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  1. sojourn

    Chapter fifteen

    The “shame” is how few readers even noticed. Jubal is my mentor. I think that book should be required reading in all middle schools. It encourages thinking and more importantly, questioning. Two of my three sons are big fans of Heinlein.
  2. sojourn

    Chapter 2

    It was intended as a one chapter tale. Chapter one is a complete romantic tale. sorry this response is posted months after your query but GA has never sent notifications no matter what boxes I select. Jim
  3. sojourn

    Chapter 15 Final

    It was written at a time when I was finally able to touch the emotions that I felt after watching my “significant other” die from prostate cancer. There are arts that make me choke up when I read them even now. I am dealing with an online publisher to get it out on kindle and such. I hope it’s ready. Thanks for commenting. Jim
  4. sojourn

    Chapter 51

    I am aware of the shift you describe. The shift toward events was a reflection of the characters shifting focus from intimate interpersonal developing relationships to engaging extraneous goals. I felt it was appropriate. I am glad you liked some of it. Thanks for posting your comments. Jim
  5. sojourn

    Chapter 1

    Strange how "making a living" interferes with our lives. thanks for commenting. Jim
  6. sojourn

    Chapter 51

    Their beliefs are as impactful as that of the "Green Party" in national politics. When beliefs are on the line, facts and logic hold little sway. Your argument doesn't really serve as an example of why I might be wrong. First off, I think the denominations you site are almost insignificant in representative numbers. Unitarians have less than 200,000 members. The United Church of Christ, less than a million members. (I wasn't sure you meant the United Church of Christ or the United Church of God, so I googled both. The United Church of God damn sure doesn't believe in gay rights... I got to the "just like other sins" and quit reading.) The number of Jews in the world is declining, not increasing. The total impact of those "supportive" folks you cited is slightly less than that of the green party in our current national political scene. I am not even sure what Unitarians actually believe without googling them. Exactly what percentage of "christians" do you think support gay rights? By support, I mean what percentage of denominations welcome and respect gay members as equal in the eyes of god and man? Over 70 million American Catholics, 66 million Assemblies of God members, 16.5 million Southern Baptist Convention members vociferously oppose gay rights. That was just three I thought would be easily recognizable or at least somewhat familiar to the average reader, unlike your heroic examples. You may list "christian" and jewish denominations that support gay rights but they are in a very small minority compared to the membership of those that outwardly and actively oppose gay rights. I offer a comparison... Not all people under the Axis powers of WWII supported the attacks on foreign sovereign nations or the resultant killings, devastation, and destruction that ensued. However, a hellavu lot of their citizenry heeded the call to war. Our country declared war against Germany, Italy, and Japan, not some representative, political party, or royal family. There were no exceptions made for those who didn't agree with hitler, mussolini, or hirohito and yet stayed to fight against us. I would suspect that the percentage who didn't wholly support their leaders were a far larger percentage than the percentage of christians who may indeed support gay rights in spite of their denominations leadership's opposition and yet those nations fought for 6 deadly, destructive, and devastating years. Many, many, more christians oppose gay rights than support them. Let those that support gay rights make their church leaders come out in support of gay rights... then you may defend them with some dignity. I suspect that most christians and most republicans don't really give a damn about gay rights one way or the other. That is also a problem. I think your point is that "not all christians/jews/muslims hate gays. I never said every one of them did. I just said religion and republicans oppose gay rights and the facts bear me out. (I don't think it is any coincidence that 1/3 of all republicans are evangelical christians.) If you took the whole of the Abrahamic religions today, christians, jews, and muslims, what percentage would you say "support" gay rights? You sound like the guy who insisted that republicans were not all anti-gay. And yet republicans proudly oppose gay rights as a party platform, ipso facto, if you are a republican you support anti-gay legislation. They have promised to work to overturn "gay marriage". The republican led DOJ recently faced off against the EEOC by defending a boss who fired a man after learning he was gay. The man was represented by the EEOC who supported his claim of discrimination. And yet the Department of Justice went to court in opposition of gay rights. Your tax dollars at work on both sides of the issue of gay rights and discrimination. There's a lot that I don't know. There are a lot of things science cannot effectively explain but that doesn't mean that god has to be the answer to anything we can't explain. Early man couldn't explain nature so he turned to god. Ignorance is a transitory state if we choose to educate ourselves. We no longer worship the gods associated with the harvest, the sea, and our heroes are no longer identified as offspring of the gods. If we elect to not question then we will never find the real answers. I believe that all religion is bad, corrupt, and evil. (Please note I did not include philosophies in that statement unless some individuals get rich from espousing said philosophy.) I believe that republicans are anti-gay and more concerned with protecting their individual wallets than defending or even upholding the Constitution let alone "christian values". Democrats are only marginally better than republicans in that they are currently the only viable alternative. At least they openly say they support gay rights. I believe that if Constantine the Great had not realized that having one religion with one god would simply things all around and better unite his empire and his military we would likely be worshiping a plethora of different deities today. By god, he was right. It worked. You may believe in imaginary friends but I have indeed outgrown the need. I look for explanations, not rationalizations. If you want to discuss my views or just rant, my email address is sojourn1950@yahoo.com. As always, thanks for posting your comments. Jim When
  7. sojourn

