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A Toy Called Envy 2. Babylon City Chronicles

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Pose, composure, aloofness.

Envy breathes perfection. He spends every second in a quest for this single, unattainable goal. But perfection never lasts for a mortal. Time swallows all and turns beauty to dust. His way out of the abyss is Siccu, who encompasses all Envy craves. If he could just convince him that he is ready, perfect, good enough, everything he ever wanted would come true. Siccu would become his.

If it were not for Siccu's obsession with a mercenary and his pet boytoy, he would already have what he craves. He sees only one way out: To destroy what has taken his master's eyes off of him.

Noom has to die.

Hello my lovelies!

This is a sequel to "Shapeshifter". Reading the first part is optional, but recommended.

The usual rules apply - don't read if you are looking for a quick "The End", I write at the speed of continental drift. No, wait, slower than that!

This story contains vulgarities, detailed sexual encounters, possibly graphic violence, mindfuck, and very disturbed characters. Also: Vampires! And shapeshifters. And demon worshippers. Oh, and the twisted kind of love, of course.

Copyright © 2018 metajinx; All Rights Reserved.

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Oh, a new story! Doing happy dance! And write as slow as you must. It's always worth the wait.

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