles she had arranged there earlier. “Apparently, he tried to steal some rock from him, and that’s how they met... I don’t know,” she shrugged at Olivier’s unasked question. “That’s what he said. Anyway...” she sighed and left the candles alone. “Those were very unpleasant twenty minutes... Even with the spell aside, he looked like was going to kill me on the spot; and he wouldn't give a damn about the fact that I am the Air Guardian,” she nodded. “Believe me, if someone does anything to that guy, they are going to be beyond sorry... As I said, however, I just had very unpleasant twenty minutes... Make me feel better...” Olivier blinked several times, still digesting the information about Julian, and then he let out a small smile. “How much water do you want?” he asked in a low voice and walked closer. “More than usual,” she smiled slowly. “I want a hell of a whirlwind...” “Say when to stop...” he murmured, and then he was kissing her neck, thinking that this was pretty much the only thing Julian wasn’t into. His Uncle would never eye even one of his distant relatives, let alone his twin sister if he had one. Olivier didn’t care though, nor did Celeste. They were perfect together, and the question of right and wrong never bothered either one of them.
  8. Katya Dee

    Chapter 13

    - XIII - When Raven woke up, it was almost eleven in the morning. He blinked several times, chasing sleep away from his hazy eyes, and then he noticed Julian’s arm wrapped around his waist. He thought of last night, and an unwilling smile snaked across his lips. He thoughtfully looked at the peacefully snoozing blond, trying to figure out whether he wanted him to wake up or to stay asleep. Then he frowned, realizing that usually, at this time, Julian would be in one of his offices for almost three hours by now. He thought about what day of the week it was. Wednesday, he remembered. Yup, the blond would be definitely in one of his offices. He slowly ran his fingers through that luminous blond hair that was somewhat splattered with blood due to last night. Julian slightly shifted without opening his eyes, and that was when Raven knew that he definitely wanted the blond awake right now. He propped himself on one elbow and started tracing his finger down the sleeping man’s face, as if he were painting him onto invisible canvas. He traced his eyebrows and smoothly slid down the bridge of his nose, thinking that the blond was definitely one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen in his entire life. Dangerous, twisted, sometimes even demented, but beautiful nevertheless. His fingertip made its way towards that sensual mouth, and Raven was tracing it slowly, one lip at a time, when Julian’s eyelids finally fluttered, and his eyes slowly peeled open. “What...” he muttered in a low from sleep voice, and Raven didn’t let him say anything else, covering his mouth with his own. Julian’s eyes stayed open for several seconds, and then they slowly closed and his hands made their way towards Raven’s hair. To his own amazement, Raven didn’t feel like hurting the blond right now. That was new; usually, he would be almost shaking with anticipation of inflicting at least something on him, it didn’t even matter what – anything would feel good. Right now, however, he didn’t want to hurt him at all. He caressed Salamander’s mouth with his tongue, and when the blond made an attempt to get on top, Raven pushed him back down without saying anything and without breaking the kiss. Julian obliged and sank his fingers even deeper in Raven’s hair, responding to the kiss hungrily by now. Raven loved that hunger, it made him almost dizzy. He pushed off the blanket and slid out of blond’s mouth, starting to travel across his face and down his neck and chest. He didn’t place a single hard bite on that smooth skin – just nibbles. Then he briefly wondered if the blond was even enjoying this, and threw a quick glance at his hips. Yeah, he was definitely enjoying this, Raven thought with relief as the proof of that enjoyment twitched in hard appreciation. Raven made his way towards that proof, and when his quick tongue wrapped around it, Julian’s throat produced a low moan, which made Raven lap at the first tears harder. The blond tangled his fingers in Raven’s disheveled by now hair, and the smaller man expected him to start guiding his head or setting up a certain rhythm, but Julian never did. He just caressed Raven’s hair without as much as pushing his head, giving him all the control, which was also new. Usually, Salamander would be the one to set up tempo, rhythm, and everything else. Raven never complained about that – it was more than fine with him. Right now, however, he wanted to be in charge, and he expected the blond to refuse to give up the control, and when he didn’t, it made Raven’s head spin even more. He lapped at those tears that kept on coming, and worked his mouth