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  1. Sam Wyer

    Chapter Three

    It's not slow - don't worry about it It's giving two people all the time they need to get to know each other.
  2. Sam Wyer

    Chapter Two

    I just found this and really enjoying how it's playing out. Both Noah and Jordan are already great guys that I want to know more about, and of course the middle name is intriguing.
  3. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 1

    I like the title
  4. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 9

    Thanks very much - not that there isn't a place for far-fetched drama in the world, I might even create some in coming works, but for these guys, I preferred it as it is
  5. Sam Wyer

    Captain's Table

    Wow - you sure know how to keep us all hooked!
  6. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 3

    Yep - neither Davey or Cal are terribly good with their impulse control
  7. Sam Wyer

    Trick Me Once

    Trick rapidly became one of my favourite characters here on GA - and throughout this story he’s done nothing to jeapordise that position. He’s funny, insecure, and entirely lovable. And apparently his high school bully agrees with me. This story follows the ups and downs of a new, and surprising, relationship between two great guys with a very messy history. There’s enough drama to keep you interested but not so that it detracts from the the real story. By the end of things there’s a mild case of TMGC (Too Many Gay Characters) which would usually annoy me, but overall it was too much fun for that to warrant a 4 star review. For a relatively short story, there’s a lot packed in here, but it never felt ‘dense’ to read. The extensive comments and associated spill over conversations are testament to the quality here. @ObicanDecko is most definitely someone you should be keeping an eye on. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.
  8. Sam Wyer


    Great - but serious;y Kennedy, WTF!? I’d like to be feeling really excited, but in reality, absolutely nothing what-so-ever is any clearer at all! We need Kieran’s POV on this situation, and less of the catastrophiosing drama that things like “open suitcase” seem to bring with them PLEASE 🤯
  9. Sam Wyer

    A New Horizon

    Awwwwwwww 😀😍❤️
  10. Sam Wyer

    Little Ms. Who

    I have absolutely no idea how I ended up reading the first chapter of this. It ticked almost none of my usual ‘boxes’ but @Pmsingtiger comes with some awesome history. Although I’m sure boredom played some part in it too. Which is an incredible disservice to what I found. I’ve been hooked on this story from the very beginning, so be warned, it has a way of getting inside you’re head. So what happens? It’s just your typical boy meets girls love story, both have secrets, some bigger than others. Then there’s the drama (so much drama), the love, the hatred, the small mindedness, the crazy, the stupid, but ultimately, the amazing. I don’t want to post any spoilers here, but if someone had explained to me all that happens in this story, I honestly would probably have just ignored it. And I would have missed out on a really great experience becasue of my own lazy assumptions. Go on, give it a go. I’m very happy that I did.
  11. Sam Wyer

    Epilogue - Yours

    I’ll not comment on how long it took to get here 😁 I’m just very happy that they got the happiness they deserved. I’ve been hooked on this from the very beginning (and not for the first time with stories from @Pmsingtiger) and it’s been a dark, sad, scary, wonderful, amazing journey.
  12. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 23 - Homegrown

    Finally - they totally deserve such happy good times.
  13. What now??? She is seriously damaged.
  14. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 21 - Kill a Word

    OMG how am I so far behind with this???
  15. Sam Wyer

    Underdeck Club

    Sure. But Kennedy is *still* thoughtless and inattentive/ignorant. Maybe in business he’s on top of his people reading skills, but he seems to be totally failing that right now. This is all so conflicting. It’s mostly completely unbelievable that Kennedy will end up with Kieran. But I still want it to happen. Patrick behaves as if he stil has something on Kennedy, and maybe he does. The business deal is still an unknown quantity. The Kieran-Joey complication. Whatever this conversation between Kennedy and Patrick turns into. And of course when Kennedy returns to the cabin to see Kieran again. Ugh! This is *all* your fault @lomax61 ! 🤯😘

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