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  1. Patch1

    Chapter 16

    Wow! I had no idea that we could eat acorns! 🌰 (closest thing to an acorn lol) I have enough in my yard to feed an army!! Besides the fact that I am now very curious about eating them, that was another great chapter!!! I didn't see the "leaving Cyn with Walter thing" working. He's like a kid being left by his parents for the first time....terrified! Anyways, I think I'll go pick some acorns now!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜†
  2. Patch1

    Chapter 15

    🐺🦌 I just love how Sheamus is so protective of Cyn... Always being in constant contact like a true mate should. And Cyn... his guilt is almost overwhelming. He is such a gentle soul just trying to survive. His innocence is so endearing. His love of the snow ❄️ and how it's the tears of someone watching over him....Love thinking of snow like that! His fascination with the fountain is so genuine and funny yet Sheamus handled it without embarrassing him. Sheamus trying to explain how he feels about Cyn in such a way that he understands it...too sweet. Finally, you have Arric using his al
  3. Patch1

    What's the Point?

    I completely agree with you! I think a big part is "they" also know what a hard and capable worker you are and they don't to move you up because they also know they will not be able to find someone to fill your shoes... Same old story - the harder you work, the less chance you have for any promotion. I wish you all the luck and good vibes in rectifying the situation. Rock and a hard place!!
  4. Without going into details, this chapter really shook me. Again your writing has gone beyond anything πŸš€. You captured everything with this chapter. All the pain abuse causes lasts a lifetime. Such strong, raw emotions!!!! Even into adulthood, the struggle is real. I'm going to use a song reference (again)..."What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". In Cyrus' case that is very true. He is strong because who he is as well as what he survived. Cyrus and Kaplan are great together. Sharing each others pain lessons the burden. You keep making me love these two characters more and more ..
  5. Patch1

    Chapter 14

    Cyn started the day so happy and it morphed into his on personal hell. Sheamus was there as always to pick up the pieces. Cyn has this image that he is weak...far from it. He is so much stronger than he realizes and with Sheamus at his side that strength πŸ’ͺ is even greater. He just has to realize his own worth. Again you have written an amazing chapter. With your writing, it is so easy to visualize and feel what everyone is going through. I could read your work over and over .... ok, yes I do. I just can't get enough .... I am still loving the Cyn/Sheamus coupling...🐺🦌
  6. Patch1

    Chapter 13

    I've said it before but it never hurts to repeat some things.....you keep one upping yourself! Higher and higher! πŸš€ In all my years of reading (avid reader since 9 or 10 - comic books and I am old LOL), I have never read a story that was so fresh, different, new... I think you have "given birth" to a new genre. What genre it is, I don't know, but the style, content, hell, everything..it's nothing like I have ever read before.... It is more than romance, drama, comedy, action...It is just spectacularly different!!! I am loving Cyn and Sheamus more and more with every chapter 🐺🦌. I love look
  7. Patch1

    Decision Time

    Such an appropriate poem for me today. The one year anniversary of the door closing on my chosen career is fast approaching... It is bittersweet, mainly because it was not my choice to end my career, rather it was my body's decision. I was one year away from true retirement. This was to be my year. My year to have the retirement party. My year to have the limo pick me up from work and take me home (my fantasy lol). My year for the speeches and tears to finally be about me. But alas it wasn't meant to be. I was blessed and yes, cursed. Now, like in your poem, I just have to not overth
  8. Wow!!!! Great chapter....again!!!!!! I can't wait to see the punishment the egotistical ass of an enforcer gets🀬!! Maybe let Vincent have a go at him..teach him a big lesson in humility, respect, and true alpha power! 🧊 πŸ’ͺ Of course if Mason gets a hold of him there may not be much left! Love seeing Vincent's growth in using his powers. Taking a day trip to Times Square and picking up hot dogs 🌭🌭...too much fun! Glad he is enjoying using and experimenting the big and little aspects of his powers, even with the "mishap". And a new player 🐺 enters the scene...looking for followers, usual
  9. Patch1

    Chapter 12

    Every time I read a chapter, I think I feel like Cyn did while looking at the manor, sitting on a bed for the first time, and the race on the phone...I'm in awe! Such a smooth and effortless chapter to read and get lost in. Time stops for me while reading your work. ⏲️I just love Cyn and Sheamus...and apparently Arric does too!! 🦌🐺 Cyn is so childlike when dealing with aspects of the human world but such a strong man when it comes to survival (he had to be)... Another epic chapter my friend..... May your reign be long and prosperous!!! πŸ‘‘
  10. Patch1

    A Phone Call

    20 minutes of your time wasted...... This is just me but if I was told that you didn't have something, that would have been the end of it. I would also have explained that I locked my phone in the car too. I would ask if someone minded calling a towing company since I would not want to use someone else's phone with everything going on ..... But that is just me. I am a little paranoid about the virus...ok a lot! You are a better man than I am. I would definitely not have let him touch my phone. That is your personal property and no matter what that goes above and beyond customer serv
  11. Patch1

    Chapter 11

    You are nailing it for sure!!!! Cyn's innocence and his elation over the simplest things is perfection. He is like a kid in a giant toy store! Sheamus is amazing with him...and so sweet/tender. Such a protector!! Loving them growing/learning together!!!!🐺🦌 In response to your response about the italics and inner thoughts, perfect!!! I love reading what they are thinking and the different text makes it so much easier!! It's like everything you do is new and fresh!!! πŸ†
  12. Another amazing addition! How you pack so much into a chapter just amazes me! Vincent's understanding of the shadows is growing fast! Loved how shocked Caleb was as to Vincent's location! ⛰️ Mason and Caleb needed that little bonding moment...and they were funny talking about Vin's Shady Delivery Service!!!πŸ˜† And the egomaniac makes a guest appearance...I bet Shaw freaks out at every shadow he sees! And finally my Kaplan and Cyrus... I can still see the stunning home that Cy lives in. Kaplan sure has captured the heart of the Panda (and of course mine too). The panda certainly is warm
  13. Beautiful.......... Valentine's is all those things rolled into one short day. Thank you my friend for your poetry. It makes me "expand" my thinking as well as remember some wonderful times... Happy Valentine's Day my friend.....
  14. Patch1

    Chapter 10

    I can honestly say that I have only had to de-ice 🧊 my car once or twice in my life!!! I am glad that I don't have to deal with that... I hope that Shea and Cyn are made for each other... I just love their relationship. They just click and their rapport is built on trust and a little lust thrown in for good measure....
  15. Patch1

    Chapter 10

    Innocence .... that is Cyn. He is the personification of innocence. Such a pure, untouched soul... Sheamus better take good care of him! πŸ˜† Another great chapter! The trust Cyn has for Sheamus is really growing. As always you make your readers "feel" everything...the fear, the trust, the protectiveness...everything! πŸ† Loving it!!!🐺🦌
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