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  1. sojourn

    Chapter 51

    It is a quandary that people proudly raise the Christian banner but use it to gain wealth, power over their followers, and political influence. It is hard to accept anyone as a spokesperson for “Christian values” when they line their own pockets like the money changers that Jesus drove out of the temple. I believe in that what Jesus taught was the greatest social philosophy ever presented to mankind. It seems few if any take those teachings to heart. Thank you for commenting jim Ford
  2. sojourn

    Chapter 51

    Love Nana Atuwa's comment.
  3. sojourn

    Sweetest gift

    I figure nude is indeed artistically defined; naked is as in the shower; nekkid is when one is naked and "up to something". That last is credited to Lewis Grizzard, a humorist who would have been badder, if his Momma hadn't raised him alongside a conscience. PS, I hate cliffhangers, I think they should be banned from serialized fiction entirely... That is, if are not of my own making.😉 Write faster. Post sooner. Jim
  4. sojourn

    Potato Detox

    As responsibilities shift and caregivers roles get reversed or strive for a new equilibrium hearts can get broken and loved ones can feel used. What does the score look like now? Who has the most right to claim "victim"? Personally, I am in the Matt camp. Matt is trying to recapture something he surrendered. Unfortunately, Seamus' comes off as the spider to the fly. Righteous indignation only appears as a defensive weapon to those wielding it, as it slashes at the heart of a relationship. All this and now the Ex's family can enter stage left. And there I was thinking this story was complete just a few chapters ago... PLEASE, WRITE FASTER. POST SOONER!!!
  5. sojourn

    Chapter 44

    Thoroughly enjoyed this tale. This was not included in my review simply because I felt it might be to telling. I am not sure this comment conveys how important the "Moon Goddess" became as a character and how much she became as real as any of the other secondary characters. I felt the reverence in which the were children regarded her and acknowledged her hand. One thing that sets this apart from most "wolf" tales is the reverence for the Moon Goddess. With sublime prose the her character is woven as if she were watching over every cautious breath and every step of foot and paw. This story seems to be more real for the care that is taken to include the Spirit that overlooks creation and specifically those of her children who walk, run, romp, and hunt under her soft light. Those children who revere the sanctity and honor life. Still, this character was presented as totally unknowable as to whether she was to be benevolent or vengeful toward our protagonist. jim
  6. THIS MAY BE MY FAVORITE WEREWOLF TALE! Caution: If you have preconceived notions about "pack" laws, abilities, and behaviors, this story may set new standards of what is "real". This tale seems to make is all a bit more believable than some tales of this genre. I think most readers who is a fan of "were" fiction will find this story more than satisfying. I was pleased with the complexity of the characters and the plot twists and yes, a couple of predictable scenes. Lucky for me, I found it after it was complete. Jim
  7. sojourn

    Aidan vs. Matt

    Thanks for sharing you talent with us. This scenario is totally believable. Life as a parent can be at times, chaotic, frightening, and can leave one feeling totally incompetent and absolutely unappreciated. And then a smile, a warm hug, a loud and wet kiss on your cheek, or a snuggle when they are tired or sleepy overrides any questions or doubts as to why. The notion that Seamus is the Alpha, the provider, the primary caregiver and therefore his attention and affection are more valuable than Matts, has been reinforced by Matt's absence. Hopefully, the two weeks of not seeing Seamus will allow for an equilibrium to be established between Aiden and Matt. I am sure there are other issues that Matt and Seamus will have to contend with. I suspect that the time for bonding between brothers will be a time that challenges the bonds between Seamus and Matt. Write faster. Post sooner. Jim
  8. You make this all so easy to accept. The analytical approach that provides insights as to the operations of and the brain’s role in enabling psychic powers leaves open the possibility that all humans could become perhaps level IIs. Imagine a world in which politicians and priests could not tell a lie, heavenly. As our intrepid duo kept helping a very “clinical” Bart, I kept hearing that old adage, “no good deed goes unpunished”. thanks again DaddyDaveK for sharing your talents and such a great tale. Jim
  9. I love science fiction. Even bad sci-fi is entertaining if the story line is "believable". This story beginning is well crafted and more importantly is told in a way that one can almost accept telepathy and telekinesis as we see it evolve in Able III. The description of the ship was also at a level that I could conceptualize. All that "ease of understanding" of the major elements of the setting in a story are critical to my enjoyment. As I said, "I love Science Fiction." This is well beyond most sci-fi / fantasy stories I have begun on other gay fiction tales, on GA or elsewhere. This I get into just as I did the first volume of the "Do Over" series by Dom Luka. (been years since I read that. I hope the credit is correct.) I think the "reorganization of the brain" was an interesting and important element in creating a believable transition from normal to telepath. The communication with an AI is achieved by Able III by imagining his thoughts bypassing the microphone, keyboard, and engaging the "input" area of the AIs brain. Those thoughts could easily be converted by Able III into binary, tertiary, octal, or Morse code signals that the AI could "receive" as input. It is interesting that the transference of information is not part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The limits placed on Able III in future chapters will be telling as to the source of such energy. Who knows, this could actually be a glimpse into an evolutionary step for man. I certainly believe than AI interactions with a human brain using the electromagnetic spectrum is already doable and will certainly become the norm, even if after my lifetime. Great writing, thanks for sharing. Jim
  10. I like the way this is developing. I feel like the foundation has been built so that there are no expectations as to what I knew regarding telepathy or telekinesis in this universe. I didn’t really want to take away from my reading to post this comment but I had the best of intentions to write after each chapter but I was too eager to continue with Able III and his adventure. great story, Jim
  11. I thought, and said as much that the ending of the previous chapter completed a well crafted and enjoyable tale. Who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth. I love this story! WAHOO!!! WRITE FASTER. POST SOONER. Jim
  12. Well, I was right about Arby’s grandpa but never considered it was a tribe. Great story. Thanks so much for sharing your talent. Jim
  13. sojourn


    Bittersweet: can be defined as a time when the truth and apologies are not enough to ease the hurt even if the hurt was unintentional. This could serve as an example that using hurtful, hate-filled words can have unintended and sometimes life-altering consequences. “Use with caution”
  14. Donovan's life makes me think of kismet and karma getting into a pissing contest and this poor guy just keeps getting wet. I am enjoying this story as much as I enjoyed "Boss Nanny". These are the kind of tales that brought me to GA and the kind I most enjoy. There comes a time in a movie or a book where I find myself guessing what happens... This is one of those moments. Is it tacky of me to say aloud that Arby's grandfather is Mr. Neighbor? I think this kind of speculation is proof positive that a reader is committed to and is enjoying the story. Write faster. Post sooner. Jim
  15. sojourn

    Boss Nanny

    There are 14 chapters posted and it says in progress. At this point, it seems a completely satisfying tale with great characters, plot, subplot, and pacing that makes one click on the next chapter in eager anticipation. This story has made me reach for another of of this writer’s tales. Can’t imagine more chapters will make it better but I will be checking, just in case.
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