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  1. I absolutely love this story. I am sad that it is over but damn what a ride!!! Awesome!
  2. Patch1

    Chapter 33

    Mmmmm Death Wish coffee!!! My favorite! I'm liking Arric even more now. Love the budding relationship between the alpha and the scribe... I think Kieran can handle the alpha personality just fine. I don't believe Arric and Kieran even realize they are "courting"...too cute!!! Love is in the air again.... Speaking of love, Sheamus and Cyn are just perfect. πŸΊπŸ’–πŸ¦Œ Love them. It's awesome watching them grow! Loved Sheamus getting all super protective! Cyn seems to have a power over everyone he comes in contact with. It's almost a calming effect. He is so much stronger than he realizes...
  3. Absolutely loved this chapter! For not being around kids much, you perfectly nailed it!!! Lowe is awesome! I can't wait to see what he does next...toddlers are so unpredictable!!! This chapter was a perfect blend of light-heartedness and seriousness. I believe the NY pack is in for a few revelations (and maybe some lightning strikes!🌩️). You know how much I love Cyrus and Kaplan.... Seeing how protective both alphas are of Kaplan was heartwarming. Someone is in big trouble with 2 very powerful and pissed off alphas! I wouldn't want to be around when the lightning and the fire are broug
  4. Patch1

    Chapter 32

    Hahahaha....You are too funny! No message needed...Cyrus and Kaplan will always be first! He sure is dopey... That may not be the best trait for an alpha mate but I kind of find it endearing...
  5. Patch1

    Chapter 32

    Exactly!!! For a genius level (maybe beyond) wolf, Kieran has blinders on... Could it be that he just doesn't feel worthy of Alpha Arric? And why is Arric hiding his feelings? Kieran would be an amazing mate. He is brilliant beyond measure.. Those two would be a power couple like no other.
  6. Patch1

    Chapter 32

    This! Loving the love Sheamus has for Cyn. This chapter was just full of the warm fuzzies... Even Arric had some moments with Kieran. Could it be? Another budding romance? Thanks for putting me in the gray my friend.
  7. That was just pure, hot, raw, steamy sex...fully mated at last! Love it!!! I love Cyrus' theatrical introduction/speech/question and answer session! I can't wait to see what he has in store for the "snakes in the grass and the henhouse". Maybe he will call upon the lightning to take care of a few pesky, slithering jerks! LOL... Another superb chapter!
  8. Got to agree with you! The Beta/Delta couple is my choice.... I love how Aaron keeps coming up with "new" concepts. A Beta/Delta couple leading a pack like an Alpha. Love it! I think that would also be another awesome story to be told!!! I'm going to be reading for years hahahahaha!
  9. Wow....another chapter that is packed full!!!!! Vincent is certainly growing into his "alphaness". The phone conference was great. Making the decision to have his council vote to decide who gets to purchase the land is a very educated move. He has certainly stepped up his leadership game! I love the "after" conference with Tierney. Mason really helped him realize that Morrine was his mate πŸΊπŸ’žπŸ―. Love watching (reading lol) the "birth" of another power couple! I can't wait for him to move and really "connect" with her and her tiger. And to another emerging power couple (I hope), Dave an
  10. Patch1

    Chapter 30

    There were so many firsts in this chapter! Cyn's innocence is a great reminder of so many things that we take for granted. He is just so pure and (previouslyπŸ˜‚) untouched. Big relationship step for the two of them!!! You did an amazing job writing the sexy scene. It was so sweet and touching. Absolutely loved it!!! πŸ¦ŒπŸ’žπŸΊ If Cyn got that mad over the description of a movie, I can only imagine how mad he will be when they finally confront Eike and Hauser... He may just call down some lightning (Hahahahaha...Had to get that in there!!!) Anyways, another perfectly written chapter!!
  11. I'm not going all wordy nerdy on you with this comment... BUT I'm going to say this chapter was for me (πŸ˜†) .... You already hit the ball out of the park with the first part of the chapter. You always make it so we can feel what the characters are feeling. THEN you go and hit the ball off the planet (in my opinion!!) with the remainder of the chapter! Positively love Cyrus and Kaplan!!!!!! β€πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’“Yes, I got the "gray" but I also got chills... The kind of chills you get when you hear a song sung so perfectly, you feel it in your skin. I have read it a few times and the same reaction happens.
  12. Patch1

    Chapter 29

    You know I don't like anything you do....I absolutely, positively LOVE it! You know I read a lot...but until I found you, I had not found an author that puts me in the "gray" with every chapter. You do that! Until next time my friend....
  13. Patch1

    Chapter 29

    And again, you have done it! I just love the freshness of this chapter (and the last one).... Cyn is so very innocent when it comes to things we take for granted. Sheamus has the patience to teach his mate all these things and he does it without being condescending. You can tell he actually loves showing Cyn how "humans" go about doing the day to day stuff that he does automatically. It's just so sweet!!!! 🐺 🦌 I love how these chapters have been so opposite from the darkness of the previous ones. Your writing just flows without any "bumps"...it's just seamless. Absolutely love this
  14. Dang!!! How do you pack so much in a chapter without anything getting lost or pushed to the side??? As always your work is amazing!!! From dealing with the exposure and how Stacy is handling it to Vincent's "award" of his on territory....everything flowed so smoothly without feeling rushed. Your chapters just go to quickly no matter what...grey zone! Now time to go back and read this chapter again...you know, in case I missed something...hahahaha 🀣 We may have to get you a bigger throne to sit on as your reign continues!!! πŸ‘‘
  15. Patch1

    Chapter 28

    I just fall more in love with Cyn and Sheamus with each chapter. Cyn is such a sweet, gentle soul and for an enforcer, Sheamus is equally so. I know Sheamus would be a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to Cyn. Cyn has also proven that there is more to him than his docile nature. I can't wait to see their relationship develop more. They have already come so far...it's just heartwarming. 🐺🦌 I also love how this story can be so light and fun loving but at the same time it has a deep darkness and down right evil aspect. You have meshed, mashed, combined, joined (or w
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