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Someday Out of the Blue

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Sub-genres: Suspense, Coming of Age

Connor Matthews, a shy boy who comes from an abusive family is accidentally hit in the head by a lacrosse ball one day, which leads him to meet Ryan, an attractive redhead, and his younger brother, Toby. Connor gradually learns to come out of his shell, but not without some traumatic experiences along the way.

This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.
Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. No parts of this story may be copied, reproduced, in print or in any other format, without express written consent from the author.

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Out of the blue lacrosse ball hit the Connor at school sport field. Ryan picked him up and took him home. Abused and neglected by his alcoholic mother, bullied in school, Connor find love, acceptance and support in new home, surrounded by Ryan, Toby and their mother. His road is not the easy one, there are many obstacles on it. Connor and his friends have to deal with anxiety, mental illness, sexual self-discovery, homophobia, rape, disease and death. Difficult to express his feelings, Connor uses his talent - singing and piano playing to send the massage to one he loves. Some of the everlasting classics - Elton John, The Beatles, Billy Joel and many others shows through the chapters coloring story with its sentiment. Through the story, Connor changes and turns into mature, self-confident, loving and supporting person. But he is not ideal, he is also making mistakes, faced with all the challenges one teenager could be facing.

What makes this amazing story unique is the reality of the plots and characters. Characters fall and rise again, they can be hurt but they can hurt others too. It is complex story which should be on every high school reading list.

The story ends with Elton John song Someday Out of the Blue, which is the title of the novel and last chapter. Lyrics summarize Connor’s feelings about Ray, his massage that he is ready to forgive and go on.

This is an old tale on GA and I’m not sure that author is still active writer but it’s unique style and message deserved to be read by new members of this fantastic community. I leave this review hoping that new readers will enjoy as much as I did.

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· Edited by sojourn

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This story is so well written Connor comes to life and immediately you want to hug him and protect his tough little heart and destroy those who would dare hurt such as he. You will feel his pain, his suffering, the joy he finds in music and the love he finds with Ryan. If you enjoy a "happy for now" tale that takes some twists and turns on the journey, you will not be disappointed as you watch Conner grow. It will leave you with a satisfied smile and wishing it would go on and on.

Like any good roller coaster it is exhilarating and must read.

Jim Ford

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Without a doubt one of the best stories I've ever read.

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Sam Wyer

   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

People toss round phrases like 'emotional roller coaster' all the time, but here, it's actually an understatement.  There's love, for sure, (and eventually), but theres also so much pain, and heartache, and moments that make you want to scream.

This story is epic, in pretty much every way, and I'm very grateful that I was pointed towards it.  Just... give yourself plenty of time, I've just wiped out an entire day - and it's worth every damn second.

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