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  1. sojourn

    Chapter 39

    I believe serious crimes were committed yesterday. Not all perpetrators were uninvited visitors to our Capital Building. Some of those criminals were elected to represent the people and yet sought to cast aside the results of a legitimate election in favor of establishing a dictatorship. For a senator or congressman to say they were challenging the election results as a “formal protest” and not an act of sedition of treason is just more convenient political bullshit. Can you say “plausible deniability”? I believe everyone who entered that building yesterday should be charged with felony tres
  2. sojourn

    Chapter 47

    Brilliant deduction Watson! (Another fictional gay couple.) thanks for posting your comments. (They are worth so much more than the paltry sum you charged me.) Jim
  3. sojourn

    Chapter 42

    Sometimes we choose not to separate the professional from the personal. I wonder if having a beer could again be done in today's polarized political environment. Even to nod across the aisle is tantamount to political suicide. Professional politicians also err in wanting to be liked instead of respected and wind up being neither. Are there any Statesmen left, or have we seen to often The Emperor's Clothes? Machiavelli said "It is better to be feared than loved , if you can't be both." Today,, that seems an anthem instead of a sly remark regarding two sides of different coins. Every Do
  4. sojourn

    Chapter 34

    Our conversations began with discussing authors and stories we both enjoyed. I think you had simply liked a comment or something similarly inane. I was pleased that we shared the same taste and valued the works or Mark Arbor, Tim Mead, and more than a few others. You inspired me to go back and revisit some of my favorites, which I did. My point is when I recall the writers and stories you listed as worthy of attention, I agreed. Now, to hear you say kind words about my stories really does flatter me. I seldom have a familiarity with my readers. And those with whom I do and say kind things
  5. sojourn

    Chapter 35

    "...something is wrong with me." Now, you have stumbled upon my Easter Eggs. I use lines and tittles shamelessly sprinkled throughout my stories. I feel they conjure up subliminal emotions and help create a paradigm as one reads. At one point, I included my favorite and one of the earliest Gay Love Ballads. "Danny Boy", I latched onto that when I heard Jackie Wilson sing it. As a boy I loved the notion it was sung by a man to a man. As an adult, I learned it was considered to be a father or grandfather biding farewell to his immigrating, Irish, progeny. When winter's come and all the f
  6. sojourn

    Chapter 36

    Bummer, I have yet to receive anything in the mail or otherwise as a result of my writings. $20 from each reader would have been INSPIRING. Instead, I am content when some hapless reader stumbles upon my work and comments or emails to express their impressions. A few of which have not been flattering. Thanks for posting your comments. Jim
  7. sojourn

    Chapter 37

    A prime example of how perceptions, in this case of the length, can inspire excitement in some and caution in others. Thanks for posting your comments Jim
  8. In all my stories, I think I have had very few "cliffhangers'". In my defense, I usually post chapters relatively quickly. But, some are just toooo good not to use. My apologies. Pickuptoy, I forgot that I must "quote" for you to get an alert that says I have responded to you comment. I will remember to do so henceforth. Thanks again for commenting, Jim
  9. sojourn

    Chapter 27

    Wow! I may have to revisit this chapter and see if Runt or Larry want to say more. No one reading this should consider that creepy, I simply mean that I write in the moment and then edit or ask for help editing, sometimes the same day. I have tried to explain. "I let the characters thoughts and observations, and interactions guide the tale." I just really meant to say, Thank you for posting your comments. I love it when my characters come to life for a reader and especially when that reader shares those thoughts with me. Jim
  10. sojourn

    Chapter twenty-two

    You see how some supporting characters kind of yell in my head. Yes, Yes, me and the pope and 37 million preachers hear voices in our heads. I just let folks know what mine say without collecting tythes or buying private jets. Seriously, I still love it when someone gets what I write. It really does make me smile. Thanks, Jim
  11. sojourn

    Chapter Nineteen

    Your kind words mean a lot. But, damn, I do love it when folks tell me they had rather read my stories than do other more practical stuff. Thanks for posting. Jim
  12. sojourn

    Chapter Eighteen

    I read that and I cannot believe my own brilliance! Can you? ( You know someone will read that and think "how conceited must he be?) But, what the hey. I should have had Jeff spurt his coffee all over like you did. Having raised my children coming up with quips for Maria. Kids do say the darndest things. You just have to listen. To me, it was no real effort to imagine that. I would not be surprised if one of my own said the same thing. Now if you go back and find the "i'd and i'd" my writing would all be perfect. Not only would I be brilliant I would be perfect. If I w
  13. sojourn

    Chapter Eighteen

    I tried to scan through again and find "orgasmed religion". I gave up. It is funny, but I swear to god, bill, fred, and george, I would have loved to see you spit chu coffee like that. I laugh even now jes reading about it . Heff far, I reread yer comment jes cause it was sooo funny. Sorry, but you are not the fist spitter i have encountered. Besides the obvious, I think I have been told about, coffee, OJ, soda of sevral types, including 7UP. Of that I am sure. I like the notion that I gotcha. Thanks for posting your comments Ps, there is an option to review stories here,
  14. sojourn

    Chapter sixteen

    I chuckle even now at the way readers engage with my characters. Reminds me very much of chess. All the limitations and abilities of each piece is known and every chess player has favorite pieces. The moves and interactions of a chess player reveal and inspire: threats, defensive actions, brashness, and empty bluster. Each new move has the potential to make a brand new game. and yes, I love inserting extraneous colloquialisms. Thanks again for posting. Comments are the only pay I get and the only way I know anyone ever reads my stories. Jim
  15. sojourn

    Chapter Twelve

    Not so hot and heavy. I want to build a website in which I post and trust myself and my readers as to posting. Thanks for the nice words. I do find that seeing my stories enjoyed warms me toward writing again. Jim
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