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  1. As to truth in national politics... I am interested in an comparative analysis involving feudalistic Europe and Japan with today's American society. I exclude today's oppressive or third world regimes because the aforementioned were reportedly the best of their time, just as America is considered to be today. I suspect the "freedoms" and the "western lifestyle" we "enjoy" today are probably just as dependent upon our individual compliance and productivity just as the peasants in those cultures. That in and of itself is not evil but the limits by socioeconomic status is not conducive to developing a free and just society. God, Gods, spirits, demons, witches, et al are simply tools to manipulate the fearful first use to explain weather phenomenon now to justify injustice and inequality. So, while we bicker about which party is at fault or which candidate will better serve, in truth, it is simply, "sound and fury signifying nothing". We the people are serfs, we are slaves, we are sharecroppers. The amenities and conditions may be better and the labels change with the times but the shackles still bind.
  2. Love is an amazing verb. It is not a declaration; whether shouted or whispered. It is seldom understood by those afflicted, nor by the recipients of such attachment. It can be the heaviest burden, or as light and strong and unstoppable as an angel's wings in flight. Love in all its many forms remains an illusive, unquantifiable enigma; immeasurable and unyielding in its depth. I am always warmed when love is made manifest in my life and in the fiction I read. I am encouraged by the love in grandmotherly smiles, warm embraces, in defending the defenseless, in easing a loved ones troubled soul, or simply an understanding embrace through a cold, dark and lonely night. When I find all these together, it warms me greatly. Bravo Zulu in capturing these many splendored love rs. Jim
  3. sojourn

    Chapter 5: Dike

    Love the mystery and the building tension. Good Grief Charlie Brown! I haven't googled so many unfamiliar terms since... Well ever... Can't wait to read more and it is already past my bedtime. Thanks for posting. Jim
  4. This story is so well written Connor comes to life and immediately you want to hug him and protect his tough little heart and destroy those who would dare hurt such as he. You will feel his pain, his suffering, the joy he finds in music and the love he finds with Ryan. If you enjoy a "happy for now" tale that takes some twists and turns on the journey, you will not be disappointed as you watch Conner grow. It will leave you with a satisfied smile and wishing it would go on and on. Like any good roller coaster it is exhilarating and must read. Jim Ford
  5. sojourn

    Chapter 13

    Thank you for your comments. It has been a while since anyone commented but it does encourage me to work again on the saga of the Adams family when they first came to Texas. I have a couple of chapters that have been sitting for a year or more... I short conversation with Cia made me think I should do more. Thanks again, Jim
  6. sojourn


    I was rather pleased with myself as soon as Mathew got hit the first time. I was smiling up until I heard the policeman call for assistance saying "one man shot". Son of a Bitch! Another cliffhanger! The only thing I can say is great story telling. Write Faster, Post Sooner! Jim
  7. sojourn


    Irritated as my comment written yesterday was somehow not saved. Oh well, so far my predictions have proved not very insightful which makes this tale all the more interesting. Can't wait for the conclusion but not ready to leave Leonard and Adrian. Freya is not the assailant but she is trying to prevent another murder... Leonard's. Write faster, post sooner. Jim
  8. sojourn

    Chapter 34

    I love this tale mostly because it includes lust and love between men in a time when most "decent people" would deny those interactions ever happened at all, ever in history. As to the political intrigue, it seems to me that little changes between, England, France, America, or Northern Europe. Language and customs may differ but if you were not at least landed gentry you and yours did not matter. Little has changed. Santayana must be LHAO! Write Faster, Post Sooner. Jim
  9. sojourn


    Well, the end is near and I will miss these guys when the final chapter is posted. Perhaps London will provide fodder for a new book about Lenny and Adrian and their growing relationship. The setup for the "famous final scene" is well crafted and somewhat predictable but with enough teasing to keep it interesting. I would have been awed had Adrian been the one to come in when Leonard heard the entry and they had viewed the packet over takeout. All that setup was begging the bad guy to "come on down". I am guessing the perp is a female who felt jilted by the relationship. Further, as I write this I am thinking it is the old maid who kept to herself. I am willing to bet she killed Luke's lover who was also her heartthrob Luke subsequently hanged himself. Of course, the idea that she loved Luke and killed her competition is speculation number 2. Now, let's see what Colonel Mustard did in the library to Mrs. White, after having had sexual congress with Mr. Green in the kitchen as Professor Plum peered from the butler's pantry while furiously masturbating. Write Faster, Post Sooner. Jim
  10. sojourn


    Great Chapter! Much too short. Paving the highway to happiness... Seems like there are a few potholes ahead. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Me thinks a picture may shed some unwanted light yet. Please, Write Faster, Post Sooner. Jim
  11. sojourn


    Well, we learned Auntie isn't the arsonist. Wonder if junior is torchbearer for mommy dearest. Leonard is the "Proper, restrained, refined, Englishman... except in matters of the heart, hearth, and in the bedchamber. I was hoping he would put a snarl on that stiff upper lip and punch the old bitch out with a stiff upper cut. Oh, well, can't have everything. But, hope springs eternal. Write faster, post sooner. Jim edit: Went back and read previous comments after my initial comment. I am laughing my ass off at the notion that I was more concerned that the refreshment was drugged than the tea and service and the subsidized housing. We did not learn the actual reason for the visit except for Auntie to glean more information about her "nephew". If her spy was competent she already knew Leonard was gay and that he certainly knew Adrian was also. Curiouser and curiouser. My request stands, WF,PS.
  12. sojourn


    Hmmm... there is something that moves me about past generations of men taking comfort, however fleeting, in other men. I wonder did any check for film inside the camera? No closer to finding the culprit and no suspects eliminated. Maybe those old photos say more than words. Curiouser and curiouser. Write Faster, Post Sooner. Thanks again for sharing your talent. Jim
  13. sojourn

    Chapter 2

    "Just keep in mind that he is a dominant. It's something that he can't change." I find it strange that there seems to be no compromise with regards to TC being a Dom and yet the original concept was to see David surrender his Dom status. I can only surmise, at this point, you are stating that since TC cannot change neither can David. Then the rest of this tale is simply seeing how they can salvage a friendship from a love affair. I can't help but think that reasoning is faulted since most married men seldom enjoy the level sexual activity they desire and in the positions they prefer and yet... I was married for 25 years and we had a mutually satisfying sex life that never involved another man. Something I strongly desired. I was faithful and monogamous for 23 years and raised three sons. So TC limiting his Dom play to satisfy his partner and to be with someone he loves,is to me, not beyond the pale. Unless David is about to meet a sub that is willing to sub for two Doms as one of the kids hinted. But then that premise was summarily discarded by David.
  14. sojourn

    Chapter 3

    I was right. TC found Dr. Phil and David has Dr. Ruth. I was always a big fan of hers. I like the notion of letting his "Dom come out to play" in order to reestablish his perspective when it comes to sexual role play. I also like the idea of exploring exactly why he ran. "Would I be enough for TC?"
  15. sojourn

    Chapter 2

    Still not a fan of TC's and his shrink is professionally weak in promising, "you'll be ready" when he should have legitimately encouraged TC by saying, "let's work on getting you ready to converse with David in an exchange that can address individual needs from a perspective of mutual respect that can rebuild trust in each other." Instead of making empty promises. Is this guy a classmate of Dr. Phil's? TC wanted and needed to Dominate David. David wanted to love and be loved by TC. I look forward to reading more, I think.
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