slowly and thoroughly, making blond’s hips lift off the sheets, getting intoxicated on the moans Julian’s throat was producing pretty much nonstop by now. He performed a certain tongue trick, which was one of his best moves, and blond’s hips thrust upwards almost violently when he did that. “Oh, fuck, Raven...” he muttered breathlessly, and that made Raven to slow down drastically. There was not a single time the blond would call out his name while they were getting lost in a haze, not a single time since late August. Raven would scream out Salamander’s name quite often, but Julian never moaned Raven’s out even once. He realized that he slowed down too much and picked up speed, making those hips to lift off the sheets once more. After a long while, and after at least three more ‘Oh, fuck, Raven...!’ the dark-haired man started traveling upwards, still without a single hard bite. He made it all the way to Julian’s face and latched onto blond’s mouth, letting him to taste himself on Raven’s tongue. Julian’s hunger was in full bloom by now, and that almost made Raven to lock his teeth hard on one of blond’s lips, but he stopped himself at the last second. He didn’t want to hurt him right now, and even his thirst for blood wasn’t strong enough to outweigh that. He kissed the blond for several more minutes, and then he pushed him down once again after Julian attempted to pull himself up. Julian dropped down on the pillows, his breathing nowhere near composed by now, and he watched the smaller man with a silent question in his lilac eyes. He growled something unintelligible, which ended with ‘...Raven...!’ when the dark-haired thief suddenly impaled himself on his body, and then he placed his hands on the slender hips that were mounting him. Raven threw his head back, moving excruciatingly slowly, setting his own rhythm, musing about the fact that the blond was letting go of control so willingly, letting Raven to be the one in charge this time. He found the right angle almost instantly (with Julian it was an unbelievably easy thing to do) and shuddered sweetly, welcoming those brilliant sparks. He looked down when he felt Salamander’s touch on his right wrist. Julian guided Raven’s hand towards brunet’s leaking by now length, and placed it onto the warm slick flesh. “I like watching you...” he muttered breathlessly, and Raven gave him a small smile, wrapping his fingers around himself. He started sliding his hand up and down, his slow strokes matching the rhythm of his hips, making sure that he only applied minimal pressure – unlike Salamander, Raven couldn’t last for as long as he wanted, therefore, he took precautions. He kept that excruciatingly slow rhythm for a while, Julian’s fingers digging into his hips without trying to grasp control, and finally, his body started moving faster – all on its own, it seemed. The blond watched him with half-lidded eyes, his teeth locked on his bottom lip, his breathing short and uneven. That intent, hungry look made Raven’s fingers to wrap tighter around his pulsating self, and his hand set a quicker pace – the pace that his hips followed immediately. He knew that as of now, he wouldn’t last much longer if he didn’t slow down, and he wouldn’t do that – it felt too damn good to slow down right now. His hips agreed with him wholeheartedly and picked up even more speed, making his hand to mimic that. Julian’s hips followed the rhythm eagerly, meeting Raven’s movements halfway, satisfying that silent ‘More, more, more...!’ demand that was pulsating in Raven’s hazed mind. Raven bit his lip and threw his head back when he felt that oh-so-familiar splash in the pit of his stomach. To his surprise, it wasn’t growing as quickly as he thought it would. Instead, it was building up slowly, almost lazily, making him shudder in sweet anticipation. He knew that he was moaning so loudly by now that it was probably heard by whoever happened to be in the house at the moment, even though the door of the bedroom was closed, and he didn’t care. His hand tightened its grip and started moving faster yet, making the build-up to grow a hell of a lot quicker. “Julian...” he moaned without opening his eyes. “Julian, oh, God...” “Raven...” the blond muttered in a very uneven voice. “Shit, Raven... Come for me...” Those words were the final push, and Raven screamed out when his body eagerly obliged, making the fingers of his free hand to helplessly dig into blond’s hip. The blond mumbled something unintelligible, his back arched tightly, and Raven felt his wild spasms, which made him shudder even more. “God...” he breathed after they both stopped thrashing, and fell on top of the breathless blond, panting. “God...” “That was... different,” Julian said after a minute or so without opening his eyes, and Raven managed to lift himself up on one elbow. “I didn’t feel like hurting you... Did you like that?” he asked in a low voice, and the