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Poems of Love - 1. The Beginning

We all have three parts to our story
A beginning, a middle, and an end
We all have three sides to our story
Your side, my side, and the truth
Truth is, we love each other

Love is crazy, blind, and dangerous
Love is wonderful, powerful, sometimes a bit unstable
Love is full of excuses, curses, and blessings
Love is whatever we say it is

The beginning starts as unconditional
The beginning starts as innocent
The beginning is just a chance
Nothing more, nothing less

Never forget where you come from
Never forget where you got your start
Never forget those who helped you
Solely because they wanted what’s best for you

Copyright © 2021 NFields1608; All Rights Reserved.

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Powerful poem...  This poem is truth.  Love is whatever we say it is.  Love it!!!!  :heart:

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Thank you, so much for you kind words glad to see this poem is off to a good start. I hope you like more poetry as I attempt to tell a story in this section of my poetry 

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