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  1. Always apart of me since the beginning It’s only fitting you’re with me in the end This isn’t necessarily goodbye We’ve been through so much We might actually miss one another. Deep down, its unavoidable We’ll cross paths once again And again until the end of time Then again, this could be the last time We see one another, might as well be pleasant. Moving forward may seem impossible but Us working together was also The light and the dark, two sides of the same coin The best way to describe you and I Giving one another strength, guidance and ultimat
  2. NFields1608


    Thank you, I appreciate that @astone2292 & I are not starting to get to a point where our sacrifices are starting to pay off. This poem was inspired by our relationship that started back in 2015. Amazing what can happen in 6 years & this is only our 7th month of marriage. More to come your way soon
  3. NFields1608


    Everything’s in place There’s a connection Only one place to start Start from the bottom and work your way up You already have the resources you need You must make intentions clear from the start Don’t assume, just talk Anytime you seem like you’re lost, remember This is a team effort, not a solo job It’s nothing compared to what can be done together Your goals are now The goals of the other person The dreams of the other person It’s this moment that you’re established So what are you bringing to the table? The answer should be everything Reme
  4. So, the decision wasn’t what you thought it’d be Take a breath. Was it better or worse? Only you can decide, no one else Remember, just keep moving forward Doesn’t mean you can’t look back Trust that you’re not lost You’re right where you need to be Breathe, you’re free remember? Do what you want to do Don't worry about anyone else Do what makes you happy Don’t put yourself back in the depths of stress That’s what was eating at you to begin with So what’s next? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Follow your dreams, put in the work Take an hour each day To
  5. It’s a new year We’re a quarter of the way done So what have you accomplished? Are your New Year's resolutions still on track? We always ask questions Questions like, do you rent or own? Do you plan on having kids? How much do you make a year? There should only be one question The only question we should be asking is Are you happy? Are you truly happy? Who cares if you ever get married? Who cares if you ever have kids? Who cares how much you make? Be who you are Be the change you want to see everyday Even if no one supports you All yo
  6. Thank you, @Patch1 I’m glad you like the poem
  7. What truly matters in your life? Money and fame? Designer clothes and shoes? How about a big house and white picket fence? Those things play a factor, but How much do you need to be what’s called successful? Everyone will give you a different answer There’s something that everyone says Which is just enough to stand on your own two feet Then a little extra so you can do nice things for yourself. Always treat yourself, but remember to stay focused Focus on the end goal because tomorrow’s not promised You stayed focused for what, six months? More? Less? Yo
  8. NFields1608

    Chapter 14

    @astone2292 yea you definitely told me so, love you 2 pup
  9. NFields1608

    Chapter 14

    So before I say anything I’ll say this, you get 1 I told you so lol. Great chapter as always, I mean that didn’t go the way I thought it was going to in my head but hey you always did do the unexpected. Keep up the amazing work, love you.
  10. NFields1608

    Decision Time

    Thank you @Patch1, this poem was just a personal struggle for me. I'm leaving my current job as a senior fashion coordinator which I've been doing for almost 3yrs, in order to start a new chapter with a new company that overall will no doubt bring change to course of me and @astone2292 life as well as our marriage. I figured I get my feelings out there for sure. Glad to see we're not so different, lol you're definitely right if we overthink things we can't live our lives to the fullest, which is what I told my husband this year (2021) is supposed to be about for us. I'm sure we met once or tw
  11. As a door is being closed A realization is made Questions start to ponder Can I really let this go? Will I be ok without it? Remember the principal of balance In order to get something, you must give something The answer to the questions aren’t complicated In fact, the answers are very simple. You can do anything you set your mind to You will be ok, you only need four things Faith, Hope, Love, and an open mind You’ve been cursed but You’ve also been blessed This moment isn’t correct There’s not many right moments There’s always something in place L
  12. Have you gotten mad at something so small because it was something that could've been taken care of literally ten times over, if not sooner. Well today was the day for me. Lately everything has been going smooth at work from my fellow management team, to my staff and even the customers. Yes, including my staff member that keeps giving me gifts, like a bottle of wine and a batch of brownies. Anyway, let's get into what we all came for. It was a normal day, and I was working my usual mid shift which is 10am to 6pm. Not a bad time right? I’m approaching the last hour of my shit. Let me ask
  13. Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well, I’ve been working on expanding my thinking as well so we’re in the same boat there.
  14. Chocolates, roses, flowers Color scheme of red, pink, and white Wine, a nice bottle of bubbly Sometimes even a ring that shines bright There’s so much candy you think it’s Halloween There’s so much candy you think it’s Easter So much, it is the only food group for the day Cupcakes, lollipops, cake, and cookies Don’t forget the strawberries and whip cream The chocolate syrup and milk chocolate candy bars An arrangement of music, candles, and conversation The fancy perfume, cologne, and nice clothes The one day of the year we remind our loved ones That alth
  15. NFields1608

    Right Moment

    Thank you @Patch1 for your kind words as always, I’m sorry for your loss. Sending positive vibes & love in your direction. It’s not easy when all that happens around the same time of the year. Just remember you’re strong & that you’re never alone. I’m so glad my poems have brought you a little comfort in your time of need just as your words have done for me.
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