blond looked thoughtful for a few seconds. “Yes,” he said finally to Raven’s satisfaction. “Once in a while it would be actually okay...” he opened his eyes and looked at Raven. “Just don’t make it a habit,” he finished, and Raven smiled at that. “I won’t,” he promised and kissed Salamander’s mouth. He laid his head on Julian’s chest several minutes later and closed his eyes, feeling a great nap looming on the horizon. “Why aren’t you at work, by the way?” he asked without opening his eyes, and the blond shrugged. “Didn’t feel like it,” he replied. “Don’t worry...” he said a few seconds later. “I am not going to go broke because of slacking off...” Raven laughed at that softly. “I am going to call a moving agency in a couple of hours,” the blond said, and Raven opened his eyes just so he could blink and frown. “Why?” he asked with genuine puzzlement. “You need to move something?” “Yes,” Julian said casually. “Your stuff... I will tell them not to take any furniture though... Unless there is something you really want or need.” Raven remained completely mute for almost a full minute. “Come again...?” he said finally. “Give me at least ten minutes,” the blond said seriously, and Raven didn’t even smile at that. “You are going to move my stuff...?” Raven lifted himself up on his elbow once more. “Where to...? And why for that matter?” “Here,” the blond said as seriously as before. “As for why...” he shrugged. “Because that’s what I want.” “I don’t think so,” Raven said after another minute of stunned silence. “First of all, I like my apartment...! Second of all, I paid rent for the next month already...! Third of all... I don’t think so!” he said again with determination. “So I take it as a no for the furniture?” Julian asked as if he didn’t hear a single word. “You don’t need or want anything?” “Julian...” Raven said with great restraint. “I am not moving...!” “Don’t worry about the rent,” the blond ignored those words as well. “They will give it back to you.” “It’s non-refundable,” Raven said automatically and closed his eyes. “Believe me,” the blond said with content. “They will give it back to you.” “Julian...” Raven said again, and the blond pulled him down without letting him finish whatever Raven was about to say. Raven gritted his teeth with helpless frustration while Salamander’s arms wrapped around his smaller frame rather tightly. “Goddammit, Julian...” he said finally. “Look, I have a great deal on my apartment right now, okay? I don’t want to lose it because of your sudden whim...!” “Whim?” the blond repeated with an audible frown in his voice. “Yes,” Raven nodded against his chest. “Whim...! I am not one of your toys, and I don’t want to be thrown out into nowhere when you decide that you are tired of this particular game!” Julian pulled away just a little and propped himself up on one elbow, looking at Raven with a dark frown. Raven looked back at him without shifting his gaze. “This is not a whim,” the blond said slowly. “And no, you are not a toy; and no, I am not going to throw you out...” “Being on your sex-call six days a week is not enough anymore?” Raven asked quietly. “You want it to be twenty-four-seven now...?” Julian’s eyes darkened a little. “This is not about sex... Not anymore,” he said in the same quiet manner. “Then what is it about?” Raven wouldn’t look away. The blond looked at him silently for several minutes. “You,” he said finally, and now it was Raven who fell silent. “I want my desk,” he said finally, and the blond blinked at that. “Also make sure they get all my books.” “They will,” Julian nodded and lay down, pulling Raven closer. Raven sighed and wrapped his arm around blond’s waist, melancholically thinking that he would never even imagine that one dark-green rock would lead to this. “By the way,” the blond said a minute or two later. “Mmm...?” Raven asked without looking up. “If you will ever fuck anyone behind my back, I will kill you,” Julian said calmly, and Raven knew that he meant it. He looked up. “Ditto,” he said quietly, and now the blond looked thoughtful. “Parties...?” he said, and Raven gave him a small smile. “Those are okay as long as I am a major part of them,” he said, and the blond slowly nodded. “All right...” “And as long as the... guests... don’t appear on the scene more than once; no repetitions.” “All right...” “And I am not doing anyone younger than seventeen,” Raven finished, and now, the blond was silent for a long time. “Pity,” he murmured finally. “But all right...” Raven sighed once again, wrapped his arm tighter around Julian’s waist, and buried his face in the blond’s chest. He closed his eyes, knowing that this final ‘All right’ was as close to ‘I love you’ as it could possibly get in Salamander’s case. He was willing to give up one of his most favorite kinks for Raven, and that was enough to convince the dark-haired thief that he would not need his apartment from now on.
