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  1. badbart

    TWB Ch 7

    Who is Fletcher mentioned early in the story regarding Mum? "she also had to look after Fletcher and keep us all fed,"
  2. badbart

    Chapter 33

    Just for your info, Cadenza definition: In classical music, a cadenza is a long and difficult solo passage in a piece for soloist. A credenza is a cabinet-style piece of furniture that is typically used in a dining room.
  3. This has been one of the best series ever. Never boring and always moving forward. Thank you for giving me this pleasure. Bart
  4. I tend to visualize a lot of things and this was disturbing. When Eric said, "I tightened my hold at his waste. “This was a once-in-a-lifetime trip.”" Waste is not something you would be holding, however it's more likely to be his "waist" that was being held. Even your mistakes are enjoyable. Bart
  5. badbart

    Chapter 7

    I really enjoy your work, this is my second time to read the Kandric Saga. It just seems to flow so well that time races by. I have a feeling you are aware of the difference between ruin and rune, but just in case, check this link out. https://wikidiff.com/ruin/rune Bart
  6. This is one of the best stories I have read in years. It never got boring or slow, just traveled forward at it's own pace. THANK YOU, Brad
  7. badbart

    The Next Step

    I have enjoyed several of your stories and am enjoying this one too. I have noticed that a lot of your characters "sway their heads" I can visualize nodding, shaking, turning, ducking & so on, but not swaying of the head. Bart
  8. badbart


    I have been following your stories for quite a while and I don't think I ever read one with so many errors in grammar, tense or that had to be read several times before it made sense. Even with these flaws, I still enjoy your work.
  9. This is without a doubt one of the best stories I have ever read. Wildly different from anything else, impossible to predict what comes next, hugely humorous. I loved the amusing names given to some characters, but Procura Tahrt is the perfect name for a MADAM. I definitely laughed out loud. I doubt you will be able to top this one, but I'll stay tuned to your efforts. Sincerely, Bart
  10. badbart

    Just Ryder

    A great story and I am enjoying it. I'm just wondering why in the dialog there is no he said, she said. Everything is, he let out, she forced out.
  11. badbart

    Chapter 32

    Great chapter, full of humor and other titillating activities.
  12. This is one of the best I have read in years. I found myself smiling through most of the story. Well written, wonderful humor and an overall feel good piece. A job very well done Robert, it's hard to believe this is your first story. Sincerely, Bart
  13. This is without a doubt the strangest, most unusual story I've ever read. It latched onto my curiosity and dragged me from chapter to chapter until I was finished reading and now I miss it's difference and humor. Great work.
  14. This is the best chapter, out of many really good ones. I have enjoyed the "snowflake,snowplow, snowballs" banter all along, but the humor in this one and Snowflakes' description of what he is seeing is absolutely hilarious. Bart
  15. This is a great story, I have enjoyed each chapter and always try to mark the "liked" button, but I am often told I have reached my quota for the day. Never have found what the quota is or how it is determined, but know you would have received more from me had I been allowed. Bart
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