    Chapter 1

    You are dirty-minded. That makes you my kind of people. Thanks for commenting. Jim
  8. sojourn

    Chapter 11

    I actually consider your confusion as to who to root for a compliment. Thanks for reading and for commenting. Jim
  9. sojourn

    Chapter 51

    Actually, shortly after this story began, I considered letting Jeff read the "Personal Journal of Winston Nathaniel Adams" with the idea of shifting the focus of this story to Texas in the 1870’s with "modern life" visited only in vignettes. I gathered enough "period" information for a viable tale and wrote the first chapter. I then decided, or more to the point my characters decided, Jeff and Paul's story deserved more attention. I don’t regret that decision but as this tale evolved, I felt the characters, Winston Adams and John Grant, stretch and grow more insistently in my conscious thoughts. I look forward to exploring cowboy, actually "Waddie" life through the eyes of a Bostonian lawyer seeking his fortune in the Wild West and a quick-tempered, down on his luck cowboy in a time that folks could not discuss straight sex without using euphemisms and alluded to gay sex, if at all, in only the most obscure terms. A time when "deadly" disagreements were more likely to be settled by "shoot first", "ambush", or "shoot 'em in the back" rather than the Hollywood myth of the "Main Street, quick draw, face-to-face, showdown." Thanks for posting your comments. Jim
  10. sojourn

    Chapter 51

    I agree with you about fear. We tend to associate fear with potential physical harm or the threat of death but the threat of change or possible loss may also inspire fear. Fear is one of those "lizard brain" functions that are hard to control. (Many people call it “The Lizard Brain” because the limbic system is about all a lizard has for brain function. It is in charge of fight, flight, feeding, fear, freezing-up, and fornication.) I may be crazy but I suspect the lizard brain maybe the root source or perhaps the cause of certain diagnosable mental disorders. Specifically, depression and feelings of inadequacy which I suspect relate to survival instincts. Yeah, I am still pondering the validity of that concept. Thanks for posting your comments. Jim Jim
  11. sojourn

    Chapter 51

    Screen writer huh? My sons and exwife often complained when I would guess a major plot twist or who the "perp" was in TV and movies. Only my youngest son shows the same "irritating" trait. Thanks for posting your comments. Jim
  12. sojourn

    Chapter 7

    We all have our issues, likes, and dislikes. Obnoxious bully is one I choose to not be around. thanks for posting your comment. Jim
  13. sojourn

    Chapter 15 Final

    Thank you for letting me know my story has moved you. Apparently your questions about Wylie, Linda, and BJ were answered. I'm glad. Thanks for posting your comments. Jim
  14. sojourn

    Chapter 12

    Humans behavior is complex and unpredictable. Even in hindsight it is impossible to say why someone reacted in a certain way to a given stimulae or situation. I was married and loved my wife, although I knew from childhood I was gay. So to me, them getting married was not a stretch. But, we all know their marriages, just like mine, will not end in "happily ever after". Thanks for posting your comment. Jim
  15. sojourn

    Chapter 11

    Your comment reminded me that my then editor reacted very strongly when he read the rape scene. He said, "Wiley would never do that!" I was flattered that he felt he knew the man I had literally created. When I persisted with my plot line, he quit. On the upside he has become a devoted fan who consistently posted comments both favorable and otherwise. Thanks for posting your comments. Jim
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