  9. Katya Dee

    Chapter 12

    He does. He just doesn't care.
  10. Katya Dee

    Chapter 5

    no but I used to play a certain MMORPG & one of many npc-s there had a line: "Come hither for I have much to tell you!" He'd say it every time you walked close enough to activate him. I found it funny every single time. The line is long gone after some updates & zone revamping, but I'd never forget it
  11. Katya Dee

    Chapter 12

    - XII - “I don’t get it,” Julian said several hours later, watching Raven trace every single cut on his chest with his tongue, cleaning them thoroughly. “I don’t get it,” he repeated after Raven shot him a quick look without raising his head. “The blood... I know, I am not the one to talk,” he hemmed after seeing Raven’s expression. “That’s not what I meant, however. I simply don’t get it.” Raven finally raised his head and smiled, running his tongue over his lips. Without saying anything, he traced one of the still bleeding cuts with his finger, and brought it to Julian’s lips. The blond looked at him thoughtfully, then looked at his finger with droplets of blood on it, shrugged, and slowly wrapped his mouth around slender digit. “I don’t get it,” he said a few minutes later, and Raven smiled again. “Believe me,” he said, lowering his face onto Julian’s chest once again. “It’s a very good thing that you don’t have this particular kink...” “I guess...” the blond closed his eyes, enjoying sensations on his skin. “By the way...” he said several minutes later. “For curiosity's sake... What were you after back in August when I caught you?” Raven blinked. “Goddammit,” he thought and briefly closed his eyes. “You managed to forget, you horny idiot...” He sighed, opened his eyes, and straightened up. “I was planning on telling you about it,” he nodded. “It might be important, I don’t know... I forgot,” he admitted. “Got distracted...” his eyes darted towards Julian’s hips and he sighed once again. “There is a rock in your office... Well,” he frowned. “It was there back in August, I don’t know if it’s still there.” “A rock,” Julian repeated slowly. “Yes,” Raven nodded. “Dark-green, oval-shaped rock.” “My paperweight?” the blond asked incredulously and propped himself on one elbow. “Someone hired you to steal my paperweight?!” “Yup,” Raven nodded again. “And they were willing to pay a hell of a lot of money...” “How much?” “Let’s say...” Raven said slowly. “Let’s say, I would be able to buy at least three of your paintings... Full price,” he added in a second. Julian frowned, clearly not buying it. “Are you sure...” he started saying, and Raven interrupted him. “Positive,” he said and reached for his pants. “I used to think it was some crazy prank, but now, after the mirror, I don’t think so anymore. Magda said those people were asking whether I reconsidered the whole rock deal... I said no.” “Just take it,” Julian shrugged, watching him getting dressed. “If they are willing to pay you...” “No,” Raven shook his head and pulled on his shirt without buttoning it. “That mirror got me thinking... It looked ridiculously simple, but I am sure it’s some sort of an artifact...” “Huh,” the blond reached for his clothes as well. “You think it’s the same case with the rock?” “Pretty sure it is,” Raven nodded. “And I have this feeling...” he shrugged. “I don’t know... I am not sure if I want someone to get hold of something like that, if it’s as nasty as I think it is... Is it still in your office?” “Yes,” Julian zipped up his pants, never bothering with the shirt, and headed towards the door. Raven glanced at the mess they left on the floor, and then shrugged and followed the blond. Someone would clean it, he thought, impressed by staff’s ability to stay out of Julian’s way; it seemed like they weren’t even here, which Raven knew wasn’t the case. They walked into the office, and Raven just sighed when he saw that very familiar desk. Apparently, Julian’s mind waves were on the same length as Raven’s, because the blond shot a quick look at the dark-haired thief, and there was a smile running across his mouth. Julian walked up to the desk and picked up a dark-green rock. “That’s the one?” he asked, and Raven nodded. “That’s the one... How much do you know about magic?” Julian thoughtfully looked at him for several seconds, as if contemplating something. “Enough,” he