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  1. Look at that... I still exist :) 

    1. Valkyrie


      *waves*  I'll refrain from hugging you ;)  

  2. Happy Birthday!

    1. Headstall


      Happy Birthday, Sam!

    2. Sam Wyer

      Sam Wyer

      Oh wow - thanks guys :)

  3. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 15

    Thank you very much As for a sequel, there’s no plans for that right now. They’re are however lots of other great stories for you to read though, and I even wrote a couple.
  4. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 9

    Thanks @Tonyr
  5. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 9

    Thanks very much, I’m very happy that you liked it.
  6. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 3

    I think there’s probably a queue you could join for people who want to knock their heads together.
  7. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 2

    Thanks @Jaro_423 - I hope you enjoy what comes next.
  8. I agree, but for some people it can also be the most difficult.
  9. Sam Wyer

    Chapter Three

    It's not slow - don't worry about it It's giving two people all the time they need to get to know each other.
  10. Sam Wyer

    Chapter Two

    I just found this and really enjoying how it's playing out. Both Noah and Jordan are already great guys that I want to know more about, and of course the middle name is intriguing.
  11. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 1

    I like the title
  12. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 9

    Thanks very much - not that there isn't a place for far-fetched drama in the world, I might even create some in coming works, but for these guys, I preferred it as it is
  13. Sam Wyer

    Captain's Table

    Wow - you sure know how to keep us all hooked!
  14. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 3

    Yep - neither Davey or Cal are terribly good with their impulse control
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