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  1. Patch1

    Chapter 43

    Packed with action! Another chapter with little surprises! Walt stepping down... Nominating 3 good candidates for beta...Kieran being one of the nominations. All 3 would make good betas. I think Jamie would be the "underdog" so to speak but it might be a great fit. Key would be my first choice (of course) but would the relationship get in the way? Could Arric send his mate (or soon to be mate?) into a dangerous situation? I agree that Pierce might be the most qualified but is he a good fit? As much as I want to say Kieran, I think I like Jamie. It would force him to be more serious but I think he could step up and really shine. I know Kieran could, as smart as he is, but the relationship might be his hindrance. And I really like Jamie...he might bring some lightheartedness to the super serious Arric... Gotta say that I'm going to miss Walt. Love that old wolf!!! He definitely needs to be in a position to lend his vast knowledge - elder maybe? Anyway, awesome chapter again!!!!
  2. Damn....that's all I got right now!!!!!! Ok no it's not. That was beyond! Epic! Hung on every word! 🐼🐺The gift Kaplan gave to Cyrus was perfect.... It was such a joyous (tearful here) reunion. Emotions all over the place. You continue to one up yourself with each chapter!!! Into the gray my friend...3 re-reads hahahaha!!
  3. Patch1

    Chapter 42

    Another WOW chapter! New traitors revealed....You know my solution - fry them all (insert demonic laughter)... Seriously though I never even thought about a doctor being a traitor to the species. You just throw twists and turns in everywhere! On a good note, Arric and Key are just so damn cute! Almost as cute as Cyn and Sheamus! Cyn is really stepping up and truly becoming a member of the pack. It has to be a bit weird for him being a creature that live a nomadic life for so long. He has adapted well (thanks to Sheamus). Love this chapter...so deep and dark but with some lightheartedness (Keiran and Arric) thrown in for good measure!!! Amazing as always my friend!!!!!πŸ‘‘
  4. I am awestruck! I don't have the words for this one....especially the ending. That was beyond beautiful.... It was perfection! The imagery in this chapter was spectacular...🌩️ I thought Vincent's dance was something but I think this surpassed his! And to have Cyrus "choose" Kaplan at the end and publicly announce it....WOW! I do believe it shocked both of them! Made my day!!! 🐼🐺
  5. Patch1

    Chapter 41

    Loving it! Another amazing chapter! You just keep pounding out one fantastic chapter after another! I think what stood out most to me was the emotions of the Alpha. I have never read a story where it was explained like that. You just keep coming up with new, exciting things! Arric and Kieran.... I love how Arric is almost "vulnerable" when it comes to his Key... The big, strong Alpha also has a tender, soft side when it comes to Kieran (and Cyn). His explanation of his "emotional power" and Kieran's response was perfect. I'm thinking the Alpha has met his equal (in a way) in the brainy Kieran! Without a doubt a great pairing! Oooh and a cliffhanger!!! You're killing me............ Hahahaha! Great chapter my friend!!! I am impatiently waiting.... 😊
  6. 2 in a row! Tears again.... 😭You know how much I love the panda and the wolf! I figured Cyrus' story was going to be sad but damn, that made my heart hurt πŸ’”. But like the phoenix, he rose from the ashes! You put us all on another emotional roller coaster! 🎒 I'm loving the ride!!! I don't know how you do it my friend...every detail, every emotion, everything in your writing is just vivid and alive with a heartbeat of it's own. Even when you don't write a cliffhanger, I still hang on your every word.... Into the grey again.... Another beautiful, heartfelt chapter!!!!!!!!
  7. Beautiful.... So much truth in these words. The heartbreak is truly bittersweet...
  8. Patch1

    Chapter 40

    Amazing! I love that you can feel every emotion, every feeling...hell everything!!! The build up was so real I am still feeling it in my bones.. Have to agree...Hauser is a broken man/wolf. Cyn, like a true mate, calms the storm raging in Sheamus (well not calm completely but at least a little bit). Love that Arric is relying on Cyn more and more - building up the deer's confidence! I could go on and on.... I'll just leave it with "DAMN what a chapter!!!".
  9. Well you know how I feel! I am beyond happy! Beautifully written chapter..... Everything about it was perfect. You are simply amazing. So much is packed into this chapter and the ending....WOW!!!
  10. Patch1

    Chapter 39

    Another great installment... Sheamus and Cyn are just too fun!!! Cyn is certainly so much stronger than he ever thought he could be. He has grown so much since meeting Sheamus. His confidence is increasing by leaps and bound! The courtship of Arric and Kieran is just hot! Smoldering!!! I can't wait for it to burst into flames! And then the little cliffhanger at the end! Wow!!! ***me impatiently waiting for the next chapter***
  11. All I can think to say about Cyrus' plan is "It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma"....❓... always wanted to borrow that quote...hahahaha Another awesome chapter!!! I can't wait to see what unfolds for Stuerm! Vincent's slip of the tongue was such a sweet touch and the "adoption" of him into Mason's family was very endearing . Got to see the softer side to two kick ass wolves!!! Oh, and I got a little lightning!!! 🌩️ Yup, I am stoked!!! Impatiently waiting for more!! πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
  12. I'm loving your venture into the "prompt realm". It really shows just how talented you truly are!!! You can take anything and make it an interesting story!!!
  13. Patch1

    Chapter 38

    You know I am an emotional wreck right now and this just made my heart smile...... Yes a few tears because Cyn belongs to a herd again. Only this time the "herd" is actually shifters and can make sure Cyn feels welcome. That is a good feeling, the feeling of family/friends! So much feeling and emotion captured in this "feel good" chapter. You know you are a good author when you "sense" that one of your many fans needs a pick me up!!! πŸ‘‘ You, my friend, are the best!!!! 🦌🐺
  14. I just get so lost in your chapters..... You fill the chapters to the brim but it's not an overload at all. It's absolutely perfect. The grey zone....2 reads and I'm still wanting to go back and read it for a third time (probably will hahaha). Maybe Cyrus and Remis can combine their lightning to deal with Stuerm once and for all... He is probably not going to like the fact the he did not get Mesker! I smell burnt wolf! Hahahahaha 🌩️ As always, you are the KING!!!πŸ‘‘
  15. Another perfect chapter! I love how you introduced an Irishman into the mix...especially with a thick Irish Brogue. I can almost hear him talking! Your creativity is impressive my friend!!! Hmmm another lightning affinity...maybe he will shoot a bolt or two at Stuerm! Hahahaha
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