said finally. “I am not really into magic, but I know how to use it when I have to... Even though I don’t advertise that fact,” he added with a small nod. “Do you know much about artifacts?” Raven asked, trying to ignore the weird warmth that decided to stir deep inside his chest after he realized that the blond just told him something he didn’t want everyone to know. “No,” Julian looked at the rock. “I don’t know anything about that...” “How did you even get it?” Raven walked closer, staring at the dark-green rock. “Found it in some antique store a while ago,” the blond replied. “Liked the color and the shape.” “How long ago was that?” Julian shrugged. “Seven years ago... Maybe longer than that, I don’t remember.” “Put it somewhere,” Raven carefully touched the rock. “Like a safe... Just in case,” he shrugged after Julian looked at him. The blond frowned thoughtfully for a minute or two, and then nodded. “All right,” he said. “I don’t have a safe in the house though...” “Really...?” Raven blinked in disbelief. “Really,” the blond said patiently. “I don’t need it. I have one in my office, however... Let’s go.” “Are you going to get dressed first?” Raven asked, perfectly aware of the fact that he was glad all of a sudden that the blond wanted him to come along. “You look... complete,” he heard in his head and closed his eyes for a second. Julian blinked and looked at his bare chest. “Oh, yeah...” he muttered and handed Raven the rock. “Here, hold this.” ...An hour or so later, the rock was resting in a safe with a complicated-looking lock. Raven knew that lock wouldn’t stand a chance against him; however, he doubted that anyone else in their right mind would try breaking into Salamander’s office, let alone safe. He nodded, feeling strangely relieved, and followed Julian outside where he winced at that blasted wind, which decided to knock all breath out of him. “I am hungry,” Julian said and glanced at his watch. “Let’s go.” Without asking, ‘Go where?’ Raven followed Salamander to the restaurant across the street, realizing that he was hungry as well. After they finished their meals, it was only logical to go somewhere they served great coffee; therefore, they did just that. Right before they finished their coffees, Julian asked: “Do you enjoy pool? I mean the game.” Raven looked at him thoughtfully for a few seconds. “Pool?” he thought. “So now we are actually doing something together besides sex...?” He couldn’t figure out what he felt, but it was definitely not disappointment. “...complete,”Magda said in his head, and he blinked. “Yes,” he said finally. “I like pool.” “Let’s go,” the blond said with his usual smile and got up. Once again, ‘Go where?’ seemed like a futile and useless question. ...“So, tell me...” Raven said a couple of hours later, narrowing his right eye ever so slightly, measuring the distance between several balls. He slowly walked around the table, aiming the cue. “How many willing partners have you had...? Including me,” he shot a quick glance at Julian who was watching him through his eyelashes. The blond was silent for several seconds. “Three,” he said finally, and Raven almost messed up his shot. “Three?” he repeated incredulously after quickly fixing the alignment. “That’s it?” “That’s it,” Julian nodded, watching Raven pocketing five balls at once. Raven didn’t even bother asking how many partners the blond had in total. He suspected that Julian wouldn’t even know; he doubted that the blond kept count. “You are the third one, obviously,” Julian said, watching Raven intently. “My first willing one was a...” He let out a small smile. “Sex for hire,” he nodded, and Raven blinked. Julian certainly didn’t look like someone who would need a whore to get off. “I was eighteen,” the blond said, and Raven nodded. Now it made more sense, he thought. “He didn’t charge me, however,” Julian said in a thoughtful voice. “He said that he enjoyed it as much as I did, if not more...” He shrugged. “I didn’t argue.” “Did you hurt him...?” Raven tutted when he messed up the shot he thought he had pocketed. “No,” the blond walked around the table, aligning the cue. “He wasn’t into that.” “Who was your second one?” Raven asked after the blond performed an impressive shot. Julian straightened up and was silent for a few seconds. “Vivienne,” he said finally, looking