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  1. So... For the handful of people that will read this, I want to offer a brief update.

    Things have not been awesome.  This isn't a plea for pity, just a statement of fact.  And in time, things will return to being perfectly OK.  But one of the immediate impacts is that my writing takes a knock, and I'm acutely aware of an unfinished (and yes I hate it anyway) story, not to mention the many others that are not even that developed/publicly available.  What can I say, it will all end eventually and the stores will return.

    On top of this, there is the inescapable COVID scenario, which just continues to demonstrate the innate capacity of humankind to wilfully ignore the blatantly obvious and desperately hope that things will just 'work out OK'.  What I have noticed, amongst other things, is that at times like this, I really don't have the capacity to read yet another story about some beaten, abused, abandoned, neglected kid.  And yes, at some future moment you can of course come back and quote me back to myself when I post it.  But it's far too difficult to read that stuff right now, and I feel surrounded by it.

    So here I am.  Struggling, but I will eventually be OK, which I know puts me at a significant advantage to many others.   Hope you are all surviving at the very least, and that I will be back in a more meaningful capacity in the near future.

    Take care.


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Talo Segura

      Talo Segura

      You nailed it! I'm reluctant to say it, but it's getting worse (here in Europe, France, Spain). But you know what the Britsh say - It always gets worse, before it gets better. 

    3. chris191070


      :hug:Look after yourself 

    4. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      I know you don't like hugs, so I'll send a kind wave from Denmark. 🖐️

  2. It’s interesting you mention that ...
  3. I totally get the sentiment. But Jake is with it, surely? Isn’t he? Despite his flaws. Yeah - I know, I know what happens.
  4. Sam Wyer

    In to the bedroom

    I see where you’re coming from. It wasn’t what I was thinking but a reasonable question for sure.
  5. That’s a totally fair perspective. I know you have read ahead but let’s see what happens
  6. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 2

    I'm sure we've all met people who are a real Rick 😄
  7. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 2

    ~~~ You Can Sleep While I Dream ~~~ Anders parked up next to the stage door, and was not at all surprised that there was no-one to meet him. Stevie was a nice guy, but not very organised. Ordinarily this would have been annoying to deal with for Anders, but Stevie also happened to manage his favourite music venue in town. The Wave was not the biggest, but it was definitely the best. He grabbed his mobile and dialled. “Hey Brid, I’m outside, can someone open the door?” “Yeah, no worries, Stevie is on his way down.” Anders hung up and leaned against his van, daydreaming abou
  8. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 1

    It's good to be back 😁 And yes, it's always 'fun' when people assume you have all the time in the world and the desire to help them 😂
  9. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 1

    No, it's definitely not Tommy 😂.
  10. Those burgers sound delicious. Making me hungry already.
  11. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 1

    I promise that at least some of those questions will be answered Eventually.
  12. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 1

    Your favourite? Am I not the only one? 😁 And yes, clearly, just wait! I'm aiming for weekly-ish updates. This might be more 'ish' than 'weekly' but all will become clear, or increasingly less clear.
  13. Sam Wyer


    Anders is a deaf musician - which brings its own challenges. He is also struggling to find love. Will this Summer be the time for that to change?
  14. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 1

    ~~~ Any Other Day ~~~ Anders lay across his bed, head hanging over one side as he mindlessly stared at the television. Theoretically up and awake, but only just. It had been a long week in the studio and he had not got home until the early hours of the morning. Having exhausted all possibilities of terrible daytime television, he decided to actually get up and maybe even have breakfast. Pulling on some jeans and an old hoodie he looked out of the window to check on the van, promising himself that he would go and unload his gear from it right after he had coffee. He turned off the TV a
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