at the tip of the cue. Then he looked at Raven. “She was my mate.” “Mate...?” Raven thought dumbfoundedly. “Was...?” he asked aloud. “Yes,” the blond nodded and turned towards the table once again, aligning the next shot. “She died nine years ago.” “What happened...?” Raven watched Salamander perform another impressive shot. “She...” the blond sighed and straightened up again. “She was killed,” he finished finally, and Raven frowned. “Killed...?” he repeated. “Yes,” Julian sighed again after his next shot wasn’t anywhere as impressive, and stepped aside to give Raven more room. “Business affairs,” he answered Raven’s unasked question. “She was one of the people running for the president’s chair of the company, and she was the one mostly to succeed... Someone did not want that. They hired an assassin.” “Was it your company?” Raven leaned on the cue, forgetting about the game. “It is now,” Julian nodded. “Do you know who placed the hit?” Raven finally remembered about the game and turned towards the table, eyeing the balls. “Yes,” Julian said calmly, watching Raven pocket four more balls. “How did you find out?” the dark-haired man straightened up a little, getting ready for the next shot. “I have my ways,” Julian answered solemnly. “What did you do?” Raven smiled to himself with the corners of his mouth after his shot went the way he planned. “Killed both of them,” the blond said thoughtfully, watching Raven to get ready to pocket the last ball. He stepped closer. “The woman and the assassin.” “A woman placed the hit?” Raven muttered, lowering the cue just a little, to get better alignment. “Yes,” Julian walked even closer, and Raven shot him a sideways glance. “What?” he asked when the blond just stood there without saying anything. “You are rather good at this,” Julian said and nodded at the table. “Oh...” Raven hemmed and looked at the ball again. “Yeah, I know... I pretty much won this game, you know that, right?” “Maybe,” the blond walked closer, and the minute Raven’s cue started moving, he placed his hand on the smaller man’s hip, and slowly slid the palm towards his inner thigh. Raven’s hand jerked and he missed the ball desperately and hopelessly. “Son of a...” he hissed and straightened up, glaring at the content blond. “I don’t think you’ll win this one,” the blond said and made his shot before Raven got a chance to do anything to him in return. “See?” he turned around after pocketing the last ball, and Raven gritted his teeth at that small, satisfied smile. “Bastard,” he muttered, putting the cue on the table. “Cheating bastard...” “I didn’t cheat,” Julian said with as much content as a minute ago. “You are simply easily distracted.” Raven narrowed his eyes, took a step towards him, placed one hand onto his shoulder, and locked his teeth on his bottom lip. The blond inhaled rather sharply at that, and his hand started making its way towards Raven’s hair. Raven bit his lip one last time, ran his tongue over it, making sure he got all the blood, and stepped back before Julian’s hand made it to his hair. “Let’s go,” he said, and the blond blinked. “That is a strange revenge,” he said thoughtfully, and Raven smiled without baring his teeth. “Let’s go,” he repeated. They went outside, and Raven almost laughed at quite a few dumbfounded looks he received from whoever happened to see him attack Salamander’s mouth several minutes earlier. Julian, it seemed, didn’t notice (or rather cared about) anything. They almost made it to the car when Raven suddenly stopped and muttered: “Ah, goddammit...” Julian looked at him with a silent question. “I left my wristband in there,” Raven said. “Took it off while playing... Be right back...” and he went back inside the building. He walked inside and watched the blond through the window. Julian walked up to the car, clearly intending to start the engine while waiting for Raven, shoved his hand into his pocket, frowned, checked the other pocket, and frowned even deeper. Raven laughed quietly, spun the key ring with the set of car keys on his finger, and made his way to the back door of the building. He walked outside, hid behind the wall, making sure he was protected from the wind, and pulled on invisibility, while watching quite puzzled by now blond. He waited until Julian went back into the building, which happened at least fifteen minutes later, walked after him, carefully made his way towards pissed off by then blond, and gently dropped the keys into his pocket, wondering if Salamander was going to keep his promise about not hurting him later on when he found out about his stunt. Then he went outside, threw off invisibility, lit a cigarette, and leaned on the car, his expression bored. Five minutes later, Julian stormed out of the building, and the minute he saw Raven, his eyes narrowed. “Where is it?” he asked shortly when he got closer. “Where is what?” Raven frowned in genuine confusion. “Ah, my wristband? Here...” he demonstrated his wrist. “My car keys,” the blond said evenly. “You made me freeze here for almost twenty minutes...!” Raven blinked at that. “Car keys...?” he repeated dumbfoundedly. “You lost your car keys?” “No,” Julian answered in the same even voice. “I did not lose them; you took them from me. Now I understand...” Raven shook his head and flicked away his cigarette. “I have no idea what you talking about,” he said seriously. “The last time I saw your car keys was when you put them in that pocket...” he nodded towards the said pocket. Julian’s eyes narrowed even more. “They are not in there,” he said with tight patience. “I checked all my pockets at least four times!” “Check again,” Raven shrugged. “You never know...” The blond rolled his eyes and put his hand into his pocket. Then he blinked quite rapidly and stared at Raven. “Got them?” the dark-haired thief gave him a gentle smile. “Sometimes, people don’t notice things, even after they look several times; it’s quite common, you know...” “Get in the car,” Salamander said shortly. “Happened to me a couple of times,” Raven shrugged lightly. “Get in the car,” the blond repeated in the same tone of voice. Raven sighed and walked to the passenger’s side. Julian started the engine and threw him a dark look. “I should’ve just left you here,” he muttered and threw the car in gear. Raven hemmed and rolled down the window. “Now who is easily distracted...” he said with a small snort and lit a cigarette. The blond shot him another dark look and turned on the heater. “You know,” he said. “Even with my promise not to hurt you...” “You won’t do anything to me,” Raven interrupted him and handed him a lit cigarette. Julian hesitated for several seconds, and then took it. “Why is that?” he asked without taking his eyes off the road. “How many people do you know who would willingly run a knife through you without killing you instantly?” Raven asked with genuine interest. Julian looked at him briefly. “I see your point...” he said finally, and Raven smiled. “Plus,” he said while dragging on his cigarette. “It was a very fair payback...” Julian’s mouth twitched with something that resembled a smile. “You owe me...” he said in a low voice. “I froze my ass there for at least twenty minutes...” “Well,” Raven shrugged. “Your perfect revenge would be to make me walk all the way to my apartment tonight... Because really...” he hemmed. “Whatever you want me to do to you... Or for you...” he nodded thoughtfully. “I would do it without the pressure of IOUs, and you know that...” Julian shot him another quick look. “I know,” he said in a softer voice. “You are going to make me walk to my apartment then...?” Raven frowned. “No,” the blond said immediately. “You gonna drive me...?” Raven blinked. “No,” the blond said once again; and this time, there was that small smile playing with his mouth. “Then what...?” Raven frowned with curiosity he didn’t need to fake this time. “You are not going anywhere tonight,” Julian said calmly, and Raven blinked yet again. “You are staying.” “Oh...” Raven said, trying to ignore whatever the hell it was that made him feel almost giddy. “Goddammit...!” he thought furiously. “Raven, you are thirty-bloody-four years old, and not seventeen...! What the hell...?!” His inner-self discarded his outburst with envious indifference, and he gritted his teeth in defeat. “Sounds fair,” he said evenly, and the blond gave him a smile. “I know,” was all he said until they got to the house.
  12. Katya Dee

    Part 2, chapter 3

    That's the thing though -- she can't get pregnant even if her partner is capable of procreation. Damien's existence is one hell of an enigma.
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